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Mount filesystems during boot.

mountall(8)                          System Manager's Manual                          mountall(8)

NAME mountall - Mount filesystems during boot
SYNOPSIS mountall [OPTIONS]...
DESCRIPTION mountall is an Upstart init(8) helper that mounts filesystems. It reads fstab(5) and supplements the entries found with a set of built-in entries (gener‐ ally found in /lib/init/fstab) and calls fsck(8), mount(8) and swapon(8) in the correct order to mount filesystems once the underlying devices have been created by udevd(8).
OPTIONS --daemon Detach and run in the background. --force-fsck Force check of all filesystems. --fsck-fix Attempt to fix all fsck errors. --no-events Do not emit events after mounting filesystems. --dev-wait-time=value (in seconds) In case of bootwait or timeout: specify the time to wait for device to be detected. The default is 30 seconds. Legal values are between 1 and 2147483647 seconds. -q, --quiet Reduce output to errors only. -v, --verbose Increase output to include informational messages. --help Display this help and exit. --version Output version information and exit.
AUTHOR Written by Scott James Remnant <>
BUGS Report bugs at <>
SEE ALSO all-swaps(7), filesystem(7), init(8), local-filesystems(7), mounted(7), mounting(7), remote-filesystems(7), virtual-filesystems(7).
upstart 2013-12-23 mountall(8)
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mountall(8) referred by all-swaps(7) | filesystem(7) | local-filesystems(7) | lxc.container.conf(5) | mounted(7) | mounting(7) | remote-filesystems(7) | upstart(8) | upstart-events(7) | virtual-filesystems(7)
refer to all-swaps(7) | filesystem(7) | fsck(8) | fstab(5) | local-filesystems(7) | mount(8) | mounted(7) | mounting(7) | remote-filesystems(7) | swapon(8) | virtual-filesystems(7)