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k3b(1) KDE CD burning program.
k3d(1) 3D modeling and animation system.
k3d-renderframe(1) Part of a simple system for queueing K-3D render jobs on the local host.
k3d-renderjob(1) Part of a simple system for queueing K-3D render jobs on the local host.
k3d-sl2xml(1) Parses a RenderMan shader to create a shader meta file used by the K-3D user interface.
k3d-uuidgen(1) Generates a unique identifier.
k4dirstat(1) Graphical directory statistics.
k5identity(5) Kerberos V5 client principal selection rules.
k5login(5) Kerberos V5 acl file for host access.
k5srvutil(1) Host key table (keytab) manipulation utility.
k5start(1) Obtain and optionally keep active a Kerberos ticket.
ka-forwarder(8) Forward AFS Authentication Server requests to another server.
kacpimon(8) Kernel ACPI Event Monitor.
kadm5.acl(5) Kerberos ACL file.
kadmin(1) Kerberos V5 database administration program.
kadmin.heimdal(1) Kerberos administration utility.
kadmind(8) KADM5 administration server.
kadu(1) Instant messenger for Gadu-Gadu protocol.
kadu-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of kadu.
kafkacat(1) Generic producer and consumer for Apache Kafka.
kaget(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kajongg(6) KDE Mah Jongg.
kajonggserver(6) KDE Mah Jongg server.
kakasi(1) Kanji kana simple inverter (between Kanji, both Kana and Romaji).
kakasi-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of KAKASI.
kaleidescope(6x) Rotating line segments.
kaleidocycle(6x) Draws twistable rings of tetrahedra.
kali(1) Draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc.
kalign(1) Performs multiple alignment of biological sequences.
kaliprint(1) ↣ kali(1) Draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc.
kalt(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
kalzium(1) A KDE based chemistry teaching tool.
kamailio(8) Very fast and configurable sip proxy.
kamailio.cfg(5) Kamailio configuration file.
kamcmd(8) Kamailio command line tool.
kamctl(8) Kamailio control tool.
kamdbctl(8) Kamailio database control tool.
kamerka(1) Take photos using your webcam and shiny animated QML interface.
kanatest(1) A beginner's drill game to learn Japanese kana characters.
kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
kanif.conf(5) Configuration file for kanif.
kanjipad(1) Handwriting recognition for Kanji.
kanla(1p) Small-scale alerting daemon.
Kanla(3pm) Small-scale alerting daemon.
Kanla::Plugin::Banner(3pm) Useful functions for banner-based plugins.
kannel(8) Parts of Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway.
kantiword(1) Installs desktop icon for d'n'd function of antiword.
kanyremote(1x) KDE frontend for anyRemote.
kapptemplate(1) Creates a framework to develop a KDE application.
kaput(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
karbon(1) A Vector Graphics Drawing Application.
karlyriceditor(1) Graphical karaoke lyrics editor.
karma_helper(1) Adjusts the state of the Rio Karma.
kas(8) Introduction to the kas command suite.
kas_apropos(8) Displays each help entry containing a keyword string.
kas_create(8) Creates an entry in the Authentication Database.
kas_delete(8) Deletes an entry from the Authentication Database.
kas_examine(8) Displays information from an Authentication Database entry.
kas_forgetticket(8) Discards all tickets for the issuer.
kas_help(8) Displays help for kas commands.
kas_interactive(8) Enters interactive mode.
kas_list(8) Displays all entries in the Authentication Database.
kas_listtickets(8) Displays all of the issuer's tickets (tokens).
kas_noauthentication(8) Discards an authenticated identity in interactive mode.
kas_quit(8) Leaves interactive mode.
kas_setfields(8) Sets fields in an Authentication Database entry.
kas_setpassword(8) Changes the key field in an Authentication Database entry.
kas_statistics(8) Displays statistics from an Authentication Server process.
kas_stringtokey(8) Converts a character string into an octal key.
kas_unlock(8) Unlocks a locked user account.
kash(1) ↣ kanif(1) A TakTuk wrapper for cluster management.
KASSERT(9freebsd) Kernel expression verification macro.
kasumi(1) A personal dictionary manager for Anthy.
katalyzer(1) Analyzes Kate streams and displays various information about them.
katarakt(1) A simple PDF viewer with three layouts.
kate(1) Advanced text editor for KDE.
katedec(1) Decodes Kate streams to a textual description.
KateDJ(1) Edits and remixes Kate streams in Ogg.
kateenc(1) Create Kate streams from text input.
katerm(1) ↣ aterm-ml(1) A VT102 emulator for the X window system.
katomic(6) The Atomic Entertainment Handbook.
Kavorka(3pm) Function signatures with the lure of the animal.
Kavorka::Manual(3pm) How to obtain the lure of the animal.
Kavorka::Manual::API(3pm) The introspection API.
Kavorka::Manual::ExtendingKavorka(3pm) Extending Kavorka with traits and new keywords.
Kavorka::Manual::Functions(3pm) Fun keyword.
Kavorka::Manual::MethodModifiers(3pm) Before/after/around keywords.
Kavorka::Manual::Methods(3pm) Method/classmethod/objectmethod keywords.
Kavorka::Manual::MultiSubs(3pm) Multi subs and multi methods.
Kavorka::Manual::PrototypeAndAttributes(3pm) The more rarely used features of Perl subroutines.
Kavorka::Manual::Signatures(3pm) Experience the lure of the animal.
Kavorka::Parameter(3pm) A single parameter in a function signature.
Kavorka::Signature(3pm) A function signature.
Kavorka::Sub(3pm) A function that has been declared.
kawari_decode2(6) ↣ kawari_encode(6) Kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder.
kawari_encode(6) Kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder.
kawari_encode2(6) ↣ kawari_encode(6) Kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder.
kayali(1) A qt and maxima-based computer algebra system.
kazam(1) Screen recording and capturing program.
kbackup(1) An easy to use backup program.
kball(6) A game of skill and reflexes for all the family.
kbd-config(8) Configure the console keyboard.
kbd_mode(1) Report or set the keyboard mode.
kbdd(1) Simple per-window keyboard layout switching daemon.
kbdinfo(1) Obtain information about the status of a console.
kbdmux(4freebsd) Keyboard multiplexer.
kbdrate(8) Reset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time.
kbibtex(1) A BibTeX editor for KDE.
kblackbox(6) KDE Blackbox Game.
kblocks(6) KDE Blocks Game.
kbookmarkmerger(1) A program for merging a given set of bookmarks into the user's list of bookmarks.
kboot-mkconfig(8) Generate a kboot configuration file.
kbounce(6) KDE Jezz Ball game.
kbreakout(6) KDE Breakout Game.
kbruch(1) Learn calculating with fractions.
KBtin(6) A MUD client and an environment for line-based programs.
kbuildsycoca4(8) Rebuilds the system configuration cache.
kbuildsycoca5(8) Rebuilds the KService desktop file system configuration cache.
kbxutil(1) List, export, import Keybox data.
kc(1) Generate C code from Kimwitu input.
kc++(1) Generate C++ code from Kimwitu++ input.
kc2img(1) Convert KC files to raw KC tape images.
kc2raw(1) Convert KC files to KC memory dumps.
kc2tap(1) Convert KC files to raw KC tape images.
kc2wav(1) Convert KC files audio files (.WAV format).
kcachegrind(1) A visualisation tool for valgrind profiling output.
kcc(1) Kanji code coverter with encoding auto detection.
kccachetest(1) Command line interface to test the cache hash database.
kcdirmgr(1) Command line interface to manage the directory hash database.
kcdirtest(1) Command line interface to test the directory hash database.
kcemu(1x) The KC 85/4 Emulator.
kcemu-remote(1) A remote controller for the KC 85/4 Emulator.
kcforestmgr(1) Command line interface to manage the directory tree database.
kcforesttest(1) Command line interface to test the directory tree database.
kcgrasstest(1) Command line interface to test the cache tree database.
kchashmgr(1) Command line interface to manage the file hash database.
kchashtest(1) Command line interface to test the file hash database.
kchmviewer(1) Windows CHM viewer for KDE.
kclangctest(1) Command line interface to test the C language binding.
kcm(8) Process-based credential cache for Kerberos tickets.
kcmp(2) Compare two processes to determine if they share a kernel resource.
kcollectd(1) View collectd datacollections.
kconfig_compiler(1) KDE configuration compiler.
kcookiejar4(8) KDE HTTP cookie daemon.
kcookiejar5(8) Command line interface to the KDE HTTP cookie daemon.
kcov(1) Code coverage analysis for compiled programs and Python scripts.
kcov-merge(1) Merge code coverage data from multiple kcov output directories.
kcpolymgr(1) Command line interface to manage the polymorphic database.
kcpolytest(1) Command line interface to test the polymorphic database.
kcprototest(1) Command line interface to test the prototype database.
kcstashtest(1) Command line interface to test the stash database.
kctape(1) Handle tape files for KCemu.
kctreemgr(1) Command line interface to manage the file tree database.
kctreetest(1) Command line interface to test the file tree database.
kcutilmgr(1) Command line interface of miscellaneous utilities.
kcutiltest(1) Command line interface to test the utility functions.
kdb(1) Key database access tools.
kdb(3elektra) This is the main namespace for the C++ binding and libraries.
kdb-check(1) Perform internal checks.
kdb-convert(1) Convert configuration files using elektra.
kdb-cp(1) Copy keys within the key database.
kdb-elektrify-getenv(1) Elektrify the environment of applications.
kdb-export(1) Export keys from the key database.
kdb-file(1) Displays which file a key is stored in.
kdb-fstab(1) Create a new fstab entry.
kdb-get(1) Get the value of a key stored in the key database.
kdb-getmeta(1) Get the value of a meta key stored in the key database.
kdb-help(1) Show man page for elektra tools.
kdb-import(1) Import an existing configuration into the key database.
kdb-info(1) Print information about an Elektra plugin.
kdb-introduction(1) Introduction to kdb.
kdb-list(1) List keys in the key database.
kdb-list-tools(1) List all external tools available to Elektra.
kdb-ls(1) List keys in the key database.
kdb-lsmeta(1) Print meta keys associated with a key.
kdb-merge(1) Three-way merge of KeySets.
kdb-mount(1) Mount a file to the key database.
kdb-mv(1) Move keys within the key database.
kdb-remount(1) Use an existing backend to mount a new file.
kdb-rm(1) Remove key(s) from the key database.
kdb-set(1) Set the value of a key.
kdb-setmeta(1) Set the value of a meta key.
kdb-sget(1) Get the value of a key stored in the key database from a script.
kdb-shell(1) Start a kdb shell instance.
kdb-test(1) Run test(s) on the key database.
kdb-umount(1) Unmount a file from the key database.
kdb-vset(1) Set the value of a key with a validation regular expression.
kdb5_ldap_util(8) Kerberos configuration utility.
kdb5_util(8) Kerberos database maintenance utility.
kdb_Command(3elektra) Used by contexts for callbacks (to run code using a mutex).
kdb_Context(3elektra) Provides a context for configuration.
kdb_ContextPolicyIs(3elektra) Needed by the user to set one of the policies.
kdb_Coordinator(3elektra) Thread safe coordination of ThreadContext per Threads.
kdb_DefaultGetPolicy(3elektra) Implements lookup with spec.
kdb_DefaultSetPolicy(3elektra) Implements creating user/ key when key is not found.
kdb_Discriminator(3elektra) This technique with the PolicySelector and Discriminator is taken from the.
kdb_GetPolicyIs(3elektra) Needed by the user to set one of the policies.
kdb_KDB(3elektra) Constructs a class KDB.
kdb_Key(3elektra) Key is an essential class that encapsulates key name , value and metainfo .
kdb_KeySet(3elektra) A keyset holds together a set of keys.
kdb_KeySetIterator(3elektra) For C++ forward Iteration over KeySets.
kdb_KeySetReverseIterator(3elektra) For C++ reverse Iteration over KeySets.
kdb_Layer(3elektra) Base class for all layers.
kdb_LockPolicyIs(3elektra) Needed by the user to set one of the policies.
kdb_NameIterator(3elektra) For C++ forward Iteration over Names.
kdb_NameReverseIterator(3elektra) For C++ reverse Iteration over Names.
kdb_none_t(3elektra) This type is being used as bottom type that always fails.
kdb_ObserverPolicyIs(3elektra) Needed by the user to set one of the policies.
kdb_PerContext(3elektra) A data structure that is stored by context inside the Coordinator.
kdb_SetPolicyIs(3elektra) Needed by the user to set one of the policies.
kdb_ThreadSubject(3elektra) Subject from Observer pattern for ThreadContext.
kdb_tools(3elektra) This namespace is for the libtool library.
kdb_tools_Backend(3elektra) A representation of the backend (= set of plugins) that can be mounted.
kdb_tools_BackendInfo(3elektra) Info about a backend.
kdb_tools_Backends(3elektra) Allows one to list backends.
kdb_tools_Modules(3elektra) Allows one to load plugins.
kdb_tools_Plugin(3elektra) This is a C++ representation of a plugin.
kdb_tools_Plugins(3elektra) A collection of plugins (either get, set or error).
kdb_tools_ToolException(3elektra) All exceptions from the elektratools library are derived from this exception.
kdb_Va(3elektra) Needed to avoid constructor ambiguity.
kdb_ValueObserver(3elektra) Base class for values to be observed.
kdb_WritePolicyIs(3elektra) Needed by the user to set one of the policies.
kdbg(1) A graphical debugger interface.
kdbplugin.hpp(3elektra) Helpers for creating plugins.
kdc(8) Kerberos 5 server.
kdc.conf(5) Kerberos V5 KDC configuration file.
kdc2jpeg(1) Convert Kodac kdc files to jpeg.
kdc2tiff(1) Convert Kodac kdc files to tiff.
kde4-config(1) Prints KDE installation paths.
kdecmake(1) Cmake --help-custom-modules no longer supported.
kdeconnect-cli(1) KDE Connect CLI tool.
kded4(8) KDE daemon - triggers Sycoca database updates when needed.
kded5(8) KDE daemon - triggers Sycoca database updates when needed.
kdeinit4(8) KDE process launcher.
kdeinit5(8) Launcher for applications built with kdeinit support, and for KIO slaves. Converts .kdelnk to .desktop. Automatically create a draft manpage for a KDE app.
kdenlive(1) An open source non-linear video editor.
kdenlive_render(1) Render program for Kdenlive.
kdeoptions(7) Common commandline options for all applications based on the KDE libraries.
kDepIDB(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kDepObj(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kDepPre(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kdesrc-build(1) Downloads, builds and installs KDE software.
kdesrc-build-setup(1) Creates a ~/.kdesrc-buildrc configuration file for kdesrc-build(1).
kdestroy(1) Destroy Kerberos tickets.
kdestroy.heimdal(1) Remove one credential or destroy the current ticket file.
kdesu(1) Runs a program with elevated privileges.
kdesudo(1) A sudo frontend for KDE.
kdevelop(1) Integrated Development Environment for KDE.
kdiamond(6) KDE Diamond Game.
kdiff3(1) Compares two or three input files or directories.
kdig(1) Advanced DNS lookup utility.
kdigest(8) Userland tool to access digest interface in the KDC.
kdocker(1) Puts everything to traybar.
kdrill(1x) Drill program for kanji chars under Xwindows (X11R5 or better is required to run) kdrill also does.
kdump(8) This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written.
kdump-config(8) Configure kdump, check status, or save a vmcore file.
kdump-tools(5) Configuration file for the kdump-tools init script.
kea-dhcp-ddns(8) DHCP-DDNS process in Kea.
kea-dhcp4(8) DHCPv4 server in Kea.
kea-dhcp6(8) DHCPv6 server in Kea.
kea-lfc(8) Lease File Cleanup process in Kea.
keditbookmarks(1) Bookmark Organizer and Editor.
kedpm(1) Ked Password Manager.
keep-one-running(1) ↣ run-one(1) Run just one instance at a time of some command and unique set of arguments (useful for cronjobs,.
keepalived(8) Load-balancing and high-availability service.
keepalived.conf(5) Configuration file for Keepalived.
keepass2(1) Password manager.
keepassx(1) Password manager.
keepnote(1) Cross-platform note-taking and organization application.
kelbt(1) Generate backtracking LR parsers.
ken(6) ↣ filters(6)
kenny(6) ↣ filters(6)
kenv(2freebsd) Kernel environment.
kep_reload(1) Update Predict's Keplerian elements.
kephra(1p) Kephra starter script.
Kephra(3pm) Crossplatform GUI-Texteditor along Perl alike Paradigms.
Kephra::API(3pm) Interface between Modules and Plugins.
Kephra::App::EditPanel::Fold(3pm) Code folding functions.
Kephra::App::EditPanel::Margin(3pm) Managing margin visuals for marker, linenumber, folding & extra space.
Kephra::App::Panel::Output(3pm) Output panel.
Kephra::App::Window(3pm) Frame of the main window.
Kephra::CommandList(3pm) External API for user callable functions.
Kephra::Config(3pm) Low level config stuff and basics.
Kephra::Config::File(3pm) IO of config files.
Kephra::Config::Global(3pm) Loading and storing the config settings for the app.
Kephra::Config::Tree(3pm) Manipulation of config data.
Kephra::Document(3pm) General doc functions.
Kephra::Document::Data(3pm) API for data assotiated with opened documents.
Kephra::Document::Property(3pm) External API for document handling.
Kephra::Document::SyntaxMode(3pm) Content language specific settings of a doc.
Kephra::Edit(3pm) Basic edit menu calls and internals for editing.
Kephra::Edit::Comment(3pm) Add and remove comments in your code text.
Kephra::Edit::Convert(3pm) Character and word translation functions.
Kephra::Edit::Format(3pm) Functions that play with indention and length of lines.
Kephra::Edit::Goto(3pm) Caret jump functions.
Kephra::Edit::History(3pm) Undo, redo and so on.
Kephra::Edit::Marker(3pm) Bookmark and marker functions.
Kephra::Edit::Search(3pm) Find and replace functions.
Kephra::Edit::Select(3pm) Calls to select different text parts.
Kephra::EventTable(3pm) API to internal events.
Kephra::File(3pm) Basic file menu functions.
kerberos(8) Introduction to the Kerberos system.
kerberos_selinux(8) Security Enhanced Linux Policy for Kerberos.
kermit(1) C‐Kermit 9.0: transport‐ and platform‐independent interactive and scriptable communications software.
kermit-sshsub(1) ↣ kermit(1) C‐Kermit 9.0: transport‐ and platform‐independent interactive and scriptable communications software.
kermrc(1) ↣ kermit(1) C‐Kermit 9.0: transport‐ and platform‐independent interactive and scriptable communications software.
kernacc(9freebsd) Check memory regions for accessibility.
kernel(7) The Kernel Application.
kernel-command-line(7) Kernel command line parameters.
kernel-img.conf(5) Site wide configuration file for kernel image packages.
kernel-package(5) System for creating kernel related packages.
kernel-packageconfig(8) Internal handler of /etc/kernel-pkg.conf.
kernel-pkg.conf(5) Configuration file for make-kpkg.
kernel-wedge(1) Industrial stength kernel splitter.
kernel_mount(9freebsd) Functions provided as.
kernel_vmount(9freebsd) Functions provided as.
kerneloops(8) Program to collect and submit kernel oopses to
kernelshark(1) Graphical reader for trace-cmd(1) output.
kerneltop(1) Shows kernel function usage in an interactive style like 'top'.
kEsetroot(1) ↣ eterm-utils(1) Eterm accessory programs.
ketchup(1) Utility to update the kernel source.
ketm(6) Kill everything that moves.
keurocalc(1) A KDE-based universal currency converter and calculator.
kevent(2freebsd) Kernel event notification mechanism.
kexec(8) Directly boot into a new kernel.
kexec_file_load(2) ↣ kexec_load(2) Load a new kernel for later execution.
kexec_load(2) Load a new kernel for later execution.
kexi(1) Database creation for everyone.
key(1) ↣ donkey(1) Alternative for S/KEY's "key" command.
key(3alleg4) Array of flags indicating key state. Allegro game programming library.
key(3elektra) Key.
key-mon(1) Keyboard and mouse monitor window for GTK.
key.dns_resolver(8) Upcall for request-key to handle dns_resolver keys.
key_decryptsession(3) ↣ key_setsecret(3) Interfaces to rpc.
key_defined(3ncurses) Check if a keycode is defined.
key_defined_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
key_encryptsession(3) ↣ key_setsecret(3) Interfaces to rpc.
key_gendes(3) ↣ key_setsecret(3) Interfaces to rpc.
key_led_flag(3alleg4) Flag to prevent the keyboard LEDs from being updated. Allegro game programming library.
key_name(3ncurses) ↣ util(3ncurses)
key_secretkey_is_set(3) ↣ key_setsecret(3) Interfaces to rpc.
key_setsecret(3) Interfaces to rpc.
key_shifts(3alleg4) Bitmask containing the current state of modifier keys. Allegro game programming library.
keyanalyze(1) Web of Trust analysis.
keyarch(1p) DNSSEC-Tools daemon to archive old KSK and ZSK keys.
keyart(1) Create ASCII art of an OpenPGP key.
keyboard(4freebsd) Pc keyboard interface.
keyboard(5) Keyboard configuration file.
keyboard-request(7) Event signalling console press of Alt-UpArrow.
keyboard_callback(3alleg4) User specified keyboard callback handler. Allegro game programming library.
keyboard_lowlevel_callback(3alleg4) User specified low level keyboard event handler. Allegro game programming.
keyboard_needs_poll(3alleg4) Tells if the keyboard needs polling. Allegro game programming library.
keyboard_ucallback(3alleg4) User specified unicode keyboard callback handler. Allegro game programming library.
keyboardcast(1) Keyboard multiplexer.
keybound(3ncurses) Return definition of keycode.
keybound_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
keychain(1) Re-use ssh-agent and/or gpg-agent between logins.
keyctl(1) Key management facility control.
keyctl(2) Manipulate the kernel's key management facility.
keyctl(3) Key management function wrappers.
keyctl_assume_authority(3) ↣ keyctl_instantiate(3) Assume the authority to instantiate a key.
keyctl_chown(3) Change the ownership of a key.
keyctl_clear(3) Clear a keyring.
keyctl_describe(3) Describe a key.
keyctl_describe_alloc(3) ↣ keyctl_describe(3) Describe a key.
keyctl_get_keyring_ID(3) Get the ID of a special keyring.
keyctl_get_persistent(3) Get the persistent keyring for a user.
keyctl_get_security(3) Retrieve a key's security context.
keyctl_get_security_alloc(3) ↣ keyctl_get_security(3) Retrieve a key's security context.
keyctl_instantiate(3) Assume the authority to instantiate a key.
keyctl_instantiate_iov(3) ↣ keyctl_instantiate(3) Assume the authority to instantiate a key.
keyctl_invalidate(3) Invalidate a key.
keyctl_join_session_keyring(3) Join a different session keyring.
keyctl_link(3) Link a key to a keyring keyctl_unlink - Unlink a key from a keyring.
keyctl_negate(3) ↣ keyctl_instantiate(3) Assume the authority to instantiate a key.
keyctl_read(3) Read a key.
keyctl_read_alloc(3) ↣ keyctl_read(3) Read a key.
keyctl_reject(3) ↣ keyctl_instantiate(3) Assume the authority to instantiate a key.
keyctl_revoke(3) Revoke a key.
keyctl_search(3) Search a keyring for a key.
keyctl_session_to_parent(3) Set the parent process's session keyring.
keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring(3) Set the implicit destination keyring.
keyctl_set_timeout(3) Set the expiration timer on a key.
keyctl_setperm(3) Change the permissions mask on a key.
keyctl_unlink(3) ↣ keyctl_link(3) Link a key to a keyring keyctl_unlink - Unlink a key from a keyring.
keyctl_update(3) Update a key.
keyczart(1) Asymmetric key management tool.
keyd(8) Backend key serving daemon for the onak PGP keyserver.
keydctl(8) Control an onak keyd instance.
KeyFile(5) Defines AFS server encryption keys.
keyhelper.cpp(3elektra) Key helper functions.
keyhelper.hpp(3elektra) Key helper functions.
keylaunch(1) A utility for binding commands to a hot key.
keylookup(1) Fetch and Import GnuPG keys from keyservers.
KeyMap(3U) Activates controls given their keyboard equivalents.
keymaps(5) Keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys.
keymeta(3elektra) Meta Info Manipulation Methods.
keymgr(8) DNSSEC key management utility.
keymod(1p) Modifies key parameters in a DNSSEC-Tools keyrec file.
keyname(3elektra) Name Manipulation Methods.
keyname(3ncurses) ↣ util(3ncurses)
keyname_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
keynav(1) A keyboard-driven mouse cursor mover.
keyok(3ncurses) Enable or disable a keycode.
keyok_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
keypad(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
keypressed(3alleg4) Tells if there are keypresses waiting in the input buffer. Allegro game programming library.
keyringer(1) Encrypted and distributed secret sharing software.
keyrings(7) In-kernel key management and retention facility.
keyset(3elektra) KeySet.
keystone(1) Client for OpenStack Identity API.
keystone-all(1) Keystone Startup Command.
keystone-manage(1) Keystone Management Utility.
keysyms(3tk) Keysyms recognized by Tk.
keysync(1) Convert OTR key info between different formats.
keytab-lilo(8) Compile keytables files for use with LILO.
keytab2shishi(1) Shishi host key conversion tool.
keytest(1) Reports names of pressed keys.
keytest(3elektra) Methods for Making Tests.
keytouch-editor(8) An editor for keytouch keyboard definition files.
keyutils(7) In-kernel key management utilities.
keyvalue(3elektra) Value Manipulation Methods.
keywait(1) Pause and wait for input.
Keyword::Simple(3pm) Define new keywords in pure Perl.
kf(1) Securely forward tickets.
kf-slam(1) SLAM method using Kalman filtering.
kf5-config(1) Prints Qt(TM) and Frameworks installation paths.
kf5kross(1) KDE application to run kross scripts.
kf5options(7) Common commandline options for all applications based on KDE Frameworks 5.
kfd(8) Receive forwarded tickets.
kfind(1) File find utility for KDE.
kfmclient(1) KDE tool for opening URLs from the command line.
kfmx(3NCARG) Converts from fractional coordinates to metacode coordinates.
kfmy(3NCARG) Converts from fractional coordinates to metacode coordinates.
kfourinline(6) Connect Four clone for KDE.
kfourinlineproc(6) AI backend for kfourinline.
kfpx(3NCARG) Converts from fractional coordinates to plotter address unit coordinates.
kfpy(3NCARG) Converts from fractional coordinates to plotter address unit coordinates.
kfritz(1) Notifies about phone activity and browses call history and telephone book on your Fritz!Box.
kftp(1) ARPANET file transfer program.
kftpgrabber(1) Ftp client for KDE.
kgb(1) .kgb files archiver.
kgb-add-project(1p) Helper script for adding new projects to kgb-bot configuration file.
kgb-bot(1p) An IRC bot helping collaborative work.
kgb-client(1p) Relay commits to KGB servers.
kgb-protocol(7p) Specification of the client-server communication protocol.
kgb-split-config(1p) Helper script for splitting out project configurations.
kgenapidox(1) Generate API documentation in the KDE style.
kgendesignerplugin(1) Generates widget plugins for Qt(TM) Designer.
kgenframeworksapidox(1) KDE API documentation generation tools.
kgetcred(1) Get a ticket for a particular service.
kgmailnotifier(1) Gmail notifier applet for KDE.
kgoldrunner(6) KDE version of the Loderunner arcade game.
kgrab(1) Screen shot utility for KDE 4.
khangman(6) The classical hangman game for KDE.
khim(3tk) Provides key bindings for entering international characters on a keyboard that does not support them.
khmerconverter(1) Convert between legacy Khmer encodings and Unicode.
khost(1) Simple DNS lookup utility.
kibitz(1) ↣ expect_kibitz(1) Allow two people to interact with one shell.
kic(1) An editor for integrated circuits and photolithography masks.
kicad(1) Manager application for Kicad projects.
kiconedit(1) KDE Icon Editor.
kid(1) Manual page for Kid 0.7a.
kid3-core(1) Kid3 ID3 Tagger.
kidc(1) Manual page for option --version not recognized.
kig(1) An interactive geometry program for KDE.
kigo(6) KDE Go board game.
kiki(6) Tool for python regular expression testing.
kiki-the-nano-bot(6) Kiki the nano bot, a 3D puzzle game.
kildclient(6) A powerful MUD client with a built-in Perl interpreter.
kile(1) The KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment.
kill(1) Send a signal to a process.
kill(1posix) Terminate or signal processes.
kill(2) Send signal to a process.
kill(2freebsd) Send signal to a process.
kill(3posix) Send a signal to a process or a group of processes.
kill-avarice(1) Terminate all running instances of avarice.
kill-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks(1) ↣ update-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks(1) Preliminary manpage dump-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks.
kill_ctndisp(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
kill_ctnnetwork(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
killall(1) Kill processes by name.
killbots(6) KDE game of killer robots and teleportation.
killchar(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
killchar_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
killer(1) Background job killer.
killm(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
killpg(2) Send signal to a process group.
killpg(2freebsd) Send signal to a process group.
killpg(3posix) Send a signal to a process group.
killposte(1) Delete the names and the postal codes of the cities from the dictionary.
killwchar(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
kimchid(8) HTML5 based management tool for KVM.
kimpersonate(8) Impersonate a user when there exist a keyfile or KeyFile.
kindleclip(1) User interface for managing Amazon Kindle's My Clippings.txt file.
kinect-3d-slam(1) Demo for Kinect sensor and 3D SLAM.
kinect-3d-view(1) Demo for the Microsoft Kinect sensor.
kinect-stereo-calib(1) Calibration utility for the Microsoft Kinect sensor.
kinect_fetch_fw(8) Download the Usb Audio Class firmware for the Kinect.
kinect_upload_fw(8) Kinect firmware uploader to have an Usb Audio Class device.
king(1) Interactive system for three-dimensional vector graphics.
king-probe(1) Evaluate and visualize protein interatomic packing.
kinit(1) Obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket.
kinit.heimdal(1) Acquire initial tickets.
kino(1) Non-linear editing of Digital Video data.
kino2raw(1) Output a Kino SMIL as raw DV to stdout.
KinoSearch1(3pm) Search engine library.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Analyzer(3pm) Base class for analyzers.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::LCNormalizer(3pm) Convert input to lower case.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::PolyAnalyzer(3pm) Multiple analyzers in series.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Stemmer(3pm) Reduce related words to a shared root.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Stopalizer(3pm) Suppress a "stoplist" of common words.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Token(3pm) Unit of text.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::TokenBatch(3pm) A collection of tokens.
KinoSearch1::Analysis::Tokenizer(3pm) Customizable tokenizing.
KinoSearch1::Docs::FileFormat(3pm) Overview of invindex file format.
KinoSearch1::Docs::Tutorial(3pm) Sample indexing and search applications.
KinoSearch1::Document::Doc(3pm) A document.
KinoSearch1::Document::Field(3pm) A field within a document.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::Encoder(3pm) Encode excerpted text.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::Formatter(3pm) Format highlighted bits within excerpts.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::Highlighter(3pm) Create and highlight excerpts.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::SimpleHTMLEncoder(3pm) Encode a few HTML entities.
KinoSearch1::Highlight::SimpleHTMLFormatter(3pm) Surround highlight bits with tags.
KinoSearch1::Index::Term(3pm) String of text associated with a field.
KinoSearch1::InvIndexer(3pm) Build inverted indexes.
KinoSearch1::QueryParser::QueryParser(3pm) Transform a string into a Query object.
KinoSearch1::Search::BooleanQuery(3pm) Match boolean combinations of Queries.
KinoSearch1::Search::Hit(3pm) Successful match against a Query.
KinoSearch1::Search::Hits(3pm) Access search results.
KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher(3pm) Aggregate results from multiple searchers.
KinoSearch1::Search::PhraseQuery(3pm) Match ordered list of Terms.
KinoSearch1::Search::Query(3pm) Base class for search queries.
KinoSearch1::Search::QueryFilter(3pm) Build a filter based on results of a query.
KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient(3pm) Connect to a remote SearchServer.
KinoSearch1::Search::SearchServer(3pm) Make a Searcher remotely accessible.
KinoSearch1::Search::TermQuery(3pm) Match individual Terms.
KinoSearch1::Searcher(3pm) Execute searches.
KinoSearch1::Store::FSInvIndex(3pm) File system InvIndex.
KinoSearch1::Store::InvIndex(3pm) Inverted index.
KinoSearch1::Store::RAMInvIndex(3pm) In-memory InvIndex.
kinput2-canna(1x) Kanji input server for X11.
kinput2-canna-wnn(1x) Kanji input server for X11.
kinput2-wnn(1x) Kanji input server for X11.
kioclient(1) Command-line tool for network-transparent operations.
kioku(1p) Command line wrapper around KiokuDB::Cmd.
KiokuDB(3pm) Object Graph storage engine.
KiokuDB::Backend(3pm) Backend interface role.
KiokuDB::Backend::DBI(3pm) DBI backend for KiokuDB.
KiokuDB::Backend::Hash(3pm) In memory backend for testing purposes.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::BinarySafe(3pm) An informational role for binary data safe backends.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Broken(3pm) Skip test fixtures.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Clear(3pm) Backend clearing api.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Query(3pm) Backend specific query API.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Query::Simple(3pm) Simple query api.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Query::Simple::Linear(3pm) Query::Simple implemented with a linear scan of all entries.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Scan(3pm) Root set iteration.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::TXN(3pm) Backend level transaction support.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::TXN::Memory(3pm) In memory transactions.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::TXN::Nested(3pm) Informational role for backends supporting rollback of nested.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::UnicodeSafe(3pm) An informational role for binary data safe backends.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize(3pm) Serialization role for backends.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::Delegate(3pm) Use a KiokuDB::Serializer object instead of a role to handle.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSON(3pm) Role to serialize entries to JSON strings with.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON(3pm) JSPON serialization helper.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON::Collapser(3pm) Collapse entry data to JSPON compliant structures.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON::Converter(3pm) Common functionality for JSPON expansion/collapsing.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON::Expander(3pm) Inflate JSPON to entry data.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::Storable(3pm) Storable based serialization of KiokuDB::Entry objects.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::YAML(3pm) YAML::XS based serialization of KiokuDB::Entry objects.
KiokuDB::Backend::TypeMap::Default(3pm) A role for backends with a default typemap.
KiokuDB::Class(3pm) KiokuDB specific metaclass.
KiokuDB::Collapser(3pm) Collapse object hierarchies to entry data.
KiokuDB::Entry(3pm) An entry in the database.
KiokuDB::GC::Naive(3pm) Naive mark and sweep garbage collection.
KiokuDB::GIN(3pm) Gin assisted recollection.
KiokuDB::LinkChecker(3pm) Reference consistency checker.
KiokuDB::Linker(3pm) Relinks live objects from storage entries.
KiokuDB::LiveObjects(3pm) Live object set tracking.
KiokuDB::LiveObjects::Scope(3pm) Scope helper object.
KiokuDB::LiveObjects::TXNScope(3pm) Transaction scope.
KiokuDB::Meta::Attribute::DoNotSerialize(3pm) Trait for skipped attributes.
KiokuDB::Meta::Attribute::Lazy(3pm) Trait for lazy loaded attributes.
KiokuDB::Meta::Instance(3pm) Moose::Meta::Instance level support for lazy loading.
KiokuDB::Reference(3pm) A symbolic reference to another KiokuDB::Entry.
KiokuDB::Role::API(3pm) Role for KiokuDB api (used to setup delegations).
KiokuDB::Role::ID(3pm) A role for objects who choose their own ID.
KiokuDB::Role::ID::Content(3pm) Content dependent object IDs.
KiokuDB::Role::Immutable(3pm) A role for objects that are never updated.
KiokuDB::Role::Immutable::Transitive(3pm) A role for immutable objects that only point at other such objects.
KiokuDB::Role::Intrinsic(3pm) A role for value objects.
KiokuDB::Role::Scan(3pm) A role for entry scanning.
KiokuDB::Role::Upgrade::Data(3pm) Classes that provide their own upgrade routine.
KiokuDB::Role::Upgrade::Handlers::Table(3pm) A role for classes.
KiokuDB::Role::UUIDs(3pm) UUID generation role.
KiokuDB::Role::UUIDs::SerialIDs(3pm) Serial ID assignment based on a global counter.
KiokuDB::Role::Verbosity(3pm) A role for printing diagnosis to STDERR.
KiokuDB::Serializer(3pm) Standalone serializer object.
KiokuDB::Set(3pm) Set::Object wrapper for KiokuDB with lazy loading.
KiokuDB::Set::Deferred(3pm) Implementation of deferred set.
KiokuDB::Set::Loaded(3pm) Implementation of loaded sets.
KiokuDB::Set::Storage(3pm) Role for KiokuDB::Sets that are tied to storage.
KiokuDB::Set::Stored(3pm) Stored representation of KiokuDB::Set objects.
KiokuDB::Set::Transient(3pm) Implementation of in memory sets.
KiokuDB::Stream::Objects(3pm) Data::Stream::Bulk with live object management.
KiokuDB::Test(3pm) Reusable tests for KiokuDB backend authors.
KiokuDB::Thunk(3pm) Internal only placeholder for deferred objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap(3pm) Class to collapsing/expanding logic.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::ClassBuilders(3pm) A typemap for standard class builders.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Composite(3pm) A role for KiokuDB::TypeMaps created out of many smaller typemaps.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default(3pm) A standard KiokuDB::TypeMap with predefined entries.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default::Canonical(3pm) A KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default implementation that canonicalizes the.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default::Passthrough(3pm) A KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default instance suitable for Storable.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry(3pm) Role for KiokuDB::TypeMap entries.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Alias(3pm) An alias in the typemap to another entry.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Callback(3pm) Callback based inflation/deflation of objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Compiled(3pm) Object for storing collapse/expand methods.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::DBIC::ResultSet(3pm) KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry for DBIx::Class::ResultSet objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::DBIC::ResultSource(3pm) KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry for DBIx::Class::ResultSource objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::DBIC::Row(3pm) KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry for DBIx::Class::Row objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::DBIC::Schema(3pm) KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry for DBIx::Class::Schema objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::MOP(3pm) A KiokuDB::TypeMap entry for objects with a metaclass.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Naive(3pm) A typemap entry for "simple" objects.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Passthrough(3pm) A typemap entry of objects that will be serialized by the backend.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Set(3pm) A typemap entry for KiokuDB::Sets.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std(3pm) Role for more easily specifying collapse/expand methods.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std::Compile(3pm) Provides a compile implementation.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std::ID(3pm) Provides a default compile_id method.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std::Intrinsic(3pm) Provides a compile_collapse implementation.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::StorableHook(3pm) Reuse existing Storable hooks for KiokuDB storage.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Shadow(3pm) Try a list of KiokuDB::TypeMaps in order.
KiokuDB::Util(3pm) Utility functions for working with KiokuDB.
KiokuX::Model(3pm) A simple application specific wrapper for KiokuDB.
kiriki(6) A Yahtzee dice game for KDE.
kism3d(1) 802.11 visualizer for s3d.
kismet(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring.
kismet.conf(5) Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file.
kismet_client(1) ↣ kismet(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring.
kismet_drone(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring remote drone.
kismet_drone.conf(5) Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone configuration file.
kismet_server(1) ↣ kismet(1) Wireless sniffing and monitoring.
kissattach(8) Attach a KISS or 6PACK interface.
kissbridge(8) Connect scc port to a pty device.
kissnetd(8) Create a virtual network.
kissnp2(1) Manual page for kissnp2 1.2.6.
kissparms(8) Configure KISS TNCs.
kissreads(1) Manual page for kissreads 1.2.6.
kitpost(1) Posts distribution kits.
kitsend(1) Sends distribution kits.
kitsune(1) Program to solve mathematical problems.
kjs(1) KDE ECMAScript compatible interpreter.
kjs5(1) KDE ECMAScript compatible interpreter.
kjscmd(1) KDE KJSEmbed interpreter.
kjscmd5(1) Frameworks KJSEmbed interpreter.
kjumpingcube(6) Tactical one or two player game.
kkc(1) A simple Kana Kanji converter.
klash(1) ↣ gnash(1) GNU.
klatency(1) Xenomai kernel latency test.
klatexformula(1) Gui to generate pictures from latex formulas.
klatexformula_cmdl(1) ↣ klatexformula(1) Gui to generate pictures from latex formulas.
klaus(1) Easy to set up Git web viewer.
klavaro(1) Flexible touch typing tutor using GTK+3.
klcc(1) Compile a program against klibc.
kld(4freebsd) Dynamic kernel linker facility.
kldfind(2freebsd) Returns the fileid of a kld file.
kldfirstmod(2freebsd) Return first module id from the kld file specified.
kldload(2freebsd) Load KLD files into the kernel.
kldnext(2freebsd) Return the fileid of the next kld file.
kldstat(2freebsd) Get status of kld file.
kldsym(2freebsd) Look up address by symbol name in a KLD.
kldunload(2freebsd) Unload kld files.
kldunloadf(2freebsd) Unload kld files.
klein(6x) Draws a 4d Klein bottle.
klick(1) An advanced metronome for JACK.
klickety(6) A little game about balls and how to get rid of them.
klines(6) Color Lines game for KDE.
klist(1) List cached Kerberos tickets.
klist.heimdal(1) List Kerberos credentials.
klog(1) The Ham Radio Logging program.
klog.afs(1) Authenticates with the Authentication Server.
klog.krb5(1) Authenticates to Kerberos and obtains a token.
klone(1) KLone swiss army knife.
kloned(8) Klone daemon.
kloned.conf(5) The configuration file for the kloned daemon.
kluppe(1) Loop-player and recorder designed for live use.
kmag(1) Screen magnifier.
kmahjongg(6) Mahjongg game for KDE.
kmc(1) Count kmers in genomic sequences.
kmc_dump(1) List k-mers from kmc-generated database.
kmc_tools(1) Additional operations on k-mer databases.
kmc_tools-compact(1) Remove counters of k-mers.
kmc_tools-complex(1) Complex operations with a number of input databases.
kmc_tools-counters_subtract(1) Calculate counters subtraction of two KMC databases.
kmc_tools-dump(1) Dump k-mers and counters to text file.
kmc_tools-filter(1) Filter out reads with too small number of k-mers.
kmc_tools-histogram(1) Produce histogram of k-mer occurrences.
kmc_tools-intersect(1) Calculate intersection of two KMC databases.
kmc_tools-kmers_subtract(1) Calculate subtraction of two KMC databases.
kmc_tools-sort(1) Sort KMC databases.
kmc_tools-union(1) Calculate union of two KMC databases.
kmem(4) ↣ mem(4) System memory, kernel memory and system ports.
kmem(4freebsd) Memory files.
kmer-mask(1) Mask and filter set of nucleotide sequences by kmer content.
kmess(1) MSN messenger for KDE.
kmetronome(1) MIDI metronome using ALSA sequencer and KDE user interface.
kmflcomp(1) Keyboard mapping for linux compiler.
kmidimon(1) MIDI monitor using ALSA sequencer and KDE user interface.
kmines(6) KDE mine sweeper game.
kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_append(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_ash(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_cat(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_chmod(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_cmp(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_cp(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_echo(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_expr(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_fgmake(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_gmake(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_install(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_ln(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_md5sum(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_mkdir(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_mv(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_printf(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_redirect(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_rm(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_rmdir(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_sed(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_sleep(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_test(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kmk_time(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kml2gmt(1gmt) Extract GMT table data from Google Earth KML files.
kmo_arithmetic(7) Perform basic arithmetic on cubes.
kmo_copy(7) Copy a section of a cube to another cube, image or spectrum.
kmo_fit_profile(7) Fit spectral line profiles as well as spatial profiles with a simple function - for example.
kmo_fits_check(7) Check contents of a KMOS fits-file.
kmo_fits_strip(7) Strip noise, rotator and/or empty extensions from a processed KMOS fits frame.
kmo_illumination_flat(7) Alternative to kmo_illumination based on flatfield frames.
kmo_make_image(7) Collapse a cube to create a spatial image.
kmo_noise_map(7) Generate a noise map from a raw frame.
kmo_rotate(7) Rotate a cube spatially.
kmo_shift(7) Shift a cube spatially.
kmo_sky_mask(7) Create a mask of spatial pixels that indicates which pixels can be considered as sky.
kmo_stats(7) Perform basic statistics on a KMOS-conform fits-file.
kmod(8) Program to manage Linux Kernel modules.
kmodsign(1) Kernel module signing tool.
kmos_combine(7) Combine reconstructed cubes.
kmos_dark(7) Create master dark frame & bad pixel mask.
kmos_extract_spec(7) Extract a spectrum from a cube.
kmos_flat(7) Create master flatfield frame and badpixel map.
kmos_gen_reflines(7) Create REFLINES calibration file.
kmos_illumination(7) Create a frame to correct spatial non-uniformity of flatfield.
kmos_reconstruct(7) Performs the cube reconstruction.
kmos_sci_red(7) Reconstruct obj/sky-pairs individually and combine them afterwards.
kmos_sky_tweak(7) Removal of OH sky lines.
kmos_std_star(7) Create the telluric correction frame.
kmos_test(7) Test.
kmos_wave_cal(7) Create a wavelength calibration frame.
kmousetool(1) Accessibility tool to help click the mouse.
kmouth(1) A type-and-say front end for speech synthesizers.
kmplot(1) Mathematical function plotter.
kmpx(3NCARG) Converts from metacode coordinates to plotter address unit coordinates.
kmpy(3NCARG) Converts from metacode coordinates to plotter address unit coordinates.
kmsgsd(8) Separates iptables messages from all other kernel messages.
kmview(1) Kernel Mode implementation of View-OS.
kmymoney(1) The personal finances manager for KDE.
knavalbattle(6) The KDE Battleship clone.
knetwalk(6) A game for system administrators.
knews(1) Karl's threaded newsreader for X.
knewsd(1) A tiny nntp demon.
knfs(1) Establishes authenticated access via the NFS/AFS Translator.
knife(1) The man page for the knife command line tool.
knife(8fun) Tools to improve network performance via SNIP.
knife-bootstrap(1) The man page for the knife bootstrap subcommand.
knife-client(1) The man page for the knife client subcommand.
knife-configure(1) The man page for the knife configure subcommand.
knife-cookbook(1) The man page for the knife cookbook subcommand.
knife-cookbook-site(1) The man page for the knife cookbook site subcommand.
knife-data-bag(1) The man page for the knife data bag subcommand.
knife-delete(1) The man page for the knife delete subcommand.
knife-deps(1) The man page for the knife deps subcommand.
knife-diff(1) The man page for the knife diff subcommand.
knife-download(1) The man page for the knife download subcommand.
knife-edit(1) The man page for the knife edit subcommand.
knife-environment(1) The man page for the knife environment subcommand.
knife-exec(1) The man page for the knife exec subcommand.
knife-index-rebuild(1) The man page for the knife index rebuild subcommand.
knife-list(1) The man page for the knife list subcommand.
knife-node(1) The man page for the knife node subcommand.
knife-raw(1) The man page for the knife raw subcommand.
knife-recipe-list(1) The man page for the knife recipe list subcommand.
knife-role(1) The man page for the knife role subcommand.
knife-search(1) The man page for the knife search subcommand.
knife-serve(1) The man page for the knife serve subcommand.
knife-show(1) The man page for the knife show subcommand.
knife-ssh(1) The man page for the knife ssh subcommand.
knife-ssl-check(1) The man page for the knife ssl check subcommand.
knife-ssl-fetch(1) The man page for the knife ssl fetch subcommand.
knife-status(1) The man page for the knife status subcommand.
knife-tag(1) The man page for the knife tag subcommand.
knife-upload(1) The man page for the knife upload subcommand.
knife-user(1) The man page for the knife user subcommand.
knife-xargs(1) The man page for the knife xargs subcommand.
knights(6) Chess board based on KDE Development Platform 4.
knn-landscape(1) Command line interface to knn-landscape in mlpy (version 2.2.0).
knock(1) Port-knock client.
knockd(1) Port-knock server.
knocker(1) An easy to use network security port scanner.
knockpy(1) Python tool designed to enumerate subdomains on a target domain.
knot.conf(5) Knot DNS configuration file.
knot1to2(1) Knot DNS configuration conversion utility.
knotc(8) Knot DNS control utility.
knotd(8) Knot DNS server daemon.
knsec3hash(1) Simple utility to compute NSEC3 hash.
knsupdate(1) Dynamic DNS update utility.
knutclient(1) A KDE GUI that displays UPS statistics from NUT's upsd.
koan(1) Kickstart over a network, client side helper for cobbler.
kobj(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_class_compile(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_class_compile_static(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_class_free(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_create(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_delete(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_init(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kobj_init_static(9freebsd) A kernel object system for FreeBSD.
kObjCache(1) ↣ kmk(1) Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.
kobodl(6) Kobo Deluxe, an enhanced version of the scrolling game XKobo.
koconverter(1) Calligra Document Converter.
kodak2ti3(1) Convert Kodak raw printer profile data to Argyll print data.
kodi-j2meremote(1) Java Bluetooth Phone Remote Control Client for Kodi.
kodi-ps3remote(1) PS3 Blu-Ray Remote Control Client for Kodi.
kodi-send(1) Program to send some action to Kodi.
kodi-standalone(1) Kodi standalone mode.
kodi-wiiremote(1) Wiimote Remote Control Client for Kodi.
kodi.bin(1) Kodi main executable.
koi8-r(7) Russian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
koi8-u(7) Ukrainian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
koi8rxterm(1) X terminal emulator for KOI8-R environments.
koji(1) Koji build client.
koji-gc(1) Garbage collection tool for Koji.
koji-shadow(1) Shadow builds between koji instances.
kojid(1) Koji build daemon.
kojira(1) Koji repository administrator.
kojivmd(1) Koji virtual machine management daemon.
kolabadmin(1) Kolab administration tool.
kolf(6) A miniature golf game for KDE.
kollision(6) KDE collision game.
komi(6) A simple game for one player.
komparator4(1) Searches and synchronizes two directories.
kompare(1) A KDE GUI for viewing differences between files.
komrunning(8) Program to control if the LysKOM server is running.
kon(1) Kanji cONsole emulator.
konqueror(1) Web browser, file manager and document viewer.
konquest(6) Gnu-Lactic Konquest.
konwert(1) Interface for various character encoding conversions.
kore(1) A fast SPDY capable web server for web development in C.
kosui(6) Kawari 8.0 interpreter.
koules(6) ↣ xkoules(6) Action game for X11.
kover(1) CD Cover printer.
kpackagetool5(1) Install, list, remove Plasma packages.
kpagsh(1) Creates a new credential cache sandbox.
kpartx(8) Create device maps from partition tables.
kpasswd(1) Changes the issuer's password in the Authentication Database.
kpasswd.heimdal(1) Kerberos 5 password changing program.
kpasswdd(8) Kerberos 5 password changing server.
kpat(6) KDE patience game.
kpcli(1) A command line interface to KeePass database files.
kpeg(1) Ruby parser generator from PEG grammar.
kpengine(1) Helper program for kanjipad.
kphotoalbum(1) KDE tool for indexing, searching and viewing images by keywords.
kplayer(1) Multimedia player.
kpmx(3NCARG) Converts from plotter address unit coordinates to metacode coordinates.
kpmy(3NCARG) Converts from plotter address unit coordinates to metacode coordinates.
kprobe(8) Trace a given kprobe definition. Kernel dynamic tracing. Uses Linux ftrace.
kproc(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_create(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_exit(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_resume(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_shutdown(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_start(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_suspend(9freebsd) Kernel.
kproc_suspend_check(9freebsd) Kernel.
kprop(8) Propagate a Kerberos V5 principal database to a slave server.
kpropd(8) Kerberos V5 slave KDC update server.
kproplog(8) Display the contents of the Kerberos principal update log.
kpseaccess(1) Determine whether a file can be accessed.
kpsepath(1) ↣ kpsetool(1) Script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available.
kpsereadlink(1) Print contents of symbolic link.
kpsestat(1) Compute octal mode from mode of existing file.
kpsetool(1) Script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available.
kpsewhere(1) Expanding kpsewhich to separately iterate over each texmf tree listed in $TEXMF.
kpsewhich(1) Standalone path lookup and and expansion for kpathsea.
kpsexpand(1) ↣ kpsetool(1) Script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available.
kqueue(2) Kernel event notification mechanism.
kqueue(2freebsd) Kernel event notification mechanism.
kradio4(1) A versatile KDE AM/FM/Internet radio application.
kradio4-convert-presets(1) Convert-presets.
kraft(1) Business documents for the small enterprise.
krakatoa(1) ↣ why(1) A multi-language multi-prover verification tool.
kraken(1) Assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences.
kraken-build(1) Assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences.
kraken-filter(1) Assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences.
kraken-mpa-report(1) Assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences.
kraken-report(1) Assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences.
kraken-translate(1) Assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences.
kramdown(1) A fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter.
kramdown-rfc2629(1) Tool to generate XML2RFC XML from Markdown.
krank(6) Is a game of dexterity where you match stones together.
kraptor(6) A classic shoot 'em up scroller game.
kraut(6) ↣ filters(6)
krb.conf(5) Configures the kerberos realm to AFS cell mapping.
krb.equiv(5) Kerberos equivalences.
krb.excl(5) Lists exclusions for mapping kerberos principals to AFS identities.
krb5-auth-dialog(1) Kerberos 5 credential checking.
krb5-config(1) ↣ Tool for linking against MIT Kerberos libraries.
krb5-config.heimdal(1) Give information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries. Tool for linking against MIT Kerberos libraries.
krb5-plugin(7) Plugin interface for Heimdal.
krb5-strength-wordlist(1) Create a krb5-strength database from a word list.
krb5-sync(8) Synchronize passwords and status with Active Directory.
krb5-sync-backend(8) Manipulate Kerberos password and status change queue.
krb5.conf(5) Kerberos configuration file.
krb5.conf(5heimdal) Configuration file for Kerberos 5.
krb524_convert_creds_kdc(3) Converts Kerberos 5 credentials to Kerberos 4 cre‐.
krb524_convert_creds_kdc_ccache(3) Converts Kerberos 5 credentials to Kerberos 4 cre‐.
krb5_425_conv_principal(3) Converts to and from version 4.
krb5_425_conv_principal_ext(3) Converts to and from version 4.
krb5_524_conv_principal(3) Converts to and from version 4.
krb5_acl_match_file(3) ACL matching functions.
krb5_acl_match_string(3) ACL matching functions.
krb5_aname_to_localname(3) Converts a principal to a system local name.
krb5_appdefault(3) Get application configuration value.
krb5_appdefault_boolean(3) Get application configuration value.
krb5_appdefault_string(3) Get application configuration value.
krb5_appdefault_time(3) Get application configuration value.
krb5_change_password(3) Change.
krb5_check_transited(3) Realm.
krb5_check_transited_realms(3) Realm.
krb5_copy_creds(3) Kerberos 5.
krb5_copy_creds_contents(3) Kerberos 5.
krb5_creds(3) Kerberos 5.
krb5_domain_x500_decode(3) Realm.
krb5_domain_x500_encode(3) Realm.
krb5_eai_to_heim_errno(3) Convert resolver error code to com_err error codes.
krb5_error_from_rd_error(3) Parse, free and read error.
krb5_find_padata(3) Kerberos 5 pre-authentication data handling functions.
krb5_format_time(3) Kerberos 5 time.
krb5_free_cred_contents(3) Kerberos 5.
krb5_free_creds(3) Kerberos 5.
krb5_free_error(3) Parse, free and read error.
krb5_free_error_contents(3) Parse, free and read error.
krb5_fwd_tgt_creds(3) Get forwarded credentials from the KDC.
krb5_generate_random_block(3) Kerberos 5 random functions.
krb5_get_all_client_addrs(3) Return local addresses.
krb5_get_all_server_addrs(3) Return local addresses.
krb5_get_credentials(3) Get creden‐.
krb5_get_credentials_with_flags(3) Get creden‐.
krb5_get_forwarded_creds(3) Get forwarded credentials from the KDC.
krb5_get_kdc_cred(3) Get creden‐.
krb5_get_renewed_creds(3) Get creden‐.
krb5_getportbyname(3) Get port number by name.
krb5_h_errno_to_heim_errno(3) Convert resolver error code to com_err error codes.
krb5_is_thread_safe(3) Is the Kerberos library compiled with multithread support.
krb5_mk_priv(3) Generates integrity protected and/or encrypted messages.
krb5_mk_safe(3) Generates integrity protected and/or encrypted messages.
krb5_newrealm(8) Create a new Kerberos Realm.
krb5_padata_add(3) Kerberos 5 pre-authentication data handling functions.
krb5_passwd_result_to_string(3) Change.
krb5_rd_error(3) Parse, free and read error.
krb5_rd_priv(3) Verifies authenticity of messages.
krb5_rd_safe(3) Verifies authenticity of messages.
krb5_set_password(3) Change.
krb5_set_password_using_ccache(3) Change.
krb5_set_real_time(3) Kerberos 5 time.
krb5_string_to_deltat(3) Kerberos 5 time.
krb5_timeofday(3) Kerberos 5 time.
krb5_us_timeofday(3) Kerberos 5 time.
krb5_verify_init_creds(3) Verifies.
krb5_verify_init_creds_opt_init(3) Verifies.
krb5_verify_init_creds_opt_set_ap_req_nofail(3) Verifies.
krb5kdc(8) Kerberos V5 KDC.
krecipes(1) The KDE Cookbook.
kredentials(1) KDE system tray applet to monitor and update authentication tokens.
krenew(1) Renew a Kerberos ticket.
kreversi(6) KDE Reversi Board KDE.
krfcheck(1p) Check a DNSSEC-Tools keyrec file for problems and inconsistencies.
krita(1) Digital Painting for Artists.
kross(1) KDE application to run kross scripts.
krxvt(1) A multi-lingual VT102 emulator for the X window system.
ksba-config(1) Print libksba library configuration information.
ksconfig(8) ↣ system-config-kickstart(8) Graphical interface for creating kickstart files.
ksflatten(1) Take a kickstart config to write out a flattened config.
ksh93(1) KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language.
kshisen(6) Shisen-Sho for KDE.
ksirk(6) KDE Risk strategy game.
ksirkskineditor(6) KsirK Skin Editor.
kspaceduel(6) Arcade two-player space game for KDE.
ksquares(6) KDE Dots and Boxes game.
ksshaskpass(1) Prompts a user for a passphrase using KDE.
kst2(1) Plots scientific data.
kstars(1) KDE Desktop Planetarium.
kstash(8) Store the KDC master password in a file.
kstats(1) Show statistical FMS algorithm votes for an ivs dump and a specified WEP key.
ksu(1) Kerberized super-user.
ksu.heimdal(1) Substitute user identity.
ksudoku(6) KDE Sudoku games.
ksvalidator(1) Validate a kickstart configuration.
ksverdiff(1) Spot the differences between two syntax versions.
kswitch(1) Switch primary ticket cache.
kswitch.heimdal(1) Switch between default credential caches.
ksyms(4freebsd) Kernel symbol table interface.
ktap(1) Lightweight script-based dynamic tracing tool for Linux.
kterm(1x) Multi-lingual terminal emulator for X.
kthread_create(9freebsd) Kernel.
ktikz(1) Editor for the TikZ language.
ktoblzcheck(1) Check Account and BLZ (bank routing code).
ktorrent(1) A BitTorrent program for KDE.
ktouch(1) A typing tutor for KDE.
ktr(4freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
ktr(9freebsd) Kernel tracing facility.
ktrace(2freebsd) Process tracing.
ktremotemgr(1) Command line interface to manage the remote database.
ktremotetest(1) Command line interface to test the remote database.
ktserver(1) A lightweight database server.
kttimedmgr(1) Command line interface to manage the timed database.
kttimedtest(1) Command line interface to test the timed database.
ktuberling(6) Potato game for kids.
ktupnptest(1) KTorrent's UPnP test application.
ktutil(1) Kerberos keytab file maintenance utility.
ktutil.heimdal(1) Manage Kerberos keytabs.
ktutilmgr(1) Command line interface of miscellaneous utilities.
ktutilserv(1) Server implementations to test miscellaneous utilities.
ktutiltest(1) Command line interface to test the utility functions.
kubrick(6) KDE color cube game.
kuchen(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
kue(4freebsd) Kawasaki LSI KL5KUSB101B USB Ethernet driver.
kuesvr(7) The CERN KUIP edit server.
kuipc(1) The CERN KUIP compiler.
kuiviewer(1) A viewer for Qt Designer user interface files.
kumppa(6x) Spiraling, spinning, splashes of color rush toward the screen.
kumx(3NCARG) Converts from user coordinates to metacode coordinates.
kumy(3NCARG) Converts from user coordinates to metacode coordinates.
kup(1) upload utility.
kup-server(1) upload server utility.
kupfer(1) Convenient command and access tool for applications and documents.
kupfer-exec(1) ↣ kupfer(1) Convenient command and access tool for applications and documents.
kupx(3NCARG) Converts from user coordinates to plotter address unit coordinates.
kupy(3NCARG) Converts from user coordinates to plotter address unit coordinates.
kurv1(3NCARG) Calculate values for KURV2 usage.
kurv2(3NCARG) Does interpolation for parametric curves.
kurvd(3NCARG) Interpolation and derivatives for parametric curves.
kurvp1(3NCARG) Calculate values for KURVP2 usage.
kurvp2(3NCARG) Does interpolation for closed parametric curves.
kurvpd(3NCARG) Nterpolation and derivatives for closed parametric curves.
kuser(8) Configures users on the system.
kuvert(1) Automatically sign and/or encrypt emails based on the recipients.
kuvert_submit(1) MTA wrapper for mail submission to kuvert(1).
kv4lsetup(1) Setup grabbing card. ↣ kvirc(1) An Internet Relay Chat client.
kvirc(1) An Internet Relay Chat client.
kvkcard(1) A commandline client to read information from a German medical card.
kvm(1) Kvm-enabling wrapper for qemu-system-x86_64.
kvm-ok(1) Determine if this system is capable of running hardware accelerated KVM virtual machines (ie, pos‐.
kvno(1) Print key version numbers of Kerberos principals.
kvpm(1) Graphical user interface for LVM based on KDE.
kvpnc(1) KDE frontend for various vpn clients.
kwalify(1) Tiny schema validator for YAML and JSON.
Kwalify(3pm) Kwalify schema for data structures.
kwalitee-metrics(1p) List details of all kwalitee metrics installed on the system.
kwallet-query(1) KDE Wallet command-line manipulation tool.
kwalletaskpass(1) Kwallet-based pass-phrase dialog for use with OpenSSH.
kwalletcli(1) Command line interface to the KDE Wallet.
kwalletcli_getpin(1) Command line interface to pinentry.
Kwargs(3pm) Simple, clean handing of named/keyword arguments.
kwave(1) A sound editor for KDE.
kwboot(1) Boot Marvell Kirkwood SoCs over a serial link.
kwProcessXML(1) KwProcessXML.
KWStyle(1) Style checker for source code.
kxc(1) Key exchange client.
kxc-cryptsetup(1) Cryptsetup helper to kxc.
kxd(1) Key exchange daemon.
kxterm(1) The CERN KUIP terminal emulator.
ky00te(6) ↣ filters(6)
kybd(3U) Predefined keyboard equivalents.
kylin-greeter(1) LightDM greeter for the Kylin.