SYNCE-SERIAL-UDEV-REMOVE - reference manual online

Called from udev to stop a serial connection.

June 2008

NAME synce-serial-udev-remove - called from udev to stop a serial connection
SYNOPSIS synce-serial-udev-remove
DESCRIPTION synce-serial-udev-remove is used to stop a connection using serial cable or infrared when the device is disconnected. It is called by udev. The connection must first be configured with synce-serial-config(8) This must be done with root privileges.
AUTHOR This manual page was written by Jonny Lamb <>
SEE ALSO synce(1) pppd(8) synce-serial-config(8) synce-serial-abort(8)
The SynCE project June 2008 SYNCE-SERIAL-UDEV-REMOVE(20)
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synce-serial-udev-remove(20) referred by
refer to pppd(8) | synce-serial-abort(8) | synce-serial-config(8)