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Resolve network services.

Thu Jan 16 2014
addrinfo(1)                              sofia-sip-utils                              addrinfo(1)

NAME addrinfo - Resolve network services
Synopsis addrinfo [-pcn46] service-name host
Description The addrinfo utility will use su_getaddrinfo() to resolve the network services and print resolved names. See sect 6.1 of RFC3493 and the getaddrinfo(3) manual page of POSIX 1003.1g, for more information.
Options The addrinfo utility accepts following ccommand line options: -p use passive open. -c get canonic name. -n use numeric host names. -4 IPv4 only. -6 IPv6 only (but including mapped IPv4 addresses).
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Author Written by Pekka Pessi <pekka -dot pessi -at- nokia -dot- com>
Version 1.12.11devel Thu Jan 16 2014 addrinfo(1)
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