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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
h264enc(1) The interactive shell script ripper.
h2ded(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
h2load(1) HTTP/2 benchmarking tool.
h2o(8) Optimized HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 server.
h2pas-3.0.4(1) The C header to pascal unit conversion program.
h2paspp-3.0.4(1) Free Pascal h2pas preprocessor program.
h2patch(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
h2ph(1) Convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files.
h2xs(1) Convert .h C header files to Perl extensions.
h316(1) Simulate a Honeywell H316/H516 computer.
h4cc(1) Compiles an HDF4 C program.
h4fc(1) Compiles an HDF4 F90 program.
h4fromh5(1) Convert HDF5 scientific dataset to an HDF4 file.
h4redeploy(1) Updates paths in h4cc/h4fc.
h52gif(1) Converts an HDF5 file to a GIF file.
h5c++(1) Helper script to compile HDF5 C++ applications.
h5cc(1) Helper script to compile HDF5 applications.
h5copy(1) Copies HDF5 objects from a file to a new file.
h5debug(1) Debugs an existing HDF5 file at a low level.
h5diff(1) Compares two HDF5 files and reports the differences.
h5dump(1) Displays HDF5 file contents.
h5fc(1) Reports statistics regarding an HDF5 file and the objects in the file.
h5fromh4(1) Convert HDF4 scientific datasets to an HDF5 file.
h5fromtxt(1) Convert text input to an HDF5 file.
h5import(1) Imports data into an existing or new HDF5 file.
h5jam(1) Add a user block to a HDF5 file.
h5ls(1) Prints information about a file or dataset.
h5math(1) Combine/create HDF5 files with math expressions.
h5mkgrp(1) Creates a new HDF5 group in a file.
h5pcc.mpich(1) Helper script to compile HDF5 C applications.
h5pcc.openmpi(1) Helper script to compile HDF5 C applications.
h5perf_serial(1) Measures HDF5 serial performance.
h5pfc.mpich(1) Helper script to compile HDF5 Fortran applications.
h5pfc.openmpi(1) Helper script to compile HDF5 Fortran applications.
h5redeploy(1) Updates HDF5 compiler tools after an HDF5 software installation in a new location.
h5repack(1) Copy an HDF5 file to a new file with or without compression/chunking.
h5repart(1) Repartitions a file or family of files.
h5stat(1) Reports statistics regarding an HDF5 file and the objects in the file.
h5topng(1) Generate PNG images from 2d slices of HDF5 files.
h5totxt(1) Generate comma-delimited text from 2d slices of HDF5 files.
h5tovtk(1) Convert datasets in HDF5 files to VTK format.
h5unjam(1) Extract the user block from a HDF5 file.
h8300-hitachi-coff-addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
h8300-hitachi-coff-ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
h8300-hitachi-coff-as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
h8300-hitachi-coff-c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
h8300-hitachi-coff-dlltool(1) Create files needed to build and use DLLs.
h8300-hitachi-coff-ld(1) Using LD, the GNU linker.
h8300-hitachi-coff-nlmconv(1) Converts object code into an NLM.
h8300-hitachi-coff-nm(1) List symbols from object files.
h8300-hitachi-coff-objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
h8300-hitachi-coff-objdump(1) Display information from object files.
h8300-hitachi-coff-ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
h8300-hitachi-coff-readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
h8300-hitachi-coff-size(1) List section sizes and total size.
h8300-hitachi-coff-strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
h8300-hitachi-coff-strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
h8300-hitachi-coff-windres(1) Manipulate Windows resources.
h8300-hms-addr2line(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
h8300-hms-ar(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
h8300-hms-as(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
h8300-hms-c++filt(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
h8300-hms-ld(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-ld(1) Using LD, the GNU linker.
h8300-hms-nm(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-nm(1) List symbols from object files.
h8300-hms-objcopy(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
h8300-hms-objdump(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-objdump(1) Display information from object files.
h8300-hms-ranlib(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
h8300-hms-readelf(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
h8300-hms-size(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-size(1) List section sizes and total size.
h8300-hms-strings(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
h8300-hms-strip(1) ↣ h8300-hitachi-coff-strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
h_errno(3) ↣ gethostbyname(3)
h_ertt(4freebsd) Enhanced Round Trip Time Khelp module. Configuration file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer.
ha_logd(8) Logging Daemon for High-Availability Linux.
ha_logger(1) Log a message to files and/or syslog through the HA Logging Daemon.
hacha(1) Chop hevea output files.
hachoir-metadata(1) Extract meta-datas from a file.
hachoir-metadata-gtk(1) Extract meta-datas from a file.
hachoir-metadata-qt(1) Extract meta-datas from a file.
hachoir-subfile(1) A tool based on hachoir-parser to find subfiles in any binary stream.
hachoir-urwid(1) Interactive file explorer using urwid (ncurses).
hachoir-wx(1) A wxWidgets-based GUI for hachoir.
hachu(6) Xboard-compatible engine for Chu Shogi and other variants.
hack(6) Exploring The Dungeons of Doom.
hack_array(7rheolef) Container in distributed environment (rheolef-6.7).
hackbench(8) Scheduler benchmark/stress test.
hackrf_cpldjtag(1) Program CPLD.
hackrf_info(1) Probe device and show configuration.
hackrf_max2837(1) Chip register read/write tool.
hackrf_rffc5071(1) Chip register read/write tool.
hackrf_si5351c(1) Chip register read/write tool.
hackrf_spiflash(1) Program Flash.
hackrf_transfer(1) File based transmit and receive sdr.
hadd(3clc) Returns (x + y) >> 1, or (x + y + 1) >> 1.
haddock(1) Documentation tool for annotated Haskell source code.
hadori(1) Hadori.
hafton(3NCARG) Draws a half-tone picture from data stored in a rectangular array with the intensity in the picture.
halberd(1) Discover web servers behind HTTP load balancers.
halfax(3NCARG) Draws orthogonal axes intersecting at a specified point and with a specified set of labels.
halfdelay(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
halfdelay_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
halfpipe(3tcl) In-memory channel, half of a fifo2.
halftone(3NCARG) Is a utility for drawing half-tone pictures in which the gray scale level is proportional to the.
halftone(6x) Simple halftone pattern of moving mass points.
halibut(1) Multi-format documentation formatting tool.
halo(6x) Draw circular patterns.
halog(1) HAProxy log statistics reporter.
halt(8) Halt, power-off or reboot the machine.
hamfax(1) Qt based shortwave fax.
haml(1) Translates Haml markup into its HTML equivalent.
handbrake(1) Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder.
handbrake-gtk(1) ↣ handbrake(1) Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder.
HandBrakeCLI(1) Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (command line).
handjoob(1) Search for a job.
handle_to_fshandle(3) ↣ path_to_handle(3)
hangman(6) Computer version of the game hangman.
hannah(6) Help Hannah's Horse, pacman-like game.
hapolicy(1) Policy delegation high availability script.
happrox(1) Returns a simplified triangulation of a set of points using algorithm III of Garland and Heckbert.
happy(1) The parser generator for Haskell.
haproxy(1) Fast and reliable http reverse proxy and load balancer.
haproxy-lua(1) Haproxy-lua Documentation.
haproxy_log_analysis(1) Generate aggregate statistics from HAProxy HTTP logs.
haproxyctl(1) Utility to manage HAProxy.
hardening-check(1) Check binaries for security hardening features.
hardinfo(1) System profiler and benchmark for Linux systems.
hardirqs-bpfcc(8) Measure hard IRQ (hard interrupt) event time. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
hardlink(1) Link multiple copies of a file.
harminv(1) Extract mode frequencies from time-series data.
harvesttools(1) Archiving and postprocessing for reference-compressed genomic multi-alignments.
harvid(1) Video server.
has160-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
has_colors(3ncurses) ↣ color(3ncurses)
has_colors_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
has_ic(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
has_ic_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
has_il(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
has_il_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
has_key(3ncurses) ↣ getch(3ncurses) Get (or push back) characters from curses terminal.
has_key_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
has_mouse(3ncurses) ↣ mouse(3ncurses) Mouse.
has_mouse_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
hasciicam(1) (h)ascii for the masses!.
haserl(1) A cgi scripting program for embedded environments.
hash(1posix) Remember or report utility locations.
hash(3) Hash database access method.
hash(3bobcat) Various mapping template classes using hashing.
hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
Hash::AsObject(3pm) Treat hashes as objects, with arbitrary accessors/mutators.
Hash::Case(3pm) Base class for hashes with key-casing requirements.
Hash::Case::Lower(3pm) Hash with enforced lower cased keys.
Hash::Case::Preserve(3pm) Hash with enforced lower cased keys.
Hash::Case::Upper(3pm) Native hash with enforced lower cased keys.
Hash::Diff(3pm) Return difference between two hashes as a hash.
Hash::FieldHash(3pm) Lightweight field hash for inside-out objects.
Hash::Flatten(3pm) Flatten/unflatten complex data hashes.
Hash::Merge(3pm) Merges arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash.
Hash::Merge::Simple(3pm) Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply.
Hash::MoreUtils(3pm) Provide the stuff missing in Hash::Util.
Hash::MultiValue(3pm) Store multiple values per key.
Hash::StoredIterator(3pm) Functions for accessing a hashes internal iterator.
Hash::Util(3perl) A selection of general-utility hash subroutines.
Hash::Util::FieldHash(3perl) Support for Inside-Out Classes.
Hash::Util::FieldHash::Compat(3pm) Use Hash::Util::FieldHash or ties, depending on availability.
Hash::Util::FieldHash::Compat::Heavy(3pm) Emulate Hash::Util::FieldHash using Tie::RefHash etc.
Hash::WithDefaults(3pm) Class for hashes with key-casing requirements supporting defaults.
hash_create(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_destroy(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_install(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_iter(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_lookup(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hash_password(1) Calculate the hash of a new password, so that passwords can be reset.
hash_uninstall(3pub) ↣ hash(3pub) Generic hash tables.
hashalot(1) Read a passphrase and print a hash.
hashcash(1) Hashcash anti-spam / denial of service counter-measure tool.
hashcat(1) Advanced CPU-based password recovery utility.
hashdeep(1) Compute, compare, or audit multiple message digests.
hashdestroy(9freebsd) Manage kernel hash tables.
hashid(7) Identify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data.
hashinit(9freebsd) Manage kernel hash tables.
hashinit_flags(9freebsd) Manage kernel hash tables.
hashkit_clone(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_crc32(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_create(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_fnv1_32(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_fnv1_64(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_fnv1a_32(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_fnv1a_64(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_free(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_functions(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_hsieh(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_is_allocated(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_jenkins(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_md5(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_murmur(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashkit_value(3) Libhashkit Documentation.
hashrat(1) Hashing tool supporting several hashes and recursivity.
hashstash(3) Libbash library that implements hash data structure.
hashstats(8) Print information about a duperemove hashfile.
Hashtbl(3o) Hash tables and hash functions.
Hashtbl.HashedType(3o) The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.
Hashtbl.Make(3o) Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Hashtbl.MakeSeeded(3o) Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Hashtbl.S(3o) The output signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.
Hashtbl.SeededHashedType(3o) The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.
Hashtbl.SeededS(3o) The output signature of the functor Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.
haskell_count(1) ↣ X_count(1) Count physical lines of code, in each input file.
hasmntopt(3) ↣ getmntent(3) Get filesystem descriptor file entry.
hatari(1) Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator.
hatari_profile(1) Post-processor for Hatari profiler data.
hatariui(1) Python/Gtk UI for Hatari.
hatm(4freebsd) Device driver for Fore/Marconi HE155 and HE622 ATM interfaces.
hatop(1) Interactive ncurses client for haproxy.
hattrib(1) Change HFS file or directory attributes.
hauptgericht(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
haval(3trf) Message digest "haval".
havedate(1) Interact with dating websites.
haveged(8) Generate random numbers and feed Linux's random device.
havp(1) Havp (HTTP Antivirus Proxy) is a proxy with a ClamAV anti-virus scanner.
hawki_cal_dark(7) (OBSOLETE) Dark recipe.
hawki_cal_distortion(7) (OBSOLETE) Distortion autocalibration.
hawki_cal_flat(7) (OBSOLETE) Twillight flat recipe.
hawki_cal_zpoint(7) (OBSOLETE) Zero point computation recipe.
hawki_dark_combine(7) HAWKI dark combination recipe.
hawki_detector_noise(7) HAWKI detector noise recipe.
hawki_linearity_analyse(7) HAWKI linearity recipe.
hawki_sci_jitter(7) (OBSOLETE) Jitter recipe.
hawki_science_postprocess(7) HAWKI post processing recipe.
hawki_science_process(7) HAWKI jitter recipe.
hawki_standard_process(7) HAWKI standard field recipe.
hawki_step_apply_dist(7) (OBSOLETE) Distortion correction utility.
hawki_step_basic_calib(7) (OBSOLETE) Basic reduction recipe.
hawki_step_combine(7) (OBSOLETE) Jitter image combination recipe.
hawki_step_compute_bkg(7) (OBSOLETE) Background computing utility.
hawki_step_detect_obj(7) (OBSOLETE) Object detection recipe.
hawki_step_photom_2mass(7) (OBSOLETE) 2MASS photometric calibration.
hawki_step_refine_offsets(7) (OBSOLETE) Jitter recipe.
hawki_step_stats(7) (OBSOLETE) Standard statistics utility.
hawki_step_stitch(7) (OBSOLETE) Stitching utility.
hawki_step_subtract_bkg(7) (OBSOLETE) Background subtraction utility.
hawki_tec_filtchk(7) (OBSOLETE) Filter checking recipe.
hawki_twilight_flat_combine(7) HAWKI twilight combination recipe.
hawki_util_gendist(7) (OBSOLETE) Distortion map creation.
hawki_util_stdstars(7) (OBSOLETE) Standard stars catalog creation.
haxe(1) Compile Haxe programs to SWF, Neko, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, C#, Python, Lua, or HashLink.
haxelib(1) Haxe Library Manager.
hb_addnode(1) Sends a message to a Heartbeat cluster to add new nodes.
hb_delnode(1) Sends a message to a Heartbeat cluster to remove one or more nodes.
hb_report(8) Create report for CRM based clusters (Pacemaker).
hb_standby(1) Issues a failover request to the cluster manager.
hb_takeover(1) Issues a failover request to the cluster manager.
hbaapi.h(3) C header file descriping the HBA API.
hbcixml3(1) Command line tool to work on data in a HBCI XML file.
hbf2gf(1) Convert a CJK bitmap font into subfonts usable by TeX and Omega.
hboot(1) Start LAM on the local node.
hbpldecode(1) Decode a HBPL stream into human readable form.
hc(1) Explains the meaning of an HTTP status code on the command line.
hcal(1) Displays a Hebrew / Gregorian calendar.
hcc(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
hcc(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hcd(1) Change working HFS directory.
hciattach(1) Attach serial devices via UART HCI to BlueZ stack.
hciconfig(1) Configure Bluetooth devices.
hcidump(1) Parse HCI data.
hcitool(1) Configure Bluetooth connections.
hconsole(1) Interactive Python console for using Hatari's remote API.
hcopy(1) Copy files from or to an HFS volume.
hcp(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
hcreate(3) ↣ hsearch(3) Hash table management.
hcreate(3posix) Manage hash search table.
hcreate_r(3) ↣ hsearch(3) Hash table management.
hd(1) ↣ hexdump(1) ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump.
hd(4) MFM/IDE hard disk devices.
hdapsd(8) Park the drive in case of an emergency.
hdate(1) Displays Hebrew date information for a given Gregorian/Julian date.
hdate(3) The libhdate namespace.
hdate_Hdate(3) Hdate class.
hdatepp.h(3) Libhdate C++ language header.
hddemux(1) Demultiplexes incoming TCP connections between HTTP and DNS.
hddtemp(8) Utility to monitor hard drive temperature.
hdel(1) Delete both forks of an HFS file.
hdestroy(3) ↣ hsearch(3) Hash table management.
hdestroy_r(3) ↣ hsearch(3) Hash table management.
hdevtools(1) GHC powered daemon for fast Haskell development.
hdf(1) Hierarchical Data Format library.
hdf(3) Hierarchical Data Format library.
hdf24to8(1) Convert an 24-bit image in an HDF file to a 8-bit image in another HDF file.
hdf2adf(1) Convert HDF5/ADF files.
hdf2gif(1) Convert a HDF file to a GIF image.
hdf2jpeg(1) Convert HDF images to JPEG.
hdf8to24(1) Convert an 8-bit image in an HDF file to a 24-bit image in another HDF file.
hdf_copy(3) Copy part of an HDF dataset to another.
hdf_destroy(3) Deallocate an HDF data set.
hdf_dump(3) Dump an HDF dataset to stdout Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_dump_format(3) Dump an HDF dataset to FILE *fp Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_dump_str(3) Dump an HDF dataset to STRING Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_get_attr(3) Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_get_child(3) Return the first child of the named node.
hdf_get_copy(3) Returns a copy of a string in the HDF data set.
hdf_get_int_value(3) Return the integer value of a point in the data set.
hdf_get_node(3) Similar to hdf_get_obj except all the nodes are created if the don't exist.
hdf_get_obj(3) Return the HDF data set node at a named location.
hdf_get_value(3) Return the value of a node in the data set.
hdf_get_valuef(3) Return the value of a node in the data set.
hdf_get_valuevf(3) Return the value of a node in the data set.
hdf_init(3) Initialize an HDF data set.
hdf_obj_attr(3) Return the HDF Attributes for a node Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_obj_child(3) Return the first child of a dataset node.
hdf_obj_name(3) Return the name of a node.
hdf_obj_next(3) Return the next node of a dataset level.
hdf_obj_top(3) Return the pointer to the top dataset node.
hdf_obj_value(3) Return the value of a node.
hdf_read_string(3) Read an HDF string Description: Input: Output:.
hdf_read_string_ignore(3) Read an HDF string and ignore errors Description: Input: Output:.
hdf_register_fileload(3) Register a fileload function.
hdf_remove_tree(3) Delete a subtree of an HDF dataset Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_search_path(3) Find a file given a search path in HDF.
hdf_set_attr(3) Description: Input: Output: Returns:.
hdf_set_buf(3) Set the value of a node without duplicating the value.
hdf_set_copy(3) Copy a value from one location in the dataset to another.
hdf_set_int_value(3) Set the value of a named node to a number.
hdf_set_symlink(3) Set part of the tree to link to another.
hdf_set_value(3) Set the value of a named node.
hdf_set_valuef(3) Set the value of a named node.
hdf_sort_obj(3) Sort the children of an HDF node.
hdf_write_file(3) Write an HDF data file Description: Input: Output:.
hdf_write_file_atomic(3) Write an HDF data file atomically.
hdf_write_string(3) Serialize an HDF dataset to a string Description: Input: Output:.
hdfcomp(1) Compress 8-bit raster images in an HDF file.
HDFCompass(1) HDF Compass Documentation.
hdfed(1) Edit the contents of an HDF File.
hdfimport(1) Imports ASCII or binary data into HDF.
hdfls(1) List basic information about an HDF file.
hdfpack(1) Compress an HDF file.
hdftopal(1) Convert between a palette in an HDF file and a raw palett e in a non-HDF file.
hdftor8(1) Extract 8-Bit raster images and palettes from HDF file.
hdfunpac(1) Unpack an HDF file.
hdhomerun_config(1) A utility used for maintaining and controlling a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun.
hdiff(1) Compares two HDF files and reports the differences.
hdir(1) Display an HFS directory in long format.
hdlcdrv(9) HDLC amateur (AX.25) packet radio network driver.
hdp(1) Display general information about the contents of an HDF file.
hdparm(8) Get/set SATA/IDE device parameters.
hdparm.conf(5) Debian configuration file for hdparm.
hdup(1) Harddisk duplicator/harddisk backupper - backup to harddisk.
hdup.conf(5) The hdup configuration file.
he(1) Encode/decode HTML entities just like a browser would.
head(1) Output the first part of files.
HEAD(1p) ↣ lwp-request(1p) Simple command line user agent.
head(1posix) Copy the first part of files.
headache(1) A program to manage the license of your source file.
header_checks(5) Postfix built-in content inspection.
headPolishes(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
health-check(8) A tool to measure system events.
Heap(3pm) Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted.
Heap071::Elem(3pm) Perl extension for elements to be put in Heaps.
Heap071::Fibonacci(3pm) A Perl extension for keeping data partially sorted.
Heap::Binary(3pm) A binary heap to keep data partially sorted.
Heap::Binomial(3pm) A binomial heap to keep data partially sorted.
Heap::Elem(3pm) Base class for elements in a Heap.
Heap::Elem::Num(3pm) Numeric Heap Elements.
Heap::Elem::NumRev(3pm) Reversed Numeric Heap Elements.
Heap::Elem::Ref(3pm) Object Reference Heap Elements.
Heap::Elem::RefRev(3pm) Reversed Object Reverence Heap Elements.
Heap::Elem::Str(3pm) String Heap Elements.
Heap::Elem::StrRev(3pm) Reversed String Heap Elements.
Heap::Fibonacci(3pm) A fibonacci heap to keep data partially sorted.
heap_allocator(7rheolef) Heap-based allocator.
heapsort(3bsd) Sort functions.
heaptrack(1) Heap memory profiler for linux, command line utility.
heaptrack_gui(1) Heap memory profiler for linux, GUI for data analyze.
heaptrack_print(1) Heap memory profiler for linux, print utility.
hearse(1) Exchange Nethack bones files with other players.
heart(3erl) Heartbeat monitoring of an Erlang runtime system.
heartbeat(8) Heartbeat subsystem for High-Availability Linux.
heartbleeder(1) Test servers for OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160, aka Heartbleed.
hebcal(1) A Jewish calendar generator.
hedgewars(6) A free turn based strategy game.
heightamb(1) Icompute height ambiguity for flat terrain.
HeightMMOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
HeightOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
heimdal-history(1) Password history via Heimdal external strength checking.
heimdal-strength(1) Heimdal password quality check embedding CrackLib.
Heimdal::Kadm5(3pm) Perl extension for administration of Heimdal Kerberos servers (kadmin).
heka2itx(1) ↣ save2gdf(1) Converts different biomedical signal file formats.
helical(1) Control Bittorrent client Transmission from command line.
helios(1) Attraction/repulsion particle effects and some smooth surfaces.
helix(6x) Draw helical string-art patterns.
helix2solv(1) Convert legacy helixcode format into a solv file.
helixturnhelix(1e) Identify nucleic acid-binding motifs in protein sequences.
hello(1) Friendly greeting program.
help2man(1) Generate a simple manual page.
helpers(1) List or count helpers currently on the system.
helpman(1) Quick & easy access to 4000+ manuals / guides / tutorials.
helpmidas(1) Standalone GUI help for MIDAS.
HelpViewer(1) Online help viewer for GNUstep programs.
helpztags(1) Generate the help tags file for directory.
hephaestus(1) A periodic table for the spectroscopist.
herbstclient(1) Sends commands to a running herbstluftwm instance via X.
herbstluftwm(1) A manual tiling window manager for X.
herbstluftwm-tutorial(7) A tutorial introduction to herbstluftwm.
hercifc(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
HerculesStudio(1) Hercules GUI Interface.
heretic.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
heri-eval(1) Evaluate classification algorithm.
heri-split(1) Splits the dataset into training and testing sets.
heri-stat(1) Calculates precision, recall, F1 and some other things for given golden data and predictions.
heroes(6) A game like Nibbles or Tron, just better.
heroeslvl(6) Inspect Heroes' level files.
herold(1) HTML to DocBook converter.
herror(3) ↣ gethostbyname(3)
hershey-font-gnuplot(1) Hershey vector fonts renderer for gnuplot.
hershey_font_free(3) ↣ libhersheyfont(3) Hershey vector fonts library.
hershey_font_glyph(3) ↣ libhersheyfont(3) Hershey vector fonts library.
hershey_font_jhf_load(3) ↣ libhersheyfont(3) Hershey vector fonts library.
hershey_font_load(3) ↣ libhersheyfont(3) Hershey vector fonts library.
hersheydemo(1) ↣ plotutils(1) The GNU plotting utilities.
hesinfo(1) Find out what is stored in the Hesiod database.
hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod.conf(5) Configuration file for the Hesiod library.
hesiod_end(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod_free_list(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod_free_passwd(3) ↣ hesiod_getpwnam(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving passwd information.
hesiod_free_postoffice(3) ↣ hesiod_getmailhost(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving user to postoffice mappings.
hesiod_free_servent(3) ↣ hesiod_getservbyname(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving service information.
hesiod_free_string(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod_getmailhost(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving user to postoffice mappings.
hesiod_getpwnam(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving passwd information.
hesiod_getpwuid(3) ↣ hesiod_getpwnam(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving passwd information.
hesiod_getservbyname(3) Hesiod functions for retrieving service information.
hesiod_init(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod_parse_result(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod_resolve(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hesiod_to_bind(3) ↣ hesiod(3) Hesiod.
hetget(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
hetinit(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
hetmap(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
hetupd(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
hevea(1) A fast LaTeX to HTML translator.
hex(1) ↣ basez(1) Base 16/32/64 encode/decode data to standard output.
hex(3tcl) Hexadecimal encoding transformation.
hex(3trf) Encoding "hex".
hex-a-hop(6) Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles.
hex2bdf(1) Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file into a BDF font.
hex2hcd(1) Firmware converter.
hex2sfd(1) Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file into a FontForge .sfd format.
hexadrop(6x) Shrinking hexagons.
hexahedron(7rheolef) Hexaedron reference element.
hexalate(6) A color matching game.
hexbin(1) Macintosh file de-binhexer.
hexbraille(1) Algorithmically generate the Unicode Braille range (U+28xx).
hexchat(1) IRC Client.
hexcurse(1) An ncurses-based hex editor.
hexdiff(1) 'hexadecimal visual diff' for binary files.
hexdraw(1) Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file to and from an ASCII text file.
hexdump(1) ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump.
hexdump(3debug) Dump binary data in hex/ascii format.
hexdump(9freebsd) Dump a block of bytes to the console in hexadecimal form.
hexec(1) A process execution hooking tool.
hexedit(1) View and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII.
hexeditor(1) Full screen curses Hex editor.
hexen.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
hexen2(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hexer(1) Binary file editor.
hexgplc(1) ↣ gprolog(1) Prolog interpreter and native code compiler.
hexkinya(1) Create the Private Use Area Kinya syllables.
hexmerge(1) Merge two or more GNU Unifont .hex font files into one.
hexstrut(6x) A grid of hexagons composed of rotating Y-shaped struts.
hexxagon(1) Hexagonal Ataxx-style game.
hf77(1) Compile LAM FORTRAN programs.
hfaxd(8) HylaFAX client-server protocol server.
hfind(1) Lookup a hash value in a hash database.
hformat(1) Create a new HFS filesystem and make it current.
hfs(1) Shell for manipulating HFS volumes.
hfsplus(7) A set of tools to access HFS+ file systems.
hfssh(1) Tcl interpreter with HFS extensions.
hfst-affix-guessify(1) =Create weighted affix guesser from automaton.
hfst-apertium-proc(1) =Usage: hfst-proc [-a [-p|-C|-x] [-k]|-g|-n|-d|-t] [-W] [-n N] [-c|-w] [-z] [-v|-q|].
hfst-calculate(1) =Compile a file written with SFST programming language into a transducer.
hfst-compare(1) =Compare two transducers.
hfst-compose(1) =Compose two transducers.
hfst-compose-intersect(1) =Compose a lexicon with one or more rule transducers.
hfst-concatenate(1) =Concatenate two transducers.
hfst-conjunct(1) =Conjunct (intersect, AND) two transducers.
hfst-determinise(1) =Determinize a transducer.
hfst-determinize(1) =Determinize a transducer.
hfst-disjunct(1) =Disjunct (union, OR) two transducers.
hfst-edit-metadata(1) =Name a transducer.
hfst-expand(1) =Display the strings recognized by a transducer.
hfst-expand-equivalences(1) =Extend transducer arcs for equivalence classes.
hfst-format(1) =determine HFST transducer format.
hfst-fst2fst(1) =Convert transducers between binary formats.
hfst-fst2strings(1) =Display the strings recognized by a transducer.
hfst-fst2txt(1) =Print transducer in AT&T, dot, prolog or pckimmo format.
hfst-grep(1) =Search for PATTERN in each FILE or standard input.
hfst-guess(1) =Use a guesser (and generator) to guess analyses or inflectional.
hfst-guessify(1) =Compile a morphological analyzer into a guesser and generator.
hfst-head(1) =Get first transducers from an archive.
hfst-info(1) =show or test HFST versions and features.
hfst-intersect(1) =Conjunct (intersect, AND) two transducers.
hfst-invert(1) =Invert a transducer.
hfst-lexc(1) =Compile lexc files into transducer.
hfst-lookup(1) =perform transducer lookup (apply).
hfst-minimise(1) =Minimize a transducer.
hfst-minimize(1) =Minimize a transducer.
hfst-minus(1) =Subtract (minus) two transducers.
hfst-multiply(1) =Use first transducer of an archive repeatedly.
hfst-name(1) =Name a transducer.
hfst-optimised-lookup(1) =Usage: hfst-optimized-lookup [OPTIONS] TRANSDUCER.
hfst-optimized-lookup(1) =Usage: hfst-optimized-lookup [OPTIONS] TRANSDUCER.
hfst-ospell(1) Manual page for hfst-ospell.
hfst-ospell-office(1) Spell checker tool based on HFST.
hfst-pair-test(1) =pair test for a twolc rule file.
hfst-pmatch(1) =perform matching/lookup on text streams.
hfst-pmatch2fst(1) =Compile regular expressions into transducer(s).
hfst-proc(1) =Usage: hfst-proc [-a [-p|-C|-x] [-k]|-g|-n|-d|-t] [-W] [-n N] [-c|-w] [-z] [-v|-q|].
hfst-proc2(1) =perform matching/lookup on text streams.
hfst-project(1) =Project (extract a level) transducer.
hfst-prune-alphabet(1) =Prune the alphabet of a transducer.
hfst-push-weights(1) =Push weights of transducer.
hfst-regexp2fst(1) =Compile (weighted) regular expressions into transducer(s).
hfst-remove-epsilons(1) =Remove epsilons from a transducer.
hfst-repeat(1) =Repeat transducer.
hfst-reverse(1) =Reverse a transducer.
hfst-reweight(1) =Reweight transducer weights simply.
hfst-reweight-tagger(1) =Reweight a tagger according to a configuration file.
hfst-sfstpl2fst(1) =Compile a file written with SFST programming language into a transducer.
hfst-shuffle(1) =Shuffle two transducers.
hfst-split(1) =Extract transducers from archive with systematic file names.
hfst-strings2fst(1) =Compile string pairs and pair-strings into transducer(s).
hfst-substitute(1) =Relabel transducer arcs.
hfst-subtract(1) =Subtract (minus) two transducers.
hfst-summarise(1) =Calculate the properties of a transducer.
hfst-summarize(1) =Calculate the properties of a transducer.
hfst-tag(1) =Tag a text file given from stdin using an hfst tagger.
hfst-tail(1) =Get last transducers from an archive.
hfst-tokenise(1) =perform matching/lookup on text streams.
hfst-tokenize(1) =perform matching/lookup on text streams.
hfst-traverse(1) =Walk through the transducer arc by arc.
hfst-twolc(1) =.
hfst-txt2fst(1) =Convert AT&T or prolog format into a binary transducer.
hfst-union(1) =Disjunct (union, OR) two transducers.
hfst-xfst(1) =Compile XFST scripts or execute XFST commands interactively.
hfsutils(1) Tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes.
hg(1) Mercurial source code management system.
hg-fast-export(1) Import hg repository into git.
hg-reset(1) Print info for hg-fast-export restart.
hg-ssh(8) Restricted ssh login shell for Mercurial.
hgignore(5) Syntax for Mercurial ignore files.
hgimportsvn(1) Import a subversion (svn) repository into a mercurial (hg) one.
hgpullsvn(1) Pull new svn revisions in a subversion/mercurial repository.
hgpushsvn(1) Push mercurial changesets back into svn.
hgrc(5) Configuration files for Mercurial.
hgtk(1) ↣ thg(1) TortoiseHg's GUI tools for Mercurial SCM (Hg).
hgview(1) Qt based mercurial repository browser.
hibernate(8) Save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off.
hibernate-disk(8) ↣ hibernate(8) Save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off.
hibernate-ram(8) ↣ hibernate(8) Save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off.
hibernate.conf(5) Configuration file for the hibernate script.
hid2hci(1) Bluetooth HID to HCI mode switching utility.
hide_panel(3curses) ↣ panel(3curses) Panel stack extension for curses.
hidrd-convert(1) Convert a HID report descriptor.
hier(7) Description of the filesystem hierarchy.
hiera(1) Lightweight Pluggable Hierarchical Database.
hierarch28(1) Header conversion from ESO to standard FITS.
hierarchyviewer(1) A tool to debug and optimize Android user interface.
hifn(4freebsd) Hifn 7751/7951/7811/7955/7956 crypto accelerator.
higan(6) Accurate Nintendo multi-system emulator.
highlight(1) A universal sourcecode to formatted text converter.
Hijk(3pm) Fast & minimal low-level HTTP client.
HijriApplet(1) Hijri Islamic Calendar tray applet.
hikidoc(1) A text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers.
hikisetup(1) Hiki setup utility for Debian.
hilbert(6x) 3D Hilbert fractal.
hilive(1) Realtime Alignment of Illumina Reads.
hilive-build(1) Index creation tool for HiLive - Realtime Alignment of Illumina Reads.
himdcli(1) Command line interface for accessing HiMD Walkman.
hime(1) An input method server.
hime-cin2gtab(1) Converts text input method table to hime's .gtab format.
hime-env(1) Hime's environment checking tool.
hime-exit(1) Send quit message to hime.
hime-gb-toggle(1) Hime's Chinese conversion toggle tool.
hime-gtab-merge(1) Hime's .gtab data merging tool.
hime-gtab2cin(1) Converts gtab input method table to cin table.
hime-juyin-learn(1) Show Chinese characters' phonations.
hime-kbm-toggle(1) Hime's virtual keyboard toggle tool.
hime-message(1) Hime's notification tool.
hime-phoa2d(1) Hime's Bopomofo tools.
hime-phod2a(1) Hime's Bopomofo tools.
hime-setup(1) Configuration tools of hime.
hime-sim(1) Hime's Chinese conversion toggle tool.
hime-sim2trad(1) Clipboard data conversion for traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.
hime-trad(1) Hime's Chinese conversion toggle tool.
hime-trad2sim(1) Clipboard data conversion for traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.
hime-ts-edit(1) Tsin vocabulary database editor for hime.
hime-tsa2d32(1) Hime's Tsin tools.
hime-tsd2a32(1) Hime's Tsin tools.
hime-tsin2gtab-phrase(1) Hime's Tsin tools.
hime-tslearn(1) Learns user's personal phrase data.
hipercdecode(1) Decode a HIPERC stream into human readable form.
hipstopgm(1) Convert a HIPS file into a portable graymap.
his_layout(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
hisaxctrl(8) Configure HiSax-Module.
hist(1) ↣ loki(1) Reversible jump MCMC linkage analysis in general pedigrees.
histgr(3NCARG) Plots a histogram with various options including specification of class values, spacing between.
histogram(3NCARG) This utility is used to generate histograms. Histograms or bar charts are used to show the.
histogram_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all histogram internal parameters. The Histogram utility.
histogramscreenshots(3) Histogram.
histogramtest(1e) Test of graphics.
history(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
history(3readline) GNU History Library.
history(3tcl) Manipulate the history list.
history(3tk) Provides a history for Entry widgets.
history(5) Record of current and recently expired Usenet articles.
history.cgi(1) CGI program to display service history.
history_end(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
history_init(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
history_w(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
history_wend(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
history_winit(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
hitch(8) High performance TLS proxy.
hitch.conf(5) Configuration file for Hitch.
hitori(6) Plays the game of hitori.
hits_to_fastq(1) Create a fastq for mapping from significant kmers.
hivex(3) Windows Registry "hive" extraction library.
hivexget(1) Get subkey from a Windows Registry binary "hive" file.
hivexml(1) Convert Windows Registry binary "hive" into XML.
hivexregedit(1) Merge and export Registry changes from regedit-format files.
hivexsh(1) Windows Registry hive shell.
hkt(1) Hopenpgp-tools.
hlfsd(8) Home-link file system daemon.
hline(3alleg4) Draws a horizontal line onto the bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
hline(3ncurses) ↣ border(3ncurses) Create curses.
hline_set(3ncurses) ↣ border_set(3ncurses)
hlins(1) Insert url's into html documents.
hlint(1) Haskell source code suggestions.
hlogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
hls(1) List files in an HFS directory.
hlsrgb(3NCARG) Converts a color specification given as Hue, Lightness, and Saturation (HLS) values to Red, Green,.
hmac256(1) Compute an HMAC-SHA-256 MAC.
HMAC_CTX_copy(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_CTX_get_md(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_CTX_new(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_CTX_reset(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_CTX_set_flags(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_Final(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_Init(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_Init_ex(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_size(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
HMAC_Update(3ssl) ↣ HMAC(3ssl)
hmacbuf(3bobcat) Computes HMAC Message Digests from information inserted into a std::ostream.
hmackeys(1) Utility program for generating good HMAC-SHA1 keys.
hman(1) Browse the on-line manual pages.
hme(4freebsd) Sun Microelectronics STP2002-STQ Ethernet interfaces device driver.
hmine(1) A mail message header analyzer.
hmkdir(1) Create a new HFS directory. SNAP module
hmm-info(1) SNAP module hmm-info.
hmm2align(1) Align sequences to an HMM profile.
hmm2build(1) Build a profile HMM from an alignment.
hmm2calibrate(1) Calibrate HMM search statistics.
hmm2calibrate-pvm(1) ↣ hmmer2-pvm(1) HMMER utilities for PVM clusters.
hmm2convert(1) Convert between profile HMM file formats.
hmm2emit(1) Generate sequences from a profile HMM.
hmm2fetch(1) Retrieve an HMM from an HMM database.
hmm2index(1) Create a binary SSI index for an HMM database.
hmm2pfam(1) Search one or more sequences against an HMM database.
hmm2pfam-pvm(1) ↣ hmmer2-pvm(1) HMMER utilities for PVM clusters.
hmm2search(1) Search a sequence database with a profile HMM.
hmm2search-pvm(1) ↣ hmmer2-pvm(1) HMMER utilities for PVM clusters.
hmm_train(1) Estimate the transition probabilities of an HMM, based on multiple -g [OPTIONS] >.
hmm_tweak(1) Alter transition probabilities in an HMM definition file.
hmm_view(1) Produces a graphical description of the state-transition.
hmmalign(1) Align sequences to a profile HMM.
hmmbuild(1) Construct profile HMM(s) from multiple sequence alignment(s).
hmmconvert(1) Convert profile file to a HMMER format.
hmmemit(1) Sample sequences from a profile HMM.
hmmer(1) Profile HMMs for biological sequence analysis.
hmmer2(1) Profile hidden Markov model software.
hmmer2-pvm(1) HMMER utilities for PVM clusters.
hmmfetch(1) Retrieve profile HMM(s) from a file.
hmmlogo(1) Given an HMM, produce data required to build an HMM logo.
hmmpgmd(1) Daemon for searching a protein query against a protein database.
hmmpress(1) Prepare an HMM database for hmmscan.
hmmscan(1) Search protein sequence(s) against a protein profile database.
hmmsearch(1) Search profile(s) against a sequence database.
hmmsim(1) Collect score distributions on random sequences.
hmmstat(1) Display summary statistics for a profile file.
hmoment(1e) Calculate and plot hydrophobic moment for protein sequence(s).
hmount(1) Introduce a new HFS volume and make it current.
hmsa(1) Atari MSA / ST disk image creator and converter.
hmt-slam(1) Robotic Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) mapping CLI.
hmt-slam-gui(1) Robotic Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) mapping GUI.
hmtMapViewer(1) Robotic Hybrid Metric Topological (HMT) map viewer.
hnb(1) Hierarchical notebook.
ho22bus(1) An education software to help people to study English, reciting english words.
hoc(1plan9) Interactive floating point language.
hockeypuck(1) OpenPGP Key Server.
hocon(1) Manipulate HOCON files.
hocr(1) Hebrew OCR utility.
hocr2djvused(1) HOCR to djvused script converter.
hocr2pdf(1) HOCR to PDF converter of the ExactImage toolkit.
hodie(1) Print current date and time... in Latin.
hoichess(6) Xboard compatible chess engine.
hoixiangqi(6) ↣ hoichess(6) Xboard compatible chess engine.
hokey(1) Hopenpgp-tools.
hol-light(1) HOL Light interactive theorem prover.
hol88(1) Higher Order Logic.
holdingnuts(6) A poker client and server.
holdingnuts-server(6) A poker client and server.
holes(1) Find runs of zero bytes.
hollywood(1) Fill your console with Hollywood melodrama technobabble.
holonomic-navigator-demo(1) GUI application for robot reactive navigation.
holotz-castle(6) Platform game with high dosis of mistery.
holotz-castle-editor(6) Editor for holotz-castle game.
home_bbs(1) Find home BBS or force a home BBS for the callsign.
homebank(1) Manage your personal accounts at home.
homesick(1) Keep your dotfile in git.
homGeneMapping(1) Create summary of gene homology. Generates homology scorse from murasaki anchor files.
Honey(1) Genomic structural variation discovery. ↣ Honey(1) Genomic structural variation discovery.
hoogle(1) A Haskell API search engine.
hook(3form) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
hook(3menu) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
hook(3tcl) Hooks.
Hook::LexWrap(3pm) Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers.
Hook::WrapSub(3pm) Wrap subs with pre- and post-call hooks.
hook_config_section(3alleg4) Hooks a configuration file section with custom handlers. Allegro game programming.
hopalong(6x) Draw real plane fractals.
horgand(1) For musicians ...
horst(8) Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool.
hose(1) The client end of a BSD network pipe.
host(1) DNS lookup utility.
host.conf(5) Resolver configuration file.
hostapd(8) IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator.
hostapd_cli(1) Hostapd command-line interface.
hostbyname(1) Expand domain or urls list with IP addresses.
hostent(3bobcat) Wrapper around a struct hostent.
hostgraphs.cgi(1) CGI program to show multiple graphs.
hostid(1) Print the numeric identifier for the current host.
hosting.config(5) Traffic Server domain hosting configuration file.
hostip(8) Resolve a host name to an IP address.
hostname(1) Show or set the system's host name.
hostname(3bobcat) Contains name/address info about a host.
hostname(5) Local hostname configuration file.
hostname(7) Hostname resolution description.
hostnamectl(1) Control the system hostname.
hosts(5) Static table lookup for hostnames.
hosts.allow(5) ↣ hosts_access(5) Format of host access control files.
hosts.cfg(5) Main Xymon configuration file.
hosts.conf(5) Access control for Network UPS Tools CGI programs.
hosts.deny(5) ↣ hosts_access(5) Format of host access control files.
hosts.equiv(5) List of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r command access to your system.
hosts.hfaxd(5) HylaFAX client access control list.
hosts.nntp(5) List of hosts that feed NNTP news.
hosts_access(3) Access control library.
hosts_access(5) Format of host access control files.
hosts_ctl(3) ↣ hosts_access(3) Access control library.
hosts_options(5) Host access control language extensions.
hot(1) Hopenpgp-tools.
hoteldruid-launcher(1) Launcher to open HotelDruid in a browser.
hothasktags(1) Generate ctags files for Haskell.
hotshot2calltree(1) Convert hotshot profiling data to KCachegrind calltree format.
hotspotter(1gmt) Create CVA image from seamount locations.
hotswap(1) Register and unregister hotswappable IDE hardware.
hotswaprc(5) Configuration file for hotswap.
hovel(3) The GDBM-compatible API of QDBM.
hovercraft(1) Hovercraft! Documentation.
how-can-i-help(1) Show opportunities for contributing to Debian.
how-many-binary(1) Count the number of binary packages in Ubuntu.
how-many-source(1) Count the number of source packages in Ubuntu.
howdoi(1) Instant coding answers via the command line.
hoz(1) File splitter that uses the hacha file format.
hp-align(1) Printer Cartridge Alignment Utility.
hp-check(1) Dependency/Version Check Utility.
hp-check-plugin(1) AutoConfig Utility for Plug-in Installation.
hp-clean(1) Printer Printhead Cleaning Utility.
hp-colorcal(1) Printer Cartridge Color Calibration Utility.
hp-config_usb_printer(1) HP device config using USB.
hp-devicesettings(1) Device Setup Utility.
hp-diagnose_plugin(1) Diagnose Plugin Utility.
hp-diagnose_queues(1) AutoConfig Utility to check queues configuration.
hp-doctor(1) Self Diagnse Utility and Healing Utility.
hp-fab(1) Fax Address Book.
hp-faxsetup(1) Fax Device Setup Utility.
hp-firmware(1) Firmware Download Utility.
hp-info(1) Device Information Utility.
hp-levels(1) Supply Levels Utility.
hp-linefeedcal(1) Printer Line Feed Calibration Utility.
hp-logcapture(1) HPLIP logs capture Utility.
hp-makecopies(1) Make Copies Utility.
hp-makeuri(1) Device URI Creation Utility.
hp-pkservice(1) Policy Kit Service.
hp-plugin(1) Plugin Download and Install Utility.
hp-pqdiag(1) Print Quality Diagnostic Utility.
hp-print(1) Print Utility.
hp-printsettings(1) Printer Settings Utility.
hp-probe(1) Printer Discovery Utility.
hp-query(1) Model Query Utility.
hp-scan(1) Scan Utility.
hp-sendfax(1) PC Sendfax Utility.
hp-setup(1) Printer/Fax Setup Utility.
hp-systray(1) System Tray Status Service.
hp-testpage(1) Testpage Print Utility.
hp-timedate(1) Time/Date Utility.
hp-toolbox(1) HP Device Manager.
hp-wificonfig(1) Wifi Configuration Utility.
hp2100(1) Simulate a hp2100 computer.
hp2ps(1) Convert a heap profile to a POSTSCRIPT graph.
hp2xx(1) A HPGL converter into some vector- and raster formats.
hp48cc(1) C to HP48 RPN compiler.
hpanel(1) A minimalist panel for X.
HPC.daligner(1) ↣ daligner(1) Local alignment discovery between long nucleotide sequencing reads.
hpcc(1) HPC Challenge benchmark.
hpcd(1) Change directory on an HFS+ volume.
hpcopy(1) Copy files from an HFS+ volume.
hpet(4freebsd) High Precision Event Timer driver.
hpfsck(1) Check integrity of an HFS+ volume.
hpftodit(1) Create font description files for use with groff -Tlj4.
hpi_shell(1) An openhpi sample application that allows a user to interactively perform a number of HPI.
hpialarms(1) A openhpi sample application that shows "Alarm Control" management instruments.
hpidomain(1) A openhpi sample application that shows information about domains. It can also set the domain.
hpiel(1) An openhpi sample application that displays HPI event log entries.
hpievents(1) An openhpi sample application that polls for events.
hpifan(1) An openhpi sample application that shows "Fan Control" management instruments.
hpigensimdata(1) A openhpi client application supplementing the dynamic simulator plugin.
hpiinv(1) An openhpi sample application that shows resources' inventory records.
hpijs(1) HP IJS server for the GhostScript IJS client driver.
hping3(8) Send (almost) arbitrary TCP/IP packets to network hosts.
hpionIBMblade(1) An openhpi sample application that shows how two (2) openhpi plugins can be used to display.
hpipower(1) This sample openhpi application exercises HPI Power Management APIs.
hpireset(1) This sample openhpi application exercises HPI Reset Management APIs.
hpisensor(1) This sample openhpi application displays sensor info for all resources with Sensor Capability.
hpisettime(1) This sample openhpi application excercises Event Log clock APIs.
hpithres(1) This sample openhpi application interactively displays sensors and sensor info.
hpitop(1) A openhpi sample application that displays highlevel topology for a managed openHPI complex.
hpitree(1) A openhpi sample application that shows in details the resources (rpt's) and resources' manamegement.
hpiwdt(1) This sample openhpi application reads and enables the watchdog timer.
hpixml(1) An openhpi sample application that displays system view in XML.
hpls(1) List the contents of a directory on an HFS+ volume.
hpmkdir(1) Create a directory on an HFS+ volume.
hpmount(1) Change directory on an HFS+ volume.
hppa-linux-gnu-addr2line(1) ↣ addr2line(1) Convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
hppa-linux-gnu-ar(1) ↣ ar(1) Create, modify, and extract from archives.
hppa-linux-gnu-as(1) ↣ as(1) The portable GNU assembler.
hppa-linux-gnu-c++filt(1) ↣ c++filt(1) Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
hppa-linux-gnu-cpp(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
hppa-linux-gnu-cpp-6(1) The C Preprocessor.
hppa-linux-gnu-cpp-7(1) The C Preprocessor.
hppa-linux-gnu-cpp-8(1) The C Preprocessor.
hppa-linux-gnu-elfedit(1) ↣ elfedit(1) Update the ELF header of ELF files.
hppa-linux-gnu-g++(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-g++-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-g++-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-g++-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-6(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-7(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ar(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-6(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-7(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-8(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-nm(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-6(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-7(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-8(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-6(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-7(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-8(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-6(1) Coverage testing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-7(1) Coverage testing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-8(1) Coverage testing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-dump(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-6(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-7(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-8(1) Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-6(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-7(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-8(1) Offline gcda profile processing tool.
hppa-linux-gnu-gdc(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
hppa-linux-gnu-gdc-6(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
hppa-linux-gnu-gdc-7(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
hppa-linux-gnu-gdc-8(1) A GCC-based compiler for the D language.
hppa-linux-gnu-gfortran(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gfortran-6(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gfortran-7(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gfortran-8(1) GNU Fortran compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gnat(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatbind(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatbind-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatbind-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatbind-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatchop(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatchop-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatchop-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatchop-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatclean(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatclean-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatclean-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatclean-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatfind(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatfind-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatfind-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatfind-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatgcc(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gcc-8(1) GNU project C and C++ compiler.
hppa-linux-gnu-gnathtml(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnathtml-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnathtml-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnathtml-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatkr(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatkr-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatkr-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatkr-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatlink(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatlink-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatlink-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatlink-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatls(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatls-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatls-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatls-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatmake(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatmake-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatmake-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatmake-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatname(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatname-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatname-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatname-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatprep(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatprep-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatprep-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatprep-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatxref(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatxref-6(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-6(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatxref-7(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-7(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gnatxref-8(1) ↣ hppa-linux-gnu-gnat-8(1)
hppa-linux-gnu-gprof(1) ↣ gprof(1) Display call graph profile data.
hppa-linux-gnu-ld.bfd(1) ↣ ld.bfd(1) The GNU linker.
hppa-linux-gnu-nm(1) ↣ nm(1) List symbols from object files.
hppa-linux-gnu-objcopy(1) ↣ objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
hppa-linux-gnu-objdump(1) ↣ objdump(1) Display information from object files.
hppa-linux-gnu-ranlib(1) ↣ ranlib(1) Generate index to archive.
hppa-linux-gnu-readelf(1) ↣ readelf(1) Displays information about ELF files.
hppa-linux-gnu-size(1) ↣ size(1) List section sizes and total size.
hppa-linux-gnu-strings(1) ↣ strings(1) Print the strings of printable characters in files.
hppa-linux-gnu-strip(1) ↣ strip(1) Discard symbols from object files.
hppa64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-5(1) ↣ gcc-ar-5(1) A wrapper around ar adding the --plugin option.
hppa64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-5(1) ↣ gcc-nm-5(1) A wrapper around nm adding the --plugin option.
hppa64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-5(1) ↣ gcc-ranlib-5(1) A wrapper around ranlib adding the --plugin option.
hppwd(1) Print the current working directory on an HFS+ volume.
hprm(1) Remove a file or directory on an HFS+ volume.
hprof-conv(1) HPROF Converter.
hprop(8) Propagate the KDC database.
hpropd(8) Receive a propagated database.
hpsa(4) HP Smart Array SCSI driver.
hpset(1) Printer commands.
hpsplit(1) Split a list of FITS tables into healpix tiles.
hpt27xx(4freebsd) HighPoint RocketRAID 27xx SAS 6Gb/s HBA card driver.
hptiop(4freebsd) HighPoint RocketRAID 3xxx/4xxx device driver.
hptmv(4freebsd) HighPoint RocketRAID 182x device driver.
hptnr(4freebsd) HighPoint DC Series Data Center HBA card driver.
hptrr(4freebsd) HighPoint RocketRAID device driver.
hpumount(1) Unmount an HFS+ volume.
hpwd(1) Print the full path to the current HFS working directory.
HPXcvt(1) Reorganise HEALPix data into a 2-D FITS image.
hqx2bin(1) ↣ megatron(1) Macintosh file format transformer.
hrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
hrename(1) Rename or move an HFS file or directory.
hrepack(1) Copies an HDF file to a new file.
hrmdir(1) Remove an empty HFS directory.
hrpt_decode(1) Decode NOAA High Rate Picture Transmission.
hrpt_demod(1) Demodulate NOAA High Rate Picture Transmission.
hs_coord_t(3) ↣ hyantes.h(3)
hs_option_t(3) ↣ hyantes.h(3)
hs_potential_t(3) ↣ hyantes.h(3)
HSAILasm(1) HSAILasm.
hsbrainfuck(1) A brainfuck programming language interpreter.
HsColour(1) Generate colourised output for Haskell code.
hsdump(1) Dumps the handlespace of a RSerPool Registrar.
hsearch(3) Hash table management.
hsearch_r(3) ↣ hsearch(3) Hash table management.
hsetroot(1) Yet another wallpaper application.
hspell(1) Hebrew spellchecker.
hspell(3) Hebrew spellchecker (C API).
hspell-gui(1) Hspell gui front-end.
hspell-gui-heb(1) ↣ hspell-gui(1) Hspell gui front-end.
hsqldb-databasemanager(1) GUI database management tool.
hsqldb-databasemanagerswing(1) GUI database management tool.
hsqldb-sqltool(1) JDBC database console frontend.
hsqldb-transfer(1) Transfers data from one JDBC database to another.
hstopc(3NCARG) Specifies various CHARACTER variables to be used by the Histogram utility.
hstopi(3NCARG) Specifies various INTEGER parameters to be used by the Histogram utility.
hstopl(3NCARG) Turns options off and on for the Histogram utility.
hstopr(3NCARG) Specifies various REAL arrays to be used by the the Histogram utility.
hstrerror(3) ↣ gethostbyname(3)
hsv_to_rgb(3alleg4) Converts color values between the HSV and RGB color spaces. Allegro game programming.
hsvrgb(3NCARG) Converts a color specification given in the Hue, Saturation, and Value (HSV) color space to color.
htag(1) Add taglines and sigs to email, news and fidonet messages.
htags(1) Generate a hypertext from a set of source files.
htags-server(1) A private Web/CGI server for htags.
htc(1) Httptunnel client.
htcacheclean(8) Clean up the disk cache.
htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
htdbm(1) Manipulate DBM password databases.
htdig(1) Retrieve HTML documents for ht://Dig search engine.
htdig-pdfparser(1) Parse a PDF document (wrapper script for htdig).
htdigconfig(8) Script to create fuzzy databases for ht://Dig.
htdigest(1) Manage user files for digest authentication.
htdump(1) Write out an ASCII-text version of the document database.
hte(1) Executable's editor.
htfind(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
htfuzzy(1) Fuzzy command-line search utility for the ht://Dig search engine.
htll(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
htload(1) Reads in an ASCII-text version of the document database.
htlogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
htls(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
htmerge(1) Create document index and word database for the ht://Dig search engine.
htmkdir(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
html(3tcl) Procedures to generate HTML structures.
html2(1) ↣ xml2(1) Convert xml documents in a flat format.
html2article(1) Converts an HTML file to an article in present format.
html2dic(1) Dump word dictionary from html input file.
html2haml(1) Transforms an HTML file into corresponding Haml code.
html2markdown.py2(1) Converts a page of HTML into markdown.
html2markdown.py3(1) Converts a page of HTML into markdown.
html2pdbtxt(1) HTML to Doc Text converter for Palm Pilots.
html2po(1) Convert HTML files to Gettext PO localization files.
html2ps(1) Convert HTML to PostScript.
html2psrc(5) Configuration file format for html2ps(1).
html2stx(1) Convert HTML documents into Stx.
html2text(1) An advanced HTML-to-text converter.
html2textrc(5) Formatting properties file for html2text(1).
html2wiki(1p) Convert HTML into wiki markup.
HTML::AsSubs(3pm) Functions that construct a HTML syntax tree.
HTML::Auto(3pm) Write HTML for common elements.
HTML::Auto::Templates(3pm) Stores HTML::Auto templates.
HTML::AutoPagerize(3pm) Utility to load AutoPagerize SITEINFO stuff.
HTML::CalendarMonth(3pm) Generate and manipulate HTML calendar months.
HTML::CalendarMonth::DateTool(3pm) Base class for determining which date package to use for calendrical.
HTML::CalendarMonth::Locale(3pm) Front end class for DateTime::Locale.
HTML::CalendarMonthSimple(3pm) Perl Module for Generating HTML Calendars.
HTML::Clean(3pm) Cleans up HTML code for web browsers, not humans.
HTML::Copy(3pm) Copy a HTML file without breaking links.
HTML::Dashboard(3pm) Spreadsheet-like formatting for HTML tables, with data-dependent coloring and highlighting:.
HTML::Defang(3pm) Cleans HTML as well as CSS of scripting and other executable contents, and neutralises XSS.
HTML::Diff(3pm) Compare two HTML strings and return a list of differences.
HTML::Display(3pm) Display HTML locally in a browser.
HTML::Display::Common(3pm) Routines common to all HTML::Display subclasses.
HTML::Display::Debian(3pm) Display HTML using the Debian default.
HTML::Display::Dump(3pm) Dump raw HTML to the console.
HTML::Display::Galeon(3pm) Display HTML through Galeon.
HTML::Display::Mozilla(3pm) Display HTML through Mozilla.
HTML::Display::Opera(3pm) Display HTML through Galeon.
HTML::Display::OSX(3pm) Display HTML on OSX.
HTML::Display::Phoenix(3pm) Display HTML through Phoenix.
HTML::Display::TempFile(3pm) Base class to display HTML via a temporary file.
HTML::Display::Win32(3pm) Display an URL through the default application for HTML.
HTML::Display::Win32::IE(3pm) Use IE to display HTML pages.
HTML::Display::Win32::OLE(3pm) Use an OLE object to display HTML.
HTML::Element(3pm) Class for objects that represent HTML elements.
HTML::Element::Library(3pm) HTML::Element convenience functions.
HTML::Element::traverse(3pm) Discussion of HTML::Element's traverse method.
HTML::ElementGlob(3pm) Perl extension for managing HTML::Element based objects as a single object.
HTML::ElementRaw(3pm) Perl extension for HTML::Element(3).
HTML::ElementSuper(3pm) Perl extension for HTML::Element(3).
HTML::ElementTable(3pm) Perl extension for manipulating a table composed of HTML::Element style components.
HTML::Embedded::Turtle(3pm) Embedding RDF in HTML the crazy way.
HTML::Encoding(3pm) Determine the encoding of HTML/XML/XHTML documents.
HTML::Entities(3pm) Encode or decode strings with HTML entities.
HTML::Entities::Numbered(3pm) Conversion of numbered HTML entities.
HTML::Entities::Numbered::Table(3pm) HTML entities table.
HTML::FillInForm(3pm) Populates HTML Forms with data.
HTML::Filter(3pm) Filter HTML text through the parser.
HTML::Form(3pm) Class that represents an HTML form element.
HTML::FormatExternal(3pm) HTML to text formatting using external programs.
HTML::FormatMarkdown(3pm) Format HTML as Markdown.
HTML::FormatPS(3pm) Format HTML as PostScript.
HTML::FormatRTF(3pm) Format HTML as RTF.
HTML::Formatter(3pm) Base class for HTML formatters.
HTML::FormatText(3pm) Format HTML as plaintext.
HTML::FormatText::Elinks(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using elinks.
HTML::FormatText::Html2text(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using html2text.
HTML::FormatText::Links(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using links.
HTML::FormatText::Lynx(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using lynx.
HTML::FormatText::Netrik(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using netrik.
HTML::FormatText::Vilistextum(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using vilistextum.
HTML::FormatText::W3m(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using w3m.
HTML::FormatText::WithLinks(3pm) HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes.
HTML::FormatText::WithLinks::AndTables(3pm) Converts HTML to Text with tables intact.
HTML::FormatText::WithLinks::README(3pm) Converts HTML to Text with tables intact.
HTML::FormatText::Zen(3pm) Format HTML as plain text using zen.
HTML::FormFu(3pm) HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework.
HTML::FormFu::Attribute(3pm) Accessor class.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint(3pm) Constrain User Input.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::AllOrNone(3pm) Multi-field All or None Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::ASCII(3pm) ASCII Characters Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::AutoSet(3pm) Set Constraint for Selects / Radiogroups / Checkboxgroups.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Bool(3pm) Boolean Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Callback(3pm) Code Callback Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::CallbackOnce(3pm) Code Callback Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::DateTime(3pm) DateTime constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::DBIC::Unique(3pm) Unique constraint for HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::DependOn(3pm) Multi-field Dependency Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Email(3pm) Email Address Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Equal(3pm) Multi-field Equality Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File(3pm) File Upload Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::MaxSize(3pm) Maximum File Size Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::MIME(3pm) MIME Type Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::MinSize(3pm) Minimum File Size Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::File::Size(3pm) File Size Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Integer(3pm) Unsigned Integer Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Length(3pm) Min/Max Length String Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MaxLength(3pm) Maximum Length String Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MaxRange(3pm) Maximum Value Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MinLength(3pm) Minimum Length String Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MinMaxFields(3pm) Min/Max Multi-field Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::MinRange(3pm) Minimum Value Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Number(3pm) Numerical Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Printable(3pm) Printable Characters Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Range(3pm) Numerical Range Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Regex(3pm) Regex Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Repeatable::Any(3pm) Ensure at least 1 of a repeated field is filled-in.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Required(3pm) Required Field Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Set(3pm) Set of Values Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::SingleValue(3pm) Single Value Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Constraint::Word(3pm) Single Word Constraint.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator(3pm) Deflator Base Class.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::Callback(3pm) Callback deflator.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundDateTime(3pm) CompoundDateTime deflator.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundSplit(3pm) CompoundSplit deflator.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::FormatNumber(3pm) Format a number for a locale.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::PathClassFile(3pm) Deflator for Path::Class::File objects.
HTML::FormFu::Deflator::Strftime(3pm) Strftime deflator.
HTML::FormFu::Element(3pm) Element Base Class.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Blank(3pm) Blank element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Block(3pm) Block element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Button(3pm) Button form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Checkbox(3pm) Checkbox form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Checkboxgroup(3pm) Group of checkbox form fields.
HTML::FormFu::Element::ComboBox(3pm) Select / Text hybrid.
HTML::FormFu::Element::ContentButton(3pm) Button form field containing markup.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Date(3pm) 3 select menu multi-field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::DateTime(3pm) Date / Time combo field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Email(3pm) HTML5 email form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Fieldset(3pm) Fieldset element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::File(3pm) File upload form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Hidden(3pm) Hidden form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Hr(3pm) Horizontal-rule element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Image(3pm) Image button form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Label(3pm) Field for displaying only.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Multi(3pm) Combine multiple fields in a single element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Number(3pm) Number element with formatting.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Password(3pm) Password form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Radio(3pm) Radio form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Radiogroup(3pm) Group of radiobutton form fields.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Repeatable(3pm) Repeatable block element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::RequestToken(3pm) Hidden text field which contains a unique token.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Reset(3pm) Reset button form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Select(3pm) Select form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::SimpleTable(3pm) Simple table element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Src(3pm) Custom HTML element.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Submit(3pm) Submit button form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Text(3pm) Text form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::Textarea(3pm) Textarea form field.
HTML::FormFu::Element::URL(3pm) HTML5 URL form field.
HTML::FormFu::Filter(3pm) Filter Base Class.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Callback(3pm) Filter with custom subroutine.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::CompoundJoin(3pm) CompoundJoin filter.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::CompoundSprintf(3pm) CompoundSprintf filter.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::CopyValue(3pm) Copy the value from another field.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Encode(3pm) Encode/Decode Submitted Values.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::ForceListValue(3pm) Convert a single value into a 1-item-list.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::FormatNumber(3pm) Convert a formatted number from a known locale.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::HTMLEscape(3pm) Filter escaping HTML.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::HTMLScrubber(3pm) Filter removing HTML markup.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::LowerCase(3pm) Filter transforming to lower case.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::NonNumeric(3pm) Filter removing all non-numeric characters.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Regex(3pm) Regexp-based match/replace filter.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Split(3pm) Filter splitting a singe value into an arrayref.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::TrimEdges(3pm) Filter trimming whitespace.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::UpperCase(3pm) Filter transforming to upper case.
HTML::FormFu::Filter::Whitespace(3pm) Filter stripping all whitespace.
HTML::FormFu::Inflator(3pm) Inflator Base Class.
HTML::FormFu::Inflator::Callback(3pm) Callback inflator.
HTML::FormFu::Inflator::CompoundDateTime(3pm) CompoundDateTime inflator.
HTML::FormFu::Inflator::DateTime(3pm) DateTime inflator.
HTML::FormFu::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) Cooking with HTML::FormFu.
HTML::FormFu::Manual::Unicode(3pm) Working with unicode.
HTML::FormFu::Model(3pm) Base class for models.
HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC(3pm) Integrate HTML::FormFu with DBIx::Class.
HTML::FormFu::Model::HashRef(3pm) Handle hashrefs.
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor(3pm) Post-process HTML output.
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor::Indent(3pm) Nicely Indent HTML Output.
HTML::FormFu::OutputProcessor::StripWhitespace(3pm) Strip shitespace from HTML output.
HTML::FormFu::Plugin(3pm) Base class for plugins.
HTML::FormFu::Plugin::StashValid(3pm) Place valid params on form stash.
HTML::FormFu::Processor(3pm) Base class for constraints.
HTML::FormFu::QueryType::Catalyst(3pm) Uploaded file.
HTML::FormFu::QueryType::CGI(3pm) Uploaded file.
HTML::FormFu::QueryType::CGI::Simple(3pm) Uploaded file.
HTML::FormFu::Role::Constraint::Others(3pm) Base class for constraints needing others() method.
HTML::FormFu::Role::Element::Field(3pm) Role for all form-field elements.
HTML::FormFu::Role::Element::Group(3pm) Role for grouped form fields.
HTML::FormFu::Role::Element::Input(3pm) Role for input fields.
HTML::FormFu::Role::Element::NonBlock(3pm) Base class for single-tag elements.
HTML::FormFu::Role::Filter::Compound(3pm) Role for Compound filters.
HTML::FormFu::Transformer(3pm) Transformer Base Class.
HTML::FormFu::Transformer::Callback(3pm) Callback transformer.
HTML::FormFu::Upload(3pm) Uploaded file.
HTML::FormFu::UploadParam(3pm) Accessor class.
HTML::FormFu::Validator(3pm) Validator Base Class.
HTML::FormFu::Validator::Callback(3pm) Callback validator.
HTML::FormHandler(3pm) HTML forms using Moose.
HTML::FormHandler::Base(3pm) Stub.
HTML::FormHandler::Blocks(3pm) Arrange form layout using blocks.
HTML::FormHandler::BuildFields(3pm) Role to build field array.
HTML::FormHandler::BuildPages(3pm) Used in Wizard.
HTML::FormHandler::Field(3pm) Base class for fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::AddElement(3pm) Field to support repeatable javascript add.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Boolean(3pm) A true or false field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::BoolSelect(3pm) Boolean select field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Button(3pm) Button field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Captcha(3pm) Captcha field with GD::SecurityImage.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Checkbox(3pm) A checkbox field type.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Compound(3pm) Field consisting of subfields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Date(3pm) A date field with formats.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::DateMDY(3pm) M/d/y date field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::DateTime(3pm) Compound DateTime field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Display(3pm) Display only field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Duration(3pm) DateTime::Duration from HTML form values.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Email(3pm) Validates email using Email::Valid.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::File(3pm) Simple file field; does no processing.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Float(3pm) Validate a float value.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Hidden(3pm) Hidden field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Hour(3pm) Accept integer from 0 to 23.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Integer(3pm) Validate an integer value.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::IntRange(3pm) Integer range in select list.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Minute(3pm) Input range from 0 to 59.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Money(3pm) US currency-like values.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Month(3pm) Select list 1 to 12.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::MonthDay(3pm) Select list 1 to 31.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::MonthName(3pm) Select list with month names.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Multiple(3pm) Multiple select list.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Nested(3pm) For nested elements of compound fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::NonEditable(3pm) Reset field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::NoValue(3pm) Base class for submit field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Password(3pm) Password field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PasswordConf(3pm) Password confirmation.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PosInteger(3pm) Positive integer field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::PrimaryKey(3pm) Primary key field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Repeatable(3pm) Repeatable (array) field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Repeatable::Instance(3pm) Used internally by repeatable fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::RequestToken(3pm) Hidden text field which contains a unique time-stamped token.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Reset(3pm) Reset field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Result(3pm) Result class for fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::RmElement(3pm) Field to support repeatable javascript remove.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Role::RequestToken(3pm) Moose attributes for RequestToken fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Second(3pm) Select list 0 to 59.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Select(3pm) Select fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::SelectCSV(3pm) Multiple select field from CSV value.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Submit(3pm) Submit field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Text(3pm) Text field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::TextArea(3pm) Textarea input.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::TextCSV(3pm) CSV Text field from multiple.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Upload(3pm) File upload field.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Weekday(3pm) Select list day of week strings.
HTML::FormHandler::Field::Year(3pm) Year selection list.
HTML::FormHandler::Fields(3pm) Internal role for form and compound fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Foo(3pm) Experiment in loading form from config file.
HTML::FormHandler::Generator::DBIC(3pm) Form generator for DBIC.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N(3pm) Internationalization.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ar_kw(3pm) Arabic message translations.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::bg_bg(3pm) Bulgarian message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ca_es(3pm) Catalan message translations - traducion catalana dels missatges.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::cs_cz(3pm) Czech message translations.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::de_de(3pm) German message translations.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::en_us(3pm) Base message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::es_es(3pm) Spanish message translations - traduccion al español de los mensages.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::hu_hu(3pm) Hungarian message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::it_it(3pm) Italian message translations - traduzione italiana dei messaggi.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ja_jp(3pm) Japanese message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::pt_br(3pm) Brazilian Portuguese message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ru_ru(3pm) Russian message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::sv_se(3pm) Swedish message translations.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::tr_tr(3pm) Turkish message file.
HTML::FormHandler::I18N::ua_ua(3pm) Ukrainian message file.
HTML::FormHandler::InitResult(3pm) Internal code.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual(3pm) Index of the manual.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Catalyst(3pm) Using HFH forms in Catalyst.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) FormHandler use recipes.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Database(3pm) FormHandler use recipes.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Defaults(3pm) Form defaults documentation.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Errors(3pm) FormHandler error methods.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Fields(3pm) Brief documentation of available fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::FromDFV(3pm) Converting from Data::FormValidator.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::FromFF(3pm) Converting from HTML::FormFu.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::InflationDeflation(3pm) Inflation and deflation of field values.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Intro(3pm) Introduction to using FormHandler.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Reference(3pm) Concise reference.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Rendering(3pm) How to render with FormHandler.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::RenderingCookbook(3pm) Rendering recipes.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Templates(3pm) Using templates.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Testing(3pm) Testing forms.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Tutorial(3pm) How to use FormHandler with Catalyst.
HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Validation(3pm) Validating fields.
HTML::FormHandler::Merge(3pm) Internal hash merging.
HTML::FormHandler::Meta::Role(3pm) Field_list and apply_list.
HTML::FormHandler::Model(3pm) Default model base class.
HTML::FormHandler::Model::CDBI(3pm) Class::DBI model class (non-functioning).
HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC(3pm) Base class that holds DBIC model role.
HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC::TypeMap(3pm) Type mape for DBICFields.
HTML::FormHandler::Model::Object(3pm) Stub for Object model.
HTML::FormHandler::Moose(3pm) To add FormHandler sugar.
HTML::FormHandler::Moose::Role(3pm) To add sugar to roles.
HTML::FormHandler::Page(3pm) Used in Wizard.
HTML::FormHandler::Page::Simple(3pm) Used by Wizard.
HTML::FormHandler::Pages(3pm) Used in Wizard.
HTML::FormHandler::Params(3pm) Params handling.
HTML::FormHandler::Render::RepeatableJs(3pm) Role providing method to construct repeatable javascript.
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Simple(3pm) Simple rendering role.
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Table(3pm) Render a form with a table layout.
HTML::FormHandler::Render::Util(3pm) Rendering utility.
HTML::FormHandler::Render::WithTT(3pm) Tt rendering.
HTML::FormHandler::Result(3pm) Form result object.
HTML::FormHandler::Result::Role(3pm) Role with common code for form & field results.
HTML::FormHandler::Test(3pm) Provides is_html method used in tests.
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha(3pm) Generate and validate captchas.
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::DBICFields(3pm) Role to get fields from DBIx::Class result source.
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::I18N(3pm) Localization.
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Model::DBIC(3pm) Model role that interfaces with DBIx::Class.
HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Types(3pm) Types used internally in FormHandler.
HTML::FormHandler::Traits(3pm) Customized replacement for MooseX::Traits.
HTML::FormHandler::Types(3pm) Moose type constraints.
HTML::FormHandler::Validate(3pm) Validation role (internal).
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::ApplyRole(3pm) Role to apply widgets.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Block(3pm) Base block renderer.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Block::Bootstrap(3pm) Block to format bare form element like bootstrap.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Button(3pm) Button field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::ButtonTag(3pm) Button field rendering widget, using button tag.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Captcha(3pm) Captcha field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Checkbox(3pm) HTML attributes field role.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::CheckboxGroup(3pm) Checkbox group field role.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Compound(3pm) Compound field widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Hidden(3pm) Hidden field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::HorizCheckboxGroup(3pm) Checkbox group field role.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::NoRender(3pm) No rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Password(3pm) Password rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::RadioGroup(3pm) Radio group rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Repeatable(3pm) Repeatable field widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Reset(3pm) Reset field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Role::HTMLAttributes(3pm) Apply HTML attributes.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Role::SelectedOption(3pm) Allow setting options from options keys.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Select(3pm) Select field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Span(3pm) Button field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Submit(3pm) Submit field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Text(3pm) Text field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Textarea(3pm) Textarea rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Field::Upload(3pm) Update field rendering widget.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Role::HTMLAttributes(3pm) Set HTML attributes on the form tag.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Simple(3pm) Widget to render a form with divs.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Form::Table(3pm) Render a form with a table layout.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Theme::Bootstrap(3pm) Sample bootstrap theme.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Theme::Bootstrap3(3pm) Sample Bootstrap3 theme.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Theme::BootstrapFormMessages(3pm) Role to render form messages using Bootstrap styling.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Base(3pm) Common methods for widget wrappers.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Bootstrap(3pm) Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 field wrapper.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Bootstrap3(3pm) Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 field wrapper.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Fieldset(3pm) Fieldset field wrapper.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::None(3pm) Wrapper that doesn't wrap.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Simple(3pm) Simple field wrapper.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::SimpleInline(3pm) Simple field wrapper.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::Table(3pm) Wrapper class for table layout.
HTML::FormHandler::Widget::Wrapper::TableInline(3pm) Wrapper class for table layout that doesn't wrap compound.
HTML::FormHandler::Wizard(3pm) Create a multi-page form.
HTML::FromText(3pm) Converts plain text to HTML.
HTML::GenToc(3pm) Generate a Table of Contents for HTML documents.
HTML::Gumbo(3pm) HTML5 parser based on gumbo C library.
HTML::HeadParser(3pm) Parse section of a HTML document.
HTML::Highlight(3pm) A module to highlight words or patterns in HTML documents.
HTML::HTML5::Builder(3pm) Erect some scaffolding for your documents.
HTML::HTML5::Builder::Document(3pm) Pretty trivial subclass of XML::LibXML::Document.
HTML::HTML5::Entities(3pm) Drop-in replacement for HTML::Entities.
HTML::HTML5::Microdata::Parser(3pm) Fairly experimental parser for HTML 'microdata'.
HTML::HTML5::Outline(3pm) Implementation of the HTML5 Outline algorithm.
HTML::HTML5::Outline::Outlinee(3pm) An element with an independent outline.
HTML::HTML5::Outline::RDF(3pm) RDF-related methods.
HTML::HTML5::Outline::Section(3pm) Represents a document section.
HTML::HTML5::Parser(3pm) Parse HTML reliably.
HTML::HTML5::Parser::Error(3pm) An error that occurred during parsing.
HTML::HTML5::Parser::UA(3pm) Simple web user agent class.
HTML::HTML5::Sanity(3pm) Make HTML5 DOM trees less insane.
HTML::HTML5::Writer(3pm) Output a DOM as HTML5.
HTML::LinkExtor(3pm) Extract links from an HTML document.
HTML::LinkExtractor(3pm) Extract links from an HTML document.
HTML::LinkList(3pm) Create a 'smart' list of HTML links.
HTML::Lint(3pm) Check for HTML errors in a string or file.
HTML::Lint::Error(3pm) Error object for the Lint functionality.
HTML::Lint::Parser(3pm) Parser for HTML::Lint. No user-serviceable parts inside.
HTML::Mason(3pm) High-performance, dynamic web site authoring system.
HTML::Mason::Admin(3pm) Mason Administrator's Manual.
HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler(3pm) Mason/mod_perl interface.
HTML::Mason::Cache::BaseCache(3pm) Base cache object.
HTML::Mason::CGIHandler(3pm) Use Mason in a CGI environment.
HTML::Mason::Compiler(3pm) Compile Mason component source.
HTML::Mason::Compiler::ToObject(3pm) A Compiler subclass that generates Mason object code.
HTML::Mason::Component(3pm) Mason Component Class.
HTML::Mason::Component::FileBased(3pm) Mason File-Based Component Class.
HTML::Mason::Component::Subcomponent(3pm) Mason Subcomponent Class.
HTML::Mason::ComponentSource(3pm) Represents information about an component.
HTML::Mason::Devel(3pm) Mason Developer's Manual.
HTML::Mason::Escapes(3pm) Functions to escape text for Mason.
HTML::Mason::Exceptions(3pm) Exception objects thrown by Mason.
HTML::Mason::FakeApache(3pm) An Apache object emulator for use with Mason.
HTML::Mason::FAQ(3pm) Frequently asked questions.
HTML::Mason::Interp(3pm) Mason Component Interpreter.
HTML::Mason::Lexer(3pm) Generates events based on component source lexing.
HTML::Mason::MethodMaker(3pm) Used to create simple get & get/set methods in other classes.
HTML::Mason::Params(3pm) Mason configuration parameters.
HTML::Mason::Parser(3pm) Old module for compiling components.
HTML::Mason::Plugin(3pm) Plugin Base class for Mason.
HTML::Mason::Plugin::Context(3pm) Encapsulates arguments passed to plugin methods.
HTML::Mason::PSGIHandler(3pm) PSGI handler for HTML::Mason.
HTML::Mason::Request(3pm) Mason Request Class.
HTML::Mason::Resolver(3pm) Component path resolver base class.
HTML::Mason::Resolver::File(3pm) Component path resolver for file-based components.
HTML::Mason::Resolver::Null(3pm) A do-nothing resolver.
HTML::Mason::Subclassing(3pm) Documentation on Subclassing Internal Mason classes.
HTML::Mason::Tests(3pm) Test harness for testing Mason.
HTML::Mason::Tools(3pm) Function library used internally in Mason.
HTML::Mason::Utils(3pm) Publicly available functions useful outside of Mason.
HTML::Microformats(3pm) Parse microformats in HTML.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype(3pm) Representations of literal values.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::DateTime(3pm) Dates and datetimes.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::DateTime::Parser(3pm) Parse ISO8601 datetimes.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::Duration(3pm) Floating periods of time.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::Interval(3pm) Concrete periods of time.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::RecurringDateTime(3pm) A datetime that recurs.
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::String(3pm) Text in a particular language.
HTML::Microformats::Documentation::Notes(3pm) Misc usage and design notes.
HTML::Microformats::DocumentContext(3pm) Context for microformat objects.
HTML::Microformats::Format(3pm) Base microformat class.
HTML::Microformats::Format::adr(3pm) The adr microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::figure(3pm) The figure microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::geo(3pm) The geo microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hAlarm(3pm) An hCalendar alarm component.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hAtom(3pm) The hAtom microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hAudio(3pm) The hAudio microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCalendar(3pm) The hCalendar microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard(3pm) The hCard microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::email(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles the email property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::impp(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles the impp property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::label(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles the label property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::n(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles the n property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::org(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles the org property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::tel(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles the tel property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::TypedField(3pm) Helper for hCards; handles value plus type properties.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hEntry(3pm) An hAtom entry.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hEvent(3pm) An hCalendar event component.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hFreebusy(3pm) An hCalendar free/busy component.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hListing(3pm) The hListing microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hMeasure(3pm) The hMeasure microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hNews(3pm) The hNews microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hProduct(3pm) The hProduct microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hRecipe(3pm) The hRecipe microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hResume(3pm) The hResume microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hReview(3pm) The hReview and xFolk microformats.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hReview::rating(3pm) Helper for hReviews; handles the rating property.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hReviewAggregate(3pm) The hReview-aggregate microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::hTodo(3pm) An hCalendar todo component.
HTML::Microformats::Format::OpenURL_COinS(3pm) The OpenURL COinS poshformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::RelEnclosure(3pm) The rel-enclosure microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::RelLicense(3pm) The rel-license microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::RelTag(3pm) The rel-tag microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::species(3pm) The species microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::VoteLinks(3pm) The VoteLinks microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::XFN(3pm) The XFN microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::XMDP(3pm) The XMDP microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format::XOXO(3pm) The XOXO microformat.
HTML::Microformats::Format_Rel(3pm) Base rel-* microformat class.
HTML::Microformats::Mixin::Parser(3pm) Microformat parsing mixin.
HTML::Microformats::Mixin::RDF(3pm) RDF output mixin.
HTML::Microformats::ObjectCache(3pm) Cache for microformat objects.
HTML::Microformats::Utilities(3pm) Utility functions for searching and manipulating HTML.
HTML::Packer(3pm) Another HTML code cleaner.
HTML::Parse(3pm) Deprecated, a wrapper around HTML::TreeBuilder.
HTML::Parser(3pm) HTML parser class.
HTML::PopupTreeSelect(3pm) HTML popup tree widget.
HTML::PrettyPrinter(3pm) Generate nice HTML files from HTML syntax trees.
HTML::Prototype(3pm) Generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library.
HTML::Prototype::Controls(3pm) controls library, embedded in perl.
HTML::Prototype::DragDrop(3pm) dragdrop library, embedded in perl.
HTML::Prototype::Effects(3pm) effects library, embedded in perl.
HTML::Prototype::Helper(3pm) Imports helper packages for HTML::Prototype.
HTML::Prototype::Helper::Tag(3pm) Defines a tag object needed by HTML::Prototype.
HTML::Prototype::Js(3pm) Prototype library, embedded in perl.
HTML::PullParser(3pm) Alternative HTML::Parser interface.
HTML::Quoted(3pm) Extract structure of quoted HTML mail message.
HTML::Restrict(3pm) Strip unwanted HTML tags and attributes.
HTML::RewriteAttributes(3pm) Concise attribute rewriting.
HTML::RewriteAttributes::Links(3pm) Concise link rewriting.
HTML::RewriteAttributes::Resources(3pm) Concise resource-link rewriting.
HTML::Scrubber(3pm) Perl extension for scrubbing/sanitizing HTML.
HTML::Selector::XPath(3pm) CSS Selector to XPath compiler.
HTML::SimpleParse(3pm) A bare-bones HTML parser.
HTML::Stream(3pm) HTML output stream class, and some markup utilities.
HTML::Strip(3pm) Perl extension for stripping HTML markup from text.
HTML::StripScripts(3pm) Strip scripting constructs out of HTML.
HTML::StripScripts::Parser(3pm) XSS filter using HTML::Parser.
HTML::Table(3pm) Produces HTML tables.
HTML::TableExtract(3pm) Perl module for extracting the content contained in tables within an HTML document,.
HTML::TableParser(3pm) Extract data from an HTML table.
HTML::TableParser::Table(3pm) Support class for HTML::TableParser.
HTML::TagCloud(3pm) Generate An HTML Tag Cloud.
HTML::TagFilter(3pm) A fine-grained html-filter, xss-blocker and mailto-obfuscator.
HTML::Tagset(3pm) Data tables useful in parsing HTML.
HTML::TagTree(3pm) An HTML generator via a tree of 'tag' objects.
HTML::Template(3pm) Perl module to use HTML-like templating language.
HTML::Template::Compiled(3pm) Template System Compiles HTML::Template files to Perl code.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic(3pm) Provide the classic functionality like HTML::Template.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Compiler(3pm) Compiler class for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Compiler::Classic(3pm) Provide the classic functionality like HTML::Template.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Exception(3pm) Exception class for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Expr(3pm) Expressions for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Expression(3pm) A compiled HTML template expression.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Filter(3pm) Filter functions for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Formatter(3pm) HTC subclass for using a formatter.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Lazy(3pm) Lazy Loading for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser(3pm) Parser module for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Plugin::XMLEscape(3pm) XML-Escaping for HTC.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Reference(3pm) A quick reference for HTML::Template::Compiled syntax.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Token(3pm) A compiled HTML template token.
HTML::Template::Compiled::Utils(3pm) Utility functions for HTML::Template::Compiled.
HTML::Template::Dumper(3pm) Output template data in a test-friendly format.
HTML::Template::Dumper::Data_Dumper(3pm) Output template data using Data::Dumper.
HTML::Template::Dumper::Format(3pm) Base class for template data output formatters.
HTML::Template::Dumper::YAML(3pm) Output template data using YAML.
HTML::Template::Expr(3pm) HTML::Template extension adding expression support.
HTML::Template::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about HTML::Template.
HTML::Template::PerlInterface(3pm) Perl interface of HTML::Template::Pro.
HTML::Template::Pluggable(3pm) Extends HTML::Template with plugin support.
HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot(3pm) Add Magic Dot notation to HTML::Template.
HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot::Helpers(3pm) Add useful objects to your templates.
HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot::Helpers::Number(3pm) Number formatting and comparison functions.
HTML::Template::Pro(3pm) Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts.
HTML::Template::SYNTAX(3pm) Syntax of html template language for HTML::Template.
HTML::TextToHTML(3pm) Convert plain text file to HTML.
HTML::Tidy(3pm) (X)HTML validation in a Perl object.
HTML::Tidy::Message(3pm) Message object for the Tidy functionality.
HTML::Tiny(3pm) Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation.
HTML::TokeParser(3pm) Alternative HTML::Parser interface.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple(3pm) Easy to use "HTML::TokeParser" interface.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token(3pm) Base class for "HTML::TokeParser::Simple" tokens.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::Comment(3pm) comment class.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::Declaration(3pm) declaration class.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::ProcessInstruction(3pm) process instruction class.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::Tag(3pm) tag class.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::Tag::End(3pm) "end tag" class.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::Tag::Start(3pm) "start tag" class.
HTML::TokeParser::Simple::Token::Text(3pm) text class.
HTML::Tree(3pm) Build and scan parse-trees of HTML.
HTML::TreeBuilder(3pm) Parser that builds a HTML syntax tree.
HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML(3pm) HTML::TreeBuilder and XPath compatible interface with libxml.
HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML::Node(3pm) HTML::Element compatible API for HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML.
HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath(3pm) Add XPath support to HTML::TreeBuilder.
HTML::Truncate(3pm) (beta software) truncate HTML by percentage or character count while preserving.
HTML::Widget(3pm) HTML Widget And Validation Framework.
HTML::Widget::Accessor(3pm) Accessor Class.
HTML::Widget::BlockContainer(3pm) Block Container.
HTML::Widget::Constraint(3pm) Constraint Base Class.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::All(3pm) All Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::AllOrNone(3pm) AllOrNone Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Any(3pm) Any Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::ASCII(3pm) ASCII Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Bool(3pm) Boolean Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Callback(3pm) Callback Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::CallbackOnce(3pm) CallbackOnce Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Date(3pm) Date Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::DateTime(3pm) DateTime Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::DependOn(3pm) DependOn Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Email(3pm) Email Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Equal(3pm) Equal Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::HTTP(3pm) HTTP Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::In(3pm) Check that a value is one of a current set.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Integer(3pm) Integer Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Length(3pm) Length Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Maybe(3pm) Deprecated.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Number(3pm) Number Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Printable(3pm) Printable Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Range(3pm) Range Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Regex(3pm) Regex Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::SingleValue(3pm) SingleValue Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::String(3pm) String Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Constraint::Time(3pm) Time Constraint.
HTML::Widget::Container(3pm) Container.
HTML::Widget::Element(3pm) Element Base Class.
HTML::Widget::Element::Block(3pm) Block Level Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Button(3pm) Button Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Checkbox(3pm) Checkbox Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Fieldset(3pm) Fieldset Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Hidden(3pm) Hidden Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::NullContainer(3pm) Null Container Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Password(3pm) Password Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Radio(3pm) Radio Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::RadioGroup(3pm) Radio Element grouping.
HTML::Widget::Element::Reset(3pm) Reset Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Select(3pm) Select Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Span(3pm) Span Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Submit(3pm) Submit Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Textarea(3pm) Textarea Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Textfield(3pm) Textfield Element.
HTML::Widget::Element::Upload(3pm) Upload Element.
HTML::Widget::Error(3pm) Error.
HTML::Widget::Filter(3pm) Filter Base Class.
HTML::Widget::Filter::Callback(3pm) Lower Case Filter.
HTML::Widget::Filter::HTMLEscape(3pm) HTML Escaping Filter.
HTML::Widget::Filter::HTMLStrip(3pm) HTML Strip Filter.
HTML::Widget::Filter::LowerCase(3pm) Lower Case Filter.
HTML::Widget::Filter::TrimEdges(3pm) Trim whitespaces from beginning and end of string.
HTML::Widget::Filter::UpperCase(3pm) Upper Case Filter.
HTML::Widget::Filter::Whitespace(3pm) Whitespace Filter.
HTML::Widget::Manual::Developer(3pm) Information for developers.
HTML::Widget::Result(3pm) Result Class.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu(3pm) A Perl Module for Generating HTML Navigation Menus.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::EscapeHtml(3pm) Provides a function to escape HTML.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::ExpandVal(3pm) An expand value that differentiates among different expands.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::HeaderRole(3pm) A Specialized HTML::Widgets::NavMenu sub-class.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::Base(3pm) Base class for the iterator.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::Html(3pm) An iterator for HTML.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::JQTreeView(3pm) An iterator for JQuery TreeView's navigation menus.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::NavMenu(3pm) Navmenu iterator.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::NavMenu::HeaderRole(3pm) A nav-menu iterator for the HeaderRole sub-class.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::SiteMap(3pm) A site-map iterator.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::JQueryTreeView(3pm) A Specialized HTML::Widgets::NavMenu sub-class.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Object(3pm) A base object for HTML::Widgets::NavMenu.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Predicate(3pm) A predicate object for HTML::Widgets::NavMenu.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::TagGen(3pm) Class to generate tags.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Tree::Iterator(3pm) An iterator for HTML.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Tree::Iterator::Item(3pm) An item for the tree iterator.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Tree::Iterator::Stack(3pm) A simple stack class.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Tree::Node(3pm) An iterator for HTML.
HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Url(3pm) URL manipulation class.
HTML::Widgets::SelectLayers(3pm) Perl extension for selectable HTML layers.
HTML::WikiConverter(3pm) Convert HTML to wiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::Dialects(3pm) How to add a dialect.
HTML::WikiConverter::DokuWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to DokuWiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::Kwiki(3pm) Convert HTML to Kwiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::Markdown(3pm) Convert HTML to Markdown markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::MediaWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to MediaWiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::MoinMoin(3pm) Convert HTML to MoinMoin markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::Normalizer(3pm) Convert CSS styles to (roughly) corresponding HTML.
HTML::WikiConverter::Oddmuse(3pm) Convert HTML to Oddmuse markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::PhpWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to PhpWiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::PmWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to PmWiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::SnipSnap(3pm) Convert HTML to SnipSnap markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::TikiWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to TikiWiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::UseMod(3pm) Convert HTML to UseMod markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::WakkaWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to WakkaWiki markup.
HTML::WikiConverter::WebApp(3pm) Web interface to HTML::WikiConverter.
HTML::WikiConverter::WikkaWiki(3pm) Convert HTML to WikkaWiki markup.
html_cssdefaults(3tcl) Default CSS style for HTML export plugins. Deploy local copy of HTML::FormFu template files. Dump configuration files.
htmlclean(1p) A small script to clean up existing HTML.
htmlcxx(1) Simple HTML and CSS parser.
htmldoc(1) Convert html source files into html, postscript, or pdf.
HTMLLinker(1) Tool to fix up href references in HTML files.
htmlmin(1) Htmlmin is a configurable HTML Minifier with safety features.
htmlparse(3tcl) Procedures to parse HTML strings.
htmltoc(1) Add table of contents to HTML document.
htmlToXBel(1) A tool to convert bookmarks stored in the html format into the xbel format.
htmltree(1p) Parse the given HTML file(s) and dump the parse tree.
htmv(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
htnotify(1) Sends email notifications about out-dated web pages discovered by htmerge.
htntlm(1) Read/write NTLM message.
htobe16(3) ↣ endian(3)
htobe32(3) ↣ endian(3)
htobe64(3) ↣ endian(3)
htole16(3) ↣ endian(3)
htole32(3) ↣ endian(3)
htole64(3) ↣ endian(3)
htonl(3) ↣ byteorder(3) Convert values between host and network byte order.
htonl(3posix) Convert values between host and network byte order.
htons(3) ↣ byteorder(3) Convert values between host and network byte order.
htop(1) Interactive process viewer.
htp(1) HTML preprocessor.
htpasswd(1) Manage user files for basic authentication.
htpdate(8) Time synchronization (daemon).
htping(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
htproxy(1) Record a HTTP session.
htproxydestroy(1) ↣ htproxyput(1) GSI proxy delegations and querying,.
htproxyinfo(1) ↣ htproxyput(1) GSI proxy delegations and querying,.
htproxyput(1) GSI proxy delegations and querying,.
htproxyrenew(1) ↣ htproxyput(1) GSI proxy delegations and querying,.
htproxytime(1) ↣ htproxyput(1) GSI proxy delegations and querying,.
htproxyunixtime(1) ↣ htproxyput(1) GSI proxy delegations and querying,.
htpurge(1) Remove unused documents from the database (general maintenance script).
htrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
htremote(1) Record a HTTP session.
htrm(1) ↣ htcp(1) File transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast.
hts(1) Httptunnel server.
hts_engine(1) HMM-based speech synthesis engine.
htsearch(1) Create document index and word database for the ht://Dig search engine.
htsfile(1) Identify high-throughput sequencing data files.
htsserver(1) Offline browser server : copy websites to a local directory.
htstat(1) Returns statistics on the document and word databases, much like the -s option to htdig or htmerge.
httest(1) Test HTTP driven application.
http(1) CLI, cURL-like tool for humans.
http(3tcl) Client-side implementation of the HTTP/1.1 protocol.
HTTP::Async(3pm) Process multiple HTTP requests in parallel without blocking.
HTTP::Async::Polite(3pm) Politely process multiple HTTP requests.
HTTP::Body(3pm) HTTP Body Parser.
HTTP::Body::MultiPart(3pm) HTTP Body Multipart Parser.
HTTP::Body::OctetStream(3pm) HTTP Body OctetStream Parser.
HTTP::Body::UrlEncoded(3pm) HTTP Body UrlEncoded Parser.
HTTP::Body::XForms(3pm) HTTP Body XForms Parser.
HTTP::Body::XFormsMultipart(3pm) HTTP Body XForms multipart/related submission Parser.
HTTP::BrowserDetect(3pm) Determine Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string.
HTTP::Cache::Transparent(3pm) Cache the result of http get-requests persistently.
HTTP::Config(3pm) Configuration for request and response objects.
HTTP::CookieJar(3pm) A minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar.
HTTP::CookieJar::LWP(3pm) LWP adapter for HTTP::CookieJar.
HTTP::CookieMonster(3pm) Easy read/write access to your jar of HTTP::Cookies.
HTTP::CookieMonster::Cookie(3pm) Cookie representation used by HTTP::CookieMonster.
HTTP::Cookies(3pm) HTTP cookie jars.
HTTP::Cookies::Netscape(3pm) Access to Netscape cookies files.
HTTP::Daemon(3pm) A simple http server class.
HTTP::Daemon::SSL(3pm) A simple http server class with SSL support.
HTTP::Date(3pm) Date conversion routines.
HTTP::DAV(3pm) A WebDAV client library for Perl5.
HTTP::DAV::Lock(3pm) Represents a WebDAV Lock.
HTTP::DAV::Resource(3pm) Represents and interfaces with WebDAV Resources.
HTTP::DAV::Response(3pm) Represents a WebDAV HTTP Response (ala HTTP::Response).
HTTP::Entity::Parser(3pm) PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser.
HTTP::Entity::Parser::JSON(3pm) Parser for application/json.
HTTP::Entity::Parser::MultiPart(3pm) Parser for multipart/form-data.
HTTP::Entity::Parser::OctetStream(3pm) Parser for application/octet-stream.
HTTP::Entity::Parser::UrlEncoded(3pm) Parser for application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
HTTP::Exception(3pm) Throw HTTP-Errors as (Exception::Class-) Exceptions.
HTTP::Exception::1XX(3pm) Base Class for 1XX (info) Exceptions.
HTTP::Exception::2XX(3pm) Base Class for 2XX (success) Exceptions.
HTTP::Exception::3XX(3pm) Base Class for 3XX (redirect) Exceptions.
HTTP::Exception::4XX(3pm) Base Class for 4XX (client error) Exceptions.
HTTP::Exception::5XX(3pm) Base Class for 5XX (server error) Exceptions.
HTTP::Exception::Base(3pm) Base Class for exception classes created by HTTP::Exception.
HTTP::Exception::Loader(3pm) Creates HTTP::Exception subclasses.
HTTP::Headers(3pm) Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack(3pm) HTTP Action, Adventure and Excitement.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AcceptCharset(3pm) A Priority List customized for Media Types.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AcceptLanguage(3pm) A Priority List customized for Media Types.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AuthenticationInfo(3pm) The Authentication-Info Header.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization(3pm) The Authorization Header factory.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization::Basic(3pm) The Basic Authorization Header.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization::Digest(3pm) The Digest Authorization Header.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::ContentNegotiation(3pm) A class to handle content negotiation.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::Base(3pm) A Base class.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseAuthHeader(3pm) The base Auth Header.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderList(3pm) A Base Header List.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderType(3pm) A Base header type.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderWithParams(3pm) A Base header type with parameters.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::DateHeader(3pm) A Date Header.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::LinkHeader(3pm) A Link.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::LinkList(3pm) A List of Link objects.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::MediaType(3pm) A Media Type.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::MediaTypeList(3pm) A Priority List customized for Media Types.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::PriorityList(3pm) A Priority List.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Util(3pm) General Utility module.
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::WWWAuthenticate(3pm) The WWW-Authenticate Header.
HTTP::Headers::Fast(3pm) Faster implementation of HTTP::Headers.
HTTP::Headers::Util(3pm) Header value parsing utility functions.
HTTP::Link::Parser(3pm) Parse HTTP Link headers.
HTTP::Lite(3pm) Lightweight HTTP implementation.
HTTP::LRDD(3pm) Link-based resource descriptor discovery.
HTTP::Message(3pm) HTTP style message (base class).
HTTP::Message::PSGI(3pm) Converts HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response from/to PSGI env and response.
HTTP::MultiPartParser(3pm) HTTP MultiPart Parser.
HTTP::Negotiate(3pm) Choose a variant to serve.
HTTP::OAI(3pm) API for the OAI-PMH.
HTTP::OAI::Debug(3pm) Debug the HTTP::OAI libraries.
HTTP::OAI::Encapsulation(3pm) Base class for data objects that contain DOM trees.
HTTP::OAI::Error(3pm) Encapsulates OAI error codes.
HTTP::OAI::GetRecord(3pm) An OAI GetRecord response.
HTTP::OAI::Harvester(3pm) Agent for harvesting from Open Archives version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and static ('2.0s').
HTTP::OAI::Header(3pm) Encapsulates an OAI header structure.
HTTP::OAI::Identify(3pm) Provide access to an OAI Identify response.
HTTP::OAI::ListIdentifiers(3pm) Provide access to an OAI ListIdentifiers response.
HTTP::OAI::ListMetadataFormats(3pm) Provide access to an OAI ListMetadataFormats response.
HTTP::OAI::ListRecords(3pm) Provide access to an OAI ListRecords response.
HTTP::OAI::ListSets(3pm) Provide access to an OAI ListSets response.
HTTP::OAI::MemberMixin(3pm) Attribute utility methods.
HTTP::OAI::Metadata(3pm) Base class for data objects that contain DOM trees.
HTTP::OAI::Metadata::METS(3pm) METS accessor utility.
HTTP::OAI::Metadata::OAI_DC(3pm) Easy access to OAI Dublin Core.
HTTP::OAI::MetadataFormat(3pm) Encapsulates OAI metadataFormat XML data.
HTTP::OAI::Record(3pm) Encapsulates an OAI record.
HTTP::OAI::Repository(3pm) Documentation for building an OAI compliant repository using OAI-PERL.
HTTP::OAI::ResumptionToken(3pm) Encapsulates an OAI resumption token.
HTTP::OAI::SAX::Driver(3pm) SAX2 utility filter.
HTTP::OAI::SAX::Text(3pm) Adds Text and Attributes to end_element.
HTTP::OAI::SAXHandler(3pm) SAX2 utility filter.
HTTP::OAI::Set(3pm) Encapsulates OAI set XML data.
HTTP::OAI::UserAgent(3pm) Extension of the LWP::UserAgent for OAI HTTP requests.
HTTP::Parser(3pm) Parse HTTP/1.1 request into HTTP::Request/Response object.
HTTP::Parser::XS(3pm) A fast, primitive HTTP request parser.
HTTP::Proxy(3pm) A pure Perl HTTP proxy.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter(3pm) A base class for HTTP messages body filters.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete(3pm) A filter that passes on a complete body or nothing.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::htmlparser(3pm) Filter using HTML::Parser.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::htmltext(3pm) A filter to transmogrify HTML text.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::lines(3pm) A filter that outputs only complete lines.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::save(3pm) A filter that saves transferred data to a file.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple(3pm) A class for creating simple filters.
HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::tags(3pm) A filter that outputs only complete tags.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine(3pm) Generic child process manager engine for HTTP::Proxy.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Legacy(3pm) The "older" HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::NoFork(3pm) A basic, non forking HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::ScoreBoard(3pm) A scoreboard-based HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::Engine::Threaded(3pm) A scoreboard-based HTTP::Proxy engine.
HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack(3pm) A class to manage filter stacks.
HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter(3pm) A base class for HTTP message header filters.
HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::simple(3pm) A class for creating simple filters.
HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::standard(3pm) An internal filter to respect RFC2616.
HTTP::Recorder(3pm) Record interaction with websites.
HTTP::Request(3pm) HTTP style request message.
HTTP::Request::AsCGI(3pm) Set up a CGI environment from an HTTP::Request.
HTTP::Request::Common(3pm) Construct common HTTP::Request objects.
HTTP::Request::Params(3pm) Retrieve GET/POST Parameters from HTTP Requests.
HTTP::Response(3pm) HTTP style response message.
HTTP::Response::Encoding(3pm) Adds encoding() to HTTP::Response.
HTTP::Server::PSGI(3pm) Standalone PSGI compatible HTTP server.
HTTP::Server::Simple(3pm) Lightweight HTTP server.
HTTP::Server::Simple::Authen(3pm) Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple.
HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI(3pm) version of HTTP::Server::Simple.
HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI::Environment(3pm) A HTTP::Server::Simple mixin to provide the CGI protocol.
HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI::PreFork(3pm) Turn HSS into a preforking webserver and enable SSL.
HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason(3pm) An abstract baseclass for a standalone mason server.
HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI(3pm) PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple.
HTTP::Server::Simple::Recorder(3pm) Mixin to record HTTP::Server::Simple's sockets.
HTTP::Server::Simple::Static(3pm) Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple.
HTTP::Status(3pm) HTTP Status code processing.
HTTP::Thin(3pm) A Thin Wrapper around HTTP::Tiny to play nice with HTTP::Message.
HTTP::Throwable(3pm) A set of strongly-typed, PSGI-friendly HTTP 1.1 exception libraries.
HTTP::Throwable::Factory(3pm) A factory that throws HTTP::Throwables for you.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::BoringText(3pm) Provide the simplest text_body method possible.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Generic(3pm) A generic built-by-hand exception.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::NoBody(3pm) An exception with no body.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Redirect(3pm) An exception that is a redirect.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::BadGateway(3pm) 502 Bad Gateway.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::BadRequest(3pm) 400 Bad Request.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Conflict(3pm) 409 Conflict.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::ExpectationFailed(3pm) 417 Expectation Failed.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Forbidden(3pm) 403 Forbidden.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Found(3pm) 302 Found.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::GatewayTimeout(3pm) 504 Gateway Timeout.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Gone(3pm) 410 Gone.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::HTTPVersionNotSupported(3pm) 505 HTTP Version Not Supported.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::ImATeapot(3pm) 418 I'm a teapot.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::InternalServerError(3pm) 500 Internal Server Error.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::LengthRequired(3pm) 411 Length Required.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::MethodNotAllowed(3pm) 405 Method Not Allowed.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::MovedPermanently(3pm) 301 Moved Permanently.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::MultipleChoices(3pm) 300 Multiple Choices.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::NotAcceptable(3pm) 406 Not Acceptable.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::NotFound(3pm) 404 Not Found.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::NotImplemented(3pm) 501 Not Implemented.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::NotModified(3pm) 304 Not Modified.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::PermanentRedirect(3pm) 308 Permanent Redirect.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::PreconditionFailed(3pm) 412 Precondition Failed.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::ProxyAuthenticationRequired(3pm) 407 Proxy Authentication Required.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::RequestedRangeNotSatisfiable(3pm) 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::RequestEntityTooLarge(3pm) 413 Request Entity Too Large.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::RequestTimeout(3pm) 408 Request Timeout.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::RequestURITooLong(3pm) 414 Request-URI Too Long.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::SeeOther(3pm) 303 See Other.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::ServiceUnavailable(3pm) 503 Service Unavailable.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::TemporaryRedirect(3pm) 307 Temporary Redirect.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::TooManyRequests(3pm) 429 Too Many Requests.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::Unauthorized(3pm) 401 Unauthorized.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::UnsupportedMediaType(3pm) 415 Unsupported Media Type.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::Status::UseProxy(3pm) 305 Use Proxy.
HTTP::Throwable::Role::TextBody(3pm) An exception with a plaintext body.
HTTP::Throwable::Variant(3pm) A package that constructs Moo-based HTTP::Throwables for you.
HTTP::Tiny(3perl) A small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client.
HTTP::Tiny(3pm) A small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client.
http@(1) Get a web page from a host through HTTP.
http_uri(3erl) URI utility module.
httparty(1) Query web services and examine the resulting output.
httpc(3erl) An HTTP/1.1 client.
httpcfg(1) Mono Certificate Management for HttpListener.
httpclient(1) Shell command for performing HTTP requests using Ruby httpclient.
httpd(3tcl) A TclOO and coroutine based web server.
httpd_custom_api(3erl) Behaviour with optional callbacks to customize the inets HTTP server.
httpd_selinux(8) Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the httpd daemon.
httpd_socket(3erl) Communication utility functions to be used by the Erlang.
httpd_util(3erl) Miscellaneous utility functions to be used when implementing.
httperf(1) HTTP performance measurement tool.
httpfs2(1) Mount a file from a http server into the filesystem.
httpindex(1) HTTP front-end for SWISH++ indexer.
httping(1) Measure the latency and throughput of a webserver.
httppower(8) Communicate with HTTP based power distribution units.
httprecorder(1p) Quick script for recording HTTP traffic.
httpry(1) HTTP logging and information retrieval tool.
httpsearch(1) ↣ srvsearch(1)
httrack(1) Offline browser : copy websites to a local directory.
httxt2dbm(1) Generate dbm files for use with RewriteMap.
hubicfuse(8) Mount hubiC storage.
hud-cli(1) Tool to exercise the HUD on the command line.
hud-dump-application(1) Tool to dump information on an application from the HUD usage database.
hud-list-applications(1) Tool to list the applications in the HUD usage database.
hud-verify-app-info(1) Tool to verify an app-info file that is expected to be used in the HUD.
huddle(3tcl) Create and manipulate huddle object.
hufo_smoke(1) Particle smoke effect.
hufo_tunnel(1) Tunnel saver.
hug(1) Hug Python3 API framework.
hugdaylist(1) Produce MoinMoin wiki formatted tables based on a Launchpad bug list.
HUGE_VAL(3) ↣ INFINITY(3) Floating-point constants.
HUGE_VALF(3) ↣ INFINITY(3) Floating-point constants.
HUGE_VALL(3) ↣ INFINITY(3) Floating-point constants.
hugeadm(8) Configure the system huge page pools.
hugectl(8) Control policy for backing text, data and malloc() with hugepages.
hugeedit(8) Set default policy for backing text and data with hugepages.
hugetlbfs_find_path(3) Locate an appropriate hugetlbfs mount point.
hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size(3) ↣ hugetlbfs_find_path(3) Locate an appropriate hugetlbfs mount point.
hugetlbfs_test_path(3) Determine whether a mount point is hugetlbfs.
hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd(3) Obtain a file descriptor for a new unlinked file in.
hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd_for_size(3) ↣ hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd(3) Obtain a file descriptor for a new unlinked file in.
hugin(1) Hugin panorama creator.
hugin_executor(1) Stitch a hugin project.
hugin_hdrmerge(1) Merge overlapping images.
hugin_lensdb(1) Tool for lens database maintenance.
hugin_stitch_project(1) Stitch a hugin project.
hugo(1) Hugo builds your site.
hugo-benchmark(1) Benchmark Hugo by building a site a number of times.
hugo-config(1) Print the site configuration.
hugo-convert(1) Convert your content to different formats.
hugo-convert-toJSON(1) Convert front matter to JSON.
hugo-convert-toTOML(1) Convert front matter to TOML.
hugo-convert-toYAML(1) Convert front matter to YAML.
hugo-env(1) Print Hugo version and environment info.
hugo-gen(1) A collection of several useful generators.
hugo-gen-autocomplete(1) Generate shell autocompletion script for Hugo.
hugo-gen-chromastyles(1) Generate CSS stylesheet for the Chroma code highlighter.
hugo-gen-doc(1) Generate Markdown documentation for the Hugo CLI.
hugo-gen-man(1) Generate man pages for the Hugo CLI.
hugo-import(1) Import your site from others.
hugo-import-jekyll(1) Hugo import from Jekyll.
hugo-list(1) Listing out various types of content.
hugo-list-drafts(1) List all drafts.
hugo-list-expired(1) List all posts already expired.
hugo-list-future(1) List all posts dated in the future.
hugo-new(1) Create new content for your site.
hugo-new-site(1) Create a new site (skeleton).
hugo-new-theme(1) Create a new theme.
hugo-server(1) A high performance webserver.
hugo-version(1) Print the version number of Hugo.
hugs(1) Hugs 98, functional programming system.
huh(1) Redisplay last telegram received.
humanfriendly(1) Human friendly input/output formatter.
humanize_number(3bsd) Format a number into a human readable form and viceversa.
humfsify(1) Convert a directory to the format needed by the UML humfs file system.
humount(1) Remove an HFS volume from the list of known volumes.
hunspell(1) Spell checker, stemmer and morphological analyzer.
hunspell(3) Spell checking, stemming, morphological generation and analysis.
hunspell(5) Format of Hunspell dictionaries and affix files.
hunt(1) Network security auditing tool.
hunt(6) A multi-player multi-terminal game.
huntd(6) Hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game.
hunzip(1) Decompress and decrypt hzip files to the standard output.
hv3(1) Powerful yet minimalist web browser.
hv3(3tcl) Mega-widget building on Tkhtml.
hv3browser(3tcl) Web browser widget.
hv_kvp(4freebsd) Hyper-V Key Value Pair Driver.
hv_kvp_daemon(8) Hyper-V Key Value Pair daemon.
hv_netvsc(4freebsd) Hyper-V Network Virtual Service Consumer.
hv_storvsc(4freebsd) Hyper-V Storage Virtual Service Consumer.
hv_utils(4freebsd) Hyper-V Utilities Driver.
hv_vmbus(4freebsd) Hyper-V Virtual Machine Bus (VMBus) Driver.
hv_vss(4freebsd) Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Service API.
hvectext(1gv) Construct Geomview VECT text object from Hershey fonts.
hvmgr(1) Administration utility for QDBM Hovel.
hvol(1) Display or change the current HFS volume.
hvtest(1) Test cases for QDBM Hovel.
hwcl(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hwclock(5) Variables that affect the behaviour of the hwclock boot script.
hwclock(8) Time clocks utility.
hwdb(7) Hardware Database.
hwinfo(8) Probe for hardware.
hwlatdetect(8) Program to control the kernel hardware latency detection module.
hwloc(7) General information about hwloc ("hardware locality").
hwloc-annotate(1) Add info attributes to a XML topology.
hwloc-assembler(1) Assemble multiple XML topologies.
hwloc-assembler-remote(1) Assemble multiple remote host topologies.
hwloc-bind(1) Launch a command that is bound to specific processors and/or memory, or consult the binding of an.
hwloc-calc(1) Operate on cpu mask strings and objects.
hwloc-compress-dir(1) Compress a directory of XML topologies.
hwloc-diff(1) Compute differences between two XML topologies.
hwloc-distances(1) Displays distance matrices.
hwloc-distrib(1) Build a number of cpu masks distributed on the system.
hwloc-dump-hwdata(1) Dump topology and locality information from hardware tables.
hwloc-gather-topology(1) Saves the relevant Linux topology files and the lstopo textual and XML outputs for.
hwloc-info(1) Show some information about some objects or about a topology or about support features.
hwloc-ls(1) Show the topology of the system.
hwloc-patch(1) Apply a topology difference to an existing XML topology.
hwloc-ps(1) List currently-running processes or threads that are bound.
hwloc_alloc(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_alloc_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_alloc_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_alloc_membind_policy(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_alloc_membind_policy_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_API_VERSION(3) ↣ hwlocality_api_version(3)
hwloc_bitmap_allbut(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_alloc(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_alloc_full(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_and(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_andnot(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_asprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_clr(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_clr_range(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_compare(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_compare_first(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_copy(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_dup(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_fill(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_first(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_foreach_begin(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_foreach_end(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_free(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_from_ith_ulong(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_from_ulong(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_intersects(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_isequal(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_isfull(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_isincluded(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_isset(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_iszero(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_last(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_list_asprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_list_snprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_list_sscanf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_next(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_not(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_only(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_or(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_set(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_set_ith_ulong(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_set_range(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_singlify(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_snprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_sscanf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_taskset_asprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_taskset_snprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_taskset_sscanf(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_to_ith_ulong(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_to_ulong(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_weight(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_xor(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bitmap_zero(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_bridge_covers_pcibus(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_compare_types(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_compare_types_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_const_bitmap_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_bitmap(3)
hwloc_const_cpuset_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_sets(3)
hwloc_const_nodeset_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_sets(3)
hwloc_cpubind_flags_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
HWLOC_CPUBIND_NOMEMBIND(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
HWLOC_CPUBIND_PROCESS(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
HWLOC_CPUBIND_STRICT(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
HWLOC_CPUBIND_THREAD(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_cpuset_from_glibc_sched_affinity(3) ↣ hwlocality_glibc_sched(3)
hwloc_cpuset_from_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3)
hwloc_cpuset_from_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3)
hwloc_cpuset_from_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_nodeset_convert(3)
hwloc_cpuset_from_nodeset_strict(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_nodeset_convert(3)
hwloc_cpuset_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_sets(3)
hwloc_cpuset_to_glibc_sched_affinity(3) ↣ hwlocality_glibc_sched(3)
hwloc_cpuset_to_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3)
hwloc_cpuset_to_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3)
hwloc_cpuset_to_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_nodeset_convert(3)
hwloc_cpuset_to_nodeset_strict(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_nodeset_convert(3)
hwloc_cuda_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_cuda(3)
hwloc_cuda_get_device_osdev(3) ↣ hwlocality_cuda(3)
hwloc_cuda_get_device_osdev_by_index(3) ↣ hwlocality_cuda(3)
hwloc_cuda_get_device_pci_ids(3) ↣ hwlocality_cuda(3)
hwloc_cuda_get_device_pcidev(3) ↣ hwlocality_cuda(3)
hwloc_cudart_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_cudart(3)
hwloc_cudart_get_device_osdev_by_index(3) ↣ hwlocality_cudart(3)
hwloc_cudart_get_device_pci_ids(3) ↣ hwlocality_cudart(3)
hwloc_cudart_get_device_pcidev(3) ↣ hwlocality_cudart(3)
hwloc_custom_insert_group_object_by_parent(3) ↣ hwlocality_custom(3)
hwloc_custom_insert_topology(3) ↣ hwlocality_custom(3)
hwloc_distrib(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_distribute(3)
HWLOC_DISTRIB_FLAG_REVERSE(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_distribute(3)
hwloc_distrib_flags_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_distribute(3)
hwloc_export_obj_userdata(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
hwloc_export_obj_userdata_base64(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
hwloc_free(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_free_xmlbuffer(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
hwloc_get_ancestor_obj_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_ancestors(3)
hwloc_get_ancestor_obj_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_ancestors(3)
hwloc_get_api_version(3) ↣ hwlocality_api_version(3)
hwloc_get_area_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_area_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_area_memlocation(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_cache_covering_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_cache(3)
hwloc_get_cache_type_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_cache(3)
hwloc_get_child_covering_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_covering(3)
hwloc_get_closest_objs(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_misc(3)
hwloc_get_common_ancestor_obj(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_ancestors(3)
hwloc_get_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_get_depth_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_distance_matrix_covering_obj_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_distances(3)
hwloc_get_first_largest_obj_inside_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_hostbridge_by_pcibus(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_largest_objs_inside_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_last_cpu_location(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_get_latency(3) ↣ hwlocality_distances(3)
hwloc_get_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_nbobjs_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_nbobjs_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_nbobjs_inside_cpuset_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_nbobjs_inside_cpuset_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_next_bridge(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_next_child(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_ancestors(3)
hwloc_get_next_obj_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_next_obj_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_next_obj_covering_cpuset_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_covering(3)
hwloc_get_next_obj_covering_cpuset_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_covering(3)
hwloc_get_next_obj_inside_cpuset_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_next_obj_inside_cpuset_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_next_osdev(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_next_pcidev(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_non_io_ancestor_obj(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_obj_below_array_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_misc(3)
hwloc_get_obj_below_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_misc(3)
hwloc_get_obj_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_obj_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_obj_covering_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_covering(3)
hwloc_get_obj_index_inside_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_obj_inside_cpuset_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_obj_inside_cpuset_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_inside(3)
hwloc_get_pcidev_by_busid(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_pcidev_by_busidstring(3) ↣ hwlocality_advanced_io(3)
hwloc_get_proc_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_get_proc_last_cpu_location(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_get_proc_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_proc_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_get_pu_obj_by_os_index(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_misc(3)
hwloc_get_root_obj(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_shared_cache_covering_obj(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_find_cache(3)
hwloc_get_thread_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_get_type_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_type_depth_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_type_or_above_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_type_or_below_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_get_whole_distance_matrix_by_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_distances(3)
hwloc_get_whole_distance_matrix_by_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_distances(3)
hwloc_gl_get_display_by_osdev(3) ↣ hwlocality_gl(3)
hwloc_gl_get_display_osdev_by_name(3) ↣ hwlocality_gl(3)
hwloc_gl_get_display_osdev_by_port_device(3) ↣ hwlocality_gl(3)
hwloc_ibv_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_openfabrics(3)
hwloc_ibv_get_device_osdev(3) ↣ hwlocality_openfabrics(3)
hwloc_ibv_get_device_osdev_by_name(3) ↣ hwlocality_openfabrics(3)
hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_intel_mic(3)
hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_osdev_by_index(3) ↣ hwlocality_intel_mic(3)
hwloc_linux_get_tid_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux(3)
hwloc_linux_get_tid_last_cpu_location(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux(3)
hwloc_linux_parse_cpumap_file(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux(3)
hwloc_linux_set_tid_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_BIND(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_BYNODESET(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_DEFAULT(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_FIRSTTOUCH(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_membind_flags_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_INTERLEAVE(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_MIGRATE(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_MIXED(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_NEXTTOUCH(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_NOCPUBIND(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_membind_policy_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_PROCESS(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_REPLICATE(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_STRICT(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
HWLOC_MEMBIND_THREAD(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_mx_board_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_myriexpress(3)
hwloc_mx_endpoint_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_myriexpress(3)
hwloc_nodeset_from_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3)
hwloc_nodeset_from_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3)
hwloc_nodeset_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_sets(3)
hwloc_nodeset_to_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_bitmask(3)
hwloc_nodeset_to_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3) ↣ hwlocality_linux_libnuma_ulongs(3)
hwloc_nvml_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_nvml(3)
hwloc_nvml_get_device_osdev(3) ↣ hwlocality_nvml(3)
hwloc_nvml_get_device_osdev_by_index(3) ↣ hwlocality_nvml(3)
hwloc_obj_add_info(3) ↣ hwlocality_info_attr(3)
hwloc_obj_attr_snprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_strings(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_BRIDGE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_BRIDGE_HOST(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_BRIDGE_PCI(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_bridge_type_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_bridge_type_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_CACHE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_CACHE_DATA(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_CACHE_INSTRUCTION(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_cache_type_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_cache_type_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_CACHE_UNIFIED(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_CORE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_cpuset_snprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_strings(3)
hwloc_obj_get_info_by_name(3) ↣ hwlocality_info_attr(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_GROUP(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_is_in_subtree(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_ancestors(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_MACHINE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_MISC(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_NUMANODE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OS_DEVICE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_BLOCK(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_COPROC(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_DMA(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_GPU(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_NETWORK(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_OSDEV_OPENFABRICS(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_osdev_type_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_osdev_type_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_PACKAGE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_PCI_DEVICE(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_PU(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
HWLOC_OBJ_SYSTEM(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_obj_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_objects(3)
hwloc_obj_type_snprintf(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_strings(3)
hwloc_obj_type_sscanf(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_strings(3)
hwloc_obj_type_string(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_strings(3)
hwloc_obj_type_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwloc_opencl_get_device_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_opencl(3)
hwloc_opencl_get_device_osdev(3) ↣ hwlocality_opencl(3)
hwloc_opencl_get_device_osdev_by_index(3) ↣ hwlocality_opencl(3)
HWLOC_RESTRICT_FLAG_ADAPT_IO(3) ↣ hwlocality_tinker(3)
HWLOC_RESTRICT_FLAG_ADAPT_MISC(3) ↣ hwlocality_tinker(3)
hwloc_restrict_flags_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_tinker(3)
hwloc_set_area_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_set_area_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_set_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_set_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_set_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_set_proc_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_set_proc_membind(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_set_proc_membind_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_membinding(3)
hwloc_set_thread_cpubind(3) ↣ hwlocality_cpubinding(3)
hwloc_topology_check(3) ↣ hwlocality_creation(3)
hwloc_topology_destroy(3) ↣ hwlocality_creation(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_apply(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_apply_flags_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_build(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_destroy(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_export_xml(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_export_xmlbuffer(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_load_xml(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_load_xmlbuffer(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_DIFF_OBJ_ATTR(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_DIFF_OBJ_ATTR_INFO(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_DIFF_OBJ_ATTR_NAME(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_DIFF_OBJ_ATTR_SIZE(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_obj_attr_type_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_DIFF_TOO_COMPLEX(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_diff_type_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_diff(3)
hwloc_topology_dup(3) ↣ hwlocality_creation(3)
hwloc_topology_export_synthetic(3) ↣ hwlocality_syntheticexport(3)
hwloc_topology_export_xml(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
hwloc_topology_export_xmlbuffer(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_ICACHES(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_IO_BRIDGES(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_IO_DEVICES(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_IS_THISSYSTEM(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_WHOLE_IO(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_WHOLE_SYSTEM(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_flags_e(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_get_allowed_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_allowed_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_complete_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_complete_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_depth(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
hwloc_topology_get_flags(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_get_online_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_topology_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_topology_nodeset(3) ↣ hwlocality_helper_topology_sets(3)
hwloc_topology_get_userdata(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_ignore_all_keep_structure(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_ignore_type(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_ignore_type_keep_structure(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_init(3) ↣ hwlocality_creation(3)
hwloc_topology_insert_misc_object_by_cpuset(3) ↣ hwlocality_tinker(3)
hwloc_topology_insert_misc_object_by_parent(3) ↣ hwlocality_tinker(3)
hwloc_topology_is_thissystem(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_load(3) ↣ hwlocality_creation(3)
hwloc_topology_restrict(3) ↣ hwlocality_tinker(3)
hwloc_topology_set_custom(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_distance_matrix(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_flags(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_fsroot(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_pid(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_synthetic(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_userdata(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_userdata_export_callback(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
hwloc_topology_set_userdata_import_callback(3) ↣ hwlocality_xmlexport(3)
hwloc_topology_set_xml(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_set_xmlbuffer(3) ↣ hwlocality_configuration(3)
hwloc_topology_t(3) ↣ hwlocality_creation(3)
HWLOC_TYPE_DEPTH_BRIDGE(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
HWLOC_TYPE_DEPTH_MULTIPLE(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
HWLOC_TYPE_DEPTH_OS_DEVICE(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
HWLOC_TYPE_DEPTH_PCI_DEVICE(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
HWLOC_TYPE_DEPTH_UNKNOWN(3) ↣ hwlocality_levels(3)
HWLOC_TYPE_UNORDERED(3) ↣ hwlocality_object_types(3)
hwmaster(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hwpmc(4freebsd) Hardware Performance Monitoring Counter support.
hwstamp_ctl(8) Set time stamping policy at the driver level.
hwsv(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hxaddid(1) Add IDs to selected elements.
hxcite(1) Replace bibliographic references by hyperlinks.
hxcite-mkbib(1) Expand references and create bibliography.
hxclean(1) Apply heuristics to correct an HTML file.
hxcopy(1) Copy an HTML file and update its relative links.
hxcount(1) Count elements and attributes in HTML or XML files.
hxextract(1) Extract selected elements from a HTML or XML file.
hxincl(1) Expand included HTML or XML files.
hxindex(1) Insert an index into an HTML document.
hxmkbib(1) Create bibliography from a template.
hxmultitoc(1) Create a table of content for a set of HTML files.
hxname2id(1) Move some NAME and ID attributes from an A to its parent.
hxnormalize(1) Pretty-print an HTML file.
hxnsxml(1) Convert output of hxxmlns back to XML.
hxnum(1) Number section headings in an HTML file.
hxpipe(1) Convert XML file to a format easier to parse with Perl or AWK.
hxprintlinks(1) Add a numbered list of links at the end of an HTML file.
hxprune(1) Remove marked elements from an HTML file.
hxref(1) Generate cross-references inside and between HTML files.
hxremove(1) Remove elements from an XML file by means of a CSS selector.
hxselect(1) Extract elements or attributes that match a (CSS) selector.
hxtabletrans(1) Transpose an HTML or XHTML table.
hxtoc(1) Insert a table of contents in an HTML file.
hxuncdata(1) Replace CDATA sections by character entities.
hxunent(1) Replace HTML predefined character entities by UTF-8.
hxunpipe(1) Convert output of hxpipe back to XML format.
hxunxmlns(1) Replace XML "global names" by Namespace prefixes.
hxwls(1) List links in an HTML file.
hxxmlns(1) Replace XML Namespace prefixes by "global names".
hy(1) Hy Documentation [image: Hy] [image].
hyantesite(1) Hyantesite - software client of libhyantes.
hybrd1_(3) ↣ hybrd_(3) Find a zero of a system of nonlinear function.
hybrd_(3) Find a zero of a system of nonlinear function.
hybrj1_(3) ↣ hybrj_(3) Find a zero of a system of nonlinear function.
hybrj_(3) Find a zero of a system of nonlinear function.
hydra(1) A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services.
hydra-wizard(1) Wizard to use hydra from command line.
hydra_nameserver(1) Internal executable used by Hydra.
hydra_persist(1) Internal executable used by Hydra.
hydra_pmi_proxy(1) Internal exectuable used by Hydra.
hydrogen(1) A simple drum machine/step sequencer.
hydrostat(6x) Wiggly squid or jellyfish with many tentacles.
hylafax-client(1) Introduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage.
hylafax-config(5) HylaFAX configuration database.
hylafax-info(5) Remote device capability database.
hylafax-log(5) Session log files.
hylafax-server(5) Introduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats.
hylafax-shutdown(5) Server shutdown control file.
hyper(6) Non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game.
hyperspace(1) Flying through hyper space.
hypertoc(1p) Generate a table of contents for HTML documents.
hypertorus(6x) Draws a hypertorus that rotates in 4d.
hypervisor_mode(7) Allows you to run simultaneously many virtual router instances, and to simulate ATM, Ether‐.
hypex(1) Computes the Chernoff exponent between two simple categories.
hyphen_show(1) A program to look for hyphenations in a .dvi-file created by TeX/LaTeX.
hypnotoad(1p) Hypnotoad HTTP and WebSocket server.
hypnowheel(6x) Draws overlapping, translucent spiral patterns.
hypot(3) Euclidean distance function.
hypot(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
hypot(3clc) Square root of x2 + y2.
hypot(3posix) Euclidean distance function.
hypotf(3) ↣ hypot(3) Euclidean distance function.
hypotf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
hypotl(3) ↣ hypot(3) Euclidean distance function.
hzip(1) Compress and encrypt dictionary files.
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