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Edit a change's files.

aeedit(1)                                                                               aeedit(1)

NAME aeedit - edit a change's files
SYNOPSIS aeedit [ -p project-name ] [ -c change-number ]
DESCRIPTION The aeedit command is used to edit all of the files in a change. For editors with one buffer per file, this can be very useful except for changes with huge numbers of files. The editor's current directory is changed to the top of the change's development direcā€ tory tree. If you have PlasticFS installed, the editor's environment will be configured to present the development directory as the complete search path.
OPTIONS The following options are understood: -p project-name This option may be used to set the project name. -c change-number This option may be used to set the change number.
AUTHOR Peter Miller E-Mail: /\/\* WWW:
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