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Client for distributed mp3-encoding across multiple hosts on a network.

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distmp3 - client for distributed mp3-encoding across multiple hosts on a network


distmp3 [-p port] [-s datasize] [-d debug] [-df debugfile] remotehost wav-file mp3-file


distmp3 is the client part of distmp3, a utility for distributed mp3-encoding across mul‐ tiple hosts on a network. The client connects to a remote host on port 4600 and a handshake occurs. If the handshake goes well, the client will open the wav-file for reading and the mp3-file for writing. The client then starts sending raw data from the wav-file across the network to the dae‐ mon, which sends it back to the client who writes it down in a file. Default values are used if none specified, and those defaults are read from /etc/distmp3/distmp3.conf


-p port The port on remotehost to connect to. -s datasize The datachunksize to use when sending data to the distmp3host server. -d debug If 1 then debugmessages will be printed on stdout, else suppressed. -df debugfile If defined debugmessages will be printed to file debugfile remotehost The DNS hostname or IP address of the remote machine running distmp3host. wav-file The local WAV format file to be encoded on remotehost. mp3-file. The desired local destination for the finished mp3 file. If this file already exists and is writable, it will be overwritten. If it is not writable, distmp3 will exit with an error.




Martin Josefsson <>. Idea for distmp3 by Peter Lindqvist <>. Manpage written by Robert Woodcock <>.
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