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Alphabetical index (B).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
B(3perl) The Perl Compiler Backend.
b1ff(6) ↣ filters(6)
b2m.xemacs21(1) This program converts a babyl mailbox to a standard unix mailbox.
b43-fwcutter(1) Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware.
b5i2iso(1) Convert a BlindWrite image file into standard ISO image file.
B::Clobbers(3pm) Clobbering analyzer.
B::Compiling(3pm) Expose PL_compiling to perl.
B::Concise(3perl) Walk Perl syntax tree, printing concise info about ops.
B::ConstOptree(3pm) Optree constant folding for $^O, $^V, and $].
B::Debug(3perl) Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops.
B::Deparse(3perl) Perl compiler backend to produce perl code.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope::PP(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation - PP implementation.
B::Hooks::EndOfScope::XS(3pm) Execute code after a scope finished compilation - XS implementation.
B::Hooks::OP::Annotation(3pm) Annotate and delegate hooked OPs.
B::Hooks::OP::Check(3pm) Wrap OP check callbacks.
B::Hooks::OP::Check::EntersubForCV(3pm) Invoke callbacks on construction of entersub OPs for certain CVs.
B::Hooks::OP::PPAddr(3pm) Hook into opcode execution.
B::Hooks::Parser(3pm) Interface to perl's parser variables.
B::Keywords(3pm) Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names.
B::Lint(3pm) Perl lint.
B::Lint::Debug(3pm) Adds debugging stringification to B::.
B::Module::Info(3pm) Information about Perl modules.
B::Op_private(3perl) OP op_private flag definitions.
B::PerlReq(3pm) Perl compiler backend to extract Perl dependencies.
B::Showlex(3perl) Show lexical variables used in functions or files.
B::Terse(3perl) Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops.
B::Utils(3pm) Helper functions for op tree manipulation.
B::Utils::OP(3pm) Op related utility functions for perl.
B::Walker(3pm) Dumb walker, optree ranger.
B::Xref(3perl) Generates cross reference reports for Perl programs.
ba_and_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_clear(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_clear_all(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_copy(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_create(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_destroy(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_not(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_or_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_or_not_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_query(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_resize(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_set(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
ba_xor_ba(3pub) ↣ bitarr(3pub)
babel(1) A converter for chemistry and molecular modeling data files.
babel-config(1) Print babel configuration information.
babeld(8) Ad-hoc network routing daemon.
babeltrace(1) Babeltrace Trace Viewer and Converter.
babeltrace-log(1) Babeltrace Log Converter.
babiloo(1) Dictionary viewer with multi-languages support.
baby(1fun) Create new process from two parents.
backbone_global_to_local(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
backbuffer.h(3) The header file for BackBuffer.
backend(7) Cups backend transmission interfaces.
backend-spec(7) Interface between jw and its backends.
backend.hpp(3elektra) Implements a way to build and deal with a backend.
backends.hpp(3elektra) Allows one to list all available backends.
backfire(4) Send a signal from driver to user.
backgammon(6) The game of backgammon.
backintime(1) A simple backup tool for Linux.
backintime-askpass(1) A simple backup tool for Linux.
backintime-config(1) BackInTime configuration files.
backintime-qt(1) ↣ backintime(1) A simple backup tool for Linux.
backintime-qt4(1) A simple backup tool.
backport-dsc(1) Backport Debian source packages.
backportpackage(1) Helper to test package backports.
backstep(1) Backstep is a program that draws icons for minimized windows on your desktop.
backtrace(3) Support for application self-debugging.
backtrace_symbols(3) ↣ backtrace(3) Support for application self-debugging.
backtrace_symbols_fd(3) ↣ backtrace(3) Support for application self-debugging.
backtracker(1gmt) Generate forward and backward flowlines and hotspot tracks.
backtranambig(1e) Back-translate a protein sequence to ambiguous nucleotide sequence.
backtranseq(1e) Back-translate a protein sequence to a nucleotide sequence.
backup(8) Introduction to the backup command suite.
backup-checkallused(1) Check chiark-backup configuration.
backup-driver(1) Entry point for cron or inittab to start backups.
backup-labeltape(1) Display or change tape label.
backup-loaded(1) Tell the chiark-backup system what to do with a new tape.
backup-manager(8) An easy to use backup tool for your Linux box.
backup-manager-purge(8) Backup-manager's wrapper for outdating files.
backup-manager-upload(8) Multiprotocol uploader for backup-manager.
backup-takedown(1) Bring some system services down for backups.
backup-whatsthis(1) Read an id off a tape and display it.
backup.d(5) Action configuration files for backupninja(1).
backup2l(8) Low-maintenance backup/restore tool.
backup_adddump(8) Defines a dump level in the dump hierarchy.
backup_addhost(8) Adds a Tape Coordinator entry to the Backup Database.
backup_addvolentry(8) Defines a volume entry in a volume set.
backup_addvolset(8) Creates a new (empty) volume set.
backup_all(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
backup_all_1.1.2(1) ↣ rsbac-admin(1) Rule Set Based Access Control.
backup_apropos(8) Displays each help entry containing a keyword string.
backup_dbverify(8) Checks the integrity of the Backup Database.
backup_deldump(8) Deletes a dump level from the Backup Database.
backup_deletedump(8) Deletes one or more dump records from the Backup Database.
backup_delhost(8) Deletes a Tape Coordinator entry from the Backup Database.
backup_delvolentry(8) Deletes a volume entry from a volume set.
backup_delvolset(8) Deletes one or more volume sets from the Backup Database.
backup_diskrestore(8) Restores the entire contents of a partition.
backup_dump(8) Creates a dump (dumps a volume set at a particular dump level).
backup_dumpinfo(8) Displays a dump record from the Backup Database.
backup_help(8) Displays help for backup commands.
backup_interactive(8) Enters interactive mode.
backup_jobs(8) Lists pending and running operations in interactive mode.
backup_kill(8) Terminates a pending or running operation.
backup_labeltape(8) Creates the magnetic label on a tape.
backup_listdumps(8) Displays the dump hierarchy from the Backup Database.
backup_listhosts(8) Lists Tape Coordinators registered in the Backup Database.
backup_listvolsets(8) Lists volume set entries from the Backup Database.
backup_quit(8) Leaves interactive mode.
backup_readlabel(8) Reads and displays a tape's label.
backup_restoredb(8) Restores a saved copy of the Backup Database.
backup_savedb(8) Creates a saved copy of the Backup Database.
backup_scantape(8) Extracts dump information from a tape.
backup_setexp(8) Sets the expiration date for existing dump levels.
backup_status(8) Reports a Tape Coordinator's status.
backup_volinfo(8) Displays a volume's dump history from the Backup Database.
backup_volrestore(8) Restores one or more volumes.
backup_volsetrestore(8) Restores all volumes in a volume set.
backupchecker(1) Fully automated backup checker.
BackupLog(5) Traces Backup Server operations.
backupninja(1) A lightweight, extensible meta-backup system.
backupninja.conf(5) Configuration file(s) for backupninja (1).
bacon(1) Small RSpec clone.
bacula(8) The Network Backup Solution.
bacula-console(8) ↣ bconsole(8) Bacula's management Console.
bacula-console-qt(1) ↣ bat(1) Bareos Administration Tool Console.
bacula-dir(8) Bacula Director.
bacula-fd(8) Bacula's File Daemon.
bacula-sd(8) Bacula's Storage Daemon.
badblocks(8) Search a device for bad blocks.
BADISR_vect(3avr) ↣ avr_interrupts(3avr) : Interrupts.
bak2db(8) Directory Server script for restoring a backup.
bak2db-online(8) Directory Server perl script for restoring a backup.
bake.php(1) Generates skeleton CakePHP applications.
balance(1) A simple TCP proxy with load balancing and failover mechanisms.
balder2d(6) 2D zero gravity shooter.
baldurs-gate(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
baldurs-gate-2(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
baldurs-gate-2-tob(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
ballerburg(6) A castle combat game.
BalloonContents(1x) Afterstep BalloonContents.
balls(1) Preprocessor for space-filling models in Raster3D molecular graphics package.
ballz(6) Platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball.
balsa(1) The GNOME email client.
balsa-ab(1) ↣ balsa(1) The GNOME email client.
bam(1) Fast and flexible build system.
bam-read(1) Parse bam files after multi-mapping reads have been assigned and aggregate read mapping information.
bambam(6) A keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies.
bamg(1rheolef) Bidimensional anisotropic mesh generator.
bamg2geo(1rheolef) Convert bamg mesh in geo format.
bamtools(1) Toolkit for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) files.
bamview(1) Visualizing genome sequencing read alignment stored in BAM files.
banana(1e) Plot bending and curvature data for B-DNA.
band(2rheolef) Compute the band arround a level set.
bandit(1) Security oriented static analyzer for python code.
bandwidthcalc(1) File transfer time calculator.
bandwidthd(8) Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs.
bandwidthd.conf(5) Configuration file for bandwidthd.
banner(1) Print large banner.
Banner(1x) The AfterStep Logo module.
Banner(3I) One line title bar.
banshee(1) Media Management and Playback application.
baobab(1) A graphical tool to analyze disk usage.
bar(1) Show information about a data transfer.
barbican-db-manage(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - DB Manager.
barbican-keystone-listener(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Keystone Listener.
barbican-manage(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Manager.
barbican-retry(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Retry.
barbican-worker(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Worker.
barcode(1) A stand alone program to run the barcode library.
barcode(3) A library to create and print bar codes.
barcode(6x) Draws a random sequence of barcodes for the products you enjoy.
Barcode::Code128(3pm) Generate CODE 128 bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar(3pm) Perl interface to the ZBar Barcode Reader.
Barcode::ZBar::Image(3pm) Image object to scan for bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar::ImageScanner(3pm) Scan images for bar codes.
Barcode::ZBar::Processor(3pm) Self-contained bar code reader.
Barcode::ZBar::Symbol(3pm) Bar code scan result object.
bardecode(1) Barcode recognition tool of the ExactImage toolkit.
bareftp(1) Graphical file transfer client.
bareos(8) Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced.
bareos-dbcheck(8) Bareos's Catalog Database Check/Clean program.
bareos-dir(8) Bareos Director.
bareos-fd(8) Bareos's File Daemon.
bareos-sd(8) Bareos's Storage Daemon.
bareos-tray-monitor(1) Bareos's 'System Tray' monitor.
bareword::filehandles(3pm) Disables bareword filehandles.
bargraph(1) Compile bar graphs into pic input.
barman(1) Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL.
barman(5) Backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL.
barnowl(1) Tty‐based zephyr client.
barrage(6) Rather destructive action game.
barrier(3clc) All work-items in a work-group executing the kernel on a processor must execute this function before.
barrier(3G) Synchronize execution of multiple shader invocations.
barrnap(1) Rapid ribosomal RNA prediction.
Base(1x) Essential AfterStep configuration options.
base(3perl) Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time.
base.h(3) Base elements for RTP stacks: constants, types and global functions.
base32(1) Base32 encode/decode data and print to standard output.
base32(3tcl) Base32 standard encoding.
base32core(3tcl) Expanding basic base32 maps.
base32hex(3tcl) Base32 extended hex encoding.
base64(1) Base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output.
base64(3erl) Implements base 64 encode and decode, see RFC2045.
base64(3tcl) Base64-encode/decode binary data.
base64(3trf) Encoding "base64".
basename(1) Strip directory and suffix from filenames.
basename(1plan9) Strip file name affixes.
basename(1posix) Return non-directory portion of a pathname.
basename(3) Parse pathname components.
baseName(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
basename(3posix) Return the last component of a pathname.
basepods(1p) Print out pod paths for the standard perl manpages.
basex(1) XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (command line mode).
basexclient(1) XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (client mode).
basexgui(1) XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (graphical mode).
basexserver(1) XML database system and XPath/XQuery processor (server mode).
bash(1) GNU Bourne-Again SHell.
bash-builtins(7) Bash built-in commands, see bash(1).
bash-static(1) GNU Bourne-Again SHell.
bash5tools(1) Tool for extracting data from .bas.h5 files. ↣ bash5tools(1) Tool for extracting data from .bas.h5 files.
bashbug(1) Report a bug in bash.
bashburn(1) A bash script CD Burner Writer.
bashdb(1) Bash debugger script.
basic-troubleshooting(3) None.
basic256(1) Educational BASIC programming environment for children.
basic_db_auth(8) Database auth helper for Squid.
basic_getpwnam_auth(8) Local Users auth helper for Squid.
basic_ldap_auth(8) LDAP authentication helper for Squid.
basic_ncsa_auth(8) NCSA httpd-style password file authentication helper for Squid.
basic_pam_auth(8) PAM Basic authentication helper for Squid.
basic_radius_auth(8) Squid RADIUS authentication helper.
basic_sasl_auth(8) Basic Authentication using SASL (specifically the cyrus-sasl authentication method).
BasicDialog(3U) An assortment of useful.
basicentry.cpp(3) Implementation of BasicEntry.
basicentry.h(3) Header file that defines BasicEntry.
basictopvf(1) ↣ pvf(1) Utilities to convert various sound formats.
BasiliskII-jit(1) A 68k Macintosh emulator.
BasiliskII-nojit(1) A 68k Macintosh emulator.
basis(7rheolef) Polynomial basis.
basket(1) Note-taking application.
basl2c(1B) Converts a BASL (BAtch Scheduling Language) code into a C scheduler code.
bastet(6) Tetris(r) clone with "bastard" block-choosing AI.
bat(1) Bareos Administration Tool Console.
bat2gts(1) Takes a bathymetry file (three columns: longitude, latitude (degree), depth (meters)) and generates.
batadv-vis(8) Batman-adv visualization server.
batch(1) ↣ at(1) Queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution.
batch(1posix) Schedule commands to be executed in a batch queue.
batch_crop(1) Crop a set of images.
batch_image_convert(1) Use VIPS to convert a set of images to a new type.
batch_rubber_sheet(1) Warp a set of images with a rubber-sheet transformation.
batcher(8) Article batching for InterNetNews.
batctl(8) B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool.
batmand(8) Better approach to mobile ad‐hoc networking.
batmon(1) Battery monitor for GNUstep.
bats(1) Bash Automated Testing System.
bats(7) Bats test file format.
battery-graph(1) Show a graph of the battery charge.
battery-log(1) Extract battery statistics.
battery-stats(5) Collected battery statistics.
battery-stats-collector(8) Collect statistics about battery charge.
battlestar(6) A tropical adventure game.
bauble(1) Software application to manage a collection of botanical specimens.
bauble-admin(1) Create bauble's database and change some of its properties.
BAUD_TOL(3avr) ↣ util_setbaud(3avr) : Helper macros for baud rate calculations.
baudrate(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
baudrate_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
baycom(9) Amateur (AX.25) packet radio network driver for baycom modems.
baycomepp(8) Baycom EPP modem driver.
baycomusb(8) Baycom USB modem diagnostics utility.
bayesol(1) A Bayes solution calculator for use with dbacl.
bb(1) An ASCII-art demo.
bbackupctl(8) Control the Box Backup client daemon.
bbackupd(8) Box Backup client daemon.
bbackupd-config(8) Box Backup client daemon configuration file generator.
bbackupd.conf(5) Box Backup client daemon configuration file.
bbackupquery(8) Box Backup store query and file retrieval.
bbAnalyze(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
bbcheck(1) Run automated tests on BitBabbler hardware RNG devices.
bbcnews(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
bbctl(1) Query and control tool for BitBabbler hardware RNG devices.
bbdb-areacode-split(1) Looks for phone numbers in your .bbdb.
bbdb-cid(1) Caller-ID-logger.
bbdb-srv(1) Converts Mail-Headers to an Emacs-Lisp String.
bbdb-unlazy-lock(1) Removes crap from lazy-lock from your .bbdb.
bbe(1) Binary block editor.
bbFilter(1) This is a part of mauveAligner package.
bbmail(1) Mailbox flag for X.
bbox(1) Prints out the bounding box of a rawppm or rawpbm image.
bboxx(1) The program outputs the page number and the Bounding Box parameters for every page in the file.
bbpager(1) Pager for the Blackbox window manager.
bbrun(1) An elegant tool for the Blackbox window manager that runs commands.
bbstoreaccounts(8) Box Backup store accounts manager.
bbstored(8) Box Backup store daemon.
bbstored-certs(8) Manage certificates for the Box Backup system.
bbstored-config(8) Box Backup store daemon configuration file generator.
bbstored.conf(5) Box Backup store daemon configuration file.
bbtime(1) Display the time in a small blackbox style window.
bbvirt(1) Hotplug BitBabbler devices into libvirt managed domains.
bc(1) An arbitrary precision calculator language.
bc(1plan9) Arbitrary-precision arithmetic language.
bc(1posix) Arbitrary-precision arithmetic language.
BC(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
bcache-super-show(8) Print the bcache superblock.
bcat(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
bcc(1) Bruce's C compiler.
bccmd(1) Utility for the CSR BCCMD interface.
bcd(6) Reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code.
bce(4freebsd) QLogic NetXtreme II (BCM5706/5708/5709/5716) PCI/PCIe Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver.
bcfg2(1) Bcfg2 client tool.
bcfg2-admin(8) Perform repository administration tasks.
bcfg2-build-reports(8) Generate state reports for Bcfg2 clients.
bcfg2-crypt(8) Bcfg2 encryption and decryption utility.
bcfg2-info(8) Creates a local version of the Bcfg2 server core for state observation.
bcfg2-lint(8) Check Bcfg2 specification for validity, common mistakes, and style.
bcfg2-lint.conf(5) Configuration parameters for bcfg2-lint.
bcfg2-report-collector(8) Reports collection daemon.
bcfg2-reports(8) Query reporting system for client status.
bcfg2-server(8) Server for client configuration specifications.
bcfg2.conf(5) Configuration parameters for Bcfg2.
bcftools(1) ↣ samtools(1) Utilities for the Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) format.
bch(1) Open the debian/changelog in sensible editor, appending a line showing the current files that have been.
bchunk(1) CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr.
bcmp(3) Compare byte sequences.
bcmxcp(8) Driver for UPSes supporting the serial BCM/XCP protocol.
bcmxcp_usb(8) Experimental driver for UPSes supporting the BCM/XCP protocol over USB.
bcomps(1) Biconnected components filter for graphs.
bconsole(1) Bareos's management Console.
bconsole(8) Bacula's management Console.
bcopy(3) Copy byte sequence.
bcopy(8) Bareos's 'Copy from tape'.
bcp(1) Extract subsets of Boost.
bcpp(1) Make C++ beautifier.
bcrelay(8) A broadcast relay daemon.
bcron-exec(8) Execute jobs on behalf of bcron-sched.
bcron-sched(8) Bcron system scheduler.
bcron-spool(8) Manage user crontab submissions.
bcron-start(8) Start the bcron scheduling system.
bcron-update(8) Update system crontabs.
bcrontab(1) Manage users crontab files.
bcrontab(5) Tables for driving bcron.
bcrypt(1) Blowfish file encryption.
bct_dump(1) Tegra boot config table (bct) dumping utility.
bd_info(1) Show BD disc info.
bd_pgsql_purge(8) Summarizer script for bandwidthd (postgresql mode).
bdb.DB0(5) Contain the Backup Database and associated log.
bdbvu(1) Simple GUI tool to browse Berkeley DB databases.
bdd(1) Mutli Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams.
bddToAblCct(3) Converts a BDD into an ABL within a circuit.
bdeinfo(1) Determines information about a BitLocker Drive Encrypted (BDE) volume.
bdemount(1) Mounts a BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) encrypted volume.
bdf2psf(1) Convert a BDF font to PSF format for the Linux console.
bdfimplode(1) Convert a BDF font into GNU Unifont .hex format.
bdflush(2) Start, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon.
bdfresize(1) Resize BDF Format Font.
bdftobogl(1) Bogl/bterm font convertor.
bdftogd(1) ↣ libgd-tools(1) Programs to convert between gd and other graphics formats.
bdftopcf(1) Convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format.
bdftruncate(1) Generate truncated BDF font from ISO 10646-1-encoded BDF font.
bdii-update(1) The bdii update process.
bdump(1) Visualization of biniou data.
bdy(1gv) Boundary curve finder.
bdy(3gv) Boundary curve finder.
be(1) Distributed bug tracking from the command line.
be16toh(3) ↣ endian(3)
be32toh(3) ↣ endian(3)
be64toh(3) ↣ endian(3)
beacon(8) Transmit periodic messages on an AX.25 port.
beagle.h(3) This file documents the API as well as header for the Broad-platform Evolutionary.
BeagleInstanceDetails(3) Information about a specific instance.
BeagleOperation(3) A list of integer indices which specify a partial likelihoods operation.
BeagleResource(3) Description of a hardware resource.
BeagleResourceList(3) List of hardware resources.
beam_lib(3erl) An Interface To the BEAM File Format.
beancounter(1p) Stock portfolio performance monitor tool.
beanstalkd(1) Simple, fast work queue.
bear(1) Build ear.
bearerbox(8) ↣ kannel(8) Parts of Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway.
bearoffdump(6) Dump a position from the GNU Backgammon bearoff database.
beast-mcmc(1) Bayesian evolutionary analysis sampling trees.
beauti(1) Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Utility.
beav(1) Binary file editor and viewer.
bed2gff3(1p) Convert UCSC Genome Browser-format gene files into GFF files suitable for loading into.
bedup(8) Program for deduplication program with additional knowledge of burp.
bee(3tcl) BitTorrent Serialization Format Encoder/Decoder.
beef(1) Flexible Brainfuck interpreter.
beep(1) Beep the pc speaker any number of ways.
Beep(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
beep(3ncurses) Curses bell and screen flash routines.
beep_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
beer(1) Graphical frontend to SAFT.
beet(1) Music tagger and library organizer.
beetsconfig(5) Beets configuration file.
beh(3) Generic behavioural data structures.
beh_debug(3) BEH structures displayer-debugger.
beh_depend(3) Compute forward dependencies in a description.
beh_makbdd(3) Create a BDD for each expression in a description.
beh_makgex(3) Create a GEX for each expression in a description.
beilagen(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
bel(1) Open a shell or execute a command on a remote computer through several machines.
belkin(8) Driver for Belkin serial UPS equipment.
belkinunv(8) Driver for Belkin "Universal UPS" and compatible.
bell(3tk) Ring a display's bell.
belvu(1) View multiple alignments in good-looking colours.
ben(1) Transition tracker manager.
bench(3tcl) Bench - Processing benchmark suites.
bench_intro(3tcl) Bench introduction.
bench_lang_intro(3tcl) Bench language introduction.
bench_lang_spec(3tcl) Bench language specification.
bench_read(3tcl) Bench::in - Reading benchmark results.
bench_wcsv(3tcl) Bench::out::csv - Formatting benchmark results as CSV.
bench_wtext(3tcl) Bench::out::text - Formatting benchmark results as human readable text.
benchcmp(1) Displays performance changes between benchmarks.
Benchmark(3perl) Benchmark running times of Perl code.
Benchmark::Apps(3pm) Simple interface to benchmark applications.
Benchmark::ProgressBar(3pm) Display Progress Bar While You Wait For Your Benchmark.
Benchmark::Timer(3pm) Benchmarking with statistical confidence.
benchmarks(3avr) Benchmarks The results below can only give a rough estimate of the resources necessary for using.
Bencode(3pm) BitTorrent serialisation format.
ber_int_t(3) ↣ lber-types(3)
ber_len_t(3) ↣ lber-types(3)
ber_memalloc(3) ↣ lber-memory(3) OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators.
ber_memcalloc(3) ↣ lber-memory(3) OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators.
ber_memfree(3) ↣ lber-memory(3) OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators.
ber_memrealloc(3) ↣ lber-memory(3) OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators.
ber_put_bitstring(3) ↣ lber-encode(3)
ber_put_boolean(3) ↣ lber-encode(3)
ber_start_seq(3) ↣ lber-encode(3)
ber_tag_t(3) ↣ lber-types(3)
berdecode(1) Decode BER encoded data.
berkeley-abc(1) A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification.
berkeley-express(1) Streaming quantification for high-throughput sequencing.
berkeley_db5.3_svc(1) Berkeley DB RPC server.
berkeley_db_svc(1) ↣ berkeley_db5.3_svc(1) Berkeley DB RPC server.
BerkeleyDB(3pm) Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3, 4 or 5.
BermudanSwaption(1) Example of using QuantLib.
berusky(6) Logic game based on an ancient puzzle named Sokoban.
berusky2(6) Logic game Bugs Escape 3D.
besinfo(1) Display basic information about a BES.
bespp(1) Pretty print a BES.
besside-ng(8) Crack a WEP or WPA key without user intervention and collaborate with WPA cracking statistics.
besside-ng-crawler(1) Filter EAPOL frames from a directory of capture files.
Best(3pm) Load modules with fallback.
bestfcom(8) Driver for Best Power Fortress/Ferrups.
bestfit_color(3alleg4) Finds a palette color fitting the requested RGB values. Allegro game programming library.
bestfortress(8) Driver for old Best Fortress UPS equipment.
bestuferrups(8) Driver for Best Power Micro-Ferrups.
bestups(8) Driver for Best Power / SOLA (Phoenixtec protocol) UPS equipment.
betaradio(1) An easy way to listen to internet radio of Taiwan.
Between(6) A game about consciousness and isolation.
Bevel(1x) Afterstep Bevel.
bextract(8) Bareos's 'Extract from tape'.
bez2mesh(1gv) Dices a BEZ file to a list of MESHes.
bf(1) Yet another Brainfuck interpreter.
bf-animation-editor(1) The animation editor for the Bear Engine.
bf-level-editor(1) The level editor for the Bear Engine.
bf-model-editor(1) The model editor for the Bear Engine.
BF_cbc_encrypt(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
BF_cfb64_encrypt(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
bf_compact(1) Shell script to compact a bogofilter directory.
bf_compact-bdb(1) ↣ bf_compact(1) Shell script to compact a bogofilter directory.
bf_compact-sqlite(1) ↣ bf_compact(1) Shell script to compact a bogofilter directory.
bf_copy(1) Shell script to copy a bogofilter working directory.
bf_copy-bdb(1) ↣ bf_copy(1) Shell script to copy a bogofilter working directory.
bf_copy-sqlite(1) ↣ bf_copy(1) Shell script to copy a bogofilter working directory.
BF_decrypt(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
BF_ecb_encrypt(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
BF_encrypt(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
BF_ofb64_encrypt(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
BF_options(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
BF_set_key(3ssl) ↣ blowfish(3ssl)
bf_tar(1) Shell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to stdout.
bf_tar-bdb(1) ↣ bf_tar(1) Shell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to stdout.
bf_tar-sqlite(1) ↣ bf_tar(1) Shell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to stdout.
bfbtester(1) Brute Force Binary Tester.
bfe(4freebsd) Broadcom BCM4401 Ethernet Device Driver.
bfgminer(1) Multi-threaded multi-pool ASIC, FPGA, GPU and CPU bitcoin miner.
bg(1posix) Run jobs in the background.
bg5+latex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
bg5+pdflatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
bg5conv(1) Convert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding into `preprocessed' form.
bg5latex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
bg5pdflatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
bge(4freebsd) Broadcom BCM57xx/BCM590x Gigabit/Fast Ethernet driver.
bgerror(3tcl) Command invoked to process background errors.
bget(1) ↣ axgetput(1) Upload or download files via AX.25 / axspawn Linux login session.
bgoffice-dict-download(1) Download dictionaries for bgoffice.
bgpd(8) A BGPv4, BGPv4+, BGPv4- routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
bgpq3(8) Bgp filtering automation for cisco and juniper routers.
bgraph(1) Do a set of batch graphs to a metafile.
bgzip(1) ↣ tabix(1) Block compression/decompression utility.
bhm(8) Program to send SMTP mail to /dev/null.
bhost(5) LAM boot schema (host file) format.
bi2cf(6) A map conversion tool for Crimson Fields.
biabam(1) Biabam is a bash attachment mailer.
bib1-attr(7) Bib-1 Attribute Set.
bib2bib(1) Filter BibTeX data bases.
bib2pdf(1) Script to convert BibTeX format files to PDF format files.
bib2ris(1) Converts bibtex bibliographic data to the RIS format.
bib2ris-utf8(1) ↣ bib2ris(1) Converts bibtex bibliographic data to the RIS format.
bib2xml(1) ↣ bibutils(1) Bibliography conversion utilities.
bibclean(1) Prettyprint and syntax check BibTeX and Scribe bibliography data base files.
bibcursed(1) Manipulate BibTeX files.
bibdoiadd(1) Add DOI numbers to papers in a given bib file.
biber(1p) A bibtex replacement for users of biblatex.
Biber(3pm) Main module for biber, a bibtex replacement for users of biblatex.
Biber::Config(3pm) Configuration items which need to be saved across the.
Biber::Constants(3pm) Global constants for biber.
Biber::DataModel(3pm) Biber::DataModel objects.
Biber::Entries(3pm) Biber::Entries objects.
Biber::Entry(3pm) Biber::Entry objects.
Biber::Entry::Name(3pm) Biber::Entry::Name objects.
Biber::Entry::Names(3pm) Biber::Entry::Names objects.
Biber::Input::file::biblatexml(3pm) Look in a BibLaTeXML file for an entry and create it if found.
Biber::Input::file::bibtex(3pm) Look in a BibTeX file for an entry and create it if found.
Biber::Input::file::ris(3pm) Look in a RIS file for an entry and create it if found.
Biber::Internals(3pm) Internal methods for processing the bibliographic data.
Biber::LaTeX::Recode(3pm) Encode/Decode chars to/from UTF-8/lacros in LaTeX.
Biber::Output::base(3pm) Base class for Biber output modules.
Biber::Output::bbl(3pm) Class for Biber output of .bbl.
Biber::Output::biblatexml(3pm) Class for biblatexml output of tool mode.
Biber::Output::bibtex(3pm) Class for bibtex output.
Biber::Output::dot(3pm) Class for Biber output of GraphViz .dot files.
Biber::Output::test(3pm) Output class for loopback testing Essentially, this outputs to a string so we can look.
Biber::Section(3pm) Biber::Section objects.
Biber::Sections(3pm) Biber::Sections objects.
Biber::SortList(3pm) Biber::SortList objects.
Biber::SortLists(3pm) Biber::SortLists objects.
Biber::Utils(3pm) Various utility subs used in Biber.
bibhva(1) A BibTeX wrapper for use with HeVeA.
biblatex2xml(1) ↣ bibutils(1) Bibliography conversion utilities.
bible(1) Lookup words and verses in the Bible (King James version).
bibledit-bibletime(1) Bibledit BibleTime helper.
bibledit-git(1) Internal command for bibledit, a Bible editor.
bibledit-gtk(1) A Bible editor.
bibledit-rdwrt(1) Read or writes data to or from a Bibledit-Gtk Bible or project.
bibledit-shutdown(1) Internal command for bibledit-gtk, a Bible editor.
bibledit-xiphos(1) Bibledit Xiphos helper.
bibleditgui(1) ↣ bibledit-gtk(1) A Bible editor.
bibletime(1) Bible study tool for KDE.
Biblio::Citation::Parser(3pm) Citation parsing framework.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase(3pm) Citebase's citation parsing module.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao(3pm) Citation parsing using Zhuoan Jiao's parsing module.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Jiao::Utility(3pm) Perl module containing text processing subroutines.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Standard(3pm) Citation parsing functionality.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Templates(3pm) Citation templates collection.
Biblio::Citation::Parser::Utils(3pm) OpenURL utility functions.
Biblio::EndnoteStyle(3pm) Reference formatting using Endnote-like templates.
Biblio::Isis(3pm) Read CDS/ISIS, WinISIS and IsisMarc database.
Biblio::Thesaurus(3pm) Perl extension for managing ISO thesaurus.
bibtex(3tcl) Parse bibtex files.
bibtex.original(1) Make a bibliography for (La)TeX.
bibtex.pybliographer(1) Use bibliographic databases in LaTex files.
bibtex.pybtex(1) BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor in Python.
bibtex2html(1) A translator of bibliography databases into HTML.
bibtex8(1) 8-bit Big BibTeX version 0.99c.
bibtexconv(1) BibTeX Converter.
bibtexconv-odt(1) ODT Helper Script for BibTeX Converter.
bibtool(1) BibTeX file manipulation tool.
bibus(1) Bibus is a bibliographic database.
bibutils(1) Bibliography conversion utilities.
bibzbladd(1) Add Zbl numbers to papers in a given bib file.
bidentd(8) Bisqwit's TCP/IP Identification Protocol daemon.
bidiv(1) Bidirectional text filter.
biff(1) Be notified if mail arrives and who it is from.
Bigarray(3o) Large, multi-dimensional, numerical arrays.
Bigarray.Array1(3o) One-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array2(3o) Two-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array3(3o) Three-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Genarray(3o) No description.
bigfloat(3tcl) Arbitrary precision floating-point numbers.
bigint(3bobcat) Arithmetic on Integers of Unlimited Size.
bigint(3perl) Transparent BigInteger support for Perl.
bignum(3perl) Transparent BigNumber support for Perl.
bignum(3tcl) Arbitrary precision integer numbers.
bigrat(3perl) Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl.
bigvia(3) Draws a non minimal via as a bunch of vias.
bihourly(8) Track ethernet/ip address pairs.
bijiben(1) An intuitive note editor integrated with GNOME 3.
bilibop(7) Run Debian GNU/Linux from an external media.
bilibop.conf(5) Configuration file of bilibop packages.
billard-gl(6) OpenGL billiards game.
biloba(6) Multiplayer strategy board game.
biloba-server(6) Multiplayer strategy board game server tool.
bin(3trf) Encoding "bin".
bin2h(1) Converter to header file.
bin2obj-3.0.0(1) The Free Pascal binary to pascal include file converter.
bin_dec_hex(1) How to use binary, decimal, and hexadecimal notation.
binary(3erl) Library for handling binary data.
binary(3tcl) Insert and extract fields from binary strings.
binary2ascii(1) Convert binary numbers to textual representation.
binaryring(6x) A system of path tracing particles evolves continuously from an initial creation.
binarysearch(3bobcat) Extensions to the STL binary_search function template.
bincat(1) AME.
binclock(1) Prints time in binary format.
bind(2) Bind a name to a socket.
bind(2freebsd) Assign a local protocol address to a socket.
bind(3posix) Bind a name to a socket.
bind(3tk) Arrange for X events to invoke Tcl scripts.
bind2csv2(1) Convert zone files from BIND to MaraDNS compatible format.
bind9-config(1) Get information about the installed version of ISC BIND.
BIND::Conf_Parser(3pm) Parser class for BIND configuration files.
BIND::Config::Parser(3pm) Parse BIND Config file.
bind_textdomain_codeset(3) Set encoding of message translations.
bindat(2freebsd) Assign a local protocol address to a socket.
bindCDKObject(3) ↣ cdk_binding(3) Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities.
bindechexascii(1) Converts ASCII, binary, decimal, hexadecimal and prints results on the in screen.
bindresvport(3) Bind a socket to a privileged IP port.
bindresvport(3t) Bind a socket to a privileged IP port.
bindrules(7) ShapeTools version bind rules.
bindtags(3tk) Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of evaluation.
bindtextdomain(3) Set directory containing message catalogs.
binfmt.d(5) Configure additional binary formats for executables at boot.
binfmtasm-interpreter(1) Binfmt_misc Assembly handler.
binfmtc-interpreter(1) Binfmt_misc C handler.
binfmtcxx-interpreter(1) Binfmt_misc C++ handler.
binfmtf-interpreter(1) Binfmt_misc fortran handler.
binfmtf95-interpreter(1) Binfmt_misc fortran handler.
binfmtgcj-interpreter(1) Binfmt_misc gcj handler.
bing(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
bing(8) Compute point to point throughput using two sizes of ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to pairs of remote.
binhex(1) Hexifies a series of files.
biniax2(6) Logic game with arcade and tactics modes.
binkd(8) Transfer files between two Fidonet systems over TCP/IP.
binkdlogstat(8) Binkd log analyser and statistic generator.
bino(1) A 3D video player with multi-display support.
binops(3bobcat) Template functions for class-type binary operators.
binsrch(3WN) General purpose functions for performing a binary search.
binstats(1) Display statistics about programs and libraries.
bintime(9freebsd) Get the current time.
binuptime(9freebsd) Get.
binvox2bt(1) Convert 3D mesh voxelizer meshes to a single bonsai tree file.
binwalk(1) Tool for searching binary images for embedded files and executable code.
bio(3ssl) I/O abstraction.
bio-rainbow(1) Manual page for rainbow 2.0.4 --.
bio2jack-config(1) Bio2jack build information script.
Bio::Align::AlignI(3pm) An interface for describing sequence alignments.
Bio::Align::DNAStatistics(3pm) Calculate some statistics for a DNA alignment.
Bio::Align::Graphics(3pm) Graphic Rendering of Bio::Align::AlignI Objects.
Bio::Align::PairwiseStatistics(3pm) Base statistic object for Pairwise Alignments.
Bio::Align::ProteinStatistics(3pm) Calculate Protein Alignment statistics (mostly distances).
Bio::Align::StatisticsI(3pm) Calculate some statistics for an alignment.
Bio::Align::Utilities(3pm) A collection of utilities regarding converting and manipulating alignment objects.
Bio::AlignIO(3pm) Handler for AlignIO Formats.
Bio::AlignIO::arp(3pm) ARP MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::bl2seq(3pm) Bl2seq sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::clustalw(3pm) Clustalw sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::emboss(3pm) Parse EMBOSS alignment output (from applications water and needle).
Bio::AlignIO::fasta(3pm) Fasta MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::Handler::GenericAlignHandler(3pm) Bio::HandlerI-based generic data handler class for.
Bio::AlignIO::largemultifasta(3pm) Largemultifasta MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::maf(3pm) Multiple Alignment Format sequence input stream.
Bio::AlignIO::mase(3pm) Mase sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::mega(3pm) Parse and Create MEGA format data files.
Bio::AlignIO::meme(3pm) Meme sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::metafasta(3pm) Metafasta MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::msf(3pm) Msf sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::nexml(3pm) NeXML format sequence alignment input/output stream driver.
Bio::AlignIO::nexus(3pm) NEXUS format sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::pfam(3pm) Pfam sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::phylip(3pm) PHYLIP format sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::po(3pm) Po MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::proda(3pm) Proda sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::prodom(3pm) Prodom sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::psi(3pm) Read/Write PSI-BLAST profile alignment files.
Bio::AlignIO::selex(3pm) Selex sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::stockholm(3pm) Stockholm sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AlignIO::xmfa(3pm) XMFA MSA Sequence input/output stream.
Bio::AnalysisI(3pm) An interface to any (local or remote) analysis tool.
Bio::AnalysisParserI(3pm) Generic analysis output parser interface.
Bio::AnalysisResultI(3pm) Interface for analysis result objects.
Bio::AnnotatableI(3pm) The base interface an annotatable object must implement.
Bio::Annotation::AnnotationFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::AnnotationI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Annotation::Collection(3pm) Default Perl implementation of AnnotationCollectionI.
Bio::Annotation::Comment(3pm) A comment object, holding text.
Bio::Annotation::DBLink(3pm) Untyped links between databases.
Bio::Annotation::OntologyTerm(3pm) An ontology term adapted to AnnotationI.
Bio::Annotation::Reference(3pm) Specialised DBLink object for Literature References.
Bio::Annotation::Relation(3pm) Relationship (pairwise) with other objects SeqI and NodeI;.
Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue(3pm) A simple scalar.
Bio::Annotation::StructuredValue(3pm) A scalar with embedded structured information.
Bio::Annotation::TagTree(3pm) AnnotationI with tree-like hierarchal key-value relationships ('structured tags').
Bio::Annotation::Target(3pm) Provides an object which represents a target (ie, a similarity hit) from one object.
Bio::Annotation::Tree(3pm) Provide a tree as an annotation to a Bio::AnnotatableI object.
Bio::Annotation::TypeManager(3pm) Manages types for annotation collections.
Bio::AnnotationCollectionI(3pm) Interface for annotation collections.
Bio::AnnotationI(3pm) Annotation interface.
Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene(3pm) Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene.
Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene::Indexer(3pm) Indexes NCBI Sequence files.
Bio::ASN1::Sequence(3pm) Regular expression-based Perl Parser for ASN.1-formatted NCBI Sequences.
Bio::ASN1::Sequence::Indexer(3pm) Indexes NCBI Sequence files.
Bio::Assembly::Contig(3pm) Perl module to hold and manipulate.
Bio::Assembly::IO(3pm) Handler for Assembly::IO Formats.
Bio::Assembly::IO::ace(3pm) Module to load ACE files from various assembly programs.
Bio::Assembly::IO::bowtie(3pm) An IO module for assemblies in Bowtie format *BETA*.
Bio::Assembly::IO::maq(3pm) Driver to read assembly files in maq format *BETA*.
Bio::Assembly::IO::phrap(3pm) Driver to load phrap.out files.
Bio::Assembly::IO::sam(3pm) An IO module for assemblies in Sam format *BETA*.
Bio::Assembly::IO::tigr(3pm) Driver to read and write assembly files in the TIGR Assembler v2 default format.
Bio::Assembly::Scaffold(3pm) Perl module to hold and manipulate sequence assembly data.
Bio::Assembly::ScaffoldI(3pm) Abstract Inteface of Sequence Assemblies.
Bio::Assembly::Singlet(3pm) Perl module to hold and manipulate.
Bio::Assembly::Tools::ContigSpectrum(3pm) Create and manipulate contig spectra.
Bio::Chado::NaturalDiversity::Reports(3pm) Collection of functions for formatting Chado stock related data.
Bio::Chado::Schema(3pm) A standard DBIx::Class layer for the Chado database schema.
Bio::Chado::Schema::Test(3pm) Library to be used by Bio::Chado::Schema test scripts.
Bio::Chado::Schema::Util(3pm) Utility functions shared by Bio::Chado::Schema objects.
Bio::Cluster::ClusterFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::ClusterI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Cluster::FamilyI(3pm) Family Interface.
Bio::Cluster::SequenceFamily(3pm) Sequence Family object.
Bio::Cluster::UniGene(3pm) UniGene object.
Bio::Cluster::UniGeneI(3pm) Abstract interface of UniGene object.
Bio::ClusterI(3pm) Cluster Interface.
Bio::ClusterIO(3pm) Handler for Cluster Formats.
Bio::ClusterIO::dbsnp(3pm) DbSNP input stream.
Bio::ClusterIO::unigene(3pm) UniGene input stream.
Bio::CodonUsage::IO(3pm) For reading and writing codon usage tables to file.
Bio::CodonUsage::Table(3pm) For access to the Codon usage Database at
Bio::Das::FeatureTypeI(3pm) Simple interface to Sequence Ontology feature types.
Bio::Das::Lite(3pm) Perl extension for the DAS (HTTP+XML) Protocol (
Bio::Das::SegmentI(3pm) DAS-style access to a feature database.
Bio::DasI(3pm) DAS-style access to a feature database.
Bio::DB::Ace(3pm) Database object interface to ACeDB servers.
Bio::DB::BioFetch(3pm) Database object interface to BioFetch retrieval.
Bio::DB::CUTG(3pm) For access to the Codon usage Database at
Bio::DB::DBFetch(3pm) Database object for retrieving using the dbfetch script.
Bio::DB::EMBL(3pm) Database object interface for EMBL entry retrieval.
Bio::DB::EntrezGene(3pm) Database object interface to Entrez Gene.
Bio::DB::ESoap(3pm) Client for the NCBI Entrez EUtilities SOAP server.
Bio::DB::ESoap::WSDL(3pm) WSDL parsing for Entrez SOAP EUtilities.
Bio::DB::Expression(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::DB::Expression::geo(3pm) *** DESCRIPTION of Class.
Bio::DB::Failover(3pm) A Bio::DB::RandomAccessI compliant class which wraps a prioritized list of DBs.
Bio::DB::Fasta(3pm) Fast indexed access to fasta files.
Bio::DB::FileCache(3pm) In file cache for BioSeq objects.
Bio::DB::Flat(3pm) Interface for indexed flat files.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB(3pm) Interface for BioHackathon standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::embl(3pm) Embl adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::fasta(3pm) Fasta adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::genbank(3pm) Genbank adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BDB::swiss(3pm) Swissprot adaptor for Open-bio standard BDB-indexed flat file.
Bio::DB::Flat::BinarySearch(3pm) BinarySearch search indexing system for sequence files.
Bio::DB::GenBank(3pm) Database object interface to GenBank.
Bio::DB::GenericWebAgent(3pm) Helper base class for parameter-based remote server access and response retrieval.
Bio::DB::GenPept(3pm) Database object interface to GenPept.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::berkeleydb::iterator(3pm) Iterator for Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::berkeleydb.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::dbi::iterator(3pm) Iterator for Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::dbi.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::memory::feature_serializer(3pm) Utility methods for serializing and deserializing GFF.
Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::memory::iterator(3pm) Iterator for Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::memory.
Bio::DB::GFF::Util::Binning(3pm) Binning utility for Bio::DB::GFF index.
Bio::DB::GFF::Util::Rearrange(3pm) Rearrange utility.
Bio::DB::HIV(3pm) Database object interface to the Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database.
Bio::DB::HIV::HIVAnnotProcessor(3pm) Adds HIV-specific annotations to Bio::SeqIO streams.
Bio::DB::HIV::HIVQueryHelper(3pm) Routines and packages used by Bio::DB::HIV and Bio::DB::Query::HIVQuery.
Bio::DB::IndexedBase(3pm) Base class for modules using indexed sequence files.
Bio::DB::InMemoryCache(3pm) Abstract interface for a sequence database.
Bio::DB::LocationI(3pm) A RandomAccessI-like abstract interface for retrieving location data from a sequence.
Bio::DB::MeSH(3pm) Term retrieval from a Web MeSH database.
Bio::DB::NCBIHelper(3pm) A collection of routines useful for queries to NCBI databases.
Bio::DB::Qual(3pm) Fast indexed access to quality files.
Bio::DB::Query::GenBank(3pm) Build a GenBank Entrez Query.
Bio::DB::Query::HIVQuery(3pm) Query interface to the Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database.
Bio::DB::Query::WebQuery(3pm) Helper class for web-based sequence queryies.
Bio::DB::QueryI(3pm) Object Interface to queryable sequence databases.
Bio::DB::RandomAccessI(3pm) Abstract interface for a sequence database.
Bio::DB::ReferenceI(3pm) A RandomAccessI-like abstract interface for retrieving Reference data from a sequence.
Bio::DB::RefSeq(3pm) Database object interface for RefSeq retrieval.
Bio::DB::Registry(3pm) Access to the Open Bio Database Access registry scheme.
Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::bdb(3pm) Fetch and store objects from a BerkeleyDB.
Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::DBI::Iterator(3pm) Utility methods for creating and iterating over SeqFeature records.
Bio::DB::SeqHound(3pm) Database object interface to SeqHound.
Bio::DB::SeqI(3pm) Abstract Interface for Sequence databases.
Bio::DB::SeqVersion(3pm) Front end to querying databases for identifier versions.
Bio::DB::SeqVersion::gi(3pm) Interface to NCBI Sequence Revision History page.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities(3pm) Interface to the NCBI Entrez web service *BETA*.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::DocSumAdaptor(3pm) Handle for Entrez SOAP DocSums.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::FetchAdaptor(3pm) Conversion of Entrez SOAP messages to BioPerl objects.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::FetchAdaptor::seq(3pm) Fetch adaptor for 'seq' efetch SOAP messages.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::FetchAdaptor::species(3pm) Fetch adaptor for 'taxonomy' efetch SOAP messages.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::GQueryAdaptor(3pm) Handle for Entrez SOAP GlobalQuery items.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::LinkAdaptor(3pm) Handle for Entrez SOAP LinkSets.
Bio::DB::SoapEUtilities::Result(3pm) Accessor object for SoapEUtilities results.
Bio::DB::SwissProt(3pm) Database object interface to SwissProt retrieval.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy(3pm) Access to a taxonomy database.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::entrez(3pm) Taxonomy Entrez driver.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::flatfile(3pm) Use the NCBI taxonomy from local indexed flat files.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::greengenes(3pm) Use the Greengenes taxonomy.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::list(3pm) An implementation of Bio::DB::Taxonomy that accepts lists of words to build a.
Bio::DB::Taxonomy::silva(3pm) Use the Silva taxonomy.
Bio::DB::TFBS(3pm) Access to a Transcription Factor Binding Site database.
Bio::DB::TFBS::transfac_pro(3pm) An implementation of Bio::DB::TFBS which uses local flat files for transfac pro.
Bio::DB::Universal(3pm) Artificial database that delegates to specific databases.
Bio::DB::UpdateableSeqI(3pm) An interface for writing to a database of sequences.
Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI(3pm) Object Interface to generalize Web Databases for retrieving sequences.
Bio::DBLinkContainerI(3pm) Abstract interface for any object wanting to use.
Bio::DescribableI(3pm) Interface for objects with human readable names and descriptions.
Bio::Draw::Pictogram(3pm) Generate SVG output of Pictogram display for consensus motifs.
Bio::Event::EventGeneratorI(3pm) This interface describes the basic event generator class.
Bio::Event::EventHandlerI(3pm) An Event Handler Interface.
Bio::Factory::AnalysisI(3pm) An interface to analysis tool factory.
Bio::Factory::ApplicationFactoryI(3pm) Interface class for Application Factories.
Bio::Factory::DriverFactory(3pm) Base class for factory classes loading drivers.
Bio::Factory::EMBOSS(3pm) EMBOSS application factory class.
Bio::Factory::FTLocationFactory(3pm) A FeatureTable Location Parser.
Bio::Factory::LocationFactoryI(3pm) A factory interface for generating locations from a string.
Bio::Factory::MapFactoryI(3pm) A Factory for getting markers.
Bio::Factory::ObjectBuilderI(3pm) Interface for an object builder.
Bio::Factory::ObjectFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::Root::RootI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Factory::ObjectFactoryI(3pm) A General object creator factory.
Bio::Factory::SeqAnalysisParserFactory(3pm) Class capable of creating SeqAnalysisParserI compliant parsers.
Bio::Factory::SeqAnalysisParserFactoryI(3pm) Interface describing objects capable.
Bio::Factory::SequenceFactoryI(3pm) This interface allows for generic building of sequences in factories which.
Bio::Factory::SequenceProcessorI(3pm) Interface for chained sequence.
Bio::Factory::SequenceStreamI(3pm) Interface describing the basics of a Sequence Stream.
Bio::Factory::TreeFactoryI(3pm) Factory Interface for getting and writing trees.
Bio::FeatureHolderI(3pm) The base interface an object with features must implement.
Bio::Graphics(3pm) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::CAlign(3pm) Compiled helper for Bio::Graphics::Browser::Realign.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Markup(3pm) Markup routines for sequences in text form.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::PadAlignment(3pm) Insert pads into a multiple alignment.
Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Realign(3pm) Perl extension for Smith-Waterman alignments.
Bio::Graphics::ConfiguratorI(3pm) A sectioned map of configuration options (a map of maps), with a default.
Bio::Graphics::DrawTransmembrane(3pm) Draw a cartoon of an Alpha-helical transmembrane protein.
Bio::Graphics::Feature(3pm) A simple feature object for use with Bio::Graphics::Panel.
Bio::Graphics::FeatureBase(3pm) Compatibility module.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph(3pm) Base class for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::alignment(3pm) The "alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::allele_tower(3pm) The "allele_tower" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm) The "anchored_arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::arrow(3pm) The "arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::box(3pm) The "box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::broken_line(3pm) The "broken line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::cds(3pm) The "cds" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::christmas_arrow(3pm) The "christmas arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::crossbox(3pm) The "crossbox" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dashed_line(3pm) The "dashed line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::decorated_gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph with protein decorations.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::decorated_transcript(3pm) Draws processed transcript with protein decorations.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::diamond(3pm) The "diamond" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dna(3pm) The "dna" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dot(3pm) The "dot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::dumbbell(3pm) A glyph that draws a "dumbbell" with the same shapes on both ends.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ellipse(3pm) The "ellipse" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ex(3pm) The "ex", or "crossed box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::Factory(3pm) Factory for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::fixedwidth(3pm) A base class fixed width glyphs.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::flag(3pm) The "flag" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::generic(3pm) The "generic" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::graded_segments(3pm) The "graded_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::group(3pm) The "group" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hat(3pm) The "hat" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heat_map(3pm) The "heat_map" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heat_map_ideogram(3pm) The "heat_map_ideogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::heterogeneous_segments(3pm) The "heterogeneous_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hidden(3pm) The "hidden" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::hybrid_plot(3pm) An xyplot plot drawing dual graph using data from two or more wiggle files.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ideogram(3pm) The "ideogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::image(3pm) A glyph that draws photographs & other images.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::lightning(3pm) The "lightning" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::line(3pm) The "line" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::merge_parts(3pm) A base class which suppors semantic zooming of scored alignment features.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::merged_alignment(3pm) The "merged_alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::minmax(3pm) The minmax glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::operon(3pm) The "polycistronic operon" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::oval(3pm) The "oval" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pairplot(3pm) The "pairwise plot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pentagram(3pm) The "pentagram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::phylo_align(3pm) The "phylogenetic alignment" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::pinsertion(3pm) The "Drosophila P-element Insertion" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::primers(3pm) The "STS primers" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::processed_transcript(3pm) The sequence ontology transcript glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::protein(3pm) The "protein" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ragged_ends(3pm) The "ragged ends" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::rainbow_gene(3pm) A GFF3-compatible gene glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::redgreen_box(3pm) The "redgreen_box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::redgreen_segment(3pm) The "redgreen_segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::repeating_shape(3pm) A glyph that draws the same shape repeatedly.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::rndrect(3pm) The "round rect" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ruler_arrow(3pm) Glyph for drawing an arrow as ruler (5' and 3' are marked as label).
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::saw_teeth(3pm) The "saw teeth" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::scale(3pm) The "scale" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segmented_keyglyph(3pm) The "segmented_keyglyph" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::segments(3pm) The "segments" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::so_transcript(3pm) The sequence ontology transcript glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::span(3pm) The "span" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::spectrogram(3pm) The "spectrogram" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::splice_site(3pm) The "splice_site" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::stackedplot(3pm) The stackedplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ternary_plot(3pm) Draw ternary plot data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::text_in_box(3pm) The "text in box" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::three_letters(3pm) DAS-compatible package to use for drawing a line of groups of three.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::tic_tac_toe(3pm) The "tic-tac-toe" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::toomany(3pm) The "too many to show" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::trace(3pm) A glyph that visualizes a trace file.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::track(3pm) The "track" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::transcript(3pm) The "transcript" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::transcript2(3pm) The "transcript2" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::translation(3pm) The "6-frame translation" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::triangle(3pm) The "triangle" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::two_bolts(3pm) The "two bolts" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::vista_plot(3pm) The "vista_plot" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wave(3pm) The "wave" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::weighted_arrow(3pm) The "weighted arrow" glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::whiskerplot(3pm) The whiskerplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_box(3pm) A generic box glyph compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_density(3pm) A density plot compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::wiggle_xyplot(3pm) An xyplot plot compatible with dense "wig"data.
Bio::Graphics::Glyph::xyplot(3pm) The xyplot glyph.
Bio::Graphics::Panel(3pm) Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects.
Bio::Graphics::Pictogram(3pm) Generate SVG output of Pictogram display for consensus motifs.
Bio::Graphics::RendererI(3pm) A renderer for the Bio::Graphics class that renders Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionI.
Bio::Graphics::Util(3pm) Non-object-oriented utilities used in Bio::Graphics modules.
Bio::HandlerBaseI(3pm) Interface class for handler methods which interact with any event-driven parsers.
Bio::IdCollectionI(3pm) Interface for objects with multiple identifiers.
Bio::IdentifiableI(3pm) Interface for objects with identifiers.
Bio::Index::Abstract(3pm) Abstract interface for indexing a flat file.
Bio::Index::AbstractSeq(3pm) Base class for AbstractSeq.
Bio::Index::Blast(3pm) Indexes Blast reports and supports retrieval based on query accession(s).
Bio::Index::BlastTable(3pm) Indexes tabular Blast reports (-m 8 or -m 9 format) and supports retrieval based on.
Bio::Index::EMBL(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) EMBL/Swissprot .dat files (i.e. flat file EMBL/Swissprot.
Bio::Index::Fasta(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) fasta files.
Bio::Index::Fastq(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) fastq files.
Bio::Index::GenBank(3pm) Interface for indexing one or more GenBank files (i.e. flat file GenBank format).
Bio::Index::Hmmer(3pm) Indexes HMMER reports and supports retreival based on query.
Bio::Index::Qual(3pm) Interface for indexing (multiple) fasta qual files.
Bio::Index::SwissPfam(3pm) Interface for indexing swisspfam files.
Bio::Index::Swissprot(3pm) Interface for indexing one or more Swissprot files.
Bio::Installer::Clustalw(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::EMBOSS(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Generic(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Hyphy(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Muscle(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::PAML(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::Probcons(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::SLR(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Installer::TCoffee(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::LiveSeq::AARange(3pm) AARange abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Chain(3pm) DoubleChain DataStructure for Perl.
Bio::LiveSeq::ChainI(3pm) Double linked chain data structure.
Bio::LiveSeq::DNA(3pm) DNA object for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Exon(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Gene(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Intron(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::IO::BioPerl(3pm) Loader for LiveSeq from EMBL entries with BioPerl.
Bio::LiveSeq::IO::Loader(3pm) Parent Loader for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Mutation(3pm) Mutation event descriptor class.
Bio::LiveSeq::Mutator(3pm) Package mutating LiveSequences.
Bio::LiveSeq::Prim_Transcript(3pm) Prim_Transcript class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Range(3pm) Range abstract class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Repeat_Region(3pm) Repeat_Region class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Repeat_Unit(3pm) Repeat_Unit class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::SeqI(3pm) Abstract sequence interface class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Transcript(3pm) Transcript class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LiveSeq::Translation(3pm) Translation class for LiveSeq.
Bio::LocatableSeq(3pm) A Bio::PrimarySeq object with start/end points on it that can be projected into a MSA or.
Bio::Location::Atomic(3pm) Implementation of a Atomic Location on a Sequence.
Bio::Location::AvWithinCoordPolicy(3pm) Class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the average for.
Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicyI(3pm) Abstract interface for objects implementing a certain policy of computing.
Bio::Location::Fuzzy(3pm) Implementation of a Location on a Sequence which has unclear start and/or end locations.
Bio::Location::FuzzyLocationI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Location on a Sequence which has unclear start/end.
Bio::Location::NarrowestCoordPolicy(3pm) Class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the narrowest.
Bio::Location::Simple(3pm) Implementation of a Simple Location on a Sequence.
Bio::Location::Split(3pm) Implementation of a Location on a Sequence which has multiple locations (start/end.
Bio::Location::SplitLocationI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Location on a Sequence which has multiple locations.
Bio::Location::WidestCoordPolicy(3pm) Class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the widest possible.
Bio::LocationI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Location on a Sequence.
Bio::MAGE(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: MAGE.
Bio::MAGE::Array(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: Array.
Bio::MAGE::Array::Array(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::ArrayGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::ArrayManufacture(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::ArrayManufactureDeviation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::FeatureDefect(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::Fiducial(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::ManufactureLIMS(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::ManufactureLIMSBiomaterial(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::PositionDelta(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Array::ZoneDefect(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: ArrayDesign.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::ArrayDesign(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::CompositeGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::DesignElementGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::FeatureGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::PhysicalArrayDesign(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::ReporterGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::Zone(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::ZoneGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::ArrayDesign::ZoneLayout(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: AuditAndSecurity.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity::Audit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity::Contact(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity::Organization(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity::Person(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity::Security(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::AuditAndSecurity::SecurityGroup(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Base(3pm) Generic base class.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: BioAssay.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::BioAssay(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::BioAssayCreation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::BioAssayTreatment(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::Channel(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::DerivedBioAssay(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::FeatureExtraction(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::Hybridization(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::Image(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::ImageAcquisition(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::MeasuredBioAssay(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssay::PhysicalBioAssay(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: BioAssayData.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioAssayData(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioAssayDatum(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioAssayDimension(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioAssayMap(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioAssayMapping(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioDataCube(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioDataTuples(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::BioDataValues(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::CompositeSequenceDimension(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::DerivedBioAssayData(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::DesignElementDimension(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::DesignElementMap(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::DesignElementMapping(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::FeatureDimension(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::MeasuredBioAssayData(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::QuantitationTypeDimension(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::QuantitationTypeMap(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::QuantitationTypeMapping(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::ReporterDimension(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioAssayData::Transformation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioEvent(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: BioEvent.
Bio::MAGE::BioEvent::BioEvent(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioEvent::Map(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: BioMaterial.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::BioMaterial(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::BioMaterialMeasurement(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::BioSample(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::BioSource(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::Compound(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::CompoundMeasurement(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::LabeledExtract(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioMaterial::Treatment(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioSequence(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: BioSequence.
Bio::MAGE::BioSequence::BioSequence(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioSequence::SeqFeature(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioSequence::SeqFeatureLocation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BioSequence::SequencePosition(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::BQS(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: BQS.
Bio::MAGE::BQS::BibliographicReference(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Describable(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Description(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: Description.
Bio::MAGE::Description::Database(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Description::DatabaseEntry(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Description::Description(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Description::ExternalReference(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Description::OntologyEntry(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: DesignElement.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::CompositeCompositeMap(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::CompositePosition(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::CompositeSequence(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::DesignElement(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::Feature(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::FeatureInformation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::FeatureLocation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::FeatureReporterMap(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::MismatchInformation(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::Position(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::Reporter(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::ReporterCompositeMap(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::DesignElement::ReporterPosition(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Experiment(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: Experiment.
Bio::MAGE::Experiment::Experiment(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Experiment::ExperimentalFactor(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Experiment::ExperimentDesign(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Experiment::FactorValue(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Extendable(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::HigherLevelAnalysis(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: HigherLevelAnalysis.
Bio::MAGE::HigherLevelAnalysis::BioAssayDataCluster(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::HigherLevelAnalysis::Node(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::HigherLevelAnalysis::NodeContents(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::HigherLevelAnalysis::NodeValue(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Identifiable(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: Measurement.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::ConcentrationUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::DistanceUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::MassUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::Measurement(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::QuantityUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::TemperatureUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::TimeUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::Unit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Measurement::VolumeUnit(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::NameValueType(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: Protocol.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::Hardware(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::HardwareApplication(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::Parameter(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::Parameterizable(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::ParameterizableApplication(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::ParameterValue(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::Protocol(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::ProtocolApplication(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::Software(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::Protocol::SoftwareApplication(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType(3pm) Container module for classes in the MAGE package: QuantitationType.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::ConfidenceIndicator(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::DerivedSignal(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::Error(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::ExpectedValue(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::Failed(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::MeasuredSignal(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::PresentAbsent(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::PValue(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::QuantitationType(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::Ratio(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::SpecializedQuantitationType(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::QuantitationType::StandardQuantitationType(3pm) Class for the MAGE-OM API.
Bio::MAGE::SQLUtils(3pm) A module for exporting MAGE-OM objects to a database.
Bio::MAGE::XML::Handler::ObjectHandler::SQL(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::MAGE::XML::Handler::ObjectHandlerI(3pm) Abstract class for processing Bio::MAGE objects.
Bio::MAGE::XML::Reader(3pm) A module for exporting MAGE-ML.
Bio::MAGE::XML::Writer(3pm) A module for exporting MAGE-ML.
Bio::Map::Clone(3pm) An central map object representing a clone.
Bio::Map::Contig(3pm) A MapI implementation handling the contigs of a Physical Map (such as FPC).
Bio::Map::CytoMap(3pm) A Bio::MapI compliant map implementation handling cytogenic bands.
Bio::Map::CytoMarker(3pm) An object representing a marker.
Bio::Map::CytoPosition(3pm) Marker class with cytogenetic band storing attributes.
Bio::Map::EntityI(3pm) An Entity Interface.
Bio::Map::FPCMarker(3pm) An central map object representing a marker.
Bio::Map::Gene(3pm) An gene modelled as a mappable element.
Bio::Map::GeneMap(3pm) A MapI implementation to represent the area around a gene.
Bio::Map::GenePosition(3pm) A typed position, suitable for modelling the various.
Bio::Map::GeneRelative(3pm) Represents being relative to named sub-regions of a.
Bio::Map::LinkageMap(3pm) A representation of a genetic linkage map.
Bio::Map::LinkagePosition(3pm) Create a Position for a Marker that will be placed on.
Bio::Map::MapI(3pm) Interface for describing Map objects in bioperl.
Bio::Map::Mappable(3pm) An object representing a generic map element that can have multiple locations in several.
Bio::Map::MappableI(3pm) An object that can be placed in a map.
Bio::Map::Marker(3pm) An central map object representing a generic marker that can have multiple location in.
Bio::Map::MarkerI(3pm) Interface for basic marker functionality.
Bio::Map::Microsatellite(3pm) An object representing a Microsatellite marker.
Bio::Map::OrderedPosition(3pm) Abstracts the notion of a member of an ordered list of markers. Each marker.
Bio::Map::OrderedPositionWithDistance(3pm) Abstracts the notion of a member of an ordered list of markers.
Bio::Map::Physical(3pm) A class for handling a Physical Map (such as FPC).
Bio::Map::Position(3pm) A single position of a Marker, or the range over which.
Bio::Map::PositionHandler(3pm) A Position Handler Implementation.
Bio::Map::PositionHandlerI(3pm) A Position Handler Interface.
Bio::Map::PositionI(3pm) Abstracts the notion of a position having a value in the context of a marker and a Map.
Bio::Map::PositionWithSequence(3pm) A position with a sequence.
Bio::Map::Prediction(3pm) An object representing the predictions of something that can have multiple locations in.
Bio::Map::Relative(3pm) Represents what a Position's coordiantes are relative to.
Bio::Map::RelativeI(3pm) Interface for describing what a Position's coordiantes are.
Bio::Map::SimpleMap(3pm) A MapI implementation handling the basics of a Map.
Bio::Map::TranscriptionFactor(3pm) A transcription factor modelled as a mappable element.
Bio::MapIO(3pm) A Map Factory object.
Bio::MapIO::fpc(3pm) A FPC Map reader.
Bio::MapIO::mapmaker(3pm) A Mapmaker Map reader.
Bio::Matrix::Generic(3pm) A generic matrix implementation.
Bio::Matrix::IO(3pm) A factory for Matrix parsing.
Bio::Matrix::IO::mlagan(3pm) A parser for the mlagan substitution matrix.
Bio::Matrix::IO::phylip(3pm) A parser for PHYLIP distance matricies.
Bio::Matrix::IO::scoring(3pm) A parser for PAM/BLOSUM matricies.
Bio::Matrix::MatrixI(3pm) An interface for describing a Matrix.
Bio::Matrix::Mlagan(3pm) A generic matrix with mlagan fields.
Bio::Matrix::PhylipDist(3pm) A Phylip Distance Matrix object.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::InstanceSite(3pm) A PSM site occurance.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::InstanceSiteI(3pm) InstanceSite interface, holds an instance of a PSM.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO(3pm) PSM parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::mast(3pm) PSM mast parser implementation.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::masta(3pm) Motif fasta format parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::meme(3pm) PSM meme parser implementation.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::psiblast(3pm) PSM psiblast parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::IO::transfac(3pm) PSM transfac parser.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::ProtMatrix(3pm) SiteMatrixI implementation, holds a position scoring matrix (or position weight.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::ProtPsm(3pm) Handle combination of site matricies.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::Psm(3pm) Handle combination of site matricies.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::PsmHeader(3pm) PSM mast parser implementation.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::PsmHeaderI(3pm) Handles the header data from a PSM file.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::PsmI(3pm) Abstract interface to handler of site matricies.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrix(3pm) SiteMatrixI implementation, holds a position scoring matrix (or position weight.
Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrixI(3pm) SiteMatrixI implementation, holds a position scoring matrix (or position.
Bio::Matrix::Scoring(3pm) Object which can hold scoring matrix information.
Bio::MolEvol::CodonModel(3pm) Codon Evolution Models.
Bio::Nexml::Factory(3pm) A factory module for creating BioPerl and Bio::Phylo objects from/to nexml documents.
Bio::NexmlIO(3pm) Stream handler for NeXML documents.
Bio::Ontology::DocumentRegistry(3pm) Keep track of where to find ontologies. Allows lookups by name.
Bio::Ontology::GOterm(3pm) Representation of GO terms.
Bio::Ontology::InterProTerm(3pm) Implementation of InterProI term interface.
Bio::Ontology::OBOEngine(3pm) An Ontology Engine for OBO style flat file format from the Gene Ontology Consortium.
Bio::Ontology::OBOterm(3pm) Representation of OBO terms.
Bio::Ontology::Ontology(3pm) Standard implementation of an Ontology.
Bio::Ontology::OntologyEngineI(3pm) Interface a minimal Ontology implementation should satisfy.
Bio::Ontology::OntologyI(3pm) Interface for an ontology implementation.
Bio::Ontology::OntologyStore(3pm) A repository of ontologies.
Bio::Ontology::Path(3pm) A path for an ontology term graph.
Bio::Ontology::PathI(3pm) Interface for a path between ontology terms.
Bio::Ontology::Relationship(3pm) A relationship for an ontology.
Bio::Ontology::RelationshipFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::Ontology::RelationshipI (or derived class).
Bio::Ontology::RelationshipI(3pm) Interface for a relationship between ontology terms.
Bio::Ontology::RelationshipType(3pm) A relationship type for an ontology.
Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor(3pm) Graph adaptor for Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine.
Bio::Ontology::SimpleOntologyEngine(3pm) Implementation of OntologyEngineI interface.
Bio::Ontology::Term(3pm) Implementation of the interface for ontology terms.
Bio::Ontology::TermFactory(3pm) Instantiates a new Bio::Ontology::TermI (or derived class) through a factory.
Bio::Ontology::TermI(3pm) Interface for ontology terms.
Bio::OntologyIO(3pm) Parser factory for Ontology formats.
Bio::OntologyIO::dagflat(3pm) A base class parser for GO flat-file type formats.
Bio::OntologyIO::goflat(3pm) A parser for the Gene Ontology flat-file format.
Bio::OntologyIO::Handlers::InterPro_BioSQL_Handler(3pm) Parse an InterPro XML file and persist the resulting.
Bio::OntologyIO::Handlers::InterProHandler(3pm) XML handler class for InterProParser.
Bio::OntologyIO::InterProParser(3pm) Parser for InterPro xml files.
Bio::OntologyIO::obo(3pm) A parser for OBO flat-file format from Gene Ontology Consortium.
Bio::OntologyIO::simplehierarchy(3pm) A base class parser for simple hierarchy-by-indentation.
Bio::OntologyIO::soflat(3pm) A parser for the Sequence Ontology flat-file format.
Bio::ParameterBaseI(3pm) Simple interface class for any parameter-related data such as IDs, database name,.
Bio::Perl(3pm) Functional access to BioPerl for people who don't know objects.
Bio::Phenotype::Correlate(3pm) Representation of a correlating phenotype in a given species.
Bio::Phenotype::Measure(3pm) Representation of context/value(-range)/unit triplets.
Bio::Phenotype::MeSH::Term(3pm) A MeSH term.
Bio::Phenotype::MeSH::Twig(3pm) Context for a MeSH term.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::MiniMIMentry(3pm) Representation of a Mini MIM entry.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::OMIMentry(3pm) Represents OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) database entries.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::OMIMentryAllelicVariant(3pm) Representation of a allelic variant of the OMIM database.
Bio::Phenotype::OMIM::OMIMparser(3pm) Parser for the OMIM database.
Bio::Phenotype::Phenotype(3pm) A class for modeling phenotypes.
Bio::Phenotype::PhenotypeI(3pm) An interface for classes modeling phenotypes.
Bio::PhyloNetwork(3pm) Module to compute with Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::Factory(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::FactoryX(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz(3pm) Interface between PhyloNetwork and GraphViz.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::muVector(3pm) Module to compute with vectors of arbitrary dimension.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::RandomFactory(3pm) Module to generate random Phylogenetic Networks.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::TreeFactory(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Trees.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::TreeFactoryMulti(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Trees.
Bio::PhyloNetwork::TreeFactoryX(3pm) Module to sequentially generate Phylogenetic Trees.
Bio::PopGen::Genotype(3pm) An implementation of GenotypeI which is just an allele container.
Bio::PopGen::GenotypeI(3pm) A marker and alleles for a specific individual.
Bio::PopGen::Individual(3pm) An implementation of an Individual who has Genotype or Sequence Results.
Bio::PopGen::IndividualI(3pm) An individual who has Genotype or Sequence Results.
Bio::PopGen::IO(3pm) Input individual,marker,allele information.
Bio::PopGen::IO::hapmap(3pm) A parser for HapMap output data.
Bio::PopGen::IO::phase(3pm) A parser for Phase format data.
Bio::PopGen::IO::prettybase(3pm) Extract individual allele data from PrettyBase format.
Bio::PopGen::Marker(3pm) A genetic marker which one uses to generate genotypes.
Bio::PopGen::MarkerI(3pm) A Population Genetic conceptual marker.
Bio::PopGen::PopStats(3pm) A collection of methods for calculating statistics about a population or sets of.
Bio::PopGen::Population(3pm) A population of individuals.
Bio::PopGen::PopulationI(3pm) Interface for Populations.
Bio::PopGen::Simulation::Coalescent(3pm) A Coalescent simulation factory.
Bio::PopGen::Simulation::GeneticDrift(3pm) A simple genetic drift simulation.
Bio::PopGen::Statistics(3pm) Population Genetics statistical tests.
Bio::PopGen::TagHaplotype(3pm) Haplotype tag object.
Bio::PopGen::Utilities(3pm) Utilities for working with PopGen data and objects.
Bio::PrimarySeq(3pm) Bioperl lightweight sequence object.
Bio::PrimarySeqI(3pm) Interface definition for a Bio::PrimarySeq.
Bio::PrimerDesigner(3pm) Design PCR Primers using primer3 and epcr.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::epcr(3pm) A class for accessing the epcr binary.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::ispcr(3pm) A class for accessing the isPcr (in-silico PCR) binary.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::primer3(3pm) An class for accessing primer3.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::Remote(3pm) A class for remote access to Bio::PrimerDesigner.
Bio::PrimerDesigner::Result(3pm) A class for handling primer design or validation results.
Bio::PullParserI(3pm) A base module for fast 'pull' parsing.
Bio::Range(3pm) Pure perl RangeI implementation.
Bio::RangeI(3pm) Range interface.
Bio::Restriction::Analysis(3pm) Cutting sequences with restriction enzymes.
Bio::Restriction::Enzyme(3pm) A single restriction endonuclease (cuts DNA at specific locations).
Bio::Restriction::Enzyme::MultiCut(3pm) A single restriction endonuclease.
Bio::Restriction::Enzyme::MultiSite(3pm) A single restriction endonuclease.
Bio::Restriction::EnzymeCollection(3pm) Set of restriction endonucleases.
Bio::Restriction::EnzymeI(3pm) Interface class for restriction endonuclease.
Bio::Restriction::IO(3pm) Handler for sequence variation IO Formats.
Bio::Restriction::IO::bairoch(3pm) Bairoch enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::base(3pm) Base enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::itype2(3pm) Itype2 enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::prototype(3pm) Prototype enzyme set.
Bio::Restriction::IO::withrefm(3pm) Withrefm enzyme set.
Bio::Roary(3pm) Create a pan genome.
Bio::Roary::AccessoryBinaryFasta(3pm) Output a FASTA file which represents the binary presence and absence of.
Bio::Roary::AccessoryClustering(3pm) Take an a clusters file from CD-hit and the fasta file and output a fasta.
Bio::Roary::AnalyseGroups(3pm) Take in a groups file and the original FASTA files and create plots and stats.
Bio::Roary::AnnotateGroups(3pm) Take in a group file and assosiated GFF files for the isolates and update the.
Bio::Roary::AssemblyStatistics(3pm) Given a spreadsheet of gene presence and absence calculate some statistics.
Bio::Roary::BedFromGFFRole(3pm) A role to create a bed file from a gff.
Bio::Roary::ChunkFastaFile(3pm) Take in a FASTA file and chunk it up into smaller pieces.
Bio::Roary::ClustersRole(3pm) A role to read a clusters file from CD hit.
Bio::Roary::CombinedProteome(3pm) Take in multiple FASTA sequences containing proteomes and concat them together.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::AssemblyStatistics(3pm) Given a spreadsheet of gene presence and absence calculate some.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::Common(3pm) Common command line settings.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::CreatePanGenome(3pm) Take in FASTA files of proteins and cluster them.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::ExtractProteomeFromGff(3pm) Take in GFF files and output the proteome.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::GeneAlignmentFromNucleotides(3pm) Take in a multifasta file of nucleotides, convert to.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::IterativeCdhit(3pm) Iteratively run cdhit.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::ParallelAllAgainstAllBlastp(3pm) Take in a FASTA file of proteins and blast against.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::QueryRoary(3pm) Take in a groups file and the protein fasta files and output selected.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::Roary(3pm) Take in FASTA files of proteins and cluster them.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::RoaryCoreAlignment(3pm) Take in the group statistics spreadsheet and the location of the.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::RoaryPostAnalysis(3pm) Perform the post analysis on the pan genome.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::RoaryReorderSpreadsheet(3pm) Take in a tree and a spreadsheet and output a reordered.
Bio::Roary::CommandLine::TransferAnnotationToGroups(3pm) Take in a groups file and a set of GFF files and.
Bio::Roary::ContigsToGeneIDsFromGFF(3pm) Parse a GFF and efficiently and extract ordered gene ids on each contig.
Bio::Roary::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions for input data.
Bio::Roary::External::Blastp(3pm) Wrapper around NCBIs blastp command.
Bio::Roary::External::Cdhit(3pm) Wrapper to run cd-hit.
Bio::Roary::External::CheckTools(3pm) Check external executables are available and are the correct version.
Bio::Roary::External::Fasttree(3pm) Wrapper to run Fasttree.
Bio::Roary::External::GeneAlignmentFromNucleotides(3pm) Take in multi-FASTA files of nucleotides and align each.
Bio::Roary::External::IterativeCdhit(3pm) Iteratively run CDhit.
Bio::Roary::External::Mafft(3pm) Wrapper to run mafft.
Bio::Roary::External::Makeblastdb(3pm) Wrapper around NCBIs makeblastdb command.
Bio::Roary::External::Mcl(3pm) Wrapper around MCL which takes in blast results and outputs clustered results.
Bio::Roary::External::PostAnalysis(3pm) Perform the post analysis.
Bio::Roary::External::Prank(3pm) Wrapper to run prank.
Bio::Roary::ExtractCoreGenesFromSpreadsheet(3pm) Take in a spreadsheet produced by the pipeline and identify the.
Bio::Roary::ExtractProteomeFromGFF(3pm) Take in a GFF file and create protein sequences in FASTA format.
Bio::Roary::ExtractProteomeFromGFFs(3pm) Take in GFF files and create protein sequences in FASTA format.
Bio::Roary::FilterFullClusters(3pm) Take an a clusters file from CD-hit and the fasta file and output a fasta.
Bio::Roary::FilterUnknownsFromFasta(3pm) Take in fasta files, remove sequences with too many unknowns and return.
Bio::Roary::GeneNamesFromGFF(3pm) Parse a GFF and efficiently extract ID -> Gene Name.
Bio::Roary::GroupLabels(3pm) Add labels to the groups.
Bio::Roary::GroupStatistics(3pm) Add labels to the groups.
Bio::Roary::InflateClusters(3pm) Take the clusters file from cd-hit and use it to inflate the output of MCL.
Bio::Roary::IterativeCdhit(3pm) Run CDhit iteratively with reducing thresholds, removing full clusters each time.
Bio::Roary::JobRunner::Local(3pm) Execute a set of commands locally.
Bio::Roary::JobRunner::Parallel(3pm) Use GNU Parallel.
Bio::Roary::JobRunner::Role(3pm) A role to add job runner functionality.
Bio::Roary::LookupGeneFiles(3pm) Take in an ordering of genes and a directory and return an ordered list of file.
Bio::Roary::MergeMultifastaAlignments(3pm) Merge multifasta alignment files with equal numbers of sequences.
Bio::Roary::OrderGenes(3pm) Take in GFF files and create a matrix of what genes are beside what other genes.
Bio::Roary::Output::BlastIdentityFrequency(3pm) Take in blast results and find the percentage identity graph.
Bio::Roary::Output::CoreGeneAlignmentCoordinatesEMBL(3pm) Create an embl file for the header with locations of.
Bio::Roary::Output::DifferenceBetweenSets(3pm) Given two sets of isolates and a group file, output whats unique.
Bio::Roary::Output::EmblGroups(3pm) Create a tab/embl file with the features for drawing pretty pictures.
Bio::Roary::Output::EMBLHeaderCommon(3pm) A role containing some common methods for embl header files.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupMultifasta(3pm) Take in a group and create a multifasta file.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastaNucleotide(3pm) Take in a GFF files and a groups file and output one.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastaProtein(3pm) Take a multifasta nucleotide file and output it as proteins.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastas(3pm) Take in a list of groups and create multifastas files for each group.
Bio::Roary::Output::GroupsMultifastasNucleotide(3pm) Take in a set of GFF files and a groups file and output one.
Bio::Roary::Output::NumberOfGroups(3pm) Create raw output files of group counts for turning into plots.
Bio::Roary::Output::QueryGroups(3pm) Output the groups of the union of a set of input isolates.
Bio::Roary::ParallelAllAgainstAllBlast(3pm) Run all against all blast in parallel.
Bio::Roary::ParseGFFAnnotationRole(3pm) A role for parsing a gff file efficiently.
Bio::Roary::PostAnalysis(3pm) Post analysis of pan genomes.
Bio::Roary::PrepareInputFiles(3pm) Take in a mixture of FASTA and GFF input files and output FASTA proteomes only.
Bio::Roary::PresenceAbsenceMatrix(3pm) Create a matrix with presence and absence.
Bio::Roary::QC::Report(3pm) Generate a report based on kraken output.
Bio::Roary::ReformatInputGFFs(3pm) Take in gff files and add suffix where a gene id is seen twice.
Bio::Roary::ReorderSpreadsheet(3pm) Take in a tree file and a spreadsheet and output a spreadsheet with reordered.
Bio::Roary::SampleOrder(3pm) Take in a tree file and return an ordering of the samples.
Bio::Roary::SequenceLengths(3pm) Take in a fasta file and create a hash with the length of each sequence.
Bio::Roary::SortFasta(3pm) Sort a fasta file by name.
Bio::Roary::SplitGroups(3pm) Split groups.
Bio::Roary::SpreadsheetRole(3pm) Read and write a spreadsheet.
Bio::Root::HTTPget(3pm) Module for fallback HTTP get operations when LWP:: is unavailable.
Bio::SCF(3pm) Perl extension for reading and writing SCF sequence files.
Bio::Search::BlastStatistics(3pm) An object for Blast statistics.
Bio::Search::BlastUtils(3pm) Utility functions for Bio::Search:: BLAST objects.
Bio::Search::DatabaseI(3pm) Interface for a database used in a sequence search.
Bio::Search::GenericDatabase(3pm) Generic implementation of Bio::Search::DatabaseI.
Bio::Search::GenericStatistics(3pm) An object for statistics.
Bio::Search::Hit::BlastHit(3pm) Blast-specific subclass of Bio::Search::Hit::GenericHit.
Bio::Search::Hit::BlastPullHit(3pm) A parser and hit object for BLASTN hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::Fasta(3pm) Hit object specific for Fasta-generated hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::GenericHit(3pm) A generic implementation of the Bio::Search::Hit::HitI interface.
Bio::Search::Hit::HitFactory(3pm) A factory to create Bio::Search::Hit::HitI objects.
Bio::Search::Hit::HitI(3pm) Interface for a hit in a similarity search result.
Bio::Search::Hit::hmmer3Hit(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Search::Hit::HMMERHit(3pm) A Hit module for HMMER hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::HmmpfamHit(3pm) A parser and hit object for hmmpfam hits.
Bio::Search::Hit::ModelHit(3pm) A model-based implementation of the Bio::Search::Hit::HitI interface.
Bio::Search::Hit::PsiBlastHit(3pm) Bioperl BLAST Hit object.
Bio::Search::Hit::PullHitI(3pm) Bio::Search::Hit::HitI interface for pull parsers.
Bio::Search::HSP::BlastHSP(3pm) Bioperl BLAST High-Scoring Pair object.
Bio::Search::HSP::BlastPullHSP(3pm) A parser and HSP object for BlastN hsps.
Bio::Search::HSP::FastaHSP(3pm) HSP object for FASTA specific data.
Bio::Search::HSP::GenericHSP(3pm) A "Generic" implementation of a High Scoring Pair.
Bio::Search::HSP::HMMERHSP(3pm) A HSP object for HMMER results.
Bio::Search::HSP::HmmpfamHSP(3pm) A parser and HSP object for hmmpfam hsps.
Bio::Search::HSP::HSPFactory(3pm) A factory to create Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI objects.
Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI(3pm) Interface for a High Scoring Pair in a similarity search result.
Bio::Search::HSP::ModelHSP(3pm) A HSP object for model-based searches.
Bio::Search::HSP::PsiBlastHSP(3pm) Bioperl BLAST High-Scoring Pair object.
Bio::Search::HSP::PSLHSP(3pm) A HSP for PSL output.
Bio::Search::HSP::PullHSPI(3pm) Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI interface for pull parsers.
Bio::Search::HSP::WABAHSP(3pm) HSP object suitable for describing WABA alignments.
Bio::Search::Iteration::GenericIteration(3pm) A generic implementation of the Bio::Search::Iteration::IterationI.
Bio::Search::Iteration::IterationI(3pm) Abstract interface to an iteration from an iterated search result, such.
Bio::Search::Processor(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Search::Result::BlastPullResult(3pm) A parser and result object for BLASTN.
Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult(3pm) Blast-specific subclass of Bio::Search::Result::GenericResult.
Bio::Search::Result::CrossMatchResult(3pm) CrossMatch-specific subclass of Bio::Search::Result::GenericResult.
Bio::Search::Result::GenericResult(3pm) Generic Implementation of Bio::Search::Result::ResultI interface.
Bio::Search::Result::hmmer3Result(3pm) DESCRIPTION of Object.
Bio::Search::Result::HMMERResult(3pm) A Result object for HMMER results.
Bio::Search::Result::HmmpfamResult(3pm) A parser and result object for hmmpfam.
Bio::Search::Result::PullResultI(3pm) Bio::Search::Result::ResultI interface for.
Bio::Search::Result::ResultFactory(3pm) A factory to create Bio::Search::Result::ResultI objects.
Bio::Search::Result::ResultI(3pm) Abstract interface to Search Result objects.
Bio::Search::Result::WABAResult(3pm) Result object for WABA alignment output.
Bio::Search::SearchUtils(3pm) Utility functions for Bio::Search:: objects.
Bio::Search::StatisticsI(3pm) A Base object for statistics.
Bio::Search::Tiling::MapTileUtils(3pm) Utilities for manipulating closed intervals for an HSP tiling algorithm.
Bio::Search::Tiling::MapTiling(3pm) An implementation of an HSP tiling algorithm, with methods to obtain.
Bio::Search::Tiling::TilingI(3pm) Abstract interface for an HSP tiling module.
Bio::SearchDist(3pm) A perl wrapper around Sean Eddy's histogram object.
Bio::SearchIO(3pm) Driver for parsing Sequence Database Searches (BLAST, FASTA, ...).
Bio::SearchIO::axt(3pm) A parser for axt format reports.
Bio::SearchIO::blast(3pm) Event generator for event based parsing of blast reports.
Bio::SearchIO::blast_pull(3pm) A parser for BLAST output.
Bio::SearchIO::blasttable(3pm) Driver module for SearchIO for parsing NCBI -m 8/9 format.
Bio::SearchIO::blastxml(3pm) A SearchIO implementation of NCBI Blast XML parsing.
Bio::SearchIO::cross_match(3pm) CrossMatch-specific subclass of Bio::SearchIO.
Bio::SearchIO::erpin(3pm) SearchIO-based ERPIN parser.
Bio::SearchIO::EventHandlerI(3pm) An abstract Event Handler for Search Result parsing.
Bio::SearchIO::exonerate(3pm) Parser for Exonerate.
Bio::SearchIO::fasta(3pm) A SearchIO parser for FASTA results.
Bio::SearchIO::FastHitEventBuilder(3pm) Event Handler for SearchIO events.
Bio::SearchIO::gmap_f9(3pm) Event generator for parsing gmap reports (Z format).
Bio::SearchIO::hmmer(3pm) A parser for HMMER2 and HMMER3 output (hmmscan, hmmsearch, hmmpfam).
Bio::SearchIO::hmmer2(3pm) A parser for HMMER output (hmmpfam, hmmsearch).
Bio::SearchIO::hmmer_pull(3pm) A parser for HMMER output.
Bio::SearchIO::infernal(3pm) SearchIO-based Infernal parser.
Bio::SearchIO::IteratedSearchResultEventBuilder(3pm) Event Handler for SearchIO events.
Bio::SearchIO::megablast(3pm) A driver module for Bio::SearchIO to parse megablast reports (format 0).
Bio::SearchIO::psl(3pm) A parser for PSL output (UCSC).
Bio::SearchIO::rnamotif(3pm) SearchIO-based RNAMotif parser.
Bio::SearchIO::SearchResultEventBuilder(3pm) Event Handler for SearchIO events.
Bio::SearchIO::SearchWriterI(3pm) Interface for outputting parsed Search results.
Bio::SearchIO::sim4(3pm) Parser for Sim4 alignments.
Bio::SearchIO::waba(3pm) SearchIO parser for Jim Kent WABA program alignment output.
Bio::SearchIO::wise(3pm) Parsing of wise output as alignments.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::BSMLResultWriter(3pm) BSML output writer.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::GbrowseGFF(3pm) Interface for outputting parsed search results in Gbrowse GFF format.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HitTableWriter(3pm) Tab-delimited data for Bio::Search::Hit::HitI objects.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HSPTableWriter(3pm) Tab-delimited data for Bio::Search::HSP::HSPI objects.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HTMLResultWriter(3pm) Write a Bio::Search::ResultI in HTML.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::ResultTableWriter(3pm) Outputs tab-delimited data for each Bio::Search::Result::ResultI.
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::TextResultWriter(3pm) Object to implement writing a Bio::Search::ResultI in Text.
Bio::SearchIO::XML::BlastHandler(3pm) XML Handler for NCBI Blast XML parsing.
Bio::SearchIO::XML::PsiBlastHandler(3pm) XML Handler for NCBI Blast PSIBLAST XML parsing.
Bio::Seq(3pm) Sequence object, with features.
Bio::Seq::BaseSeqProcessor(3pm) Base implementation for a SequenceProcessor.
Bio::Seq::EncodedSeq(3pm) Subtype of Bio::LocatableSeq to store DNA that encodes a protein.
Bio::Seq::LargeLocatableSeq(3pm) LocatableSeq object that stores sequence as files in the tempdir.
Bio::Seq::LargePrimarySeq(3pm) PrimarySeq object that stores sequence as files in the tempdir (as found by.
Bio::Seq::LargeSeq(3pm) SeqI compliant object that stores sequence as files in /tmp.
Bio::Seq::LargeSeqI(3pm) Interface class for sequences that cache their residues in a temporary file.
Bio::Seq::Meta(3pm) Generic superclass for sequence objects with residue-based meta information.
Bio::Seq::Meta::Array(3pm) Array-based generic implementation of a sequence class with residue-based meta.
Bio::Seq::MetaI(3pm) Interface for sequence objects with residue-based meta information.
Bio::Seq::PrimaryQual(3pm) Bioperl lightweight Quality Object.
Bio::Seq::PrimedSeq(3pm) A sequence and a pair of primers matching on it.
Bio::Seq::QualI(3pm) Interface definition for a Bio::Seq::Qual.
Bio::Seq::Quality(3pm) Implementation of sequence with residue quality.
Bio::Seq::RichSeq(3pm) Module implementing a sequence created from a rich sequence database entry.
Bio::Seq::RichSeqI(3pm) Interface for sequences from rich data sources, mostly databases.
Bio::Seq::SeqBuilder(3pm) Configurable object builder for sequence stream parsers.
Bio::Seq::SeqFactory(3pm) Instantiation of generic Bio::PrimarySeqI (or derived) objects through a factory.
Bio::Seq::SeqFastaSpeedFactory(3pm) Rapid creation of Bio::Seq objects through a factory.
Bio::Seq::SequenceTrace(3pm) Bioperl object packaging a sequence with its trace.
Bio::Seq::SeqWithQuality(3pm) Bioperl object packaging a sequence with its quality. Deprecated class, use.
Bio::Seq::SimulatedRead(3pm) Read with sequencing errors taken from a reference sequence.
Bio::Seq::TraceI(3pm) Interface definition for a Bio::Seq::Trace.
Bio::SeqAnalysisParserI(3pm) Sequence analysis output parser interface.
Bio::SeqEvolution::DNAPoint(3pm) Evolve a sequence by point mutations.
Bio::SeqEvolution::EvolutionI(3pm) The interface for evolving sequences.
Bio::SeqEvolution::Factory(3pm) Factory object to instantiate sequence evolving classes.
Bio::SeqFeature::Amplicon(3pm) Amplicon feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::AnnotationAdaptor(3pm) Integrates SeqFeatureIs annotation.
Bio::SeqFeature::Collection(3pm) A container class for SeqFeatures suitable for performing operations such as.
Bio::SeqFeature::CollectionI(3pm) An interface for a collection of SeqFeatureI objects.
Bio::SeqFeature::Computation(3pm) Computation SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeature::FeaturePair(3pm) Hold pair feature information e.g. blast hits.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Exon(3pm) A feature representing an exon.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::ExonI(3pm) Interface for a feature representing an exon.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::GeneStructure(3pm) A feature representing an arbitrarily complex structure of a gene.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::GeneStructureI(3pm) A feature representing an arbitrarily.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Intron(3pm) An intron feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::NC_Feature(3pm) Superclass for non-coding features.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Poly_A_site(3pm) Poly A feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Promoter(3pm) Describes a promoter.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::Transcript(3pm) A feature representing a transcript.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::TranscriptI(3pm) Interface for a feature representing a.
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::UTR(3pm) A feature representing an untranslated region.
Bio::SeqFeature::Generic(3pm) Generic SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Lite(3pm) Lightweight Bio::SeqFeatureI class.
Bio::SeqFeature::PositionProxy(3pm) Handle features when truncation/revcom sequences span a feature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Primer(3pm) Primer Generic SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeature::Similarity(3pm) A sequence feature based on similarity.
Bio::SeqFeature::SimilarityPair(3pm) Sequence feature based on the similarity.
Bio::SeqFeature::SiRNA::Oligo(3pm) Perl object for small inhibitory RNAs.
Bio::SeqFeature::SiRNA::Pair(3pm) Perl object for small inhibitory RNA (SiRNA) oligo pairs.
Bio::SeqFeature::SubSeq(3pm) Feature representing a subsequence.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::FeatureNamer(3pm) Generates unique persistent names for features.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::IDHandler(3pm) Maps $seq_feature->primary_tag.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::TypeMapper(3pm) Maps $seq_feature->primary_tag.
Bio::SeqFeature::Tools::Unflattener(3pm) Turns flat list of genbank-sourced features into a nested SeqFeatureI.
Bio::SeqFeature::TypedSeqFeatureI(3pm) A strongly typed SeqFeature.
Bio::SeqFeatureI(3pm) Abstract interface of a Sequence Feature.
Bio::SeqI(3pm) [Developers] Abstract Interface of Sequence (with features).
Bio::SeqIO(3pm) Handler for SeqIO Formats.
Bio::SeqIO::abi(3pm) Abi trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::ace(3pm) Ace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::agave(3pm) AGAVE sequence output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::alf(3pm) Alf trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::asciitree(3pm) Asciitree sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::bsml(3pm) BSML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::bsml_sax(3pm) BSML sequence input/output stream using SAX.
Bio::SeqIO::chadoxml(3pm) Chadoxml sequence output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::chaos(3pm) Chaos sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::chaosxml(3pm) Chaosxml sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::ctf(3pm) Ctf trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::embl(3pm) EMBL sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::embldriver(3pm) EMBL sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::entrezgene(3pm) Entrez Gene ASN1 parser.
Bio::SeqIO::excel(3pm) Sequence input/output stream from a.
Bio::SeqIO::exp(3pm) Exp trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::fasta(3pm) Fasta sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::fastq(3pm) Fastq sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::flybase_chadoxml(3pm) FlyBase variant of chadoxml with sequence output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::FTHelper(3pm) Helper class for EMBL/Genbank feature tables.
Bio::SeqIO::gbdriver(3pm) GenBank handler-based push parser.
Bio::SeqIO::gbxml(3pm) GenBank sequence input/output stream using SAX.
Bio::SeqIO::gcg(3pm) GCG sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::genbank(3pm) GenBank sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::Handler::GenericRichSeqHandler(3pm) Bio::HandlerI-based data handler for GenBank/EMBL/UniProt (and.
Bio::SeqIO::interpro(3pm) InterProScan XML input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::kegg(3pm) KEGG sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::largefasta(3pm) Method i/o on very large fasta sequence files.
Bio::SeqIO::lasergene(3pm) Lasergene sequence file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::locuslink(3pm) LocusLink input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::mbsout(3pm) Input stream for output by Teshima et al.'s mbs.
Bio::SeqIO::metafasta(3pm) Metafasta sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::msout(3pm) Input stream for output by Hudson's ms.
Bio::SeqIO::MultiFile(3pm) Treating a set of files as a single input stream.
Bio::SeqIO::nexml(3pm) NeXML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::phd(3pm) Phd file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::pir(3pm) PIR sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::pln(3pm) Pln trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::qual(3pm) .qual file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::raw(3pm) Raw sequence file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::scf(3pm) .scf file input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::seqxml(3pm) SeqXML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::strider(3pm) DNA strider sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::swiss(3pm) Swissprot sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::swissdriver(3pm) SwissProt/UniProt handler-based push parser.
Bio::SeqIO::tab(3pm) Nearly raw sequence file input/output stream. Reads/writes id"\t"sequence"\n".
Bio::SeqIO::table(3pm) Sequence input/output stream from a delimited table.
Bio::SeqIO::tigr(3pm) TIGR XML sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqIO::tigrxml(3pm) Parse TIGR (new) XML.
Bio::SeqIO::tinyseq(3pm) Reading/writing sequences in NCBI TinySeq format.
Bio::SeqIO::tinyseq::tinyseqHandler(3pm) XML event handlers to support NCBI TinySeq XML parsing.
Bio::SeqIO::ztr(3pm) Ztr trace sequence input/output stream.
Bio::SeqUtils(3pm) Additional methods for PrimarySeq objects.
Bio::SimpleAlign(3pm) Multiple alignments held as a set of sequences.
Bio::SimpleAnalysisI(3pm) A simple interface to any (local or remote) analysis tool.
Bio::Species(3pm) Generic species object.
Bio::Structure::Atom(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes an Atom.
Bio::Structure::Chain(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes a chain.
Bio::Structure::Entry(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes the whole entry.
Bio::Structure::IO(3pm) Handler for Structure Formats.
Bio::Structure::IO::pdb(3pm) PDB input/output stream.
Bio::Structure::Model(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes a Model.
Bio::Structure::Residue(3pm) Bioperl structure Object, describes a Residue.
Bio::Structure::SecStr::DSSP::Res(3pm) Module for parsing/accessing dssp output.
Bio::Structure::SecStr::STRIDE::Res(3pm) Module for parsing/accessing stride output.
Bio::Structure::StructureI(3pm) Abstract Interface for a Structure objects.
Bio::Symbol::Alphabet(3pm) BSANE/BioCORBA compliant symbol list alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::AlphabetI(3pm) A Symbol Alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::DNAAlphabet(3pm) A ready made DNA alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::ProteinAlphabet(3pm) A ready made Protein alphabet.
Bio::Symbol::Symbol(3pm) A biological symbol.
Bio::Symbol::SymbolI(3pm) Interface for a Symbol.
Bio::Taxon(3pm) A node in a represented taxonomy.
Bio::Taxonomy(3pm) Representing Taxonomy.
Bio::Taxonomy::FactoryI(3pm) Interface to define how to access NCBI Taxonoy.
Bio::Taxonomy::Node(3pm) A node in a represented taxonomy.
Bio::Taxonomy::Taxon(3pm) Generic Taxonomic Entity object.
Bio::Taxonomy::Tree(3pm) An Organism Level Implementation of TreeI interface.
Bio::Tools::AlignFactory(3pm) Base object for alignment factories.
Bio::Tools::Alignment::Consed(3pm) A module to work with objects from consed .ace files.
Bio::Tools::Alignment::Trim(3pm) A kludge to do specialized trimming of sequence based on quality.
Bio::Tools::AmpliconSearch(3pm) Find amplicons in a template using degenerate PCR primers.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::DNA::ESEfinder(3pm) A wrapper around ESEfinder server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Domcut(3pm) A wrapper around Domcut server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::ELM(3pm) A wrapper around the ELM server which predicts short functional motifs on.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::GOR4(3pm) A wrapper around GOR4 protein secondary structure prediction server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::HNN(3pm) A wrapper around the HNN protein secondary structure prediction server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Mitoprot(3pm) A wrapper around Mitoprot server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::NetPhos(3pm) A wrapper around NetPhos server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Scansite(3pm) A wrapper around the Scansite server.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Sopma(3pm) A wrapper around the Sopma protein secondary structure prediction.
Bio::Tools::Analysis::SimpleAnalysisBase(3pm) Abstract superclass for SimpleAnalysis implementations.
Bio::Tools::AnalysisResult(3pm) Base class for analysis result objects and parsers.
Bio::Tools::Blat(3pm) Parser for Blat program.
Bio::Tools::CodonTable(3pm) Codon table object.
Bio::Tools::Coil(3pm) Parser for Coil output.
Bio::Tools::dpAlign(3pm) Perl extension to do pairwise dynamic programming sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::ECnumber(3pm) Representation of EC numbers (Enzyme Classification).
Bio::Tools::EMBOSS::Palindrome(3pm) Parse EMBOSS palindrome output.
Bio::Tools::EPCR(3pm) Parse ePCR output and make features.
Bio::Tools::Eponine(3pm) Results of one Eponine run.
Bio::Tools::ERPIN(3pm) A parser for ERPIN output.
Bio::Tools::Est2Genome(3pm) Parse est2genome output, makes simple Bio::SeqFeature::Generic objects.
Bio::Tools::ESTScan(3pm) Results of one ESTScan run.
Bio::Tools::Fgenesh(3pm) Parse results of one Fgenesh run.
Bio::Tools::FootPrinter(3pm) Write sequence features in FootPrinter format.
Bio::Tools::Gel(3pm) Calculates relative electrophoretic migration distances.
Bio::Tools::Geneid(3pm) Results of one geneid run.
Bio::Tools::Genemark(3pm) Results of one Genemark run.
Bio::Tools::Genewise(3pm) Results of one Genewise run.
Bio::Tools::Genomewise(3pm) Results of one Genomewise run.
Bio::Tools::Genscan(3pm) Results of one Genscan run.
Bio::Tools::GFF(3pm) A Bio::SeqAnalysisParserI compliant GFF format parser.
Bio::Tools::Glimmer(3pm) Parser for Glimmer 2.X/3.X prokaryotic and GlimmerM/GlimmerHMM eukaryotic gene.
Bio::Tools::Grail(3pm) Results of one Grail run.
Bio::Tools::GuessSeqFormat(3pm) Module for determining the sequence format of the contents of a file, a string,.
Bio::Tools::HMMER::Domain(3pm) One particular domain hit from HMMER.
Bio::Tools::HMMER::Results(3pm) Object representing HMMER output results.
Bio::Tools::HMMER::Set(3pm) Set of identical domains from HMMER matches.
Bio::Tools::Hmmpfam(3pm) Parser for Hmmpfam program.
Bio::Tools::Infernal(3pm) A parser for Infernal output.
Bio::Tools::ipcress(3pm) Parse ipcress output and make features.
Bio::Tools::isPcr(3pm) Parse isPcr output and make features.
Bio::Tools::IUPAC(3pm) Generates unique sequence objects or regular expressions from an ambiguous IUPAC sequence.
Bio::Tools::Lucy(3pm) Object for analyzing the output from Lucy,.
Bio::Tools::Match(3pm) Parses output from Transfac's match(TM).
Bio::Tools::MZEF(3pm) Results of one MZEF run.
Bio::Tools::OddCodes(3pm) Object holding alternative alphabet coding for one protein sequence.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Gerp(3pm) Parses output from GERP.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Gumby(3pm) Parses output from gumby.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Molphy(3pm) Parser for Molphy output.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Molphy::Result(3pm) Container for data parsed from a ProtML run.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML(3pm) Parses output from the PAML programs codeml, baseml, basemlg, codemlsites and yn00.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML::Codeml(3pm) Parses output from the PAML program codeml.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML::ModelResult(3pm) A container for NSSite Model Result from PAML.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::PAML::Result(3pm) A PAML result set object.
Bio::Tools::Phylo::Phylip::ProtDist(3pm) Parser for ProtDist output.
Bio::Tools::pICalculator(3pm) Calculate the isoelectric point of a protein.
Bio::Tools::Prediction::Exon(3pm) A predicted exon feature.
Bio::Tools::Prediction::Gene(3pm) A predicted gene structure feature.
Bio::Tools::Primer3(3pm) Create input for and work with the output from the program primer3.
Bio::Tools::Primer::Assessor::Base(3pm) Base class for common assessor things.
Bio::Tools::Primer::AssessorI(3pm) Interface for assessing primer pairs.
Bio::Tools::Primer::Feature(3pm) Position of a single primer.
Bio::Tools::Primer::Pair(3pm) Two primers on left and right side.
Bio::Tools::Prints(3pm) Parser for FingerPRINTScanII program.
Bio::Tools::Profile(3pm) Parse Profile output.
Bio::Tools::Promoterwise(3pm) Parser for Promoterwise tab format output.
Bio::Tools::PrositeScan(3pm) Parser for ps_scan result.
Bio::Tools::Protparam(3pm) Submit to and parse output from protparam ;.
Bio::Tools::Pseudowise(3pm) Results of one Pseudowise run.
Bio::Tools::pSW(3pm) Pairwise Smith Waterman object.
Bio::Tools::QRNA(3pm) A Parser for qrna output.
Bio::Tools::RandomDistFunctions(3pm) A set of routines useful for generating random data in different.
Bio::Tools::RepeatMasker(3pm) A parser for RepeatMasker output.
Bio::Tools::RNAMotif(3pm) A parser for RNAMotif output.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Amap(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment from.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Clustalw(3pm) Object for the calculation of a multiple sequence alignment from a set.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::DBA(3pm) Object for the alignment of two sequences using the DNA Block Aligner.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Gmap(3pm) Wrapper for running gmap.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Kalign(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Lagan(3pm) Object for the local execution of the LAGAN suite of tools (including.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::MAFFT(3pm) Run the MAFFT alignment tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Muscle(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Pal2Nal(3pm) Wrapper for Pal2Nal.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Probalign(3pm) Object for the calculation of a multiple sequence alignment from a set.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Probcons(3pm) Object for the calculation of an iterative multiple sequence alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Proda(3pm) Object for the calculation of sets of multiple sequence alignments from a.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Sim4(3pm) Wrapper for Sim4 program that allows for alignment of cdna to genomic.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::StandAloneFasta(3pm) Object for the local execution of the Fasta3 programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::TCoffee(3pm) Object for the calculation of a multiple sequence alignment from a set.
Bio::Tools::Run::Analysis(3pm) Module representing any (remote or local) analysis tool.
Bio::Tools::Run::Analysis::soap(3pm) A SOAP-based access to the analysis tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory(3pm) A directory of analysis tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory::soap(3pm) A SOAP-based access to the list of analysis tools.
Bio::Tools::Run::AssemblerBase(3pm) Base class for wrapping external assemblers.
Bio::Tools::Run::BEDTools(3pm) Run wrapper for the BEDTools suite of programs *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::BEDTools::Config(3pm) Configuration data for bowtie commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::BlastPlus(3pm) A wrapper for NCBI's blast+ suite.
Bio::Tools::Run::Bowtie(3pm) Run wrapper for the Bowtie short-read assembler *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::Bowtie::Config(3pm) Configuration data for bowtie commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::BWA(3pm) Run wrapper for the BWA short-read assembler *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::BWA::Config(3pm) Configuration data for BWA commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::Cap3(3pm) Wrapper for CAP3.
Bio::Tools::Run::Coil(3pm) Wrapper for ncoils program.
Bio::Tools::Run::EMBOSSacd(3pm) Class for EMBOSS Application qualifiers.
Bio::Tools::Run::EMBOSSApplication(3pm) Class for EMBOSS Applications.
Bio::Tools::Run::Ensembl(3pm) A simplified front-end for setting up the registry.
Bio::Tools::Run::Eponine(3pm) Object for execution of the Eponine which is a mammalian TSS predictor.
Bio::Tools::Run::ERPIN(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of the ERPIN suite of programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::FootPrinter(3pm) Wrapper for the FootPrinter program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Genemark(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of the GeneMark family of programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::GenericParameters(3pm) An object for the parameters used to run programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::Genewise(3pm) Object for predicting genes in a given sequence given a protein.
Bio::Tools::Run::Genscan(3pm) Object for identifying genes in a given sequence given a matrix(for appropriate.
Bio::Tools::Run::Glimmer(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of Glimmer, GlimmerM and GlimmerHMM.
Bio::Tools::Run::Hmmer(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of hmmalign, hmmbuild, hmmcalibrate, hmmemit, hmmpfam,.
Bio::Tools::Run::Infernal(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of cmalign, cmbuild, cmsearch, cmscore.
Bio::Tools::Run::Maq(3pm) Run wrapper for the Maq short-read assembler *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::Maq::Config(3pm) Configuration data for maq commands.
Bio::Tools::Run::Match(3pm) Wrapper for Transfac's match(TM).
Bio::Tools::Run::MCS(3pm) Wrapper for MCS.
Bio::Tools::Run::Mdust(3pm) Perl extension for Mdust nucleotide filtering.
Bio::Tools::Run::Meme(3pm) Wrapper for Meme Program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Minimo(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of the Minimo assembler.
Bio::Tools::Run::Newbler(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of Newbler.
Bio::Tools::Run::ParametersI(3pm) A Base object for the parameters used to run programs.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phrap(3pm) A wrapper for running Phrap.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Gerp(3pm) Wrapper for GERP.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Gumby(3pm) Wrapper for gumby.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::Base(3pm) Hyphy wrapping base methods.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::FEL(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy FEL analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::Modeltest(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy Modeltest analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::REL(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy REL analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Hyphy::SLAC(3pm) Wrapper around the Hyphy SLAC analysis.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::LVB(3pm) Object for using the LVB program to create an array of Bio::Tree objects from a.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Molphy::ProtML(3pm) A wrapper for the Molphy pkg app ProtML.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Njtree::Best(3pm) Wrapper around the Njtree (Njtree/phyml) best program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Baseml(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program baseml.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Codeml(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program codeml.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Evolver(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program evolver.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::PAML::Yn00(3pm) Wrapper aroud the PAML program yn00.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phast::PhastCons(3pm) Wrapper for footprinting using.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phast::PhyloFit(3pm) Wrapper for phyloFit.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::Base(3pm) Base object for Phylip modules.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::Consense(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program Consense.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::DrawGram(3pm) Use Phylip DrawTree program to draw phylograms or phenograms.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::DrawTree(3pm) Use Phylip DrawTree program to draw trees.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::Neighbor(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program neighbor by Joseph Felsenstein for.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::ProtDist(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program protdist.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::ProtPars(3pm) Object for creating a Bio::Tree object from a multiple alignment.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phylip::SeqBoot(3pm) Wrapper for the phylip program SeqBoot.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Phyml(3pm) Wrapper for rapid reconstruction of phylogenies using Phyml.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::QuickTree(3pm) Wrapper for rapid reconstruction of.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::Semphy(3pm) Wrapper for Semphy.
Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo::SLR(3pm) Wrapper around the SLR program.
Bio::Tools::Run::Primer3(3pm) Create input for and work with the output from the program primer3.
Bio::Tools::Run::Promoterwise(3pm) Wrapper for aligning two sequences using promoterwise.
Bio::Tools::Run::Pseudowise(3pm) Object for prediting pseudogenes in a given sequence given a protein and a cdna.
Bio::Tools::Run::RemoteBlast(3pm) Object for remote execution of the NCBI Blast via HTTP.
Bio::Tools::Run::RepeatMasker(3pm) Wrapper for RepeatMasker Program.
Bio::Tools::Run::RNAMotif(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of rnamotif, rm2ct, rmfmt, rmprune.
Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools(3pm) A run wrapper for the samtools suite *BETA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools::Config(3pm) Configurator for Bio::Tools::Run::Samtools.
Bio::Tools::Run::Seg(3pm) Object for identifying low complexity.
Bio::Tools::Run::Simprot(3pm) Wrapper around the Simprot program. Wrapper for the calculation of a multiple.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast(3pm) Object for the local execution of the NCBI BLAST program suite (blastall,.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus(3pm) Compute with NCBI's blast+ suite *ALPHA*.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlastPlus::BlastMethods(3pm) Provides BLAST methods to StandAloneBlastPlus.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneNCBIBlast(3pm) Object for the local execution of the NCBI BLAST program suite.
Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneWUBlast(3pm) Object for the local execution of WU-Blast.
Bio::Tools::Run::TigrAssembler(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of TIGR Assembler.
Bio::Tools::Run::Tmhmm(3pm) Object for identifying transmembrane helixes.
Bio::Tools::Run::tRNAscanSE(3pm) Wrapper for local execution of tRNAscan-SE.
Bio::Tools::Run::WrapperBase(3pm) A Base object for wrappers around executables.
Bio::Tools::Run::WrapperBase::CommandExts(3pm) Extensions to WrapperBase for handling programs with commands.
Bio::Tools::Seg(3pm) Parse "seg" output.
Bio::Tools::SeqPattern(3pm) Represent a sequence pattern or motif.
Bio::Tools::SeqStats(3pm) Object holding statistics for one particular sequence.
Bio::Tools::SeqWords(3pm) Object holding n-mer statistics for a sequence.
Bio::Tools::Sigcleave(3pm) Bioperl object for sigcleave analysis.
Bio::Tools::Signalp(3pm) Parser for Signalp output.
Bio::Tools::Signalp::ExtendedSignalp(3pm) Enhanced parser for Signalp output.
Bio::Tools::Sim4::Exon(3pm) A single exon determined by an alignment.
Bio::Tools::Sim4::Results(3pm) Results of one Sim4 run.
Bio::Tools::SiRNA(3pm) Perl object for designing small inhibitory RNAs.
Bio::Tools::SiRNA::Ruleset::saigo(3pm) Perl object implementing the Saigo group's rules for designing small.
Bio::Tools::SiRNA::Ruleset::tuschl(3pm) Perl object implementing the tuschl group's rules for designing small.
Bio::Tools::Spidey::Exon(3pm) A single exon determined by an alignment.
Bio::Tools::Spidey::Results(3pm) Results of a Spidey run.
Bio::Tools::TandemRepeatsFinder(3pm) A parser for Tandem Repeats Finder output.
Bio::Tools::TargetP(3pm) Results of one TargetP run.
Bio::Tools::Tmhmm(3pm) Parse TMHMM output (TransMembrane HMM).
Bio::Tools::tRNAscanSE(3pm) A parser for tRNAscan-SE output.
Bio::Tree::AlleleNode(3pm) A Node with Alleles attached.
Bio::Tree::AnnotatableNode(3pm) A Tree Node with support for annotation.
Bio::Tree::Compatible(3pm) Testing compatibility of phylogenetic trees with nested taxa.
Bio::Tree::DistanceFactory(3pm) Construct a tree using distance based methods.
Bio::Tree::Draw::Cladogram(3pm) Drawing phylogenetic trees in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format.
Bio::Tree::Node(3pm) A Simple Tree Node.
Bio::Tree::NodeI(3pm) Interface describing a Tree Node.
Bio::Tree::NodeNHX(3pm) A Simple Tree Node with support for NHX tags.
Bio::Tree::RandomFactory(3pm) TreeFactory for generating Random Trees.
Bio::Tree::Statistics(3pm) Calculate certain statistics for a Tree.
Bio::Tree::Tree(3pm) An implementation of the TreeI interface.
Bio::Tree::TreeFunctionsI(3pm) Decorated Interface implementing basic Tree exploration methods.
Bio::Tree::TreeI(3pm) A Tree object suitable for lots of things, designed.
Bio::TreeIO(3pm) Parser for Tree files.
Bio::TreeIO::cluster(3pm) A TreeIO driver module for parsing Algorithm::Cluster::treecluster() output.
Bio::TreeIO::lintree(3pm) Parser for lintree output trees.
Bio::TreeIO::nexml(3pm) A TreeIO driver module for parsing NeXML tree files.
Bio::TreeIO::nexus(3pm) A TreeIO driver module for parsing Nexus tree output from PAUP.
Bio::TreeIO::nhx(3pm) TreeIO implementation for parsing.
Bio::TreeIO::pag(3pm) Bio::TreeIO driver for Pagel format.
Bio::TreeIO::phyloxml(3pm) TreeIO implementation for parsing PhyloXML format.
Bio::TreeIO::svggraph(3pm) A simple output format that converts a Tree object to an SVG output.
Bio::TreeIO::tabtree(3pm) A simple output format which displays a tree as an ASCII drawing.
Bio::TreeIO::TreeEventBuilder(3pm) Build Bio::Tree::Tree's and.
Bio::UpdateableSeqI(3pm) Descendant of Bio::SeqI that allows updates.
Bio::Variation::AAChange(3pm) Sequence change class for polypeptides.
Bio::Variation::AAReverseMutate(3pm) Point mutation and codon.
Bio::Variation::Allele(3pm) Sequence object with allele-specific attributes.
Bio::Variation::DNAMutation(3pm) DNA level mutation class.
Bio::Variation::IO(3pm) Handler for sequence variation IO Formats.
Bio::Variation::IO::flat(3pm) Flat file sequence variation input/output stream.
Bio::Variation::IO::xml(3pm) XML sequence variation input/output stream.
Bio::Variation::RNAChange(3pm) Sequence change class for RNA level.
Bio::Variation::SeqDiff(3pm) Container class for mutation/variant descriptions.
Bio::Variation::SNP(3pm) Submitted SNP.
Bio::Variation::VariantI(3pm) Sequence Change SeqFeature abstract class.
Bio::WebAgent(3pm) A base class for Web (any protocol) access.
BIO_append_filename(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_callback_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_ctrl_get_read_request(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_ctrl_get_write_guarantee(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_ctrl_pending(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_ctrl_reset_read_request(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_ctrl_wpending(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_debug_callback(3ssl) ↣ BIO_set_callback(3ssl) BIO.
BIO_destroy_bio_pair(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_do_accept(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_do_connect(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_eof(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_f_base64(3ssl) Base64 BIO filter.
BIO_f_buffer(3ssl) Buffering BIO.
BIO_f_cipher(3ssl) Cipher BIO filter.
BIO_f_md(3ssl) Message digest BIO filter.
BIO_f_null(3ssl) Null filter.
BIO_find_type(3ssl) BIO chain traversal.
BIO_flush(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_free(3ssl) ↣ BIO_new(3ssl) BIO allocation and freeing functions.
BIO_free_all(3ssl) ↣ BIO_new(3ssl) BIO allocation and freeing functions.
BIO_get_accept_port(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_get_bind_mode(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_get_callback(3ssl) ↣ BIO_set_callback(3ssl) BIO.
BIO_get_callback_arg(3ssl) ↣ BIO_set_callback(3ssl) BIO.
BIO_get_cipher_ctx(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_cipher(3ssl) Cipher BIO filter.
BIO_get_cipher_status(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_cipher(3ssl) Cipher BIO filter.
BIO_get_close(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_get_conn_hostname(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_get_conn_int_port(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_get_conn_ip(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_get_conn_port(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_get_fd(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_fd(3ssl) File descriptor BIO.
BIO_get_fp(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_get_info_callback(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_get_md(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_md(3ssl) Message digest BIO filter.
BIO_get_md_ctx(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_md(3ssl) Message digest BIO filter.
BIO_get_mem_data(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_mem(3ssl)
BIO_get_mem_ptr(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_mem(3ssl)
BIO_get_num_renegotiates(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_get_read_request(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_get_retry_BIO(3ssl) ↣ BIO_should_retry(3ssl)
BIO_get_retry_reason(3ssl) ↣ BIO_should_retry(3ssl)
BIO_get_ssl(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_get_write_buf_size(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_get_write_guarantee(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_gets(3ssl) ↣ BIO_read(3ssl) BIO I/O functions.
BIO_int_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_make_bio_pair(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_method_type(3ssl) ↣ BIO_find_type(3ssl) BIO chain traversal.
BIO_new(3ssl) BIO allocation and freeing functions.
BIO_new_accept(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_new_bio_pair(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_new_buffer_ssl_connect(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_new_CMS(3ssl) CMS streaming filter BIO.
BIO_new_connect(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_new_fd(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_fd(3ssl) File descriptor BIO.
BIO_new_file(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_new_fp(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_new_mem_buf(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_mem(3ssl)
BIO_new_socket(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_socket(3ssl) Socket BIO.
BIO_new_ssl(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_new_ssl_connect(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_next(3ssl) ↣ BIO_find_type(3ssl) BIO chain traversal.
BIO_pending(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_pop(3ssl) ↣ BIO_push(3ssl) Add and remove BIOs from a chain.
BIO_ptr_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_push(3ssl) Add and remove BIOs from a chain.
BIO_puts(3ssl) ↣ BIO_read(3ssl) BIO I/O functions.
BIO_read(3ssl) BIO I/O functions.
BIO_read_filename(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_reset(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_retry_type(3ssl) ↣ BIO_should_retry(3ssl)
BIO_rw_filename(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_s_fd(3ssl) File descriptor BIO.
BIO_s_null(3ssl) Null data sink.
BIO_s_socket(3ssl) Socket BIO.
BIO_seek(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_set(3ssl) ↣ BIO_new(3ssl) BIO allocation and freeing functions.
BIO_set_accept_bios(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_set_accept_port(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_set_bind_mode(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_set_callback(3ssl) BIO.
BIO_set_callback_arg(3ssl) ↣ BIO_set_callback(3ssl) BIO.
BIO_set_cipher(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_cipher(3ssl) Cipher BIO filter.
BIO_set_close(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_set_conn_hostname(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_set_conn_int_port(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_set_conn_ip(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_set_conn_port(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_set_fd(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_fd(3ssl) File descriptor BIO.
BIO_set_fp(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BIO_set_info_callback(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_set_md(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_md(3ssl) Message digest BIO filter.
BIO_set_mem_buf(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_mem(3ssl)
BIO_set_mem_eof_return(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_mem(3ssl)
BIO_set_nbio(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_connect(3ssl)
BIO_set_nbio_accept(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_accept(3ssl)
BIO_set_ssl(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_set_ssl_mode(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_bytes(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_timeout(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_set_write_buf_size(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_should_io_special(3ssl) ↣ BIO_should_retry(3ssl)
BIO_should_read(3ssl) ↣ BIO_should_retry(3ssl)
BIO_should_write(3ssl) ↣ BIO_should_retry(3ssl)
BIO_shutdown_wr(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_bio(3ssl)
BIO_ssl_copy_session_id(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_ssl_shutdown(3ssl) ↣ BIO_f_ssl(3ssl)
BIO_tell(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_vfree(3ssl) ↣ BIO_new(3ssl) BIO allocation and freeing functions.
BIO_wpending(3ssl) ↣ BIO_ctrl(3ssl)
BIO_write(3ssl) ↣ BIO_read(3ssl) BIO I/O functions.
BIO_write_filename(3ssl) ↣ BIO_s_file(3ssl)
BioCocoa(3) Bioinformatics framework for GNUstep and Cocoa.
biof(1) Rotating stack of quads.
biogenesis(1) Biogenesis, an artificial life program focused on evolution.
biomaj(1) Downloads and transform remote biological data banks.
bioradtopgm(1) Convert a Biorad confocal file into a portable graymap.
bios(9freebsd) Interact with PC BIOS.
biosdecode(8) BIOS information decoder.
biosdevname(1) Give BIOS-given name of a device.
biosed(1e) Replace or delete sequence sections.
biosinfo(8) Shows type, revision and vendor of the mainboard as well as vendor version and release date of the.
bip(1) BIP IRC Proxy.
bip.conf(5) Configuration file for BIP IRC Proxy.
bipgenconfig(1) BIP IRC Proxy configuration program.
bipmkpw(1) Password hasher for BIP.
bird(8) BIRD Internet Routing Daemon.
bird6(8) ↣ bird(8) BIRD Internet Routing Daemon.
birdc(8) ↣ bird(8) BIRD Internet Routing Daemon.
birdc6(8) ↣ bird(8) BIRD Internet Routing Daemon.
birdfont(1) Font editor.
birdfont-autotrace(1) Convert raster image to vector graphics.
birdfont-export(1) Generate TTF, EOT and SVG files from FFI-files.
birdfont-import(1) Create a font from SVG files.
birthday(1) Warn about upcoming birthdays and other events.
bisho(1) Program to set the account information for Meego web services.
bison(1) GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement).
bison++(1) Generate a parser in c or c++.
bison++.yacc(1) GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement).
bison.yacc(1) GNU Project parser generator.
bisonc++(1) Generate a C++ parser class and parsing function.
bisque(3pm) ↣ Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
bist(1) A chemical drawing tool.
bit2fp(1) Bitstream to floorplan.
Bit::Vector(3pm) Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library.
Bit::Vector::Minimal(3pm) Object-oriented wrapper around vec().
Bit::Vector::Overload(3pm) Overloaded operators add-on for Bit::Vector.
Bit::Vector::String(3pm) Generic string import/export for Bit::Vector.
bit_is_clear(3avr) ↣ avr_sfr(3avr) : Special function registers.
bit_is_set(3avr) ↣ avr_sfr(3avr) : Special function registers.
bitCount(3G) Counts the number of 1 bits in an integer.
bitesize(1) Add bitesize tag to bugs and add a comment.
bitesize(8) Show disk I/O size as a histogram. Uses Linux perf_events.
bitfieldExtract(3G) Extract a range of bits from an integer.
bitfieldInsert(3G) Insert a range of bits into an integer.
bitfieldReverse(3G) Reverse the order of bits in an integer.
bitlbee(8) IRC gateway to IM chat networks.
bitlbee.conf(5) Configuration file for bitlbee(8).
bitmap(1) Bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System.
BITMAP(3alleg4) Stores the contents of a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
bitmap(3tk) Images that display two colors.
bitmap-editor(1) Editor for XBM images.
bitmap_color_depth(3alleg4) Returns the color depth of the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
bitmap_mask_color(3alleg4) Returns the mask color of the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
BitmapBitOrder(3) ↣ ImageByteOrder(3)
BitmapPad(3) ↣ ImageByteOrder(3)
BitmapUnit(3) ↣ ImageByteOrder(3)
bitselect(3clc) Each bit of result is corresponding bit of a if corresponding bit of c is 0.
bitstormlite(1) BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0.
bitstring(3) Bit-string.
bitten-slave(1) Performs a build and sends result to the Bitten master.
bittorrent-downloader.bittornado(1) Download files using a scatter-gather network.
bittorrent-downloader.bittorrent(1) Download files using a scatter-gather network.
bittorrent-multi-downloader.bittornado(1) Download multiple files using a scatter-gather network.
bittorrent-multi-downloader.bittorrent(1) Multiple file clients for bittorrent.
bitxoscope(1) Configuration tool for xoscope.
bitz-server(1) An ICAP server.
bitz-server.conf(5) Bitz-server configuration file.
bivar(3NCARG) Provides bivariate interpolation and smooth surface fitting for values given at irregularly.
bivar_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Bivar parameters.
bjam(1) Software build tool.
bkchem(1) A free chemical drawing program.
bkgd(3ncurses) Curses window background manipulation routines.
bkgdset(3ncurses) ↣ bkgd(3ncurses) Curses window background manipulation routines.
bkgrnd(3ncurses) Curses window complex background manipulation.
bkgrndset(3ncurses) ↣ bkgrnd(3ncurses) Curses window complex background manipulation.
bktr(4freebsd) Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879 and Pinnacle PCTV video capture driver.
bl2seq(1) ↣ blast(1) Basic Local.
black-box(6) Find the crystals.
black_palette(3alleg4) A palette containing solid black colors. Allegro game programming library.
blackbox(1) A window manager for X11.
blackhole(4freebsd) A sysctl(8) MIB for manipulating behaviour in respect of refused TCP or UDP connection attempts.
blackhole(6) Draws funny things on an XDisplay.
blackhole6(1) A tool to find IPv6 blackholes.
BlackPixel(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
bladeRF-cli(1) Command line interface and test utility.
bladeRF-install-firmware(1) BladeRF Firmware Utility.
blahtexml(1) Converts TeX equations into MathML.
blam(1) A nice RSS aggregator for GNOME.
blame(1) Annotate RCS files.
blas(3) Reference BLAS.
blasr(1) Map SMRT Sequences to a reference genome.
blast(1) Basic Local.
blast2(1) ↣ blast(1) Basic Local.
blastall(1) ↣ blast(1) Basic Local.
blastall_old(1) ↣ blast(1) Basic Local.
blastcl3(1) ↣ blast(1) Basic Local.
blastclust(1) BLAST score-based single-linkage clustering.
blaster(6x) Simulation of space combat.
blastesting(3) Testing.
blastpgp(1) ↣ blast(1) Basic Local.
blat2gff(1) Converts BLAT output files to GFF formatted files.
blaze(1) Allows you to run BlazeBlogger utilities with a single command.
blaze-add(1) Adds a blog post or a page to the BlazeBlogger repository.
blaze-config(1) Displays or sets BlazeBlogger configuration options.
blaze-edit(1) Edits a blog post or a page in the BlazeBlogger repository.
blaze-init(1) Creates or recovers a BlazeBlogger repository.
blaze-list(1) Lists blog posts or pages in the BlazeBlogger repository.
blaze-log(1) Displays the BlazeBlogger repository log.
blaze-make(1) Generates a blog from the BlazeBlogger repository.
blaze-remove(1) Removes a post or page from the BlazeBlogger repository.
blazer_ser(8) Driver for Megatec/Q1 protocol serial based UPS equipment.
blazer_usb(8) Driver for Megatec/Q1 protocol USB based UPS equipment.
BLB01(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
BLB02(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
BLB11(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
BLB12(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
bld(8) A black list daemon.
bld-mrtg(8) Return MRTG-friendly statistics about local BLD status.
bld-pf_log(8) Feed BLD with Postifx log files.
bld-pf_policy(8) BLD policy server for Postfix.
bld.conf(5) Configuration file for BLD.
bld_acl.conf(5) Access lists for BLD.
bld_whitelist.conf(5) White lists for BLD.
blddecr(8) Decrement the counter of an IP address on a bld host.
bldinsert(8) Submit an IP address to a bld host.
bldquery(8) Query a bld host.
bldread(8) Read bld dumps.
bldsubmit(8) Submit an IP address to a bld host.
bleachbit(1) Delete unnecessary files from the system.
blend-role(8) Add/remove roles in registered Debian Pure Blend.
blend-update-menus(8) Add menu of meta package to all Debian Pure Blend users.
blend-update-usermenus(8) Update user menus of all Debian Pure Blend users.
blend-user(8) Add/remove user to Role of a registered Debian Pure Blend.
blender(1) A 3D modelling and rendering package.
blender(3x) Functionality for blending of image data using diofferent algorithms libAfterImage/blender.h.
blenderplayer(1) The blender game engine runner.
bless(1) Graphical hexadecimal Gtk# editor.
bley(1) Intelligent greylisting daemon for Postfix.
bleygraph(1) Stats plotter for bley.
blhc(1) Build log hardening check, checks build logs for missing hardening flags.
blib(3perl) Use MakeMaker's uninstalled version of a package.
blindtty(1) Run command in a detached terminal.
blinkbox(6x) Shows a ball inside a box.
blinken(6) A memory enhancement game.
blinkenlights(1p) DNSSEC-Tools rollerd GUI.
blinkenlights.conf(5) Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools B.
bliss(1) Compute automorphism groups and canonical labelings of graphs.
blit(3alleg4) Copies a rectangular area from one bitmap to another. Allegro game programming library.
blitspin(6x) Rotate a bitmap in an interesting way.
blitztest(1) Program to test blitz imaging filter library.
blkcalc(1) Converts between unallocated disk unit numbers and regular disk unit numbers.
blkcat(1) Display the contents of file system data unit in a disk image.
blkdiscard(8) Discard sectors on a device.
blkid(8) Locate/print block device attributes.
blkiomon(8) Monitor block device I/O based o blktrace data.
blkls(1) List or output file system data units.
blkmapd(8) PNFS block layout mapping daemon.
blkparse(1) Produce formatted output of event streams of block devices.
blkrawverify(1) Verifies an output file produced by blkparse.
blkreplay(1) Block device testing and benchmarking tool.
blkstat(1) Display details of a file system data unit (i.e. block or sector).
blktool(8) Display or change block device settings.
blktrace(8) Generate traces of the i/o traffic on block devices.
blobAndConquer(6) 3D platform shooting game.
blobby(6) A volleyball game with blobs.
blobby-server(6) A volleyball game with blobs.
bloboats(6) A boat racing game.
blobwars(6) Platform shooting game.
blockattack(6) Rise of the Blocks.
blockdev(8) Call block device ioctls from the command line.
blockdiag(1) Generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file.
blockdiag3(1) Generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file.
blockfinder(1) Enumerates network information for countries.
blockmean(1gmt) Block average (x, y, z) data tables by L2 norm.
blockmedian(1gmt) Block average (x, y, z) data tables by L1 norm.
blockmode(1gmt) Block average (x, y, z) data tables by mode estimation.
blockout2(6) The tetris like game (3D tetris).
blocks-of-the-undead(6) ↣ BlocksOfTheUndead(6) Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones.
BlocksOfTheUndead(6) Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones.
blocktube(6x) Draws a swirling, falling tunnel of reflective slabs.
blogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
BlogLiterately(1) Post articles to blogs from command line.
blogofile(1) Static website compiler and blog engine.
Bloom::Filter(3pm) Sample Perl Bloom filter implementation.
blosxom(7) A lightweight yet feature-packed weblog.
blowfish(3tcl) Implementation of the Blowfish block cipher.
bls(8) Bareos's 'Tape LS'.
bls-standalone(1) Build log scanner, standalone version.
blt::barchart(3tcl) Bar chart for plotting X-Y coordinate data.
blt::beep(3tcl) Ring the bell.
blt::bgexec(3tcl) Run programs in the background while handling Tk events. kill - Terminate program or send signal.
blt::bitmap(3tcl) Define a new bitmap from a Tcl script.
blt::bltdebug(3tcl) Print Tcl commands before execution.
blt::busy(3tcl) Make Tk widgets busy, temporarily blocking user interactions.
blt::container(3tcl) Widget to contain a foreign window.
blt::cutbuffer(3tcl) Manipulate X cut buffer properties.
blt::dragdrop(3tcl) Facilities for handling drag&drop data transfers.
blt::eps(3tcl) Encapsulated PostScript canvas item.
blt::graph(3tcl) 2D graph for plotting X-Y coordinate data.
blt::hierbox(3tcl) Create and manipulate hierarchical table widgets.
blt::hiertable(3tcl) Create and manipulate hierarchical table widgets.
blt::htext(3tcl) Create and manipulate hypertext widgets.
blt::intro(3tcl) Introduction to the BLT library.
blt::spline(3tcl) Fit curves with spline interpolation.
blt::stripchart(3tcl) 2D strip chart for plotting x and y coordinate data.
blt::table(3tcl) Arranges widgets in a table.
blt::tabset(3tcl) Create and manipulate tabset widgets.
blt::tile(3tcl) Tiling versions of Tk widgets.
blt::tree(3tcl) Create and manage tree data objects.
blt::treeview(3tcl) Create and manipulate hierarchical table widgets.
blt::vector(3tcl) Vector data type for Tcl.
blt::watch(3tcl) Call Tcl procedures before and after each command.
blt::winop(3tcl) Perform assorted window and image operations.
Blt_Tree(3) Tree data object.
Blt_TreeCreate(3) Create tree data object.
Blt_TreeCreateNode(3) Creates a node in a tree data object.
Blt_TreeDeleteNode(3) Deletes a node and its descendants.
Blt_TreeExists(3) Indicates if a tree exists.
Blt_TreeGetNode(3) Finds the node from the ID.
Blt_TreeGetToken(3) Grabs a token associated with existing tree data object.
Blt_TreeName(3) Returns the name of the tree data object.
Blt_TreeNodeId(3) Returns the node serial number.
Blt_TreeReleaseToken(3) Releases token associated with tree object.
bluecloth(1) Convert Markdown input to HTML.
bluefeather(1) Bluefeather.
bluefish(1) Editor for experienced web designers and programmers.
blueman-adapters(1) An utility to set adapter properties.
blueman-applet(1) A tray applet for managing bluetooth.
blueman-assistant(1) Application for configuring and pairing bluetooth devices.
blueman-browse(1) Helper application for launching an obex browser.
blueman-manager(1) Bluetooth device manager.
blueman-report(1) A tool to create a commented log and upload it to GitHub for support or bug reports.
blueman-sendto(1) Application for sending files to bluetooth devices.
blueman-services(1) Configure local bluetooth services.
bluemon(1) Activate or deactivate programs based on bluetooth link quality.
bluemon-client(1) Activate or deactivate programs based on bluetooth link quality.
bluemon-dbus(7) DBUS interface to bluemon(1).
bluemon-query(1) Query the state of and send commands to bluemon(1).
bluemoon(1) Bluemoon configuration utility.
blueproximity(1) Locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device.
bluetooth(1) Enable/disable internal bluetooth device.
bluetooth-sendto(1) GTK application for transferring files over Bluetooth.
bluetooth-wizard(1) GTK wizard for setting up devices with the Linux Bluetooth stack.
bluetoothctl(1) Bluetooth control tool.
bluetoothd(8) Bluetooth daemon.
bluewho(1) Information and notification of new discovered bluetooth devices.
bmake(1) Maintain program dependencies.
bmaptool(1) Create block map (bmap) for a file or copy a file using bmap.
bmc-config(8) ↣ ipmi-config(8) Configure IPMI values.
bmc-device(8) Perform advanced BMC commands.
bmc-info(8) Display BMC information.
bmc-watchdog(8) BMC watchdog timer daemon and control utility.
bmf(1) Efficient Bayesian mail filter.
bmfconv(1) Database converter for bmf.
bmon(8) Bandwidth monitor and rate estimator.
bmore(1) Browse through a binary file.
bmp(1) Babel universal macro processor.
bmp2tiff(1) Create a TIFF file from a Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap image file.
bmp_read_line(3alleg4) Direct access bank switching line selection for reading. Allegro game programming library.
bmp_unwrite_line(3alleg4) Direct access bank switching line release. Allegro game programming library.
bmp_write_line(3alleg4) Direct access bank switching line selection for writing. Allegro game programming library.
bmptopnm(1) Convert a BMP file into a portable anymap.
bmptoppm(1) ↣ bmptopnm(1) Convert a BMP file into a portable anymap.
bmtoa(1) ↣ bitmap(1) Bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System.
bn(3ssl) Multiprecision integer arithmetics.
BN_add_word(3ssl) Arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with.
bn_add_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_bin2bn(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_convert(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_convert_ex(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_create_param(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_free(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_get_flags(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_get_thread_id(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_invert(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_invert_ex(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_set_flags(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_set_thread_id(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_thread_id(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_BLINDING_update(3ssl) ↣ BN_BLINDING_new(3ssl)
BN_bn2dec(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_bn2hex(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_bn2mpi(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
bn_check_top(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_clear(3ssl) ↣ BN_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BIGNUMs.
BN_clear_bit(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_clear_free(3ssl) ↣ BN_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BIGNUMs.
BN_cmp(3ssl) BIGNUM comparison and test functions.
bn_cmp_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_copy(3ssl) Copy BIGNUMs.
BN_CTX_end(3ssl) ↣ BN_CTX_start(3ssl) Use temporary BIGNUM variables.
BN_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ BN_CTX_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BN_CTX structures.
BN_CTX_get(3ssl) ↣ BN_CTX_start(3ssl) Use temporary BIGNUM variables.
BN_CTX_init(3ssl) ↣ BN_CTX_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BN_CTX structures.
BN_CTX_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BN_CTX structures.
BN_CTX_start(3ssl) Use temporary BIGNUM variables.
BN_dec2bn(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_div(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_div_recp(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3ssl)
BN_div_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_add_word(3ssl) Arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with.
bn_div_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_dump(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_dup(3ssl) ↣ BN_copy(3ssl) Copy BIGNUMs.
BN_exp(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
bn_expand(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_expand2(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_fix_top(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_free(3ssl) ↣ BN_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BIGNUMs.
BN_from_montgomery(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_gcd(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_GENCB_call(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_GENCB_set(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_GENCB_set_old(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_generate_prime_ex(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_get_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_zero(3ssl) BIGNUM assignment operations.
BN_hex2bn(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_init(3ssl) ↣ BN_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BIGNUMs.
BN_is_bit_set(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_is_odd(3ssl) ↣ BN_cmp(3ssl) BIGNUM comparison and test functions.
BN_is_one(3ssl) ↣ BN_cmp(3ssl) BIGNUM comparison and test functions.
BN_is_prime(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_is_prime_ex(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_is_prime_fasttest(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_is_prime_fasttest_ex(3ssl) ↣ BN_generate_prime(3ssl)
BN_is_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_cmp(3ssl) BIGNUM comparison and test functions.
BN_is_zero(3ssl) ↣ BN_cmp(3ssl) BIGNUM comparison and test functions.
BN_lshift(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_lshift1(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_mask_bits(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_mod(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_mod_add(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_mod_exp(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_mod_inverse(3ssl) Compute inverse modulo n.
BN_mod_mul(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_mod_sqr(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_mod_sub(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_mod_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_add_word(3ssl) Arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with.
BN_MONT_CTX_copy(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_MONT_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_MONT_CTX_init(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_MONT_CTX_new(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_MONT_CTX_set(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_mpi2bn(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_mul(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
bn_mul_add_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_comba4(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_comba8(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_high(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_low_normal(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_low_recursive(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_normal(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_part_recursive(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_mul_recursive(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_mul_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_add_word(3ssl) Arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with.
bn_mul_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_new(3ssl) Allocate and free BIGNUMs.
BN_nnmod(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_num_bits(3ssl) ↣ BN_num_bytes(3ssl) Get BIGNUM size.
BN_num_bits_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_num_bytes(3ssl) Get BIGNUM size.
BN_num_bytes(3ssl) Get BIGNUM size.
BN_one(3ssl) ↣ BN_zero(3ssl) BIGNUM assignment operations.
bn_print(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_print(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_print_fp(3ssl) ↣ BN_bn2bin(3ssl)
BN_pseudo_rand(3ssl) ↣ BN_rand(3ssl) Generate pseudo-random number.
BN_pseudo_rand_range(3ssl) ↣ BN_rand(3ssl) Generate pseudo-random number.
BN_rand(3ssl) Generate pseudo-random number.
BN_rand_range(3ssl) ↣ BN_rand(3ssl) Generate pseudo-random number.
BN_RECP_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3ssl)
BN_RECP_CTX_init(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3ssl)
BN_RECP_CTX_new(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3ssl)
BN_RECP_CTX_set(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3ssl)
BN_rshift(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_rshift1(3ssl) ↣ BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
BN_set_bit(3ssl) Bit.
bn_set_high(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_set_low(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_set_max(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_set_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_zero(3ssl) BIGNUM assignment operations.
BN_sqr(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
bn_sqr_comba4(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_sqr_comba8(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_sqr_normal(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_sqr_recursive(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
bn_sqr_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_sub(3ssl) ↣ BN_add(3ssl)
BN_sub_word(3ssl) ↣ BN_add_word(3ssl) Arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with.
bn_sub_words(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_swap(3ssl) Exchange BIGNUMs.
BN_to_montgomery(3ssl) ↣ BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3ssl)
BN_ucmp(3ssl) ↣ BN_cmp(3ssl) BIGNUM comparison and test functions.
BN_value_one(3ssl) ↣ BN_zero(3ssl) BIGNUM assignment operations.
bn_wexpand(3ssl) ↣ bn_internal(3ssl)
BN_zero(3ssl) BIGNUM assignment operations.
bnbot(1) text-based chat bot client.
bnchat(1) text-based chat client.
bnd(1) Create and diagnose OSGi bundles.
bnetd(1) Unix daemon.
bnetd.conf(5) Configuration for the Unix daemon.
bnftp(1) file transfer client.
bni2tga(1) Convert a icon file to a Targa file.
bnibuild(1) Build a icon file from a directory of Targa icon files.
bniextract(1) Extract a directory of Targa icon files from a icon file.
bnilist(1) List contents of a icon file.
bno_plot(1) Generate interactive 3D plot of IO blocks and sizes.
bnpass(1) Bnetd password utility.
bnstat(1) statisics client.
bntext(5) Messages for the Unix daemon.
bntrackd(1) Bnetd tracking daemon.
boa-constructor(1) RAD tool for Python and WxWindows.
boats(1) A race scenario drawing tool.
bob(1) Utility script for the Sponge Web Framework.
bobcat(7) Overview of classes in the Bobcat library.
bochs(1) Portable x86 Emulator.
bochs-bin(1) ↣ bochs(1) Portable x86 Emulator.
bochsrc(5) Configuration file for Bochs.
body(3itcl) Change the body for a class method/proc.
boggle(6) Word search game.
bogofilter(1) Fast Bayesian spam filter.
bogofilter-bdb(1) ↣ bogofilter(1) Fast Bayesian spam filter.
bogofilter-sqlite(1) ↣ bogofilter(1) Fast Bayesian spam filter.
bogolexer(1) Utility program for separating email messages into tokens.
bogolexer-bdb(1) ↣ bogolexer(1) Utility program for separating email messages into tokens.
bogolexer-sqlite(1) ↣ bogolexer(1) Utility program for separating email messages into tokens.
bogotune(1) Find optimum parameter settings for bogofilter.
bogotune-bdb(1) ↣ bogotune(1) Find optimum parameter settings for bogofilter.
bogotune-sqlite(1) ↣ bogotune(1) Find optimum parameter settings for bogofilter.
bogoupgrade(1) Upgrades bogofilter database to current version.
bogoupgrade-bdb(1) ↣ bogoupgrade(1) Upgrades bogofilter database to current version.
bogoupgrade-sqlite(1) ↣ bogoupgrade(1) Upgrades bogofilter database to current version.
bogoutil(1) Dumps, loads, and maintains bogofilter database files.
bogoutil-bdb(1) ↣ bogoutil(1) Dumps, loads, and maintains bogofilter database files.
bogoutil-sqlite(1) ↣ bogoutil(1) Dumps, loads, and maintains bogofilter database files.
boinc(1) The BOINC client program.
boinccmd(1) The command line interface to the BOINC client.
boincmgr(1) The graphical BOINC manager for the client.
boinctui(1) Fullscreen text mode manager for BOINC client.
boing(6x) Draws a bouncing ball like the ancient Amiga demo.
bombardier(6) The GNU Bombing utility.
bombardment(1) Run Siege with an ever-increasing number of users.
bomberclone(6) Free Bomberman-like game.
bombono-dvd(1) DVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI.
bomstrip(1) Strip the BOM sequence from UTF-8 files.
bomstrip-files(1) ↣ bomstrip(1) Strip the BOM sequence from UTF-8 files.
bon_csv2txt(1) ↣ bon_csv2html(1)
bond2team(1) Converts bonding configuration to team.
Bonds(1) Example of bond pricing.
bones-info(1) Display information about a Nethack bones file.
bonnie++(8) Program to test hard drive performance.
bonobo-activation-server(1) GNOME component tracker.
boobank(1) Manage bank accounts.
boobathon(1) Participate in a Boobathon.
boobcoming(1) See upcoming events.
boobill(1) Get and download bills.
booblyrics(1) Search and display song lyrics.
boobmsg(1) Send and receive message threads.
boobooks(1) Manage rented books.
boobsize(1) Display sensors and gauges values.
boobtracker(1) Manage bug tracking issues.
boog(1) Binding and Optimizing On Gates.
book_components(1) ↣ sgbdemos(1) Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase.
bookfinder(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
bookletimposer(1) An utility to reorganize PDF pages.
bookman(1) Generate a book from man pages.
bookview(1) NDTP (Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol) client written in Tcl/Tk.
boolcodes(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
booldnf(1) Converts a boolean expression to the DNF.
boolean(3pm) Boolean support for Perl.
booleans(5) The SELinux booleans configuration files.
booleans(8) Policy booleans enable runtime customization of SELinux policy.
boolector(1) SMT solver for bit-vectors and arrays.
boolfnames(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
boolnames(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
boolstuff(3) Disjunctive Normal Form boolean expression C++ library.
boom(1) BOOlean Minimization.
boomaga(1) Post-processing backend for CUPS.
Boost::Geometry::Utils(3pm) Bindings for the Boost Geometry library.
boot(7) System bootup process based on UNIX System V Release 4.
boot(9freebsd) Halt or reboot the system.
boot_is_spm_interrupt(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_lock_bits_set(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__boot_lock_bits_set(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_lock_bits_set_alternate(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_lock_bits_set_safe(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_lock_fuse_bits_get(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__BOOT_PAGE_ERASE(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_page_erase(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__boot_page_erase_alternate(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_erase_extended(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_erase_normal(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_page_erase_safe(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_page_fill(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__BOOT_PAGE_FILL(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_fill_alternate(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_fill_extended(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_fill_normal(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_page_fill_safe(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__BOOT_PAGE_WRITE(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_page_write(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__boot_page_write_alternate(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_write_extended(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__boot_page_write_normal(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_page_write_safe(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_rww_busy(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__boot_rww_enable(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
__BOOT_RWW_ENABLE(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_rww_enable(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__boot_rww_enable_alternate(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_rww_enable_safe(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_signature_byte_get(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
__BOOT_SIGROW_READ(3avr) ↣ boot.h(3avr)
boot_spm_busy(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_spm_busy_wait(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_spm_interrupt_disable(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
boot_spm_interrupt_enable(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
bootcd(1) Utils to run diskless systems from cd.
bootcd2disk(1) Copy a system running from bootcd to a disk.
bootcd2disk.conf(5) Configuration file for bootcd2disk.
bootcdbackup(1) Create a bootable offline backup of a unix system.
bootcdbackup.conf(5) Configuration file for bootcdbackup.
bootcdflopcp(1) Copy changes made after booting from bootcd to floppy.
bootcdwrite(1) Build a bootcd image from a running system.
bootcdwrite.conf(5) Configuration file for bootcdwrite.
bootchart.conf(5) Boot performance analysis graphing tool configuration files.
bootchart.conf.d(5) ↣ bootchart.conf(5) Boot performance analysis graphing tool configuration files.
bootctl(1) Control the firmware and boot manager settings.
booth(8) Manual page for boothd 1.0 (built Feb 15 2014 18:36:49).
boothd(8) Manual page for boothd 1.0 (built Feb 15 2014 18:36:49).
bootinfoscript(8) Tool for debugging bootloader problems.
BOOTLOADER_SECTION(3avr) ↣ avr_boot(3avr) : Bootloader Support Utilities.
bootlogd(8) Record boot messages.
bootmail(8) Email a list of address a signed message of logs when this system (re)boots.
bootparam(7) Introduction to boot time parameters of the Linux kernel.
bootparamd(8) Boot parameter server.
bootparams(5) Boot parameter database.
bootpc(8) Bootp client.
bootpd(8) Internet Boot Protocol server/gateway.
bootpef(8) BOOTP Extension File compiler.
bootpgw(8) ↣ bootpd(8) Internet Boot Protocol server/gateway.
bootptab(5) Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database.
bootptest(8) Send BOOTP queries and print responses.
bootstrap-vz(1) Program is creating Debian images to be run in cloud environments like Amazons EC2, OpenStack,.
bootstrap-vz(3) Bootstrap-vz Documentation.
bootstrap-vz-remote(1) Program is creating Debian images to be run in cloud environments like Amazons EC2,.
bootstrap-vz-server(1) ↣ bootstrap-vz-remote(1) Program is creating Debian images to be run in cloud environments like Amazons EC2,.
bootstrap_firmware(8) Detect hardware for use with a package manager.
boottime(9freebsd) System time variables.
bootup(7) System bootup process.
bopm(1) Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor.
borda(1) Command line interface to borda in mlpy (version 2.2.0).
Border(3I) Visual separators.
border(3ncurses) Create curses.
borg(1) BorgBackup is a deduplicating backup program with optional compression and authenticated encryption.
borgbackup(1) ↣ borg(1) BorgBackup is a deduplicating backup program with optional compression and authenticated encryption.
bos(8) Introduction to the bos command suite.
bos_addhost(8) Adds a database server machine to the CellServDB file.
bos_addkey(8) Adds a new server encryption key to the KeyFile file.
bos_adduser(8) Adds a privileged user to the UserList file.
bos_apropos(8) Displays each help entry containing a keyword string.
bos_create(8) Defines a new process in the BosConfig file and starts it.
bos_delete(8) Deletes a server process from the BosConfig file.
bos_exec(8) Executes a command on a remote server machine.
bos_getdate(8) Displays the time stamps on an AFS binary file.
bos_getlog(8) Prints a server process's log file.
bos_getrestart(8) Displays the automatic restart times for server processes.
bos_getrestricted(8) Displays whether a bos server is restricted or not.
bos_help(8) Displays help for bos commands.
bos_install(8) Installs a new version of a binary file.
bos_listhosts(8) Displays the contents of the CellServDB file.
bos_listkeys(8) Displays the server encryption keys from the KeyFile file.
bos_listusers(8) Lists the privileged users from the UserList file.
bos_prune(8) Removes obsolete files from /usr/lib/openafs and /var/log/openafs.
bos_removehost(8) Removes a database server machine from the CellServDB file.
bos_removekey(8) Removes a server encryption key from the KeyFile file.
bos_removeuser(8) Removes a privileged user from the UserList file.
bos_restart(8) Restarts a server process.
bos_salvage(8) Restores internal consistency to a file system or volume.
bos_setauth(8) Sets authorization checking requirements for all server processes.
bos_setcellname(8) Sets the cell's name in ThisCell and CellServDB.
bos_setrestart(8) Sets when the BOS Server restarts processes.
bos_setrestricted(8) Place a server in restricted mode.
bos_shutdown(8) Stops a process without changing its status flag.
bos_start(8) Starts a process after setting its status flag.
bos_startup(8) Starts a process without changing its status flag.
bos_status(8) Displays the status of server processes.
bos_stop(8) Stops a process after changing its status flag.
bos_uninstall(8) Reverts to the former version of a process's binary file.
bos_util(8) Manipulate the AFS server Keyfile.
BosConfig(5) Defines server processes for the BOS Server to monitor.
bosh(1) Browsable Output SHell.
bosixnet_daemon(1) Shell script which periodically sends information about current IPv6 address to remote.
bosixnet_webui(1) FastCGI program which passively listens for incoming connections and generates list of hosts.
BosLog(5) Traces BOS Server operations.
bossa(1) GUI programmer for Atmel SAM ARM microcontrollers.
bossac(1) Command line programmer for Atmel SAM ARM microcontrollers.
bossash(1) Interactive shell programmer for Atmel SAM ARM microcontrollers.
bosserver(8) Initializes the BOS Server.
bosskill(8fun) Send a signal to your boss, or terminate your boss.
boswars(6) Futuristic real-time strategy game.
bot-basicbot-pluggable(1p) A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script.
bot-basicbot-pluggable-cgi(1p) A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script.
bot-training(1p) Command-line interface Bot::Training.
Bot::BasicBot(3pm) Simple irc bot baseclass.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable(3pm) Extended simple IRC bot for pluggable modules.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module(3pm) Base module for all BasicBot plugins.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Auth(3pm) Authentication for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable modules.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::ChanOp(3pm) Channel operator.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::DNS(3pm) DNS lookups for hostnames or IP addresses.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Google(3pm) Searches Google for terms and spellings.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Infobot(3pm) Infobot clone redone in B::B::P.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Join(3pm) Join and leave channels; remembers state.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Karma(3pm) Tracks karma for various concepts.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Loader(3pm) Loads and unloads bot modules; remembers state.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Seen(3pm) Track when and where people were seen.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Title(3pm) Speaks the title of URLs mentioned.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Vars(3pm) Change internal module variables.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store(3pm) Base class for the back-end pluggable store.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::DBI(3pm) Use DBI to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::Deep(3pm) Use DBM::Deep to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::Memory(3pm) Use memory (RAM) to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store::Storable(3pm) Use Storable to provide a storage backend.
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Terminal(3pm) A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script.
Bot::Training(3pm) Plain text training material for bots like Hailo and AI::MegaHAL.
botan-config-1.10(1) Botan Configuration Query program.
botch(1) Bootstrap/build order tool chain.
botch-add-arch(1) Add architecture to source packages.
botch-annotate-strong(1) Add strong dependency information to a dependency graph.
botch-apply-ma-diff(1) Applies a multiarch diff as created by botch-ma-diff.
botch-bin2src(1) Convert binary packages to their source packages.
botch-build-fixpoint(1) Find build order until dependency cycles occur.
botch-build-order-from-zero(1) Find a build order for a non-existing architecture.
botch-buildcheck-more-problems(1) A tool like dose-builddebcheck but return more than the first reason.
botch-buildgraph2packages(1) Convert buildgraph to packages.
botch-buildgraph2srcgraph(1) Converts a buildgraph into a srcgraph.
botch-calcportsmetric(1) Calculate source package importance.
botch-calculate-fas(1) Calculate a feedback arc set.
botch-check-ma-same-versions(1) Check if Multi-Arch:same versions are in sync.
botch-checkfas(1) Check which edges in the fas are not droppable.
botch-clean-repository(1) Clean errors in a repository by removing transitively uninstallable or compilable.
botch-collapse-srcgraph(1) Make a srcgraph acyclic by collapsing its strongly connected components.
botch-convert-arch(1) Convert the architecture of a Packages file.
botch-create-graph(1) Create graph based on installation sets, strong dependency sets or dependency closures.
botch-cross(1) Execute botch tools in the cross phase.
botch-distcheck-more-problems(1) A tool like dose-distcheck but return more than the first reason.
botch-dose2html(1) Turn the yaml output by dose-builddebcheck into html.
botch-download-pkgsrc(1) Download Packages and Sources.
botch-droppable-diff(1) Difference between two *.droppable files.
botch-droppable-union(1) Union of two *.droppable files.
botch-extract-scc(1) Extract all strongly connected components.
botch-fasofstats(1) Extract feedback arc set from output of botch-print-stats.
botch-filter-src-builds-for(1) Filter a Sources file for the packages building for a certain architecture.
botch-find-fvs(1) Calculate a feedback vertex set.
botch-fix-cross-problems(1) Fix Packages files with the output of botch-cross-problems.
botch-graph-ancestors(1) Find all ancestors of a vertex in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-descendants(1) Find all descendants of a vertex in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-difference(1) Graph diff.
botch-graph-info(1) Show info about a buildgraph or sourcegraph.
botch-graph-neighborhood(1) Extract the neighborhood around a vertex.
botch-graph-shortest-path(1) Find the shortest path(s) between two vertices of a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-sinks(1) Find all sinks (vertices without successors) in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-sources(1) Find all sources (vertices without predecessors) in a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph-tred(1) Find the transitive reduction of a graph in GraphML or dot format.
botch-graph2text(1) For each vertex in a graph print a formatted line on standard output.
botch-graphml2dot(1) Converts graphml to dot.
botch-latest-version(1) Only keep the latest version.
botch-ma-diff(1) Diff two packages files for differences in their multiarch values.
botch-multiarch-interpreter-problem(1) Find all arch:all packages that allow switching architectures.
botch-native(1) Execute botch tools in the native phase.
botch-optuniv(1) Self contained repository with minimal number of source packages.
botch-packages-diff(1) Create a diff between two Packages or Sources files.
botch-packages-difference(1) Calculate the asymmetric set difference.
botch-packages-intersection(1) Calculate the set intersection.
botch-packages-union(1) Calculate the set union.
botch-partial-order(1) Calculate the partial vertex order.
botch-print-stats(1) Find cycles, selfcycles, amount of cycles through edges, feedback arc and vertex set,.
botch-profile-build-fvs(1) Remove droppable dependencies from graph.
botch-remove-virtual-disjunctions(1) Remove virtual dependency disjunctions.
botch-src2bin(1) Turn source packages into their binary packages.
botch-stat-html(1) Turn the JSON output of botch-print-stats into human readable HTML.
botch-transition(1) Calculate a transition order.
botch-wanna-build-sortblockers(1) Importance of source packages for ports.
botch-y-u-b-d-transitive-essential(1) Find out why source packages are B-D transitive essential.
botch-y-u-no-bootstrap(1) Find out why Debian cannot be bootstrapped.
botti(1) Run an irssi module, such as a bot, without a UI.
bottle(1) Command line interface.
bottom_panel(3curses) ↣ panel(3curses) Panel stack extension for curses.
bouboule(6x) Draws spinning 3D blobs.
Boulder(3pm) An API for hierarchical tag/value structures.
Boulder::Blast(3pm) Parse and read BLAST files.
Boulder::Blast::NCBI(3pm) Parse and read NCBI BLAST files.
Boulder::Blast::WU(3pm) Parse and read WU-BLAST files.
Boulder::Genbank(3pm) Fetch Genbank data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::LocusLink(3pm) Fetch LocusLink data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Medline(3pm) Fetch Medline data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Omim(3pm) Fetch Omim data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Store(3pm) Simple persistent storage for Stone tag/value objects.
Boulder::Stream(3pm) Read and write tag/value data from an input stream.
Boulder::String(3pm) Read and write tag/value data from a string.
Boulder::Swissprot(3pm) Fetch SwissProt data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::Unigene(3pm) Fetch Unigene data records as parsed Boulder Stones.
Boulder::XML(3pm) XML format input/output for Boulder streams.
bounce(5) Postfix bounce message template format.
bounce(8postfix) Postfix delivery status reports.
bounced(8) Mailing List Bounce Processing Daemon for WWSympa.
bouncesaying(1) Perhaps bounce each incoming message.
bouncingcow(6x) A happy cow on a trampoline in 3D. Moo.
bouncy(6) Game for kids.
bovo(6) KDE Five in a Row Board Game.
box(3ncurses) ↣ border(3ncurses) Create curses.
Box2_6(3I) Tile interactors in a box.
box_set(3ncurses) ↣ border_set(3ncurses)
boxed(6x) Draws a box full of 3D bouncing balls that explode.
boxer(1p) Boxer command line utils.
Boxer(3pm) System deployment ninja tricks.
Boxer::CLI(3pm) Boxer command line utils.
boxes(1) Text mode box and comment drawing filter.
boxfit(6x) Fills space with a gradient of growing boxes or circles.
boxshade(1) Pretty-printing of multiple sequence alignments.
boxWindow(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
bp(3) Bundle Protocol communications library.
bp(9freebsd) Kernel buffer I/O scheme used in FreeBSD VM system.
bp_aacomp(1p) Amino acid composition of protein sequences.
bp_biofetch_genbank_proxy(1p) Caching BioFetch-compatible web proxy for GenBank.
bp_bioflat_index(1p) Index sequence files using Bio::DB::Flat.
bp_biogetseq(1p) Sequence retrieval using OBDA registry. Downloads and installs runnables.
bp_blast2tree(1p) Builds a phylogenetic tree based on a sequence search (FastA,BLAST,HMMER).
bp_bulk_load_gff(1p) Bulk-load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GFF files.
bp_chaos_plot(1p) A chaos plot from DNA and RNA sequences.
bp_classify_hits_kingdom(1p) Classify BLAST hits by taxonomic kingdom.
bp_dbsplit(1p) Script to split an input set of database(s) into smaller pieces.
bp_download_query_genbank(1p) Script to query Genbank and retrieve records.
bp_extract_feature_seq(1p) Extract the corresponding sequence for a specified feature type.
bp_fast_load_gff(1p) Fast-load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GFF files.
bp_fastam9_to_table(1p) Turn FASTA -m 9 output into NCBI -m 9 tabular output.
bp_fetch(1p) Fetches sequences from bioperl indexed databases.
bp_filter_search(1p) Filters searchio results, outputting a tab delimited summary.
bp_flanks(1p) Finding flanking sequences for a variant in a sequence position.
bp_gccalc(1p) GC content of nucleotide sequences.
bp_genbank2gff(1p) Load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GENBANK files.
bp_heterogeneity_test(1p) A test for distinguishing between selection and population expansion.
bp_hivq(1p) An interactive command-line interface to Bio::DB::HIV and Bio::DB::Query::HIVQuery.
bp_hmmer_to_table(1p) Turn HMMER output into tabular format.
bp_index(1p) Indexes files for use by
bp_load_gff(1p) Load a Bio::DB::GFF database from GFF files.
bp_local_taxonomydb_query(1p) Query a local TaxonomyDB for species or taxonid.
bp_make_mrna_protein(1p) Convert an input mRNA/cDNA sequence into protein.
bp_mask_by_search(1p) Mask sequence(s) based on its alignment results.
bp_meta_gff(1p) Get/set Bio::DB::GFF meta-data.
bp_mrtrans(1p) Implement a transformer of alignments from protein to mrna coordinates. Perform a hmmsearch into multiple FASTA files using.
bp_mutate(1p) Randomly mutagenize a single protein or DNA sequence.
bp_nexus2nh(1p) Convert nexus format trees (from PAUP* and MrBayes) to new hampshire.
bp_nrdb(1p) A script to emulate Warren Gish's nrdb, make a unique sequence database from a set of input.
bp_oligo_count(1p) Oligo count and frequency.
bp_pairwise_kaks(1p) Script to calculate pairwise Ka,Ks for a set of sequences. An example/tutorial script how to access analysis tools. Analysis tools module generator.
bp_parse_hmmsearch(1p) Parse single/multiple HMMSEARCH results file(s) with.
bp_process_gadfly(1p) Massage Gadfly/FlyBase GFF files into a version suitable for the Generic Genome Browser.
bp_process_sgd(1p) Massage SGD annotation flat files into a version suitable for the Generic Genome Browser.
bp_process_wormbase(1p) Massage WormBase GFF files into a version suitable for the Generic Genome Browser.
bp_query_entrez_taxa(1p) Query Entrez taxonomy database and print out information.
bp_remote_blast(1p) Script for submitting jobs to a remote blast server (ncbi blast queue at this time).
bp_revtrans-motif(1p) Reverse translate a Profam-like protein motif. Run Phylip's 'neighbor' program through Bioperl. Run Phylip's 'protdist' program through Bioperl.
bp_search2alnblocks(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports(s) into a set of aligned blocks.
bp_search2BSML(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports(s) into a BSML report.
bp_search2table(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports into tab delimited format like NCBI's -m 9.
bp_search2tribe(1p) Turn SearchIO parseable reports(s) into TRIBE matrix.
bp_seq_length(1p) Lists the number of bases and number of sequences in specified sequence database files.
bp_seqconvert(1p) Generic BioPerl sequence format converter.
bp_seqfeature_load(1p) Load GFF into a SeqFeature database.
bp_seqpart(1p) Takes one or more sequence files and splits them into a number of load balanced files.
bp_seqret(1p) Bioperl implementation of sequence fetch from local db (like EMBOSS seqret).
bp_seqretsplit(1p) Split a sequence (or stream) into a single file per sequence.
bp_split_seq(1p) Splits a sequence into equal sized chunks with an optional.
bp_sreformat(1p) Convert sequence formats.
bp_taxid4species(1p) Simple script which returns the NCBI Taxonomic id for a requested species.
bp_taxonomy2tree(1p) Building a taxonomic tree based on the full lineages of a set of species names.
bp_translate_seq(1p) Translates a sequence.
bp_tree2pag(1p) Convert Bio::TreeIO parseable format trees to pagel format.
bp_unflatten_seq(1p) Unflatten a genbank or genbank-style feature file into a nested SeqFeature hierarchy.
bpadmin(1) ION Bundle Protocol (BP) administration interface.
bpcancel(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) bundle cancellation utility.
bpchat(1) Bundle Protocol chat test program.
bpclock(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) daemon task for managing scheduled events.
bpcounter(1) Bundle Protocol reception test program.
bpcp(1) A remote copy utility for delay tolerant networks utilizing NASA JPL's Interplanetary Overlay Network.
bpcpd(1) ION Delay Tolerant Networking remote file copy daemon.
bpdriver(1) Bundle Protocol transmission test program.
bpecho(1) Bundle Protocol reception test program.
bpextensions(3) Interface for adding extensions to Bundle Protocol.
bpf(2) Perform a command on an extended BPF map or program.
bpf(4freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpf(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpf_filter(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpf_mtap(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpf_mtap2(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpf_tap(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpf_validate(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpfattach(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpfattach2(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bpfc(8) A Berkeley Packet Filter assembler and compiler.
bpfdetach(9freebsd) Berkeley Packet Filter.
bping(1) Send and receive Bundle Protocol echo bundles.
bplay(1) Buffered sound recording/playing.
bplist(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) utility for listing queued bundles.
bpluginfo(8) Bareos Plugin information utility.
bpm(1) Calculate the tempo of music files.
bpm-graph(1) ↣ bpm(1) Calculate the tempo of music files.
bpm-tag(1) ↣ bpm(1) Calculate the tempo of music files.
bppalnscore(1) Bio++ alignment scoring.
bppancestor(1) Ancestral sequence reconstruction with Bio++.
bppconsense(1) Tree consensus analysis with Bio++.
bppdist(1) Distance methods for phylogenetic reconstruction with Bio++.
bppmixedlikelihoods(1) Computation of site per site likelihoods of components of mixture models.
bppml(1) Maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis with Bio++.
bpppars(1) Parsimony phylogenetic analysis with Bio++.
bppphysamp(1) Phylogenetic sampling with Bio++.
bppreroot(1) Sequential rerooting of trees with Bio++.
bppseqgen(1) Sequence simulation with Bio++.
bppseqman(1) Bio++ sequence manipulation and in silico molecular biology with Bio++.
bpptreedraw(1) Phylogenetic tree drawing with Bio++.
bpqparms(8) Configure BPQ ethernet devices.
bprc(5) Bundle Protocol management commands file.
bprecvfile(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) file reception utility.
bpsendfile(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) file transmission utility.
bpsink(1) Bundle Protocol reception test program.
bpsource(1) Bundle Protocol transmission test shell.
bpstats(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) processing statistics query utility.
bpstats2(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) processing statistics query utility via bundles.
bpsync(1) Synchronize BashPodder subscriptions with
bptrace(1) Bundle Protocol (BP) network trace utility.
bput(1) ↣ axgetput(1) Upload or download files via AX.25 / axspawn Linux login session.
bputa(1) BP-based CFDP UT-layer adapter.
bpython(1) A fancy {curtsies, curses, urwid} interface to the Python interactive interpreter.
bpython-config(5) User configuration file for bpython.
bpython-curses(1) ↣ bpython(1) A fancy {curtsies, curses, urwid} interface to the Python interactive interpreter.
bpython-urwid(1) ↣ bpython(1) A fancy {curtsies, curses, urwid} interface to the Python interactive interpreter.
bpython3(1) A fancy {curtsies, curses, urwid} interface to the Python interactive interpreter.
bpython3-config(5) User configuration file for bpython.
bpython3-curses(1) ↣ bpython3(1) A fancy {curtsies, curses, urwid} interface to the Python interactive interpreter.
bpython3-urwid(1) ↣ bpython3(1) A fancy {curtsies, curses, urwid} interface to the Python interactive interpreter.
br(1) Utility to interact with Firecracker device.
br2684ctl(8) RFC1483/2684 Bridge Daemon.
br_biofetch(1) Biofetch client.
br_bioflat(1) OBDA flat file indexer.
br_biogetseq(1) ODBA Sequence Retrieval.
br_pmfetch(1) PubMed Client.
brag(1) Grab multipart binaries from news server.
braid(6x) Draws random color-cycling braids around a circle.
brailleutils(1) Convert and emboss PEF documents.
braindump(1) Directly from your brain to the computer.
brainparty(6) 36 puzzle games for all the family.
branch(2rheolef) A parameter-dependent sequence of field.
brancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
brandelf(1) Mark an ELF binary for a specific ABI.
brandy(1) A portable BBC BASIC V interpreter.
brasero(1) Simple and easy to use CD/DVD burning application for the Gnome Desktop.
brctl(8) Ethernet bridge administration.
Bread::Board(3pm) A solderless way to wire up your application components.
Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized(3pm) A parameterized container.
Bread::Board::Manual(3pm) A manual for Bread::Board.
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts(3pm) An overview of the concepts in Bread::Board.
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Advanced(3pm) An overview of some of the more advanced Bread::Board concepts.
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Typemap(3pm) An overview of the typemapping feature.
Bread::Board::Manual::Example(3pm) A set of examples of Bread::Board usage.
Bread::Board::Manual::Example::FormSensible(3pm) A Form::Sensible and Catalyst example.
Bread::Board::Manual::Example::LogDispatch(3pm) An example of composing a dynamic Log::Dispatch object.
breadability(1) Readbility formatter for HTML.
break(1posix) Exit from for, while, or until loop.
break(2) ↣ unimplemented(2)
break(3tcl) Abort looping command.
break_filelist(1) ↣ sloccount(1) Count source lines of code (SLOC).
brebis(1) Check your backup for corruption or unexpected content.
brec(1) ↣ bplay(1) Buffered sound recording/playing.
bregex(1) Bareos's 'regex' engine.
bregex(8) Bacula's 'regex' engine.
brewtarget(1) Helps you brew beer.
bridge(4freebsd) Network bridge device.
bridge(8) Show / manipulate bridge addresses and devices.
bridge-utils-interfaces(5) Bridge-utils extensions for the interfaces(5) file format.
brightd(1) A brightness control daemon.
brighton(1) ↣ bristol(1) A synthesiser emulation package.
briquolo(6) Fast paced 3d breakout game.
bristol(1) A synthesiser emulation package.
bristolengine(1) ↣ bristol(1) A synthesiser emulation package.
bristoljackstats(1) Ancillary program for bristol.
british-english(5) A list of English words.
british-english-huge(5) A list of English words.
british-english-insane(5) A list of English words.
british-english-large(5) A list of English words.
british-english-small(5) A list of English words.
brk(2) Change data segment size.
brk(2freebsd) Change data segment size.
brlapi__acceptAllKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__acceptKeyRanges(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__acceptKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__closeConnection(3) ↣ brlapi_connection(3) Connecting to BrlAPI.
brlapi__defaultExceptionHandler(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi__enterRawMode(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi__enterTtyMode(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi__enterTtyModeWithPath(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi__exceptionHandler_t(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi__getDisplaySize(3) ↣ brlapi_info(3) Getting Terminal information.
brlapi__getDriverName(3) ↣ brlapi_info(3) Getting Terminal information.
brlapi__ignoreAllKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__ignoreKeyRanges(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__ignoreKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__leaveRawMode(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi__leaveTtyMode(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi__openConnection(3) ↣ brlapi_connection(3) Connecting to BrlAPI.
brlapi__readKey(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi__recvRaw(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi__resumeDriver(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi__sendRaw(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi__setExceptionHandler(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi__setFocus(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi__strexception(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi__suspendDriver(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi__write(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi__writeDots(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi__writeText(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi__writeWText(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi_acceptAllKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_acceptKeyRanges(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_acceptKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_closeConnection(3) ↣ brlapi_connection(3) Connecting to BrlAPI.
brlapi_connection(3) Connecting to BrlAPI.
brlapi_connectionSettings_t(3) Settings structure for BrlAPI connection.
brlapi_defaultExceptionHandler(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_describeKeyCode(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_enterRawMode(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_enterTtyMode(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi_enterTtyModeWithPath(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi_errfun(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_errlist(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_errno(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_error_location(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_exceptionHandler_t(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_expandKeyCode(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_fd_mutex(3) ↣ brlapi_protocol(3) BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_fileDescriptor(3) ↣ brlapi_connection(3) Connecting to BrlAPI.
brlapi_gaierrno(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_getDisplaySize(3) ↣ brlapi_info(3) Getting Terminal information.
brlapi_getDriverName(3) ↣ brlapi_info(3) Getting Terminal information.
brlapi_getHandleSize(3) ↣ brlapi_handles(3) BrlAPI handles.
brlapi_getPacketTypeName(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_getRaw(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_getTty(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_getTtyPath(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_handle_t(3) ↣ brlapi_handles(3) BrlAPI handles.
brlapi_handles(3) BrlAPI handles.
brlapi_ignoreAllKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_ignoreKeyRanges(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_ignoreKeys(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_info(3) Getting Terminal information.
brlapi_initializeConnection(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_keyCode_t(3) ↣ brlapi_keycodes(3) Types and Defines fore BrlAPI Key Codes.
brlapi_keycodes(3) Types and Defines fore BrlAPI Key Codes.
brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_leaveRaw(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_leaveRawMode(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_leaveTty(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_leaveTtyMode(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi_libcerrno(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_nerr(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_openConnection(3) ↣ brlapi_connection(3) Connecting to BrlAPI.
brlapi_packetType_t(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_perror(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_protocol(3) BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_protocol.h(3) Types and constants for BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_rangeType_all(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_rangeType_code(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_rangeType_command(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_rangeType_key(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_rangeType_t(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_rangeType_type(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_readKey(3) ↣ brlapi_keys(3) Reading key presses.
brlapi_readPacket(3) ↣ brlapi_protocol(3) BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_readPacketContent(3) ↣ brlapi_protocol(3) BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_readPacketHeader(3) ↣ brlapi_protocol(3) BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_recvRaw(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_resume(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_resumeDriver(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_sendRaw(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_setExceptionHandler(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_setFocus(3) ↣ brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi_settings_t(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_strerror(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_strexception(3) ↣ brlapi_error(3) Error handling.
brlapi_suspend(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_suspendDriver(3) ↣ brlapi_driverspecific(3) Driver-Specific modes.
brlapi_tty(3) Entering & leaving tty mode.
brlapi_unignoreKeyRange(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_unignoreKeySet(3) ↣ brlapi_deprecated(3) Deprecated names.
brlapi_version(3) Version of the BrlAPI library.
brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi_writeDots(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi_writePacket(3) ↣ brlapi_protocol(3) BrlAPI's protocol.
brlapi_writeText(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brlapi_writeWText(3) ↣ brlapi_write(3) Writing on the braille display.
brltty(1) Refreshable braille display driver for Linux/Unix.
bro(8) Passive network traffic analyzer.
bro-cut(1) Parse bro logs.
broadcast_dialog_message(3alleg4) Broadcasts a message to all the objects in the active dialog. Allegro game program‐.
broadwayd(1) Broadway display server.
broctl(8) Interactive shell for managing Bro installations.
brooktree(4freebsd) Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879 and Pinnacle PCTV video capture driver.
brot(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
brotli(1) Brotli, unbrotli - compress or decompress files.
browser-history(1) External history of web browsers, such as netscape.
Browser::Open(3pm) Open a browser in a given URL.
browserify-lite(1) Bundle client-side JavaScript using Node.js-style module syntax.
BRP_PACU(1) Dual fft live audio analysis program.
brsccla(1) BRSC-based BP convergence layer adapter (input and output) task.
brsscla(1) BRSS-based BP convergence layer adapter (input and output) task.
BrushCmd(3U) Command for setting components' brush attribute.
brushtopbm(1) Convert a doodle brush file into a portable bitmap.
brutalchess(6) 3d chess game.
brutefir(1) Program included in the DeMuDi distribution.
BruteForce(3) Render using a simple brute-force method.
bruteforce-luks(1) Try to find the password of a LUKS volume.
bscan(8) Bareos's 'Scan tape'.
bscrypto(8) Bareos's 'SCSI Crypto'.
bsd-csh(1) A shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax.
bsd-from(1) Print names of those who have sent mail.
bsd-mailx(1) Send and receive mail.
bsd-write(1) Send a message to another user.
BSD::arc4random(3pm) Perl interface to the arc4 random number generator.
BSD::Resource(3pm) BSD process resource limit and priority functions.
bsd_signal(3) Signal handling with BSD semantics.
bsdcat(1) Expand files to standard output.
bsdcpio(1) Copy files to and from archives.
bsdiff(1) Generate a patch between two binary files.
bsdl2jtag(1) UrJTAG declaration file conversion.
bsdtar(1) Manipulate tape archives.
bsearch(3) Binary search of a sorted array.
bsearch(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
bsearch(3posix) Binary search a sorted table.
bsetbg(1) Utility to manipulate the appearance of the X11 desktop's root window.
bsetroot(1) Blackbox utility to change root window appearance.
bsf(1) Bsf command.
bsfilter(1) Bayesian spam filter.
bsh(1) BeanShell: A Java scripting environment (command-line version).
bsign(1) Embed and verify secure hashes and digital signatures.
bskk(1) Bayesian estimation for SKK.
bsmtp(1) Bareos's SMTP client (mail submission program).
bsod(6x) Blue Screen of Death emulator.
bson_append_array(3) The bson_append_array() function shall append child to bson using the specified key. The.
bson_append_array_begin(3) The bson_append_array_begin() function shall begin appending an array field to.
bson_append_array_end(3) The bson_append_array_end() function shall complete the appending of an array field.
bson_append_binary(3) The bson_append_binary() function shall append a new element to bson containing the.
bson_append_bool(3) The bson_append_bool() function shall append a new element to bson containing the boolean.
bson_append_code(3) The bson_append_code() function shall append a new element to bson using the UTF-8.
bson_append_code_with_scope(3) The bson_append_code_with_scope() function shall perform like.
bson_append_date_time(3) The bson_append_date_time() function shall append a new element to a bson document.
bson_append_dbpointer(3) The dbpointer field type is DEPRECATED and should only be used when interacting with.
bson_append_document(3) The bson_append_document() function shall append child to bson using the specified.
bson_append_document_begin(3) The bson_append_document_begin() function shall begin appending a sub-document.
bson_append_document_end(3) The bson_append_document_end() function shall complete the appending of a docu‐.
bson_append_double(3) The bson_append_double() function shall append a new element to a bson document of type.
bson_append_int32(3) The bson_append_int32() function shall append a new element to bson containing a 32-bit.
bson_append_int64(3) The bson_append_int64() function shall append a new element to bson containing a 64-bit.
bson_append_iter(3) TODO:.
bson_append_maxkey(3) The bson_append_maxkey() function shall append an element of type BSON_TYPE_MAXKEY to a.
bson_append_minkey(3) The bson_append_minkey() function shall append an element of type BSON_TYPE_MINKEY to a.
bson_append_now_utc(3) The bson_append_now_utc() function is a helper to get the current date and time in UTC.
bson_append_null(3) The bson_append_null() function shall append a new element to bson of type.
bson_append_oid(3) The bson_append_oid() function shall append a new element to bson of type BSON_TYPE_OID.
bson_append_regex(3) Appends a new field to bson of type BSON_TYPE_REGEX. regex should be the regex string.
bson_append_symbol(3) Appends a new field to bson of type BSON_TYPE_SYMBOL. This BSON type is deprecated and.
bson_append_time_t(3) The bson_append_time_t() function is a helper that takes a time_t instead of millisec‐.
bson_append_timestamp(3) This function is not similar in functionality to bson_append_date_time(). Timestamp.
bson_append_timeval(3) The bson_append_timeval() function is a helper that takes a _struct timeval_ instead.
bson_append_undefined(3) The bson_append_undefined() function shall append a new element to bson of type.
bson_append_utf8(3) The bson_append_utf8() function shall append a UTF-8 encoded string to bson.
bson_append_value(3) Appends a new field to bson by determining the boxed type in value. This is useful if.
bson_as_json(3) The bson_as_json() function shall encode bson as a JSON encoded UTF-8 string.
bson_check_version(3) Check at runtime if this release of libbson meets a required version.
bson_compare(3) The bson_compare() function shall compare two bson documents for equality.
bson_concat(3) The bson_concat() function shall append the contents of src to dst.
bson_context_destroy(3) The bson_context_destroy() function shall release all resources associated with con‐.
bson_context_get_default(3) None.
bson_context_new(3) Creates a new bson_context_t. This is rarely needed as bson_context_get_default() serves.
bson_context_t(3) BSON OID Generation Context.
bson_copy(3) The bson_copy() function shall copy the contents of a bson document into a new bson_t.
bson_copy_to(3) The bson_copy_to() function shall initialize dst with a copy of the contents of src.
bson_copy_to_excluding(3) The bson_copy_to_excluding() function shall copy all fields from src to dst except.
bson_count_keys(3) The bson_count_keys() function shall count the number of elements within bson.
bson_destroy(3) The bson_destroy() function shall free an allocated bson_t structure.
bson_destroy_with_steal(3) The bson_destroy_with_steal() function shall destroy a bson_t structure but return.
bson_equal(3) The bson_equal() function shall return true if both documents are equal.
bson_error_t(3) BSON Error Encapsulation.
bson_free(3) This function shall free the memory supplied by mem. This should be used by functions that.
bson_get_data(3) The bson_get_data() function shall return the raw buffer of a bson document. This can be.
bson_get_major_version(3) Get the first number in libbson's MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO release version.
bson_get_micro_version(3) Get the third number in libbson's MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO release version.
bson_get_minor_version(3) Get the middle number in libbson's MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO release version.
bson_get_version(3) A string representation of Libbson's version, formatted something like "1.2.3" or.
bson_has_field(3) Checks to see if key contains an element named key. This also accepts "dotkey" notation.
bson_init(3) The bson_init() function shall initialize a bson_t that is placed on the stack. This is equiva‐.
bson_init_from_json(3) The bson_init_from_json() function will initialize a new bson_t by parsing the JSON.
bson_init_static(3) The bson_init_static() function shall shall initialize a read-only bson_t on the stack.
bson_iter_array(3) The bson_iter_array() function shall retrieve the raw buffer of a sub-array from iter.
bson_iter_as_bool(3) Fetches the current field as if it were a boolean.
bson_iter_as_int64(3) The bson_iter_as_int64() function shall return the contents of the current element as.
bson_iter_binary(3) This function shall return the binary data of a BSON_TYPE_BINARY element. It is a pro‐.
bson_iter_bool(3) The bson_iter_bool()function shall return the boolean value of a BSON_TYPE_BOOL element. It.
bson_iter_code(3) This function returns the contents of a BSON_TYPE_CODE field. The length of the string is.
bson_iter_codewscope(3) The bson_iter_codewscope() function acts similar to bson_iter_code() except for.
bson_iter_date_time(3) The bson_iter_date_time() function shall return the number of miliseconds since the.
bson_iter_dbpointer(3) Fetches the contents of a BSON_TYPE_DBPOINTER element.
bson_iter_document(3) The bson_iter_document() function shall retrieve the raw buffer of a sub-document from.
bson_iter_double(3) Fetches the contents of a BSON_TYPE_DOUBLE field.
bson_iter_dup_utf8(3) This function is similar to bson_iter_utf8() except that it calls bson_strndup() on the.
bson_iter_find(3) The bson_iter_find()function shall advance iterto the element named keyor exhaust all ele‐.
bson_iter_find_case(3) Advances iter until it is observing an element matching the name of key or exhausting.
bson_iter_find_descendant(3) The bson_iter_find_descendant() function shall follow standard MongoDB dot nota‐.
bson_iter_init(3) The bson_iter_init() function shall initialize iter to iterate upon the BSON document bson.
bson_iter_init_find(3) This function is identical to (bson_iter_init() && bson_iter_find()).
bson_iter_init_find_case(3) This function is identical to bson_iter_init() && bson_iter_find_case().
bson_iter_int32(3) Fetches the value from a BSON_TYPE_INT32 element. You should verify that the field is a.
bson_iter_int64(3) Fetches the value from a BSON_TYPE_INT64 field. You should verify that this is a.
bson_iter_key(3) Fetches the key for the current element observed by iter.
bson_iter_next(3) Advances iter to the next element in the document if one exists.
bson_iter_oid(3) Fetches the bson_oid_t for a BSON_TYPE_OID element. You should verify it is an element of.
bson_iter_overwrite_bool(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_bool() function shall overwrite the contents of a.
bson_iter_overwrite_double(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_double() function shall overwrite the contents of a.
bson_iter_overwrite_int32(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_int32() function shall overwrite the contents of a.
bson_iter_overwrite_int64(3) The bson_iter_overwrite_int64() function shall overwite the contents of a.
bson_iter_recurse(3) The bson_iter_recurse() function shall initialize child using the embedded document or.
bson_iter_regex(3) The bson_iter_regex() function shall retrieve the contents of a BSON_TYPE_REGEX element.
bson_iter_symbol(3) The symbol element type is DEPRECATED in the bson specification at
bson_iter_t(3) BSON Document Iterator.
bson_iter_time_t(3) The bson_iter_time_t() function shall return the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch,.
bson_iter_timestamp(3) The BSON_TYPE_TIMESTAMP type is not a date/time and is typically used for intra-server.
bson_iter_timeval(3) The bson_iter_timeval() function shall return the number of seconds and microseconds.
bson_iter_type(3) The bson_iter_type() function shall return the type of the observed element in a bson docu‐.
bson_iter_utf8(3) The bson_iter_utf8() function shall retrieve the contents of a BSON_TYPE_UTF8 element cur‐.
bson_iter_value(3) Fetches the value for the currently observed type as a boxed type. This allows passing.
bson_iter_visit_all(3) A convenience function to iterate all remaining fields of iter using the callback.
bson_json_data_reader_ingest(3) Feed data to a memory based json reader.
bson_json_data_reader_new(3) Creates a new streaming JSON reader that will convert JSON documents to BSON.
bson_json_reader_destroy(3) Frees a bson_json_reader_t.
bson_json_reader_new(3) Creates a new bson_json_reader_t that can read from an arbitrary data source in a.
bson_json_reader_new_from_fd(3) Creates a new JSON to BSON converter that will be reading from the file-.
bson_json_reader_new_from_file(3) Creates a new bson_json_reader_t using the underlying file found at file‐.
bson_json_reader_read(3) Reads the next BSON document from the underlying JSON source.
bson_json_reader_t(3) Bulk JSON to BSON conversion.
bson_malloc(3) This is a portable malloc() wrapper.
bson_malloc0(3) This is a portable malloc() wrapper that also sets the memory to zero. Similar to calloc().
bson_md5_append(3) Feeds more data into the MD5 algorithm.
bson_md5_finish(3) Completes the MD5 algorithm and stores the digest in digest.
bson_md5_init(3) Initialize a new instance of the MD5 algorithm.
bson_md5_t(3) BSON MD5 Abstraction.
bson_mem_restore_vtable(3) This function shall restore the default memory allocator to be used by Libbson.
bson_mem_set_vtable(3) This function shall install a new memory allocator to be used by Libbson.
bson_new(3) The bson_new() function shall create a new bson_t structure on the heap. It should be freed with.
bson_new_from_buffer(3) TODO:.
bson_new_from_data(3) The bson_new_from_data() function shall create a new bson_t on the heap and copy the.
bson_new_from_json(3) The bson_new_from_json() function allocates and initialize a new bson_t by parsing the.
bson_oid_compare(3) The bson_oid_compare() function shall return a qsort() style value of a lexicographical.
bson_oid_copy(3) Copies the contents of src into dst.
bson_oid_equal(3) Checks if two bson_oid_t contain the same bytes.
bson_oid_get_time_t(3) Fetches the generation time in seconds since the UNIX Epoch of oid.
bson_oid_hash(3) Generates a hash code for oid suitable for a hashtable.
bson_oid_init(3) Generates a new bson_oid_t using either context or the default bson_context_t.
bson_oid_init_from_data(3) Initializes a bson_oid_t using the raw buffer provided.
bson_oid_init_from_string(3) Parses the string containing hex encoded oid and initialize the bytes in oid.
bson_oid_init_sequence(3) Generates a new ObjectID using the 64-bit sequence.
bson_oid_is_valid(3) Checks if a string containing a hex encoded string is a valid BSON ObjectID.
bson_oid_t(3) BSON ObjectID Abstraction.
bson_oid_to_string(3) Converts oid into a hex encoded string.
bson_reader_destroy(3) Destroys and releases all resources associated with reader.
bson_reader_destroy_func_t(3) An optional callback function that will be called when a bson_reader_t created.
bson_reader_new_from_data(3) The bson_reader_new_from_data() function shall create a new bson_reader_t using.
bson_reader_new_from_fd(3) The bson_reader_new_from_fd() function shall create a new bson_reader_t that will.
bson_reader_new_from_file(3) Creates a new bson_reader_t using the file denoted by filename.
bson_reader_new_from_handle(3) This function allows for a pluggable data stream for the reader. This can be.
bson_reader_read(3) The bson_reader_read() function shall read the next document from the underlying file-.
bson_reader_read_func_t(3) A callback function that will be called by bson_reader_t to read the next chunk of.
bson_reader_set_destroy_func(3) Allows for setting a callback to be executed when a reader is destroyed. This.
bson_reader_set_read_func(3) Sets the function to read more data from the underlying stream in a custom.
bson_reader_t(3) Streaming BSON Document Reader.
bson_reader_tell(3) Tells the current position within the underlying stream.
bson_realloc(3) This is a portable realloc() wrapper.
bson_realloc_ctx(3) This function is identical to bson_realloc() except it takes a context parameter. This is.
bson_realloc_func(3) This is a prototype for pluggable realloc functions used through the Libbson library. If.
bson_reinit(3) The bson_reinit() function shall be equivalent to calling bson_destroy() and bson_init().
bson_set_error(3) This is a helper function to set the parameters of a bson_error_t. It handles the case.
bson_sized_new(3) The bson_sized_new() function shall create a new bson_t on the heap with a preallocated.
bson_snprintf(3) This is a portable wrapper around snprintf(). It also enforces a trailing in the resulting.
bson_strdup(3) Copies str into a new string. If str is NULL, then NULL is returned.
bson_strdup_printf(3) This function performs a printf style format but into a newly allocated string.
bson_strdupv_printf(3) This function is like bson_strdup_printf() except takes a va_list of parameters.
bson_strerror_r(3) This is a portability wrapper around strerror().
bson_strfreev(3) This will free each string in a NULL-terminated array of strings and then the array itself.
bson_string_append(3) Appends the ASCII or UTF-8 encoded string str to string. This is not suitable for.
bson_string_append_c(3) Appends c to the string builder string.
bson_string_append_printf(3) Like bson_string_append() but formats a printf style string and then appends.
bson_string_append_unichar(3) Appends a unicode character to string. The character will be encoded into its.
bson_string_free(3) Frees the bson_string_t structure and optionally the string itself.
bson_string_new(3) Creates a new string builder, which uses power-of-two growth of buffers. Use the various.
bson_string_t(3) String Building Abstraction.
bson_string_truncate(3) Truncates the string so that it is len bytes in length. This must be smaller or equal.
bson_strncpy(3) Copies up to size bytes from src into dst. dst must be at least size bytes in size. A trail‐.
bson_strndup(3) Allocates a new string and copies up to n_bytes from str into it. A trailing is always set.
bson_strnlen(3) A portable version of strnlen().
bson_subtype_t(3) Binary Field Subtype.
bson_t(3) BSON Document Abstraction.
bson_type_t(3) BSON Type Enumeration.
bson_uint32_to_string(3) Converts value to a string.
bson_unichar_t(3) Unicode Character Abstraction.
bson_utf8_escape_for_json(3) Escapes the string utf8 to be placed inside of a JSON string.
bson_utf8_from_unichar(3) Converts a single unicode character to a multi-byte UTF-8 sequence. The result is.
bson_utf8_get_char(3) Converts the current character in a UTF-8 sequence to a bson_unichar_t, the 32-bit rep‐.
bson_utf8_next_char(3) Advances within utf8 to the next UTF-8 character, which may be multiple bytes offset.
bson_utf8_validate(3) Validates that the content within utf8 is valid UTF-8. If allow_null is true, then.
bson_validate(3) Validates a BSON document by walking through the document and inspecting the fields for.
bson_value_copy(3) This function will copy the boxed content in src into dst. dst must be freed with.
bson_value_destroy(3) Releases any resources associated with value.
bson_value_t(3) BSON Boxed Container Type.
bson_visitor_t(3) The bson_visitor_t structure provides a series of callbacks that can be called while iterat‐.
bson_vsnprintf(3) Like bson_snprintf() but allows for variadic parameters.
bson_writer_begin(3) Begins writing a new document. The caller may use the bson structure to write out a new.
bson_writer_destroy(3) Cleanup after writer and release any allocated memory. Note that the buffer supplied.
bson_writer_end(3) Complete writing of a bson_writer_t to the buffer supplied.
bson_writer_get_length(3) Fetches the current length of the content written by the buffer (including the ini‐.
bson_writer_new(3) Creates a new instance of bson_writer_t using the buffer, length, offset, and _realloc()_.
bson_writer_rollback(3) Abort the appending of the current bson_t to the memory region managed by writer.
bson_writer_t(3) Bulk BSON serialization Abstraction.
bson_zero_free(3) This function behaves like bson_free() except that it zeroes the memory first. This can be.
bsondump(1) MongoDB BSON utility.
bspatch(1) Apply a patch built with bsdiff(1).
bsqldb(1) Batch SQL script processor using DB-Library.
bsqlodbc(1) Batch SQL script processor using ODBC.
bss(3) Bundle Streaming Service library.
bssadmin(1) Interplanetary Internet (IPN) scheme administration interface for use with Bundle Streaming Service.
bsscounter(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bssdriver(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bssfw(1) Bundle route computation task for the IPN scheme, adapted for Bundle Streaming Service.
bssh(1) Browse for SSH/VNC servers on the local network.
bssp(3) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol (BSSP) communications library.
bsspadmin(1) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol (BSSP) administration interface.
bsspcli(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bsspclo(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bsspclock(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
bssprc(5) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol management commands file.
bssrc(5) IPN scheme configuration commands file adapted for Bundle Streaming Service.
bssrecv(1) Bundle Streaming Service reception test program.
bssStreamingApp(1) Bundle Streaming Service transmission test program.
bstring(3) Byte string operations.
bstyleconvert(1) A Blackbox style conversion utility.
bt(4freebsd) Buslogic/Mylex MultiMaster SCSI host adapter driver.
bt-adapter(1) A bluetooth adapter manager.
bt-agent(1) A bluetooth agent.
bt-device(1) A bluetooth device manager.
bt-network(1) A bluetooth network manager.
bt-obex(1) A bluetooth OBEX client/server.
bt2vrml(1) Convert from voxels to VRML2.0.
bt_format_names(3) Formatting BibTeX names for consistent output.
bt_input(3) Input/parsing functions in btparse library.
bt_language(3) The BibTeX data language, as recognized by btparse.
bt_macros(3) Accessing and manipulating the btparse macro table.
bt_misc(3) Miscellaneous BibTeX-like string-processing utilities.
bt_post_processing(3) Post-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries.
bt_postprocess(3) Post-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries.
bt_split_names(3) Splitting up BibTeX names and lists of names.
bt_traversal(3) AST traversal/query functions in btparse library.
btag(1) A command line based multimedia tagger.
btanks(6) Fast 2D tank arcade game.
btape(8) Bareos's Tape interface test program.
btattach(1) Attach serial devices to BlueZ stack.
btcflash(8) Firmware flash utility for BTC DRW1008 DVD+/-RW recorder.
btcheck(1) Bittorrent downloaded data checker.
btcli(1) Command line interface to btpd.
btcompletedir.bittornado(1) Creates torrent meta-info files for all files/directories within a directory.
btcompletedir.bittorrent(1) Makes a .torrent file for every specified file.
btcompletedirgui.bittornado(1) GUI interface to create torrent meta-info files for all files/directories within a direc‐.
btcompletedirgui.bittorrent(1) GUI tool for creating .torrent files.
btcopyannounce(1) Copy torrent announce information to other torrents.
btdownloadcurses.bittornado(1) Curses bittornado download interface.
btdownloadcurses.bittorrent(1) ↣ bittorrent-downloader.bittorrent(1) Download files using a scatter-gather network.
btdownloadgui.bittornado(1) GUI bittorrent download interface.
btdownloadgui.bittorrent(1) ↣ bittorrent-downloader.bittorrent(1) Download files using a scatter-gather network.
btdownloadheadless.bittornado(1) Headless bittorrent download interface.
btdownloadheadless.bittorrent(1) ↣ bittorrent-downloader.bittorrent(1) Download files using a scatter-gather network.
btedit(1) Direct editing of BTREE records.
bterm(1) Framebuffer terminal emulator.
btfs(1) Mount .torrrent files or magnet links as a local filesystem.
bti(1) Send a tweet to from the command line.
bti-shrink-urls(1) Convert URLs to a shorter form using a web service.
btinfo(1) BitTorrent Protocol Daemon information.
btlaunchmany.bittornado(1) Launch multiple torrent downloads, using a text interface.
btlaunchmany.bittorrent(1) ↣ bittorrent-multi-downloader.bittorrent(1) Multiple file clients for bittorrent.
btlaunchmanycurses.bittornado(1) Launch multiple torrent downloads, using a curses interface.
btlaunchmanycurses.bittorrent(1) ↣ bittorrent-multi-downloader.bittorrent(1) Multiple file clients for bittorrent.
btmakemetafile.bittornado(1) Generates torrent meta-info files for use with bittorrent.
btmakemetafile.bittorrent(1) Program to generate torrent info files for bittorrent.
btmaketorrentgui(1) GUI program to generate torrent meta-info files for use with bittorrent.
btmon(1) Bluetooth monitor.
btool_faq(3) Frequently-Asked Questions about btparse and Text::BibTeX.
btowc(3) Convert single byte to wide character.
btowc(3posix) Single byte to wide character conversion.
btparse(3) C library for parsing and processing BibTeX data files.
btpd(1) BitTorrent Protocol Daemon.
btplay(1) Directly play video torrents using btfs.
btrace(8) Perform live tracing for block devices.
btraceback(1) Wrapper script around gdb and bsmtp.
btraceback(8) Wrapper script around gdb and bsmtp.
btrbk(1) Backup tool for btrfs volumes.
btrbk.conf(5) Btrbk configuration file.
btreannounce.bittornado(1) Change the announce address of a torrent file.
btreannounce.bittorrent(1) Change the announce address of a torrent file.
btrecord(8) Recreate IO loads recorded by blktrace.
btree(3) Btree database access method.
btrename.bittornado(1) Change the suggested filename inside a bittorrent file.
btrename.bittorrent(1) Change the suggested filename inside a bittorrent file.
btreplay(8) Recreate IO loads recorded by blktrace.
btrfs(5) Topics about the BTRFS filesystem (mount options, supported file attributes and other).
btrfs(8) Control a btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-balance(8) Balance block groups on a btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-check(8) Check or repair an unmounted btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-convert(8) Convert from ext2/3/4 filesystem to btrfs.
btrfs-debug-tree(8) Dump btrfs filesystem metadata into stdout.
btrfs-device(8) Control btrfs devices.
btrfs-filesystem(8) Command group of btrfs that usually work on the whole filesystem.
btrfs-find-root(8) Filter to find btrfs root.
btrfs-image(8) Create/restore an image of the filesystem.
btrfs-inspect-internal(8) Query various internal information.
btrfs-map-logical(8) Map btrfs logical extent to physical extent.
btrfs-property(8) Get/set/list properties for given btrfs object.
btrfs-qgroup(8) Control the quota group of a btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-quota(8) Control the quota of a btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-receive(8) Receive subvolumes from stdin/file.
btrfs-replace(8) Replace devices managed by btrfs with other device.
btrfs-rescue(8) Recover a damaged btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-restore(8) Try to restore files from a damaged btrfs filesystem image.
btrfs-scrub(8) Scrub btrfs filesystem.
btrfs-select-super(8) Overwrite superblock with a backup.
btrfs-send(8) Send data of subvolume(s) to stdout/file.
btrfs-show-super(8) Show btrfs superblock information stored in devices.
btrfs-subvolume(8) Control btrfs subvolume(s).
btrfs-zero-log(8) ↣ btrfs-rescue(8) Recover a damaged btrfs filesystem.
btrfsck(8) ↣ btrfs-check(8) Check or repair an unmounted btrfs filesystem.
btrfstune(8) Tune various filesystem parameters.
bts(1) Developers' command line interface to the BTS.
btscanner(1) Ncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices.
btsethttpseeds(1) Sets http-seeds information in torrents.
btshowmetainfo.bittornado(1) Display the meta-information in bittorrent files.
btshowmetainfo.bittorrent(1) Display information in bittorrent files.
btt(1) Analyse block i/o traces produces by blktrace.
bttrack.bittornado(1) Bittorrent tracker.
bttrack.bittorrent(1) Tracker for bittorrent.
btwisted(1e) Calculate the twisting in a B-DNA sequence.
btyacc(1) An LALR(1) parser generator with support for backtracking.
bu2sw(1) Backup data to OpenStack Swift.
bu2sw3(1) Backup data to OpenStack Swift.
bubble3d(6x) 3d rising bubbles.
bubblefishymon(1) System load meter with ducks and fish.
bubbles(1p) DNSSEC-Tools Rollrec Simple GUI Display.
bubbros(6) Generic startup script for bub-n-bros.
bubbros-client(6) The bub-n-bros client.
bubbros-server(6) The bub-n-bros server.
bucardo(1p) Utility script for controlling the Bucardo program.
Bucardo(3pm) Postgres multi-master replication system.
buddy-ng(1) A tool to work with easside-ng.
buf(9freebsd) Kernel buffer I/O scheme used in FreeBSD VM system.
BUF_ISLOCKED(9freebsd) Returns the state of the lock linked to the buffer.
BUF_LOCK(9freebsd) Locks a buffer.
BUF_LOCKFREE(9freebsd) Destroys a buffer's lock.
BUF_LOCKINIT(9freebsd) Initializes a buffer lock.
BUF_MEM_free(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_MEM_grow(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_MEM_new(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_MEM_new_ex(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_memdup(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_RECURSED(9freebsd) Checks if the lock linked to the buffer is recursed.
BUF_strdup(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_strlcat(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_strlcpy(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_strndup(3ssl) ↣ buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
BUF_TIMELOCK(9freebsd) Locks a buffer.
BUF_UNLOCK(9freebsd) Unlocks a locked buffer.
buffchan(8) Buffered file-writing backend for INN.
buffer(1) Very fast reblocking program.
buffer(3) Generic read/write buffering.
Buffer(3o) Extensible buffers.
buffer(3ssl) Simple character array structure.
buffer.h(3) Object passing services between threads.
buffer_close(3) Close buffer.
buffer_feed(3) Low-level component of buffer_get.
buffer_flush(3) Feed buffer to write function.
buffer_fromsa(3) Initialize buffer structure from stralloc.
buffer_get(3) Read binary data from buffer.
buffer_get_new_token_sa(3) Read token from buffer.
buffer_get_new_token_sa_pred(3) Read token from buffer.
buffer_get_token(3) Read token from buffer.
buffer_get_token_pred(3) Read token from buffer.
buffer_get_token_sa(3) Read token from buffer.
buffer_get_token_sa_pred(3) Read token from buffer.
buffer_getc(3) Read one char from buffer.
buffer_getline(3) Read line from buffer.
buffer_getline_sa(3) Read line from buffer.
buffer_getn(3) Read binary data from buffer.
buffer_getnewline_sa(3) Read line from buffer.
buffer_init(3) Initialize buffer structure.
buffer_init_free(3) Initialize buffer structure.
buffer_mmapread(3) Create read-only memory-mapped file buffer.
buffer_peek(3) Return pointer to string in buffer.
buffer_put(3) Write binary data to buffer.
buffer_put8long(3) Write an octal ASCII representation of an unsigned long integer to buffer.
buffer_putalign(3) Write binary data to buffer.
buffer_puterror(3) Write error string to buffer and flush.
buffer_puterror2(3) Write error string to buffer and flush.
buffer_putflush(3) Write binary data to buffer and flush.
buffer_putlong(3) Write a decimal ASCII representation of a signed long integer to buffer.
buffer_putlonglong(3) Write a decimal ASCII representation of a signed long integer to buffer.
buffer_putm(3) Write ASCIIZ string(s) to buffer.
buffer_putnlflush(3) Write '\n' to buffer and flush.
buffer_puts(3) Write ASCIIZ string to buffer.
buffer_putsa(3) Write stralloc to buffer.
buffer_putsaflush(3) Write stralloc to buffer and flush.
buffer_putsalign(3) Write ASCIIZ string to buffer.
buffer_putsflush(3) Write ASCIIZ string to buffer and flush.
buffer_putspace(3) Write ASCII space to buffer.
buffer_putulong(3) Write a decimal ASCII representation of an unsigned long integer to buffer.
buffer_putulonglong(3) Write a decimal ASCII representation of a signed long integer to buffer.
buffer_putxlong(3) Write a hexidecimal ASCII representation of an unsigned long integer to buffer.
buffer_seek(3) Remove bytes from beginning of string in buffer.
buffer_tosa(3) Initialize buffer for writing to stralloc.
buffindexed.conf(5) Configuration for the buffindexed overview method.
buffy(1) Mail folder monitor. Monitor new and unread messages in a collection of mail folders.
buffycli(1p) Text mode alternative to Buffy. Monitors new and unread messages in a collection of mail folders.
bugmenot(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
bugpoint(1) ↣ bugpoint-3.8(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-3.5(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-3.6(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-3.7(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-3.8(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-3.9(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-4.0(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-5.0(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugpoint-6.0(1) Automatic test case reduction tool.
bugsquish(6) Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!.
bugsx(1x) Display and evolve biomorphs.
bugz(1) Command line interface to bugzilla.
bugzilla(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
buici-clock(1) Attractive X11 clock.
build-astrometry-index(1) Create index files.
build-lives-rfx-plugin(1) Builds rendered effects for LiVES.
build-lives-rfx-plugin-multi(1) Builds rendered effects for LiVES.
build-openstack-debian-image(1) Build a Debian image to be used with OpenStack. Show kde-build progress in your konsole/xterm title bar.
build-publicfile(1) ↣ publicfile-installer(1) Get, build and install publicfile.
build-pysnmp-mib(1) Build PySNMP MIB definitions from MIB text files.
build-rdeps(1) Find packages that depend on a specific package to build (reverse build depends).
build-simple-cdd(1) ↣ simple-cdd(1) Create custom debian-installer images.
build.xml(5) Configuration file used by Apache Ant to build projects.
buildapp(1) Application to create common lisp images.
buildbot(1) A tool for managing buildbot master instances.
buildd(1) Package autobuilder daemon.
buildd-abort(1) ↣ sbuild-abort(1) Abort the current sbuild build.
buildd-mail(1) Mail answer processor for buildd.
buildd-mail-wrapper(1) ↣ buildd-mail(1) Mail answer processor for buildd.
buildd-make-chroot(8) ↣ sbuild-createchroot(8) Create sbuild chroot.
buildd-update-chroots(1) ↣ sbuild-update(1) Update, upgrade, and clean an sbuild chroot with apt-get.
buildd-uploader(1) Upload built packages for buildd.
buildd-vlog(1) View current build log.
buildd-watcher(1) Watch buildd activity.
buildd.conf(5) Configuration file for buildd.
builddbm(8) Build radius user database.
builder(1) Go continuous build client.
builder-c++(1) G++ wrapper to facilitate pentium-optimizations.
builder-cc(1) Gcc wrapper to facilitate pentium-optimizations.
buildhash(1) ↣ ispell(1) Interactive spelling checking.
buildMetarDB(1) Build databases for METAR stations.
buildnotify(1) Cruise Control CI build monitor.
buildrdswindow(3) Builds windowing of a figure.
buildrealms(1p) Assist in building a DNSSEC-Tools realms environment.
buildslave(1) A tool for managing buildbot slave instances.
buildtorrent(1) A torrent file creation program.
bulk(3) None.
bum(8) Graphical runlevel configuration tool.
bumblebeed(1) Bumblebee daemon.
bumprace(6) A simple arcade game.
bumps(6x) Move distorting spotlight around desktop.
bumpversion(1) Version-bump your software.
Bundle::Apache2(3pm) Install Apache mod_perl2 and related modules.
Bundle::Apache::ASP(3pm) Install Apache::ASP and required.
Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra(3pm) Install modules that provide additional functionality to Apache::ASP.
Bundle::ApacheTest(3pm) A bundle to install all Apache-Test related modules.
Bundle::DBD::CSV(3pm) A bundle to install the DBD::CSV driver.
Bundle::DBD::Pg(3pm) A bundle to install all DBD::Pg related modules.
Bundle::DBI(3pm) A bundle to install DBI and required modules.
Bundle::Net::LDAP(3pm) A bundle for Net::LDAP.
Bundle::Object::InsideOut(3pm) A bundle of modules for full Object::InsideOut support.
Bundle::pRPC-modules(3pm) A bundle to install pRPC-modules and prerequisites.
Bundle::SNMP::MIB::Compiler(3pm) A bundle to install all SNMP::MIB::Compiler related modules.
bundledoc(1) Bundle all the files needed by a LaTeX document.
bunzip2(1) ↣ bzip2(1) A block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6.
bup(1) Backup program using rolling checksums and git file formats.
bup-bloom(1) Generates, regenerates, updates bloom filters.
bup-cat-file(1) Extract archive content (low-level).
bup-daemon(1) Listens for connections and runs bup server.
bup-damage(1) Randomly destroy blocks of a file.
bup-drecurse(1) Recursively list files in your filesystem.
bup-fsck(1) Verify or repair a bup repository.
bup-ftp(1) Ftp-like client for navigating bup repositories.
bup-fuse(1) Mount a bup repository as a filesystem.
bup-help(1) Open the documentation for a given bup command.
bup-import-duplicity(1) Import duplicity backups.
bup-import-rdiff-backup(1) Import a rdiff-backup archive.
bup-import-rsnapshot(1) Import a rsnapshot archive.
bup-index(1) Print and/or update the bup filesystem index.
bup-init(1) Initialize a bup repository.
bup-join(1) Concatenate files from a bup repository.
bup-ls(1) List the contents of a bup repository.
bup-margin(1) Figure out your deduplication safety margin.
bup-memtest(1) Test bup memory usage statistics.
bup-meta(1) Create or extract a metadata archive.
bup-midx(1) Create a multi-index (.midx) file from several .idx files.
bup-mux(1) Multiplexes data and error streams over a connection.
bup-newliner(1) Make sure progress messages don't overlap with output.
bup-on(1) Run a bup server locally and client remotely.
bup-random(1) Generate a stream of random output.
bup-restore(1) Extract files from a backup set.
bup-save(1) Create a new bup backup set.
bup-server(1) The server side of the bup client-server relationship.
bup-split(1) Save individual files to bup backup sets.
bup-tag(1) Tag a commit in the bup repository.
bup-tick(1) Wait for up to one second.
bup-web(1) Start web server to browse bup repositiory.
burgerspace(6) A hamburger-smashing video game.
burgerspace-server(6) UDP server for the networked version of BurgerSpace.
burn(1) Record from various sources to optical media (CD, DVD).
burn-configure(1) Create a configuration file for burn(1).
burnBX(1) ↣ cpuburn(1) A collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU.
burnK6(1) ↣ cpuburn(1) A collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU.
burnK7(1) ↣ cpuburn(1) A collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU.
burnMMX(1) ↣ cpuburn(1) A collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU.
burnP5(1) ↣ cpuburn(1) A collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU.
burnP6(1) ↣ cpuburn(1) A collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU.
burp(8) BackUp and Restore Program.
burp_ca(8) Program for generating certificates for use with burp.
burst(1mh) Explode digests into messages.
bus(8) ↣ les(8) ATM LAN Emulation service demons.
bus_activate_resource(9freebsd) Activate or deactivate a resource.
BUS_ADD_CHILD(9freebsd) Add a device node to the tree with a given priority.
bus_adjust_resource(9freebsd) Adjust resource allocated from a parent bus.
bus_alloc_resource(9freebsd) Allocate resources from a parent bus.
bus_alloc_resource_any(9freebsd) Allocate resources from a parent bus.
BUS_BIND_INTR(9freebsd) Bind an interrupt resource to a specific CPU.
bus_bind_intr(9freebsd) Bind an interrupt resource to a specific CPU.
BUS_CHILD_DELETED(9freebsd) Notify a bus device that a child is being deleted.
BUS_CHILD_DETACHED(9freebsd) Notify a bus device that a child was detached.
bus_child_present(9freebsd) Ask the bus driver to see if this device is still really present.
BUS_CONFIG_INTR(9freebsd) Configure interrupt polarity and trigger mode.
bus_deactivate_resource(9freebsd) Activate or deactivate a resource.
BUS_DESCRIBE_INTR(9freebsd) Associate a description with an active interrupt handler.
bus_describe_intr(9freebsd) Associate a description with an active interrupt handler.
bus_generic_attach(9freebsd) Generic implementation of DEVICE_ATTACH for busses.
bus_generic_detach(9freebsd) Generic implementation of DEVICE_DETACH for busses.
bus_generic_new_pass(9freebsd) Generic implementation of BUS_NEW_PASS for bus devices.
bus_generic_print_child(9freebsd) Generic implementation of DEVICE_PRINT_CHILD for busses.
bus_generic_read_ivar(9freebsd) Generic implementation of BUS_READ_IVAR and BUS_WRITE_IVAR for.
bus_generic_shutdown(9freebsd) Generic implementation of DEVICE_SHUTDOWN for busses.
bus_generic_write_ivar(9freebsd) Generic implementation of BUS_READ_IVAR and BUS_WRITE_IVAR for.
BUS_NEW_PASS(9freebsd) Notify a bus that the pass level has been changed.
BUS_PRINT_CHILD(9freebsd) Print information about a device.
BUS_READ_IVAR(9freebsd) Manipulate bus-specific device instance variables.
bus_release_resource(9freebsd) Release resources on a bus.
bus_set_pass(9freebsd) Raise the bus pass level.
bus_set_resource(9freebsd) Associate a definite resource with a given resource ID.
BUS_SETUP_INTR(9freebsd) Create, attach and teardown an interrupt.
bus_setup_intr(9freebsd) Create, attach and teardown an interrupt.
BUS_TEARDOWN_INTR(9freebsd) Create, attach and teardown an interrupt.
bus_teardown_intr(9freebsd) Create, attach and teardown an interrupt.
BUS_WRITE_IVAR(9freebsd) Manipulate bus-specific device instance variables.
busctl(1) Introspect the bus.
buserver(8) Initializes the Backup Server.
Business-ISSN(3pm) Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers.
Business::BR(3pm) Root for namespace of Brazilian business-related modules.
Business::BR::Biz(3pm) DEPRECATED (was: Modules for Brazilian business-related subjects).
Business::BR::CNPJ(3pm) Perl module to test for correct CNPJ numbers.
Business::BR::CPF(3pm) Perl module to test for correct CPF numbers.
Business::BR::Ids(3pm) Modules for dealing with Brazilian identification codes (CPF, CNPJ, ...).
Business::BR::Ids::Common(3pm) Common code used in Business-BR-Ids modules.
Business::BR::IE(3pm) Perl module to test for correct IE numbers.
Business::BR::PIS(3pm) Perl module to test for correct PIS numbers.
Business::CreditCard(3pm) Validate/generate credit card checksums/names.
Business::EDI(3pm) Top level class for generating U.N. EDI interchange objects and subobjects.
Business::EDI::CodeList(3pm) Abstract object class for UN/EDIFACT objects that do not have further descendant.
Business::EDI::Composite(3pm) EDI Composite class.
Business::EDI::Spec(3pm) Object class for CSV-based U.N. EDI specifications.
Business::Edifact::Interchange(3pm) Parse Edifact Messages For Book Ordering.
Business::Edifact::Message(3pm) Class that models Edifact Messages.
Business::Edifact::Message::LineItem(3pm) Model an individual Item Line in a message.
Business::FraudDetect(3pm) A cohort to Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::FraudDetect::preCharge(3pm) Backend for Business::FraudDetect (part of Business::OnlinePayment).
Business::ISBN(3pm) Work with International Standard Book Numbers.
Business::ISBN10(3pm) Work with 10 digit International Standard Book Numbers.
Business::ISBN13(3pm) Work with 13 digit International Standard Book Numbers.
Business::ISBN::Data(3pm) Data pack for Business::ISBN.
Business::ISMN(3pm) Work with International Standard Music Numbers.
Business::ISMN::Data(3pm) Data pack for Business::ISMN.
Business::OnlinePayment(3pm) Perl extension for online payment processing.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet(3pm) AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::AIM(3pm) AuthorizeNet AIM backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::AIM::ErrorCodes(3pm) Easy lookup of Authorize.Net's AIM result reason.
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::ARB(3pm) AuthorizeNet ARB backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::HTTPS(3pm) Base class for HTTPS payment APIs.
Business::OnlinePayment::IPPay(3pm) IPPay backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::OpenECHO(3pm) ECHO backend module for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::PayConnect(3pm) PaymentOne (formerly eBillit) PayConnect backend for.
Business::OnlinePayment::PayflowPro(3pm) Payflow Pro backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::PaymenTech(3pm) Chase Paymentech backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::TCLink(3pm) TrustCommerce backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::TransactionCentral(3pm) Transaction Central backend module for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::OnlinePayment::viaKLIX(3pm) ViaKLIX backend for Business::OnlinePayment.
Business::PayPal::API(3pm) PayPal SOAP API client with sandbox support.
Business::PayPal::API::AuthorizationRequest(3pm) PayPal AuthorizationRequest API.
Business::PayPal::API::CaptureRequest(3pm) PayPal CaptureRequest API.
Business::PayPal::API::DirectPayments(3pm) PayPal DirectPayments API.
Business::PayPal::API::ExpressCheckout(3pm) PayPal Express Checkout API.
Business::PayPal::API::GetBalance(3pm) PayPal GetBalance API.
Business::PayPal::API::GetTransactionDetails(3pm) PayPal GetTransactionDetails API.
Business::PayPal::API::MassPay(3pm) PayPal MassPay API.
Business::PayPal::API::ReauthorizationRequest(3pm) PayPal ReauthorizationRequest API.
Business::PayPal::API::RecurringPayments(3pm) PayPal RecurringPayments API.
Business::PayPal::API::RefundTransaction(3pm) PayPal RefundTransaction API.
Business::PayPal::API::TransactionSearch(3pm) PayPal TransactionSearch API.
Business::PayPal::API::VoidRequest(3pm) PayPal VoidRequest API.
Business::Tax::VAT::Validation(3pm) Validate EU VAT numbers against VIES.
Business::US::USPS::WebTools(3pm) Use the US Postal Service Web Tools.
bustle(1) D-Bus visualiser.
bustle-pcap(1) Generate D-Bus logs for bustle.
busy(3tk) Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree.
busybox(1) The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux.
busyspheres(1) Particle spheres.
butc(5) Defines Tape Coordinator instructions for automated tape devices.
butc(8) Initializes the Tape Coordinator process.
butc_logs(5) Message logs from the Tape Coordinator process.
buthead(1) Copies all but the first few lines.
button(3tcl) Widget that issues a command when pressed.
button(3tk) Create and manipulate 'button' action widgets.
Button2_6(3I) Interactive buttons.
buxon(1) RDF sioc:Forum browser.
_BV(3avr) ↣ avr_sfr(3avr) : Special function registers.
bvedit(1) ↣ bvi(1) Visual editor for binary files.
bvi(1) Visual editor for binary files.
bview(1) ↣ bvi(1) Visual editor for binary files.
bvnc(1) ↣ bssh(1) Browse for SSH/VNC servers on the local network.
bw_file_rd(8) Time the reading and summing of a file.
bw_mem(8) Time memory bandwidth.
bw_mem_rd(8) Time memory read rate (with overhead).
bw_mmap_rd(8) Time the reading and summing of a file.
bw_pipe(8) Time data movement through pipes.
bw_tcp(8) Time data movement through TCP/IP sockets.
bw_unix(8) UNIX pipe bandwidth.
bwbar(8) Generates text and graphical readout of current bandwidth use.
bwbasic(1) Bywater BASIC interpreter/shell.
bwctl(1) Client application to request throughput, traceroute, ping and owamp tests.
bwctld(8) Bandwidth Control server.
bwctld.conf(5) Bandwidth Control daemon configuration file.
bwctld.keys(5) Bandwidth Control Daemon AES keyfile database.
bwctld.limits(5) Bandwidth Control daemon policy configuration file.
bwctlrc(5) Bandwidth Control configuration file.
bwi(4freebsd) Broadcom BCM43xx IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network driver.
bwild(1) Bareos's 'wildcard' engine.
bwild(8) Bacula's 'wildcard' engine.
bwm-ng(1) Bandwidth Monitor NG (Next Generation), a live bandwidth monitor for network and disk io.
bwn(4freebsd) Broadcom BCM43xx IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network driver.
bwping(1) ↣ bwctl(1) Client application to request throughput, traceroute, ping and owamp tests.
bwtraceroute(1) ↣ bwctl(1) Client application to request throughput, traceroute, ping and owamp tests.
bxcommit(1) Interactive Tool to Commit Redologs into flat Disk Images for Bochs.
bxe(4freebsd) QLogic NetXtreme II Ethernet 10Gb PCIe adapter driver.
bximage(1) Interactive Disk Image Creator for Bochs.
byacc(1) An LALR(1) parser generator.
byaccj(1) An LALR(1) parser generator for Java.
bygfoot(6) Football (a.k.a soccer) management game.
byobu(1) Wrapper script for seeding a user's byobu configuration and launching a text based window manager.
byobu-config(1) Configuration utility for byobu.
byobu-ctrl-a(1) Configure Byobu's ctrl-a behavior.
byobu-disable(1) ↣ byobu-enable(1) Wrapper script for enabling/disabling automatic startup of byobu after login.
byobu-disable-prompt(1) ↣ byobu-prompt(1) Add and remove a nice color prompt to your shell.
byobu-enable(1) Wrapper script for enabling/disabling automatic startup of byobu after login.
byobu-enable-prompt(1) ↣ byobu-prompt(1) Add and remove a nice color prompt to your shell.
byobu-export(1) DEPRECATED.
byobu-janitor(1) Script for cleaning and upgrading environment after upgrades.
byobu-keybindings(1) Toggle on/off Byobu's keybindings.
byobu-launch(1) ↣ byobu-launcher(1) Byobu Launcher.
byobu-launcher(1) Byobu Launcher.
byobu-launcher-install(1) Byobu Launcher installation utility.
byobu-launcher-uninstall(1) Byobu Launcher uninstallation utility.
byobu-layout(1) Save and restore byobu-tmux layouts.
byobu-prompt(1) Add and remove a nice color prompt to your shell.
byobu-quiet(1) Silence all of Byobu's status indicators and eliminate the hardstatus line.
byobu-reconnect-sockets(1) Sourcable script that updates GPG_AGENT_INFO and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in the.
byobu-screen(1) Launch byobu with screen as the backend.
byobu-select-backend(1) Select your default Byobu backend window manager.
byobu-select-profile(1) Select your Byobu foreground and background colors.
byobu-select-session(1) Select and connect to a byobu session.
byobu-shell(1) Print the message of the day and launch a shell.
byobu-status(1) Displays status suitable for printing by the BYOBU_BACKEND.
byobu-status-detail(1) Wrapper that uses a sensible pager.
byobu-tmux(1) Launch byobu with tmux as the backend.
byobu-ugraph(1) Helper script for notification history graphs.
byobu-ulevel(1) Helper script for notification level indicators.
byte_chr(3) Search for a byte in a string.
byte_copy(3) Copy a string.
byte_copyr(3) Copy a string.
byte_diff(3) Compare two strings.
byte_equal(3) Compare two strings.
byte_rchr(3) Search for a byte in a string.
byte_zero(3) Initialize a string.
bytecode(3) Java library for the editing of the language's bytecode.
byteorder(3) Convert values between host and network byte order.
byteprefix(5) Configuration for display of sizes.
Bytes(3o) Byte sequence operations.
bytes(3perl) Perl pragma to force byte semantics rather than character semantics.
Bytes::Random::Secure(3pm) Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes.
BytesLabels(3o) Byte sequence operations.
byzanz(1) Small screencast creator.
byzanz-playback(1) Process a byzanz debug recording.
byzanz-record(1) Record your desktop session to an animated GIF.
bz2(3trf) Data compression "bz2".
bzadmin(6) A text based client for BZFlag.
bzcat(1) ↣ bzip2(1) A block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6.
bzcmp(1) ↣ bzdiff(1) Compare bzip2 compressed files.
bzdiff(1) Compare bzip2 compressed files.
bzegrep(1) ↣ bzgrep(1) Search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression.
bzero(3) Write zero-valued bytes.
bzexe(1) Compress executable files in place.
bzfgrep(1) ↣ bzgrep(1) Search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression.
bzflag(6) A tank battle game.
bzfs(6) BZFlag game server.
bzgrep(1) Search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression.
bzip2(1) A block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6.
bzip2recover(1) ↣ bzip2(1) A block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.6.
bzless(1) ↣ bzmore(1) File perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compressed text.
bzmore(1) File perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compressed text.
bzr(1) Bazaar next-generation distributed version control.
bzr-buildpackage(1) Build a debian package from a bazaar branch.
bzrp(1) Just like bzr, except pipe standard out to a sensible pager.
bzw(5) BZFlag world file format.
bzz(1) DjVu general purpose compression utility.