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Interact with a sandboxed PyPy subprocess.

June 14, 2016
PYPY-SANDBOX(1)                                PyPy                               PYPY-SANDBOX(1)

NAME pypy-sandbox - Interact with a sandboxed PyPy subprocess
SYNOPSIS pypy-sandbox [options] [-- -c cmd|-- -m mod||-] [arg...]
DESCRIPTION pypy-sandbox is a wrapper around a "virtualized" version of PyPy, where an external process controls all input/output. This is a secure sandbox, it is safe to run any untrusted Python code with it. The Python code cannot see or modify any local file except via interaction with the external process. Any options after a -- will be passed on to the wrapped sandbox-enabled PyPy. It supports the same options as the regular pypy(1).
OPTIONS --tmp DIR The real directory that corresponds to the virtual /tmp, which is the virtual cur‐ rent dir (and is read-only). --heapsize N Limit memory usage to N bytes, or kilo- mega- giga-bytes with the k, m or g suffix respectively. --timeout N Limit execution time to N (real-time) seconds. --log FILE Log all user input into the FILE. --verbose Log all proxied system calls. Requires python-py to be installed.
SEE ALSO pypy(1), python(1)
AUTHOR The PyPy Project
4.0 June 14, 2016 PYPY-SANDBOX(1)
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