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Aegis report index file format.

aerptidx(5)                            File Formats Manual                            aerptidx(5)

NAME aerptidx - aegis report index file format
SYNOPSIS /usr/share/aegis/report.index /usr/share/aegis/report.local
DESCRIPTION The report index file is used to store pointers to report scripts, and descriptions of the reports. When searching for a report, the aer(1) command searches down the AEGIS_PATH looking for report.index files, and searching them for the report named.
CONTENTS where = [{ ... }]; This field is a table relating report name to file name. The structure is as follows: name = string; The name of a report. The command line argument naming scheme is used, to provide abbreviatable names. description = string; A brief description of the report. It should not be very long, one or two lines at most. filename = string; The name of the file containing the report script. If a relative path is given, it will be interpreted to be relative to the directory containing the report.index file.
SEE ALSO aer(1) report generator aegis(5) aegis file format syntax
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