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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
c(3erl) Command interface module.
c++-annotations(7) Extensive tutorial about the C++ programming language.
c++decl(1) ↣ cdecl(1) Decode C type declarations.
c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
C++Intro(3cxx) Introduction to the GNU libstdc++ man pages.
c-icap(8) ICAP filtering server.
c-icap-client(8) Simple ICAP client.
c-icap-config(8) Script to get information about c-icap server.
c-icap-libicapapi-config(8) Script to get information about c-icap library.
c-icap-mkbdb(8) Simple ICAP clientutility to create Berkeley DB lookup tables.
c-icap-mods-sguardDB(8) Simple utility to create Berkeley DB lookup tables.
c-icap-stretch(8) A simple utility for stretching ICAP servers.
c1541(1) A stand alone disk image maintenance program.
c2050(1) Ghostscript bitcymk to Lexmark 2050 Series protocol translator.
c2bimport(1) ↣ cb2bib(1) Software to extract bibliographic references from various sources.
c2dec(1) Codec2 testing framework.
c2demo(1) Codec2 testing framework.
c2enc(1) Codec2 testing framework.
c2faxrecv(1) Receive fax using hylafax to ISDN using CAPI.
c2faxsend(1) Send fax using hylafax to ISDN using CAPI.
c2hs(1) C->Haskell Interface Generator.
c2sim(1) Codec2 testing framework.
c3270(1) Curses-based IBM host access tool.
c4(6) Chip's Challenge combined converter.
c44(1) DjVuPhoto encode.
c89-gcc(1) ANSI (1989) C compiler.
c99(1posix) Compile standard C programs.
c99-gcc(1) ANSI (1999) C compiler.
c_count(1) ↣ X_count(1) Count physical lines of code, in each input file.
c_csa1s(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for one-dimensional input.
c_csa1xs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for one-dimensional input.
c_csa2ls(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for two-dimensional input, list output.
c_csa2lxs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for two-dimensional input, list output.
c_csa2s(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for two-dimensional input, gridded output.
c_csa2xs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for two-dimensional input, gridded output.
c_csa3ls(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for three-dimensional input, list output.
c_csa3lxs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for three-dimensional input, list output.
c_csa3s(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for three-dimensional input, gridded output.
c_csa3xs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for three-dimensional input, gridded output.
c_csc2s(3NCARG) Convert from Cartesian coordinates to lat/lon coordinates.
c_csc2sd(3NCARG) Convert from Cartesian coordinates to lat/lon coordinates.
c_csgetd(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type double.
c_csgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type int.
c_csgetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type float.
c_css2c(3NCARG) Convert from lat/lon coordinates to Cartesian coordinates.
c_css2cd(3NCARG) Convert from lat/lon coordinates to Cartesian coordinates.
c_cssetd(3NCARG) Set double valued parameters.
c_csseti(3NCARG) Set int valued parameters.
c_cssetr(3NCARG) Set float valued parameters.
c_cssgrid(3NCARG) Tension spline interpolation on a sphere.
c_cssgridd(3NCARG) Tension spline interpolation on a sphere.
c_csstri(3NCARG) Calculates a Delaunay triangulation for data on a sphere.
c_csstrid(3NCARG) Calculates a Delaunay triangulation for data on a sphere.
c_csvoro(3NCARG) Calculate Voronoi polygons for points on a sphere.
c_csvorod(3NCARG) Calculate Voronoi polygons for points on a sphere.
c_dsgetc(3NCARG) Retrieve values for char valued parameters.
c_dsgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type int.
c_dsgetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type float.
c_dsgetrd(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type double.
c_dsgrid2d(3NCARG) Primary double precision C entry for 2D gridding.
c_dsgrid2s(3NCARG) Primary single precision C entry for 2D gridding.
c_dsgrid3d(3NCARG) Primary double precision C entry for 3D gridding.
c_dsgrid3s(3NCARG) Primary single precision C entry for 3D gridding.
c_dspnt2d(3NCARG) Interpolate at a single point (or points) in 2D in single precision.
c_dspnt2s(3NCARG) Interpolate at a single point (or points) in 2D in single precision.
c_dspnt3d(3NCARG) Interpolate double precision 3D data at specified points.
c_dspnt3s(3NCARG) Interpolate single precision 3D data at specified points.
c_dssetc(3NCARG) Set char valued parameters.
c_dsseti(3NCARG) Set int valued parameters.
c_dssetr(3NCARG) Set float valued parameters.
c_dssetrd(3NCARG) Set double valued parameters.
c_ftcurv(3NCARG) 1D interpolation for non-periodic functions.
c_ftcurvd(3NCARG) Calculate derivatives.
c_ftcurvi(3NCARG) Calculate integrals.
c_ftcurvp(3NCARG) 1D interpolation for periodic functions.
c_ftcurvpi(3NCARG) Calculate integrals for periodic functions.
c_ftcurvps(3NCARG) Compute a smoothing spline for periodic functions.
c_ftcurvs(3NCARG) Compute a smoothing spline.
c_ftcurvs1(3NCARG) Calculate values for a smoothing spline for data in the plane.
c_ftgetc(3NCARG) Retrieve a string valued parameter.
c_ftgetfa_data(3NCARG) Retrieve array values.
c_ftgetfa_size(3NCARG) Retrieve the size of an array.
c_ftgeti(3NCARG) Retrieve an int valued parameter.
c_ftgetr(3NCARG) Retrieve a float valued parameter.
c_ftkurv(3NCARG) Interpolation for parametric curves.
c_ftkurvd(3NCARG) Calculate interpolated values and derivatives for parametric curves.
c_ftkurvp(3NCARG) Interpolation for closed parametric curves.
c_ftkurvpd(3NCARG) Interpolation and derivative calculation for closed parametric curves.
c_ftsetc(3NCARG) Set char valued parameters.
c_ftsetfa(3NCARG) Set float valued array parameters.
c_ftseti(3NCARG) Set int valued parameters.
c_ftsetr(3NCARG) Set float valued parameters.
c_ftsurf(3NCARG) 2D tension spline interpolation of rectangular data.
c_natgridd(3NCARG) Primary double precision C entry for natural neighbor gridding.
c_natgrids(3NCARG) Primary C entry for natural neighbor gridding.
c_nngetaspectd(3NCARG) Retrieve a double precision aspect at a specified coordinate.
c_nngetaspects(3NCARG) Retrieve the aspect at a specified coordinate.
c_nngetc(3NCARG) Retrieve values for char valued parameters.
c_nngeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type int.
c_nngetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type float.
c_nngetrd(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type double.
c_nngetsloped(3NCARG) Retrieve a double precision slope at a specified coordinate.
c_nngetslopes(3NCARG) Retrieve the slope at a specified coordinate.
c_nnpntd(3NCARG) Interpolate at a single point.
c_nnpntend(3NCARG) Exit single point mode.
c_nnpntendd(3NCARG) Exit single point mode.
c_nnpntinitd(3NCARG) Enter single point mode.
c_nnpntinits(3NCARG) Enter single point mode.
c_nnpnts(3NCARG) Interpolate at a single point.
c_nnsetc(3NCARG) Set char valued parameters.
c_nnseti(3NCARG) Set int valued parameters.
c_nnsetr(3NCARG) Set float valued parameters.
c_nnsetrd(3NCARG) Set double valued parameters.
c_rehash(1ssl) ↣ rehash(1ssl) Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values.
c_shgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type int.
c_shgetnp(3NCARG) Find the nearest points to a specified point in 3-space.
c_shgrid(3NCARG) Interpolate random data in 3-space using a modified Shepard's algorithm.
c_shseti(3NCARG) Set int valued parameters.
ca(1ssl) Sample minimal CA application. Friendlier interface for OpenSSL certificate programs. Parse and insert in certs to LDAP.
cabal-debian(1) Create Debian package meta data from a Haskell cabal file.
cabextract(1) Program to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives.
cabin(3) The utility API of QDBM.
cablesearch(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
cabs(3) Absolute value of a complex number.
cabs(3posix) Return a complex absolute value.
cabsf(3) ↣ cabs(3) Absolute value of a complex number.
cabsl(3) ↣ cabs(3) Absolute value of a complex number.
caca-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of libcaca.
caca.h(3caca) The libcaca public header.
caca_conio_text_info(3caca) DOS text area information.
caca_event(3caca) Handling of user events.
caca_option(3caca) Option parsing.
cacademo(1) ↣ cacafire(1) Libcaca's demonstration applications.
cacafire(1) Libcaca's demonstration applications.
cacaplay(1) Play libcaca files.
cacaserver(1) Telnet server for libcaca.
cacaview(1) ASCII image browser.
Cache(3pm) The Cache interface.
cache(8) Cache parameters.
cache-clean(1) Administration tool for the A-REX cache.
cache-list(1) List contents of the A-REX cache.
cache.config(5) The cache.config file defines how Traffic Server caches web objects. You can add caching rules. Octopussy Cache module.
cache2gtiff(1) Create geotiff from tile cache.
Cache::BDB(3pm) An object caching wrapper around BerkeleyDB.
Cache::Entry(3pm) Interface for a cache entry.
Cache::FastMmap(3pm) Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache.
Cache::File(3pm) Filesystem based implementation of the Cache interface.
Cache::File::Entry(3pm) An entry in the file based implementation of Cache.
Cache::File::Handle(3pm) Wrapper for IO::File to use in Cache::File implementation.
Cache::File::Heap(3pm) A file based heap for use by Cache::File.
Cache::Historical(3pm) Cache historical values.
Cache::IOString(3pm) Wrapper for IO::String to use in Cache implementations.
Cache::LRU(3pm) A simple, fast implementation of LRU cache in pure perl.
Cache::Memcached(3pm) Client library for memcached (memory cache daemon).
Cache::Memcached::Fast(3pm) Perl client for memcached, in C language.
Cache::Memcached::GetParserXS(3pm) GetParser implementation in XS for use with Cache::Memcached.
Cache::Memcached::libmemcached(3pm) Cache interface to Memcached::libmemcached.
Cache::Memcached::Managed(3pm) Provide API for managing cached information.
Cache::Memcached::Managed::Inactive(3pm) Inactive Cache::Memcache::Managed object.
Cache::Memcached::Managed::Multi(3pm) Multiple Cache::Memcache::Managed objects.
Cache::Memory(3pm) Memory based implementation of the Cache interface.
Cache::Memory::Entry(3pm) An entry in the memory based implementation of Cache.
Cache::Memory::HeapElem(3pm) Wrapper for Heap::Elem that stores keys.
Cache::Mmap(3pm) Shared data cache using memory mapped files.
Cache::Null(3pm) Null implementation of the Cache interface.
Cache::Null::Entry(3pm) An entry in the Null implementation of Cache.
Cache::Ref(3pm) Memory only cache of live references.
Cache::Ref::CAR(3pm) CLOCK with Adaptive Replacement.
Cache::Ref::CAR::Base(3pm) Base clase for CAR and CART.
Cache::Ref::CART(3pm) CAR with temporal filtering.
Cache::Ref::CLOCK(3pm) CLOCK cache replacement algorithm.
Cache::Ref::GCLOCK(3pm) GCLOCK cache replacement algorithm.
Cache::Ref::LIFO(3pm) Saves entries until full, discarding subsequent sets.
Cache::Ref::LRU(3pm) Least recently used expiry policy.
Cache::Ref::Null(3pm) Caches nothing.
Cache::RemovalStrategy(3pm) Abstract Removal Strategy interface for a Cache.
Cache::RemovalStrategy::FIFO(3pm) FIFO Removal Strategy for a Cache.
Cache::RemovalStrategy::LRU(3pm) LRU Removal Strategy for a Cache.
Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry(3pm) Simple, time-expiring cache.
Cache::Tester(3pm) Test utility for Cache implementations.
cache_check(8) Validates cache metadata on a device or file.
cache_dump(8) Dump cache metadata from device or file to standard output.
cache_metadata_size(8) Estimate the size of the metadata device needed for a given configuration.
cache_repair(8) Repair cache binary metadata from device/file to device/file.
cache_restore(8) Restore cache metadata file to device or file.
cache_writeback(8) Writeback dirty blocks to the origin device.
cacheadm(1) Administer and configure AtFS derived object cache.
cachedas(1e) Generates server cache file for DAS servers or for the DAS registry.
cachedbfetch(1e) Generates server cache file for Dbfetch/WSDbfetch data sources.
cachedel(1) Drop pagecache for a file.
cacheebeyesearch(1e) Generates server cache file for EB-eye search domains.
cacheensembl(1e) Generates server cache file for an Ensembl server.
cachefilesd(8) CacheFiles userspace management daemon.
cachefilesd.conf(5) Local file caching configuration file.
cacheflush(2) Flush contents of instruction and/or data cache.
cacheinfo(5) Defines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager.
cachemgr.cgi(8) Squid HTTP proxy manager CGI web interface.
cachestat-bpfcc(8) Statistics for linux page cache hit/miss ratios. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
cachestat-perf(8) Measure page cache hits/misses. Uses Linux ftrace.
cachestats(1) Print cache statistics for a file.
cachetop-bpfcc(8) Statistics for linux page cache hit/miss ratios per processes. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
cacos(3) Complex arc cosine.
cacos(3posix) Complex arc cosine functions.
cacosf(3) ↣ cacos(3) Complex arc cosine.
cacosh(3) Complex arc hyperbolic cosine.
cacosh(3posix) Complex arc hyperbolic cosine functions.
cacoshf(3) ↣ cacosh(3) Complex arc hyperbolic cosine.
cacoshl(3) ↣ cacosh(3) Complex arc hyperbolic cosine.
cacosl(3) ↣ cacos(3) Complex arc cosine.
cacosl(3posix) Complex arc cosine functions.
cad3d(1) Convert a Survex .3d file into formats which can be read by CAD and drawing packages.
cadabra(1) Field-theory motivated computer algebra system.
cadaver(1) A command-line WebDAV client for Unix.
cadubi(1) Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian.
cadvisor(1) Analyze resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers.
caesar(6) Decrypt caesar ciphers.
caf(1) Fortran compiler wrapper for OpenCoarrays.
cafeobj(1) Algebraic specification and programming language.
caff(1) Fire and Forget.
caffe(1) Command line brew for Caffe.
caffeinate(1) Inhibit desktop idleness while a command runs.
caffeine(1) Prevent desktop idleness in full-screen mode.
caffeine-indicator(1) Manually inhibit desktop idleness with a toggle.
cafrun(1) Coarray Fortran executable launcher for OpenCoarrays.
cage(6x) Escher's impossible cage, for xscreensaver.
cai(1e) Calculate codon adaptation index.
caiksaurus(1) ↣ aiksaurus(1) English-language thesaurus.
cain(1) Stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions.
Cairo(3pm) Perl interface to the cairo 2d vector graphics library.
cairo-5c(3) Cairo bindings for nickle programs.
cairo-dock(1) A dock to launch your programs easily.
Cairo::GObject(3pm) Integrate Cairo into the Glib type system.
cairosvg-py2(1) SVG converter based on Cairo.
cairosvg-py3(1) SVG converter based on Cairo.
caja(1) The MATE File Manager.
caja-actions-config-tool(5) Configure programs to launch from the caja file manager.
caja-actions-new(1) Create new caja actions.
caja-actions-print(1) Print a menu or an action to stdout.
caja-actions-run(1) Execute an action on the specified target.
caja-autorun-software(1) Autorun Software in Caja.
caja-connect-server(1) Connect to Server dialog for Caja.
caja-dropbox(1) A command line interface to the Dropbox service.
caja-file-management-properties(1) Caja File Management Preferences.
caja-sendto(1) Convenience application to send a file via email or instant messenger.
cal(1) ↣ ncal(1) Displays a calendar and the date of Easter.
cal(1plan9) Print calendar.
cal(1posix) Print a calendar.
cal3d_converter(1) Convert cal3d files from / to binary and XML (version 0.11.0).
Cal::DAV(3pm) A CalDAV client.
calamares(1) Distribution-independent system installer.
calamares(8) Distribution-independent system installer.
calamaris(1) Generate text and graphical statistics out of log files from Proxy-Cache-Servers.
calc(1) Arbitrary precision calculator.
calc-avg(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-histogram(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-max(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-mean(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-median(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-min(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-mode(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-stddev(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-stdev(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc-sum(1) ↣ calc-stats(1) A series of wrappers for performing basic statistic calculations on files or standard input con‐.
calc_spline(3alleg4) Calculates a series of values along a Bezier spline. Allegro game programming library.
calc_tickadj(1) Calculates optimal value for tick given ntp drift file.
calcappclient(1) RSerPool Client (PU) for the CalcApp service.
calcoo(1) Scientific calculator (GTK+).
Calculator(1) ↣ gnustep-examples(1) Various example GNUstep tools/applications.
calculus(3tcl) Integration and ordinary differential equations.
calcurse(1) Text-based organizer.
caldavd(8) Calendar Server Control Interface.
calendar(1) Reminder service.
calendar(3erl) Local and universal time, day of the week, date and time.
Calendar::Simple(3pm) Perl extension to create simple calendars.
calendarserver_command_gateway(8) Calendar Server manager gateway.
calendarserver_config(8) Calendar Server Configuration Utility.
calendarserver_export(8) Calendar Server export tool.
calendarserver_manage_principals(8) Calendar Server principal management utility.
calendarserver_manage_push(8) Calendar Server push management utility.
calendarserver_manage_timezones(8) Calendar Server timezone database management utility.
calendarserver_migrate_resources(8) Calendar Server resource and location migration utility.
calendarserver_monitor_notifications(8) Calendar Server push notification monitor.
calendarserver_purge_attachments(8) Calendar Server orphaned attachments clean-up utility.
calendarserver_purge_events(8) Calendar Server event clean-up utility.
calendarserver_purge_principals(8) Calendar Server deprovisioned user clean-up utility.
calendarserver_shell(8) Calendar Server interactive administrative shell.
calf(7) Audio plugin library.
calfjackhost(1) JACK wrapper for Calf plugins.
calibrate(8) URONode user information lookup program.
calibrate_joystick(3alleg4) Calibrates the specified joystick. Allegro game programming library.
calibrate_joystick_name(3alleg4) Returns the next calibration text string. Allegro game programming library.
calibrate_lens_gui(1) Lens distortion calibration by straight line feature identification.
calibrate_ppa(8) Pnm2ppa calibration tool.
calibre(1) Calibre.
calibre-customize(1) Calibre-customize.
calibre-debug(1) Calibre-debug.
calibre-server(1) Calibre-server.
calibre-smtp(1) Calibre-smtp.
calibredb(1) Calibredb.
calife(1) Becomes root (or another user) legally.
calife.auth(5) Format of the calife authorization file.
CallableBonds(1) Example of callable-bond pricing.
callback(3) Closures with variable arguments as first-class C functions.
Callback(3o) Registering OCaml values with the C runtime.
callback(8) Call a user back, presenting a login prompt.
callerid.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts.
callgraph(1) Updates your Go import lines.
callgrind_annotate(1) Post-processing tool for the Callgrind.
callgrind_control(1) Observe and control programs being run by Callgrind.
calligra(1) Calligra Document Opener.
calligraconverter(1) Calligra Document Converter.
calligrasheets(1) Calligra Spreadsheet Application.
calligrastage(1) Calligra Presentation Tool.
calligrawords(1) Calligra Word Processor.
calloc(3) ↣ malloc(3) Allocate and free dynamic memory.
calloc(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
calloc(3posix) A memory allocator.
callpass(1) Generate Pass-code associated with your callsign for authentication via xastir to APRS(tm) network.
callrpc(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
calypso(1) CalDAV/CardDAV server with git storage.
cam(4freebsd) Common Access Method SCSI/ATA subsystem.
CAM(4freebsd) Common Access Method SCSI/ATA subsystem.
CAM::PDF(3pm) PDF manipulation library.
CAM::PDF::Content(3pm) PDF page layout parser.
CAM::PDF::Decrypt(3pm) PDF security helper.
CAM::PDF::GS(3pm) PDF graphic state.
CAM::PDF::GS::NoText(3pm) PDF graphic state.
CAM::PDF::Node(3pm) PDF element.
CAM::PDF::PageText(3pm) Extract text from PDF page tree.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Dump(3pm) Print the graphic state of each node.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Images(3pm) Find all of the images in a page.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text(3pm) Render an ASCII image of a PDF page.
CAM::PDF::Renderer::TextFB(3pm) Framebuffer for CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text.
camelot(1) Gmerlin webcam application.
Camera(1) Downloads files from your digital camera.
camera-calib(1) GUI for calibrating a monocular camera using a checker-board.
camitk-actionstatemachine(1) CamiTK Action State Machine.
camitk-cepgenerator(1) CamiTK Extension Project skeleton generator.
camitk-config(1) CamiTK Configuration Utility.
camitk-imp(1) GUI flagship application for CamiTK.
camitk-testactions(1) CamiTK Tests Actions.
camitk-testcomponents(1) CamiTK Tests Components.
camitk-wizard(1) Extension wizard for CamiTK developers.
caml2html(1) Pretty print OCaml in html and latex.
camlidl(1) A stub code generator for OCaml.
CamlinternalFormat(3o) No description.
CamlinternalFormatBasics(3o) No description.
CamlinternalLazy(3o) Run-time support for lazy values.
CamlinternalMod(3o) Run-time support for recursive modules.
CamlinternalOO(3o) Run-time support for objects and classes.
camlmix(1) Preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml.
camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
camlp5o(1) ↣ camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
camlp5o.opt(1) ↣ camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
camlp5r(1) ↣ camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
camlp5r.opt(1) ↣ camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
camlp5sch(1) ↣ camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
camomilecharmap(1) A charmap database translators for camomile.
camomilecharmap.byte(1) ↣ camomilecharmap(1) A charmap database translators for camomile.
camomilecharmap.opt(1) ↣ camomilecharmap(1) A charmap database translators for camomile.
camomilelocaledef(1) A localedef database translators for camomile.
camomilelocaledef.byte(1) ↣ camomilelocaledef(1) A localedef database translators for camomile.
camomilelocaledef.opt(1) ↣ camomilelocaledef(1) A localedef database translators for camomile.
camorama(1) GNOME2 Video4Linux viewer.
camping(1) Small Ruby web framework for MVC type applications.
can-calc-bit-timing(1) Manual page for can-calc-bit-timing 2018.02.0-1.
can_change_color(3ncurses) ↣ color(3ncurses)
can_change_color_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
canadian-english(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-huge(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-insane(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-large(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-small(5) A list of English words.
Canary::Stability(3pm) Canary to check perl compatibility for schmorp's modules.
canberra(1) Command line interface to canberra in mlpy (version 2.2.0).
canberra-gtk-play(1) Play a sound event.
canberraq(1) Command line interface to canberraq in mlpy (version 2.2.0).
canbusload(1) Manual page for canbusload 2018.02.0-1.
cancel(1) Cancel jobs.
cancelmsg(1) Cancel an E-mail message.
cancompare(1) Compare two CAN bus database files.
canconvert(1) Convert between various CAN bus database formats.
candump(1) Manual page for candump 2018.02.0-1.
canfdtest(1) Manual page for canfdtest 2018.02.0-1.
canfield(6) The solitaire card game canfield.
cangen(1) Manual page for cangen 2018.02.0-1.
cangw(1) Manual page for cangw 2018.02.0-1.
canlisp(1) Parse canlisp commands.
canlogserver(1) Manual page for canlogserver 2018.02.0-1.
cannacheck(1) Display information about Japanese input system Canna.
cannakill(1) Terminate operation of the Kana-Kanji conversion server cannaserver.
cannalib(3) Kana-to-Kanji Conversion Library Intro.
cannaserver(1) Kana-Kanji conversion server.
cannastat(1) Display information about the Kana-Kanji conversion server.
canon-gff3(1) Create canonical GFF3.
canonical(5) Postfix canonical table format.
Canonicalise(1) ‘cat’ filters for XML documents.
CanonicaliseLazy(1) ↣ Canonicalise(1) ‘cat’ filters for XML documents.
canonicalize_file_name(3) Return the canonicalized absolute pathname.
canonicalize_filename(3alleg4) Converts any filename into its canonical form. Allegro game programming library.
canplayer(1) Manual page for canplayer 2018.02.0-1.
cansend(1) Manual page for cansend 2018.02.0-1.
cansniffer(1) Manual page for cansniffer 2018.02.0-1.
cant(1) CAnonicalize N-Triples.
cantata(1) A KDE client for MPD.
canvas(3tk) Create and manipulate 'canvas' hypergraphics drawing surface widgets.
canvas::drag(3tk) Manage the dragging of canvas items or item groups.
canvas::edit::points(3tk) Editing a cloud of points on a canvas.
canvas::edit::polyline(3tk) Editing a polyline on a canvas.
canvas::edit::quadrilateral(3tk) Editing a quadrilateral on a canvas.
canvas::highlight(3tk) Manage the highlighting of canvas items or item groups.
canvas::mvg(3tk) Canvas to ImageMagick MVG vector format.
canvas::snap(3tk) Canvas snapshot to Tk photo image.
canvas::sqmap(3tk) Canvas with map background based on square tiles.
canvas::tag(3tk) Easier management of the tags on canvas items or item groups.
canvas::track::lines(3tk) Manage a group of rubber band lines.
canvas::zoom(3tk) Zoom control for canvas::sqmap.
canvasLabel(3tk) Tkpiechart canvas label class.
cap(1) Tool to perform capistrano tasks.
cap_clear(3) Capability data object manipulation.
cap_clear_flag(3) ↣ cap_clear(3) Capability data object manipulation.
cap_compare(3) ↣ cap_clear(3) Capability data object manipulation.
cap_copy_ext(3) Capability state external representation translation.
cap_copy_int(3) ↣ cap_copy_ext(3) Capability state external representation translation.
cap_drop_bound(3) ↣ cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
cap_dup(3) ↣ cap_init(3) Capability data object storage management.
cap_enter(2freebsd) Capability mode system calls.
cap_fcntls_get(2freebsd) Manage allowed fcntl commands.
cap_fcntls_limit(2freebsd) Manage allowed fcntl commands.
cap_free(3) ↣ cap_init(3) Capability data object storage management.
cap_from_name(3) ↣ cap_from_text(3) Capability state textual representation translation.
cap_from_text(3) Capability state textual representation translation.
cap_get_bound(3) ↣ cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
cap_get_fd(3) ↣ cap_get_file(3) Capability manipulation on files.
cap_get_file(3) Capability manipulation on files.
cap_get_flag(3) ↣ cap_clear(3) Capability data object manipulation.
cap_get_pid(3) ↣ cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
cap_getmode(2freebsd) Capability mode system calls.
cap_init(3) Capability data object storage management.
cap_ioctls_get(2freebsd) Manage allowed ioctl commands.
cap_ioctls_limit(2freebsd) Manage allowed ioctl commands.
cap_rights_limit(2freebsd) Limit capability rights.
cap_set_fd(3) ↣ cap_get_file(3) Capability manipulation on files.
cap_set_file(3) ↣ cap_get_file(3) Capability manipulation on files.
cap_set_flag(3) ↣ cap_clear(3) Capability data object manipulation.
cap_set_proc(3) ↣ cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
cap_size(3) ↣ cap_copy_ext(3) Capability state external representation translation.
cap_to_name(3) ↣ cap_from_text(3) Capability state textual representation translation.
cap_to_text(3) ↣ cap_from_text(3) Capability state textual representation translation.
capabilities(7) Overview of Linux capabilities.
capability.conf(5) Configuration file for the pam_cap module.
capable-bpfcc(8) Trace security capability checks (cap_capable()).
capget(2) Set/get capabilities of thread(s).
capgetp(3) ↣ cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
capi4hylafaxconfig(1) Generate a configuration for capi4hylafax.
capifax(1) A FAX send application for CAPI.
capify(1) Stub out the files 'config/deploy.rb' and 'Capifile' on rails application.
capiinfo(8) Show supported features of all installed CAPI2.0 controllers.
capiinit(8) Start or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards.
capinfos(1) Prints information about capture files.
capiplugin(8) Plugin for pppd (Point-to-Point Protocol daemon).
capng_apply(3) Apply the stored capabilities settings.
capng_capability_to_name(3) Convert capability integer to text.
capng_change_id(3) Change the credentials retaining capabilities.
capng_clear(3) Clear chosen capabilities set.
capng_fill(3) Fill chosen capabilities set.
capng_get_caps_fd(3) Read file-based capabilities from extended attributes.
capng_get_caps_process(3) Get the capabilities from a process.
capng_have_capabilities(3) General check for capabilities.
capng_have_capability(3) Check for specific capability.
capng_lock(3) Lock the current process capabilities settings.
capng_name_to_capability(3) Convert capability text to integer.
capng_print_caps_numeric(3) Print numeric values for capabilities set.
capng_print_caps_text(3) Print names of values for capabilities set.
capng_restore_state(3) Set the internal library state.
capng_save_state(3) Get the internal library state.
capng_set_caps_fd(3) Write file-based capabilities to extended attributes.
capng_setpid(3) Set working pid.
capng_update(3) Update the stored capabilities settings.
capng_updatev(3) Update the stored capabilities settings.
capnp(1) Compiler for Cap'n Proto data interchange format definition files.
capnpc(1) ↣ capnp(1) Compiler for Cap'n Proto data interchange format definition files.
capnpc-c++(1) ↣ capnp(1) Compiler for Cap'n Proto data interchange format definition files.
capnpc-capnp(1) ↣ capnp(1) Compiler for Cap'n Proto data interchange format definition files.
cappuccino(1) A small utility to let your boss think that you're working hard.
capset(2) ↣ capget(2) Set/get capabilities of thread(s).
capsetp(3) ↣ cap_get_proc(3) Capability manipulation on processes.
capsh(1) Capability shell wrapper.
capsicum(4freebsd) Lightweight OS capability and sandbox framework.
capstats(8) Print statistics about the current load on a network interface.
Captcha::reCAPTCHA(3pm) A Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API.
captest(8) A program to demonstrate capabilities.
captoinfo(1) Convert a termcap description into a terminfo description.
Capture::Tiny(3pm) Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs.
captype(1) Prints the types of capture files.
car(1) Crytographic archiver.
carbon-aggregator(1) Buffer metrics over time before reporting to carbon-cache.
carbon-c-relay(1) Carbon-compatible graphite line mode relay.
carbon-cache(1) Accepts metrics over various protocols and writes them to disk.
carbon-client(1) Graphite client to reroute carbon data.
carbon-relay(1) Replication and sharding data.
card(1) Print reference card of program options.
card_eventmgr(1) PCSC-Lite Event Manager.
cardbus(4freebsd) CardBus bus driver.
cardos-tool(1) Displays information about Card OS-based security tokens or format them.
cardpeek(1) A gui tool to explore the contents of ISO 7816 smart cards.
care(1) Comprehensive Archiver for Reproducible Execution.
carg(3) Calculate the complex argument.
carg(3posix) Complex argument functions.
cargf(3) ↣ carg(3) Calculate the complex argument.
cargl(3) ↣ carg(3) Calculate the complex argument.
cargo(1) The Rust package manager.
cargo-bench(1) Execute benchmarks of a package.
cargo-build(1) Compile the current package.
cargo-check(1) Check the current package.
cargo-clean(1) Remove generated artifacts.
cargo-doc(1) Build a package's documentation.
cargo-fetch(1) Fetch dependencies of a package from the network.
cargo-fix(1) Automatically fix lint warnings reported by rustc.
cargo-generate-lockfile(1) Generate the lockfile for a package.
cargo-help(1) Get help for a Cargo command.
cargo-init(1) Create a new Cargo package in an existing directory.
cargo-install(1) Build and install a Rust binary.
cargo-locate-project(1) Print a JSON representation of a Cargo.toml file's location.
cargo-login(1) Save an API token from the registry locally.
cargo-metadata(1) Machine-readable metadata about the current package.
cargo-new(1) Create a new Cargo package.
cargo-owner(1) Manage the owners of a crate on the registry.
cargo-package(1) Assemble the local package into a distributable tarball.
cargo-pkgid(1) Print a fully qualified package specification.
cargo-publish(1) Upload a package to the registry.
cargo-run(1) Run the current package.
cargo-rustc(1) Compile the current package, and pass extra options to the compiler.
cargo-rustdoc(1) Build a package's documentation, using specified custom flags.
cargo-search(1) Search packages in
cargo-test(1) Execute unit and integration tests of a package.
cargo-uninstall(1) Remove a Rust binary.
cargo-update(1) Update dependencies as recorded in the local lock file.
cargo-vendor(1) Vendor all dependencies locally.
cargo-verify-project(1) Check correctness of crate manifest.
cargo-version(1) Show version information.
cargo-yank(1) Remove a pushed crate from the index.
carmen2rawlog(1) Convert robotic datasets between CARMEN and Rawlog formats.
carmen2simplemap(1) Convert robotic datasets between CARMEN and simplemap formats.
carmetal(1) Dynamic geometry software.
carousel(6x) Displays multiple images rotating in a circular formation.
Carp(3perl) Alternative warn and die for modules.
carp(4freebsd) Common Address Redundancy Protocol.
Carp::Always(3pm) Warns and dies noisily with stack backtraces.
Carp::Assert(3pm) Executable comments.
Carp::Assert::More(3pm) Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert.
Carp::Clan(3pm) Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules.
Carp::Clan::Share(3pm) Share your Carp::Clan settings with your whole Clan.
Carp::Datum(3pm) Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module.
Carp::Datum::Assert(3pm) Assertion expression extractor.
Carp::Datum::Cfg(3pm) Dynamic Debug Configuration Setting for Datum.
Carp::Datum::Flags(3pm) Flag Constants.
Carp::Datum::MakeMaker(3pm) Offer to strip Carp::Datum calls statically.
Carp::Datum::Strip(3pm) Strips most Carp::Datum calls lexically.
Carp::Fix::1_25(3pm) Smooth over incompatible changes in Carp 1.25.
carrousel(8) Perform load balancing services.
cartconv(1) A stand alone cartridge conversion program.
carto(1) Carto map stylesheet compiler.
Carton(3pm) Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl).
Carton::Doc::Bundle(3pm) Bundle cached tarballs in vendor/cache.
Carton::Doc::Check(3pm) Check if your cpanfile and local environment are in sync.
Carton::Doc::Exec(3pm) Execute your script in a carton local environment.
Carton::Doc::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions.
Carton::Doc::Fatpack(3pm) Fatpack carton executable into vendor/bin.
Carton::Doc::Install(3pm) Install the dependencies.
Carton::Doc::List(3pm) List dependencies tracked in the cpanfile.snapshot file.
Carton::Doc::Show(3pm) Show the module information.
Carton::Doc::Tree(3pm) Show the tree of dependency graph.
Carton::Doc::Update(3pm) Update the dependencies.
Carton::Doc::Upgrading(3pm) Upgrading document.
Carton::Doc::Version(3pm) Display version.
cas(1) C aMule statistics.
cas(4freebsd) Sun Cassini/Cassini+ and National Semiconductor DP83065 Saturn Gigabit Ethernet driver.
cas_help(1) Help for the giac/xcas computer algebra system.
casacore-update-tai_utc(1) Update casacore TAI_UTC table from tzdata.
casacore_assay(1) Invoke an AIPS++ test program and verify its output.
casacore_floatcheck(1) Check files within floating point accuracy.
casacore_memcheck(1) Use valgrind's memcheck tool on a program.
casahdf5support(1) Test if casacore is build with HDF5 support.
case(3) Convert ASCII uppercase bytes to lowercase.
case(3tcl) Evaluate one of several scripts, depending on a given value.
case_diffb(3) Compare strings case-insensitively.
case_diffs(3) Compare strings case-insensitively.
case_lowerb(3) Compare strings case-insensitively.
case_lowers(3) Compare strings case-insensitively.
case_starts(3) Compare prefixes of strings case-insensitively.
casin(3) Complex arc sine.
casin(3posix) Complex arc sine functions.
casinf(3) ↣ casin(3) Complex arc sine.
casinh(3) Complex arc sine hyperbolic.
casinh(3posix) Complex arc hyperbolic sine functions.
casinhf(3) ↣ casinh(3) Complex arc sine hyperbolic.
casinhl(3) ↣ casinh(3) Complex arc sine hyperbolic.
casinl(3) ↣ casin(3) Complex arc sine.
casinl(3posix) Complex arc sine functions.
casper(7) A hook for initramfs-tools to boot live systems.
casper-snapshot(1) A simple script to ease persistence usage.
caspol(1) No manpage for this program.
cassbeam(1) Cassbeam is a Cassegrain antenna ray tracer.
cassie(1) Search a string in another string with errors allowed.
cassiopee(1) Index and search tool in genomic sequences.
cassiopeeknife(1) This tool is part of the cassiopee library.
castle-curves(1) Create and edit curves for Castle Game Engine.
castle-engine(1) Build and package Castle Game Engine programs.
castool(1) MESS Generic cassette manipulation tool.
Castor_limits(4) LCG internal limits.
castxml(1) Create an XML representation of C++ declarations.
casueword(9freebsd) Fetch, compare and store data from user-space.
casueword32(9freebsd) Fetch, compare and store data from user-space.
casuword(9freebsd) Fetch, compare and store data from user-space.
casuword32(9freebsd) Fetch, compare and store data from user-space.
casync(1) Casync Documentation.
cat(1) Concatenate files and print on the standard output.
cat(1plan9) Catenate files.
cat(1posix) Concatenate and print files.
cat(3tcl) Concatenation channel.
cat5rancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
cat_nvram(8) Dumps the contents of nvram to STDOUT.
catal(5) Catalog file format.
Catalog(3U) Stores and retrieves named objects.
catalog_server(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
Catalyst(3pm) The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework. Bootstrap a Catalyst application.
Catalyst::Action(3pm) Catalyst Action.
Catalyst::Action::Deserialize(3pm) Deserialize Data in a Request.
Catalyst::Action::DeserializeMultiPart(3pm) Deserialize Data in a Multipart Request.
Catalyst::Action::RenderView(3pm) Sensible default end action.
Catalyst::Action::REST(3pm) Automated REST Method Dispatching.
Catalyst::Action::REST::ForBrowsers(3pm) Automated REST Method Dispatching that Accommodates Browsers.
Catalyst::Action::Role::ACL(3pm) Deprecated user role-based authorization action class.
Catalyst::Action::Serialize(3pm) Serialize Data in a Response.
Catalyst::Action::Serialize::Data::Serializer(3pm) Serialize with Data::Serializer.
Catalyst::Action::SerializeBase(3pm) Base class for Catalyst::Action::Serialize and.
Catalyst::ActionChain(3pm) Chain of Catalyst Actions.
Catalyst::ActionContainer(3pm) Catalyst Action Container.
Catalyst::ActionRole::ACL(3pm) User role-based authorization action class.
Catalyst::ActionRole::CheckTrailingSlash(3pm) Test URI path for trailing slash and redirect if needed.
Catalyst::ActionRole::ConsumesContent(3pm) Match on HTTP Request Content-Type.
Catalyst::ActionRole::HTTPMethods(3pm) Match on HTTP Methods.
Catalyst::ActionRole::NeedsLogin(3pm) Checks if a user is logged in and if not redirects him to login page.
Catalyst::ActionRole::NoSSL(3pm) Force an action to be plain.
Catalyst::ActionRole::QueryMatching(3pm) Match on GET parameters using type constraints.
Catalyst::ActionRole::RequireSSL(3pm) Force an action to be secure only.
Catalyst::ActionRole::RequireSSL::Role(3pm) Roles.
Catalyst::ActionRole::Scheme(3pm) Match on HTTP Request Scheme.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Authen::Simple(3pm) Verify credentials with the Authen::Simple framework.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::HTTP(3pm) HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::NoPassword(3pm) Authenticate a user without a password.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Password(3pm) Authenticate a user with a password.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Remote(3pm) Let the webserver (e.g. Apache) authenticate Catalyst.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm(3pm) Base class for realm objects.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Compatibility(3pm) Compatibility realm object.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Progressive(3pm) Authenticate against multiple realms.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::SimpleDB(3pm) A simplified Catalyst authentication configurator.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store(3pm) All about authentication stores.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class(3pm) A storage class for Catalyst Authentication using DBIx::Class.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class::User(3pm) The backing user class for the.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Htpasswd(3pm) Authen::Htpasswd based user storage/authentication.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Htpasswd::User(3pm) A user object representing an entry in an htpasswd file.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::IMAP(3pm) Authentication store accessing an IMAP server.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::IMAP::User(3pm) An authentication user for IMAP.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Minimal(3pm) Minimal authentication store.
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Null(3pm) Null authentication store.
Catalyst::Authentication::User(3pm) Base class for user objects.
Catalyst::Authentication::User::Hash(3pm) An easy authentication user object based on hashes.
Catalyst::Base(3pm) Deprecated base class.
Catalyst::ClassData(3pm) Class data accessors.
Catalyst::Component(3pm) Catalyst Component Base Class.
Catalyst::Component::ApplicationAttribute(3pm) Moose Role for components which capture the application context.
Catalyst::Component::ContextClosure(3pm) Moose Role for components which need to close over the $ctx, without.
Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext(3pm) Return a new instance a component on each request.
Catalyst::Controller(3pm) Catalyst Controller base class.
Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Apply roles to action instances.
Catalyst::Controller::FormBuilder(3pm) Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller.
Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu(3pm) Catalyst integration for HTML::FormFu.
Catalyst::Controller::REST(3pm) A RESTful controller.
Catalyst::Controller::SRU(3pm) Dispatch SRU methods with Catalyst.
Catalyst::Delta(3pm) Overview of changes between versions of Catalyst.
Catalyst::Devel(3pm) Catalyst Development Tools.
Catalyst::Dispatcher(3pm) The Catalyst Dispatcher.
Catalyst::DispatchType(3pm) DispatchType Base Class.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Chained(3pm) Path Part DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Default(3pm) Default DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Index(3pm) Index DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::LocalRegex(3pm) LocalRegex DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::LocalRegexp(3pm) LocalRegexp DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Path(3pm) Path DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex(3pm) Regex DispatchType.
Catalyst::DispatchType::Regexp(3pm) Regex DispatchType.
Catalyst::Engine(3pm) The Catalyst Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache(3pm) Catalyst Apache Engines.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache2(3pm) Base class for Apache 1.99x and 2.x Engines.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache2::MP19(3pm) Catalyst Apache2 mod_perl 1.99x Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache2::MP20(3pm) Catalyst Apache2 mod_perl 2.x Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::Apache::MP13(3pm) Catalyst Apache mod_perl 1.3x Engine.
Catalyst::Engine::HTTP(3pm) Removed module.
Catalyst::EngineLoader(3pm) The Catalyst Engine Loader.
Catalyst::Exception(3pm) Catalyst Exception Class.
Catalyst::Exception::Basic(3pm) Basic Catalyst Exception Role.
Catalyst::Exception::Detach(3pm) Exception for redispatching using $ctx->detach().
Catalyst::Exception::Go(3pm) Exception for redispatching using $ctx->go().
Catalyst::Exception::Interface(3pm) Role defining the interface for Catalyst exceptions.
Catalyst::Helper(3pm) Bootstrap a Catalyst application.
Catalyst::Helper::HTML::FormFu(3pm) Helper to deploy HTML::FormFu template files.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::Adaptor(3pm) Helper for the incredibly lazy.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::CDBI(3pm) Helper for CDBI Models.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::DBI(3pm) Helper for DBI Models.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::DBIC::Schema(3pm) Helper for DBIC Schema Models.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::Factory(3pm) Helper for the incredibly lazy.
Catalyst::Helper::Model::Factory::PerRequest(3pm) Helper for the incredibly lazy.
Catalyst::Helper::View::CSV(3pm) Helper for CSV views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Email(3pm) Helper for Email Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Email::Template(3pm) Helper for Templated Email Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Excel::Template::Plus(3pm) Helper Class for Catalyst::View::Excel::Template::Plus.
Catalyst::Helper::View::JSON(3pm) Helper for JSON Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Mason(3pm) Helper for Mason Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::PDF::Reuse(3pm) Helper for PDF::Reuse Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::Petal(3pm) Helper for Petal Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::TT(3pm) Helper for TT Views.
Catalyst::Helper::View::TTSite(3pm) Helper for TT view which builds a skeleton web site.
Catalyst::Log(3pm) Catalyst Log Class.
Catalyst::Log::Log4perl(3pm) DEPRECATED (see Log::Log4perl::Catalyst).
Catalyst::Manual(3pm) The Catalyst developer's manual.
Catalyst::Manual::About(3pm) The philosophy of Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Actions(3pm) Catalyst Reusable Actions.
Catalyst::Manual::CatalystAndMoose(3pm) How Catalyst 5.8+ and Moose relate.
Catalyst::Manual::Components(3pm) Reuseable components for Catalyst applications.
Catalyst::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) Cooking with Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment(3pm) Deploying Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::Apache::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with FastCGI on Apache.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::Apache::mod_perl(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with mod_perl.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::DevelopmentServer(3pm) Development server deployment.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with FastCGI.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::IIS::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with Microsoft IIS.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::lighttpd::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with lighttpd.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::nginx::FastCGI(3pm) Deploying Catalyst with nginx.
Catalyst::Manual::Deployment::SharedHosting(3pm) Deploying Catalyst on Shared Hosting.
Catalyst::Manual::DevelopmentProcess(3pm) Administrative structure of the Catalyst Development Process.
Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst(3pm) Extending The Framework.
Catalyst::Manual::Internals(3pm) Catalyst Internals.
Catalyst::Manual::Intro(3pm) Introduction to Catalyst.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial: Overview.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::01_Intro(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 1: Introduction.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::02_CatalystBasics(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 2: Catalyst Application.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::03_MoreCatalystBasics(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 3: More Catalyst Application.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::04_BasicCRUD(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 4: Basic CRUD.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::05_Authentication(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 5: Authentication.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::06_Authorization(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 6: Authorization.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::07_Debugging(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 7: Debugging.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::08_Testing(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 8: Testing.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormBuilder(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD -.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormFu(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD - FormFu.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::09_AdvancedCRUD::09_FormHandler(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 9: Advanced CRUD -.
Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::10_Appendices(3pm) Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 10: Appendices.
Catalyst::Manual::WritingPlugins(3pm) DEPRECATED, see Catalyst::Manual::ExtendingCatalyst instead.
Catalyst::Middleware::Stash(3pm) The Catalyst stash - in middleware.
Catalyst::Model(3pm) Catalyst Model base class.
Catalyst::Model::Adaptor(3pm) Use a plain class as a Catalyst model.
Catalyst::Model::Adaptor::Base(3pm) Internal base class for Catalyst::Model::Adaptor and friends.
Catalyst::Model::CDBI(3pm) [DEPRECATED] CDBI Model Class.
Catalyst::Model::CDBI::CRUD(3pm) CRUD CDBI Model Class.
Catalyst::Model::DBI(3pm) DBI Model Class.
Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema(3pm) DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class.
Catalyst::Model::Factory(3pm) Use a plain class as a Catalyst model, instantiating it every time it is requested.
Catalyst::Model::Factory::PerRequest(3pm) Use a plain class as a Catalyst model, instantiating it once per.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication(3pm) Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::OpenID(3pm) OpenID credential for Catalyst::Auth framework.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::Password(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Internals(3pm) All about authentication Stores and Credentials.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::Minimal(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::User(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::User::Hash(3pm) Compatibility shim.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL(3pm) ACL support for Catalyst applications.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL::Engine(3pm) The backend that computes ACL checks for.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles(3pm) Role based authorization for Catalyst based on.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache(3pm) Flexible caching support for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Backend(3pm) Bare minimum backend interface.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Backend::FastMmap(3pm) A thin wrapper for Cache::FastMmap that can handle non refs.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Backend::Memory(3pm) Stupid memory based caching backend.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Choose::KeyRegexes(3pm) Choose a cache backend based on key regexes.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Curried(3pm) Curried versions of "cache_set", "cache_get" and "cache_remove" that look.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store(3pm) How to write a Cache store plugin.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store::FastMmap(3pm) DEPRECATED - FastMmap cache store for Catalyst::Plugin::Cache.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store::Memory(3pm) Stupid memory based cache store plugin.
Catalyst::Plugin::Captcha(3pm) Create and validate Captcha for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::Compress(3pm) Compress response.
Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader(3pm) Load config files of various types.
Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader::Manual(3pm) Guide to using the ConfigLoader plugin.
Catalyst::Plugin::CustomErrorMessage(3pm) Catalyst plugin to have more "cute" error message.
Catalyst::Plugin::FillInForm(3pm) FillInForm for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::I18N(3pm) I18N for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::I18N::Manual(3pm) (Draft) I18N and L10N with Catalyst and Template Toolkit.
Catalyst::Plugin::Log::Dispatch(3pm) Log module of Catalyst that uses Log::Dispatch.
Catalyst::Plugin::Redirect(3pm) Redirect for Catalyst used easily is offered.
Catalyst::Plugin::Scheduler(3pm) Schedule events to run in a cron-like fashion.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session(3pm) Generic Session plugin - ties together server side storage and client side state.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State(3pm) Base class for session state preservation plugins.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie(3pm) Maintain session IDs using cookies.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store(3pm) Base class for session storage drivers.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::Cache(3pm) Store sessions using a Catalyst::Plugin::Cache.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBI(3pm) Store your sessions in a database.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBIC(3pm) Store your sessions via DBIx::Class.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBIC::Delegate(3pm) Delegates between the session and flash rows.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::Delegate(3pm) Delegate session storage to an application model object.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::Dummy(3pm) Doesn't really store sessions - useful for tests.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap(3pm) FastMmap session storage backend.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::File(3pm) File storage backend for session data.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Test::Store(3pm) Reusable sanity for session storage engines.
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Tutorial(3pm) Understanding and using sessions.
Catalyst::Plugin::Setenv(3pm) Allows you to set up the environment from Catalyst's config file.
Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI(3pm) Configurable URIs for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace(3pm) Display a stack trace on the debug screen.
Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple(3pm) Make serving static pages painless.
Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest(3pm) Make subrequests to actions in Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode(3pm) Unicode aware Catalyst (old style).
Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding(3pm) Unicode aware Catalyst.
Catalyst::PSGI(3pm) How Catalyst and PSGI work together.
Catalyst::Request(3pm) Provides information about the current client request.
Catalyst::Request::PartData(3pm) Handles file upload requests.
Catalyst::Request::REST(3pm) A REST-y subclass of Catalyst::Request.
Catalyst::Request::REST::ForBrowsers(3pm) A Catalyst::Request::REST subclass for dealing with browsers.
Catalyst::Request::Upload(3pm) Handles file upload requests.
Catalyst::Response(3pm) Stores output responding to the current client request.
Catalyst::Response::Writer(3pm) Proxy over the PSGI Writer.
Catalyst::Restarter(3pm) Uses File::ChangeNotify to check for changed files and restart the server.
Catalyst::Restarter::Forking(3pm) Forks and restarts the child process.
Catalyst::Restarter::Win32(3pm) Uses Proc::Background to manage process restarts.
Catalyst::Runtime(3pm) The Catalyst Framework Runtime.
Catalyst::Script::CGI(3pm) The CGI Catalyst Script.
Catalyst::Script::Create(3pm) Create a new Catalyst Component.
Catalyst::Script::FastCGI(3pm) The FastCGI Catalyst Script.
Catalyst::Script::Server(3pm) Catalyst test server.
Catalyst::Script::Test(3pm) Test Catalyst application on the command line.
Catalyst::ScriptRole(3pm) Common functionality for Catalyst scripts.
Catalyst::ScriptRunner(3pm) The Catalyst Framework script runner.
Catalyst::Stats(3pm) Catalyst Timing Statistics Class.
Catalyst::Test(3pm) Test Catalyst Applications.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Caching(3pm) Query caching support for Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::PerRequestSchema(3pm) Clone the schema with attributes for each requests.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::Replicated(3pm) Replicated storage support for.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::SchemaProxy(3pm) Proxy Schema Methods and Options from Model.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::REST(3pm) A role to apply to Catalyst::Request giving it REST methods and.
Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::REST::ForBrowsers(3pm) A request trait for REST and browsers.
Catalyst::Upgrading(3pm) Instructions for upgrading to the latest Catalyst.
Catalyst::Utils(3pm) The Catalyst Utils.
Catalyst::View(3pm) Catalyst View base class.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude(3pm) Use subincludes in your Catalyst views.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::ESI(3pm) Edge Side Includes (ESI) plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::HTTP(3pm) HTTP plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::SSI(3pm) Server Side Includes (SSI) plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::SubRequest(3pm) Sub-requests plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::Component::SubInclude::Visit(3pm) Visit() plugin for C::V::Component::SubInclude.
Catalyst::View::CSV(3pm) CSV view class.
Catalyst::View::Email(3pm) Send Email from Catalyst.
Catalyst::View::Email::Template(3pm) Send Templated Email from Catalyst.
Catalyst::View::Excel::Template::Plus(3pm) A Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus.
Catalyst::View::GD(3pm) A Catalyst View for GD images.
Catalyst::View::JSON(3pm) JSON view for your data.
Catalyst::View::Mason(3pm) Mason View Class.
Catalyst::View::PDF::Reuse(3pm) Create PDF files from Catalyst using Template Toolkit templates.
Catalyst::View::Petal(3pm) Petal View Class.
Catalyst::View::TT(3pm) Template View Class.
CatalystX::Component::Traits(3pm) Automatic Trait Loading and Resolution for Catalyst Components.
CatalystX::InjectComponent(3pm) Inject components into your Catalyst application.
CatalystX::LeakChecker(3pm) Debug memory leaks in Catalyst applications.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin(3pm) Provide a simple Login controller which can be reused.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login(3pm) Configurable login controller.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::Login(3pm) Validation for the login form.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::LoginOpenID(3pm) OpenID validation role for the login form.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Manual(3pm) How to use and customise CatalystX::SimpleLogin.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::Logout(3pm) Log users out.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::OpenID(3pm) Allows a User to login via OpenID.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::RenderAsTTTemplate(3pm) Render a login form with no template.
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::WithRedirect(3pm) Redirect users who login back to the page.
catan(3) Complex arc tangents.
catan(3posix) Complex arc tangent functions.
catanf(3) ↣ catan(3) Complex arc tangents.
catanh(3) Complex arc tangents hyperbolic.
catanh(3posix) Complex arc hyperbolic tangent functions.
catanhf(3) ↣ catanh(3) Complex arc tangents hyperbolic.
catanhl(3) ↣ catanh(3) Complex arc tangents hyperbolic.
catanl(3) ↣ catan(3) Complex arc tangents.
catanl(3posix) Complex arc tangent functions.
catch(3tcl) Evaluate script and trap exceptional returns.
catchmark(4rheolef) Iostream manipulator.
catchsegv(1) Catch segmentation faults in programs.
catclose(3) ↣ catopen(3) Open/close a message catalog.
catclose(3posix) Close a message catalog descriptor.
catcmds(3U) Catalog-oriented commands.
catcodec(1) An open source tool to decode/encode the sample catalogue for OpenTTD.
catdic(1) Download a dictionary.
catdoc(1) Reads MS-Word file and puts its content as plain text on standard output.
catdvi(1) A DVI to plain text converter.
caterm(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
catfish(1) File searching tool which is configurable via the command line.
catgets(3) Get message from a message catalog.
catgets(3posix) Read a program message.
cathparse(1e) Generates DCF file from raw CATH files.
catimg(1) Fast image printing in to your terminal.
catior(1) Utility for viewing components of a stringified IOR.
catkin_create_pkg(1) Create a new catkin package.
catkin_find_pkg(1) Find a catkin package.
catkin_generate_changelog(1) Generate a REP-0132 CHANGELOG.rst.
catkin_tag_changelog(1) Tag changelog forthcoming section with upcoming version.
catkin_test_changelog(1) Test a REP-0132 CHANGELOG.rst.
catman(8) Create or update the pre-formatted manual pages.
catmandu(1p) LibreCat command line tools.
Catmandu(3pm) A data toolkit.
Catmandu::Addable(3pm) Base class for all Catmandu modules need to implement add.
Catmandu::ArrayIterator(3pm) Convert an arrayref to an Iterable object.
Catmandu::Atom(3pm) Modules for working with Atom feeds.
Catmandu::Bag(3pm) A Catmandu::Store compartment to persist data.
Catmandu::Bag::IdGenerator(3pm) A base role for bag identifier generators.
Catmandu::Bag::IdGenerator::Mock(3pm) Generator of increasing identifiers for bags.
Catmandu::Bag::IdGenerator::UUID(3pm) Generator of UUID identifiers for bags.
Catmandu::Buffer(3pm) A base class for modules that need an array buffer.
Catmandu::CLI(3pm) The App::Cmd application class for the catmandu command line script.
Catmandu::Cmd(3pm) A base class for extending the Catmandu command line.
Catmandu::Cmd::compile(3pm) Compile a Fix into Perl (for debugging).
Catmandu::Cmd::config(3pm) Export the Catmandu config.
Catmandu::Cmd::convert(3pm) Convert objects.
Catmandu::Cmd::copy(3pm) Copy objects from one store to another.
Catmandu::Cmd::count(3pm) Count the number of objects in a bag.
Catmandu::Cmd::delete(3pm) Delete objects from a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::drop(3pm) Drop a store or one of its bags.
Catmandu::Cmd::export(3pm) Export objects from a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::help(3pm) Show help.
Catmandu::Cmd::import(3pm) Import objects into a store.
Catmandu::Cmd::info(3pm) List installed Catmandu modules.
Catmandu::Cmd::run(3pm) Run a fix command.
Catmandu::Cmd::stream(3pm) Import and export streams into a Catmandu::FileStore.
Catmandu::Cmd::touch(3pm) Add the current datetime to the objects in a bag.
Catmandu::Counter(3pm) A Base class for modules who need to count things.
Catmandu::CQLSearchable(3pm) Optional role for CQL searchable stores.
Catmandu::Droppable(3pm) Optional role for droppable stores or bags.
Catmandu::Env(3pm) A catmandu configuration file loader.
Catmandu::Error(3pm) Catmandu error hierarchy.
Catmandu::Exporter(3pm) Namespace for packages that can export.
Catmandu::Exporter::Atom(3pm) An Atom exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::Count(3pm) A exporter that counts things.
Catmandu::Exporter::CSV(3pm) A CSV exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::JSON(3pm) A JSON exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::MAB2(3pm) Package that exports MAB2 data.
Catmandu::Exporter::Mock(3pm) A exporter that doesn't export anything.
Catmandu::Exporter::Multi(3pm) Export you data to multiple exporters.
Catmandu::Exporter::Null(3pm) A expoter that doesn't export anything.
Catmandu::Exporter::RDF(3pm) Serialize RDF data.
Catmandu::Exporter::Template(3pm) A TT2 Template exporter in Catmandu style.
Catmandu::Exporter::Text(3pm) A Text exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::TSV(3pm) A tab-delimited TSV exporter.
Catmandu::Exporter::XML(3pm) Serialize and export XML documents.
Catmandu::Exporter::XSD(3pm) Export and validate XML documents.
Catmandu::Exporter::YAML(3pm) A YAML exporter.
Catmandu::FileBag(3pm) A Catmandu::FileStore compartment to persist binary data.
Catmandu::FileBag::Index(3pm) Flag a Bag as a FileStore Index.
Catmandu::FileStore(3pm) Namespace for packages that can make files persistent.
Catmandu::Fix(3pm) A Catmandu class used for data transformations.
Catmandu::Fix::add(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::add_field.
Catmandu::Fix::add_field(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index.
Catmandu::Fix::add_to_exporter(3pm) Export a record as side effect.
Catmandu::Fix::add_to_store(3pm) Add matching values to a store as a side effect.
Catmandu::Fix::append(3pm) Add a suffix to the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::aref_query(3pm) Copy values of RDF in aREF to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::array(3pm) Creates an array out of a hash.
Catmandu::Fix::assoc(3pm) Associate two values as a hash key and value.
Catmandu::Fix::Base(3pm) Base class for all code emitting Catmandu fixes.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind(3pm) A wrapper for Catmandu::Fix-es.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::benchmark(3pm) A binder that calculates the execution time of Fix functions.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::Group(3pm) A role for a binder that executes all fixes as one group.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::hashmap(3pm) A binder to add key/value pairs to an internal hashmap.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::identity(3pm) A binder that doesn't influence computation.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::importer(3pm) A binder runs fixes on records from an importer.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::iterate(3pm) A binder iterates fixes in a loop.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::list(3pm) A binder that computes Fix-es for every element in a list.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::mab_each(3pm) A binder that loops over MAB2 fields.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::maybe(3pm) A binder that skips fixes if one returns undef or dies.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::timeout(3pm) Run fixes that should run within a time limit.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::visitor(3pm) A binder that computes Fix-es for every element in record.
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::with(3pm) A binder that computes Fix-es in the context of a path.
Catmandu::Fix::capitalize(3pm) Capitalize the value of a key.
Catmandu::Fix::clone(3pm) Create a clone of the data object.
Catmandu::Fix::code(3pm) Run arbitrary code as fix.
Catmandu::Fix::collapse(3pm) Convert nested data into a flat hash using the TT2 dot convention.
Catmandu::Fix::compact(3pm) Remove undefined values from an array.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition(3pm) Role for all Catmandu::Fix conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::all_equal(3pm) Execute fixes when all path values equal a string value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::all_match(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values match the given regex.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::any_equal(3pm) Execute fixes when at least one of the path values equal a string value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::any_match(3pm) Only execute fixes if any path value matches the given regex.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::exists(3pm) Only execute fixes if the path exists.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::greater_than(3pm) Execute fixes when a field is greater than a value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::in(3pm) Only execute fixes the data in one path is contained in another.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_array(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are arrays.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_false(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are the boolean false, 0 or "false".
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_null(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are null.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_number(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are numbers.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_object(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are objects (unordered sets of.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_string(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are strings.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::is_true(3pm) Only execute fixes if all path values are the boolean true, 1 or "true".
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::less_than(3pm) Excute fixes when a field is less than a value.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::mab_match(3pm) Conditionals on MAB2 fields.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::SimpleAllTest(3pm) Base class to ease the construction of all match conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::SimpleAnyTest(3pm) Base class to ease the construction of any match conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::SimpleCompareTest(3pm) Base class to ease the construction of compare conditionals.
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::valid(3pm) Execute fixes if the data passes validation.
Catmandu::Fix::copy(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::copy_field.
Catmandu::Fix::copy_field(3pm) Copy the value of one field to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::count(3pm) Replace the value of an array or hash field with its count.
Catmandu::Fix::downcase(3pm) Lowercase the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::error(3pm) Die with an error message.
Catmandu::Fix::expand(3pm) Convert a flat hash into nested data using the TT2 dot convention.
Catmandu::Fix::expand_date(3pm) Expand a date field into year, month and date.
Catmandu::Fix::export_to_string(3pm) Convert the value of field using a named exporter.
Catmandu::Fix::filter(3pm) Filter values out of an array based on a regular expression.
Catmandu::Fix::flatten(3pm) Flatten a nested array field.
Catmandu::Fix::format(3pm) Replace the value with a formatted (sprintf-like) version.
Catmandu::Fix::from_json(3pm) Replace a json field with the parsed value.
Catmandu::Fix::get_json(3pm) Get JSON data from an URL as fix function.
Catmandu::Fix::Has(3pm) Helper class for creating Fix-es with (optional) parameters.
Catmandu::Fix::hash(3pm) Creates a hash out of an array.
Catmandu::Fix::import(3pm) Change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index by replacing its value with imported.
Catmandu::Fix::import_from_string(3pm) Import data from a string into an array ref, using a named importer.
Catmandu::Fix::include(3pm) Include fixes from another file.
Catmandu::Fix::index(3pm) Find all positions of a (sub)string in a field.
Catmandu::Fix::Inlineable(3pm) Role for all Catmandu fixes that can be inlined.
Catmandu::Fix::int(3pm) Convert a value to an integer.
Catmandu::Fix::join(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::join_field.
Catmandu::Fix::join_field(3pm) Join the ARRAY values of a field into a string.
Catmandu::Fix::log(3pm) Log::Any logger as fix.
Catmandu::Fix::lookup(3pm) Change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index by looking up its value in a dictionary.
Catmandu::Fix::lookup_in_store(3pm) Change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index by looking up its value in a.
Catmandu::Fix::mab_map(3pm) Copy mab values of one field to a new field.
Catmandu::Fix::move(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::move_field.
Catmandu::Fix::move_field(3pm) Move a field to another place in the data structure.
Catmandu::Fix::nothing(3pm) Does nothing (for testing).
Catmandu::Fix::parse_text(3pm) Parses a text into an array or hash of values.
Catmandu::Fix::Parser(3pm) The parser of the Catmandu::Fix language.
Catmandu::Fix::paste(3pm) Concatenate path values.
Catmandu::Fix::perlcode(3pm) Execute Perl code as fix function.
Catmandu::Fix::prepend(3pm) Add a prefix to the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::random(3pm) Create an random number in a field.
Catmandu::Fix::rdf_ldf_statements(3pm) Lookup an object into a LDF endpoint.
Catmandu::Fix::reject(3pm) Remove a record form the data.
Catmandu::Fix::remove(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::remove_field.
Catmandu::Fix::remove_field(3pm) Remove a field form the data.
Catmandu::Fix::rename(3pm) Rename fields with a regex.
Catmandu::Fix::replace_all(3pm) Search and replace using regex expressions.
Catmandu::Fix::retain(3pm) Delete everything except the paths given.
Catmandu::Fix::retain_field(3pm) Delete everything from a field except.
Catmandu::Fix::reverse(3pm) Reverse a string or an array.
Catmandu::Fix::search_in_store(3pm) Use the value as query, and replace it by a search object.
Catmandu::Fix::set(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::set_field.
Catmandu::Fix::set_array(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index to an array.
Catmandu::Fix::set_field(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index.
Catmandu::Fix::set_hash(3pm) Add or change the value of a HASH key or ARRAY index to a hash.
Catmandu::Fix::SimpleGetValue(3pm) Helper class for creating emit Fix-es.
Catmandu::Fix::sleep(3pm) Do nothing for a specified amount of time.
Catmandu::Fix::sort(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::sort_field.
Catmandu::Fix::sort_field(3pm) Sort the values of an array.
Catmandu::Fix::split(3pm) Shortcut for Catmandu::Fix::split_field.
Catmandu::Fix::split_field(3pm) Split a string value in a field into an ARRAY.
Catmandu::Fix::string(3pm) Convert a value to a string.
Catmandu::Fix::substring(3pm) Extract a substring out of the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::sum(3pm) Replace the value of an array field with the sum of its elements.
Catmandu::Fix::template(3pm) Add a value to the record based on a template.
Catmandu::Fix::to_json(3pm) Convert the value of a field to json.
Catmandu::Fix::trim(3pm) Trim leading and ending junk from the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::uniq(3pm) Strip duplicate values from an array.
Catmandu::Fix::upcase(3pm) Uppercase the value of a field.
Catmandu::Fix::uri_decode(3pm) Percent decode a URI.
Catmandu::Fix::uri_encode(3pm) Percent encode a URI.
Catmandu::Fix::vacuum(3pm) Delete all empty fields from your data.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_language(3pm) Limit string values in a Wikidata entity record to a selected language.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple(3pm) Simplify Wikidata entity records.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple_claims(3pm) Simplify claims of a Wikidata entity record.
Catmandu::Fix::wd_simple_strings(3pm) Simplify labels, descriptions, and aliases of Wikidata entity records.
Catmandu::Fix::xml_read(3pm) Parse XML to MicroXML.
Catmandu::Fix::xml_simple(3pm) Parse/convert XML to simple form.
Catmandu::Fix::xml_transform(3pm) Transform XML using XSLT stylesheet.
Catmandu::Fix::xml_write(3pm) Serialize XML.
Catmandu::Fix::xpath_map(3pm) Map values from a XML::LibXML::Element value to a field.
Catmandu::Fixable(3pm) A Catmandu role to apply fixes.
Catmandu::Hits(3pm) Iterable object that wraps Catmandu::Store search hits.
Catmandu::IdGenerator(3pm) A base role for identifier generators.
Catmandu::IdGenerator::Mock(3pm) Generator of increasing identifiers.
Catmandu::IdGenerator::UUID(3pm) Generator of UUID identifiers.
Catmandu::Importer(3pm) Namespace for packages that can import.
Catmandu::Importer::Atom(3pm) Package that imports Atom feeds.
Catmandu::Importer::CSV(3pm) Package that imports CSV data.
Catmandu::Importer::DKVP(3pm) Delimited key-value pairs importer.
Catmandu::Importer::getJSON(3pm) Load JSON-encoded data from a server using a GET HTTP request.
Catmandu::Importer::JSON(3pm) Package that imports JSON data.
Catmandu::Importer::MAB2(3pm) Package that imports MAB2 data.
Catmandu::Importer::Mock(3pm) Mock importer used for testing purposes.
Catmandu::Importer::MODS(3pm) Catmandu Importer for importing mods records.
Catmandu::Importer::Modules(3pm) List installed perl modules in a given namespace.
Catmandu::Importer::Multi(3pm) Chain multiple importers together.
Catmandu::Importer::Null(3pm) Null importer used for testing purposes.
Catmandu::Importer::RDF(3pm) Parse RDF data.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU(3pm) Package that imports SRU data.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into Perl.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::mabxml(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into Catmandu MAB2.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::marcxml(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into Catmandu MARC.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::meta(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses metadta into a Perl hash.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::mods(3pm) Package imports SRU responses with MODS records.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::raw(3pm) Package transforms SRU responses into a Perl hash.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::simple(3pm) Parse SRU records as simple XML.
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::struct(3pm) Transform SRU responses into structured XML records.
Catmandu::Importer::Text(3pm) Package that imports textual data.
Catmandu::Importer::TSV(3pm) Package that imports tab-separated values.
Catmandu::Importer::Wikidata(3pm) Import from Wikidata.
Catmandu::Importer::XML(3pm) Import serialized XML documents.
Catmandu::Importer::XSD(3pm) Import and validate serialized XML documents.
Catmandu::Importer::YAML(3pm) Package that imports YAML data.
Catmandu::Interactive(3pm) An interactive command line interpreter of the Fix language.
Catmandu::Introduction(3pm) An Introduction to Catmandu data processing toolkit.
Catmandu::Iterable(3pm) Base class for all iterable Catmandu classes.
Catmandu::Iterator(3pm) Base class for all Catmandu iterators.
Catmandu::Logger(3pm) A role for classes that need logging capabilities.
Catmandu::MAB2(3pm) Catmandu modules for working with MAB2 data.
Catmandu::MODS(3pm) Catmandu modules for working with MODS records.
Catmandu::MultiIterator(3pm) Chain multiple iterators together.
Catmandu::Paged(3pm) Base class for packages that need paging result sets.
Catmandu::Pluggable(3pm) A role for classes that need plugin capabilities.
Catmandu::Plugin::Datestamps(3pm) Automatically add datestamps to Catmandu::Store records.
Catmandu::Plugin::Readonly(3pm) Make stores or bags read-only.
Catmandu::Plugin::SideCar(3pm) Automatically update a parallel Catmandu::Store with metadata.
Catmandu::Plugin::Versioning(3pm) Automatically adds versioning to Catmandu::Store records.
Catmandu::RDF(3pm) Modules for handling RDF data within the Catmandu framework.
Catmandu::Sane(3pm) Package boilerplate.
Catmandu::Searchable(3pm) Optional role for searchable stores.
Catmandu::Serializer(3pm) Base class for all Catmandu Serializers.
Catmandu::Serializer::json(3pm) A (de)serializer from and to json.
Catmandu::SRU(3pm) Catmandu module for working with SRU data.
Catmandu::Store(3pm) Namespace for packages that can make data persistent.
Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch(3pm) A searchable store backed by Elasticsearch.
Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch::Bag(3pm) Catmandu::Bag implementation for Elasticsearch.
Catmandu::Store::ElasticSearch::Searcher(3pm) Searcher implementation for Elasticsearch.
Catmandu::Store::File::Memory(3pm) A Catmandu::FileStore to keep files in memory.
Catmandu::Store::File::Memory::Bag(3pm) Index of all "files" in a Catmandu::Store::File::Memory "folder".
Catmandu::Store::File::Memory::Index(3pm) Index of all "Folders" in a Catmandu::Store::File::Memory.
Catmandu::Store::File::Multi(3pm) A store that adds files to multiple stores.
Catmandu::Store::File::Multi::Bag(3pm) Index of all "files" in a Catmandu::Store::File::Multi "folder".
Catmandu::Store::File::Multi::Index(3pm) Index of all "Folders" in a Catmandu::Store::File::Multi.
Catmandu::Store::File::Simple(3pm) A Catmandu::FileStore to store files on disk.
Catmandu::Store::File::Simple::Bag(3pm) Index of all "files" in a Catmandu::Store::File::Simple "folder".
Catmandu::Store::File::Simple::Index(3pm) Index of all "Folders" in a Catmandu::Store::File::Simple.
Catmandu::Store::Hash(3pm) An in-memory store.
Catmandu::Store::Hash::Bag(3pm) Bag implementation for the Hash store.
Catmandu::Store::Lucy(3pm) A searchable store backed by Lucy.
Catmandu::Store::MongoDB(3pm) A searchable store backed by MongoDB.
Catmandu::Store::MongoDB::Bag(3pm) Catmandu::Bag implementation for MongoDB.
Catmandu::Store::MongoDB::CQL(3pm) Converts a CQL query string to a MongoDB query string.
Catmandu::Store::Multi(3pm) A store that adds data to multiple stores.
Catmandu::Store::Multi::Bag(3pm) Bag implementation for the Multi store.
Catmandu::TabularExporter(3pm) Base role for tabular exporters like CSV.
Catmandu::Template(3pm) Catmandu modules for working with templates.
Catmandu::Transactional(3pm) Optional role for transactional stores.
Catmandu::Util(3pm) A collection of utility functions.
Catmandu::Validator(3pm) Namespace for packages that can validate records in Catmandu.
Catmandu::Validator::Simple(3pm) Simple Validator for Catmandu.
Catmandu::Wikidata(3pm) Import from Wikidata for processing with Catmandu.
Catmandu::XML(3pm) Modules for handling XML data within the Catmandu framework.
Catmandu::XML::Transformer(3pm) Utility module for XML/XSLT processing.
Catmandu::XSD(3pm) Modules for handling XML data with XSD compilation.
catod(1) To convert the text format of a dictionary to binary.
catof(1) To convert the text format of grammatical rules into.
catopen(3) Open/close a message catalog.
catopen(3posix) Open a message catalog.
catppt(1) Reads MS-PowerPoint file and puts its content on standard output.
Catrack(1) ↣ dazzdb(1) Manage nucleotide sequencing read data for the Dazzler assembler.
catstomp(1) Send input to STOMP destination.
caveconverter(1) Convert cave survey data between formats.
caveexpress(6) 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay.
caveexpress-editor(6) ↣ caveexpress(6) 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay.
cavepacker(6) Sokoban game.
cavepacker-editor(6) ↣ cavepacker(6) Sokoban game.
cavern(1) Process raw survey data.
cavitatingDyMFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
cavitatingFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
caxpy(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
cb2bib(1) Software to extract bibliographic references from various sources.
cb2ti3(1) Convert Colorblind raw device profile data to Argyll data.
cb_console_runner(1) The Code::Blocks IDE console programs launcher.
cb_share_config(1) Import/export parts of Code::Blocks configuration.
cback(1) Local and remote backups to CD or DVD media or Amazon S3 storage.
cback-amazons3-sync(1) Synchronize a local directory with an Amazon S3 bucket.
cback-span(1) Span staged data among multiple discs.
cback3(1) Local and remote backups to CD or DVD media or Amazon S3 storage.
cback3-amazons3-sync(1) Synchronize a local directory with an Amazon S3 bucket.
cback3-span(1) Span staged data among multiple discs.
cbb(4freebsd) Cardbus bridge driver.
cbbcsd(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cbc(1) Cbc mixed integer programming solver.
cbc_crypt(3) ↣ des_crypt(3) Fast DES encryption.
cbcodec(1) Popular encoders and decoders.
cbdsqr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cbi(3avr) ↣ deprecated_items(3avr)
cbios(7) Provides open source BIOS ROM files for MSX computers.
cbm(1) Display the current traffic on all network devices.
cbmc(1) Bounded Model Checker for C/C++ and Java programs.
cbootimage(1) Tegra BCT compiler.
CBOR::XS(3pm) Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR, RFC7049).
cbp2make(1) Code::blocks Makefile generation tool.
cbreak(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
cbreak_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
cBroadcast(3) Broadcast signal to all waiting threads.
cbrt(3) Cube root function.
cbrt(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
cbrt(3clc) Computes cube-root.
cbrt(3posix) Cube root functions.
cbrtf(3) ↣ cbrt(3) Cube root function.
cbrtf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
cbrtl(3) ↣ cbrt(3) Cube root function.
cbtest(1) Test cases for QDBM Cabin.
cc(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
cc_amex(3tcl) Validation for AMEX creditcard number.
cc_cdg(4freebsd) CDG Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_chd(4freebsd) CHD Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_cubic(4freebsd) CUBIC Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_dctcp(4freebsd) DCTCP Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_discover(3tcl) Validation for Discover creditcard number.
cc_hd(4freebsd) HD Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_htcp(4freebsd) H-TCP Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_mastercard(3tcl) Validation for Mastercard creditcard number.
cc_newreno(4freebsd) NewReno Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_vegas(4freebsd) Vegas Congestion Control Algorithm.
cc_visa(3tcl) Validation for VISA creditcard number.
ccache(1) A fast C/C++ compiler cache.
ccache2shishi(1) Shishi user ticket conversion tool.
ccal(1) Displays a calendar.
ccat(1) ↣ ccrypt(1) Encrypt and decrypt files and streams.
ccbuild(1) Strict C++ developer's build utility.
cccc(1) C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool.
cccd(1) Yet another CD player with CDDB support.
cccheck(1) Perform static code contracts verification for CLR assemblies.
ccconfig(1p) Get Convert::Binary::C configuration for a compiler.
ccd(4freebsd) Concatenated Disk driver.
ccd2iso(1) Convert IMG format to ISO format.
ccdecrypt(1) ↣ ccrypt(1) Encrypt and decrypt files and streams.
ccencrypt(1) ↣ ccrypt(1) Encrypt and decrypt files and streams.
ccenergy(1) Coupled cluster singles and doubles energy program.
ccgnu2-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of libcommoncpp2.
ccguess(1) Search for ccrypt encryption keys.
cciss(4) HP Smart Array block driver.
cciss_vol_status(8) Show status of logical drives attached to HP Smartarray controllers.
cckd(4) Hercules Compressed CKD DASD image file.
cckd2ckd(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
cckdcdsk(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
cckdcomp(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
cckddiag(1) Hercules CCKD DASD diagnostic tool.
cckdswap(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
ccl(1) ↣ cclive(1) Media stream extraction tool.
cclib-cda(1) Command-line interface for charge decomposition analysis with cclib.
cclib-get(1) A command-line interface to cclib.
cclive(1) Media stream extraction tool.
ccmake(1) CMake Curses Dialog Command-Line Reference.
ccmtcnvt(1) Convert C++ comments to C comments.
ccomps(1) Connected components filter for graphs.
ccon(1p) Cluster administration tool.
ccontrol(1) Wrapper to control distcc, ccache and more.
ccontrol-init(1) Initialize ccontrol setup.
cconv(1) A iconv based simplified-traditional chinese conversion tool.
ccopy(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
ccos(3) Complex cosine function.
ccos(3posix) Complex cosine functions.
ccosf(3) ↣ ccos(3) Complex cosine function.
ccosh(3) Complex hyperbolic cosine.
ccosh(3posix) Complex hyperbolic cosine functions.
ccoshf(3) ↣ ccosh(3) Complex hyperbolic cosine.
ccoshl(3) ↣ ccosh(3) Complex hyperbolic cosine.
ccosl(3) ↣ ccos(3) Complex cosine function.
ccosl(3posix) Complex cosine functions.
ccp_write_io(3avr) ↣ avr_cpufunc(3avr)
ccr(1) The post-quantum cryptography encryption and signing tool.
cCreate(3) Initialize a condition variable.
ccrypt(1) Encrypt and decrypt files and streams.
ccsm(1) Compizconfig-settings-manager.
ccss-stylesheet-to-gtkrc(1) Program to dump css files to gtkrc format.
cctiff(1) Color Correct a TIFF file using any sequence of ICC profiles or Calibrations.
ccurve(6x) Self-similar linear fractals.
ccv(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet VF driver.
CCV(9freebsd) Modular Congestion Control.
ccx(1) CalculiX CrunchiX solver.
ccxxmake(1) Create CCMX or CCSS.
ccze(1) A robust log colorizer.
ccze-cssdump(1) Dump CCZE color setup into CSS format.
ccze-plugin(7) A robust log colorizer, plugin infrastructure.
cd(1posix) Change the working directory.
cd(3tcl) Change working directory.
cd(4freebsd) SCSI CD-ROM driver.
cd(9freebsd) CDROM driver for the CAM SCSI subsystem.
cd-circleprint(1) Create a round label for a CD.
cd-convert(1) Color Manager Testing Tool.
cd-create-profile(1) Color Manager Profile Creation Tool.
cd-discid(1) Read CD and get CDDB discid information.
cd-drive(1) Show CD-ROM drive characteristics.
cd-fix-profile(1) Color Manager Testing Tool.
cd-hit(1) Quickly group sequences.
cd-hit-2d(1) Quickly group sequences in db1 or db2 format.
cd-hit-2d-para(1) Divide a big clustering job into pieces to run cd-hit-2d or cd-hit-est-2d jobs.
cd-hit-454(1) Quickly group sequences, optimised for 454 data.
cd-hit-div(1) Divide a FASTA file into pieces.
cd-hit-est(1) Run CD-HIT algorithm on RNA/DNA sequences.
cd-hit-est-2d(1) Run CD-HIT algorithm on RNA/DNA sequences in db1 or db2 format.
cd-hit-para(1) Divide a big clustering job into pieces to run cd-hit or cd-hit-est jobs.
cd-info(1) Shows Information about a CD or CD-image.
cd-it8(1) Color Manager Testing Tool.
cd-read(1) Reads Information from a CD or CD-image.
cd-tkdesk(1) Change directory of TkDesk's current file browser or list window.
cd5(1) Compute checksum of individual track on CD-ROMS.
cdadd(1) Add information for a new CD to .cdtooldb.
cdargs(1) Bookmarks and browser for cd shell built-in.
cdawson(3) Dawson's integral.
cdb(1) Constant DataBase manipulation tool.
cdb(3) Constant DataBase library.
cdb(3qmail) Read from a constant database.
cdb(5) Constant DataBase file format.
cdb_datalen(3) Get length of data.
cdb_datapos(3) Get position of data.
CDB_File(3pm) Perl extension for access to cdb databases.
cdb_find(3) Look up a key in a constant database.
cdb_firstkey(3) Find first physical record in constant database.
cdb_free(3) Close a constant databased.
cdb_init(3) Open a constant database.
cdb_keylen(3) Get length of key.
cdb_keypos(3) Get position of key.
cdb_nextkey(3) Find next physical record in constant database.
cdb_read(3) Read bytes from a constant database.
cdb_successor(3) Find next record.
cdbackup(1) Streaming backup to CD-R(W)/DVR-R(W).
cdbdiff(6) Program to operate cookie (fortune) database.
cdbdump(1) Dump the contents of a constant database.
cdbfasta(1) Creates an index file for records from a multi-fasta file.
cdbget(1) Search for a record in a constant database.
cdbmake(1) Create a constant database.
cdbs-edit-patch(1) Create or edit a CDBS patch.
cdbsplit(6) Program to operate cookie (fortune) database.
cdbstats(1) Print constant database statistics.
cdbyank(1) Query an index file created with cdbfasta.
cdcat(1) Media catalog program.
cdcd(1) Command Driven CD player.
cdce(4freebsd) USB Communication Device Class Ethernet driver.
cdck(1) Simple CD/DVD check program.
cdclose(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdcover(1) Creating Data-CD Covers.
cdctrl(1) Command line CDROM control.
cdd_both_reps(1) Compute minimal H- and V-representations of a convex polytope.
cdd_both_reps_gmp(1) Compute minimal H- and V-representations of a convex polytope.
cdda-player(1) Simple curses CD player.
cdda2track(1) Extract audio files.
cddainfo(1) Prints information about a compact disc.
cddaplay(1) Plays compact discs to speakers.
CDDB(3pm) A high-level interface to cddb protocol servers (freedb and CDDB).
cddb-tool(1) Get CDDB information.
CDDB::File(3pm) Parse a CDDB/freedb data file.
CDDB_get(3pm) Read the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive.
cddbget(1) Gets CDDB info of a CD.
cdde(1) Compact Disc Detect & Execute.
cdde.xml(5) Configuration file for cdde.
cde(1) Package everything required to execute a Linux command on another computer.
cde-exec(1) Execute binary within a package generated by cde.
cdebootstrap(1) Bootstrap a Debian system.
cdebootstrap-static(1) Bootstrap a Debian system.
cdecl(1) Decode C type declarations.
cdeftutorial(1) Alex van den Bogaerdt's CDEF tutorial.
cdeject(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cDestroy(3) Destroy a condition variable.
cdf16bit(1) Convert 32-bit precision NetCDF files to 16-bit.
cdi2iso(1) Convert a DiscJuggler image file into standard ISO image file.
cdiff(1) A wrapper tool for colordiff.
cdigidoc(1) Read, digitally sign, verify files in XAdES format and encrypt, decrypt files in XMLENC format.
cdinfo(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdir(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdist(1) Usable Configuration Management.
cdist-type__apt_key(7) Manage the list of keys used by apt.
cdist-type__apt_key_uri(7) Add apt key from uri.
cdist-type__apt_mark(7) Set package state as 'hold' or 'unhold'.
cdist-type__apt_norecommends(7) Configure apt to not install recommended packages.
cdist-type__apt_ppa(7) Manage ppa repositories.
cdist-type__apt_source(7) Manage apt sources.
cdist-type__apt_update_index(7) Update apt's package index.
cdist-type__block(7) Manage blocks of text in files.
cdist-type__ccollect_source(7) Manage ccollect sources.
cdist-type__cdist(7) Manage cdist installations.
cdist-type__cdistmarker(7) Add a timestamped cdist marker.
cdist-type__chroot_mount(7) Mount a chroot.
cdist-type__chroot_umount(7) Unmount a chroot mounted by __chroot_mount.
cdist-type__config_file(7) _Manages config files.
cdist-type__consul(7) Install consul.
cdist-type__consul_agent(7) Manage the consul agent.
cdist-type__consul_check(7) Manages consul checks.
cdist-type__consul_reload(7) Reload consul.
cdist-type__consul_service(7) Manages consul services.
cdist-type__consul_template(7) Manage the consul-template service.
cdist-type__consul_template_template(7) Manage consul-template templates.
cdist-type__consul_watch_checks(7) Manages consul checks watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_event(7) Manages consul event watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_key(7) Manages consul key watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_keyprefix(7) Manages consul keyprefix watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_nodes(7) Manages consul nodes watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_service(7) Manages consul service watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_services(7) Manages consul services watches.
cdist-type__cron(7) Installs and manages cron jobs.
cdist-type__debconf_set_selections(7) Setup debconf selections.
cdist-type__directory(7) Manage a directory.
cdist-type__docker(7) Install docker-engine.
cdist-type__docker_compose(7) Install docker-compose.
cdist-type__dog_vdi(7) Manage Sheepdog VM images.
cdist-type__file(7) Manage files.
cdist-type__filesystem(7) Create Filesystems.
cdist-type__firewalld_rule(7) Configure firewalld rules.
cdist-type__firewalld_start(7) Start and enable firewalld.
cdist-type__git(7) Get and or keep git repositories up-to-date.
cdist-type__group(7) Manage groups.
cdist-type__hostname(7) Set the hostname.
cdist-type__install_bootloader_grub(7) Install grub2 bootloader on given disk.
cdist-type__install_chroot_mount(7) Mount a chroot with install command.
cdist-type__install_chroot_umount(7) Unmount a chroot mounted by __install_chroot_mount.
cdist-type__install_config(7) Run cdist config as part of the installation.
cdist-type__install_file(7) Manage files with install command.
cdist-type__install_fstab(7) Generate /etc/fstab during installation.
cdist-type__install_generate_fstab(7) Generate /etc/fstab during installation.
cdist-type__install_mkfs(7) Build a linux file system.
cdist-type__install_mount(7) Mount filesystems in the installer.
cdist-type__install_partition_msdos(7) Creates msdos partitions.
cdist-type__install_partition_msdos_apply(7) Apply dos partition settings.
cdist-type__install_reboot(7) Run reboot.
cdist-type__install_reset_disk(7) Reset a disk.
cdist-type__install_stage(7) Download and unpack a stage file.
cdist-type__install_umount(7) Umount target directory.
cdist-type__iptables_apply(7) Apply the rules.
cdist-type__iptables_rule(7) Deploy iptable rulesets.
cdist-type__issue(7) Manage issue.
cdist-type__jail(7) Manage FreeBSD jails.
cdist-type__jail_freebsd10(7) Manage FreeBSD jails.
cdist-type__jail_freebsd9(7) Manage FreeBSD jails.
cdist-type__key_value(7) Change property values in files.
cdist-type__keyboard(7) Set keyboard layout.
cdist-type__line(7) Manage lines in files.
cdist-type__link(7) Manage links (hard and symbolic).
cdist-type__locale(7) Configure locales.
cdist-type__locale_system(7) Set system-wide locale.
cdist-type__motd(7) Manage message of the day.
cdist-type__mount(7) Manage filesystem mounts.
cdist-type__mysql_database(7) Manage a MySQL database.
cdist-type__package(7) Manage packages.
cdist-type__package_apt(7) Manage packages with apt-get.
cdist-type__package_dpkg(7) Manage packages with dpkg.
cdist-type__package_emerge(7) Manage packages with portage.
cdist-type__package_emerge_dependencies(7) Install dependencies for __package_emerge.
cdist-type__package_luarocks(7) Manage luarocks packages.
cdist-type__package_opkg(7) Manage packages with opkg.
cdist-type__package_pacman(7) Manage packages with pacman.
cdist-type__package_pip(7) Manage packages with pip.
cdist-type__package_pkg_freebsd(7) Manage FreeBSD packages.
cdist-type__package_pkg_openbsd(7) Manage OpenBSD packages.
cdist-type__package_pkgng_freebsd(7) Manage FreeBSD packages with pkg-ng.
cdist-type__package_rubygem(7) Manage rubygem packages.
cdist-type__package_update_index(7) Update the package index.
cdist-type__package_upgrade_all(7) Upgrade all the installed packages.
cdist-type__package_yum(7) Manage packages with yum.
cdist-type__package_zypper(7) Manage packages with zypper.
cdist-type__pacman_conf(7) Manage pacman configuration.
cdist-type__pacman_conf_integrate(7) Integrate default pacman.conf to cdist conform and vice versa.
cdist-type__pf_apply(7) Apply pf(4) ruleset on *BSD.
cdist-type__pf_ruleset(7) Copy a pf(4) ruleset to $__target_host.
cdist-type__postfix(7) Install postfix.
cdist-type__postfix_master(7) Configure postfix
cdist-type__postfix_postconf(7) Configure postfix
cdist-type__postfix_postmap(7) Run postmap on the given file.
cdist-type__postfix_reload(7) Tell postfix to reload its configuration.
cdist-type__postgres_database(7) Create/drop postgres databases.
cdist-type__postgres_extension(7) Manage postgres extensions.
cdist-type__postgres_role(7) Manage postgres roles.
cdist-type__process(7) Start or stop process.
cdist-type__pyvenv(7) Create or remove python virtual environment.
cdist-type__qemu_img(7) Manage VM disk images.
cdist-type__rbenv(7) Manage rbenv installation.
cdist-type__rsync(7) Mirror directories using rsync.
cdist-type__rvm(7) Install rvm for a given user.
cdist-type__rvm_gem(7) Manage Ruby gems through rvm.
cdist-type__rvm_gemset(7) Manage gemsets through rvm.
cdist-type__rvm_ruby(7) Manage ruby installations through rvm.
cdist-type__ssh_authorized_key(7) Manage a single ssh authorized key entry.
cdist-type__ssh_authorized_keys(7) Manage ssh authorized_keys files.
cdist-type__ssh_dot_ssh(7) Manage .ssh directory.
cdist-type__staged_file(7) Manage staged files.
cdist-type__start_on_boot(7) Manage stuff to be started at boot.
cdist-type__sysctl(7) Manage sysctl settings.
cdist-type__timezone(7) Allows one to configure the desired localtime timezone.
cdist-type__update_alternatives(7) Configure alternatives.
cdist-type__user(7) Manage users.
cdist-type__user_groups(7) Manage user groups.
cdist-type__yum_repo(7) Manage yum repositories.
cdist-type__zypper_repo(7) Repository management with zypper.
cdist-type__zypper_service(7) Service management with zypper.
cdk(3) Curses Development Kit.
cdk5-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of CDK.
cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
cdk_binding(3) Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities.
cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
cdk_compat(3) Cdk4 compatibility functions.
cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
cdk_display(3) Curses Development Kit Display Capabilities.
cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
cdk_position(3) Curses widget positioning key-bindings.
cdk_process(3) Curses widget pre/post-processing.
cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
cdk_screen(3) Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions.
cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
CDKallocStrings(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
CDKcountStrings(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
CDKfreeChtypes(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
CDKfreeStrings(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
CDKgetDirectoryContents(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
CDKparamNumber(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKparamNumber2(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKparamString(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKparamString2(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKparamValue(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKparseParams(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKparsePosition(3) ↣ cdk_params(3) Cdk command-line parsing.
CDKreadFile(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
CDKsplitString(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
cdlabelgen(1) CD/DVD labels, jewel case inserts, and envelopes creator. Generates frontcards and traycards for.
cdloop(1) Restart a CD when it ceases playing.
cdotc(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
cdotu(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
cdown(1) Query cddb database for info on a disc.
cdp(1) Cdp packet generator.
cdparanoia(1) An audio CD reading utility which includes extra data verification features.
cdpause(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdplay(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdpr(8) Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter.
cdrdao(1) Reads and writes CDs in disc-at-once mode.
cdreset(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdrestore(1) Streaming restore from CD-R(W)/DVD-R(W).
cdrkit.cdda2mp3(1) ↣ cdrkit.cdda2ogg(1) Extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them.
cdrkit.cdda2ogg(1) Extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them.
cdrskin(1) Burns preformatted data to CD, DVD, and BD via libburn.
cdrwtool(1) Perform various actions on a CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R.
CDS(1) Example of Credit-Default Swap pricing.
cdshuffle(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdstop(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdt(3) Container data types.
cdtoa(1) To convert the binary format of a dictionary back to.
cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdtool2cddb(1) Convert .cdtooldb file to set of CDDB files.
cdttrf(3) Compute an LU factorization of a complex tridiagonal matrix A using elimination without partial piv‐.
cdttrsv(3) Solve one of the systems of equations L * X = B, L**T * X = B, or L**H * X = B,.
cdv(1) Codeville command line client tool.
cdv-agent(1) Codeville authentication agent.
cdvdcontrol(1) Tool to get full control on your Plextor optical device.
cdvolume(1) ↣ cdtool(1) Play and catalog audio CDROMs on CDROM drive(s).
cdvpasswd(1) Adds, removes, or sets passwords for users of a cdv server.
cdvserver(1) Server for the codeville distributed revision system.
cdvupgrade(1) Upgrades codeville repositories and server directories.
cdw(1) Front-end for cdrecord, mkisofs, growisofs, mkudffs and other tools.
cdxa2mpeg(1) Manual page for cdxa2mpeg 0.7.24.
ce(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous Cronyx Tau-PCI/32 WAN adapters.
cec-client(1) CEC connection client utility.
cec-compliance(1) An application to verify remote CEC devices.
cec-config(1) CEC connection configuration utility.
cec-ctl(1) An application to control cec devices.
cec-follower(1) An application to emulate CEC followers.
cecilia(1) Sound synthesis and audio signal processing environment.
cef5conv(1) Convert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
cef5latex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
cef5pdflatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
cefconv(1) Convert a TeX document containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
ceferino(6) Action game similar to Super Pang.
ceferinoeditor(6) ↣ ceferino(6) Action game similar to Super Pang.
ceferinosetup(6) ↣ ceferino(6) Action game similar to Super Pang.
ceflatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
cefpdflatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
cefsconv(1) Convert a TeX document in SJIS encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
cefslatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
cefspdflatex(1) ↣ cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
ceil(3) Ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument.
ceil(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
ceil(3clc) Round to integer toward + infinity.
ceil(3G) Find the nearest integer that is greater than or equal to the parameter.
ceil(3posix) Ceiling value function.
ceilCDK(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
ceilf(3) ↣ ceil(3) Ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument.
ceilf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
ceiling_panel(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
ceill(3) ↣ ceil(3) Ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument.
celery(1) Celery Worker Daemon.
celeste_standalone(1) Cloud identification.
CellAlias(5) Maps cell names to aliases in /afs.
CELLdemo.plx(1p) Demonstrate how App::CELL might be used.
CellServDB(5) Lists the database server machines in AFS cells.
CellsOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
celluloid(1) A simple GTK+ frontend for mpv.
cellwriter(1) Grid-entry handwriting recognition input panel.
celtic(6x) Draws celtic cross-stich patterns.
Cenon(1) Vector graphics software for GNUstep.
censor(6) ↣ filters(6)
censuslookup(1) Search for triangulations in Regina's census databases.
centre_dialog(3alleg4) Centers an array of dialog objects. Allegro game programming library.
cenv(7) CWnn Environment Operation Functions.
ceph(8) Ceph administration tool.
ceph-authtool(8) Ceph keyring manipulation tool.
ceph-bluestore-tool(8) Bluestore administrative tool.
ceph-clsinfo(8) Show class object information.
ceph-conf(8) Ceph conf file tool.
ceph-create-keys(8) Ceph keyring generate tool.
ceph-crush-location(1) Get CRUSH location.
ceph-debugpack(8) Ceph debug packer utility.
ceph-dencoder(8) Ceph encoder/decoder utility.
ceph-deploy(8) Deployment and configuration of Ceph.
ceph-detect-init(8) Display the init system Ceph should use.
ceph-disk(8) Ceph disk utility for OSD.
ceph-info(1) Show Ceph cluster information as a website.
ceph-log(1) Store Ceph cluster log as a logfile.
ceph-mds(8) Ceph metadata server daemon.
ceph-mon(8) Ceph monitor daemon.
ceph-osd(8) Ceph object storage daemon.
ceph-post-file(8) Post files for ceph developers.
ceph-rbdnamer(8) Udev helper to name RBD devices.
ceph-remove-osd(1) Shortcut for removing an Ceph OSD instance completly.
ceph-rest-api(8) Ceph RESTlike administration server.
ceph-run(8) Restart daemon on core dump.
ceph-syn(8) Ceph synthetic workload generator.
ceph-volume(8) Ceph OSD deployment and inspection tool.
ceph-volume-systemd(8) Systemd ceph-volume helper tool.
cephfs-snap(1) Create CephFS snapshots periodically.
cereal(1) Client program to attach to cereal session.
cereal-admin(8) Administer cereal sessions.
cerf(3) Complex error functions.
cerfc(3) Complex error functions.
cerfcx(3) Underflow-compensated complementary error function.
cerfi(3) Imaginary error function.
cernlib(1) Print CERN library dependencies.
cerrextractor(3bobcat) Runs external programs writing standard error.
cert2spc(1) Transform multiple X.509 certificates to a Software Publisher Certificate.
certbot(1) Certbot script documentation.
certcreate(1) Generate self-signed X.509 certificates. AAT Certificate module.
CERTIFICATEPOLICIES_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CERTIFICATEPOLICIES_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
certmgr(1) Mono Certificate Manager (CLI version).
certmonger.conf(5) Configuration file for certmonger.
certpatch(8) Add subjectAltName identities to X.509 certificates. CA written in python.
certtool(1) GnuTLS certificate tool.
certutil(1) Manage keys and certificate in both NSS databases and other NSS tokens.
cervisia(1) A CVS frontend by KDE.
cewl(1) Custom word list generator.
cexp(3) Complex exponential function.
cexp(3posix) Complex exponential functions.
cexp2(3) Base-2 exponent of a complex number.
cexp2f(3) ↣ cexp2(3) Base-2 exponent of a complex number.
cexp2l(3) ↣ cexp2(3) Base-2 exponent of a complex number.
cexpf(3) ↣ cexp(3) Complex exponential function.
cexpl(3) ↣ cexp(3) Complex exponential function.
cf-agent(8) Evaluate CFEngine policy code and actuate change to the system.
cf-execd(8) Scheduling daemon for cf-agent.
cf-key(8) Make private/public key-pairs for CFEngine authentication.
cf-monitord(8) Monitoring daemon for CFEngine.
cf-promises(8) Validate and analyze CFEngine policy code.
cf-runagent(8) Activate cf-agent on a remote host.
cf-serverd(8) CFEngine file server daemon.
cf2bmp(6) Convert Crimson Fields levels to BMP images.
cfa(1) Create aggregated CF datasets.
cfagent(8) System configuration agent.
cfba2fba(1) Copy a compressed FBA DASD file to a plain FBA DASD file.
cfc_file_start(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cfc_literal_escapes(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cfc_set_check_fn(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cfdg(1) Image generator based on context-free grammars.
cfdisk(8) Display or manipulate a disk partition table.
cfdoc(8) Simple utility to document a cfengine configuration file.
cfdp(3) CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) communications library.
cfdpadmin(1) ION's CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) administration interface.
cfdpclock(1) CFDP daemon task for managing scheduled events.
cfdprc(5) CCSDS File Delivery Protocol management commands file.
cfdptest(1) CFDP test shell for ION.
cfdump(1) View CF fields.
cfed(6) A level compiler for Crimson Fields.
cfengine(8) Network configuration engine.
cfenvd(8) Network configuration engine.
cfenvgraph(8) Network configuration engine.
cfetool(8) Standalone UI for Long term state registry.
cfetoolcheck(8) Check a new value against the averages currently in the database.
cfetoolcreate(8) Set up a new Database.
cfetooldump(8) Dump the contents of a database in XML format.
cfetoolgraph(8) Create graphs from a cfetool database.
cfetoolimport(8) Import the contents of a database from XML format.
cfetoolinfo(8) Get information about a database.
cfetoolupdate(8) Update the database with a new value.
cfexecd(8) Network configuration engine.
cfftot1(1) Convert PostScript font from CFF to Type 1.
cfg-clex(1) CLEX configuration utility.
cfg_opt_t(3) Data structure holding information about an option.
cfg_t(3) Data structure holding information about a 'section'.
cfg_value_t(3) Data structure holding the value of a fundamental option value.
cfget(1) Get values from a config file.
cfgetispeed(3) ↣ termios(3)
cfgetispeed(3posix) Get input baud rate.
cfgetospeed(3) ↣ termios(3)
cfgetospeed(3posix) Get output baud rate.
cfgmaker(1) Creates mrtg.cfg files (for mrtg-2.17.4).
cfi(4freebsd) Driver for Common Flash Interface (CFI) NOR flash.
cfid(4freebsd) Driver for Common Flash Interface (CFI) NOR flash.
cfingerd(8) Configurable finger daemon.
cfingerd.conf(5) Configurable finger daemon configuration file.
cfingerd.text(5) Cfingerd text rules.
cfiscsi(4freebsd) CAM Target Layer iSCSI target frontend.
cfityk(1) ↣ fityk(1) Non-linear curve fitting and data analysis.
cfkey(8) Network configuration engine.
cflow(1) Analyze control flow in C source files.
cflow(1posix) Generate a C-language flowgraph (DEVELOPMENT).
Cflow(3pm) Find "interesting" flows in raw IP flow files.
cfmakeraw(3) ↣ termios(3)
cfn-create-aws-symlinks(1) Creates symlinks for the cfn-* scripts in this directory to /opt/aws/bin.
cfn-get-metadata(1) Implements cfn-get-metadata CloudFormation functionality.
cfn-hup(1) Implements cfn-hup CloudFormation functionality.
cfn-init(1) Implements cfn-init CloudFormation functionality.
cfn-push-stats(1) Implements cfn-push-stats CloudFormation functionality.
cfn-signal(1) Implements cfn-signal CloudFormation functionality.
cfourcc(1) Tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI files.
cfree(3) Free allocated memory.
cfront(3tcl) Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files.
cfrun(8) Execute remote cfagents.
cfscores(6) ↣ canfield(6) The solitaire card game canfield.
cfservd(8) Cfengine server daemon.
cfsetispeed(3) ↣ termios(3)
cfsetispeed(3posix) Set input baud rate.
cfsetospeed(3) ↣ termios(3)
cfsetospeed(3posix) Set output baud rate.
cfsetspeed(3) ↣ termios(3)
cfshow(8) Dump cfengine databases.
cfsndserv(6) Crossfire client sound server.
cfte(1) Compiles fte config files.
cfumass(4freebsd) USB device side support for Mass Storage Class Transport.
cfux(3NCARG) Converts from fractional coordinates to user coordinates.
cfuy(3NCARG) Converts from fractional coordinates to user coordinates.
cfv(1) Verify file consistency with .sfv, .csv, .crc, .md5, md5sum, sha1sum, .torrent, par, or par2 files.
cfx4ToFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
cg(1) Recursively grep for a pattern and store it.
cg-comp(1) This application is part of ( cg3 ).
cg-conv(1) This application is part of ( cg3 ).
cg-proc(1) This application is part of ( cg3 ).
cg3(1) ↣ vislcg3(1) This application is part of ( cg3 ). This application is part of ( cg3 ).
cg_annotate(1) Post-processing tool for Cachegrind.
cg_diff(1) Compares two Cachegrind output files.
cg_merge(1) Merges multiple Cachegrind output files into one.
cgal_create_cmake_script(1) Create a cmake script for applications using CGAL.
cgbbrd(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbcon(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbequ(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbequb(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbmv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cgbrfs(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbrfsx(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbsv(3) ↣ complexGBsolve(3)
cgbsvx(3) ↣ complexGBsolve(3)
cgbsvxx(3) ↣ complexGBsolve(3)
cgbtf2(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbtrf(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgbtrs(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgc(1) Cg compiler driver.
cgcc(1) Compiler wrapper to run Sparse after compiling.
cgclassify(1) Move running task(s) to given cgroups.
cgclear(1) Unload the cgroup filesystem.
cgconfig.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
cgconfigparser(8) Setup control group file system.
cgcreate(1) Create new cgroup(s).
cgdb(1) Curses based frontend to GDB.
cgdelete(1) Remove control group(s).
cgdisk(8) Curses-based GUID partition table (GPT) manipulator.
cgebak(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgebal(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgebd2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgebrd(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgecon(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeequ(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeequb(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgees(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cgeesx(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cgeev(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cgeevx(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cgehd2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgehrd(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgejsv(3) ↣ complexGEsing(3)
cgelq2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgelqf(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgelqt(3) ↣ doubleGEcomputational(3)
cgelqt3(3) ↣ doubleGEcomputational(3)
cgels(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgelsd(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgelss(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgelsy(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgemlqt(3) ↣ doubleGEcomputational(3)
cgemm(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
cgemqrt(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgemv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cgen(3tcl) Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files.
cgeql2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqlf(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqp3(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqr2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqr2p(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqrf(3) ↣ variantsGEcomputational(3)
cgeqrfp(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqrt(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqrt2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeqrt3(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgerc(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cgerfs(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgerfsx(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgerq2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgerqf(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgeru(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cgesc2(3) ↣ complexGEauxiliary(3)
cgesdd(3) ↣ complexGEsing(3)
cgesv(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgesvd(3) ↣ complexGEsing(3)
cgesvdx(3) ↣ complexGEsing(3)
cgesvj(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgesvx(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgesvxx(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgetc2(3) ↣ complexGEauxiliary(3)
cgetf2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
Cgetopt(3) Get long options from command line argument list.
cgetrf(3) ↣ variantsGEcomputational(3)
cgetrf2(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgetri(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgetrs(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cgetsls(3) ↣ complexGEsolve(3)
cgexec(1) Run the task in given control groups.
cgfxcat(1) Dump a Cg effect or program file to standard out.
cggbak(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cggbal(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cgges(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cgges3(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cggesx(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cgget(1) Print parameter(s) of given group(s).
cggev(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cggev3(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cggevx(3) ↣ complexGEeigen(3)
cggglm(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
cgghd3(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cgghrd(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cgglse(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
cggqrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cggrqf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cggsvd3(3) ↣ complexGEsing(3)
cggsvp3(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cgi(3bobcat) Handles GET and POST submitted form data.
CGI(3pm) Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses.
cgi(5) Common Gateway Interface.
cgi-fcgi(1) Bridge from CGI to FastCGI.
CGI::Ajax(3pm) A perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications.
CGI::Application(3pm) Framework for building reusable web-applications.
CGI::Application::Dispatch(3pm) Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects.
CGI::Application::Dispatch::PSGI(3pm) Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects using PSGI.
CGI::Application::Dispatch::Regexp(3pm) Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects using regular.
CGI::Application::Mailform(3pm) A simple HTML form to email system.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ActionDispatch(3pm) Perl extension.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ActionDispatch::Attributes(3pm) Hidden attribute support for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate(3pm) Use any templating system from within CGI::Application using a unified.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Base(3pm) Base class for templates.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::ComponentHandler(3pm) Embed run modes within a template.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::HTMLTemplate(3pm) HTML::Template driver to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::HTMLTemplateExpr(3pm) HTML::Template::Expr driver to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::HTMLTemplatePluggable(3pm) HTML::Template::Pluggable driver to.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::Petal(3pm) Petal plugin to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate::Driver::TemplateToolkit(3pm) Template::Toolkit plugin to AnyTemplate.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication(3pm) Authentication framework for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Display(3pm) Generate bits of HTML needed for authentication.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Display::Basic(3pm) XHTML compliant no frills login display driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Display::Classic(3pm) Login box that works out of the box.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver(3pm) Base module for building driver classes for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Authen::Simple(3pm) Authen::Simple Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::DBI(3pm) DBI Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::DBIC(3pm) DBIx::Class Authentication Driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Dummy(3pm) Dummy Authentication driver which lets anyone.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::crypt(3pm) Crypt Filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::lc(3pm) Lowercase Filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::md5(3pm) MD5 filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::sha1(3pm) SHA1 Password filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::strip(3pm) Filter that strips whitespace from the.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Filter::uc(3pm) Uppercase Filter.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::Generic(3pm) Generic Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Driver::HTPasswd(3pm) HTPasswd Authentication driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Store(3pm) Base module for building storage classes for the.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Store::Cookie(3pm) Cookie based Store.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authentication::Store::Session(3pm) Session based Store.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization(3pm) Authorization framework for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver(3pm) Base module for building driver classes for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::ActiveDirectory(3pm) ActiveDirectory Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::DBI(3pm) DBI Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::Dummy(3pm) Dummy Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::Generic(3pm) Generic Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::HTGroup(3pm) HTGroup Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Authorization::Driver::SimpleGroup(3pm) Simple Group based Authorization driver.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode(3pm) CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes.
CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode::FileDelegate(3pm) Delegate CGI::App run modes to a directory of files.
CGI::Application::Plugin::CAPTCHA(3pm) Easily create, use, and verify CAPTCHAs in CGI::Application-based web.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Config::Simple(3pm) Add Config::Simple support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ConfigAuto(3pm) Easy config file management for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBH(3pm) Easy DBI access from CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile(3pm) DBI profiling plugin.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Driver(3pm) Driver module.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::GDGraphInline(3pm) Inlined GD Graph output for CAP:DBIProfile.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::HTML(3pm) VERY basic pure html vertical bar graphing for.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::HTML::Horizontal(3pm) Horizontal bar graph for CAP::DBIProfile.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::HTMLBarGraph(3pm) If it weren't for HTML::BarGraph bugs, this would.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DBIProfile::Graph::SVGTT(3pm) SVT::TT::Graph::Bar Graph output for CAP:DBIProfile.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DebugScreen(3pm) Add Debug support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup(3pm) Runtime cgiapp info in a popup window.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::HTTPHeaders(3pm) Show incoming and outgoing HTTP headers.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Log(3pm) Show all data written to an IO::Scalar handle.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Params(3pm) Show CGI::Application parameters in DevPopup window.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Query(3pm) Show CGI query in DevPopup window.
CGI::Application::Plugin::DevPopup::Timing(3pm) Show timing information about cgiapp stages.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ErrorPage(3pm) A simple error page plugin for CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::FillInForm(3pm) Integrate with HTML::FillInForm.
CGI::Application::Plugin::FormState(3pm) Store Form State without Hidden Fields.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Forward(3pm) Pass control from one run mode to another.
CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON(3pm) Easy manipulation of JSON headers.
CGI::Application::Plugin::LinkIntegrity(3pm) Make tamper-resisistent links in CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::LogDispatch(3pm) Add Log::Dispatch support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::MessageStack(3pm) A message stack for your CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ProtectCSRF(3pm) Generate and verify anti-CSRF tickets.
CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit(3pm) Limits runmode call rate per user.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Redirect(3pm) Easy external redirects in CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::RequireSSL(3pm) Force SSL in specified pages or modules.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Session(3pm) Plugin that adds session support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::Stream(3pm) CGI::Application Plugin for streaming files.
CGI::Application::Plugin::TT(3pm) Add Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application.
CGI::Application::Plugin::TT::LastModified(3pm) Set "Last-Modified" header based on TT template.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM(3pm) Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator.
CGI::Application::Plugin::ViewCode(3pm) View the source of the running application.
CGI::Application::Server(3pm) A simple HTTP server for developing with CGI::Application.
CGI::Carp(3pm) CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log.
CGI::Compile(3pm) Compile .cgi scripts to a code reference like ModPerl::Registry.
CGI::Compress::Gzip(3pm) CGI with automatically compressed output.
CGI::Compress::Gzip::FileHandle(3pm) CGI::Compress::Gzip helper package.
CGI::Cookie(3pm) Interface to HTTP Cookies.
CGI::Cookie::Splitter(3pm) Split big cookies into smaller ones.
CGI::Emulate::PSGI(3pm) PSGI adapter for CGI.
CGI::Expand(3pm) Convert flat hash to nested data using TT2's dot convention.
CGI::Fast(3pm) CGI Interface for Fast CGI.
CGI::Formalware(3pm) Convert an XML file into a suite of CGI forms.
CGI::FormBuilder(3pm) Easily generate and process stateful forms.
CGI::FormBuilder::Field(3pm) Base class for FormBuilder fields.
CGI::FormBuilder::Messages(3pm) Localized message support for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Multi(3pm) Create multi-page FormBuilder forms.
CGI::FormBuilder::Source(3pm) Source adapters for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Source::File(3pm) Initialize FormBuilder from external file.
CGI::FormBuilder::Source::YAML(3pm) Initialize FormBuilder from YAML file.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template(3pm) Template adapters for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Builtin(3pm) Builtin HTML rendering.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::CGI_SSI(3pm) FormBuilder interface to CGI::SSI.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Div(3pm) Div HTML rendering.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Fast(3pm) FormBuilder interface to CGI::FastTemplate.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::HTML(3pm) FormBuilder interface to HTML::Template.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::Text(3pm) FormBuilder interface to Text::Template.
CGI::FormBuilder::Template::TT2(3pm) FormBuilder interface to Template Toolkit.
CGI::FormBuilder::Test(3pm) Test harness for FormBuilder.
CGI::FormBuilder::Util(3pm) Utility functions for FormBuilder.
CGI::Github::Webhook(3pm) Easily create CGI based GitHub webhooks.
CGI::HTML::Functions(3pm) Documentation for Legacy HTML Functionality.
CGI::Parse::PSGI(3pm) Parses CGI output and creates PSGI response out of it.
CGI::Pretty(3pm) Module to produce nicely formatted HTML code.
CGI::PSGI(3pm) Adapt to the PSGI protocol.
CGI::Push(3pm) Simple Interface to Server Push.
CGI::Session(3pm) Persistent session data in CGI applications.
CGI::Session::Driver(3pm) CGI::Session driver specifications.
CGI::Session::Driver::chi(3pm) This driver allows CGI::Session to use CHI as a session store.
CGI::Session::Driver::db_file(3pm) CGI::Session driver for BerkeleyDB using DB_File.
CGI::Session::Driver::DBI(3pm) Base class for native DBI-related CGI::Session drivers.
CGI::Session::Driver::file(3pm) Default CGI::Session driver.
CGI::Session::Driver::memcached(3pm) CGI::Session driver for memcached.
CGI::Session::Driver::mysql(3pm) CGI::Session driver for MySQL database.
CGI::Session::Driver::postgresql(3pm) PostgreSQL driver for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Driver::sqlite(3pm) CGI::Session driver for SQLite.
CGI::Session::ErrorHandler(3pm) Error handling routines for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::ExpireSessions(3pm) Expires CGI::Session db-based and file-based sessions.
CGI::Session::ID::incr(3pm) CGI::Session ID driver.
CGI::Session::ID::md5(3pm) Default CGI::Session ID generator.
CGI::Session::ID::static(3pm) CGI::Session ID Driver for generating static IDs.
CGI::Session::Serialize::default(3pm) Default CGI::Session serializer.
CGI::Session::Serialize::freezethaw(3pm) Serializer for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Serialize::storable(3pm) Serializer for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml(3pm) Serializer for CGI::Session.
CGI::Session::Test::Default(3pm) Run a suite of tests for a given CGI::Session::Driver.
CGI::Session::Tutorial(3pm) Extended CGI::Session manual.
CGI::Simple(3pm) A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant.
CGI::Simple::Cookie(3pm) Interface to HTTP cookies.
CGI::Simple::Standard(3pm) A wrapper module for CGI::Simple that provides a function style interface.
CGI::Simple::Util(3pm) Internal utilities used by CGI::Simple module.
CGI::SSI(3pm) Use SSI from CGI scripts.
CGI::SSI_Parser(3pm) Implement SSI for Perl CGI.
CGI::Struct::XS(3pm) Build structures from CGI data. Fast.
CGI::Test(3pm) CGI regression test framework.
CGI::Test::Form(3pm) Querying interface to CGI form widgets.
CGI::Test::Form::Group(3pm) Records groups of box-type widgets.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget(3pm) Ancestor of all form widget classes.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box(3pm) Abstract representation of a tickable box.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Check(3pm) A checkbox widget.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Radio(3pm) A radio button widget.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button(3pm) Abstract representation of a button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Image(3pm) A nice submit button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Plain(3pm) A button with client-side processing.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Reset(3pm) A reset button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Submit(3pm) A submit button.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Hidden(3pm) A hidden field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input(3pm) Abstract representation of an input field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::File(3pm) A file upload control.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Password(3pm) A password field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Text_Area(3pm) A text area.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Text_Field(3pm) A text field.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu(3pm) Abstract representation of a menu.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::List(3pm) A scrolling list menu.
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::Popup(3pm) A popup menu.
CGI::Test::Input(3pm) Abstract representation of POST input.
CGI::Test::Input::Multipart(3pm) POST input encoded as multipart/form-data.
CGI::Test::Input::URL(3pm) POST input encoded as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
CGI::Test::Page(3pm) Abstract represention of an HTTP reply content.
CGI::Test::Page::Error(3pm) An HTTP error page.
CGI::Test::Page::HTML(3pm) A HTML page reply.
CGI::Test::Page::Other(3pm) A real page, but neither text nor HTML.
CGI::Test::Page::Real(3pm) Abstract representation of a real page.
CGI::Test::Page::Text(3pm) A text page reply.
CGI::Untaint(3pm) Process CGI input parameters.
CGI::Untaint::date(3pm) Validate a date.
CGI::Untaint::email(3pm) Validate an email address.
CGI::Untaint::hex(3pm) Validate as a hexadecimal value.
CGI::Untaint::integer(3pm) Validate an integer.
CGI::Untaint::object(3pm) Base class for Input Handlers.
CGI::Untaint::printable(3pm) Validate as a printable value.
CGI::Uploader(3pm) Manage CGI uploads using SQL database.
CGI::Uploader::Cookbook(3pm) Examples of CGI::Uploader usage.
CGI::Uploader::Transform::ImageMagick(3pm) Generate thumbnails with ImageMagick.
CGI::Util(3pm) Internal utilities used by CGI module.
CGI::XML(3pm) Perl extension for converting variables to/from XML.
CGI::XMLForm(3pm) Extension of which reads/generates formated XML.
cgi_cookie_authority(3) Determine the cookie authority for a domain.
cgi_cookie_clear(3) Clear browser cookie.
cgi_cookie_set(3) Set a browser Cookie.
cgi_cs_init(3) Initialize CS parser with the CGI defaults.
cgi_debug_init(3) Initialize standalone debugging.
cgi_destroy(3) Deallocate the data associated with a CGI.
cgi_display(3) Render and display the CGI output to the user.
cgi_error(3) Display an error string to the user.
cgi_filehandle(3) Return a file pointer to an uploaded file.
cgi_init(3) Initialize ClearSilver CGI environment.
cgi_neo_error(3) Display a NEOERR call backtrace.
cgi_output(3) Display the CGI output to the user.
cgi_parse(3) Parse incoming CGI data.
cgi_redirect(3) Send an HTTP 302 redirect response.
cgi_redirect_uri(3) Send an HTTP 302 redirect response.
cgi_register_parse_cb(3) Register a parse callback.
cgi_url_escape(3) Url escape a string.
cgi_url_escape_more(3) Url escape a string.
cgi_url_unescape(3) Unescape an url encoded string.
cgi_url_validate(3) Validate that url is of an allowed format.
cgi_vredirect(3) Send an HTTP 302 redirect response.
cgiapp-starter(1p) Creates a skeleton CGI::Application project.
cgicc-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of cgicc.
cgiDebug(3) Set the debug level for CGI programming.
cgiEscape(3) HTML escape certain characters in a string.
cgiFree(3) Frees CGI data structure.
cgiFreeList(3) Frees memory used by a list.
cgiGetCookie(3) Return a cookie.
cgiGetCookies(3) Returns a list of cookies.
cgiGetFile(3) Return information of a CGI file variable.
cgiGetFiles(3) Returns a list of CGI file variables.
cgiGetValue(3) Return the value of a CGI variable.
cgiGetVariables(3) Returns a list of CGI variables.
cgiHeader(3) Print the HTTP header.
cgiInit(3) Initializes CGI library.
cginfo(1) Print Cg library information.
cgioptions.cfg(5) Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools.
cgiparse(8) CGI parameter parsing utility.
cgiRedirect(3) Redirect the browser somewhere else.
cgiSetHeader(3) Specify an additional HTTP header.
cgiSetType(3) Specify the result type.
cgitrc(5) Runtime configuration for cgit.
cgiwrap_getenv(3) The wrapper for getenv.
cgiwrap_init_emu(3) Initialize cgiwrap for emulated use.
cgiwrap_init_std(3) Initialize cgiwrap with default functions.
cgiwrap_iterenv(3) Iterater for env vars.
cgiwrap_putenv(3) Wrap the putenv call.
cgiwrap_read(3) Cgiwrap input function.
cgiwrap_write(3) Wrapper for the fwrite(stdout).
cgiwrap_writef(3) A wrapper for printf.
cgiwrap_writevf(3) A wrapper for vprintf.
Cglobals(3) LCG thread-specific global variables interface.
CGlue(3U) Connector glue.
cgm2ncgm(1NCARG) Filter NCAR CGM to/from vanilla CGM ncgm2cgm - filter NCAR CGM to/from vanilla CGM.
cgminer(1) Multi-threaded multi-pool GPU, FPGA and CPU bitcoin miner.
cgminer-api(1) API access to cgminer.
cgnscheck(1) Check a CGNS file.
cgnsconvert(1) Convert a CGNS file.
cgnsdiff(1) Diff two CGNS files.
cgnslist(1) List the content of a CGNS file.
cgnsversion(1) Returns the CGNS version of the file.
cgoban(6) X11 Go Toolset.
cgps(1) ↣ gps(1) Test clients for gpsd.
cgpt(1) Utility to manipulate GPT partitions with Chromium OS extensions.
cgraph(3) Abstract graph library.
cgred.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
cgrep(1) Like grep(1) over all indexed files.
cgrfetch(1) Visualize CGR simulations.
cgroup.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for the cgroup support.
cgroup_namespaces(7) Overview of Linux cgroup namespaces.
cgroupfs-mount(8) Set up cgroupfs mount hierarchies.
cgroupfs-umount(8) ↣ cgroupfs-mount(8) Set up cgroupfs mount hierarchies.
cgroups(7) Linux control groups.
Cgrp(3) LCG Group file Thread-Safe inferface.
cgrules.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
cgrulesengd(8) Control group rules daemon.
cgset(1) Set the parameters of given cgroup(s).
cgsi_plugin.h(3) Header file for the GSI gSOAP plugin.
cgsnapshot(1) Generate the configuration file for given controllers.
cgsvj0(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cgsvj1(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cgtcon(3) ↣ complexGTcomputational(3)
cgtrfs(3) ↣ complexGTcomputational(3)
cgtsv(3) ↣ complexGTsolve(3)
cgtsvx(3) ↣ complexGTsolve(3)
cgttrf(3) ↣ complexGTcomputational(3)
cgttrs(3) ↣ complexGTcomputational(3)
cgtts2(3) ↣ complexGTcomputational(3)
cgview(1) Circular Genome Viewer.
cgx(1) CalculiX GraphiX.
ch(4freebsd) SCSI media-changer (juke box) driver.
ch_lab(1) Change/copy label files.
ch_track(1) Change/copy track file.
ch_utt(1) Change/copy utterance file.
ch_wave(1) Change/copy/combine waveform files.
chacl(1) Change the access control list of a file or directory.
chage(1) Change user password expiry information.
chain(3) Mbk lisp-like service structure.
chainsaw(1) Cut a gene tree based on a reconciliation.
chake(1) Serverless configuration with chef.
chalow(1p) Weblog tool that converts ChangeLog to HTML.
chan(3tcl) Read, write and manipulate channels.
change-po-charset(1) Change the charset value in content-type header of a gettext po file.
change_paired_read_orientation(1) Reverses the orientation of each paired-end FASTA sequence.
change_paired_read_orientation(1p) Change the orientation of paired-end reads in a FASTA file.
changeDictionary(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
changelog(3tcl) Processing text in Emacs ChangeLog format.
changepagestring(1p) Search and replace in all PDF pages.
changepdfstring(1p) Search and replace in PDF metadata.
changerefkeys(1p) Search and replace PDF object numbers in the Trailer.
changestool(1) Verify, dump, modify, create or fix Debian .changes files.
changetrack(1) Track changes to files.
channel.h(3) Definition of socket classes for different underlying transport and/or network protocols that can.
chaos(1e) Draw a chaos game representation plot for a nucleotide sequence.
chaosreader(1) Trace network sessions and export it to html format.
Char(3o) Character operations.
char2Chtype(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
char2DisplayType(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
char2sp(1) AME.
char2uni(3x) Handling on Unicode, UTF-8 and localized 8 bit encodings libAfterImage/CHAR_SIZE.
characteristic(2rheolef) The Lagrange-Galerkin method implemented.
charactermanaj(1) Program to edit character avatars.
chardet(1) Universal character encoding detector.
chardet3(1) Universal character encoding detector.
chardetect(1) ↣ chardet(1) Universal character encoding detector.
chardetect3(1) ↣ chardet3(1) Universal character encoding detector.
charge(1e) Draw a protein charge plot.
charmap(1) ↣ gucharmap(1) Unicode character picker and font browser.
Charmap(1) A character map.
charmap(5) Character set description file.
charnames(3perl) Access to Unicode character names and named character sequences; also define character names.
charon-cmd(8) Simple IKE client (IPsec VPN client).
charset.conf(5) Configiration file for legacy character set support by Sympa.
charsets(7) Character set standards and internationalization.
Chart(3pm) A series of charting modules.
Chart::Clicker(3pm) Powerful, extensible charting.
Chart::Clicker::Axis(3pm) An X or Y Axis.
Chart::Clicker::Axis::DateTime(3pm) An X or Y Axis using DateTime.
Chart::Clicker::Axis::DivisionType(3pm) Division style for ticks.
Chart::Clicker::Axis::DivisionType::Exact(3pm) Role describing how to divide data for Chart::Clicker::Axis.
Chart::Clicker::Axis::DivisionType::LinearExpandGraph(3pm) Role describing how to divide data for.
Chart::Clicker::Axis::DivisionType::LinearRounded(3pm) Role describing how to divide data for.
Chart::Clicker::Component(3pm) Base class that extends Graphics::Primitive::Component.
Chart::Clicker::Container(3pm) Base class that extends Graphics::Primitive::Container.
Chart::Clicker::Context(3pm) A rendering context: Axes, Markers and a Renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Data::DataSet(3pm) A collection of series.
Chart::Clicker::Data::Marker(3pm) Highlight arbitrary value(s).
Chart::Clicker::Data::Range(3pm) A range of Data.
Chart::Clicker::Data::Series(3pm) A series of key, value pairs representing chart data.
Chart::Clicker::Data::Series::HighLow(3pm) Series data with additional attributes for High-Low charts.
Chart::Clicker::Data::Series::Size(3pm) Chart data with additional attributes for Size charts.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration(3pm) Shiny baubles!.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Annotation(3pm) Text annotation over data.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Glass(3pm) Under-chart gradient decoration.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Grid(3pm) Under-data grid.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Legend(3pm) Series name, color key.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Legend::Tabular(3pm) Tabular version of Legend.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::MarkerOverlay(3pm) Component for drawing markers.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::OverAxis(3pm) An axis drawn over data.
Chart::Clicker::Decoration::Plot(3pm) Area on which renderers draw.
Chart::Clicker::Drawing::ColorAllocator(3pm) Color picker.
Chart::Clicker::Positioned(3pm) Role for components that care about position.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer(3pm) Base class for renderers.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Area(3pm) Area renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Bar(3pm) Bar renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Bubble(3pm) Bubble render.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::CandleStick(3pm) CandleStick renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Line(3pm) Line renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Pie(3pm) Pie renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Point(3pm) Point renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::PolarArea(3pm) Polar Area renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::StackedArea(3pm) Stacked Area renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Renderer::StackedBar(3pm) Stacked Bar renderer.
Chart::Clicker::Tutorial(3pm) A Tutorial for using Chart::Clicker.
Chart::Gnuplot(3pm) Plot graph using Gnuplot in Perl on the fly.
Chart::Strip(3pm) Draw strip chart type graphs.
chartex(1p) A utility to extract charts from an Excel file for insertion into a Spreadsheet::WriteExcel file.
chartread(1) Read Target Test Chart.
charybdis-ircd(8) The Internet Relay Chat Program Server.
chase(1) Chase symbolic links.
chasen-config(1) Japanese Morphological Analysis System.
chat(8) Automated conversational script with a modem.
Chatbot::Eliza(3pm) A clone of the classic Eliza program.
chattr(1) Change file attributes on a Linux file system.
chatwidget(3tk) Provides a multi-paned view suitable for display of chat room or irc channel information.
chaussette(1) Chaussette Documentation [image].
chavier(7) Chart viewer for pycha library.
chbev(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbev_2stage(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbevd(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbevd_2stage(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbevx(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbevx_2stage(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbgst(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chbgv(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbgvd(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbgvx(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chbind(8) The chbind utility is used to lock a process and its children into using a specific IP number/Inter‐.
chbmv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
chbtrd(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chcat(8) Change file SELinux security category.
chcon(1) Change file security context.
chcontext(8) Chcontext allocates a new security context and executes a command in that context.
chcp(8) Change mode of NILFS2 checkpoints.
chcpu(8) Configure CPUs.
chdir(2) Change working directory.
chdir(2freebsd) Change current working directory.
chdir(3posix) Change working directory.
chdist(1) Script to easily play with several distributions.
chdman(1) MAME Compressed Hunks of Data (CHD) manager.
cheatmake(1) Fool make into not rebuilding certain files.
check-all-the-things(1) Check all of the things!.
check-bios-nx(1) Determine if BIOS has blocked CPU's NX capabilities.
check-diskfree(8) Check for mounted filesystems nearing capacity.
check-enhancements(1) Show enhancement packages.
check-language-support(1) Returns the list of missing packages in order to provide a complete language environ‐.
check-manifest(1) Check a Python file for completeness.
check-mc-nrpe(1) Nagios check for the mcollective nrpe agents.
check-mir(1) Check support status of dependencies.
check-module(1) Program to check gnulib modules.
check-passwd(8) Check for empty or duplicate system accounts.
check-regexp(1) Test regular expressions from the command line.
check-selinux-installation(8) Perform configuration checks in SELinux installation.
check-sendfile(1) Check if some files have arrived.
check-setuid(8) Check for changes to setuid programs.
check-support-status(1) Check installed packages for security support (debian-security-support).
check-symbols(1) Verify symbols exported by a new library version.
check-trac-subtickets(1) Checks consistency of subtickets in Trac.
Check::ISA(3pm) DWIM, correct checking of an object's class.
check_backuppc(8) A Nagios plugin to monitor BackupPC.
check_calib(1) Manual page for check_calib from pyFAI version 0.15.0: 30/01/2018.
check_cpu(3alleg4) Detects the CPU type. Allegro game programming library.
check_db(8) Check the integrity of a Mailman mailing list's database file.
check_email_delivery(7) Sends email and verifies delivery.
check_forensic(8) Tool to extract mod_log_forensic output from apache log files.
check_gearman(8) Nagios service check to monitor the gearman job server.
check_het(1) ↣ loki(1) Reversible jump MCMC linkage analysis in general pedigrees.
check_hp_bladechassis(8) Nagios plugin for checking the status of HP blade enclosures via SNMP.
check_imap_quota(7) Connects to an IMAP account and checks the quota.
check_imap_receive(7) Connects to and searches an IMAP account for messages.
check_lft_balance(8) Check InfiniBand unicast forwarding tables balance.
check_lm_sensors(7) Nagios plugin to monitor hardware sensors and disk temperatures.
check_multi(8) Nagios plugin to combine multiple service checks in one run.
check_omp(8) OMP command line tool to support Nagios core for OpenVAS.
check_perldiag(1p) Check a localized version of perldiag for consistency.
check_perms(8) Check permissions of Mailman's files.
check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_archive_ready(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_autovac_freeze(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_backends(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_bloat(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_checkpoint(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_cluster_id(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_commitratio(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_connection(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_custom_query(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_database_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_dbstats(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_disabled_triggers(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_disk_space(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_fsm_pages(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_fsm_relations(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_hitratio(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_hot_standby_delay(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_index_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_indexes_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_analyze(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_autoanalyze(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_autovacuum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_last_vacuum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_listener(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_locks(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_logfile(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_bc(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_box(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_cp(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_pg(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_new_version_tnm(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgagent_jobs(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_cl_active(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_cl_waiting(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_maxwait(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_active(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_idle(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_login(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_tested(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgb_pool_sv_used(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgbouncer_backends(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_pgbouncer_checksum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_prepared_txns(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_query_runtime(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_query_time(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_relation_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_replicate_row(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_replication_slots(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_same_schema(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_sequence(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_settings_checksum(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_slony_status(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_table_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_timesync(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_total_relation_size(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_txn_idle(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_txn_time(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_txn_wraparound(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_version(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_postgres_wal_files(1p) ↣ check_postgres(1p) A Postgres monitoring script for Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and others.
check_rbl(7) A Nagios plugin to check if an SMTP server is blacklisted.
check_smtp_send(7) Connects to an SMTP server and sends a message.
check_ssl_cert(1) Checks the validity of X.509 certificates.
check_tradis_tags(1) Bio-tradis: check for the existence of tradis tags in a bam.
check_urdf(1) Try parsing a URDF file to validate it.
checkapoppw(8) Checks APOP password against the file ~/Maildir/.password.
checkbashisms(1) Check for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts.
checkbot(1p) WWW Link Verifier.
checkbox(1) ↣ checkbox_ng(1) CheckboxNG Documentation.
checkbox-cli(1) ↣ checkbox_ng(1) CheckboxNG Documentation.
checkbox_ng(1) CheckboxNG Documentation.
checkbutton(3tk) Create and manipulate 'checkbutton' boolean selection widgets.
checkCDKObjectBind(3) ↣ cdk_binding(3) Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities.
checkdirfile(1) Verify Dirfile database metadata.
checkdotdin(1) ↣ din(1) This program's purpose is to be an audio synthesizer of a 3rd kind.
checker(1) SPARK Proof Checker.
checkflac(1) ↣ flactag(1) A tagger for whole album FLACs using data from the MusicBrainz service.
checkForLink(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
checkgid(8) Checks the gid.
checkgmail(1) System tray applet to check a Gmail account for new mail.
checkgroups(8) Update group descriptions.
checkinstall(8) Track installation of local software, and produce a binary manageable with your package.
checkint(1) Show active network interfaces.
checkisomd5(1) Check an MD5 checksum implanted by implantisomd5.
checkit_tiff(1) Is a conformance checker for baseline TIFFs'.
checklink(1p) Check the validity of links in an HTML or XHTML document.
checkloconorder(3) Checks the consistency of a list of logical connectors.
checkmail(1nas) Plays a sound file when the user receives mail.
checkMesh(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
checkmk(1) Awk script for generating C unit tests for use with the Check unit testing framework.
checkmodule(8) SELinux policy module compiler.
checkndx(1) A collection of.
checkPasswdAccess(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
checkpassword.login(8) Check a password.
checkpc(8) Check out the printcap database.
checkpolicy(8) SELinux policy compiler.
checkpto(1) Helper program for Hugin's Makefile assistant.
checkpw(8) Checks password against the file ~/Maildir/.password.
checkrestart(1) Check which processes need to be restarted after an upgrade.
checkrhosts(8) Program to check the users .rhosts files for security problems.
checksctp(1) Check if kernel supports SCTP.
checksecurity(8) Run a collection of simple system checks.
checksendmail(8) Verify sendmail address transformations.
checkstyle(1) Static code analysis tool to check if Java source code complies with coding rules.
checksub(1) A validator for NCBI ASN.1 Seq-submit data.
checkTargetSortedness(1) Check BAM file for sortedness.
checktrans(1e) Reports STOP codons and ORF statistics of a protein.
checkXML(1) An XML lint tool for KDE DocBook XML documents.
checkXML5(1) An XML lint tool for KDE DocBook XML documents.
checon(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
checon_3(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
checon_rook(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cheequb(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cheese(1) Tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam.
cheetah(1) Python template command-line tool.
cheetah-compile(1) ↣ cheetah(1) Python template command-line tool.
cheev(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheev_2stage(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheevd(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheevd_2stage(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheevr(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheevr_2stage(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheevx(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
cheevx_2stage(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
chef(6) ↣ filters(6)
chef-apply(8) The man page for the chef-apply command line tool.
chef-client(8) The man page for the chef-client command line tool.
chef-shell(1) The man page for the chef-shell command line tool.
chef-solo(8) The man page for the chef-solo command line tool.
chegs2(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chegst(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chegv(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
chegv_2stage(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
chegvd(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
chegvx(3) ↣ complexHEeigen(3)
chem(1) Groff preprocessor for producing chemical structure diagrams.
chemdiff(1) Finding duplications and visual comparison of two files containing multiple structures.
chemeq(1) Chemical Equation Parser and Renderer.
chemFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
Chemistry::Elements(3pm) Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements.
Chemistry::Formula(3pm) Enumerate elements in a chemical formula.
chemkinToFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
chemm(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
chemps2(1) Spin-adapted DMRG for ab initio quantum chemistry.
chemstruc(1) Calls a browser to view molecular structures.
chemtool(1) Chemical structures editor.
chemv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cher(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cher2(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
cher2k(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
cherfs(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cherfsx(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cherk(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
cherryd(1) Starts the CherryPy HTTP server as a daemon.
cherryd3(1) Starts the CherryPy HTTP server as a daemon.
cherrytree(1) A hierarchical note taking application.
Chess(1) Chess for GNUstep ported from OPENSTEP.
chessx(6) Chess database.
chesv(3) ↣ complexHEsolve(3)
chesv_aa(3) ↣ complexHEsolve(3)
chesv_rk(3) ↣ complexHEsolve(3)
chesv_rook(3) ↣ complexHEsolve(3)
chesvx(3) ↣ complexHEsolve(3)
chesvxx(3) ↣ complexHEsolve(3)
cheswapr(3) ↣ complexHEauxiliary(3)
chetd2(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetf2(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetf2_rk(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetf2_rook(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrd(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrd_2stage(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrd_he2hb(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrf(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrf_aa(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrf_rk(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrf_rook(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetri(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetri2(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetri2x(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetri_3(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetri_3x(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetri_rook(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrs(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrs2(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrs_3(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrs_aa(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chetrs_rook(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
chewing-editor(1) Chewing userphrase editor.
chewmail(1) Mail archiver.
chezdav(1) Simple WebDAV server.
chezscheme9.5(1) Chez Scheme.
chflags(2freebsd) Set file flags.
chflagsat(2freebsd) Set file flags.
chfn(1) Change real user name and information.
chfrk(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chgat(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
chgeqz(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
chgpasswd(8) Update group passwords in batch mode.
chgrp(1) Change group ownership.
chgrp(1posix) Change the file group ownership.
CHI(3pm) Unified cache handling interface.
CHI::Benchmarks(3pm) Benchmarks of CHI and non-CHI drivers.
CHI::CacheObject(3pm) Contains information about cache entries.
CHI::Constants(3pm) Internal constants.
CHI::Driver(3pm) Base class for all CHI drivers.
CHI::Driver::Base::CacheContainer(3pm) Caches that delegate to a contained cache.
CHI::Driver::CacheCache(3pm) CHI wrapper for Cache::Cache.
CHI::Driver::Development(3pm) Manual for developing new CHI drivers.
CHI::Driver::FastMmap(3pm) Persistent interprocess cache via mmap'ed files.
CHI::Driver::File(3pm) File-based cache using one file per entry in a multi-level directory structure.
CHI::Driver::Memory(3pm) In-process memory based cache.
CHI::Driver::Metacache(3pm) Metacache for internal CHI use.
CHI::Driver::Null(3pm) Nothing is cached.
CHI::Driver::RawMemory(3pm) In-process memory cache that stores direct references.
CHI::Driver::Redis(3pm) Redis driver for CHI.
CHI::Memoize(3pm) Make functions faster with memoization, via CHI.
CHI::Memoize::Info(3pm) Information about a memoized function.
CHI::Stats(3pm) Record and report per-namespace cache statistics.
chiark-named-conf(8) Check and generate nameserver configuration.
chicken(1) A Scheme-to-C translator.
chicken-bug(1) Generates a bug report from user input.
chicken-install(1) Download and install extension libraries for CHICKEN Scheme.
chicken-profile(1) Generate a report from profile-information.
chicken-status(1) List installed extension libraries.
chicken-uninstall(1) Uninstall extension library.
Child(3pm) Object oriented simple interface to fork().
Child::IPC::Pipe(3pm) Pipe based IPC plugin for Child.
Child::Link(3pm) Base class for objects that link child and parent processes.
Child::Link::IPC(3pm) Base class for process links that provide IPC.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe(3pm) Base class for link objects used by the Child::IPC::Pipe plugin.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe::Parent(3pm) Parent object used by the pipe plugin.
Child::Link::IPC::Pipe::Proc(3pm) Proc object used by the pipe plugin.
Child::Link::Parent(3pm) Proc object used by Child.
Child::Link::Proc(3pm) Proc object used by Child.
Child::Util(3pm) Utility functions for L>Child>.
childsplay(6) Educational games for young children.
chilight(1) Highlight a C source file.
chime2jmol(1) Convert chime into jmol scripts.
chimeraslayer(1) Detects likely chimeras in PCR amplified DNA.
ChimeraSlayer(1) ↣ chimeraslayer(1) Detects likely chimeras in PCR amplified DNA.
chipcard-config(1) A little program to output installation paths.
chipcard-tool(1) A commandline client to access smart cards via libchipcard.
Chipcard::PCSC(3pm) Smart card reader interface library.
Chipcard::PCSC::Card(3pm) Smart card communication library.
chips(1e) Calculates Nc codon usage statistic.
chipw(1) Editor for Chip's Challenge??? and Tile World.
chirp(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_audit_cluster(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_benchmark(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_distribute(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_fuse(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_get(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_md5sum(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_put(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_server(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_status(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirp_stream_files(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
chirpw(1) A tool for programming two-way radio equipment.
chkcon(8) Determine if a security context is valid for a given binary policy.
chkconc(1) List concatenation for hinshi.
chkconf(8) Check ircd config-file.
chkfont(6) Checks figlet 2.0 and up font files for format errors.
chkhelp(1) Check performance metrics help text files.
chklastlog(1) Check lastlog-file for deleted entries.
chkmpqcval(1) ↣ mpqcval(1) Run the mpqc validation suite.
chkrootkit(1) Determine whether the system is infected with a rootkit.
chkservice(8) Tool for managing systemd units in terminal.
chktex(1) Finds typographic errors in LaTeX.
chktri(1) Check for trigraphs in C source code.
chktrust(1) Check the trust of a PE executable.
chkweb(1) Runs the LaTeX parts of a CWEB file through chktex.
chkwtmp(1) Check wtmp-file for deleted entries.
chla_transtype(3) ↣ auxOTHERcomputational(3)
chlen(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
chm2pdf(1) A tool convert chm to pdf format.
chm_http(1) Simplistic web server to allow browsing of chm files without extracting them.
chmcmd-3.0.4(1) The FPC Pascal htmlhelp (CHM) compiler.
chmem(8) Configure memory.
chmls-3.0.4(1) The FPC Pascal CHM utility.
chmod(1) Change file mode bits.
chmod(1posix) Change the file modes.
chmod(2) Change permissions of a file.
chmod(2freebsd) Change mode of file.
chmod(3posix) Change mode of a file relative to directory file descriptor.
chmoddic(1) Change access rights for a directory.
chntpw(8) Utility to overwrite passwords of Windows systems.
chocolate-doom(6) Historically compatible Doom engine.
chocolate-doom-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-doom.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-heretic(6) Historically compatible Heretic engine.
chocolate-heretic-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-heretic.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-hexen(6) Historically compatible Hexen engine.
chocolate-hexen-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-hexen.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-server(6) Dedicated server for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-strife(6) Historically compatible strife engine.
chocolate-strife-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-strife.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chooseLines(1) Randomly choose k lines from a file of n lines, for 0 < k < n.
choosethread(9freebsd) Manage the queue of runnable processes.
choosewm(1) Select a window manager to be used.
choptest(8) HylaFAX page chopping test program.
choqok(1) Blogging client for KDE4.
chordii(1) Produce a professional looking PostScript sheet-music from an ascii file containing lyrics and.
choreonoid(1) An integrated robotics GUI environment.
chown(1) Change file owner and group.
chown(1posix) Change the file ownership.
chown(2) Change ownership of a file.
chown(2freebsd) Change owner and group of a file.
chown(3posix) Change owner and group of a file relative to directory file descriptor.
chown32(2) ↣ chown(2) Change ownership of a file.
chpasswd(8) Update passwords in batch mode.
chpcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chpev(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chpevd(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chpevx(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chpgst(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chpgv(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chpgvd(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chpgvx(3) ↣ complexOTHEReigen(3)
chpmv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
chpr(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
chpr2(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
chprfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chprop(1) Change file properties on the Rio Karma.
chpst(8) Runs a program with a changed process state.
chpsv(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
chpsvx(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
chptrd(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chptrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chptri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chptrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chroma(1) General purpose syntax highlighting program.
chromebook_platform(4freebsd) Support driver for hardware on various Chromebook models.
chromium-browser(1) The web browser from Google.
chromium-bsu(6) Slick scrolling space shooter. Makes stitch files for feeding to to allow feeding of multiple chromosomes to.
chronic(1) Runs a command quietly unless it fails.
chronicle(1) A simple blog compiler.
chronicle-entry-filter(1) Convert blog files to HTML, if required.
chronicle-ping(1) Send outgoing PING requests for new pages.
chronicle-rss-importer(1) Import entries from an RSS feed to chronicle.
chronicle-spooler(1) Automatically post pre-written entries.
chrony.conf(5) Chronyd configuration file.
chronyc(1) Command-line interface for chrony daemon.
chronyd(8) Chrony daemon.
chroot(2) Change root directory.
chroot(2freebsd) Change root directory.
chroot(8) Run command or interactive shell with special root directory.
chrootuid(1) Run command in restricted environment.
chrpath(1) Change the rpath or runpath in binaries.
chrt(1) Manipulate the real-time attributes of a process.
chsein(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chseqr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
chsh(1) Change login shell.
chsh.ldap(1) Change login shell in LDAP.
chstrncpy(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
cht(1) Chemtool drawings analyzer.
chtMultiRegionFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
chtype2Char(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
chtype2String(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
chuck(1) Audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, and performance.
chuck.alsa(1) ↣ chuck(1) Audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, and performance.
chuck.oss(1) ↣ chuck(1) Audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, and performance.
chvt(1) Change foreground virtual terminal.
chxid(8) Assigns a context to a file.
ci(1) Check in RCS revisions.
cia(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
cibadmin(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
cibsecret(8) ↣ lrmadmin(8) Part of the Linux-HA project.
CiderWebmail(3pm) Catalyst based application.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Addressbook(3pm) Catalyst Controller.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Mailbox(3pm) Catalyst Controller.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Message(3pm) Catalyst Controller.
CiderWebmail::Controller::Root(3pm) Root Controller for CiderWebmail.
CiderWebmail::Error(3pm) Error Handling in CiderWebmail.
CiderWebmail::Message::Forwarded(3pm) Represents a message/rfc822 body part.
CiderWebmail::Model::DB(3pm) Catalyst DBIC Schema Model =head1 SYNOPSIS.
CiderWebmail::Model::IMAPClient(3pm) Catalyst Model.
CiderWebmail::View::Petal(3pm) Catalyst View.
CiderWebmail::View::RFC822(3pm) Catalyst View for sending e-Mail.
cidr(3bobcat) Compares IP4 addresses to CIDR specifications.
cidr_table(5) Format of Postfix CIDR tables.
cif2cbf(1) Convert a CIF to a CBF file.
cifer(1) Multipurpose classical cryptanalysis and code‐breaking tool.
cifer-dict(1) Turn files containing lists of words into a dictionary for cifer(1).
cifs.idmap(8) Userspace helper for mapping ids for Common Internet File System (CIFS).
cifs.upcall(8) Userspace upcall helper for Common Internet File System (CIFS).
cifscreds(1) Manage NTLM credentials in kernel keyring.
cifsdd(8) Convert and copy a file over SMB.
cifsiostat(1) Report CIFS statistics.
CigiDummyIG(1) Sample CIGI Image Generator.
CigiMiniHost(1) Sample CIGI Host.
cil(1) The command-line issue list.
CIL::Mixed(3pm) [OBSOLETE] getopt processing with both long and short options.
cilc(1) Mono CIL-to-C binding generator.
cimag(3) Get imaginary part of a complex number.
cimag(3posix) Complex imaginary functions.
cimagf(3) ↣ cimag(3) Get imaginary part of a complex number.
cimagl(3) ↣ cimag(3) Get imaginary part of a complex number.
cinder(8) Please fill.
cinder-api(8) Frontend API server for cinder.
cinder-manage(8) Manages the cinder daemons.
cinder-rootwrap(8) Authorizes and executes sudo commands on cinder's behalf.
cinder-scheduler(8) Frontend API server for cinder.
cinder-volume(8) Frontend API server for cinder.
cindex(1) Prepares the trigram index for csearch(1).
cineoob(1) Search movies and persons around cinema.
cininserter(3bobcat) Runs external programs reading standard input.
Cinitlog(3) Log server messages in local log or in system logger.
cinnamon(1) Desktop.
cinnamon-launcher(1) Start or restart a cinnamon session.
cinnamon-menu-editor(1) Editor for the panel menu.
cinnamon-session(1) Start the GNOME desktop environment.
cinnamon-session-quit(1) End the current GNOME session.
cinnamon-settings(1) Configuration panel for cinnamon.
cinnamon2d(1) ↣ cinnamon(1) Desktop.
ciphers(1ssl) SSL cipher display and cipher list tool.
ciptool(1) Bluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP).
CipUX(3pm) Common CipUX functions.
CipUX::Cfg::Client(3pm) Common CipUX configuration client.
CipUX::Dog(3pm) Adds a hook to CipUX::Task to execute commands.
CipUX::Object(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action(3pm) Object Action layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::Attribute::Change(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::Attribute::List(3pm) List object attribute actions.
CipUX::Object::Action::Create(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::Destroy(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Action::List(3pm) Object layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Object::Client(3pm) Command line client for CipUX objects.
CipUX::Passwd(3pm) XML-RPC client to change own password.
CipUX::RBAC::Simple(3pm) RBAC class for CipUX.
CipUX::RPC(3pm) RPC server base class for CipUX.
CipUX::RPC::Client(3pm) XML-RPC client call library.
CipUX::RPC::Server(3pm) RPC server class for CipUX.
CipUX::RPC::Server::Daemon(3pm) Command line interface for CipUX::RPC::Server.
CipUX::RPC::Test::Client(3pm) Libray for test clients.
CipUX::Storage(3pm) Storage abstraction layer for CipUX.
CipUX::Storage::Client(3pm) Command line client library for CipUX-Storage.
CipUX::Task(3pm) Task layer class for CipUX.
CipUX::Task::Client(3pm) CLI for CipUX Tasks.
CipUX::Trait(3pm) Common CipUX functions.
cipux_configuration(1p) Prints CipUX configuration values.
cipux_mkcertkey(1p) Simple script to generate certificate for stunnel.
cipux_object_client(1p) Create, destroy CipUX objects.
cipux_rpc_list(1p) Prints CipUX RPC command list.
cipux_rpc_test_client(1p) Command line tool to test the RPC server.
cipux_rpcd(1p) CipUX XML-RPC server daemon.
cipux_storage_client(1p) Command line interface to CipUX storage abstraction layer.
cipuxpasswd(1p) XML-RPC Client to change own password.
circlator(1) Circularize genome assemblies.
circle(3alleg4) Draws a circle. Allegro game programming library.
circlefill(3alleg4) Draws a filled circle. Allegro game programming library.
CIRCLEQ_ENTRY(3) ↣ queue(3)
CIRCLEQ_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
CIRCLEQ_INIT(3) ↣ queue(3)
CIRCLEQ_REMOVE(3) ↣ queue(3)
circo(1) ↣ dot(1) Filter for drawing directed graphs.
circuit(6x) Animates a number of 3D electronic components.
circuits.bench(1) Simple benchmaking of the circuits library.
circuits.bench3(1) Simple benchmaking of the circuits library.
circuits.web(1) Web Server and testing tool.
circuits.web3(1) Web Server and testing tool.
circus(1) Circus Documentation [image].
circus-plugin(1) Execute a Circus plugin.
circus-top(1) Display Circus processes.
circusctl(1) Circus daemon control insterface.
circusd(1) The circus daemon.
circusd-stats(1) Circus daemon stats aggregator.
circuslinux(6) The clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!.
cirdna(1e) Draws circular maps of DNA constructs.
cisco-decrypt(1) Decrypts an obfuscated Cisco vpn client pre-shared key.
ciscodump(1) Provide interfaces to capture from a remote Cisco router through SSH.
ciso(1) Manual page for Usage: ciso level infile outfile.
ciss(4freebsd) Common Interface for SCSI-3 Support driver.
cite(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
citmail(1) Citadel /usr/sbin/sendmail replacement.
citserver(8) Core of the Citadel Suite.
cityflow(6x) Waves of boxes.
citygmltest(1) Parsing CityGML file.
cjb2(1) Simple DjVuBitonal encoder.
cjet(1) Converts HP PCL to Canon CaPSL format.
cjklatex(1) Use LaTeX directly on a Big5 encoded .tex file.
cjpeg(1) Compress an image file to a JPEG file.
ck(1) Lightweight knowledge manager to organize, cross-link, share and reuse artifacts.
ck_array_buffer(3) Return length and pointer to array of reader-visible pointers.
ck_array_commit(3) Linearization point for mutations before commit call.
ck_array_deinit(3) Destroy and deinitialize a pointer array.
CK_ARRAY_FOREACH(3) Iterate through an array.
ck_array_init(3) Initialize a pointer array.
ck_array_initialized(3) Indicates whether an array was recently initialized or deinitialized.
ck_array_length(3) Returns the number of pointers committed to an array.
ck_array_put(3) Attempt immediate or deferred insertion of a pointer into array.
ck_array_put_unique(3) Attempt immediate or deferred insertion of a unique pointer into array.
ck_array_remove(3) Attempt immediate or deferred removal of a pointer from an array.
ck_bitmap_base(3) Determine the size of a bit array in bytes.
ck_bitmap_bits(3) Return number of addressable bits in bitmap.
ck_bitmap_bts(3) Set the bit at the specified index and fetch its original value.
ck_bitmap_buffer(3) Returns pointer to bit array.
ck_bitmap_clear(3) Reset all bits.
ck_bitmap_init(3) Initialize a bitmap.
ck_bitmap_iterator_init(3) Initialize bitmap iterator.
ck_bitmap_next(3) Iterate to the next set bit in bitmap.
ck_bitmap_reset(3) Resets the bit at the specified index.
ck_bitmap_set(3) Set the bit at the specified index.
ck_bitmap_size(3) Returns necessary number of bytes for bitmap.
ck_bitmap_test(3) Determine if the bit at the specified index is set.
ck_bitmap_union(3) Generates union of two bitmaps.
ck_cohort(3) Generalized interface for lock cohorts.
CK_COHORT_INIT(3) Initialize instance of a cohort type.
CK_COHORT_INSTANCE(3) Declare an instance of a cohort type.
CK_COHORT_LOCK(3) Acquire cohort lock.
CK_COHORT_PROTOTYPE(3) Define cohort type with specified lock types.
CK_COHORT_TRYLOCK(3) Try to acquire cohort lock.
CK_COHORT_TRYLOCK_PROTOTYPE(3) Define cohort type with specified lock types.
CK_COHORT_UNLOCK(3) Release cohort lock.
ck_epoch_barrier(3) Block until a grace period and all callbacks have been dispatched.
ck_epoch_begin(3) Begin epoch-protected segment of execution.
ck_epoch_call(3) Defer function execution until a grace period.
ck_epoch_end(3) End epoch-protected segment of execution.
ck_epoch_init(3) Initialize epoch reclamation object.
ck_epoch_poll(3) Non-blocking poll of epoch object for dispatch cycles.
ck_epoch_reclaim(3) Immediately execute all deferred callbacks.
ck_epoch_recycle(3) Return an epoch record that may be used by caller.
ck_epoch_register(3) Register a thread for epoch reclamation.
ck_epoch_synchronize(3) Block until a grace period has been detected.
ck_epoch_unregister(3) Unregister a thread for epoch reclamation.
ck_hs_apply(3) Apply a function to hash set value.
ck_hs_count(3) Returns number of entries in hash set.
ck_hs_destroy(3) Destroy hash set.
ck_hs_fas(3) Fetch and store key in hash set.
ck_hs_gc(3) Perform maintenance on a hash set.
ck_hs_get(3) Load a key from a hash set.
ck_hs_grow(3) Enlarge hash set capacity.
CK_HS_HASH(3) Invoke hash function with hash set seed.
ck_hs_init(3) Initialize a hash set.
ck_hs_iterator_init(3) Initialize hash set iterator.
ck_hs_move(3) Move one from hash set to another.
ck_hs_next(3) Iterate to next entry in hash set.
ck_hs_put(3) Store unique key into a hash set.
ck_hs_put_unique(3) Unconditionally store unique key into a hash set.
ck_hs_rebuild(3) Rebuild a hash set.
ck_hs_remove(3) Remove key from a hash set.
ck_hs_reset(3) Remove all keys from a hash set.
ck_hs_reset_size(3) Remove all keys from a hash set.
ck_hs_set(3) Store key into a hash set.
ck_hs_stat(3) Get hash set status.
ck_ht_count(3) Return count of key-value pairs in hash table.
ck_ht_destroy(3) Immediately destroy a hash table.
ck_ht_entry_empty(3) Determine whether entry contains a key-value pair.
ck_ht_entry_key(3) Return pointer to key as specified in hash table entry.
ck_ht_entry_key_direct(3) Return key value as specified in hash table entry.
ck_ht_entry_key_length(3) Returns the length of the key specified in the argument.
ck_ht_entry_key_set(3) Initialize pointer to key in hash table entry.
ck_ht_entry_key_set_direct(3) Initialize key value in hash table entry.
ck_ht_entry_set(3) Initialize a key-value pair.
ck_ht_entry_set_direct(3) Initialize a key-value pair.
ck_ht_entry_value(3) Return pointer to value as specified in hash table entry.
ck_ht_entry_value_direct(3) Return value as specified in hash table entry.
ck_ht_gc(3) Perform maintenance on a hash table.
ck_ht_get_spmc(3) Load a key-value pair from a hash table.
ck_ht_grow_spmc(3) Resize a hash table if necessary.
ck_ht_hash(3) Generate a hash value for a hash table.
ck_ht_hash_direct(3) Generate a hash value for a hash table.
ck_ht_init(3) Initialize a hash table.
ck_ht_iterator_init(3) Initialize hash table iterator.
ck_ht_next(3) Iterate to next entry in hash table.
ck_ht_put_spmc(3) Store unique key-value pair into hash table.
ck_ht_remove_spmc(3) Resize a hash table if necessary.
ck_ht_reset_size_spmc(3) Remove all entries from a hash table and reset size.
ck_ht_reset_spmc(3) Remove all entries from a hash table.
ck_ht_set_spmc(3) Store key-value pair into hash table.
ck_ht_stat(3) Get hash table status.
ck_pflock(3) Cen‐.
ck_pr(3) Concurrency primitives interface.
ck_pr_barrier(3) Compiler optimization barrier.
ck_pr_btc(3) Atomic bit test-and-.
ck_pr_btr(3) Atomic bit test-and-.
ck_pr_bts(3) Atomic bit test-and-set.
ck_pr_fence_acquire(3) Enforce acquire semantics.
ck_pr_fence_atomic(3) Enforce partial ordering of atomic read-modify-write operations.
ck_pr_fence_atomic_load(3) Enforce ordering of atomic read-modify-write operations to load operations.
ck_pr_fence_atomic_store(3) Enforce ordering of atomic read-modify-write operations to store operations.
ck_pr_fence_load(3) Enforce partial ordering of load operations.
ck_pr_fence_load_atomic(3) Enforce ordering of load operations to atomic read-modify-write operations.
ck_pr_fence_load_depends(3) Data dependency barrier.
ck_pr_fence_load_store(3) Enforce ordering of load operations to store operations.
ck_pr_fence_memory(3) Enforce partial ordering of all memory operations.
ck_pr_fence_release(3) Enforce release semantics.
ck_pr_fence_store(3) Enforce partial ordering of store operations.
ck_pr_fence_store_atomic(3) Enforce ordering of store operations to load operations.
ck_pr_fence_store_load(3) Enforce ordering of store operations to load operations.
ck_pr_rtm(3) Restricted transactional memory.
ck_pr_stall(3) Busy-wait primitive.
ck_rhs_apply(3) Apply a function to hash set value.
ck_rhs_count(3) Returns number of entries in hash set.
ck_rhs_destroy(3) Destroy hash set.
ck_rhs_fas(3) Fetch and store key in hash set.
ck_rhs_gc(3) Perform maintenance on a hash set.
ck_rhs_get(3) Load a key from a hash set.
ck_rhs_grow(3) Enlarge hash set capacity.
CK_RHS_HASH(3) Invoke hash function with hash set seed.
ck_rhs_init(3) Initialize a hash set.
ck_rhs_iterator_init(3) Initialize hash set iterator.
ck_rhs_move(3) Move one from hash set to another.
ck_rhs_next(3) Iterate to next entry in hash set.
ck_rhs_put(3) Store unique key into a hash set.
ck_rhs_put_unique(3) Unconditionally store unique key into a hash set.
ck_rhs_rebuild(3) Rebuild a hash set.
ck_rhs_remove(3) Remove key from a hash set.
ck_rhs_reset(3) Remove all keys from a hash set.
ck_rhs_reset_size(3) Remove all keys from a hash set.
ck_rhs_set(3) Store key into a hash set.
ck_rhs_stat(3) Get hash set status.
ck_ring_capacity(3) Returns number of pointer slots in bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_dequeue_spmc(3) Dequeue pointer from bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_dequeue_spsc(3) Dequeue pointer from bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_enqueue_spmc(3) Enqueue pointer into bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_enqueue_spmc_size(3) Enqueue pointer into bounded FIFO and return size of buffer.
ck_ring_enqueue_spsc(3) Enqueue pointer into bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_enqueue_spsc_size(3) Enqueue pointer into bounded FIFO and return size of buffer.
ck_ring_init(3) Initialize bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_size(3) Return number of pointers enqueued in bounded FIFO.
ck_ring_trydequeue_spmc(3) Dequeue from bounded FIFO and allow for spurious failure.
ck_rwcohort(3) Generalized interface for reader-writer locks using cohort locks.
CK_RWCOHORT_INIT(3) Initialize instance of a cohort-based reader-writer lock type.
CK_RWCOHORT_INSTANCE(3) Declare an instance of a cohort-based reader-writer lock type.
CK_RWCOHORT_PROTOTYPE(3) Define reader-writer cohort-based lock using the specified cohort type.
CK_RWCOHORT_READ_LOCK(3) Acquire read-only permission for cohort-based reader-writer lock.
CK_RWCOHORT_READ_UNLOCK(3) Relinquish read-only access to cohort-based reader-writer lock.
CK_RWCOHORT_WRITE_LOCK(3) Acquite write access for a cohort-based reader-writer lock.
CK_RWCOHORT_WRITE_UNLOCK(3) Relinquish write access for cohort-based reader-writer lock.
ckalloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
ckbcomp(1) Compile a XKB keyboard description to a keymap suitable for loadkeys or kbdcontrol.
ckbcomp-mini(1) Compile a XKB keyboard description to a keymap suitable for loadkeys or kbdcontrol.
ckbuilder(1) Command line builder for CKEditor.
ckd2cckd(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
ckey(7) The standard definition of each function key in.
ckeygen(1) Manipulate public/private keys.
ckfree(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
ckifzs(6) Verifies a QUETZAL/IFZS file.
ckon(1) Automatic build tool for ROOT analyses.
ckpasswd(8) Nnrpd password authenticator.
ckport(1) Portability analysis and security checking tool.
ckrealloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
cksfv(1) Tests and creates simple file verification (SFV) listings.
cksum(1) Checksum and count the bytes in a file.
cksum(1posix) Write file checksums and sizes.
cksum(3tcl) Calculate a cksum(1) compatible checksum.
cl(1) ↣ cl-launch(1)
cl-dump(1) Dump and decode Directory Server replication change log.
cl_image_format(3clc) The image format descriptor structure is defined as:.
cl_khr_3d_image_writes(3clc) Extension to enable writes to 3D image memory objects.
cl_khr_d3d10_sharing(3clc) Provide interoperability between OpenCL and Direct3D 10.
cl_khr_d3d11_sharing(3clc) Provide interoperability between OpenCL and Direct3D 11.
cl_khr_dx9_media_sharing(3clc) Provide interoperability between OpenCL and selecgted adapter APIs (only DX9 at.
cl_khr_fp16(3clc) Optional half floating-point support.
cl_khr_fp64(3clc) Provided for backward compatibility if double floating-point precision is supported.
cl_khr_gl_event(3clc) Create an OpenCL event object from a GL sync object.
cl_khr_gl_sharing(3clc) Allow applications to use OpenGL buffer, texture and renderbuffer objects as OpenCL memory.
cl_khr_icd(3clc) Provide interoperability between OpenCL and Direct3D 10.
cl_khr_int64_base_atomics(3clc) Optional extensions that implement atomic operations on 64-bit signed and unsigned.
cl_khr_int64_extended_atomics(3clc) Optional extensions that implement atomic operations on 64-bit signed and.
cl_status(1) Check status of the High-Availability Linux (Linux-HA) subsystem.
cla_gbamv(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cla_gbrcond_c(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cla_gbrcond_x(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cla_gbrfsx_extended(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cla_gbrpvgrw(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cla_geamv(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cla_gercond_c(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cla_gercond_x(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cla_gerfsx_extended(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cla_gerpvgrw(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
cla_heamv(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cla_hercond_c(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cla_hercond_x(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cla_herfsx_extended(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cla_herpvgrw(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
cla_lin_berr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cla_porcond_c(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cla_porcond_x(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cla_porfsx_extended(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cla_porpvgrw(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cla_syamv(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
cla_syrcond_c(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
cla_syrcond_x(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
cla_syrfsx_extended(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
cla_syrpvgrw(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
cla_wwaddw(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clabrd(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacgv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacn2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacon(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacp2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacpy(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacrm(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clacrt(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
cladiv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claed0(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
claed7(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
claed8(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
claein(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claesy(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
claev2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clag2z(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
clags2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clagtm(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clahef(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
clahef_aa(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
clahef_rk(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
clahef_rook(3) ↣ complexHEcomputational(3)
clahqr(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clahr2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claic1(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clals0(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clalsa(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clalsd(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clamassassin(1) Email virus filter wrapper for ClamAV for use in procmail and other applications.
clamav-config(1) Script to get information about libclamav.
clamav-milter(8) Milter compatible mail scanner.
clamav-milter.conf(5) Configuration file for clamav-milter.
clamav-unofficial-sigs(8) Download, test, and install third-party ClamAV signature databases.
ClamAV::Client(3pm) A client class for the ClamAV "clamd" virus scanner daemon.
ClamAV::Config(3pm) A Perl class providing configuration information for Perl modules related to ClamAV.
clambc(1) Bytecode Analysis and Testing Tool.
clamconf(1) Clam AntiVirus configuration utility.
clamd(8) An anti-virus daemon.
clamd.conf(5) Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus Daemon.
clamdscan(1) Scan files and directories for viruses using Clam AntiVirus Daemon.
clamdtop(1) Monitor the Clam AntiVirus Daemon.
clamfs(1) An anti-virus protected file system.
clamp(3clc) Clamp x to range given by min, max.
clamp(3G) Constrain a value to lie between two further values.
clamscan(1) Scan files and directories for viruses.
clamsmtpd(8) An SMTP server for scanning viruses via clamd.
clamsmtpd.conf(5) The configuration file for clamsmtpd(8).
clamsubmit(1) File submission utility for ClamAV.
clamtk(1) Graphical user interface (gui) for Clam AntiVirus.
clamz(1) Download MP3 music files from
clang(1) ↣ clang-6.0(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
Clang(3pm) Perl bindings to the Clang compiler's indexing interface.
clang-10(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-3.9(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-4.0(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-5.0(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-6.0(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-7(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-8(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-9(1) The Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler.
clang-apply-replacements(1) ↣ clang-apply-replacements-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 6.0.
clang-apply-replacements-10(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 10.
clang-apply-replacements-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 3.9.
clang-apply-replacements-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 4.0.
clang-apply-replacements-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 5.0.
clang-apply-replacements-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 6.0.
clang-apply-replacements-7(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 7.
clang-apply-replacements-9(1) Manual page for clang-apply-replacements 9.
clang-check(1) ↣ clang-check-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-check 6.0.
clang-check-10(1) Manual page for clang-check 10.
clang-check-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-check 3.9.
clang-check-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-check 4.0.
clang-check-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-check 5.0.
clang-check-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-check 6.0.
clang-check-7(1) Manual page for clang-check 7.
clang-check-9(1) Manual page for clang-check 9.
clang-format(1) ↣ clang-format-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-format 6.0.
clang-format-10(1) Manual page for clang-format 10.
clang-format-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-format 3.9.
clang-format-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-format 4.0.
clang-format-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-format 5.0.
clang-format-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-format 6.0.
clang-format-7(1) Manual page for clang-format 7.
clang-format-8(1) Manual page for clang-format 8.
clang-format-9(1) Manual page for clang-format 9.
clang-format-diff(1) ↣ clang-format-diff-6.0(1) Manual page for 6.0.
clang-format-diff-10(1) Manual page for 10.
clang-format-diff-3.9(1) Manual page for 3.9.
clang-format-diff-4.0(1) Manual page for 4.0.
clang-format-diff-5.0(1) Manual page for 5.0.
clang-format-diff-6.0(1) Manual page for 6.0.
clang-format-diff-7(1) Manual page for 7.
clang-format-diff-8(1) Manual page for 8.
clang-include-fixer-10(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 10.
clang-include-fixer-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 3.9.
clang-include-fixer-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 4.0.
clang-include-fixer-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 5.0.
clang-include-fixer-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 6.0.
clang-include-fixer-7(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 7.
clang-include-fixer-9(1) Manual page for clang-include-fixer 9.
clang-query(1) ↣ clang-query-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-query 6.0.
clang-query-10(1) Manual page for clang-query 10.
clang-query-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-query 3.9.
clang-query-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-query 4.0.
clang-query-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-query 5.0.
clang-query-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-query 6.0.
clang-query-7(1) Manual page for clang-query 7.
clang-query-9(1) Manual page for clang-query 9.
clang-rename-10(1) Manual page for clang-rename 10.
clang-rename-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-rename 3.9.
clang-rename-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-rename 4.0.
clang-rename-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-rename 5.0.
clang-rename-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-rename 6.0.
clang-rename-7(1) Manual page for clang-rename 7.
clang-rename-9(1) Manual page for clang-rename 9.
clang-reorder-fields-10(1) Manual page for clang-reorder-fields 10.
clang-reorder-fields-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-reorder-fields 4.0.
clang-reorder-fields-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-reorder-fields 5.0.
clang-reorder-fields-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-reorder-fields 6.0.
clang-reorder-fields-7(1) Manual page for clang-reorder-fields 7.
clang-reorder-fields-9(1) Manual page for clang-reorder-fields 9.
clang-tidy(1) ↣ clang-tidy-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 6.0.
clang-tidy-10(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 10.
clang-tidy-3.9(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 3.9.
clang-tidy-4.0(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 4.0.
clang-tidy-5.0(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 5.0.
clang-tidy-6.0(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 6.0.
clang-tidy-7(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 7.
clang-tidy-9(1) Manual page for clang-tidy 9.
Clang::Cursor(3pm) Clang cursor class.
Clang::CursorKind(3pm) Clang cursor kind class.
Clang::Diagnostic(3pm) Clang diagnostic class.
Clang::Index(3pm) Clang index class.
Clang::TUnit(3pm) Clang translation unit class.
Clang::Type(3pm) Clang type class.
Clang::TypeKind(3pm) Clang type kind class.
clangb(3) ↣ complexGBauxiliary(3)
clangd-10(1) Manual page for clangd 10.
clangd-9(1) Manual page for clangd 9.
clange(3) ↣ complexGEauxiliary(3)
clangt(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clanhb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clanhe(3) ↣ complexHEauxiliary(3)
clanhf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clanhp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clanhs(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clanht(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clansb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clansp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clansy(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
clantb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clantp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clantr(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clapll(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clapmr(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clapmt(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqgb(3) ↣ complexGBauxiliary(3)
claqge(3) ↣ complexGEauxiliary(3)
claqhb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqhe(3) ↣ complexHEauxiliary(3)
claqhp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqp2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqps(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqr0(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqr1(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqr2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqr3(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqr4(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqr5(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqsb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqsp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claqsy(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
clar1v(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clar2v(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarcm(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarf(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarfb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarfg(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarfgp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarft(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarfx(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarfy(3) ↣ complex_eig(3)
clargv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarnv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarrv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarscl2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clartg(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clartv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clarz(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clarzb(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clarzt(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clascl(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clascl2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
claset(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clasp(1) A conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver.
clasr(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
class(3itcl) Create a class of objects.
Class(3nx) API reference of the base-metaclass of the NX objectsystem.
CLASS(3pm) Alias for __PACKAGE__.
class-11d.x(1) ↣ class.x(1) Classify reflexive polytopes.
class-4d.x(1) ↣ class.x(1) Classify reflexive polytopes.
class-5d.x(1) ↣ class.x(1) Classify reflexive polytopes.
class-6d.x(1) ↣ class.x(1) Classify reflexive polytopes.
class.x(1) Classify reflexive polytopes.
Class::Accessor(3pm) Automated accessor generation.
Class::Accessor::Chained(3pm) Make chained accessors.
Class::Accessor::Chained::Fast(3pm) Faster, but less expandable, chained accessors.
Class::Accessor::Children(3pm) Automated child-class/accessor generation.
Class::Accessor::Children::Fast(3pm) Faster, child-class/accessor generation.
Class::Accessor::Class(3pm) Simple class variable accessors.
Class::Accessor::Classy(3pm) Accessors with minimal inheritance.
Class::Accessor::Fast(3pm) Faster, but less expandable, accessors.
Class::Accessor::Faster(3pm) Even faster, but less expandable, accessors.
Class::Accessor::Grouped(3pm) Lets you build groups of accessors.
Class::Accessor::Lite(3pm) A minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor.
Class::Accessor::Lvalue(3pm) Create Lvalue accessors.
Class::Accessor::Lvalue::Fast(3pm) Create simplified Lvalue accessors.
Class::Accessor::Named(3pm) Better profiling output for Class::Accessor.
Class::Adapter(3pm) Perl implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern.
Class::Adapter::Builder(3pm) Generate Class::Adapter classes.
Class::Adapter::Clear(3pm) A handy base Adapter class that makes no changes.
Class::AutoloadCAN(3pm) Make AUTOLOAD, can and inheritance cooperate.
Class::Autouse(3pm) Run-time load a class the first time you call a method in it.
Class::Base(3pm) Useful base class for deriving other modules.
Class::C3(3pm) A pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm.
Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT(3pm) Make NEXT suck less.
Class::C3::Componentised(3pm) Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class.
Class::C3::Componentised::ApplyHooks(3pm) Allow component to run methods on the class that is being injected into.
Class::C3::next(3pm) Pure-perl next::method and friends.
Class::C3::XS(3pm) XS speedups for Class::C3.
Class::Container(3pm) Glues object frameworks together transparently.
Class::Contract(3pm) Design-by-Contract OO in Perl.
Class::Contract::Production(3pm) Design-by-Contract OO in Perl.
Class::CSV(3pm) Class based CSV parser/writer.
Class::Data::Accessor(3pm) Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation.
Class::Data::Inheritable(3pm) Inheritable, overridable class data.
Class::Date(3pm) Class for easy date and time manipulation.
Class::DBI(3pm) Simple Database Abstraction.
Class::DBI::AbstractSearch(3pm) Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract::Limit.
Class::DBI::AsForm(3pm) Produce HTML form elements for database columns.
Class::DBI::Attribute(3pm) A value in a column.
Class::DBI::Cascade::Delete(3pm) Delete related objects.
Class::DBI::Cascade::Fail(3pm) Do not cascade if foreign objects exist.
Class::DBI::Cascade::None(3pm) Do nothing upon deletion.
Class::DBI::Column(3pm) A column in a table.
Class::DBI::ColumnGrouper(3pm) Columns and Column Groups.
Class::DBI::FromCGI(3pm) Update Class::DBI data using CGI::Untaint.
Class::DBI::FromForm(3pm) Update Class::DBI data using Data::FormValidator or HTML Widget.
Class::DBI::Iterator(3pm) Iterate over Class::DBI search results.
Class::DBI::Loader(3pm) Dynamic definition of Class::DBI sub classes.
Class::DBI::Loader::Generic(3pm) Generic Class::DBI::Loader Implementation.
Class::DBI::Loader::mysql(3pm) Class::DBI::Loader mysql Implementation.
Class::DBI::Loader::Pg(3pm) Class::DBI::Loader Postgres Implementation.
Class::DBI::Loader::Relationship(3pm) Easier relationship specification in CDBI::L.
Class::DBI::Loader::SQLite(3pm) Class::DBI::Loader SQLite Implementation.
Class::DBI::mysql(3pm) Extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL.
Class::DBI::Pager(3pm) Pager utility for Class::DBI.
Class::DBI::Pg(3pm) Class::DBI extension for Postgres.
Class::DBI::Plugin(3pm) Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins.
Class::DBI::Plugin::AbstractCount(3pm) Get COUNT(*) results with abstract SQL.
Class::DBI::Plugin::Pager(3pm) Paged queries for CDBI.
Class::DBI::Plugin::RetrieveAll(3pm) More complex retrieve_all() for Class::DBI.
Class::DBI::Plugin::Type(3pm) Determine type information for columns.
Class::DBI::Query(3pm) Deprecated SQL manager for Class::DBI.
Class::DBI::Relationship(3pm) Base class for Relationships.
Class::DBI::Search::Basic(3pm) Simple Class::DBI search.
Class::DBI::SQL::Transformer(3pm) Transform SQL.
Class::DBI::SQLite(3pm) Extension to Class::DBI for sqlite.
Class::DBI::Sweet(3pm) Making sweet things sweeter.
Class::DBI::Sweet::Topping(3pm) Topping for Class::DBI::Sweet.
Class::DBI::Test::SQLite(3pm) Base class for Class::DBI tests.
Class::Default(3pm) Static calls apply to a default instantiation.
Class::EHierarchy(3pm) Base class for hierarchally ordered objects.
Class::ErrorHandler(3pm) Base class for error handling.
Class::Factory(3pm) Base class for dynamic factory classes.
Class::Factory::Util(3pm) Provide utility methods for factory classes.
Class::Field(3pm) Class Field Accessor Generator.
Class::Forward(3pm) Namespace Dispatch and Resolution.
Class::Gomor(3pm) Another class and object builder.
Class::Gomor::Array(3pm) Class and object builder, array version.
Class::Gomor::Hash(3pm) Class and object builder, hash version.
Class::Handle(3pm) Create objects that are handles to Classes.
Class::Inner(3pm) A perlish implementation of Java like inner classes.
Class::InsideOut(3pm) A safe, simple inside-out object construction kit.
Class::InsideOut::Manual::About(3pm) Guide to this and other implementations of the inside-out technique.
Class::InsideOut::Manual::Advanced(3pm) Guide to advanced usage.
Class::Inspector(3pm) Get information about a class and its structure.
Class::Inspector::Functions(3pm) Get information about a class and its structure.
Class::ISA(3pm) Report the search path for a class's ISA tree.
Class::Load(3pm) A working (require "Class::Name") and more.
Class::Load::XS(3pm) XS implementation of parts of Class::Load.
Class::Loader(3pm) Load modules and create objects on demand.
Class::MakeMethods(3pm) Generate common types of methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Attribute(3pm) Declare generated subs with attribute syntax.
Class::MakeMethods::Autoload(3pm) Declare generated subs with AUTOLOAD.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic(3pm) Make really simple methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic::Array(3pm) Basic array methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic::Global(3pm) Basic shared methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Basic::Hash(3pm) Basic hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite(3pm) Make extensible compound methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Array(3pm) Basic array methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Global(3pm) Global data.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Hash(3pm) Composite hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Inheritable(3pm) Overridable data.
Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Universal(3pm) Composite Method Tricks.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::Catalog(3pm) List of Makable Method Types.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::Changes(3pm) History of Class::MakeMethods.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::Examples(3pm) Sample Declarations and Usage.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ReadMe(3pm) About Class::MakeMethods.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::RelatedModules(3pm) Survey of Class Builders.
Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ToDo(3pm) Ideas, problems, and suggestions.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator(3pm) Demonstrate class-generator equivalency.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast(3pm) Emulate Class::Accessor::Fast.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::accessors(3pm) Emulate the accessors module.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::Inheritable(3pm) Emulate Class::Inheritable.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::mcoder(3pm) Emulate the mcoder module.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::MethodMaker(3pm) Emulate Class::MethodMaker.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::Singleton(3pm) Emulate Class::Singleton.
Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::Struct(3pm) Emulate Class::Struct.
Class::MakeMethods::Evaled(3pm) Make methods with simple string evals.
Class::MakeMethods::Evaled::Hash(3pm) Typical hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard(3pm) Make common object accessors.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Array(3pm) Methods for Array objects.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Global(3pm) Global data.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Hash(3pm) Standard hash methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Inheritable(3pm) Overridable data.
Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Universal(3pm) Generic Methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Template(3pm) Extensible code templates.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Array(3pm) Methods for manipulating positional values in arrays.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Class(3pm) Associate information with a package.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassInherit(3pm) Overridable class data.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassName(3pm) Access object's class.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::ClassVar(3pm) Static methods with subclass variation.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Flyweight(3pm) Deprecated name for InsideOut.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Generic(3pm) Templates for common meta-method types.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Global(3pm) Method that are not instance-dependent.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Hash(3pm) Method interfaces for hash-based objects.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Inheritable(3pm) Overridable data.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::InsideOut(3pm) External data.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::PackageVar(3pm) Static methods with global variables.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Ref(3pm) Universal copy and compare methods.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Scalar(3pm) Methods for blessed scalars.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Static(3pm) Deprecated name for Global.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Struct(3pm) Deprecated name for Array.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::StructBuiltin(3pm) Generates a wrapper around some builtin function.
Class::MakeMethods::Template::Universal(3pm) Meta-methods for any type of object.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::ArraySplicer(3pm) Common array ops.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::DiskCache(3pm) Optional Template feature.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::Inheritable(3pm) "Inheritable" data.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::Ref(3pm) Deep copying and comparison.
Class::MakeMethods::Utility::TextBuilder(3pm) Basic text substitutions.
Class::Meta(3pm) Class automation, introspection, and data validation.
Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder(3pm) Perl style accessor generation.
Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder::Affordance(3pm) Affordance style accessor generation.
Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder::SemiAffordance(3pm) Semi-Affordance style accessor generation.
Class::Meta::Attribute(3pm) Class::Meta class attribute introspection.
Class::Meta::Class(3pm) Class::Meta class introspection.
Class::Meta::Constructor(3pm) Class::Meta class constructor introspection.
Class::Meta::Method(3pm) Class::Meta class method introspection.
Class::Meta::Type(3pm) Data type validation and accessor building.
Class::Meta::Types::Boolean(3pm) Boolean data types.
Class::Meta::Types::Numeric(3pm) Numeric data types.
Class::Meta::Types::Perl(3pm) Perl data types.
Class::Meta::Types::String(3pm) String data types.
Class::Method::Modifiers(3pm) Provides Moose-like method modifiers.
Class::MethodMaker(3pm) Create generic methods for OO Perl.
Class::MethodMaker::array(3pm) Create methods for handling an array value.
Class::MethodMaker::Constants(3pm) The Constants Class for Class::MethodMaker.
Class::MethodMaker::Engine(3pm) The parameter passing, method installation & non-data-structure methods of.
Class::MethodMaker::hash(3pm) Create methods for handling a hash value.
Class::MethodMaker::OptExt(3pm) Constants for C::MM's option extension mechanism.
Class::MethodMaker::scalar(3pm) Create methods for handling a scalar value.
Class::MethodMaker::V1Compat(3pm) V1 compatibility code for C::MM.
Class::Mix(3pm) Dynamic class mixing.
Class::MixinFactory(3pm) Class Factory with Selection of Mixins.
Class::MixinFactory::Changes(3pm) Revision history for Class::MixinFactory.
Class::MixinFactory::Factory(3pm) Class Factory with Selection of Mixins.
Class::MixinFactory::HasAFactory(3pm) Delegates to a Factory.
Class::MixinFactory::InsideOutAttr(3pm) Method maker for inside out data.
Class::MixinFactory::NEXT(3pm) Superclass method redispatch for mixins.
Class::MixinFactory::ReadMe(3pm) About the Mixin Class Factory.
Class::MOP(3pm) A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5.
Class::MOP::Attribute(3pm) Attribute Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Class(3pm) Class Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Class::Immutable::Trait(3pm) Implements immutability for metaclass objects.
Class::MOP::Deprecated(3pm) Manages deprecation warnings for Class::MOP.
Class::MOP::Instance(3pm) Instance Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Method(3pm) Method Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Method::Accessor(3pm) Method Meta Object for accessors.
Class::MOP::Method::Constructor(3pm) Method Meta Object for constructors.
Class::MOP::Method::Generated(3pm) Abstract base class for generated methods.
Class::MOP::Method::Inlined(3pm) Method base class for methods which have been inlined.
Class::MOP::Method::Meta(3pm) Method Meta Object for "meta" methods.
Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped(3pm) Method Meta Object for methods with before/after/around modifiers.
Class::MOP::MiniTrait(3pm) Extremely limited trait application.
Class::MOP::Mixin(3pm) Base class for mixin classes.
Class::MOP::Mixin::AttributeCore(3pm) Core attributes shared by attribute metaclasses.
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasAttributes(3pm) Methods for metaclasses which have attributes.
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasMethods(3pm) Methods for metaclasses which have methods.
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasOverloads(3pm) Methods for metaclasses which have overloads.
Class::MOP::Module(3pm) Module Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Object(3pm) Base class for metaclasses.
Class::MOP::Overload(3pm) Overload Meta Object.
Class::MOP::Package(3pm) Package Meta Object.
Class::Multimethods(3pm) Support multimethods and function overloading in Perl.
Class::ObjectTemplate(3pm) Perl extension for an optimized template builder base class.
Class::OOorNO(3pm) Give your module classic AND OO interfaces.
Class::Pluggable(3pm) Simple pluggable class.
Class::Prototyped(3pm) Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl.
Class::Refresh(3pm) Refresh your classes during runtime.
Class::ReturnValue(3pm) A return-value object that lets you treat it as as a boolean, array or object.
Class::Singleton(3pm) Implementation of a "Singleton" class.
Class::Spiffy(3pm) Spiffy Framework with No Source Filtering.
Class::Std(3pm) Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes.
Class::Std::Fast(3pm) Faster but less secure than Class::Std.
Class::Std::Fast::Storable(3pm) Fast Storable InsideOut objects.
Class::Std::Storable(3pm) Support for creating serializable "inside-out" classes.
Class::Std::Utils(3pm) Utility subroutines for building "inside-out" objects.
Class::Struct(3perl) Declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes.
Class::Throwable(3pm) A minimal lightweight exception class.
Class::Tiny(3pm) Minimalist class construction.
Class::Trait(3pm) Deprecated. Please use Moose::Role.
Class::Trait::Base(3pm) Base class for all Traits.
Class::Trait::Config(3pm) Trait configuration information storage package.
Class::Trait::Lib::TComparable(3pm) Trait for adding comparison abilities to your object.
Class::Trait::Lib::TEquality(3pm) Trait for adding equality testing to your object.
Class::Trait::Lib::TPrintable(3pm) Trait for adding stringification abilities to your object.
Class::Trait::Reflection(3pm) Reflection class used to find information about classes which use Traits.
Class::Trigger(3pm) Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers.
Class::Unload(3pm) Unload a class.
Class::Virtual(3pm) Base class for virtual base classes.
Class::Virtually::Abstract(3pm) Compile-time enforcement of Class::Virtual.
Class::WhiteHole(3pm) Base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors.
Class::XSAccessor(3pm) Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation.
Class::XSAccessor::Array(3pm) Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation.
Class::XSAccessor::Heavy(3pm) Guts you don't care about.
classDiagram(3clc) OpenCL UML Class Diagram.
classes(3U) Unique identifiers for catalog-managed objects and component views.
classes.conf(5) Class configuration file for cups.
classified-ads(1) Program for posting ads online for others to see.
classifier_tester(1) For *legacy tesseract* engine.
classmate-screen-switch(1) Program to switch to a virtual screen on a classmatePC.
classq(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claswp(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clasyf(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
clasyf_aa(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
clasyf_rk(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
clasyf_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
clatbs(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clatdf(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clatps(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clatrd(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clatrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clatrz(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
clausefilter(1) Filter formulas with models.
clausetester(1) Check formulas in models.
clauu2(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
clauum(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
claw-config(1) Show information about installed libclaw libraries.
claws-mail(1) A GTK+ based fast email and news client.
claws-mail-acpi-notifier(1) Mail notification using laptop's mail LED.
claws-mail-address-keeper(1) Keep unknown outgoing addresses in address book.
claws-mail-archiver-plugin(1) Archiver plugin for Claws Mail.
claws-mail-attach-remover(1) Attachments remover from mails.
claws-mail-attach-warner(1) Missing attachments warning before sending.
claws-mail-bogofilter(1) Scanning mails for spam with Bogofilter.
claws-mail-bsfilter-plugin(1) Spam filtering using the bsfilter program.
claws-mail-clamd-plugin(1) ClamAV plugin for Claws Mail.
claws-mail-extra-plugins(1) Claws Mail extra plugins meta-package.
claws-mail-feeds-reader(1) Feeds (RSS/Atom) reader plugin for Claws Mail mailer.
claws-mail-fetchinfo-plugin(1) Inserts headers containing some download information.
claws-mail-gdata-plugin(1) Access to GData (Google(TM) services) plugin.
claws-mail-libravatar(1) Display sender's profile image from a libravatar server.
claws-mail-mailmbox-plugin(1) Mbox handling plugin for Claws Mail mailer.
claws-mail-managesieve(1) Manage filtering scripts on Sieve-compliant servers.
claws-mail-multi-notifier(1) Multiple notification modules for new mail.
claws-mail-newmail-plugin(1) Message header summary to a log file.
claws-mail-pdf-viewer(1) Display Portable Document Format (PDF) and PostScript® attachments.
claws-mail-pgpinline(1) Handling of PGP/Inline signed and/or encrypted mails.
claws-mail-pgpmime(1) Handling of PGP/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails.
claws-mail-python-plugin(1) Python scripting and console plugin.
claws-mail-smime-plugin(1) Handling of S/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails.
claws-mail-spam-report(1) Report spam messages to various sites.
claws-mail-spamassassin(1) Filtering messages through SpamAssassin.
claws-mail-tnef-parser(1) TNEF parser plugin for Claws Mail.
claws-mail-vcalendar-plugin(1) VCalendar plugin for Claws Mail.
clawsker(1) A Claws Mail Tweaker.
clBLAS-client(1) Program to test different options for the OpenCL BLAS library.
clBuildProgram(3clc) Builds (compiles and links) a program executable from the program source or binary.
clc-clbuild(1) Clc enabled clbuild wrapper.
clc-lisp(1) Invoke lisp with clbuild active.
clc-register-user-package(1) Registers a user asdf system.
clc-slime(1) Invoke lisp with clbuild active.
clc-unregister-user-package(1) ↣ clc-register-user-package(1) Registers a user asdf system.
clc-update-customized-images(8) ↣ register-common-lisp-implementation(8) Internal clc commands.
clCompileProgram(3clc) Compiles a program’s source for all the devices or a specific device(s) in the OpenCL.
clCreateBuffer(3clc) Creates a buffer object.
clCreateCommandQueue(3clc) Create a command-queue on a specific device.
clCreateContext(3clc) Creates an OpenCL context.
clCreateContextFromType(3clc) Create an OpenCL context from a device type that identifies the specific device(s).
clCreateEventFromGLsyncKHR(3clc) Creates an event object linked to an OpenGL sync object.
clCreateFromD3D10BufferKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL buffer object from a Direct3D 10 buffer.
clCreateFromD3D10Texture2DKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL 2D image object from a subresource of a Direct3D 10 2D.
clCreateFromD3D10Texture3DKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL 3D image object from a subresource of a Direct3D 10 3D.
clCreateFromD3D11BufferKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL buffer object from a Direct3D 11 buffer.
clCreateFromD3D11Texture2DKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL 2D image object from a subresource of a Direct3D 11 2D.
clCreateFromD3D11Texture3DKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL 3D image object from a subresource of a Direct3D 11 3D.
clCreateFromDX9MediaSurfaceKHR(3clc) Creates an OpenCL image object from a media surface.
clCreateFromGLBuffer(3clc) Creates an OpenCL buffer object from an OpenGL buffer object.
clCreateFromGLRenderbuffer(3clc) Creates an OpenCL 2D image object from an OpenGL renderbuffer object.
clCreateFromGLTexture(3clc) Creates an OpenCL image object, image array object, or image buffer object from an.
clCreateImage(3clc) Creates a 1D image, 1D image buffer, 1D image array, 2D image, 2D image array or 3D image.
clCreateKernel(3clc) Creates a kernel object.
clCreateKernelsInProgram(3clc) Creates kernel objects for all kernel functions in a program object.
clCreateProgramWithBinary(3clc) Creates a program object for a context, and loads the binary bits specified by.
clCreateProgramWithBuiltInKernels(3clc) Creates a program object for a context, and loads the information related.
clCreateProgramWithSource(3clc) Creates a program object for a context, and loads the source code specified by the.
clCreateSampler(3clc) Creates a sampler object.
clCreateSubBuffer(3clc) Creates a new buffer object (referred to as a sub-buffer object) from an existing buffer.
clCreateSubDevices(3clc) Creates an array of sub-devices that each reference a non-intersecting set of compute.
clCreateUserEvent(3clc) Creates a user event object.
cldump(1) Clarion database extractor.
clean-crl(8) Remove orphaned CRL like files from a certificate directory.
clean_genes(1) Given a GFF describing a set of genes and a corresponding. Directory Server perl script for issuing a cleanAllRUV task.
cleanasn(1) Clean up irregularities in NCBI ASN.1 objects.
cleanCDKEntry(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
cleanCDKMatrix(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
cleanCDKMatrixCell(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
cleanCDKMentry(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
cleanCDKObjectBindings(3) ↣ cdk_binding(3) Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities.
cleanCDKSwindow(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
cleanCDKTemplate(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
cleanCdkTitle(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
cleanCDKViewer(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
cleanChar(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
cleanChtype(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
cleancss(1) CSS file minifyer.
cleancurry(1) Clean intermediate Curry files.
cleanlinks(1) Remove dangling symbolic links and empty directories.
cleanname(1plan9) Clean a path name.
cleanPolishes(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
cleanubiquityafter(8) Second executable of Clean-Ubiquity.
cleanubiquitybefore(8) First executable of Clean-Ubiquity.
cleanup(8postfix) Canonicalize and enqueue Postfix message.
cleanup_digikamdb(1) Cleanup the digiKam databases to reduce their sizes and increase access speed.
clear(1) Clear the terminal screen.
clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
clear_bitmap(3alleg4) Clears the bitmap to color 0. Allegro game programming library.
clear_console(1) Clear the console.
clear_keybuf(3alleg4) Clears the keyboard buffer. Allegro game programming library.
clear_scene(3alleg4) Initializes a scene. Allegro game programming library.
clear_to_color(3alleg4) Clears the bitmap to the specified color. Allegro game programming library.
clear_zbuffer(3alleg4) Writes a depth value into the given Z-buffer. Allegro game programming library.
clearbddsystemref(3) Clears the references for all bdd nodes.
clearbddsystemrefext(3) Clears the external references for all bdd nodes.
clearbddsystemrefint(3) Clears the internal references for all bdd nodes.
clearcut(1) Relaxed Neighbor Joining.
clearenv(3) Clear the environment.
clearerr(3) ↣ ferror(3) Check and reset stream status.
clearerr(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
clearerr(3posix) Clear indicators on a stream.
clearerr_unlocked(3) ↣ unlocked_stdio(3) Nonlocking stdio functions.
clearok(3ncurses) ↣ outopts(3ncurses) Curses output options.
clementine(1) A modern music player and library organizer.
clEnqueueAcquireD3D10ObjectsKHR(3clc) Acquire OpenCL memory objects that have been created from Direct3D 10.
clEnqueueAcquireD3D11ObjectsKHR(3clc) Acquire OpenCL memory objects that have been created from Direct3D 11.
clEnqueueAcquireDX9MediaSurfacesKHR(3clc) Acquire OpenCL memory objects that have been created from a media.
clEnqueueAcquireGLObjects(3clc) Acquire OpenCL memory objects that have been created from OpenGL objects.
clEnqueueBarrierWithWaitList(3clc) A synchronization point that enqueues a barrier operation.
clEnqueueCopyBuffer(3clc) Enqueues a command to copy from one buffer object to another.
clEnqueueCopyBufferRect(3clc) Enqueues a command to copy a rectangular region from a buffer object to another.
clEnqueueCopyBufferToImage(3clc) Enqueues a command to copy a buffer object to an image object.
clEnqueueCopyImage(3clc) Enqueues a command to copy image objects.
clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer(3clc) Enqueues a command to copy an image object to a buffer object.
clEnqueueFillBuffer(3clc) Enqueues a command to fill a buffer object with a pattern of a given pattern size.
clEnqueueFillImage(3clc) Enqueues a command to fill an image object with a specified color.
clEnqueueMapBuffer(3clc) Enqueues a command to map a region of the buffer object given by buffer into the host.
clEnqueueMapImage(3clc) Enqueues a command to map a region of an image object into the host address space and.
clEnqueueMarkerWithWaitList(3clc) Enqueues a marker command which waits for either a list of events to complete,.
clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects(3clc) Enqueues a command to indicate which device a set of memory objects should be.
clEnqueueNativeKernel(3clc) Enqueues a command to execute a native C/C++ function not compiled using the OpenCL.
clEnqueueNDRangeKernel(3clc) Enqueues a command to execute a kernel on a device.
clEnqueueReadBuffer(3clc) Enqueue commands to read from a buffer object to host memory.
clEnqueueReadBufferRect(3clc) Enqueue commands to read from a rectangular region from a buffer object to host.
clEnqueueReadImage(3clc) Enqueue commands to read from an image or image array object to host memory.
clEnqueueReleaseD3D10ObjectsKHR(3clc) Release OpenCL memory objects that have been created from Direct3D 10.
clEnqueueReleaseD3D11ObjectsKHR(3clc) Release OpenCL memory objects that have been created from Direct3D 11.
clEnqueueReleaseDX9MediaSurfacesKHR(3clc) Release OpenCL memory objects that have been created from media.
clEnqueueReleaseGLObjects(3clc) Release OpenCL memory objects that have been created from OpenGL objects.
clEnqueueTask(3clc) Enqueues a command to execute a kernel on a device.
clEnqueueUnmapMemObject(3clc) Enqueues a command to unmap a previously mapped region of a memory object.
clEnqueueWriteBuffer(3clc) Enqueue commands to write to a buffer object from host memory.
clEnqueueWriteBufferRect(3clc) Enqueue commands to write a 2D or 3D rectangular region to a buffer object from.
clEnqueueWriteImage(3clc) Enqueues a command to write to an image or image array object from host memory.
cleo(1p) Play back shell commands for live demonstrations.
clevis-luks-unlockers(7) Clevis unlockers overview.
clex(1) File manager.
clfdomainsplit(1) Split Common-Log Format web logs based on domain name.
clFFT-client(1) Program to test the various options of the OpenCL FFT library on various devices, dimensions.
clFinish(3clc) Blocks until all previously queued OpenCL commands in a command-queue are issued to the associated.
clFlush(3clc) Issues all previously queued OpenCL commands in a command-queue to the device associated with the.
clfmerge(1) Merge Common-Log Format web logs based on time-stamps.
clfsplit(1) Split Common-Log Format web logs based on IP address.
clfswm(1) A(nother) Common Lisp Full Screen Window Manager.
clGetCommandQueueInfo(3clc) Query information about a command-queue.
clGetContextInfo(3clc) Query information about a context.
clGetDeviceIDs(3clc) Obtain the list of devices available on a platform.
clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR(3clc) Querying OpenCL Devices Corresponding to Direct3D 10 Devices.
clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D11KHR(3clc) Querying OpenCL Devices Corresponding to Direct3D 11 Devices.
clGetDeviceIDsFromDX9MediaAdapterKHR(3clc) Query a media adapter for any associated OpenCL devices.
clGetDeviceInfo(3clc) Get information about an OpenCL device.
clGetEventInfo(3clc) Returns information about the event object.
clGetEventProfilingInfo(3clc) Returns profiling information for the command associated with event if profiling is.
clGetExtensionFunctionAddressForPlatform(3clc) Returns the address of the extension function named by funcname for.
clGetGLContextInfoKHR(3clc) Get OpenGL context information.
clGetGLObjectInfo(3clc) Query an OpenGL memory object used to create an OpenCL memory object.
clGetGLTextureInfo(3clc) Returns additional information about the GL texture object associated with a memory.
clGetImageInfo(3clc) Get information specific to an image object created with clCreateImage.
clGetKernelArgInfo(3clc) Returns information about the arguments of a kernel.
clGetKernelInfo(3clc) Returns information about the kernel object.
clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo(3clc) Returns information about the kernel object that may be specific to a device.
clGetMemObjectInfo(3clc) Get information that is common to all memory objects (buffer and image objects).
clGetPlatformIDs(3clc) Obtain the list of platforms available.
clGetPlatformInfo(3clc) Get specific information about the OpenCL platform.
clGetProgramBuildInfo(3clc) Returns build information for each device in the program object.
clGetProgramInfo(3clc) Returns information about the program object.
clGetSamplerInfo(3clc) Returns information about the sampler object.
clGetSupportedImageFormats(3clc) Get the list of image formats supported by an OpenCL implementation.
clhep-config(1) Script to return configuration of CLHEP.
cli(3avr) ↣ avr_interrupts(3avr)
cli-generate(1) Generate source and documentation from CLI descriptions.
cli-spinner(1) Slash spinner command-line.
cli-wrapper(1) No manpage for this program.
CLI::Framework(3pm) Build standardized, flexible, testable command-line applications.
CLI::Framework::Application(3pm) CLIF Application superclass.
CLI::Framework::Command(3pm) CLIF Command superclass.
CLI::Framework::Command::Alias(3pm) CLIF built-in command to display the command aliases that are in effect for.
CLI::Framework::Command::Console(3pm) CLIF built-in command supporting interactive mode.
CLI::Framework::Command::Dump(3pm) CLIF built-in command to show the internal state of a running application.
CLI::Framework::Command::Help(3pm) CLIF built-in command to print application or command-specific usage messages.
CLI::Framework::Command::List(3pm) CLIF built-in command to print a list of commands available to the running.
CLI::Framework::Command::Menu(3pm) CLIF built-in command to show a command menu including the commands that are.
CLI::Framework::Command::Meta(3pm) Represent "metacommands" (app-aware commands).
CLI::Framework::Command::Tree(3pm) CLIF built-in command to display a tree representation of the commands that.
CLI::Framework::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions used by CLIF.
CLI::Framework::Tutorial(3pm) "HOWTO" develop CLIF applications using best practices.
cliapp(5) Config file and option conventions for Python command line framework.
clIcdGetPlatformIDsKHR(3clc) Obtain the list of platforms accessible through the Khronos ICD Loader.
client-local.cfg(5) Local configuration settings for Xymon clients.
client.conf(5) Client configuration file for cups.
clientlaunch.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
clientlib(3) NNTP clientlib part of InterNetNews library.
clients.conf(5) FreeRADIUS client configuration.
clientsocket(3bobcat) Client Socket connecting to a Server in the Internet.
clientupdate(1) Xymon client update utility.
ClientWhitePointOfCCC(3) ↣ DisplayOfCCC(3) Color Conversion.
clif(1) C-like Interpreter Framework (v0.92).
cligh(1) Manage GitHub from console.
cliki(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
clinfo(1) Show OpenCL platforms and devices.
clingo(1) A combination of clasp and gringo.
clip(1gv) Clip an OOGL object against planes or other surfaces.
clip3d(3alleg4) Clips the polygon given in vtx using fixed point math. Allegro game programming library.
clip3d_f(3alleg4) Clips the polygon given in vtx using floating point math, Allegro game programming library.
clipaccumulate(1p) Make a bunch of little clipboards into one big one.
Clipboard(3pm) Copy and paste with any OS.
clipboard(3tk) Manipulate Tk clipboard.
Clipboard(3U) Manages a list of graphical component subjects.
clipbrowse(1p) Load a URL from the clipboard into your browser.
clipedit(1p) Edit clipboard contents in one swoop.
clipf(1) Personal finance manager with command line interface.
clipfilter(1p) Run various conversions for your clipboard data.
clipit(1) Lightweight GTK+ Clipboard Manager.
clipjoin(1p) Remove superfluous spaces from the clipboard.
cliquer(1) Find cliques in weighted and unweighted graphs.
clirr(1) Check source and binary compatibility of Java libraries.
clisp(1) ANSI[38] Common Lisp[1] compiler, interpreter and debugger.
clisp-link(1) Link a new external module to CLISP[1].
clit(1) Program to manipulate Microsoft Reader .LIT files.
clitest(1) Performs automatic testing in command lines.
clLinkProgram(3clc) Links a set of compiled program objects and libraries for all the devices or a specific.
clmake(1) Color wrapper for make(1) and less(1).
clmake-short(1) ↣ clmake(1) Color wrapper for make(1) and less(1).
clnt_broadcast(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_call(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_control(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_create(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_destroy(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_freeres(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_geterr(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_pcreateerror(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_perrno(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_perror(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_spcreateerror(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_sperrno(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnt_sperror(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clntraw_create(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clnttcp_create(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clntudp_bufcreate(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
clntudp_create(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
cloc(1) Count, or compute differences of, lines of source code and comments.
clock(3) Determine processor time.
clock(3posix) Report CPU time used.
clock(3tcl) Obtain and manipulate dates and times.
clock_getcpuclockid(3) Obtain ID of a process CPU-time clock.
clock_getcpuclockid(3posix) Access a process CPU-time clock (ADVANCED REALTIME).
clock_getres(2) Clock and time functions.
clock_getres(2freebsd) Get/set/calibrate date and time.
clock_getres(3posix) Clock and timer functions.
clock_gettime(2) ↣ clock_getres(2) Clock and time functions.
clock_gettime(2freebsd) Get/set/calibrate date and time.
clock_nanosleep(2) High-resolution sleep with specifiable clock.
clock_nanosleep(2freebsd) High resolution sleep.
clock_nanosleep(3posix) High resolution sleep with specifiable clock.
clock_prescale_get(3avr) ↣ power.h(3avr)
clock_prescale_set(3avr) ↣ avr_power(3avr)
clock_settime(2) ↣ clock_getres(2) Clock and time functions.
clock_settime(2freebsd) Get/set/calibrate date and time.
clock_settime(3posix) Clock and timer functions.
clockdiff(8) Measure clock difference between hosts.
clocktest(1) Xenomai Clock Test.
clockworkd(1) Daemon executing clockwork scripts.
clog(1) Colorized log filter.
clog(3) Natural logarithm of a complex number.
clog(3posix) Complex natural logarithm functions.
clog10(3) Base-10 logarithm of a complex number.
clog10f(3) ↣ clog10(3) Base-10 logarithm of a complex number.
clog10l(3) ↣ clog10(3) Base-10 logarithm of a complex number.
clog2(3) Base-2 logarithm of a complex number.
clog2f(3) ↣ clog2(3) Base-2 logarithm of a complex number.
clog2l(3) ↣ clog2(3) Base-2 logarithm of a complex number.
clogf(3) ↣ clog(3) Natural logarithm of a complex number.
clogin(1) Cisco login script.
cloginrc(5) Clogin configuration file.
Clogit(3) Log server messages in local log or in system logger.
clogl(3) ↣ clog(3) Natural logarithm of a complex number.
clojure1.8(1) A JVM-based dynamic programming language.
clojure1.9(1) A JVM-based dynamic programming language.
clojurec1.8(1) Clojure compiler.
clojurec1.9(1) Clojure compiler.
ClonalFrame(1) Inference of bacterial microevolution using multilocus sequence data.
ClonalFrameML(1) Efficient Inference of Recombination in Whole Bacterial Genomes.
clonalorigin(1) ↣ warg(1) Inference of homologous recombination in bacteria using whole genome sequences.
clone(2) Create a child process.
Clone(3pm) Recursively copy Perl datatypes.
clone(8) UPS driver clone.
clone2(2) ↣ clone(2) Create a child process.
__clone2(2) ↣ clone(2) Create a child process.
Clone::Choose(3pm) Choose appropriate clone utility.
Clone::PP(3pm) Recursively copy Perl datatypes.
clone_member(8) Clone a Mailman mailing list subscriber address.
clone_study(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
cloog-isl(1) The Chunky Loop Generator.
cloog-ppl(1) The Chunky Loop Genertor.
close(2) Close a file descriptor.
close(2freebsd) Delete a descriptor.
close(3posix) Close a file descriptor.
close(3tcl) Close an open channel.
close_fli(3alleg4) Closes a FLI file previously opened. Allegro game programming library.
closedir(3) Close a directory.
closedir(3posix) Close a directory stream.
closefrom(2freebsd) Delete open file descriptors.
closefrom(3bsd) Delete open file descriptors.
closelog(3) ↣ syslog(3) Send messages to the system logger.
closelog(3posix) Control system log.
closest-features(1) Manual page for closest-features 2.4.26+dfsg.
closure-compiler(1) Optimising compiler for ECMAScript (JavaScript) programs.
cloud-publish-image(1) Publish a cloud image.
cloud-publish-tarball(1) Publish a cloud archive.
cloud-sandbox(1) Launch a cloud instance and ssh directly into it, as a 'sandbox' system.
cloudabi(4freebsd) CloudABI support.
cloudabi64(4freebsd) CloudABI support.
cloudlife(6x) A cellular automaton based on Conway's Life.
cloudprint(1) Share CUPS printers with Google Cloud Print.
cloudprint-service(7) Manage the Google Cloud Print proxy.
cloudprintd(1) Share CUPS printers with Google Cloud Print.
cloudstack(1) Command-line client for Apache CloudStack.
clp(1) Linear program solver.
clReleaseCommandQueue(3clc) Decrements the command_queue reference count.
clReleaseContext(3clc) Decrement the context reference count.
clReleaseDevice(3clc) Decrements the device reference count.
clReleaseEvent(3clc) Decrements the event reference count.
clReleaseKernel(3clc) Decrements the kernel reference count.
clReleaseMemObject(3clc) Decrements the memory object reference count.
clReleaseProgram(3clc) Decrements the program reference count.
clReleaseSampler(3clc) Decrements the sampler reference count.
clRetainCommandQueue(3clc) Increments the command_queue reference count.
clRetainContext(3clc) Increment the context reference count.
clRetainDevice(3clc) Increments the devices reference count.
clRetainEvent(3clc) Increments the event reference count.
clRetainKernel(3clc) Increments the kernel object reference count.
clRetainMemObject(3clc) Increments the memory object reference count.
clRetainProgram(3clc) Increments the program reference count.
clRetainSampler(3clc) Increments the sampler reference count.
clrtobot(3ncurses) ↣ clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
clrtoeol(3ncurses) ↣ clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
clSetEventCallback(3clc) Registers a user callback function for a specific command execution status.
clSetKernelArg(3clc) Used to set the argument value for a specific argument of a kernel.
clSetMemObjectDestructorCallback(3clc) Registers a user callback function with a memory object.
clSetUserEventStatus(3clc) Sets the execution status of a user event object.
clsgks(3NCARG) Deactivates workstation 1, closes workstation 1, and closes GKS.
clsync(1) Live sync tool, written in GNU C.
clubak(1) Format output from clush/pdsh-like output and more.
clUnloadPlatformCompiler(3clc) Allows the implementation to release the resources allocated by the OpenCL compiler.
cluset(1) Compute advanced cluster node set operations.
clush(1) Execute shell commands on a cluster.
clush.conf(5) Configuration file for clush.
clustalo(1) General purpose multiple sequence alignment program for proteins.
clustalw(1) Multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences.
clustalx(1) A multiple sequence alignment program.
cluster(1) Find clusters in a graph and augment the graph with this information.
cluster3(1) Eisen-clustering of microarray data.
ClusterImageStatistics(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
clusterssh(1) ↣ cssh(1p) Cluster administration tool.
Clutter(3pm) Perl interface to the 1.x series of the Clutter toolkit.
clutter-scan-immodules(1) Program to scan immodules and generate configuration files.
clvmd(8) Cluster LVM daemon.
clWaitForEvents(3clc) Waits on the host thread for commands identified by event objects to complete.
clz(3clc) Returns the number of leading 0-bits in x.
clzip(1) ↣ lzip.clzip(1) Reduces the size of files.
cm(4freebsd) SMC Arcnet Ethernet device driver.
cm2html(1) Convert CommonMark file to HTML document.
cm2latex(1) Convert CommonMark file to LaTeX source.
cm2man(1) Convert CommonMark file to man page.
cm2pseudoxml(1) Convert CommonMark file to pseudo-XML document.
cm2rem(1) Convert Sun's "cm" input file to Remind format.
cm2xetex(1) Convert CommonMark file to XeTeX source.
cm2xml(1) Convert CommonMark file to XML document.
cm_to_wigeon(1) Helper for wigeon (Pintail 16S DNA anomaly detection).
cmail(6) ↣ xboard(6) X graphical user interface for chess.
cmake(1) CMake Command-Line Reference.
cmake-buildsystem(7) CMake Buildsystem Reference.
cmake-commands(7) CMake Language Command Reference.
cmake-compile-features(7) CMake Compile Features Reference.
cmake-developer(7) CMake Developer Reference.
cmake-env-variables(7) CMake Environment Variables Reference.
cmake-generator-expressions(7) CMake Generator Expressions.
cmake-generators(7) CMake Generators Reference.
cmake-gui(1) CMake GUI Command-Line Reference.
cmake-language(7) CMake Language Reference.
cmake-modules(7) CMake Modules Reference.
cmake-packages(7) CMake Packages Reference.
cmake-policies(7) CMake Policies Reference.
cmake-properties(7) CMake Properties Reference.
cmake-qt(7) CMake Qt Features Reference.
cmake-server(7) CMake Server.
cmake-toolchains(7) CMake Toolchains Reference.
cmake-variables(7) CMake Variables Reference.
cmalign(1) Align sequences to a covariance model.
cmap(5) Format of .cmap files (color maps).
cmap_context_get(3) Gets the context variable for a CMAP instance.
cmap_context_set(3) Sets the context variable for a CMAP instance.
cmap_dec(3) Decrease already stored value in CMAP.
cmap_delete(3) Delete key/value pair from the CMAP service.
cmap_dispatch(3) Dispatches callbacks from the CMAP service.
cmap_fd_get(3) Dispatches callbacks from the CMAP service.
cmap_finalize(3) Finalize connection to CMAP.
cmap_get(3) Retrieve value from CMAP.
cmap_inc(3) Increase already stored value in CMAP.
cmap_initialize(3) Initialize CMAP API.
cmap_iter_finalize(3) Finalize iterator for keys stored in CMAP.
cmap_iter_init(3) Initialize iterator for keys stored in CMAP.
cmap_iter_next(3) Return next item in iteration in CMAP.
cmap_keys(8) Overview of keys stored in the Configuration Map.
cmap_overview(8) Overview of the Configuration Map.
cmap_set(3) Store value in CMAP.
cmap_track_add(3) Set tracking function for values in CMAP.
cmap_track_delete(3) Remove tracking of values in CMAP.
cmark(1) Convert CommonMark formatted text to HTML.
cmark-bkrs(1) Pure Python script parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec.
cmatrix(1) Simulates the display from "The Matrix".
cmbuild(1) Construct covariance model(s) from structurally annotated RNA multiple sequence alignment(s).
cmcalibrate(1) Fit exponential tails for covariance model E-value determination.
CMCEnroll(1) Used to sign a certificate request with an agent's certificate.
CMCIClient(3) CIMOM Client Library object.
CMCIClientFT.associatorNames(3) Enumerate ObjectPaths associated with an Instance.
CMCIClientFT.associators(3) Enumerate instances associated with an Instance.
CMCIClientFT.createInstance(3) Create class instance.
CMCIClientFT.deleteInstance(3) Delete class instance.
CMCIClientFT.enumClasses(3) Enumerate classes and subclasss.
CMCIClientFT.enumClassNames(3) Enumerate class names.
CMCIClientFT.enumInstanceNames(3) Enumerate instance names of a class.
CMCIClientFT.enumInstances(3) Enumerate instances of a class.
CMCIClientFT.execQuery(3) Query the enumeration of instances of a class.
CMCIClientFT.getClass(3) Get class as reference.
CMCIClientFT.getInstance(3) Get class instance.
CMCIClientFT.getProperty(3) Get a named property value of an instance.
CMCIClientFT.invokeMethod(3) Invoke a named method of an instance.
CMCIClientFT.referenceNames(3) Enumerate association ObjectPaths for a class instance.
CMCIClientFT.references(3) Enumerate association instances for a class instance.
CMCIClientFT.setInstance(3) Replace class instance.
CMCIClientFT.setProperty(3) Set a named property value of an instance.
cmciConnect(3) Create a CMCIClient object and connection.
cmconvert(1) Convert Infernal covariance model files.
CMCRequest(1) Used to generate a CMC certificate issuance or revocation request.
CMCResponse(1) Used to parse CMC responses returned from CMC issuance or revocation requests.
CMCSharedToken(1) Used to process a user passphrase and create shared token to be stored by the CA to allow.
cmdebug(1) Reports the status of a host Cache Manager.
cmdfinder(3bobcat) Determine (member) function associated with a command.
cmdfinderbase(3bobcat) Base class for the class CmdFinder.
cmdline(3tcl) Procedures to process command lines and options.
cmdoptns.h(3) Command line option parsing interface.
cmdtest(1) Blackbox testing of Unix command line tools.
CmdWrite(3tclx) Writing C language extensions to Tcl.
cme(1p) Check or edit configuration data with Config::Model.
cmemit(1) Sample sequences from a covariance model.
cmew(1) Create Mew's database file.
cmfetch(1) Retrieve covariance model(s) from a file.
cmfx(3NCARG) Converts from metacode coordinates to fractional coordinates.
cmfy(3NCARG) Converts from metacode coordinates to fractional coordinates.
cmigemo(1) C/Migemo Library 1.3 Driver.
cmirrord(8) Cluster mirror log daemon.
cmis-client(1) Command line CMIS client tool.
cmospwd(8) A cmos/bios password recovery tool.
cmp(1) Compare two files byte by byte.
cmp(1plan9) Compare two files.
cmp(1posix) Compare two files.
cmp_char(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_chararr(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_charptr(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_double(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_float(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_int(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_long(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_long_double(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_schar(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_set_offset(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_short(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_struct(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_uchar(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_uint(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_ulong(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmp_ushort(3pub) ↣ cmp(3pub)
cmph(1) Minimum perfect hashing tool.
cmph5tools(1) Toolkit for command-line tools associated with cmp.h5 file processing. ↣ cmph5tools(1) Toolkit for command-line tools associated with cmp.h5 file processing.
cmpi-provider-register(8) Install class definitions (MOFs) and registration data for a variety of supported.
CMPIArgs(3) CMPIArgs class implementation.
CMPIDateTime(3) CMPIDateTime class implementation.
CMPIEnumeration(3) CMPIEnumeration class implementation.
CMPIInstance(3) CMPIInstance class implementation.
CMPIObjectPath(3) CMPIObjectPath class implementation.
CMPIStatus(3) CMPIStatus class implementation.
CMPIString(3) CMPIString class implementation.
CMPIValue(3) CMPIValue class implementation.
cmpp(1) Code Model PreProcessor.
cmpress(1) Prepare a covariance model database for cmscan.
cmpStrChstr(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
cms(1ssl) CMS utility.
CMS_add0_cert(3ssl) CMS certificate and.
CMS_add0_crl(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add0_cert(3ssl) CMS certificate and.
CMS_add0_recipient_key(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add1_recipient_cert(3ssl) Add recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure.
CMS_add1_cert(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add0_cert(3ssl) CMS certificate and.
CMS_add1_crl(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add0_cert(3ssl) CMS certificate and.
CMS_add1_ReceiptRequest(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get1_ReceiptRequest(3ssl)
CMS_add1_recipient_cert(3ssl) Add recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure.
CMS_add1_signer(3ssl) Add a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure.
CMS_compress(3ssl) Create a CMS CompressedData structure.
CMS_ContentInfo_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CMS_ContentInfo_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CMS_ContentInfo_print_ctx(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CMS_decrypt(3ssl) Decrypt content from a CMS envelopedData structure.
CMS_encrypt(3ssl) Create a CMS envelopedData structure.
CMS_final(3ssl) Finalise a CMS_ContentInfo structure.
CMS_get0_content(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_type(3ssl) Get and set CMS content types.
CMS_get0_eContentType(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_type(3ssl) Get and set CMS content types.
CMS_get0_signers(3ssl) ↣ CMS_verify(3ssl) Verify a CMS SignedData structure.
CMS_get0_type(3ssl) Get and set CMS content types.
CMS_get1_certs(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add0_cert(3ssl) CMS certificate and.
CMS_get1_crls(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add0_cert(3ssl) CMS certificate and.
CMS_ReceiptRequest_create0(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get1_ReceiptRequest(3ssl)
CMS_ReceiptRequest_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CMS_ReceiptRequest_get0_values(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get1_ReceiptRequest(3ssl)
CMS_ReceiptRequest_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_decrypt(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_encrypt(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_kekri_get0_id(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_kekri_id_cmp(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_ktri_cert_cmp(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_ktri_get0_signer_id(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_set0_key(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_set0_pkey(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_RecipientInfo_type(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3ssl)
CMS_set1_eContentType(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_type(3ssl) Get and set CMS content types.
CMS_sign(3ssl) Create a CMS SignedData structure.
CMS_sign_receipt(3ssl) Create a CMS signed receipt.
CMS_SignerInfo_cert_cmp(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_SignerInfos(3ssl)
CMS_SignerInfo_get0_signature(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_SignerInfos(3ssl)
CMS_SignerInfo_get0_signer_id(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_SignerInfos(3ssl)
CMS_SignerInfo_set1_signer_cert(3ssl) ↣ CMS_get0_SignerInfos(3ssl)
CMS_SignerInfo_sign(3ssl) ↣ CMS_add1_signer(3ssl) Add a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure.
CMS_uncompress(3ssl) Uncompress a CMS CompressedData structure.
CMS_verify(3ssl) Verify a CMS SignedData structure.
CMS_verify_receipt(3ssl) Verify a CMS signed receipt.
cmscan(1) Search sequence(s) against a covariance model database.
cmsearch(1) Search covariance model(s) against a sequence database.
cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
CMSG_ALIGN(3) ↣ cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
CMSG_DATA(3) ↣ cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
CMSG_FIRSTHDR(3) ↣ cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
CMSG_LEN(3) ↣ cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
CMSG_NXTHDR(3) ↣ cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
CMSG_SPACE(3) ↣ cmsg(3) Access ancillary data.
cmst(1) Connman System Tray.
cmstat(1) Summary statistics for a covariance model file.
cmsutil(1) Performs basic cryptograpic operations, such as encryption and decryption, on Cryptographic Message.
cmtab(5) Static information about filesystems managed by cryptmount.
cmtime(1) RDMA CM connection steps timing test.
cmtk(1) The Computational Morphometry Toolkit.
cmtk-asegment(1) Atlas-based segmentation.
cmtk-asegment_sri24(1) Segmentation using SRI24 atlas.
cmtk-average_affine(1) Average affine transformations.
cmtk-average_images(1) Average images.
cmtk-average_labels(1) Label image averaging.
cmtk-avg_adm(1) Average using ADM.
cmtk-concat_affine(1) Concatenate affine transformations.
cmtk-convert_warp(1) Convert nonrigd transformations.
cmtk-convertx(1) Convert between image file formats and data types.
cmtk-dbtool(1) Image/transformation database maintenance and query tool.
cmtk-dcm2image(1) DICOM to Image.
cmtk-describe(1) Describe image and transformation file formats and parameters.
cmtk-destripe(1) Destripe volume image data.
cmtk-detect_adni_phantom(1) Detect ADNI phantom landmarks in phantom image.
cmtk-detect_spheres_matched_filter(1) Detect spheres.
cmtk-dof2mat(1) Degrees of freedom to matrix.
cmtk-dwi_mask_bad_slices(1) Find bad slices in set of diffusion-weighted images.
cmtk-epiunwarp(1) Unwarp Echo Planar Images.
cmtk-fib2image(1) Draw image from point coordinates of fiber tracks from .fib file.
cmtk-fibxform(1) Apply coordinate transformations to point coordinates in .fib file.
cmtk-film(1) Fix interleaved motion using inverse interpolation.
cmtk-filter(1) Filter a volume image.
cmtk-fit_affine_dfield(1) Fit Affine Transformation to Nonrigid Transformation.
cmtk-fit_affine_xform(1) Fit Single Affine Transformation to Concatenated List.
cmtk-fit_affine_xform_landmarks(1) Fit Affine Transformation to Landmarks.
cmtk-fit_spline_dfield(1) Deformation Field to Transformation.
cmtk-fit_spline_xform(1) Fit Single B-Spline Transformation to Concatenated Transformation List.
cmtk-fview(1) Fusion viewer.
cmtk-geomatch(1) Check whether the geometries (e.g., grid dimensions, pixel sizes, spatial coordinates) or two or.
cmtk-glm(1) General Linear Model.
cmtk-gmm(1) Gaussian mixture model segmentation.
cmtk-gregxform(1) Apply coordinate transformations to lists of point coordinates.
cmtk-groupwise_affine(1) Affine population registration.
cmtk-groupwise_init(1) Affine initialization for groupwise registration.
cmtk-groupwise_warp(1) Nonrigid population registration.
cmtk-hausdorff(1) Hausdorff Distance.
cmtk-histogram(1) Image histogram.
cmtk-imagemath(1) Image operations.
cmtk-interleaved_bad_slices(1) Find bad slices in a time series of interleaved images (e.g., a resting-state fMRI.
cmtk-jidb(1) Fix interleaved motion using joint iterative deblurring.
cmtk-levelset(1) Levelset segmentation.
cmtk-lmsba(1) Local voting.
cmtk-lsba(1) Local voting.
cmtk-lvote(1) Local voting.
cmtk-make_initial_affine(1) Initialize affine transformation.
cmtk-mat2dof(1) Matrix to degrees of freedom.
cmtk-mcaffine(1) Multi-channel affine registration.
cmtk-mcwarp(1) Multi-channel nonrigid registration.
cmtk-mk_adni_phantom(1) Generate ADNI phantom image.
cmtk-mk_analyze_hdr(1) Make Analyze header file.
cmtk-mk_nifti_hdr(1) Make NIFTI header file.
cmtk-mk_phantom_3d(1) Generate phantom image.
cmtk-mrbias(1) MR Image Intensity Bias Field Correction.
cmtk-overlap(1) Overlap computation.
cmtk-probe(1) Probe image data.
cmtk-pxsearch(1) Search image neighborhoods for pixels.
cmtk-reformatx(1) Volume reformatter.
cmtk-registration(1) Rigid and affine registration.
cmtk-registrationx(1) Rigid and affine registration.
cmtk-regress(1) Regression.
cmtk-reorient(1) Reorientation.
cmtk-sba(1) Shape-based Averaging of label images.
cmtk-sbai(1) Shape-Based Averaging and interpolation of label images.
cmtk-sequence(1) Value sequence.
cmtk-similarity(1) Image similarity.
cmtk-split(1) Split images.
cmtk-statistics(1) Image statistics.
cmtk-stream_pixels(1) Stream pixel data from one or more images to Standard Output.
cmtk-streamxform(1) Apply coordinate transformation to point coordinates from text stream.
cmtk-sympl(1) Symmetry plane computation.
cmtk-symplx(1) Symmetry plane computation.
cmtk-ttest(1) T-tests.
cmtk-unsplit(1) Unsplit images.
cmtk-unwarp_image_phantom(1) Create transformation to unwarp an image based on a phantom description.
cmtk-vol2csv(1) Compute regional volumes and write to CSV file.
cmtk-volume_injection(1) Volume injection.
cmtk-volume_reconstruction(1) Volume reconstruction.
cmtk-vtkxform(1) Apply coordinate transformation to point coordinates in VTK file.
cmtk-warp(1) B-spline nonrigid registration.
cmtk-warp2ps(1) Deformation to PostScript.
cmtk-warpx(1) B-spline nonrigid registration.
cmtk-xform2dfield(1) Transformation to Deformation Field.
cmtk-xform2itk(1) Convert affine transformations to ITK format.
cmtk-xform2scalar(1) Extract scalar measures from transformations and deformation fields.
cmus(1) C* Music Player.
cmus-remote(1) Control cmus.
cmus-tutorial(7) C* Music Player tutorial.
Cmutex(3) LCG Mutex inferface.
cmuwmtopbm(1) Convert a CMU window manager bitmap into a portable bitmap.
cmux(3NCARG) Converts from metacode coordinates to user coordinates.
cmuy(3NCARG) Converts from metacode coordinates to user coordinates.
cmx(4freebsd) Omnikey CardMan 4040 smartcard reader device driver.
Cn3D-3.0(1) A 3-dimensional viewer for biological molecules.
cnee(1) Record, replays or distributes X11 data.
Cnetdb(3) LCG netdb utilities.
cnfsheadconf(8) Read and write CNFS headers.
cnfsstat(8) Show usage of CNFS buffers.
cnid_dbd(8) Implement access to CNID databases through a dedicated daemon process.
cnid_metad(8) Start cnid_dbd daemons on request.
cnn(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
cnt(1) ↣ container(1) Manage systemd-nspawn containers.
cntlist(5WN) File listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a semantic concordance, sorted most to.
cntlm(1) Authenticating HTTP(S) proxy with TCP/IP tunneling and acceleration.
cntraining(1) Character normalization training for Tesseract.
cntsh(1) ↣ container-shell(1) Manage systemd-nspawn containers (shell).
cnvgrib1to2(1) Convert a GRIB1 file to GRIB2 format.
cnvgrib2to1(1) Convert a GRIB2 file to GRIB1 format.
co(1) Check out RCS revisions.
coadd(1) Co-add images for
coalChemistryFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
coap-client(5) CoAP Client based on libcoap.
coap-rd(5) A CoAP Resource Directory based on libcoap.
coap-server(5) CoAP Server based on libcoap.
coax(1) Determine impedance of a coaxial structure, where the inner may be offset from the centre if necessary.
coaxe(1x) ↣ axe(1x) An X editor.
cobc(1) ↣ open-cobol(1) COBOL compiler.
cobcrun(1) ↣ open-cobol(1) COBOL compiler.
cobe(1) Markov chain based text generator library and chatbot.
cobertura-check(1) Show which classes do not have adequate test coverage.
cobertura-instrument(1) Add coverage instrumentation to existing classes.
cobertura-merge(1) Merge multiple data files into a single data file.
cobertura-report(1) Generate coverage reports.
cobfusc(1) Make a C source file unreadable but compilable.
cobol_count(1) ↣ X_count(1) Count physical lines of code, in each input file.
cobra(1) A generator for Cobra based Applications.
cobra-add(1) Add a command to a Cobra Application.
cobra-init(1) Initialize a Cobra Application.
Coccilib(3cocci) Library of functions for use with Coccinelle OCaml script code.
coccinella(1) A Jabber based IM client with integrated whiteboard.
cockney(6) ↣ filters(6)
cockpit(1) Cockpit.
cockpit-bridge(1) Cockpit Host Bridge.
cockpit-ws(8) Cockpit web service.
cockpit.conf(5) Cockpit configuration file.
cococpp(1) Coco/R Compiler Generator (C++ Version).
cococs(1) Coco/R Compiler Generator (C-Sharp Version).
cocoj(1) Coco/R Compiler Generator (Java Version).
codcmp(1e) Codon usage table comparison.
codcopy(1e) Copy and reformat a codon usage table.
code(3erl) Erlang code server.
code(3itcl) Capture the namespace context for a code fragment.
code-of-conduct-signing-assistant(1) Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct easily.
code2html(1) Converts a program source code to HTML.
Code::TidyAll(3pm) Engine for tidyall, your all-in-one code tidier and validator.
Code::TidyAll::Cache(3pm) A simple caching engine which stores key/value pairs.
Code::TidyAll::CacheModel(3pm) Caching model for Code::TidyAll.
Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared(3pm) Shared cache model for Code::TidyAll.
Code::TidyAll::Config::INI::Reader(3pm) A Config::INI::Reader subclass which can handle a key appearing more than.
Code::TidyAll::Git::Precommit(3pm) Git pre-commit hook that requires files to be tidyall'd.
Code::TidyAll::Git::Prereceive(3pm) Git pre-receive hook that requires files to be tidyall'd.
Code::TidyAll::Git::Util(3pm) Utilities for the git hook classes.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin(3pm) Create plugins for tidying or validating code.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSBeautifier(3pm) Use JavaScript::Beautifier with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSBeautify(3pm) Use js-beautify with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSHint(3pm) Use jshint with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSLint(3pm) Use jslint with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::JSON(3pm) Use the JSON::MaybeXS module to tidy JSON documents with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::MasonTidy(3pm) Use masontidy with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlCritic(3pm) Use perlcritic with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlTidy(3pm) Use perltidy with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PerlTidySweet(3pm) Use perltidy-sweet with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PHPCodeSniffer(3pm) Use phpcs with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PodChecker(3pm) Use podchecker with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PodSpell(3pm) Use Pod::Spell + ispell with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::PodTidy(3pm) Use podtidy with tidyall.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SortLines(3pm) Sort the lines in a file.
Code::TidyAll::Plugin::SortLines::Naturally(3pm) Sort lines of a file using Unicode::Collate::Locale.
Code::TidyAll::Result(3pm) Result returned from processing a file/source.
Code::TidyAll::Role::HasIgnore(3pm) A role for any class that has a list of ignored paths specified in zglob.
Code::TidyAll::Role::RunsCommand(3pm) A role for plugins which run external commands.
Code::TidyAll::Role::Tempdir(3pm) Provides a _tempdir attribute for Code::TidyAll classes.
Code::TidyAll::SVN::Precommit(3pm) Subversion pre-commit hook that requires files to be tidyall'd.
Code::TidyAll::SVN::Util(3pm) Utility functions for SVN hooks.
Code::TidyAll::Util(3pm) Utility functions for internal use by Code::TidyAll.
Code::TidyAll::Util::Zglob(3pm) Test::Glob hacked up to support "**/*".
code_saturne(1) Main user script of Code_Saturne.
codeaster(1) Codeaster command.
codeaster-client(1) Launch the astk GUI.
codeaster-get(1) Symbolic link to as_run command.
codeaster-gui(1) Launch the astk GUI.
codeaster-parallel_cp(1) Codeaster-parallel_cp command.
codeblocks(1) The open-source, cross-platform IDE.
codecgraph(1) Hda-intel codec graph generator.
codechanges(1) Computes the amount of code changes between two code trees or single files.
codeEditor(1) A Python-aware code editor written using the PythonCard GUI framework.
codegroup(1) Encode / decode binary file as five letter codegroups.
codelite(1) A lightweight and powerful C/C++ IDE.
codelite-make(1) A makefile generator based on CodeLite's workspace.
codelite_fix_files(1) Convert a CodeLite project and workspace from the DOS environment to the *nix environment.
codepage(1) Extract a codepage from an MSDOS codepage file.
codequery(1) Create codequery database.
coderay(1) Scans a file and generates syntax-highlighted html output.
coderay_stylesheet(1) Output the default cascading stylesheet used by CodeRay.
coderet(1e) Extract CDS, mRNA and translations from feature tables.
codesnippets(1) Stand-alone app for the codesnippets Code::Blocks plugin.
codespell(1) Detect spelling mistakes in source code.
codfis(1) Tool to generate Italian fiscal codes.
codonw(1) Correspondence Analysis of Codon Usage.
codonw-aau(1) Calculate Amino Acid Usage (AAU).
codonw-base3s(1) Silent base G+C+A+T calculating program.
codonw-bases(1) Detailed report of base composition.
codonw-cai(1) Calculate Codon Adaptation Index (CAI).
codonw-cbi(1) Calculate Codon Bias Index (CBI).
codonw-cu(1) Calculate codon usage.
codonw-cutab(1) Tabulation of codon usage.
codonw-cutot(1) Tabulation of datasets codon usage.
codonw-dinuc(1) Dinucleotide usage of the three codon positions.
codonw-enc(1) Calculate Effective Number of Codons (ENc).
codonw-fop(1) Calculate Frequency of OPtimal codons index (FOP).
codonw-gc(1) G+C content of gene (all 3 codon positions).
codonw-gc3s(1) GC of synonymous codons 3rd positions.
codonw-raau(1) Calculate Relative Amino Acid Usage (RAAU).
codonw-reader(1) Output sequence in reader format.
codonw-rscu(1) Calculate Relative Synonymous Codon Usage (RSCU).
codonw-tidy(1) Clean up sequence in FASTA format.
codonw-transl(1) Conceptual translation of DNA to amino acid.
coe(3) Set close-on-exec flag for a descriptor.
cofactorbddnode(3) Computes the generalized cofactor.
coffee(1) Interpreter and compiler for the CoffeeScript language.
coils-wrap(1) Runs ncoils three times to give you a three-window output.
coin-config(1) Display Coin Library Configuration.
col(1) Filter reverse line feeds from input.
col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col2(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col3(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col4(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col5(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col6(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col7(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col8(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
col9(1) ↣ col1(1) Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9).
cola(1) ↣ git-cola(1) The highly caffeinated Git GUI.
colconv(3NCARG) Allows a user to convert among the color models RGB, HSV, HLS, and YIQ.
colcrt(1) Filter nroff output for CRT previewing.
coldEngineFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
coldreboot(8) Force a cold reboot bypassing kexec-tools default.
collapseEdges(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software. Generate DocBook index files.
collatinus(1) Programma ad latinam morphologiam et lemmata extrahenda.
collect-reminders(1) Collect email reminders to be sent out.
collect-reminders(1p) Collect email reminders to be sent out.
collectd(1) System statistics collection daemon.
collectd-email(5) Documentation of collectd's "email plugin".
collectd-exec(5) Documentation of collectd's "exec plugin".
collectd-java(5) Documentation of collectd's "java plugin".
collectd-lua(5) Documentation of collectd's "Lua plugin".
collectd-nagios(1) Nagios plugin for querying collectd.
collectd-perl(5) Documentation of collectd's "perl plugin".
collectd-python(5) Documentation of collectd's "python plugin".
collectd-snmp(5) Documentation of collectd's "snmp plugin".
collectd-tg(1) Traffic generator for collectd.
collectd-threshold(5) Documentation of collectd's Threshold plugin.
collectd-unixsock(5) Documentation of collectd's "unixsock plugin".
collectd.conf(5) Configuration for the system statistics collection daemon collectd.
Collectd::Unixsock(3pm) Abstraction layer for accessing the functionality by collectd's unixsock plugin.
collectdctl(1) Control interface for collectd.
collectdmon(1) Monitoring daemon for collectd.
collectiongain(1) Large scale Replay Gain calculating tool.
collectl(1) Collects data that describes the current system status.
collectl2pcp(1) Import collectl data to a PCP archive.
collink(1) Link ICC profiles.
colmap(1) Structure-from-Motion and Multi-View Stereo.
colmux(1) Multiplex communications to multiple systems running collectl from a single system.
colobot(6) Educational programming strategy game.
colon(1posix) Null utility.
Color::Calc(3pm) Simple calculations with RGB colors.
Color::Calc::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for Color::Calc.
Color::Calc::WWW(3pm) Simple calculations with colors for the WWW.
Color::Library(3pm) An easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library.
Color::Library::Color(3pm) Color entry for a Color::Library color dictionary.
Color::Library::Dictionary(3pm) Color dictionary for Color::Library.
Color::Library::Dictionary::HTML(3pm) (HTML) Colors from the HTML 4.0 specification.
Color::Library::Dictionary::IE(3pm) (IE) Colors recognized by Internet Explorer.
Color::Library::Dictionary::Mozilla(3pm) (Mozilla) Colors recognized by Mozilla (ColorNames.txt).
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC(3pm) (NBS/ISCC Centroids) Centroids of the NBS/ISCC catalog.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::A(3pm) (NBS/ISCC A) Dye Colors.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::B(3pm) (NBS/ISCC B) Colour Terminology in Biology.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::F(3pm) (NBS/ISCC F) Colors; (for) Ready-Mixed Paints.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::H(3pm) (NBS/ISCC H) Horticultural Colour Charts.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::M(3pm) (NBS/ISCC M) Dictionary of Color.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::P(3pm) (NBS/ISCC P) Plochere Color System.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::R(3pm) (NBS/ISCC R) Color Standards and Color Nomenclature.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::RC(3pm) (NBS/ISCC RC) Rock-Color Chart.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::S(3pm) (NBS/ISCC S) Postage-Stamp Color Names.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::SC(3pm) (NBS/ISCC SC) Soil Color Charts.
Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::TC(3pm) (NBS/ISCC TC) Standard Color Card of America.
Color::Library::Dictionary::Netscape(3pm) (Netscape) Colors recognized by Netscape.
Color::Library::Dictionary::SVG(3pm) (SVG) Colors from the SVG specification.
Color::Library::Dictionary::Tango(3pm) (Tango) The Tango color palette.
Color::Library::Dictionary::VACCC(3pm) (VACCC) VisiBone Anglo-Centric Color Code.
Color::Library::Dictionary::Windows(3pm) (Windows) Colors from the Windows system palette.
Color::Library::Dictionary::WWW(3pm) (WWW) An alias of the SVG color dictionary.
Color::Library::Dictionary::X11(3pm) (X11) Colors for the X11 Window System (rgb.txt).
Color::Palette(3pm) A set of named colors.
Color::Palette::Schema(3pm) Requirements for a palette.
Color::Palette::Types(3pm) Type constraints for use with Color::Palette.
Color::Scheme(3pm) Generate pleasant color schemes.
color_content(3ncurses) ↣ color(3ncurses)
color_content_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
color_map(3alleg4) Global pointer to the color mapping table. Allegro game programming library.
COLOR_MAP(3alleg4) Stores a color map to accelerate drawing. Allegro game programming library.
color_matrix(1p) A matrix of available colors from Term::ExtendedColor.
COLOR_PAIR(3ncurses) ↣ color(3ncurses)
COLOR_PAIRS(3ncurses) ↣ curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
color_set(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
ColorCmd(3U) Command for setting components' color attributes.
colorcode(6) Advanced clone of the MasterMind code-breaking game.
colordiff(1) A tool to colorize diff output.
colordiff-git(1) A tool to colorize diff output.
colored_dmesg(1p) Colorize the dmesg output.
colorfire(1) Color-fire-explosion-thing-effect.
colorhug-backlight(1) Backlight utility for the ColorHug colorimeter.
colorhug-ccmx(1) CCMX loader for the ColorHug colorimeter.
colorhug-cmd(1) A command line utlity for the ColorHug colorimeter.
colorhug-flash(1) A firmware updater for the ColorHug colorimeter.
colorhug-refresh(1) Display analyzer using the ColorHug colorimeter.
colorit(1) A script for markuping the text input.
colorize(1) Colorize text on terminal with ANSI escape sequences.
colormake(1) Color wrapper for make(1).
colormake-short(1) ↣ colormake(1) Color wrapper for make(1).
colormap(1) ↣ allegro-dev-tools(1) Collection of useful tools for Allegro 4 developers.
colormgr(1) Color Manager Testing Tool.
colors(3) Libbash library for setting tty colors.
COLORS(3ncurses) ↣ curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
colors(3tk) Symbolic color names recognized by Tk.
ColorScheme(1x) Defines color values for standard set of internal color names, to be used in other configuration.
colortail(1) Log colorizer that makes log checking easier.
colortest-16(1) Display ASCII color test graph.
colortest-16b(1) Display ASCII color test graph.
colortest-256(1) Display ASCII color test graph.
colortest-8(1) Display ASCII color test graph.
colortest-python(1) Display color test chart and convert between color values.
colossal-cave-adventure(6) Text adventure of exploration in Colossal Cave.
colplot(1) Plots collectl data using gnuplot.
colprof(1) Create ICC profile.
colrm(1) Remove columns from a file.
COLS(3ncurses) ↣ curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
column(1) Columnate lists.
columns(1) Columnize Input Text.
colverify(1) Verify CIE values.
com_err(3) Common error display routine.
combinatorics(3tcl) Combinatorial functions in the Tcl Math Library.
combine(1) Combine sets of lines from two files using boolean operations.
combine-dmk(1) ↣ dmktools(1) Tools for handling DMK disk image files.
combine_lang_model(1) Generate starter traineddata.
combine_tessdata(1) Combine/extract/overwrite/list/compact Tesseract data.
combine_tradis_plots(1) Bio-tradis: combine multiple plotfiles and generate updated statistics.
combinedeltarpm(8) Combine multiple deltarpms to a single one.
combinediff(1) Create a cumulative unified patch from two incremental patches.
combineKmers(1) Basic algorithm to combine kmer counts across samples.
combineMUMs(1) ↣ mummer(1) Package for sequence alignment of multiple genomes.
combinePatchFaces(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
combo.cfg(5) Configuration of combostatus tool.
combostatus(1) Xymon combination test tool.
comdraw(1) Drawtool with distributed command interpreter.
comedi(7) The Linux Control and Measurement Device Interface.
comedi_apply_calibration(3) Set hardware calibration from file.
comedi_apply_parsed_calibration(3) Set calibration from memory.
comedi_arm(3) Arm a subdevice.
comedi_calibrate(8) COMEDI calibration utility.
comedi_cancel(3) Stop streaming input/output in progress.
comedi_cleanup_calibration(3) Free calibration resources.
comedi_close(3) Close a Comedi device.
comedi_command(3) Start streaming input/output.
comedi_command_test(3) Test streaming input/output configuration.
comedi_config(8) COMEDI configuration utility.
comedi_data_read(3) Read single sample from channel.
comedi_data_read_delayed(3) Read single sample from channel after delaying for specified settling time.
comedi_data_read_hint(3) Tell driver which channel/range/aref you are going to read from next.
comedi_data_read_n(3) Read multiple samples from channel.
comedi_data_write(3) Write single sample to channel.
comedi_dio_bitfield(3) Read/write multiple digital channels.
comedi_dio_bitfield2(3) Read/write multiple digital channels.
comedi_dio_config(3) Change input/output properties of channel.
comedi_dio_get_config(3) Query input/output properties of channel.
comedi_dio_read(3) Read single bit from digital channel.
comedi_dio_write(3) Write single bit to digital channel.
comedi_do_insn(3) Perform instruction.
comedi_do_insnlist(3) Perform multiple instructions.
comedi_errno(3) Number of last Comedilib error.
comedi_fileno(3) Get file descriptor for open Comedilib device.
comedi_find_range(3) Search for range.
comedi_find_subdevice_by_type(3) Search for subdevice type.
comedi_from_phys(3) Convert physical units to sample.
comedi_from_physical(3) Convert physical units to sample using calibration data.
comedi_get_board_name(3) Comedi device name.
comedi_get_buffer_contents(3) Streaming buffer status.
comedi_get_buffer_offset(3) Streaming buffer status.
comedi_get_buffer_size(3) Streaming buffer size of subdevice.
comedi_get_clock_source(3) Get master clock for a subdevice.
comedi_get_cmd_generic_timed(3) Streaming input/output capabilities.
comedi_get_cmd_src_mask(3) Streaming input/output capabilities.
comedi_get_default_calibration_path(3) Get default calibration file path.
comedi_get_driver_name(3) Comedi driver name.
comedi_get_gate_source(3) Get gate for a subdevice.
comedi_get_hardcal_converter(3) Get converter for hardware-calibrated subdevice.
comedi_get_hardware_buffer_size(3) Get size of subdevice's hardware buffer.
comedi_get_max_buffer_size(3) Maximum streaming buffer size.
comedi_get_maxdata(3) Maximum sample of channel.
comedi_get_n_channels(3) Number of subdevice channels.
comedi_get_n_ranges(3) Number of ranges of channel.
comedi_get_n_subdevices(3) Number of subdevices.
comedi_get_range(3) Range information of channel.
comedi_get_read_subdevice(3) Find streaming input subdevice.
comedi_get_routing(3) Get routing for an output.
comedi_get_softcal_converter(3) Get converter for software-calibrated subdevice.
comedi_get_subdevice_flags(3) Properties of subdevice.
comedi_get_subdevice_type(3) Type of subdevice.
comedi_get_timer(3) Timer information (deprecated).
comedi_get_version_code(3) Comedi version code.
comedi_get_write_subdevice(3) Find streaming output subdevice.
comedi_internal_trigger(3) Generate soft trigger.
comedi_lock(3) Subdevice reservation.
comedi_loglevel(3) Change Comedilib logging properties.
comedi_mark_buffer_read(3) Streaming buffer control.
comedi_mark_buffer_written(3) Streaming buffer control.
comedi_maxdata_is_chan_specific(3) Maximum sample depends on channel.
comedi_open(3) Open a Comedi device.
comedi_parse_calibration_file(3) Load contents of calibration file.
comedi_perror(3) Print a Comedilib error message.
comedi_poll(3) Force updating of streaming buffer.
comedi_range_is_chan_specific(3) Range information depends on channel.
comedi_reset(3) Reset a subdevice.
comedi_set_buffer_size(3) Streaming buffer size of subdevice.
comedi_set_clock_source(3) Set master clock for a subdevice.
comedi_set_counter_mode(3) Change mode of a counter subdevice.
comedi_set_filter(3) Select a filter for a subdevice.
comedi_set_gate_source(3) Select gate source for a subdevice.
comedi_set_global_oor_behavior(3) Out-of-range behavior.
comedi_set_max_buffer_size(3) Streaming maximum buffer size of subdevice.
comedi_set_other_source(3) Select source signal for something other than a gate or clock.
comedi_set_routing(3) Select a routing for an output.
comedi_strerror(3) Return string describing Comedilib error code.
comedi_sv_init(3) Slowly-varying inputs.
comedi_sv_measure(3) Slowly-varying inputs.
comedi_sv_update(3) Slowly-varying inputs.
comedi_timed_1chan(3) Streaming input (deprecated).
comedi_to_phys(3) Convert sample to physical units.
comedi_to_physical(3) Convert sample to physical units using polynomials.
comedi_trigger(3) Perform streaming input/output (deprecated).
comedi_unlock(3) Subdevice reservation.
comet(6) A mission editor for Crimson Fields.
comet-ms(1) The comet-ms package ships the comet-ms binary that does MS/MS database searches.
comgt(1) Option GlobeTrotter GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA and Vodafone 3G/GPRS datacard control tool.
comitup(8) Manage wifi connections on headless, unconnected systems.
comitup-cli(1) Command-line interface for comitup network management.
comitup-conf(5) Comitup configuration file format.
comitup-web(8) Wifi configuration web server for the Comitup service.
comlaw(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
comm(1) Compare two sorted files line by line.
comm(1posix) Select or reject lines common to two files.
comm(3tcl) A remote communication facility for Tcl (8.3 and later).
comm_wire(3tcl) The comm wire protocol.
command(1posix) Execute a simple command.
Command(3U) Base class for command objects.
Command::DynamicSubCommands(3pm) Auto-generate sub-commands based on other classes.
Command::V1(3pm) Base class for modules implementing the command pattern.
Command::V2(3pm) Base class for modules implementing the command pattern.
commander(1) COMMANDER.
commit-partial(1) ↣ commit-patch(1) Commit patches to Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Monotone, Subversion, or CVS repositories.
commit-patch(1) Commit patches to Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Monotone, Subversion, or CVS repositories.
commit_agent(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
common(3x) Common functions used in other examples libAfterImage/tutorials/common.h.
common-lisp-controller(3) Common Lisp system management tool.
common.h(3) GNU Common C++ global header.
common::sense(3pm) Save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!.
common_test(3erl) A framework for automated testing of any target nodes.
commoncpp-config(1) Script to get information about common c++ library.
commonFunctions(3clc) Click an item in the table below for details about that function.
commonMax(3clc) Returns the greater of two values.
commonMin(3clc) Returns the lesser of two values.
comp(1mh) Compose an nmh message.
comp_err(1) Compile MySQL error message file.
compalign(1) Compare two multiple alignments.
companioncube(6x) A vital aparatus.
__compar_fn_t(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
compare-histos(1) Generate comparison histograms.
compare-im6.q16(1) Mathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction.
compare-im6.q16hdri(1) Mathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction.
compare_octrees(1) Compare two octrees for accuracy / compression.
comparepdf(1) Compare two PDF files textually or visually.
comparePolishes(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
compareTwoTransforms(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
comparison.cpp(3elektra) Comparison helper functions.
comparison.hpp(3elektra) Comparison helper functions.
comparoob(1) Compare products.
compartment(1) Secure program/service wrapper.
compass(1) Stylesheet Framework streamlining creation and maintenance of CSS.
compass(6x) Draws a spinning compass.
compface(1) Compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files.
compface(3) Compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files.
compile(3erl) Erlang Compiler.
compile-modules(1) Transpile ECMAScript 6 modules to ECMAScript 5.
compile_encoding(1p) Compile XML encmap into a binary encoded file for XML::Parser.
compile_et(1) Error table compiler.
COMPILED_SPRITE(3alleg4) Stores the contents of a compiled sprite. Allegro game programming library.
compiler(1) TTCN-3 and ASN.1 to C++ translator.
compileSpliceCands(1) Find introns parsing a set of exon candidates in GFF format.
compiz(1) OpenGL window and compositing manager.
CompletionEditor(3I) StringEditor with string completion.
complex(1) ↣ ladr4-apps(1) Undocumented LADR4 applications.
complex(1e) Find the linguistic complexity in nucleotide sequences.
Complex(3o) Complex numbers.
complex(7) Basics of complex mathematics.
complex.h(7posix) Complex arithmetic.
complexity(1) Measure complexity of C source.
Component(3U) Base class for objects that model domain-specific elements.
ComponentView(3U) Base class for views of objects that model domain-specific elements.
compose(1) ↣ run-mailcap(1) Execute programs via entries in the mailcap file.
compose(4rheolef) A n-ary function with n fields.
Compose(5) X client mappings for multi-key input sequences.
composeBdd(3) Substitutes an index by a BDD in another BDD.
composebddnode(3) Substitutes a variable by a bdd in another bdd.
composeglyphs(1) Generate an encoding vector or new font for postscript.
ComposeMultiTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
composer(1) Composer command line interface.
composite(1) ↣ gm(1)
Composite(3) The Composite widget class "Composite" "widget class" "Composite".
composite-im6.q16(1) Overlaps one image over another.
composite-im6.q16hdri(1) Overlaps one image over another.
CompositeTransformUtil(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
compound(3) Multi-line compound image type.
compress(1) Compress and expand data.
compress(1posix) Compress data.
Compress::Bzip2(3pm) Interface to Bzip2 compression library.
Compress::LZ4(3pm) Perl interface to the LZ4 (de)compressor.
Compress::Raw::Bzip2(3perl) Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library.
Compress::Raw::Bzip2(3pm) Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library.
Compress::Raw::Lzma(3pm) Low-Level Interface to lzma compression library.
Compress::Raw::Zlib(3perl) Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library.
Compress::Raw::Zlib(3pm) Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library.
Compress::Zlib(3perl) Interface to zlib compression library.
Compress::Zlib(3pm) Interface to zlib compression library.
compress_gtf(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
compressibleInterDyMFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
compressibleInterFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
compressibleMultiphaseInterFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
comprez(1) Safely (un)tar and (de)feather files and directories.
compseq(1e) Calculate the composition of unique words in sequences.
compsize(8) Calculate compression ratio of a set of files on btrfs.
compstruct(1) Calculate accuracy of RNA secondary structure predictions.
comptext(1) GUI-based tool to compare two text streams.
compton(1) A compositor for X11.
compton-trans(1) An opacity setter tool.
comptty(1) GUI-based tool to compare two RTTY text streams.
compute_all(1) ↣ sloccount(1) Count source lines of code (SLOC).
compute_sloc_lang(1) ↣ sloccount(1) Count source lines of code (SLOC).
comsat(8) ↣ in.comsat(8) Biff server.
comsatd(8) The Comsat daemon.
comterp(1) Distributed command interpreter demonstrator.
con2fbmap(1) Shows and sets mapping between consoles and framebuffer devices.
concalc(1) Console calculator.
concat(3tcl) Join lists together.
concatname(3) Concatenate two names with user separator.
concavity(1) Predictor of protein ligand binding sites from structure and conservation.
conch(1) Conch SSH client.
conchftp(1) Conch command-line SFTP client.
concordance(1) For programming your Logitech Harmony remote control.
condor_submit_makeflow(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
condor_submit_workers(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
condredirect(1) Perhaps redirect mail to another address.
conf(5) LAM node process schema.
CONF_modules_finish(3ssl) ↣ CONF_modules_free(3ssl) OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions.
CONF_modules_free(3ssl) OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions.
CONF_modules_load(3ssl) ↣ CONF_modules_load_file(3ssl) OpenSSL configuration functions.
CONF_modules_load_file(3ssl) OpenSSL configuration functions.
CONF_modules_unload(3ssl) ↣ CONF_modules_free(3ssl) OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions.
confclerk(1) Offline conference schedule application.
confget(1) Read a variable from a configuration file.
Config(3perl) Access Perl configuration information.
config(5) Configuration file.
config(5ssl) OpenSSL CONF library configuration files.
config-bundle-to-config(1) Dump a Slic3r config from a config bundle.
config-gfarm(8) Set up a metadata server of Gfarm.
config-gfarm-update(8) Upgrades/updates metadata server of Gfarm.
config-gfsd(8) Set up a file spool node of Gfarm.
config.guess(1) Guess the build system triplet.
config.guess2.64(1) Guess the build system triplet.
config.sub(1) Validate and canonicalize a configuration triplet.
config.sub2.64(1) Validate and canonicalize a configuration triplet.
config11(1) Calculate the floating address space layout of a PDP-11 or VAX.
Config::Any(3pm) Load configuration from different file formats, transparently.
Config::Any::Base(3pm) Base class for loaders.
Config::Any::General(3pm) Load Config::General files.
Config::Any::INI(3pm) Load INI config files.
Config::Any::JSON(3pm) Load JSON config files.
Config::Any::Perl(3pm) Load Perl config files.
Config::Any::XML(3pm) Load XML config files.
Config::Any::YAML(3pm) Load YAML config files.
Config::ApacheFormat(3pm) Use Apache format config files.
Config::Augeas(3pm) Edit configuration files through Augeas C library.
Config::Auto(3pm) Magical config file parser.
Config::AutoConf(3pm) A module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl.
Config::Crontab(3pm) Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files.
Config::Extensions(3perl) Hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
Config::File(3pm) Parse a simple configuration file.
Config::Find(3pm) Find configuration files in the native OS fashion.
Config::Find::Any(3pm) Perl base class for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Unix(3pm) Config::Find plugin for Unixen.
Config::Find::Where(3pm) Find locations in the native OS fashion.
Config::Find::Win2k(3pm) Win2k idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win2k3(3pm) Win2k idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win7(3pm) Win7 idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win95(3pm) Win95 idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::Win98(3pm) Win98 idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinAny(3pm) Behaviours common to any Win32 OS for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinCE(3pm) WinCE idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinME(3pm) WinME idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinNT(3pm) WinNT idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::Find::WinXP(3pm) WinXP idiosyncrasies for Config::Find.
Config::General(3pm) Generic Config Module.
Config::General::Extended(3pm) Extended access to Config files.
Config::General::Interpolated(3pm) Parse variables within Config files.
Config::GitLike(3pm) Git-compatible config file parsing.
Config::GitLike::Cascaded(3pm) Git-like config file parsing with cascaded inheritance.
Config::GitLike::Git(3pm) Load Git configuration files.
Config::Grammar(3pm) A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser.
Config::Grammar::Dynamic(3pm) A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser.
Config::Identity(3pm) Load (and optionally decrypt via GnuPG) user/pass identity information.
Config::INI(3pm) Simple .ini-file format.
Config::INI::Reader(3pm) A subclassable .ini-file parser.
Config::INI::Reader::Ordered(3pm) .ini-file parser that returns sections in order.
Config::INI::Writer(3pm) A subclassable .ini-file emitter.
Config::IniFiles(3pm) A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
Config::IniHash(3pm) Perl extension for reading and writing INI files.
Config::JFDI(3pm) Just * Do it: A Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any.
Config::JSON(3pm) A JSON based config file system.
Config::Merge(3pm) Load a configuration directory tree containing YAML, JSON, XML, Perl, INI or Config::General.
Config::Merge::Perl(3pm) Load Perl config files.
Config::MethodProxy(3pm) Integrate dynamic logic with static configuration.
Config::Model(3pm) Create tools to validate, migrate and edit configuration files.
Config::Model::Annotation(3pm) Read and write configuration annotations.
Config::Model::AnyId(3pm) Base class for hash or list element.
Config::Model::AnyThing(3pm) Base class for configuration tree item.
Config::Model::Approx(3pm) Approx configuration file editor.
Config::Model::Backend::Any(3pm) Virtual class for other backends.
Config::Model::Backend::Approx(3pm) Approx configuration file editor.
Config::Model::Backend::Augeas(3pm) Read and write config data through Augeas.
Config::Model::Backend::CdsFile(3pm) Read and write config as a Cds data structure.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg(3pm) Read and write config as plain file.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Autopkgtest(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg Autopkgtest information.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Control(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg control information.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg License information.
Config::Model::Backend::Dpkg::Patch(3pm) Read and write Debian Dpkg Patch information.
Config::Model::Backend::DpkgSyntax(3pm) Role to read and write files with Dpkg syntax.
Config::Model::Backend::Fstab(3pm) Read and write config from fstab file.
Config::Model::Backend::IniFile(3pm) Read and write config as a INI file.
Config::Model::Backend::Json(3pm) Read and write config as a JSON data structure.
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh(3pm) Common backend methods for Ssh and Sshd backends.
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Ssh(3pm) Backend for ssh configuration files.
Config::Model::Backend::OpenSsh::Sshd(3pm) Backend for sshd configuration files.
Config::Model::Backend::PerlFile(3pm) Read and write config as a Perl data structure.
Config::Model::Backend::PlainFile(3pm) Read and write config as plain file.
Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar(3pm) Read and write config as a "SHELLVAR" data structure.
Config::Model::Backend::Systemd(3pm) R/W backend for systemd configurations files.
Config::Model::Backend::Systemd::Layers(3pm) Role that provides Systemd default directories.
Config::Model::Backend::Systemd::Unit(3pm) R/W backend for systemd unit files.
Config::Model::Backend::Yaml(3pm) Read and write config as a YAML data structure.
Config::Model::BackendMgr(3pm) Load configuration node on demand.
Config::Model::BackendTrackOrder(3pm) Track read order of elements from configuration.
Config::Model::CheckList(3pm) Handle check list element.
Config::Model::Cookbook::CreateModelFromDoc(3pm) Create a configuration model from application documentation.
Config::Model::CursesUI(3pm) Curses interface to edit config data.
Config::Model::Describe(3pm) Provide a description of a node element.
Config::Model::Dpkg(3pm) Edit and validate Dpkg source files.
Config::Model::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) Fill the File sections of debian/copyright file.
Config::Model::Dpkg::Dependency(3pm) Checks Debian dependency declarations.
Config::Model::DumpAsData(3pm) Dump configuration content as a perl data structure.
Config::Model::Dumper(3pm) Serialize data of config tree.
Config::Model::Exception(3pm) Exception mechanism for configuration model.
Config::Model::FuseUI(3pm) Fuse virtual file interface for Config::Model.
Config::Model::HashId(3pm) Handle hash element for configuration model.
Config::Model::IdElementReference(3pm) Refer to id element(s) and extract keys.
Config::Model::Instance(3pm) Instance of configuration tree.
Config::Model::Iterator(3pm) Iterates forward or backward a configuration tree.
Config::Model::Itself(3pm) Model editor for Config::Model.
Config::Model::Itself::BackendDetector(3pm) Detect available read/write backends usable by config models.
Config::Model::LcdProc(3pm) Edit and validate LcdProc configuration file.
Config::Model::Lister(3pm) List available models and applications.
Config::Model::ListId(3pm) Handle list element for configuration model.
Config::Model::Loader(3pm) Load serialized data into config tree.
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationAdvanced(3pm) Creating a model with advanced features.
Config::Model::Manual::ModelCreationIntroduction(3pm) Introduction to model creation with Config::Model.
Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm) Configuration class Approx.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::BugFiles(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::BugFiles.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::BugFiles::Control(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::BugFiles::Control.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Control(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Control.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Control::Binary(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Control::Binary.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Control::Source(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Control::Source.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::Content(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::Content.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::FileLicense.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::FillBlanks::Pattern(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::LicenseSpec.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Copyright::ScanPatterns::Lists(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Install(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Install.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Meta(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Meta.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::PackageScripts(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::PackageScripts.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Patch(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Patch.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Patches(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Patches.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Source.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source::Options(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Source::Options.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Tests(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Tests.
Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Tests::Control(3pm) Configuration class Dpkg::Tests::Control.
Config::Model::models::Fstab(3pm) Configuration class Fstab.
Config::Model::models::Fstab::FsLine(3pm) Configuration class Fstab::FsLine.
Config::Model::models::Itself::Class(3pm) Configuration class Itself::Class.
Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::Assert(3pm) Configuration class Itself::CommonElement::Assert.
Config::Model::models::Itself::CommonElement::WarnIfMatch(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigAccept(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigAccept.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigRead(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigRead.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigReadWrite::DefaultLayer(3pm) Configuration class.
Config::Model::models::Itself::ConfigWrite(3pm) Configuration class Itself::ConfigWrite.
Config::Model::models::Itself::Element(3pm) Configuration class Itself::Element.
Config::Model::models::Itself::WarpValue(3pm) Configuration class Itself::WarpValue.
Config::Model::models::LCDd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::bayrad(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::bayrad.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::CFontz(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::CFontz.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::CFontzPacket(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::CFontzPacket.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::curses(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::curses.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::CwLnx(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::CwLnx.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::ea65(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::ea65.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::EyeboxOne(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::EyeboxOne.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::futaba(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::futaba.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::g15(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::g15.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::glcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::glcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::glcdlib(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::glcdlib.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::glk(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::glk.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::hd44780(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::hd44780.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::icp_a106(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::icp_a106.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::imon(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::imon.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::imonlcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::imonlcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::IOWarrior(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::IOWarrior.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::IrMan(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::IrMan.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::irtrans(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::irtrans.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::joy(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::joy.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lb216(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lb216.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lcdm001(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lcdm001.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lcterm(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lcterm.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::linux_input(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::linux_input.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lirc(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lirc.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::lis(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::lis.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::MD8800(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::MD8800.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::mdm166a(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::mdm166a.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::menu(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::menu.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::ms6931(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::ms6931.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::mtc_s16209x(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::mtc_s16209x.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::MtxOrb(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::MtxOrb.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::mx5000(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::mx5000.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::NoritakeVFD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::NoritakeVFD.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::Olimex_MOD_LCD1x9(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::Olimex_MOD_LCD1x9.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::picolcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::picolcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::pyramid(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::pyramid.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::rawserial(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::rawserial.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sdeclcd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sdeclcd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sed1330(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sed1330.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sed1520(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sed1520.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::serialPOS(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::serialPOS.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::serialVFD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::serialVFD.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::server(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::server.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::shuttleVFD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::shuttleVFD.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::sli(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::sli.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::stv5730(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::stv5730.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::SureElec(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::SureElec.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::svga(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::svga.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::t6963(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::t6963.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::text(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::text.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::tyan(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::tyan.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::ula200(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::ula200.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::vlsys_m428(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::vlsys_m428.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::xosd(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::xosd.
Config::Model::models::LCDd::yard2LCD(3pm) Configuration class LCDd::yard2LCD.
Config::Model::models::Multistrap(3pm) Configuration class Multistrap.
Config::Model::models::Multistrap::Section(3pm) Configuration class Multistrap::Section.
Config::Model::models::PopCon(3pm) Configuration class PopCon.
Config::Model::models::Ssh(3pm) Configuration class Ssh.
Config::Model::models::Ssh::HostElement(3pm) Configuration class Ssh::HostElement.
Config::Model::models::Ssh::PortForward(3pm) Configuration class Ssh::PortForward.
Config::Model::models::Sshd(3pm) Configuration class Sshd.
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchBlock(3pm) Configuration class Sshd::MatchBlock.
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchCondition(3pm) Configuration class Sshd::MatchCondition.
Config::Model::models::Sshd::MatchElement(3pm) Configuration class Sshd::MatchElement.
Config::Model::models::Systemd(3pm) Configuration class Systemd.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Section::Install(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Section::Install.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Section::Service(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Section::Service.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Section::Socket(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Section::Socket.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Section::Timer(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Section::Timer.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Section::Unit(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Section::Unit.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Service(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Service.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Socket(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Socket.
Config::Model::models::Systemd::Timer(3pm) Configuration class Systemd::Timer.
Config::Model::models::SystemSsh(3pm) Configuration class SystemSsh.
Config::Model::Node(3pm) Class for configuration tree node.
Config::Model::ObjTreeScanner(3pm) Scan config tree and perform call-backs for each element or node.
Config::Model::OpenSsh(3pm) OpenSSH config editor.
Config::Model::Report(3pm) Reports data from config tree.
Config::Model::Role::ComputeFunction(3pm) Compute &index or &element functions.
Config::Model::Role::FileHandler(3pm) Role to read or write configuration files.
Config::Model::Role::Grab(3pm) Role to grab data from elsewhere in the tree.
Config::Model::Role::HelpAsText(3pm) Translate element help from pod to text.
Config::Model::Role::NodeLoader(3pm) Load Node element in configuration tree.
Config::Model::Role::WarpMaster(3pm) Register and trigger a warped element.
Config::Model::SearchElement(3pm) Search an element in a configuration model.
Config::Model::SimpleUI(3pm) Simple interface for Config::Model.
Config::Model::Systemd(3pm) Editor and validator for systemd configuration files.
Config::Model::TermUI(3pm) Interactive command line interface for cme.
Config::Model::Tester(3pm) Test framework for Config::Model.
Config::Model::TkUI(3pm) Tk GUI to edit config data through Config::Model.
Config::Model::TreeSearcher(3pm) Search tree for match in value, description...
Config::Model::Utils::GenClassPod(3pm) Generate pod documentation from configuration models.
Config::Model::Value(3pm) Strongly typed configuration value.
Config::Model::Value::LayeredInclude(3pm) Include a sub layer configuration.
Config::Model::ValueComputer(3pm) Provides configuration value computation.
Config::Model::WarpedNode(3pm) Node that change config class properties.
Config::Model::Warper(3pm) Warp tree properties.
Config::MVP(3pm) Multivalue-property package-oriented configuration.
Config::MVP::Assembler(3pm) Multivalue-property config-loading state machine.
Config::MVP::Assembler::WithBundles(3pm) A role to make assemblers expand bundles.
Config::MVP::Error(3pm) Common exceptions class.
Config::MVP::Reader(3pm) Object to read config from storage into an assembler.
Config::MVP::Reader::Findable(3pm) A config class that Config::MVP::Reader::Finder can find.
Config::MVP::Reader::Findable::ByExtension(3pm) A Findable Reader that looks for files by extension.
Config::MVP::Reader::Finder(3pm) A reader that finds an appropriate file.
Config::MVP::Reader::Hash(3pm) A reader that tries to cope with a plain old hashref.
Config::MVP::Reader::INI(3pm) An MVP config reader for .ini files.
Config::MVP::Section(3pm) One section of an MVP configuration sequence.
Config::MVP::Sequence(3pm) An ordered set of named configuration sections.
Config::MVP::Slicer(3pm) Extract embedded plugin config from parent config.
Config::Onion(3pm) Layered configuration, because configs are like ogres.
Config::Onion::Simple(3pm) Simple interface to a Config::Onion singleton.
Config::Perl::V(3perl) Structured data retrieval of perl -V output.
Config::Pit(3pm) Manage settings.
Config::Properties(3pm) Read and write property files.
Config::Record(3pm) Configuration file access.
Config::Scoped(3pm) Feature rich configuration file parser.
Config::Scoped::Error(3pm) An exception class hierarchy based on for Config::Scoped.
Config::Simple(3pm) Simple configuration file class.
Config::Std(3pm) Load and save configuration files in a standard format.
Config::Tiny(3pm) Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible.
Config::YAML(3pm) Simple configuration automation.
Config::ZOMG(3pm) Yet Another Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any.
config_data(1p) Query or change configuration of Perl modules.
config_intrhook(9freebsd) Schedule a function to be run after interrupts have been enabled, but before root is mounted.
config_intrhook_disestablish(9freebsd) Schedule a function to be run after interrupts have been enabled, but before root is mounted.
config_intrhook_establish(9freebsd) Schedule a function to be run after interrupts have been enabled, but before root is mounted.
config_is_hooked(3alleg4) Tells if a config section has custom hooks. Allegro game programming library.
config_list(8) Configure a Mailman mailing list from a text file description.
config_ndpmon.xml(8) Configuration file for ndpmon.
config_perror(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
config_pwarn(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
configbody(3itcl) Change the "config" code for a public variable.
configfile(3bobcat) A class processing standard unix-like configuration files.
configFileLoad(3) Parse a configuration file.
ConfigReader(3pm) Read directives from a configuration file.
ConfigReader::DirectiveStyle(3pm) Read configuration file.
ConfigReader::Simple(3pm) A simple line-oriented configuration file parser.
ConfigReader::Spec(3pm) Stores specifications of configuration directives.
ConfigReader::Values(3pm) Stores a set of configuration values. Octopussy Configuration module.
configure(3nx) Get and set configuration options on the object system.
configure-debian(8) Central configuration program for packages using debconf.
configure.acr(5) Configuration script for ACR.
configure.amr(5) Configuration file for AMR.
ConflictHandler(3) To track addresses of sources conflicting with the local one.
confmodule(3) Communicate with Debian configuration system FrontEnd.
confreport.cgi(1) Xymon Configuration report.
confstr(3) Get configuration dependent string variables.
confstr(3posix) Get configurable variables.
confuse.h(3) A configuration file parser library.
congestion.config(5) Traffic Server congestion control configuration file.
congruity(1) A simple GUI to program Logitech(R) Harmony(R) remotes.
conj(3) Calculate the complex conjugate.
conj(3posix) Complex conjugate functions.
conjf(3) ↣ conj(3) Calculate the complex conjugate.
conjl(3) ↣ conj(3) Calculate the complex conjugate.
conjugar(1) Conjugator of Brazilian Portuguese verbs.
conjugue-ISO-8859-1(1) ↣ conjugue(1)
conjugue-UTF-8(1) ↣ conjugue(1)
conjunct(1) Find dates of equinox or new or full moon.
conjure(1) ↣ gm(1)
conjure-im6.q16(1) Interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick Scripting Language (MSL).
conjure-im6.q16hdri(1) Interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick Scripting Language (MSL).
conky(1) A system monitor for X originally based on the torsmo code, but more kickass. It just keeps on.
conman(1) ConMan client.
conman.conf(5) ConMan daemon configuration file.
conmand(8) ConMan daemon.
conmbkrds(3) Converts MBK connector to RDS rectangle.
conmen(1) A wrapper to aid in ConMan broadcast sessions.
connect(1) ↣ connect-proxy(1) Connect over SOCKS4/5 proxy.
connect(2) Initiate a connection on a socket.
connect(2freebsd) Initiate a connection on a socket.
connect(3posix) Connect a socket.
connect(3tcl) Connection setup.
connect-proxy(1) Connect over SOCKS4/5 proxy.
connect-tunnel(1p) Create CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies.
connectagram(1) Word unscrambling game.
connectat(2freebsd) Initiate a connection on a socket.
ConnectionNumber(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
Connector(3U) Base classes for connector subjects and views.
ConnectTool(3U) Tool for connecting connectors.
connman(8) Network management daemon.
connman-service.config(5) ConnMan service provisioning file.
connman-ui-gtk(1) GTK tray icon for ConnMan.
connman-vpn(8) VPN management daemon.
connman-vpn-provider.config(5) ConnMan vpn connection provisioning file.
connman-vpn.conf(5) ConnMan-VPN configuration file.
connman.conf(5) ConnMan configuration file.
connmanctl(1) Connman CLI.
conntrack(8) Command line interface for netfilter connection tracking.
conntrackd(8) Netfilter connection tracking user-space daemon.
conntrackd.conf(5) Configuration file for conntrackd daemon.
conop1(3NCARG) Sets option switches for the Conran_family utility.
conop2(3NCARG) Sets option switches and specifys various INTEGER parameters to be used by the Conran_family utility.
conop3(3NCARG) Sets option switches and specifys various REAL parameters to be used by the Conran_family utility.
conop4(3NCARG) Sets option switches and specifys various CHARACTER parameters to be used by the Conran_family.
conpack(3NCARG) Provides a sort of tool kit of FORTRAN subroutines that can be called in various combinations to.
conpack_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Conpack internal parameters.
conpix(1) AME.
conran(3NCARG) Draws a two dimensional contour map from irregularly distributed data. The contour lines may be.
conran_family(3NCARG) Is a set of two dimensional contour mapping routines for irregularly distributed data.
conran_family_params(3NCARG) Includes a brief description of all Conran_family internal parameters.
conraq(3NCARG) Draws a two dimensional contour map from irregularly distributed data. This is the small quick.
conras(3NCARG) Draws a two dimensional contour map from irregularly distributed data. This is the super version of.
conrec(3NCARG) Draws a two dimensional contour map from data stored in a rectangular array. The contour lines are.
conrec_family(3NCARG) Is a set of two dimensional contour mapping routines. There are options for generating.
conrec_family_params(3NCARG) Includes a brief description of all Conrec_family internal parameters.
conrecqck(3NCARG) This utility has been merged into the Conrec_family. Type "man conrec_family" to see its man.
conrecquick(3NCARG) This utility has been merged into the Conrec_family. Type "man conrec_family" to see its man.
conrecsmooth(3NCARG) This utility has been merged into the Conrec_family. Type "man conrec_family" to see its man.
conrecspr(3NCARG) This utility has been merged into the Conrec_family. Type "man conrec_family" to see its man.
conrecsuper(3NCARG) This utility has been merged into the Conrec_family. Type "man conrec_family" to see its man.
cons(1) A Software Construction System.
cons(1e) Create a consensus sequence from a multiple alignment.
consambig(1e) Create an ambiguous consensus sequence from a multiple alignment.
consang(1) Computer Genealogical Consanguinities.
consEntropy(1) For use with phastCons. Given phylogenetic models for conserved and.
conserver(8) Console server daemon. Console configuration file for conserver(8).
conserver.passwd(5) User access information for conserver(8).
console(1) Console server client program.
console(3tk) Control the console on systems without a real console.
console-log.conf(5) Main configuration file for console-log.
console-setup(5) Configuration file for setupcon.
console_codes(4) Linux console escape and control sequences.
consolehelper(8) A wrapper that helps console users run system programs.
consolehelper-gtk(8) A helper program for consolehelper.
conspy(1) Virtual console spy tool.
Const::Fast(3pm) Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes.
constant(3clc) Address Space Qualifier.
constant(3perl) Perl pragma to declare constants.
Constant::Generate(3pm) Common tasks for symbolic constants.
Constants(3) Meaning of MPI's defined constants.
constants(3tcl) Mathematical and numerical constants.
CONSTANTS(5) Constants for LAM Fortran programming.
Constraint(3) The Constraint widget class "Constraint" "widget class" "Constraint".
constraintBdd(3) Restricts a BDD to another BDD.
construct_mohawk(6) Mohawk archive construction tool. Octopussy Contact module.
container(1) Manage systemd-nspawn containers.
container-auto(1) Start/stop all container automatically at boot/shutdown.
container-console(1) Attach a console to a container.
container-create(1) Create a container.
container-create-curl(1) Create a Debian based container by downloading a tarball over the network.
container-create-debconf(1) Create an advanced Debian based container with debconf.
container-create-debian(1) ↣ container-create-debconf(1) Create an advanced Debian based container with debconf.
container-create-debootstrap(1) Create a basic Debian based container with debootstrap.
container-create-progress-linux(1) ↣ container-create-debconf(1) Create an advanced Debian based container with debconf.
container-enter(1) Enter a container namespace.
container-key(1) Manage GnuPG keyring for container operations.
container-limit(1) Limit ressources of a container.
container-list(1) List container on the system.
container-move(1) Rename a container.
container-reconciler.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift container reconciler.
container-remove(1) Remove a container.
container-restart(1) Restart a container.
container-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift container server.
container-shell(1) Manage systemd-nspawn containers (shell).
container-start(1) Start a container.
container-status(1) Show container status.
container-stop(1) Stop a container.
container-sync-realms.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift container sync realms.
container-tools(7) Manage systemd-nspawn containers.
container-top(1) Dynamic list container on the system.
container-version(1) Show container-tools version.
containerd-config(1) Information on the containerd config.
containerd-config.toml(5) Configuration file for containerd.
Context::Preserve(3pm) Run code after a subroutine call, preserving the context the subroutine would have seen if.
context_free(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_range_get(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_range_set(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_role_get(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_role_set(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_type_get(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_type_set(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_user_get(3) ↣ context_new(3)
context_user_set(3) ↣ context_new(3)
Contextual::Return(3pm) Create context-sensitive return values.
Contextual::Return::Failure(3pm) Utility module for Contextual::Return.
contigfree(9freebsd) Manage contiguous kernel physical memory.
contigmalloc(9freebsd) Manage contiguous kernel physical memory.
continue(1posix) Continue for, while, or until loop.
continue(3tcl) Skip to the next iteration of a loop.
Control(3I) Select and execute an action.
control(3tcl) Procedures for control flow structures.
control.ctl(5) Specify handling of Usenet control messages.
control_rancid(1) Run rancid for devices of a group.
controlchan(8) Channel-fed control message handler.
ControlInfo(3U) Object for storing control-related information.
controlscreenshots(3) Dials, Compasses, Knobs, Wheels, Sliders, Thermos.
controlwidget(3tk) Collection of widgets for displaying and controlling numerical values.
conv_gtf_to_bed(1) Legacy script for invoking the PALEOMIX command "gtf_to_bed".
convbin(1) Convert rtcm/raw/rinex to rinex, sbas/lex format.
convcal(1) Convert dates to different formats.
convdate(1) Convert to/from RFC 5322 dates and seconds since epoch.
convert(1) ↣ gm(1)
convert-dtsv0(1) Device Tree Compiler -- Conversion to Version 1.
convert-im6.q16(1) Convert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on,.
convert-im6.q16hdri(1) Convert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on,.
convert-ly(1) Manual page for convert-ly 2.18.2.
convert2bed(1) Manual page for convert2bed 2.4.26+dfsg.
convert2gpx(1) Converts a FoxtrotGPS logfile to GPX.
convert2osm(1) Converts FoxtrotGPS logfiles into .osm files.
convert2syrthes4(1) Convert mesh files to SYRTHES format.
convert4chan(1) Is a utility for converting pairs of stereo impulse response files to to a single 'True Stereo'.
Convert::Ascii85(3pm) Encoding and decoding of ascii85/base85 strings.
Convert::ASCII::Armor(3pm) Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages.
Convert::ASCII::Armour(3pm) Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages.
Convert::ASN1(3pm) ASN.1 Encode/Decode library.
Convert::Base(3pm) Base object for performing unit conversions.
Convert::Base32(3pm) Encoding and decoding of base32 strings.
Convert::BaseN(3pm) Encoding and decoding of base{2,4,8,16,32,64} strings.
Convert::BER(3pm) ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules.
Convert::Binary::C(3pm) Binary Data Conversion using C Types.
Convert::Binary::C::Cached(3pm) Caching for Convert::Binary::C.
Convert::BinHex(3pm) Extract data from Macintosh BinHex files.
Convert::Color(3pm) Color space conversions and named lookups.
Convert::Color::CMY(3pm) A color value represented as cyan/magenta/yellow.
Convert::Color::CMYK(3pm) A color value represented as cyan/magenta/yellow/key.
Convert::Color::HSL(3pm) A color value represented as hue/saturation/lightness.
Convert::Color::HSV(3pm) A color value represented as hue/saturation/value.
Convert::Color::RGB(3pm) A color value represented as red/green/blue.
Convert::Color::RGB16(3pm) A color value represented as red/green/blue in 16-bit integers.
Convert::Color::RGB8(3pm) A color value represented as red/green/blue in 8-bit integers.
Convert::Color::VGA(3pm) Named lookup for the basic VGA colors.
Convert::Color::X11(3pm) Named lookup of colors from X11's rgb.txt.
Convert::NLS_DATE_FORMAT(3pm) Convert Oracle NLS_DATE_FORMAT strftime Format Strings.
Convert::PEM(3pm) Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files.
Convert::PEM::CBC(3pm) Cipher Block Chaining Mode implementation.
Convert::TNEF(3pm) Perl module to read TNEF files.
Convert::UUlib(3pm) Perl interface to the uulib library (a.k.a. uudeview/uuenview).
Convert::YText(3pm) Quotes strings suitably for rfc2822 local part.
convert_coords(1) Converts coordinates of features in a GFF file according to a multiple alignment.
convert_image(1) Convert images to CBF format using a template.
convert_octree(1) Convert between OctoMap octree file formats.
convert_pgn(6) Convert format of given chess book from one format to another.
convert_seq(1) Conversion of sequence and alignment formats.
convert_sym(1) Convert a Viewlogic symbol/schematic to gEDA gschem format.
convert_T(3clc) Explicit type conversions using convert_T().
convert_to_should_syntax(1) Converts a regular Test::Unit Ruby source file into one that uses shoulda syntax.
convertall(1) A very flexible unit converter.
convertbddcircuitabl(3) Converts a bdd node to an abl expression.
convertbddcircuitsumabl(3) Converts a bdd node to an abl expression.
convertbddindexabl(3) Converts a bdd index to an abl expression.
convertbddmuxabl(3) Converts two bdd nodes to an abl multiplexor expression.
convertbddnodeabl(3) Converts a bdd node to an abl expression.
convertbddnodesumabl(3) Converts a bdd node to an abl expression.
convertConfig(1p) Tool used to change Lemonldap::NG configuration database.
ConvertibleBonds(1) Example of using QuantLib to value convertible bonds.
ConvertImage(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ConvertImagePixelType(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ConvertInputImagePixelTypeToFloat(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
convertior(1) Utility for creating a new IOR from existing. changing the hostname of an existing stringified.
convertkey(1) Convert OTR key file from old to new format.
convertPolishes(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
convertquota(8) Convert quota from old file format to new one.
convertSamples(1) Convert or normalize MCMC expression samples.
ConvertScalarImageToRGB(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
convertToAtac(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
convertToExtent(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
ConvertToJpg(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
ConvertTransformFile(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
convickt(1) Convert INTERCAL files between formats.
convmv(1) Converts filenames from one encoding to another.
convmvfs(1) Utility that mirrors a whole filesystem tree from one charset to another.
cookboob(1) Search and consult recipes.
Cookie::Baker(3pm) Cookie string generator / parser.
cookiecutter(1) Create projects from project templates.
cookietool(6) Program to operate cookie (fortune) database.
coolmail(1) 3D animated mail notificaion utility.
coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
coordinateTranslate(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
copac2xml(1) ↣ bibutils(1) Bibliography conversion utilities.
coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocs(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocse(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocsp(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocspe(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocv(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocve(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocvp(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
coprocvpe(3) ↣ coprocess(3) Execute a command in coprocessing mode.
copy(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copy-bzrmk(1) Copies (A generator for .bzrignore) to current dir. CA written in python.
copy-cvsmk(1) Copies (A generator for .cvsignore) to current dir.
copy-gitmk(1) Copies (A generator for .gitignore) to current dir.
copy-hgmk(1) Copies (A generator for .hgignore) to current dir.
copy-svnmk(1) Copies (A generator for .svnignore) to current dir.
copy_file_range(2) Copy a range of data from one file to another.
copyChar(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
copyCharList(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
copyChtype(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
copyChtypeList(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
copydatabase(1) Perform a document-by-document copy of one or more Xapian databases.
copydbf(1) A collection of.
copyfs(1) Versioning File System for FUSE.
copyfs-daemon(1) CopyFS daemon.
copyfs-fversion(1) Manage file revisions.
copyfs-mount(1) Mounts a versioned file system.
CopyImageHeaderInformation(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
copyin(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copyin_nofault(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copyinstr(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copylink(1p) Replace a link with a copy of the linked file.
copyops(3tcl) Data transfer foundation.
copyout(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copyout_nofault(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copyq(1) Clipboard Manager with Advanced Features.
copyright-update(1) Update Copyright information in files.
copysign(3) Copy sign of a number.
copysign(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
copysign(3clc) X with sign changed to sign of y.
copysign(3posix) Number manipulation function.
copysignf(3) ↣ copysign(3) Copy sign of a number.
copysignf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
copysignl(3) ↣ copysign(3) Copy sign of a number.
copystr(9freebsd) Kernel copy functions.
copywin(3ncurses) ↣ overlay(3ncurses) Overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows.
coq-tex(1) Process Coq phrases embedded in LaTeX files.
coq_makefile(1) The Coq Proof Assistant makefile generator.
coqc(1) The Coq Proof Assistant compiler.
coqchk(1) The Coq Proof Checker compiled libraries verifier.
coqchk.opt(1) ↣ coqchk(1) The Coq Proof Checker compiled libraries verifier.
coqdep(1) Compute inter-module dependencies for Coq and Caml programs.
coqdoc(1) A documentation tool for the Coq proof assistant.
coqide(1) The Coq Proof Assistant graphical interface.
coqide.byte(1) ↣ coqide(1) The Coq Proof Assistant graphical interface.
coqide.opt(1) ↣ coqide(1) The Coq Proof Assistant graphical interface.
coqmktop(1) The Coq Proof Assistant user-tactics linker.
coqtop(1) The Coq Proof Assistant toplevel system.
coqtop.byte(1) The bytecode Coq toplevel.
coqtop.opt(1) The native-code Coq toplevel.
coqwc(1) Print the number of specification, proof and comment lines in Coq files.
coraid-update(8) Upload an update file to a CORAID appliance.
coral(6x) Simulates coral growth, albeit somewhat slowly.
corba(3erl) The functions on CORBA module level.
corba_object(3erl) The CORBA Object interface functions.
corbatest(1e) Test of EMBL corba retrieval.
Core(3) The Core widget class "Core" "widget class" "Core".
CORE(3perl) Namespace for Perl's core routines.
core(3tcl) Basic reflected/virtual channel support.
core(5) Core dump file.
core_server(1) The primary server for SpamBayes.
corebird(1) Native Gtk+ Twitter client for the Linux desktop.
coredump.conf(5) Core dump storage configuration files.
coredump.conf.d(5) ↣ coredump.conf(5) Core dump storage configuration files.
coredumpctl(1) Retrieve and process saved core dumps and metadata.
coregpm.doris(1) Perform step COREGPM iteratively from prompt.
coreinject(1) Inject binary dumps from minicoredumper(1) into a core file.
corelist(1) A commandline frontend to Module::CoreList.
corelist(1p) A commandline frontend to Module::CoreList.
coretemp(4freebsd) Device driver for Intel Core on-die digital thermal sensor.
corkscrew(1) Tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies.
Coro(3pm) The only real threads in perl.
Coro::AIO(3pm) Truly asynchronous file and directory I/O.
Coro::AnyEvent(3pm) Integrate threads into AnyEvent.
Coro::BDB(3pm) Truly asynchronous bdb access.
Coro::Channel(3pm) Message queues.
Coro::Debug(3pm) Various functions that help debugging Coro programs.
Coro::EV(3pm) Do events the coro-way, with EV.
Coro::Event(3pm) Do events the coro-way, with Event.
Coro::Handle(3pm) Non-blocking I/O with a blocking interface.
Coro::Intro(3pm) An introduction to Coro.
Coro::LWP(3pm) Make LWP non-blocking - as much as possible.
Coro::MakeMaker(3pm) MakeMaker glue for the XS-level Coro API.
Coro::RWLock(3pm) Reader/write locks.
Coro::Select(3pm) A (slow but coro-aware) replacement for CORE::select.
Coro::Semaphore(3pm) Counting semaphores.
Coro::SemaphoreSet(3pm) Efficient set of counting semaphores.
Coro::Signal(3pm) Thread signals (binary semaphores).
Coro::Socket(3pm) Non-blocking socket-I/O.
Coro::Specific(3pm) Manage coroutine-specific variables.
Coro::State(3pm) First class continuations.
Coro::Storable(3pm) Offer a more fine-grained Storable interface.
Coro::Timer(3pm) Timers and timeouts, independent of any event loop.
Coro::Util(3pm) Various utility functions.
coro_auto(3tcl) Automatic event and IO coroutine awareness.
corosync(8) The Corosync Cluster Engine.
corosync-blackbox(8) Dump live "flight data" from the corosync "blackbox".
corosync-cfgtool(8) An administrative tool for corosync.
corosync-cmapctl(8) A tool for accessing the object database.
corosync-cpgtool(8) A tool for displaying cpg groups and members.
corosync-keygen(8) Generate an authentication key for Corosync.
corosync-notifyd(8) Listen for important corosync events and send dbus and/or snmp traps.
corosync-qdevice(8) QDevice daemon.
corosync-qdevice-net-certutil(8) Tool to generate qdevice model net TLS certificates.
corosync-qdevice-tool(8) Corosync-qdevice control interface.
corosync-qnetd(8) QNet daemon.
corosync-qnetd-certutil(8) Tool to generate qnetd TLS certificates.
corosync-qnetd-tool(8) Corosync-qnetd control interface.
corosync-quorumtool(8) Set and display quorum settings.
corosync-xmlproc(8) Converts corosync.xml to the Corosync configuration file.
corosync.conf(5) Corosync executive configuration file.
corosync.xml(5) XML version of corosync executive configuration file.
corosync_overview(8) Corosync overview.
coroutine(3tcl) Create and produce values from coroutines.
corsix-th(6) A Theme Hospital engine reimplementation.
cortina(1) A desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop.
cos(3) Cosine function.
cos(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
cos(3clc) Cosine functions.
cos(3G) Return the cosine of the parameter.
cos(3posix) Cosine function.
cosEventApp(3erl) The main module of the cosEvent application.
CosEventChannelAdmin(3erl) The CosEventChannelAdmin defines a set if event service interfaces that enables decou‐.
CosEventChannelAdmin_ConsumerAdmin(3erl) This module implements a ConsumerAdmin interface, which allows consumers.
CosEventChannelAdmin_EventChannel(3erl) This module implements an Event Channel interface, which plays the role of.
CosEventChannelAdmin_ProxyPullConsumer(3erl) This module implements a ProxyPullConsumer interface which acts as a.
CosEventChannelAdmin_ProxyPullSupplier(3erl) This module implements a ProxyPullSupplier interface which acts as a.
CosEventChannelAdmin_ProxyPushConsumer(3erl) This module implements a ProxyPushConsumer interface which acts as a.
CosEventChannelAdmin_ProxyPushSupplier(3erl) This module implements a ProxyPushSupplier interface which acts as a.
CosEventChannelAdmin_SupplierAdmin(3erl) This module implements a SupplierAdmin interface, which allows suppliers.
CosEventDomainAdmin(3erl) This module export functions which return QoS and Admin Properties constants.
CosEventDomainAdmin_EventDomain(3erl) This module implements the Event Domain interface.
CosEventDomainAdmin_EventDomainFactory(3erl) This module implements an Event Domain Factory interface, which is.
cosEventDomainApp(3erl) The main module of the cosEventDomain application.
cosf(3) ↣ cos(3) Cosine function.
cosf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
CosFileTransfer_Directory(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosFileTransfer::Directory interface.
CosFileTransfer_File(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosFileTransfer::File interface.
CosFileTransfer_FileIterator(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosFileTransfer::FileIterator interface.
CosFileTransfer_FileTransferSession(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosFileTransfer::FileTransferSession.
CosFileTransfer_VirtualFileSystem(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosFileTransfer::VirtualFileSystem inter‐.
cosFileTransferApp(3erl) The main module of the cosFileTransfer application.
cosh(3) Hyperbolic cosine function.
cosh(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
cosh(3G) Return the hyperbolic cosine of the parameter.
cosh(3posix) Hyperbolic cosine functions.
coshf(3) ↣ cosh(3) Hyperbolic cosine function.
coshf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
coshl(3) ↣ cosh(3) Hyperbolic cosine function.
cosl(3) ↣ cos(3) Cosine function.
cosl(3posix) Cosine function.
CosNaming(3erl) The CosNaming service is a collection of interfaces that together define the naming service.
CosNaming_BindingIterator(3erl) This interface supports iteration over a name binding list.
CosNaming_NamingContext(3erl) This interface supports different bind and access functions for names in a context.
CosNaming_NamingContextExt(3erl) This interface contains operation for converting a Name sequence to a string and.
CosNotification(3erl) This module export functions which return QoS and Admin Properties constants.
CosNotification_AdminPropertiesAdmin(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotification::AdminPropertiesAdmin.
CosNotification_QoSAdmin(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotification::QoSAdmin interface.
cosNotificationApp(3erl) The main module of the cosNotification application.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConsumerAdmin(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ConsumerAdmin.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannel(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChannel.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannelFactory(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChan‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyPullConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyPullCon‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyPullSupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyPullSup‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyPushConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyPushCon‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyPushSupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyPushSup‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxySupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxySupplier.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_SequenceProxyPullConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_SequenceProxyPullSupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_SequenceProxyPushConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_SequenceProxyPushSupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPullConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPullSupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPushConsumer(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPushSupplier(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAd‐.
CosNotifyChannelAdmin_SupplierAdmin(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SupplierAdmin.
CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyComm::NotifyPublish interface.
CosNotifyComm_NotifySubscribe(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyComm::NotifySubscribe interface.
CosNotifyFilter_Filter(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyFilter::Filter interface.
CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyFilter::FilterAdmin interface.
CosNotifyFilter_FilterFactory(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyFilter::FilterFactory interface.
CosNotifyFilter_MappingFilter(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosNotifyFilter::MappingFilter interface.
cosProperty(3erl) The main module of the cosProperty application.
CosPropertyService_PropertiesIterator(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertiesIterator.
CosPropertyService_PropertyNamesIterator(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertyNamesIt‐.
CosPropertyService_PropertySet(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertySet interface.
CosPropertyService_PropertySetDef(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertySetDef inter‐.
CosPropertyService_PropertySetDefFactory(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertySetDef‐.
CosPropertyService_PropertySetFactory(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertySetFactory.
cosTime(3erl) The main module of the cosTime application.
CosTime_TimeService(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTime::TimeService interface.
CosTime_TIO(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTime::TIO interface.
CosTime_UTO(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTime::UTO interface.
CosTimerEvent_TimerEventHandler(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTimerEvent::TimerEventHandler interface.
CosTimerEvent_TimerEventService(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTimerEvent::TimerEventService interface.
cosTransactions(3erl) The main module of the cosTransactions application.
CosTransactions_Control(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Control interface.
CosTransactions_Coordinator(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Coordinator interface.
CosTransactions_RecoveryCoordinator(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::RecoveryCoordinator.
CosTransactions_Resource(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Resource interface.
CosTransactions_SubtransactionAwareResource(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Subtransaction‐.
CosTransactions_Terminator(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Terminator interface.
CosTransactions_TransactionFactory(3erl) This module implements the OMG CosTransactions::TransactionFactory inter‐.
couchdb-dump(1) A CouchDB dump utility.
couchdb-load(1) A CouchDB load utility.
couchpy(1) A CouchDB Python view server.
cougar(1) Hierarchical netlist extractor.
count_dev(9freebsd) Get total number of references to a device.
count_extensions(1) ↣ sloccount(1) Count source lines of code (SLOC).
count_unknown_ext(1) ↣ sloccount(1) Count source lines of code (SLOC).
countcode(1) Counts per known source file type the number of source lines.
counter(3tcl) Procedures for counters and histograms.
counter(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter.h(3) Generic automatic counter data type template class.
counter_enter(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_exit(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_u64_add(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_u64_add_protected(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_u64_alloc(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_u64_fetch(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_u64_free(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
counter_u64_zero(9freebsd) SMP-friendly kernel counter implementation.
countmail(6) Be obnoxious about how much mail you have.
countperl(1p) Count lines, packages, subs and complexity of Perl files.
courier(8) The Courier mail server.
courier-config(1) Displays build configuration of the Courier Mail Server.
courier-filter-perl(8p) A Courier::Filter-based filter for the Courier MTA.
courier-mtaconfig(8) Show configuration parameters for the Courier MTA.
courier-unicode(7) Courier Unicode Library.
Courier::Config(3pm) Class providing configuration information for Perl modules related to the Courier MTA.
Courier::Error(3pm) Exception class for Perl modules related to the Courier MTA.
Courier::Filter(3pm) Purely Perl-based mail filter framework for the Courier MTA.
Courier::Filter::Logger(3pm) Abstract base class for loggers used by the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Logger::File(3pm) File logger for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle(3pm) I/O handle logger for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Logger::Syslog(3pm) Syslog logger for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module(3pm) Abstract Perl base class for filter modules used by the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::BlankBody(3pm) Blank-body message filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::ClamAVd(3pm) ClamAV clamd filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::DNSBL(3pm) DNS black-list filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::Envelope(3pm) Message envelope filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::FakeDate(3pm) Fake "Date:" message header filter module for the Courier::Filter.
Courier::Filter::Module::Header(3pm) Message header filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::MIMEParts(3pm) Message (MIME multipart and ZIP archive) parts filter module for the.
Courier::Filter::Module::Parts(3pm) Message (MIME multipart and ZIP archive) parts filter module for the.
Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy(3pm) Pseudo-filter for the Courier::Filter framework that sends a copy of.
Courier::Filter::Module::SpamAssassin(3pm) SpamAssassin message filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::SPF(3pm) SPF filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Module::SPFout(3pm) Outbound SPF filter module for the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Filter::Overview(3pm) Architectural and administrative overview of Courier::Filter.
Courier::Filter::Util(3pm) Utility class used by the Courier::Filter framework.
Courier::Message(3pm) Class implementing an interface to a mail message in the Courier MTA's message queue.
courieresmtpd(8) Courier mail server ESMTP daemon.
courierfax(8) Send faxes via E-mail.
courierfilter(8) Courier mail filters.
couriergrey(8) Greylisting filter for Courier MTA.
courierldapaliasd(8) LDAP-based mail aliasing.
courierlogger(1) Courier syslog wrapper.
couriermlm(1) The Courier mailing list manager.
courierperlfilter(8) Sample Perl-based mail filter.
courierpop3d(8) The Courier POP3 server.
courierpop3login(8) ↣ courierpop3d(8) The Courier POP3 server.
couriertcpd(1) The Courier mail server TCP server daemon.
couriertls(1) The Courier mail server TLS/SSL protocol wrapper.
courieruucp(8) Sample Courier mail filter.
Courriel(3pm) High level email parsing and manipulation.
Courriel::Builder(3pm) Build emails with sugar.
Courriel::Header(3pm) A single header's name and value.
Courriel::Header::ContentType(3pm) The content type for an email part.
Courriel::Header::Disposition(3pm) The content disposition for an email part.
Courriel::HeaderAttribute(3pm) A single attribute belonging to a header.
Courriel::Headers(3pm) The headers for an email part.
Courriel::Part::Multipart(3pm) A part which contains other parts.
Courriel::Part::Single(3pm) A part which does not contain other parts, only content.
coutextractor(3bobcat) Runs external programs writing standard output.
covels(1) Search DNA sequence databases for similar RNAs.
covels-SE(1) Search DNA sequence databases for similar RNAs.
cover(1p) Report coverage statistics.
cover(3erl) A Coverage Analysis Tool for Erlang.
coverageCount(1) Counting the coverage of mapped reads at each location on the entire reference genome.
coveralls(1) Coveralls API client utility.
coverdump(1) Extracts cover images to files.
covered(1) Verilog Code Coverage Analyzer.
coverpg(1) Create a fax coverpg on stdout.
covertag(1) Update audio file image metadata.
coverview(1) Display cover images.
coves(1) Produce individual RNA structure predictions for sequences.
coves-SE(1) Produce individual RNA structure predictions for sequences.
cow-shell(1) Start a copy-on-write session and invoke a shell.
cowbell(1) An easy-to-use tag editor for your music files.
cowbuilder(8) A pbuilder wrapper for cowdancer.
cowbuilder-dist(1) ↣ pbuilder-dist(1) Multi-distribution pbuilder/cowbuilder wrapper.
cowdancer-ilistcreate(1) Create .ilist file for use with cowdancer.
cowdancer-ilistdump(1) Dump contents of ilist file.
cowpoke(1) Build a Debian source package in a remote cowbuilder instance.
cowsay(6) Configurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more).
cowthink(6) ↣ cowsay(6) Configurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more).
Coy(3pm) Like Carp only prettier.
coyim(1) Safe and secure instant messenger.
coz(1) Profiler running experiements on multithreaded code.
cp(1) Copy files and directories.
cp(1posix) Copy files.
cp(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous Cronyx Tau-PCI WAN adapters.
cp1251(7) CP 1251 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
cp1252(7) CP 1252 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
cpack(1) CPack Command-Line Reference.
cpaldjvu(1) DjVuDocument encoder for low-color images.
cpan(1) Easily interact with CPAN from the command line.
CPAN(3perl) Query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites.
cpan-listchanges(1p) List changes for CPAN modules.
cpan-outdated(1p) Detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment.
cpan-upload(1p) Upload a distribution to the CPAN.
cpan2deb(1p) ↣ dh-make-perl(1p) Create debian source packages from Perl modules.
cpan2dist(1p) The CPANPLUS distribution creator.
cpan2doap(1p) Generate DOAP data from a CPAN distribution's root directory.
cpan2dsc(1p) ↣ dh-make-perl(1p) Create debian source packages from Perl modules.
cpan5.26-i386-linux-gnu(1) Easily interact with CPAN from the command line.
CPAN::API::HOWTO(3perl) A recipe book for programming with
CPAN::Changes(3pm) Read and write Changes files.
CPAN::Changes::Group(3pm) A group of related change information within a release.
CPAN::Changes::Release(3pm) Information about a particular release.
CPAN::Changes::Spec(3pm) Specification for CPAN Changes files.
CPAN::Checksums(3pm) Write a "CHECKSUMS" file for a directory as on CPAN.
CPAN::Debug(3perl) Internal debugging for
CPAN::DistnameInfo(3pm) Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename.
CPAN::FirstTime(3perl) Utility for CPAN::Config file Initialization.
CPAN::HandleConfig(3perl) Internal configuration handling for
CPAN::Inject(3pm) Base class for injecting distributions into CPAN sources.
CPAN::Kwalify(3perl) Interface between and
CPAN::Meta(3perl) The distribution metadata for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta(3pm) The distribution metadata for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Check(3pm) Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object.
CPAN::Meta::Converter(3perl) Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::Converter(3pm) Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::Feature(3perl) An optional feature provided by a CPAN distribution.
CPAN::Meta::Feature(3pm) An optional feature provided by a CPAN distribution.
CPAN::Meta::History(3perl) History of CPAN Meta Spec changes.
CPAN::Meta::History(3pm) History of CPAN Meta Spec changes.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_0(3perl) Version 1.0 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_0(3pm) Version 1.0 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_1(3perl) Version 1.1 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_1(3pm) Version 1.1 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_2(3perl) Version 1.2 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_2(3pm) Version 1.2 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_3(3perl) Version 1.3 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_3(3pm) Version 1.3 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_4(3perl) Version 1.4 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_4(3pm) Version 1.4 metadata specification for META.yml.
CPAN::Meta::Merge(3perl) Merging CPAN Meta fragments.
CPAN::Meta::Merge(3pm) Merging CPAN Meta fragments.
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs(3perl) A set of distribution prerequisites by phase and type.
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs(3pm) A set of distribution prerequisites by phase and type.
CPAN::Meta::Requirements(3perl) A set of version requirements for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Requirements(3pm) A set of version requirements for a CPAN dist.
CPAN::Meta::Spec(3perl) Specification for CPAN distribution metadata.
CPAN::Meta::Spec(3pm) Specification for CPAN distribution metadata.
CPAN::Meta::Validator(3perl) Validate CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::Validator(3pm) Validate CPAN distribution metadata structures.
CPAN::Meta::YAML(3perl) Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files.
CPAN::Meta::YAML(3pm) Read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files.
CPAN::Mini(3pm) Create a minimal mirror of CPAN.
CPAN::Mini::App(3pm) The guts of the minicpan command.
CPAN::Mini::Inject(3pm) Inject modules into a CPAN::Mini mirror.
CPAN::Mini::Inject::Config(3pm) Config for CPAN::Mini::Inject.
CPAN::Mirrors(3perl) Get CPAN mirror information and select a fast one.
CPAN::Nox(3perl) Wrapper around without using any XS module.
CPAN::Perl::Releases(3pm) Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs.
CPAN::Plugin(3perl) Base class for CPAN shell extensions.
CPAN::Plugin::Specfile(3perl) Proof of concept implementation of a trivial CPAN::Plugin.
CPAN::Queue(3perl) Internal queue support for
CPAN::Reporter(3pm) Adds CPAN Testers reporting to
CPAN::Reporter::API(3pm) Programmer's interface to CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::Config(3pm) Config file options for CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::FAQ(3pm) Answers and tips for using CPAN::Reporter.
CPAN::Reporter::History(3pm) Read or write a CPAN::Reporter history log.
CPAN::Reporter::PrereqCheck(3pm) Modulino for prerequisite tests.
CPAN::Reporter::Smoker(3pm) Turnkey CPAN Testers smoking.
CPAN::SQLite(3pm) Maintain and search a minimal CPAN database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI(3pm) DBI information for the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Index(3pm) DBI information for indexing the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::DBI::Search(3pm) DBI information for searching the CPAN::SQLite database.
CPAN::SQLite::Index(3pm) Set up or update database tables.
CPAN::SQLite::Info(3pm) Extract information from CPAN indices.
CPAN::SQLite::META(3pm) Helper module for integration.
CPAN::SQLite::Populate(3pm) Create and populate database tables.
CPAN::SQLite::Search(3pm) Perform queries on the database.
CPAN::SQLite::State(3pm) Get state information on the database.
CPAN::SQLite::Util(3pm) Export some common data structures used by CPAN::SQLite::*.
CPAN::Tarzip(3perl) Internal handling of tar archives for
CPAN::Uploader(3pm) Upload things to the CPAN.
CPAN::Version(3perl) Utility functions to compare CPAN versions.
cpancover(1p) Report coverage statistics on CPAN modules.
cpandb(1p) Interface to "CPAN::SQLite".
CPANDB(3pm) A unified database of CPAN metadata information.
CPANDB::Author(3pm) CPANDB class for the author table.
CPANDB::Dependency(3pm) CPANDB class for the dependency table.
CPANDB::Distribution(3pm) CPANDB class for the distribution table.
CPANDB::Module(3pm) CPANDB class for the module table.
CPANDB::Requires(3pm) CPANDB class for the requires table.
CPANDB::Ticket(3pm) CPANDB class for the ticket table.
Cpanel::JSON::XS(3pm) CPanel fork of JSON::XS, fast and correct serializing.
Cpanel::JSON::XS::Boolean(3pm) Dummy module providing JSON::XS::Boolean.
cpanel_json_xs(1p) Cpanel::JSON::XS commandline utility.
cpanfile(3pm) A format for describing CPAN dependencies for Perl applications.
cpanfile-dump(1p) Dump prerequisites from a cpanfile.
cpanfile-faq(3pm) Cpanfile FAQ.
cpangraph(1p) Generate dependency chain graphs for CPAN modules.
cpaninject(1p) Inject a distribution for installation via the CPAN shell.
cpanm(1p) Get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN.
cpanp(1p) The CPANPLUS launcher.
CPANPLUS(3pm) API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors.
CPANPLUS::Backend(3pm) Programmer's interface to CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Backend::RV(3pm) Return value objects.
CPANPLUS::Config(3pm) Configuration defaults and heuristics for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Config::HomeEnv(3pm) Set the environment for the CPANPLUS base dir.
CPANPLUS::Config::System(3pm) CPANPLUS configuration file for Debian systems.
CPANPLUS::Configure(3pm) Configuration for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Dist(3pm) Base class for plugins.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Autobundle(3pm) Distribution class for installation snapshots.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Base(3pm) Base class for custom distribution classes.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Build(3pm) CPANPLUS plugin to install packages that use Build.PL.
CPANPLUS::Dist::Build::Constants(3pm) Constants for CPANPLUS::Dist::Build.
CPANPLUS::Dist::MM(3pm) Distribution class for MakeMaker related modules.
CPANPLUS::Error(3pm) Error handling for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::FAQ(3pm) CPANPLUS Frequently Asked Questions.
CPANPLUS::Hacking(3pm) Developing CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Internals(3pm) CPANPLUS internals.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Extract(3pm) Internals for archive extraction.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Fetch(3pm) Internals for fetching files.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Report(3pm) Internals for sending test reports.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Search(3pm) Internals for searching for modules.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source(3pm) Internals for updating source files.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::Memory(3pm) In memory implementation.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::SQLite(3pm) SQLite implementation.
CPANPLUS::Internals::Utils(3pm) Convenience functions for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module(3pm) CPAN module objects for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module::Author(3pm) CPAN author object for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module::Author::Fake(3pm) Dummy author object for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Module::Checksums(3pm) Checking the checksum of a distribution.
CPANPLUS::Module::Fake(3pm) Fake module object for internal use.
CPANPLUS::Selfupdate(3pm) Self-updating for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell(3pm) Base class for CPANPLUS shells.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Classic(3pm) emulation for CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default(3pm) The default CPANPLUS shell.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::CustomSource(3pm) Add custom sources to CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Remote(3pm) Connect to a remote CPANPLUS.
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Source(3pm) Read in CPANPLUS commands.
cpansign(1p) CPAN signature management utility.
cpants_lint(1p) Commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse.
cpback(3NCARG) Draws a background for a contour plot.
cpbcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpbequ(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpbm(1) A software analysis toolkit (originally: CPROVER benchmarking framework).
cpbrfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpbstf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpbsv(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
cpbsvx(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
cpbtf2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpbtrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpbtrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpchcf(3NCARG) Called by Conpack routines when a constant field is detected. The default version does nothing. A.
cpchcl(3NCARG) Called by the Conpack routines CPCLDM and CPCLDR. The default version does nothing. A user-written.
cpchhl(3NCARG) Called by Conpack routines as high/low labels are being drawn. The default version does nothing. A.
cpchil(3NCARG) Called by Conpack routines as the informational label is drawn. The default version does nothing. A.
cpchll(3NCARG) Called by Conpack routines as contour line labels are drawn. The default version does nothing. A.
cpcica(3NCARG) Incorporates into a user's cell array color indices determined by examining where the user's contours.
cpclam(3NCARG) Adds contour lines to an area map. This is part of the process of drawing a solid-fill contour plot.
cpcldm(3NCARG) Draws contour lines masked by an existing area map. The object of this may be simply to avoid drawing.
cpcldr(3NCARG) Draws contour lines.
cpclean(1) Remove wrong control points by statistical methods.
cpcltr(3NCARG) Traces the contour lines at a given level and retrieves them for some sort of user-defined.
cpcnrc(3NCARG) Draws black and white contours with a single call. the behavior of the old routine CONREC; it has.
cpdic(1) User Dictionary Copy Tool.
cpdrpl(3NCARG) Provides a useful polyline-drawer for the routine CPCLDM.
cpeGui(1) Graphical tool that allows you to assemble and run CPE.
cpezct(3NCARG) Draws black and white contours with a single call. Simulates the behavior of the old subroutine.
cpfind(1) Feature matching for panoramic stitching.
cpftrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpftri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpftrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpfx(3NCARG) Converts from plotter address unit coordinates to fractional coordinates.
cpfy(3NCARG) Converts from plotter address unit coordinates to fractional coordinates.
cpg_context_get(3) Gets the context variable for a CPG instance.
cpg_context_set(3) Sets the context variable for a CPG instance.
cpg_dispatch(3) Dispatches callbacks from the CPG service.
cpg_fd_get(3) Dispatches callbacks from the CPG service.
cpg_finalize(3) Terminate a connection to the CPG service.
cpg_initialize(3) Create a new connection to the CPG service.
cpg_iteration_finalize(3) Finalize iterator for members of CPG.
cpg_iteration_initialize(3) Initialize iterator for members of CPG.
cpg_iteration_next(3) Return next item in iteration of CPG.
cpg_join(3) Joins one or more groups in the CPG library.
cpg_leave(3) Leave a group in the CPG library.
cpg_local_get(3) Returns the local node id.
cpg_mcast_joined(3) Multicasts to all groups joined to a handle.
cpg_membership_get(3) Returns a list of members of a CPG group.
cpg_model_initialize(3) Create a new connection to the CPG service.
cpg_overview(8) CPG library overview.
cpg_zcb_alloc(3) Allocates a zero copy buffer.
cpg_zcb_free(3) Frees a zero copy buffer.
cpg_zcb_mcast_joined(3) Multicasts a zero copy buffer to all groups joined to a handle.
cpgetc(3NCARG) Retrieves the current value of an internal parameter of type CHARACTER.
cpgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the integral value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER or REAL.
cpgetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the real value of an internal parameter of type REAL or INTEGER.
cpgplot(1e) Identify and plot CpG islands in nucleotide sequence(s).
cpgr(8) Copy with locking the given file to the password or group file.
cpgreport(1e) Identify and report CpG-rich regions in nucleotide sequence(s).
cphead(1) AME.
cphist(1) Copy an AtFS history to another directory.
cpif(1) Selectively update files.
cpio(1) Copy files to and from archives.
cpio(5) Format of cpio archive files.
cpio-filter(1p) Transform a cpio archive.
cpio.h(7posix) Cpio archive values.
cpipe(1) Copy stdin to stdout while counting bytes and reporting progress.
cpl_add_completion(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cpl_file_completions(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cpl_last_error(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cpl_list_completions(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cpl_recall_matches(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cpl_record_error(3) ↣ cpl_complete_word(3)
cplay(1) A front-end for various audio players.
cplbam(3NCARG) Adds label boxes (for the informational label, high and low labels, and contour-line labels) to an.
cplbdr(3NCARG) Draws labels (an informational label, high and low labels, and line labels).
cpm(1) Console Password Manager.
cpm(5) CP/M disk and file system format.
cpmchattr(1) Change file attributes on CP/M files.
cpmchmod(1) Change file mode on CP/M files.
cpmcp(1) Copy files from and to CP/M disks.
cpmls(1) List sorted contents of directory.
cpmpxy(3NCARG) Maps Conpack output from a rectangular coordinate system superimposed on the data grid to some other.
cpmrm(1) Remove files on CP/M disks.
cpmviw(3NCARG) Moves the contents of an old integer workspace to a new one.
cpmvrw(3NCARG) Moves the contents of an old real workspace to a new one.
cpocon(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cpoequ(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cpoequb(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
Cpool(3) LCG Pool inferface.
cporfs(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cporfsx(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cposv(3) ↣ complexPOsolve(3)
cposvx(3) ↣ complexPOsolve(3)
cposvxx(3) ↣ complexPOsolve(3)
cpotf2(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cpotrf(3) ↣ variantsPOcomputational(3)
cpotrf2(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cpotri(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cpotrs(3) ↣ complexPOcomputational(3)
cpow(3) Complex power function.
cpow(3posix) Complex power functions.
cpowf(3) ↣ cpow(3) Complex power function.
cpowl(3) ↣ cpow(3) Complex power function.
cpp-6(1) ↣ i686-linux-gnu-cpp-6(1) The C Preprocessor.
cpp-7(1) ↣ i686-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
cpp-8(1) ↣ i686-linux-gnu-cpp-8(1) The C Preprocessor.
cppcheck(1) Tool for static C/C++ code analysis.
cppcheck-htmlreport(1) HTML report generator for cppcheck.
cppcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cppequ(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpphs(1) Liberalised cpp-a-like preprocessor for Haskell.
cpphs-hugs(1) Liberalised cpp-a-like preprocessor for Haskell.
cppkcl(3NCARG) Picks a set of contour levels.
cppklb(3NCARG) Picks a set of labels for labeled contour levels.
cppman(1) C++ manual page viewer / fetcher.
cppo(1) Lightweight cpp-like preprocessor for OCaml.
cpprfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cppsv(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
cppsvx(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
cpptrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpptri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpptrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cppw(8) Copy with locking the given file to the password or group file.
cpqarrayd(1) Arraycontoller monitoringdaemon.
cprect(3NCARG) Initializes the contouring of a rectangular array of data.
cprof(3erl) A simple Call Count Profiling Tool using breakpoints for minimal runtime performance impact.
cproj(3) Project into Riemann Sphere.
cproj(3posix) Complex projection functions.
cprojf(3) ↣ cproj(3) Project into Riemann Sphere.
cprojl(3) ↣ cproj(3) Project into Riemann Sphere.
cproto(1) Generate C function prototypes and convert function definitions.
cprset(3NCARG) Resets all parameters to their initial default values.
CPS(3pm) Manage flow of control in Continuation-Passing Style.
cps-auth(1) Perform OAuth2 authentication for cloudprint-service.
CPS::Functional(3pm) Functional utilities in Continuation-Passing Style.
CPS::Future(3pm) Compatibility wrapper around Future.
CPS::Governor(3pm) Control the iteration of the "CPS" functions.
CPS::Governor::Deferred(3pm) Iterate at some later point.
CPS::Governor::Simple(3pm) Iterate immediately as fast as possible.
cpscae(3NCARG) Called repeatedly by the routine CPCICA as it executes. Updates a particular element of a user's cell.
cpsetc(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type CHARACTER.
cpseti(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER or REAL.
cpsetr(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type REAL or INTEGER.
cpsprs(3NCARG) Interpolates from an array of data on a "sparse" rectangular grid which is regularly spaced in X and.
cpsps1(3NCARG) Interpolates from an array of data on a "sparse" rectangular grid which is regularly spaced in X and.
cpsps2(3NCARG) Interpolates from an array of data on a "sparse" rectangular grid which is irregularly spaced in X.
cpstf2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cpstrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cptcon(3) ↣ complexPTcomputational(3)
cpteqr(3) ↣ complexPTcomputational(3)
cptrfs(3) ↣ complexPTcomputational(3)
cptsv(3) ↣ complexPTsolve(3)
cptsvx(3) ↣ complexPTsolve(3)
cpttrf(3) ↣ complexPTcomputational(3)
cpttrs(3) ↣ complexPTcomputational(3)
cpttrsv(3) Solve one of the triangular systems L * X = B, or L**H * X = B,.
cptts2(3) ↣ complexPTcomputational(3)
cpu(8) A tool for user and group administration.
cpu-ldap(8) A user administration tool for LDAP backends.
cpu.conf(5) Cpu configuration file.
cpu_capabilities(3alleg4) Contains the capability flags of the CPU. Allegro game programming library.
CPU_ELAN(4freebsd) AMD Elan 520 CPU support.
cpu_family(3alleg4) Contains the CPU type. Allegro game programming library.
cpu_model(3alleg4) Contains the Intel CPU submodel. Allegro game programming library.
CPU_OR(3) ↣ CPU_SET(3)
CPU_OR_S(3) ↣ CPU_SET(3)
CPU_SOEKRIS(4freebsd) AMD Elan 520 CPU support.
cpu_sup(3erl) A CPU Load and CPU Utilization Supervisor Process.
cpu_switch(9freebsd) Switch to another thread context.
cpu_throw(9freebsd) Switch to another thread context.
cpu_vendor(3alleg4) Contains the CPU vendor name. Allegro game programming library.
cpuctl(4freebsd) Cpuctl pseudo device.
cpudist-bpfcc(8) On- and off-CPU task time as a histogram.
cpufreq(4freebsd) CPU frequency control framework.
cpufreq-aperf(1) Calculates the average frequency over a time period.
cpufreq-info(1) Utility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information.
cpufreq-selector(1) Tool to set CPU frequency.
cpufreq-set(1) A small tool which allows to modify cpufreq settings.
cpufreqd(8) Intelligently monitor and manipulate CPU frequency.
cpufreqd-get(1) Issues "get" commands to cpufreqd.
cpufreqd-set(1) Issues "set" commands to cpufreqd.
cpufreqd.conf(5) Configuration file for cpufreqd(1).
cpuid(1) Dump CPUID information for each CPU.
cpuid(4) X86 CPUID access device.
cpupcstat(8) Measure the DTLB miss rate.
cpupower(1) Shows and sets processor power related values.
cpupower-frequency-info(1) Utility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information.
cpupower-frequency-set(1) A small tool which allows to modify cpufreq settings.
cpupower-idle-info(1) Utility to retrieve cpu idle kernel information.
cpupower-idle-set(1) Utility to set cpu idle state specific kernel options.
cpupower-info(1) Shows processor power related kernel or hardware configurations.
cpupower-monitor(1) Report processor frequency and idle statistics.
cpupower-set(1) Set processor power related kernel or hardware configurations.
cpuset(2freebsd) Manage CPU affinity sets.
cpuset(4) Confine tasks to processor and memory node subsets.
cpuset(7) Confine processes to processor and memory node subsets.
cpuset_getaffinity(2freebsd) Manage CPU affinity.
cpuset_getid(2freebsd) Manage CPU affinity sets.
cpuset_setaffinity(2freebsd) Manage CPU affinity.
cpuset_setid(2freebsd) Manage CPU affinity sets.
cpustat(8) A tool to measure CPU utilization.
cputool(8) CPUTool is a utility which manages CPU usage and system load.
cpuunclaimed-bpfcc(8) Sample CPU run queues and calculate unclaimed idle CPU. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
cpux(3NCARG) Converts from plotter address unit coordinates to user coordinates.
cpuy(3NCARG) Converts from plotter address unit coordinates to user coordinates.
Cpwd(3) LCG Password file Thread-Safe inferface.
cpx2ps(1) Produce various eps codes from complex data files.
CQL::AndNode(3pm) Represents an AND node in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::BooleanNode(3pm) Represents a boolean node in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::Lexer(3pm) A lexical analyzer for CQL.
CQL::ModifierSet(3pm) Represents a base string and modifier strings.
CQL::Node(3pm) Base class for nodes in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::NotNode(3pm) Represents a NOT node in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::OrNode(3pm) Represents an OR node in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::Parser(3pm) Compiles CQL strings into parse trees of Node subtypes.
CQL::Prefix(3pm) Represents a CQL prefix mapping.
CQL::PrefixNode(3pm) Represents a prefix node in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::ProxModifierSet(3pm) Represents a base string and modifier strings.
CQL::ProxNode(3pm) Represents a PROX node in a CQL parse tree.
CQL::Relation(3pm) Object for CQL Relations.
CQL::TermNode(3pm) Represents a terminal Node in a CQL Parse Tree.
CQL::Token(3pm) Class for token objects returned by CQL::Lexer.
CQL::Visitor(3pm) Visit nodes in a CQL parse tree.
cqmakedb(1) Create codequery database.
cqrlog(1) Advanced logging program for hamradio operators.
cqsearch(1) Create codequery database.
cqtest(8) HylaFAX copy quality checking test program.
cqueue(3) Generic RTCP control queues.
cqueue.h(3) Generic RTCP control queues.
cr_cansee(9freebsd) Determine visibility of objects given their user credentials.
cr_checkpoint(1) Checkpoints a process, process group, or session.
cr_restart(1) Restarts a process, process group, or session from a checkpoint file.
cr_run(1) Runs a subprocess with checkpoint library loaded.
cr_seeothergids(9freebsd) Determine visibility of objects given their group memberships.
cr_seeotheruids(9freebsd) Determine visibility of objects given their user credentials.
Crack(8) Programs to break password files.
crack-attack(6) Multiplayer OpenGL puzzle game like "Tetris Attack".
Crack-Reporter(8) ↣ Crack(8) Programs to break password files.
crackberg(6x) Lose your way wandering some height fields, and enjoy candy.
cracklib(3) ↣ FascistCheck(3) A pro-active password checker library.
cracklib-check(8) Check passwords using libcrack2.
cracklib-format(8) Cracklib dictionary utilities.
cracklib-packer(8) ↣ cracklib-format(8) Cracklib dictionary utilities.
cracklib-unpacker(8) ↣ cracklib-format(8) Cracklib dictionary utilities.
crafty(6) Chess engine.
craftyrc(5) Run control for crafty(6).
cramfsswap(1) Swap endianess of a cram filesystem (cramfs).
crash(8) Analyze Linux crash dump data or a live system.
crashdump(3erl) A WxWidgets based tool for browsing Erlang.
crashexport(1) Export CrashMail configuration.
crashgetnode(1) Lookup node in CrashMail nodelist.
crashlist(1) Compile a CrashMail nodelist.
crashlistout(1) List the mail files waiting to go out in the specified directory.
crashmail(1) A Fidonet *.JAM and MSG tosser.
crashmaint(1) Do maintanence on CrashMail message bases.
crashme(1) Test operating environment software robustness.
crashstats(1) Display CrashMail statistics.
crashwrite(1) Creates PKT file from text file.
crasm(1) Cross assembler for 6800/6801/6803/6502/65C02/Z80.
crawl(6) The roguelike game of Crawl.
crawl-tiles(6) The roguelike game of Crawl.
crawlers_detection.conf(5) User agents to be excluded from session management.
cray.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for the Cray-specific information.
crb-blast(1) Conditional Reciprocal Best BLAST.
crc(3trf) Message digest "crc".
crc-zlib(3trf) Message digest "crc-zlib".
crc16(3tcl) Perform a 16bit Cyclic Redundancy Check.
_crc16_update(3avr) ↣ util_crc(3avr)
crc32(1) Compute CRC-32 checksums for the given files.
crc32(3tcl) Perform a 32bit Cyclic Redundancy Check.
_crc8_ccitt_update(3avr) ↣ util_crc(3avr)
_crc_ccitt_update(3avr) ↣ util_crc(3avr)
_crc_ibutton_update(3avr) ↣ util_crc(3avr)
_crc_xmodem_update(3avr) ↣ util_crc(3avr)
crcopy(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crcopysafe(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crda(8) Send to the kernel a wireless regulatory domain for a given ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2.
crdup(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
creal(3) Get real part of a complex number.
creal(3posix) Complex real functions.
crealf(3) ↣ creal(3) Get real part of a complex number.
creall(3) ↣ creal(3) Get real part of a complex number.
cream(1) A set of macros that makes the VIM easier to use for beginners.
creat(2) ↣ open(2) Open and possibly create a file.
creat(2freebsd) Create a new file.
creat(3posix) Create a new file or rewrite an existing one.
create-cpmdb(1) Console Password Manager database creation.
create-cracklib-dict(8) Check passwords using libcrack2.
create-microhope-env(1) Program to create a local copy of the development files and of the libraries of.
create-munge-key(8) Create munge key.
create-native-map(1) C/C# Mapping Creator.
create_bitmap(3alleg4) Creates a memory bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
create_bitmap_ex(3alleg4) Creates a memory bitmap specifying color depth. Allegro game programming library.
create_blender_table(3alleg4) Emulates truecolor blender effects in paletted modes. Allegro game programming library.
create_bmp_for_circ_in_circ(1) Bitmap generator for circular conductor inside circular conductor (part of atlc).
create_bmp_for_circ_in_rect(1) Bitmap generator for a circular conductor inside a rectangular conductor (part.
create_bmp_for_microstrip_coupler(1) Bitmap generator for microstrip coupler (part of atlc).
create_bmp_for_rect_cen_in_rect(1) Bitmap generator for rectangular conductor inside rectangular conductor.
create_bmp_for_rect_cen_in_rect_coupler(1) Part of atlc.
create_bmp_for_rect_in_circ(1) Part of atlc.
create_bmp_for_rect_in_rect(1) Bitmap generator for rectangular conductor inside rectangular conductor (part of.
create_bmp_for_stripline_coupler(1) Bitmap generator for coupler with thin striplines between two infinitely.
create_bmp_for_symmetrical_stripline(1) Bitmap generator for thin conductor between two infinite groundplanes.
create_color_table(3alleg4) Fills a color mapping table for customised effects. Allegro game programming library.
create_common(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
create_compressed_fs(1) Convert and extract a filesystem to/from a cloop volume.
create_cvsignore(1) Create preliminary .cvsignore in the current directory.
create_datafile_index(3alleg4) Creates an index for a datafile. Allegro game programming library.
create_epsg(1) Convert the epsg file of proj into a python .proj file.
create_greyscale_module(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
create_icons(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
create_icons.94(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
create_light_table(3alleg4) Fills a color mapping table for lighting effects. Allegro game programming library.
create_lzss_pack_data(3alleg4) Creates an LZSS structure for compression. Allegro game programming library.
create_lzss_unpack_data(3alleg4) Creates an LZSS structure for decompression. Allegro game programming library.
create_makefile(1) Creates and Makefile from a
create_makefiles(1) Recreates all Makefiles beneath a directory.
create_module(2) Create a loadable module entry.
create_pan_genome(1p) Create a pan genome from a set of GFF files with WTSI defaults.
create_pan_genome_plots(1p) Create R plots.
create_print_entry(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
create_rgb_table(3alleg4) Generates an RGB mapping table with lookup data for a palette. Allegro game programming.
create_sample(3alleg4) Constructs a new sample structure of the specified type. Allegro game programming library.
create_scene(3alleg4) Allocates memory for a 3d scene. Allegro game programming library.
create_sub_bitmap(3alleg4) Creates a memory sub bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
create_sub_zbuffer(3alleg4) Creates a sub-z-buffer. Allegro game programming library.
create_system_bitmap(3alleg4) Creates a system memory bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
create_trans_table(3alleg4) Fills a color mapping table for translucency effects. Allegro game programming library.
create_video_bitmap(3alleg4) Creates a video memory bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
create_zbuffer(3alleg4) Creates a Z-buffer for a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
createablatom(3) Creates an atomic expression.
createablbinexpr(3) Creates a binary operator expression.
createablnotexpr(3) Complements an expression.
createabloper(3) Creates the head of an operator expression.
createablunaryexpr(3) Creates an unary operator expression.
createablxorbinexpr(3) Creates an 'xor' or 'xnor' operator expression.
createBackboneMFA(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
createBaffles(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
createbddcircuit(3) Creates a bdd circuit.
createbddsystem(3) Creates a bdd system.
createcats(1) Helps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf.
createChemistryHeader(1) Create a SAM header with PacBio sequencing chemistry information. ↣ createChemistryHeader(1) Create a SAM header with PacBio sequencing chemistry information.
createdirectory(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
CreateDisplacementField(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
CreateDOMDocument(1) ↣ xerces-c-sample(1) Xerces-c sample program.
CreateDTICohort(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
createExternalCoupledPatchGeometry(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
createhdf(1) Create a blank IDE hard disk image in .hdf format.
CreateImage(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
CreateInterface(1) Create a Java Interface definition from DBus introspection data.
CreateJacobianDeterminantImage(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
createNodeTermBdd(3) Creates a terminal node of variable.
createPatch(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
createPYMB(1) Fcitx Pinyin related tools.
createrepo(8) Create repomd (xml-rpm-metadata) repository.
CreateTiledMosaic(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
CreateWarpedGridImage(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
Creator(3U) Recreates catalog-managed objects from disk and instantiates component views from their class iden‐.
cred_update_thread(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
credential-sheets(1) Account Credential Sheets Tool.
credentials(7) Process identifiers.
creduce(1) C and C++ program reducer.
crfree(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crget(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crhold(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
cribbage(6) The card game cribbage.
cricket(1) A program to manage the collection and display of time-series data.
cricket-compile(1) ↣ cricket(1) A program to manage the collection and display of time-series data.
crimson(6) A hex-based tactical combat game.
crip(1) A terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool.
critbit0_allprefixed(3) Search a critbit tree by prefix.
critbit0_clear(3) Free all memory associated with a critbit tree.
critbit0_contains(3) Check whether a string is in the critbit tree.
critbit0_delete(3) Delete a string from a critbit tree.
critbit0_insert(3) Insert a string into a critbit tree.
critcl(1) CriTcl Application.
critcl_apppkg(3tcl) Critcl - Application Package Reference.
critcl_class(3tcl) CriTcl Utilities: C Classes.
critcl_devguide(3tcl) Critcl - The Developer's Guide.
critcl_iassoc(3tcl) CriTcl Utilities: Tcl Interp Associations.
critcl_installer(3tcl) Critcl - The Installer's Guide.
critcl_introduction(3tcl) Introduction To CriTcl.
critcl_pkg(3tcl) Critcl - Package Reference.
critcl_sources(3tcl) Critcl - How To Get The Sources.
critcl_usingit(3tcl) Using Critcl.
critcl_util(3tcl) CriTcl Utilities.
critical(9freebsd) Enter and exit a critical region.
critical.cfg(5) Configuration of the showgraph CGI.
critical_enter(9freebsd) Enter and exit a critical region.
critical_exit(9freebsd) Enter and exit a critical region.
criticaleditor.cgi(1) Xymon Critical Systems View Editor CGI.
criticalmass(6) ↣ critter(6) Space shootemup resembling galaxian.
criticalview.cgi(1) Xymon Critical Systems view CGI.
criticism(3pm) Perl pragma to enforce coding standards and best-practices.
critter(6) Space shootemup resembling galaxian.
critterding(1) Evolving Artificial Life.
crl(1ssl) CRL utility.
crl2pkcs7(1ssl) Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates.
CRL_DIST_POINTS_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
CRL_DIST_POINTS_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
crlf(1) AME.
crlupdate(1) Mono Certficate Revocation List Downloader and Updater.
crlutil(1) List, generate, modify, or delete CRLs within the NSS security database file(s) and list, create,.
crm(8) Pacemaker command line interface for configuration and management.
crm_attribute(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_diff(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_error(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_failcount(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_master(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_mon(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_node(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_report(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_resource(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_shadow(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_simulate(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_standby(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_ticket(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crm_verify(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crmadmin(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
crmd(7) CRM Daemon Options.
crmgr(1) Administration utility for QDBM Curia.
crmsh_hb_report(8) Create report for CRM based clusters (Pacemaker).
cron(3tcl) Tool for automating the period callback of commands.
cron(8) Daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron).
cron-apt(8) Program to update the system using apt-get.
cron-deja-vu(1) Is a mail filter designed to handle recurring cron mails.
cronic(1) A shell script to help control the most annoying feature of cron: unwanted emailed output.
cronolog(1m) Write log messages to log files named according to a template.
cronometer(1) Nutrient intake and exercise tracker.
cronosplit(1m) Split log files into cronolog-compatible files.
crontab(1) Maintain crontab files for individual users.
crontab(1posix) Schedule periodic background work.
crontab(5) Tables for driving systemd-cron.
cropen(3) ↣ curia(3) The extended API of QDBM.
cross(3clc) Cross product.
cross(3G) Calculate the cross product of two vectors.
cross-gcc-gensource(1) Generates sources to build a Debian cross toolchain.
cross_product(3alleg4) Calculates the cross product. Allegro game programming library.
cross_product_f(3alleg4) ↣ cross_product(3alleg4) Calculates the cross product. Allegro game programming library.
crossfire-config(6) Give information to plugin about crossfire server.
crossfire-server(6) A multiplayer adventure and arcade game server.
crosshair(3tk) Crosshairs for Tk canvas.
crosshurd(1) Cross-install a Debian GNU/Hurd system.
crosspost(8) Create the links for cross posted articles.
crossroads(1) ↣ xr(1) Crossroads Load Balancer & Fail Over Utility.
crosstable(6) Utility script to print a crosstable from a set of .pgn files.
crossystem(1) Chrome OS firmware/system interface utility.
crot(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
crotg(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
crrcsim(1) A model-airplane flight simulation program.
crsetgroups(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crsh(1p) Cluster administration tool.
crshared(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crtest(1) Test cases for QDBM Curia.
crtmpserver(1) Is a high performance streaming platform written on C++.
crtsv(1) Mutual converter between TSV and QDBM Curia database.
cru2x(9freebsd) Functions related to user.
crudini(1) Manipulate ini files.
cruft(8) Check the filesystem for cruft (missing and unexplained files).
cruft-ng(8) Check the filesystem for cruft (missing and unexplained files).
crunch(1) Generate wordlists from a character set.
crunchjpgs(1p) Compress all JPG images in a PDF.
crushtool(8) CRUSH map manipulation tool.
crxvt(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
crxvt-big5(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
crxvt-gb(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
cryfs(1) Cryptographic filesystem for the cloud.
crypt(1) ↣ mcrypt(1) Encrypt or decrypt files.
crypt(3) Password and data encryption.
crypt(3posix) String encoding function (CRYPT).
crypt(3trf) Password hashing based on "crypt".
crypt-xordataexchange(1) Store and retrieve encrypted configuration parameters from etcd or Consul.
Crypt::AuthEnc(3pm) [internal only].
Crypt::AuthEnc::CCM(3pm) Authenticated encryption in CCM mode.
Crypt::AuthEnc::ChaCha20Poly1305(3pm) Authenticated encryption in ChaCha20-Poly1305 mode.
Crypt::AuthEnc::EAX(3pm) Authenticated encryption in EAX mode.
Crypt::AuthEnc::GCM(3pm) Authenticated encryption in GCM mode.
Crypt::AuthEnc::OCB(3pm) Authenticated encryption in OCBv3 mode.
Crypt::Blowfish(3pm) Perl Blowfish encryption module.
Crypt::CAST5(3pm) CAST5 block cipher.
Crypt::CBC(3pm) Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode.
Crypt::Checksum(3pm) Functional interface to CRC32 and Adler32 checksums.
Crypt::Checksum::Adler32(3pm) Compute Adler32 checksum.
Crypt::Checksum::CRC32(3pm) Compute CRC32 checksum.
Crypt::Cipher(3pm) Generic interface to cipher functions.
Crypt::Cipher::AES(3pm) Symmetric cipher AES (aka Rijndael), key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Anubis(3pm) Symmetric cipher Anubis, key size: 128-320 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Blowfish(3pm) Symmetric cipher Blowfish, key size: 64-448 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Camellia(3pm) Symmetric cipher Camellia, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::CAST5(3pm) Symmetric cipher CAST5 (aka CAST-128), key size: 40-128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::DES(3pm) Symmetric cipher DES, key size: 64[56] bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::DES_EDE(3pm) Symmetric cipher DES_EDE (aka Triple-DES, 3DES), key size: 192[168] bits (Crypt::CBC.
Crypt::Cipher::IDEA(3pm) Symmetric cipher IDEA, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::KASUMI(3pm) Symmetric cipher KASUMI, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Khazad(3pm) Symmetric cipher Khazad, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::MULTI2(3pm) Symmetric cipher MULTI2, key size: 320 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Noekeon(3pm) Symmetric cipher Noekeon, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::RC2(3pm) Symmetric cipher RC2, key size: 40-1024 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::RC5(3pm) Symmetric cipher RC5, key size: 64-1024 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::RC6(3pm) Symmetric cipher RC6, key size: 64-1024 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_K128(3pm) Symmetric cipher SAFER_K128, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_K64(3pm) Symmetric cipher SAFER_K64, key size: 64 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_SK128(3pm) Symmetric cipher SAFER_SK128, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_SK64(3pm) Symmetric cipher SAFER_SK64, key size: 64 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::SAFERP(3pm) Symmetric cipher SAFER+, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::SEED(3pm) Symmetric cipher SEED, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Serpent(3pm) Symmetric cipher Serpent, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Skipjack(3pm) Symmetric cipher Skipjack, key size: 80 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::Twofish(3pm) Symmetric cipher Twofish, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::Cipher::XTEA(3pm) Symmetric cipher XTEA, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant).
Crypt::CipherSaber(3pm) Perl module implementing CipherSaber encryption.
Crypt::Cracklib(3pm) Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib.
Crypt::DES(3pm) Perl DES encryption module.
Crypt::DES_EDE3(3pm) Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption.
Crypt::DH(3pm) Diffie-Hellman key exchange system.
Crypt::DH::GMP(3pm) Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly.
Crypt::DH::GMP::Compat(3pm) Compatibility Mode For Crypt::DH.
Crypt::Digest(3pm) Generic interface to hash/digest functions.
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_160(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 160 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_256(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 256 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_384(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 384 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_512(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 512 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_128(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 128 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_160(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 160 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_224(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 224 bits].
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_256(3pm) Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 256 bits].
Crypt::Digest::CHAES(3pm) Hash function - CipherHash based on AES [size: 128 bits].
Crypt::Digest::MD2(3pm) Hash function MD2 [size: 128 bits].
Crypt::Digest::MD4(3pm) Hash function MD4 [size: 128 bits].
Crypt::Digest::MD5(3pm) Hash function MD5 [size: 128 bits].
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD128(3pm) Hash function RIPEMD-128 [size: 128 bits].
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD160(3pm) Hash function RIPEMD-160 [size: 160 bits].
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD256(3pm) Hash function RIPEMD-256 [size: 256 bits].
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD320(3pm) Hash function RIPEMD-320 [size: 320 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA1(3pm) Hash function SHA-1 [size: 160 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA224(3pm) Hash function SHA-224 [size: 224 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA256(3pm) Hash function SHA-256 [size: 256 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA384(3pm) Hash function SHA-384 [size: 384 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_224(3pm) Hash function SHA3-224 [size: 224 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_256(3pm) Hash function SHA3-256 [size: 256 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_384(3pm) Hash function SHA3-384 [size: 384 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_512(3pm) Hash function SHA3-512 [size: 512 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA512(3pm) Hash function SHA-512 [size: 512 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA512_224(3pm) Hash function SHA-512/224 [size: 224 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHA512_256(3pm) Hash function SHA-512/256 [size: 256 bits].
Crypt::Digest::SHAKE(3pm) Hash functions SHAKE128, SHAKE256 from SHA3 family.
Crypt::Digest::Tiger192(3pm) Hash function Tiger-192 [size: 192 bits].
Crypt::Digest::Whirlpool(3pm) Hash function Whirlpool [size: 512 bits].
Crypt::DSA(3pm) DSA Signatures and Key Generation.
Crypt::DSA::Key(3pm) DSA key.
Crypt::DSA::Key::PEM(3pm) Read/write DSA PEM files.
Crypt::DSA::Key::SSH2(3pm) Read/write DSA SSH2 files.
Crypt::DSA::KeyChain(3pm) DSA key generation system.
Crypt::DSA::Signature(3pm) DSA signature object.
Crypt::DSA::Util(3pm) DSA Utility functions.
Crypt::ECB(3pm) Use block ciphers using ECB mode.
Crypt::Eksblowfish(3pm) The Eksblowfish block cipher.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt(3pm) Blowfish-based Unix crypt() password hash.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Blowfish(3pm) Blowfish block cipher via Eksblowfish engine.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Family(3pm) Eksblowfish cipher family.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Subkeyed(3pm) Blowfish/Eksblowfish with access to subkeys.
Crypt::Eksblowfish::Uklblowfish(3pm) Blowfish cipher with unrestricted key length.
Crypt::Format(3pm) Conversion utilities for encryption applications.
Crypt::GCrypt(3pm) Perl interface to the GNU Cryptographic library.
Crypt::GCrypt::MPI(3pm) Perl interface to multi-precision integers from the GNU Cryptographic library.
Crypt::GeneratePassword(3pm) Generate secure random pronounceable passwords.
Crypt::HCE_SHA(3pm) Perl extension implementing one way hash chaining encryption using SHA.
Crypt::KeyDerivation(3pm) PBKDF1, PBKDF2 and HKDF key derivation functions.
Crypt::Mac(3pm) [internal only].
Crypt::Mac::BLAKE2b(3pm) Message authentication code BLAKE2b MAC (RFC 7693).
Crypt::Mac::BLAKE2s(3pm) Message authentication code BLAKE2s MAC (RFC 7693).
Crypt::Mac::F9(3pm) Message authentication code F9.
Crypt::Mac::HMAC(3pm) Message authentication code HMAC.
Crypt::Mac::OMAC(3pm) Message authentication code OMAC.
Crypt::Mac::Pelican(3pm) Message authentication code Pelican (AES based MAC).
Crypt::Mac::PMAC(3pm) Message authentication code PMAC.
Crypt::Mac::Poly1305(3pm) Message authentication code Poly1305 (RFC 7539).
Crypt::Mac::XCBC(3pm) Message authentication code XCBC (RFC 3566).
Crypt::Misc(3pm) Miscellaneous functions related to (or used by) CryptX.
Crypt::Mode(3pm) [internal only].
Crypt::Mode::CBC(3pm) Block cipher mode CBC [Cipher-block chaining].
Crypt::Mode::CFB(3pm) Block cipher mode CFB [Cipher feedback].
Crypt::Mode::CTR(3pm) Block cipher mode CTR [Counter mode].
Crypt::Mode::ECB(3pm) Block cipher mode ECB [Electronic codebook].
Crypt::Mode::OFB(3pm) Block cipher mode OFB [Output feedback].
Crypt::MySQL(3pm) Emulate MySQL PASSWORD() function.
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum(3pm) OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic.
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum::CTX(3pm) Perl interface to the OpenSSL BN_CTX structure.
Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA(3pm) Digital Signature Algorithm using OpenSSL.
Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA::Signature(3pm) Digital Signature Object.
Crypt::OpenSSL::EC(3pm) Perl extension for OpenSSL EC (Elliptic Curves) library.
Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS10(3pm) Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS10 API.
Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS12(3pm) Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS12 API.
Crypt::OpenSSL::Random(3pm) OpenSSL/LibreSSL pseudo-random number generator access.
Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA(3pm) RSA encoding and decoding, using the openSSL libraries.
Crypt::OpenSSL::X509(3pm) Perl extension to OpenSSL's X509 API.
Crypt::PasswdMD5(3pm) Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions.
Crypt::PBKDF2(3pm) The PBKDF2 password hashing algorithm.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash(3pm) Abstract role for PBKDF2 hashing algorithms.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::DigestHMAC(3pm) Digest::HMAC hash support for Crypt::PBKDF2.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA1(3pm) HMAC-SHA1 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA2(3pm) HMAC-SHA2 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PBKDF2::Hash::HMACSHA3(3pm) HMAC-SHA3 support for Crypt::PBKDF2 using Digest::SHA.
Crypt::PK(3pm) [internal only].
Crypt::PK::DH(3pm) Public key cryptography based on Diffie-Hellman.
Crypt::PK::DSA(3pm) Public key cryptography based on DSA.
Crypt::PK::ECC(3pm) Public key cryptography based on EC.
Crypt::PK::RSA(3pm) Public key cryptography based on RSA.
Crypt::PRNG(3pm) Cryptographically secure random number generator.
Crypt::PRNG::ChaCha20(3pm) Cryptographically secure PRNG based on ChaCha20 (stream cipher) algorithm.
Crypt::PRNG::Fortuna(3pm) Cryptographically secure PRNG based on Fortuna algorithm.
Crypt::PRNG::RC4(3pm) Cryptographically secure PRNG based on RC4 (stream cipher) algorithm.
Crypt::PRNG::Sober128(3pm) Cryptographically secure PRNG based on Sober128 (stream cipher) algorithm.
Crypt::PRNG::Yarrow(3pm) Cryptographically secure PRNG based on Yarrow algorithm.
Crypt::Random::Seed(3pm) Simple method to get strong randomness.
Crypt::Random::Source(3pm) Get weak or strong random data from pluggable sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base(3pm) Abstract base class for Crypt::Random::Source classes.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::File(3pm) File (or device) random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Handle(3pm) IO::Handle based random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Proc(3pm) Base class for helper processes (e.g. "openssl").
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::RandomDevice(3pm) Base class for random devices.
Crypt::Random::Source::Factory(3pm) Load and instantiate sources of random data.
Crypt::Random::Source::Strong(3pm) Abstract base class for strong random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::devrandom(3pm) A strong random data source using /dev/random.
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak(3pm) Abstract base class for weak random data sources.
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::devurandom(3pm) A weak random data source using /dev/urandom.
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand(3pm) Use "rand" to create random bytes.
Crypt::RC4(3pm) Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm.
Crypt::Rijndael(3pm) Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module.
Crypt::RSA::Parse(3pm) Parse RSA keys.
Crypt::SaltedHash(3pm) Perl interface to functions that assist in working with salted hashes.
Crypt::Simple(3pm) Encrypt stuff simply.
Crypt::SmbHash(3pm) Perl-only implementation of lanman and nt md4 hash functions, for use in Samba style.
Crypt::SSLeay(3pm) OpenSSL support for LWP.
Crypt::SSLeay::Version(3pm) Obtain OpenSSL version information.
Crypt::Stream::ChaCha(3pm) Stream cipher ChaCha.
Crypt::Stream::Rabbit(3pm) Stream cipher Rabbit.
Crypt::Stream::RC4(3pm) Stream cipher RC4.
Crypt::Stream::Salsa20(3pm) Stream cipher Salsa20.
Crypt::Stream::Sober128(3pm) Stream cipher Sober128.
Crypt::Stream::Sosemanuk(3pm) Stream cipher Sosemanuk.
Crypt::Twofish(3pm) The Twofish Encryption Algorithm.
Crypt::U2F::Server(3pm) Low level wrapper around the U2F two factor authentication C library (server side).
Crypt::U2F::Server::Simple(3pm) Register and Authenticate U2F compatible security devices.
Crypt::UnixCrypt(3pm) Perl-only implementation of the "crypt" function.
Crypt::UnixCrypt_XS(3pm) Perl xs interface for a portable traditional crypt function.
Crypt::URandom(3pm) Provide non blocking randomness.
Crypt::Util(3pm) A lightweight Crypt/Digest convenience API.
Crypt::X509(3pm) Parse a X.509 certificate.
crypt_r(3) ↣ crypt(3) Password and data encryption.
cryptcat(1) Twofish encryption enabled version of nc(1).
cryptdir(1) ↣ expect_cryptdir(1) Encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory.
cryptdisks_start(8) Wrapper around cryptsetup that parses /etc/crypttab.
cryptdisks_stop(8) Wrapper around cryptsetup that parses /etc/crypttab.
cryptest(1) Test Driver for Crypto++, a C++ Class Library of Cryptographic Primitives.
cryptmount(8) Mount/unmount/configure an encrypted filesystem.
cryptmount-setup(8) Setup a new encrypted filesystem.
crypto(3erl) Crypto Functions.
crypto(4freebsd) User-mode access to hardware-accelerated cryptography.
crypto(7) The Crypto Application.
crypto(7ssl) OpenSSL cryptographic library.
crypto(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_atomic_add(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once(3ssl)
CRYPTO_clear_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_clear_realloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
crypto_dispatch(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_done(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_EX_dup(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
CRYPTO_EX_free(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
CRYPTO_EX_new(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
CRYPTO_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_free_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
CRYPTO_free_ex_index(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
crypto_freereq(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_freesession(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_get_alloc_counts(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
crypto_get_driverid(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_get_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
CRYPTO_get_mem_functions(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
crypto_getreq(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_kdispatch(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_kdone(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_kregister(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_malloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_mem_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_mem_debug_pop(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_mem_debug_push(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_mem_leaks(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_mem_leaks_cb(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_mem_leaks_fp(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_new_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
crypto_newsession(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_realloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
crypto_register(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_secure_clear_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_malloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_malloc_done(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_malloc_init(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_malloc_initialized(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_used(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_secure_zalloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_set_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index(3ssl)
CRYPTO_set_mem_debug(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_set_mem_functions(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_strdup(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_strndup(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CRYPTO_THREAD_lock_free(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once(3ssl)
CRYPTO_THREAD_lock_new(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once(3ssl)
CRYPTO_THREAD_read_lock(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once(3ssl)
CRYPTO_THREAD_unlock(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once(3ssl)
CRYPTO_THREAD_write_lock(3ssl) ↣ CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once(3ssl)
crypto_unblock(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_unregister(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
crypto_unregister_all(9freebsd) API for cryptographic services in the kernel.
CRYPTO_zalloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
CryptoContext(3) The implementation for a SRTP cryptographic context.
CryptoContextCtrl(3) The implementation for a SRTCP cryptographic context.
cryptodev(4freebsd) User-mode access to hardware-accelerated cryptography.
cryptoflex-tool(1) Utility for manipulating Schlumberger Cryptoflex data structures.
cryptsetup(8) Manage plain dm-crypt and LUKS encrypted volumes.
cryptsetup-reencrypt(8) Tool for offline LUKS device re-encryption.
crypttab(5) Static information about encrypted filesystems.
CryptX(3pm) Cryptographic toolkit (self-contained, no external libraries needed).
crystal(6x) Kaleidescope.
cs(4freebsd) Ethernet device driver.
cs2cs(1) Cartographic coordinate system filter.
cs_destroy(3) Clean up and dealloc a parse tree.
cs_dump(3) Dump the cs parse tree.
cs_init(3) Create and initialize a CS context.
cs_parse_file(3) Parse a CS template file.
cs_parse_string(3) Parse a CS template string.
cs_register_esc_strfunc(3) Cs_register_strfunc with escaping context.
cs_register_fileload(3) Register a fileload function.
cs_register_strfunc(3) Register a string handling function.
cs_render(3) Render a CS parse tree.
csa1s(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for one-dimensional input.
csa1xs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for one-dimensional input.
csa2ls(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for two-dimensional input, list output.
csa2lxs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for two-dimensional input, list output.
csa2s(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for two-dimensional input, gridded output.
csa2xs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for two-dimensional input, gridded output.
csa3ls(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for three-dimensional input, list output.
csa3lxs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for three-dimensional input, list output.
csa3s(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, simple entry for three-dimensional input.
csa3xs(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation, expanded entry for three-dimensional input.
csagrid(3NCARG) Cubic spline approximation.
csagrid_errors(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all the errors reported from Csagrid.
csb-bfit(1) Models non-rigid displacements in protein ensembles with outlier-tolerant probability distributions.
csb-bfite(1) Models non-rigid displacements in protein ensembles with outlier-tolerant probability distribu‐.
csb-buildhmm(1) Build an HMM from a FASTA sequence.
csb-csfrag(1) Build a dynamic library of analogous fragments.
csb-embd(1) Sharpening of EM maps by non-negative blind deconvolution.
csb-hhfrag(1) Build a dynamic variable-length fragment library for protein structure.
csb-hhsearch(1) Python bindings for the HHsearch program.
csb-precision(1) Measure the precision and coverage of a fragment library.
csb-promix(1) Find a mixture of rigid segments or a mixture of conformers in a protein structure ensemble.
csb-test(1) CSB Test Runner Console.
csblogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
csc(1) Driver program for the CHICKEN Scheme compiler.
csc2s(3NCARG) Convert from Cartesian to lat/lon coordinates.
csc2sd(3NCARG) Convert from Cartesian to lat/lon coordinates.
cscal(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
cscf(1) Solves the Hartree-Fock equations.
Csched(3) LCG Scheduling inferface.
cscope(1) Interactively examine a C program.
cscope-indexer(1) Script to index files for cscope.
csdp(1) Semidefinite program solver.
csdp-complement(1) ↣ csdp(1) Semidefinite program solver.
csdp-graphtoprob(1) ↣ csdp(1) Semidefinite program solver.
csdp-randgraph(1) ↣ csdp(1) Semidefinite program solver.
csdp-theta(1) ↣ csdp(1) Semidefinite program solver.
csearch(1) Like grep(1) over all indexed files.
Csec_api(3) Provides authentication in LCG services.
csepdjvu(1) DjVu encoder for separated data files.
cserver(8) To start the Chinese server.
cset(1) Manage cpusets functions in the Linux kernel.
cset-proc(1) Manage processes running in cpusets.
cset-set(1) Manage sets of cpus.
cset-shield(1) Cpuset supercommand which implements cpu shielding.
csftp(1p) Cluster administration tool.
csg_boltzmann(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_call(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_density(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_dlptopol(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_dump(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_fmatch(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_gmxtopol(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_imcrepack(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_inverse(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_map(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_property(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_resample(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_reupdate(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csg_stat(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
csgetd(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type DOUBLE PRECISION.
csgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
csgetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type REAL.
csh_count(1) ↣ generic_count(1) Count physical lines of code, given a comment marker.
csharp(1) Interactive C# Shell.
cshost(1) Server access control program for canna.
csi(1) The Chicken Scheme Interpreter.
cSignal(3) Send signal to one waiting thread.
csin(3) Complex sine function.
csin(3posix) Complex sine functions.
csinf(3) ↣ csin(3) Complex sine function.
csinh(3) Complex hyperbolic sine.
csinh(3posix) Complex hyperbolic sine functions.
csinhf(3) ↣ csinh(3) Complex hyperbolic sine.
csinhl(3) ↣ csinh(3) Complex hyperbolic sine.
csinl(3) ↣ csin(3) Complex sine function.
csinl(3posix) Complex sine functions.
csl_unsorted(1) Output a formatted bibliography from bibtex file.
cslatex(1) ↣ pdftex(1) PDF output from TeX.
csmash(6) A table tennis simulation game.
CSolver(3U) Enforces connector semantics.
csoundqt(1) GUI interface and IDE for the csound synthesis system.
cspcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cspctl(1) Sound Blaster 16 ASP/CSP control program.
csplain(1) ↣ pdftex(1) PDF output from TeX.
csplit(1) Split a file into sections determined by context lines.
csplit(1posix) Split files based on context.
cspmonitor(1) CSP server for monitoring RSerPool components.
cspmv(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
cspr(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
csprfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cspsv(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
cspsvx(3) ↣ complexOTHERsolve(3)
csptrf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
csptri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
csptrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
csqrt(3) Complex square root.
csqrt(3posix) Complex square root functions.
csqrtf(3) ↣ csqrt(3) Complex square root.
csqrtl(3) ↣ csqrt(3) Complex square root.
csr(1rheolef) Sparse matrix manipulation.
csr(2rheolef) Compressed sparse row matrix (rheolef-6.7).
csrot(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
csrscl(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
CSS(3pm) Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
css2c(3NCARG) Convert from Cartesian to lat/lon coordinates.
css2cd(3NCARG) Convert from lat/lon coordinates to Cartesian coordinates.
CSS::Adaptor(3pm) Arbitrarily map CSS data for use in another context.
CSS::Adaptor::Debug(3pm) An example adaptor for debugging CSS.
CSS::Adaptor::Pretty(3pm) An example adaptor for pretty-printing CSS.
CSS::Compressor(3pm) Perl extension for CSS minification.
CSS::DOM(3pm) Document Object Model for Cascading Style Sheets.
CSS::DOM::Array(3pm) Array class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Constants(3pm) Constants for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Exception(3pm) The Exception interface for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Interface(3pm) A list of CSS::DOM's interface members in machine-readable format.
CSS::DOM::MediaList(3pm) Medium list class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Parser(3pm) Parser for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::PropertyParser(3pm) Parser for CSS property values.
CSS::DOM::Rule(3pm) CSS rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Charset(3pm) CSS @font-face rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::FontFace(3pm) CSS @font-face rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Import(3pm) CSS @import rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Media(3pm) CSS @media rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Page(3pm) CSS @page rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Rule::Style(3pm) CSS style rule class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::RuleList(3pm) Rule list class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Style(3pm) CSS style declaration class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::StyleSheetList(3pm) Style sheet list class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Util(3pm) Utility functions for dealing with CSS tokens.
CSS::DOM::Value(3pm) CSSValue class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Value::List(3pm) CSSValueList class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::DOM::Value::Primitive(3pm) CSSPrimitiveValue class for CSS::DOM.
CSS::LESSp(3pm) LESS for perl. Parse .less files and returns valid css ( for more info about less.
CSS::Minifier(3pm) Perl extension for minifying CSS.
CSS::Minifier::XS(3pm) XS based CSS minifier.
CSS::Packer(3pm) Another CSS minifier.
CSS::Parse(3pm) Template class for CSS parser modules.
CSS::Parse::Compiled(3pm) A CSS::Parse module using a compiled Parse::RecDescent grammar.
CSS::Parse::Heavy(3pm) A CSS::Parse module using Parse::RecDescent.
CSS::Parse::Lite(3pm) A CSS::Parse module using regular expressions.
CSS::Parse::PRDGrammar(3pm) A CSS grammar for Parse::RecDescent.
CSS::Property(3pm) A property in a CSS object tree.
CSS::Selector(3pm) A selector in a CSS object tree.
CSS::Squish(3pm) Compact many CSS files into one big file.
CSS::Style(3pm) A ruleset in a CSS object tree.
CSS::Tiny(3pm) Read/Write .css files with as little code as possible.
CSS::Value(3pm) A property value in a CSS object tree.
css_overview(3NCARG) Fit a tension spline interpolation to a function.
csscal(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
csscapture_py2(1) Downloads CSS stylesheets.
csscapture_py3(1) Downloads CSS stylesheets.
csscombine_py2(1) Utility to combine several stylesheets into one.
csscombine_py3(1) Utility to combine several stylesheets into one.
cssetd(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type DOUBLE PRECISION for the Cssgrid package.
csseti(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
cssetr(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type REAL for the Cssgrid package.
cssgrid(3NCARG) Tension spline interpolation on a sphere.
cssgrid_errors(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all the errors reported from Cssgrid.
cssgrid_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all the internal parameters of Cssgrid.
cssgridd(3NCARG) Tension spline interpolation on a sphere.
cssh(1p) Cluster administration tool.
cssmin(1) YUI Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) compressor.
cssparse_py2(1) A CSS parser.
cssparse_py3(1) A CSS parser.
cssrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
csstidy(1) CSS parser and optimiser.
csstri(3NCARG) Calculates a Delaunay triangulation for data on a sphere.
csstrid(3NCARG) Calculates a Delaunay triangulation for data on a sphere.
cst_end(7) CWnn Startup and Termination.
cstedc(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cstegr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cstein(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cstemr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
csteqr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cstest(1) Render a clearsilver template combined with a dataset.
cstr(1) Print out string literals in C source code.
cstream(1) Direct data streams, with bandwidth limiting, FIFO, audio, duplication and extended reporting support.
csv(3) CSV parser and writer library.
csv(3tcl) Procedures to handle CSV data.
csv1(5) Format of the csv1 zone file that MaraDNS uses.
csv2(1) ↣ xml2(1) Convert xml documents in a flat format.
csv2(5) Description of the csv2 zone file that MaraDNS uses.
csv2_txt(5) Description of txt and raw resource records in the csv2 zone file.
csv2latex(1) Convert a csv file into a LaTeX document.
csv2mipe(1) Generates MIPE file based on 3 tab-delimited files.
csv2ods(1) Create OpenDocument spreadsheet from comma separated values.
csv2pdf(1p) A simple but yet powerful LaTeX::Table example application.
csv2po(1) Convert Comma-Separated Value (.csv) files to Gettext PO localization files.
csv2rdf(1) Converts CSV to RDF.
csv2rec(1) Csv to rec converter.
csv2tbx(1) Convert Comma-Separated Value (.csv) files to a TermBase eXchange (.tbx) glossary file.
csv2yapet(1) Convert CSV file to YAPET file.
csv4180(3bobcat) Converter for comma separated values.
csvimp(1) Import CSV files to Xtuple schema.
csvinfo.cgi(1) CGI program to show host information from a CSV file.
csvmidi(1) Encode CSV file as MIDI.
csvoro(3NCARG) Calculate Voronoi polygons for data on a sphere.
csvorod(3NCARG) Calculate Voronoi polygons for data on a sphere.
csvtool(1) Tool for performing manipulations on CSV files from shell scripts.
cswap(3) ↣ complex_blas_level1(3)
csycon(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csycon_3(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csycon_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csyconv(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csyconvf(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csyconvf_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csyequb(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csymm(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
csymv(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
csync2(1) Cluster synchronization tool, 2nd generation.
csync2-compare(1) Simulate a directory sync between two hosts.
csyr(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
csyr2k(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
csyrfs(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csyrfsx(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csyrk(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
csysv(3) ↣ complexSYsolve(3)
csysv_aa(3) ↣ complexSYsolve(3)
csysv_rk(3) ↣ complexSYsolve(3)
csysv_rook(3) ↣ complexSYsolve(3)
csysvx(3) ↣ complexSYsolve(3)
csysvxx(3) ↣ complexSYsolve(3)
csyswapr(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
csytf2(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytf2_rk(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytf2_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrf(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrf_aa(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrf_rk(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrf_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytri(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytri2(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytri2x(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytri_3(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytri_3x(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytri_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrs(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrs2(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrs_3(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrs_aa(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
csytrs_rook(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
CT(3) Returns the type information for a variable.
ct(3erl) Main user interface for the Common Test framework.
ct(4freebsd) WD33C93[ABC] based CBUS SCSI host adapter driver.
ct(7ssl) Certificate Transparency.
ct2-make-movie(1) Manual page for ct2-make-movie.
CT_close(3) ↣ towitoko-ctapi(3) Functions to handle communication with integrated circuit cards and.
ct_cover(3erl) Common Test framework code coverage support module.
CT_data(3) ↣ towitoko-ctapi(3) Functions to handle communication with integrated circuit cards and.
ct_ftp(3erl) FTP client module (based on the FTP support of the Inets.
ct_hooks(3erl) A callback interface on top of Common Test.
CT_init(3) ↣ towitoko-ctapi(3) Functions to handle communication with integrated circuit cards and.
ct_master(3erl) Distributed test execution control for Common Test.
ct_netconfc(3erl) NETCONF client module.
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_get0_cert(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_get0_issuer(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_get0_log_store(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_get_time(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_set1_cert(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_set1_issuer(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_set_time(3ssl) ↣ CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_new(3ssl)
ct_property_test(3erl) EXPERIMENTAL support in Common Test for calling.
ct_rpc(3erl) Common Test specific layer on Erlang/OTP rpc.
ct_run(1) Program used for starting Common Test from the.
ct_slave(3erl) Common Test framework functions for starting and stopping.
ct_snmp(3erl) Common Test user interface module for the SNMP application.
ct_ssh(3erl) SSH/SFTP client module.
ct_telnet(3erl) Common Test specific layer on top of Telnet client ct_telnet_client.erl.
ct_testspec(3erl) Parsing of test specifications for Common Test.
ctags(1posix) Create a tags file (DEVELOPMENT, FORTRAN).
ctags-exuberant(1) Generate tag files for source code.
ctags.emacs25(1) ↣ etags.emacs25(1) Generate tag file for Emacs, vi.
ctail(1) Watch and colorize a logfile.
ctan(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
ctan(3) Complex tangent function.
ctan(3posix) Complex tangent functions.
ctan-o-mat(1) Validate and upload a package for CTAN.
ctanf(3) ↣ ctan(3) Complex tangent function.
ctangle(1) ↣ cweb(1) Translate CWEB to C and/or TeX.
ctanglex(1) ↣ cwebx(1) Translate CWEB(x) to C (or C++) and/or TeX.
ctanh(3) Complex hyperbolic tangent.
ctanh(3posix) Complex hyperbolic tangent functions.
ctanhf(3) ↣ ctanh(3) Complex hyperbolic tangent.
ctanhl(3) ↣ ctanh(3) Complex hyperbolic tangent.
ctanify(1) Prepare a package for upload to CTAN.
ctanl(3) ↣ ctan(3) Complex tangent function.
ctanl(3posix) Complex tangent functions.
CTASSERT(9freebsd) Compile time assertion macro.
ctau(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous Cronyx Tau WAN adapters.
ctbcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctbmv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
ctbrfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctbsv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
ctbtrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctdb(1) CTDB management utility.
ctdb(7) Clustered TDB.
ctdb-statistics(7) CTDB statistics output.
ctdb-tunables(7) CTDB tunable configuration variables.
ctdb_diagnostics(1) Dump diagnostic information about CTDB/Samba installation.
ctdbd(1) The CTDB cluster daemon.
ctdbd.conf(5) CTDB daemon configuration file.
ctdbd_wrapper(1) Wrapper for ctdbd.
CTDConverter(1) Convert CTD files into Galaxy tool and CWL CommandLineTool files.
ctel(1p) Cluster administration tool.
ctermd(8) CTERM services for Linux.
ctermid(3) Get controlling terminal name.
ctermid(3posix) Generate a pathname for the controlling terminal.
ctest(1) CTest Command-Line Reference.
ctext(3tk) Ctext a text widget with highlighting support.
ctfconvert(1) Convert debug data to CTF data.
ctfdump(1) Dump the SUNW_ctf section of an ELF file.
ctfmerge(1) Merge several CTF data sections into one.
ctfsm(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctftri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctfttp(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctfttr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctgevc(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
ctgex2(3) ↣ complexGEauxiliary(3)
ctgexc(3) ↣ complexGEcomputational(3)
ctgsen(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctgsja(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctgsna(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctgsy2(3) ↣ complexSYauxiliary(3)
ctgsyl(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
Cthread(3) LCG Thread inferface.
cthumb(1) A themable web picture album generator.
ctid.conf(5) Configuration file for an OpenVZ container.
ctie(1) Merge or apply CWEB change files.
ctime(3) Transform date and time.
ctime(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
ctime(3posix) Convert a time value to a date and time string.
ctime_r(3) ↣ ctime(3) Transform date and time.
ctime_r(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
ctioga2(1) A command-line front-end for the Tioga plotting library.
ctl(4freebsd) CAM Target Layer.
ctl(5) Control Temporal Logic file format.
ctlinnd(8) Control the main InterNetNews daemon.
CTLOG_free(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_new(3ssl)
CTLOG_get0_log_id(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_new(3ssl)
CTLOG_get0_name(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_new(3ssl)
CTLOG_get0_public_key(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_new(3ssl)
CTLOG_new_from_base64(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_new(3ssl)
CTLOG_STORE_free(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_STORE_new(3ssl) Create and populate.
CTLOG_STORE_get0_log_by_id(3ssl) Get a Certificate Transparency log from a CTLOG_STORE.
CTLOG_STORE_load_default_file(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_STORE_new(3ssl) Create and populate.
CTLOG_STORE_load_file(3ssl) ↣ CTLOG_STORE_new(3ssl) Create and populate.
CTLOG_STORE_new(3ssl) Create and populate.
ctmconv(1) File format converter for 3D models.
ctmviewer(1) 3D viewer for models of various file formats.
ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ctn_version(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ctndisp(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ctnnetwork(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ctoh(1) ↣ styx(1) A combined parser and scanner generator.
ctop(1) Command line / text based Linux Containers monitoring tool.
ctorrent(1) Download bittorrent files from command line.
ctow(1) Convert Canna text-form dictionary into Wnn text-form dictionary.
ctpcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpl(1) CTPL command-line template parsing tool.
ctplqt(3) ↣ doubleOTHERcomputational(3)
ctplqt2(3) ↣ doubleOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpmlqt(3) ↣ doubleOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpmqrt(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpmv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
ctpp2-config(1) CTPP configuration tool.
ctpp2c(1) CTPP template compiler.
ctpp2i(1) CTPP template iterpreter.
ctpp2json(1) CTPP JSON file parser.
ctpp2vm(1) CTPP virtual machine.
ctpqrt(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpqrt2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctprfb(3) ↣ complexOTHERauxiliary(3)
ctprfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpsv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
ctptri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctptrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpttf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctpttr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
CTR0(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
CTR1(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
CTR2(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
CTR3(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
CTR4(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
CTR5(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
CTR6(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
ctrans(1NCARG) A Computer Graphics Metafile ( CGM ) translator.
ctrcon(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrevc(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrevc3(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrexc(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrlaltdel(8) Set the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination.
ctrmm(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
ctrmv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
ctrrfs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrsen(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrsm(3) ↣ complex_blas_level3(3)
ctrsna(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrsv(3) ↣ complex_blas_level2(3)
ctrsyl(3) ↣ complexSYcomputational(3)
ctrti2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrtri(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrtrs(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrttf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctrttp(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
ctsim(1) A Graphical Computed Tomography Simulator.
ctsimtext(1) A Text-Based Computed Tomography Simulator.
ctstat(8) ↣ lnstat(8) Unified linux network statistics.
ctwm(1x) Claude's Tab Window Manager for the X Window System.
ctype.h(7posix) Character types.
ctzrzf(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cu(1) Call up another system.
cual(6) Cuyo Animation Language.
cube2(6) A 3D first-person shooter engine.
cube2-server(6) Network server for cube2.
cube21(6x) Animates the Cube 21 puzzle.
cube2font(1) Utility program designed to create font bitmaps for Cube Engine games.
cubemap(1) Scalable video reflector, designed to be used with VLC.
cubenetic(6x) Cubist 3D undulating blob.
cubestack(6x) An endless stack of unfolding, translucent cubes.
cubestorm(6x) A series of 3D boxes that fill space.
cubetwist(6x) A series of nested cubes rotate and slide recursively.
cubeview(1) View 3D FITS files.
cubicgrid(6x) Rotating 3D lattice seen from inside.
CubicSDR(1) Software Defined Radio Application.
cucumber(1) Acceptance test runner.
cudf-check(1) Manipulate CUDF documents.
cudf2lp(1) A preprocessor for CUDF documents.
cue(4freebsd) CATC USB-EL1210A USB Ethernet driver.
cue2toc(1) Convert CUE to TOC format.
cuebreakpoints(1) Report track breakpoints from a CUE or TOC file.
cueconvert(1) Convert files between CUE and TOC formats.
cueprint(1) Report disc and track information from a CUE or TOC file.
cuetag(1) Tag files based on cue/toc file information.
cuffcompare(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
cuffdiff(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
cufflinks(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
cuffmerge(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
cuffnorm(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
cuffquant(1) Component of cufflinks suite.
cufilter(1p) Filter emails through Mail::CheckUser.
cufx(3NCARG) Converts from user coordinates to fractional coordinates.
cufy(3NCARG) Converts from user coordinates to fractional coordinates.
Cultivation(6) Game about the interactions within a gardening community.
cunbdb(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunbdb1(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunbdb2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunbdb3(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunbdb4(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunbdb5(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunbdb6(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cuncsd(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cuncsd2by1(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cundecl(1) Encode C type declarations.
cuneiform(1) Multi-language OCR system.
cung2l(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cung2r(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungbr(3) ↣ complexGBcomputational(3)
cunghr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungl2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunglq(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungql(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungqr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungr2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungrq(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cungtr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
CUnit(3) A unit testing framework for C.
cunloop(1) Unloop C loops.
cunm22(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunm2l(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunm2r(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmbr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmhr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunml2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmlq(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmql(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmqr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmr2(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmr3(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmrq(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmrz(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cunmtr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cup(1) LALR parser generator for Java(tm).
cupgtr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cupmtr(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
cupp(1) Generate dictionaries for attacks from personal data.
cupp3(1) Generate dictionaries for attacks from personal data.
cups(1) A standards-based, open source printing system.
cups-browsed(8) A daemon for browsing the Bonjour broadcasts of shared, remote CUPS printers.
cups-browsed.conf(5) Server configuration file for cups-browsed.
cups-calibrate(8) ESP CUPS Printer Calibration Tool.
cups-config(1) Get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.
cups-deviced(8) ↣ cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cups-driverd(8) ↣ cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cups-exec(8) ↣ cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cups-files.conf(5) File and directory configuration file for cups.
cups-genppdupdate(8) Update CUPS+Gutenprint PPD files.
cups-lpd(8) Receive print jobs and report printer status to lpd clients.
cups-snmp(8) Cups snmp backend.
cups-snmp.conf(5) Snmp configuration file for cups.
cupsaccept(8) Accept/reject jobs sent to a destination.
cupsaddsmb(8) Export printers to samba for windows clients.
cupsctl(8) Configure cupsd.conf options.
cupsd(8) Cups scheduler.
cupsd-helper(8) Cupsd helper programs.
cupsd-logs(5) Cupsd log files (access_log, error_log, and page_log).
cupsd.conf(5) Server configuration file for cups.
cupsdisable(8) ↣ cupsenable(8) Stop/start printers and classes.
cupsenable(8) Stop/start printers and classes.
cupsfilter(8) Convert a file to another format using cups filters.
cupsreject(8) ↣ cupsaccept(8) Accept/reject jobs sent to a destination.
cupstestdsc(1) Test conformance of postscript files (deprecated).
cupstestppd(1) Test conformance of ppd files.
cupt(1) Console package management tool.
cupt.conf(5) Configuration file for Cupt.
cupt_functionalselectors(7) Syntax of functional selectors in cupt package manager.
cupt_tutorial(7) Tutorial for cupt package manager.
cupt_vs_apt(5) Overview of things Cupt and APT differ in.
cur_term(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
cura(1) Graphical user interface for the Cura slicing engine.
CuraEngine(1) Slicing engine for Cura.
curator(1) Elasticsearch time-series index manager.
curator_cli(1) Elasticsearch time-series index manager.
curia(3) The extended API of QDBM.
curl(1) Transfer a URL.
curl-config(1) Get information about a libcurl installation.
curl_easy_cleanup(3) End a libcurl easy handle.
curl_easy_duphandle(3) Clone a libcurl session handle.
curl_easy_escape(3) URL encodes the given string.
curl_easy_getinfo(3) Extract information from a curl handle.
curl_easy_init(3) Start a libcurl easy session.
curl_easy_pause(3) Pause and unpause a connection.
curl_easy_perform(3) Perform a blocking file transfer.
curl_easy_recv(3) Receives raw data on an "easy" connection.
curl_easy_reset(3) Reset all options of a libcurl session handle.
curl_easy_send(3) Sends raw data over an "easy" connection.
curl_easy_setopt(3) Set options for a curl easy handle.
curl_easy_strerror(3) Return string describing error code.
curl_easy_unescape(3) URL decodes the given string.
curl_escape(3) URL encodes the given string.
curl_formadd(3) Add a section to a multipart/formdata HTTP POST.
curl_formfree(3) Free a previously build multipart/formdata HTTP POST chain.
curl_formget(3) Serialize a previously built multipart/formdata HTTP POST chain.
curl_free(3) Reclaim memory that has been obtained through a libcurl call.
curl_getdate(3) Convert a date string to number of seconds.
curl_getenv(3) Return value for environment name.
curl_global_cleanup(3) Global libcurl cleanup.
curl_global_init(3) Global libcurl initialisation.
curl_global_init_mem(3) Global libcurl initialisation with memory callbacks.
curl_global_sslset(3) Select SSL backend to use with libcurl.
curl_maprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_mfprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_mime_addpart(3) Append a new empty part to a mime structure.
curl_mime_data(3) Set a mime part's body data from memory.
curl_mime_data_cb(3) Set a callback-based data source for a mime part's body.
curl_mime_encoder(3) Set a mime part's encoder and content transfer encoding.
curl_mime_filedata(3) Set a mime part's body data from a file contents.
curl_mime_filename(3) Set a mime part's remote file name.
curl_mime_free(3) Free a previously built mime structure.
curl_mime_headers(3) Set a mime part's custom headers.
curl_mime_init(3) Create a mime handle.
curl_mime_name(3) Set a mime part's name.
curl_mime_subparts(3) Set subparts of a multipart mime part.
curl_mime_type(3) Set a mime part's content type.
curl_msnprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_msprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_multi_add_handle(3) Add an easy handle to a multi session.
curl_multi_assign(3) Set data to associate with an internal socket.
curl_multi_cleanup(3) Close down a multi session.
curl_multi_fdset(3) Extracts file descriptor information from a multi handle.
curl_multi_info_read(3) Read multi stack informationals.
curl_multi_init(3) Create a multi handle.
curl_multi_perform(3) Reads/writes available data from each easy handle.
curl_multi_remove_handle(3) Remove an easy handle from a multi session.
curl_multi_setopt(3) Set options for a curl multi handle.
curl_multi_socket(3) Reads/writes available data.
curl_multi_socket_action(3) Reads/writes available data given an action.
curl_multi_socket_all(3) ↣ curl_multi_socket(3) Reads/writes available data.
curl_multi_strerror(3) Return string describing error code.
curl_multi_timeout(3) How long to wait for action before proceeding.
curl_multi_wait(3) Polls on all easy handles in a multi handle.
curl_mvaprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_mvfprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_mvprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_mvsnprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_mvsprintf(3) ↣ curl_mprintf(3)
curl_share_cleanup(3) Clean up a shared object.
curl_share_init(3) Create a shared object.
curl_share_setopt(3) Set options for a shared object.
curl_share_strerror(3) Return string describing error code.
curl_slist_append(3) Add a string to an slist.
curl_slist_free_all(3) Free an entire curl_slist list.
curl_strequal(3) Case insensitive string comparisons.
curl_strnequal(3) ↣ curl_strequal(3) Case insensitive string comparisons.
curl_unescape(3) URL decodes the given string.
curl_version(3) Returns the libcurl version string.
curl_version_info(3) Returns run-time libcurl version info.
curlftpfs(1) Mount a ftp host as a local directory.
CURLINFO_ACTIVESOCKET(3) Get the active socket.
CURLINFO_APPCONNECT_TIME(3) Get the time until the SSL/SSH handshake is completed.
CURLINFO_CERTINFO(3) Get the TLS certificate chain.
CURLINFO_CONDITION_UNMET(3) Get info on unmet time conditional.
CURLINFO_CONNECT_TIME(3) Get the time until connect.
CURLINFO_CONTENT_LENGTH_DOWNLOAD(3) Get content-length of download.
CURLINFO_CONTENT_LENGTH_DOWNLOAD_T(3) Get content-length of download.
CURLINFO_CONTENT_LENGTH_UPLOAD(3) Get the specified size of the upload.
CURLINFO_CONTENT_LENGTH_UPLOAD_T(3) Get the specified size of the upload.
CURLINFO_COOKIELIST(3) Get all known cookies.
CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_URL(3) Get the last used URL.
CURLINFO_FILETIME(3) Get the remote time of the retrieved document.
CURLINFO_FTP_ENTRY_PATH(3) Get entry path in FTP server.
CURLINFO_HEADER_SIZE(3) Get size of retrieved headers.
CURLINFO_HTTP_VERSION(3) Get the http version used in the connection.
CURLINFO_HTTPAUTH_AVAIL(3) Get available HTTP authentication methods.
CURLINFO_LASTSOCKET(3) Get the last socket used.
CURLINFO_LOCAL_IP(3) Get local IP address of last connection.
CURLINFO_LOCAL_PORT(3) Get the latest local port number.
CURLINFO_NAMELOOKUP_TIME(3) Get the name lookup time.
CURLINFO_NUM_CONNECTS(3) Get number of created connections.
CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO(3) Get errno number from last connect failure.
CURLINFO_PRETRANSFER_TIME(3) Get the time until the file transfer start.
CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP(3) Get IP address of last connection.
CURLINFO_PRIMARY_PORT(3) Get the latest destination port number.
CURLINFO_PRIVATE(3) Get the private pointer.
CURLINFO_PROTOCOL(3) Get the protocol used in the connection.
CURLINFO_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYRESULT(3) Get the result of the proxy certificate verification.
CURLINFO_PROXYAUTH_AVAIL(3) Get available HTTP proxy authentication methods.
CURLINFO_REDIRECT_COUNT(3) Get the number of redirects.
CURLINFO_REDIRECT_TIME(3) Get the time for all redirection steps.
CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL(3) Get the URL a redirect would go to.
CURLINFO_REQUEST_SIZE(3) Get size of sent request.
CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE(3) Get the last response code.
CURLINFO_RTSP_CLIENT_CSEQ(3) Get the next RTSP client CSeq.
CURLINFO_RTSP_CSEQ_RECV(3) Get the recently received CSeq.
CURLINFO_RTSP_SERVER_CSEQ(3) Get the next RTSP server CSeq.
CURLINFO_SCHEME(3) Get the URL scheme (sometimes called protocol) used in the connection.
CURLINFO_SIZE_DOWNLOAD(3) Get the number of downloaded bytes.
CURLINFO_SIZE_DOWNLOAD_T(3) Get the number of downloaded bytes.
CURLINFO_SIZE_UPLOAD(3) Get the number of uploaded bytes.
CURLINFO_SIZE_UPLOAD_T(3) Get the number of uploaded bytes.
CURLINFO_SPEED_DOWNLOAD(3) Get download speed.
CURLINFO_SPEED_DOWNLOAD_T(3) Get download speed.
CURLINFO_SPEED_UPLOAD(3) Get upload speed.
CURLINFO_SPEED_UPLOAD_T(3) Get upload speed.
CURLINFO_SSL_ENGINES(3) Get an slist of OpenSSL crypto-engines.
CURLINFO_SSL_VERIFYRESULT(3) Get the result of the certificate verification.
CURLINFO_STARTTRANSFER_TIME(3) Get the time until the first byte is received.
CURLINFO_TLS_SESSION(3) Get TLS session info.
CURLINFO_TLS_SSL_PTR(3) Get TLS session info.
CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME(3) Get total time of previous transfer.
CURLMOPT_CHUNK_LENGTH_PENALTY_SIZE(3) Chunk length threshold for pipelining.
CURLMOPT_CONTENT_LENGTH_PENALTY_SIZE(3) Size threshold for pipelining penalty.
CURLMOPT_MAX_HOST_CONNECTIONS(3) Set max number of connections to a single host.
CURLMOPT_MAX_PIPELINE_LENGTH(3) Maximum number of requests in a pipeline.
CURLMOPT_MAX_TOTAL_CONNECTIONS(3) Max simultaneously open connections.
CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTS(3) Set size of connection cache.
CURLMOPT_PIPELINING(3) Enable HTTP pipelining and multiplexing.
CURLMOPT_PIPELINING_SERVER_BL(3) Pipelining server blacklist.
CURLMOPT_PIPELINING_SITE_BL(3) Pipelining host blacklist.
CURLMOPT_PUSHDATA(3) Pointer to pass to push callback.
CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION(3) Callback that approves or denies server pushes.
CURLMOPT_SOCKETDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the socket callback.
CURLMOPT_SOCKETFUNCTION(3) Callback informed about what to wait for.
CURLMOPT_TIMERDATA(3) Custom pointer to pass to timer callback.
CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION(3) Set callback to receive timeout values.
CURLOPT_ABSTRACT_UNIX_SOCKET(3) Set an abstract Unix domain socket.
CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING(3) Enables automatic decompression of HTTP downloads.
CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS(3) Timeout waiting for FTP server to connect back.
CURLOPT_ADDRESS_SCOPE(3) Set scope for local IPv6 addresses.
CURLOPT_APPEND(3) Enable appending to the remote file.
CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER(3) Automatically update the referer header.
CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE(3) Set preferred receive buffer size.
CURLOPT_CAINFO(3) Path to Certificate Authority (CA) bundle.
CURLOPT_CAPATH(3) Specify directory holding CA certificates.
CURLOPT_CERTINFO(3) Request SSL certificate information.
CURLOPT_CHUNK_BGN_FUNCTION(3) Callback before a transfer with FTP wildcardmatch.
CURLOPT_CHUNK_DATA(3) Custom pointer to the FTP chunk callbacks.
CURLOPT_CHUNK_END_FUNCTION(3) Callback after a transfer with FTP wildcardmatch.
CURLOPT_CLOSESOCKETDATA(3) Pointer passed to the socket close callback.
CURLOPT_CLOSESOCKETFUNCTION(3) Callback to socket close replacement function.
CURLOPT_CONNECT_ONLY(3) Stop when connected to target server.
CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO(3) Connect to a specific host and port instead of the URL's host and port.
CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT(3) Timeout for the connect phase.
CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS(3) Timeout for the connect phase.
CURLOPT_CONV_FROM_NETWORK_FUNCTION(3) Convert data from network to host encoding.
CURLOPT_CONV_FROM_UTF8_FUNCTION(3) Convert data from UTF8 to host encoding.
CURLOPT_CONV_TO_NETWORK_FUNCTION(3) Convert data to network from host encoding.
CURLOPT_COOKIE(3) Set contents of HTTP Cookie header.
CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE(3) File name to read cookies from.
CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR(3) File name to store cookies to.
CURLOPT_COOKIELIST(3) Add to or manipulate cookies held in memory.
CURLOPT_COOKIESESSION(3) Start a new cookie session.
CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS(3) Have libcurl copy data to POST.
CURLOPT_CRLF(3) Enable/disable CRLF conversion.
CURLOPT_CRLFILE(3) Specify a Certificate Revocation List file.
CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST(3) Custom string for request.
CURLOPT_DEBUGDATA(3) Custom pointer for debug callback.
CURLOPT_DEFAULT_PROTOCOL(3) Default protocol to use if the URL is missing a scheme name.
CURLOPT_DIRLISTONLY(3) Ask for names only in a directory listing.
CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT(3) Set life-time for DNS cache entries.
CURLOPT_DNS_INTERFACE(3) Set interface to speak DNS over.
CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP4(3) IPv4 address to bind DNS resolves to.
CURLOPT_DNS_LOCAL_IP6(3) IPv6 address to bind DNS resolves to.
CURLOPT_DNS_SERVERS(3) Set preferred DNS servers.
CURLOPT_DNS_USE_GLOBAL_CACHE(3) Enable/disable global DNS cache.
CURLOPT_EGDSOCKET(3) Set EGD socket path.
CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER(3) Set error buffer for error messages.
CURLOPT_EXPECT_100_TIMEOUT_MS(3) Timeout for Expect: 100-continue response.
CURLOPT_FAILONERROR(3) Request failure on HTTP response >= 400.
CURLOPT_FILETIME(3) Get the modification time of the remote resource.
CURLOPT_FNMATCH_DATA(3) Custom pointer to fnmatch callback.
CURLOPT_FNMATCH_FUNCTION(3) Wildcard matching function callback.
CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION(3) Follow HTTP 3xx redirects.
CURLOPT_FORBID_REUSE(3) Make connection get closed at once after use.
CURLOPT_FRESH_CONNECT(3) Force a new connection to be used.
CURLOPT_FTP_ACCOUNT(3) Set account info for FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_ALTERNATIVE_TO_USER(3) Command to use instead of USER with FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS(3) Create missing dirs for FTP and SFTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_FILEMETHOD(3) Select directory traversing method for FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT(3) Time allowed to wait for FTP response.
CURLOPT_FTP_SKIP_PASV_IP(3) Ignore the IP address in the PASV response.
CURLOPT_FTP_SSL_CCC(3) Switch off SSL again with FTP after auth.
CURLOPT_FTP_USE_EPRT(3) Enable/disable use of EPRT with FTP.
CURLOPT_FTP_USE_EPSV(3) Enable/disable use of EPSV.
CURLOPT_FTP_USE_PRET(3) Enable the PRET command.
CURLOPT_FTPPORT(3) Make FTP transfer active.
CURLOPT_FTPSSLAUTH(3) Set order in which to attempt TLS vs SSL when using FTP.
CURLOPT_GSSAPI_DELEGATION(3) Set allowed GSS-API delegation.
CURLOPT_HEADER(3) Pass headers to the data stream.
CURLOPT_HEADERDATA(3) Pointer to pass to header callback.
CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION(3) Callback that receives header data.
CURLOPT_HEADEROPT(3) Set how to send HTTP headers.
CURLOPT_HTTP200ALIASES(3) Specify alternative matches for HTTP 200 OK.
CURLOPT_HTTP_CONTENT_DECODING(3) Enable/disable HTTP content decoding.
CURLOPT_HTTP_TRANSFER_DECODING(3) Enable/disable HTTP transfer decoding.
CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION(3) Specify HTTP protocol version to use.
CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH(3) Set HTTP server authentication methods to try.
CURLOPT_HTTPGET(3) Ask for a HTTP GET request.
CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER(3) Set custom HTTP headers.
CURLOPT_HTTPPOST(3) Specify the multipart formpost content.
CURLOPT_IGNORE_CONTENT_LENGTH(3) Ignore content length.
CURLOPT_INFILESIZE(3) Set size of the input file to send off.
CURLOPT_INFILESIZE_LARGE(3) Set size of the input file to send off.
CURLOPT_INTERFACE(3) Source interface for outgoing traffic.
CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to RTSP interleave callback.
CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEFUNCTION(3) Callback function for RTSP interleaved data.
CURLOPT_IOCTLDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to I/O callback.
CURLOPT_IOCTLFUNCTION(3) Callback for I/O operations.
CURLOPT_IPRESOLVE(3) Specify which IP protocol version to use.
CURLOPT_ISSUERCERT(3) Issuer SSL certificate filename.
CURLOPT_KEEP_SENDING_ON_ERROR(3) Keep sending on early HTTP response >= 300.
CURLOPT_KEYPASSWD(3) Set passphrase to private key.
CURLOPT_KRBLEVEL(3) Set FTP kerberos security level.
CURLOPT_LOCALPORT(3) Set local port number to use for socket.
CURLOPT_LOCALPORTRANGE(3) Number of additional local ports to try.
CURLOPT_LOGIN_OPTIONS(3) Set login options.
CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED_LIMIT(3) Set low speed limit in bytes per second.
CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED_TIME(3) Set low speed limit time period.
CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH(3) SMTP authentication address.
CURLOPT_MAIL_FROM(3) SMTP sender address.
CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT(3) List of SMTP mail recipients.
CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE(3) Rate limit data download speed.
CURLOPT_MAX_SEND_SPEED_LARGE(3) Rate limit data upload speed.
CURLOPT_MAXCONNECTS(3) Maximum connection cache size.
CURLOPT_MAXFILESIZE(3) Maximum file size allowed to download.
CURLOPT_MAXFILESIZE_LARGE(3) Maximum file size allowed to download.
CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS(3) Maximum number of redirects allowed.
CURLOPT_MIMEPOST(3) Set post/send data from mime structure.
CURLOPT_NETRC(3) Request that .netrc is used.
CURLOPT_NETRC_FILE(3) File name to read .netrc info from.
CURLOPT_NEW_DIRECTORY_PERMS(3) Permissions for remotely created directories.
CURLOPT_NEW_FILE_PERMS(3) Permissions for remotely created files.
CURLOPT_NOBODY(3) Do the download request without getting the body.
CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS(3) Switch off the progress meter.
CURLOPT_NOPROXY(3) Disable proxy use for specific hosts.
CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL(3) Skip all signal handling.
CURLOPT_OPENSOCKETDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to open socket callback.
CURLOPT_OPENSOCKETFUNCTION(3) Set callback for opening sockets.
CURLOPT_PASSWORD(3) Password to use in authentication.
CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS(3) Do not handle dot dot sequences.
CURLOPT_PINNEDPUBLICKEY(3) Set pinned public key.
CURLOPT_PIPEWAIT(3) Wait for pipelining/multiplexing.
CURLOPT_PORT(3) Set remote port number to work with.
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS(3) Specify data to POST to server.
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE(3) Size of POST data pointed to.
CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE_LARGE(3) Size of POST data pointed to.
CURLOPT_POSTQUOTE(3) (S)FTP commands to run after the transfer.
CURLOPT_POSTREDIR(3) How to act on a HTTP POST redirect.
CURLOPT_PRE_PROXY(3) Set pre-proxy to use.
CURLOPT_PREQUOTE(3) Commands to run before an FTP transfer.
CURLOPT_PRIVATE(3) Store a private pointer.
CURLOPT_PROGRESSDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the progress callback.
CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION(3) Callback to progress meter function.
CURLOPT_PROTOCOLS(3) Set allowed protocols.
CURLOPT_PROXY(3) Set proxy to use.
CURLOPT_PROXY_CAINFO(3) Path to proxy Certificate Authority (CA) bundle.
CURLOPT_PROXY_CAPATH(3) Specify directory holding proxy CA certificates.
CURLOPT_PROXY_CRLFILE(3) Specify a proxy Certificate Revocation List file.
CURLOPT_PROXY_KEYPASSWD(3) Set passphrase to proxy private key.
CURLOPT_PROXY_PINNEDPUBLICKEY(3) Set pinned public key for https proxy.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SERVICE_NAME(3) Proxy authentication service name.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_CIPHER_LIST(3) Specify ciphers to use for proxy TLS.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_OPTIONS(3) Set proxy SSL behavior options.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYHOST(3) Verify the proxy certificate's name against host.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSL_VERIFYPEER(3) Verify the proxy's SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLCERT(3) Set SSL proxy client certificate.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLCERTTYPE(3) Specify type of the proxy client SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLKEY(3) Specify private keyfile for TLS and SSL proxy client cert.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLKEYTYPE(3) Set type of the proxy private key file.
CURLOPT_PROXY_SSLVERSION(3) Set preferred proxy TLS/SSL version.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_PASSWORD(3) Password to use for proxy TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_TYPE(3) Set proxy TLS authentication methods.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_USERNAME(3) User name to use for proxy TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE(3) Append FTP transfer mode to URL for proxy.
CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH(3) Set HTTP proxy authentication methods to try.
CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER(3) Custom HTTP headers to pass to proxy.
CURLOPT_PROXYPASSWORD(3) Password to use with proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXYPORT(3) Port number the proxy listens on.
CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE(3) Proxy protocol type.
CURLOPT_PROXYUSERNAME(3) User name to use for proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD(3) User name and password to use for proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_PUT(3) Make a HTTP PUT request.
CURLOPT_QUOTE(3) (S)FTP commands to run before transfer.
CURLOPT_RANDOM_FILE(3) Specify a source for random data.
CURLOPT_RANGE(3) Set byte range to request.
CURLOPT_READDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the read callback.
CURLOPT_READFUNCTION(3) Read callback for data uploads.
CURLOPT_REDIR_PROTOCOLS(3) Set protocols allowed to redirect to.
CURLOPT_REFERER(3) Set the HTTP referer header.
CURLOPT_REQUEST_TARGET(3) Specify an alternative target for this request.
CURLOPT_RESOLVE(3) Provide custom host name to IP address resolves.
CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM(3) Set a point to resume transfer from.
CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM_LARGE(3) Set a point to resume transfer from.
CURLOPT_RTSP_CLIENT_CSEQ(3) Set the RTSP client CSEQ number.
CURLOPT_RTSP_SERVER_CSEQ(3) Set the RTSP server CSEQ number.
CURLOPT_RTSP_TRANSPORT(3) Set RTSP Transport: header.
CURLOPT_SASL_IR(3) Enable sending initial response in first packet.
CURLOPT_SEEKDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the seek callback.
CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION(3) User callback for seeking in input stream.
CURLOPT_SERVICE_NAME(3) Authentication service name.
CURLOPT_SHARE(3) Specify share handle to use.
CURLOPT_SOCKOPTDATA(3) Custom pointer to pass to sockopt callback.
CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION(3) Set callback for setting socket options.
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_AUTH(3) Set allowed methods for SOCKS5 proxy authentication.
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_NEC(3) Set socks proxy gssapi negotiation protection.
CURLOPT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_SERVICE(3) SOCKS5 proxy authentication service name.
CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES(3) Set desired auth types for SFTP and SCP.
CURLOPT_SSH_COMPRESSION(3) Enables automatic decompression of HTTP downloads.
CURLOPT_SSH_HOST_PUBLIC_KEY_MD5(3) Checksum of SSH server public key.
CURLOPT_SSH_KEYDATA(3) Pointer to pass to the SSH key callback.
CURLOPT_SSH_KEYFUNCTION(3) Callback for known host matching logic.
CURLOPT_SSH_KNOWNHOSTS(3) File name holding the SSH known hosts.
CURLOPT_SSH_PRIVATE_KEYFILE(3) Set private key file for SSH auth.
CURLOPT_SSH_PUBLIC_KEYFILE(3) Set public key file for SSH auth.
CURLOPT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST(3) Specify ciphers to use for TLS.
CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_DATA(3) Custom pointer passed to ssl_ctx callback.
CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION(3) SSL context callback for OpenSSL, wolfSSL/CyaSSL or mbedTLS.
CURLOPT_SSL_FALSESTART(3) Enable TLS false start.
CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS(3) Set SSL behavior options.
CURLOPT_SSL_SESSIONID_CACHE(3) Enable/disable use of the SSL session-ID cache.
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST(3) Verify the certificate's name against host.
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER(3) Verify the peer's SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS(3) Verify the certificate's status.
CURLOPT_SSLCERT(3) Set SSL client certificate.
CURLOPT_SSLCERTTYPE(3) Specify type of the client SSL certificate.
CURLOPT_SSLENGINE(3) Set SSL engine identifier.
CURLOPT_SSLKEY(3) Specify private keyfile for TLS and SSL client cert.
CURLOPT_SSLKEYTYPE(3) Set type of the private key file.
CURLOPT_SSLVERSION(3) Set preferred TLS/SSL version.
CURLOPT_STDERR(3) Redirect stderr to another stream.
CURLOPT_STREAM_DEPENDS(3) Set stream this transfer depends on.
CURLOPT_STREAM_DEPENDS_E(3) Set stream this transfer depends on execlusively.
CURLOPT_STREAM_WEIGHT(3) Set numerical stream weight.
CURLOPT_SUPPRESS_CONNECT_HEADERS(3) Suppress proxy CONNECT response headers from user callbacks.
CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPALIVE(3) Enable TCP keep-alive probing.
CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPIDLE(3) Set TCP keep-alive idle time wait.
CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPINTVL(3) Set TCP keep-alive interval.
CURLOPT_TELNETOPTIONS(3) Custom telnet options.
CURLOPT_TFTP_NO_OPTIONS(3) Do not send TFTP options requests.
CURLOPT_TIMECONDITION(3) Select condition for a time request.
CURLOPT_TIMEOUT(3) Set maximum time the request is allowed to take.
CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MS(3) Set maximum time the request is allowed to take.
CURLOPT_TIMEVALUE(3) Set time value for conditional.
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_PASSWORD(3) Password to use for TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_TYPE(3) Set TLS authentication methods.
CURLOPT_TLSAUTH_USERNAME(3) User name to use for TLS authentication.
CURLOPT_TRANSFER_ENCODING(3) Ask for HTTP Transfer Encoding.
CURLOPT_TRANSFERTEXT(3) Request a text based transfer for FTP.
CURLOPT_UNIX_SOCKET_PATH(3) Set Unix domain socket.
CURLOPT_UNRESTRICTED_AUTH(3) Send credentials to other hosts too.
CURLOPT_UPLOAD(3) Enable data upload.
CURLOPT_URL(3) Provide the URL to use in the request.
CURLOPT_USE_SSL(3) Request using SSL / TLS for the transfer.
CURLOPT_USERAGENT(3) Set HTTP user-agent header.
CURLOPT_USERNAME(3) User name to use in authentication.
CURLOPT_USERPWD(3) User name and password to use in authentication.
CURLOPT_VERBOSE(3) Set verbose mode on/off.
CURLOPT_WILDCARDMATCH(3) Enable directory wildcard transfers.
CURLOPT_WRITEDATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the write callback.
CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION(3) Set callback for writing received data.
CURLOPT_XFERINFODATA(3) Custom pointer passed to the progress callback.
CURLOPT_XFERINFOFUNCTION(3) Callback to progress meter function.
CURLOPT_XOAUTH2_BEARER(3) Specify OAuth 2.0 access token.
currency(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
CurrencyConverter(1) ↣ gnustep-examples(1) Various example GNUstep tools/applications.
current(3nx) Return information about the method callstack.
current_field(3form) ↣ page(3form) Set and get form page number.
current_item(3menu) ↣ menu_current(3menu) Set and get current_menu_item.
curry(3pm) Create automatic curried method call closures for any class or object.
curry-frontend(1) Lexer, parser, type checker, etc. for the Curry programming language.
curs_legacy(3ncurses) ↣ legacy(3ncurses) Get curses cursor and window coordinates, attributes.
curs_set(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
curs_set_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
curs_sp_funcs(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
curs_threads(3ncurses) ↣ threads(3ncurses) Curses thread support.
curscr(3ncurses) ↣ curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
curseofwar(6) Real Time Strategy Game for Linux.
curses(3ncurses) ↣ ncurses(3ncurses) CRT screen handling and optimization package.
Curses(3pm) Terminal screen handling and optimization.
Curses::UI(3pm) A curses based OO user interface framework.
Curses::UI::Buttonbox(3pm) Create and manipulate button widgets.
Curses::UI::Calendar(3pm) Create and manipulate calendar widgets.
Curses::UI::Checkbox(3pm) Create and manipulate checkbox widgets.
Curses::UI::Color(3pm) Color support module.
Curses::UI::Common(3pm) Common methods for Curses::UI.
Curses::UI::Container(3pm) Create and manipulate container widgets.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Basic(3pm) Create and manipulate basic dialogs.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Calendar(3pm) Create and manipulate calendar dialogs.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Dirbrowser(3pm) Create and manipulate filebrowser dialogs.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Error(3pm) Create and manipulate error dialogs.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Filebrowser(3pm) Create and manipulate filebrowser dialogs.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress(3pm) Create and manipulate progress dialogs.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Question(3pm) Pose a simple question to the user.
Curses::UI::Dialog::Status(3pm) Create and manipulate status dialogs.
Curses::UI::Label(3pm) Create and manipulate label widgets.
Curses::UI::Listbox(3pm) Create and manipulate listbox widgets.
Curses::UI::Menubar(3pm) Create and manipulate menubar widgets.
Curses::UI::Notebook(3pm) Create and manipulate notebook widgets.
Curses::UI::PasswordEntry(3pm) Create and manipulate passwordentry widgets.
Curses::UI::Popupmenu(3pm) Create and manipulate popupbox widgets.
Curses::UI::Progressbar(3pm) Create and manipulate progressbar widgets.
Curses::UI::Radiobuttonbox(3pm) Create and manipulate radiobuttonbox widgets.
Curses::UI::Searchable(3pm) Add 'less'-like search abilities to a widget.
Curses::UI::TextEditor(3pm) Create and manipulate texteditor widgets.
Curses::UI::TextEntry(3pm) Create and manipulate textentry widgets.
Curses::UI::TextViewer(3pm) Create and manipulate textviewer widgets.
Curses::UI::Tutorial(3pm) Tutorial for the Curses::UI framework.
Curses::UI::Widget(3pm) The base class for all widgets.
Curses::UI::Window(3pm) Create and manipulate Window widgets.
Curses::Widgets(3pm) Base widget class for use with the Curses::Application framework.
Curses::Widgets::ButtonSet(3pm) Button Set Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::Calendar(3pm) Calendar Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ComboBox(3pm) Combo-Box Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::Label(3pm) Label Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ListBox(3pm) List Box Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ListBox::MultiColumn(3pm) Multi-Column List Box Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::Menu(3pm) Menu Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::ProgressBar(3pm) Progress Bar Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::TextField(3pm) Text Field Widgets.
Curses::Widgets::TextMemo(3pm) Text Memo Widgets.
curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
curses_version(3ncurses) ↣ extensions(3ncurses) Miscellaneous curses extensions.
cursor(3form) Position a form window cursor.
cursor(3menu) Position a menu's cursor.
cursor(3tk) Procedures to handle CURSOR data.
cursors(3tk) Mouse cursors available in Tk.
curtain(1) Shows and moves curtain on the desktop.
curtain.1(1) ↣ curtain(1) Shows and moves curtain on the desktop.
curv1(3NCARG) Does set-up for CURV2.
curv2(3NCARG) 1D interpolation for non-periodic functions.
curvd(3NCARG) Derivatives for 1D functions.
curve(3NCARG) Draws the curve defined by a specified series of points in the user coordinate system. The "pen" (for.
curve3(3NCARG) Draws the projection of a curve defined by a sequence of points in 3-space.
curvecpclient(1) Message-handling programs.
curvecpmakekey(1) Message-handling programs.
curvecpmessage(1) Message-handling programs.
curvecpprintkey(1) Message-handling programs.
curvecpserver(1) Message-handling programs.
curved(3NCARG) Draws a curve through a sequence of points.
curvedns(8) High-speed high-security elliptic-curve cryptography DNS server.
curvedns-keygen(1) Generates a key pair for curvedns.
curvescreenshots(3) Curve Plots.
curvetun(8) A lightweight curve25519 ip4/6 tunnel.
curvi(3NCARG) Integrate a spline curve.
curvp1(3NCARG) Calculate values for CURVP2 usage.
curvp2(3NCARG) Interpolate a periodic function at a specified point.
curvpi(3NCARG) Integrate a periodic spline curve.
curvps(3NCARG) Calculate values for a smoothing spline for a periodic function.
curvs(3NCARG) Calculate values for a smoothing spline.
curvs1(3NCARG) Calculate values for a smoothing spline for data in the plane.
curvs2(3NCARG) Calculates an interpolated value for a smoothing spline under tension at a given point.
cuserid(3) ↣ getlogin(3) Get username.
cusp(1e) Create a codon usage table from nucleotide sequence(s).
custom::failures(3pm) Minimalist, customized exception hierarchy generator.
custom_ext_add_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_extension_supported(3ssl)
custom_ext_free_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_extension_supported(3ssl)
custom_ext_parse_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_extension_supported(3ssl)
customdeb(1) Customizes a binary debian package.
customizable_types(5) The SELinux customizable types configuration file.
cut(1) Remove sections from each line of files.
cut(1posix) Cut out selected fields of each line of a file.
cutadapt(1) Remove adapter sequences from high-throughput sequencing reads.
cutecom(1) Graphical serial terminal.
cutemaze(1) A single player word finding game based on Boggle.
cutemaze(6) Top-down maze game.
cutepaste(1) Paste utility for KDE.
CuteSdr(1) A simple demodulation and spectrum display program.
cutest(1) Run tests in separate processes.
cutgextract(1e) Extract codon usage tables from CUTG database.
cutmp3(1) A fast and leightweight mp3 editor.
cutsel(1) Show information about the X clipboard and the cutbuffer in sync.
cutseq(1e) Removes a section from a sequence.
cutter(8) Cut tcp/ip connections.
cutycapt(1) Utility to capture WebKit's rendering of a web page.
cuum(1) To start the front-end processor.
cuyo(6) Tetris-like game with many suprises.
CVAIRS(1) Example of Credit Value Adjustment for Interest Rate Swap.
cvc3(1) Automatic SMT theorem prover.
cvc4(1) An automated theorem prover.
cve(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
cver(1) Verilog Simulator.
cvlc(1) ↣ vlc(1) The VLC media player.
Cvlogit(3) Log server messages in local log or in system logger.
cvm-benchclient(8) Testing the performance of a CV module.
cvm-checkpassword(8) Checkpassword interface for CVM modules.
cvm-mysql(8) MySQL module.
cvm-pgsql(8) PgSQL module.
cvm-pwfile(8) POSIX-style passwd file module.
cvm-qmail(8) Qmail configuration lookup module.
cvm-sql(7) CVM SQL Framework.
cvm-testclient(8) Testing CV modules from the command line.
cvm-unix(8) UNIX/POSIX-standard module.
cvm-vmailmgr(8) Vmailmgr virtual user validation module.
cvmsh2(1) A 2D mesh converter.
cvpcb(1) Assign components to a netlist.
cvs(1) Concurrent Versions System.
Cvs(3pm) Object oriented interface to the CVS command.
cvs(3tcl) Processing text in 'cvs log' format.
cvs(5) Concurrent Versions System support files.
cvs-buildpackage(1) Build Debian packages from a CVS repository.
cvs-clean(1) Delete all files and directories not registered with CVS.
cvs-debc(1) View contents of a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package.
cvs-debi(1) Install cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package.
cvs-debrelease(1) Upload a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated package.
cvs-debuild(1) Build a Debian package using cvs-buildpackage and debuild.
cvs-fast-export(1) Fast-export history from a CVS repository or RCS collection.
cvs-inject(1) Inject a debian source package into a CVS repository.
cvs-mailcommit(1) Send CVS commitments via mail.
cvs-switchroot(1) Change repository or tag in a cvs working copy.
cvs-upgrade(1) Upgrade a debian source package kept in a CVS repository.
cvs2bzr(1) Convert a CVS repository into a Bazaar repository.
cvs2git(1) Convert a CVS repository into a git repository.
cvs2svn(1) Convert a CVS repository into a Subversion repository.
cvsaskpass(1) Prompt for a password for the CVS DCOP service.
cvsbackport(1) Backport the last change in HEAD to a branch.
cvscheck(1) Offline status report for files in a checked-out CVS module.
cvschroot(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsco(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsconvert(1) Perform a Git conversion and test against the CVS original.
cvsd(8) Chroot wrapper to run ‘cvs pserver’ more securely.
cvsd-buginfo(8) Print out cvsd configuration information for bug reports.
cvsd-buildroot(8) Create a chrooted directory structure for use in cvsd.
cvsd-passwd(8) Generate password entries for repositories.
cvsd.conf(5) Configuration file for cvsd.
cvsdeb.conf(5) Site-wide configuration file for cvs-buildpackage and friends.
cvsdelta(1) Manage and summarize the differences between a CVS project and local files.
cvsdiscard(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsdo(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsforwardport(1) Forwardport the last change in a branch to HEAD.
cvsgraph(1) A CVS/RCS repository grapher.
cvsgraph.conf(5) CVS/RCS repository grapher configuration.
cvslastchange(1) Display the last change committed to CVS for a file.
cvslastlog(1) Prints the log entry for the last commit for a file.
cvsmgdiff(1) Uses mgdiff to display differences between any two cvs revisions.
cvsnotag(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsps(1) Create patchset information from CVS.
cvspurge(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsrevertlast(1) Revert files in CVS by one version.
cvsservice(1) A DCOP service for accessing CVS repositories.
cvssync(1) Fetch CVS repository masters via rsync.
cvstrim(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsu(1) ↣ cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsutils(1) CVS utilities for use in working directories.
cvsweb(7) A CGI interface to your CVS repository.
cvt(1) Calculate VESA CVT mode lines.
cvtbatch(8) Convert Usenet batch files to INN format.
cvtenc(1) File encoding converter.
cw(1) Sound characters as Morse code on the soundcard or console speaker.
cw(7) The international Morse code.
cWait(3) Wait a condition variable signal.
cwaves(6x) Languid sinusoidal colors.
cwcp(1) Curses-based Morse tutor program.
Cwd(3perl) Get pathname of current working directory.
Cwd::Guard(3pm) Temporary changing working directory (chdir).
cwdaemon(8) Morse daemon for the serial or parallel port.
cwddel(1) To delete characters/words from the binary format.
cwdreg(1) To register characters/words into the binary format.
cweave(1) ↣ cweb(1) Translate CWEB to C and/or TeX.
cweavex(1) ↣ cwebx(1) Translate CWEB(x) to C (or C++) and/or TeX.
cweb(1) Translate CWEB to C and/or TeX.
cwebp(1) Compress an image file to a WebP file.
cwebx(1) Translate CWEB(x) to C (or C++) and/or TeX.
cwgen(1) Generate groups of random characters for Morse code practice.
cwhois(3) Whois client.
cwltool(1) Refefence executor for Common Workflow Language.
cwm(1) Closed World Machine, an RDF/N3 semantic web data processor.
cwmrc(5) Calm window manager configuration file.
cwnn(7) A Chinese Input System Running on Unix Workstations.
cwnnkill(8) To terminate the cserver.
cwnnstat(1) To show the current status of cserver.
cwnntouch(1) To rewrite the header of the dictionary.
cws-11d.x(1) ↣ cws.x(1) Create weight systems and combined weight systems.
cws-4d.x(1) ↣ cws.x(1) Create weight systems and combined weight systems.
cws-5d.x(1) ↣ cws.x(1) Create weight systems and combined weight systems.
cws-6d.x(1) ↣ cws.x(1) Create weight systems and combined weight systems.
cws.x(1) Create weight systems and combined weight systems.
cx(4freebsd) Driver for synchronous/asynchronous Cronyx Sigma WAN adapters.
cxgb(4freebsd) Chelsio T3 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver.
cxgbe(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
cxgbev(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet VF driver.
cxl(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
cxlv(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet VF driver.
cxpm(1) Check an XPM (X PixMap) file, versions XPM 1, 2, or 3.
cxref(1) C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool.
cxref(1posix) Generate a C-language program cross-reference table (DEVELOPMENT).
cxref-cc(1) Compile and document/cross-reference a C source file.
cxref-cpp(1) A modified C preprocessor to use with cxref.
cxref-cpp-configure(1) A program to generate the cxref-cpp.defines file for cxref-cpp.
cxref-cpp.upstream(1) ↣ cxref-cpp(1) A modified C preprocessor to use with cxref.
cxref-query(1) A program to query the cross reference database from cxref.
cxxmetric(1) Simple source metrics for C and C++.
cxxtestgen(1) Performs test discovery to create a CxxTest test runner.
cxxtools-config(1) Output compiler flags for cxxflags usage.
cy(4freebsd) Cyclades Cyclom-Y serial driver.
cyaddrules(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cyapa(4freebsd) Cypress APA trackpad with I2C interface driver.
cycbuff.conf(5) Configuration file for INN CNFS storage method.
cyclades-devices(5) Tables for driving cyclades-serial-client.
cycle(1) A calendar for women.
cyclictest(1) Xenomai high resolution timer test.
cyclictest(8) High resolution test program.
cyclient(1) Cyphesis world building client.
cyclist(1) Convert Max/MSP binary files to text file format.
cyclograph(1) Route altimetry plotting application.
cyclone(1) Tornado screen saver.
cycmd(1) Cycmd game server process.
cyconfig(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cyconvertrules(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cydb(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cydumprules(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cygnal(1) Cygnal.
cyloadrules(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cynosure(6x) Gentle overlapping squares screen saver.
Cynthiune(1) Music player for GNUstep.
cypasswd(1) ↣ cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cypher-lint(1) A linting tool for Cypher.
cyphesis(1) Cyphesis game server process.
cyphesis-tools(1) Cyphesis tools.
cyr(1) Setup Cyrillic on Linux console.
cyradm(1p) Cyrus administration shell, alter ego of Cyrus::IMAP::Shell.
cyrus-arbitron(8) Arbitron mailboxes.
cyrus-arbitronsort(8) Sorts arbitron(8) output.
cyrus-chk_cyrus(8) Perform a consistency check of the cyrus mailstore.
cyrus-ctl_cyrusdb(8) Perform operations common to all Cyrus databases.
cyrus-ctl_deliver(8) Perform operations on the duplicate delivery database.
cyrus-ctl_mboxlist(8) Perform operations on the mailbox list database.
cyrus-ctl_zoneinfo(8) Perform operations on the zoneinfo database.
cyrus-cvt_cyrusdb(8) Convert a database file between cyrus database formats.
cyrus-cyr_dbtool(8) Manage Cyrus databases.
cyrus-cyr_deny(8) Deny users access to Cyrus services.
cyrus-cyr_df(8) Report Cyrus spool partition disk space usage.
cyrus-cyr_expire(8) Expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries.
cyrus-cyr_info(8) General cyrus inspection tool.
cyrus-cyr_synclog(8) Add entries to the replication log.
cyrus-deliver(8) Deliver mail to an IMAP mailbox.
cyrus-dump(8) Dump mailboxes to stdout.
cyrus-fetchnews(8) Retrieve new articles from peer and feed to Cyrus.
cyrus-fud(8) Provide information about user mailboxes.
cyrus-httpd(8) HTTP server process.
cyrus-idled(8) Provide near real-time updates for IMAP IDLE.
cyrus-imapd(8) IMAP server process.
cyrus-imtest(1) Interactive IMAP test program.
cyrus-installsieve(1) User utility for managing sieve scripts.
cyrus-ipurge(8) Delete mail from IMAP mailbox or partition based on age or size.
cyrus-lmtpd(8) LMTP server process.
cyrus-lmtptest(1) Interactive LMTP test program.
cyrus-makedirs(8) Sets up the Cyrus IMAPd system directories (spools).
cyrus-master(8) Master Cyrus process.
cyrus-mbexamine(8) Examine a cyrus-format mailbox.
cyrus-mbpath(8) Translate mailbox names to filesystem paths.
cyrus-mupdatetest(1) Interactive MUPDATE test program.
cyrus-nntpd(8) NNTP server process.
cyrus-nntptest(1) Interactive NNTP test program.
cyrus-notifyd(8) Cyrus notification server.
cyrus-pop3d(8) POP3 server process.
cyrus-pop3test(1) Interactive POP3 test program.
cyrus-quota(8) Report and optionally fix quota usage.
cyrus-reconstruct(8) Reconstruct mailboxes.
cyrus-rmnews(8) Expunge and remove news articles.
cyrus-sieveshell(1) Remotely manipulate sieve scripts.
cyrus-sivtest(1) Interactive MANAGESIEVE test program.
cyrus-smmapd(8) Sendmail socket map daemon.
cyrus-smtptest(1) Interactive SMTP test program.
cyrus-squatter(8) Create SQUAT indexes for mailboxes.
cyrus-sync_client(8) Client side of the synchronization (replication) engine.
cyrus-sync_reset(8) Account reset utility. DANGER.
cyrus-sync_server(8) Server side of the synchronization (replication) engine.
cyrus-timsieved(8) CMU hack for getting sieve scripts onto the server.
cyrus-tls_prune(8) Prune expired sessions from the TLS sessions database.
cyrus-unexpunge(8) Restore expunged (but yet unremoved) messages.
cyrus.conf(5) Cyrus configuration file.
Cyrus::Annotator::Daemon(3pm) Framework for writing annotator daemons for Cyrus.
Cyrus::Annotator::Message(3pm) Representation of a message to annotate.
Cyrus::IMAP(3pm) Interface to Cyrus imclient library.
Cyrus::IMAP::Admin(3pm) Cyrus administrative interface Perl module.
Cyrus::IMAP::IMSP(3pm) Perl module for Cyrus IMSP user options.
Cyrus::IMAP::Shell(3pm) Perl version of cyradm.
Cyrus::SIEVE::managesieve(3pm) Perl client for the SIEVE protocol.
cysignals-CSI(1) Debugger information extractor for Python processes.
cytadela(6) Old-school first person shooter.
cython(1) Compile Cython code (.pyx) into C to build a Python extension.
Cz::Cstocs(3pm) Conversions of charset encodings for the Czech language.
Cz::Sort(3pm) Czech sort.
Cz::Time(3pm) Routines for printing dates in Czech.
czap(1) A program to process channels.conf files.
czmq(7) Overview of The high-level C binding for 0MQ.
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