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Alphabetical index (A).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
a+(1) A+ interpreter.
a-rex-backtrace-collect(8) Processes core file(s) generated by arched and produces backtrace(s).
a11y-profile-manager(1) Allows the setting of configuration profiles for people with disabilities.
a11y-profile-manager-indicator(1) Shows an indicator on the Unity desktop to allow the selection of accessibil‐.
a2crd(1) Attempts the conversion of lyrics file into chordii input.
a2disconf(8) ↣ a2enconf(8) Enable or disable an apache2 configuration file.
a2dismod(8) ↣ a2enmod(8) Enable or disable an apache2 module.
a2dissite(8) ↣ a2ensite(8) Enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host.
a2enconf(8) Enable or disable an apache2 configuration file.
a2enmod(8) Enable or disable an apache2 module.
a2ensite(8) Enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host.
a2j(1) Wrapper script to simulate a2jmidid's non-DBUS behaviour though a2jmidid actually being in DBUS mode.
a2j_control(1) Utility to control a2jmidid daemon.
a2jmidi_bridge(1) Static bridge with one ALSA playback port and one JACK MIDI input port.
a2jmidid(1) JACK MIDI daemon for ALSA MIDI.
a2ps(1) Format files for printing on a PostScript printer.
a2ps-lpr-wrapper(1) Lp/lpr wrapper script for GNU a2ps on Debian.
a2query(1) Retrieve runtime configuration from a local Apache 2 HTTP server.
a2x(1) A toolchain manager for AsciiDoc (converts Asciidoc text files to other file formats).
a2x(3bobcat) Objects performing ascii-to-x (anything) conversions.
a52dec(1) Decode ATSC A/52 audio streams.
a56(1) Motorola DSP56001 assembler.
a56-keybld(1) Motorola DSP56001 assembler - build finite-state parser.
a56-tobin(1) Motorola DSP56001 assembler - convert to binary.
a56-toomf(1) Motorola DSP56001 assembler - convert to OMF.
a5booklet(1) Copy two A5 pages from a .dvi file to one A4 page in another.
a64l(3) Convert between long and base-64.
a64l(3posix) Convert between a 32-bit integer and a radix-64 ASCII string.
a68g(1) Algol 68 Genie, an Algol 68 compiler-interpreter.
a7xpg(6) Chase action game.
aa(1) Astronomical almanac - calculate planet and star positions.
aa-audit(8) Set an AppArmor security profile to audit mode.
aa-autodep(8) Guess basic AppArmor profile requirements.
aa-cleanprof(8) Clean an existing AppArmor security profile.
aa-complain(8) Set an AppArmor security profile to complain mode.
aa-decode(8) Decode hex-encoded in AppArmor log files.
aa-disable(8) Disable an AppArmor security profile.
aa-easyprof(8) AppArmor profile generation made easy.
aa-enabled(1) Test whether AppArmor is enabled.
aa-enforce(8) Set an AppArmor security profile to enforce mode from being disabled or complain mode.
aa-exec(1) Confine a program with the specified AppArmor profile.
aa-genprof(8) Profile generation utility for AppArmor.
aa-logprof(8) Utility for updating AppArmor security profiles.
aa-mergeprof(8) Merge AppArmor security profiles.
aa-notify(8) Display information about logged AppArmor messages.
aa-remove-unknown(8) Remove unknown AppArmor profiles.
aa-status(8) Display various information about the current AppArmor policy.
aa-unconfined(8) Output a list of processes with tcp or udp ports that do not have AppArmor profiles loaded.
aa-update-browser(8) Update browser profiles with browser abstractions.
aa3d(1) An ASCII art stereogram generator.
aa_attrs(3) Returns pointer to the text output buffer used by AA-lib.
aa_autoinit(3) Easy to use AA-lib initialization function.
aa_autoinitkbd(3) Easy to use AA-lib keyboard initialization function.
aa_autoinitmouse(3) Easy to use AA-lib mouse initialization function.
aa_change_hat(2) Change to or from a "hat" within a AppArmor profile.
aa_change_profile(2) Change a tasks profile.
aa_close(3) Close the AA-lib context.
aa_createedit(3) Simple interactive line editor provided as helper function.
aa_currentfont(3) Returns specification of the fonts used by AA-lib rendering routines.
aa_defparams(3) Default hardware paramters requested by AA-lib programs.
aa_defrenderparams(3) Default rendering parameters.
aa_displayrecommended(3) List of recommended drivers.
aa_dithernames(3) Names of dithering methods supported by AA-lib.
aa_drivers(3) NULL-terminated array of output drivers available in AA-lib.
aa_edit(3) Simple interactive line editor.
aa_editkey(3) Notify the line editor about keypress.
aa_fastrender(3) Simple and fast AA-lib rendering function.
aa_features(3) An opaque object representing a set of AppArmor kernel features.
aa_find_mountpoint(2) Determine if apparmor is available.
aa_fonts(3) Null-terminated array of available fonts.
aa_formats(3) NULL terminated array of save formats supported by AA-lib.
aa_getcon(2) Read and parse procattr data.
aa_getevent(3) Keyboard functions.
aa_getkey(3) Return next keypress event from queue.
aa_getmouse(3) Get mouse position as specified by last mouse event read by aa_getevent.
aa_gotoxy(3) Move the hardware cursor (if any) to specified position.
aa_help(3) AA-lib help string for the default command line parser.
aa_hidecursor(3) Hide the hardware cursor.
aa_hidemouse(3) Hide the mouse cursor.
aa_image(3) Returns pointer to the framebuffer emulated by AA-lib.
aa_imgheight(3) Returns height of the emulated image in pixels.
aa_imgwidth(3) Returns width of the emulated image in pixels.
aa_init(3) Open the output display for AA-lib.
aa_initkbd(3) Initialize the AA-lib keyboard driver.
aa_initmouse(3) Initialize the AA-lib mouse driver.
aa_kbddrivers(3) NULL-terminated array of keyboard drivers available in AA_lib.
aa_kbdrecommended(3) List of recommended drivers.
aa_kernel_interface(3) An opaque object representing the AppArmor kernel interface for policy loading,.
aa_mmheight(3) Returns height of the output screen in millimeters.
aa_mmwidth(3) Returns width of the output screen in millimeters.
aa_mousedrivers(3) NULL terminated array of mouse drivers supported by AA-lib.
aa_mouserecommended(3) List of recommended drivers.
aa_parseoptions(3) Parse the standard command line options used by AA-lib.
aa_policy_cache(3) An opaque object representing an AppArmor policy cache.
aa_printf(3) Print text to AA-lib output buffers.
aa_putpixel(3) Put pixel to emulated framebuffer.
aa_puts(3) Output string to AA-lib output buffers.
aa_query_label(2) Query access permission associated with a label.
aa_recommendhi(3) Insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended drivers.
aa_recommendhidisplay(3) Insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended display drivers.
aa_recommendhikbd(3) Insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended keyboard drivers.
aa_recommendhimouse(3) Insert the given driver on beggining of the list of recommended mouse drivers.
aa_recommendlow(3) Add the given driver to the end of list of recommended drivers.
aa_recommendlowdisplay(3) Add the given driver to the end of list of display recommended drivers.
aa_recommendlowkbd(3) Add the given driver to the end of list of keyboard recommended drivers.
aa_recommendlowmouse(3) Add the given driver to the end of list of mouse recommended drivers.
aa_registerfont(3) Add new font specification to aa_fonts array.
aa_render(3) Convert image buffer to ASCII-art.
aa_resize(3) Resize functions.
aa_resizehandler(3) Set user handler to be called on resize event.
aa_scrheight(3) Returns height of the output screen in characters.
aa_scrwidth(3) Returns width of the output screen in characters.
aa_setfont(3) Set font specification to be used by rendering functions.
aa_setsupported(3) Alter the "supported" field of hardware_params structure used by AA-lib.
aa_showcursor(3) Show the hardware cursor.
aa_showmouse(3) Show the mouse cursor.
aa_splitcon(3) Split the confinement context into a label and mode.
aa_stack_profile(2) Combine multiple profiles to confine a task.
aa_text(3) Returns pointer to the text output buffer used by AA-lib.
aa_uninitkbd(3) Uninitialize the keyboard driver.
aa_uninitmouse(3) Uninitialize the mouse driver.
aac(4freebsd) Adaptec AdvancedRAID Controller driver.
aac-enc(1) Create AAC audio files.
aacraid(4freebsd) Adaptec AACRAID Controller driver.
aafigure(1) Convert ASCII art to an image.
aafire(1) Aalib example programs.
aaflip(1) An ASCII art video player.
aaindexextract(1e) Extract amino acid property data from AAINDEX.
aainfo(1) ↣ aafire(1) Aalib example programs.
aajm(1) Ascii art jugglemaster.
aalib-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of aalib.
aaphoto(1) Automatic color correction of photos.
aapt(1) Android Asset Packaging Tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-addr2line(1) ↣ addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
aarch64-linux-gnu-ar(1) ↣ ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
aarch64-linux-gnu-as(1) ↣ as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-c++filt(1) ↣ c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
aarch64-linux-gnu-cpp(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
aarch64-linux-gnu-cpp-6(1) The C Preprocessor.
aarch64-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
aarch64-linux-gnu-cpp-8(1) The C Preprocessor.
aarch64-linux-gnu-dwp(1) ↣ dwp(1) The DWARF packaging utility.
aarch64-linux-gnu-elfedit(1) ↣ elfedit(1) Update the ELF header of ELF files.
aarch64-linux-gnu-g++(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-g++-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-g++-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-5(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-6(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-8(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-5(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-6(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-8(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-5(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-6(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-8(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gccgo(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gccgo-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gccgo-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-5(1) Coverage testing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-6(1) Coverage testing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-8(1) Coverage testing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-6(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-8(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-6(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-8(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gdc(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gdc-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gdc-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gfortran(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gfortran-6(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gfortran-8(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatbind-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatbind-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatbind-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatchop-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatchop-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatchop-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatclean-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatclean-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatclean-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatfind-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatfind-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatfind-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatgcc(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnathtml-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnathtml-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnathtml-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatkr-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatkr-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatkr-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatlink-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatlink-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatlink-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatls-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatls-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatls-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatmake-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatmake-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatmake-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatname-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatname-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatname-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatprep-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatprep-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatprep-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatxref-5(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatxref-7(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gnatxref-8(1) ↣ aarch64-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
aarch64-linux-gnu-gprof(1) ↣ gprof(1) Display call graph profile data.
aarch64-linux-gnu-ld.bfd(1) ↣ ld.bfd(1) The GNU linker. ↣ The GNU ELF linker.
aarch64-linux-gnu-nm(1) ↣ nm(1) List symbols from object files.
aarch64-linux-gnu-objcopy(1) ↣ objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
aarch64-linux-gnu-objdump(1) ↣ objdump(1) Display information from object files.
aarch64-linux-gnu-ranlib(1) ↣ ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
aarch64-linux-gnu-readelf(1) ↣ readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
aarch64-linux-gnu-size(1) ↣ size(1) List section sizes and total size.
aarch64-linux-gnu-strings(1) ↣ strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
aarch64-linux-gnu-strip(1) ↣ strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
aasavefont(1) ↣ aafire(1) Aalib example programs.
AAT(3) Apache::ASP Toolkit module.
aatest(1) ↣ aafire(1) Aalib example programs.
aaxine(1) An ASCII art video player.
ab(1) Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool.
abacas(1) Algorithm Based Automatic Contiguation of Assembled Sequences.
abc2abc(1) A simple abc checker/re-formatter/transposer.
abc2ly(1) Manual page for abc2ly (LilyPond) 2.18.2.
abc2midi(1) Converts abc file to MIDI file(s).
abcde(1) Grab an entire CD and compress it to Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, Ogg/Speex, AAC, WavPack, Monkey's Audio.
abcm2ps(1) Translate ABC music notation to PostScript.
abcmatch(1) Search for specific sequences of notes in an abc file composed of many tunes.
abe(6) Abe's Amazing Adventure.
abi-compliance-checker(1) Tool to compare ABI compatibility of shared C/C++ library versions.
abi-dumper(1) A tool to dump ABI of an ELF object containing DWARF debug info.
abi-monitor(1) Monitor new versions of a software library and try to build them.
abi-tracker(1) Visualize ABI changes timeline of a C/C++ software library.
abi::__forced_unwind(3cxx) Thrown as part of forced unwinding.
abicheck(1) Check application binaries for calls to private or evolving symbols in libraries and for static.
abicompat(1) Check ABI compatibility.
abidiff(1) Compare ABIs of ELF files.
abidw(1) Serialize the ABI of an ELF file.
abilint(1) Validate an abigail ABI representation.
abinit(1) Ab initio atomic-scale simulation software.
abipkgdiff(1) Compare ABIs of ELF files in software packages.
abiview(1e) Display the trace in an ABI sequencer file.
abiword(1) Flexible cross-platform word processor.
abl(1) Prefixed representation for boolean functions.
ablToBddCct(3) Converts an ABL into a BDD within a circuit.
abook(1) Text-based address book program.
abookrc(5) Configuration file for abook address book program.
abootimg(1) Manipulate Android Boot Images.
abort(3) Cause abnormal process termination.
abort(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
abort(3posix) Generate an abnormal process abort.
abort2(2freebsd) Abort process with diagnostics.
above(3pm) Auto "use lib" when a module is in the tree of the PWD.
abr2gbr(1) Converts PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro brushes to GIMP.
abs(3) Compute the absolute value of an integer.
abs(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
abs(3clc) Absolute value functions.
abs(3G) Return the absolute value of the parameter.
abs(3posix) Return an integer absolute value.
abstractDataTypes(3clc) Abstract Built-in Data Types.
abstractile(6x) Draw abstract mosaic patterns of interlocking tiles.
abx(1) Audio ABX testing software.
ABYSS(1) Assemble short reads into contigs.
abyss-pe(1) Assemble reads into contigs.
abyss-tofastq(1) Convert various file formats to FASTQ format.
ac(1) Print statistics about users' connect time.
ac++(1) Aspect weaver for C++.
acat(1) ↣ atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types.
acbuild(1) The application container build system.
acbuild-annotation(1) Manage annotations.
acbuild-annotation-add(1) Add an annotation.
acbuild-annotation-remove(1) Remove an annotation.
acbuild-begin(1) Start a new build.
acbuild-cat-manifest(1) Print the manifest from the current build.
acbuild-copy(1) Copy a file or directory into an ACI.
acbuild-copy-to-dir(1) Copy a file or directory into a directory in an ACI.
acbuild-dependency(1) Manage dependencies.
acbuild-dependency-add(1) Add a dependency.
acbuild-dependency-remove(1) Remove a dependency.
acbuild-end(1) End a current build.
acbuild-environment(1) Manage environment variables.
acbuild-environment-add(1) Add an environment variable.
acbuild-environment-remove(1) Remove an environment variable.
acbuild-isolator(1) Manage isolators.
acbuild-isolator-add(1) Add an isolator.
acbuild-isolator-remove(1) Remove an isolator.
acbuild-label(1) Manage labels.
acbuild-label-add(1) Add a label.
acbuild-label-remove(1) Remove a label.
acbuild-mount(1) Manage mount points.
acbuild-mount-add(1) Add a mount point.
acbuild-mount-remove(1) Remove a mount point.
acbuild-port(1) Manage ports.
acbuild-port-add(1) Add a port.
acbuild-port-remove(1) Remove a port.
acbuild-replace-manifest(1) Replace the manifest in the current build.
acbuild-run(1) Run a command in an ACI.
acbuild-script(1) Runs an acbuild script.
acbuild-set-event-handler(1) Manage event handlers.
acbuild-set-event-handler-post-stop(1) Set the post-stop event handler.
acbuild-set-event-handler-pre-start(1) Set the pre-start event handler.
acbuild-set-exec(1) Set the exec command.
acbuild-set-group(1) Set the group.
acbuild-set-name(1) Set the image name.
acbuild-set-user(1) Set the user.
acbuild-set-working-directory(1) Set the working directory.
acbuild-version(1) Get the version of acbuild.
acbuild-write(1) Write the ACI to a file.
accc(6) Ac3d Compiler.
acccheck(1) Password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol.
accept(2) Accept a connection on a socket.
accept(2freebsd) Accept a connection on a socket.
accept(3posix) Accept a new connection on a socket.
accept(8) ↣ cupsaccept(8) Accept/reject jobs sent to a destination.
accept4(2) ↣ accept(2) Accept a connection on a socket.
accept4(2freebsd) Accept a connection on a socket.
accept_filt_add(9freebsd) Filter incom‐.
accept_filt_del(9freebsd) Filter incom‐.
accept_filt_generic_mod_event(9freebsd) Filter incom‐.
accept_filt_get(9freebsd) Filter incom‐.
accept_filter(9freebsd) Filter incom‐.
accerciser(1) An interactive accessibility explorer.
access(2) Check user's permissions for a file.
access(2freebsd) Check accessibility of a file.
access(3posix) Determine accessibility of a file relative to directory file descriptor.
access(5) Postfix SMTP server access table.
access.conf(5) The login access control table file.
ACCESS_DESCRIPTION_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ACCESS_DESCRIPTION_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
accessdb(8) Dumps the content of a man-db database in a human readable format.
accessors(3pm) Create accessor methods in caller's package.
accessors::chained(3pm) Create method chaining accessors in caller's package.
accessors::classic(3pm) Create 'classic' read/write accessor methods in caller's package.
accessors::ro(3pm) Create 'classic' read-only accessor methods in caller's package.
accessors::rw(3pm) Create 'classic' read/write accessor methods in caller's package.
accessQualifiers(3clc) Access Qualifiers for image memory objects.
accf_data(9freebsd) Buffer incoming connections until data arrives.
accf_dns(9freebsd) Buffer incoming DNS requests until the whole first request is present.
accf_http(9freebsd) Buffer incoming connections until a certain complete HTTP requests arrive.
account-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift account server.
accs(1) ↣ vadm(1) Manipulate and administer version object base.
acct(2) Switch process accounting on or off.
acct(2freebsd) Enable or disable process accounting.
acct(5) Process accounting file.
acct_gather.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for the acct_gather plugins.
acctdump(8) Accounting data dump utility.
accton(8) Turns process accounting on or off.
acdc(1e) Test an application ACD file.
acdlog(1e) Test application ACD file processing and trace data structures.
acdpretty(1e) Correctly reformat an application ACD file.
acdrelations(1e) Add relations: attribute to ACD files.
acdtable(1e) Generate an HTML table of parameters from an application ACD file.
acdtrace(1e) Trace processing of an application ACD file (for testing).
acdvalid(1e) Validate an application ACD file.
ace(1) Interactive Perl client for ACEDB.
Ace(3pm) Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases.
ace-canfield(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-freecell(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-golf(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-mastermind(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-merlin(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-minesweeper(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-pegged(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-solitaire(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-spider(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-taipedit(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-taipei(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-thornq(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace2sam(1) Ace to sam converter.
Ace::Browser::AceSubs(3pm) Subroutines for AceBrowser.
Ace::Browser::LocalSiteDefs(3pm) Master Configuration file for AceBrowser.
Ace::Browser::SearchSubs(3pm) Subroutines for AceBrowser search scripts.
Ace::Browser::SiteDefs(3pm) Access to AceBrowser configuration files.
Ace::Graphics::Fk(3pm) A dummy feature object used for generating panel key tracks.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph(3pm) Base class for Ace::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm) The "anchored_arrow" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::arrow(3pm) The "arrow" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::box(3pm) The "box" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::dot(3pm) The "ellipse" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::ex(3pm) The "X" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::graded_segments(3pm) The "color-coded segments" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::group(3pm) The group glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::line(3pm) The "line" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::primers(3pm) The "STS primers" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::segments(3pm) The "discontinuous segments" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::span(3pm) The "span" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::toomany(3pm) The "too many to show" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::transcript(3pm) The "gene" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::Glyph::triangle(3pm) The "triangle" glyph.
Ace::Graphics::GlyphFactory(3pm) Create Ace::Graphics::Glyphs.
Ace::Graphics::Panel(3pm) PNG graphics of Ace::Sequence::Feature objects.
Ace::Graphics::Track(3pm) PNG graphics of Ace::Sequence::Feature objects.
Ace::Iterator(3pm) Iterate Across an ACEDB Query.
Ace::Local(3pm) Use giface, tace or gifaceclient to open a local connection to an Ace database.
Ace::Model(3pm) Get information about AceDB models.
Ace::Object(3pm) Manipulate Ace Data Objects.
Ace::Sequence(3pm) Examine ACeDB Sequence Objects.
Ace::Sequence::Feature(3pm) Examine Sequence Feature Tables.
Ace::Sequence::FeatureList(3pm) Lightweight Access to Features.
Ace::Sequence::GappedAlignment(3pm) Gapped alignment object.
Ace::Sequence::Gene(3pm) Simple "Gene" Object.
Ace::Sequence::Homol(3pm) Temporary Sequence Homology Class.
Ace::Sequence::Multi(3pm) Combine Feature Tables from Multiple Databases.
Ace::Sequence::Transcript(3pm) Simple "Gene" Object.
ace_gperf(1) Generate a perfect hash function from a key set.
ace_netsvcs(1) ACE network services driver.
acetoneiso(1) Feature-rich graphical application to mount and manage CD/DVD images.
acheck(1) Check common localization mistakes.
acheck(5) Acheck configuration file.
acheck-rules(5) Rules set for acheck.
achilles(1) OpenGL simulation of artificial life and evolution.
acidrip(1p) A Gtk2::Perl wrapper for MPlayer / Mencoder.
ack(1p) Grep-like text finder.
ackinfo.cgi(1) Xymon CGI script to acknowledge alerts.
acknowledge.cgi(1) Xymon CGI script to acknowledge alerts.
acl(5) Access Control Lists.
acl(9freebsd) Virtual file system access control lists.
acl2(1) A Computational Logic.
acl_add_perm(3) Add a permission to an ACL permission set.
acl_calc_mask(3) Calculate the file group class mask.
acl_check(3) Check an ACL for validity.
acl_clear_perms(3) Clear all permissions from an ACL permission set.
acl_cmp(3) Compare two ACLs.
acl_copy_entry(3) Copy an ACL entry.
acl_copy_ext(3) Copy an ACL from internal to external representation.
acl_copy_int(3) Copy an ACL from external to internal representation.
acl_create_entry(3) Create a new ACL entry.
acl_delete_def_file(3) Delete a default ACL by filename.
acl_delete_entry(3) Delete an ACL entry.
acl_delete_perm(3) Delete a permission from an ACL permission set.
acl_dup(3) Duplicate an ACL.
acl_entries(3) Return the number of entries in an ACL.
acl_equiv_mode(3) Check for an equivalent ACL.
acl_error(3) Convert an ACL error code to a text message.
acl_extended_fd(3) Test for information in the ACL by file descriptor.
acl_extended_file(3) Test for information in ACLs by file name.
acl_extended_file_nofollow(3) ↣ acl_extended_file(3) Test for information in ACLs by file name.
acl_free(3) Release memory allocated to an ACL data object.
acl_from_mode(3) Create an ACL from file permission bits.
acl_from_text(3) Create an ACL from text.
acl_get_entry(3) Get an ACL entry.
acl_get_fd(3) Get an ACL by file descriptor.
acl_get_file(3) Get an ACL by filename.
acl_get_perm(3) Test for a permission in an ACL permission set.
acl_get_permset(3) Retrieve the permission set from an ACL entry.
acl_get_qualifier(3) Retrieve the qualifier from an ACL entry.
acl_get_tag_type(3) Get the tag type of an ACL entry.
acl_gran(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
acl_grant(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
acl_group(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
acl_init(3) Initialize ACL working storage.
acl_mask(1) View or set an object's mask for right inheritance.
acl_rights(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
acl_rm_user(1) Remove all groups and memberships of a user.
acl_set_fd(3) Set an ACL by file descriptor.
acl_set_file(3) Set an ACL by filename.
acl_set_permset(3) Set the permission set in an ACL entry.
acl_set_qualifier(3) Set the qualifier of an ACL entry.
acl_set_tag_type(3) Set the tag type of an ACL entry.
acl_size(3) Get the size of the external representation of an ACL.
acl_tlist(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
acl_to_any_text(3) Convert an ACL to text.
acl_to_text(3) Convert an ACL to text.
acl_valid(3) Validate an ACL.
aclients(1) Test program for side-by-side TNC performance comparison.
aclocal-1.11(1) Manual page for aclocal 1.11.6.
aclocal-1.15(1) Manual page for aclocal 1.15.1.
AClock(1) Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep.
acm(6) An aerial combat simulator for X.
acme-tiny(1) Letsencrypt tiny python client.
Acme::Bleach(3pm) For really clean programs.
Acme::Brainfuck(3pm) Embed Brainfuck in your perl code.
Acme::constant(3pm) Like constant, except actually not.
Acme::Damn(3pm) 'Unbless' Perl objects.
Acme::DWIM(3pm) Perl's confusing operators made easy.
Acme::EyeDrops(3pm) Visual Programming in Perl.
Acme::Morse(3pm) Perl programming in morse code.
Acme::POE::Knee(3pm) Time sliced pony race using the POE kernel.
acmetool(8) Request certificates from ACME servers automatically.
acminfo(8) Display the header info of a TXT ACM.
acngfs(8) Virtual file system for use with apt-cacher-ng.
aconnect(1) ALSA sequencer connection manager.
aconnectgui(1) FLTK based frontend for aconnect.
acorn(1) Parse JavaScript file.
acorn-fdisk(8) Partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines.
acos(3) Arc cosine function.
acos(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
acos(3clc) Arc cosine functions.
acos(3G) Return the arccosine of the parameter.
acos(3posix) Arc cosine functions.
acosf(3) ↣ acos(3) Arc cosine function.
acosf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
acosh(3) Inverse hyperbolic cosine function.
acosh(3G) Return the arc hyperbolic cosine of the parameter.
acosh(3posix) Inverse hyperbolic cosine functions.
acoshf(3) ↣ acosh(3) Inverse hyperbolic cosine function.
acoshl(3) ↣ acosh(3) Inverse hyperbolic cosine function.
acosl(3) ↣ acos(3) Arc cosine function.
acosl(3posix) Arc cosine functions.
acoustid-fingerprinter(1) Audio fingerprint submission tool.
acpi(1) Shows battery status and other ACPI information.
acpi(4freebsd) Advanced Configuration and Power Management support.
acpi_asus(4freebsd) Asus Laptop Extras.
acpi_asus_wmi(4freebsd) Asus Laptop WMI Extras.
acpi_available(1) Test whether ACPI subsystem is available.
acpi_dock(4freebsd) Laptop Docking Station device driver.
acpi_fujitsu(4freebsd) Fujitsu Laptop Extras.
acpi_hp(4freebsd) ACPI extras driver for HP laptops.
acpi_hpet(4freebsd) High Precision Event Timer driver.
acpi_ibm(4freebsd) ACPI extras driver for IBM laptops.
acpi_listen(8) ACPI event listener.
acpi_panasonic(4freebsd) ACPI hotkey driver for Panasonic laptops.
acpi_rapidstart(4freebsd) Intel rapid start technology ACPI driver.
acpi_sony(4freebsd) ACPI notebook controller driver for Sony laptops.
acpi_thermal(4freebsd) ACPI thermal management subsystem.
acpi_toshiba(4freebsd) Toshiba HCI interface.
acpi_video(4freebsd) ACPI Video Extensions driver.
acpi_wmi(4freebsd) ACPI to WMI mapping driver.
acpibin(1) ACPI binary AML file utility.
acpid(8) Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon.
acpidump-acpica(1) ACPI table dump utility.
acpiexec(1) ACPI AML execution and debug utility.
acpihelp(1) ACPI help utility.
acpinames(1) ACPI name space dump utility.
acpisrc(1) ACPICA source code conversion utility.
acpitail(1) Show ACPI information in a tail-like style.
acpitool(1) A Linux ACPI client, allowing you to query or set ACPI values.
acpixtract-acpica(1) ACPICA source code conversion utility.
acpl(1) ↣ scotch_binaries(1) Sundry Scotch binary commands.
acquire_bitmap(3alleg4) Locks the bitmap before drawing onto it. Allegro game programming library.
acquire_screen(3alleg4) Shortcut of acquire_bitmap(screen); Allegro game programming library.
acr(1) Autoconf replacement.
acr-cat(1) Acr cat utility.
acronym(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
acs_map(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
acsadmin(1) ION Aggregate Custody Signal (ACS) administration interface.
acslist(1) Aggregate Custody Signals (ACS) utility for checking custody IDs.
acsrc(5) Aggregate Custody Signal management commands file.
act(1) Artemis comparison tool for genome sequences.
actctrl(8) Configure IBM Active 2000 ISDN adaptor.
actdiag(1) Generate activity-diagram image file from spec-text file.
actdiag3(1) Generate activity-diagram image file from spec-text file.
actexec(1) Task automation.
actiona(1) Task automation.
activate-devpay(1) Create the token and certificate files for Amazon S3.
activate-global-python-argcomplete(1) Activate-global-python-argcomplete - argcomplete utility script.
activate-global-python-argcomplete3(1) Activate-global-python-argcomplete - argcomplete utility script.
activateCDKAlphalist(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
activateCDKButton(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
activateCDKButtonbox(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
activateCDKCalendar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
activateCDKDialog(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
activateCDKDScale(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
activateCDKEntry(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
activateCDKFScale(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
activateCDKFselect(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
activateCDKFSlider(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
activateCDKGraph(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
activateCDKHistogram(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
activateCDKItemlist(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
activateCDKLabel(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
activateCDKMarquee(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
activateCDKMatrix(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
activateCDKMentry(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
activateCDKMenu(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
activateCDKRadio(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
activateCDKScale(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
activateCDKScroll(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
activateCDKSelection(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
activateCDKSlider(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
activateCDKSwindow(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
activateCDKTemplate(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
activateCDKUScale(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
activateCDKUSlider(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
activateCDKViewer(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
active(5) List of newsgroups carried by the server.
active.times(5) List of local creation times of newsgroups.
active_dialog(3alleg4) Global pointer to the most recent activated dialog. Allegro game programming library.
active_menu(3alleg4) Global pointer to the most recent activated menu. Allegro game programming library.
activitygen(1) Generates routes of persons throughout a day for the microscopic road traffic simulation SUMO.
actsync(8) Synchronize newsgroups.
actsyncd(8) ↣ actsync(8) Synchronize newsgroups.
acyclic(1) Make directed graph acyclic.
ad(1) Netatalk compatible UNIX file utility suite.
ada(4freebsd) ATA Direct Access device driver.
ada2wsdl(1) Generate a WDSL document from an Ada package specification.
ada_count(1) ↣ generic_count(1) Count physical lines of code, given a comment marker.
adabrowse(1) Generate fully cross-referenced HTML rendering of Ada 95 specs.
adactl(1) Ada rules controller.
adactl_fix(1) Ada rules controller, automatic fixer.
adanaxisgpl(6) A deep space 4d action game.
adapt(1) Adapt a package from any release of Ubuntu for the local system, using containers.
adapt(4rheolef) Mesh adaptation.
AdapterRemoval(1) Remove adapters from sequences in either single end or paired end experiments.
adasockets-config(1) Script to get information about the installed AdaSockets library.
adb(1) Android Debug Bridge.
adcli(8) Tool for performing actions on an Active Directory domain.
add-accession-numbers(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
add-apt-key(8) Command line tool to add GPG keys to the APT keyring.
add-apt-repository(1) Adds a repository into the /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d or removes an.
add-patch(1) ↣ edit-patch(1) Tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages.
add-shell(8) Add shells to the list of valid login shells.
add_clip_rect(3alleg4) Intersects a bitmap's clipping rectangle with the given area. Allegro game programming. Program to add datasources to an existing RRD.
add_key(2) Add a key to the kernel's key management facility.
add_members(8) Add members to a Mailman mailing list from the command line.
add_mibdir(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
add_module_replacement(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
add_sat(3clc) Add two values and saturate the result.
add_tradis_tags(1) Adds transposon sequence and quality tags to the read strings and outputs a BAM.
add_txrx(1) Add two new Data Sources called 'tx' and 'rx' to an RRD file.
add_wch(3ncurses) Add a complex character and rendition to a.
add_wchnstr(3ncurses) ↣ add_wchstr(3ncurses)
addablhexpr(3) Adds a new argument in head of an expression.
addablqexpr(3) Adds a new argument in queue of an expression.
addbddassoc(3) Creates a new association variables.
addbddcircuitabl(3) Converts an abl expression to a bdd node.
addbddcircuitin(3) Adds an input in a bdd circuit.
addbddcircuitout(3) Adds an output in a bdd circuit.
addbddnode(3) Adds a new bdd node in the bdd system.
addbddnodeassoc(3) Adds a bdd node in a variable association.
addbddnodelist(3) Adds a node in a chain_list.
addbddvar(3) Adds a new variable in the bdd system.
addbddvarafter(3) Adds a new variable, after an existing one.
addbddvarbefore(3) Adds a new variable, before an existing one.
addbddvarfirst(3) Adds a new variable, before all others.
addbddvarlast(3) Adds a new variable, after all others.
addcapa(3) Add a capacitance to a signal.
addCDKScrollItem(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
addCDKSwindow(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
addch(3ncurses) Add a character (with attributes) to a curses window,.
addchain(3) Create a chain and add it to a list.
addchnstr(3ncurses) ↣ addchstr(3ncurses) Add a string.
addchstr(3ncurses) Add a string.
addcr(1) Add a CR before each LF.
adddebug(1) Modifies Makefile(s) to add debug info.
addftinfo(1) Add information to troff font files for use with groff.
addgnupghome(8) Create .gnupg home directories.
addgroup(8) ↣ adduser(8) Add a user or group to the system.
addht(3) Create an hash table.
addhtitem(3) Adds a new item in a hash table.
addld(1) Lexicon & Dictionary module creation tool for SWORD Project.
addListBdd(3) Adds a BDD to a chained list of BDDs.
addlocap(3) Create a logical capacitor.
addlocon(3) Create a logical connector.
addlofig(3) Create a new structural cell model.
addloins(3) Create a logical instance.
addlomodel(3) Create a tempotary logical model and add it to a list.
addlores(3) Create a logical resistor.
addloself(3) Create a logical inductor.
addlosig(3) Create a logical signal.
addlotrs(3) Create a logical transistor.
addmntent(3) ↣ getmntent(3) Get filesystem descriptor file entry.
addnstr(3ncurses) ↣ addstr(3ncurses) Add a string of characters to.
addnum(3) Create a num and add it to a list.
addnwstr(3ncurses) ↣ addwstr(3ncurses) Add a string of wide.
addpart(8) Tell the kernel about the existence of a partition.
addpasswd(1) Password utility for the GNU Gatekeeper.
addphcon(3) Create a physical connector.
addphfig(3) Create a new physical cell model.
addphins(3) Create a physical instance.
addphref(3) Create a physical reference.
addphseg(3) Create a physical segment.
addphvia(3) Create a physical via.
addpix(1) AME.
addptype(3) Create a ptype and add it to a ptype_list.
addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
addr2name(1) Perform DNS lookups from scripts.
addr6(1) An IPv6 address analysis and manipulation tool.
addrconsole(8) Setup a new remote console user.
addrdsfig(3) Adds a figure.
addrdsfigrec(3) Adds a rectangle to a figure.
addrdsins(3) Adds an instance to a figure.
addrdsinsrec(3) Adds a rectangle to an instance.
addrdsrecwindow(3) Adds a rectangle in the windowing of rds structure.
address.h(3) Network addresses and sockets related classes.
addresses(5) Formats for Internet mail addresses.
AddressManager(1) Personal address manager for GNUstep.
addresstool(1) Command-line utility for the Addresses framework.
addseverity(3) Introduce new severity classes.
addstr(3ncurses) Add a string of characters to.
addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
adduser(8) Add a user or group to the system.
adduser.conf(5) Configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8).
addwords(1) Adding words to specified dictionary collectively.
addwstr(3ncurses) Add a string of wide.
adequate(1) Debian package quality testing tool.
adf2hdf(1) Convert from AFD to HDF5.
adgnumailconverter(1) Convert GNUMail addresses to Addresses format.
adiabaticFlameT(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
adiff(1) ↣ atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types.
adig(1) ↣ ripe-atlas(1) Command-line client for RIPE Atlas.
adjointShapeOptimizationFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
adjtime(2freebsd) Correct the time to allow synchronization of the system clock.
adjtime(3) Correct the time to synchronize the system clock.
adjtimex(2) Tune kernel clock.
adjtimex(8) Display or set the kernel time variables.
adjtimexconfig(8) Find kernel clock variables and save for reboots.
adjust(3tcl) Procedures to adjust, indent, and undent paragraphs.
adjust_sample(3alleg4) Alters the parameters of a sample while it is playing. Allegro game programming library.
Adjuster(3I) Button-like interactors for incremental scrolling and zooming.
adler(3trf) Message digest "adler".
adler32(3tcl) Adler32 transformation.
admesh(1) A program for processing triangulated solid meshes.
admin(1posix) Create and administer SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT).
ADMISSION_SYNTAX_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ADMISSION_SYNTAX_get0_admissionAuthority(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSION_SYNTAX_get0_contentsOfAdmissions(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSION_SYNTAX_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ADMISSION_SYNTAX_set0_admissionAuthority(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSION_SYNTAX_set0_contentsOfAdmissions(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_get0_admissionAuthority(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_get0_namingAuthority(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_get0_professionInfos(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_set0_admissionAuthority(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_set0_namingAuthority(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
ADMISSIONS_set0_professionInfos(3ssl) ↣ ADMISSIONS(3ssl)
adonthell(6) A Free Role Playing Game engine.
adonthell-wastesedge(6) Waste's Edge game for the Adonthell engine.
adplay(1) AdPlay/UNIX console-based OPL2 audio player.
adplugdb(1) AdPlug database maintenance utility.
ads(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
adserver(1) Simple address book server.
adsf(1) A dead simple fileserver.
adsh(1) Internal helper program for apt-dater.
adtrace(1) Compute MAC/IP information of a PCAP file.
adtrack2(1) Userfriendly tracker aimed for the OPL3 FM-chip.
AdunCore(1) Core module of the Adun molecular simulator.
AdunServer(1) Server for the Adun molecular simulator.
adv(4freebsd) Advansys ISA/VL/EISA/PCI 8bit SCSI Host adapter driver.
advdef(1) AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility.
advent(6) Colossal Cave Adventure.
advfs(1) ↣ create_compressed_fs(1) Convert and extract a filesystem to/from a cloop volume.
advmng(1) AdvanceCOMP MNG Compression Utility.
advpng(1) AdvanceCOMP PNG Compression Utility.
advzip(1) AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility.
adw(4freebsd) Advansys PCI 16bit SCSI Host adapter driver.
AE(3pm) Simpler/faster/newer/cooler AnyEvent API.
ae(4freebsd) Attansic/Atheros L2 FastEthernet controller driver.
aecat(1) Display an aewan document.
aecho(1) Send AppleTalk Echo Protocol packets to network hosts.
aeclients(1x) Programs for use with aewm(1x).
aedesk(1x) ↣ aeclients(1x) Programs for use with aewm(1x).
aelparse(8) Utility to check extensions.ael for errors.
aemakeflic(1) Produce an animation from an aewan document.
aemenu(1x) ↣ aeclients(1x) Programs for use with aewm(1x).
aeolus(1) Synthesised pipe organ emulator.
aepanel(1x) ↣ aeclients(1x) Programs for use with aewm(1x).
aes(3tcl) Implementation of the AES block cipher.
aes2501(1) Program to acquire fingerprints from aes2501 scanner.
aesession(1x) ↣ aeclients(1x) Programs for use with aewm(1x).
aesfix(1) Correct bit errors in an AES key schedules.
aeskeyfind(1) Locates 128-bit and 256-bit AES keys in a captured memory image.
aeskulap(1) OpenSource DICOM Viewer.
aesni(4freebsd) Driver for the AES accelerator on Intel CPUs.
aespasswd(1) Used to create and manage an AES keyfile.
aespipe(1) AES encrypting or decrypting pipe.
aevol_create(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_ancestor_stats(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_ancstats(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_compute_pop_stats(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_create_eps(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_extract(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_fixed_mutations(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_gene_families(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_lineage(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_robustness(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_view(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_misc_view_generation(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_modify(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_propagate(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aevol_run(1) An in silico experimental evolution platform.
aewan(1) An ascii-art editor.
aewan(5) File format documentation.
aewm(1x) An Exiguous Window Manager.
aewm++(1x) A minimalistic window manager for X11.
aewm++_appbar(1) A small application launcher.
aewm++_fspanel(1) Small panel.
aewm++_setrootimage(1) Puts a nice diagonal gradient image on the root window.
aewm++_xsession(1) Keeps an xsession alive.
af_abort(3) ↣ af_transact(3) A simple transaction mechanism for AtFS.
af_access(3) ↣ af_history(3) AtFS history functions.
af_afname(3) ↣ af_misc(3) Miscellaneous AtFS functions.
af_afpath(3) ↣ af_misc(3) Miscellaneous AtFS functions.
af_aftype(3) ↣ af_misc(3) Miscellaneous AtFS functions.
af_afuser(3) ↣ af_misc(3) Miscellaneous AtFS functions.
af_allattrs(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_cache(3) AtFS derived object cache handling.
af_cachefind(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_cachesize(3) ↣ af_cache(3) AtFS derived object cache handling.
af_chauthor(3) ↣ af_protect(3) AtFS protection handling.
af_chmod(3) ↣ af_protect(3) AtFS protection handling.
af_chowner(3) ↣ af_protect(3) AtFS protection handling.
af_cleanup(3) ↣ af_error(3) AtFS error handling.
af_close(3) ↣ af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_commit(3) ↣ af_transact(3) A simple transaction mechanism for AtFS.
af_copyset(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_crkey(3) ↣ af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_diff(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_dropall(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_dropkey(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_dropset(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_errmsg(3) ↣ af_error(3) AtFS error handling.
af_errno(3) ↣ af_error(3) AtFS error handling.
af_error(3) AtFS error handling.
af_establish(3) ↣ af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_find(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_freeattr(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_freeattrbuf(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_getkey(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_histories(3) ↣ af_history(3) AtFS history functions.
af_history(3) AtFS history functions.
af_initattrs(3) ↣ af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_initset(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_intersect(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_intro(3) Introduction to AtFS library functions and error codes.
af_isstdval(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_lock(3) Mechanism for reserving update rights in AtFS.
af_misc(3) Miscellaneous AtFS functions.
af_newgen(3) ↣ af_version(3) Version control in AtFS.
af_note(3) Read and modify note attribute.
af_nrofkeys(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_open(3) ↣ af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_perror(3) ↣ af_error(3) AtFS error handling.
af_protect(3) AtFS protection handling.
af_restore(3) ↣ af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_retattr(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_retnumattr(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_retrieve(3) AtFS retrieve interface.
af_rettimeattr(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_retuserattr(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_rm(3) ↣ af_files(3) AtFS file system operations.
af_savecache(3) ↣ af_cache(3) AtFS derived object cache handling.
af_saverev(3) ↣ af_version(3) Version control in AtFS.
af_setaddkey(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_setarchpath(3) ↣ af_misc(3) Miscellaneous AtFS functions.
af_setattr(3) ↣ af_attrs(3)
af_setbusy(3) ↣ af_version(3) Version control in AtFS.
af_setgkey(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_setposrmkey(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_setrmkey(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_sortset(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_sstate(3) ↣ af_version(3) Version control in AtFS.
af_subset(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_svnum(3) ↣ af_version(3) Version control in AtFS.
af_testlock(3) ↣ af_lock(3) Mechanism for reserving update rights in AtFS.
af_transact(3) A simple transaction mechanism for AtFS.
af_transaction(3) ↣ af_transact(3) A simple transaction mechanism for AtFS.
af_union(3) ↣ af_sets(3)
af_unlock(3) ↣ af_lock(3) Mechanism for reserving update rights in AtFS.
af_version(3) Version control in AtFS.
afCloseFile(3) Close an open audio file.
afetch(1) Retrieve an alignment from an alignment database.
afex(1) Client for anonymous FEX.
affcat(1) Output contents of an image file to stdout.
affcompare(1) Compare the contents of an ISO file to an AFF file.
affconvert(1) Convert files between RAW and AFF formats.
affcopy(1) Reorder and recompress AFF files.
affcrypto(1) Handle encryption issues.
affdiskprint(1) Create a diskprint AFF structure.
Affiche(1) An application to "stick" little notes on the desktop.
affinfo(1) Print information about an AFF file.
affix(1) Fix a corrupted AFF file.
affrecover(1) Recover broken pages of an AFF file.
affsegment(1) Segment manipulation tool.
affsign(1) Sign an existing AFF file.
affstats(1) Print specific statistics about one or more AFF files.
affuse(1) Provide access to AFF containers.
affverify(1) Verify the digital signature on a signed file.
affxml(1) Print AFF information as XML.
afGetDataOffset(3) ↣ afGetFrameCount(3) Get the total sample frame count, length of audio track in.
afGetFrameCount(3) Get the total sample frame count, length of audio track in.
afGetFrameSize(3) Calculate the frame size in bytes for an audio track.
afGetTrackBytes(3) ↣ afGetFrameCount(3) Get the total sample frame count, length of audio track in.
afInitAESChannelData(3) ↣ afInitAESChannelDataTo(3) Initialize AES non-audio data in an audio file setup.
afInitAESChannelDataTo(3) Initialize AES non-audio data in an audio file setup.
afInitByteOrder(3) ↣ afInitSampleFormat(3) Initialize audio data format for a track in.
afInitChannels(3) ↣ afInitSampleFormat(3) Initialize audio data format for a track in.
afInitCompression(3) Initialize compression for a track in an audio file setup.
afInitFileFormat(3) Initialize file format of an audio file setup.
afInitRate(3) ↣ afInitSampleFormat(3) Initialize audio data format for a track in.
afInitSampleFormat(3) Initialize audio data format for a track in.
afio(1) Manipulate archives and files.
afl-analyze(1) File format analyzer for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-clang(1) Clang wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-clang++(1) Clang++ wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-clang-fast(1) Clang wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-clang-fast++(1) Clang++ wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-cmin(1) Corpus minimization tool for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-cov(1) Code coverage for afl (American Fuzzy Lop).
afl-fuzz(1) Code fuzzer for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-g++(1) G++ wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-gcc(1) Gcc wrapper for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-gotcpu(1) CPU gizmo for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-plot(1) Progress plotting utility for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-showmap(1) Map display utility for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-tmin(1) Test case minimizer for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afl-whatsup(1) Status check tool for American Fuzzy Lop (afl).
afm2afm(1) Reencode an afm file.
afm2pl(1) Convert AFM font metrics to TeX pl font metrics.
afm2tfm(1) Convert Adobe font metrics to TeX font metrics.
afmtodit(1) Create font files for use with groff -Tps and -Tpdf.
afNewFileSetup(3) Create and initialize a new AFfilesetup structure.
afnix-csm(3) Standard cloud session management service.
afnix-gfx(3) Standard graph module.
afnix-guide(7) Afnix programmer's guide.
afnix-itu(3) Standard telecom module.
afnix-mth(3) Standard math module.
afnix-net(3) Standard networking module.
afnix-notes(7) Afnix installation guide.
afnix-nwg(3) Standard network working group module.
afnix-reference(7) Afnix reference manual.
afnix-sec(3) Standard security module.
afnix-sio(3) Standard input/output module.
afnix-sps(3) Standard spreadsheet module.
afnix-sys(3) Standard system access module.
afnix-txt(3) Standard text processing module.
afnix-wax(3) Web application extension service.
afnix-xml(3) Standard xml module.
afnix-xpe(3) Xml processing environment service.
afnix::adp(1) Afnix documentation processor.
afnix::axp(1) Afnix xml processor.
afOpenFile(3) Open an audio file and create a file handle structure used for subsequent calls to the Audio File.
afp_ldap.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to configure a LDAP connection to an LDAP server. That is.
afp_signature.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify server signature.
afp_voluuid.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify UUID for Time Machine volume.
afpd(8) Apple Filing Protocol daemon.
afpd.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the setup of its file sharing services.
afpldaptest(1) Syntactically check an afp_ldap.conf.
afQuery(3) Query the capabilities of the Audio File Library.
afQueryDouble(3) ↣ afQuery(3) Query the capabilities of the Audio File Library.
afQueryLong(3) ↣ afQuery(3) Query the capabilities of the Audio File Library.
afQueryPointer(3) ↣ afQuery(3) Query the capabilities of the Audio File Library.
afReadFrames(3) Read sample frames from a track in an audio file.
afReadMisc(3) Access miscellaneous metadata in an audio file.
afs(1) Introduction to AFS commands.
afs(5) Introduction to AFS files.
afs-newcell(8) Set up initial database server for AFS cell.
afs-rootvol(8) Generate and populate root volumes for new AFS cells.
afs-up(1) Recursively copy directories, preserving AFS metadata.
AFS::PAG(3pm) Perl bindings for AFS PAG manipulation.
AFS::ukernel(3) Usermode cache manager for AFS.
afs_cache(5) Format of data stored in an AFS client disk cache.
afs_compile_et(1) Produce error text tables for compilation.
afs_syscall(2) ↣ unimplemented(2)
afs_volume_header(5) Represents an AFS volume.
afsd(8) Initializes the Cache Manager and starts related daemons.
afsd.fuse(8) ↣ afsd(8) Initializes the Cache Manager and starts related daemons.
afSeekFrame(3) Update or access the current sample frame position for a track in an audio file.
afSeekMisc(3) ↣ afReadMisc(3) Access miscellaneous metadata in an audio file.
afSetErrorHandler(3) Install a custom error handling routine.
afSetVirtualByteOrder(3) Set the.
afSetVirtualChannels(3) ↣ afSetVirtualByteOrder(3) Set the.
afSetVirtualPCMMapping(3) ↣ afSetVirtualByteOrder(3) Set the.
afSetVirtualSampleFormat(3) ↣ afSetVirtualByteOrder(3) Set the.
afslog(1) Obtain AFS tokens.
afsmonitor(1) Monitors File Servers and Cache Managers.
afsmonitor(5) Provides instructions for the afsmonitor command.
afssh(1) Wrapper around ssh-agent-filter and ssh. Error message catalog for debugging the Cache Manager.
aft(1) "free form" document preparation system.
afTellFrame(3) ↣ afSeekFrame(3) Update or access the current sample frame position for a track in an audio file.
after(3tcl) Execute a command after a time delay.
__after_morecore_hook(3) ↣ malloc_hook(3)
afterimage(3x) Overview of libAfterImage image library libAfterImage/libAfterImage.
afterimage-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of libAfterImage.
afterimage-libs(1) Script to get information about the installed version of libAfterImage.
AfterStep(1x) X11 window manager.
afterstep_faq(1x) This document is an ever growing set of questions, statements, ideas and complaints about.
afterstepdoc(1x) Show AfterStep's documentation.
afuse(1) Automounting file system implemented in user-space using FUSE.
afWriteFrames(3) Write sample frames to a track in an audio file.
afWriteMisc(3) ↣ afReadMisc(3) Access miscellaneous metadata in an audio file.
ag(1) The Silver Searcher. Like ack, but faster.
ag++(1) A frontend to ac++ and g++.
ag-backup(1) Backup the libaccounts database.
ag-tool(1) Edit the libaccounts database.
agback(3NCARG) Draws the background specified by the current values of the control parameters - the primary.
agbnch(3NCARG) Provides an easy way to convert binary dash patterns into character dash patterns.
agchax(3NCARG) Provides a way for the user to change the color, intensity, line style, etc., of various portions of.
agchcu(3NCARG) Provides a way for the user to change the color, intensity, line style, etc., of curves drawn by.
agchil(3NCARG) Provides a way for the user to change the color, intensity, text style, etc., of the informational.
agchnl(3NCARG) Provides a way for the user to substitute arbitrary character strings for the numeric labels.
agcurv(3NCARG) Draws a curve in a manner specified by the current values of the control parameters - the primary.
agdshn(3NCARG) Provides an easy way to generate the names of parameters in the group 'DASH/PATTERN.', for use in.
age(4freebsd) Attansic/Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet driver.
agedu(1) Correlate disk usage with last-access times to identify large and disused data.
agent-transfer(1) Copy a secret key from gpg-agent to ssh-agent.
agetty(8) Alternative Linux getty.
aggetc(3NCARG) Allows a user program to retrieve (in effect) the character-string values of certain single.
aggetf(3NCARG) Allows a user program to retrieve the real value of a single parameter.
aggeti(3NCARG) Allows a user program to retrieve the integer equivalent of the real value of a single parameter.
aggetp(3NCARG) Allows a user program to get the values of a group of parameters containing one or more elements.
aggetr(3NCARG) Allows a user program to retrieve the real value of a single parameter.
aggregartp(1) Splits a single RTP stream to several contribution links with load balancing.
aggregate(1) Optimise a list of route prefixes to help make nice short filters.
aggregate-ios(1) Optimise a concatenated set of cisco/IOS prefix filters to help make them nice and short.
agmrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
agp(4freebsd) Generic interface to the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP).
agpgart(4freebsd) Generic interface to the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP).
agpwrt(3NCARG) Provides a way for the user to change the style of all text strings drawn by Autograph.
agrep(1) Search a file for a string or regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities.
agrstr(3NCARG) Restores a saved state of Autograph.
agsave(3NCARG) Saves the current state of Autograph for later restoration by AGRSTR.
agsetc(3NCARG) Allows a user program to (in effect) store a character string as the value of a specified single.
agsetf(3NCARG) Allows a user program to store a real number as the value of a single parameter.
agseti(3NCARG) Allows a user program to store the real equivalent of an integer as the value of a single parameter.
agsetp(3NCARG) Allows a user program to reset the values of a group of parameters containing one or more elements.
agsetr(3NCARG) Allows a user program to store a real number as the value of a single parameter.
agstup(3NCARG) Performs "set-up" tasks required before AGBACK and AGCURV may be called. Basically, AGSTUP examines.
agtl(1) Tool for paperless geocaching.
agutol(3NCARG) Provides a way for the user to change the user-system-to-label-system mapping for one or more of the.
aha(1) Ansi HTML Adapter.
aha(4freebsd) Adaptec SCSI host adapter driver.
ahb(4freebsd) Adaptec EISA SCSI host adapter driver.
ahc(4freebsd) Adaptec VL/EISA/PCI SCSI host adapter driver.
ahci(4freebsd) Serial ATA Advanced Host Controller Interface driver.
ahcpd(8) Ad-hoc configuration daemon.
ahd(4freebsd) Adaptec PCI/PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI host adapter driver.
ahttp(1) ↣ ripe-atlas(1) Command-line client for RIPE Atlas.
AI::FANN(3pm) Perl wrapper for the Fast Artificial Neural Network library.
aibs(4freebsd) ASUSTeK AI Booster ACPI ATK0110 voltage, temperature and fan sensor.
aic(4freebsd) Adaptec AIC-6260 and AIC-6360 SCSI driver.
aiColson(6x) ↣ aiDummy(6x) Computer players for xfrisk.
aiConway(6x) ↣ aiDummy(6x) Computer players for xfrisk.
aid(1) Query ID database and report results.
aida2flat(1) Convert AIDA data files to a flat format.
aide(1) Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment.
aide-attributes(1) Decode and compare hex-encoded attribute numbers.
aide.conf(5) The configuration file for Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment.
aide.wrapper(8) Call aide binary for Debian mechanisms.
aideinit(8) Create a new AIDE database.
aidl(1) Java bindings generator of AIDL interfaces.
aidl-cpp(1) C++ bindings generator of AIDL interfaces.
aiDummy(6x) Computer players for xfrisk.
aiksaurus(1) English-language thesaurus.
aimk(1PVM) Portable make wrapper script.
ainsl(1) AppendIfNoSuchLine.
aio(4freebsd) Asynchronous I/O.
aio(7) POSIX asynchronous I/O overview.
aio.h(7posix) Asynchronous input and output.
aio_cancel(2freebsd) Cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O operation (REALTIME).
aio_cancel(3) Cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O request.
aio_cancel(3posix) Cancel an asynchronous I/O request.
aio_error(2freebsd) Retrieve error status of asynchronous I/O operation (REALTIME).
aio_error(3) Get error status of asynchronous I/O operation.
aio_error(3posix) Retrieve errors status for an asynchronous I/O operation.
aio_fsync(2freebsd) Asynchronous file synchronization (REALTIME).
aio_fsync(3) Asynchronous file synchronization.
aio_fsync(3posix) Asynchronous file synchronization.
aio_init(3) Asynchronous I/O initialization.
aio_mlock(2freebsd) Asynchronous mlock(2) operation.
aio_read(2freebsd) Asynchronous read from a file (REALTIME).
aio_read(3) Asynchronous read.
aio_read(3posix) Asynchronous read from a file.
aio_return(2freebsd) Retrieve return status of asynchronous I/O operation (REALTIME).
aio_return(3) Get return status of asynchronous I/O operation.
aio_return(3posix) Retrieve return status of an asynchronous I/O operation.
aio_suspend(2freebsd) Suspend until asynchronous I/O operations or timeout complete (REALTIME).
aio_suspend(3) Wait for asynchronous I/O operation or timeout.
aio_suspend(3posix) Wait for an asynchronous I/O request.
aio_waitcomplete(2freebsd) Wait for the next completion of an aio request.
aio_write(2freebsd) Asynchronous write to a file (REALTIME).
aio_write(3) Asynchronous write.
aio_write(3posix) Asynchronous write to a file.
aiocoap-client(1) A simple command-line tool for interacting with CoAP servers.
aiocoap-proxy(1) A plain CoAP proxy that can work both as forward and as reverse proxy.
aiosmtpd(1) Provide a Simple Mail Transfer Procotol (SMTP) server.
aiptek(4) Aiptek USB Digital Tablet Input Driver for Linux.
air-quality-sensor(1) User space driver for AppliedSensor's Indoor Air Monitor.
airbase-ng(8) Multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the Access Point (AP) itself.
aircrack-ng(1) A 802.11 WEP / WPA-PSK key cracker.
airdecap-ng(1) Decrypt a WEP/WPA crypted pcap file.
airdecloak-ng(1) Removes wep cloaked framed from a pcap file.
aireplay-ng(8) Inject packets into a wireless network to generate traffic.
airgraph-ng(1) A 802.11 visualization utility.
airmon-ng(8) POSIX sh script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode.
airodump-join(1) A support tool for airgraph-ng that allows you to join the airodump output files.
airodump-ng(8) A wireless packet capture tool for aircrack-ng.
airodump-ng-oui-update(8) IEEE oui list updater for airodump-ng.
airolib-ng(1) Manage and create a WPA/WPA2 pre-computed hashes tables.
airport-config(1) Configurator for the original Apple AirPort Base Station ("Graphite") and the Lucent RG-1000.
airport-hostmon(1) Host monitor for the original Apple AirPort Base Station ("Graphite"), the Lucent RG-1000.
airport-linkmon(1) Wireless link quality monitor for the original Apple AirPort Base Station ("Graphite") and.
airport-modem(1) Modem monitoring and hangup utility for the original Apple AirPort Base Station ("Graphite"),.
airport2-config(1) Configurator for the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station ("Snow").
airport2-ipinspector(1) WAN monitoring utility for the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station ("Snow").
airport2-portinspector(1) Port maps inspector for the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station ("Snow").
airserv-ng(8) A wireless card server.
airspy_gpio(1) Read and write gpio pin values.
airspy_gpiodir(1) Reconfigure GPIO Direction.
airspy_info(1) Probe device and show configuration.
airspy_lib_version(1) Display AirSpy lib version.
airspy_r820t(1) The Airspy is a tiny and efficient software defined radio receiver.
airspy_rx(1) Probe device and show configuration.
airspy_si5351c(1) Chip register read/write tool.
airspy_spiflash(1) Program Flash.
airstrike(6) 2d dogfight game in the tradition of 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'.
airtun-ng(8) A virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng.
aj(1) Command-line launchers for load-time weaving.
aj-snapshot(1) Command line utility to store/restore ALSA and/or JACK connections to/from an XML file.
aj5(1) ↣ aj(1) Command-line launchers for load-time weaving.
ajaxterm(1) Web based terminal written in python.
ajbad(1e) Test file for ACD parsing.
ajbrowser(1) GUI to compile programs with ajc and navigate crosscutting structure.
ajc(1) Compiler and bytecode weaver for the AspectJ and Java languages.
ajdoc(1) Generate HTML API documentation, including crosscutting structure.
ajfeatest(1e) Reads and writes (returns) a sequence and its features.
ajlatex(1) Latex command with japanese support of ASCII version.
ajtest(1e) Test file for ACD parsing.
ajtex(1) Tex command with japanese support of ASCII version.
akaidump(1) Dump an AKAI media (i.e. CDROM) as disk image file to your HD.
akaiextract(1) Extract audio samples from an AKAI media or AKAI disk image file.
akeyconvert(8) Import keys from rxkad.keytab to an AFS KeyFileExt.
aklog(1) Obtain tokens for authentication to AFS.
akonadictl(1) Akonadi server manipulation tool.
al(1) Mono Assembly Linker.
al(5) Alliance logical format.
al175(8) Driver for Eltek UPS models with AL175 alarm module.
al2(1) Mono Assembly Linker.
al_acknowledge_drawing_halt(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_acknowledge_drawing_resume(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_acknowledge_resize(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_add_config_comment(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_add_config_section(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_add_new_bitmap_flag(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_add_timer_count(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_android_get_activity(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_android_get_jni_env(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_android_get_os_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_android_set_apk_file_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_android_set_apk_fs_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_append_menu_item(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_append_native_text_log(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_append_path_component(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_apply_window_constraints(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_assert(3alleg4) Asserts at the specified file and line number. Allegro game programming library.
al_attach_audio_stream_to_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_audio_stream_to_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_mixer_to_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_mixer_to_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_sample_instance_to_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_sample_instance_to_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_shader_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_attach_shader_source_file(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_backup_dirty_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_backup_dirty_bitmaps(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_broadcast_cond(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_build_camera_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_build_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_build_shader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_build_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_calculate_arc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_calculate_ribbon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_calculate_spline(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_calloc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_calloc_with_context(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_change_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_check_inverse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clear_depth_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clear_keyboard_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clear_to_color(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clipboard_has_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clone_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clone_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clone_menu_for_popup(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_clone_path(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_close_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_close_native_text_log(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_close_video(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_cmyk(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_cmyk_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_distance_ciede2000_lab(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_hsl(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_hsl_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_hsv(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_hsv_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_html(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_html_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_lab(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_lab_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_lch(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_lch_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_name_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_cmyk(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_hsl(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_hsv(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_html(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_lab(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_lch(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_xyy(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_xyz(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_rgb_to_yuv(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_xyy(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_xyy_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_xyz(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_xyz_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_yuv(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_color_yuv_to_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_compose_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_convert_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_convert_mask_to_alpha(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_convert_memory_bitmaps(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_copy_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_audio_recorder(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_audio_stream(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_builtin_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_cond(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_config(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_display(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_event_queue(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_file_handle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_fs_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_index_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_mouse_cursor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_mutex(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_mutex_recursive(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_native_file_dialog(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_path(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_path_for_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_popup_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_sample_instance(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_shader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_sub_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_thread(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_timer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_vertex_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_vertex_decl(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_create_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_cstr_dup(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_audio_recorder(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_audio_stream(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_cond(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_config(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_display(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_event_queue(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_fs_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_index_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_mouse_cursor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_mutex(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_native_file_dialog(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_path(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_sample_instance(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_shader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_thread(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_timer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_user_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_vertex_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_vertex_decl(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_destroy_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_detach_audio_stream(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_detach_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_detach_sample_instance(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_detach_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_disable_menu_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_do_multiline_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_do_multiline_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_drain_audio_stream(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_arc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_bitmap_region(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_circle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_ellipse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_elliptical_arc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_circle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_ellipse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_pieslice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_polygon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_polygon_with_holes(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_rounded_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_filled_triangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_glyph(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_indexed_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_indexed_prim(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_justified_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_justified_textf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_justified_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_line(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_multiline_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_multiline_textf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_multiline_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_pieslice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_pixel(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_polygon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_polyline(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_prim(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_ribbon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_rotated_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_rounded_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_scaled_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_scaled_rotated_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_soft_line(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_soft_triangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_spline(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_textf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_tinted_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_tinted_bitmap_region(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_tinted_rotated_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_tinted_scaled_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_tinted_scaled_rotated_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_tinted_scaled_rotated_bitmap_region(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_triangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_draw_vertex_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_drop_next_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_drop_path_tail(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_emit_user_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_enable_menu_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fclearerr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fclose(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_feof(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ferrmsg(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ferror(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ffblk(3alleg4) Cross platform structure storing file information. Allegro game programming library.
al_ffblk_get_size(3alleg4) Get size of file returned by al_findfirst/al_findnext. Allegro game programming library.
al_fflush(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fget_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fgetc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fgets(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_filename_exists(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fill_silence(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_find_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_find_menu_item(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_findclose(3alleg4) Closes a previously opened search with al_findfirst(). Allegro game programming library.
al_findfirst(3alleg4) Low-level function for searching files. Allegro game programming library.
al_findnext(3alleg4) Finds the next file in a search started by al_findfirst(). Allegro game programming library.
al_fixacos(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixadd(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixasin(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixatan(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixatan2(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixceil(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixcos(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixdiv(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixfloor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixhypot(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixmul(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixsin(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixsqrt(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixsub(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixtan(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixtof(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixtoi(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fixtorad_r(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_flip_display(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_flush_event_queue(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fopen(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fopen_fd(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fopen_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fopen_slice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_for_each_fs_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fprintf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fputc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fputs(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fread(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fread16be(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fread16le(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fread32be(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fread32le(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_free(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_free_with_context(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fs_entry_exists(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fseek(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fsize(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ftell(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ftofix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fungetc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fwrite(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fwrite16be(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fwrite16le(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fwrite32be(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_fwrite32le(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_acodec_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_audio_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_color_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_font_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_image_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_memfile_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_native_dialog_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_physfs_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_primitives_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_ttf_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_allegro_video_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_app_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_depth_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_recorder_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_recorder_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_attached(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_channels(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_fragment(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_fragments(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_frequency(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_length(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_length_secs(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_pan(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_played_samples(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_playmode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_position_secs(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_audio_stream_speed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_available_audio_stream_fragments(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_backbuffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_format(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_height(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_samples(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_x(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_bitmap_y(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_blend_color(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_blender(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_channel_count(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_clipboard_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_clipping_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_config_value(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_cpu_count(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_current_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_current_display(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_current_inverse_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_current_projection_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_current_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_d3d_device(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_d3d_system_texture(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_d3d_texture_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_d3d_texture_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_d3d_video_texture(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_default_menu_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_default_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_default_shader_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_default_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_format(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_height(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_mode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_option(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_orientation(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_refresh_rate(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_display_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_errno(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_event_source_data(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fallback_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_file_userdata(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_first_config_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_first_config_section(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_font_ascent(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_font_descent(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_font_line_height(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_font_ranges(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_entry_atime(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_entry_ctime(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_entry_mode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_entry_mtime(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_entry_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_entry_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_fs_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_glyph(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_glyph_advance(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_glyph_dimensions(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_glyph_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_autocenter(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_capabilities(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_effect_duration(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_from_display(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_from_joystick(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_from_keyboard(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_from_mouse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_from_touch_input(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_haptic_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_index_buffer_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_active(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_axis_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_button_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_num_axes(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_num_buttons(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_num_sticks(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_stick_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_joystick_stick_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_keyboard_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_keyboard_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_max_haptic_effects(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_menu_item_caption(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_menu_item_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_menu_item_icon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_attached(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_channels(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_frequency(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mixer_quality(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_monitor_info(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_cursor_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_emulation_mode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_num_axes(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_num_buttons(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_state_axis(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_mouse_wheel_precision(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_native_file_dialog_count(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_native_file_dialog_path(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_native_text_log_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_bitmap_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_bitmap_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_bitmap_format(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_bitmap_samples(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_display_adapter(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_display_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_display_option(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_display_refresh_rate(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_file_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_window_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_new_window_title(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_next_config_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_next_config_section(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_next_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_num_display_modes(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_num_joysticks(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_num_video_adapters(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_extension_list(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_fbo(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_proc_address(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_program_object(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_texture(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_texture_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_texture_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_variant(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_opengl_version(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_org_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_parent_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_basename(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_component(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_drive(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_extension(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_filename(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_num_components(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_path_tail(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_pixel(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_pixel_block_height(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_pixel_block_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_pixel_block_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_pixel_format_bits(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_pixel_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_ram_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_channels(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_data(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_frequency(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_attached(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_channels(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_frequency(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_length(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_pan(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_playmode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_speed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_instance_time(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_sample_length(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_separate_blender(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_shader_log(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_shader_platform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_standard_path(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_system_config(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_target_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_text_dimensions(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_text_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_thread_should_stop(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_time(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_timer_count(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_timer_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_timer_speed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_timer_started(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_touch_input_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_touch_input_mouse_emulation_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_touch_input_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_ustr_dimensions(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_ustr_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_vertex_buffer_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_audio_rate(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_fps(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_frame(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_scaled_height(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_video_scaled_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_voice_channels(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_voice_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_voice_frequency(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_voice_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_voice_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_win_window_handle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_window_constraints(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_window_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_get_x_window_id(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_grab_font_from_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_grab_mouse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_have_d3d_non_pow2_texture_support(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_have_d3d_non_square_texture_support(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_have_opengl_extension(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_hide_mouse_cursor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_hold_bitmap_drawing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_horizontal_shear_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
AL_ID(3alleg4) Converts four 8 bit values to a packed 32 bit integer ID. Allegro game programming library.
al_identify_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_identify_bitmap_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_identity_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_inhibit_screensaver(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_acodec_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_font_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_image_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_native_dialog_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_primitives_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_timeout(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_ttf_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_user_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_init_video_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_insert_menu_item(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_insert_path_component(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_audio(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_joystick(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_keyboard(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_mouse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_system(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_install_touch_input(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_invert_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_iphone_get_view(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_iphone_get_window(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_iphone_set_statusbar_orientation(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_audio_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_audio_recorder_recording(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_bitmap_drawing_held(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_bitmap_locked(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_color_valid(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_compatible_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_d3d_device_lost(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_display_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_event_queue_empty(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_event_queue_paused(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_event_source_registered(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_haptic_active(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_haptic_capable(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_haptic_effect_ok(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_haptic_effect_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_haptic_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_joystick_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_joystick_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_keyboard_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_keyboard_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_mouse_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_mouse_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_sub_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_system_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_touch_input_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_touch_input_installed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_is_video_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_itofix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_join_paths(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_join_thread(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_key_down(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_keycode_to_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_audio_stream(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_audio_stream_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_bitmap_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_bitmap_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_bitmap_flags_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_bitmap_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_bitmap_font_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_config_file(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_config_file_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_sample_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_ttf_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_ttf_font_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_ttf_font_stretch(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_load_ttf_font_stretch_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_bitmap_blocked(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_bitmap_region(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_bitmap_region_blocked(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_index_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_mutex(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_sample_id(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_lock_vertex_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_make_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_make_path_canonical(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_make_temp_file(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_malloc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_malloc_with_context(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_map_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_map_rgb_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_map_rgba(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_map_rgba_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_merge_config(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_merge_config_into(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_mouse_button_down(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_open_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_open_fs_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_open_memfile(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_open_native_text_log(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_open_video(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_orthographic_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_osx_get_window(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_path_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_path_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_pause_event_queue(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_peek_next_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_perspective_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_play_haptic_effect(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_play_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_play_sample_instance(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_popup_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_premul_rgba(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_premul_rgba_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_put_blended_pixel(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_put_pixel(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_radtofix_r(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_read_directory(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_realloc(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_realloc_with_context(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_rebase_path(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_reconfigure_joysticks(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ref_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ref_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ref_ustr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_assert_handler(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_audio_stream_loader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_audio_stream_loader_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_bitmap_identifier(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_bitmap_loader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_bitmap_loader_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_bitmap_saver(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_bitmap_saver_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_font_loader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_sample_loader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_sample_loader_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_sample_saver(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_sample_saver_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_register_trace_handler(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_release_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_release_haptic_effect(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_release_joystick(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_config_key(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_config_section(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_display_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_filename(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_fs_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_menu_item(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_opengl_fbo(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_remove_path_component(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_reparent_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_replace_path_component(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_reserve_samples(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_reset_clipping_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_reset_new_display_options(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_resize_display(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_rest(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_restore_default_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_restore_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_resume_timer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_rewind_audio_stream(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_rotate_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_rotate_transform_3d(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_rumble_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_run_detached_thread(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_run_main(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_save_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_save_bitmap_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_save_config_file(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_save_config_file_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_save_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_save_sample_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_scale_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_scale_transform_3d(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_seek_audio_stream_secs(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_seek_video(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_app_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_channel_matrix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_fragment(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_loop_secs(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_pan(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_playmode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_audio_stream_speed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_blend_color(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_blender(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_clipboard_text(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_clipping_rectangle(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_config_value(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_current_opengl_context(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_d3d_device_release_callback(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_d3d_device_restore_callback(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_default_mixer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_default_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_display_flag(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_display_icon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_display_icons(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_display_menu(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_display_option(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_errno(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_event_source_data(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_exe_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_fallback_font(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_fs_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_haptic_autocenter(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_haptic_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_keyboard_leds(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_memory_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_menu_item_caption(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_menu_item_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_menu_item_icon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mixer_frequency(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mixer_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mixer_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mixer_postprocess_callback(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mixer_quality(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_axis(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_cursor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_emulation_mode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_w(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_wheel_precision(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_xy(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_mouse_z(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_bitmap_depth(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_bitmap_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_bitmap_format(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_bitmap_samples(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_display_adapter(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_display_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_display_option(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_display_refresh_rate(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_file_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_window_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_new_window_title(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_org_name(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_path_drive(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_path_extension(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_path_filename(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_physfs_file_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_render_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_channel_matrix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_gain(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_length(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_pan(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_playmode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_sample_instance_speed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_separate_blender(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_bool(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_float(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_float_vector(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_int(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_int_vector(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_matrix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_shader_sampler(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_standard_file_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_standard_fs_interface(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_system_mouse_cursor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_target_backbuffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_target_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_thread_should_stop(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_timer_count(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_timer_speed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_video_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_voice_playing(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_voice_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_window_constraints(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_window_position(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_set_window_title(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_show_mouse_cursor(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_show_native_file_dialog(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_show_native_message_box(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_shutdown_font_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_shutdown_image_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_shutdown_native_dialog_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_shutdown_primitives_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_shutdown_ttf_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_shutdown_video_addon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_signal_cond(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_start_audio_recorder(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_start_thread(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_start_timer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_start_video(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_start_video_with_voice(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_stop_audio_recorder(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_stop_haptic_effect(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_stop_sample(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_stop_sample_instance(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_stop_samples(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_stop_timer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_store_state(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_toggle_menu_item_flags(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_trace(3alleg4) Outputs a debugging trace message. Allegro game programming library.
al_transform_coordinates(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_transform_coordinates_3d(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_translate_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_translate_transform_3d(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_triangulate_polygon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ungrab_mouse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_audio(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_haptic(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_joystick(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_keyboard(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_mouse(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_system(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_uninstall_touch_input(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unlock_bitmap(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unlock_index_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unlock_mutex(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unlock_sample_id(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unlock_vertex_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unmap_rgb(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unmap_rgb_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unmap_rgba(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unmap_rgba_f(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unref_user_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_unregister_event_source(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_update_display_region(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_update_fs_entry(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_upload_and_play_haptic_effect(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_upload_haptic_effect(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_use_projection_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_use_shader(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_use_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_append(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_append_chr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_append_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_appendf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_assign(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_assign_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_assign_substr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_compare(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_dup(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_dup_substr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_empty_string(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_encode_utf16(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_equal(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_chr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_cset(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_cset_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_replace(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_replace_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_set(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_set_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_find_str(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_free(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_get(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_get_next(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_has_prefix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_has_prefix_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_has_suffix(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_has_suffix_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_insert(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_insert_chr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_insert_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_length(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_ltrim_ws(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_ncompare(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_new(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_new_from_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_new_from_utf16(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_newf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_next(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_offset(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_prev(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_prev_get(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_remove_chr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_remove_range(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_replace_range(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_rfind_chr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_rfind_cstr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_rfind_str(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_rtrim_ws(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_set_chr(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_size(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_size_utf16(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_to_buffer(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_trim_ws(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_truncate(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_ustr_vappendf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_utf16_encode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_utf16_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_utf8_encode(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_utf8_width(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_vertical_shear_transform(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_vfprintf(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_wait_cond(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_wait_cond_until(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_wait_for_event(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_wait_for_event_timed(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_wait_for_event_until(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_wait_for_vsync(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_win_add_window_callback(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_win_remove_window_callback(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
al_x_set_initial_icon(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
alacarte(1) Edit menus.
aladin(1) Interactive software sky atlas.
alarm(2) Set an alarm clock for delivery of a signal.
alarm(3posix) Schedule an alarm signal.
alarm-clock-applet(1) Alarm Clock for your notification area.
alarm_handler(3erl) An Alarm Handling Process.
album(1) Make a web photo album.
album2m3u(1) Create playlist file.
album2pls(1) Create playlist file.
alc(1) The aMule eD2k link creator.
alc(4freebsd) Atheros AR813x/AR815x/AR816x/AR817x Gigabit/Fast Ethernet driver.
alcbanner(1) Display a standardized banner for Alliance tools.
alcc(1) Text based eD2k links calculator for aMule.
aldo(1) A fully console morse code trainer written in ISO C++.
ale(1) A synthetic capture engine and renderer.
ale(4freebsd) Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 Gigabit/Fast Ethernet driver.
ale-bin(1) ↣ ale(1) A synthetic capture engine and renderer.
alembic(1) Lightweight database migration tool for usage with the SQLAlchemy.
aleph(1) Extended Unicode TeX.
alert(3alleg4) Displays a popup alert box. Allegro game programming library. Octopussy Alert module.
alert3(3alleg4) Like alert(), but with three buttons. Allegro game programming library.
alerts.cfg(5) Configuration for for xymond_alert module.
alevt(1) A teletext browser for analogue and DVB channels.
alevt(1x) X11 Teletext browser.
alevt-cap(1) Capture teletext windows.
alevt-date(1) Print out UTC date.
alevtd(1) Webserver for videotext pages.
alex(1) The lexical analyser generator for Haskell.
alex4(6) Alex the Allegator 4, a retro platform game.
alfa(1) Automated line fitting algorithm.
alfilldb(1) Add/update information of music files in the AudioLink database.
alfred(8) Almighty Lightweight Fact Remote Exchange Daemon.
alfred-gpsd(8) Alfred GPS distribution server.
algobox(1) Algorithmics introduction software.
Algorithm::C3(3pm) A module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm.
Algorithm::CheckDigits(3pm) Perl extension to generate and test check digits.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M07_001(3pm) Compute check digits modulo 7 method 1.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M09_001(3pm) Compute check digits for Euro notes.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_001(3pm) Compute check digits for Bahncard (DE), IMEI, IMEISV, ISIN, Miles&More, Payback (DE),.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_002(3pm) Compute check digits for CINS (US), SIREN (FR), SIRET (FR).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_003(3pm) Compute check digits for ISMN.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_004(3pm) Compute check digits for 2aus5, EAN, ILN, ISBN13, NVE.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_005(3pm) Compute check digits for Deutsche Post Identcode/Leitcode (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_006(3pm) Compute check digits for Rentenversicherung (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_008(3pm) Compute check digits for Sedol (GB).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_009(3pm) Compute check digits for Betriebsnummer (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_010(3pm) Compute check digits for Postscheckkonti (CH).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M10_011(3pm) Compute check digits UPS (US).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_001(3pm) Compute check digits for ISBN, ISSN, VAT RN (PT), HKID (HK), Wagon number (BR), NHS.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_002(3pm) Compute check digits for PZN (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_003(3pm) Compute check digits for PKZ (GDR).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_004(3pm) Compute check digits for CPF (BR), Titulo Eleitoral (BR).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_006(3pm) Compute check digits for Codigo de Cuenta Corriente (ES).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_007(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (FI).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_008(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (DK).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_009(3pm) Compute check digits NRIC (SG).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_010(3pm) Compute check digits AHV number (CH).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_011(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (NL).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_012(3pm) Compute check digits for Bundeswehrpersonenkennnummer (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_013(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (GR).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_015(3pm) Compute check digits for ESR5 (CH).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_016(3pm) Compute check digits vor VAT Registration Number (PL).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M11_017(3pm) Compute check digits for EC-No, EINECS, ELINCS.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M16_001(3pm) Compute check digits for ISAN.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M23_001(3pm) Compute check digits for DNI (ES).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M23_002(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (IE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M43_001(3pm) Compute check digits for Code-39.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M89_001(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (LU).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M97_001(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT Registration Number (BE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::M97_002(3pm) Compute check digits for International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MBase_001(3pm) Compute check digits for UPC (US).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MBase_002(3pm) Compute check digits for blood bags (DE), BZUe (DE), VAT Registration Number (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MBase_003(3pm) Compute check digits for SICI (Serial Item and Contribution Identifier).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MXX_001(3pm) Compute check digits for PA (DE).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MXX_002(3pm) Compute check digits for CAS.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MXX_003(3pm) Compute check digits for DEM.
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MXX_004(3pm) Compute check digits for VAT RN (AT).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MXX_005(3pm) Compute check digits for ESR9 (CH).
Algorithm::CheckDigits::MXX_006(3pm) Compute check digits with Verhoeff scheme.
Algorithm::Combinatorics(3pm) Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences.
Algorithm::Dependency(3pm) Base class for implementing various dependency trees.
Algorithm::Dependency::Item(3pm) Implements an item in a dependency heirachy.
Algorithm::Dependency::Ordered(3pm) Implements an ordered dependency heirachy.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source(3pm) Implements a source of heirachy items.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source::File(3pm) File source for dependency heirachys.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source::HoA(3pm) Source for a HASH of ARRAYs.
Algorithm::Dependency::Source::Invert(3pm) Logically invert a source.
Algorithm::Dependency::Weight(3pm) Calculate dependency 'weights'.
Algorithm::Diff(3pm) Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists.
Algorithm::Diff::XS(3pm) Algorithm::Diff with XS core loop.
Algorithm::DiffOld(3pm) Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists but use the old (.
Algorithm::LBFGS(3pm) Perl extension for L-BFGS.
Algorithm::Merge(3pm) Three-way merge and diff.
Algorithm::Munkres(3pm) Perl extension for Munkres' solution to.
Algorithm::Numerical::Sample(3pm) Draw samples from a set.
Algorithm::Permute(3pm) Handy and fast permutation with object oriented interface.
Algorithm::SVM(3pm) Perl bindings for the libsvm Support Vector Machine library.
Algorithm::SVM::DataSet(3pm) A DataSet object for the Algorithm::SVM Support Vector Machine.
algotutor(1) An interactive program for observing the intermediate steps of algorithms.
ali(1mh) List nmh mail aliases.
ali2gff(1) Module to translate a MUMmer output files into gff formatted output.
alias(1posix) Define or display aliases.
Alias(3pm) Declare symbolic aliases for perl data.
alias_manager(8) Manage Sympa aliases (Obsoleted).
aliascheck(1) Check for existence of mail alias.
aliased(3pm) Use shorter versions of class names.
aliases(5) Postfix local alias database format.
aliases.sendmail(5) Aliases file for sendmail.
aliaslookup(8) Look up mail aliases.
alien(1p) Convert or install an alien binary package.
alien-arena(6) Wrapper script to run the Alien Arena client.
alien-arena-server(6) Wrapper script to run an Alien Arena dedicated server.
Alien::FFI(3pm) Get libffi compiler and linker flags.
Alien::Gnuplot(3pm) Find and verify functionality of the gnuplot executable.
Alien::Package(3pm) An object that represents a package.
Alien::Package::Deb(3pm) An object that represents a deb package.
Alien::Package::Lsb(3pm) An object that represents a lsb package.
Alien::Package::Pkg(3pm) An object that represents a Solaris pkg package.
Alien::Package::Rpm(3pm) An object that represents a rpm package.
Alien::Package::Slp(3pm) An object that represents a slp package.
Alien::Package::Tgz(3pm) An object that represents a tgz package.
Alien::SDL(3pm) Building, finding and using SDL binaries.
Alien::SDL::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for Alien::SDL.
Alien::wxWidgets(3pm) Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries.
Alien::wxWidgets::Utility(3pm) INTERNAL: do not use.
alien_hunter(1) Interpolated Variable Order Motifs for identification of horizontally acquired DNA.
alienblaster(6) 2D arcade shooter game.
alifmt(5) Aligned sequences formats.
Align(1x) Afterstep Align.
align(3bobcat) Class used to align elements in Table objects.
align(3U) Commands for aligning interactors to each other and to a grid. Converts an alignment into a kog file.
align_image_stack(1) Align overlapping images for HDR or focus stack creation.
aligncopy(1e) Reads and writes alignments.
aligncopypair(1e) Reads and writes pairs from alignments.
aligned_alloc(3) ↣ posix_memalign(3) Allocate aligned memory.
alignmentProjector(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
alignxy(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
aliki(1) Measurement tool for Impulse Responses.
aliki-rt(1) Measurement tool for Impulse Responses.
alimask(1) Add mask line to a multiple sequence alignment.
alioth(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
alistat(1) Show statistics for a multiple alignment file.
all(3G) Check whether all elements of a boolean vector are true.
all-knowing-dns(1p) Tiny DNS server for IPv6 Reverse DNS.
all_dists(1) Given a tree in Newick (*.nh) format, report distances.
allcm(1) Force the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated.
allec(1) Force the most important ec-fonts to be calculated.
allegro-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of Allegro.
allegro-dev-tools(1) Collection of useful tools for Allegro 4 developers.
allegro_404_char(3alleg4) Character used when Allegro cannot find a glyph.
ALLEGRO_AUDIO_DEPTH(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_AUDIO_PAN_NONE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_AUDIO_STREAM(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_BITMAP(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_BPM_TO_SECS(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_BPS_TO_SECS(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_CHANNEL_CONF(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_COLOR(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_COND(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_CONFIG(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_CONFIG_ENTRY(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_DATE(3alleg4) Defined to a number with the release date of Allegro.
ALLEGRO_DATE_STR(3alleg4) Defined to a string with the year Allegro was released.
ALLEGRO_DISPLAY(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_MODE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
allegro_error(3alleg4) Stores the last Allegro error message.
ALLEGRO_EVENT(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_EVENT_QUEUE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_EVENT_SOURCE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_EVENT_TYPE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
allegro_exit(3alleg4) Closes down the Allegro system.
ALLEGRO_FILE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_FILE_MODE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_FONT(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_FS_INTERFACE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_GET_EVENT_TYPE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_GLYPH(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_HAPTIC(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
allegro_icon(3alleg4) Pointer to the Allegro X11 icon.
allegro_id(3alleg4) String containing date and version number of Allegro.
ALLEGRO_INDEX_BUFFER(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
allegro_init(3alleg4) Macro to initialise the Allegro library.
ALLEGRO_JOYFLAGS(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_JOYSTICK(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_LINE_CAP(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_LINE_JOIN(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_MENU(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_MENU_INFO(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
allegro_message(3alleg4) Used mainly to show error messages to users. Allegro game programming library.
ALLEGRO_MIXER(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_MONITOR_INFO(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_MOUSE_STATE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_MSECS_TO_SECS(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_MUTEX(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PI(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PRIM_ATTR(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PRIM_QUALITY(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PRIM_STORAGE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_PRIM_TYPE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_RENDER_STATE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_SAMPLE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_ID(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_SEEK(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_SHADER(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_SHADER_TYPE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_STATE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_STATE_FLAGS(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_SUB_VERSION(3alleg4) Defined to the middle version of Allegro.
ALLEGRO_TEXTLOG(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_THREAD(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_TIMEOUT(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_TIMER(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_TOUCH_INPUT(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_TOUCH_STATE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_TRANSFORM(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_USECS_TO_SECS(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_USER_EVENT(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_USTR(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_USTR_INFO(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_VERSION(3alleg4) Defined to the major version of Allegro.
ALLEGRO_VERSION_STR(3alleg4) Defined to a string with the full Allegro version number.
ALLEGRO_VERTEX(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_VERTEX_DECL(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_VOICE(3alleg5) Allegro 5 API.
ALLEGRO_WIP_VERSION(3alleg4) Defined to the minor version of Allegro.
alliance-log(3) Logical representations for boolean functions and utilities.
alliancebanner(3) Display the standardized Alliance banner.
alljoyn-daemon(1) The AllJoyn Message Bus Daemon version: v16.04.00.
allneeded(1) Force the calculation of all fonts now needed.
alloc(3) Allocate memory.
alloc_hugepages(2) Allocate or free huge pages.
alloc_pair(3ncurses) ↣ new_pair(3ncurses) New curses color-pair functions.
alloc_pair_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
alloc_unr(9freebsd) Kernel unit number allocator.
alloc_unr_specific(9freebsd) Kernel unit number allocator.
alloc_unrl(9freebsd) Kernel unit number allocator.
alloca(3) Allocate memory that is automatically freed.
allocate_voice(3alleg4) Allocates a sound card voice for a sample. Allegro game programming library.
allocrdsfig(3) Allocs memory for a figure.
allocrdsins(3) Allocates memory for an instance.
allocrdsrec(3) Allocates memory for a rectangle.
allocrdsrecwin(3) Allocates a structure used to know windows which contains a rectangle.
allocrdswin(3) Allocates window's table.
allocrdswindow(3) Allocates a window structure.
allocrdswinrec(3) Allocates a structure used to create a list of tables of rectangles.
allpairs_master(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
allpairs_multicore(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
alltray(1) Dock any program into the system tray.
allversusall(1e) Sequence similarity data from all-versus-all comparison.
almanah(1) Small GTK+ diary application.
Almighty(1) OAR server daemon.
aln2bed(1) Aln2bed converts ALN files to a BED file.
aln2wig(1) Convert alignments to wig files.
alogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
alot(1) Mail user agent for the notmuch mail system.
alpha-linux-gnu-addr2line(1) ↣ addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
alpha-linux-gnu-ar(1) ↣ ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
alpha-linux-gnu-as(1) ↣ as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
alpha-linux-gnu-c++filt(1) ↣ c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
alpha-linux-gnu-cpp(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
alpha-linux-gnu-cpp-6(1) The C Preprocessor.
alpha-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
alpha-linux-gnu-cpp-8(1) The C Preprocessor.
alpha-linux-gnu-elfedit(1) ↣ elfedit(1) Update the ELF header of ELF files.
alpha-linux-gnu-g++(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-g++-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-g++-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ar(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-5(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-6(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-8(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-nm(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-5(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-6(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-8(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-5(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-6(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-8(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
alpha-linux-gnu-gccgo(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gccgo-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gccgo-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-5(1) Coverage testing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-6(1) Coverage testing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-8(1) Coverage testing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-dump(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-6(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-8(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-6(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-8(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
alpha-linux-gnu-gdc(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gdc-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gdc-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
alpha-linux-gnu-gfortran(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gfortran-6(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gfortran-8(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gnat(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatbind-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatbind-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatbind-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatchop-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatchop-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatchop-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatclean-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatclean-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatclean-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatfind-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatfind-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatfind-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatgcc(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
alpha-linux-gnu-gnathtml-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnathtml-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnathtml-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatkr-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatkr-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatkr-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatlink-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatlink-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatlink-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatls-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatls-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatls-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatmake-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatmake-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatmake-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatname-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatname-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatname-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatprep-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatprep-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatprep-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatxref-5(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-5(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatxref-7(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gnatxref-8(1) ↣ alpha-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
alpha-linux-gnu-gprof(1) ↣ gprof(1) Display call graph profile data.
alpha-linux-gnu-ld.bfd(1) ↣ ld.bfd(1) The GNU linker.
alpha-linux-gnu-nm(1) ↣ nm(1) List symbols from object files.
alpha-linux-gnu-objcopy(1) ↣ objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
alpha-linux-gnu-objdump(1) ↣ objdump(1) Display information from object files.
alpha-linux-gnu-ranlib(1) ↣ ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
alpha-linux-gnu-readelf(1) ↣ readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
alpha-linux-gnu-size(1) ↣ size(1) List section sizes and total size.
alpha-linux-gnu-strings(1) ↣ strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
alpha-linux-gnu-strip(1) ↣ strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
alphasort(3) ↣ scandir(3) Scan a directory for matching entries.
alphasort(3posix) Scan a directory.
alpine(1) An Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email.
alpinef(1) ↣ alpine(1) An Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email.
alpm(4freebsd) Acer Aladdin 15x3 Power Management controller driver.
alpr(1) Automatic License Plate Recognition Library.
als(1) ↣ atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types. Command-line utility to gather information about the ALSA subsystem.
alsa_delay(1) Measure round-trip latency of a soundcard.
alsa_in(1) Jack clients that perform I/O with an alternate audio interface.
alsa_loopback(1) Loop back the first two channels of a alsa device to another device.
alsa_out(1) ↣ alsa_in(1) Jack clients that perform I/O with an alternate audio interface.
alsabat(1) Command-line sound tester for ALSA sound card driver.
alsactl(1) Advanced controls for ALSA soundcard driver.
alsactl_init(7) Alsa control management - initialization.
alsaloop(1) Command-line PCM loopback.
alsamixer(1) Soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver, with ncurses interface.
alsamixergui(1) FLTK based frontend for alsamixer.
alsaplayer(1) Plays various sound files.
alsearch(1) Search the AudioLink database for music.
alsoft-conf(1) OpenAL-Soft configuration utility.
Alt(3pm) Alternate Module Implementations.
alt-ergo(1) An automatic theorem prover dedicated to program verification.
alt-key(1) Generate keyboard accelerators.
Alt::Alien::FFI::System(3pm) Simplified alternative to Alien::FFI that uses system libffi.
Alt::Assert(3pm) Assert alternate module implementation.
Alt::Base(3pm) Base class for alternate module.
alt_getopt(1) Parse command options.
alta-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the chip Sundance ST201 "Alta".
altair(1) Simulate an altair computer.
altairz80(1) Simulate an Altair Z80 computer.
alter-sequence-alignment(1) Genomic sequences ALignment Transformation EnviRonment.
altera_atse(4freebsd) Driver for the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore.
altera_avgen(4freebsd) Driver for generic Altera Avalon-bus-attached, memory-mapped devices.
altera_jtag_uart(4freebsd) Driver for the Altera JTAG UART Core.
altera_sdcard(4freebsd) Driver for the Altera University Program Secure Data Card IP Core.
altera_sdcardc(4freebsd) Driver for the Altera University Program Secure Data Card IP Core.
altermime(1) MIME encoded email pack alteration tool.
altosui(1) Rocket flight monitor.
altq(4freebsd) Alternate queuing of network packets.
ALTQ(4freebsd) Alternate queuing of network packets.
ALTQ(9freebsd) Kernel interfaces for manipulating output queues on network interfaces.
altq(9freebsd) Kernel interfaces for manipulating output queues on network interfaces.
altree(1p) Association and Localisation tests using phylogenetic Trees.
altree-add-S(1p) Title...
altree-convert(1p) Title...
ALTree::CUtils(3pm) Perl extension for blah blah blah.
alttab(1) The task switcher.
alurecdplay(1) Example program for playing CD tracks with alure.
alureplay(1) Example program for playing sounds with alure.
alurestream(1) Example program for sound streaming with alure.
Alzabo(3pm) A data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper.
Alzabo::BackCompat(3pm) Convert old data structures.
Alzabo::ChangeTracker(3pm) Saves a set of changes as callbacks that can be backed out if needed.
Alzabo::Column(3pm) Column objects.
Alzabo::ColumnDefinition(3pm) Holds the type attribute for a column.
Alzabo::Config(3pm) Alzabo configuration information.
Alzabo::Create(3pm) Loads all Alzabo::Create::* classes.
Alzabo::Create::Column(3pm) Column objects for use in schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition(3pm) Column definition object for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Index(3pm) Index objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Schema(3pm) Schema objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Table(3pm) Table objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Debug(3pm) Creates constants used to turn on debugging.
Alzabo::Design(3pm) Documentation on Alzabo's design.
Alzabo::Driver(3pm) Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers.
Alzabo::Driver::MySQL(3pm) MySQL specific Alzabo driver subclass.
Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL(3pm) PostgreSQL specific Alzabo driver subclass.
Alzabo::Exceptions(3pm) Creates all exception subclasses used in Alzabo.
Alzabo::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions.
Alzabo::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key (relation) objects.
Alzabo::Index(3pm) Index objects.
Alzabo::Intro(3pm) Introductory information about Alzabo.
Alzabo::MethodMaker(3pm) Auto-generate useful methods based on an existing schema.
Alzabo::MySQL(3pm) Alzabo and MySQL.
Alzabo::PostgreSQL(3pm) Alzabo and PostgreSQL.
Alzabo::QuickRef(3pm) A quick reference to methods in the Alzabo classes.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules(3pm) Base class for Alzabo RDBMS rulesets.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::MySQL(3pm) MySQL specific database rules.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::PostgreSQL(3pm) PostgreSQL specific database rules.
Alzabo::Runtime(3pm) Loads all Alzabo::Runtime::* classes.
Alzabo::Runtime::Column(3pm) Column objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::ColumnDefinition(3pm) Column definition objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Cursor(3pm) Base class for Alzabo cursors.
Alzabo::Runtime::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Index(3pm) Index objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle(3pm) A handle representing an insert.
Alzabo::Runtime::JoinCursor(3pm) Cursor that returns arrays of "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Row(3pm) Row objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor(3pm) Cursor that returns "Alzabo::Runtime::Row" objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Deleted(3pm) Row objects that have been deleted.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::InCache(3pm) Cached row objects that represent actual database rows.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Live(3pm) Row objects representing rows in the database.
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Potential(3pm) Row objects that are not in the database.
Alzabo::Runtime::Schema(3pm) Schema objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::Table(3pm) Table objects.
Alzabo::Runtime::UniqueRowCache(3pm) Implements a row cache for Alzabo.
Alzabo::Schema(3pm) Schema objects.
Alzabo::SQLMaker(3pm) Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers.
Alzabo::SQLMaker::MySQL(3pm) Alzabo SQL making class for MySQL.
Alzabo::SQLMaker::PostgreSQL(3pm) Alzabo SQL making class for PostgreSQL.
Alzabo::Table(3pm) Table objects.
Alzabo::Utils(3pm) Utility functions for other Alzabo modules.
am7xxx-modeswitch(1) Change the operational mode of am7xxx based devices.
am7xxx-play(1) Play stuff on an am7xxx device (e.g. Acer C110, PicoPix 1020).
amaddclient(8) Program to add client to an existing Amanda configuration.
amadmin(8) Administrative interface to control Amanda backups.
amaespipe(8) Wrapper program for aespipe.
amanda(8) The Open Source Backup Platform.
amanda-applications(7) Application-api for amanda.
amanda-archive-format(5) Format of amanda archive streams.
amanda-auth(7) Communication/Authentication methods between Amanda server and client.
amanda-auth-ssl(7) SSL Communication/Authentication methods between Amanda server and client.
amanda-changers(7) Configuring and Using Amanda Changers.
amanda-client.conf(5) Client configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk.
amanda-command-file(5) Keep status of outgoing dle commands.
amanda-compatibility(7) Compatibility between Amanda versions.
amanda-devices(7) Configuring and Using Amanda Devices.
amanda-interactivity(7) Configuring Interactivity with Amanda Amanda.
amanda-match(7) Common Amanda Match Expression.
amanda-rest-server(8) Start or stop the Amanda Rest Server.
amanda-scripts(7) Configuring and using the Script API.
amanda-security.conf(5) Client configuration file for Amanda.
amanda-taperscan(7) Amanda Taperscan Algorithms.
amanda.conf(5) Main configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver.
amap(1) Protein multiple alignment by sequence annealing.
amarchiver(8) Create, extract or list amanda archive.
amarok(1) The audio player for KDE.
amarokcollectionscanner(1) Collection Scanner for Amarok.
amarokmp3tunesharmonydaemon(1) Handles AutoSync for the MP3Tunes service in Amarok.
amavis-logwatch(1) An Amavisd-new log parser and analysis utility.
amavisd-milter(8) Sendmail milter for amavisd-new.
amavisd-new(8) Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters.
amavisd-new-cronjob(8) Cronjobs for the Debian amavisd-new package.
amazon(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
Amazon::S3(3pm) A portable client library for working with and managing Amazon S3 buckets and keys.
Amazon::S3::Bucket(3pm) A container class for a S3 bucket and its contents.
Amazon::SQS::Simple(3pm) OO API for accessing the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::Base(3pm) No user-serviceable parts included.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::Message(3pm) OO API for representing messages from the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::Queue(3pm) OO API for representing queues from the Amazon Simple Queue Service.
Amazon::SQS::Simple::SendResponse(3pm) OO API for representing responses to messages sent to the Amazon Simple.
ambackup(8) Back up all disks in an Amanda configuration.
ambdec(1) Ambisonic decoder for first and second order.
ambdec_cli(1) ↣ ambdec(1) Ambisonic decoder for first and second order.
amber_ascii_export(7) AMBER frame data to ASCII export.
amber_BeamPos(7) AMBER Beam Monitoring Recipe.
amber_calibrate(7) AMBER Derives calibrated visibilities.
amber_detector(7) AMBER raw data detector.
amber_oimerge(7) AMBER Merge OI-Fits files.
amber_p2vm(7) AMBER Pixel-To-Visibility-Matrix for 2- and 3-Telescopes Mode.
amber_raw_to_fitsimage(7) AMBER raw data display.
amber_SciCal(7) AMBER Science and Calibration Recipe.
amber_selector(7) AMBER OI frame selector.
amber_spectral_calibration(7) AMBER Offset between photo. and interf. channels.
amber_trf(7) AMBER Derives the transfer function.
amberc(1) An elegant HTML templating engine written in Go.
ambiguous_words(1) Generate sets of words Tesseract is likely to find ambiguous.
ambix-deinterleave(1) AMBIsonics eXchange utility.
ambix-info(1) AMBIsonics eXchange utility.
ambix-interleave(1) AMBIsonics eXchange utility.
ambix-jplay(1) AMBIsonics eXchange utility.
ambix-jrecord(1) AMBIsonics eXchange utility.
ambsdtar(8) Amanda Application to interface with BSD Tar.
amcheck(8) Run Amanda self-checks.
amcheckdb(8) Check Amanda database for tape consistency.
amcheckdump(8) Check the results of an Amanda dump.
amcleanup(8) Run the Amanda cleanup process after a failure.
amcleanupdisk(8) Cleanup holding disk directory.
amcrypt(8) Reference crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption.
amcrypt-ossl(8) Crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption using OpenSSL.
amcrypt-ossl-asym(8) Crypt program for Amanda asymmetric data encryption using OpenSSL.
amcryptsimple(8) Reference simple crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption.
amd(8) Automatically mount file systems.
amd-fsinfo(8) Coordinate site-wide filesystem information.
amd.conf(5) Amd configuration file.
amdevcheck(8) Validate an Amanda device and volume.
amdgpu(4) AMD RADEON GPU video driver.
amdpm(4freebsd) AMD 756/766/768/8111 Power Management controller driver.
amdsbwd(4freebsd) Device driver for the AMD southbridge watchdog timers.
amdsmb(4freebsd) AMD-8111 SMBus 2.0 controller driver.
amdtemp(4freebsd) Device driver for AMD processor on-die digital thermal sensor.
amdump(8) Back up all disks in an Amanda configuration.
amdump_client(8) Back up all disks in an Amanda configuration.
american-english(5) A list of English words.
american-english-huge(5) A list of English words.
american-english-insane(5) A list of English words.
american-english-large(5) A list of English words.
american-english-small(5) A list of English words.
amf-to-stl(1) AMF to STL converter.
amfetchdump(8) Extract backup images from multiple Amanda tapes.
amflush(8) Flush Amanda backup files from holding disk to tape.
amgetconf(8) Look up configuration parameters and manipulate debug logs.
amgpgcrypt(8) Reference crypt program for Amanda public-key data encryption.
amgtar(8) Amanda Application to interface with GNU Tar.
amide(1) AMIDE's a Medical Image Data Examiner.
amideco(1) Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AMI BIOS.
amidi(1) Read from and write to ALSA RawMIDI ports.
amiga-fdisk(8) Amiga disk partitioning program.
amin(1) Notify writers that you are busy.
AMiner(1) Lightweight tool for log checking, log analysis.
AMinerRemoteControl(1) Lightweight tool for log checking, log analysis.
amino-acid-composition(1) Report amino acid composition.
amispammer(1) The way to know if your MX IPs are blacklisted.
amiwm(1) Amiga Workbench-like X Window Manager.
amixer(1) Command-line mixer for ALSA soundcard driver.
amk_ccc(1) Create target architectures.
amk_ccc-int32(1) ↣ amk_ccc(1) Create target architectures.
amk_ccc-int64(1) ↣ amk_ccc(1) Create target architectures.
amk_ccc-long(1) ↣ amk_ccc(1) Create target architectures.
amk_grf(1) ↣ scotch_binaries(1) Sundry Scotch binary commands.
amlabel(8) Label an Amanda tape.
amo-changelog(1) Fetch Version History of an addon.
amoeba(1) Fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess.
amoebax(6) Match-3 action-puzzle game.
amoldrecover(8) Amrecover variant compantible with old Amanda protocols.
amorad(8) Amora (A Remote Mobile Assistant) daemon.
amoverview(8) Display file systems processed by Amanda over time.
ampgsql(8) Amanda Application to interface with PostgreSQL.
amph(6) Exciting Jump'n run game that offers some unique visual effects.
amphetamine(6) ↣ amph(6) Exciting Jump'n run game that offers some unique visual effects.
ample(1) Ample MP3 server.
ample.conf(5) Configuration file for Ample.
ample.html(5) Html template for Ample.
ampliconnoise(1) Remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data.
amplot(8) Visualize the behavior of Amanda.
ampr-ripd(1) Routing daemon for AMPRNet gateways v2.3.
amq(8) Automounter query tool.
amq-check-wrap(8) Check loopback RPC connection to amd.
amqp-consume(1) Consume messages from a queue on an AMQP server.
amqp-declare-queue(1) Declare (create or assert the existence of) a queue on an AMQP server.
amqp-delete-queue(1) Delete a queue from an AMQP server.
amqp-get(1) Get a message from a queue on an AMQP server.
amqp-publish(1) Publish a message on an AMQP server.
amr(1) Automake replacement.
amr(4freebsd) MegaRAID SCSI/ATA/SATA RAID driver.
amraw(8) Amanda Application open and read data.
amrecover(8) Amanda index database browser.
amreindex(8) Re-index tapes or specific dump.
amreport(8) Generate a formatted output of statistics for an Amanda run.
amrestore(8) Low-level data-extraction from Amanda volumes.
amrmtape(8) Remove a tape from the Amanda database.
ams(1) A software synthesizer modeled after modular patching synthesizers.
ams(3) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service(AMS) communications library.
amsamba(8) Amanda Application to interface with smbclient.
amsbenchr(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) benchmarking meter.
amsbenchs(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) benchmarking driver.
amsd(1) AMS configuration server and/or registrar daemon.
amserverconfig(8) Program to setup initial Amanda configuration.
amservice(8) Run an amanda service on a client.
amshello(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) demo program for UNIX.
amslog(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test message receiver.
amslogprt(1) UNIX utility program for printing AMS log messages from amslog.
amsmib(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) MIB update utility.
amspub(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test driver for VxWorks.
amsrc(5) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization file.
amsshell(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test message sender (UNIX).
amssl(8) Program to manage amanda ssl certificates.
amsstop(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) message space shutdown utility.
amssub(1) Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) test message receiver for VxWorks.
amstar(8) Amanda Application to interface with star.
amstatus(8) Display the state of an Amanda run.
amstex(1) Structured text formatting and typesetting.
amsuntar(8) Amanda Application to interface with native tar utility available on solaris platforms.
amsxml(5) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization XML file.
amsynth(1) Program included in the DeMuDi distribution.
amt-howto(7) Intel AMT with linux mini howto.
amtape(8) Control Amanda changers.
amtapetype(8) Generate a tapetype definition by testing the device directly.
amtoc(8) Generate TOC (Table Of Contents) for an Amanda run.
amtterm(1) Intel AMT serial-over-lan (sol) client.
amttool(1) Remotely control Intel AMT managed machines.
amule(1) The all-platform eMule p2p client.
amule-emc(1) List links inside emulecollection files.
amulecmd(1) Console-based program to control aMule.
amuled(1) The all-platform eMule p2p client - daemonized version.
amuleweb(1) AMule web server.
amvault(8) Copy Amanda dumps from one volume to another.
amzfs-sendrecv(8) Amanda script to create zfs sendrecv.
amzfs-snapshot(8) Amanda script to create zfs snapshot.
an(4freebsd) Aironet Communications 4500/4800 wireless network adapter driver.
an(6) Anagram generator.
an-fitstopnm(1) Convert FITS images into ugly PNM images.
an-pnmtofits(1) Convert PNM file to FITS.
anacron(8) Runs commands periodically.
anacrontab(5) Monotonic jobs.
anagramarama(6) Cute anagram game using SDL.
analog(1) Web server logfile analyser.
analyseplugin(1) Analyse plugin syntax.
analysis.cfg(5) Configuration file for the xymond_client module.
analyze-dmk(1) ↣ dmktools(1) Tools for handling DMK disk image files.
analyze-pv-structure(1) Analyzes the location of metadata in a variety of RAW, jpeg and video files.
ancestral_reconstruction(1) Reconstructs ancestral sequences and maps mutations to the tree.
and(8) Auto nice daemon.
and.conf(5) General configuration parameters for the auto nice daemon.
and.priorities(5) Priority database for the auto nice daemon.
andi(1) Estimates evolutionary distance.
androiddump(1) Provide interfaces to capture from Android devices.
andump(1) ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... Describe ACR-NEMA file content.
anemone(6x) Wiggling tentacles.
anemotaxis(6x) Directional search on a plane.
anfo(1) Find best alignment of short reads to database.
anfo-tool(1) Process native ANFO binary files.
angband(6) Is a graphical dungeon adventure game in the vein of rogue.
angrydd(6) A falling block puzzle game.
animals(6) Traditional AI game that learns about animals from the player.
animate(1) ↣ gm(1)
animate(1gv) Animate a sequence of geomview files.
Animate(1x) AfterStep module animating windows being iconified/deiconified.
animate-im6.q16(1) Animates an image or image sequence on any X server.
animate-im6.q16hdri(1) Animates an image or image sequence on any X server.
AnimateTypes(1x) Animation modes used in the Animate module's config.
anjuta(1) GNOME Integrated Development Environment.
anjuta-launcher(1) GNOME Integrated Development Environment.
anki(1) Flexible, intelligent flashcard program.
anlogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
ann2fig(1) Dump ANN tree structure in Fig format.
ann_sample(1) Sample program for the ANN library.
ann_test(1) A test and evaluation program for the ANN library.
annealing(3tcl) Simulated annealing.
anno(1mh) Annotate nmh messages.
annotate(1) ↣ libgd-tools(1) Programs to convert between gd and other graphics formats.
annotate-output(1) Annotate program output with time and stream.
annotationViewer(1) Tool for viewing analysis results that have been saved.
anomaly(1) Anomalous data detection.
anotat(3NCARG) Changes the values of certain primary control parameters, purportedly having to do with "annotation".
anrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
ansi2html(1) Ansi to HTML converter.
ansi2txt(1) Ansi to plain text converter.
ansi_cattr(3tcl) ANSI attribute sequences.
ansi_cctrl(3tcl) ANSI control sequences.
ansi_cmacros(3tcl) Macro sequences.
ansi_code(3tcl) Helper for control sequences.
ansi_ctrlu(3tcl) Control operations and queries.
ansi_send(3tcl) Output of ANSI control sequences to terminals.
ansible(1) Define and run a single task 'playbook' against a set of hosts.
ansible-config(1) View, edit, and manage ansible configuration.
ansible-console(1) REPL console for executing Ansible tasks.
ansible-doc(1) Plugin documentation tool.
ansible-galaxy(1) None.
ansible-inventory(1) None.
ansible-lint(1) Lint tool for Ansible playbooks.
ansible-playbook(1) Runs Ansible playbooks, executing the defined tasks on the targeted hosts.
ansible-pull(1) Pulls playbooks from a VCS repo and executes them for the local host.
ansible-vault(1) Encryption/decryption utility for Ansible data files.
ansiweather(1) Weather in terminal, with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols.
ansysToFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
ant(1) A Java based make tool.
antennavis(1) Antenna Radiation Pattern Visualization Software.
antigenic(1e) Finds antigenic sites in proteins.
antigrav(6) Multiplayer flying saucer racing game.
antinspect(6x) Ant model inspection screenhack.
antiword(1) Show the text and images of MS Word documents.
antlr(1) ANother Tool for Language Recognition.
antlr3(1) ANother Tool for Language Recognition, version 3.
antlr3.2(3) ANother Tool for Language Recognition, version 3.
antlr4(1) ANother Tool for Language Recognition, version 4.
antmaze(6x) Ant maze walker.
antp(1) ↣ ripe-atlas(1) Command-line client for RIPE Atlas.
antpm-downloader(1) Console based ANT-FS information retrieval client for Garmin GPS products.
antpm-fit2gpx(1) Console based FIT to GPX converter.
antpm-garmin-ant-downloader(1) Console based ANT+ information retrieval client for Garmin GPS products.
antpm-usbmon2ant(1) Tool to convert ANT USB traffic traces.
ANTS(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsAffineInitializer(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsAI(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsAlignOrigin(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsApplyTransforms(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsApplyTransformsToPoints(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ANTSIntegrateVectorField(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ANTSIntegrateVelocityField(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ANTSJacobian(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsJointFusion(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsJointTensorFusion(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsLandmarkBasedTransformInitializer(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsMotionCorr(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsMotionCorrDiffusionDirection(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsMotionCorrStats(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antspotlight(6x) Ant spotlight screenhack.
antsRegistration(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsSliceRegularizedRegistration(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsTransformInfo(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ANTSUseDeformationFieldToGetAffineTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ANTSUseLandmarkImagesToGetAffineTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ANTSUseLandmarkImagesToGetBSplineDisplacementField(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
antsUtilitiesTesting(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
anvil(8postfix) Postfix session count and request rate control.
any(3clc) Test for sign bit.
any(3erl) The corba any type.
any(3G) Check whether any element of a boolean vector is true.
any2djvu(1) Convert .ps/.ps.gz/.pdf to .djvu.
Any::Moose(3pm) (DEPRECATED) use Moo instead!.
Any::URI::Escape(3pm) Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape.
AnyData(3pm) (DEPRECATED) easy access to data in many formats.
AnyData::Format::CSV(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to CSV data.
AnyData::Format::Fixed(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Fixed length data.
AnyData::Format::HTMLtable(3pm) Tied hash and DBI/SQL access to HTML tables.
AnyData::Format::Ini(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to ini files.
AnyData::Format::Mp3(3pm) Tied hash and DBI access to Mp3 files.
AnyData::Format::Paragraph(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to vertical files.
AnyData::Format::Passwd(3pm) Tied hash and DBI access to passwd files.
AnyData::Format::Pipe(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Pipe delimited files.
AnyData::Format::Tab(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to Tab delimited files.
AnyData::Format::Weblog(3pm) Tiedhash & DBI/SQL access to HTTPD Logs.
AnyData::Format::XML(3pm) Tiedhash and DBI access to XML.
AnyDBM_File(3perl) Provide framework for multiple DBMs.
AnyEvent(3pm) The DBI of event loop programming.
AnyEvent::AggressiveIdle(3pm) Aggressive idle processes for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::CacheDNS(3pm) Simple DNS resolver with caching.
AnyEvent::Callback(3pm) Callback aggregator for AnyEvent watchers.
AnyEvent::Connection(3pm) Base class for tcp connectful clients.
AnyEvent::DBD::Pg(3pm) AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg's async interface.
AnyEvent::DBI(3pm) Asynchronous DBI access.
AnyEvent::Debug(3pm) Debugging utilities for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::DNS(3pm) Fully asynchronous DNS resolution.
AnyEvent::FAQ(3pm) Frequently asked questions.
AnyEvent::FCGI(3pm) Non-blocking FastCGI server.
AnyEvent::FCGI::Connection(3pm) A single connection handle for AnyEvent::FCGI.
AnyEvent::FCGI::Request(3pm) A single FastCGI request handle for AnyEvent::FCGI.
AnyEvent::Feed(3pm) Receiving RSS/Atom Feed reader with XML::Feed.
AnyEvent::ForkObject(3pm) Async access on objects.
AnyEvent::Handle(3pm) Non-blocking I/O on streaming handles via AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::Handle::UDP(3pm) Client/server UDP handles for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::HTTP(3pm) Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client.
AnyEvent::HTTP::ScopedClient(3pm) AnyEvent based.
AnyEvent::HTTPD(3pm) A simple lightweight event based web (application) server.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::HTTPConnection(3pm) A simple HTTP connection for request and response handling.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::HTTPServer(3pm) A simple and plain http server.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::Request(3pm) A web application request handle for AnyEvent::HTTPD.
AnyEvent::HTTPD::Util(3pm) Utility functions for AnyEvent::HTTPD.
AnyEvent::I3(3pm) Communicate with the i3 window manager.
AnyEvent::Impl::Cocoa(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Cocoa::EventLoop.
AnyEvent::Impl::EV(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for EV.
AnyEvent::Impl::Event(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Event.
AnyEvent::Impl::EventLib(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Event::Lib.
AnyEvent::Impl::FLTK(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit version two).
AnyEvent::Impl::Glib(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Glib.
AnyEvent::Impl::IOAsync(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for IO::Async.
AnyEvent::Impl::Irssi(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Irssi.
AnyEvent::Impl::Perl(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for AnyEvent's pure perl AnyEvent::Loop.
AnyEvent::Impl::POE(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for POE.
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Qt.
AnyEvent::Impl::Tk(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for Tk.
AnyEvent::Impl::UV(3pm) AnyEvent adaptor for UV.
AnyEvent::Intro(3pm) An introductory tutorial to AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::IO(3pm) The DBI of asynchronous I/O implementations.
AnyEvent::IO::IOAIO(3pm) AnyEvent::IO backend based on IO::AIO.
AnyEvent::IO::Perl(3pm) Pure perl backend for AnyEvent::IO.
AnyEvent::IRC(3pm) An event based IRC protocol client API.
AnyEvent::IRC::Client(3pm) A highlevel IRC connection.
AnyEvent::IRC::Connection(3pm) An IRC connection abstraction.
AnyEvent::IRC::Util(3pm) Common utilities that help with IRC protocol handling.
AnyEvent::Log(3pm) Simple logging "framework".
AnyEvent::Loop(3pm) AnyEvent's Pure-Perl event loop.
AnyEvent::Memcached(3pm) AnyEvent memcached client.
AnyEvent::Memcached::Hash::WithNext(3pm) Hashing algorythm for AE::Memcached.
AnyEvent::Processor(3pm) Base class to define an event-driven (AnyEvent) task that could periodically be.
AnyEvent::Processor::Conversion(3pm) Base class for conversion type subclasses.
AnyEvent::Processor::Converter(3pm) Role for any converter class.
AnyEvent::Processor::WatchableTask(3pm) Role for tasks which are watchable.
AnyEvent::Processor::Watcher(3pm) A watcher echoing a process messages, base class.
AnyEvent::RabbitMQ(3pm) An asynchronous and multi channel Perl AMQP client.
AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::Channel(3pm) Abstraction of an AMQP channel.
AnyEvent::README(3pm) Callback aggregator for AnyEvent watchers.
AnyEvent::Redis(3pm) Non-blocking Redis client.
AnyEvent::Redis::Protocol(3pm) Redis response parser (read handler) for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::Serialize(3pm) Async serialize/deserialize function.
AnyEvent::Socket(3pm) Useful IPv4 and IPv6 stuff. also unix domain sockets. and stuff.
AnyEvent::Strict(3pm) Force strict mode on for the whole process.
AnyEvent::TermKey(3pm) Terminal key input using "libtermkey" with "AnyEvent".
AnyEvent::TLS(3pm) SSLv2/SSLv3/TLSv1 contexts for use in AnyEvent::Handle.
AnyEvent::Tools(3pm) Instrument collection for AnyEvent.
AnyEvent::Util(3pm) Various utility functions.
AnyEvent::XMPP(3pm) An implementation of the XMPP Protocol.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Client(3pm) XMPP Client abstraction.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Component(3pm) "XML" stream that implements the XEP-0114.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Connection(3pm) XML stream that implements the XMPP RFC 3920.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error(3pm) Error class hierarchy for error reporting.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Exception(3pm) Some exception was thrown somewhere.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::IQ(3pm) IQ errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::IQAuth(3pm) IQ authentication error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Message(3pm) Message errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::MUC(3pm) MUC error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Parser(3pm) XML parse errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Presence(3pm) Presence errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Register(3pm) In-band registration error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::SASL(3pm) SASL authentication error.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Stanza(3pm) Stanza errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Error::Stream(3pm) XML Stream errors.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext(3pm) Extension baseclass and documentation.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::DataForm(3pm) XEP-0004 DataForm.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Disco(3pm) Service discovery manager class for XEP-0030.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Disco::Info(3pm) Service discovery info.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Disco::Items(3pm) Service discovery items.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC(3pm) Implements XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::Message(3pm) A room message.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::Room(3pm) Room class.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::RoomInfo(3pm) Room information.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::MUC::User(3pm) User class.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::OOB(3pm) XEP-0066 Out of Band Data.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Ping(3pm) Implementation of XMPP Ping XEP-0199.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Pubsub(3pm) Implements XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Receipts(3pm) XEP-0184 message receipts.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::RegisterForm(3pm) Handle for in band registration.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Registration(3pm) Handles all tasks of in band registration.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::VCard(3pm) VCards (XEP-0054 & XEP-0084).
AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Version(3pm) Software version.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Extendable(3pm) Extendable baseclass.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Account(3pm) Instant messaging account.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Connection(3pm) "XML" stream that implements the XMPP RFC 3921.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Contact(3pm) Instant messaging roster contact.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Delayed(3pm) A delayed "XML" stanza.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Message(3pm) Instant message.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Presence(3pm) XMPP presence.
AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Roster(3pm) Instant messaging roster for XMPP.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Namespaces(3pm) XMPP namespace collection and aliasing class.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Node(3pm) XML node tree helper for the parser.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Parser(3pm) Parser for XML streams (helper for AnyEvent::XMPP).
AnyEvent::XMPP::SimpleConnection(3pm) Low level TCP/TLS connection.
AnyEvent::XMPP::TestClient(3pm) XMPP Test Client for tests.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Util(3pm) Utility functions for AnyEvent::XMPP.
AnyEvent::XMPP::Writer(3pm) "XML" writer for XMPP.
AnyEvent::Yubico(3pm) AnyEvent based Perl extension for validating YubiKey OTPs. Though AnyEvent is used.
anypaper(1) Front-end for wallpapersetter.
anyremote(1) Control PC with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi cell phone.
anytooff(1gv) Filter to convert a (set of) geomview data file(s) containing any geomview primitives into a single.
anytopl(3gv) Convert an arbitrary geom to a polylist (OFF file format).
anytopnm(1) Attempt to convert an unknown type of image file to a portable anymap.
anytoucd(1gv) Filter to convert a geomview data file into a data file in the so-called 'ucd' (Unstructured Cell.
anytun(8) Anycast tunneling daemon.
anytun-config(8) Anycast tunneling configuration utility.
anytun-controld(8) Anycast tunneling control daemon.
anytun-showtables(8) Anycast tunneling routing table visualization utility.
ao-bitbang(1) Low-level cc1111 interface diagnostic tool.
ao-cal-accel(1) Calibrate AltOS flight computer accelerometers.
ao-cal-freq(1) Calibrate AltOS flight computer frequency.
ao-chaosread(1) Read raw noise source from chaoskey.
ao-dbg(1) Hex debugger for cc1111 processors.
ao-dump-up(1) Dump flight log from MicroPeak flight computer.
ao-dumpflash(1) Fetch flash memory contents from AltOS device.
ao-edit-telem(1) Edit telemetry file, creating new telemetry stream.
ao-eeprom(1) Fetch eeprom contents from TeleMetrum device.
ao-ejection(1) Compute rocket ejection charges.
ao-elftohex(1) Convert a program to IHX format.
ao-flash-lpc(1) Flash a program to an LPC11U14-based AltOS device using openocd.
ao-flash-stm(1) Flash a program to an STM32-based AltOS device using st-flash.
ao-flash-stm32f0x(1) Flash a program to a STM32F0x-based AltOS device using openocd.
ao-list(1) List connected AltOS devices.
ao-load(1) Flash a program to a AltOS device.
ao-makebin(1) Construct raw binary file or DFU image from collection of ELF files.
ao-rawload(1) Flash a program to a AltOS device.
ao-send-telem(1) Re-transmit stored telemetry file.
ao-sky-flash(1) Flash GPS firmware program to a SkyTraq GPS chip.
ao-telem(1) Analyse a flight log (either telemetry or eeprom).
ao-test-baro(1) Test AltOS flight computer barometric sensor.
ao-test-flash(1) Test AltOS flight computer igniters.
ao-test-gps(1) Test AltOS tracker GPS receiver.
ao-test-igniter(1) Test AltOS flight computer igniters.
ao-usbload(1) Flash a program to an ARM-based AltOS device.
ao-usbtrng(1) Dump random numbers from USBtrng.
ao_string_tokenize(3) Tokenize an input string.
aoe-discover(8) Tell aoe driver to discover AoE devices.
aoe-flush(8) Flush the down devices out of the aoe driver.
aoe-interfaces(8) Restrict aoe driver to specified network interfaces.
aoe-mkdevs(8) Create special device files for aoe driver.
aoe-mkshelf(8) Create special device files for one shelf address.
aoe-revalidate(8) Revalidate the disk size of an aoe device.
aoe-sancheck(8) Verify storage network capabilities.
aoe-stat(8) Print aoe device status report.
aoe-version(8) Print AoE-related software version information.
aoecfg(8) Manipulate AoE configuration strings.
aoeping(8) Simple communication with AoE device.
aoeui(1) A lightweight visual editor optimized for the Dvorak keyboard.
aoflagger(1) Execute an RFI strategy on one or several observations.
aolserver4-nsd(8) AOLserver program.
aoqplot(1) Plot statistics from AOFlagger.
aoquality(1) Handle AOFlagger measurement set quality statistics.
aoremoteclient(1) AOFlagger remote client.
aosd_cat(1) Displays text on the screen.
aoslsi(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
aoslso(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
aoss(1) Wrapper script to facilitate use of the ALSA OSS compatibility library.
aout(4freebsd) Kernel support for executing binary files in legacy a.out format.
ap(5) Alliance physical format.
ap(8mh) Nmh parser of RFC 822-style addresses.
ap-auth(8) AP authorized MAC change utility.
ap-config(8) Configure and monitor Atmel and NWN based APs.
ap-gl(8) Configure and monitor ATMEL_PRISM based APs.
ap-mrtg(8) AP statistics translators.
ap-rrd(8) ↣ ap-mrtg(8) AP statistics translators.
ap-tftp(8) TFTP client for upgrading ATMEL AT76C510 WiSOC-based APs.
ap-trapd(8) A SNMP trap processing daemon.
apache-icons(7) Alternative icons for Apache autoindex.
apache2(8) Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol Server.
Apache2::Access(3pm) A Perl API for Apache request object: Access, Authentication and Authorization.
Apache2::AuthCASSimple(3pm) Apache2 module to authentificate through a CAS server.
Apache2::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies.
Apache2::AuthCookie::Params(3pm) AuthCookie Params Driver for mod_perl 2.x.
Apache2::Build(3pm) Methods for locating and parsing bits of Apache source code.
Apache2::CmdParms(3pm) Perl API for Apache command parameters object.
Apache2::Command(3pm) Perl API for accessing Apache module command information.
Apache2::Connection(3pm) Perl API for Apache connection object.
Apache2::ConnectionUtil(3pm) Perl API for Apache connection utils.
Apache2::Const(3pm) Perl Interface for Apache Constants.
Apache2::Cookie(3pm) HTTP Cookies Class.
Apache2::Directive(3pm) Perl API for manipulating the Apache configuration tree.
Apache2::Filter(3pm) Perl API for Apache 2.0 Filtering.
Apache2::FilterRec(3pm) Perl API for manipulating the Apache filter record.
Apache2::HookRun(3pm) Perl API for Invoking Apache HTTP phases.
Apache2::Log(3pm) Perl API for Apache Logging Methods.
Apache2::Module(3pm) Perl API for creating and working with Apache modules.
Apache2::MPM(3pm) Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information.
Apache2::PerlSections(3pm) Write Apache configuration files in Perl.
Apache2::Process(3pm) Perl API for Apache process record.
Apache2::Reload(3pm) Reload Perl Modules when Changed on Disk.
Apache2::Request(3pm) Methods for dealing with client request data.
Apache2::RequestIO(3pm) Perl API for Apache request record IO.
Apache2::RequestRec(3pm) Perl API for Apache request record accessors.
Apache2::RequestUtil(3pm) Perl API for Apache request record utils.
Apache2::Resource(3pm) Limit resources used by httpd children.
Apache2::Response(3pm) Perl API for Apache HTTP request response methods.
Apache2::ServerRec(3pm) Perl API for Apache server record accessors.
Apache2::ServerUtil(3pm) Perl API for Apache server record utils.
Apache2::SiteControl(3pm) Perl web site authentication/authorization system.
Apache2::SiteControl::GrantAllRule(3pm) A rule that grants permission to do everything.
Apache2::SiteControl::ManagerFactory(3pm) An abstract base class to use as a pattern for custom PermissionManager.
Apache2::SiteControl::PermissionManager(3pm) Rule-based permission management.
Apache2::SiteControl::Radius(3pm) Raduis authentication module for SiteControl.
Apache2::SiteControl::Rule(3pm) Permission manager access rule.
Apache2::SiteControl::User(3pm) User representations.
Apache2::SiteControl::UserFactory(3pm) User factory/persistence.
Apache2::SizeLimit(3pm) Because size does matter.
Apache2::Status(3pm) Embedded interpreter status information.
Apache2::SubRequest(3pm) Perl API for Apache subrequests.
Apache2::Upload(3pm) Methods for dealing with file uploads.
Apache2::URI(3pm) Perl API for manipulating URIs.
Apache2::Util(3pm) Perl API for Misc Apache Utility functions.
Apache2_4::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies for Apache 2.4.
apache2ctl(8) Apache HTTP server control interface.
Apache::Admin::Config(3pm) A module to read/write Apache like configuration files.
Apache::ASP(3pm) Active Server Pages for Apache with mod_perl.
Apache::ASP::CGI::Table(3pm) Layer for compatibility with Apache::Table objects.
Apache::AuthCookie(3pm) Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies.
Apache::AuthCookie::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about Apache::AuthCookie.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params(3pm) AuthCookie Params Driver for mod_perl 1.x.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params::Base(3pm) Internal CGI AuthCookie Params Base Class.
Apache::AuthCookie::Params::CGI(3pm) Internal CGI Params Subclass.
Apache::AuthCookie::Util(3pm) Internal Utility Functions for AuthCookie.
Apache::AuthDBI(3pm) Authentication and Authorization via Perl's DBI.
Apache::AuthenHook(3pm) Perl API for Apache 2.1 authentication.
Apache::AuthzNetLDAP(3pm) Apache-Perl module that enables you to authorize a user for Website based on LDAP.
Apache::DB(3pm) Run the interactive Perl debugger under mod_perl.
Apache::DBI(3pm) Initiate a persistent database connection.
Apache::DBILogger(3pm) Tracks what's being transferred in a DBI database.
Apache::DProf(3pm) Hook Devel::DProf into mod_perl.
Apache::ePerl(3pm) Fast emulated Embedded Perl (ePerl) facility.
Apache::Gallery(3pm) Mod_perl handler to create an image gallery.
Apache::Htgroup(3pm) Manage Apache authentication group files.
Apache::Htpasswd(3pm) Manage Unix crypt-style password file.
Apache::LogFormat::Compiler(3pm) Compile a log format string to perl-code.
Apache::perl5db(3pm) The perl debugger.
Apache::Qpsmtpd(3pm) A mod_perl-2 connection handler for qpsmtpd.
Apache::Session(3pm) A persistence framework for session data.
Apache::Session::Browseable(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Browseable::LDAP(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session::LDAP.
Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::MySQL.
Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQLJSON(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::MySQL.
Apache::Session::Browseable::PgHstore(3pm) Hstore type support for Apache::Session::Browseable::Postgres.
Apache::Session::Browseable::PgJSON(3pm) Hstore type support for Apache::Session::Browseable::Postgres.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Postgres(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::Postgres.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis(3pm) Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::Redis.
Apache::Session::Browseable::SQLite(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Store::LDAP(3pm) Use LDAP to store persistent objects.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Store::Redis(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session::Store.
Apache::Session::Browseable::Store::SQLite(3pm) Store persistent data in a SQLite database.
Apache::Session::DB_File(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::File(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Flex(3pm) Specify everything at runtime.
Apache::Session::Generate::MD5(3pm) Use MD5 to create random object IDs.
Apache::Session::Generate::ModUniqueId(3pm) Mod_unique_id for session ID generation.
Apache::Session::Generate::ModUsertrack(3pm) Mod_usertrack for session ID generation.
Apache::Session::Informix(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::LDAP(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Lock::File(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion using flock.
Apache::Session::Lock::MySQL(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion using MySQL.
Apache::Session::Lock::Null(3pm) Does not actually provides mutual exclusion.
Apache::Session::Lock::Semaphore(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion through semaphores.
Apache::Session::Lock::Sybase(3pm) Provides mutual exclusion using Sybase.
Apache::Session::Memcached(3pm) Stores persistent data using memcached (memory cache daemon) for Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::MySQL(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::MySQL::NoLock(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session::MySQL without locking.
Apache::Session::Oracle(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Postgres(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Base64(3pm) Use Storable and MIME::Base64 to zip up persistent data.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Hstore(3pm) Serialize/unserialize datas for PostgreSQL "hstore" storage.
Apache::Session::Serialize::JSON(3pm) Use JSON to zip up data.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Storable(3pm) Use Storable to zip up persistent data.
Apache::Session::Serialize::Sybase(3pm) Use Storable to zip up persistent data and unpack/pack to put into.
Apache::Session::Serialize::UUEncode(3pm) Use Storable and "pack()" to zip up persistent data.
Apache::Session::SQLite3(3pm) Use DBD::SQLite 1.x for Apache::Session storage.
Apache::Session::Store::DB_File(3pm) Use DB_File to store persistent objects.
Apache::Session::Store::File(3pm) Store persistent data on the filesystem.
Apache::Session::Store::Informix(3pm) Store persistent data in a Informix database.
Apache::Session::Store::LDAP(3pm) Use LDAP to store persistent objects.
Apache::Session::Store::Memcached(3pm) Stores persistent data using memcached (memory cache daemon) for.
Apache::Session::Store::MySQL(3pm) Store persistent data in a MySQL database.
Apache::Session::Store::Oracle(3pm) Store persistent data in a Oracle database.
Apache::Session::Store::Postgres(3pm) Store persistent data in a Postgres database.
Apache::Session::Store::Sybase(3pm) Store persistent data in a Sybase database.
Apache::Session::Sybase(3pm) An implementation of Apache::Session.
Apache::Session::Wrapper(3pm) A simple wrapper around Apache::Session.
Apache::SessionX(3pm) An extented persistence framework for session data.
Apache::SessionX::Generate::MD5(3pm) Use MD5 to create random object IDs.
Apache::Singleton(3pm) Singleton class for mod_perl.
Apache::Singleton::Process(3pm) One instance per One Process.
Apache::Singleton::Request(3pm) One instance per One Request.
Apache::SizeLimit::Core(3pm) Because size does matter.
Apache::SmallProf(3pm) Hook Devel::SmallProf into mod_perl.
Apache::SOAP(3pm) Mod_perl-based SOAP server with minimum configuration.
Apache::SSLLookup(3pm) Hooks for various mod_ssl functions.
Apache::Test(3pm) wrapper with helpers for testing Apache.
Apache::TestHandler(3pm) A few response handlers and helpers.
Apache::TestMB(3pm) Subclass of Module::Build to support Apache::Test.
Apache::TestMM(3pm) Provide MakeMaker Wrapper Methods.
Apache::TestReport(3pm) A parent class for generating bug/success reports.
Apache::TestRequest(3pm) Send requests to your Apache test server.
Apache::TestRun(3pm) Run the test suite.
Apache::TestRunPerl(3pm) Run mod_perl-requiring Test Suite.
Apache::TestRunPHP(3pm) Configure and run a PHP-based test suite.
Apache::TestSmoke(3pm) Special Tests Sequence Failure Finder.
Apache::TestTrace(3pm) Helper output generation functions.
Apache::TestUtil(3pm) Utility functions for writing tests.
Apache::XMLRPC(3pm) Serve XML-RPC requests from Apache.
Apache::XMLRPC::Lite(3pm) Mod_perl-based XML-RPC server with minimum configuration.
apachectl(8) ↣ apache2ctl(8) Apache HTTP server control interface.
apachetop(1) Display real-time web server statistics.
apack(1) ↣ atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types.
apbs(1) Adaptive Poisson Boltzmann Solver.
apcaccess(8) Retrieve status information from apcupsd(8).
apccontrol(8) Apcupsd(8) event handler script.
apcsmart(8) Driver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment.
apcsmart-old(8) Driver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment.
apctest(8) Apcupsd(8) test program.
apcupsd(8) A daemon for controlling most APC UPSes.
apcupsd-ups(8) Driver for apcupsd client access.
apcupsd.conf(5) Apcupsd(8) configuration file.
apertium(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-deshtml(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-deslatex(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-desmediawiki(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-desodt(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-despptx(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-desrtf(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-destxt(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-deswxml(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-desxlsx(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-filter-ambiguity(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-gen-deformat(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-gen-modes(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-gen-reformat(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-interchunk(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-multiple-translations(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-postchunk(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-postlatex(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-postlatex-raw(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-prelatex(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-preprocess-transfer(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-pretransfer(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-rehtml(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-relatex(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-remediawiki(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-reodt(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-repptx(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-rertf(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-retxt(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-rewxml(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-rexlsx(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-tagger(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-tagger-apply-new-rules(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-transfer(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-unformat(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-utils-fixlatex(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-acx(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-dictionary(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-interchunk(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-modes(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-postchunk(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-tagger(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apertium-validate-transfer(1) This application is part of ( apertium ).
apf(1) Easy iptables based firewall system.
apg(1) Generates several random passwords.
apgbfm(1) APG Bloom filter management program.
apgdiff(1) Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool.
api(3elektra) For kdb.h.
api-sanity-checker(1) An automatic generator of basic unit tests for a C/C++ library API.
apic(4freebsd) Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) driver.
aping(1) ↣ ripe-atlas(1) Command-line client for RIPE Atlas.
apksigner(1) Sign and verify Android APKs.
apktool(1) Tool for reverse engineering Android apk files.
aplay(1) Command-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver.
aplaymidi(1) Play Standard MIDI Files.
apm(1) Interface with the APM subsystem.
apm(4freebsd) APM BIOS interface.
apm_available(1) Test whether APM subsystem is available.
apmd(8) Advanced Power Management (APM) daemon.
apmsleep(1) Go into suspend or standby mode and wake-up later.
apng2gif(1) Convert APNG animated images to GIF files.
apngasm(1) Assemble individual PNG files int to animated PNG file.
apngdis(1) Deconstruct APNG file into a sequence of PNG frames.
apngopt(1) Optimize animated PNG image files.
apol(1) Graphical SELinux policy analysis tool.
apollonian(6x) Descartes Circle Theorem.
apoo(1x) An Assembly course aid.
apop_db_to_crosstab(1) Command line utility to convert a three-column table to a crosstab.
apop_plot_query(1) Command line utility to take in a query and put out a Gnuplot table file.
apop_text_to_db(1) Command line utility to convert a text file into a database table.
app(5) Application resource file.
App::Alice(3pm) An Altogether Lovely Internet Chatting Experience.
App::AllKnowingDNS::Config(3pm) Configuration object.
App::AllKnowingDNS::Handler(3pm) Main code of AllKnowingDNS.
App::AllKnowingDNS::Util(3pm) Utility functions.
App::Asciio(3pm) Plain ASCII diagram.
App::Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable(3pm) Base class for bot applications.
App::Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Terminal(3pm) Alters the default bot class to Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Terminal.
App::Cache(3pm) Easy application-level caching.
App::CELL(3pm) Configuration, Error-handling, Localization, and Logging.
App::CELL::Guide(3pm) Introduction to App::CELL (POD-only module).
App::CELL::Log(3pm) The Logging part of CELL.
App::CELL::Message(3pm) Handle messages the user might see.
App::CELL::Status(3pm) Class for return value objects.
App::CELL::Test(3pm) Functions for unit testing.
App::CELL::Test::LogToFile(3pm) Really activate logging (for use within unit tests).
App::CELL::Util(3pm) Generalized, reuseable functions.
App::Cleo(3pm) Play back shell commands for live demonstrations.
App::CLI(3pm) Dispatcher module for command line interface programs.
App::CLI::Command(3pm) Base class for App::CLI commands.
App::CLI::Command::Help(3pm) Output PODs of each command.
App::ClusterSSH(3pm) A container for functions of the ClusterSSH programs.
App::ClusterSSH::Base(3pm) Base object provding utility functions.
App::ClusterSSH::Cluster(3pm) Object representing cluster configuration.
App::ClusterSSH::Config(3pm) Object representing application configuration.
App::ClusterSSH::Getopt(3pm) Module to process command line args.
App::ClusterSSH::Helper(3pm) Object representing helper script.
App::ClusterSSH::Host(3pm) Object representing a host.
App::ClusterSSH::L10N(3pm) Base translations module.
App::ClusterSSH::L10N::en(3pm) Base English translations module.
App::ClusterSSH::Range(3pm) Object representing expandable ranges.
App::Cmd(3pm) Write command line apps with less suffering.
App::Cmd::ArgProcessor(3pm) App::Cmd-specific wrapper for Getopt::Long::Descriptive.
App::Cmd::Command(3pm) A base class for App::Cmd commands.
App::Cmd::Command::commands(3pm) List the application's commands.
App::Cmd::Command::help(3pm) Display a command's help screen.
App::Cmd::Command::version(3pm) Display an app's version.
App::Cmd::Plugin(3pm) A plugin for App::Cmd commands.
App::Cmd::Plugin::Prompt(3pm) Plug prompting routines into your commands.
App::Cmd::Setup(3pm) Helper for setting up App::Cmd classes.
App::Cmd::Simple(3pm) A helper for building one-command App::Cmd applications.
App::Cmd::Subdispatch(3pm) An App::Cmd::Command that is also an App::Cmd.
App::Cmd::Subdispatch::DashedStyle(3pm) "app cmd --subcmd" style subdispatching.
App::Cmd::Tester(3pm) For capturing the result of running an app.
App::Cmd::Tester::CaptureExternal(3pm) Extends App::Cmd::Tester to capture from external subprograms.
App::Cmd::Tutorial(3pm) Getting started with App::Cmd.
App::Cme(3pm) Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model.
App::Cme::Command::check(3pm) Check the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::dump(3pm) Dump the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::edit(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::fix(3pm) Fix the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::fusefs(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application with fuse.
App::Cme::Command::gen_class_pod(3pm) Generates pod doc from model files.
App::Cme::Command::list(3pm) List applications handled by cme.
App::Cme::Command::meta(3pm) Work on the configuration model of an application.
App::Cme::Command::migrate(3pm) Migrate the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::modify(3pm) Modify the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::run(3pm) Run a cme script.
App::Cme::Command::search(3pm) Search the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Command::shell(3pm) Edit the configuration of an application with a shell.
App::Cme::Command::update(3pm) Update the configuration of an application.
App::Cme::Common(3pm) Common methods for App::Cme.
App::Control(3pm) Perl module for apachectl style control of another script or executable.
App::Control::Apache(3pm) App::Control subclass for apache.
App::Cpan(3perl) Easily interact with CPAN from the command line.
App::cpanlistchanges(3pm) List changes for CPAN modules.
App::cpanminus(3pm) Get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN.
App::cpanminus::fatscript(3pm) Get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN.
App::cpanoutdated(3pm) Detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment.
App::CPANTS::Lint(3pm) Front-end to Module::CPANTS::Analyse.
App::Daemon(3pm) Start an Application as a Daemon.
App::FatPacker(3pm) Pack your dependencies onto your script file.
App::FatPacker::Trace(3pm) Tracing module usage using compilation checking.
App::Icli(3pm) Icinga Command Line Interface.
App::Icli::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for App::Icli.
App::Info(3pm) Information about software packages on a system.
App::Info::Handler(3pm) App::Info event handler base class.
App::Info::Handler::Carp(3pm) Use Carp to handle App::Info events.
App::Info::Handler::Print(3pm) Print App::Info event messages.
App::Info::Handler::Prompt(3pm) Prompting App::Info event handler.
App::Info::HTTPD(3pm) Information about web servers on a system.
App::Info::HTTPD::Apache(3pm) Information about Apache web server.
App::Info::Lib(3pm) Information about software libraries on a system.
App::Info::Lib::Expat(3pm) Information about the Expat XML parser.
App::Info::Lib::Iconv(3pm) Information about libiconv.
App::Info::Lib::OSSPUUID(3pm) Information about the OSSP UUID library.
App::Info::RDBMS(3pm) Information about databases on a system.
App::Info::RDBMS::PostgreSQL(3pm) Information about PostgreSQL.
App::Info::RDBMS::SQLite(3pm) Information about SQLite.
App::Info::Request(3pm) App::Info event handler request object.
App::Info::Util(3pm) Utility class for App::Info subclasses.
App::KGB(3pm) Collaborative IRC helper.
App::KGB::Change(3pm) A single file change.
App::KGB::Client(3pm) Relay commits to KGB servers.
App::KGB::Client::CVS(3pm) KGB interface to CVS.
App::KGB::Client::Fake(3pm) Fake KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::Git(3pm) Git support for KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::RelayMsg(3pm) Simple message relay KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::ServerRef(3pm) Server instance in KGB client.
App::KGB::Client::Subversion(3pm) KGB interface to Subversion.
App::KGB::Commit(3pm) A single commit.
App::KGB::Commit::Tag(3pm) A helper class for describing tags.
App::Licensecheck(3pm) Functions for a simple license checker for source files.
App::mkdist(3pm) Create distributions that will use Module::Package::RDF.
App::Nopaste(3pm) Easy access to any pastebin.
App::Nopaste::Command(3pm) Command-line utility for App::Nopaste.
App::Nopaste::Service(3pm) Base class for nopaste services.
App::Nopaste::Service::Codepeek(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Service for Codepeek -
App::Nopaste::Service::Debian(3pm) Service provider for Debian -
App::Nopaste::Service::Gist(3pm) Service provider for GitHub gist -
App::Nopaste::Service::Mojopaste(3pm) Service provider for mojopaste.
App::Nopaste::Service::PastebinCom(3pm) Service provider for Pastebin -
App::Nopaste::Service::Pastie(3pm) Service provider for Pastie -
App::Nopaste::Service::Shadowcat(3pm) Service provider for Shadowcat -
App::Nopaste::Service::Snitch(3pm) Service provider for Snitch -
App::Nopaste::Service::ssh(3pm) Copies files to your server using scp.
App::Nopaste::Service::Ubuntu(3pm) Service provider for Ubuntu -
App::Options(3pm) Combine command line options, environment vars, and option file values (for program.
App::Packer::PAR(3pm) Pack applications in a single executable file.
App::Parcimonie(3pm) Tools for the parcimonie program.
App::Parcimonie::Applet(3pm) Systray applet object monitoring parcimonie's activities.
App::Parcimonie::Daemon(3pm) Parcimonie daemon class.
App::Parcimonie::DBus::Object(3pm) Provide parcimonie's D-Bus service and interface.
App::Parcimonie::GnuPG::Interface(3pm) Parcimonie's GnuPG::Interface subclass.
App::Parcimonie::Role::HasCodeset(3pm) Role to get the codeset being used.
App::Parcimonie::Role::HasEncoding(3pm) Role to provide an Encode::Encoding objet for the codeset being used.
App::perlbrew(3pm) Manage perl installations in your "$HOME".
App::perlrdf(3pm) Perlrdf command line utils.
App::perlrdf::Command::Query(3pm) SPARQL extension for App-perlrdf.
App::perlrdf::Command::Void(3pm) Generate VoID descriptions on the command line.
App::pherkin(3pm) Run Cucumber tests from the command line.
App::Pinto(3pm) Command-line driver for Pinto.
App::Pinto::Command(3pm) Base class for pinto commands.
App::Pinto::Command::add(3pm) Add local archives to the repository.
App::Pinto::Command::clean(3pm) Remove orphaned distribution archives.
App::Pinto::Command::copy(3pm) Create a new stack by copying another.
App::Pinto::Command::default(3pm) Mark the default stack.
App::Pinto::Command::delete(3pm) Permanently remove an archive.
App::Pinto::Command::diff(3pm) Show difference between two stacks.
App::Pinto::Command::help(3pm) Display a command's help screen.
App::Pinto::Command::init(3pm) Create a new repository.
App::Pinto::Command::install(3pm) Install stuff from the repository.
App::Pinto::Command::kill(3pm) Permanently delete a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::list(3pm) Show the packages in a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::lock(3pm) Mark a stack as read-only.
App::Pinto::Command::log(3pm) Show the revision logs of a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::manual(3pm) Show the full manual for a command.
App::Pinto::Command::migrate(3pm) Migrate repository to a new version.
App::Pinto::Command::new(3pm) Create a new empty stack.
App::Pinto::Command::nop(3pm) Do nothing.
App::Pinto::Command::pin(3pm) Force a package to stay in a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::props(3pm) Show or set stack properties.
App::Pinto::Command::pull(3pm) Pull archives from upstream repositories.
App::Pinto::Command::register(3pm) Put existing packages on a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::rename(3pm) Change the name of a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::roots(3pm) Show the roots of a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::stacks(3pm) Show available stacks.
App::Pinto::Command::statistics(3pm) Report statistics about the repository.
App::Pinto::Command::thanks(3pm) Show some gratitude.
App::Pinto::Command::unlock(3pm) Mark a stack as writable.
App::Pinto::Command::unpin(3pm) Free packages that have been pinned.
App::Pinto::Command::unregister(3pm) Remove packages from a stack.
App::Pinto::Command::verify(3pm) Report archives that are missing.
App::pmuninstall(3pm) Uninstall modules.
App::Prolix(3pm) Trim chatty command outputs.
App::Prolix::MooseHelpers(3pm) Moose helpers for App::Prolix.
App::Prove(3perl) Implements the "prove" command.
App::Prove(3pm) Implements the "prove" command.
App::Prove::Plugin::HTML(3pm) A prove plugin for HTML output.
App::Prove::State(3perl) State storage for the "prove" command.
App::Prove::State(3pm) State storage for the "prove" command.
App::Prove::State::Result(3perl) Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result(3pm) Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3perl) Individual test results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3pm) Individual test results.
App::PRT(3pm) Command line Perl Refactoring Tool.
App::Rad(3pm) Rapid (and easy!) creation of command line applications.
App::Rad::Exclude(3pm) 'exclude' command extension for App::Rad.
App::Rad::Help(3pm) 'help' command extension for App::Rad.
App::Rad::Include(3pm) 'include' command extension for App::Rad.
App::Rad::Plugin(3pm) Extend the App::Rad framework!.
App::rdfns(3pm) Quickly get common URI namespaces.
App::REPL(3pm) A container for functions for the iperl program.
App::Stacktrace(3pm) Stack trace.
App::Termcast(3pm) Broadcast your terminal sessions for remote viewing.
App::Whiff(3pm) Find the first executable of a series of alternatives.
apparmor(7) Kernel enhancement to confine programs to a limited set of resources.
apparmor.d(5) Syntax of security profiles for AppArmor.
apparmor.vim(5) Vim syntax highlighting file for AppArmor profiles.
apparmor_parser(8) Loads AppArmor profiles into the kernel.
apparmor_status(8) Display various information about the current AppArmor policy.
AppConfig(3pm) Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments.
AppConfig::Args(3pm) Perl5 module for reading command line arguments.
AppConfig::CGI(3pm) Perl5 module for processing CGI script parameters.
AppConfig::File(3pm) Perl5 module for reading configuration files.
AppConfig::Getopt(3pm) Perl5 module for processing command line arguments via delegation to Getopt::Long.
AppConfig::State(3pm) Application configuration state.
AppConfig::Std(3pm) Subclass of AppConfig that provides standard options.
AppConfig::Sys(3pm) Perl5 module defining platform-specific information and methods for other AppConfig::*.
AppDataUnit(3) Interface (envelope) to data received over RTP packets.
append(3) Append a chain_list to an other chain_list.
append(3tcl) Append to variable.
append_filename(3alleg4) Concatenates a filename to a path. Allegro game programming library.
append_sff(1) Combine multiple SFF files.
appendpdf(1p) Append one PDF to another.
apper(1) An application and package manager using PackageKit.
appfeed.cgi(1) Xymon CGI feeder for Smartphone apps.
apphbd(8) Application Heartbeat Monitor for High-Availability Linux.
apple2(6x) Apple ][ display emulator.
apple_dump(1) Dump AppleSingle/AppleDouble format file.
AppleVolumes(5) ↣ AppleVolumes.default(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the.
AppleVolumes.default(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the.
AppleVolumes.system(5) ↣ AppleVolumes.default(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the.
application(3erl) Generic OTP application functions. AAT Application module.
ApplicationHandler(3) Application objects modification methods.
ApplicationShell(3) The ApplicationShell widget class "ApplicationShell" "widget class" "ApplicationShell".
applog.h(3) Application logging facilities abstraction.
apply(3tcl) Apply an anonymous function.
apply-patch(1) Apply a patch against the current directory, automatically detecting the patch strip level.
apply_diff_relay_logs(1p) Generating differential relay logs between the latest slave and target slave, and.
apply_matrix(3alleg4) Multiplies a point by a transformation matrix. Allegro game programming.
apply_matrix_f(3alleg4) ↣ apply_matrix(3alleg4) Multiplies a point by a transformation matrix. Allegro game programming.
apply_quat(3alleg4) Multiplies a point by a quaternion. Allegro game programming library.
applyBdd(3) Applies an operator to a list of BDD.
applybddnode(3) Applies an operator on two bdd nodes.
applybddnodeite(3) Computes the IF-THEN-ELSE logical operation.
applybddnodelist(3) Applies an opertor to a bdd nodes list.
applybddnodenot(3) Complements a bdd.
applybddnodeterm(3) Applies an operator on two bdd nodes.
applyBinBdd(3) Applies an operator to two BDD.
applyBoundaryLayer(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
applycal(1) Apply device calibration to an ICC profile.
applydeltaiso(8) Reconstruct an iso from the old iso and the deltaiso.
applydeltarpm(8) Reconstruct an rpm from a deltarpm.
applyfilter(8) Apply filter settings to news spool.
applygeo(1) Apply georeferencing to an existing file.
applygnupgdefaults(8) Run gpgconf --apply-defaults for all users.
applypatch(1p) Apply 'makepatch' generated script to update a source tree.
applyplugin(1) Apply LADSPA plugin to an audio file.
apport-bug(1) File a bug report using Apport, or update an existing report.
apport-cli(1) Apport user interfaces for reporting problems.
apport-collect(1) ↣ apport-bug(1) File a bug report using Apport, or update an existing report.
apport-retrace(1) Regenerate a crash report's stack trace.
apport-unpack(1) Extract the fields of a problem report to separate files.
apport-valgrind(1) Valgrind wrapper that first downloads debug symbols.
apprec(1) Application Recommender for Debian Systems.
apprec-apt(1) Integration of AppRecommender with apt.
appres(1) List X application resource database.
approx(8) Proxy server for Debian archive files.
approx-import(8) Copy local .deb files into the approx cache.
approx.conf(5) Configuration file for approx proxy server.
appschema(5) LAM application schema format.
appstream-compose(1) Generate AppStream metadata.
appstream-generator(1) Generate AppStream metadata from distribution repositories.
appstream-util(1) Manipulate AppStream, AppData and MetaInfo metadata.
appstreamcli(1) Handle AppStream metadata and the AppStream index.
appup(5) Application upgrade file.
APR(3pm) Perl Interface for Apache Portable Runtime (libapr and libaprutil Libraries).
apr-1-config(1) Return metainformation about apr library.
apr-config(1) ↣ apr-1-config(1) Return metainformation about apr library.
APR::Base64(3pm) Perl API for APR base64 encoding/decoding functionality.
APR::Brigade(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR Bucket Brigades.
APR::Bucket(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR Buckets.
APR::BucketAlloc(3pm) Perl API for Bucket Allocation.
APR::BucketType(3pm) Perl API for APR bucket types.
APR::Const(3pm) Perl Interface for APR Constants.
APR::Date(3pm) Perl API for APR date manipulating functions.
APR::Error(3pm) Perl API for APR/Apache/mod_perl exceptions.
APR::Finfo(3pm) Perl API for APR fileinfo structure.
APR::IpSubnet(3pm) Perl API for accessing APRs ip_subnet structures.
APR::OS(3pm) Perl API for Platform-specific APR API.
APR::Pool(3pm) Perl API for APR pools.
APR::Request(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's module/handle API.
APR::Request::Apache2(3pm) Wrapper for a mod_apreq2 handle.
APR::Request::CGI(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's CGI handle.
APR::Request::Cookie(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's cookie API.
APR::Request::Error(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's error API.
APR::Request::Hook(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's hook API.
APR::Request::Param(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's param API.
APR::Request::Parser(3pm) Wrapper for libapreq2's parser API.
APR::SockAddr(3pm) Perl API for APR socket address structure.
APR::Socket(3pm) Perl API for APR sockets.
APR::Status(3pm) Perl Interface to the APR_STATUS_IS_* macros.
APR::String(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs.
APR::Table(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR opaque string-content tables.
APR::ThreadMutex(3pm) Perl API for APR thread mutexes.
APR::ThreadRWLock(3pm) Perl API for APR thread read/write locks.
APR::URI(3pm) Perl API for URI manipulations.
APR::Util(3pm) Perl API for Various APR Utilities.
APR::UUID(3pm) Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs.
apropos(1) Search the manual page names and descriptions.
aprsdigi(8) APRS(™) digipeater.
aprsmon(8) Monitor APRS AX.25 traffic for javAPRS.
aprx(8) An APRS iGate application with integrated Digipeater.
aprx-stat(8) Statistics utility for aprx(8).
aps2file(1) Printing to a file via apsfilter.
apsfilter(1) Magic print filter with auto file type recognition.
apsfilter-bug(1) Create a half-automatic bug report for apsfilter.
apsfilterrc(5) Configuration file for magic print filter.
apspreview(1) Preview PostScript file(s) as generated by apsfilter.
apt(8) Command-line interface.
apt-add-repository(1) ↣ add-apt-repository(1) Adds a repository into the /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d or removes an.
apt-build(1) Fetch sources and build packages optimized for your architecture.
apt-cache(8) Query the APT cache.
apt-cacher(8) Caching proxy for Debian packages.
apt-cacher-ng(8) Caching proxy for software package downloads.
apt-cdrom(8) APT CD-ROM management utility.
apt-clone(8) Manual page for apt-clone 0.2.
apt-config(8) APT Configuration Query program.
apt-cudf(1) CUDF solver integration for APT.
apt-cudf-get(8) Wrapper for calling apt-get with external solvers.
apt-cudf.conf(5) Configuration file for apt-cudf.
apt-dater(8) Terminal-based remote package update manager.
apt-dater-host(1) Host helper application for apt-dater.
apt-dater.xml(5) Configuration file of apt-dater(8).
apt-extracttemplates(1) Utility to extract debconf config and templates from Debian packages.
apt-forktracer(8) A utility for managing package versions.
apt-ftparchive(1) Utility to generate index files.
apt-get(8) APT package handling utility -- command-line interface.
apt-get-build-depends(1) Apt-get install build depends.
apt-key(8) APT key management utility.
apt-listchanges(1) Show new changelog entries from Debian package archives.
apt-listdifferences(1) Source differences notification tool.
apt-mark(8) Show, set and unset various settings for a package.
apt-mirror(1) Apt sources mirroring tool.
apt-move(8) Move cache of Debian packages into a mirror hierarchy.
apt-offline(8) Offline APT Package manager.
apt-rdepends(1) Performs recursive dependency listings similar to apt-cache.
apt-secure(8) Archive authentication support for APT.
apt-show-source(1p) Lists source-packages.
apt-show-versions(1p) Lists available package versions with distribution.
apt-sortpkgs(1) Utility to sort package index files.
apt-src(1p) Manage debian source package trees.
apt-transport-http(1) APT transport for downloading via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
apt-transport-https(1) APT transport for downloading via the HTTP Secure protocol (HTTPS).
apt-transport-mirror(1) APT transport for more automated mirror selection.
apt-venv(1) Apt virtual environment.
apt.conf(5) Configuration file for APT.
apt_auth.conf(5) Login configuration file for APT sources and proxies.
apt_preferences(5) Preference control file for APT.
aptd(1) Package managing daemon proving a D-Bus interface.
aptdcon(1) Command line client for aptdaemon.
apticron(1) Generate a mail listing packages which are pending an upgrade.
aptitude-create-state-bundle(1) Bundle the current aptitude state.
aptitude-curses(8) High-level interface to the package manager.
aptitude-robot(8) Automate package choice management.
aptitude-robot-session(8) Call aptitude-robot non-interactively.
aptitude-run-state-bundle(1) Unpack an aptitude state bundle and invoke aptitude on it.
aptly(1) Debian repository management tool.
aptly-publisher(1) Tool for easy creation of Aptly multi component publishes.
AptPkg(3pm) Interface to libapt-pkg.
AptPkg::Cache(3pm) APT package cache interface.
AptPkg::Config(3pm) APT configuration interface.
AptPkg::hash(3pm) A helper class for implementing tied hashes.
AptPkg::PkgRecords(3pm) APT package description class.
AptPkg::Policy(3pm) APT package version policy class.
AptPkg::Source(3pm) APT source package interface.
AptPkg::System(3pm) APT system abstraction class.
AptPkg::Version(3pm) APT package versioning class.
aptsh(1) Interactive APT shell.
apturl(8) Graphical apt-protocol interpreting package installer.
apturl-gtk(8) ↣ apturl(8) Graphical apt-protocol interpreting package installer.
apulse(1) The PulseAudio emulator for ALSA.
apvlv(1) PDF/DJVU/UMD/HTML/TXT viewer with vim-like behaviour.
apwal(1) Powerful application launcher.
apxs(1) APache eXtenSion tool.
apxs2(1) ↣ apxs(1) APache eXtenSion tool.
aqbanking-config(1) A little program to output installation paths.
aqemu(1) Frontend for qemu.
aqhbci-tool4(1) Command line tools for setup, modification and debugging of HBCI settings.
aqsis(1) Renderer from Aqsis Renderer, a 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard.
aqsl(1) Shader compiler from Aqsis Renderer, a 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard.
aqsltell(1) Shader inspection tool from Aqsis Renderer, a 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R).
ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
ar(1posix) Create and maintain library archives.
ar86(1) Create, modify, and extract from archive file.
ara(1) A utility for doing boolean regexp queries on the the Debian package database.
arachne-pnr(1) Place and route tool for iCE40 family FGPAs.
aragorn(1) Detect tRNA genes in nucleotide sequences.
arancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
arandr(1) Visual front end for XRandR 1.2.
aranym(1) Atari Running on Any Machine.
aranym-jit(1) Atari Running on Any Machine - JIT enabled.
aranym-mmu(1) Atari Running on Any Machine with 68040 MMU enabled.
aratapif(1) Atari Running on Any Machine - aratapif.
arb(1) Phylogenetic sequence analysis suite.
arb-kill(1) Definitely kill all processes started by arb that are started by the user.
arb_clean(1) Clean processes started by arb that are started by the user.
arbtt-capture(1) Collect data samples for arbtt.
arbtt-dump(1) Dumps arbtt data samples.
arbtt-import(1) Imports dumped arbtt data samples.
arbtt-recover(1) Tries to recover a broken arbtt data log.
arbtt-stats(1) Generate statistics from the arbtt data samples.
arc(1) Arcanist, a code review and revision management utility.
arc(3alleg4) Draws a circular arc. Allegro game programming library.
arc-blahp-logger(8) ARC authplugin to store BLAH accouting logs about FINISHED jobs.
arc-config-check(1) Checks the arc.conf for inconsistencies, known problems or (in a future development) just.
arc-infoindex-relay(8) ARC Information Index Relay Helper.
arc-infoindex-server(8) ARC Information Index Server.
arc-vomsac-check(8) ARC VOMS AC-based queue policy enforcing plugin.
arc.conf(5) ARC configuration.
arc4rand(9freebsd) Supply pseudo-random numbers.
arc4random(3bsd) Arc4 random number gen‐.
arc4random(9freebsd) Supply pseudo-random numbers.
arc4random_addrandom(3bsd) ↣ arc4random(3bsd) Arc4 random number gen‐.
arc4random_buf(3bsd) ↣ arc4random(3bsd) Arc4 random number gen‐.
arc4random_stir(3bsd) ↣ arc4random(3bsd) Arc4 random number gen‐.
arc4random_uniform(3bsd) ↣ arc4random(3bsd) Arc4 random number gen‐.
arccat(1) ARC Catenate.
arcclean(1) ARC Clean.
arccp(1) Copy files.
arcecho(1) ARC echo client.
arcemiestest(1) Perform simple operations on EMI ES service.
arcget(1) ARC Get.
arch(1) Print machine hardware name (same as uname -m).
Arch(3pm) GNU Arch Perl library.
arch-test(1) Detect architectures your kernel can run binaries of.
Arch::Backend(3pm) Arch backend feature specific functions.
Arch::Changes(3pm) Class representing a list of changes.
Arch::Changeset(3pm) Class representing Arch changeset.
Arch::DiffParser(3pm) Parse file's diff and perform some manipulations.
Arch::FileHighlighter(3pm) Syntax-highlight file's content using markup.
Arch::Inventory(3pm) Class representing a tree inventory.
Arch::Library(3pm) Access arch revision libraries.
Arch::LiteWeb(3pm) Simple way to access web pages.
Arch::Log(3pm) Class representing Arch patch-log.
Arch::Name(3pm) Parse, store and construct an arch name.
Arch::Registry(3pm) Manage registered archives, search archives on the web.
Arch::RevisionBunches(3pm) Manage bunches of related revisions.
Arch::Run(3pm) Run subprocesses and capture output.
Arch::RunLimit(3pm) Class to enforce a limit on the number of running processes.
Arch::Session(3pm) Access arch archives.
Arch::SharedCache(3pm) A synchronized data structure (map) for IPC.
Arch::SharedIndex(3pm) A synchronized data structure (map) for IPC.
Arch::Storage(3pm) Abstract class to access arch archives.
Arch::Tarball(3pm) An interface to create and work with tarballs.
Arch::TempFiles(3pm) Help to manage temporary files/dirs.
Arch::Test::Archive(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Test::Cases(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Test::Framework(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Test::Tree(3pm) A test framework for Arch-Perl.
Arch::Tree(3pm) Class representing Arch tree.
Arch::Util(3pm) Arch utility functions.
arch_prctl(2) Set architecture-specific thread state.
archdetect(1) Detect hardware architecture.
arched(8) ARC Hosting Environment Daemon.
Archetype(3itk) Base class for all [incr Tk] mega-widgets.
archfs(1) ↣ rdiff-backup-fs(1) Filesystem for accessing rdiff-backup archives.
archive(8) Usenet article archiver.
Archive::Any(3pm) Single interface to deal with file archives.
Archive::Any::Create(3pm) Abstract API to create archives (tar.gz and zip).
Archive::Any::Lite(3pm) Simple CPAN package extractor.
Archive::Any::Plugin(3pm) Anatomy of an Archive::Any plugin.
Archive::Any::Plugin::Tar(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar.
Archive::Any::Plugin::Zip(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Zip.
Archive::Any::Tar(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Tar.
Archive::Any::Zip(3pm) Archive::Any wrapper around Archive::Zip.
Archive::Ar(3pm) Interface for manipulating ar archives.
Archive::Cpio(3pm) Module for manipulations of cpio archives.
Archive::Extract(3pm) A generic archive extracting mechanism.
Archive::Peek(3pm) Peek into archives without extracting them.
Archive::Tar(3perl) Module for manipulations of tar archives.
Archive::Tar::File(3perl) A subclass for in-memory extracted file from Archive::Tar.
Archive::Tar::Wrapper(3pm) API wrapper around the 'tar' utility.
Archive::Zip(3pm) Provide an interface to ZIP archive files.
Archive::Zip::FAQ(3pm) Answers to a few frequently asked questions about Archive::Zip.
Archive::Zip::MemberRead(3pm) A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive members as if they were files.
Archive::Zip::Tree(3pm) (DEPRECATED) methods for adding/extracting trees using Archive::Zip.
archive_agent(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
archive_cleaner(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
archive_entry(3) Functions for managing ar‐.
archive_read(3) Functions for reading streaming archives.
archive_read_add_passphrase(3) Functions for reading encrypted archives.
archive_read_data(3) Functions for.
archive_read_extract(3) Functions for reading.
archive_read_free(3) Functions for reading streaming archives.
archive_read_header(3) Functions for reading streaming archives.
archive_read_new(3) Functions for reading streaming archives.
archive_server(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
archive_write(3) Functions for creating archives.
archive_write_data(3) Functions for creating archives.
archive_write_finish_entry(3) Functions for creating archives.
archive_write_free(3) Functions for creating ar‐.
archive_write_header(3) Functions for creating archives.
archive_write_new(3) Functions for creating archives.
archive_write_set_passphrase(3) Functions for writing encrypted archives.
archived(8) Mailing List Archiving Daemon for Sympa.
archivemail(1) Archive and compress your old email.
archivemount(1) Mounts an archive for access as a file system.
archmage(1) CHM(Compiled HTML) Decompressor.
archmbox(1) A simple email archiver.
archpath(1) Output arch (tla/Bazaar) archive names, with support for branches.
archpkg(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
archpkgs2solv(1) Convert one or more Arch package files into a solv file.
archrepo2solv(1) Convert files in Arch repository format into a solv file.
archwiki(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
arcinfo(1) ARC Info.
arckill(1) ARC Kill.
arcls(1) List files or directories.
arcmkdir(1) Create directories.
arcmsr(4freebsd) Areca RAID Controller driver.
arcperftest(1) ARC service performance tester.
arcplugin(1) ARC plugin management utility.
arcproxy(1) ARC Credentials Proxy generation utility.
arcrename(1) Rename file or directory.
arcrenew(1) ARC Proxy Renewal.
arcresub(1) ARC Resubmission.
arcresume(1) ARC Resume.
arcrm(1) Delete files.
arcsign(1) Script for ARC signing messages on stdin.
arcstat(1) ARC Status.
arcsub(1) ARC Submission.
arcsync(1) ARC Synchronize.
arctest(1) ARC Test Suite.
arctica-greeter(1) LightDM greeter for the modern desktop.
arctica-greeter-guest-account-script(8) Create temp user for an Arctica Greeter's Guest Session.
arcverify(1) Script for DKIM verifying messages on stdin.
arcwsrf(1) Run WSRF query against service.
ard-reset-arduino(1) Reset Arduino board.
ardbpa(3NCARG) Produces a plot showing all of the edge segments in an area map that have a specified group.
arden-analyze(1) Analyze the results of the artificial reference genome mapping.
arden-create(1) Generate an artificial reference genome (AR) from a given input.
arden-filter(1) Filter a SAM file based on the analysis with ARDEN.
ardentryst(6) Action/RPG sidescoller, focused on story and character development.
ardour5(1) A digital audio workstation.
ardour5-copy-mixer(1) Session utilities for the ardour digital audio work‐.
ardour5-export(1) Session utilities for the ardour digital audio work‐.
ardour5-fix_bbtppq(1) Session utilities for the ardour digital audio work‐.
ardrln(3NCARG) Draws a polyline that is masked by a given area map.
arduino(1) An IDE and uploader for Arduino development boards.
arduino-add-groups(1) Permission fixer for Arduino development boards.
aread(8) ↣ atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
areas(3NCARG) A set of routines allowing you to create an area map from a set of edges and then to use the area map.
areas_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Areas parameters.
arecord(1) ↣ aplay(1) Command-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver.
arecordmidi(1) Record Standard MIDI Files.
aredam(3NCARG) Adds edge segments to an area map.
arename(1) Automatically rename audio files by tagging information.
arepack(1) ↣ atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types.
ares_cancel(3) Cancel a resolve.
ares_create_query(3) Compose a single-question DNS query buffer.
ares_destroy(3) Destroy a resolver channel.
ares_destroy_options(3) Destroy options initialized with ares_save_options.
ares_dup(3) Duplicate a resolver channel.
ares_expand_name(3) Expand a DNS-encoded domain name.
ares_expand_string(3) Expand a length encoded string.
ares_fds(3) Return file descriptors to select on.
ares_free_data(3) Free data allocated by several c-ares functions.
ares_free_hostent(3) Free host structure allocated by ares functions.
ares_free_string(3) Free strings allocated by ares functions.
ares_get_servers(3) Retrieve name servers from an initialized ares_channel.
ares_get_servers_ports(3) ↣ ares_get_servers(3) Retrieve name servers from an initialized ares_channel.
ares_gethostbyaddr(3) Initiate a host query by address.
ares_gethostbyname(3) Initiate a host query by name.
ares_gethostbyname_file(3) Lookup a name in the system's hosts file.
ares_getnameinfo(3) Address-to-nodename translation in protocol-independent manner.
ares_getsock(3) Get socket descriptors to wait on.
ares_inet_ntop(3) Convert a network format address to presentation format.
ares_inet_pton(3) Convert an IPv4 or IPv6 address from text to binary form.
ares_init(3) Initialize a resolver channel.
ares_init_options(3) Initialize a resolver channel.
ares_library_cleanup(3) C-ares library deinitialization.
ares_library_init(3) C-ares library initialization.
ares_library_initialized(3) Get the initialization state.
ares_mkquery(3) Compose a single-question DNS query buffer.
ares_parse_a_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type A.
ares_parse_aaaa_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type AAAA.
ares_parse_mx_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type MX.
ares_parse_naptr_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type NAPTR.
ares_parse_ns_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type NS into a hostent.
ares_parse_ptr_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type PTR into a hostent.
ares_parse_soa_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type SOA.
ares_parse_srv_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type SRV.
ares_parse_txt_reply(3) Parse a reply to a DNS query of type TXT.
ares_process(3) Process events for name resolution.
ares_query(3) Initiate a single-question DNS query.
ares_save_options(3) Save configuration values obtained from initialized ares_channel.
ares_search(3) Initiate a DNS query with domain search.
ares_send(3) Initiate a DNS query.
ares_set_local_dev(3) Bind to a specific network device when creating sockets.
ares_set_local_ip4(3) Set local IPv4 address outgoing requests.
ares_set_local_ip6(3) Set local IPv6 address outgoing requests.
ares_set_servers(3) Initialize an ares_channel name servers configuration.
ares_set_servers_csv(3) Set list of DNS servers to be used.
ares_set_servers_ports(3) ↣ ares_set_servers(3) Initialize an ares_channel name servers configuration.
ares_set_servers_ports_csv(3) ↣ ares_set_servers_csv(3) Set list of DNS servers to be used.
ares_set_socket_callback(3) Set a socket creation callback.
ares_set_socket_configure_callback(3) Set a socket configuration callback.
ares_set_sortlist(3) Initialize an ares_channel sortlist configuration.
ares_strerror(3) Get the description of an ares library error code.
ares_timeout(3) Return maximum time to wait.
ares_version(3) Get the version number of the library.
arg(3bobcat) A singleton class interfacing command line arguments.
Arg(3o) Parsing of command line arguments.
arg_printusage(3) Collect command line options.
argconfig(3bobcat) A singleton class processing program arguments.
argdist-bpfcc(8) Trace a function and display a histogram or frequency count of its parameter values. Uses Linux.
argeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the integer value of an Areas parameter.
argetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the real value of an Areas parameter.
argon2(1) Generate argon2 hashes.
argonaut-clean-audit(1) Delete old audit entries from the LDAP.
argonaut-client(1) Running actions given by the argonaut server.
argonaut-debconf-crawler(1) Extract debconf templates from packages.
argonaut-fai-monitor(1) Read status of installation and send information to argonaut-server for FusionDirectory.
argonaut-fuse(1) FUSE/TFTP supplicant targeted to work with LDAP entries written by FusionDirectory.
argonaut-ldap2fai(1) Read FAI config from LDAP and create config space.
argonaut-ldap2zone(1) Creating bind zone files and refreshing the server.
argonaut-quota(1) Applying quota from data stored in the ldap server.
argonaut-repository(1) Creating debian repositories cronjob for the Argonaut deployment system.
argonaut-server(1) Dispatching action received from FusionDirectory to the clients.
argonaut-user-reminder(1) Read account expiration date from ldap and send emails reminders.
argparse(1) Argparse tutorial.
args(1) Manipulate and output command arguments.
argtable(3) ↣ argtable2(3) An ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line options.
argtable2(3) An ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line options.
argtai(3NCARG) Returns the area identifiers associated with a given point.
argus(8) Audit record generation and utilization system.
argus.conf(5) Argus resource file.
argv(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
argv0(1) Run a program with a specified 0th argument.
argv0(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
argz(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_add_sep(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_append(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_count(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_create(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_create_sep(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_delete(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_extract(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_insert(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_next(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_replace(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
argz_stringify(3) ↣ argz_add(3)
aria-demo(1) Demonstration program for the Aria library.
aria2c(1) The ultra fast download utility.
aria_chk(1) Aria table-maintenance utility.
aria_dump_log(1) Dump content of Aria log pages.
aria_ftdump(1) Display full-text index information.
aria_pack(1) Generate compressed, read-only Aria tables.
aria_read_log(1) Display Aria log file contents.
aribas(1) Multiprecision Arithmetic Interpreter.
arinam(3NCARG) Initializes an area map.
ArinWhois(3pm) Perl extension to retrieve information from ARIN Whois database.
ario(1) Graphical client for Music Player Daemon.
arithmetic(6) Quiz on simple arithmetic.
arj(1) Archiver for .arj files.
arj-register(1) Register the ARJ archiver.
arjdisp(1) ARJ simple graphical interface.
ark(1) KDE archiving tool.
arlatex(1) Archive a number of ancillary LaTeX files into a master .tex file.
arm-linux-gnueabi-addr2line(1) ↣ addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
arm-linux-gnueabi-ar(1) ↣ ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
arm-linux-gnueabi-as(1) ↣ as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-c++filt(1) ↣ c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp-6(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp-8(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabi-dwp(1) ↣ dwp(1) The DWARF packaging utility.
arm-linux-gnueabi-elfedit(1) ↣ elfedit(1) Update the ELF header of ELF files.
arm-linux-gnueabi-g++(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-g++-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-g++-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ar(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ar-5(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ar-6(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ar-8(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-nm(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-nm-5(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-nm-6(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-nm-8(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ranlib(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ranlib-5(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ranlib-6(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-ranlib-8(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gccgo(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gccgo-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gccgo-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-5(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-6(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-8(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-dump(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-dump-6(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-dump-8(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-tool(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-tool-6(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gcov-tool-8(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gdc(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gdc-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gdc-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gfortran(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gfortran-6(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gfortran-8(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatbind-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatbind-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatbind-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatbind-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatchop-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatchop-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatchop-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatchop-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatclean-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatclean-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatclean-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatclean-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatfind-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatfind-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatfind-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatfind-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatgcc(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnathtml-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnathtml-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnathtml-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnathtml-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatkr-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatkr-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatkr-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatkr-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatlink-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatlink-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatlink-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatlink-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatls-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatls-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatls-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatls-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatmake-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatmake-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatmake-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatmake-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatname-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatname-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatname-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatname-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatprep-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatprep-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatprep-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatprep-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatxref-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatxref-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatxref-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gnatxref-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabi-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabi-gprof(1) ↣ gprof(1) Display call graph profile data.
arm-linux-gnueabi-ld.bfd(1) ↣ ld.bfd(1) The GNU linker. ↣ The GNU ELF linker.
arm-linux-gnueabi-nm(1) ↣ nm(1) List symbols from object files.
arm-linux-gnueabi-objcopy(1) ↣ objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
arm-linux-gnueabi-objdump(1) ↣ objdump(1) Display information from object files.
arm-linux-gnueabi-ranlib(1) ↣ ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
arm-linux-gnueabi-readelf(1) ↣ readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
arm-linux-gnueabi-size(1) ↣ size(1) List section sizes and total size.
arm-linux-gnueabi-strings(1) ↣ strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
arm-linux-gnueabi-strip(1) ↣ strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-addr2line(1) ↣ addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-ar(1) ↣ ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-as(1) ↣ as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-c++filt(1) ↣ c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-cpp(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-cpp-6(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-cpp-8(1) The C Preprocessor.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-dwp(1) ↣ dwp(1) The DWARF packaging utility.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-elfedit(1) ↣ elfedit(1) Update the ELF header of ELF files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ar(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ar-5(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ar-6(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ar-8(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-nm(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-nm-5(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-nm-6(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-nm-8(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ranlib(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ranlib-5(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ranlib-6(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-ranlib-8(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gccgo(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gccgo-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gccgo-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gccgo-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the Go language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-5(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-6(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-8(1) Coverage testing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-dump(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-dump-6(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-dump-8(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-tool(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-tool-6(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcov-tool-8(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdc(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdc-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdc-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gfortran(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gfortran-6(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gfortran-8(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatbind-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatbind-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatbind-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatbind-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatchop-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatchop-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatchop-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatchop-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatclean-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatclean-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatclean-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatclean-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatfind-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatfind-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatfind-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatfind-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatgcc(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnathtml-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnathtml-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnathtml-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnathtml-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatkr-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatkr-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatkr-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatkr-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatlink-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatlink-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatlink-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatlink-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatls-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatls-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatls-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatls-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatmake-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatmake-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatmake-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatmake-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatname-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatname-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatname-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatname-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatprep-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatprep-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatprep-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatprep-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatxref-5(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-5(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatxref-6(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-6(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatxref-7(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-7(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnatxref-8(1) ↣ arm-linux-gnueabihf-gnat-8(1)
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gprof(1) ↣ gprof(1) Display call graph profile data.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-ld.bfd(1) ↣ ld.bfd(1) The GNU linker. ↣ The GNU ELF linker.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-nm(1) ↣ nm(1) List symbols from object files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-objcopy(1) ↣ objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-objdump(1) ↣ objdump(1) Display information from object files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-ranlib(1) ↣ ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-readelf(1) ↣ readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-size(1) ↣ size(1) List section sizes and total size.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-strings(1) ↣ strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
arm-linux-gnueabihf-strip(1) ↣ strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
arm-none-eabi-addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
arm-none-eabi-ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
arm-none-eabi-as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
arm-none-eabi-c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
arm-none-eabi-dlltool(1) Create files needed to build and use DLLs.
arm-none-eabi-elfedit(1) Update the ELF header of ELF files.
arm-none-eabi-gprof(1) Display call graph profile data.
arm-none-eabi-ld(1) The GNU linker.
arm-none-eabi-nlmconv(1) Converts object code into an NLM.
arm-none-eabi-nm(1) List symbols from object files.
arm-none-eabi-objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
arm-none-eabi-objdump(1) Display information from object files.
arm-none-eabi-ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
arm-none-eabi-readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
arm-none-eabi-size(1) List section sizes and total size.
arm-none-eabi-strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
arm-none-eabi-strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
arm-none-eabi-windmc(1) Generates Windows message resources.
arm-none-eabi-windres(1) Manipulate Windows resources.
arm2hpdl(1) Add HP download header/trailer to an ARM ELF binary.
arm_fadvise(2) ↣ posix_fadvise(2) Predeclare an access pattern for file data.
arm_fadvise64_64(2) ↣ posix_fadvise(2) Predeclare an access pattern for file data.
arm_sync_file_range(2) ↣ sync_file_range(2) Sync a file segment with disk.
armada-backlight(1) Adjust Compaq Armada backlight.
armagetronad(6) A 3D Tron-like high speed game.
armagetronad-dedicated(6) An Armagetron Advanced dedicated game server.
armagetronad-dedicated.real(6) ↣ armagetronad-dedicated(6) An Armagetron Advanced dedicated game server.
armagetronad.real(6) ↣ armagetronad(6) A 3D Tron-like high speed game.
armscii-8(7) Armenian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
armvam(3NCARG) Moves an area map from one integer array to another.
arno-fwfilter(1) A filter script to make iptables firewall logs more readable for humans.
arno-iptables-firewall(8) Single- & multi-homed firewall script with DSL/ADSL support.
arora(1) Lightweight web browser based on Qt and WebKit.
arora-cacheinfo(1) A tool for extracting files and metadata out of Arora cache files.
arora-placesimport(1) A tool for importing browser history from Firefox 3 and up.
arp(4freebsd) Address Resolution Protocol.
arp(7) Linux ARP kernel module.
arp(8) Manipulate the system ARP cache.
arp-fingerprint(1) Fingerprint a system using ARP.
arp-scan(1) The ARP scanner.
arp2ethers(8) Convert arpwatch address database to ethers file format.
arpa_inet.h(7posix) Definitions for internet operations.
arpalert(8) ARP traffic monitoring.
arpaname(1) Translate IP addresses to the corresponding ARPA names.
arpd(8) Userspace arp daemon.
arpfetch(8) Obtain ethernet/ip address pairings via snmp.
arping(8) Send ARP REQUEST to a neighbour host.
arpon(8) ARP handler inspection.
arpram(3NCARG) Preprocesses an area map that has been initialized by a call to ARINAM and to which edges have been.
arpsend(8) Send ARP requests.
arpsnmp(8) Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings.
arpspoof(8) Intercept packets on a switched LAN.
arptables(8) ARP table administration.
arptables-compat(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
arptables-restore(8) Restore ARP Tables.
arptables-save(8) Save ARP Tables.
arpwatch(8) Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings.
arrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
Arrange(1x) AfterStep module for arranging windows in a tiling or cascading order.
array(3) The array library interface.
array(3erl) Functional, extendible arrays.
Array(3o) Array operations.
Array(3pm) Perl Array handling and conversion between Perl arrays and C array pointers.
array(3tcl) Manipulate array variables.
array-info(1) Check the status of a HP (Compaq) SmartArray controller.
Array::Compare(3pm) Perl extension for comparing arrays.
Array::Diff(3pm) Find the differences between two arrays.
Array::Group(3pm) Convert an array into array of arrayrefs of uniform size N.
Array::IntSpan(3pm) Handles arrays of scalars or objects using integer ranges.
Array::IntSpan::Fields(3pm) IntSpan array using integer fields as indices.
Array::IntSpan::IP(3pm) A Module for arrays using IP addresses as indices.
Array::Iterator(3pm) A simple class for iterating over Perl arrays.
Array::Iterator::BiDirectional(3pm) A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow forwards and backwards iteration.
Array::Iterator::Circular(3pm) A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow circular iteration.
Array::Iterator::Reusable(3pm) A subclass of Array::Iterator to allow reuse of iterators.
Array::PrintCols(3pm) Print or format array elements in vertically sorted columns.
Array::RefElem(3pm) Set up array elements as aliases.
Array::Unique(3pm) Tie-able array that allows only unique values.
Array::Utils(3pm) Small utils for array manipulation.
array_allocate(3) Make sure array has at least n elements allocated.
array_bytes(3) Get number of allocated members in array.
array_cat(3) Append one array to another.
array_cat0(3) Append 0 byte to an array.
array_catb(3) Append bytes to an array.
array_cate(3) Append subset of one array to another array.
array_cats(3) Append C string to an array.
array_cats0(3) Append C string to an array.
array_equal(3) Compare two arrays for equality.
array_fail(3) Switch array to have failed.
array_get(3) Get pointer to nth element in array.
array_length(3) Get number of allocated members in array.
array_reset(3) Deallocate array.
array_start(3) Get pointer to first element in array.
array_trunc(3) Reduce number of initialized bytes.
array_truncate(3) Reduce number of initialized bytes.
ArrayLabels(3o) Array operations.
arriero(1) Simplifies management of several Debian packages.
arrow(1) HMM-based consensus caller for Pacific Biosciences data.
arrow2DB(1) ↣ dazzdb(1) Manage nucleotide sequencing read data for the Dazzler assembler.
arscam(3NCARG) Scans an area map from left to right, extracting the definitions of all the areas defined by the area.
arseti(3NCARG) Provides a new integer value for an Areas parameter.
arsetr(3NCARG) Provides a new real value for an Areas parameter.
art(1) Artemis genome browser and annotation tool.
art_454(1) Simulation of 454 Pyrosequencing.
art_illumina(1) Simulation of Illumina sequencers.
art_profiler_454(1) Create an illumina read quality profile from multiple fastq or gzipped fastq files.
art_profiler_illumina(1) Program for generating empirical 454 read profiles.
art_SOLiD(1) Simulation of Applied Biosystems SOLiD Sequencing.
artemis(1) Interactive EXAFS data analysis.
artfastqgenerator(1) Outputs artificial FASTQ files derived from a reference genome.
artha(1) An cross-platform thesaurus based on WordNet.
arxiv(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
arybase(3perl) Set indexing base via $[.
as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
as10k1(1) Assembler for the emu10k1(emu10k2) DSP.
as2gbmap(1) GameBoy binary image file format utility.
as31(1) An Intel 8031/8051 assembler.
as3compile(1) Compile .as ActionScript 3.0 files to swf.
as86(1) Assembler for 8086..80386 processors.
as_client(1) Launch the astk GUI.
as_run(1) As_run command.
asa(1posix) Interpret carriage-control characters.
asa(3pm) Lets your class/object say it works like something else.
asc(6) Advanced Strategic Command - turn based strategy game.
asc2log(1) Manual page for asc2log 2018.02.0-1.
asc2xml(1) Convert &#nnn; entities to UTF-8.
asc_demount(6) Advanced Strategic Command demount.
asc_mapedit(6) Map editor for Advanced Strategic Command game.
asc_mount(6) Advanced Strategic Command mount.
asc_weaponguide(6) Advanced Strategic Command weaponguide generator.
ascd(1) An AfterStep and WindowMaker CD player.
ascdc(1) AfterStep CD changer.
ascii(1) Report character aliases.
ascii(1plan9) Interpret ASCII, Unicode characters.
ascii(7) ASCII character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
ascii-xfr(1) Upload/download files using the ASCII protocol.
ascii2ascii_UTM(1) Transforms (lat,lon,h) files into UTM coordinates.
ascii2binary(1) Convert ASCII numbers to binary.
ascii2grdAutoMinMaxHDR(1) Transforms the 3 column ascii file to GMT grd file.
ascii2ps(1) Create a postscript file of the data in the 3 column ASCII input file.
ascii2uni(1) Convert 7-bit ASCII representations to UTF-8 Unicode.
ascii85(1) Encodes or decodes files using Ascii85 ruby library.
ascii85(3tcl) Ascii85-encode/decode binary data.
ascii85(3trf) Encoding "ascii85".
asciiart(1) Command line tool to turn images into ASCII art.
asciidoc(1) Converts an AsciiDoc text file to HTML or DocBook.
asciidoctor(1) Converts AsciiDoc source files to HTML, DocBook and other formats.
asciijump(6) Small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping.
asciinema(1) Terminal session recorder.
asciitopgm(1) Convert ASCII graphics into a portable graymap.
asciiview(1) ↣ aview(1) A high quality ASCII art image viewer.
asclock(1x) The AfterStep clock.
ascmap(3x) Defines main structures and function for image quantization libAfterImage/ascmap.h.
ascolor(1x) Create color schemes for AfterStep.
ascommand(1x) Send commands to AfterStep.
ascompose(1x) Tool to compose image(s) and display/save it based on supplied XML input file.
ascompose(3x) Provides access to libAfterImage functionality, using scripts written in custom XML dialect libAf‐.
asctime(3) ↣ ctime(3) Transform date and time.
asctime(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
asctime(3posix) Convert date and time to a string.
asctime_r(3) ↣ ctime(3) Transform date and time.
asctime_r(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
ASDatabase(1x) Defines how windows should be treated by AfterStep depending on its name.
ASDatabaseEntry(1x) To be used in entry of AfterStep database.
asdfg(1) A lightweight visual editor optimized for the QWERTY keyboard.
asdftool(1) Manipulate Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) files.
ase(1) ASE command line tool.
aseqdump(1) Show the events received at an ALSA sequencer port.
aseqjoy(1) Joystick to ALSA MIDI Sequencer Converter.
aseqnet(1) ALSA sequencer connectors over network.
asetkey(8) Add a key from a keytab to an AFS KeyFile or KeyFileExt.
asex(1) Client for anonymous SEX.
ASFileBrowser(1x) AfterStep module for browsing files.
asflip(3x) Demonstrates flipping image in 90 degree increments libAfterImage/tutorials/ASFlip.
asfont(3x) Text drawing functionality and handling of TTF and X11 fonts libAfterImage/asfont.h.
asfxload(1) ↣ sfxload(1) Load a SoundFont file on the Emux WaveTable.
asgrad(3x) Demonstrates rendering of multi point linear gradients libAfterImage/tutorials/ASGrad.
ash(1) Command interpreter (shell).
ASIdentifierChoice_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASIdentifierChoice_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASIdentifiers_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASIdentifiers_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASIdOrRange_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASIdOrRange_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
asimage(3x) Internal structures and methods used for image manipulation in libAfterImage libAfterImage/asimage.h.
asimagexml(1x) XML schema to be used for scripting image manipulation by AfterStep and ascompose libAfterIm‐.
asimagexml(3x) XML schema to be used for scripting image manipulation by AfterStep and ascompose libAfterIm‐.
asimut(1) A simulation tool for hardware descriptions.
asin(3) Arc sine function.
asin(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
asin(3clc) Sine functions.
asin(3G) Return the arcsine of the parameter.
asin(3posix) Arc sine function.
asinf(3) ↣ asin(3) Arc sine function.
asinf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
asinh(3) Inverse hyperbolic sine function.
asinh(3G) Return the arc hyperbolic sine of the parameter.
asinh(3posix) Inverse hyperbolic sine functions.
asinhf(3) ↣ asinh(3) Inverse hyperbolic sine function.
asinhl(3) ↣ asinh(3) Inverse hyperbolic sine function.
asinl(3) ↣ asin(3) Arc sine function.
asinl(3posix) Arc sine function. Queries AFP servers for their capabilities.
asistant(1) Interactive command-line ASIS tool.
ask(1) Adaptive Sampling Kit, a toolkit for sampling big experimental spaces.
ask(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
askmara(1) Do simple dns queries.
askmara-tcp(1) Do simple dns queries over TCP.
askpass-fifo(8mandos) Mandos plugin to get a password from a FIFO.
askPrinter(8) Program to detect the name of your EPSON printer.
asl-hardware(1) Display certain capabilities of the available OpenCL-enalbed devices.
aslink(1) Companion linker for the ASxxxx assemblers.
asm_count(1) ↣ X_count(1) Count physical lines of code, in each input file.
asmail(1) The AfterStep e-mail monitor.
asmailrc(5) The asmail resource file.
asmc(4freebsd) Device driver for the Apple System Management Console (SMC).
asmerge(3x) Demonstrates blending of multiple image using different algorithms libAfterImage/tutorials/ASMerge.
asmix(1) The AfterStep volume control knob.
asmixer(1) The AfterStep Mixer.
asmon(1) A system resource monitor dockapp for Afterstep and WindowMaker.
ASMount(1x) AfterStep module for mounting drives.
asmping(1) Check if you can receive IPv4/IPv6 multicast data from an internet host.
asmtpd(8) Avenger SMTP Daemon.
asmtpd.conf(5) Avenger SMTP Daemon configuration file.
asn(3tcl) ASN.1 BER encoder/decoder.
ASN1_add_oid_module(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules(3ssl) Add standard configuration modules.
asn1_array2tree(3) API function.
asn1_bit_der(3) API function.
asn1_check_version(3) API function.
asn1_compiler(1) ↣ compiler(1) TTCN-3 and ASN.1 to C++ translator.
asn1_copy_node(3) API function.
asn1_create_element(3) API function.
asn1_decode_simple_ber(3) API function.
asn1_decode_simple_der(3) API function.
asn1_delete_element(3) API function.
asn1_delete_structure(3) API function.
asn1_delete_structure2(3) API function.
asn1_der_coding(3) API function.
asn1_der_decoding(3) API function.
asn1_der_decoding2(3) API function.
asn1_der_decoding_element(3) API function.
asn1_der_decoding_startEnd(3) API function.
asn1_dup_node(3) API function.
asn1_encode_simple_der(3) API function.
ASN1_ENUMERATED_get(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_ENUMERATED_get_int64(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_ENUMERATED_set(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_ENUMERATED_set_int64(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_ENUMERATED_to_BN(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
asn1_expand_any_defined_by(3) API function.
asn1_expand_octet_string(3) API function.
asn1_find_node(3) API function.
asn1_find_structure_from_oid(3) API function.
ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_adj(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_check(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_print(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_set(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME_set_string(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_generate_nconf(3ssl) ASN1 generation functions.
ASN1_generate_v3(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_generate_nconf(3ssl) ASN1 generation functions.
asn1_get_bit_der(3) API function.
asn1_get_length_ber(3) API function.
asn1_get_length_der(3) API function.
asn1_get_object_id_der(3) API function.
asn1_get_octet_der(3) API function.
asn1_get_tag_der(3) API function.
ASN1_INTEGER_get(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_INTEGER_get_uint64(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_INTEGER_set(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_INTEGER_set_int64(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_INTEGER_set_uint64(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_INTEGER_to_BN(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64(3ssl)
ASN1_ITEM(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASN1_ITEM_get(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_ITEM_lookup(3ssl) Lookup ASN.1 structures.
ASN1_ITEM_lookup(3ssl) Lookup ASN.1 structures.
asn1_length_der(3) API function.
asn1_number_of_elements(3) API function.
ASN1_OBJECT_free(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_OBJECT_new(3ssl) Object allocation functions.
ASN1_OBJECT_new(3ssl) Object allocation functions.
asn1_octet_der(3) API function.
asn1_parser2array(3) API function.
asn1_parser2tree(3) API function.
asn1_perror(3) API function.
asn1_print_structure(3) API function.
asn1_read_node_value(3) API function.
asn1_read_tag(3) API function.
asn1_read_value(3) API function.
asn1_read_value_type(3) API function.
asn1_strerror(3) API function.
ASN1_STRING_cmp(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_data(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_dup(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_free(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_new(3ssl) ASN1_STRING allocation functions.
ASN1_STRING_get0_data(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_new(3ssl) ASN1_STRING allocation functions.
ASN1_STRING_print(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_print_ex(3ssl) ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_print_ex(3ssl) ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_print_ex_fp(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_print_ex(3ssl) ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_set(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_type(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_length(3ssl)
ASN1_STRING_type_new(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_new(3ssl) ASN1_STRING allocation functions.
ASN1_tag2str(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_STRING_print_ex(3ssl) ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_TIME_adj(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_check(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_cmp_time_t(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_compare(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_diff(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_normalize(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_print(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_set_string(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_set_string_X509(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_to_generalizedtime(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TIME_to_tm(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_TYPE_cmp(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TYPE_get(3ssl)
ASN1_TYPE_pack_sequence(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TYPE_get(3ssl)
ASN1_TYPE_set(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TYPE_get(3ssl)
ASN1_TYPE_set1(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TYPE_get(3ssl)
ASN1_TYPE_unpack_sequence(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TYPE_get(3ssl)
ASN1_UTCTIME_adj(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_UTCTIME_check(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_UTCTIME_cmp_time_t(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_UTCTIME_print(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_UTCTIME_set(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
ASN1_UTCTIME_set_string(3ssl) ↣ ASN1_TIME_set(3ssl)
asn1_write_value(3) API function.
asn1Coding(1) ASN.1 DER encoder.
asn1ct(3erl) ASN.1 compiler and compile-time support functions.
asn1Decoding(1) ASN.1 DER decoder.
asn1parse(1ssl) ASN.1 parsing tool.
asn1Parser(1) ASN.1 syntax tree generator for libtasn1.
asn2all(1) Generate reports from ASN.1 biological data.
asn2asn(1) Convert NCBI data between text and binary ASN.1.
asn2ff(1) Convert ASN.1 biological data to a flat format (old version).
asn2fsa(1) Convert biological sequence data from ASN.1 to FASTA.
asn2gb(1) Convert ASN.1 biological data to a GenBank-style flat format.
asn2idx(1) Index ASN.1 Bioseq-sets for fast access to individual sequences.
asn2xml(1) Translate biological data from ASN.1 to XML.
asndhuff(1) Decompress compressed ASN.1 (CASN) files.
asndisc(1) Check ASN.1 biological sequence records for discrepancies.
asnmacro(1) Process ASN.1 biological data per Sequin macros.
asntool(1) Process ASN.1 module specifications.
asnval(1) Validate ASN.1 biological sequence records.
asp(1) Find an host IP address by its name.
asp-perl(1p) Apache::ASP CGI and command line script processor.
asp-state(1) ↣ asp-state4(1) Mono ASP.NET Session State Server.
asp-state4(1) Mono ASP.NET Session State Server.
aspcud(1) Solve dependencies between packages.
Aspect(3pm) Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) for Perl.
Aspect::Advice(3pm) Change how Perl code is run at a pointcut.
Aspect::Advice::After(3pm) Execute code after a function is called.
Aspect::Advice::Around(3pm) Execute code both before and after a function.
Aspect::Advice::Before(3pm) Execute code before a function is called.
Aspect::Guard(3pm) General purpose guard object for destroy-time actions.
Aspect::Hook(3pm) Holding area for internal generated code.
Aspect::Legacy(3pm) Legacy Compatibility for
Aspect::Library(3pm) Base class for all reusable aspects.
Aspect::Library::Breakpoint(3pm) A breakpoint aspect.
Aspect::Library::Listenable(3pm) Observer pattern with events.
Aspect::Library::Singleton(3pm) A singleton aspect.
Aspect::Library::Wormhole(3pm) A wormhole between call frames.
Aspect::Modular(3pm) First generation base class for reusable aspects.
Aspect::Point(3pm) The Join Point context.
Aspect::Point::Functions(3pm) Allow point context methods to be called as functions.
Aspect::Point::Static(3pm) The Join Point context for join point static parts.
Aspect::Pointcut(3pm) API for determining which events should be hooked.
Aspect::Pointcut::And(3pm) Logical 'and' pointcut.
Aspect::Pointcut::Call(3pm) Call pointcut.
Aspect::Pointcut::Cflow(3pm) Cflow pointcut.
Aspect::Pointcut::Highest(3pm) Pointcut for preventing recursive matching.
Aspect::Pointcut::Logic(3pm) Pointcut logic role.
Aspect::Pointcut::Not(3pm) Logical 'not' pointcut.
Aspect::Pointcut::Or(3pm) Logical 'or' pointcut.
Aspect::Pointcut::Returning(3pm) Function returning without exception.
Aspect::Pointcut::Throwing(3pm) Exception typing pointcut.
Aspect::Pointcut::True(3pm) Pointcut that allows arbitrary Perl code.
Aspect::Pointcut::Wantarray(3pm) A pointcut for the run-time wantarray context.
aspell(1) Interactive spell checker.
aspell-autobuildhash(8) Autobuilding aspell hash files for some dicts.
aspell-import(1) Import old personal dictionaries into GNU Aspell.
aspic(1) A line-art processor.
aspline(1) Akima spline interpolation.
asprintf(3) Print to allocated string.
asql(8) Provide an SQL interface to Apache logfiles.
asr(2rheolef) Associative sparse matrix (rheolef-6.7).
ASRange_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASRange_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ASRun(1x) AfterStep module for choosing and manipulating windows based on patterns.
ass(1) Autonomous system scanner.
assa-genesis-3.5(1) Generates skeleton files for RAD development with ASSA library.
assa-hexdump-3.5(1) Dump the contents of the file in hex to standard output.
assaultcube(6) AssaultCube client.
assaultcube-server(6) AssaultCube server.
asscale(3x) Demonstrates image loading and scaling libAfterImage/tutorials/ASScale.
Assemblytics(1) Detect and analyze structural variants from a genome assembly.
assert(3) Abort the program if assertion is false.
ASSERT(3alleg4) Debugging helper macro to assert. Allegro game programming library.
assert(3avr) ↣ avr_assert(3avr)
assert(3posix) Insert program diagnostics.
assert.h(7posix) Verify program assertion.
assert_perror(3) Test errnum and abort.
assign_lisa(1) ↣ sgbdemos(1) Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase.
assimp(1) Open Asset Import Library Tool.
assistant-qt4(1) On-line documentation browser for Qt4.
asslcert(1) ↣ ripe-atlas(1) Command-line client for RIPE Atlas.
assume_default_colors(3ncurses) ↣ default_colors(3ncurses) Use terminal's default colors.
assume_default_colors_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
assword(1) ↣ impass(1) Simple and secure password management and retrieval system.
Ast_helper(3o) Helpers to produce Parsetree fragments.
Ast_helper.Cf(3o) Class fields.
Ast_helper.Ci(3o) Classes.
Ast_helper.Cl(3o) Class expressions.
Ast_helper.Const(3o) No description.
Ast_helper.Csig(3o) Class signatures.
Ast_helper.Cstr(3o) Class structures.
Ast_helper.Ctf(3o) Class type fields.
Ast_helper.Cty(3o) Class type expressions.
Ast_helper.Exp(3o) Expressions.
Ast_helper.Incl(3o) Includes.
Ast_helper.Mb(3o) Module bindings.
Ast_helper.Md(3o) Module declarations.
Ast_helper.Mod(3o) Module expressions.
Ast_helper.Mtd(3o) Module type declarations.
Ast_helper.Mty(3o) Module type expressions.
Ast_helper.Opn(3o) Opens.
Ast_helper.Pat(3o) Patterns.
Ast_helper.Sig(3o) Signature items.
Ast_helper.Str(3o) Structure items.
Ast_helper.Te(3o) Type extensions.
Ast_helper.Typ(3o) Type expressions.
Ast_helper.Type(3o) Type declarations.
Ast_helper.Val(3o) Value declarations.
Ast_helper.Vb(3o) Value bindings.
Ast_invariants(3o) Check AST invariants.
Ast_iterator(3o) Ast_iterator.iterator allows to implement AST inspection using open recursion.
Ast_mapper(3o) The interface of a -ppx rewriter.
astarithmetic(1) Arithmetic operations on images and numbers.
astbuildprog(1) Compile, link with Gnuastro library and its dependencies, and run a C program.
astconvertt(1) Convert known data types to each other.
astconvolve(1) Convolve an image with a given kernel.
astcosmiccal(1) Estimate cosmological values.
astcrop(1) Crop regions of a dataset.
astdb2bdb(8) Convert astdb back to Berkeley DB 1.86.
astdb2sqlite3(8) Convert astdb to SQLite 3.
asterisk(8) All-purpose telephony server.
asterisk-config-custom(1) For helping you making your 'asterisk-config-custom' .deb package.
asterisk-tests-run(1) Run tests for the asterisk-testsuite.
Asterisk::AGI(3pm) Simple Asterisk Gateway Interface Class.
Asterisk::Astman(3pm) Interface to the astman port.
Asterisk::Conf::IAX(3pm) IAX configuration stuff.
Asterisk::Conf::MeetMe(3pm) MeetMe configuration stuff.
Asterisk::Conf::Zapata(3pm) Zapata configuration stuff.
Asterisk::Extension(3pm) Stuff to deal with asterisk extension config.
Asterisk::Manager(3pm) Asterisk Manager Interface.
Asterisk::Outgoing(3pm) Create outgoing call queue file.
Asterisk::Voicemail(3pm) Stuff to deal with asterisk voicemail.
Asterisk::Zapata(3pm) Zapata stuff.
astext(3x) Demonstrates antialiased texturized text rendering libAfterImage/tutorials/ASText.
astfits(1) View and manipulate FITS headers.
astgenkey(8) Generates keys for for Asterisk IAX2 RSA authentication.
astile(3x) Demonstrates image tiling/cropping and tinting libAfterImage/tutorials/ASTile.
astk(1) Launch the astk GUI.
astmatch(1) Match catalogs by 1D or 2D positions.
astmkcatalog(1) Make a catalog from labeled input images.
astmknoise(1) Add noise to an image.
astmkprof(1) Make standard 2D profiles on an image.
astnoisechisel(1) Detect signal in a noisy image.
astraceroute(8) Autonomous system trace route utility.
astribank_allow(8) License Xorcom Astribank (xpp) capabilities.
astribank_hexload(8) Xorcom Astribank (xpp) firmware loader.
astribank_is_starting(8) Mark / check is a Xorcom Astribank (xpp) is starting.
astribank_tool(8) Xorcom Astribank (xpp) control tool.
Astro::FITS::CFITSIO(3pm) Perl extension for using the cfitsio library.
Astro::FITS::Header(3pm) Object Orientated interface to FITS HDUs.
Astro::FITS::Header::AST(3pm) Manipulates FITS headers from an AST object.
Astro::FITS::Header::CFITSIO(3pm) Manipulates FITS headers from a FITS file.
Astro::FITS::Header::GSD(3pm) Manipulate FITS headers from GSD files.
Astro::FITS::Header::Item(3pm) A card image from a FITS header.
Astro::FITS::Header::NDF(3pm) Manipulate FITS headers from NDF files.
AstroMenace(6) Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities.
astrometry-engine(1) Identify where a list of stars is on the sky.
aststatistics(1) Calculate statistics of a dataset.
asttable(1) Read and write ASCII and FITS tables.
Asttypes(3o) Auxiliary AST types used by parsetree and typedtree.
astwarp(1) Warp (transform) input dataset.
astyle(1) Multi-language indentation and reformatting filters.
asunder(1) Graphical audio CD ripper and encoder.
asused(3pm) Summaries address space used and according to the RIPE DB and REG.
asview(3x) Demonstrates loading and displaying of images libAfterImage/tutorials/ASView.
asvisual(3x) Abstraction layer on top of X Visuals, focusing on color handling libAfterImage/asvisual.h.
ASWallpaper(1x) AfterStep module for managing AfterStep wallpapers.
asx8051(1) ↣ asxxxx(1) Series of microprocessor cross assemblers for SDCC.
asxxxx(1) Series of microprocessor cross assemblers for SDCC.
asy(1) Asymptote: a script-based vector graphics language.
asylum(6) A surreal platform shooting game.
async(3tcl) Asynchronous in-memory cache.
Async::Interrupt(3pm) Allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl asynchronously.
Async::MergePoint(3pm) Resynchronise diverged control flow.
ASYNC_block_pause(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_cleanup_thread(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_get_current_job(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_get_wait_ctx(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_init_thread(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_is_capable(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_pause_job(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_unblock_pause(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_start_job(3ssl)
ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_clear_fd(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_new(3ssl)
ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_new(3ssl)
ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_get_all_fds(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_new(3ssl)
ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_get_changed_fds(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_new(3ssl)
ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_get_fd(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_new(3ssl)
ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_set_wait_fd(3ssl) ↣ ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_new(3ssl)
async_work_group_copy(3clc) Perform an async copy.
async_work_group_strided_copy(3clc) Performs an async gather of num_elements gentype elements from source to.
asyncCopyFunctions(3clc) Asynchronous copies between global and local memory and a prefetch from.
at(1) Queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution.
at(1posix) Execute commands at a later time.
at.allow(5) Determine who can submit jobs via at or batch.
at.deny(5) ↣ at.allow(5) Determine who can submit jobs via at or batch.
ata(4freebsd) Generic ATA/SATA controller driver.
atac(1) Comparative mapping between genome sequences.
ataglist(1) Print audio file metadata.
atalk(4) AppleTalk protocol family.
atalk_aton(3) AppleTalk address parsing.
atalkd(8) AppleTalk RTMP, NBP, ZIP, and AEP manager.
atalkd.conf(5) Configuration file used by atalkd(8) to determine the interfaces used by the master Netatalk.
atAllAttrs(3) ↣ atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atan(3) Arc tangent function.
atan(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
atan(3clc) Tangent functions.
atan(3G) Return the arc-tangent of the parameters.
atan(3posix) Arc tangent function.
atan2(3) Arc tangent function of two variables.
atan2(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
atan2(3posix) Arc tangent functions.
atan2f(3) ↣ atan2(3) Arc tangent function of two variables.
atan2f(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
atan2l(3) ↣ atan2(3) Arc tangent function of two variables.
atanf(3) ↣ atan(3) Arc tangent function.
atanf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
atanf(3posix) Arc tangent function.
atanh(3) Inverse hyperbolic tangent function.
atanh(3G) Return the arc hyperbolic tangent of the parameter.
atanh(3posix) Inverse hyperbolic tangent functions.
atanhf(3) ↣ atanh(3) Inverse hyperbolic tangent function.
atanhl(3) ↣ atanh(3) Inverse hyperbolic tangent function.
atanks(6) Obliterate each other with oversize weapons.
atanl(3) ↣ atan(3) Arc tangent function.
atanl(3posix) Arc tangent function.
atari-convert-dir(1) Helper for creating Atari compatible disk images.
atari-hd-image(1) Tool for creating a harddisk image for use with Hatari.
atari800(1) Emulator of Atari 8-bit computers and the 5200 console.
atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atAttrName(3) ↣ atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atAttrValue(3) ↣ atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atBindAddRule(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindCache(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindDelRule(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindDisplayErrors(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindExpandMacro(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindListRules(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindModeOption(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindNoMsg(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindOptions(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindRuleFile(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindSet(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindSetArgv(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindShowRules(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindTestRule(3) ↣ atbindrule(3)
atBindTrace(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindUsage(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atBindVersion(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atc(6) Air traffic controller game.
atcache(3) Derived object cache handling.
atCacheKey(3) ↣ atcache(3) Derived object cache handling.
atclass(3) ASO class handling.
atCloseExpand(3) ↣ atread(3) Read version objects with attribute citations expanded.
atd(8) Run jobs queued for later execution.
atdcat(1) Syntax check and transformations of ATD files.
atDelVersAlias(3) ↣ atversion(3) Version handling.
atdgen(1) ATD compiler and code generator.
aterm(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
aterm-ml(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
aterm-xterm(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
atest(1) Decode AX.25 frames from an audio file.
atexit(3) Register a function to be called at normal process termination.
atexit(3posix) Register a function to run at process termination.
atExpand(3) ↣ atexpand(3) Attribute expansion.
atexpand(3) Attribute expansion.
atExpandAttrs(3) ↣ atexpand(3) Attribute expansion.
atf-test-case(4freebsd) Generic description of test cases.
atFileClassExt(3) ↣ atclass(3) ASO class handling.
atFreeAttrs(3) ↣ atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atfsit(1) A program to prepare files for version control.
atfsrepair(1) Repair corrupted AtFS repository, or convert old repository to new format.
atfstkintro(3) Introduction to the AtFS (Attribute Filesystem) Toolkit Library.
atftp(1) TFTP client (RFC1350).
atftpd(8) Trivial File Transfer Protocol Server.
atGen(3) ↣ atversion(3) Version handling.
ath(4freebsd) Atheros IEEE 802.11 wireless network driver.
ath_ahb(4freebsd) Atheros AHB device glue.
ath_hal(4freebsd) Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL).
ath_pci(4freebsd) Atheros PCI device glue.
atheist(1) A general prupose test framework.
atheme-services(8) A modular IRC services daemon.
athena(1) Interactive XAS data processing.
athena-jot(1) Print sequential or random data.
ati(4) ATI video driver.
atig(1) Another Twitter IRC Gateway.
atIsDerived(3) ↣ atclass(3) ASO class handling.
atisplit(1) Conversion utility from the GATOS package.
atitogif(1) YUV conversion program from the GATOS package.
atitojpg(1) YUV conversion program from the GATOS package.
atitoppm(1) YUV conversion program from the GATOS package.
atitv(1) Simple text-mode program from the GATOS package.
atitvout(1) ATI Rage/Radeon TV Out configuration program.
atk6-address6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-alive6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-connsplit6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-covert_send6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-covert_send6d(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-denial6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-detect-new-ip6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-detect_sniffer6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dnsdict6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dnsrevenum6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dnssecwalk(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dos-new-ip6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dos_mld(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dump_dhcp6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dump_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-exploit6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-extract_hosts6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-extract_networks6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_advertise6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_dhcps6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_dns6d(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_dnsupdate6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mipv6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mld26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mld6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mldrouter6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_pim6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_router26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_solicitate6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-firewall6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_advertise6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_dhcpc6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_mld26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_mld6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_mldrouter6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_redir6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_router26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_rs6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_solicitate6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-four2six(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fragmentation6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fragrouter6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fuzz_dhcpc6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fuzz_dhcps6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fuzz_ip6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-implementation6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-implementation6d(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-inject_alive6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-inverse_lookup6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-kill_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-ndpexhaust26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-ndpexhaust6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-node_query6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-parasite6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-passive_discovery6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-randicmp6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-redir6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-redirsniff6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-rsmurf6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-sendpees6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-sendpeesmp6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-smurf6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-thcping6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-thcsyn6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-toobig6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-toobigsniff6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-trace6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atkbd(4freebsd) The AT keyboard interface.
atkbdc(4freebsd) The AT keyboard controller interface.
atktopbm(1) Convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to portable bitmap.
atlantis(6x) Draw swimming sharks, whales, and dolphins.
atlas_convert(1) Convert Atlas data files.
atlc(1) An Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator.
atLocalPath(3) ↣ atnetwork(3) Network path handling.
atlog(3) Log and lock handling.
atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
atmaddr(8) List and maintain local ATM addresses.
atmarp(8) Administer classical IP over ATM connections.
atmarpd(8) ATMARP demon.
atmdiag(8) Show ATM device driver diagnostics.
atmdump(8) Capture or generate ATM cells.
atmel_fwl(8) Load firmware into Atmel at76c50x wireless networking chips.
atmloop(8) Get/set loopback mode of ATM interfaces.
atmsigd(8) ATM signaling demon.
atmsigd.conf(4) Configuration file for the ATM signaling demon.
atmtcp(8) Set up ATM over TCP connections.
atnetwork(3) Network path handling.
atNetworkPath(3) ↣ atnetwork(3) Network path handling.
AtoB(1) Convert ASCII base-64 encoded data to binary base-64 encoded data.
atobm(1) ↣ bitmap(1) Bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System.
atof(3) Convert a string to a double.
atof(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
atof(3posix) Convert a string to a double-precision number.
atoi(3) Convert a string to an integer.
atoi(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
atoi(3posix) Convert a string to an integer.
atol(3) ↣ atoi(3) Convert a string to an integer.
atol(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
atol(3posix) Convert a string to a long integer.
atoll(3) ↣ atoi(3) Convert a string to an integer.
atom4(6) Two-player color puzzle game.
atom_add(3clc) 64-bit atom_add functions.
atom_and(3clc) 64-bit atom_and functions.
atom_cmpxchg(3clc) 64-bit atom_cmpxchg functions.
atom_dec(3clc) 64-bit atom_dec functions.
atom_inc(3clc) 64-bit atom_inc functions.
atom_max(3clc) 64-bit atom_max functions.
atom_min(3clc) 64-bit atom_min functions.
atom_or(3clc) 64-bit atom_or functions.
atom_sub(3clc) 64-bit atom_sub functions.
atom_xchg(3clc) 64-bit atom_xchg functions.
atom_xor(3clc) 64-bit atom_xor functions.
AtomBus(3pm) An AtomPub server for messaging.
atomic_add(3clc) Atomic_add functions.
atomic_and(3clc) Atomic_and functions.
ATOMIC_BLOCK(3avr) ↣ util_atomic(3avr)
atomic_cmpxchg(3clc) Atomic_cmpxchg functions.
atomic_dec(3clc) Atomic_dec functions.
ATOMIC_FORCEON(3avr) ↣ util_atomic(3avr)
atomic_inc(3clc) Atomic_inc functions.
atomic_max(3clc) Atomic_max functions.
atomic_min(3clc) Atomic_min functions.
atomic_or(3clc) Atomic_or functions.
ATOMIC_RESTORESTATE(3avr) ↣ util_atomic(3avr)
atomic_sub(3clc) Atomic_sub functions.
atomic_xchg(3clc) Atomic_xchg functions.
atomic_xor(3clc) Atomic_xor functions.
atomicAdd(3G) Perform an atomic addition to a variable.
atomicAnd(3G) Perform an atomic logical AND operation to a variable.
atomicCompSwap(3G) Perform an atomic compare-exchange operation to a variable.
atomicCounter(3G) Return the current value of an atomic counter.
atomicCounterDecrement(3G) Atomically decrement a counter and return the prior value.
atomicCounterIncrement(3G) Atomically increment a counter and return the prior value.
atomicExchange(3G) Perform an atomic exchange operation to a variable.
atomicFunctions(3clc) The atomic functions are shown below. Click an item in the table below for details about.
atomicMax(3G) Perform an atomic max operation to a variable.
atomicMin(3G) Perform an atomic min operation to a variable.
atomicOr(3G) Perform an atomic logical OR operation to a variable.
atomicXor(3G) Perform an atomic logical exclusive OR operation to a variable.
atomix(6) Molecule puzzle game.
Atompub(3pm) Atom Publishing Protocol implementation.
Atompub::Client(3pm) A client for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::DateTime(3pm) A date and time object for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::MediaType(3pm) A media type object for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::Server(3pm) A server for the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Atompub::Util(3pm) Utility functions.
atoms(1) Make lists of atomic coordinates from crystallographic data.
atoms(1p) Make lists of atomic coordinates from crystallographic data.
atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types.
atop(1) Advanced System & Process Monitor.
atopacctd(8) Process accounting daemon.
atOpenExpand(3) ↣ atread(3) Read version objects with attribute citations expanded.
atoprc(5) Atop/atopsar related rcfile.
atopsar(1) Advanced System Activity Report (atop related).
atoq(3) ↣ atoi(3) Convert a string to an integer.
atp(4freebsd) Apple touchpad driver.
atprint(3) Print and scan special attribute values.
atq(1) ↣ at(1) Queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution.
ATR_analysis(1p) Analyse a smart card ATR.
atraceroute(1) ↣ ripe-atlas(1) Command-line client for RIPE Atlas.
atread(3) Read version objects with attribute citations expanded.
atReadExpand(3) ↣ atread(3) Read version objects with attribute citations expanded.
atRetAttr(3) ↣ atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atRev(3) ↣ atversion(3) Version handling.
atril(1) The MATE Document Viewer.
atril-previewer(1) Show print preview for a document.
atril-thumbnailer(1) Create png thumbnails from atril supported documents.
atrm(1) ↣ at(1) Queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution.
Atropos(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
atrtc(4freebsd) AT Real-Time Clock (RTC) driver.
atSaveCache(3) ↣ atcache(3) Derived object cache handling.
atsc_epg(1) An electronic program guide using ATSC devices.
atScanBinding(3) ↣ atbind(3)
atScanStatus(3) ↣ atprint(3) Print and scan special attribute values.
atScanUser(3) ↣ atuser(3) User handling.
atscc(1) ATS compiler frontend.
atse(4freebsd) Driver for the Altera Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore.
atSetAttr(3) ↣ atattribute(3) Attribute handling.
atSetComment(3) ↣ atlog(3) Log and lock handling.
atSetVersAlias(3) ↣ atversion(3) Version handling.
atslex(1) Lexer generator for ATS.
atsopt(1) ATS to C compiler.
atst(1) Test the consistency of target architectures.
atst-int32(1) ↣ atst(1) Test the consistency of target architectures.
atst-int64(1) ↣ atst(1) Test the consistency of target architectures.
atst-long(1) ↣ atst(1) Test the consistency of target architectures.
attachMesh(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
attack(1) ↣ ladr4-apps(1) Undocumented LADR4 applications.
attal-ai(6) Turn-based strategy game, ai player.
attal-campaign-editor(6) Turn-based strategy game, campaign editor.
attal-client(6) Turn-based strategy game, client.
attal-scenario-editor(6) Turn-based strategy game, scenario editor.
attal-server(6) Turn-based strategy game, server.
attal-theme-editor(6) Turn-based strategy game, theme editor.
Attean(3pm) A Semantic Web Framework.
Attean::AggregateExpression(3pm) Representation of aggregate expression trees.
Attean::Algebra(3pm) Representation of SPARQL algebra operators.
Attean::API(3pm) Utility package for loading all Attean role packages.
Attean::API::AbbreviatingParser(3pm) Role for parsers that use construct absolute IRIs based on prefixed names or.
Attean::API::AbbreviatingSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers that can abbreviate IRIs as prefixed names or.
Attean::API::AggregateExpression(3pm) Role representing an aggregate expression tree.
Attean::API::AppendableSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers that can be repeatedly invoked while keeping output.
Attean::API::AtOnceParser(3pm) Role for parsers that natively parse all input before returning any data.
Attean::API::Binding(3pm) Name to term bindings.
Attean::API::Blank(3pm) Role representing RDF blank terms.
Attean::API::BlankOrIRI(3pm) Role representing blank or IRI terms.
Attean::API::BulkUpdatableModel(3pm) Role representing models that can perform bulk update operations.
Attean::API::Expression(3pm) SPARQL expressions.
Attean::API::IRI(3pm) Role representing RDF IRI terms.
Attean::API::Iterator(3pm) Typed iterator.
Attean::API::Literal(3pm) Role representing RDF Literal terms.
Attean::API::MixedStatementParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::TripleOrQuad objects.
Attean::API::MixedStatementSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::TripleOrQuad objects.
Attean::API::Model(3pm) RDF Model.
Attean::API::MutableModel(3pm) Role representing mutable models.
Attean::API::MutableTripleStore(3pm) Role representing mutable triple stores.
Attean::API::Parser(3pm) Parser role.
Attean::API::Plan(3pm) Query plan.
Attean::API::PullParser(3pm) Role for parsers that natively return an iterator.
Attean::API::PushParser(3pm) Role for parsers that natively call a callback function for each parsed item.
Attean::API::Quad(3pm) Role representing quads.
Attean::API::QuadParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Quad objects.
Attean::API::QuadPattern(3pm) Role representing quad patterns.
Attean::API::QuadSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Quad objects.
Attean::API::Query(3pm) Utility package defining query-related roles.
Attean::API::QueryPlanner(3pm) Iterative dynamic programming query planning role.
Attean::API::RepeatableIterator(3pm) Role representing iterators that may be reset and iterated again.
Attean::API::Result(3pm) Role representing a set of variable bindings.
Attean::API::ResultParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Result objects.
Attean::API::ResultSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Result objects.
Attean::API::Serializer(3pm) Serializer role.
Attean::API::Store(3pm) Triple/quad store role.
Attean::API::Term(3pm) RDF Terms.
Attean::API::TermOrVariable(3pm) Role representing terms and variables.
Attean::API::TermParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Term objects.
Attean::API::TermSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Term objects.
Attean::API::Triple(3pm) Role representing triples.
Attean::API::TripleOrQuad(3pm) Role representing triples and quads.
Attean::API::TripleParser(3pm) Role for parsers of Attean::API::Triple objects.
Attean::API::TriplePattern(3pm) Role representing triple patterns.
Attean::API::TripleSerializer(3pm) Role for serializers of Attean::API::Triple objects.
Attean::API::Variable(3pm) Role representing term variables.
Attean::BindingEqualityTest(3pm) Test for equality of binding sets with bnode isomorphism.
Attean::Blank(3pm) RDF blank nodes.
Attean::CodeIterator(3pm) Iterator implementation backed by a generator function.
Attean::Expression(3pm) SPARQL Expressions.
Attean::IDPQueryPlanner(3pm) Iterative dynamic programming query planner.
Attean::IRI(3pm) RDF Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs).
Attean::IteratorSequence(3pm) Iterator implementation backed by zero or more sub-iterators.
Attean::ListIterator(3pm) Iterator implementation backed by a list/array of values.
Attean::Literal(3pm) RDF Literals.
Attean::Plan(3pm) Representation of SPARQL query plan operators.
Attean::Quad(3pm) RDF Quads.
Attean::QuadModel(3pm) RDF model backed by a quad-store.
Attean::QueryPlanner(3pm) Query planner.
Attean::RDF(3pm) Utility package for exporting shorthand functions for constructing RDF objects.
Attean::Result(3pm) SPARQL Result.
Attean::SimpleQueryEvaluator(3pm) Simple query evaluator.
Attean::TermMap(3pm) Mapping terms to new terms.
Attean::TreeRewriter(3pm) Walk and rewrite subtrees.
Attean::Triple(3pm) RDF Triples.
Attean::TripleModel(3pm) RDF model backed by a set of triple-stores.
Attean::Variable(3pm) Pattern matching variables.
AtteanX::API::JoinRotatingPlanner(3pm) Query planning role to produce alternative join plans.
AtteanX::API::Lexer(3pm) Role defining common functionality for lexers.
AtteanX::Compatibility::Trine(3pm) Compatibility layer between RDF::Trine and Attean.
AtteanX::Endpoint(3pm) SPARQL 1.1 Protocol Endpoint.
AtteanX::Model::SPARQL(3pm) Attean SPARQL Model.
AtteanX::Parser::NQuads(3pm) N-Quads Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::NTriples(3pm) N-Triples Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::NTuples(3pm) Shared functionality for N-Triples and N-Quads parsers.
AtteanX::Parser::RDFXML(3pm) RDF/XML Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQL(3pm) SPARQL 1.1 Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLJSON(3pm) SPARQL JSON Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLLex(3pm) SPARQL Lexer.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLTSV(3pm) SPARQL Results TSV Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLXML(3pm) SPARQL XML Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::SPARQLXML::SAXHandler(3pm) XML parser for SPARQL XML Results format.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle(3pm) Turtle RDF Parser.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for use in parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Lexer(3pm) Tokenizer for parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples.
AtteanX::Parser::Turtle::Token(3pm) Token objects used for parsing of Turtle.
AtteanX::Plan::LDF::Triple(3pm) Plan for evaluation of Linked Data Fragments.
AtteanX::Plan::SPARQLBGP(3pm) Plan for efficient evaluation of SPARQL BGPs on remote endpoints.
AtteanX::Query::AccessPlan::LDF(3pm) An access plan for Linked Data Fragments.
AtteanX::Query::AccessPlan::SingleQuadBGP(3pm) An access plan for single-quad basic graph patterns.
AtteanX::Serializer::CanonicalNTriples(3pm) Canonical N-Triples Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::NQuads(3pm) N-Triples Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::NTriples(3pm) N-Triples Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::NTuples(3pm) Shared functionality for N-Triples and N-Quads serializers.
AtteanX::Serializer::RDFXML(3pm) RDF/XML Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQL(3pm) SPARQL Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLCSV(3pm) SPARQL Results CSV Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLHTML(3pm) SPARQL Results HTML Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLJSON(3pm) SPARQL Results JSON Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLTSV(3pm) SPARQL Results TSV Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::SPARQLXML(3pm) SPARQL Results XML Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::Turtle(3pm) Turtle Serializer.
AtteanX::Serializer::TurtleTokens(3pm) Turtle Serializer.
AtteanX::SPARQL::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for use in parsing and serializing SPARQL.
AtteanX::SPARQL::Token(3pm) Token objects used for parsing and serializing SPARQL.
AtteanX::Store::LDF(3pm) Linked Data Fragment RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::Memory(3pm) Simple in-memory RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::Simple(3pm) Simple, unindexed, in-memory RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::SimpleTripleStore(3pm) SimpleTripleStore, unindexed, in-memory RDF store.
AtteanX::Store::SPARQL(3pm) Attean SPARQL store.
attemptckalloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
attemptckrealloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
attila(1) A Tool Installer.
attimer(4freebsd) I8254 Programmable Interval Timer (AT Timer) driver.
attr(1) Extended attributes on XFS filesystem objects.
attr(5) Extended attributes.
attr_back_dev(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_back_fd(1) Backup RSBAC attributes from filesystem objects.
attr_back_group(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_back_net(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_back_user(1) Backup RSBAC attributes for users.
attr_get(3) Get the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object.
attr_get(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
attr_get_fd(1) Fetch RSBAC attributes from files or directories.
attr_get_file_dir(1) Fetch RSBAC attribute values for filesystem objects.
attr_get_group(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_get_ipc(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_get_net(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_get_process(1) Get RSBAC attributes on the selected process.
attr_get_up(1) Get RSBAC attributes on the selected user or process.
attr_get_user(1) Get RSBAC attributes of the selected user.
attr_getf(3) ↣ attr_get(3) Get the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object.
Attr_helper(3o) Helpers for attributes.
attr_list(3) List the names of the user attributes of a filesystem object.
attr_list_by_handle(3) ↣ path_to_handle(3)
attr_listf(3) ↣ attr_list(3) List the names of the user attributes of a filesystem object.
attr_multi(3) Manipulate multiple user attributes on a filesystem object at once.
attr_multi_by_handle(3) ↣ path_to_handle(3)
attr_multif(3) ↣ attr_multi(3) Manipulate multiple user attributes on a filesystem object at once.
attr_off(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
attr_on(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
attr_remove(3) Remove a user attribute of a filesystem object.
attr_removef(3) ↣ attr_remove(3) Remove a user attribute of a filesystem object.
attr_rm_fd(1) Remove (reset into default values) all RSBAC attributes of file or directory.
attr_rm_file_dir(1) Remove (reset into default values) all RSBAC attributes of file or directory.
attr_rm_user(1) Remove all attributes of a user.
attr_set(3) Set the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object.
attr_set(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
attr_set_fd(1) Set RSBAC attributes on the selected file or directory.
attr_set_file_dir(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_set_group(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_set_ipc(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_set_net(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_set_process(1) Set RSBAC attributes on the selected process.
attr_set_up(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
attr_set_user(1) Set RSBAC attributes on the selected user.
attr_setf(3) ↣ attr_set(3) Set the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object.
attraction(6x) Interactions of opposing forces.
attrbox(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
attrd_updater(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
Attribute::Handlers(3perl) Simpler definition of attribute handlers.
__attribute__(3avr) ↣ power.h(3avr)
attributes(3menu) Color.
attributes(3perl) Get/set subroutine or variable attributes.
attributes(7) POSIX safety concepts.
attributes-blocksAndControlFlow(3clc) Attributes of Blocks and Control-Flow Statements.
attributes-types(3clc) Attributes of Types.
attributes-variables(3clc) Attributes of Variables.
attroff(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
attron(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
attrset(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
atUnlock(3) ↣ atlog(3) Log and lock handling.
atunnel(6x) Hypnotic GL tunnel journey.
atuser(3) User handling.
atUserName(3) ↣ atuser(3) User handling.
atUserUid(3) ↣ atuser(3) User handling.
atUserValid(3) ↣ atuser(3) User handling.
atversion(3) Version handling.
atVno(3) ↣ atversion(3) Version handling.
atWriteDate(3) ↣ atprint(3) Print and scan special attribute values.
atWriteMode(3) ↣ atprint(3) Print and scan special attribute values.
atWriteName(3) ↣ atprint(3) Print and scan special attribute values.
atWriteStatus(3) ↣ atprint(3) Print and scan special attribute values.
au(1nas) ↣ nas(1nas) A portable, network-transparent audio system.
aubio(1) A command line tool to extract information from sound files.
aubiocut(1) A command line tool to slice sound files at onset or beat timestamps.
aubiomfcc(1) A command line tool to compute Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients.
aubionotes(1) A command line tool to extract musical notes.
aubioonset(1) A command line tool to extract musical onset times.
aubiopitch(1) A command line tool to extract musical pitch.
aubioquiet(1) A command line tool to extracts quiet and loud regions from a file.
aubiotrack(1) A command line tool to extract musical beats from audio signals.
aucat(1) Audio files manipulation tool.
auconvert(1nas) Perform various conversion operations on sound files.
auctl(1nas) Control various audio server parameters.
audacious(1) An advanced audio player.
audacity(1) Graphical cross-platform audio editor.
audemo(1nas) Network Audio System record and play demo.
audial(1nas) Generate or recognize touch tones for North American telephones.
audio2tape(1) Sinclair ZX Spectrum audio to tape file converter.
Audio::APE(3pm) An object-oriented interface to Monkey's Audio file information and APE tag fields.
Audio::CD(3pm) Perl interface to libcdaudio (cd + cddb).
Audio::Ecasound(3pm) Perl binding to the ecasound sampler, recorder, fx-processor.
Audio::File(3pm) Audio file abstraction library.
Audio::File::AudioProperties(3pm) Abstract an audio files audio properties.
Audio::File::Tag(3pm) Abstracts the tag of an audio file.
Audio::File::Type(3pm) Represents an audio filetype.
Audio::FLAC::Decoder(3pm) An object-oriented FLAC decoder.
Audio::FLAC::Header(3pm) Interface to FLAC header metadata.
Audio::Mixer(3pm) Perl extension for Sound Mixer control.
Audio::Moosic(3pm) Moosic client library for Perl.
Audio::MPD(3pm) Class to talk to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers.
Audio::MPD::Collection(3pm) Class to query MPD's collection.
Audio::MPD::Common(3pm) Common helper classes for mpd.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item(3pm) A generic collection item.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Directory(3pm) A directory object.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Playlist(3pm) A playlist object.
Audio::MPD::Common::Item::Song(3pm) A song object with some audio tags.
Audio::MPD::Common::Output(3pm) Class representing MPD output.
Audio::MPD::Common::Stats(3pm) Class representing MPD stats.
Audio::MPD::Common::Status(3pm) Class representing MPD status.
Audio::MPD::Common::Time(3pm) Class representing time of current song.
Audio::MPD::Common::Types(3pm) Types used in the distribution.
Audio::MPD::Playlist(3pm) Class to mess MPD's playlist.
Audio::MPD::Types(3pm) Types used in the distribution.
Audio::Musepack(3pm) An object-oriented interface to Musepack file information and APE tag fields.
Audio::Nama::ChainSetup(3pm) Routines for generating Ecasound chain setup.
Audio::Nama::Globals(3pm) Nama global variables.
Audio::Nama::Object(3pm) Class builder.
Audio::RPLD(3pm) Module to communicate with RoarAudio PlayList Daemon.
Audio::Scan(3pm) Fast C metadata and tag reader for all common audio file formats.
Audio::Scrobbler(3pm) Perl interface to
Audio::Wav(3pm) Modules for reading & writing Microsoft WAV files.
Audio::Wav::Read(3pm) Module for reading Microsoft WAV files.
Audio::Wav::Write(3pm) Module for writing Microsoft WAV files.
Audio::WMA(3pm) Perl extension for reading WMA/ASF Metadata.
audio_rename(1p) Rename an audio file via information got via MP3::Tag.
audiolink(1) Create AudioLink config file, databases and tables.
AUDIOSTREAM(3alleg4) Stores an audiostream. Allegro game programming library.
audiotools-config(1) Manage Python Audio Tools configuration.
audiotools.cfg(5) Configuration data for Python Audio Tools.
audisp-prelude(8) Plugin for IDMEF alerts.
audisp-prelude.conf(5) The audisp-prelude configuration file.
audisp-remote(8) Plugin for remote logging.
audisp-remote.conf(5) The audisp-remote configuration file.
audispd(8) An event multiplexor.
audispd-zos-remote(8) Z/OS Remote-services Audit dispatcher plugin.
audispd.conf(5) The audit event dispatcher configuration file.
audit(2freebsd) Commit BSM audit record to audit log.
audit(4freebsd) Security Event Audit.
audit.rules(7) A set of rules loaded in the kernel audit system.
audit2allow(1) Generate SELinux policy allow/dontaudit rules from logs of denied operations.
audit2why(1) ↣ audit2allow(1) Generate SELinux policy allow/dontaudit rules from logs of denied operations.
audit_add_rule_data(3) Add new audit rule.
audit_add_watch(3) Create a rule layout for a watch.
audit_delete_rule_data(3) Delete audit rule.
audit_detect_machine(3) Detects the current machine type.
audit_encode_nv_string(3) Encode a name/value pair in a string.
audit_get_reply(3) Get the audit system's reply.
audit_get_session(3) Get a program's login session id value.
audit_getloginuid(3) Get a program's loginuid value.
audit_log_acct_message(3) Log a user account message.
audit_log_semanage_message(3) Log a semanage message.
audit_log_user_avc_message(3) Log a user avc message.
audit_log_user_comm_message(3) Log a user message from a console app.
audit_log_user_command(3) Log a user command.
audit_log_user_message(3) Log a general user message.
audit_open(3) Open a audit netlink socket connection.
audit_request_rules_list_data(3) Request list of current audit rules.
audit_request_signal_info(3) Request signal info for the audit system.
audit_request_status(3) Request status of the audit system.
audit_set_backlog_limit(3) Set the audit backlog limit.
audit_set_backlog_wait_time(3) Set the audit backlog wait time.
audit_set_enabled(3) Enable or disable auditing.
audit_set_failure(3) Set audit failure flag.
audit_set_pid(3) Set audit daemon process ID.
audit_set_rate_limit(3) Set audit rate limit.
audit_setloginuid(3) Set a program's loginuid value.
audit_update_watch_perms(3) Update permissions field of watch command.
auditctl(2freebsd) Configure system audit parameters.
auditctl(8) A utility to assist controlling the kernel's audit system.
auditd(8) The Linux Audit daemon.
auditd.conf(5) Audit daemon configuration file.
auditon(2freebsd) Configure system audit parameters.
auditpipe(4freebsd) Pseudo-device for live audit event tracking.
AuditVerify(1) Command-Line utility for verifying Certificate System signed audit logs.
audtool(1) A small tool to control Audacious from the command line.
audtty(1) Control Audacious from the command line with a friendly ncurses interface.
aue(4freebsd) ADMtek AN986 Pegasus USB Ethernet driver.
auedit(1nas) Graphically record and edit audio files.
aufs(5) Advanced multi layered unification filesystem. version 4.13-20170911.
augenrules(8) A script that merges component audit rule files.
augmatch(1) Inspect and match contents of configuration files.
augparse(1) Execute an Augeas module.
augtool(1) Inspect and modify configuration files.
augustus(1) A gene prediction tool.
auinfo(1nas) Show information about a Network Audio System server.
AuInputTrack(3nas) Input track structure.
aulast(8) A program similar to last.
aulastlog(8) A program similar to lastlog.
aumix(1) Adjust audio mixer.
aumvdown(8) Moves-down a file between aufs branches.
aunpack(1) ↣ atool(1) A script for managing file archives of various types.
aupanel(1nas) Allows user adjustment of Network Audio System device attributes.
auparse_add_callback(3) Add a callback handler for notifications.
auparse_destroy(3) Release instance of parser.
auparse_feed(3) Feed data into parser.
auparse_feed_age_events(3) Check events for complete based on time.
auparse_feed_has_data(3) Check if there is any data accumulating that might need flushing.
auparse_find_field(3) Search for field name.
auparse_find_field_next(3) Find next occurrence of field name.
auparse_first_field(3) Reposition field cursor.
auparse_first_record(3) Reposition record cursor.
auparse_flush_feed(3) Flush any unconsumed feed data through parser.
auparse_get_field_int(3) Get current field's value as an int.
auparse_get_field_name(3) Get current field's name.
auparse_get_field_num(3) Get current field cursor location.
auparse_get_field_str(3) Get current field's value.
auparse_get_field_type(3) Get current field's data type.
auparse_get_filename(3) Get the filename where record was found.
auparse_get_line_number(3) Get line number where record was found.
auparse_get_milli(3) Get the millisecond value of the event.
auparse_get_node(3) Get the event's machine node name.
auparse_get_num_fields(3) Get the number of fields.
auparse_get_num_records(3) Get the number of records.
auparse_get_record_num(3) Get current record cursor location.
auparse_get_record_text(3) Access unparsed record data.
auparse_get_serial(3) Get the event's serial number.
auparse_get_time(3) Get event's time.
auparse_get_timestamp(3) Access timestamp of the event.
auparse_get_type(3) Get record's type.
auparse_get_type_name(3) Get record's type translation.
auparse_goto_field_num(3) Move field cursor to specific field.
auparse_goto_record_num(3) Move record cursor to specific record.
auparse_init(3) Initialize an instance of the audit parsing library.
auparse_interpret_field(3) Get current field's interpreted value.
auparse_next_event(3) Get the next event.
auparse_next_field(3) Move field cursor.
auparse_next_record(3) Move record cursor.
auparse_node_compare(3) Compares node name values.
auparse_normalize(3) Normalize the current event.
auparse_normalize_functions(3) Access normalized fields.
auparse_reset(3) Reset audit parser instance.
auparse_set_escape_mode(3) Choose escape method.
auparse_timestamp_compare(3) Compares timestamp values.
auphone(1nas) A simple telephone client.
auplay(1nas) Play a sound file to a Network Audio System server.
aur(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
auralquiz(6) Simple music quiz game using your own music files.
aurecord(1nas) Record a sound file from a Network Audio System server.
aureport(8) A tool that produces summary reports of audit daemon logs.
aurora(1) Communicate with an Magnetek/Power One/ABB Aurora Photovoltaic (solar) Power Inverter.
auscope(1nas) Network Audio System Protocol Filter.
ausearch(8) A tool to query audit daemon logs.
ausearch-expression(5) Audit search expression format.
ausearch_add_expression(3) Build up search expression.
ausearch_add_interpreted_item(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_add_item(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_add_regex(3) Use regular expression search rule.
ausearch_add_timestamp_item(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_add_timestamp_item_ex(3) Build up search rule.
ausearch_clear(3) Clear search parameters.
ausearch_next_event(3) Find the next event that meets search criteria.
ausearch_set_stop(3) Set the cursor position.
austlii(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
ausyscall(8) A program that allows mapping syscall names and numbers.
aut(1) Memory allocation, and hash tables management.
autallocblock(3) Memory allocator.
autallocheap(3) Heap memory allocator.
autfreeblock(3) Releases a memory block.
autfreeheap(3) Releases a memory block, and put it on the heap.
auth(3erl) Erlang network authentication server.
auth-client-config(8) Pam and NSS profile switcher.
auth.conf(5) Configuration of authentication mechanisms for web interface of Sympa.
auth2elem(3) Element in an hash table with two keys.
auth2table(3) Hash table structure.
Auth::GoogleAuth(3pm) Google Authenticator TBOT Abstraction.
Auth::Yubikey_Decrypter(3pm) Decrypting the output from the yubikey token.
Auth::Yubikey_WebClient(3pm) Authenticating the Yubikey against the Yubico Web API.
auth_back_cap(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
auth_destroy(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
auth_enumerate(3) Obtain list of accounts.
auth_generic(3) Generic authentication request.
auth_getoption(3) Search an option string.
auth_getuserinfo(3) Obtain account information.
auth_krb5(8) Nnrpd Kerberos v5 authenticator.
auth_login(3) Validate a userid and password.
auth_mkhomedir(3) Autocreate a new account's home directory.
auth_passwd(3) Change account's password.
auth_sasl(3) SASL implementation.
auth_sasl_ex(3) ↣ auth_sasl(3) SASL implementation.
auth_set_cap(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
authbind(1) Bind sockets to privileged ports without root.
authbind-helper(8) Helper program to bind sockets to privileged ports without root.
AuthCAS(3pm) Client library for CAS 2.0 authentication server.
authelem(3) Element in an hash table.
Authen::Bitcard(3pm) Bitcard authentication verification.
Authen::Captcha(3pm) Perl extension for creating captcha's to verify the human element in transactions.
Authen::CAS::Client(3pm) Provides an easy-to-use interface for authentication using JA-SIG's Central.
Authen::CAS::Client::Response(3pm) A set of classes for implementing responses from a CAS server.
Authen::DecHpwd(3pm) DEC VMS password hashing.
Authen::Htpasswd(3pm) Interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files.
Authen::Htpasswd::User(3pm) Represents a user line in a .htpasswd file.
Authen::Htpasswd::Util(3pm) Performs encryption of supported .htpasswd formats.
Authen::Krb5(3pm) Perl extension for Kerberos 5.
Authen::Krb5::Admin(3pm) Perl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface.
Authen::Krb5::Simple(3pm) Basic user authentication using Kerberos 5.
Authen::Libwrap(3pm) Access to Wietse Venema's TCP Wrappers library.
Authen::NTLM(3pm) An NTLM authentication module.
Authen::OATH(3pm) OATH One Time Passwords.
Authen::PAM(3pm) Perl interface to PAM library.
Authen::PAM::FAQ(3pm) Frequently-Asked Questions about Authen::PAM.
Authen::Passphrase(3pm) Hashed passwords/passphrases as objects.
Authen::Passphrase::AcceptAll(3pm) Accept any passphrase.
Authen::Passphrase::BigCrypt(3pm) Passphrases using bigcrypt algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::BlowfishCrypt(3pm) Passphrases using the Blowfish-based Unix crypt().
Authen::Passphrase::Clear(3pm) Cleartext passphrases.
Authen::Passphrase::Crypt16(3pm) Passphrases using Ultrix crypt16 algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::DESCrypt(3pm) Passphrases using the DES-based Unix crypt().
Authen::Passphrase::EggdropBlowfish(3pm) Passphrases using Eggdrop's blowfish.mod.
Authen::Passphrase::LANManager(3pm) Passphrases using the LAN Manager hash algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::LANManagerHalf(3pm) Passphrases using half the LAN Manager algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::MD5Crypt(3pm) Passphrases using the MD5-based Unix crypt().
Authen::Passphrase::MySQL323(3pm) Passphrases using the MySQL v3.23 algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::MySQL41(3pm) Passphrases using the MySQL v4.1 algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::NetscapeMail(3pm) Passphrases using Netscape Mail Server's method.
Authen::Passphrase::NTHash(3pm) Passphrases using the NT-Hash algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::PHPass(3pm) Passphrases using the phpass algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::RejectAll(3pm) Reject all passphrases.
Authen::Passphrase::SaltedDigest(3pm) Passphrases using the generic salted digest algorithm.
Authen::Passphrase::VMSPurdy(3pm) Passphrases with the VMS Purdy polynomial system.
Authen::Radius(3pm) Provide simple Radius client facilities.
Authen::SASL(3pm) SASL Authentication framework.
Authen::SASL::Cyrus(3pm) XS code to glue Perl SASL to Cyrus SASL.
Authen::SASL::Perl::ANONYMOUS(3pm) Anonymous Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::Perl::CRAM_MD5(3pm) CRAM MD5 Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::Perl::DIGEST_MD5(3pm) Digest MD5 Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::Perl::EXTERNAL(3pm) External Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::Perl::GSSAPI(3pm) GSSAPI (Kerberosv5) Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::Perl::LOGIN(3pm) Login Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::Perl::PLAIN(3pm) Plain Login Authentication class.
Authen::SASL::SASLprep(3pm) A Stringprep Profile for User Names and Passwords (RFC 4013).
Authen::SCRAM(3pm) Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (RFC 5802).
Authen::SCRAM::Client(3pm) RFC 5802 SCRAM client.
Authen::SCRAM::Server(3pm) RFC 5802 SCRAM Server.
Authen::Simple(3pm) Simple Authentication.
Authen::Simple::ActiveDirectory(3pm) Simple ActiveDirectory authentication.
Authen::Simple::Adapter(3pm) Adapter class for implementations.
Authen::Simple::Apache(3pm) PerlAuthenHandler handler for Apache.
Authen::Simple::CDBI(3pm) Simple Class::DBI authentication.
Authen::Simple::DBI(3pm) Simple DBI authentication.
Authen::Simple::DBM(3pm) Simple DBM authentication.
Authen::Simple::FTP(3pm) Simple FTP authentication.
Authen::Simple::HTTP(3pm) Simple HTTP authentication.
Authen::Simple::Kerberos(3pm) Simple Kerberos authentication.
Authen::Simple::LDAP(3pm) Simple LDAP authentication.
Authen::Simple::Log(3pm) Simple log class.
Authen::Simple::PAM(3pm) Simple PAM authentication.
Authen::Simple::Passwd(3pm) Simple Passwd authentication.
Authen::Simple::Password(3pm) Simple password checking.
Authen::Simple::POP3(3pm) Simple POP3 authentication.
Authen::Simple::RADIUS(3pm) Simple RADIUS authentication.
Authen::Simple::SMB(3pm) Simple SMB authentication.
Authen::Simple::SMTP(3pm) Simple SMTP authentication.
Authen::Smb(3pm) Perl extension to authenticate against an SMB server.
Authen::TacacsPlus(3pm) Perl extension for authentication using tacacs+ server.
authenumerate(8) Fetches all known users from the authentication modules.
authkeys(5) Authentication file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer.
authlib(3) Courier Authentication Library.
authnone_create(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
AUTHORITY_KEYID_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
AUTHORITY_KEYID_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
authpasswd(1) Generate login passwords.
authtable(3) Hash table structure.
authtest(1) Test the Courier Authentication Library.
authunix_create(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
authunix_create_default(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
authvar(1) Handles authenticated variables for pesign.
auto-07p(1) The AUTO command line user interface.
auto-apt-proxy(1) Autodetect common APT proxy setups.
auto.master(5) Master Map for automounter.
auto_execok(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
auto_import(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
auto_load(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
auto_mkindex(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
auto_mkindex_old(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
auto_path(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
auto_qualify(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
auto_reset(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
autobk(1) Automatic XAFS background removal.
autobox(3pm) Call methods on native types.
autobox::Core(3pm) Provide core functions to autoboxed scalars, arrays and hashes.
autobox::dump(3pm) Human/perl readable strings from the results of an EXPR.
autobox::Junctions(3pm) Autoboxified junction-style operators.
autobox::List::Util(3pm) Bring the List::Util functions to autobox.
autoclass(1) Automatically discover classes in data.
autoconf(1) Generate configuration scripts.
autoconf-dickey(1) Generate configuration scripts.
autoconf2.13(1) Creates scripts to configure source code packages using templates.
autoconf2.64(1) Generate configuration scripts.
autocutsel(1) Keep the X clipboard and the cutbuffer in sync.
autodep8(1) DEP-8 test control file generator.
autodia(1p) A perl script using the Autodia modules to create UML Class Diagrams or documents. from code or.
Autodia(3pm) The configuration and Utility perl module for AutoDia.
autodia(3pm) A perl script using the Autodia modules to create UML Class Diagrams or documents. from code or.
Autodia::Diagram(3pm) Class to hold a collection of objects representing parts of a Dia Diagram.
Autodia::Diagram::Class(3pm) Class that holds, updates and outputs the values of a diagram element of type class.
Autodia::Handler(3pm) Generic language handler superclass.
Autodia::Handler::ASP(3pm) AutoDia handler for ASP.
Autodia::Handler::Cpp(3pm) AutoDia handler for C++.
Autodia::Handler::CSharp(3pm) AutoDia handler for C#.
Autodia::Handler::DBI(3pm) AutoDia handler for DBI connections.
Autodia::Handler::DBI_SQLT(3pm) AutoDia handler for DBI connections.
Autodia::Handler::dia(3pm) AutoDia handler for dia.
Autodia::Handler::Mason(3pm) Allows Autodia to parse HTML::Mason files.
Autodia::Handler::Perl(3pm) AutoDia handler for perl.
Autodia::Handler::PHP(3pm) AutoDia handler for PHP.
Autodia::Handler::SQL(3pm) AutoDia handler for SQL.
Autodia::Handler::Torque(3pm) AutoDia handler for Torque xml database schema.
Autodia::Handler::umbrello(3pm) AutoDia handler for umbrello.
autodie(3perl) Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope.
autodie(3pm) Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope.
autodie::exception(3perl) Exceptions from autodying functions.
autodie::exception(3pm) Exceptions from autodying functions.
autodie::exception::system(3perl) Exceptions from autodying system().
autodie::exception::system(3pm) Exceptions from autodying system().
autodie::hints(3perl) Provide hints about user subroutines to autodie.
autodie::hints(3pm) Provide hints about user subroutines to autodie.
autodie::Scope::Guard(3perl) Wrapper class for calling subs at end of scope.
autodie::Scope::Guard(3pm) Wrapper class for calling subs at end of scope.
autodie::Scope::GuardStack(3perl) Hook stack for managing scopes via %^H.
autodie::Scope::GuardStack(3pm) Hook stack for managing scopes via %^H.
autodie::skip(3perl) Skip a package when throwing autodie exceptions.
autodie::skip(3pm) Skip a package when throwing autodie exceptions.
autodie::Util(3perl) Internal Utility subroutines for autodie and Fatal.
autodie::Util(3pm) Internal Utility subroutines for autodie and Fatal.
autodir(8) Manage home directories.
autodns-dhcp_cron(1) A cron script to check for changes to the dhcp.leases file.
autodns-dhcp_ddns(1) The script that updates the dns and settles the dhcp stuff.
autodock4(1) Docking of chemical ligands to protein receptors.
autodocktools(1) ↣ runAdt(1) AutoDockTools, a graphical front-end for AutoDock.
AutoExec(1x) Functions to be executed by AfterStep on startup/shutdown.
autoexpect(1) ↣ expect_autoexpect(1) Generate an Expect script from watching a session.
autofs(5) Format of the automounter maps.
autofs.conf(23) Autofs configuration.
autofs_ldap_auth.conf(5) Autofs LDAP authentication configuration.
autogen(1) The Automated Program Generator.
autograph(3NCARG) To draw graphs, each with a labeled background and each displaying one or more curves.
autograph_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Autograph internal parameters.
autogrid4(1) Preparing protein and ligand for AutoDock analysis.
autogsdoc(1) GNUstep API documentation generator and XML->HTML converter.
autoheader(1) Create a template header for configure.
autoheader-dickey(1) Create a template header for configure.
autoheader2.13(1) Creates a template file of C #define's for use by configure.
autoheader2.64(1) Create a template header for configure.
autoinst(1) Wrapper around the LCDF TypeTools, for installing and using OpenType fonts in (La)TeX.
autokey-gtk(1) Keyboard automation utility for GNOME and GTK.
autokey-run(1) Command-line execution utility for AutoKey.
autoligand(1) Identification of a receptor's ligand binding site.
AutoLoader(3perl) Load subroutines only on demand.
autolog(8) Log out idle users.
autolog.conf(5) Configuration file for the autolog command.
autologin(8) Convert an Apache identity to a DACS identity.
autom4te(1) Generate files and scripts thanks to M4.
autom4te2.64(1) Generate files and scripts thanks to M4.
automake-1.11(1) Manual page for automake 1.11.6.
automake-1.15(1) Manual page for automake 1.15.1.
automappingconverter(1) A converter for old Tiled automapping rules.
automatic_lists_description.conf(5) Description of automatic list creation with web interface.
automergeconfiguration.hpp(3elektra) A configuration for a simple automerge.
automergestrategy.cpp(3elektra) Implementation of AutoMergeStrategy.
automergestrategy.hpp(3elektra) A strategy for taking the value of.
automount(8) Manage autofs mount points.
automx-test(1) Automx command line client.
automx.conf(5) Automx configuration parameters.
automx_ldap(5) Automx LDAP backend configuration parameters.
automx_script(5) Automx script backend configuration parameters.
automx_sql(5) Automx SQL backend configuration parameters.
automysqlbackup(8) Backup all of your database daily, weekly, and monthly.
autool(1nas) Audio play/record tool compatible with audiotool.
autooptimiser(1) Optimize image positions.
autoopts-config(1) Script to get information about installed version of autoopts.
autoPatch(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
autopep8(1) Autopep8.
autopilot3(1) Automated acceptance test tool.
autopkgtest(1) Test an installed binary package using the source package's tests.
autopkgtest-build-lxc(1) Create or update autopkgtest container for autopkgtest-virt-lxc.
autopkgtest-build-lxd(1) Create or update autopkgtest container for autopkgtest-virt-lxd.
autopkgtest-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud(1) Create Ubuntu cloud image based VM for autopkgtest-virt-qemu.
autopkgtest-virt-chroot(1) Autopkgtest virtualisation server using a chroot.
autopkgtest-virt-lxc(1) Autopkgtest virtualisation server using LXC.
autopkgtest-virt-lxd(1) Autopkgtest virtualisation server using LXD.
autopkgtest-virt-null(1) Autopkgtest null virtualisation server.
autopkgtest-virt-qemu(1) Autopkgtest virtualisation server using QEMU.
autopkgtest-virt-schroot(1) Autopkgtest virtualisation server using a schroot.
autopkgtest-virt-ssh(1) Autopkgtest virtualisation server using SSH.
autopoint(1) Copies standard gettext infrastructure.
autopostgresqlbackup(8) Backup all of your PostgreSQL databases daily, weekly, and monthly.
autoproject(1) Create a skeleton source package for a new program.
autoproxy(3tcl) Automatic HTTP proxy usage and authentication.
autopsy(1) Autopsy Forensic Browser.
autopvf(1) ↣ pvf(1) Utilities to convert various sound formats.
autoradiod(1) Autoradiod daemon for autoradio suite.
autorandr(1) Automatically change screen layout.
autoreconf(1) Update generated configuration files.
autoreconf-dickey(1) Update generated configuration files.
autoreconf2.13(1) Update configure scripts.
autoRefineMesh(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
autorenamer(1) Program to rename files so they sort according to given ordering.
autorevision(1) Extract current-revision metadata from version-control repositories.
autoscan(1) Generate a preliminary
autoscan-dickey(1) Generate a preliminary
autoscan2.13(1) Help to create a file for a software package.
autoscan2.64(1) Generate a preliminary
autoscroll(3tk) Provides for a scrollbar to automatically mapped and unmapped as needed.
autosketches4(1) ↣ ladr4-apps(1) Undocumented LADR4 applications.
autosp(1) Preprocessor to generate note-spacing commands for MusiXTeX scores.
AutoSplit(3perl) Split a package for autoloading.
autossh(1) Monitor and restart ssh sessions.
autossh-argv0(1) ↣ ssh-argv0(1) Replaces the old ssh command-name as hostname handling.
autosupport(8) Interactive script to provide Digium[tm]'s support with information.
autosuspend(1) Autosuspend Documentation.
autosuspend.conf(5) Autosuspend config file Documentation.
autotest(1) A continuous testing facility.
autotrash(1) Program to automatically purge old files from the trash.
autoupdate(1) Update a to a newer Autoconf.
autoupdate-dickey(1) Update a to a newer Autoconf.
autoupdate2.13(1) Updates an old file to version 2.
autoupdate2.64(1) Update a to a newer Autoconf.
autouse(3perl) Postpone load of modules until a function is used.
autovbox(1) ISDN voice box (sound converter).
autovivification(3pm) Lexically disable autovivification.
autrace(8) A program similar to strace.
autresizeblock(3) Resizes a memory block.
auvirt(8) A program that shows data related to virtual machines.
auwave(1nas) Demonstrates the use of waveforms.
aux2bib(1) Extracts a BibTeX database according to an aux file.
av7110_loadkeys(1) A program to load keymaps.
avahi-autoipd(8) IPv4LL network address configuration daemon.
avahi-autoipd.action(8) Avahi-autoipd action script.
avahi-browse(1) Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon.
avahi-browse-domains(1) ↣ avahi-browse(1) Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon.
avahi-daemon(8) The Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon.
avahi-daemon.conf(5) Avahi-daemon configuration file.
avahi-discover(1) Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon.
avahi-dnsconfd(8) Unicast DNS server from mDNS/DNS-SD configuration daemon.
avahi-dnsconfd.action(8) Avahi-dnsconfd action script.
avahi-publish(1) Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon.
avahi-publish-address(1) ↣ avahi-publish(1) Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon.
avahi-publish-service(1) ↣ avahi-publish(1) Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon.
avahi-resolve(1) Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi.
avahi-resolve-address(1) ↣ avahi-resolve(1) Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi.
avahi-resolve-host-name(1) ↣ avahi-resolve(1) Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi.
avahi-set-host-name(1) Change mDNS host name.
avahi.hosts(5) Avahi-daemon static host name file.
avahi.service(5) Avahi-daemon static service file.
avarice(1) Provides an interface from avr-gdb to Atmel's JTAGICE box.
avc_add_callback(3) Additional event notification for SELinux userspace object managers.
avc_audit(3) ↣ avc_has_perm(3) Obtain and audit SELinux access decisions.
avc_av_stats(3) ↣ avc_cache_stats(3) Obtain userspace SELinux AVC statistics.
avc_cache_stats(3) Obtain userspace SELinux AVC statistics.
avc_cleanup(3) ↣ avc_open(3) Userspace SELinux AVC setup and teardown.
avc_compute_create(3) Obtain SELinux label for new object.
avc_compute_member(3) ↣ avc_compute_create(3) Obtain SELinux label for new object.
avc_context_to_sid(3) Obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's.
avc_destroy(3) ↣ avc_open(3) Userspace SELinux AVC setup and teardown.
avc_entry_ref_init(3) ↣ avc_has_perm(3) Obtain and audit SELinux access decisions.
avc_get_initial_context(3) ↣ avc_context_to_sid(3) Obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's.
avc_get_initial_sid(3) ↣ avc_context_to_sid(3) Obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's.
avc_has_perm(3) Obtain and audit SELinux access decisions.
avc_has_perm_noaudit(3) ↣ avc_has_perm(3) Obtain and audit SELinux access decisions.
avc_init(3) Legacy userspace SELinux AVC setup.
avc_netlink_acquire_fd(3) ↣ avc_netlink_loop(3)
avc_netlink_check_nb(3) ↣ avc_netlink_loop(3)
avc_netlink_close(3) ↣ avc_netlink_loop(3)
avc_netlink_open(3) ↣ avc_netlink_loop(3)
avc_netlink_release_fd(3) ↣ avc_netlink_loop(3)
avc_open(3) Userspace SELinux AVC setup and teardown.
avc_reset(3) ↣ avc_open(3) Userspace SELinux AVC setup and teardown.
avc_sid_stats(3) ↣ avc_cache_stats(3) Obtain userspace SELinux AVC statistics.
avc_sid_to_context(3) ↣ avc_context_to_sid(3) Obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's.
avcall(3) Build a C argument list incrementally and call a C function on it.
avcstat(8) Display SELinux AVC statistics.
aven(1) Sophisticated cave viewer for Unix and MS Windows.
avenger(1) Mail Avenger.
avenger.deliver(1) Deliver mail to a mailbox or maildir spool.
avenger.local(8) Deliver mail for a local user.
average(1) Average or merge values in .ti3 like files.
average_genome_size(1) Calculate the average genome size in Grinder libraries.
average_genome_size(1p) Calculate the average genome size (in bp) of species in a Grinder library.
AverageAffineTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
AverageAffineTransformNoRigid(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
AverageImages(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
AverageTensorImages(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
averell(1) An incredibly stupid (but fast) web server.
avg_audioplayer(1) Audio player.
avg_checktouch(1) Test application for multitouch devices.
avg_checkvsync(1) Vsync test application.
avg_chromakey(1) Test application for libavg chromakey filter.
avg_showcamera(1) Camera discovery and display tool.
avg_showfile(1) Display an avg file.
avg_showfont(1) Font enumeration and preview tool.
avg_showsvg(1) Basic svg rasterizer.
avg_videoinfo(1) Video inspection tool.
avg_videoplayer(1) Video player.
avgrc(5) Avg configuration file.
avibench(1) Benchmarking tool.
avibox(1) Merge multimedia files into an AVI file.
avicap(1) V4l capturing and PVR tool.
avicat(1) Cat tool for joining files.
aview(1) A high quality ASCII art image viewer.
avifile-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of avifile.
avifix(1) Fix header of AVI-file.
aviindex(1) Write and read text files describing the index of an AVI file.
avimake(1) Making tool.
avimerge(1) Merge several AVI-files into one.
aviplay(1) QT-based movie player.
avirec(1) Video recording tool.
avirecompress(1) Video recompression tool.
avisd(8) Run the avis router.
avisplit(1) Split AVI-files into chunks of a maximum size.
avisync(1) Adjust audio synchronisation.
avitype(1) Show video info.
avmcapictrl(8) Add, reset or remove active AVM cards and load firmware.
avogadro(1) Advanced molecular editor.
avologin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
avopkg(1) Avogadro Package Manager.
avorancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
AVPQueue(3) This class, an RTP/RTCP queue, adds audio/video profile (AVP) specific methods to the generic RTCP.
avr-evtd(8) Linkstation AVR Event daemon.
avr-man(1) A man(1) replacement to access the avr-libc manual pages.
__AVR_LIBC_DATE_(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
__AVR_LIBC_DATE_STRING__(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
__AVR_LIBC_MAJOR__(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
__AVR_LIBC_MINOR__(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
__AVR_LIBC_REVISION__(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
__AVR_LIBC_VERSION__(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
__AVR_LIBC_VERSION_STRING__(3avr) ↣ avr_version(3avr)
avra(1) Assembler for the Atmel AVR microcontroller family.
avrdude(1) Driver program for ``simple'' Atmel AVR MCU programmer.
avro(1) Command-line utility for reading and writing Avro files.
avrp(1) Atmel AVR programming software to use with Atmel's serial-port programmers.
avs2ps(1) Convert AVS image input on stdin to monochrome PostScript on stdout.
awardeco(1) Decompress flashfiles equipped with an AWARD BIOS.
away(1) Terminal locking program.
awayrc(5) Configuration file for Away.
aweather(1) Advanced weather reporting program.
awesome(1) Awesome window manager.
awesome-client(1) Awesome window manager remote execution.
awesomerc(5) Configuration file for the awesome window manager.
awffull(1) A Webalizer Fork, Full o' features.
awffull.conf(5) A Webalizer Fork, Full o' features.
awffull_history_regen(1) Awffull_history_regen.
awk(1plan9) Pattern-directed scanning and processing language.
awk(1posix) Pattern scanning and processing language.
awk_count(1) ↣ generic_count(1) Count physical lines of code, given a comment marker.
awrite(8) ↣ atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
aws-rb(1) Ruby REPL interface to Amazon Web Services API.
AWS::Signature4(3pm) Create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services.
aws_password(1) Create a password for the hotplug server authorization file.
awsres(1) Build resource files for Ada Web Server applications.
awstats(1) A free web server logfile analyzer to show you advanced web statistics.
ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25(4) AX.25 amateur packet radio protocol family.
ax25_aton(3) ↣ ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25_aton_arglist(3) ↣ ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25_aton_entry(3) ↣ ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25_call(8) Make an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection.
ax25_cmp(3) ↣ ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25_ntoa(3) ↣ ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25_validate(3) ↣ ax25(3) AX25 Address manipulation.
ax25d(8) General purpose AX.25, NET/ROM and Rose daemon.
ax25d.conf(5) Ax25d configuration file.
ax25ipd(8) AX.25 into IP Encapsulator.
ax25ipd.conf(5) Control the operation of ax25ipd.
ax25mond(8) Dump the AX.25 network traffic and and provide sockets where the received data will be retransmitted.
ax25mond.conf(5) Specify the sockets which axcall will provide.
ax25rtctl(8) AX.25 routing control program.
ax25rtd(8) AX.25 routing daemon.
ax25rtd.conf(5) Ax25 routing daemon configuration file.
axc(1) Afnix cross compiler.
axcall(1) Make an AX.25, NET/ROM or Rose connection.
axctl(8) Configure/Kill running AX.25 connections.
axd(1) Afnix cross debugger.
axdigi(8) Axdigi file.
axe(1x) An X editor.
axe(4freebsd) ASIX Electronics AX88x7x/760 USB Ethernet driver.
axe-demux(1) Axe Documentation.
axe.real(1x) ↣ axe(1x) An X editor.
axel(1) Light command line download accelerator.
axge(4freebsd) ASIX Electronics AX88178A/AX88179 USB Gigabit Ethernet driver.
axgetlist(1) Read the message list from the BBS.
axgetmail(1) Automatically download messages from the F6FBB BBS.
axgetmsg(1) Download selected messages from F6FBB BBS.
axgetput(1) Upload or download files via AX.25 / axspawn Linux login session.
axi(1) Afnix cross interpreter.
axi-cache(1) Query the Apt Xapian Index.
axinfo(1x) An X info reader.
axiom(1) A general purpose computer algebra system.
axiom-test(1) Run the Axiom regression testsuite.
axiomatic(1) Command-line tool for creating, configuring, and inspecting an axiom database.
AXIOMsys(1) ↣ axiom(1) A general purpose computer algebra system.
axl(1) Afnix cross librarian.
axlisten(1) Monitor AX.25 traffic.
axmail(28) A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.
axmail(8) A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.
axmail.conf(28) A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.
axmail.conf(5) A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.
axparms(8) Configure AX.25 interfaces.
axports(5) AX.25 port configuration file.
axspawn(8) Allow automatic login to a Linux system.
axspawn.conf(5) Control the operation of axspawn.
aycock(3tcl) Aycock-Horspool-Earley parser generator for Tcl.
aylet(1) Play Spectrum `.ay' music files.
aylet-gtk(1) Play Spectrum `.ay' music files.
azap(1) A program to process channels.conf files.
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