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Metrics values file format.

aemetrics(5)                                                                         aemetrics(5)

NAME aemetrics - metrics values file format
SYNOPSIS filename,S
DESCRIPTION Metrics files are created at integration build time, and recorded into the file attributes at integration pass time. This allows trend analysis and other statistics to be calculated.
CONTENTS metrics = [ { ... } ]; This field is used to describe various file metrics. It is committed during aeipass(1), when the file is added to the history. The name must be given, and exactly one value. name = string; This is the name of the metric. This field must be set. value = real; This is the value of the metric. This field must be set. (If you have an integer-valued metric, just use integers, Aegis will cope. If you have a string-valued metric, assign integers to the enumerands.)
SEE ALSO aegis(5) aegis file format syntax aemeasure(1) simple file metrics
AUTHOR Peter Miller E-Mail: /\/\* WWW:
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