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User accounting file for the FreeRADIUS server.

05 August 2000
ACCT_USERS(5)                    FreeRADIUS user accounting file                    ACCT_USERS(5)

NAME acct_users - user accounting file for the FreeRADIUS server
DESCRIPTION The acct_users file resides in the radius database directory, by default /etc/raddb. It contains a series of configuration directives which are used by the files module to decide how to log accounting messages. The format of this file is identical to that of the users file, except that it controls the response to accounting requests, not authentication requests.
FILES /etc/raddb/acct_users
SEE ALSO radclient(1), radiusd(8), dictionary(5), users(5)
AUTHOR Alan DeKok <>
05 August 2000 ACCT_USERS(5)
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