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Graphical file history.

aexver(1)                                                                               aexver(1)

NAME aexver - graphical file history
DESCRIPTION The aexver command is used to to view historical versions of files in an Aegis reposi‐ tory. A list box is displayed with all project filenames in it. When ther user double-clicks on a file, another box is displayed listing all the revisions of that file. Selecting any two revisions will bring up a diff comparing those revisions to each other.
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES AE2DIFF The name of the program to perform the 2-way diff. Default to xidff if not set.
EXIT STATUS The aexver command will exit with a status of 1 on any error. The aexver command will only exit with a status of 0 if there are no errors.
ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES See aegis(1) for a list of environment variables which may affect this command. See aep‐ conf(5) for the project configuration file's project_specific field for how to set envi‐ ronment variables for all commands executed by Aegis.
AUTHOR Peter Miller E-Mail: /\/\* WWW:
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