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An ASCII-art demo.

December 16, 2001
BB(1)                                General Commands Manual                                BB(1)


bb - an ASCII-art demo


bb [options]


bb is a high quality audio-visual demonstration for your text terminal.


A summary of options are included below. For a complete description type bb -help. -help Show summary of options. -loop Play demo in infinite loop. -driver Select driver. Available drivers: linux, slang, X11, stdout, stderr. -kbddriver Select keyboard driver. Available drivers: slang, X11, stdin. -mousedriver Select mouse driver. Available drivers: X11, gpm, dos. -width Set width. -height Set height. -minwidth Set minimum width. -minheight Set minimum height. -maxwidth Set maximum width. -maxheight Set maximum height. -recwidth Set recommended width. -recheight Set recommended height. -dim Enable usage of dim (half bright) attribute. -bold Enable usage of bold (double bright) attribute. -reverse Enable usage of reverse attribute. -normal Enable usage of normal attribute. -boldfont Enable usage of boldfont attribute. -no<attr> Disable attribute (i.e -nobold). -extended Use all 256 characters. -eight Use eight bit ASCII. -font <font> Select font. This option is used on hardware where aalib is unable to determine the current font. Available fonts: vga8, vga9, mda14, vga14, X8x13, X8x16, X8x13bold, vgagl8, line. -inverse Enable inverse rendering. -noinverse Disable inverse rendering. -bright <val> Set brightness (0-255). -contrast <val> Set contrast (0-255). -gamma <val> Set gamma correction value (0-1). -nodither Disable dithering. -floyd_steinberg Floyd-Steinberg dithering. -error_distribution Error distribution dithering. -random <val> Set random dithering value (0-inf). -dimmul <val> Multiply factor for dim attribute (5.3). -boldmul <val> Multiply factor for bold attribute (2.7).


Please report any bugs you find to Jan Hubicka <>.


bb is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL).


aafire(1), aainfo(1), aasavefont(1), aatest(1), aview(1), asciiview(1), aaflip(1), aa3d(1), xaos(6), aatv(1).


Jan Hubicka <> This manual page was written by Michael Bramer <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
December 16, 2001 BB(1)
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