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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
q4wine(1) Runs GUI utility for Wine applications and prefixes management.
q4wine-cli(1) Console utility for wine applications and prefixes management.
q4wine-helper(1) Run Windows program in Q4Wine helper environment.
Q80_model_4_0_commandLine(1) Female version of 2015 risk analysis.
Q80_model_4_1_commandLine(1) ↣ Q80_model_4_0_commandLine(1) Female version of 2015 risk analysis.
qacct(1) Report and account for Grid Engine usage.
qalc(1) Powerful and easy to use command line calculator.
qalculate-gtk(1) Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator.
qalter(1) Alter a job name, the job rerun flag or the job output file name.
qalter(1posix) Alter batch job.
qarecord(1) An audio recording tool.
qasconfig(1) ALSA configuration tree browser.
qashctl(1) Desktop mixer for ALSA's "High level Control Interface".
qasmixer(1) Desktop sound mixer for ALSA.
qavg(1) ↣ loki(1) Reversible jump MCMC linkage analysis in general pedigrees.
qb-blackbox(8) Display "flight data" from the "blackbox".
qbarray.h(3) This is a dynamic array (it can grow, but without moving memory).
qbatomic.h(3) Basic atomic integer and pointer operations.
qbdefs.h(3) These are some convience macros and defines.
qbhdb.h(3) The handle database is for reference counting objects.
qbiff(1) Announce new mail the moment it arrives.
qbipc_common.h(3) Common types and definitions.
qbipcc.h(3) Client IPC API.
qbipcs.h(3) Server IPC API.
qbittorrent(1) A Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt.
qbittorrent-nox(1) A command line Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt.
qblist.h(3) This is a kernel style list implementation.
qblog.h(3) The logging API provides four main parts (basics, filtering, threading & blackbox).
qbloop.h(3) Main loop manages timers, jobs and polling sockets.
qbmap.h(3) This provides a map interface to a Patricia trie, hashtable or skiplist.
qbooblyrics(1) Search lyrics.
qboobmsg(1) Send and receive message threads.
qbrb.h(3) This implements a ring buffer that works in 'chunks' not bytes.
qbrew(1) Homebrewer's recipe calculator (uses Qt).
qbrowser(1) QGIS Geographic Information System Browser.
qbrowser.bin(1) QGIS Geographic Information System Browser.
qbs(1) The Qbs build tool.
qbutil.h(3) These are some convience functions used throughout libqb.
qcatool(1) Command line tool for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture.
qcatool-qt5(1) Command line tool for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture.
qchat(1) Desc.
qcineoob(1) Search movies, people, torrent and subtitles.
qcmd(1) Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor.
qcomicbook(1) QT viewer for comic book archives (cbr/cbz).
qcomplex(3tcl) Straightforward complex number package.
qconf(1) Grid Engine Queue Configuration.
qconvex(1) Compute the convex hull.
qcookboob(1) Search recipes.
qcowinfo(1) Determines information about a QEMU Copy-On-Write (QCOW) image file.
qcp(1) ↣ qcmd(1) Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor.
qct(1) Qt Commit Tool.
qcumber(1) Quality control of genomic sequences.
qd-config(1) Determine flags for compilation and linking.
qdacco(1) Dacco english-catalan dictionary frontend.
qdbm(3) Quick database manager.
qdbus(1) A communication-interface for qt-based applications.
qdel(1) Deletes jobs in a familiar pbs format.
qdel(1posix) Delete batch jobs.
qdelaunay(1) Compute the Delaunay triangulation.
qdevelop(1) A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4.
qdirstat(1) Qt-based directory statistics.
qdirstat-cache-writer(1) Script to write QDirStat cache files from cron jobs.
qecvt(3) Convert a floating-point number to a string.
qecvt_r(3) ↣ ecvt_r(3) Convert a floating-point number to a string.
qelectrotech(1) Electric diagrams editor.
qemu-aarch64(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-aarch64-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-alpha(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-alpha-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-arm(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-arm-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-armeb(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-armeb-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-cpu-models(7) QEMU / KVM CPU model configuration.
qemu-cris(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-cris-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-debootstrap(1) QEMU debootstrap wrapper.
qemu-ga(8) QEMU Guest Agent.
qemu-ga-ref(7) QEMU Guest Agent Protocol Reference.
qemu-hppa(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-hppa-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-i386(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-i386-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-img(1) QEMU disk image utility.
qemu-io(1) QEMU Disk exerciser.
qemu-m68k(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-m68k-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-make-debian-root(8) Create a debian root image for qemu.
qemu-microblaze(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-microblaze-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-microblazeel(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-microblazeel-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-mips(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-mips-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-mips64(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-mips64-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-mips64el(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-mips64el-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-mipsel(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-mipsel-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-mipsn32(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-mipsn32-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-mipsn32el(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-mipsn32el-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-nbd(8) QEMU Disk Network Block Device Server.
qemu-nios2(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-nios2-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-or1k(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-or1k-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-ppc(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-ppc-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-ppc64(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-ppc64-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-ppc64abi32(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-ppc64abi32-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-ppc64le(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-ppc64le-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-qmp-ref(7) QEMU QMP Reference Manual.
qemu-s390x(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-s390x-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-sh4(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-sh4-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-sh4eb(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-sh4eb-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-sparc(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-sparc-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-sparc32plus(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-sparc32plus-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-sparc64(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-sparc64-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-system(1) QEMU version 2.11.1 User Documentation.
qemu-tilegx(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-tilegx-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemu-x86_64(1) ↣ qemu-user(1) QEMU User Emulator.
qemu-x86_64-static(1) ↣ qemu-user-static(1) QEMU User Emulator (static version).
qemubuilder(8) A pbuilder wrapper for qemu.
qemuctl(1) Graphical control for qemu.
qevent(1) Subscribe and respond to Grid Engine events.
qextract(1) Extract an wriions from FITS files.
qfcvt(3) ↣ qecvt(3) Convert a floating-point number to a string.
qfcvt_r(3) ↣ ecvt_r(3) Convert a floating-point number to a string.
QFitsView(1) FITS file viewer based on DPUSER.
qflatboob(1) Search for housing.
qflow(1) Open-Source Digital Synthesis Flow.
qfractalnow(1) Explore fractals and generate fractal images.
qgcvt(3) ↣ qecvt(3) Convert a floating-point number to a string.
qgis(1) QGIS Geographic Information System.
qgis.bin(1) QGIS Geographic Information System.
qgit(1) QT interface to git trees, with stgit support.
qgle(1) A Graphical Interface to GLE.
qhalf(1) Halfspace intersection about a point.
qhandjoob(1) Search for job.
qhavedate(1) Interact with dating websites.
qhimdtransfer(1) Transfer software for MiniDisc devices.
qhold(1) Places a hold on jobs in a familiar pbs format.
qhold(1posix) Hold batch jobs.
qhost(1) Show the status of Grid Engine hosts, queues, jobs.
qhull(1) Convex hull, Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram, halfspace intersection about a point, hull vol‐.
qiflush(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
qiflush_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
qikea(1) Internet Key Exchange Access Manager.
qikec(1) Internet Key Exchange Connect.
qio(3) Quick I/O routines for reading files.
qiv(1) A fast gdk/imlib image viewer for X.
qix(6x) Bounce colored lines around a window.
qjackctl(1) User interface for controlling JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit).
qjoypad(1) Program for mapping gamepad/joystick events to mouse/keyboard events.
ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc(8) Scans for newly added LUNs.
ql-hba-snapshot(8) Display specific information of the QLogic HBA.
ql-lun-state-online(8) Scans for all offline LUNs and enables them.
ql-set-cmd-timeout(8) Set the timeout on the devices connected to the QLogic FC HBA.
qlandkartegt(1) GPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr management.
qlc(3erl) Query interface to Mnesia, ETS, Dets, and so on.
QLength(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
QLinkHut(1) Check synchronisation via Ableton Link.
QLinkHutSilent(1) Check synchronisation via Ableton Link.
qlipper(1) Lightweight and cross-platform clipboard history applet.
qliss3d(1) Demonstration tool for Lissajous physiques.
qmail(7) Overview of qmail documentation.
qmail-clean(8) Clean up the queue directory.
qmail-command(8) User-specified mail delivery program.
qmail-control(5) Qmail configuration files.
qmail-getpw(8) Give addresses to users.
qmail-header(5) Format of a mail message.
qmail-inject(8) Preprocess and send a mail message.
qmail-limits(7) Artificial limits in the qmail system.
qmail-local(8) Deliver or forward a mail message.
qmail-log(5) The qmail activity record.
qmail-lspawn(8) Schedule local deliveries.
qmail-newaliases(1) Create a forwarding database from /etc/aliases.
qmail-newmrh(8) Prepare morercpthosts for qmail-smtpd.
qmail-newu(8) Prepare address assignments for qmail-lspawn.
qmail-pop3d(8) Distribute mail via POP.
qmail-popup(8) Read a POP username and password.
qmail-pw2u(8) Build address assignments from a passwd file.
qmail-qmqpc(8) Queue a mail message via QMQP.
qmail-qmqpd(8) Receive mail via QMQP.
qmail-qmtpd(8) Receive mail via QMTP.
qmail-qread(8) List outgoing messages and recipients.
qmail-qstat(8) Summarize status of mail queue.
qmail-queue(8) Queue a mail message for delivery.
qmail-remote(8) Send mail via SMTP.
qmail-rspawn(8) Schedule remote deliveries.
qmail-send(8) Deliver mail messages from the queue.
qmail-showctl(8) Analyze the qmail configuration files.
qmail-smtpd(8) Receive mail via SMTP.
qmail-start(8) Turn on mail delivery.
qmail-tcpok(8) Clear TCP timeout table.
qmail-tcpto(8) Print TCP timeout table.
qmail-users(5) Assign mail addresses to users.
qmail-verify(8) Address verification daemon.
qmake-qt4(1) Cross-platform makefile generator for Qt.
qmake-qt5(1) Cross-platform makefile generator for Qt.
qmake_sge(1) Distributed parallel make, scheduling by Grid Engine.
qmapshack(1) GPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr management.
qmc(1) Simplification tool (by using the Quine - McClusky process).
QMC(3) Library for managing groups of Performance Co-Pilot metrics.
qmc-gui(1) ↣ qmc(1) Simplification tool (by using the Quine - McClusky process).
QmcContext(3) Container for a PMAPI context and its metrics.
QmcDesc(3) Container for a metric description.
QmcGroup(3) Container representing a single fetch group of metrics from multiple sources.
QmcIndom(3) Container for a instance domain description.
QmcMetric(3) Container for a metric and all its values.
QmcSource(3) Manages contexts created by all groups.
qmenu(1) A tool to create simple menus for terminal interfaces.
qmgr(8postfix) Postfix queue manager.
qmhandle(1) Tool to manage the qmail message queue.
qmi-firmware-update(1) Update firmware in QMI devices.
qmi-network(1) Simple network management of QMI devices.
qmicli(1) Control QMI devices.
qmidiarp(1) MIDI arpeggiator and LFO.
qmidinet(1) MIDI Network Gateway via UDP/IP Multicast.
qmidiroute(1) MIDI event processor and router.
qmmp(1) Program to play audio files.
qmod(1) Modify a Grid Engine queue and running job.
qmon(1) X-Windows OSF/Motif graphical user interface for Grid Engine.
qmove(1posix) Move batch jobs.
qmp3check(1) Check and clean mp3 streams.
qmp3cut(1) Extract and/or delete parts of a mp3 file.
qmp3info(1) Show info from mp3 files.
qmp3join(1) Join mp3 files.
qmp3report(1) Report mp3 files and directories.
qmpdclient(1) Qt4 client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD).
qmqp-sink(1) Parallelized QMQP test server.
qmqp-source(1) Parallelized QMQP test generator.
qmqpd(8postfix) Postfix QMQP server.
qmsg(1posix) Send message to batch jobs.
qmtest(1) Access QMTest's functionality from the command line.
qmttest(1) Test cases for thread-safety.
qmv(1) ↣ qcmd(1) Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor.
qnifti2dicom(1) Convert 3D medical images to DICOM 2D series (GUI).
qnx_get_window(3alleg4) Retrieves a handle to the window used by Allegro.
qonk(6) Small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules.
qop(5) GSS-API Mechanism and QOP files.
qos(7) Quality of Service specification.
qos.conf(5) ↣ netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
qpdf(1) PDF transformation software.
qpdfview(1) Tabbed document viewer.
qpdldecode(1) Decode a QPDL stream into human readable form.
qperf(1) Measure RDMA and IP performance.
qpid-python-test(1) Run tests of the python QPID library for a broker.
qping(1) Check application status of Grid Engine daemons.
qprint(1) Encode / decode file as RFC 1521 MIME Quoted-Printable.
qprogram-starter(1) A program starter tool.
qps(1) Visual Process Manager.
Qpsmtpd(3pm) Base class for the qpsmtpd mail server.
qpsmtpd-forkserver(8) Fork-on-demand server for qpsmtpd.
qpsmtpd-prefork(8) Preforkin server for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Address(3pm) Lightweight E-Mail address objects.
Qpsmtpd::Command(3pm) Parse arguments to SMTP commands.
Qpsmtpd::ConfigServer(3pm) A configuration server for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Connection(3pm) A single SMTP connection.
Qpsmtpd::Constants(3pm) Constants for plugins to use.
Qpsmtpd::DSN(3pm) Enhanced Mail System Status Codes - RFC 1893.
Qpsmtpd::Postfix(3pm) Postfix queueing support for qpsmtpd.
Qpsmtpd::Transaction(3pm) Single SMTP session transaction data.
qpxtool(1) A gui to control qpxtool command line interfaces (cli).
qquota(1) Shows current usage of Grid Engine resource quotas.
qqwing(1) A tool for generating and solving Sudoku puzzles.
qrdel(1) Delete Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR).
qreator(1) Utility for creating QR codes.
qreceipt(1) Respond to delivery notice requests.
qrencode(1) Encode input data in a QR Code and save as a PNG or EPS image.
qrerun(1) To rerun a job is to terminate the job and return the job to the queued state in the execution queue.
qrerun(1posix) Rerun batch jobs.
qRFCView(1) RFC viewer.
qrls(1) Release a hold on a job in a familiar pbs format.
qrls(1posix) Release batch jobs.
qrouter(1) Multi-level, over-the-cell maze router.
qrq(1) High speed Morse telegraphy trainer.
qrqscore(1) ↣ qrq(1) High speed Morse telegraphy trainer.
qrstat(1) Show the status of Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR).
qrsub(1) Submit an Advance Reservation (AR) to Grid Engine.
qrttoppm(1) Convert output from the QRT ray tracer into a portable pixmap.
qs_eval(1) A simple Qt Script interpreter / launcher.
qsampler(1) A LinuxSampler Qt GUI Interface.
qsapecng(1) Symbolic analyzer of linear analog circuits.
qscale_matrix(3alleg4) Optimised routine for scaling an already generated matrix. Allegro game pro‐.
qscale_matrix_f(3alleg4) ↣ qscale_matrix(3alleg4) Optimised routine for scaling an already generated matrix. Allegro game pro‐.
qscan(1) Console tool for quality measurement of optical media.
qscand(1) Network wrapper for qscan.
qsched(1) Show scheduling information on resource reservation.
qselect(1) Select queues.
qselect(1posix) Select batch jobs.
qsexec(1) Parses the data received via stdin and executes the defined command on a pattern match.
qsf(1) Quick spam filter.
qsfilter2(1) An utility to generate mod_qos request line rules out from existing access/audit log data.
qsgrep(1) Prints matching patterns within a file.
qshape(1) Print Postfix queue domain and age distribution.
qshell(1) Qtile Documentation.
qshutdown(1) An avanced shutdown tool.
qsig(1posix) Signal batch jobs.
qslog(1) Collects request statistics from access log data.
qslogger(1) Another shell command interface to the system log module (syslog).
QSO(1) ↣ morse(1) A robotics simulator based upon the Blender Game Engine.
qsort(3) Sort an array.
qsort(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr)
qsort(3posix) Sort a table of data.
qsort_r(3) ↣ qsort(3) Sort an array.
qspeakers(1) Simulate common loudspeaker enclosures.
qspng(1) An utility to draw a png graph from qslog(1) output data.
qsrotate(1) A log rotation tool (similar to Apache's rotatelogs).
qssign(1) An utility to sign and verify the integrity of log data.
qsstv(1) Qt based slow scan television and fax.
qstail(1) An utility printing the end of a log file starting at the specified pattern.
qstardict(1) A Qt dictionary.
qstat(1) Display job/partition information in a familiar pbs format.
qstat(1posix) Show status of batch jobs.
qstatus(1) Grid Engine qstatus script.
qstopmotion(1) A program for creating stop-motion animations.
qsub(1) Submit a batch job in a familiar PBS format.
qsub(1posix) Submit a script.
qsynth(1) A fluidsynth Qt GUI Interface.
qt-faststart(1) Utility for Quicktime files.
qt-qconf(1) Program generated configure from qc file.
qt4-gnash(1) ↣ gnash(1) GNU.
qt5ct(1) Qt5 Configuration Utility.
qt5options(7) Common commandline options for all applications based on the Qt toolkit.
qtads(6) Multimedia interpreter for TADS games.
qtchooser(1) A wrapper used to select between Qt development binary versions.
qtconfig-qt4(1) Configuration tool for Qt.
qtcreator(1) Integrated Development Environment for Qt.
qtcsh(1) Tcsh with transparent remote execution by use of qrsh.
qtdoc(1) Open a Qt(TM) help page in Konqueror.
qtel(1) A "QT EchoLink" client.
qterm(1) BBS client for X Window System written in Qt.
qterminal(1) QT-based multitab terminal emulator.
qthid(1) Simple controller for the Funcube Dongle SDR.
qthid-2.2(1) Simple controller for the Funcube Dongle SDR.
qtikz(1) Editor for the TikZ language.
qtile(1) Qtile Documentation.
qtiplot(1) Data Analysis and Scientific Plotting.
QTLtools(1) Tool set for molecular QTL discovery and analysis.
qtm(1) Desktop client for content management systems.
qtool(8) Manipulate sendmail queues.
qtop(1) A graphical alternative to show the running processes.
qtoptions(7) Common commandline options for all applications based on the Qt toolkit.
qtpass(1) GUI for password manager pass.
qtqr(1) QtQR.
qtractor(1) An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer.
qtranslate_matrix(3alleg4) Optimised routine for translating an already generated matrix. Alle‐.
qtranslate_matrix_f(3alleg4) ↣ qtranslate_matrix(3alleg4) Optimised routine for translating an already generated matrix. Alle‐.
qtscrob(1) A and submitter for portable devices.
qtsmbstatus(7) Qtsmbstatus client : GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus.
qtsmbstatusd(7) Qtsmbstatus server : GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus.
qtsmbstatusl(7) Qtsmbstatus light : GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus.
quad3d(3alleg4) Draws a 3d quad onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
quad3d_f(3alleg4) ↣ quad3d(3alleg4) Draws a 3d quad onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
quadrangle(7rheolef) Quadrangular reference element.
quadrapassel(6) Tetris-like game for GNOME.
QuadraticSieve(1) Attempts to find a prime factor of the typed-in integer.
quadrature(7rheolef) Quadrature formulae on the reference lement.
quadrature_option_type(2rheolef) Send options to the integrate function.
quake(6) Classic first person shooter.
quake-server(6) Dedicated server for Quake.
quake2(6) Classic first person shooter.
quake2-server(6) Classic first person shooter (dedicated server).
quake3(6) Quake III Arena client.
quake3-server(6) Quake III Arena dedicated server.
quake4(6) Quake 4 client.
quake4-dedicated(6) Quake 4 dedicated server.
quakespasm(1) An engine for iD software's Quake.
quakestat(1) Tool for querying gaming servers.
qualifiers(3clc) OpenCL qualifiers.
qualityScores(1) Retrieve Phred score for read bases.
quantize(5) ImageMagick's color reduction algorithm.
quantlib-benchmark(1) Performance benchmark executable for QuantLib.
quantlib-config(1) Compiler / linker flags for QuantLib.
quantlib-test-suite(1) Test executable for QuantLib.
Quantum::Entanglement(3pm) QM entanglement of variables in perl.
Quantum::Superpositions(3pm) QM-like superpositions in Perl.
quarry(6) GUI for Go, Reversi/Othello and Amazons.
quasicrystal(6x) Aperiodic plane tilings.
quassel(1) A modern, cross-platform and distributed IRC client.
quasselclient(1) The Gui of the Quassel IRC client, needs to connect to a quasselcore.
quasselcore(1) The daemon process for the Quassel IRC client.
QUAT(3alleg4) Stores quaternion information. Allegro game programming library.
quat_interpolate(3alleg4) Constructs a quaternion representing a rotation between from and to. Allegro game program‐.
quat_mul(3alleg4) Multiplies two quaternions. Allegro game programming library.
quat_slerp(3alleg4) Version of quat_interpolate() allowing control over the rotation. Allegro game programming.
quat_to_matrix(3alleg4) Constructs a rotation matrix from a quaternion. Allegro game programming library.
queen(1) ↣ sgbdemos(1) Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase.
queen(6) Fantasy adventure game.
queens(6x) N queens screensaver.
quelcom(1) Frontend to the quelcom audio utilities.
query-pr(1) Query problem reports in the GNATS database.
query-starkd(1) Search index files for stars near a given point on the sky.
query_module(2) Query the kernel for various bits pertaining to modules.
query_pan_genome(1p) Take in a groups file and the protein fasta files and output selected data.
query_user_context(3) ↣ get_ordered_context_list(3)
querybts(1) View outstanding bug reports on a debbugs server.
Querytest(1p) Test framework without jabber connection.
quest(1) Xapian command line search tool.
queue(3erl) Abstract data type for FIFO queues.
Queue(3o) First-in first-out queues.
queue(3tcl) Create and manipulate queue objects.
queue-pr(8) Incoming mail control for GNATS.
queue-repair(8) Deal with the qmail queue directory structure.
queuebase(3) Base classes for RTP queues.
queuebase.h(3) Base classes for RTP queues.
QueueRTCPManager(3) Adds generic management of RTCP functions to an RTP data queue.
quickbook(1) WikiWiki style documentation tool geared towards C++ documentation.
quickcal(1) It is a Fast and Easy to use Calculator with support for filing.
quickplot(1) A fast interactive 2D plotter.
quickplot_shell(1) A remote command line shell for quickplot.
quickroute-gps(1) C# based GPS analysis software for getting your route on the map.
quicksynergy(1) GUI for easily configuring Synergy.
quilt(1) Tool to manage series of patches.
quisk(1) A Software Defined Radio (SDR).
quitcount(1) Graphic counter which may help yourself quit smoking.
quiterss(1) RSS/Atom news feeds reader.
quiva2DB(1) ↣ dazzdb(1) Manage nucleotide sequencing read data for the Dazzler assembler.
quiver(1) Quality-value aware consensus caller for Pacific Biosciences data.
quiz(6) Random knowledge tests.
quodlibet(1) Audio library manager and player.
quorum_context_get(3) Gets the context variable for a QUORUM instance.
quorum_context_set(3) Sets the context variable for a QUORUM instance.
quorum_dispatch(3) Dispatches callbacks from the quorum service.
quorum_fd_get(3) Dispatches callbacks from the quorum service.
quorum_finalize(3) Terminate a connection to the quorum service.
quorum_getquorate(3) Gets the quorate status of the node.
quorum_initialize(3) Create a new connection to the Quorum service.
quorum_overview(8) Quorum Library Overview.
quorum_trackstart(3) Enable callbacks notification.
quorum_trackstop(3) Disable callbacks notification.
quot(3avr) ↣ div_t(3avr)
quot(8) Summarize filesystem ownership.
quota(1) Display disk usage and limits.
Quota(3pm) Perl interface to file system quotas.
quota_nld(8) Quota netlink message daemon.
quotacheck(8) Scan a filesystem for disk usage, create, check and repair quota files.
quotactl(2) Manipulate disk quotas.
quotactl(2freebsd) Manipulate file system quotas.
quotagrpadmins(5) Users responsible for group disk usage.
quotaoff(8) ↣ quotaon(8) Turn filesystem quotas on and off.
quotaon(8) Turn filesystem quotas on and off.
quotastats(8) Program to query quota statistics.
quotasync(1) Synchronize in-kernel file system usage and limits to disk format.
quotatab(5) Descriptions of devices with disk quotas.
quotatool(8) Manipulate filesystem quotas.
quoted-printable(3trf) Encoding "quoted-printable".
qutebrowser(1) A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.
qutemol(1) Interactive visualization of macromolecules.
qutim(1) Qt Instant Massanger.
quvi(1) The silly suite to access the flash media stream properties.
quvi-dump(1) The dull-witted property printer.
quvi-get(1) The vilified media stream extraction tool.
quvi-info(1) The daft information tool.
quvi-modules-0.9(7) Overview of the loadable quvi modules.
quvi-modules-3rdparty-0.9(7) Overview of the loadable 3rd party modules.
quvi-scan(1) The dumbed-down embedded media URL scanner.
quvirc(5) The simple configuration file for the quvi program.
qv4l2(1) A test bench application for video4linux devices.
qvideoob(1) Search and play videos.
qvlc(1) ↣ vlc(1) The VLC media player.
qvoronoi(1) Compute the Voronoi diagram.
qwavcut(1) Extract and/or delete parts of a wav file.
qwavfade(1) Fade in/out wav files.
qwavheaderdump(1) Dump (and fix) wav headers.
qwavinfo(1) Show info from wav files.
qwavjoin(1) Join wav files.
qwavsilence(1) Detect and shrink silence sequences in wav files.
qwebcontentedit(1) Manage websites content.
qweborf(1) Shares files using the HTTP protocol.
qwo(1) An input method for touchscreen.
QwtAbstractLegend(3) Abstract base class for legend widgets.
QwtAbstractSeriesStore(3) Bridge between QwtSeriesStore and QwtPlotSeriesItem.
QwtArraySeriesData(3) Template class for data, that is organized as QVector.
qwtchangelog(3) What's new in Qwt 6.1.
QwtColumnRect(3) Directed rectangle representing bounding rectangle and orientation of a column.
QwtColumnSymbol(3) A drawing primitive for columns.
QwtCompassScaleDraw(3) A special scale draw made for QwtCompass.
QwtDate(3) A collection of methods around date/time values.
QwtDateScaleDraw(3) A class for drawing datetime scales.
QwtDateScaleEngine(3) A scale engine for date/time values.
QwtGraphic(3) A paint device for scalable graphics.
qwtinstall(3) INSTALL.
QwtInterval(3) A class representing an interval.
QwtIntervalSample(3) A sample of the types (x1-x2, y) or (x, y1-y2).
QwtIntervalSeriesData(3) Interface for iterating over an array of intervals.
QwtIntervalSymbol(3) A drawing primitive for displaying an interval like an error bar.
QwtLegendData(3) Attributes of an entry on a legend.
QwtLegendLabel(3) A widget representing something on a QwtLegend.
qwtlicense(3) Qwt License, Version 1.0.
QwtLogScaleEngine(3) A scale engine for logarithmic scales.
QwtLogTransform(3) Logarithmic transformation.
QwtMatrixRasterData(3) A class representing a matrix of values as raster data.
QwtNullPaintDevice(3) A null paint device doing nothing.
QwtNullTransform(3) Null transformation.
QwtOHLCSample(3) Open-High-Low-Close sample used in financial charts.
QwtPickerDragLineMachine(3) A state machine for line selections.
QwtPickerTrackerMachine(3) A state machine for indicating mouse movements.
QwtPixelMatrix(3) A bit field corresponding to the pixels of a rectangle.
QwtPlotAbstractBarChart(3) Abstract base class for bar chart items.
QwtPlotBarChart(3) QwtPlotBarChart displays a series of a values as bars.
QwtPlotDirectPainter(3) Painter object trying to paint incrementally.
QwtPlotGLCanvas(3) An alternative canvas for a QwtPlot derived from QGLWidget.
QwtPlotHistogram(3) QwtPlotHistogram represents a series of samples, where an interval is associated with a.
QwtPlotIntervalCurve(3) QwtPlotIntervalCurve represents a series of samples, where each value is associated.
QwtPlotLegendItem(3) A class which draws a legend inside the plot canvas.
QwtPlotMultiBarChart(3) QwtPlotMultiBarChart displays a series of a samples that consist each of a set of.
QwtPlotRenderer(3) Renderer for exporting a plot to a document, a printer or anything else, that is supported.
QwtPlotSeriesItem(3) Base class for plot items representing a series of samples.
QwtPlotShapeItem(3) A plot item, which displays any graphical shape, that can be defined by a QPainterPath.
QwtPlotSpectroCurve(3) Curve that displays 3D points as dots, where the z coordinate is mapped to a color.
QwtPlotTextLabel(3) A plot item, which displays a text label.
QwtPlotTradingCurve(3) QwtPlotTradingCurve illustrates movements in the price of a financial instrument over.
QwtPlotZoneItem(3) A plot item, which displays a zone.
QwtPoint3D(3) QwtPoint3D class defines a 3D point in double coordinates.
QwtPoint3DSeriesData(3) Interface for iterating over an array of 3D points.
QwtPointArrayData(3) Interface for iterating over two QVector objects.
QwtPointMapper(3) A helper class for translating a series of points.
QwtPointPolar(3) A point in polar coordinates.
QwtPointSeriesData(3) Interface for iterating over an array of points.
QwtPowerTransform(3) A transformation using pow().
QwtSamplingThread(3) A thread collecting samples at regular intervals.
QwtSeriesData(3) Abstract interface for iterating over samples.
QwtSeriesStore(3) Class storing a QwtSeriesData object.
QwtSetSample(3) A sample of the types (x1...xn, y) or (x, y1..yn).
QwtSetSeriesData(3) Interface for iterating over an array of samples.
QwtSyntheticPointData(3) Synthetic point data.
QwtSystemClock(3) QwtSystemClock provides high resolution clock time functions.
QwtTransform(3) A transformation between coordinate systems.
QwtWeedingCurveFitter(3) A curve fitter implementing Douglas and Peucker algorithm.
QwtWidgetOverlay(3) An overlay for a widget.
qxgedit(1) Qt XG Editor.
qxw(6) Create and publish crosswords.
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