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APT package version policy class.

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NAME AptPkg::Policy - APT package version policy class
SYNOPSIS use AptPkg::Policy;
DESCRIPTION The AptPkg::Policy module provides an interface to APT's package version policy. AptPkg::Policy The AptPkg::Policy package implements the APT pkgPolicy class. An instance of the AptPkg::Policy class may be fetched using the "policy" method from an AptPkg::Cache object. The following methods are implemented: priority(PKG|FILE) Return the pin priority for the given PKG (AptPkg::Cache::Package) or FILE (AptPkg::Cache::PkgFile) object. match(PKG) Find the pinned version of PKG. Returns an AptPkg::Cache::Version object. candidate(PKG) Returns the installation candidate version for PKG.
SEE ALSO AptPkg::Cache(3pm), AptPkg(3pm).
AUTHOR Brendan O'Dea <>
perl v5.22.1 2013-03-01 AptPkg::Policy(3pm)
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