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Program for querying click-apparmor.

aa-clickquery:(1)                           March 2014                          aa-clickquery:(1)

NAME aa-clickquery - program for querying click-apparmor
DESCRIPTION This program is used to query click-apparmor for information.
USAGE aa-clickquery --click-framework=FRAMEWORK --query=QUERY
OPTIONS -h show program's help -q QUERY | --query=QUERY The string to query. Specify 'help' for available query strings. --click-framework=FRAMEWORK Specify the click framework to query.
EXAMPLES Determine the policy version of a particular framework. $ aa-clickquery --click-framework=ubuntu-sdk-13.10 -q policy_version 1.0 $ aa-clickquery --click-framework=ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml -q policy_version 1.1
SEE ALSO apparmor(7) click(1)
March 2014 aa-clickquery:(1)
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