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O(3perl) Generic interface to Perl Compiler backends.
o2cb(7) Default cluster stack of the OCFS2 file system.
o2cb(8) Cluster registration utility for the O2CB cluster stack.
o2cb.sysconfig(5) Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
o2cb_ctl(8) Control program for the O2CB cluster service.
o2cluster(8) Change cluster stack stamped on an OCFS2 file system.
o2hbmonitor(8) Monitors disk heartbeat in the O2CB cluster stack.
o2i_SCT(3ssl) ↣ o2i_SCT_LIST(3ssl) Decode and encode Signed Certificate Timestamp lists in TLS.
o2i_SCT_LIST(3ssl) Decode and encode Signed Certificate Timestamp lists in TLS.
o2image(8) Copy or restore OCFS2 file system meta-data.
o2info(1) Show OCFS2 file system information.
oai_browser(1p) Command line OAI repository browser.
oai_pmh(1p) Pipe OAI-PMH to the command-line.
oakdecode(1) Decode an OAKT printer stream into human readable form.
oaklisp(1) An implementation of the Oaklisp language.
oar-database(1) Manage OAR database.
oar-server(1) Daemon wrapper to start the oar server (Almighty).
oar_phoenix(1) Check and automatically reboot Suspected nodes.
oar_resources_add(1) Yet another helper script to define OAR resources.
oar_resources_init(1) Connect to a list of hosts to gather system information and create the corresponding OAR.
oaraccounting(1) Fill the database with the summary of the resource usage.
oaradmissionrules(1) Manage admission rules.
oarcp(1) Remote shell connector for OAR batch scheduler.
oardel(1) Delete or checkpoint job(s).
oarhold(1) Hold a job in OAR batch scheduler.
oarmonitor(1) Launch the monitoring of a job.
oarmonitor_graph_gen(1) Generate graphics from a job resource usage.
oarnodechecklist(1) A simple local node check mechanism.
oarnodecheckquery(1) Node checking.
oarnodes(1) Show information about the nodes managed by OAR.
oarnodesetting(1) Change the state and properties of a node in OAR.
oarnotify(1) Multi usage command for queues and Almighty notification.
oarprint(1) Pretty print of a job resources.
oarproperty(1) Add or remove resource properties.
oarremoveresource(1) Remove a resource from the database.
oarresume(1) Resume a job in OAR batch scheduler.
oarsh(1) Remote shell connector for OAR batch scheduler.
oarstat(1) Show information about jobs.
oarsub(1) OAR batch scheduler job submission command.
oasis(1) Generates a complete build system for OCaml libraries and applications.
oathtool(1) OATH one-time password tool.
oauth(1) OAuth command-line client.
oauth(3tcl) Oauth API base signature.
ob2fps(1) Ob2fps.
obabel(1) ↣ babel(1) A converter for chemistry and molecular modeling data files.
obamenu(1) Menu generator for the openbox window manager.
obchiral(1) Print molecular chirality information.
obconf(1) Configuration utility for Openbox.
obconformer(1) Generate conformer coordinates.
obd2csv(1) Convert obdgpslogger(1) logs to csv files.
obd2gpx(1) Convert obdgpslogger(1) logs to gpx files.
obd2kml(1) Convert obdgpslogger(1) logs to Google Earth kml files.
obdgpslogger(1) Log OBD and GPS data to sqlite.
obdgui(1) Interactive UI for obdgpslogger.
obdlogrepair(1) Attempt to repair a disfunctional logfile.
obdsim(1) Simulate an ELM327 device.
obenergy(1) Calculate the energy for a molecule.
obex-data-server(1) D-Bus service providing OBEX functionality.
obex-folder-listing(1) Create an obex folder-listing object.
obex_find(1) Find connectable OBEX devices (IrDA, USB).
obex_tcp(1) Send or receive files via TCP.
obex_test(1) Interactive test application for the openobex library.
obexautofs(1) Search, display and mount ObexFTP capabable devices.
obexfs(1) Mount filesystem of ObexFTP capabable devices.
obexpush_atd(1) Simulate an AT modem to use obexpushd with serial lines.
obexpushd(1) Receive files with OBEX protocol via Bluetooth, IrDA or network connection.
obfit(1) Superimpose two molecules based on a pattern.
obfs-local(1) Simple-obfs client.
obfs-server(1) Simple-obfs server.
obfs4proxy(1) Pluggable transport proxy for Tor, implementing obfs4.
obfsproxy(1) A pluggable transports proxy.
obgen(1) Generate 3D coordinates for a molecule.
obgrep(1) An advanced molecular search program using SMARTS.
obgui(1) Open Babel graphical user interface.
Obj(3o) Operations on internal representations of values.
Obj.Ephemeron(3o) No description.
OBJ_cleanup(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_cmp(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_create(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_dup(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_get0_data(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_length(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_ln2nid(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_nid2ln(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_nid2sn(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_obj2nid(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_obj2txt(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_sn2nid(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_txt2nid(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
OBJ_txt2obj(3ssl) ↣ OBJ_nid2obj(3ssl)
objc_count(1) ↣ X_count(1) Count physical lines of code, in each input file.
ObjCmdWrite(3tclx) Writing C language extensions to Tcl.
objcopy(1) Copy and translate object files.
objcount.h(3) Template for object which holds self count of instances.
objdump(1) Display information from object files.
objdump86(1) Examine object, archive or executable files.
Object(3) The Object widget class "Object" "widget class" "Object".
Object(3nx) API reference of the base class in the NX object system.
object-expirer.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift object expirer daemon.
object-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift object server.
object.h(3) Some object manipulation classes for smart pointers, linked lists, etc. AAT Object module.
Object::Accessor(3pm) Interface to create per object accessors.
Object::Container(3pm) Simple object container.
Object::Container::ja(3pm) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Object::Declare(3pm) Declarative object constructor.
Object::Destroyer(3pm) Make objects with circular references DESTROY normally.
Object::Event(3pm) A class that provides an event callback interface.
Object::ID(3pm) A unique identifier for any object.
Object::ID::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for Object::ID.
Object::InsideOut(3pm) Comprehensive inside-out object support module.
Object::InsideOut::Metadata(3pm) Introspection for Object::InsideOut classes.
Object::MultiType(3pm) Perl Objects as Hash, Array, Scalar, Code and Glob at the same time.
Object::Pluggable(3pm) A base class for creating plugin-enabled objects.
Object::Pluggable::Constants(3pm) Importable constants for Object::Pluggable.
Object::Pluggable::Pipeline(3pm) The plugin pipeline for Object::Pluggable.
Object::Quick(3pm) Depricated, see Mock::Quick.
Object::Realize::Later(3pm) Delayed creation of objects.
Object::Remote(3pm) Call methods on objects in other processes or on other hosts.
Object::Remote::Connection(3pm) An underlying connection for Object::Remote.
Object::Remote::Future(3pm) Asynchronous calling for Object::Remote.
Object::Remote::Logging(3pm) Logging subsystem for Object::Remote.
Object::Remote::Logging::Logger(3pm) Format and output a log message.
Object::Remote::Role::Connector::PerlInterpreter(3pm) Role for connections to a Perl interpreter.
Object::Signature(3pm) Generate cryptographic signatures for objects.
Object::Signature::File(3pm) Extended signature API for storing objects in file.
Object::Tiny(3pm) Class building as simple as it gets.
object_message(3alleg4) Sends a message to an object and returns the answer. Allegro game programming library.
objlink.h(3) Template for creating linked list of objects with lookup.
objmap.h(3) Template for creating hash indexed objects.
objsync.h(3) Template for creating objects that share a global mutex.
objToVTK(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
obm-dir(1) A pipe-menu for openbox.
obm-moz(1) A pipe-menu for openbox.
obm-nav(1) A pipe-menu for openbox.
obm-xdg(1) A pipe-menu for openbox.
obmenu(1) A menu editor for openbox.
obminimize(1) Optimize the geometry, minimize the energy for a molecule.
obprobe(1) Create electrostatic probe grid.
obprop(1) Print standard molecular properties.
obrotamer(1) Generate conformer/rotamer coordinates.
obrotate(1) Batch-rotate dihedral angles matching SMARTS patterns.
obs-build(1) Build SuSE Linux RPMs in a chroot environment.
obs-buildvc(1) Create a SUSE stype changes entry.
observations2map(1) Transforms a set of pairs into metric maps.
observe(3tcl) Observer transformation, stream copy.
observe(3tk) Runtime debugging output in TkCon.
observer(3erl) A GUI tool for observing an Erlang system.
observer(7) The Observer Application.
obsession-exit(1) Command-line session management helper for lightweight environments.
obsession-logout(1) Graphical session management helper for lightweight environments.
obspectrophore(1) SPECTROPHORE calculator.
obus-dump(1) A D-Bus message dumper.
obus-gen-client(1) Generate client-side ocaml bindings from D-Bus introspection files.
obus-gen-interface(1) Convert D-Bus introspection files to ocaml code.
obus-gen-server(1) Generate server-side ocaml bindings from D-Bus introspection files.
obus-idl2xml(1) Convert an obus IDL file into a D-Bus introspection one.
obus-introspect(1) A D-Bus introspecter.
obus-xml2idl(1) Convert a D-Bus introspection file into an obus IDL one.
obxprop(1) A minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards sup‐.
oc-update(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
ocaml(1) The OCaml interactive toplevel.
ocaml-gettext(1) Program to manage PO and MO files for OCaml source files.
ocaml-gettext(5) Common options to manage internationalisation in OCaml program through ocaml-gettext library.
ocaml-lintian(1) Dump OCaml object information for lintian test.
ocaml-md5sums(1) Use and maintain ocaml md5sums registry files.
ocaml-xgettext(1) Program to extract translatable strings from OCaml source file.
ocaml.m4(1) Autoconf macros for OCaml.
ocamlbuild(1) The OCaml project compilation tool.
ocamlbuild.opt(1) ↣ ocamlbuild(1) The OCaml project compilation tool.
ocamlc(1) The OCaml bytecode compiler.
ocamlcp(1) The OCaml profiling compilers.
ocamldebug(1) The OCaml source-level replay debugger.
ocamldep(1) Dependency generator for OCaml.
ocamldoc(1) The OCaml documentation generator.
ocamldot(1) Generate dependency graphs of ocaml programs.
ocamldsort(1) Dependency sorter for OCaml source files.
ocamldumpobj(1) Disassembler for OCaml executable and .cmo object files.
ocamlfind(1) [Command-line interface of the Package manager].
ocamlgraph-editor(1) GTK-based graph editor based on hyperbolic geometry.
ocamlgraph-editor.byte(1) ↣ ocamlgraph-editor(1) GTK-based graph editor based on hyperbolic geometry.
ocamlgraph-viewer(1) GTK-based graph viewer.
ocamlgraph-viewer.byte(1) ↣ ocamlgraph-viewer(1) GTK-based graph viewer.
ocamlify(1) Create an OCaml file including other files.
ocamllex(1) The OCaml lexer generator.
ocamlmklib(1) Generate libraries with mixed C / Caml code.
ocamlmktop(1) Building custom toplevel systems.
ocamlmod(1) Generate OCaml modules from source files.
ocamlobjinfo(1) Dump information about OCaml compiled objects.
ocamlopt(1) The OCaml native-code compiler.
ocamloptp(1) ↣ ocamlcp(1) The OCaml profiling compilers.
ocamlprof(1) The OCaml profiler.
ocamlrun(1) The OCaml bytecode interpreter.
ocamlviz(1) Monitoring tools for Objective Caml.
ocamlviz-ascii(1) ↣ ocamlviz(1) Monitoring tools for Objective Caml.
ocamlviz-gui(1) ↣ ocamlviz(1) Monitoring tools for Objective Caml.
ocamlwc(1) Count the lines of code and comments in OCaml sources.
ocamlweb(1) A literate programming tool for Objective Caml.
ocamlyacc(1) The OCaml parser generator.
ocat(1) OnionCat creates a transparent IPv6 layer on top of Tor's hidden services.
occtl(8) OpenConnect VPN server control.
oce(4freebsd) Device driver for Emulex OneConnect 10Gb network adapters.
ocf-tester(8) Part of the Linux-HA project.
OCF_Directories(3pm) Binaries and binary options for use in Resource Agents.
OCF_Functions(3pm) Helper subroutines for OCF agent.
ocf_heartbeat_anything(7) Manages an arbitrary service.
ocf_heartbeat_AoEtarget(7) Manages ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) target exports.
ocf_heartbeat_apache(7) Manages an Apache Web server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_asterisk(7) Manages an Asterisk PBX.
ocf_heartbeat_AudibleAlarm(7) Emits audible beeps at a configurable interval.
ocf_heartbeat_aws-vpc-move-ip(7) Move IP within a APC of the AWS EC2.
ocf_heartbeat_aws-vpc-route53(7) Update Route53 VPC record for AWS EC2.
ocf_heartbeat_awseip(7) Amazon AWS Elastic IP Address Resource Agent.
ocf_heartbeat_awsvip(7) Amazon AWS Secondary Private IP Address Resource Agent.
ocf_heartbeat_ClusterMon(7) Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to an HTML file.
ocf_heartbeat_clvm(7) Clvmd.
ocf_heartbeat_conntrackd(7) This resource agent manages conntrackd.
ocf_heartbeat_CTDB(7) CTDB Resource Agent.
ocf_heartbeat_db2(7) Resource Agent that manages an IBM DB2 LUW databases in Standard role as primitive or in.
ocf_heartbeat_Delay(7) Waits for a defined timespan.
ocf_heartbeat_dhcpd(7) Chrooted ISC DHCP server resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_dnsupdate(7) IP take-over via dynamic DNS update.
ocf_heartbeat_docker(7) Docker container resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_Dummy(7) Example stateless resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_eDir88(7) Manages a Novell eDirectory directory server.
ocf_heartbeat_ethmonitor(7) Monitors network interfaces.
ocf_heartbeat_Evmsd(7) Controls clustered EVMS volume management (deprecated).
ocf_heartbeat_EvmsSCC(7) Manages EVMS Shared Cluster Containers (SCCs) (deprecated).
ocf_heartbeat_exportfs(7) Manages NFS exports.
ocf_heartbeat_Filesystem(7) Manages filesystem mounts.
ocf_heartbeat_fio(7) Fio IO load generator.
ocf_heartbeat_galera(7) Manages a galara instance.
ocf_heartbeat_garbd(7) Manages a galera arbitrator instance.
ocf_heartbeat_ICP(7) Manages an ICP Vortex clustered host drive.
ocf_heartbeat_ids(7) Manages an Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) instance.
ocf_heartbeat_iface-bridge(7) Manages Bridge network interfaces.
ocf_heartbeat_iface-vlan(7) Manages VLAN network interfaces.
ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr(7) Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (portable version).
ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr2(7) Manages virtual IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (Linux specific version).
ocf_heartbeat_IPsrcaddr(7) Manages the preferred source address for outgoing IP packets.
ocf_heartbeat_IPv6addr(7) Manages IPv6 aliases.
ocf_heartbeat_iscsi(7) Manages a local iSCSI initiator and its connections to iSCSI targets.
ocf_heartbeat_iSCSILogicalUnit(7) Manages iSCSI Logical Units (LUs).
ocf_heartbeat_iSCSITarget(7) ISCSI target export agent.
ocf_heartbeat_jboss(7) Manages a JBoss application server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_kamailio(7) Resource agent for Kamailio.
ocf_heartbeat_LinuxSCSI(7) Enables and disables SCSI devices through the kernel SCSI hot-plug subsystem.
ocf_heartbeat_LVM(7) Controls the availability of an LVM Volume Group.
ocf_heartbeat_LVM-activate(7) This agent activates/deactivates logical volumes.
ocf_heartbeat_lvmlockd(7) This agent manages the lvmlockd daemon.
ocf_heartbeat_lxc(7) Manages LXC containers.
ocf_heartbeat_MailTo(7) Notifies recipients by email in the event of resource takeover.
ocf_heartbeat_ManageRAID(7) Manages RAID devices.
ocf_heartbeat_ManageVE(7) Manages an OpenVZ Virtual Environment (VE).
ocf_heartbeat_mysql(7) Manages a MySQL database instance.
ocf_heartbeat_mysql-proxy(7) Manages a MySQL Proxy instance.
ocf_heartbeat_nagios(7) Nagios resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_named(7) Manages a named server.
ocf_heartbeat_nfsnotify(7) Sm-notify reboot notifications.
ocf_heartbeat_nfsserver(7) Manages an NFS server.
ocf_heartbeat_nginx(7) Manages an Nginx web/proxy server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_NodeUtilization(7) Node Utilization.
ocf_heartbeat_oraasm(7) Oracle ASM resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_oracle(7) Manages an Oracle Database instance.
ocf_heartbeat_oralsnr(7) Manages an Oracle TNS listener.
ocf_heartbeat_pgsql(7) Manages a PostgreSQL database instance.
ocf_heartbeat_pgsqlms(7) A PostgreSQL multi-state resource agent for Pacemaker.
ocf_heartbeat_pingd(7) Monitors connectivity to specific hosts or IP addresses ("ping nodes") (deprecated).
ocf_heartbeat_portblock(7) Block and unblocks access to TCP and UDP ports.
ocf_heartbeat_postfix(7) Manages a highly available Postfix mail server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_pound(7) Manage a Pound instance.
ocf_heartbeat_proftpd(7) OCF Resource Agent compliant FTP script.
ocf_heartbeat_Pure-FTPd(7) Manages a Pure-FTPd FTP server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_rabbitmq-cluster(7) Rabbitmq clustered.
ocf_heartbeat_Raid1(7) Manages Linux software RAID (MD) devices on shared storage.
ocf_heartbeat_redis(7) Redis server.
ocf_heartbeat_Route(7) Manages network routes.
ocf_heartbeat_rsyncd(7) Manages an rsync daemon.
ocf_heartbeat_rsyslog(7) Rsyslog resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_SAPDatabase(7) Manages a SAP database instance as an HA resource.
ocf_heartbeat_SAPInstance(7) Manages a SAP instance as an HA resource.
ocf_heartbeat_scsi2reservation(7) Scsi-2 reservation.
ocf_heartbeat_SendArp(7) Broadcasts unsolicited ARP announcements.
ocf_heartbeat_ServeRAID(7) Enables and disables shared ServeRAID merge groups.
ocf_heartbeat_sfex(7) Manages exclusive access to shared storage using Shared Disk File EXclusiveness (SF-EX).
ocf_heartbeat_sg_persist(7) Manages SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVATIONS.
ocf_heartbeat_slapd(7) Manages a Stand-alone LDAP Daemon (slapd) instance.
ocf_heartbeat_SphinxSearchDaemon(7) Manages the Sphinx search daemon.
ocf_heartbeat_Squid(7) Manages a Squid proxy server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_Stateful(7) Example stateful resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_symlink(7) Manages a symbolic link.
ocf_heartbeat_SysInfo(7) Records various node attributes in the CIB.
ocf_heartbeat_syslog-ng(7) Syslog-ng resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_tomcat(7) Manages a Tomcat servlet environment instance.
ocf_heartbeat_varnish(7) Manage a Varnish instance.
ocf_heartbeat_VIPArip(7) Manages a virtual IP address through RIP2.
ocf_heartbeat_VirtualDomain(7) Manages virtual domains through the libvirt virtualization framework.
ocf_heartbeat_vmware(7) Manages VMWare Server 2.0 virtual machines.
ocf_heartbeat_WAS(7) Manages a WebSphere Application Server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_WAS6(7) Manages a WebSphere Application Server 6 instance.
ocf_heartbeat_WinPopup(7) Sends an SMB notification message to selected hosts.
ocf_heartbeat_Xen(7) Manages Xen unprivileged domains (DomUs).
ocf_heartbeat_Xinetd(7) Manages a service of Xinetd.
ocf_heartbeat_zabbixserver(7) Zabbix server resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_attribute(7) Manages a node attribute.
ocf_pacemaker_ClusterMon(7) Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to an HTML file.
ocf_pacemaker_controld(7) DLM Agent for cluster file systems.
ocf_pacemaker_Dummy(7) Example stateless resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_HealthCPU(7) System health CPU usage.
ocf_pacemaker_HealthSMART(7) SMART health status.
ocf_pacemaker_ifspeed(7) Network interface speed monitor.
ocf_pacemaker_o2cb(7) OCFS2 daemon resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_ping(7) Node connectivity.
ocf_pacemaker_pingd(7) Pingd resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_remote(7) Remote resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_Stateful(7) Example stateful resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_SysInfo(7) SysInfo resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_SystemHealth(7) SystemHealth resource agent.
OCF_ReturnCodes(3pm) Common varibales for the OCF Resource Agents supplied by heartbeat.
ocfs2(7) A Shared-Disk Cluster File System for Linux.
ocfs2.cluster.conf(5) Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
ocfs2_hb_ctl(8) Starts and stops the O2CB local heartbeat on a given device.
ociobakelut(1) Create a new LUT or icc profile from an OCIO config or lut file(s).
ociocheck(1) Validate an OpenColorIO configuration.
ocioconvert(1) Apply colorspace transform to an image.
ociolutimage(1) Convert a 3dlut to or from an image.
oclgrind(1) Runtime API interface for Oclgrind.
oclgrind-kernel(1) Standalone kernel interface for Oclgrind.
oclingo(1) ↣ clingo(1) A combination of clasp and gringo.
oclock(1) Round X clock.
ocount(1) Event counting tool for Linux.
ocp(1) Music player.
ocp-curses(1) ↣ ocp(1) Music player.
ocp-indent(1) Automatic indentation of OCaml source files.
ocp-sdl(1) ↣ ocp(1) Music player.
ocp-vcsa(1) ↣ ocp(1) Music player.
ocp-x11(1) ↣ ocp(1) Music player.
ocpasswd(8) OpenConnect server password utility.
ocpp5(1) ↣ camlp5(1) Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for ocaml.
ocproxy(1) Lwip based proxy for openconnect.
ocr4gamera(1) OCR system using the Gamera framework.
ocrad(1) Command line text recognition tool.
ocrfeeder(1) Document layout analysis and optical character recognition system.
ocrfeeder-cli(1) Command line interface for OCRFeeder, a document layout analysis and optical character recog‐.
ocrmypdf(1) Add an OCR text layer to PDF files.
ocrodjvu(1) OCR for DjVu files.
ocs(1) Creates and maintains the database for cscope on a recursive directory set.
ocserv(8) OpenConnect VPN server.
ocsinventory-agent(1p) Unified client for OCS-Inventory.
Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Inventory(3pm) The XML abstraction layer.
ocsp(1ssl) Online Certificate Status Protocol utility.
OCSP_basic_add1_nonce(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_request_add1_nonce(3ssl) OCSP nonce functions.
OCSP_basic_sign(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_basic_sign_ctx(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_basic_verify(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_BASICRESP_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_BASICRESP_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_cert_id_new(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_cert_to_id(3ssl) OCSP.
OCSP_cert_to_id(3ssl) OCSP.
OCSP_CERTID_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_CERTID_free(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_cert_to_id(3ssl) OCSP.
OCSP_CERTID_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_CERTSTATUS_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_CERTSTATUS_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_check_nonce(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_request_add1_nonce(3ssl) OCSP nonce functions.
OCSP_check_validity(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_copy_nonce(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_request_add1_nonce(3ssl) OCSP nonce functions.
OCSP_CRLID_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_CRLID_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_id_cmp(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_cert_to_id(3ssl) OCSP.
OCSP_id_get0_info(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_cert_to_id(3ssl) OCSP.
OCSP_id_issuer_cmp(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_cert_to_id(3ssl) OCSP.
OCSP_ONEREQ_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_ONEREQ_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_REQ_CTX_add1_header(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_sendreq_new(3ssl)
OCSP_REQ_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_sendreq_new(3ssl)
OCSP_REQ_CTX_set1_req(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_sendreq_new(3ssl)
OCSP_REQINFO_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_REQINFO_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_request_add0_id(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_REQUEST_new(3ssl)
OCSP_request_add1_cert(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_REQUEST_new(3ssl)
OCSP_request_add1_nonce(3ssl) OCSP nonce functions.
OCSP_REQUEST_free(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_REQUEST_new(3ssl)
OCSP_request_onereq_count(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_REQUEST_new(3ssl)
OCSP_request_onereq_get0(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_REQUEST_new(3ssl)
OCSP_request_sign(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_REQUEST_new(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_count(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_find(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_certs(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_id(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_produced_at(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_respdata(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_signature(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_signer(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get0_tbs_sigalg(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_resp_get1_id(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPBYTES_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPBYTES_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPDATA_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPDATA_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPID_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPID_match(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPID_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPID_set_by_key(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPID_set_by_name(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_response_create(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPONSE_free(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_response_get1_basic(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_response_status(3ssl)
OCSP_RESPONSE_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_REVOKEDINFO_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_REVOKEDINFO_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_sendreq_bio(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_sendreq_new(3ssl)
OCSP_sendreq_nbio(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_sendreq_new(3ssl)
OCSP_SERVICELOC_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_SERVICELOC_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_set_max_response_length(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_sendreq_new(3ssl)
OCSP_SIGNATURE_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_SIGNATURE_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_single_get0_status(3ssl) ↣ OCSP_resp_find_status(3ssl)
OCSP_SINGLERESP_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OCSP_SINGLERESP_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ocsptool(1) GnuTLS OCSP tool.
oct(3trf) Encoding "oct".
octanol(1e) Draw a White-Wimley protein hydropathy plot.
octave(1) A high-level interactive language for numerical computations.
octave-cli(1) A high-level interactive language for numerical computations.
octave-config(1) GNU Octave component and library information retrieval.
octo_commander(1) Octopussy Commander program.
octo_data(1) Octopussy Data Extractor program.
octo_dispatcher(1) Octopussy Dispatcher program.
octo_extractor(1) Octopussy Logs Extractor program.
octo_extractor_fields(1) Octopussy Logs Extractor (by table fields) program.
octo_logrotate(1) Octopussy Logrotate program.
octo_msg_finder(1) Octopussy message finder program.
octo_parser(1) Octopussy Parser program.
octo_pusher(1) Octopussy Pusher program.
octo_replay(1) Octopussy Replay program.
octo_reporter(1) Octopussy Reporter program.
octo_rrd(1) Octopussy RRD Graphing program.
octo_scheduler(1) Octopussy Scheduler program.
octo_sender(1) Octopussy Sender program.
octo_statistic_reporter(1) Octopussy Statistics Reporter program.
octo_syslog2iso8601(1) Octopussy program to convert 'syslog format' logs to 'iso8601' logs.
octo_tool(1) Octopussy tool to do simple tasks.
octo_uparser(1) Octopussy UParser program.
octo_world_stats(1) Octopussy World Statistics program.
octocatalog-diff(1) Compile and compare Puppet catalogs.
octoclock_firmware_burner(1) OctoClock Firmware Burner.
octopussy(1) Octopussy Main program.
Octopussy(3) Octopussy main module.
octovis(1) Octomap 3D viewer.
od(1) Dump files in octal and other formats.
od(1posix) Dump files in various formats.
od-tkdesk(1) Remotely open a directory using TkDesk.
od2trips(1) Importer of O/D-matrices for the road traffic simulation SUMO.
odb(1) Object-relational mapping (ORM) compiler for C++.
odbc(3erl) Erlang ODBC application.
odbcinst(1) Command line tool for batch ODBC configuration.
ODBM_File(3perl) Tied access to odbm files.
odbx-sql(1) Swiss army knife for communicating with databases and interactive SQL shell.
odbx_bind(3) User authentication for a database connection.
odbx_capabilities(3) Query implemented capabilities.
odbx_column_count(3) Get the number of columns in the current result set.
odbx_column_name(3) Get the name of a column in the current result set.
odbx_column_type(3) Returns the SQL data type of a column in the current result set.
odbx_error(3) Returns a human readable error message.
odbx_error_type(3) Returns the severity of an error.
odbx_escape(3) Prepare strings for inclusion in statements.
odbx_field_length(3) Returns the length of a field value.
odbx_field_value(3) Returns the data stored in a field.
odbx_finish(3) Frees connection resources.
odbx_get_option(3) Query backend for implemented options.
odbx_init(3) Allocate per connection data structures.
odbx_lo_close(3) Closes a large object reference.
odbx_lo_open(3) Opens a large object in the database.
odbx_lo_read(3) Reads content from a large object.
odbx_lo_write(3) Writes buffer content into the large object.
odbx_query(3) Send a statement to the database server.
odbx_result(3) Retrieves a result set from the database server.
odbx_result_finish(3) Closes the result set and frees its allocated memory.
odbx_row_fetch(3) Retrieve rows from the result set.
odbx_rows_affected(3) Returns the number of changed records.
odbx_set_option(3) Change behaviour of the database backend.
odbx_unbind(3) Disconnects from the database.
oddcomp(1e) Identify proteins with specified sequence word composition.
oddjob-mkhomedir.conf(5) System message bus configuration for oddjob-mkhomedir.
oddjob.conf(5) Configuration for oddjob for the system message bus.
oddjob_request(1) Send requests to oddjobd from the command line.
oddjobd(8) Privileged operations for unprivileged processes.
oddjobd-introspection.conf(5) Allow introspection of oddjobd.
oddjobd-mkhomedir.conf(5) Allow limited use of the mkhomedir functions.
oddjobd.conf(5) Configuration for oddjobd.
ode(1) Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations.
ode-config(1) Show information about installed ode libraries.
odeum(3) The inverted API of QDBM.
odf2mht(1) Convert ODF to HTML archive.
odf2pod(1p) POD generation from an OpenDocument file.
odf2xhtml(1) Convert ODF to HTML.
odf2xliff(1) Convert OpenDocument (ODF) files to XLIFF localization files.
odf2xml(1) Create OpenDocument XML file from OD? package.
odf_set_fields(1p) Set names & values for user-defined fields.
odf_set_title(1p) Set the title of a document using the first heading of the content.
odfbuild(1p) OpenDocument file creation utility.
odfextract(1p) Text selection and copy from one document to another one.
odffilesearch(1p) File selection by keywords.
odffindbasic(1p) Basic macro removal from files.
odfhighlight(1p) Search, replace and highlight text in a document.
odfimgimport(1) Import external images.
odflint(1) Check ODF file for problems.
odfmeta(1) List or change the metadata of an ODF file.
odfmetadoc(1p) Document properties management interface.
odfoutline(1) Show outline of OpenDocument.
odfsearch(1p) Text selection and copy from one document to another using callback.
odfuserfield(1) List or change the user-field declarations in an ODF file.
odidx(1) Indexer of document files.
odil(1) Command-line DICOM tool.
odmgr(1) Administration utility for QDBM Odeum.
odopen(3) ↣ odeum(3) The inverted API of QDBM.
odot(1) A task list manager.
odp2pdf(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odp2ppt(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odp2txt(1) ↣ odt2txt.odt2txt(1) A simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text.
ods-control(8) OpenDNSSEC control utility.
ods-enforcer(8) OpenDNSSEC enforcer Engine client.
ods-enforcer-db-setup(8) OpenDNSSEC enforcer daemon initialization utility.
ods-enforcerd(8) OpenDNSSEC enforcer Engine daemon.
ods-hsmspeed(1) OpenDNSSEC HSM speed tester.
ods-hsmutil(1) OpenDNSSEC HSM utility.
ods-kasp(5) OpenDNSSEC kasp specification.
ods-kaspcheck(1) Performs a sanity check of the policy for OpenDNSSEC.
ods-server(1) Minimal OBEX server based on obex-data-server.
ods-signer(8) OpenDNSSEC Signer Engine client.
ods-signerd(8) OpenDNSSEC Signer Engine daemon.
ods-timing(5) OpenDNSSEC timing specification.
ods2pdf(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
ods2tsv(1) Convert ods to tsv files.
ods2txt(1) ↣ odt2txt.odt2txt(1) A simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text.
odt2bib(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2doc(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2docbook(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2html(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2lt(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2pdf(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2rtf(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2sdw(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2sxw(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2txt.odt2txt(1) A simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text.
odt2txt.unoconv(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2xhtml(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odt2xml(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
odtest(1) Test cases for QDBM Odeum.
odvicopy(1) ↣ dvicopy(1) Produce modified copy of DVI file.
odvitype(1) ↣ dvitype(1) Translate a dvi file for humans.
oem-config(8) ↣ ubiquity(8) Install Linux Mint from a live CD.
oem-config-firstboot(8) Run oem-config on first boot after shipping to end user.
oem-config-prepare(8) Prepare system for shipping to end user.
oeminst(1) List information about the FILEs.
oeprop(1) One-Electron Property Program. Octopussy Open Flash Chart (OFC) module.
ofdstream(3bobcat) Output Stream initialized by a File Descriptor.
ofdstreambuf(3bobcat) Output stream buffer initialized by a file descriptor.
offconsol(1gv) Polylist consolidator.
offcputime-bpfcc(8) Summarize off-CPU time by kernel stack trace. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
offer_focus(3alleg4) Offers the input focus to a particular object. Allegro game programming library.
offlineimap(1) Synchronize mailboxes and Maildirs both ways or one either way.
offlineimapui(7) The User Interfaces.
offsetof(3) Offset of a structure member.
offsets(1) Manipulate auxiliary files created by ingests.
offwaketime-bpfcc(8) Summarize blocked time by off-CPU stack + waker stack. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
ofilterstreambuf(3bobcat) Base class for std::ostream filtering.
ofm2opl(1) Convert Omega and TeX font-metric files to property-list files.
ofoldstream(3bobcat) Folds long lines.
ofoldstreambuf(3bobcat) Folds long lines written to ostream.
ofonod(8) OFono mobile telephony daemon.
ofs2rva(1) Converts a PE raw file offset to relative virtual address.
ofx2qif(1) Convert OFX files to QIF format.
ofxconnect(1) Create a statement request file.
ofxdump(1) Dump content of OFX files as human-readable text.
ogg123(1) Plays Ogg Vorbis files.
Ogg::Vorbis::Decoder(3pm) An object-oriented Ogg Vorbis to decoder.
Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl(3pm) An object-oriented interface to Ogg Vorbis information and comment fields,.
oggCat(1) Concatenates two or more ogg files.
oggCut(1) Extracts parts of an ogg file (.ogv, .ogg and .oga).
oggdec(1) Simple decoder, Ogg Vorbis file to PCM audio file (Wave or RAW).
oggDump(1) Prints out information of ogg video files (.ogv, .ogg or oga).
oggenc(1) Encode audio into the Ogg Vorbis format.
oggfwd(1) Pipe an Ogg stream from stdin to an Icecast server.
ogginfo(1) Gives information about Ogg files, and does extensive validity checking.
oggJoin(1) Multiplexes ogg streams (.ogv, .ogg or oga).
oggLength(1) Gives the length of an ogg video/audio file.
oggSilence(1) Creates a silence period in vorbis format.
oggSlideshow(1) Creates slideshows from pictures.
oggSplit(1) Demultiplexes ogv files.
oggsplt(1) ↣ mp3splt(1) Utility for mp3, ogg vorbis and native flac splitting without decoding.
oggThumb(1) Creates thumbnails from an ogg video file.
oggTranscode(1) Transcodes ogg files in multiple ways.
oggz(1) Inspect and manipulate Ogg multimedia files.
oggz-chop(1) Extract the part of an Ogg file between given start and/or end times.
oggz-codecs(1) List codecs in one or more Ogg files and their bitstreams.
oggz-comment(1) List or edit comments in an Ogg file.
oggz-diff(1) Hexdump the packets of two Ogg files and output differences.
oggz-dump(1) Hexdump packets of an Ogg file, or revert an Ogg file from such a hexdump.
oggz-info(1) Display information about one or more Ogg files and their bitstreams.
oggz-known-codecs(1) List codecs known by this version of Oggz.
oggz-merge(1) Merge Ogg files together, interleaving pages in order of presentation time.
oggz-rip(1) Extract one or more logical bitstreams from an Ogg file.
oggz-scan(1) Scan an Ogg file and output characteristic landmarks.
oggz-sort(1) Sort the pages of an Ogg file in order of presentation time.
oggz-validate(1) Validate the Ogg framing of one or more files.
ogmcat(1) Concatenate several OGG/OGM files into one big OGG/OGM file.
ogmdemux(1) Extract streams from OGG/OGM files into separate files.
ogminfo(1) Print information about streams in OGG/OGM files.
ogmmerge(1) Merge multimedia streams into an OGG/OGM file.
ogmrip(1) An application to rip and encode DVD for GNOME.
ogmsplit(1) Split OGG/OGM files into several smaller OGG/OGM files.
ogonkify(1) International support for PostScript.
ogr2ogr(1) Converts simple features data between file formats.
OgreMeshUpgrader(1) Upgrades .mesh files to the latest version.
OgreXMLConverter(1) Converts data between XML and Ogre binary formats.
ogrinfo(1) Lists information about an OGR supported data source.
ogrlineref(1) The utility can be used for:.
ogrmerge(1) Merge several vector datasets into a single one.
ogrtindex(1) Creates a tileindex.
ohai(1) The man page for the ohai command line tool.
ohci(4freebsd) OHCI USB Host Controller driver.
ohcount(1) Manual page for ohcount 3.0.0.
ohdomainlist(1) A openhpi sample application that shows information about domains on the level of the openhpi.
ohexstreambuf(3bobcat) Writes characters written to an ostream as hex values.
ohhandler(1) An openhpi sample application that uses the openhpi additional interfaces to control openhpi.
ohparam(1) An openhpi sample application that uses the openhpi additional interface to control openhpi.
oidentd(8) TCP/IP IDENT protocol server.
oidentd.conf(5) The oidentd configuration file.
oidentd_masq.conf(5) Oidentd IP masquerading/NAT configuration file.
oidua(1) Audio file metadata lister.
oiiotool(1) The OIIO Swiss Army Knife.
oinkmaster(1) Update Snort signatures.
OIS(3pm) Perl binding for the OIS C++ input framework.
ojo(3pm) Fun one-liners with Mojo.
ojot(1) ↣ orville-write(1) Write to another user.
ok(3perl) Alternative to Test::More::use_ok.
ok(3pm) Alternative to Test::More::use_ok.
okular(1) A universal document viewer.
ola_artnet(1) Configure ArtNet devices managed by OLA.
ola_dev_info(1) Display olad devices and ports.
ola_dmxconsole(1) Send DMX512 information to olad.
ola_dmxmonitor(1) Monitor the DMX512 values on an OLA universe.
ola_e131(1) Configure E1.31 devices managed by OLA.
ola_patch(1) Control OLA port bindings.
ola_plugin_info(1) Get info on the plugins loaded by olad.
ola_plugin_state(1) Get and set the state of the plugins loaded by olad.
ola_rdm_discover(1) Fetch the UID list for a universe.
ola_rdm_get(1) Get the value of a PID for an RDM device.
ola_rdm_set(1) Set the value of a PID for an RDM device.
ola_recorder(1) Record to, or playback from, a file a number of universes for a show.
ola_set_dmx(1) Sets the DMX values for a universe.
ola_set_priority(1) Set an olad port's priority.
ola_streaming_client(1) Stream data to the OLA server.
ola_timecode(1) OLA TimeCode Sender.
ola_trigger(1) Run programs based on the values in a DMX stream.
ola_uni_info(1) Display the active universes in OLA.
ola_uni_merge(1) Set the merge mode for a universe in olad.
ola_uni_name(1) Set the name for a universe in olad.
ola_uni_stats(1) Produce statistics on DMX frame rates.
ola_usbpro(1) Configure Enttec USB Pro Devices managed by OLA.
olad(1) The Open Lighting Architecture Daemon.
oldfstat(2) ↣ stat(2) Get file status.
oldlstat(2) ↣ stat(2) Get file status.
oldolduname(2) ↣ uname(2) Get name and information about current kernel.
oldstat(2) ↣ stat(2) Get file status.
olduname(2) ↣ uname(2) Get name and information about current kernel.
ole2img(1) Programe to convert all OLE objects of a .sxw document as images in a target direc‐.
OLE::Storage_Lite(3pm) Simple Class for OLE document interface.
olecfexport(1) Exports items stored in a Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Compound File (CF).
olecfinfo(1) Determines information about a Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Compound File (CF).
olfilter(1) ↣ ladr4-apps(1) Undocumented LADR4 applications.
olib(1) OrCAD(tm) library part to gEDA .sym converter.
oligotm(1) Prints oligo's melting temperature on stdout.
ols(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
ols_test(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
oLschema2ldif(1) Converts LDAP schema's to LDB-compatible LDIF.
olsr_switch(8) Olsrd network simulator.
olsrd(8) Optimized Link State Routing protocol daemon.
olsrd-adhoc-setup(1) Setup the wifi interface for meshing with olsrd.
olsrd-gui(1) Control and view status of olsrd routing daemon.
olsrd.conf(5) Configuration file for olsrd(8).
om(1) Control OpenMoko phone hardware.
om-led(1) Control OpenMoko phone LEDs.
omapi(3) Object Management Application Programming Interface.
omega-rpg(6) A hack-style game with quests.
omfonts(1) The driver program behind ofm2opl, opl2ofm, ovf2ovp, and ovp2ovf.
omindex(1) Index static website data via the filesystem.
omindex-list(1) List URLs of documents indexed by omindex.
omnicpp(1) OmniORB cpp preprocessor for IDL compiler.
omniEvents(8) CORBA Event Service daemon.
omniidl(1) OmniORB idl compiler.
omniMapper(8) Simple proxy for CORBA naming service from omniORB.
omniNames(8) OmniORB Interoperable Naming Service.
omp(8) OMP command line client for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).
omp-dialog(8) Dialog-based OMP tool for OpenVAS.
ompi-clean(1) Cleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open MPI jobs.
ompi-ps(1) Displays information about the active jobs and processes in Open MPI.
ompi-server(1) Server for supporting name publish/lookup operations.
ompi-top(1) Diagnostic to provide process info similar to the popular "top" program.
OMPI_Affinity_str.openmpi(3) Obtain prettyprint strings of processor affinity information for this process.
ompi_info(1) Display information about the Open MPI installation.
ompl_benchmark_statistics(1) Parser for log files from ompl planners.
omshell(1) OMAPI Command Shell.
omxregister-bellagio(1) Register OpenMAX/Bellagio components.
omxregister-bellagio-0(1) ↣ omxregister-bellagio(1) Register OpenMAX/Bellagio components.
on_ac_power(1) Test whether computer is running on AC power.
on_exit(3) Register a function to be called at normal process termination.
onak(1) An OpenPGP compatible keyserver. Process OpenPGP keyserver emails.
onboard(1) On-screen Keyboard.
onboard-settings(1) On-screen Keyboard (configuration dialog).
ondelay(8) Open device without waiting for carrier.
ondir(1) Automatically execute scripts when traversing directories at the command line.
one(1) OpenNebula startup script.
ONE_DAY(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
ONE_DEGREE(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
ONE_HOUR(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
oneac(8) Driver for Oneac UPS equipment.
oneacct(1) OpenNebula Accounting Tool.
oneacl(1) Manages OpenNebula ACLs.
onecluster(1) Manages OpenNebula clusters.
oned(1) OpenNebula core process.
onedatastore(1) Manages OpenNebula datastores.
onedb(1) OpenNebula database migration tool.
onedrive(1) Folder synchronization with OneDrive.
oneflow(1) Manage oneFlow Services.
oneflow-template(1) Manage oneFlow Templates.
onegroup(1) Manages OpenNebula groups.
onehost(1) Manages OpenNebula hosts.
oneimage(1) Manages OpenNebula images.
oneisenough(6) 2D platform game about communist and capitalist balls.
onekey(3bobcat) Single keystroke input, not requiring `Return’.
onesecgroup(1) Manages OpenNebula security groups.
oneshowback(1) OpenNebula Showback Tool.
onesidemergeconfiguration.hpp(3elektra) A configuration for a simple automerge and guaranteed conflict resolution by.
onesidestrategy.cpp(3elektra) Implementation of OneSideStrategy.
onesidestrategy.hpp(3elektra) A strategy which always takes the value from one side.
onesidevaluestrategy.cpp(3elektra) Implementation of OneSideStrategy.
onesixtyone(1) Easy SNMP scanner.
onetemplate(1) Manages OpenNebula templates.
onetime(1) Command-line encryption program using the "one-time pad" method.
oneuser(1) Manages OpenNebula users.
onevcenter(1) VCenter import tool.
onevdc(1) Manages OpenNebula Virtual Data Centers.
onevm(1) Manages OpenNebula virtual machines.
onevnet(1) Manages OpenNebula networks.
onewire(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus.
onezone(1) Manages OpenNebula zones.
onionbalance(1) A Tor hidden service load balancer.
onionbalance-config(1) Tool for generating onionbalance config files and keys.
onioncircuits(1) Display Tor circuits and streams.
onionshare(1) A tool for anonymously sharing files over a temporarily set up Tor Hidden service.
onionshare-gui(1) A tool for anonymously sharing files over a temporarily set up Tor Hidden service.
onnode(1) Run commands on CTDB cluster nodes.
onscripter(6) NScripter-compatible visual novel games engine.
onscripter-1byte(6) ↣ onscripter(6) NScripter-compatible visual novel games engine.
onsgmls(1) An SGML/XML parser and validator.
ontocount(1e) Count ontology term(s).
ontoget(1e) Get ontology term(s).
ontogetcommon(1e) Get common ancestor for terms.
ontogetdown(1e) Get ontology term(s) by parent id.
ontogetobsolete(1e) Get ontology ontology terms.
ontogetroot(1e) Get ontology root terms by child identifier.
ontogetsibs(1e) Get ontology term(s) by id with common parent.
ontogetup(1e) Get ontology term(s) by id of child.
ontoisobsolete(1e) Report whether an ontology term id is obsolete.
ontotext(1e) Get ontology term(s) original full text.
Oo(3o) Operations on objects.
oo(3pm) Syntactic sugar for Moo oneliners.
oo2po(1) Convert an (SDF) localization file to Gettext PO localization files.
oo2xliff(1) Convert an (SDF) localization file to XLIFF localization files.
oo_class(3tcl) Class of all classes.
oo_copy(3tcl) Create copies of objects and classes.
oo_define(3tcl) Define and configure classes and objects.
oo_objdefine(3tcl) ↣ oo_define(3tcl) Define and configure classes and objects.
oo_object(3tcl) Root class of the class hierarchy.
oodoc_test(1p) OpenOffice::OODoc test document generation.
oogl2rib(1gv) Convert OOGL file to RenderMan rib format.
oogl2vrml(1gv) Convert OOGL to VRML.
oometa(3tcl) Oo::meta A data registry for classess.
oomkill-bpfcc(8) Trace oom_kill_process(). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
oonideckgen(1) DEPRECATED ooni tool.
ooniprobe(1) An internet censorship measurement tool.
ooniprobe-agent(1) An internet censorship measurement tool, system daemon.
oonireport(1) Upload ooniprobe measurements.
ooniresources(1) DEPRECATED ooni tool.
ooo-thumbnailer(1) Create Nautilus thumbnails for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and.
ooo2dbk(1) Program to convert (ODT and SXW) files to DocBook XML documents.
oose(3pm) Syntactic sugar to make Moose one-liners easier.
ooutil(3tcl) Utility commands for TclOO.
ooxml2doc(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
ooxml2odt(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
ooxml2pdf(1) ↣ unoconv(1) Convert any document from and to any LibreOffice supported format.
op-check-perfevents(1) Checks for kernel perf pmu support.
op2calltree(1) Convert OProfile profiling data to KCachegrind calltree format.
OpaL::action(3pm) Perl extension for easier handling of what information that should be presented when a action.
OpaL::dir(3pm) Perl extension for directory access.
OpaL::manipulate(3pm) Perl extension for manipulating files.
OpaL::read(3pm) Perl extension for reading files and commands.
OpaL::where(3pm) Perl extension for locating system resources.
opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command.
opalc++(1) ↣ opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command.
opalCC(1) ↣ opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command.
opam(1) Source-based OCaml package management.
opam-admin(1) Administration tool for local repositories.
opam-admin-check(1) Check a local repo for errors.
opam-admin-depexts(1) Add external dependencies.
opam-admin-findlib(1) Add findlib information.
opam-admin-make(1) Initialize a repo for serving files.
opam-admin-rename(1) Rename a package.
opam-admin-stats(1) Compute statistics.
opam-config(1) Display configuration options for packages.
opam-help(1) Display help about OPAM and OPAM commands.
opam-info(1) An alias for show.
opam-init(1) Initialize OPAM state.
opam-install(1) Install a list of packages.
opam-installer(1) Handles (un)installation of package files following instructions from OPAM *.install files.
opam-lint(1) Checks and validate package description ('opam') files.
opam-list(1) Display the list of available packages.
opam-pin(1) Pin a given package to a specific version or source.
opam-reinstall(1) Reinstall a list of packages.
opam-remote(1) An alias for repository.
opam-remove(1) Remove a list of packages.
opam-repository(1) Manage OPAM repositories.
opam-search(1) Search into the package list.
opam-show(1) Display information about specific packages.
opam-source(1) Get the source of an OPAM package.
opam-switch(1) Manage multiple installation of compilers.
opam-uninstall(1) An alias for remove.
opam-unpin(1) An alias for pin remove.
opam-update(1) Update the list of available packages.
opam-upgrade(1) Upgrade the installed package to latest version.
opannotate(1) Produce source or assembly annotated with profile data.
oparchive(1) Produce archive of oprofile data for offline analysis.
opari(1) Source to source OpenMP program instrumentor.
opari2(1) Source to source OpenMP program instrumentor.
Opcode(3perl) Disable named opcodes when compiling perl code.
open(1) ↣ openvt(1) Start a program on a new virtual terminal (VT).
open(2) Open and possibly create a file.
open(2freebsd) Open or create a file for reading, writing or executing.
open(3perl) Perl pragma to set default PerlIO layers for input and output.
open(3posix) Open file relative to directory file descriptor.
open(3tcl) Open a file-based or command pipeline channel.
open-cobol(1) COBOL compiler.
open-invaders(6) Space Invaders clone.
open_append(3) Open a file for appending.
open_by_handle(3) ↣ path_to_handle(3)
open_by_handle_at(2) Obtain handle for a pathname and open file via a handle.
open_excl(3) Open a file for exclusive writing.
open_fli(3alleg4) Makes a FLI file open and ready for playing. Allegro game programming library.
open_init_pty(8) Run an program under a pseudo terminal.
open_jtalk(1) Japanese TTS system.
open_memory_fli(3alleg4) ↣ open_fli(3alleg4) Makes a FLI file open and ready for playing. Allegro game programming library.
open_memstream(3) Open a dynamic memory buffer stream.
open_memstream(3posix) Open a dynamic memory buffer stream.
open_read(3) Open a file for reading.
open_rw(3) Open a file for reading and writing.
open_trunc(3) Open a file for writing.
open_wmemstream(3) ↣ open_memstream(3) Open a dynamic memory buffer stream.
open_write(3) Open a file for writing.
openal-info(1) Useful OpenAL information.
openapp(1) Launch applications from the command line.
openarena(6) OpenArena client.
openarena-server(6) OpenArena dedicated server.
openat(2) ↣ open(2) Open and possibly create a file.
openat(2freebsd) Open or create a file for reading, writing or executing.
openat(3posix) Open file relative to directory file descriptor.
openbox(1) A minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards sup‐.
openbox-gnome-session(1) Run a GNOME session with Openbox as the window manager.
openbox-kde-session(1) Run a KDE session with Openbox as the window manager.
openbox-lxde(1) Wrapper to run openbox for LXDE.
openbox-menu(1) Openbox pipe-menu to display entries in *.desktop files.
openbox-session(1) Runs an Openbox session without any session manager.
openbsd(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
openbsd-cwm(1) A lightweight and efficient window manager for X11.
openchrome(4) Video driver for VIA Unichromes.
opencity(6) A 3D city simulator game.
openclonk(6) Multiplayer game of strategy, action and skill.
openconnect(8) Connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
opencryptoki(7) A PKCS#11 implementation.
opencryptoki.conf(5) Configuration file for pkcsslotd.
opencsgexample(1) Demo program for the OpenCSG library.
opencv_createsamples(1) Create training and testing samples.
opencv_haartraining(1) Train classifier.
opencv_performance(1) Evaluate the performance of the classifier.
opencv_traincascade(1) Transcascade application.
OpenDBX(3) OpenDBX C++ API.
OpenDBX_Conn(3) Encapsulates a connection to a database.
OpenDBX_Exception(3) Exceptions thrown by the OpenDBX classes.
OpenDBX_Lob(3) Handling large objects if supported by the database.
OpenDBX_Result(3) Provides result sets from the database.
OpenDBX_Stmt(3) Statement object.
opendict(1) Computer dictionary with several dictionary format support.
opendir(3) Open a directory.
opendir(3posix) Open directory associated with file descriptor.
opendkim(8) DKIM signing and verifying filter for MTAs.
opendkim-atpszone(8) DKIM ATPS zone file generation tool.
opendkim-convert-keylist(8) Convert an OpenDKIM KeyList.
opendkim-genkey(8) DKIM filter key generation tool.
opendkim-genzone(8) DKIM public key zone file generation tool.
opendkim-lua(3) Programming the OpenDKIM filter using Lua scripts.
opendkim-spam(1) DKIM filter spam correlation tool.
opendkim-stats(8) Output opendkim statistics.
opendkim-testkey(8) DKIM filter installation test.
opendkim-testmsg(8) DKIM message tst.
opendkim.conf(5) Configuration file for opendkim.
opendmarc(8) DMARC email policy filter for MTAs.
opendmarc-check(8) DMARC record check tool.
opendmarc-expire(8) OpenDMARC history data expiration tool.
opendmarc-import(8) OpenDMARC aggregate report data import tool.
opendmarc-importstats(8) Import OpenDMARC statistics/history data.
opendmarc-params(8) OpenDMARC reporting parameters setup tool.
opendmarc-reports(8) OpenDMARC aggregate report generation tool.
opendmarc.conf(5) Configuration file for opendmarc.
opendnssec(7) Making DNSSEC easy for DNS administrators.
openfortivpn(1) Client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services.
OpenGL(3pm) V0.70.
OpenGL::Image(3pm) OpenGL wrapper to load images.
OpenGL::Image::Common(3pm) Class for OpenGL imaging engines.
OpenGL::Image::Magick(3pm) Load images with Image::Magick in OpenGL.
OpenGL::XScreenSaver(3pm) Prepare environment for writing OpenGL-based XScreenSaver hacks.
OpenGuides(3pm) A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
openguides-setup-db(1) Script to set up OpenGuides database.
OpenGuides::CGI(3pm) An OpenGuides helper for CGI-related things.
OpenGuides::Config(3pm) Handle OpenGuides configuration variables.
OpenGuides::Feed(3pm) Generate data feeds for OpenGuides in various formats.
OpenGuides::JSON(3pm) An OpenGuides plugin to output JSON.
OpenGuides::RDF(3pm) An OpenGuides plugin to output RDF/XML.
OpenGuides::Search(3pm) Search form generation and processing for OpenGuides.
OpenGuides::Search::Lucy(3pm) Run Lucy-backed text searches for OpenGuides.
OpenGuides::Template(3pm) Do Template Toolkit related stuff for OpenGuides applications.
OpenGuides::Test(3pm) Methods to help test OpenGuides applications.
OpenGuides::Utils(3pm) General utility methods for OpenGuides scripts.
openhpi(7) An implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface.
openhpid(8) HPI instance to which multiple clients can connect.
openipmi_conparms(7) Connection parmeters for OpenIPMI.
openipmicmd(1) An IPMI Command Interface.
openipmish(1) Shell interface to an IPMI system.
openjade-1.4devel(1) Apply a DSSSL stylesheet to an SGML or XML document.
openlayer-config(1) - script to get information about the installed version of libopenlayer.
openlog(3) ↣ syslog(3) Send messages to the system logger.
openlog(3posix) Open a connection to the logging facility.
openlp(1) Church worship presentation software.
openmolar(1) Dental practice management software.
openmpt123(1) Command line module music player based on libopenmpt.
openmsx(1) Perfectly emulate the MSX standard and more.
openmsx-catapult(1) Perfectly emulate the MSX standard and more.
openmsx-debugger(1) Graphical debugger for openMSX.
openmw(6) Reimplementation of the Morrowind Engine.
openmw-cs(6) Construction Set Editor for OpenMW.
openmw-essimporter(1) Convert Morrowind save files to OpenMW save files.
openmw-iniimporter(6) Import the ini variables from Morrowind to OpenMW.
openmw-launcher(6) Graphical launcher for OpenMW.
openmw-wizard(1) A Cross platform Morrowind installation wizard.
openmx(1) Package for nano-scale material simulations.
openntpd(8) ↣ ntpd(8) Network Time Protocol daemon.
openocd(1) A free and open on-chip debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing tool for ARM and.
OpenOffice::OODoc(3pm) The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Document(3pm) Top level component for content and layout processing.
OpenOffice::OODoc::File(3pm) I/O operations with OpenDocument files.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Image(3pm) Image manipulation methods.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Intro(3pm) Introduction to the Open OpenDocument Connector.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Manifest(3pm) Access to document file descriptor.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Meta(3pm) Access to document metadata.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Styles(3pm) Document styles and layout processing.
OpenOffice::OODoc::Text(3pm) The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc.
OpenOffice::OODoc::XPath(3pm) Low-level navigation in the documents.
openpgp-applet(1p) GNOME applet for OpenPGP text encryption.
openpgp-tool(1) Utility for accessing visible data OpenPGP smart cards and compatible tokens.
openpgp2pem(1) Translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys.
openpgp2spki(1) Translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys.
openpgp2ssh(1) Translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys.
openpgpkey(1) Create and verify RFC-TBD OPENPGPKEY DNS records.
openports(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
openpref(1) Card game against two virtual players.
openproc(3) Initialize process information from /proc/.
openpty(3) Terminal utility functions.
openreadclose(3) Read a whole file into a stralloc.
openRTSP(1) Open, stream, receive, and (optionally) record media streams that are specified by a RTSP URL.
opensc-explorer(1) Generic interactive utility for accessing smart card and similar security token functions.
opensc-tool(1) Generic smart card utility.
opensearch(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
opensearch-discover(1) Find an OpenSearch link from a given URL.
opensearch-genquery(1) Output the URL of a query generated from an OpenSearch Description.
openshot-qt(1) OpenShot Video Editor Documentation.
opensips(8) Flexible and roboust SIP (RFC3261, RFC3263) server for Voice over IP (VoIP).
opensips.cfg(5) Opensips configuration file.
opensipsctl(8) Opensips control tool.
opensipsdbctl(8) Control tool for maintaining OpenSIPS databases.
opensipsunix(8) Opensips UNIX socket wrapper.
openslide-formats(3) Reference supported formats.
openslide-quickhash1sum(1) Print OpenSlide quickhash-1 checksums.
openslide-show-properties(1) Print OpenSlide properties for a slide.
openslide-write-png(1) Write a region of a virtual slide to a PNG.
opensm(8) InfiniBand subnet manager and administration (SM/SA).
opensnoop-bpfcc(8) Trace open() syscalls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
opensnoop-perf(8) Trace open() syscalls with file details. Uses Linux ftrace.
openssl(1ssl) OpenSSL command line tool.
openssl-asn1parse(1ssl) ↣ asn1parse(1ssl) ASN.1 parsing tool.
openssl-c_rehash(1ssl) ↣ rehash(1ssl) Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values.
openssl-ca(1ssl) ↣ ca(1ssl) Sample minimal CA application.
openssl-ciphers(1ssl) ↣ ciphers(1ssl) SSL cipher display and cipher list tool.
openssl-cms(1ssl) ↣ cms(1ssl) CMS utility.
openssl-crl(1ssl) ↣ crl(1ssl) CRL utility.
openssl-crl2pkcs7(1ssl) ↣ crl2pkcs7(1ssl) Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates.
openssl-dgst(1ssl) ↣ dgst(1ssl) Perform digest operations.
openssl-dhparam(1ssl) ↣ dhparam(1ssl) DH parameter manipulation and generation.
openssl-dsa(1ssl) ↣ dsa(1ssl) DSA key processing.
openssl-dsaparam(1ssl) ↣ dsaparam(1ssl) DSA parameter manipulation and generation.
openssl-ec(1ssl) ↣ ec(1ssl) EC key processing.
openssl-ecparam(1ssl) ↣ ecparam(1ssl) EC parameter manipulation and generation.
openssl-enc(1ssl) ↣ enc(1ssl) Symmetric cipher routines.
openssl-engine(1ssl) ↣ engine(1ssl) Load and query engines.
openssl-errstr(1ssl) ↣ errstr(1ssl) Lookup error codes.
openssl-gendsa(1ssl) ↣ gendsa(1ssl) Generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters.
openssl-genpkey(1ssl) ↣ genpkey(1ssl) Generate a private key.
openssl-genrsa(1ssl) ↣ genrsa(1ssl) Generate an RSA private key.
openssl-list(1ssl) ↣ list(1ssl) List algorithms and features.
openssl-nseq(1ssl) ↣ nseq(1ssl) Create or examine a Netscape certificate sequence.
openssl-ocsp(1ssl) ↣ ocsp(1ssl) Online Certificate Status Protocol utility.
openssl-passwd(1ssl) ↣ passwd(1ssl) Compute password hashes.
openssl-pkcs12(1ssl) ↣ pkcs12(1ssl) PKCS#12 file utility.
openssl-pkcs7(1ssl) ↣ pkcs7(1ssl) PKCS#7 utility.
openssl-pkcs8(1ssl) ↣ pkcs8(1ssl) PKCS#8 format private key conversion tool.
openssl-pkey(1ssl) ↣ pkey(1ssl) Public or private key processing tool.
openssl-pkeyparam(1ssl) ↣ pkeyparam(1ssl) Public key algorithm parameter processing tool.
openssl-pkeyutl(1ssl) ↣ pkeyutl(1ssl) Public key algorithm utility.
openssl-prime(1ssl) ↣ prime(1ssl) Compute prime numbers.
openssl-rand(1ssl) ↣ rand(1ssl) Generate pseudo-random bytes.
openssl-rehash(1ssl) ↣ rehash(1ssl) Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values.
openssl-req(1ssl) ↣ req(1ssl) PKCS#10 certificate request and certificate generating utility.
openssl-rsa(1ssl) ↣ rsa(1ssl) RSA key processing tool.
openssl-rsautl(1ssl) ↣ rsautl(1ssl) RSA utility.
openssl-s_client(1ssl) ↣ s_client(1ssl) SSL/TLS client program.
openssl-s_server(1ssl) ↣ s_server(1ssl) SSL/TLS server program.
openssl-s_time(1ssl) ↣ s_time(1ssl) SSL/TLS performance timing program.
openssl-sess_id(1ssl) ↣ sess_id(1ssl) SSL/TLS session handling utility.
openssl-smime(1ssl) ↣ smime(1ssl) S/MIME utility.
openssl-speed(1ssl) ↣ speed(1ssl) Test library performance.
openssl-spkac(1ssl) ↣ spkac(1ssl) SPKAC printing and generating utility.
openssl-srp(1ssl) ↣ srp(1ssl) Maintain SRP password file.
openssl-storeutl(1ssl) ↣ storeutl(1ssl) STORE utility.
openssl-ts(1ssl) ↣ ts(1ssl) Time Stamping Authority tool (client/server).
openssl-tsget(1ssl) ↣ tsget(1ssl) Time Stamping HTTP/HTTPS client.
openssl-verify(1ssl) ↣ verify(1ssl) Utility to verify certificates.
openssl-version(1ssl) ↣ version(1ssl) Print OpenSSL version information.
openssl-x509(1ssl) ↣ x509(1ssl) Certificate display and signing utility.
OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms(3ssl) Add algorithms to.
OpenSSL_add_all_ciphers(3ssl) ↣ OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms(3ssl) Add algorithms to.
OpenSSL_add_all_digests(3ssl) ↣ OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms(3ssl) Add algorithms to.
OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms(3ssl) ↣ SSL_library_init(3ssl) Initialize SSL library by registering algorithms.
OPENSSL_Applink(3ssl) Glue between OpenSSL BIO and Win32 compiler run-time.
OPENSSL_atexit(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_init_crypto(3ssl)
OPENSSL_buf2hexstr(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_cipher_name(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CIPHER_get_name(3ssl)
OPENSSL_cleanse(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_cleanup(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_init_crypto(3ssl)
OPENSSL_clear_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_clear_realloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_config(3ssl) Simple OpenSSL configuration functions.
OPENSSL_fork_child(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_fork_prepare(3ssl) OpenSSL fork handlers.
OPENSSL_fork_parent(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_fork_prepare(3ssl) OpenSSL fork handlers.
OPENSSL_fork_prepare(3ssl) OpenSSL fork handlers.
OPENSSL_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_hexchar2int(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_hexstr2buf(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_ia32cap(3ssl) The x86[_64] processor capabilities vector.
OPENSSL_INIT_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_init_crypto(3ssl)
OPENSSL_INIT_new(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_init_crypto(3ssl)
OPENSSL_INIT_set_config_appname(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_init_crypto(3ssl)
OPENSSL_init_ssl(3ssl) OpenSSL (libssl and libcrypto) initialisation.
OPENSSL_instrument_bus(3ssl) Instrument references to memory bus.
OPENSSL_instrument_bus2(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_instrument_bus(3ssl) Instrument references to memory bus.
OPENSSL_LH_node_stats(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_LH_stats(3ssl)
OPENSSL_LH_node_stats_bio(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_LH_stats(3ssl)
OPENSSL_LH_node_usage_stats(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_LH_stats(3ssl)
OPENSSL_LH_node_usage_stats_bio(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_LH_stats(3ssl)
OPENSSL_LH_stats_bio(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_LH_stats(3ssl)
OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules(3ssl) Add standard configuration modules.
OPENSSL_MALLOC_FD(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_malloc_init(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_mem_debug_pop(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_mem_debug_push(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_memdup(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_no_config(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_config(3ssl) Simple OpenSSL configuration functions.
OPENSSL_realloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_secure_actual_size(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_secure_clear_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_secure_free(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_secure_zalloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_secure_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_strdup(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_strlcat(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_strlcpy(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_strndup(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
OPENSSL_thread_stop(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_init_crypto(3ssl)
OpenSSL_version(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER(3ssl) Get OpenSSL version number.
OpenSSL_version_num(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER(3ssl) Get OpenSSL version number.
OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER(3ssl) Get OpenSSL version number.
OPENSSL_zalloc(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_malloc(3ssl)
openssn(6) Modern submarine tactical simulator.
openstack(1) OpenStack Command Line Client.
OpenStereogram(6) Autostereogram generator.
openstv(1) Single Transferable Vote and Instant Runoff Voting Software.
openstv-run-election(1) Single Transferable Vote and Instant Runoff Voting Software.
openteacher(1) Learn words in a foreign language.
opentool(1) Command line tool for starting tools.
openttd(6) Open source clone of the Microprose game “Transport Tycoon Deluxe”.
opentyrian(6) An open-source port of the DOS game Tyrian.
openuniverse(1) 3D space simulation.
openvas-migrate-to-postgres(8) Migrate OpenVAS database to Postgres.
openvas-nasl(1) Nessus Attack Scripting Language.
openvas-nasl-lint(1) OpenVAS standalone NASL linter.
openvas-portnames-update(8) Update OpenVAS port names.
openvasmd(8) Manager daemon of the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).
openvassd(8) The Scanner of the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).
openvpn(8) Secure IP tunnel daemon.
openvt(1) Start a program on a new virtual terminal (VT).
openyahtzee(6) Play a classic game of Yahtzee.
operator(7) C operator precedence and order of evaluation.
operators(3clc) Operators used in OpenCL.
operf(1) Performance profiler tool for Linux.
operon(1) Command line music tagger.
opgprof(1) Produce gprof-format profile data.
ophcrack(1) A Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables.
ophcrack-cli(1) A Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables.
ophelp(1) List OProfile events.
opie(4freebsd) One-time Passwords In Everything.
opimport(1) Converts sample database files.
oping(8) Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts.
opj_compress(1) This program reads in an image of a certain type and converts it to a jpeg2000 file. It is part.
opj_decompress(1) This program reads in a jpeg2000 image and converts it to another image type. It is part of.
opj_dump(1) This program reads in a jpeg2000 image and dumps the contents to stdout. It is part of the OpenJPEG.
opj_jp3d_compress(1) Works with JPEG2000 files.
opj_jp3d_decompress(1) Works with JPEG2000 files.
opj_jpip_addxml(1) Works with JPEG2000 files.
opj_jpip_test(1) Works with JPEG2000 files.
opj_jpip_transcode(1) Works with JPEG2000 files.
opl2ofm(1) Convert Omega and TeX property-list files to font-metric files.
opldecode(1) Decode a Raster Object (opl) stream into human readable form.
opngks(3NCARG) Opens GKS, opens and activates an NCAR GCM workstation (workstation of type 1) with workstation ID of.
opreport(1) Produce symbol or binary image summaries.
oprofile(1) A statistical profiler for Linux systems, capable of profiling all running code at low overhead;.
ops(3perl) Perl pragma to restrict unsafe operations when compiling.
opt(1) ↣ opt-6.0(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-3.9(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-4.0(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-5.0(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-6.0(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-7(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-8(1) LLVM optimizer.
opt-9(1) LLVM optimizer.
optarg(3) ↣ getopt(3) Parse command-line options.
optarg(3posix) Options parsing variables.
optcvt(1) ↣ tcvt(1) Two column virtual terminal.
opterr(3) ↣ getopt(3) Parse command-line options.
optgeo(1) Simulator for geometrical optics.
opticalraytracer(1) A virtual lens design workshop.
optimise(1) Yagi-Uda project antenna optimiser.
optimise(5) Output data file formats.
optimize(3tcl) Optimisation routines.
optimize2bw(1) Automatic thresholder of the ExactImage toolkit.
optind(3) ↣ getopt(3) Parse command-line options.
option(3tk) Add/retrieve window options to/from the option database.
optionFileLoad(3) Load the locatable config files, in order.
optionFindNextValue(3) Find a hierarcicaly valued option instance.
optionFindValue(3) Find a hierarcicaly valued option instance.
optionFree(3) Free allocated option processing memory.
optionGetValue(3) Get a specific value from a hierarcical list.
optionLoadLine(3) Process a string for an option name and value.
optionMemberList(3) Get the list of members of a bit mask set.
optionNextValue(3) Get the next value from a hierarchical list.
optionOnlyUsage(3) Print usage text for just the options.
optionPrintVersion(3) Print the program version.
optionPrintVersionAndReturn(3) Print the program version.
optionProcess(3) This is the main option processing routine.
optionRestore(3) Restore option state from memory copy.
options(3tk) Standard options supported by widgets.
optionSaveFile(3) Saves the option state to a file.
optionSaveState(3) Saves the option state to memory.
optionUnloadNested(3) Deallocate the memory for a nested value.
optionVersion(3) Return the compiled AutoOpts version number.
optipng(1) Optimize Portable Network Graphics files.
optirun(1) Run programs on the discrete video card.
optiups(8) Driver for Opti-UPS (Viewsonic) UPS and Zinto D (ONLINE-USV) equipment.
optopt(3) ↣ getopt(3) Parse command-line options.
opts(3form) Set and get form options.
opts(3menu) Set and get menu options.
opusdec(1) Decode audio from Opus format to WAV (or simple audio output).
opusenc(1) Encode audio into the Opus format.
opusinfo(1) Gives information about Opus files and does extensive validity checking.
opusrtp(1) Encapsulate Opus audio in RTP.
oqmgr(8postfix) Old Postfix queue manager.
oqueue(3) Generic RTP output queues.
oqueue.h(3) Generic RTP output queues.
oraclesearch(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
orage(1) Calendar for the Xfce Desktop Environment.
orber(3erl) The main module of the Orber application.
orber_acl(3erl) Orber ACL operations.
orber_diagnostics(3erl) Diagnostics API for Orber.
orber_ifr(3erl) The Interface Repository stores representations of IDL information.
orber_tc(3erl) Help functions for IDL typecodes.
orbit-idl-2(1) IDL compiler for ORBit2.
orbit-name-server-2(1) CORBA Naming Server.
orbit2-config(1) Helper script for building with ORBit2.
orca(1) A scriptable screen reader.
orcaxymon(1) Xymon client utility to grab data from ORCA.
ordchr(3am) Convert characters to strings and vice versa.
orddict(3erl) Key-value dictionary as ordered list.
ordsets(3erl) Functions for manipulating sets as ordered lists.
oregano(1) GNOME application for schematic capture of electrical circuits.
org-ruby(1) TODO.
org.debian.apt(7) The main interface of aptdaemon.
org.debian.apt.transaction(7) The main interface of an aptdaemon transaction.
ori(1) Ori File System command line interface.
oridbg(1) Ori File System Debug command line interface.
orientFaceZone(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
orifs(1) Ori File System FUSE Driver.
origami(1) Command-line management tool for Folding @ Home clients.
original-awk(1) Pattern-directed scanning and processing language.
originator(1gmt) Associate seamounts with nearest hotspot point sources.
origsplitter(1e) Split a sequence into (overlapping) smaller sequences.
origtargz(1) Fetch the orig tarball of a Debian package from various sources, and unpack it.
origunion(1e) Reads sequence fragments and builds one sequence.
orisync(1) Ori File System Sync Daemon.
ORLite(3pm) Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM.
ORLite::Migrate(3pm) Extremely light weight SQLite-specific schema migration.
ORLite::Migrate::Timeline(3pm) ORLite::Migrate timelines contained in a single class.
ORLite::Mirror(3pm) Extend ORLite to support remote SQLite databases.
ORLite::Statistics(3pm) Statistics enhancement package for ORLite.
orm(4freebsd) ISA I/O space option ROM(s) driver.
oroborus(1) Lightweight themeable window manager for X.
oroborusrc(5) Oroborus(1) configuration file.
orphaner(8) Frontend for deborphan.
orte-clean(1) Cleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open MPI jobs.
orte-dvm(1) Establish a Distributed Virtual Machine (DVM).
orte-ps(1) Displays information about the active jobs and processes in Open MPI.
orte-server(1) Server for supporting name publish/lookup operations.
orte-top(1) Diagnostic to provide process info similar to the popular "top" program.
orte_filem(7) Open RTE MCA File Management (FileM) Framework: Overview of Open RTE's FileM framework, and.
orte_hosts(7) OpenRTE Hostfile and HOST Behavior: Overview of OpenRTE's support for user-supplied hostfiles and.
ortec++(1) ↣ opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command.
orteCC(1) ↣ opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command.
ortecc(1) ↣ opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command.
orted(1) Start an Open RTE User-Level Daemon.
orterun(1) Execute serial and parallel jobs in Open MPI. oshrun, shmemrun - Execute serial.
Orthanc(1) Lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for healthcare and medical research.
OrthancRecoverCompressedFile(8) Lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for healthcare and medical research.
OrthancWSIDicomizer(1) Whole-slide imaging support for Orthanc.
OrthancWSIDicomToTiff(1) Whole-slide imaging support for Orthanc.
orville-write(1) Write to another user.
os(3erl) Operating system-specific functions.
os-release(5) Operating system identification.
os-uninstaller(8) Operating System Uninstaller.
os8(1) Boots os8 images via simh pdp8 emulator.
os_mon(7) OS Monitoring Application.
os_mon_mib(3erl) Loading and Unloading of OTP-OS-MON-MIB.
os_multitasking(3alleg4) Indicates if the OS is multitasking. Allegro game programming library.
os_revision(3alleg4) ↣ os_version(3alleg4) Version of the OS currently running. Allegro game programming library.
os_sup(3erl) Interface to OS System Messages.
os_type(3alleg4) Stores the detected type of the OS. Allegro game programming library.
os_version(3alleg4) Version of the OS currently running. Allegro game programming library.
osage(1) Filter for drawing clustered graphs.
osc(1) OpenSUSE build service command-line tool.
osc-receive(1) Receives OSC messages.
osc-send(1) Sends an OSC message.
oscap(8) OpenSCAP command line tool.
oscapd(8) OpenSCAP-daemon service.
oscapd-cli(8) OpenSCAP-daemon command line interface.
oscapd-evaluate(8) OpenSCAP-daemon one-off non-daemonized evaluator.
osd_cat(1) X on-screen file displayer.
osd_clock(1) X on-screen clock displayer.
osdctl(1) Controls osdsh via the command line.
osdmaptool(8) Ceph osd cluster map manipulation tool.
osdsh(1) Overlays your screen with various system informations.
osdshconfig(1) Create themefiles for osdsh.
osg2cpp(1) Manual page for osg2cpp 3.4.1.
osganalysis(1) Set of examples program.
osganimate(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationeasemotion(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationhardware(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationmakepath(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationmorph(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationnode(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationskinning(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationsolid(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationtimeline(1) Set of examples program.
osganimationviewer(1) Set of examples program.
osgarchive(1) Manual page for osgarchive 3.4.1.
osgatomiccounter(1) Set of examples program.
osgautocapture(1) Set of examples program.
osgautotransform(1) Set of examples program.
osgbillboard(1) Set of examples program.
osgblenddrawbuffers(1) Set of examples program.
osgblendequation(1) Set of examples program.
osgbrowser(1) Set of examples program.
osgcallback(1) Set of examples program.
osgcamera(1) Set of examples program.
osgcatch(1) Set of examples program.
osgclip(1) Set of examples program.
osgcluster(1) Set of examples program.
osgcompositeviewer(1) Set of examples program.
osgcomputeshaders(1) Set of examples program.
osgconv(1) Manual page for osgconv 3.4.1.
osgcopy(1) Set of examples program.
osgcubemap(1) Set of examples program.
osgdatabaserevisions(1) Set of examples program.
osgdelaunay(1) Set of examples program.
osgdepthpartition(1) Set of examples program.
osgdepthpeeling(1) Set of examples program.
osgdistortion(1) Set of examples program.
osgdrawinstanced(1) Set of examples program.
osgearth_atlas(1) Compile an osgEarth resource catalog into a texture atlas.
osgearth_backfill(1) Specialty tool for post-processing TMS datasets.
osgearth_boundarygen(1) Generate boundary geometry.
osgearth_cache(1) Manage osgEarth's cache.
osgearth_conv(1) Convert tiles from one format to another.
osgearth_demo(1) Demo application.
osgearth_overlayviewer(1) Debug the overlay decorator capability in osgEarth.
osgearth_package(1) Create a redistributable TMS based package.
osgearth_terraineffects(1) Tests built-in TerrainEffect classes.
osgearth_tfs(1) Generate a TFS dataset from a feature source.
osgearth_tileindex(1) Build a tile index.
osgearth_version(1) Display osgEarth version.
osgearth_viewer(1) Load and display a map.
osgfadetext(1) Set of examples program.
osgfilecache(1) Set of examples program.
osgfont(1) Set of examples program.
osgforest(1) Set of examples program.
osgfpdepth(1) Set of examples program.
osgframerenderer(1) Set of examples program.
osgfxbrowser(1) Set of examples program.
osggameoflife(1) Set of examples program.
osggeometry(1) Set of examples program.
osggeometryshaders(1) Set of examples program.
osggpucull(1) Set of examples program.
osggpx(1) Set of examples program.
osggraphicscost(1) Set of examples program.
osghangglide(1) Set of examples program.
osghud(1) Set of examples program.
osgimagesequence(1) Set of examples program.
osgimpostor(1) Set of examples program.
osgintersection(1) Set of examples program.
osgkdtree(1) Set of examples program.
osgkeyboard(1) Set of examples program.
osgkeyboardmouse(1) Set of examples program.
osgkeystone(1) Set of examples program.
osglauncher(1) Set of examples program.
osglight(1) Set of examples program.
osglightpoint(1) Set of examples program.
osglogicop(1) Set of examples program.
osglogo(1) Set of examples program.
osgmanipulator(1) Set of examples program.
osgmemorytest(1) Set of examples program.
osgmlnorm(1) An SGML/XML document normalizer.
osgmotionblur(1) Set of examples program.
osgmovie(1) Set of examples program.
osgmultiplemovies(1) Set of examples program.
osgmultiplerendertargets(1) Set of examples program.
osgmultitexture(1) Set of examples program.
osgmultitexturecontrol(1) Set of examples program.
osgmultitouch(1) Set of examples program.
osgmultiviewpaging(1) Set of examples program.
osgoccluder(1) Set of examples program.
osgocclusionquery(1) Set of examples program.
osgoit(1) Set of examples program.
osgoscdevice(1) Set of examples program.
osgoutline(1) Set of examples program.
osgpackeddepthstencil(1) Set of examples program.
osgpagedlod(1) Set of examples program.
osgparametric(1) Set of examples program.
osgparticle(1) Set of examples program.
osgparticleeffects(1) Set of examples program.
osgparticleshader(1) Set of examples program.
osgpdf(1) Set of examples program.
osgphotoalbum(1) Set of examples program.
osgpick(1) Set of examples program.
osgplanets(1) Set of examples program.
osgpoints(1) Set of examples program.
osgpointsprite(1) Set of examples program.
osgposter(1) Set of examples program.
osgprecipitation(1) Set of examples program.
osgprerender(1) Set of examples program.
osgprerendercubemap(1) Set of examples program.
osgqfont(1) Set of examples program.
osgQtBrowser(1) Set of examples program.
osgQtWidgets(1) Set of examples program.
osgreflect(1) Set of examples program.
osgrobot(1) Set of examples program.
osgscalarbar(1) Set of examples program.
osgscreencapture(1) Set of examples program.
osgscribe(1) Set of examples program.
osgsequence(1) Set of examples program.
osgshadercomposition(1) Set of examples program.
osgshadergen(1) Set of examples program.
osgshaders(1) Set of examples program.
osgshaderterrain(1) Set of examples program.
osgshadow(1) Set of examples program.
osgshape(1) Set of examples program.
osgsharedarray(1) Set of examples program.
osgsidebyside(1) Set of examples program.
osgsimplegl3(1) Set of examples program.
osgsimpleshaders(1) Set of examples program.
osgsimplifier(1) Set of examples program.
osgsimulation(1) Set of examples program.
osgslice(1) Set of examples program.
osgspacewarp(1) Set of examples program.
osgspheresegment(1) Set of examples program.
osgspotlight(1) Set of examples program.
osgSSBO(1) Set of examples program.
osgstereoimage(1) Set of examples program.
osgstereomatch(1) Set of examples program.
osgteapot(1) Set of examples program.
osgterrain(1) Set of examples program.
osgtessellate(1) Set of examples program.
osgtessellationshaders(1) Set of examples program.
osgtext(1) Set of examples program.
osgtext3D(1) Set of examples program.
osgtexture1D(1) Set of examples program.
osgtexture2D(1) Set of examples program.
osgtexture2DArray(1) Set of examples program.
osgtexture3D(1) Set of examples program.
osgtexturecompression(1) Set of examples program.
osgtexturerectangle(1) Set of examples program.
osgthirdpersonview(1) Set of examples program.
osgthreadedterrain(1) Set of examples program.
osgtransferfunction(1) Set of examples program.
osgtransformfeedback(1) Set of examples program.
osguniformbuffer(1) Set of examples program.
osgunittests(1) Set of examples program.
osguserdata(1) Set of examples program.
osguserstats(1) Set of examples program.
osgversion(1) Manual page for osgversion 3.4.1.
osgvertexattributes(1) Set of examples program.
osgvertexprogram(1) Set of examples program.
osgviewer(1) Manual page for osgviewer 3.4.1.
osgviewerGLUT(1) Set of examples program.
osgviewerGTK(1) Set of examples program.
osgviewerQt(1) Set of examples program.
osgviewerQtContext(1) Set of examples program.
osgviewerSDL(1) Set of examples program.
osgviewerWX(1) Set of examples program.
osgvirtualprogram(1) Set of examples program.
osgvolume(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetaddremove(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetbox(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetcanvas(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetframe(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetinput(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetlabel(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetmenu(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetmessagebox(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetnotebook(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetperformance(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetscrolled(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetshader(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetstyled(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgettable(1) Set of examples program.
osgwidgetwindow(1) Set of examples program.
osgwindows(1) Set of examples program.
osharedstream(3bobcat) Std::ostream operations on shared memory.
oshmem_info(1) Display information about the Open MPI installation.
oshrun(1) Execute serial and parallel jobs in Open MPI. oshrun, shmemrun - Execute serial.
osinfo-db-export(1) Export to a osinfo database archive.
osinfo-db-import(1) Import an osinfo database archive.
osinfo-db-path(1) Report database locations.
osinfo-db-validate(1) Validate libosinfo XML data files.
osinfo-detect(1) Detect the operating system on installable media or trees.
osinfo-install-script(1) Generate a script for automated installation.
osinfo-query(1) Query information in the database.
osip(1) The GNU oSIP library is a low layer SIP implementation.
osipsconfig(8) Utility for configuring OpenSIPS.
osipsconsole(8) Utility for provisioning OpenSIPS.
osirrox(1) ↣ xorriso(1) Creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions.
osis2mod(1) Create SWORD module from OSIS.
osm2pgrouting(1) Import OpenStreetMap data into a pgRouting database.
osm2pgsql(1) Openstreetmap data to PostgreSQL converter.
osmcoastline(1) Extract coastline from OSM data.
osmcoastline_filter(1) Filter coastline data from OSM file.
osmcoastline_readmeta(1) Display metadata from database create by osmcoastline.
osmcoastline_segments(1) Analyze coastline changes from segment files.
osmcoastline_ways(1) Extract coastline ways from OSM data.
osmconvert(1) Converter of OSM files.
osmfilter(1) The experimental OSM filters data.
osmium(1) Multipurpose tool for working with OpenStreetMap data.
osmium-add-locations-to-ways(1) Add node locations to ways in OSM file.
osmium-apply-changes(1) Apply OSM change file(s) to OSM data file.
osmium-cat(1) Concatenate OSM files and convert to different formats.
osmium-changeset-filter(1) Filter changesets from OSM changeset file.
osmium-check-refs(1) Check referential integrity of OSM file.
osmium-derive-changes(1) Create OSM change files from two OSM data files.
osmium-diff(1) Display differences between OSM files.
osmium-export(1) Export OSM data.
osmium-extract(1) Create geographical extracts from an OSM file.
osmium-file-formats(5) OSM file formats known to Osmium.
osmium-fileinfo(1) Show information about an OSM file.
osmium-getid(1) Get objects from OSM file by ID.
osmium-index-types(5) Index types used to store node locations.
osmium-merge(1) Merge several sorted OSM files into one.
osmium-merge-changes(1) Merge several OSM change files into one.
osmium-renumber(1) Renumber object IDs.
osmium-show(1) Show OSM file.
osmium-sort(1) Sort OSM files.
osmium-tags-filter(1) Filter objects matching specified keys/tags.
osmium-time-filter(1) Filter OSM data by time from a history file.
osmo(1) A handy personal organizer.
osmo-arfcn(1) Utility program for ARFCN / frequency calculations.
osmo-auc-gen(1) GSM/GPRS/3G authentication testing tool.
osmo-bsc(1) Osmocom BSC.
osmo-bsc_mgcp(1) A Media Gateway Control Protocol Media Gateway.
osmo-bsc_nat(1) The OpenBSC NAT.
osmo-gbproxy(1) The Gb proxy.
osmo-nitb(1) Osmocom GSM Network in the Box.
osmo-sgsn(1) Serving GPRS Support Node.
osmo-trx(1) SDR transceiver that implements Layer 1 of a GSM BTS.
osmo_sdr(1) An I/Q recorder for RTL2832 based DVB-T receivers.
osmobts-trx(1) Base Transceiver Station for GSM.
osmocom_fft(1) Spectrum Browser.
osmocom_siggen(1) Signal Generator Application with GUI controls.
osmocom_siggen_nogui(1) Signal generator application.
osmocom_spectrum_sense(1) GNU Radio application from OsmoSDR.
osmose-emulator(6) Is for Master System and Game Gear consoles with excellent performance and compatibility in.
osmosis(1) Command line OpenStreetMap data processor.
osmpbf-outline(1) Outline the content of an .osm.pbf or .osh.pbf file.
osmtest(8) InfiniBand subnet manager and administration (SM/SA) test program.
osmupdate(1) Update OSM files.
ospam(1) An SGML/XML markup stream editor.
ospcat(1) SGML print catalog.
ospeed(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
ospenroll(1) OSP enroll script.
ospent(1) Concatenates entities in an SGML/XML document.
ospf6d(8) An OSPFv3 routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
ospfclient(8) An example ospf-api client.
ospfd(8) An OSPFv2 routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
osptest(1) OSP test application.
osql(1) Utility to test FreeTDS connections and queries.
oss_ali5455(7) ALIM5455 audio driver.
oss_atiaudio(7) ATI IXP southbridge audio driver.
oss_audigyls(7) Creative Labs CA106 (AudigyLS/SBLive 24bit) driver.
oss_audioloop(7) Loopback audio driver.
oss_audiopci(7) Creative/Ensoniq Audiopci - ES1370 audio driver.
oss_cmi878x(7) CMedia CMI8788 audio driver.
oss_cmpci(7) CMedia CMI8738/8768 audio driver.
oss_cs4281(7) Cirrus Logic CS4281 driver.
oss_cs461x(7) Cirrus Logic CS461x/CS4280 audio driver.
oss_digi96(7) RME Digi96 professional audio driver.
oss_emu10k1x(7) Creative Labs P16x (EMU10K1X) driver.
oss_envy24(7) ICE Envy24 audio device driver.
oss_envy24ht(7) VIA Envy24HT/PT audio driver.
oss_fmedia(7) Forte Media FM801 driver.
oss_geode(7) National Semiconductor Geode audio driver.
oss_hdaudio(7) Intel High Definition Audio (AZALIA).
oss_ich(7) Intel ICH/SiS7012/Nvidia/AMD audio device driver.
oss_imux(7) Input Muplexer audio driver.
oss_madi(7) RME HDSP MADI and AES32 audio driver.
oss_midiloop(7) Loopback MIDI driver.
oss_sblive(7) Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live/Audigy family driver.
oss_sbpci(7) Creative Labs ES1371 audio driver.
oss_sbxfi(7) SoundBlaster X-Fi audio driver.
oss_solo(7) ESS Solo-1 audio driver.
oss_trident(7) SiS7018, 4Dwave, ALIM5451 audio driver.
oss_usb(7) USB Audio/MIDI/Mixer driver.
oss_userdev(7) OSS client/server audio pseudo device.
oss_via823x(7) Open Sound System driver for VIA 8233/8235/8237 audio controllers.
oss_via97(7) VIA 82C686 audio driver.
oss_ymf7xx(7) Yamaha DS-XG audio driver.
osscore(7) Open Sound Sytem core audio framework.
ossdetect(8) Open Sound System audio device detection program.
ossdevlinks(8) Open Sound System legacy device management utility.
ossim-adrg-dump(1) Ossim-adrg-dump.
ossim-applanix2ogeom(1) Ossim-applanix2ogeom.
ossim-autreg(1) Ossim-autreg.
ossim-band-merge(1) Ossim-band-merge.
ossim-batch-test(1) Ossim-batch-test.
ossim-btoa(1) Ossim-btoa.
ossim-chgkwval(1) Ossim-chgkwval.
ossim-chipper(1) Ossim-chipper.
ossim-cli(1) OSSIM CLI Utility.
ossim-cmm(1) Ossim-cmm.
ossim-computeSrtmStats(1) Ossim-computeSrtmStats.
ossim-correl(1) Ossim-correl.
ossim-create-bitmask(1) Ossim-create-bitmask.
ossim-create-cg(1) Ossim-create-cg.
ossim-create-histo(1) Ossim-create-histo.
ossim-deg2dms(1) Ossim-deg2dms.
ossim-dms2deg(1) Ossim-dms2deg.
ossim-dump-ocg(1) Ossim-dump-ocg.
ossim-equation(1) Ossim-equation.
ossim-extract-vertices(1) Ossim-extract-vertices.
ossim-hlz(1) Ossim-hlz.
ossim-icp(1) Ossim-icp.
ossim-igen(1) Ossim-igen.
ossim-image-compare(1) Ossim-image-compare.
ossim-image-synth(1) Ossim-image-synth.
ossim-img2md(1) Ossim-img2md.
ossim-img2rr(1) Ossim-img2rr.
ossim-info(1) Ossim-info.
ossim-modopt(1) Ossim-modopt.
ossim-mosaic(1) Ossim-mosaic.
ossim-ogeom2ogeom(1) Ossim-ogeom2ogeom.
ossim-orthoigen(1) Ossim-orthoigen.
ossim-pc2dem(1) Ossim-pc2dem.
ossim-pixelflip(1) Ossim-pixelflip.
ossim-plot-histo(1) Ossim-plot-histo.
ossim-preproc(1) Ossim-preproc.
ossim-prune(1) Ossim-prune.
ossim-rejout(1) Ossim-rejout.
ossim-rpcgen(1) Ossim-rpcgen.
ossim-rpf(1) Ossim-rpf.
ossim-senint(1) Ossim-senint.
ossim-slope(1) Ossim-slope.
ossim-space-imaging(1) Ossim-space-imaging.
ossim-src2src(1) Ossim-src2src.
ossim-swapbytes(1) Ossim-swapbytes.
ossim-tfw2ogeom(1) Ossim-tfw2ogeom.
ossim-viewshed(1) Ossim-viewshed.
ossim-viirs-proc(1) Ossim-viirs-proc.
ossim-ws-cmp(1) Ossim-ws-cmp.
ossinfo(1) Open Sound System information/status program.
ossl_store(7ssl) Store retrieval functions.
ossl_store-file(7ssl) The store 'file' scheme loader.
OSSL_STORE_close(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_close_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_ctrl_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_CTX(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_eof(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_eof_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_error(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_error_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_expect(3ssl) Specify what object type is expected.
OSSL_STORE_expect_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_find(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_expect(3ssl) Specify what object type is expected.
OSSL_STORE_find_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_INFO_get0_NAME_description(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_INFO(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_INFO_get1_NAME_description(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_INFO(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_INFO_get_type(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_INFO(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_INFO_set0_NAME_description(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_INFO(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_INFO_type_string(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_INFO(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_load(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_load_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_LOADER_get0_engine(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_LOADER_get0_scheme(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_LOADER_set_expect(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_open_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_post_process_info_fn(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_open(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_register_loader(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_SEARCH_by_issuer_serial(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_SEARCH_by_key_fingerprint(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_SEARCH_get0_bytes(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_SEARCH_get0_digest(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_SEARCH_get0_serial(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_SEARCH_get0_string(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_SEARCH(3ssl)
OSSL_STORE_supports_search(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_expect(3ssl) Specify what object type is expected.
OSSL_STORE_unregister_loader(3ssl) ↣ OSSL_STORE_LOADER(3ssl)
ossmix(1) Open Sound System command-line mixer program.
OSSP::uuid(3pm) OSSP uuid Perl Binding.
osspd(8) OSS Proxy Daemon.
ossplay(1) Open Sound System playback program.
ossrecord(1) Open Sound System recording program.
osstest(1) Open Sound System audio self test applet.
ossxmix(1) Open Sound System GTK based GUI mixer program.
ost_AppLog(3) Application logger is a class that implements a logger that can be used by applications to save.
ost_AppLog_Ident(3) Ident class that represents module name.
ost_Assoc(3) This class is used to associate (object) pointers with named strings.
ost_AtomicCounter(3) The AtomicCounter class offers thread-safe manipulation of an integer counter.
ost_BaseObject(3) BaseObject.
ost_Buffer(3) The buffer class represents an IPC service that is built upon a buffer of fixed capacity that.
ost_Cancellation(3) A class to automatically set the thread cancellation mode of a member function.
ost_ChecksumDigest(3) A simple checksum digest function.
ost_CommandOption(3) CommandOption is the base class for all command line options.
ost_CommandOptionArg(3) Class for options with an argument e.g.
ost_CommandOptionCollect(3) It only makes sense to have a single one of these set and it is also exclusive.
ost_CommandOptionNoArg(3) CommandOption type for flags.
ost_CommandOptionParse(3) This is the CommandOptionParse interface class.
ost_CommandOptionRest(3) It only makes sense to have a single one of these set and it is exclusive with.
ost_CommandOptionWithArg(3) Derived class of CommandOption for options that have a value associated with them.
ost_Conditional(3) A conditional variable synchcronization object for one to one and one to many signal and.
ost_Counter(3) The counter template is used for generic objects which act as automatic counters.
ost_CRC16Digest(3) A crc16 collection/compution hash accumulator class.
ost_CRC32Digest(3) A crc32 collection/computation hash accumulator class.
ost_Date(3) The Date class uses a julian date representation of the current year, month, and day.
ost_DateNumber(3) A number class that manipulates a string buffer that is also a date.
ost_Datetime(3) The Datetime class uses a julian date representation of the current year, month, and day and a.
ost_DCCPSocket(3) DCCP sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between two sockets.
ost_Digest(3) The digest base class is used for implementing and deriving one way hashing functions.
ost_Dir(3) A low level portable directory class.
ost_DirTree(3) A generic class to walk a hierarchical directory structure.
ost_DSO(3) The DSO dynamic loader class is used to load object files.
ost_Engine(3) Engine.
ost_Event(3) The Event class implements a feature originally found in the WIN32 API; event notification.
ost_FixedBuffer(3) A buffer class that holds a known capacity of fixed sized objects defined during creation.
ost_HEXdump(3) Produces a dump of a buffer in a hexdump way with its code Ascii translation and relative.
ost_IPV4Address(3) The network name and address objects are all derived from a common IPV4Address base class.
ost_IPV4Broadcast(3) The broadcast address object is used to store the broadcast address for a specific.
ost_IPV4Cidr(3) The CIDR class is used to support routing tables and validate address policies.
ost_IPV4Host(3) This object is used to hold the actual and valid internet address of a specific host machine.
ost_IPV4Mask(3) Internet addresses used specifically as masking addresses (such as '') are held.
ost_IPV4Multicast(3) A specialization of IPV4Address that provides address validation for multicast addresses.
ost_IPV4MulticastValidator(3) Class for the function object that validates multicast addresses.
ost_IPV4Validator(3) Classes derived from IPV4Address would require an specific validator to pass to the.
ost_IPV6Address(3) The network name and address objects are all derived from a common IPV6Address base class.
ost_IPV6Broadcast(3) The broadcast address object is used to store the broadcast address for a specific.
ost_IPV6Cidr(3) The CIDR class is used to support routing tables and validate address policies.
ost_IPV6Host(3) This object is used to hold the actual and valid internet address of a specific host machine.
ost_IPV6Mask(3) Internet addresses used specifically as masking addresses (such as '') are held.
ost_IPV6Multicast(3) A specialization of IPV6Address that provides address validation for multicast addresses.
ost_IPV6MulticastValidator(3) Class for the function object that validates multicast addresses.
ost_IPV6Validator(3) Classes derived from IPV6Address would require an specific validator to pass to the.
ost_Keydata(3) Keydata objects are used to load and hold 'configuration' data for a given application.
ost_LinkedDouble(3) Self managed double linked list object chain.
ost_LinkedSingle(3) Self managed single linked list object chain.
ost_Lockfile(3) This class is used to create a 'named' lock entity that can be used to control access to a.
ost_MapIndex(3) The MapIndex allows linear access into a MapTable, that otherwise could have its elements.
ost_MapObject(3) The MapObject is a base class which can be used to make a derived class operate on a.
ost_MappedFile(3) Create and map a disk file into memory.
ost_MapTable(3) A map table allows for entities to be mapped (hash index) onto it.
ost_MD5Digest(3) A md5 collection/computation accululator class.
ost_MemPager(3) The memory pager is used to allocate cumulative memory pages for storing object specific.
ost_MemPagerObject(3) This class is used to create derived classes which are constructed within a memory pager.
ost_MIMEFormData(3) This is a document part type for use in submitting multipart form data to a web server.
ost_MIMEItemPart(3) This is used to attach an item part to a MIME multipart document that is being streamed.
ost_MIMEMultipart(3) A container class for multi-part MIME document objects which can be streamed to a.
ost_MIMEMultipartForm(3) The Multipart form is a MIME multipart document specific for the construction and.
ost_Mutex(3) The Mutex class is used to protect a section of code so that at any given time only a single.
ost_MutexCounter(3) The Mutex Counter is a counter variable which can safely be incremented or decremented by.
ost_MutexLock(3) The MutexLock class is used to protect a section of code so that at any given time only a.
ost_NetworkDeviceInfo(3) Network device information class.
ost_Number(3) A number manipulation class.
ost_objCounter(3) Generic template class for creating classes which maintain an active count of the.
ost_objList(3) Used to create and manage a single linked list of objects of a common type.
ost_objMap(3) Used to create and manage a hash index of objects through a common type.
ost_objSync(3) Generic template to create objects of a common base type which share a static mutex so.
ost_Pointer(3) Used to create and manage referece counted pointers.
ost_Process(3) A class for containing portable process related functions that help create portable code.
ost_RandomFile(3) The purpose of this class is to define a base class for low level random file access that is.
ost_ReadLock(3) The ReadLock class is used to protect a section of code through a ThreadLock for 'read' access.
ost_RefObject(3) A reference countable object.
ost_RefPointer(3) Pointer to reference counted objects.
ost_Runable(3) A container for objects that can be queued against a runlist.
ost_Runlist(3) A runlist is used to restrict concurrent exection to a limited set of concurrent sessions, much.
ost_Semaphore(3) A semaphore is generally used as a synchronization object between multiple threads or to.
ost_SemaphoreLock(3) The SemaphoreLock class is used to protect a section of code through a semaphore so that.
ost_Serial(3) The Serial class is used as the base for all serial I/O services under APE.
ost_SerialPort(3) The serial port is an internal class which is attached to and then serviced by a specified.
ost_SerialService(3) The SerialService is a thead service object that is meant to service attached serial.
ost_SharedFile(3) This class defines a database I/O file service that can be shared by multiple processes.
ost_SharedMemPager(3) The shared mempager uses a mutex to protect key access methods.
ost_SimpleTCPStream(3) Simple TCP Stream, to be used with Common C++ Library.
ost_Slog(3) The slog class is used to stream messages to the system's logging facility (syslogd).
ost_Socket(3) The Socket is used as the base for all Internet protocol services under Common C++.
ost_SocketPort(3) The socket port is an internal class which is attached to and then serviced by a specific.
ost_SocketService(3) The SocketService is a thread pool object that is meant to service attached socket ports.
ost_StackPager(3) The StackPager provides a repository to stash and retrieve working data in last-in-first-out.
ost_String(3) This is a generic and portable string class.
ost_StringObject(3) The StringObject class is used to derive subclasses that use the String managed memory.
ost_StringTokenizer(3) Splits delimited string into tokens.
ost_StringTokenizer_iterator(3) The input forward iterator for tokens.
ost_StringTokenizer_NoSuchElementException(3) Exception thrown, if someone tried to read beyond the end of.
ost_SysTime(3) This class is used to access non-reentrant date and time functions in the standard C library.
ost_TCPSession(3) The TCP session is used to primarily to represent a client connection that can be managed on.
ost_TCPSocket(3) TCP sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between two sockets.
ost_TCPStream(3) TCP streams are used to represent TCP client connections to a server by TCP protocol servers.
ost_TCPV6Socket(3) TCPV6 sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between two ipv6 sockets.
ost_Thread(3) Every thread of execution in an application is created by instantiating an object of a class.
ost_ThreadFile(3) This class defines a database I/O file service that can be shared by multiple threads.
ost_ThreadKey(3) This class allows the creation of a thread context unique 'pointer' that can be set and.
ost_ThreadLock(3) The ThreadLock class impliments a thread rwlock for optimal reader performance on systems.
ost_ThreadQueue(3) Somewhat generic queue processing class to establish a producer consumer queue.
ost_Time(3) The Time class uses a integer representation of the current time.
ost_TimerPort(3) Timer ports are used to provide synchronized timing events when managed under a 'service.
ost_TTYSession(3) The TTYSession aggragates a TTYStream and a Common C++ Thread which is assumed to be the.
ost_TTYStream(3) TTY streams are used to represent serial connections that are fully 'streamable' objects.
ost_ttystream(3) A more natural C++ 'ttystream' class for use by non-threaded applications.
ost_TypeManager(3) This class manages the types for generation of the persistent objects.
ost_TypeManager_Registration(3) This manages a registration to the typemanager - attempting to remove.
ost_UDPBroadcast(3) Representing a UDP socket used for subnet broadcasts, this class provides an alternate.
ost_UDPDuplex(3) UDP duplex connections impliment a bi-directional point-to-point UDP session between two peer.
ost_UDPReceive(3) Representing half of a two-way UDP connection, the UDP receiver can receive data from.
ost_UDPSocket(3) UDP sockets implement the TCP SOCK_DGRAM UDP protocol.
ost_UDPTransmit(3) Representing half of a two-way UDP connection, the UDP transmitter can broadcast data to.
ost_UnixSession(3) The Unix domain session is used to primarily to represent a client connection that can be.
ost_UnixSocket(3) Unix domain sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between processes on the.
ost_unixstream(3) A more natural C++ 'unixstream' class for use by non-threaded applications.
ost_UnixStream(3) Unix streams are used to represent Unix domain client connections to a local server for.
ost_URLStream(3) A URL processing version of TCPStream.
ost_WriteLock(3) The WriteLock class is used to protect a section of code through a ThreadLock for 'write'.
ost_XMLRPC(3) This class impliments a core XMLRPC service without the underlying transports.
ost_XMLStream(3) This class impliments a basic XML stream parser that can be used to examine an XML resource.
ostinato(1) Starts a Ostinato client.
ostree(1) Manage multiple bootable versioned filesystem trees.
ostree-admin(1) Use one of the ostree admin commands.
ostree-admin-cleanup(1) Delete untagged deployments and repository objects.
ostree-admin-config-diff(1) Diff current /etc configuration versus default.
ostree-admin-deploy(1) Checkout a revision as the new default deployment.
ostree-admin-init-fs(1) Initialize a new root filesystem.
ostree-admin-instutil(1) Utility functions intended primarily for operating system installation programs.
ostree-admin-os-init(1) Initialize empty state for a given operating system.
ostree-admin-pin(1) Explicitly retain deployment at a given index.
ostree-admin-set-origin(1) Change the "origin" (location for upgrades).
ostree-admin-status(1) List deployments.
ostree-admin-switch(1) Construct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed.
ostree-admin-undeploy(1) Delete deployment at a given index.
ostree-admin-unlock(1) Prepare the current deployment for hotfix or development.
ostree-admin-upgrade(1) Construct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed.
ostree-cat(1) Display or concatenate contents of files.
ostree-checkout(1) Check out a commit into a filesystem.
ostree-checksum(1) Checksum a file or directory.
ostree-commit(1) Commit a new revision.
ostree-config(1) Change configuration settings.
ostree-create-usb(1) Put the given refs on an external drive for P2P distribution.
ostree-diff(1) Compare a directory against a revision.
ostree-export(1) Generate a tar archive from an OSTree commit.
ostree-find-remotes(1) Find remotes to serve the given refs.
ostree-fsck(1) Check the repository for consistency.
ostree-gpg-sign(1) Sign a commit.
ostree-init(1) Initialize a new empty repository.
ostree-log(1) Show log starting at a commit or ref.
ostree-ls(1) List file paths.
ostree-prune(1) Search for unreachable objects.
ostree-pull(1) Download data from a remote repository.
ostree-pull-local(1) Copy data from a source repository.
ostree-refs(1) List refs.
ostree-remote(1) Control remote repository configuration.
ostree-reset(1) Reset a ref to a previous commit.
ostree-rev-parse(1) Output the target of a rev.
ostree-show(1) Output a metadata object.
ostree-static-delta(1) Manage static delta files.
ostree-summary(1) Regenerate or view the summary metadata file.
ostree.repo(5) OSTree repository configuration and layout.
ostree.repo-config(5) OSTree repository configuration.
osx(1) An SGML to XML converter.
ot2kpx(1) Extract kerning information from OpenType fonts.
otags(1) Generate tags files for emacs and vi/vim from OCaml sources.
otangle(1) ↣ tangle(1) Translate WEB to Pascal.
otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine(1) OTB otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine.
otbApplicationLauncherQt(1) OTB otbApplicationLauncherQt.
otbcli(1) OTB otbcli application.
otbcli_BandMath(1) OTB BandMath application.
otbcli_BinaryMorphologicalOperation(1) OTB BinaryMorphologicalOperation application.
otbcli_BlockMatching(1) OTB BlockMatching application.
otbcli_BundleToPerfectSensor(1) OTB BundleToPerfectSensor application.
otbcli_ClassificationMapRegularization(1) OTB ClassificationMapRegularization application.
otbcli_ColorMapping(1) OTB ColorMapping application.
otbcli_CompareImages(1) OTB CompareImages application.
otbcli_ComputeConfusionMatrix(1) OTB ComputeConfusionMatrix application.
otbcli_ComputeImagesStatistics(1) OTB ComputeImagesStatistics application.
otbcli_ComputeModulusAndPhase(1) OTB ComputeModulusAndPhase application.
otbcli_ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics(1) OTB ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics application.
otbcli_ComputePolylineFeatureFromImage(1) OTB ComputePolylineFeatureFromImage application.
otbcli_ConcatenateImages(1) OTB ConcatenateImages application.
otbcli_ConcatenateVectorData(1) OTB ConcatenateVectorData application.
otbcli_ConnectedComponentSegmentation(1) OTB ConnectedComponentSegmentation application.
otbcli_ContrastEnhancement(1) OTB ContrastEnhancement application.
otbcli_Convert(1) OTB Convert application.
otbcli_ConvertCartoToGeoPoint(1) OTB ConvertCartoToGeoPoint application.
otbcli_ConvertSensorToGeoPoint(1) OTB ConvertSensorToGeoPoint application.
otbcli_DEMConvert(1) OTB DEMConvert application.
otbcli_Despeckle(1) OTB Despeckle application.
otbcli_DimensionalityReduction(1) OTB DimensionalityReduction application.
otbcli_DisparityMapToElevationMap(1) OTB DisparityMapToElevationMap application.
otbcli_DomainTransform(1) OTB DomainTransform application.
otbcli_DownloadSRTMTiles(1) OTB DownloadSRTMTiles application.
otbcli_DSFuzzyModelEstimation(1) OTB DSFuzzyModelEstimation application.
otbcli_DynamicConvert(1) OTB DynamicConvert application.
otbcli_EdgeExtraction(1) OTB EdgeExtraction application.
otbcli_ExtractROI(1) OTB ExtractROI application.
otbcli_FineRegistration(1) OTB FineRegistration application.
otbcli_FusionOfClassifications(1) OTB FusionOfClassifications application.
otbcli_GeneratePlyFile(1) OTB GeneratePlyFile application.
otbcli_GenerateRPCSensorModel(1) OTB GenerateRPCSensorModel application.
otbcli_GrayScaleMorphologicalOperation(1) OTB GrayScaleMorphologicalOperation application.
otbcli_GridBasedImageResampling(1) OTB GridBasedImageResampling application.
otbcli_HaralickTextureExtraction(1) OTB HaralickTextureExtraction application.
otbcli_HomologousPointsExtraction(1) OTB HomologousPointsExtraction application.
otbcli_HooverCompareSegmentation(1) OTB HooverCompareSegmentation application.
otbcli_HyperspectralUnmixing(1) OTB HyperspectralUnmixing application.
otbcli_ImageClassifier(1) OTB ImageClassifier application.
otbcli_ImageEnvelope(1) OTB ImageEnvelope application.
otbcli_KMeansClassification(1) OTB KMeansClassification application.
otbcli_KmzExport(1) OTB KmzExport application.
otbcli_LargeScaleMeanShift(1) OTB LargeScaleMeanShift application.
otbcli_LineSegmentDetection(1) OTB LineSegmentDetection application.
otbcli_LocalStatisticExtraction(1) OTB LocalStatisticExtraction application.
otbcli_LSMSSegmentation(1) OTB LSMSSegmentation application.
otbcli_LSMSSmallRegionsMerging(1) OTB LSMSSmallRegionsMerging application.
otbcli_LSMSVectorization(1) OTB LSMSVectorization application.
otbcli_ManageNoData(1) OTB ManageNoData application.
otbcli_MeanShiftSmoothing(1) OTB MeanShiftSmoothing application.
otbcli_MorphologicalClassification(1) OTB MorphologicalClassification application.
otbcli_MorphologicalMultiScaleDecomposition(1) OTB MorphologicalMultiScaleDecomposition application.
otbcli_MorphologicalProfilesAnalysis(1) OTB MorphologicalProfilesAnalysis application.
otbcli_MultiImageSamplingRate(1) OTB MultiImageSamplingRate application.
otbcli_MultiResolutionPyramid(1) OTB MultiResolutionPyramid application.
otbcli_MultivariateAlterationDetector(1) OTB MultivariateAlterationDetector application.
otbcli_ObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint(1) OTB ObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint application.
otbcli_OGRLayerClassifier(1) OTB OGRLayerClassifier application.
otbcli_OrthoRectification(1) OTB OrthoRectification application.
otbcli_OSMDownloader(1) OTB OSMDownloader application.
otbcli_Pansharpening(1) OTB Pansharpening application.
otbcli_PixelValue(1) OTB PixelValue application.
otbcli_PolygonClassStatistics(1) OTB StereoFramework application otbcli_PolygonClassStatistics - OTB Poly‐.
otbcli_PredictRegression(1) OTB PredictRegression application.
otbcli_Quicklook(1) OTB Quicklook application.
otbcli_RadiometricIndices(1) OTB RadiometricIndices application.
otbcli_Rasterization(1) OTB Rasterization application.
otbcli_ReadImageInfo(1) OTB ReadImageInfo application.
otbcli_RefineSensorModel(1) OTB RefineSensorModel application.
otbcli_Rescale(1) OTB Rescale application.
otbcli_RigidTransformResample(1) OTB RigidTransformResample application.
otbcli_SampleExtraction(1) OTB SampleExtraction application.
otbcli_SampleSelection(1) OTB SampleSelection application.
otbcli_SARCalibration(1) OTB SARCalibration application.
otbcli_SARDeburst(1) OTB SARDeburst application.
otbcli_SARDecompositions(1) OTB SARDecompositions application.
otbcli_SARPolarMatrixConvert(1) OTB SARPolarMatrixConvert application.
otbcli_SARPolarSynth(1) OTB SARPolarSynth application.
otbcli_SarRadiometricCalibration(1) OTB SarRadiometricCalibration application.
otbcli_Segmentation(1) OTB Segmentation application.
otbcli_SFSTextureExtraction(1) OTB SFSTextureExtraction application.
otbcli_Smoothing(1) OTB Smoothing application.
otbcli_SOMClassification(1) OTB SOMClassification application.
otbcli_SplitImage(1) OTB SplitImage application.
otbcli_StereoFramework(1) OTB StereoFramework application.
otbcli_StereoRectificationGridGenerator(1) OTB StereoRectificationGridGenerator application.
otbcli_Superimpose(1) OTB Superimpose application.
otbcli_TestApplication(1) OTB TestApplication application.
otbcli_TileFusion(1) OTB TileFusion application.
otbcli_TrainImagesClassifier(1) OTB TrainImagesClassifier application.
otbcli_TrainOGRLayersClassifier(1) OTB TrainOGRLayersClassifier application.
otbcli_TrainRegression(1) OTB TrainRegression application.
otbcli_TrainVectorClassifier(1) OTB TrainVectorClassifier application.
otbcli_VectorClassifier(1) OTB VectorClassifier application.
otbcli_VectorDataDSValidation(1) OTB VectorDataDSValidation application.
otbcli_VectorDataExtractROI(1) OTB VectorDataExtractROI application.
otbcli_VectorDataReprojection(1) OTB VectorDataReprojection application.
otbcli_VectorDataSetField(1) OTB VectorDataSetField application.
otbcli_VectorDataTransform(1) OTB VectorDataTransform application.
otbcli_VertexComponentAnalysis(1) OTB VertexComponentAnalysis application.
otbgui(1) OTB otbgui application.
otbgui_BandMath(1) OTB BandMath application.
otbgui_BinaryMorphologicalOperation(1) OTB BinaryMorphologicalOperation application.
otbgui_BlockMatching(1) OTB BlockMatching application.
otbgui_BundleToPerfectSensor(1) OTB BundleToPerfectSensor application.
otbgui_ClassificationMapRegularization(1) OTB ClassificationMapRegularization application.
otbgui_ColorMapping(1) OTB ColorMapping application.
otbgui_CompareImages(1) OTB CompareImages application.
otbgui_ComputeConfusionMatrix(1) OTB ComputeConfusionMatrix application.
otbgui_ComputeImagesStatistics(1) OTB ComputeImagesStatistics application.
otbgui_ComputeModulusAndPhase(1) OTB ComputeModulusAndPhase application.
otbgui_ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics(1) OTB ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics application.
otbgui_ComputePolylineFeatureFromImage(1) OTB ComputePolylineFeatureFromImage application.
otbgui_ConcatenateImages(1) OTB ConcatenateImages application.
otbgui_ConcatenateVectorData(1) OTB ConcatenateVectorData application.
otbgui_ConnectedComponentSegmentation(1) OTB ConnectedComponentSegmentation application.
otbgui_ContrastEnhancement(1) OTB ContrastEnhancement application.
otbgui_Convert(1) OTB Convert application.
otbgui_ConvertCartoToGeoPoint(1) OTB ConvertCartoToGeoPoint application.
otbgui_ConvertSensorToGeoPoint(1) OTB ConvertSensorToGeoPoint application.
otbgui_DEMConvert(1) OTB DEMConvert application.
otbgui_Despeckle(1) OTB Despeckle application.
otbgui_DimensionalityReduction(1) OTB DimensionalityReduction application.
otbgui_DisparityMapToElevationMap(1) OTB DisparityMapToElevationMap application.
otbgui_DomainTransform(1) OTB DomainTransform application.
otbgui_DownloadSRTMTiles(1) OTB DownloadSRTMTiles application.
otbgui_DSFuzzyModelEstimation(1) OTB DSFuzzyModelEstimation application.
otbgui_DynamicConvert(1) OTB DynamicConvert application.
otbgui_EdgeExtraction(1) OTB EdgeExtraction application.
otbgui_ExtractROI(1) OTB ExtractROI application.
otbgui_FineRegistration(1) OTB FineRegistration application.
otbgui_FusionOfClassifications(1) OTB FusionOfClassifications application.
otbgui_GeneratePlyFile(1) OTB GeneratePlyFile application.
otbgui_GenerateRPCSensorModel(1) OTB GenerateRPCSensorModel application.
otbgui_GrayScaleMorphologicalOperation(1) OTB GrayScaleMorphologicalOperation application.
otbgui_GridBasedImageResampling(1) OTB GridBasedImageResampling application.
otbgui_HaralickTextureExtraction(1) OTB HaralickTextureExtraction application.
otbgui_HomologousPointsExtraction(1) OTB HomologousPointsExtraction application.
otbgui_HooverCompareSegmentation(1) OTB HooverCompareSegmentation application.
otbgui_HyperspectralUnmixing(1) OTB HyperspectralUnmixing application.
otbgui_ImageClassifier(1) OTB ImageClassifier application.
otbgui_ImageEnvelope(1) OTB ImageEnvelope application.
otbgui_KMeansClassification(1) OTB KMeansClassification application.
otbgui_KmzExport(1) OTB KmzExport application.
otbgui_LargeScaleMeanShift(1) OTB LargeScaleMeanShift application.
otbgui_LineSegmentDetection(1) OTB LineSegmentDetection application.
otbgui_LocalStatisticExtraction(1) OTB LocalStatisticExtraction application.
otbgui_LSMSSegmentation(1) OTB LSMSSegmentation application.
otbgui_LSMSSmallRegionsMerging(1) OTB LSMSSmallRegionsMerging application.
otbgui_LSMSVectorization(1) OTB LSMSVectorization application.
otbgui_ManageNoData(1) OTB ManageNoData application.
otbgui_MeanShiftSmoothing(1) OTB MeanShiftSmoothing application.
otbgui_MorphologicalClassification(1) OTB MorphologicalClassification application.
otbgui_MorphologicalMultiScaleDecomposition(1) OTB MorphologicalMultiScaleDecomposition application.
otbgui_MorphologicalProfilesAnalysis(1) OTB MorphologicalProfilesAnalysis application.
otbgui_MultiImageSamplingRate(1) OTB MultiImageSamplingRate application.
otbgui_MultiResolutionPyramid(1) OTB MultiResolutionPyramid application.
otbgui_MultivariateAlterationDetector(1) OTB MultivariateAlterationDetector application.
otbgui_ObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint(1) OTB ObtainUTMZoneFromGeoPoint application.
otbgui_OGRLayerClassifier(1) OTB OGRLayerClassifier application.
otbgui_OrthoRectification(1) OTB OrthoRectification application.
otbgui_OSMDownloader(1) OTB OSMDownloader application.
otbgui_Pansharpening(1) OTB Pansharpening application.
otbgui_PixelValue(1) OTB PixelValue application.
otbgui_PolygonClassStatistics(1) OTB StereoFramework application otbgui_PolygonClassStatistics - OTB Poly‐.
otbgui_PredictRegression(1) OTB PredictRegression application.
otbgui_Quicklook(1) OTB Quicklook application.
otbgui_RadiometricIndices(1) OTB RadiometricIndices application.
otbgui_Rasterization(1) OTB Rasterization application.
otbgui_ReadImageInfo(1) OTB ReadImageInfo application.
otbgui_RefineSensorModel(1) OTB RefineSensorModel application.
otbgui_Rescale(1) OTB Rescale application.
otbgui_RigidTransformResample(1) OTB RigidTransformResample application.
otbgui_SampleExtraction(1) OTB SampleExtraction application.
otbgui_SampleSelection(1) OTB SampleSelection application.
otbgui_SARCalibration(1) OTB SARCalibration application.
otbgui_SARDeburst(1) OTB SARDeburst application.
otbgui_SARDecompositions(1) OTB SARDecompositions application.
otbgui_SARPolarMatrixConvert(1) OTB SARPolarMatrixConvert application.
otbgui_SARPolarSynth(1) OTB SARPolarSynth application.
otbgui_SarRadiometricCalibration(1) OTB SarRadiometricCalibration application.
otbgui_Segmentation(1) OTB Segmentation application.
otbgui_SFSTextureExtraction(1) OTB SFSTextureExtraction application.
otbgui_Smoothing(1) OTB Smoothing application.
otbgui_SOMClassification(1) OTB SOMClassification application.
otbgui_SplitImage(1) OTB SplitImage application.
otbgui_StereoFramework(1) OTB StereoFramework application.
otbgui_StereoRectificationGridGenerator(1) OTB StereoRectificationGridGenerator application.
otbgui_Superimpose(1) OTB Superimpose application.
otbgui_TestApplication(1) OTB TestApplication application.
otbgui_TileFusion(1) OTB TileFusion application.
otbgui_TrainImagesClassifier(1) OTB TrainImagesClassifier application.
otbgui_TrainOGRLayersClassifier(1) OTB TrainOGRLayersClassifier application.
otbgui_TrainRegression(1) OTB TrainRegression application.
otbgui_TrainVectorClassifier(1) OTB TrainVectorClassifier application.
otbgui_VectorClassifier(1) OTB VectorClassifier application.
otbgui_VectorDataDSValidation(1) OTB VectorDataDSValidation application.
otbgui_VectorDataExtractROI(1) OTB VectorDataExtractROI application.
otbgui_VectorDataReprojection(1) OTB VectorDataReprojection application.
otbgui_VectorDataSetField(1) OTB VectorDataSetField application.
otbgui_VectorDataTransform(1) OTB VectorDataTransform application.
otbgui_VertexComponentAnalysis(1) OTB VertexComponentAnalysis application.
otbTestDriver(1) OTB otbTestDriver.
otcldoc(1) Simple script for translating otcl classes into an html hyperlinked document.
otclsh(1) Tcl Shell containing object-oriented scripting language OTcl.
otf2bdf(1) OpenType to BDF font converter.
otfaux(1) Otfaux.
otfcompress(1) Otfcompress.
otfconfig(1) Otfconfig.
otfdecompress(1) Otfcompress.
otfinfo(1) Otfinfo.
otfmerge(1) Otfmerge.
otfmerge-mpi(1) Otfmerge.
otfprint(1) Otfprint.
otfprofile(1) Otfprofile.
otfprofile-mpi(1) Otfprofile.
otfshrink(1) Otfshrink.
otftotfm(1) Create TeX font metrics from OpenType fonts.
otherDataTypes(3clc) Other Built-in Data Types.
OTHERNAME_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
OTHERNAME_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
otherscreenshots(3) Other Plots.
othman-browser(1) A Qur'an browser.
otl2docbook(1) Converts vimoutliner outline to Docbook.
otl2html(1) Converts vimoutliner outline to HTML.
otl2pdb(1) Converts vimoutliner outline to AddressDB Palm file.
otp(1) Generate one-time key pads or password lists.
otp(3tcl) One-Time Passwords.
OTP-SNMPEA-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for the SNMPEA component in OTP.
otp2ocp(1) Convert Omega Translation Process files to Omega Compiled Process files.
otp_mib(3erl) Handles the OTP-MIB.
otp_words(3trf) Encoding "otp_words".
otpprint(1) Print lists of one-time passwords.
otpw-gen(1) One-time password generator.
otr_mackey(1) ↣ otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otr_modify(1) ↣ otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otr_parse(1) ↣ otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otr_readforge(1) ↣ otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otr_remac(1) ↣ otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otr_sesskeys(1) ↣ otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otr_toolkit(1) Process Off-the-Record Messaging.
otus(4freebsd) Atheros AR9170 USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network device.
otusfw(4freebsd) Firmware Module for AR9170 driver.
Ouch(3pm) Exceptions that don't hurt.
ouse(3pm) Syntactic sugar to make Mouse one-liners easier.
out-of-order(6) Comedy science fiction adventure game.
out123(1) Send raw PCM audio or a waveform pattern to an output device.
outb(1) ↣ inb(1) Access I/O ports.
outb(3avr) ↣ deprecated_items(3avr)
outb_p(2) ↣ outb(2)
outerProduct(3G) Calculate the outer product of a pair of vectors.
OutgoingDataQueue(3) A generic outgoing RTP data queue supporting multiple destinations.
OutgoingRTPPkt(3) RTP packets being sent.
outguess(1) Universal steganographic tool.
outguess-extract(1) ↣ outguess(1) Universal steganographic tool.
outl(1) ↣ inb(1) Access I/O ports.
outl(2) ↣ outb(2)
outl_p(2) ↣ outb(2)
outlook.pst(5) Format of MS Outlook .pst file.
outocp(1) Debug an OCP file.
outopts(3ncurses) Curses output options.
outp(3avr) ↣ deprecated_items(3avr)
output(1) Yagi-Uda project antenna display program.
output(5) Output data file formats.
outsb(2) ↣ outb(2)
outsl(2) ↣ outb(2)
outsw(2) ↣ outb(2)
outw(1) ↣ inb(1) Access I/O ports.
outw(2) ↣ outb(2)
outw_p(2) ↣ outb(2)
ovdb(5) Overview storage method for INN.
ovdb_init(8) Prepare ovdb database for use.
ovdb_monitor(8) Database maintenance.
ovdb_server(8) Overview 'helper' server.
ovdb_stat(8) Display information from the ovdb database.
over(1) Pretty print and scroll source code on terminal.
overchan(8) Batch update the INN overview database.
overgod(6) A bi-directional scrolling arcade game.
overlay(3ncurses) Overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows. Overlay a couple of images, offsetting the hue in each.
overlayroot-chroot(8) Chroot into the lower filesystem in a writable mode.
overload(3perl) Package for overloading Perl operations.
overloading(3perl) Perl pragma to lexically control overloading.
override_config_data(3alleg4) Specifies a block of data containing config overrides. Allegro game programming.
override_config_file(3alleg4) Specifies a file containing config overrides. Allegro game programming library.
OverrideShell(3) The OverrideShell widget class "OverrideShell" "widget class" "OverrideShell".
overview.fmt(5) Format of news overview database.
overwrite(3ncurses) ↣ overlay(3ncurses) Overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows.
overwritemergeconfiguration.hpp(3elektra) A configuration for a simple automerge and guaranteed conflict resolution by.
ovf2ovp(1) Convert virtual font file and associated font metrics to property-list format.
ovito(1) (The Open Visualization Tool) is a scientific visualization and analysis software for atomistic simu‐.
ovn-architecture(7) Open Virtual Network architecture.
ovn-controller(8) Open Virtual Network local controller.
ovn-controller-vtep(8) Open Virtual Network local controller for vtep enabled physical switches.
ovn-ctl(8) Open Virtual Network northbound daemon lifecycle utility.
ovn-nb(5) OVN_Northbound database schema.
ovn-nbctl(8) Open Virtual Network northbound db management utility.
ovn-northd(8) Open Virtual Network central control daemon.
ovn-sb(5) OVN_Southbound database schema.
ovn-sbctl(8) Utility for querying and configuring OVN_Southbound database.
ovp2ovf(1) Convert a virtual property-list file into a virtual font file and its associated font metric file.
ovs-appctl(8) Utility for configuring running Open vSwitch daemons.
ovs-bugtool(8) Open vSwitch bug reporting utility.
ovs-ctl(8) OVS startup helper script.
ovs-dpctl(8) Administer Open vSwitch datapaths.
ovs-dpctl-top(8) Top like behavior for ovs-dpctl dump-flows.
ovs-l3ping(8) Check network deployment for L3 tunneling problems.
ovs-ofctl(8) Administer OpenFlow switches.
ovs-parse-backtrace(8) Parses ovs-appctl backtrace output.
ovs-pcap(1) Print packets from a pcap file as hex.
ovs-pki(8) OpenFlow public key infrastructure management utility.
ovs-tcpdump(8) Dump traffic from an Open vSwitch port using tcpdump.
ovs-tcpundump(1) Convert ``tcpdump -xx'' output to hex strings.
ovs-testcontroller(8) Simple OpenFlow controller for testing.
ovs-vsctl(8) Utility for querying and configuring ovs-vswitchd.
ovs-vswitchd(8) Open vSwitch daemon.
ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5) Open_vSwitch database schema.
ovsdb-client(1) Command-line interface to ovsdb-server(1).
ovsdb-server(1) Open vSwitch database server.
ovsdb-tool(1) Open vSwitch database management utility.
ow(3) ↣ owtcl(3) OWFS library access commands for Tcl.
ow(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus.
ow_temp(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Temperature sensor.
owc(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Controller.
owcapi(1) Easy C-language 1-wire interface.
owdir(1) ↣ owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owexist(1) ↣ owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owfs(1) 1-wire filesystem.
owfs(5) Owfs programs configuration file.
owfs.conf(5) ↣ owfs(5) Owfs programs configuration file.
owftpd(1) Anoymous FTP server for 1-wire access.
owget(1) ↣ owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owhttpd(1) Tiny webserver for 1-wire control.
owish(1) Graphical shell containing object-oriented scripting language OTcl.
OWL::DirectSemantics(3pm) Representation of the direct semantics of OWL2.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element(3pm) Base class for OWL elements.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::Annotation(3pm) Represents an OWL Annotation.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::AnnotationProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL AnnotationProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::AsymmetricObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL AsymmetricObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::Class(3pm) Represents an OWL Class.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ClassAssertion(3pm) Represents an OWL ClassAssertion.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataAllValuesFrom(3pm) Represents an OWL DataAllValuesFrom.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataComplementOf(3pm) Represents an OWL DataComplementOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataExactCardinality(3pm) Represents an OWL DataExactCardinality.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataHasValue(3pm) Represents an OWL DataHasValue.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataIntersectionOf(3pm) Represents an OWL DataIntersectionOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataMaxCardinality(3pm) Represents an OWL DataMaxCardinality.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataMinCardinality(3pm) Represents an OWL DataMinCardinality.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataOneOf(3pm) Represents an OWL DataOneOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL DataProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataPropertyAssertion(3pm) Represents an OWL DataPropertyAssertion.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataPropertyDomain(3pm) Represents an OWL DataPropertyDomain.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataPropertyRange(3pm) Represents an OWL DataPropertyRange.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataSomeValuesFrom(3pm) Represents an OWL DataSomeValuesFrom.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::Datatype(3pm) Represents an OWL Datatype.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DatatypeDefinition(3pm) Represents an OWL DatatypeDefinition.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DataUnionOf(3pm) Represents an OWL DataUnionOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::Declaration(3pm) Represents an OWL Declaration.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DifferentIndividuals(3pm) Represents an OWL DifferentIndividuals.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DisjointClasses(3pm) Represents an OWL DisjointClasses.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DisjointDataProperties(3pm) Represents an OWL DisjointDataProperties.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::DisjointObjectProperties(3pm) Represents an OWL DisjointObjectProperties.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::EquivalentClasses(3pm) Represents an OWL EquivalentClasses.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::EquivalentDataProperties(3pm) Represents an OWL EquivalentDataProperties.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::EquivalentObjectProperties(3pm) Represents an OWL EquivalentObjectProperties.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::FunctionalDataProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL FunctionalDataProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::FunctionalObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL FunctionalObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::InverseFunctionalObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::InverseObjectProperties(3pm) Represents an OWL InverseObjectProperties.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::IrreflexiveObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL IrreflexiveObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::NamedIndividual(3pm) Represents an OWL NamedIndividual.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectAllValuesFrom(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectAllValuesFrom.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectComplementOf(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectComplementOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectExactCardinality(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectExactCardinality.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectHasSelf(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectHasSelf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectHasValue(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectHasValue.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectIntersectionOf(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectIntersectionOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectInverseOf(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectInverseOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectMaxCardinality(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectMaxCardinality.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectMinCardinality(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectMinCardinality.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectOneOf(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectOneOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectPropertyAssertion(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectPropertyAssertion.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectPropertyDomain(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectPropertyDomain.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectPropertyRange(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectPropertyRange.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectSomeValuesFrom(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectSomeValuesFrom.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ObjectUnionOf(3pm) Represents an OWL ObjectUnionOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::Ontology(3pm) Represents an OWL Ontology.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::ReflexiveObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL ReflexiveObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::SameIndividual(3pm) Represents an OWL SameIndividual.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::SubClassOf(3pm) Represents an OWL SubClassOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::SubDataPropertyOf(3pm) Represents an OWL SubDataPropertyOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::SubObjectPropertyOf(3pm) Represents an OWL SubObjectPropertyOf.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::SymmetricObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL SymmetricObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Element::TransitiveObjectProperty(3pm) Represents an OWL TransitiveObjectProperty.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Translator(3pm) Lift an OWL2 model from an RDF model.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Writer(3pm) I do nothing.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Writer::Dump(3pm) Moose::Role providing reasonably readable output.
OWL::DirectSemantics::Writer::FunctionalSyntax(3pm) Moose::Role providing functional syntax output.
owll(9freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire.
owltsim(1) One-way light time transmission delay simulator.
owlttb(1) One-way light time transmission delay simulator.
owmon(1) Monitor for owserver settings and statistics.
owncloud(1) File synchronisation desktop utility. owncloud(1) ----.
owncloudcmd(1) Command line ownCloud client tool. owncloudcmd(1) -----.
ownership(8) Compaq ownership tag retriever.
ownet(1) Easy C-language 1-wire interface to the owserver protocol.
OWNet(3) Light weight access to owserver.
OWNet(3pm) Light weight access to owserver.
ownetapi(1) ↣ ownet(1) Easy C-language 1-wire interface to the owserver protocol.
ownetlib(1) ↣ ownet(1) Easy C-language 1-wire interface to the owserver protocol.
owperl(3) Perl interface for the 1-wire filesystem.
owpresent(1) ↣ owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owread(1) ↣ owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owserver(1) Backend server (daemon) for 1-wire control.
owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owtap(1) Packet sniffer for the owserver protocol.
owtcl(3) OWFS library access commands for Tcl.
owwrite(1) ↣ owshell(1) Lightweight owserver access.
owx(1) Utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios.
owx-check(1) ↣ owx(1) Utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios.
owx-export(1) ↣ owx(1) Utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios.
owx-get(1) ↣ owx(1) Utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios.
owx-import(1) ↣ owx(1) Utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios.
owx-put(1) ↣ owx(1) Utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios.
Oxford::Calendar(3pm) University of Oxford calendar conversion routines.
oxref(1) Cross reference utility for multiple languages.
oz-cleanup-cache(1) Tool to remove cached oz data.
oz-customize(1) Tool to automatically modify installed operating system files.
oz-examples(1) Example TDL files for Oz.
oz-generate-icicle(1) Tool to generate an ICICLE (package manifest) of a disk image.
oz-install(1) Tool to automatically install operating systems into files.
ozwcp(1) OpenZWave Control Panel.
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