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t-prot(1) TOFU Protection - Display Filter for RFC 5322 messages.
t.connect(1grass) Prints/sets general temporal GIS database connection for current mapset.
t.create(1grass) Creates a space time dataset. Lists information about space time datasets and maps.
t.list(1grass) Lists space time datasets and maps registered in the temporal database.
t.merge(1grass) Merges several space time datasets into a single space time dataset.
t.rast.accdetect(1grass) Detects accumulation patterns in temporally accumulated space time raster datasets created.
t.rast.accumulate(1grass) Computes cyclic accumulations of a space time raster dataset.
t.rast.aggregate(1grass) Aggregates temporally the maps of a space time raster dataset by a user defined granular‐.
t.rast.aggregate.ds(1grass) Aggregates data of an existing space time raster dataset using the time intervals of a.
t.rast.algebra(1grass) Apply temporal and spatial operations on space time raster datasets using temporal raster.
t.rast.colors(1grass) Creates/modifies the color table associated with each raster map of the space time raster.
t.rast.contour(1grass) Produces a space time vector dataset of specified contours from a space time raster dataset.
t.rast.export(1grass) Exports space time raster dataset.
t.rast.extract(1grass) Extracts a subset of a space time raster datasets.
t.rast.gapfill(1grass) Replaces gaps in a space time raster dataset with interpolated raster maps.
t.rast.import(1grass) Imports space time raster dataset.
t.rast.list(1grass) Lists registered maps of a space time raster dataset.
t.rast.mapcalc(1grass) Performs spatio-temporal mapcalc expressions on temporally sampled maps of space time raster.
t.rast.neighbors(1grass) Performs a neighborhood analysis for each map in a space time raster dataset.
t.rast.out.vtk(1grass) Exports space time raster dataset as VTK time series.
t.rast.series(1grass) Performs different aggregation algorithms from r.series on all or a subset of raster maps in. Converts a space time raster dataset into a 3D raster map. Converts a space time raster dataset into a space time vector dataset.
t.rast.univar(1grass) Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells for each registered raster map of a.
t.rast.what(1grass) Sample a space time raster dataset at specific vector point coordinates and write the output to.
t.rast3d.algebra(1grass) Apply temporal and spatial operations on space time 3D raster datasets using temporal 3D.
t.rast3d.extract(1grass) Extracts a subset of a space time 3D raster dataset.
t.rast3d.list(1grass) Lists registered maps of a space time raster3d dataset.
t.rast3d.mapcalc(1grass) Performs r3.mapcalc expressions on maps of sampled space time 3D raster datasets.
t.rast3d.univar(1grass) Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells for each registered 3D raster map.
t.register(1grass) Assigns timestamps and registers raster, vector and raster3d maps in a space time dataset.
t.remove(1grass) Removes space time datasets from temporal database.
t.rename(1grass) Renames a space time dataset.
t.sample(1grass) Samples the input space time dataset(s) with a sample space time dataset and print the result to. Select maps from space time datasets by topological relationships to other space time datasets.
t.shift(1grass) Shifts temporally the maps of a space time dataset.
t.snap(1grass) Snaps temporally the maps of a space time dataset. Modifies the metadata of a space time dataset.
t.topology(1grass) Lists temporal topology of a space time dataset.
t.unregister(1grass) Unregisters raster, vector and raster3d maps from the temporal database or a specific space.
t.vect.algebra(1grass) Apply temporal and spatial operations on space time vector datasets using temporal vector. Prints attributes of vector maps registered in a space time vector dataset.
t.vect.export(1grass) Exports a space time vector dataset as GRASS GIS specific archive file.
t.vect.extract(1grass) Extracts a subset of a space time vector dataset.
t.vect.import(1grass) Imports a space time vector dataset from a GRASS GIS specific archive file.
t.vect.list(1grass) Lists registered maps of a space time vector dataset.
t.vect.observe.strds(1grass) Observes specific locations in a space time raster dataset over a period of time using.
t.vect.univar(1grass) Calculates univariate statistics of attributes for each registered vector map of a space time.
t.vect.what.strds(1grass) Stores raster map values at spatial and temporal positions of vector points as vector.
t1ascii(1) Convert PostScript Type 1 font from binary to ASCII.
t1asm(1) Assemble PostScript Type 1 font.
t1binary(1) Convert PostScript Type 1 font from ASCII to binary.
t1c2pfb(1) ↣ pfb2t1c(1) Convert from binary PostScript Type1 into compressible .t1c t1c2pfb - convert from compressible .t1c.
t1disasm(1) Disassemble PostScript Type 1 font.
t1dotlessj(1) Create a dotless-j PostScript Type 1 font.
t1lint(1) Check a PostScript Type 1 font for correctness.
t1mac(1) Translate a PFA or PFB PostScript Type 1 font into Macintosh format.
t1rawafm(1) Produce raw AFM metrics from a PostScript Type 1 font.
t1reencode(1) Re-encode a PostScript Type 1 font.
t1testpage(1) Create a PostScript proof for a Type 1 font.
t1unmac(1) Translate a Mac PostScript Type 1 font into PFA or PFB format.
t2html(1) Simple text to HTML converter. Relies on text indentation rules.
t2n(1) Simple command-line tool for NXT.
t2p(1) A text to phoneme converter.
t3highlight(1) Create syntax highlighted document from source file.
t3keyc(1) Terminal key sequences database checker.
t3learnkeys(1) Learn key sequences for terminal.
t50(8) Network packet injector.
t_coffee(1) Multiple sequence alignment.
tab2graph(1p) Turn tabular data into a graph.
tabbed(1) Generic tabbed interface.
tabble(1) Program launcher with tabs for X.
tabble-wrapper(1) Restart tabble for $LOGNAME.
tabify(3tcl) Procedures to (un)tabify strings.
tabix(1) Block compression/decompression utility.
table(3bobcat) Generates row- or column-wise filled tables.
table(5) Format description for smtpd tables. Octopussy Table module.
tableau-parm(1) Tableau Write-blocking Bridge Query/Command Utility.
tablebuf(3bobcat) Generates row- or column-wise filled tables from information inserted into a std::ostream.
tablefromascii(1) Convert an ASCII file to a table.
tablelines(3bobcat) A TableSupport specialization writing horizontal separation lines.
tablesupport(3bobcat) Defines protocols for Table-support classes.
tablet-encode(1) Video converter for Nokia Internet Tablets.
tablify(1p) Turn a delimited text file into a text table.
tablix2(1) General timetable solver.
tablix2_benchmark(1) Tablix benchmark utility.
tablix2_kernel(1) ↣ tablix2(1) General timetable solver.
tablix2_output(1) Tablix data export utility.
tablix2_plot(1) Tablix data plotter.
tablix2_test(1) Tablix testing framework front-end.
tabmerge(1p) Unify delimited files on common fields.
tabs(1) Set tabs on a terminal.
tabs(1posix) Set terminal tabs.
TABSIZE(3ncurses) ↣ curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
tabsort(1) Sort a FITS binary table based on values in one column.
tabulate(1) Pretty-print tabulate data.
tac(1) Concatenate and print files in reverse.
tac_plus(8) Tacacs plus daemon.
tac_plus.conf(5) Tacacs+ daemon configuration file.
tac_pwd(8) Generate DES or MD5 encryption of a password.
tachyon-nox(1) Parallel/multiprocessor ray tracer with no X support.
tachyon-ogl(1) Parallel/multiprocessor ray tracer with OpenGL display.
tack(1) Terminfo action checker.
tag(3) Manipulate tagged files.
tag2thesaurus(1p) Transform a tagdictionary into a thesaurus.
tagainijisho(1) Japanese dictionary and learning assistant.
tagcloud(1) Visualize notes as a tagcloud.
tagcoll(1) Perform various operations on a tagged collection.
taggrepper(1) Search and match tags of media file for regular expressions.
taglog(1) Time Management and Recording system.
tagmp3(1) Manipulate ID3v1 tags.
tagpending(1) Tags bugs that are to be closed in the latest changelog as pending.
tags(3erl) Generate Emacs TAGS file from Erlang source files.
tags_demo(1) GNURadio and UHD tags example.
tagsoup(1) Convert nasty, ugly HTML to clean XHTML.
tagtest(8) HylaFAX tag line testing program.
tahoe(1) Secure distributed filesystem.
tai64n(8) Puts a precise timestamp on each line.
tai64nlocal(8) Converts precise TAI64N timestamps to a human-readable format.
tai_add(3) Add two struct tai.
tai_approx(3) Return double-precision approximation.
tai_less(3) Compare two struct tai.
tai_now(3) Get current time.
tai_pack(3) Convert to external TAI64 format.
tai_sub(3) Subtract two struct tai.
tai_unpack(3) Convert to external TAI64 format.
taia_add(3) Add two struct taia.
taia_addsec(3) Add n seconds to a struct taia.
taia_approx(3) Return double-precision approximation.
taia_frac(3) Get current time.
taia_less(3) Compare two struct taia.
taia_now(3) Get current time.
taia_pack(3) Convert to external TAI64NA format.
taia_sub(3) Subtract two struct taia.
taia_tai(3) Get current time.
taia_uint(3) Convert seconds into struct taia.
taia_unpack(3) Convert to external TAI64NA format.
tail(1) Output the last part of files.
tail(1plan9) Deliver the last part of a file.
tail(1posix) Copy the last part of a file.
tailcall(3tcl) Replace the current procedure with another command.
TAILQ_CONCAT(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_CONCAT(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_EMPTY(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_EMPTY(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_ENTRY(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_ENTRY(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FIRST(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_FIRST(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_FOREACH(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH_FROM(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH_FROM_SAFE(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE_FROM(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE_SAFE(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_HEAD(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_INIT(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_INIT(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_LAST(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_LAST(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_NEXT(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_NEXT(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_PREV(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_PREV(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_REMOVE(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_REMOVE(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
TAILQ_SWAP(3) ↣ queue(3)
TAILQ_SWAP(3bsd) ↣ queue(3bsd)
Taint::Runtime(3pm) Runtime enable taint checking.
Taint::Util(3pm) Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or "eval".
tainting(3pm) Enable taint mode lexically.
take_risc(1) ↣ sgbdemos(1) Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase.
taktuk(1) A tool for large scale remote execution deployment.
TakTuk(3pm) Perl module that provides an interface to "taktuk(1)" communication facilities.
TakTuk::Pilot(3pm) Perl module that ease "taktuk(1)" execution and related I/O management.
taktukcomm(3) Interface library to "taktuk(1)" communication facilities.
tali(6) A variation on poker with dice and less money.
talk(1posix) Talk to another user.
talkd(8) Remote user communication server.
TalkSoup(1) IRC client for GNUstep.
talkwith(1) Script to easily switch speakup speech synthesizer.
talloc(3) Hierarchical reference counted memory pool system with destructors.
tally.control(8) Keep track of newsgroup creations and deletions.
tally.unwanted(8) Keep track of unwanted newsgroups.
talwani2d(1gmt) Compute free-air, geoid or vertical gravity gradients anomalies over 2-D bodies.
talwani3d(1gmt) Compute free-air, geoid or vertical gravity gradients anomalies over 3-D bodies.
tan(3) Tangent function.
tan(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
tan(3clc) Tangent functions.
tan(3G) Return the tangent of the parameter.
tan(3posix) Tangent function.
tandem(1) X!Tandem mass spectrometry software for peptide sequencing.
tanf(3) ↣ tan(3) Tangent function.
tanf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
tang(8) Network-Based Cryptographic Binding Server.
tang-nagios(1) A Nagios plugin for Tang.
tangerine(1) DAAP Server.
tangerine-properties(1) DAAP Server configuration tool.
tangle(1) Translate WEB to Pascal.
tanglet(1) A single player word finding game based on Boggle.
Tangram(3pm) Store pure objects in standard relational databases.
tangram(6x) Watch the computer solve tangram puzzles.
Tangram::Complicity(3pm) How to make Tangram-friendly classes.
Tangram::Core(3pm) Import core Tangram modules.
Tangram::Cursor(3pm) Traverse a result set.
Tangram::Deploy(3pm) Obsolete.
Tangram::Driver::mysql(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Mysql databases.
Tangram::Driver::Oracle(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Oracle databases.
Tangram::Driver::Pg(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in PostgreSQL databases.
Tangram::Driver::SQLite(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in SQLite databases.
Tangram::Driver::Sybase(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Sybase databases.
Tangram::Expr(3pm) Represent expressions on database server side.
Tangram::Intro(3pm) An introduction to Tangram.
Tangram::Relational(3pm) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Relational Databases.
Tangram::Relational::Mappings(3pm) Mapping inheritance.
Tangram::Remote(3pm) Represent persistent objects in client space.
Tangram::Schema(3pm) Describe a system of persistent classes.
Tangram::Springfield(3pm) Classes and schema used in the Guided Tour.
Tangram::Storage(3pm) Persistent object database.
Tangram::Sucks(3pm) What there is to be improved in Tangram.
Tangram::Tour(3pm) Guided Tour.
Tangram::Type(3pm) Mapping individual fields.
Tangram::Type::Array::FromMany(3pm) Map Perl arrays using a link table.
Tangram::Type::Array::FromOne(3pm) Map Perl arrays using a foreign key.
Tangram::Type::Array::Scalar(3pm) Map Perl array of strings or numbers.
Tangram::Type::Dump(3pm) Handy functions for Pixie-like dumping of data.
Tangram::Type::Dump::Any(3pm) Intuitive DataBase InterFace.
Tangram::Type::Dump::Perl(3pm) Map any Perl object as scalar dump.
Tangram::Type::Dump::Storable(3pm) Map any Perl object as scalar dump via Storable.
Tangram::Type::Dump::YAML(3pm) Serialise fields of an object via YAML to a column.
Tangram::Type::Extending(3pm) Teaching Tangram about new types.
Tangram::Type::Hash::Scalar(3pm) Map Perl hash of scalar keys and values.
Tangram::Type::Ref::FromMany(3pm) Map references to persistent objects.
Tangram::Type::Scalar(3pm) Map scalar fields.
Tangram::Type::Set::FromMany(3pm) Maps Set::Object using a link table.
Tangram::Type::Set::FromOne(3pm) Map Set::Object using a foreign key.
Tangram::Type::TimeAndDate(3pm) Map date & time fields.
tanh(3) Hyperbolic tangent function.
tanh(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
tanh(3G) Return the hyperbolic tangent of the parameter.
tanh(3posix) Hyperbolic tangent functions.
tanhf(3) ↣ tanh(3) Hyperbolic tangent function.
tanhf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
tanhl(3) ↣ tanh(3) Hyperbolic tangent function.
tanl(3) ↣ tan(3) Tangent function.
tanl(3posix) Tangent function.
tantan(1) Low complexity and tandem repeat masker for biosequences.
tap(1) Test-Anything-Protocol module for Node.js.
tap(4freebsd) Ethernet tunnel software network interface.
tap-mocha-reporter(1) Format output of tap using mocha like reporter.
tap-parser(1) Test-Anything-Protocol parser for Node.js.
tap2junit(1p) Converts TAP output to JUnit.
TAP::Base(3perl) Base class that provides common functionality to TAP::Parser and TAP::Harness.
TAP::Base(3pm) Base class that provides common functionality to TAP::Parser and TAP::Harness.
TAP::Formatter::Base(3perl) Base class for harness output delegates.
TAP::Formatter::Base(3pm) Base class for harness output delegates.
TAP::Formatter::Color(3perl) Run Perl test scripts with color.
TAP::Formatter::Color(3pm) Run Perl test scripts with color.
TAP::Formatter::Console(3perl) Harness output delegate for default console output.
TAP::Formatter::Console(3pm) Harness output delegate for default console output.
TAP::Formatter::Console::ParallelSession(3perl) Harness output delegate for parallel console output.
TAP::Formatter::Console::ParallelSession(3pm) Harness output delegate for parallel console output.
TAP::Formatter::Console::Session(3perl) Harness output delegate for default console output.
TAP::Formatter::Console::Session(3pm) Harness output delegate for default console output.
TAP::Formatter::File(3perl) Harness output delegate for file output.
TAP::Formatter::File(3pm) Harness output delegate for file output.
TAP::Formatter::File::Session(3perl) Harness output delegate for file output.
TAP::Formatter::File::Session(3pm) Harness output delegate for file output.
TAP::Formatter::HTML(3pm) TAP Test Harness output delegate for html output.
TAP::Formatter::HTML::Session(3pm) TAP Test Harness output delegate for html output.
TAP::Formatter::JUnit(3pm) Harness output delegate for JUnit output.
TAP::Formatter::JUnit::Result(3pm) Wrapper for a TAP result.
TAP::Formatter::JUnit::Session(3pm) Harness output delegate for JUnit output.
TAP::Formatter::Session(3perl) Abstract base class for harness output delegate.
TAP::Formatter::Session(3pm) Abstract base class for harness output delegate.
TAP::Harness(3perl) Run test scripts with statistics.
TAP::Harness(3pm) Run test scripts with statistics.
TAP::Harness::Archive(3pm) Create an archive of TAP test results.
TAP::Harness::Beyond(3perl) Beyond make test.
TAP::Harness::Beyond(3pm) Beyond make test.
TAP::Harness::Env(3perl) Parsing harness related environmental variables where appropriate.
TAP::Harness::Env(3pm) Parsing harness related environmental variables where appropriate.
TAP::Object(3perl) Base class that provides common functionality to all "TAP::*" modules.
TAP::Object(3pm) Base class that provides common functionality to all "TAP::*" modules.
TAP::Parser(3perl) Parse TAP output.
TAP::Parser(3pm) Parse TAP output.
TAP::Parser::Aggregator(3perl) Aggregate TAP::Parser results.
TAP::Parser::Aggregator(3pm) Aggregate TAP::Parser results.
TAP::Parser::Grammar(3perl) A grammar for the Test Anything Protocol.
TAP::Parser::Grammar(3pm) A grammar for the Test Anything Protocol.
TAP::Parser::Iterator(3perl) Base class for TAP source iterators.
TAP::Parser::Iterator(3pm) Base class for TAP source iterators.
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array(3perl) Iterator for array-based TAP sources.
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array(3pm) Iterator for array-based TAP sources.
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process(3perl) Iterator for process-based TAP sources.
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process(3pm) Iterator for process-based TAP sources.
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream(3perl) Iterator for filehandle-based TAP sources.
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream(3pm) Iterator for filehandle-based TAP sources.
TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory(3perl) Figures out which SourceHandler objects to use for a given Source.
TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory(3pm) Figures out which SourceHandler objects to use for a given Source.
TAP::Parser::Multiplexer(3perl) Multiplex multiple TAP::Parsers.
TAP::Parser::Multiplexer(3pm) Multiplex multiple TAP::Parsers.
TAP::Parser::Result(3perl) Base class for TAP::Parser output objects.
TAP::Parser::Result(3pm) Base class for TAP::Parser output objects.
TAP::Parser::Result::Bailout(3perl) Bailout result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Bailout(3pm) Bailout result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Comment(3perl) Comment result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Comment(3pm) Comment result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Plan(3perl) Plan result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Plan(3pm) Plan result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Pragma(3perl) TAP pragma token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Pragma(3pm) TAP pragma token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Test(3perl) Test result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Test(3pm) Test result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Unknown(3perl) Unknown result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Unknown(3pm) Unknown result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Version(3perl) TAP syntax version token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Version(3pm) TAP syntax version token.
TAP::Parser::Result::YAML(3perl) YAML result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::YAML(3pm) YAML result token.
TAP::Parser::ResultFactory(3perl) Factory for creating TAP::Parser output objects.
TAP::Parser::ResultFactory(3pm) Factory for creating TAP::Parser output objects.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler(3perl) Schedule tests during parallel testing.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler(3pm) Schedule tests during parallel testing.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job(3perl) A single testing job.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job(3pm) A single testing job.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner(3perl) A no-op job.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner(3pm) A no-op job.
TAP::Parser::Source(3perl) A TAP source & meta data about it.
TAP::Parser::Source(3pm) A TAP source & meta data about it.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler(3perl) Base class for different TAP source handlers.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler(3pm) Base class for different TAP source handlers.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Executable(3perl) Stream output from an executable TAP source.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Executable(3pm) Stream output from an executable TAP source.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::File(3perl) Stream TAP from a text file.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::File(3pm) Stream TAP from a text file.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Handle(3perl) Stream TAP from an IO::Handle or a GLOB.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Handle(3pm) Stream TAP from an IO::Handle or a GLOB.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Perl(3perl) Stream TAP from a Perl executable.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Perl(3pm) Stream TAP from a Perl executable.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP(3perl) Stream output from raw TAP in a scalar/array ref.
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::RawTAP(3pm) Stream output from raw TAP in a scalar/array ref.
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Reader(3perl) Read YAMLish data from iterator.
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Reader(3pm) Read YAMLish data from iterator.
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Writer(3perl) Write YAMLish data.
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Writer(3pm) Write YAMLish data.
TAP::SimpleOutput(3pm) Simple closure-driven TAP generator.
tape(1) Tap-producing test harness for node and browsers.
tape2pulses(1) Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape pulse dumper.
tape2wav(1) Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape to wav audio file converter.
tapecalc(1) Full-screen editing calculator.
tapeconfig(5) Defines parameters for tape devices and backup data files.
tapeconv(1) Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape file converter.
tapecopy(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
tapeinfo(1) Report SCSI tape device info.
tapelist(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
tapelist(5) The list of Amanda volumes in use.
tapemap(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
tapeout(1) Output tapefiles to real tape.
tapesplit(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
tapesplt(1) ↣ hercules(1) System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator.
tapestat(1) Report tape statistics.
tappy(1) A tap consumer for python.
tapset::ansi(3stap) Systemtap ansi tapset.
tapset::atomic(3stap) Systemtap atomic tapset.
tapset::context(3stap) Systemtap context tapset.
tapset::context-caller(3stap) Systemtap context-caller tapset.
tapset::context-envvar(3stap) Systemtap context-envvar tapset.
tapset::context-symbols(3stap) Systemtap context-symbols tapset.
tapset::context-unwind(3stap) Systemtap context-unwind tapset.
tapset::conversions(3stap) Systemtap conversions tapset.
tapset::conversions-guru(3stap) Systemtap conversions-guru tapset.
tapset::ctime(3stap) Systemtap ctime tapset.
tapset::dentry(3stap) Systemtap dentry tapset.
tapset::dev(3stap) Systemtap dev tapset.
tapset::errno(3stap) Systemtap errno tapset.
tapset::guru-delay(3stap) Systemtap guru-delay tapset.
tapset::guru-signal(3stap) Systemtap guru-signal tapset.
tapset::indent(3stap) Systemtap indent tapset.
tapset::inet(3stap) Systemtap inet tapset.
tapset::inet_sock(3stap) Systemtap inet_sock tapset.
tapset::ioblock(3stap) Systemtap ioblock tapset.
tapset::ioscheduler(3stap) Systemtap ioscheduler tapset.
tapset::ip(3stap) Systemtap ip tapset.
tapset::ipmib(3stap) Systemtap ipmib tapset.
tapset::ipmib-filter-default(3stap) Systemtap ipmib-filter-default tapset.
tapset::irq(3stap) Systemtap irq tapset.
tapset::json(3stap) Systemtap json tapset.
tapset::kprocess(3stap) Systemtap kprocess tapset.
tapset::linuxmib(3stap) Systemtap linuxmib tapset.
tapset::linuxmib-filter-default(3stap) Systemtap linuxmib-filter-default tapset.
tapset::loadavg(3stap) Systemtap loadavg tapset.
tapset::logging(3stap) Systemtap logging tapset.
tapset::memory(3stap) Systemtap memory tapset.
tapset::netfilter(3stap) Systemtap netfilter tapset.
tapset::networking(3stap) Systemtap networking tapset.
tapset::nfs(3stap) Systemtap nfs tapset.
tapset::nfs_proc(3stap) Systemtap nfs_proc tapset.
tapset::nfsd(3stap) Systemtap nfsd tapset.
tapset::nfsderrno(3stap) Systemtap nfsderrno tapset.
tapset::panic(3stap) Systemtap panic tapset.
tapset::pn(3stap) Systemtap pn tapset.
tapset::proc_mem(3stap) Systemtap proc_mem tapset.
tapset::pstrace(3stap) Systemtap pstrace tapset.
tapset::queue_stats(3stap) Systemtap queue_stats tapset.
tapset::random(3stap) Systemtap random tapset.
tapset::registers(3stap) Systemtap registers tapset.
tapset::rlimit(3stap) Systemtap rlimit tapset.
tapset::rpc(3stap) Systemtap rpc tapset.
tapset::scheduler(3stap) Systemtap scheduler tapset.
tapset::scsi(3stap) Systemtap scsi tapset.
tapset::signal(3stap) Systemtap signal tapset.
tapset::socket(3stap) Systemtap socket tapset.
tapset::speculative(3stap) Systemtap speculative tapset.
tapset::stap_staticmarkers(3stap) Systemtap stap_staticmarkers tapset.
tapset::stopwatch(3stap) Systemtap stopwatch tapset.
tapset::string(3stap) Systemtap string tapset.
tapset::switchfile(3stap) Systemtap switchfile tapset.
tapset::syscalls(3stap) Systemtap syscall tapset.
tapset::system(3stap) Systemtap system tapset.
tapset::target_set(3stap) Systemtap target_set tapset.
tapset::task(3stap) Systemtap task tapset.
tapset::task_ancestry(3stap) Systemtap task_ancestry tapset.
tapset::task_time(3stap) Systemtap task_time tapset.
tapset::tcp(3stap) Systemtap tcp tapset.
tapset::tcpmib(3stap) Systemtap tcpmib tapset.
tapset::tcpmib-filter-default(3stap) Systemtap tcpmib-filter-default tapset.
tapset::timestamp(3stap) Systemtap timestamp tapset.
tapset::timestamp_gtod(3stap) Systemtap timestamp_gtod tapset.
tapset::timestamp_monotonic(3stap) Systemtap timestamp_monotonic tapset.
tapset::tokenize(3stap) Systemtap tokenize tapset.
tapset::tty(3stap) Systemtap tty tapset.
tapset::tzinfo(3stap) Systemtap tzinfo tapset.
tapset::ucontext(3stap) Systemtap ucontext tapset.
tapset::ucontext-symbols(3stap) Systemtap ucontext-symbols tapset.
tapset::ucontext-unwind(3stap) Systemtap ucontext-unwind tapset.
tapset::uconversions(3stap) Systemtap uconversions tapset.
tapset::udp(3stap) Systemtap udp tapset.
taql(1) Query language for casacore tables.
tar(1) An archiving utility.
tar(3tcl) Tar file creation, extraction & manipulation.
tar(5) Format of tape archive files.
tar.h(7posix) Extended tar definitions.
tar_append_file(3) Append data to tar archives.
tar_block_read(3) Macros to call read and write functions for the correct tar archive type.
tar_extract_all(3) High-level tar archive manipulation functions.
tar_open(3) Access a tar archive via a handle.
tarantar(1) Tarantool xlog compression utility.
tarantool(1) Readline-based client for tarantool.
tarantool_box(1) Open-source NoSQL database.
tarantool_instance(1) Utility to start/stop tarantool instances.
tarantool_logrotate(1) Utility to rotate tarantool instances logs.
tarantool_snapshot_rotate(1) Script to creates/rotates snapshots.
tarcat(1) Concatenates the pieces of a GNU tar multi-volume archive.
tardiff(1) Compare two tarballs and report differences.
tardy(1) A tar post-processor.
targ(4freebsd) SCSI target emulator driver.
targen(1) Generate Target deviceb test chart color values.
targetcli(8) Administration shell for storage targets.
targets.conf(5) Linux SCSI Target Configuration File.
tart(1) Generates email signatures.
tart-custom(5) Template format for LinuxTaRT.
tartdates(5) Special date configuration for LinuxTaRT.
tartrc(5) Configuration file for LinuxTaRT.
task(1) A command line todo manager.
task-color(5) A color tutorial for the Taskwarrior command line todo manager.
task-sync(5) A discussion and tutorial for the various task(1) data synchronization capabilities.
Task::Kensho(3pm) A Glimpse at an Enlightened Perl.
Task::Weaken(3pm) Ensure that a platform has weaken support.
TASK_INIT(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
TASK_INITIALIZER(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
task_manager(8) Daemon to Process Periodical Sympa Tasks.
taskcoach(1) A friendly and simple task manager.
taskd(1) Taskserver.
taskdctl(1) Taskserver control program.
taskdrc(5) Configuration details for the taskd(1) server.
taskqueue(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_block(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_cancel(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_cancel_timeout(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_create(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_create_fast(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
TASKQUEUE_DECLARE(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
TASKQUEUE_DEFINE(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
TASKQUEUE_DEFINE_THREAD(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_drain(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_drain_all(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_drain_timeout(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_enqueue(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_enqueue_timeout(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
TASKQUEUE_FAST_DEFINE(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
TASKQUEUE_FAST_DEFINE_THREAD(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_free(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_member(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_run(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_set_callback(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_start_threads(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_start_threads_pinned(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskqueue_unblock(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution.
taskrc(5) Configuration details for the task(1) command.
tasks.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
tasksel(8) A user interface for installing tasks.
taskset(1) Set or retrieve a process's CPU affinity.
tasksh(1) Interactive taskwarrior shell.
tasm(1) ↣ ytasm(1) TASM Frontend For The Yasm Modular Assembler.
tasque(1) Simple TODO list for Gnome.
tatan(6) Pointing STG shooter game.
tatd(1) Tool for UML Activity Diagrams.
taterm(1) ↣ urxvt(1) (ouR XVT, unicode), a VT102 emulator for the X window system.
tau2elg(1) Convert TAU tracefiles to Epilog tracefiles.
tau2otf(1) Convert TAU tracefiles to OTF tracefiles for Vampir/VNG.
tau2profile(1) Convert TAU tracefiles to TAU profile files.
tau2slog2(1) Convert TAU tracefiles to SLOG2 tracefiles.
tau2vtf(1) Convert TAU tracefiles to vampir tracefiles. Instrumenting source files.
TAU_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Triggers a context event.
tau_convert(1) Convert TAU tracefiles into various alternative trace formats.
TAU_DB_DUMP(3) Dumps the profile database to disk.
TAU_DB_DUMP_INCR(3) Dumps profile database into timestamped profiles on disk.
TAU_DB_DUMP_PREFIX(3) Dumps the profile database into profile files with a given prefix.
TAU_DB_PURGE(3) Purges the performance data.
TAU_DISABLE_ALL_GROUPS(3) Disables instrumentation in all groups.
TAU_DISABLE_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Disable a context event.
TAU_DISABLE_GROUP(3) Disables tracking of a given group.
TAU_DISABLE_GROUP_NAME(3) Disables a group based on name.
TAU_DISABLE_INSTRUMENTATION(3) Disables instrumentation.
TAU_DISABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY(3) Disables memory tracking.
TAU_DISABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY_HEADROOM(3) Disables memory headroom tracking.
TAU_DUMP_FUNC_NAMES(3) Dumps function names to disk.
TAU_DUMP_FUNC_VALS(3) Dumps performance data for given functions to disk.
TAU_DUMP_FUNC_VALS_INCR(3) Dumps function values with a timestamp.
TAU_ENABLE_ALL_GROUPS(3) Enables instrumentation in all groups.
TAU_ENABLE_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Enable a context event.
TAU_ENABLE_GROUP(3) Enables tracking of a given group.
TAU_ENABLE_GROUP_NAME(3) Enables a group based on name.
TAU_ENABLE_INSTRUMENTATION(3) Enables instrumentation.
TAU_ENABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY(3) Enables memory tracking.
TAU_ENABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY_HEADROOM(3) Enables memory headroom tracking.
TAU_EVENT(3) Triggers a user event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_MAX(3) Disables tracking of maximum statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_MEAN(3) Disables tracking of mean statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_MIN(3) Disables tracking of minimum statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_STDDEV(3) Disables tracking of standard deviation statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_SET_NAME(3) Sets the name of an event.
TAU_GET_COUNTER_NAMES(3) Gets the counter names.
TAU_GET_EVENT_NAMES(3) Gets the registered user events.
TAU_GET_EVENT_VALS(3) Gets user event data for given user events.
TAU_GET_FUNC_NAMES(3) Gets the function names.
TAU_GET_FUNC_VALS(3) Gets detailed performance data for given functions.
TAU_GET_PROFILE_GROUP(3) Creates groups based on names.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE(3) Declares a global phase.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE_EXTERNAL(3) Declares a global phase from an external compilation unit.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE_START(3) Starts a global phase.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE_STOP(3) Stops a global phase.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER(3) Declares a global timer.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER_EXTERNAL(3) Declares a global timer from an external compilation unit.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER_START(3) Starts a global timer.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER_STOP(3) Stops a global timer.
TAU_INIT(3) Processes command-line arguments for selective instrumentation.
tau_instrumentor(1) Automaticly instruments a source basied on information provided by pdt.
TAU_MAPPING(3) Encapsulates a C++ statement for profiling.
TAU_MAPPING_CREATE(3) Creates a mapping.
TAU_MAPPING_LINK(3) Creates a mapping link.
TAU_MAPPING_OBJECT(3) Declares a mapping object.
TAU_MAPPING_PROFILE(3) Profiles a block based on a mapping.
TAU_MAPPING_PROFILE_START(3) Starts a mapping timer.
TAU_MAPPING_PROFILE_STOP(3) Stops a mapping timer.
TAU_MAPPING_PROFILE_TIMER(3) Declares a mapping timer.
tau_merge(1) Combine multiple node and or thread TAU tracefiles into a merged tracefile.
tau_ompcheck(1) Completes uncompleted do/for/parallel omp directives.
TAU_PHASE(3) Profile a C++ function as a phase.
TAU_PHASE_CREATE_DYNAMIC(3) Defines a dynamic phase.
TAU_PHASE_CREATE_STATIC(3) Defines a static phase.
TAU_PHASE_START(3) Enters a phase.
TAU_PHASE_STOP(3) Exits a phase.
tau_poe(1) Instruments a MPI application while it is being executed with poe. This tool is design to interact with the TAU web portal ( There.
TAU_PROFILE(3) Profile a C++ function.
TAU_PROFILE_CALLSTACK(3) Generates a callstack trace at a given location.
TAU_PROFILE_CREATE_TIMER(3) Creates a timer for C.
TAU_PROFILE_DECLARE_TIMER(3) Declares a timer for C.
TAU_PROFILE_EXIT(3) Alerts the profiling system to an exit call.
TAU_PROFILE_INIT(3) Processes command-line arguments for selective instrumentation.
TAU_PROFILE_SET_CONTEXT(3) Informs the measurement system of the context id.
TAU_PROFILE_SET_GROUP_NAME(3) Changes the group name of a profiled section.
TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE(3) Informs the measurement system of the node id.
TAU_PROFILE_START(3) Starts a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_STMT(3) Executes a statement only when TAU is used.
TAU_PROFILE_STOP(3) Stops a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER(3) Defines a static timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_DYNAMIC(3) Defines a dynamic timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_GROUP(3) Change the group of a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_GROUP_NAME(3) Changes the group name for a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_NAME(3) Changes the name of a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_TYPE(3) Changes the type of a timer.
TAU_PROFILER_CREATE(3) Creates a profiler object referenced as a standard pointer.
TAU_PROFILER_GET_CALLS(3) Gets the number of times this timer, created by TAU_PROFILER_CREATE, is started.
TAU_PROFILER_GET_CHILD_CALLS(3) Gets the number of calls made while this timer was running.
TAU_PROFILER_GET_COUNTER_INFO(3) Returns information about all the timers created.
TAU_PROFILER_GET_EXCLUSIVE_VALUES(3) Returns the exclusive amount of a metric spend by this timer.
TAU_PROFILER_GET_INCLUSIVE_VALUES(3) Returns the inclusive amount of a metric spend by this timer.
TAU_PROFILER_START(3) Starts a profiler object created by TAU_PROFILER_CREATE.
TAU_PROFILER_STOP(3) Stops a profiler object created by TAU_PROFILER_CREATE.
tau_reduce(1) Generates selective instrumentation rules based on profile data.
TAU_REGISTER_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Registers a context event.
TAU_REGISTER_EVENT(3) Registers a user event.
TAU_REGISTER_FORK(3) Informs the measurement system that a fork has taken place.
TAU_REGISTER_THREAD(3) Register a thread with the profiling system.
TAU_REPORT_STATISTICS(3) Outputs statistics.
TAU_REPORT_THREAD_STATISTICS(3) Outputs statistics, plus thread statistics.
TAU_SET_INTERRUPT_INTERVAL(3) Change the inter-interrupt interval for tracking memory and headroom.
tau_setup(1) Launches GUI interface to configure TAU. This tool generates a selective instrumentation file (called throttle.tau) from a program.
tau_timecorrect(1) Corrects and reorders the records of tau trace files.
TAU_TRACE_RECVMSG(3) Traces a receive operation.
TAU_TRACE_SENDMSG(3) Traces a receive operation.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY(3) Initializes memory tracking system.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY_HEADROOM(3) Track the headroom (amount of memory for a process to grow) by periodically.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY_HEADROOM_HERE(3) Takes a sample of the amount of memory available at a given point.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY_HERE(3) Triggers memory tracking at a given execution point. Combine multiple node and or thread TAU tracefiles into a merged tracefile.
TAU_TYPE_STRING(3) Creates a type string.
tau_validate(1) Validates a TAU installation by performing various tests on each TAU stub Makefile.
tau_wrap(1) Instruments an external library with TAU without needing to recompile.
tauex(1) Allows you to choose a tau/papi configuration at runtime.
tax2thesaurus(1p) Indented taxonomy to thesaurus.
taxblast(1) Annotate BLAST output with taxonomic details.
taxget(1e) Get taxon(s).
taxgetdown(1e) Get descendants of taxon(s).
taxgetrank(1e) Get parents of taxon(s).
taxgetspecies(1e) Get all species under taxon(s).
taxgetup(1e) Get parents of taxon(s). Octopussy Taxonomy module.
taxseq(1e) Identify sequence entries containing taxonomy IDs.
tayga(8) Stateless NAT64 daemon.
tayga.conf(5) Configuration file of the TAYGA stateless NAT64 daemon.
tb_polgen(8) Manage tboot verified launch policy.
TbarLayout(1x) Afterstep TbarLayout.
tbench(1) ↣ dbench(1) Measure disk throughput for simulated netbench run.
tbench_srv(1) ↣ dbench(1) Measure disk throughput for simulated netbench run.
tbl(1) Format tables for troff.
tbl-dctrl(1) Generate tabular representations of data in dctrl format.
tbl2asn(1) Prepare a GenBank submission using an ASCII feature table.
tblcvt(1) Troffcvt preprocessor to convert tbl-format tables.
tblgen(1) ↣ tblgen-6.0(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-3.9(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-4.0(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-5.0(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-6.0(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-7(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-8(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tblgen-9(1) Target Description To C++ Code Generator.
tbtadm(1) Thunderbolt(tm) management tool.
tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbuf_cat(3pub) ↣ tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbuf_chars(3pub) ↣ tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbuf_copy(3pub) ↣ tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbuf_create(3pub) ↣ tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbuf_destroy(3pub) ↣ tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbuf_length(3pub) ↣ tbuf(3pub) Manipulate text editor buffer.
tbx2po(1) Convert TermBase eXchange (.tbx) glossary file into a Gettext PO file.
tc(8) Show / manipulate traffic control settings.
tc-actions(8) Independently defined actions in tc.
tc-basic(8) Basic traffic control filter.
tc-bfifo(8) Packet limited First In, First Out queue.
tc-bpf(8) BPF programmable classifier and actions for ingress/egress queueing disciplines.
tc-cbq(8) Class Based Queueing.
tc-cbq-details(8) Class Based Queueing.
tc-cbs(8) Credit Based Shaper (CBS) Qdisc.
tc-cgroup(8) Control group based traffic control filter.
tc-choke(8) Choose and keep scheduler.
tc-codel(8) Controlled-Delay Active Queue Management algorithm.
tc-connmark(8) Netfilter connmark retriever action.
tc-csum(8) Checksum update action.
tc-drr(8) Deficit round robin scheduler.
tc-ematch(8) Extended matches for use with "basic" or "flow" filters.
tc-flow(8) Flow based traffic control filter.
tc-flower(8) Flow based traffic control filter.
tc-fq(8) Fair Queue traffic policing.
tc-fq_codel(8) Fair Queuing (FQ) with Controlled Delay (CoDel).
tc-fw(8) Fwmark traffic control filter.
tc-hfsc(7) Hierarchical Fair Service Curve.
tc-hfsc(8) Hierarchical Fair Service Curve's control under linux.
tc-htb(8) Hierarchy Token Bucket.
tc-ife(8) Encapsulate/decapsulate metadata.
tc-matchall(8) Traffic control filter that matches every packet.
tc-mirred(8) Mirror/redirect action.
tc-mqprio(8) Multiqueue Priority Qdisc (Offloaded Hardware QOS).
tc-nat(8) Stateless native address translation action.
tc-netem(8) Network Emulator.
tc-pedit(8) Generic packet editor action.
tc-pfifo(8) ↣ tc-bfifo(8) Packet limited First In, First Out queue.
tc-pfifo_fast(8) Three-band first in, first out queue.
tc-pie(8) Proportional Integral controller-Enhanced AQM algorithm.
tc-police(8) Policing action.
tc-prio(8) Priority qdisc.
tc-red(8) Random Early Detection.
tc-route(8) Route traffic control filter.
tc-sample(8) Packet sampling tc action.
tc-sfb(8) Stochastic Fair Blue.
tc-sfq(8) Stochastic Fairness Queueing.
tc-simple(8) Basic example action.
tc-skbedit(8) SKB editing action.
tc-skbmod(8) User-friendly packet editor action.
tc-stab(8) Generic size table manipulations.
tc-tbf(8) Token Bucket Filter.
tc-tcindex(8) Traffic control index filter.
tc-tunnel_key(8) Tunnel metadata manipulation.
tc-u32(8) Universal 32bit traffic control filter.
tc-vlan(8) Vlan manipulation module.
tc-xt(8) Tc iptables action.
tc2html(1) Convert troffcvt output to Hypertext Markup Language.
tc2html-toc(1) Table of contents processor for tc2html.
tc2null(1) Diagnostic tool for troffcvt output.
tc2rtf(1) Convert troffcvt output to Rich Text Format.
tc2text(1) Convert troffcvt output to ASCII text.
tca_correct(1) Calculate transverse chromatic aberration.
tcadb(3) The abstract database API.
tcal(1) Runs the Gcal program with the date of tomorrow's day.
tcamgr(1) The command line utility of the abstract database API.
tcamttest(1) Test cases of the abstract database API.
tcat(1) ↣ toast(1) GSM 06.10 lossy sound compression.
tcatest(1) Test cases of the abstract database API.
tcbd(1) Tool for UML Collaboration Diagrams.
tcbdb(3) The B+ tree database API.
tcbmgr(1) The command line utility of the B+ tree database API.
tcbmttest(1) Test cases of the B+ tree database API.
tcbtest(1) Test cases of the B+ tree database API.
tcc(1) Tiny C Compiler.
tccat(1) Concatenate multimedia streams from medium and print on the standard output.
tcdecode(1) Read multimedia streams from medium, decode to raw format and print to standard output.
tcdemux(1) Demultiplex a program stream.
tcdrain(3) ↣ termios(3)
tcdrain(3posix) Wait for transmission of output.
tcexport(1) Simple frontend to transcode's encoding subsystem.
tcextract(1) Read multimedia file from medium, extract or demultiplex requested stream and print to standard.
tcfdb(3) The fixed-length database API.
tcflow(3) ↣ termios(3)
tcflow(3posix) Suspend or restart the transmission or reception of data.
tcflush(3) ↣ termios(3)
tcflush(3posix) Flush non-transmitted output data, non-read input data, or both.
tcfmgr(1) The command line utility of the fixed-length database API.
tcfmttest(1) Test cases of the fixed-length database API.
tcftest(1) Test cases of the fixed-length database API.
tcgetattr(3) ↣ termios(3)
tcgetattr(3posix) Get the parameters associated with the terminal.
tcgetpgrp(3) Get and set terminal foreground process group.
tcgetpgrp(3posix) Get the foreground process group ID.
tcgetsid(3) Get session ID.
tcgetsid(3posix) Get the process group ID for the session leader for the controlling terminal.
tchdb(3) The hash database API.
tchmgr(1) The command line utility of the hash database API.
tchmttest(1) Test cases of the hash database API.
tchtest(1) Test cases of the hash database API.
Tcl(3pm) Tcl extension module for Perl.
Tcl(3tcl) Tool Command Language.
tcl2c++(1) Converts tcl scripts into a C++ static character array.
Tcl_Access(3tcl) Check file permissions and other attributes.
Tcl_AddErrorInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_AddObjErrorInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_AlertNotifier(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_AllocStatBuf(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_AllowExceptions(3tcl) Allow all exceptions in next script evaluation.
Tcl_AppendAllObjTypes(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_RegisterObjType(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl value types.
Tcl_AppendElement(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendFormatToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendLimitedToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendObjToErrorInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendObjToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendPrintfToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendResultVA(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendStringsToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendStringsToObjVA(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppendUnicodeToObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_AppInit(3tcl) Perform application-specific initialization.
Tcl_AsyncCreate(3tcl) Handle asynchronous events.
Tcl_AsyncDelete(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AsyncCreate(3tcl) Handle asynchronous events.
Tcl_AsyncInvoke(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AsyncCreate(3tcl) Handle asynchronous events.
Tcl_AsyncMark(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AsyncCreate(3tcl) Handle asynchronous events.
Tcl_AsyncReady(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AsyncCreate(3tcl) Handle asynchronous events.
Tcl_AttemptAlloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
Tcl_AttemptRealloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
Tcl_AttemptSetObjLength(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_BackgroundError(3tcl) Report Tcl error that occurred in background processing.
Tcl_BackgroundException(3tcl) Report Tcl exception that occurred in background processing.
Tcl_Backslash(3tcl) Parse a backslash sequence.
Tcl_BadChannelOption(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_CallWhenDeleted(3tcl) Arrange for callback when interpreter is deleted.
Tcl_Canceled(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CancelEval(3tcl) Cancel Tcl scripts.
Tcl_CancelEval(3tcl) Cancel Tcl scripts.
Tcl_CancelIdleCall(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_DoWhenIdle(3tcl) Invoke a procedure when there are no pending events.
Tcl_ChannelBlockModeProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelBuffered(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelClose2Proc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelCloseProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelFlushProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelGetHandleProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelGetOptionProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelHandlerProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelInputProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelOutputProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelSeekProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelSetOptionProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelThreadActionProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelTruncateProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelVersion(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelWatchProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ChannelWideSeekProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_Chdir(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetCwd(3tcl) Manipulate the current working directory.
Tcl_ClassSetDestructor(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_ClassSetMetadata(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_ClearChannelHandlers(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_Close(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_CommandComplete(3tcl) Check for unmatched braces in a Tcl command.
Tcl_CommandTraceInfo(3tcl) Monitor renames and deletes of a command.
Tcl_Concat(3tcl) Concatenate a collection of strings.
Tcl_ConcatObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_ConditionFinalize(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_ConditionNotify(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_ConditionWait(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_ConvertCountedElement(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitList(3tcl)
Tcl_ConvertElement(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitList(3tcl)
Tcl_ConvertToType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_RegisterObjType(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl value types.
Tcl_CopyObjectInstance(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
tcl_count(1) ↣ generic_count(1) Count physical lines of code, given a comment marker.
Tcl_CreateAlias(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateAliasObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateChannelHandler(3tcl) Call a procedure when a channel becomes readable or.
Tcl_CreateCloseHandler(3tcl) Arrange for callbacks when channels are closed.
Tcl_CreateCommand(3tcl) Implement new commands in C.
Tcl_CreateEncoding(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateEventSource(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateExitHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateFileHandler(3tcl) Associate procedure callbacks with files or devices (Unix only).
Tcl_CreateHashEntry(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateInterp(3tcl) Create and delete Tcl command inter‐.
Tcl_CreateMathFunc(3tcl) Define, query and enumerate math functions for.
Tcl_CreateNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateObjTrace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateTrace(3tcl) Arrange for command execution to be traced.
Tcl_CreateSlave(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateThread(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_CreateThreadExitHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_CreateTimerHandler(3tcl) Call a procedure at a given time.
Tcl_CreateTrace(3tcl) Arrange for command execution to be traced.
Tcl_CutChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_DecrRefCount(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteAssocData(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetAssocData(3tcl) Manage associations of string keys and user speci‐.
Tcl_DeleteChannelHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannelHandler(3tcl) Call a procedure when a channel becomes readable or.
Tcl_DeleteCloseHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateCloseHandler(3tcl) Arrange for callbacks when channels are closed.
Tcl_DeleteCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteEvents(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteEventSource(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteExitHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteFileHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateFileHandler(3tcl) Associate procedure callbacks with files or devices (Unix only).
Tcl_DeleteHashEntry(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteHashTable(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteInterp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateInterp(3tcl) Create and delete Tcl command inter‐.
Tcl_DeleteNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteThreadExitHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_DeleteTimerHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateTimerHandler(3tcl) Call a procedure at a given time.
Tcl_DeleteTrace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateTrace(3tcl) Arrange for command execution to be traced.
Tcl_DetachChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_DetachPids(3tcl) Manage child processes in background.
Tcl_DictObjDone(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjFirst(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjGet(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjNext(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjPut(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjPutKeyList(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjRemove(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjRemoveKeyList(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DictObjSize(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDictObj(3tcl)
Tcl_DiscardInterpState(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SaveInterpState(3tcl)
Tcl_DiscardResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SaveInterpState(3tcl)
Tcl_DontCallWhenDeleted(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CallWhenDeleted(3tcl) Arrange for callback when interpreter is deleted.
Tcl_DoOneEvent(3tcl) Wait for events and invoke event handlers.
Tcl_DoWhenIdle(3tcl) Invoke a procedure when there are no pending events.
Tcl_DStringAppend(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringAppendElement(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringEndSublist(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringFree(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringGetResult(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringInit(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringLength(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringResult(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringSetLength(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringStartSublist(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringTrunc(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DStringValue(3tcl) ↣ DString(3tcl)
Tcl_DumpActiveMemory(3tcl) Validated memory allocation interface.
Tcl_DuplicateObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewObj(3tcl)
tcl_endOfWord(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
Tcl_Eof(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ErrnoId(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetErrno(3tcl) Manipulate errno to store and retrieve error codes.
Tcl_ErrnoMsg(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetErrno(3tcl) Manipulate errno to store and retrieve error codes.
Tcl_Eval(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_EvalEx(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_EvalFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_EvalObjv(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_EvalTokens(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_EvalTokensStandard(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_EventuallyFree(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Preserve(3tcl) Avoid freeing storage while it is being used.
Tcl_ExitThread(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_Export(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_ExposeCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_ExprBoolean(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ExprLong(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprBooleanObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ExprLongObj(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprDouble(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ExprLong(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprDoubleObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ExprLongObj(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprLong(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprLongObj(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ExprLongObj(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExprString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ExprLong(3tcl) Evaluate an expression.
Tcl_ExternalToUtf(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_ExternalToUtfDString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_Finalize(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_FinalizeNotifier(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_FinalizeThread(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_FindCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_FindEnsemble(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_FindExecutable(3tcl) Identify or return the name of the binary file containing the.
Tcl_FindHashEntry(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
tcl_findLibrary(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
Tcl_FindNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_FindSymbol(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LoadFile(3tcl) Platform-independent dynamic library loading.
Tcl_FirstHashEntry(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_Flush(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ForgetImport(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_Format(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_Free(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
Tcl_FreeEncoding(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_FreeParse(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_FreeResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_FSAccess(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSChdir(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSConvertToPathType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSCopyDirectory(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSCopyFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSCreateDirectory(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSData(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSDeleteFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSEqualPaths(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSEvalFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSEvalFileEx(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSFileAttrsGet(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSFileAttrsSet(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSFileAttrStrings(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSFileSystemInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetCwd(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetFileSystemForPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetInternalRep(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetNativePath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetNormalizedPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetPathType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetTranslatedPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSGetTranslatedStringPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSJoinPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSJoinToPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSLink(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSListVolumes(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSLoadFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSLstat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSMatchInDirectory(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSMountsChanged(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSNewNativePath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSOpenFileChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSPathSeparator(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSRemoveDirectory(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSRenameFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSSplitPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSUnloadFile(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSUnregister(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_FSUtime(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetAccessTimeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetAlias(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_GetAliasObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_GetAssocData(3tcl) Manage associations of string keys and user speci‐.
Tcl_GetBignumFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetBlocksFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetBlockSizeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetBoolean(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetInt(3tcl) Convert from string to integer, double, or boolean.
Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewBooleanObj(3tcl) Store/retrieve boolean value in a Tcl_Obj.
Tcl_GetByteArrayFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewByteArrayObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl.
Tcl_GetChangeTimeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelBufferSize(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelError(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetChannelError(3tcl) Functions to.
Tcl_GetChannelErrorInterp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetChannelError(3tcl) Functions to.
Tcl_GetChannelHandle(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelInstanceData(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelMode(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelNames(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelNamesEx(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelOption(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelThread(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetChannelType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCharLength(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetClassAsObject(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCommandFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCommandFullName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCommandInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCommandInfoFromToken(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCommandName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCurrentNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCurrentThread(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_GetCwd(3tcl) Manipulate the current working directory.
Tcl_GetDefaultEncodingDir(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_GetDeviceTypeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetDouble(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetInt(3tcl) Convert from string to integer, double, or boolean.
Tcl_GetDoubleFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDoubleObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl values as floating-point values.
Tcl_GetEncodingFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEncodingName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEncodingNameFromEnvironment(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEncodingNames(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEncodingSearchPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEnsembleFlags(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEnsembleMappingDict(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEnsembleNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEnsembleParameterList(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEnsembleSubcommandList(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_GetEnsembleUnknownHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_GetErrno(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetErrno(3tcl) Manipulate errno to store and retrieve error codes.
Tcl_GetErrorLine(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_GetFSDeviceFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetFSInodeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetGlobalNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_GetGroupIdFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetHashKey(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_GetHashValue(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_GetHostName(3tcl) Get the name of the local host.
Tcl_GetIndexFromObj(3tcl) Lookup string in table of keywords.
Tcl_GetIndexFromObjStruct(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetIndexFromObj(3tcl) Lookup string in table of keywords.
Tcl_GetInt(3tcl) Convert from string to integer, double, or boolean.
Tcl_GetInterpPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_GetIntFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetLinkCountFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetLongFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetMaster(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_GetMathFuncInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateMathFunc(3tcl) Define, query and enumerate math functions for.
Tcl_GetModeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetModificationTimeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetNameOfExecutable(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FindExecutable(3tcl) Identify or return the name of the binary file containing the.
Tcl_GetNamespaceUnknownHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjectAsClass(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjectCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjectFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjectName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjectNamespace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_GetObjType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_RegisterObjType(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl value types.
Tcl_GetOpenFile(3tcl) Return a FILE* for a channel registered in the given interpreter (Unix only).
Tcl_GetPathType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitPath(3tcl) Manipulate platform-dependent file paths.
Tcl_GetRange(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetRegExpFromObj(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_Gets(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetServiceMode(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_GetSizeFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetSlave(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_GetsObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_GetStackedChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_StackChannel(3tcl) Manipulate stacked I/O chan‐.
Tcl_GetStartupScript(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Main(3tcl) Main program, startup script, and.
Tcl_GetStdChannel(3tcl) Procedures for retrieving and replacing the standard channels.
Tcl_GetString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetStringFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetStringResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_GetThreadData(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_GetTime(3tcl) Get date and time.
Tcl_GetTopChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_StackChannel(3tcl) Manipulate stacked I/O chan‐.
Tcl_GetUniChar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetUnicode(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetUnicodeFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GetUserIdFromStat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_FSRegister(3tcl)
Tcl_GetVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_GetVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_GetVar2Ex(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_GetVersion(3tcl) Get the version of the library at runtime.
Tcl_GetWideIntFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_GlobalEval(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_GlobalEvalObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_HandleAlloc(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HandleFree(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HandleTblInit(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HandleTblRelease(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HandleTblUseCount(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HandleWalk(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HandleXlate(3tclx) ↣ Handles(3tclx)
Tcl_HashStats(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_HideCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_Import(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_IncrRefCount(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewObj(3tcl)
Tcl_Init(3tcl) Find and source initialization script.
Tcl_InitCustomHashTable(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_InitMemory(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_DumpActiveMemory(3tcl) Validated memory allocation interface.
Tcl_InitNotifier(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_InitObjHashTable(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_InitStubs(3tcl) Initialize the Tcl stubs mechanism.
Tcl_InputBlocked(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_InputBuffered(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
tcl_interactive(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_Interp(3tcl) Client-visible fields of interpreter structures.
Tcl_InterpActive(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateInterp(3tcl) Create and delete Tcl command inter‐.
Tcl_InterpDeleted(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateInterp(3tcl) Create and delete Tcl command inter‐.
Tcl_InvalidateStringRep(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewObj(3tcl)
Tcl_IsChannelExisting(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_IsChannelRegistered(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_IsChannelShared(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_IsEnsemble(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_IsShared(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewObj(3tcl)
Tcl_IsStandardChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_JoinPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitPath(3tcl) Manipulate platform-dependent file paths.
Tcl_JoinThread(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
tcl_library(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitCheck(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitExceeded(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitGetCommands(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitGetGranularity(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitGetTime(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitReady(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitRemoveHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitSetCommands(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitSetGranularity(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitSetTime(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitTypeEnabled(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitTypeExceeded(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitTypeReset(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LimitTypeSet(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LimitAddHandler(3tcl)
Tcl_LinkVar(3tcl) Link Tcl variable to C variable.
Tcl_ListMathFuncs(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateMathFunc(3tcl) Define, query and enumerate math functions for.
Tcl_ListObjAppendElement(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_ListObjGetElements(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_ListObjIndex(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_ListObjLength(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_ListObjReplace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_LoadFile(3tcl) Platform-independent dynamic library loading.
Tcl_LogCommandInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_Main(3tcl) Main program, startup script, and.
Tcl_MakeFileChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_MakeSafe(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_IsSafe(3tcl)
Tcl_MakeTcpClientChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenTcpClient(3tcl) Procedures to open channels using TCP sockets.
TCL_MEM_DEBUG(3tcl) Compile-time flag to enable Tcl memory debugging.
Tcl_Merge(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitList(3tcl)
Tcl_MethodDeclarerClass(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_MethodDeclarerObject(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_MethodIsPublic(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_MethodIsType(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_MethodName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_MutexFinalize(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_MutexLock(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_MutexUnlock(3tcl) ↣ thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
Tcl_NewBignumObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_NewBooleanObj(3tcl) Store/retrieve boolean value in a Tcl_Obj.
Tcl_NewByteArrayObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl.
Tcl_NewDoubleObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl values as floating-point values.
Tcl_NewInstanceMethod(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_NewListObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_NewLongObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_NewMethod(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_NewObjectInstance(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_NewUnicodeObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_NewWideIntObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_NextHashEntry(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
tcl_nonwordchars(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_NotifyChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_NRAddCallback(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NRCreateCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_NRCallObjProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NRCreateCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_NRCmdSwap(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NRCreateCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_NREvalObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NRCreateCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_NREvalObjv(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NRCreateCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_NRExprObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NRCreateCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_NumUtfChars(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectContextInvokeNext(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectContextIsFiltering(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectContextMethod(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectContextObject(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectContextSkippedArgs(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassSetConstructor(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectDeleted(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectGetMetadata(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectGetMethodNameMapper(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectSetMetadata(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjectSetMethodNameMapper(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ClassGetMetadata(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjGetVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjPrintf(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_ObjSetVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_OOInitStubs(3tcl) Initialize library access to TclOO functionality.
Tcl_OpenCommandChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_OpenTcpClient(3tcl) Procedures to open channels using TCP sockets.
Tcl_OpenTcpServer(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenTcpClient(3tcl) Procedures to open channels using TCP sockets.
Tcl_OutputBuffered(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_Panic(3tcl) Report fatal error and abort.
Tcl_PanicVA(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Panic(3tcl) Report fatal error and abort.
tcl_parse(3tcl) Processing text in 'subst -novariables' format.
Tcl_ParseArgsObjv(3tcl) Parse arguments according to a tabular description.
Tcl_ParseBraces(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_ParseExpr(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_ParseQuotedString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_ParseVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_ParseVarName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ParseCommand(3tcl)
tcl_patchLevel(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
tcl_pkgPath(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_PkgPresent(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_PkgRequire(3tcl)
Tcl_PkgPresentEx(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_PkgRequire(3tcl)
Tcl_PkgProvide(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_PkgRequire(3tcl)
Tcl_PkgProvideEx(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_PkgRequire(3tcl)
Tcl_PkgRequireEx(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_PkgRequire(3tcl)
Tcl_PkgRequireProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_PkgRequire(3tcl)
tcl_platform(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_PosixError(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
tcl_precision(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
tcl_prefix(3tcl) Facilities for prefix matching.
Tcl_Preserve(3tcl) Avoid freeing storage while it is being used.
Tcl_PrintDouble(3tcl) Convert floating value to string.
Tcl_PutEnv(3tcl) Procedures to manipulate the environment.
Tcl_QueryTimeProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetTime(3tcl) Get date and time.
Tcl_QueueEvent(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
tcl_rcFileName(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_Read(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ReadChars(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ReadRaw(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_Realloc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Alloc(3tcl)
Tcl_ReapDetachedProcs(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_DetachPids(3tcl) Manage child processes in background.
Tcl_RecordAndEval(3tcl) Save command on history list before evaluating.
Tcl_RecordAndEvalObj(3tcl) Save command on history list before evaluating.
Tcl_RegExpCompile(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegExpExec(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegExpExecObj(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegExpGetInfo(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegExpMatch(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegExpMatchObj(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegExpRange(3tcl) ↣ regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Tcl_RegisterChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_RegisterConfig(3tcl) Procedures to register embedded configuration information.
Tcl_RegisterObjType(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl value types.
Tcl_Release(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Preserve(3tcl) Avoid freeing storage while it is being used.
Tcl_ResetResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_RestoreInterpState(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SaveInterpState(3tcl)
Tcl_RestoreResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SaveInterpState(3tcl)
Tcl_SaveResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SaveInterpState(3tcl)
Tcl_ScanCountedElement(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitList(3tcl)
Tcl_ScanElement(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SplitList(3tcl)
Tcl_Seek(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ServiceAll(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_ServiceEvent(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_ServiceModeHook(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_SetAssocData(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetAssocData(3tcl) Manage associations of string keys and user speci‐.
Tcl_SetBignumObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SetBooleanObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewBooleanObj(3tcl) Store/retrieve boolean value in a Tcl_Obj.
Tcl_SetByteArrayLength(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewByteArrayObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl.
Tcl_SetByteArrayObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewByteArrayObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl.
Tcl_SetChannelBufferSize(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_SetChannelError(3tcl) Functions to.
Tcl_SetChannelErrorInterp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetChannelError(3tcl) Functions to.
Tcl_SetChannelOption(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_SetCommandInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_SetCommandInfoFromToken(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateObjCommand(3tcl)
Tcl_SetDefaultEncodingDir(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_SetDoubleObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewDoubleObj(3tcl) Manipulate Tcl values as floating-point values.
Tcl_SetEncodingSearchPath(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_SetEnsembleFlags(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_SetEnsembleMappingDict(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_SetEnsembleParameterList(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_SetEnsembleSubcommandList(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_SetEnsembleUnknownHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateEnsemble(3tcl)
Tcl_SetErrno(3tcl) Manipulate errno to store and retrieve error codes.
Tcl_SetErrorCode(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_SetErrorCodeVA(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_SetErrorLine(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_SetExitProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Exit(3tcl)
Tcl_SetHashValue(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_InitHashTable(3tcl)
Tcl_SetIntObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SetListObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ListObjAppendList(3tcl)
Tcl_SetLongObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SetMainLoop(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Main(3tcl) Main program, startup script, and.
Tcl_SetMaxBlockTime(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_SetNamespaceUnknownHandler(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_AppendExportList(3tcl)
Tcl_SetNotifier(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_SetObjErrorCode(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_SetObjLength(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SetPanicProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Panic(3tcl) Report fatal error and abort.
Tcl_SetRecursionLimit(3tcl) Set maximum allowable nesting depth in interpreter.
Tcl_SetResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_SetReturnOptions(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetReturnOptions(3tcl)
Tcl_SetServiceMode(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_SetStartupScript(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Main(3tcl) Main program, startup script, and.
Tcl_SetStdChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetStdChannel(3tcl) Procedures for retrieving and replacing the standard channels.
Tcl_SetStringObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SetSystemEncoding(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_SetTimeProc(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetTime(3tcl) Get date and time.
Tcl_SetTimer(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_SetUnicodeObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewStringObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SetVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_SetVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_SetWideIntObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_SignalId(3tcl) Convert signal codes.
Tcl_SignalMsg(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SignalId(3tcl) Convert signal codes.
Tcl_Sleep(3tcl) Delay execution for a given number of milliseconds.
Tcl_SourceRCFile(3tcl) Source the Tcl rc file.
Tcl_SpliceChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CreateChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_SplitPath(3tcl) Manipulate platform-dependent file paths.
Tcl_StackChannel(3tcl) Manipulate stacked I/O chan‐.
Tcl_StandardChannels(3tcl) How the Tcl library deals with the standard channels.
tcl_startOfNextWord(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
tcl_startOfPreviousWord(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
Tcl_Stat(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_Access(3tcl) Check file permissions and other attributes.
Tcl_StaticPackage(3tcl) Make a statically linked package available via the 'load' command.
Tcl_StringCaseMatch(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_StringMatch(3tcl) Test whether a string matches a pattern.
Tcl_StringMatch(3tcl) Test whether a string matches a pattern.
Tcl_SubstObj(3tcl) Perform substitutions on Tcl values.
Tcl_TakeBignumFromObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_NewIntObj(3tcl)
Tcl_Tell(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_ThreadAlert(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_ThreadQueueEvent(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_TraceCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CommandTraceInfo(3tcl) Monitor renames and deletes of a command.
tcl_traceCompile(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
tcl_traceExec(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_TraceVar(3tcl) Monitor.
Tcl_TraceVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_TraceVar(3tcl) Monitor.
Tcl_TransferResult(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetObjResult(3tcl)
Tcl_TranslateFileName(3tcl) Convert file name to native form and replace tilde with home directory.
Tcl_TruncateChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_Ungets(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharAtIndex(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharCaseMatch(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsAlpha(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsControl(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsDigit(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsGraph(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsLower(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsPrint(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsPunct(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsSpace(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsUpper(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharIsWordChar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharIsAlnum(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharLen(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharNcasecmp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharNcmp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharToLower(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharToUpper(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharToTitle(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharToUpper(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharToUtf(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UniCharToUtfDString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UnlinkVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LinkVar(3tcl) Link Tcl variable to C variable.
Tcl_UnregisterChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_UnsetVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_UnsetVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_SetVar2Ex(3tcl)
Tcl_UnstackChannel(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_StackChannel(3tcl) Manipulate stacked I/O chan‐.
Tcl_UntraceCommand(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_CommandTraceInfo(3tcl) Monitor renames and deletes of a command.
Tcl_UntraceVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_TraceVar(3tcl) Monitor.
Tcl_UntraceVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_TraceVar(3tcl) Monitor.
Tcl_UpdateLinkedVar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_LinkVar(3tcl) Link Tcl variable to C variable.
Tcl_UpVar(3tcl) Link one variable to another.
Tcl_UpVar2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UpVar(3tcl) Link one variable to another.
Tcl_UtfAtIndex(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfBackslash(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfCharComplete(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfFindFirst(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfFindLast(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfNcasecmp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfNcmp(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfNext(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfPrev(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToExternal(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToExternalDString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToLower(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharToUpper(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToTitle(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharToUpper(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToUniChar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToUniCharDString(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniChar(3tcl)
Tcl_UtfToUpper(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_UniCharToUpper(3tcl)
Tcl_ValidateAllMemory(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_DumpActiveMemory(3tcl) Validated memory allocation interface.
Tcl_VarEval(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_VarEvalVA(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_EvalObjEx(3tcl)
Tcl_VarTraceInfo(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_TraceVar(3tcl) Monitor.
Tcl_VarTraceInfo2(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_TraceVar(3tcl) Monitor.
tcl_version(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_WaitForEvent(3tcl) ↣ Notifier(3tcl)
Tcl_WaitPid(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_DetachPids(3tcl) Manage child processes in background.
Tcl_WinTCharToUtf(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
Tcl_WinUtfToTChar(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_GetEncoding(3tcl)
tcl_wordBreakAfter(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
tcl_wordBreakBefore(3tcl) ↣ library(3tcl)
tcl_wordchars(3tcl) ↣ argc(3tcl)
Tcl_Write(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_WriteChars(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_WriteObj(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_WriteRaw(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_OpenFileChannel(3tcl)
Tcl_WrongNumArgs(3tcl) Generate standard error message for wrong number of arguments.
Tcl_ZlibCRC32(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibDeflate(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibInflate(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamChecksum(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamClose(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamEof(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamGet(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamGetCommandName(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamInit(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
Tcl_ZlibStreamPut(3tcl) ↣ Tcl_ZlibAdler32(3tcl)
TclCommandWriting(3tclx) ↣ CmdWrite(3tclx) Writing C language extensions to Tcl.
tcldes(3tcl) Implementation of the DES and triple-DES ciphers.
tcldesjr(3tcl) Implementation of the DES and triple-DES ciphers.
tcldocstrip(1) Tcl-based Docstrip Processor.
tcldom(3tcl) Tcl language binding for the W3C Document Object Model.
tcldot(3tcl) Graph manipulation in tcl.
tclist(3) ↣ tcutil(3) The utility API.
tcllib_coroutine(3tcl) Coroutine based event and IO handling.
tcllib_dns(3tcl) Tcl Domain Name Service Client.
tcllib_fifo(3tcl) In-memory fifo channel.
tcllib_fifo2(3tcl) In-memory interconnected fifo channels.
tcllib_interp(3tcl) Interp creation and aliasing.
tcllib_ip(3tcl) IPv4 and IPv6 address manipulation.
tcllib_memchan(3tcl) In-memory channel.
tcllib_msgcat(3tcl) Message catalog management for the various document parsers.
tcllib_null(3tcl) Null channel.
tcllib_random(3tcl) Random channel.
tcllib_string(3tcl) Read-only in-memory channel.
tcllib_throw(3tcl) Throw - Throw an error exception with a message.
tcllib_try(3tcl) Try - Trap and process errors and exceptions.
tcllib_variable(3tcl) In-memory channel using variable for storage.
tcllib_zero(3tcl) Zero channel.
tcllib_zlib(3tcllib) Zlib (de)compression.
tclreadline(3tcl) Gnu readline for the tcl scripting language.
tclsh(1) ↣ tclsh8.6(1) Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter.
tclsh8.5(1) Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter.
tclsh8.6(1) Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter.
tcltest(3tcl) Test harness support code and utilities.
tcltk-depends(1) Calculates Tcl/Tk dependencies.
tclvars(3tcl) Variables used by Tcl.
TclX(3tclx) Extended Tcl: Extended command set for Tcl.
Tclx_Init(3tclx) ↣ TclXInit(3tclx) Extended Tcl initialization.
TclX_KeyedListDelete(3tclx) ↣ Keylist(3tclx)
TclX_KeyedListGet(3tclx) ↣ Keylist(3tclx)
TclX_KeyedListGetKeys(3tclx) ↣ Keylist(3tclx)
TclX_KeyedListSet(3tclx) ↣ Keylist(3tclx)
TclX_Main(3tclx) ↣ TclXInit(3tclx) Extended Tcl initialization.
TclX_NewKeyedListObj(3tclx) ↣ Keylist(3tclx)
Tclxcmd_Init(3tclx) ↣ TclXInit(3tclx) Extended Tcl initialization.
TclXInit(3tclx) Extended Tcl initialization.
tclxml(3tcl) XML parser support for Tcl.
tclxslt(3tcl) XSLT support for Tcl.
tcm(1) Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling.
tcmap(3) ↣ tcutil(3) The utility API.
tcmd(1) Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling Daemon.
tcmdb(3) ↣ tcutil(3) The utility API.
tcmdv(1) Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling Daemon.
tcmodchain(1) Query compatibily of transcode modules chains.
tcmodinfo(1) Get and Set information in transcode modules.
tcmpool(3) ↣ tcutil(3) The utility API.
tcmt(1) Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling Daemon.
tcnetstat(8) Print information about network connections protected by tcpcrypt.
tcode(1e) Identify protein-coding regions using Fickett TESTCODE statistic.
tcp(4freebsd) Internet Transmission Control Protocol.
tcp(7) TCP protocol.
tcp-env(1) Set up TCP-related environment variables.
tcp-environ(5) TCP-related environment variables.
tcp2file(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
tcp6(1) A security assessment tool for TCP/IPv6 implementations.
tcp_call(8) ↣ ax25_call(8) Make an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection.
tcp_functions(9freebsd) Alternate TCP Stack Framework.
tcp_relay(1) A tcp relay.
tcp_table(5) Postfix client/server table lookup protocol.
tcpaccept-bpfcc(8) Trace TCP passive connections (accept()). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
tcpblast(8) Tool for measuring network bandwidth.
tcpbridge(1) Bridge network traffic across two interfaces.
tcpbsi(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
tcpbso(1) ↣ ion-tools(1) Interplanetary Overlay Network tools, the NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN).
tcpbug(1) TCP/IP connection bugging device.
tcpcapinfo(1) Pcap file dissector for debugging broken pcap files.
tcpcat(1) Prints data from a remote host.
tcpcli(1) DTN TCPCL-compliant convergence layer input task.
tcpclient(1) Create an outgoing TCP connection.
tcpclo(1) DTN TCPCL-compliant convergence layer adapter output task.
tcpconnect(1) General TCP/IP client.
tcpconnect-bpfcc(8) Trace TCP active connections (connect()). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
tcpconnlat-bpfcc(8) Trace TCP active connection latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
tcpcryptd(8) Implement the tcpcrypt protocol by transparently modifying network I/O.
tcpd(1) Tool for UML Component Diagrams.
tcpd(8) Access control facility for internet services.
tcpdchk(8) Tcp wrapper configuration checker.
tcpdmatch(8) Tcp wrapper oracle.
tcpdump(8) Dump traffic on a network.
tcpdump2xplot(1) Converts tcpdump output to xplot input for analysis.
tcpflow(1) TCP flow recorder.
tcpick(8) Tcp stream sniffer and connection tracker.
tcpkill(8) Kill TCP connections on a LAN.
tcplay(8) Tool to manage TrueCrypt volumes.
tcplife-bpfcc(8) Trace TCP sessions and summarize lifespan. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
tcplisten(1) General TCP/IP server.
tcpliveplay(1) Replays network traffic stored in a pcap file on live networks using new TCP connections.
tcpmuxd(1) TCP muliplexer daemon.
tcpnice(8) Slow down TCP connections on a LAN.
tcpprep(1) Create a tcpreplay cache cache file from a pcap file.
tcpprof(1) Report profile of network traffic.
tcpreen(1) TCP stream monitoring tool.
tcpreplay(1) Replay network traffic stored in pcap files.
tcpreplay-edit(1) Replay network traffic stored in pcap files.
tcpretrans-bpfcc(8) Trace TCP retransmits and TLPs. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
tcpretrans-perf(8) Show TCP retransmits, with address and other details. Uses Linux ftrace.
tcprewrite(1) Rewrite the packets in a pcap file.
tcprobe(1) Probe multimedia streams from medium and print information on the standard output.
tcprules(1) Compile rules for tcpserver.
tcprulescheck(1) Try out rules for tcpserver.
tcpser(1) Emulate a Hayes compatible modem.
tcpserver(1) Accept incoming TCP connections.
tcpslice(1) Extract pieces of and/or merge together tcpdump files.
tcpspray(1) Print average throughput for a tcp connection.
tcpspray.ndisc6(1) TCP/IP bandwidth measurement tool (Discard and Echo client).
tcpspray6(1) ↣ tcpspray.ndisc6(1) TCP/IP bandwidth measurement tool (Discard and Echo client).
tcpspy(8) TCP/IP Connection Monitor.
tcpspy.rules(5) Configuration file for tcpspy.
tcpstat(1) Report network interface statistics.
tcpsvd(8) TCP/IP service daemon.
tcptop-bpfcc(8) Summarize TCP send/recv throughput by host. Top for TCP.
tcptrace(1) A TCP connection analysis tool.
tcptracer-bpfcc(8) Trace TCP established connections. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc. A traceroute implementation using TCP packets.
tcptraceroute6(8) ↣ rltraceroute6(8) IPv6 traceroute tool.
tcptrack(1) Monitor TCP connections on the network.
tcpvmexportd(1) Transcode PVM3 export interface.
tcpwatch-httpproxy(1) Program to record your HTTP request.
tcpxtract(1) Extract files from captured network packets.
tcrd(1) Tool for Class-Relationship Diagrams.
tcrdb(3) The remote database API.
tcrmgr(1) The command line utility of the remote database API.
tcrmttest(1) Test cases of the remote database API.
tcrtest(1) Test cases of the remote database API.
tcs(1) Translate character sets.
tcscan(1) Scan multimedia streams from medium and print information on the standard output.
tcscid(6) ↣ scid(6)
tcsd(8) Daemon that manages Trusted Computing resources.
tcsd.conf(5) Configuration file for the trousers TCS daemon.
tcsendbreak(3) ↣ termios(3)
tcsendbreak(3posix) Send a break for a specific duration.
tcsetattr(3) ↣ termios(3)
tcsetattr(3posix) Set the parameters associated with the terminal.
tcsetpgrp(3) ↣ tcgetpgrp(3) Get and set terminal foreground process group.
tcsetpgrp(3posix) Set the foreground process group ID.
tcsh(1) C shell with file name completion and command line editing.
tctdb(3) The table database API.
tctmgr(1) The command line utility of the table database API.
tctmttest(1) Test cases of the table database API.
tctrace(1) Similar to traceroute, yet uses TCP SYN packets.
tctree(3) ↣ tcutil(3) The utility API.
tcttest(1) Test cases of the table database API.
tcucodec(1) Popular encoders and decoders.
tculog(3) The update log API.
tcumttest(1) Test cases of the on-memory database API.
tcutest(1) Test cases of the utility API.
tcutil(3) The utility API.
tcvt(1) Two column virtual terminal.
tcxmlcheck(1) Check information in smil input file.
tcxstr(3) ↣ tcutil(3) The utility API.
td(1) Program for drawing geometric figures with ASCII art.
td2planet(1) Planet implementation of ruby.
tda(1) ↣ devtodo(1) A reminder/task program aimed at developers.
tdb(3) Trivial database.
tdb_chainlock(3) Lock a group of keys tdb_chainunlock - unlock a previously locked group of keys.
tdb_close(3) Close a tdb database.
tdb_delete(3) Delete a record from a tdb database.
tdb_error(3) Return tdb database error state information. tdb_errorstr - return a printable string represent‐.
tdb_exists(3) Check for the existence of a record in a tdb database.
tdb_fetch(3) Fetch a record from a tdb database.
tdb_firstkey(3) Return the key of the first record in a tdb database tdb_nextkey - return the key of next.
tdb_open(3) Open a tdb database.
tdb_store(3) Store a record in a tdb database.
tdb_traverse(3) Visit every element in a tdb database.
tdbbackup.tdbtools(8) Tool for backing up and for validating the integrity of samba .tdb files.
tdbc(3tcl) Tcl Database Connectivity.
tdbc_connection(3tcl) TDBC connection object.
Tdbc_Init(3) C procedures to facilitate writing TDBC drivers.
tdbc_mapSqlState(3tcl) Map SQLSTATE to error class.
tdbc_mysql(3tcl) TDBC-MYSQL bridge.
tdbc_odbc(3tcl) TDBC-ODBC bridge.
tdbc_postgres(3tcl) TDBC-POSTGRES bridge.
tdbc_resultset(3tcl) TDBC result set object.
tdbc_sqlite3(3tcl) TDBC driver for the SQLite3 database manager.
tdbc_statement(3tcl) TDBC statement object.
tdbc_tokenize(3tcl) TDBC SQL tokenizer.
tdbdump(8) Tool for printing the contents of a TDB file.
tdbrestore(8) Tool for creating a TDB file out of a tdbdump output.
tdbtool(8) Manipulate the contents TDB files.
tdc(1) Stand alone clock that is designed to run as a dock application but is not required to.
tdclrs(3NCARG) Does GKS calls to define colors for TDPACK.
tdcompare(1) Compare two recordings of a terminal program.
tdctri(3NCARG) Cut triangles defined by a triangle list.
tdd(1) ↣ devtodo(1) A reminder/task program aimed at developers.
tddtri(3NCARG) Draw the triangles defined by a triangle list.
tde(1) ↣ devtodo(1) A reminder/task program aimed at developers.
tdelete(3) ↣ tsearch(3) Manage a binary tree.
tdelete(3posix) Manage a binary search tree.
tdestroy(3) ↣ tsearch(3) Manage a binary tree.
tdez2d(3NCARG) Provides a simplified interface to TDPACK for drawing surfaces.
tdez3d(3NCARG) Provides a simplified interface to TDPACK for drawing isosurfaces.
tdfd(1) Tool for Data Flow Diagrams.
tdfsb(6) A 3D filesystem browser.
tdfx(4) 3Dfx video driver.
tdfx(4freebsd) Voodoo Graphics and VoodooII Memory Access GLIDE device driver.
tdfx_linux(4freebsd) Voodoo Graphics and VoodooII Memory Access GLIDE device driver.
tdgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the integer value of a Tdpack parameter.
tdgetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the real value of a Tdpack parameter.
tdgrds(3NCARG) Draw perimeters, optionally with ticks or grid lines, on the six sides of a box. This routine calls.
tdgrid(3NCARG) Draw a perimeter, optionally with ticks or grid lines, around the edges of the reference.
tdgtrs(3NCARG) Get the values defining a selected rendering style, which affects the appearance of triangles drawn.
tdiary-convert2(1) Program to convert old tDiary data to new one.
tdiary-setup(1) Installer to set up tdiary files for a user.
tdinit(3NCARG) Initialization routine for TDPACK, called to define the position of the eye, the position of the.
tditri(3NCARG) Add triangles defining a simple surface to the triangles in a triangle list.
tdlbla(3NCARG) This routine is called to put labels on a particular edge of a box.
tdlbls(3NCARG) Draw labels on selected sides of a projected box. This routine calls TDPARA and will therefore change.
tdline(3NCARG) Given the coordinates of two points in 3-space, draw the projection of the line joining them.
tdlnpa(3NCARG) Given the coordinates of two points in the reference parallelogram, draw the projection of the line.
tdmtri(3NCARG) Add triangles defining a 3D marker to the triangles in a triangle list.
tdomcmd(3tcl) Tdom is an expat parser object extension to create an in-memory DOM tree from the input while parsing.
tdotri(3NCARG) Order the triangles defined by a triangle list.
tdpack(3NCARG) A set of routines allowing one to draw representations of three-dimensional objects.
tdpack_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all internal parameters of Tdpack.
tdpara(3NCARG) Initialization routine for TDPACK, called to set the value of certain internal values.
tdpd(1) Tool for UML Deployment Diagrams.
tdplch(3NCARG) Draw a character string at a specified position in the plane of the reference parallelogram.
tdprpa(3NCARG) Given the parallelogram coordinates of a point, get the coordinates of its projection in the.
tdprpi(3NCARG) Given a point in the projection plane, retrieve the parallelogram coordinates of that point in the.
tdprpt(3NCARG) Given the coordinates of a point in 3-space, get the coordinates of its projection in the projection.
tdr(1) ↣ devtodo(1) A reminder/task program aimed at developers.
tdrecord(1) Record input and output of a terminal program.
tdreplay(1) Replay input to a terminal program.
tdrerecord(1) Rerecord output of a terminal program.
tdseti(3NCARG) Provides a new integer value for a Tdpack parameter.
tdsetr(3NCARG) Provides a new real value for a Tdpack parameter.
tdsignal(9freebsd) Post signal to a thread, process, or process group.
tdsort(3NCARG) A generic sorting routine, normally used indirectly (by calling the routine TDOTRI).
tdstri(3NCARG) Add triangles defining a simple surface to the triangles in a triangle list.
tdstrs(3NCARG) Set the values defining a selected rendering style, which affects the appearance of triangles drawn.
tdtodump(1) Convert TeleDisk images to disk dump files.
tdview(1) Show recorded output of a terminal program.
tdx-util(8) Tradindexed overview manipulation utility.
te923con(1) Connector for TE923 weatherstations v0.6.1.
tea(1) Text editor with syntax highlighting & UTF support.
teachgammon(6) ↣ backgammon(6) The game of backgammon.
teachjove(1) Learn how to use the JOVE editor.
teamd(8) Team network device control daemon.
teamd.conf(5) Libteam daemon configuration file.
teamdctl(8) Team daemon control tool.
teamnl(8) Team network device Netlink interface tool.
tecla(7) The user interface provided by the Tecla library.
tecnoballz(6) A Breakout like game.
teddy(6) ↣ xteddy(6) Cuddly teddy bear for your X Windows desktop.
tee(1) Read from standard input and write to standard output and files.
tee(1plan9) Pipe fitting.
tee(1posix) Duplicate standard input.
tee(2) Duplicating pipe content.
teem(1) Simple command-line tools which provide fast and easy access to the functionality in the various.
teem-gprobe(1) Shows off the functionality of the gage library.
teem-ilk(1) (I)mage (L)inear Trans(X-->K)forms.
teem-miter(1) A simple but effective little volume renderer.
teem-mrender(1) A demonstration of hoover, gage, and nrrd measures.
teem-nrrdSanity(1) Nearly Raw Raster Data Sanity Check.
teem-overrgb(1) Composites an RGBA nrrd over a background color.
teem-puller(1) Command-line interface to the "pull" library.
teem-tend(1) Diffusion Image Processing and Analysis.
teem-unu(1) Utah Nrrd Utilities command-line interface.
teem-vprobe(1) Shows off the functionality of the gage library.
teensy_loader_cli(1) Load and run programs onto your Teensy micro controller.
teeworlds(6) Teeworlds Client.
teeworlds-server(6) Teeworlds Server.
tefd(1) Tool for Data and Event Flow Diagrams.
tegaki-build(1) Build model for tegaki.
tegaki-convert(1) Convert model for tegaki.
tegaki-eval(1) Run model for tegaki.
tegaki-recognize(1) Handwriting recognition application.
tegaki-train(1) Train tegaki with your own handwriting.
tegclient(6) Tenes Empanadas Graciela client.
tegrarcm(1) Tegra firmware download utility.
tegrobot(6) Tenes Empanadas Graciela robot.
tegserver(6) Tenes Empanadas Graciela server.
tei2mod(1) Tool to convert TEI P5 source into a SWORD module.
tek2plot(1) Translate Tektronix files to other graphics formats.
tekka(1) Graphical IRC client.
tel(1) ↣ orville-write(1) Write to another user.
telegnome(1) Display teletext pages over the internet.
telegps(1) Rocket flight monitor.
telegram(1) ↣ orville-write(1) Write to another user.
telegram-desktop(1) Official telegram messaging application.
telepathy-gabble(8) Telepathy connection manager for XMPP (Jabber).
telepathy-haze(8) Telepathy connection manager using libpurple.
telepathy-idle(8) Telepathy connection manager for IRC.
telepathy-rakia(8) Telepathy connection manager for SIP.
telepathy-salut(8) Telepathy connection manager for link-local XMPP.
telinit(8) Change SysV runlevel.
tell(3tcl) Return current access position for an open channel.
telldir(3) Return current location in directory stream.
telldir(3posix) Current location of a named directory stream.
tellico(1x) A KDE collection manager.
telnet-chatd(1) Simplistic TELNET chat server.
telnet-client(1) Simplistic TELNET client.
telnet-probe(1) Lightweight telnet-like port probe.
telnet-proxy(1) Create a TELNET debugging proxy.
telnet-ssl(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
telnet.netkit(1) User interface to the TELNET protocol.
telnetd(8) DARPA TELNET protocol server.
telnetlogin(8) Login wrapper for telnetd.
tempest_for_eliza(1) Play songs with your computer monitor and AM radio.
tempest_for_mp3(1) Play your music with your computer monitor and AM radio.
tempest_shell_wrapper(1) Functional testing of an OpenStack cloud.
tempfile(1) Create a temporary file in a safe manner.
Template(3pm) Front-end module to the Template Toolkit.
template.h(3) GNU Common C++ template subsystem.
Template::Alloy(3pm) TT2/3, HT, HTE, Tmpl, and Velocity Engine.
Template::Alloy::Compile(3pm) Compile role - allows for compiling the AST to perl code.
Template::Alloy::Context(3pm) Provide a TT style context.
Template::Alloy::Exception(3pm) Handle exceptions.
Template::Alloy::HTE(3pm) HTML::Template and HTML::Template::Expr roles.
Template::Alloy::Iterator(3pm) Handle foreach iterations.
Template::Alloy::Operator(3pm) Operator role.
Template::Alloy::Parse(3pm) Common parsing role for creating AST from templates.
Template::Alloy::Play(3pm) Play role - allows for playing out the AST.
Template::Alloy::Stream(3pm) Stream role - allows for playing out the AST and printing straight to file handle.
Template::Alloy::Tmpl(3pm) Text::Tmpl role.
Template::Alloy::TT(3pm) Template::Toolkit role.
Template::Alloy::Velocity(3pm) Velocity (VTL) role.
Template::Alloy::VMethod(3pm) VMethod role.
Template::AutoFilter(3pm) Template::Toolkit with automatic filtering.
Template::AutoFilter::Parser(3pm) Parses TT templates and automatically adds filters to tokens.
Template::Base(3pm) Base class module implementing common functionality.
Template::Config(3pm) Factory module for instantiating other TT2 modules.
Template::Constants(3pm) Defines constants for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Context(3pm) Runtime context in which templates are processed.
Template::DBI(3pm) DBI plugin for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Declare(3pm) Perlish declarative templates.
Template::Declare::Buffer(3pm) Deprecated.
Template::Declare::Tags(3pm) Build and install XML Tag subroutines for Template::Declare.
Template::Declare::TagSet(3pm) Base class for tag sets used by Template::Declare::Tags.
Template::Declare::TagSet::HTML(3pm) Template::Declare tag set for HTML.
Template::Declare::TagSet::RDF(3pm) Template::Declare tag set for RDF.
Template::Declare::TagSet::RDF::EM(3pm) Template::Declare TAG set for Mozilla's em-rdf.
Template::Declare::TagSet::XUL(3pm) Template::Declare tag set for XUL.
Template::Directive(3pm) Perl code generator for template directives.
Template::Document(3pm) Compiled template document object.
Template::Exception(3pm) Exception handling class module.
Template::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about the Template Toolkit.
Template::Filters(3pm) Post-processing filters for template blocks.
Template::Grammar(3pm) Parser state/rule tables for the TT grammar.
Template::Iterator(3pm) Data iterator used by the FOREACH directive.
Template::Latex(3pm) Latex support for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Manual(3pm) Template Toolkit User Manual.
Template::Manual::Config(3pm) Configuration options.
Template::Manual::Credits(3pm) Author and contributor credits.
Template::Manual::Directives(3pm) Template directives.
Template::Manual::Filters(3pm) Standard filters.
Template::Manual::Internals(3pm) Template Toolkit internals.
Template::Manual::Intro(3pm) Introduction to the Template Toolkit.
Template::Manual::Plugins(3pm) Standard plugins.
Template::Manual::Syntax(3pm) Directive syntax, structure and semantics.
Template::Manual::Variables(3pm) Template variables and code bindings.
Template::Manual::Views(3pm) Template Toolkit views (experimental).
Template::Manual::VMethods(3pm) Virtual Methods.
Template::Modules(3pm) Template Toolkit Modules.
Template::Multilingual(3pm) Multilingual templates for Template Toolkit.
Template::Multilingual::Parser(3pm) Multilingual template parser.
Template::Namespace::Constants(3pm) Compile time constant folding.
Template::Parser(3pm) LALR(1) parser for compiling template documents.
Template::Plugin(3pm) Base class for Template Toolkit plugins.
Template::Plugin::Assert(3pm) Trap undefined values.
Template::Plugin::Calendar::Simple(3pm) Just another HTML calendar generator.
Template::Plugin::CGI(3pm) Interface to the CGI module.
Template::Plugin::Class(3pm) Allow calling of class methods on arbitrary classes.
Template::Plugin::Clickable(3pm) Make URLs clickable in HTML.
Template::Plugin::Clickable::Email(3pm) Make email addresses in to HTML links.
Template::Plugin::Comma(3pm) TT Plugin to commify numbers.
Template::Plugin::Cycle(3pm) Cyclically insert into a Template from a sequence of values.
Template::Plugin::Datafile(3pm) Plugin to construct records from a simple data file.
Template::Plugin::Date(3pm) Plugin to generate formatted date strings.
Template::Plugin::DateTime(3pm) A Template Plugin To Use DateTime Objects.
Template::Plugin::DateTime::Format(3pm) Format DateTime objects from inside TT with DateTime::Format-style.
Template::Plugin::DBI(3pm) Template interface to the DBI module.
Template::Plugin::Digest::MD5(3pm) TT2 interface to the MD5 Algorithm.
Template::Plugin::Directory(3pm) Plugin for generating directory listings.
Template::Plugin::Dumper(3pm) Plugin interface to Data::Dumper.
Template::Plugin::encoding(3pm) Template plugin to specify encoding.
Template::Plugin::File(3pm) Plugin providing information about files.
Template::Plugin::Filter(3pm) Base class for plugin filters.
Template::Plugin::Format(3pm) Plugin to create formatting functions.
Template::Plugin::GD(3pm) GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Plugin::GD::Constants(3pm) Interface to GD module constants.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::area(3pm) Create area graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::bars(3pm) Create bar graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::bars3d(3pm) Create 3D bar graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::lines(3pm) Create line graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::lines3d(3pm) Create 3D line graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::linespoints(3pm) Create line/point graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::mixed(3pm) Create mixed graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::pie(3pm) Create pie charts with legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::pie3d(3pm) Create 3D pie charts with legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::points(3pm) Create point graphs with axes and legends.
Template::Plugin::GD::Image(3pm) Interface to GD Graphics Library.
Template::Plugin::GD::Polygon(3pm) Interface to GD module Polygon class.
Template::Plugin::GD::Text(3pm) Text utilities for use with GD.
Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Align(3pm) Draw aligned strings in GD images.
Template::Plugin::GD::Text::Wrap(3pm) Break and wrap strings in GD images.
Template::Plugin::HTML(3pm) Plugin to create HTML elements.
Template::Plugin::HTML::Strip(3pm) HTML::Strip filter for Template Toolkit.
Template::Plugin::Image(3pm) Plugin access to image sizes.
Template::Plugin::IPAddr(3pm) Template::Toolkit plugin handling IP-addresses.
Template::Plugin::Iterator(3pm) Plugin to create iterators (Template::Iterator).
Template::Plugin::JavaScript(3pm) Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript.
Template::Plugin::JSON::Escape(3pm) Adds a .json vmethod and a json filter.
Template::Plugin::Latex(3pm) Template Toolkit plugin for Latex.
Template::Plugin::Lingua::EN::Inflect(3pm) Interface to Lingua::EN::Inflect module.
Template::Plugin::Math(3pm) Plugin providing mathematical functions.
Template::Plugin::Number::Format(3pm) Plugin/filter interface to Number::Format.
Template::Plugin::Pod(3pm) Plugin interface to Pod::POM (Pod Object Model).
Template::Plugin::POSIX(3pm) TT2 plugin to import POSIX functions.
Template::Plugin::Procedural(3pm) Base class for procedural plugins.
Template::Plugin::Scalar(3pm) Call object methods in scalar context.
Template::Plugin::Stash(3pm) Expose the stash, ideal for Dumpering...
Template::Plugin::String(3pm) Object oriented interface for string manipulation.
Template::Plugin::Table(3pm) Plugin to present data in a table.
Template::Plugin::Textile2(3pm) Use Textile formatting with Template Toolkit.
Template::Plugin::URL(3pm) Plugin to construct complex URLs.
Template::Plugin::UTF8Decode(3pm) UTF8 decoder filter for Template Toolkit.
Template::Plugin::View(3pm) Plugin to create views (Template::View).
Template::Plugin::Wrap(3pm) Plugin interface to Text::Wrap.
Template::Plugin::XML(3pm) XML plugin for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Plugin::XML::DOM(3pm) Plugin interface to XML::DOM.
Template::Plugin::XML::File(3pm) TT plugin for XML files.
Template::Plugin::XML::LibXML(3pm) XML::LibXML Template Toolkit Plugin.
Template::Plugin::XML::RSS(3pm) Plugin interface to XML::RSS.
Template::Plugin::XML::Simple(3pm) Plugin interface to XML::Simple.
Template::Plugin::XML::Style(3pm) Simple XML stylesheet transfomations.
Template::Plugin::XML::XPath(3pm) Plugin interface to XML::XPath.
Template::Plugin::YAML(3pm) Plugin interface to YAML.
Template::Plugins(3pm) Plugin provider module.
Template::Provider(3pm) Provider module for loading/compiling templates.
Template::Provider::Encoding(3pm) Explicitly declare encodings of your templates.
Template::Provider::FromDATA(3pm) Load templates from your __DATA__ section.
Template::Service(3pm) General purpose template processing service.
Template::Stash(3pm) Magical storage for template variables.
Template::Stash::AutoEscaping(3pm) Escape automatically in Template-Toolkit.
Template::Stash::AutoEscaping::Escaped::Base(3pm) Escaped stuff base class Template::Stash::AutoEscaping.
Template::Stash::AutoEscaping::Escaped::HTML(3pm) HTML escaping base class Template::Stash::AutoEscaping.
Template::Stash::AutoEscaping::Escaped::YourCode(3pm) Custom escaping base class Template::Stash::AutoEscaping.
Template::Stash::AutoEscaping::RawString(3pm) Raw string support for Template::Stash::AutoEscaping. Internal use.
Template::Stash::Context(3pm) Experimetal stash allowing list/scalar context definition.
Template::Stash::ForceUTF8(3pm) Force UTF-8 (Unicode) flag on stash variables.
Template::Stash::XS(3pm) High-speed variable stash written in C.
Template::Test(3pm) Module for automating TT2 test scripts.
Template::Timer(3pm) Rudimentary profiling for Template Toolkit.
Template::Tiny(3pm) Template Toolkit reimplemented in as little code as possible.
Template::Toolkit(3pm) Template Processing System.
Template::Tools(3pm) Command Line Tools for the Template Toolkit.
Template::Tools::tpage(3pm) Process templates from command line.
Template::Tools::ttree(3pm) Process entire directory trees of templates.
Template::Tutorial(3pm) Template Toolkit Tutorials.
Template::Tutorial::Datafile(3pm) Creating Data Output Files Using the Template Toolkit.
Template::Tutorial::Web(3pm) Generating Web Content Using the Template Toolkit.
Template::View(3pm) Customised view of a template processing context.
Template::VMethods(3pm) Virtual methods for variables.
Template::XML(3pm) XML plugins for the Template Toolkit.
templates2ada(1) Generate Ada sources from a templates file.
templatespp(1) Preprocessor based on templates parser.
tempnam(3) Create a name for a temporary file.
tempnam(3posix) Create a name for a temporary file.
temporal_signal(1) Calculates the root-to-tip regression and quantifies the 'clock-i-ness' of a tree.
temporalInterpolate(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
tempstream(3bobcat) Temporary fstream.
tenace(6) Bridge hand viewer and editor.
Tenjin(3pm) Fast templating engine with support for embedded Perl.
Tenjin::Context(3pm) In charge of managing variables passed to Tenjin templates.
Tenjin::Preprocessor(3pm) Preprocessing Tenjin templates.
Tenjin::Template(3pm) A Tenjin template object, either built from a file or from memory.
Tenjin::Util(3pm) Utility methods for Tenjin.
tenmado(6) Hard-core shoot 'em up game in blue-or-red world.
tennix(6) A funny 2D tennis game with network play support.
tenshi(8) Log Monitoring and Reporting tool.
tensor(2rheolef) A N*N tensor, N=1,2,3.
tensor3(2rheolef) A third order tensor.
tensor4(2rheolef) A fouth order tensor.
tentacle_client(1) A client file transfer protocol.
tepam_argument_dialogbox(3tcl) TEPAM argument_dialogbox, reference manual.
tepam_doc_gen(3tcl) TEPAM DOC Generation, reference manual.
tepam_introduction(3tcl) An introduction into TEPAM, Tcl's Enhanced Procedure and Argument Manager.
tepam_procedure(3tcl) TEPAM procedure, reference manual.
teqser(1) Texture pre-processor from Aqsis Renderer, a 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) stan‐.
terasic_mtl(4freebsd) Driver for the Terasic/Cambridge Multi-Touch LCD device.
tercpp(1) Calcurate translation error rate (TER).
terd(1) Tool for Entity-Relationship Diagrams.
teredo-mire(1) Stateless Teredo IPv6 responder.
term(3tcl) General terminal control.
term(5) Format of compiled term file.
term(7) Conventions for naming terminal types.
Term::ANSIColor(3perl) Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences.
Term::Cap(3perl) Perl termcap interface.
Term::Choose(3pm) Choose items from a list interactively.
Term::Clui(3pm) Perl module offering a Command-Line User Interface.
Term::Clui::FileSelect(3pm) Perl module to ask the user to select a file.
Term::Complete(3perl) Perl word completion module.
Term::EditorEdit(3pm) Edit a document via $EDITOR.
Term::Encoding(3pm) Detect encoding of the current terminal.
Term::ExtendedColor(3pm) Color screen output using 256 colors.
Term::Filter(3pm) Run an interactive terminal session, filtering the input and output.
Term::Filter::Callback(3pm) Simple callback-based wrapper for Term::Filter.
Term::ProgressBar(3pm) Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal.
Term::ProgressBar::Quiet(3pm) Provide a progress meter if run interactively.
Term::ProgressBar::Simple(3pm) Simpler progress bars.
Term::Prompt(3pm) Perl extension for prompting a user for information.
Term::Query(3pm) Table-driven query routine.
Term::ReadKey(3pm) A perl module for simple terminal control.
Term::ReadLine(3perl) Perl interface to various "readline" packages. If no real package is found, substitutes.
Term::ReadLine::Gnu(3pm) Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library.
Term::ReadLine::Zoid(3pm) Another ReadLine package.
Term::ReadLine::Zoid::Base(3pm) Atomic routines.
Term::ReadLine::Zoid::Emacs(3pm) A readline emacs mode.
Term::ReadLine::Zoid::FileBrowse(3pm) A readline file browser mode.
Term::ReadLine::Zoid::ISearch(3pm) A readline incremental search mode.
Term::ReadLine::Zoid::ViCommand(3pm) A readline command mode.
Term::ReadPassword(3pm) Asking the user for a password.
Term::Shell(3pm) A simple command-line shell framework.
Term::ShellUI(3pm) A fully-featured shell-like command line environment.
Term::Size(3pm) Retrieve terminal size (Unix version).
Term::Size::Any(3pm) Retrieve terminal size.
Term::Size::Params(3pm) Parameters for Term::Size::Perl.
Term::Size::Perl(3pm) Perl extension for retrieving terminal size (Perl version).
Term::Sk(3pm) Perl extension for displaying a progress indicator on a terminal.
Term::Slang(3pm) Interface to the S-Lang terminal library.
Term::Slang::Scroll(3pm) Interface to the S-Lang terminal library.
Term::Slang::Window(3pm) Interface to the S-Lang terminal library.
Term::Table(3pm) Format a header and rows into a table.
Term::Table::Cell(3pm) Representation of a cell in a table.
Term::Table::CellStack(3pm) Combine several cells into one (vertical).
Term::Table::HashBase(3pm) Build hash based classes.
Term::Table::LineBreak(3pm) Break up lines for use in tables.
Term::Table::Util(3pm) Utilities for Term::Table.
Term::TermKey(3pm) Perl wrapper around "libtermkey".
Term::Title(3pm) Portable API to set the terminal titlebar.
Term::TtyRec::Plus(3pm) Read a ttyrec.
Term::Twiddle(3pm) Twiddles a thingy while-u-wait.
Term::UI(3pm) Term::ReadLine UI made easy.
Term::UI::History(3pm) History function.
Term::Visual(3pm) Split-terminal user interface.
Term::VT102(3pm) A class to emulate a DEC VT102 terminal.
term_attrs(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
term_attrs_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
term_bind(3tcl) Keyboard dispatch from terminals.
term_send(3tcl) General output to terminals.
termattrs_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
termcap(5) Terminal capability database.
termcast(1p) Broadcast your terminal sessions for remote viewing.
termdebug(1) Utilities for debugging interactive terminal programs.
termdiff(1) ↣ xxdiff-scripts(1) Tools that allow automation of tasks with xxdiff.
terminal(1) Terminal has been renamed to rspterminal in rsplib-3.0.0!.
Terminal(1) GNUstep Terminal Emulator.
terminal-colors.d(5) Configure output colorization for various utilities.
terminator(1) Multiple GNOME terminals in one window.
terminator_config(5) The config file for Terminator terminal emulator.
terminatorX(1) Realtime Audio Synthesizer.
terminfo(5) Terminal capability data base.
terminology(1) Terminal Emulator written with EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries).
termio(7) System V terminal driver interface.
termios(4freebsd) General terminal line discipline.
termios.h(7posix) Define values for termios.
termname(3ncurses) ↣ termattrs(3ncurses)
termname_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
terms(5) Database of blessed terminals for xtermset.
termsaver(1) A simple text-based terminal screensaver.
termscu(1) DICOM termination SCU.
terraingenerator(1) Program to combine the terrains.
terraintool(1) Generating surface meshes for cave survey software.
tesd(1) Tool for Entity relationShip Diagrams.
teseq(1) Format text with terminal escapes and control sequences for human consumption.
Tessellation(3pm) Discussion of tessellation in POGL.
tessellimage(6x) Converts an image to triangles using Delaunay tessellation.
tesseract(1) Command-line OCR engine.
tessrun(1) Convenience script for running TESS scripts en masse.
test(1) Check file types and compare values.
test(1plan9) Set status according to condition.
test(1posix) Evaluate expression.
test(2rheolef) Symbolic arguments in variational expressions.
Test(3perl) Provides a simple framework for writing test scripts.
test-filter-module(1p) A tester for Courier::Filter modules.
test-runner(1) Find, execute, and log the results of tests.
test.r3flow(1grass) Testing flow lines.
test.raster3d.lib(1grass) Performs unit and integration tests for the raster3d library.
Test2(3perl) Framework for writing test tools that all work together.
Test2(3pm) Framework for writing test tools that all work together.
Test2::API(3perl) Primary interface for writing Test2 based testing tools.
Test2::API(3pm) Primary interface for writing Test2 based testing tools.
Test2::API::Breakage(3perl) What breaks at what version.
Test2::API::Breakage(3pm) What breaks at what version.
Test2::API::Context(3perl) Object to represent a testing context.
Test2::API::Context(3pm) Object to represent a testing context.
Test2::API::Instance(3perl) Object used by Test2::API under the hood.
Test2::API::Instance(3pm) Object used by Test2::API under the hood.
Test2::API::Stack(3perl) Object to manage a stack of Test2::Hub instances.
Test2::API::Stack(3pm) Object to manage a stack of Test2::Hub instances.
Test2::AsyncSubtest(3pm) Object representing an async subtest.
Test2::AsyncSubtest::Event::Attach(3pm) Event to attach a subtest to the parent.
Test2::AsyncSubtest::Event::Detach(3pm) Event to detach a subtest from the parent.
Test2::AsyncSubtest::Hub(3pm) Hub used by async subtests.
Test2::Bundle(3pm) Documentation for bundles.
Test2::Bundle::Extended(3pm) Old name for Test2::V0.
Test2::Bundle::More(3pm) ALMOST a drop-in replacement for Test::More.
Test2::Bundle::Simple(3pm) ALMOST a drop-in replacement for Test::Simple.
Test2::Compare(3pm) Test2 extension for writing deep comparison tools.
Test2::Compare::Array(3pm) Internal representation of an array comparison.
Test2::Compare::Bag(3pm) Internal representation of a bag comparison.
Test2::Compare::Base(3pm) Base class for comparison classes.
Test2::Compare::Bool(3pm) Compare two values as booleans.
Test2::Compare::Custom(3pm) Custom field check for comparisons.
Test2::Compare::DeepRef(3pm) Ref comparison.
Test2::Compare::Delta(3pm) Representation of differences between nested data structures.
Test2::Compare::Event(3pm) Event specific Object subclass.
Test2::Compare::EventMeta(3pm) Meta class for events in deep comparisons.
Test2::Compare::Float(3pm) Compare two values as numbers with tolerance.
Test2::Compare::Hash(3pm) Representation of a hash in a deep comparison.
Test2::Compare::Meta(3pm) Check library for meta-checks.
Test2::Compare::Negatable(3pm) Poor mans 'role' for compare objects that can be negated.
Test2::Compare::Number(3pm) Compare two values as numbers.
Test2::Compare::Object(3pm) Representation of an object during deep comparison.
Test2::Compare::OrderedSubset(3pm) Internal representation of an ordered subset.
Test2::Compare::Pattern(3pm) Use a pattern to validate values in a deep comparison.
Test2::Compare::Ref(3pm) Ref comparison.
Test2::Compare::Regex(3pm) Regex direct comparison.
Test2::Compare::Scalar(3pm) Representation of a Scalar Ref in deep comparisons.
Test2::Compare::Set(3pm) Allows a field to be matched against a set of checks.
Test2::Compare::String(3pm) Compare two values as strings.
Test2::Compare::Undef(3pm) Check that something is undefined.
Test2::Compare::Wildcard(3pm) Placeholder check.
Test2::Event(3perl) Base class for events.
Test2::Event(3pm) Base class for events.
Test2::Event::Bail(3perl) Bailout!.
Test2::Event::Bail(3pm) Bailout!.
Test2::Event::Diag(3perl) Diag event type.
Test2::Event::Diag(3pm) Diag event type.
Test2::Event::Encoding(3perl) Set the encoding for the output stream.
Test2::Event::Encoding(3pm) Set the encoding for the output stream.
Test2::Event::Exception(3perl) Exception event.
Test2::Event::Exception(3pm) Exception event.
Test2::Event::Fail(3pm) Event for a simple failed assertion.
Test2::Event::Generic(3perl) Generic event type.
Test2::Event::Generic(3pm) Generic event type.
Test2::Event::Info(3perl) Info event base class.
Test2::Event::Note(3perl) Note event type.
Test2::Event::Note(3pm) Note event type.
Test2::Event::Ok(3perl) Ok event type.
Test2::Event::Ok(3pm) Ok event type.
Test2::Event::Pass(3pm) Event for a simple passing assertion.
Test2::Event::Plan(3perl) The event of a plan.
Test2::Event::Plan(3pm) The event of a plan.
Test2::Event::Skip(3perl) Skip event type.
Test2::Event::Skip(3pm) Skip event type.
Test2::Event::Subtest(3perl) Event for subtest types.
Test2::Event::Subtest(3pm) Event for subtest types.
Test2::Event::TAP::Version(3perl) Event for TAP version.
Test2::Event::TAP::Version(3pm) Event for TAP version.
Test2::Event::Waiting(3perl) Tell all procs/threads it is time to be done.
Test2::Event::Waiting(3pm) Tell all procs/threads it is time to be done.
Test2::Event::Warning(3pm) A Test2 event for warnings.
Test2::EventFacet(3pm) Base class for all event facets.
Test2::EventFacet::About(3pm) Facet with event details.
Test2::EventFacet::Amnesty(3pm) Facet for assertion amnesty.
Test2::EventFacet::Assert(3pm) Facet representing an assertion.
Test2::EventFacet::Control(3pm) Facet for hub actions and behaviors.
Test2::EventFacet::Error(3pm) Facet for errors that need to be shown.
Test2::EventFacet::Info(3pm) Facet for information a developer might care about.
Test2::EventFacet::Meta(3pm) Facet for meta-data.
Test2::EventFacet::Parent(3pm) Base class for all event facets.
Test2::EventFacet::Plan(3pm) Facet for setting the plan.
Test2::EventFacet::Render(3pm) Facet that dictates how to render an event.
Test2::EventFacet::Trace(3pm) Debug information for events.
Test2::Formatter(3perl) Namespace for formatters.
Test2::Formatter(3pm) Namespace for formatters.
Test2::Formatter::TAP(3perl) Standard TAP formatter.
Test2::Formatter::TAP(3pm) Standard TAP formatter.
Test2::Hub(3perl) The conduit through which all events flow.
Test2::Hub(3pm) The conduit through which all events flow.
Test2::Hub::Interceptor(3perl) Hub used by interceptor to grab results.
Test2::Hub::Interceptor(3pm) Hub used by interceptor to grab results.
Test2::Hub::Interceptor::Terminator(3perl) Exception class used by Test2::Hub::Interceptor.
Test2::Hub::Interceptor::Terminator(3pm) Exception class used by Test2::Hub::Interceptor.
Test2::Hub::Subtest(3perl) Hub used by subtests.
Test2::Hub::Subtest(3pm) Hub used by subtests.
Test2::IPC(3perl) Turn on IPC for threading or forking support.
Test2::IPC(3pm) Turn on IPC for threading or forking support.
Test2::IPC::Driver(3perl) Base class for Test2 IPC drivers.
Test2::IPC::Driver(3pm) Base class for Test2 IPC drivers.
Test2::IPC::Driver::Files(3perl) Temp dir + Files concurrency model.
Test2::IPC::Driver::Files(3pm) Temp dir + Files concurrency model.
Test2::Manual(3pm) Documentation hub for Test2 and Test2-Suite.
Test2::Manual::Anatomy(3pm) The hub for documentation of the inner workings of Test2 components.
Test2::Manual::Anatomy::Context(3pm) Internals documentation for the Context objects.
Test2::Manual::Anatomy::EndToEnd(3pm) Overview of Test2 from load to finish.
Test2::Manual::Anatomy::Event(3pm) The internals of events.
Test2::Manual::Concurrency(3pm) Documentation for Concurrency support.
Test2::Manual::Contributing(3pm) How to contribute to the Test2 project.
Test2::Manual::Testing(3pm) Hub for documentation about writing tests with Test2.
Test2::Manual::Testing::Introduction(3pm) Introduction to testing with Test2.
Test2::Manual::Testing::Migrating(3pm) How to migrate existing tests from Test::More to Test2.
Test2::Manual::Testing::Planning(3pm) The many ways to set a plan.
Test2::Manual::Testing::Todo(3pm) Tutorial for marking tests as TODO.
Test2::Manual::Tooling(3pm) Manual page for tool authors.
Test2::Manual::Tooling::FirstTool(3pm) Write your first tool with Test2.
Test2::Manual::Tooling::Nesting(3pm) Tutorial for using other tools within your own.
Test2::Manual::Tooling::Subtest(3pm) How to implement a tool that makes use of subtests.
Test2::Manual::Tooling::Testing(3pm) Tutorial on how to test your testing tools.
Test2::Mock(3pm) Module for managing mocked classes and instances.
Test2::Plugin(3pm) Documentation for plugins.
Test2::Plugin::BailOnFail(3pm) Automatically bail out of testing on the first test failure.
Test2::Plugin::DieOnFail(3pm) Automatically die on the first test failure.
Test2::Plugin::ExitSummary(3pm) Add extra diagnostics on failure at the end of the test.
Test2::Plugin::NoWarnings(3pm) Fail if tests warn.
Test2::Plugin::SRand(3pm) Control the random seed for more controlled test environments.
Test2::Plugin::Times(3pm) Output timing data at the end of the test.
Test2::Plugin::UTF8(3pm) Test2 plugin to test with utf8.
Test2::Require(3pm) Base class and documentation for skip-unless type test packages.
Test2::Require::AuthorTesting(3pm) Only run a test when the AUTHOR_TESTING environment variable is set.
Test2::Require::EnvVar(3pm) Only run a test when a specific environment variable is set.
Test2::Require::Fork(3pm) Skip a test file unless the system supports forking.
Test2::Require::Module(3pm) Skip tests if certain packages are not installed, or insufficient versions.
Test2::Require::Perl(3pm) Skip the test unless the necessary version of Perl is installed.
Test2::Require::RealFork(3pm) Skip a test file unless the system supports true forking.
Test2::Require::Threads(3pm) Skip a test file unless the system supports threading.
Test2::Suite(3pm) Distribution with a rich set of tools built upon the Test2 framework.
Test2::Todo(3pm) TODO extension for Test2.
Test2::Tools(3pm) Documentation for Tools.
Test2::Tools::AsyncSubtest(3pm) Tools for writing async subtests.
Test2::Tools::Basic(3pm) Test2 implementation of the basic testing tools.
Test2::Tools::Class(3pm) Test2 implementation of the tools for testing classes.
Test2::Tools::ClassicCompare(3pm) Classic (Test::More style) comparison tools.
Test2::Tools::Compare(3pm) Tools for comparing deep data structures.
Test2::Tools::Defer(3pm) Write tests that get executed at a later time.
Test2::Tools::Encoding(3pm) Tools for managing the encoding of Test2 based tests.
Test2::Tools::Event(3pm) Tools for generating test events.
Test2::Tools::Exception(3pm) Test2 based tools for checking exceptions.
Test2::Tools::Exports(3pm) Tools for validating exporters.
Test2::Tools::GenTemp(3pm) Tool for generating a populated temp directory.
Test2::Tools::Grab(3pm) Temporarily intercept all events without adding a scope level.
Test2::Tools::Mock(3pm) Class/Instance mocking for Test2.
Test2::Tools::Ref(3pm) Tools for validating references.
Test2::Tools::Spec(3pm) RSPEC implementation on top of Test2::Workflow.
Test2::Tools::Subtest(3pm) Tools for writing subtests.
Test2::Tools::Target(3pm) Alias the testing target package.
Test2::Tools::Tester(3pm) Tools to help you test other testing tools.
Test2::Tools::Tiny(3perl) Tiny set of tools for unfortunate souls who cannot use Test2::Suite.
Test2::Tools::Tiny(3pm) Tiny set of tools for unfortunate souls who cannot use Test2::Suite.
Test2::Tools::Warnings(3pm) Tools to verify warnings.
Test2::Transition(3perl) Transition notes when upgrading to Test2.
Test2::Transition(3pm) Transition notes when upgrading to Test2.
Test2::Util(3perl) Tools used by Test2 and friends.
Test2::Util(3pm) Tools used by Test2 and friends.
Test2::Util::ExternalMeta(3perl) Allow third party tools to safely attach meta-data to your instances.
Test2::Util::ExternalMeta(3pm) Allow third party tools to safely attach meta-data to your instances.
Test2::Util::Grabber(3pm) Object used to temporarily intercept all events.
Test2::Util::HashBase(3perl) Build hash based classes.
Test2::Util::HashBase(3pm) Build hash based classes.
Test2::Util::Ref(3pm) Tools for inspecting or manipulating references.
Test2::Util::Stash(3pm) Utilities for manipulating stashes and globs.
Test2::Util::Sub(3pm) Tools for inspecting and manipulating subs.
Test2::Util::Table(3pm) Format a header and rows into a table.
Test2::Util::Table::LineBreak(3pm) Break up lines for use in tables.
Test2::Util::Times(3pm) Format timing/benchmark information.
Test2::Util::Trace(3perl) Debug information for events.
Test2::Util::Trace(3pm) Legacy wrapper fro Test2::EventFacet::Trace.
Test2::V0(3pm) 0Th edition of the Test2 recommended bundle.
Test2::Workflow(3pm) A test workflow is a way of structuring tests using composable units.
Test2::Workflow::BlockBase(3pm) Base class for all workflow blocks.
Test2::Workflow::Build(3pm) Represents a build in progress.
Test2::Workflow::Runner(3pm) Runs the workflows.
Test2::Workflow::Task(3pm) Encapsulation of a Task.
Test2::Workflow::Task::Action(3pm) Encapsulation of an action.
Test2::Workflow::Task::Group(3pm) Encapsulation of a group (describe).
Test::Abortable(3pm) Subtests that you can die your way out of ... but survive.
Test::API(3pm) Test a list of subroutines provided by a module.
Test::Assertions(3pm) A simple set of building blocks for both unit and runtime testing.
Test::Assertions::Manual(3pm) A guide to using Test::Assertions.
Test::Assertions::TestScript(3pm) Base for test scripts.
Test::Attean::Store::LDF::Role::CreateStore(3pm) Create a LDF store for tests.
Test::Attean::Store::SPARQL::Role::CreateStore(3pm) Create a SPARQL store for tests.
Test::AutoLoader(3pm) A testing utility for autosplit/autoloaded modules.
Test::Base(3pm) A Data Driven Testing Framework.
Test::Base::Filter(3pm) Default Filter Class for Test::Base.
Test::BDD::Cucumber(3pm) Feature-complete Cucumber-style testing in Perl.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Errors(3pm) Consistently formatted errors.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Executor(3pm) Run through Feature and Harness objects.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Extension(3pm) Abstract superclass for extensions.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness(3pm) Base class for creating harnesses.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::Data(3pm) Builds up an internal data representation of test passes / failures.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::JSON(3pm) Generate results to JSON file.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::TermColor(3pm) Prints colorized text to the screen.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Harness::TestBuilder(3pm) Pipes step output via Test::Builder.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::I18n(3pm) Internationalization.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::I18N::Data(3pm) Cucumber language definitions.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Loader(3pm) Simplify loading of Step Definition and feature files.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Manual::Architecture(3pm) Structural Overview.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Manual::Integration(3pm) Test suite integration options.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Manual::Steps(3pm) How to write Step Definitions.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Manual::Tutorial(3pm) Quick Start Guide.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::Document(3pm) Model to represent a feature file on disk or in memory.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::Feature(3pm) Model to represent a feature file, parsed.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::Line(3pm) Model to represent a line in a feature file.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::Result(3pm) Encapsulates a result state.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::Scenario(3pm) Model to represent a scenario.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::Step(3pm) Model to represent a step in a scenario.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Model::TagSpec(3pm) Encapsulates tag selectors.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Parser(3pm) Parse Feature files.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::StepContext(3pm) Data made available to step definitions.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::StepFile(3pm) Functions for creating and loading Step Definitions.
Test::BDD::Cucumber::Util(3pm) Some functions used throughout the code.
Test::BDD::README(3pm) Feature-complete Cucumber-style testing in Perl.
Test::Block(3pm) DEPRECIATED: Specify fine granularity test plans.
Test::Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable(3pm) Utilities to aid in testing of Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable modules.
Test::Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Store(3pm) Basics tests for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable storage classes.
Test::Builder(3perl) Backend for building test libraries.
Test::Builder(3pm) Backend for building test libraries.
Test::Builder::Formatter(3perl) Test::Builder subclass of Test2::Formatter::TAP.
Test::Builder::Formatter(3pm) Test::Builder subclass of Test2::Formatter::TAP.
Test::Builder::IO::Scalar(3perl) A copy of IO::Scalar for Test::Builder.
Test::Builder::IO::Scalar(3pm) A copy of IO::Scalar for Test::Builder.
Test::Builder::Module(3perl) Base class for test modules.
Test::Builder::Module(3pm) Base class for test modules.
Test::Builder::Tester(3perl) Test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder.
Test::Builder::Tester(3pm) Test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder.
Test::Builder::Tester::Color(3perl) Turn on colour in Test::Builder::Tester.
Test::Builder::Tester::Color(3pm) Turn on colour in Test::Builder::Tester.
Test::Builder::TodoDiag(3perl) Test::Builder subclass of Test2::Event::Diag.
Test::Builder::TodoDiag(3pm) Test::Builder subclass of Test2::Event::Diag.
Test::Carp(3pm) Test your code for calls to Carp functions.
Test::CheckDeps(3pm) Check for presence of dependencies.
Test::CheckManifest(3pm) Check if your Manifest matches your distro.
Test::Class(3pm) Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style.
Test::Class::Load(3pm) Load "Test::Class" classes automatically.
Test::Class::MethodInfo(3pm) The info associated with a test method.
Test::Class::Most(3pm) Test Classes the easy way.
Test::ClassAPI(3pm) Provides basic first-pass API testing for large class trees.
Test::CleanNamespaces(3pm) Check for uncleaned imports.
Test::Cmd(3pm) Perl module for portable testing of commands and scripts.
Test::Cmd::Common(3pm) Module for common Test::Cmd error handling.
Test::Code::TidyAll(3pm) Check that all your files are tidy and valid according to tidyall.
Test::Command(3pm) Test routines for external commands.
Test::Command::Simple(3pm) Test external commands (nearly) as easily as loaded modules.
Test::Compile(3pm) Check whether Perl files compile correctly.
Test::Compile::Internal(3pm) Test whether your perl files compile.
Test::ConsistentVersion(3pm) Ensures a CPAN distribution has consistent versioning.
Test::Corpus::Audio::MPD(3pm) Automate launching of fake mdp for testing purposes.
Test::CPAN::Changes(3pm) Validation of the Changes file in a CPAN distribution.
Test::CPAN::Meta(3pm) Validate your CPAN META.yml files.
Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON(3pm) Validate a META.json file within a CPAN distribution.
Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON::Version(3pm) Validate CPAN META data against the specification.
Test::CPAN::Meta::Version(3pm) Validate CPAN META data against the specification.
Test::CPAN::Meta::YAML(3pm) Validate a META.yml file within a CPAN distribution.
Test::CPAN::Meta::YAML::Version(3pm) Validate CPAN META data against the specification.
Test::Cukes(3pm) A BBD test tool inspired by Cucumber.
Test::Database(3pm) Database handles ready for testing.
Test::Database::Driver(3pm) Base class for Test::Database drivers.
Test::Database::Driver::CSV(3pm) A Test::Database driver for CSV.
Test::Database::Driver::DBM(3pm) A Test::Database driver for DBM.
Test::Database::Driver::mysql(3pm) A Test::Database driver for mysql.
Test::Database::Driver::Pg(3pm) A Test::Database driver for Pg.
Test::Database::Driver::SQLite(3pm) A Test::Database driver for SQLite.
Test::Database::Driver::SQLite2(3pm) A Test::Database driver for SQLite2.
Test::Database::Handle(3pm) A class for Test::Database handles.
Test::Database::Tutorial(3pm) How to use Test::Database.
Test::Database::Util(3pm) Utility functions for Test::Database modules.
Test::DatabaseRow(3pm) Simple database tests.
Test::DatabaseRow::Object(3pm) Examine database rows.
Test::DatabaseRow::Result(3pm) Represent the result of some db testing.
Test::Debian(3pm) Some tests for debian system.
Test::Deep(3pm) Extremely flexible deep comparison.
Test::Deep::Fuzzy(3pm) Fuzzy number comparison with Test::Deep.
Test::Deep::JSON(3pm) Compare JSON with Test::Deep.
Test::Deep::NoTest(3pm) Use Test::Deep outside of the testing framework.
Test::Deep::Type(3pm) A Test::Deep plugin for validating type constraints.
Test::Deep::UnorderedPairs(3pm) A Test::Deep plugin for comparing an unordered list of tuples.
Test::Dependencies(3pm) Ensure that the dependency listing is complete.
Test::Dependencies::Heavy(3pm) Heavy style for checking for dependencies.
Test::Dependencies::Light(3pm) Light style for checking for dependencies.
Test::Differences(3pm) Test strings and data structures and show differences if not ok.
Test::Dir(3pm) Test directory attributes.
Test::Dir::Base(3pm) Support functions for Test::Dir and Test::Folder.
Test::DistManifest(3pm) Author test that validates a package MANIFEST.
Test::Distribution(3pm) Perform tests on all modules of a distribution.
Test::DZil(3pm) Tools for testing Dist::Zilla plugins.
Test::Effects(3pm) Test all effects at once (return value, I/O, warnings, exceptions, etc.).
Test::Effects::ONLY(3pm) Lexically set Test::Effects verbosity.
Test::Effects::TIME(3pm) Lexically set Test::Effects timing option.
Test::Effects::VERBOSE(3pm) Lexically set Test::Effects verbosity.
Test::Email(3pm) Test Email Contents.
Test::EOL(3pm) Check the correct line endings in your project.
Test::Excel::Template::Plus(3pm) Testing module for use with Excel::Template::Plus.
Test::Exception(3pm) Test exception-based code.
Test::Exception::LessClever(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Test::Exception simplified.
Test::Exit(3pm) Test that some code calls exit() without terminating testing.
Test::Expect(3pm) Automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs.
Test::FailWarnings(3pm) Add test failures if warnings are caught.
Test::Fake::HTTPD(3pm) A fake HTTP server.
Test::Fake::README(3pm) A fake HTTP server.
Test::Fatal(3pm) Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions.
Test::File::ShareDir(3pm) Create a Fake ShareDir for your modules for testing.
Test::File::ShareDir::Dist(3pm) Simplified dist oriented ShareDir tester.
Test::File::ShareDir::Module(3pm) Simplified module oriented ShareDir tester.
Test::File::ShareDir::Object::Dist(3pm) Object Oriented ShareDir creation for distributions.
Test::File::ShareDir::Object::Inc(3pm) Shared tempdir object code to inject into @INC.
Test::File::ShareDir::Object::Module(3pm) Object Oriented ShareDir creation for modules.
Test::File::ShareDir::TempDirObject(3pm) Internal Object to make code simpler.
Test::File::ShareDir::Utils(3pm) Simple utilities for File::ShareDir testing.
Test::Filename(3pm) Portable filename comparison.
Test::Files(3pm) A Test::Builder based module to ease testing with files and dirs.
Test::Fixme(3pm) Check code for FIXMEs.
Test::Folder(3pm) Test folder attributes.
Test::Fork(3pm) Test code which forks.
Test::Future(3pm) Unit test assertions for Future instances.
Test::Git(3pm) Helper functions for test scripts using Git.
Test::HACKING(3pm) Contributing to TAP::Harness.
Test::Harness(3perl) Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics.
Test::Harness(3pm) Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics.
Test::HasVersion(3pm) Check Perl modules have version numbers.
Test::HTML::Content(3pm) Perl extension for testing HTML output.
Test::HTML::Content::NoXPath(3pm) HTML::TokeParser fallback for Test::HTML::Content.
Test::HTML::Content::XPathExtensions(3pm) Perlish XPath extensions.
Test::HTML::Lint(3pm) Test::More-style wrapper around HTML::Lint.
Test::HTML::W3C(3pm) Perform W3C HTML validation testing.
Test::HTTP::Server::Simple(3pm) Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple.
Test::HTTP::Server::Simple::StashWarnings(3pm) Catch your forked server's warnings.
Test::Identity(3pm) Assert the referential identity of a reference.
Test::If(3pm) Test only if ...
Test::Image::GD(3pm) A module for testing images using GD.
Test::InDistDir(3pm) Test environment setup for development with IDE.
Test::Inline(3pm) Embed your tests in your code, next to what is being tested.
Test::Inline::Content(3pm) Test::Inline 2 Content Handlers.
Test::Inline::Content::Default(3pm) Test::Inline 2 fallback/default Content Handler.
Test::Inline::Content::Legacy(3pm) Test::Inline 2 Content Handler for legacy functions.
Test::Inline::Content::Simple(3pm) Simple templating Content Handler.
Test::Inline::Extract(3pm) Extract relevant Pod sections from source code.
Test::Inline::IO::File(3pm) Test::Inline Local Filesystem IO Handler.
Test::Inline::Script(3pm) Generate the test file for a single source file.
Test::Inline::Section(3pm) Implements a section of tests.
Test::Inter(3pm) Framework for more readable interactive test scripts.
Test::Is(3pm) Skip test in a declarative way, following the Lancaster Consensus.
Test::JSON(3pm) Test JSON data.
Test::Kwalitee(3pm) Test the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it.
Test::LeakTrace(3pm) Traces memory leaks.
Test::LectroTest(3pm) Easy, automatic, specification-based tests.
Test::LectroTest::Compat(3pm) Use LectroTest property checks in a Test::Simple world.
Test::LectroTest::FailureRecorder(3pm) Records/plays failures for regression testing.
Test::LectroTest::Generator(3pm) Random value generators and combinators.
Test::LectroTest::Property(3pm) Properties that make testable claims about your software.
Test::LectroTest::RegressionTesting(3pm) How to do regression testing (for free!).
Test::LectroTest::TestRunner(3pm) Configurable TAP-compatible engine for running LectroTest property checks.
Test::LectroTest::Tutorial(3pm) How to use LectroTest to test your software.
Test::Log4perl(3pm) Test log4perl.
Test::Log::Log4perl(3pm) Test log4perl.
Test::LongString(3pm) Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures.
Test::LWP::UserAgent(3pm) A LWP::UserAgent suitable for simulating and testing network calls.
Test::Manifest(3pm) Interact with a t/test_manifest file.
Test::Memory::Cycle(3pm) Check for memory leaks and circular memory references.
Test::MinimumVersion(3pm) Does your code require newer perl than you think?.
Test::Mock::Guard(3pm) Simple mock test library using RAII.
Test::Mock::HTTP::Request(3pm) Mocks HTTP::Request.
Test::Mock::HTTP::Response(3pm) Mocks HTTP::Response.
Test::Mock::LWP(3pm) Easy mocking of LWP packages.
Test::Mock::LWP::UserAgent(3pm) Mocks LWP::UserAgent.
Test::Mock::Redis(3pm) Use in place of Redis for unit testing.
Test::Mock::Time(3pm) Deterministic time & timers for event loop tests.
Test::MockDBI(3pm) Mocked DBI interface for testing purposes.
Test::MockModule(3pm) Override subroutines in a module for unit testing.
Test::MockObject(3pm) Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces.
Test::MockObject::Extends(3pm) Mock part of an object or class.
Test::MockRandom(3pm) Replaces random number generation with non-random number generation.
Test::MockTime(3pm) Replaces actual time with simulated time.
Test::Modern(3pm) Precision testing for modern perl.
Test::Module::Used(3pm) Test required module is really used and vice versa between lib/t and META.yml.
Test::Mojibake(3pm) Check your source for encoding misbehavior.
Test::Mojo(3pm) Testing Mojo.
Test::Moose(3pm) Test functions for Moose specific features.
Test::Moose::More(3pm) More tools for testing Moose packages.
Test::Moose::More::Utils(3pm) Various utility functions for TMM (and maybe others!).
Test::MooseX::Daemonize(3pm) Tool to help test MooseX::Daemonize applications.
Test::More(3perl) Yet another framework for writing test scripts.
Test::More(3pm) Yet another framework for writing test scripts.
Test::Most(3pm) Most commonly needed test functions and features.
Test::Most::Exception(3pm) Internal exception class.
Test::Mouse(3pm) Test functions for Mouse specific features.
Test::Name::FromLine(3pm) Auto fill test names from caller line.
Test::Needs(3pm) Skip tests when modules not available.
Test::NeedsDisplay(3pm) Ensure that tests needing a display have one.
Test::Net::LDAP(3pm) A Net::LDAP subclass for testing.
Test::Net::LDAP::Mock(3pm) A mock LDAP client with simulated search in memory.
Test::Net::LDAP::Util(3pm) Testing utilities for Test::Net::LDAP.
Test::NoBreakpoints(3pm) Test that files do not contain soft breakpoints.
Test::NoTabs(3pm) Check the presence of tabs in your project.
Test::NoWarnings(3pm) Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing.
Test::Number::Delta(3pm) Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance.
Test::Object(3pm) Thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers.
Test::Output(3pm) Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages.
Test::Path::Router(3pm) A testing module for testing routes.
Test::Perl::Critic(3pm) Use Perl::Critic in test programs.
Test::Perl::Critic::Policy(3pm) A framework for testing your custom Policies.
Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive(3pm) Gradually enforce coding standards.
Test::Pod(3pm) Check for POD errors in files.
Test::Pod::Content(3pm) Test a Pod's content.
Test::Pod::Coverage(3pm) Check for pod coverage in your distribution.
Test::Pod::No404s(3pm) Using this test module will check your POD for any http 404 links.
Test::POE::Client::TCP(3pm) A POE Component providing TCP client services for test cases.
Test::POE::Server::TCP(3pm) A POE Component providing TCP server services for test cases.
Test::POP3(3pm) Automate Email Delivery Tests.
Test::Portability::Files(3pm) Check file names portability.
Test::PostgreSQL(3pm) PostgreSQL runner for tests.
Test::Prereq(3pm) Check if Makefile.PL has the right pre-requisites.
Test::Prereq::Build(3pm) Test prerequisites in Module::Build scripts.
Test::RDF(3pm) Test RDF data for content, validity and equality, etc.
Test::RDF::DOAP::Version(3pm) Tests 'meta/changes.ttl' is up to date.
Test::RDF::Trine::Store(3pm) A collection of functions to test RDF::Trine::Stores.
Test::RedisServer(3pm) Redis-server runner for tests.
Test::Refcount(3pm) Assert reference counts on objects.
Test::Regexp(3pm) Test your regular expressions.
Test::Regression(3pm) Test library that can be run in two modes; one to generate outputs and a second to compare.
Test::Reporter(3pm) Sends test results to
Test::Reporter::Transport(3pm) Base class for Test::Reporter transports.
Test::Reporter::Transport::File(3pm) File transport for Test::Reporter.
Test::Reporter::Transport::Null(3pm) Null transport for Test::Reporter.
Test::Requires(3pm) Checks to see if the module can be loaded.
Test::Requires::Git(3pm) Check your test requirements against the available version of Git.
Test::RequiresInternet(3pm) Easily test network connectivity.
Test::Roo(3pm) Composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo.
Test::Roo::Class(3pm) Base class for Test::Roo test classes.
Test::Roo::Cookbook(3pm) Test::Roo examples.
Test::Roo::Role(3pm) Composable role for Test::Roo.
Test::Routine(3pm) Composable units of assertion.
Test::Routine::Common(3pm) A role composed by all Test::Routine roles.
Test::Routine::Compositor(3pm) The tool for turning test routines into runnable classes.
Test::Routine::Manual::Demo(3pm) A walkthrough, in code, of Test::Routine.
Test::Routine::Runner(3pm) Tools for running Test::Routine tests.
Test::Routine::Test(3pm) A test method in a Test::Routine role.
Test::Routine::Test::Role(3pm) Role providing test attributes.
Test::Routine::Util(3pm) Helpful exports for dealing with test routines.
Test::Script(3pm) Basic cross-platform tests for scripts.
Test::Script::Run(3pm) Test scripts with run.
Test::SharedFork(3pm) Fork test.
Test::Signature(3pm) Automated SIGNATURE testing.
Test::Simple(3perl) Basic utilities for writing tests.
Test::Simple(3pm) Basic utilities for writing tests.
Test::Spec(3pm) Write tests in a declarative specification style.
Test::Spec::Mocks(3pm) Object Simulation Plugin for Test::Spec.
Test::Specio(3pm) Test helpers for Specio.
Test::Spelling(3pm) Check for spelling errors in POD files.
Test::SQL::Translator(3pm) Test::More test functions for the Schema objects.
Test::Strict(3pm) Check syntax, presence of use strict; and test coverage.
Test::SubCalls(3pm) Track the number of times subs are called.
Test::Synopsis(3pm) Test your SYNOPSIS code.
Test::TableDriven(3pm) Write tests, not scripts that run them.
Test::Tabs(3pm) Check the presence of tabs in your project.
Test::Taint(3pm) Tools to test taintedness.
Test::TCP(3pm) Testing TCP program.
Test::TCP::CheckPort(3pm) Check if a port is open from command line.
Test::TempDir(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Temporary files support for testing.
Test::TempDir::Factory(3pm) A factory for creating Test::TempDir::Handle objects.
Test::TempDir::Handle(3pm) A handle for managing a temporary directory root.
Test::TempDir::Tiny(3pm) Temporary directories that stick around when tests fail.
Test::Tester(3perl) Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder.
Test::Tester(3pm) Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder.
Test::Tester::Capture(3perl) Help testing test modules built with Test::Builder.
Test::Tester::Capture(3pm) Help testing test modules built with Test::Builder.
Test::Tester::CaptureRunner(3perl) Help testing test modules built with Test::Builder.
Test::Tester::CaptureRunner(3pm) Help testing test modules built with Test::Builder.
Test::Time(3pm) Overrides the time() and sleep() core functions for testing.
Test::Timer(3pm) Test module to test/assert response times.
Test::Timer::TimeoutException(3pm) Exception class for Test::Timer.
Test::Tolerant(3pm) Test routines for testing numbers against tolerances.
Test::Trap(3pm) Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc.
Test::Trap::Builder(3pm) Backend for building test traps.
Test::Trap::Builder::PerlIO(3pm) Capture strategy using PerlIO::scalar.
Test::Trap::Builder::SystemSafe(3pm) "Safe" capture strategies using File::Temp.
Test::Trap::Builder::TempFile(3pm) Capture strategies using File::Temp.
Test::Tutorial(3perl) A tutorial about writing really basic tests.
Test::Tutorial(3pm) A tutorial about writing really basic tests.
Test::TypeTiny(3pm) Useful functions for testing the efficacy of type constraints.
Test::Unit(3pm) The PerlUnit testing framework.
Test::Unit::Assert(3pm) Unit testing framework assertion class.
Test::Unit::Assertion(3pm) The abstract base class for assertions.
Test::Unit::Assertion::Boolean(3pm) A boolean assertion.
Test::Unit::Assertion::CodeRef(3pm) A delayed evaluation assertion using a Coderef.
Test::Unit::Assertion::Exception(3pm) A assertion for raised exceptions.
Test::Unit::Assertion::Regexp(3pm) Assertion with regex matching.
Test::Unit::Debug(3pm) Framework debugging control.
Test::Unit::Decorator(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Error(3pm) Unit testing framework exception class.
Test::Unit::Exception(3pm) Unit testing framework exception class.
Test::Unit::Failure(3pm) Unit testing framework exception class.
Test::Unit::HarnessUnit(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Listener(3pm) Unit testing framework abstract base class.
Test::Unit::Loader(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Procedural(3pm) Procedural style unit testing interface.
Test::Unit::Result(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Runner(3pm) Abstract base class for test runners.
Test::Unit::Runner::Terminal(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Setup(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Test(3pm) Unit testing framework abstract base class.
Test::Unit::TestCase(3pm) Unit testing framework base class.
Test::Unit::TestRunner(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::TestSuite(3pm) Unit testing framework base class.
Test::Unit::TkTestRunner(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Tutorial(3pm) Tutorial on unit testing.
Test::Unit::UnitHarness(3pm) Unit testing framework helper class.
Test::Unit::Warning(3pm) Helper TestCase for adding warnings to a suite.
Test::UNIXSock(3pm) Testing UNIX domain socket program.
Test::use::ok(3perl) Alternative to Test::More::use_ok.
Test::use::ok(3pm) Alternative to Test::More::use_ok.
Test::UseAllModules(3pm) Do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules.
Test::utf8(3pm) Handy utf8 tests.
Test::Valgrind(3pm) Generate suppressions, analyse and test any command with valgrind.
Test::Valgrind::Action(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind actions.
Test::Valgrind::Action::Captor(3pm) Mock Test::Valgrind::Action for capturing output.
Test::Valgrind::Action::Suppressions(3pm) Generate suppressions for a given tool.
Test::Valgrind::Action::Test(3pm) Test that an analysis didn't generate any error report.
Test::Valgrind::Carp(3pm) Carp-like private methods for Test::Valgrind objects.
Test::Valgrind::Command(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind commands.
Test::Valgrind::Command::Aggregate(3pm) A Test::Valgrind command that aggregates several other commands.
Test::Valgrind::Command::Perl(3pm) A Test::Valgrind command that invokes perl.
Test::Valgrind::Command::PerlScript(3pm) A Test::Valgrind command that invokes a perl script.
Test::Valgrind::Component(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind components.
Test::Valgrind::Parser(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind parsers.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::Suppressions::Text(3pm) Parse valgrind suppressions output as text blocks.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::Text(3pm) Parse valgrind output as a text stream.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::XML(3pm) Parse valgrind output as an XML stream.
Test::Valgrind::Parser::XML::Twig(3pm) Parse valgrind XML output with XML::Twig.
Test::Valgrind::Report(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind error reports.
Test::Valgrind::Session(3pm) Test::Valgrind session object.
Test::Valgrind::Suppressions(3pm) Generate suppressions for given tool and command.
Test::Valgrind::Tool(3pm) Base class for Test::Valgrind tools.
Test::Valgrind::Tool::memcheck(3pm) Run an analysis through the memcheck tool.
Test::Valgrind::Util(3pm) Utility routines for Test::Valgrind.
Test::Valgrind::Version(3pm) Object class for valgrind versions.
Test::Version(3pm) Check to see that version's in modules are sane.
Test::Warn(3pm) Perl extension to test methods for warnings.
Test::Warnings(3pm) Test for warnings and the lack of them.
Test::Weaken(3pm) Test that freed memory objects were, indeed, freed.
Test::Without::Module(3pm) Test fallback behaviour in absence of modules.
Test::Workflow(3pm) Provide test grouping, reusability, and structuring such as RSPEC and cases.
Test::Workflow::Block(3pm) Track information about test blocks.
Test::Workflow::Layer(3pm) Used to track per-encapsulation meta-data.
Test::Workflow::Meta(3pm) The meta-object added to all Test-Workflow test classes.
Test::Workflow::Test(3pm) A test block wrapped with setup/teardown methods, ready to be run.
Test::WWW::Declare(3pm) Declarative testing for your web app.
Test::WWW::Mechanize(3pm) Testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass.
Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst(3pm) Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst.
Test::WWW::Mechanize::CGIApp(3pm) Test::WWW::Mechanize for CGI::Application.
Test::WWW::Mechanize::Mojo(3pm) Test::WWW::Mechanize for Mojo / Mojolicious.
Test::WWW::Mechanize::PSGI(3pm) Test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize.
Test::WWW::Selenium(3pm) Test applications using Selenium Remote Control.
Test::XML(3pm) Compare XML in perl tests.
Test::XML::SAX(3pm) Test XML::SAX handlers.
Test::XML::Simple(3pm) Easy testing for XML.
Test::XML::Twig(3pm) Test XML::Twig handlers.
Test::XML::XPath(3pm) Test XPath assertions.
Test::YAML(3pm) Testing Module for YAML Implementations.
Test::YAML::Valid(3pm) Test for valid YAML.
test_chmLib(1) Extracts a file out of a chm file.
test_egd_speed(1) Test speed of entropy generation of egd.
test_physfs(1) Filesystem abstraction library for game programmers.
test_version(1p) Check that all Perl modules in a distribution have version numbers.
testAMRAudioStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testasciidoc(1) Run AsciiDoc conformance tests specified in configuration file.
testbddcircuit(3) Debugs a bdd circuit.
testcaldav(1) CalDAV/CardDAV protocol tester.
testComponent(1) Example of a component for DIET using the LogCentral.
testdbfawk(1) Scan dbfawk files for matching dbf file for map rendering in xastir.
testdisk(8) Scan and repair disk partitions.
testdrive(1) Test Drive the current Ubuntu Development Snapshot in a VM.
testDVVideoStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testEOF(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testH264VideoStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testH264VideoToTransportStream(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testH265VideoStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testH265VideoToTransportStream(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testhost(1) Test the status of an NNTP news server.
testj1939(1) Manual page for testj1939 2018.02.0-1.
testlibraw(1) Run basic functionality tests on libraw1394.
testMKVStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMP3Receiver(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMP3Streamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG1or2AudioVideoStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG1or2ProgramToTransportStream(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG1or2Splitter(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG1or2VideoReceiver(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG1or2VideoStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG2TransportReceiver(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG2TransportStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG2TransportStreamTrickPlay(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testMPEG4VideoStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testmxlookup(1) Look up mail relays for a domain.
testOggStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testOnDemandRTSPServer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testparm(1) Check an smb.conf configuration file for internal correctness.
testplot(1e) Test plot.
testpmd(1) Tests for dpdk pmds.
testRelay(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testReplicator(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
testsaslauthd(8) Test utility for the SASL authentication server.
testsolv(1) Run a libsolv testcase through the solver.
testtool_automergestrategy.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the AutoMergeStrategy.
testtool_backend.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the Backend class.
testtool_comparison.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the comparison helper.
testtool_keyhelper.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the key helper.
testtool_mergecases.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the ThreeWayMerge.
testtool_mergeresult.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the Mergeresult class.
testtool_metamergestrategy.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the MetaMergeStrategy.
testtool_newkeystrategy.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the NewKeyStrategy.
testtool_onesidestrategy.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the OneSideStrategy.
testtool_samemountpoint.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the Backend class.
testtool_umount.cpp(3elektra) Tests for the umount.
testu01-tcode(1) A very rudimentary literate-programming tool.
testWAVAudioStreamer(1) ↣ testRTSPClient(1) Various utilities to test receiving and streaming of RTP streams.
tetgen(1) A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator.
tetgenToFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
tetradraw(1) ANSI drawing utility.
tetrafile(1) Tetrahedral Microphone Processor.
tetrahedron(7rheolef) Tetraedron reference element.
tetraproc(1) Tetrahedral Microphone Processor.
tetraview(1) ↣ tetradraw(1) ANSI drawing utility.
tetrinet-client(6) Textmode client program for tetrinet.
tetrinet-server(6) Server program for tetrinet.
tetrinetx(6) TetriNET server.
tetris-bsd(6) The game of tetris.
tetzle(6) Tetromino jigsaw puzzle game.
tex(1) Text formatting and typesetting.
tex2lyx(1) Translate well-behaved LaTeX into LyX.
tex2mail(1) TeX to ascii math prettyprinter.
tex2xindy(1) A preprocessor of the xindy index processor.
TeX::Encode(3pm) Encode/decode Perl utf-8 strings into TeX.
TeX::Encode::BibTeX(3pm) Encode/decode Perl utf-8 strings into BibTeX.
TeX::Encode::charmap(3pm) Character mappings between TeX and Unicode.
texdiff(1) Compares two (La)TeX documents to create a merged version showing changes, similar to that of.
texdirflatten(1) Collects all components of a (La)TeX file in a single output directory -- i.e., flattens its.
texdoc(1) Find & view documentation in TeX Live.
texdoctk(1) GUI for easier access of TeX package and program documentations.
texelFetch(3G) Perform a lookup of a single texel within a texture.
texelFetchOffset(3G) Perform a lookup of a single texel within a texture with an offset.
texexpand(1) Expand \input and \include statements in a TeX file.
texfind(1) Graphical tool to search for text in TeX input files.
texfix(1) Fix (or escape) a bug of ROM in some printer.
texfont(1) Font installation tool for ConTeXt.
texfot(1) Run TeX, filtering online transcript for interesting messages.
texhash(1) ↣ mktexlsr(1) Create ls-R databases.
texi2dvi(1) Convert Texinfo documents to DVI or PDF.
texi2dvi4a2ps(1) Compile Texinfo and LaTeX files to DVI or PDF.
texi2html(1) A Texinfo to HTML converter.
texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyabel(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyada(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyasm(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyaxiom(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyB(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifybeta(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifybison(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyc(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyc++(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyidl(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyjava(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifylex(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifylisp(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifylogla(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifymatlab(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyml(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyperl(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifypromela(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifypython(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyruby(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyscheme(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifysim(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifysql(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texifyvhdl(1) ↣ texify(1) Format code for use with LaTeX.
texindex(1) Sort Texinfo index files.
texindy(1) Create sorted and tagged index from raw LaTeX index.
texinfo(5) Software documentation system.
texjava(1) Create a Java file from an associated LaTex file.
texlua(1) ↣ luatex(1) An extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded script‐.
texluac(1) ↣ luatex(1) An extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded script‐.
texmaker(1) A Cross-Platform LaTeX Editor.
texmapper(6) Texture Auto Mapper.
texpire(8) Delete old news articles and repair leafnode news spool.
texsis(1) TeX macros for Physicists.
texstudio(1) A LaTeX IDE.
text(3tk) Create and manipulate 'text' hypertext editing widgets.
text2image(1) Generate OCR training pages.
text2ngram(1) Generate statistical n-gram data from text.
text2odf(1p) Text to OpenDocument conversion.
text2pcap(1) Generate a capture file from an ASCII hexdump of packets.
text2ps(1) Convert text files to PostScript.
text2sf(1) ↣ sf2text(1) Program to convert between SBK or SF2 (SoundFont) and text format.
text2table(1p) Flat text conversion to OpenDocument spreadsheet.
text2tt(1) Convert text to Touch Tone representation.
text2wave(1) Convert text to .wav files.
Text::Abbrev(3perl) Abbrev - create an abbreviation table from a list.
Text::Affixes(3pm) Prefixes and suffixes analysis of text.
Text::ASCIITable(3pm) Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters.
Text::ASCIITable::Wrap(3pm) Wrap text.
Text::Aspell(3pm) Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library.
Text::Autoformat(3pm) Automatic text wrapping and reformatting.
Text::Balanced(3perl) Extract delimited text sequences from strings.
Text::BibTeX(3pm) Interface to read and parse BibTeX files.
Text::BibTeX::Bib(3pm) Defines the "Bib" database structure.
Text::BibTeX::BibFormat(3pm) Formats bibliography entries.
Text::BibTeX::BibSort(3pm) Generate sort keys for bibliographic entries.
Text::BibTeX::Entry(3pm) Read and parse BibTeX files.
Text::BibTeX::File(3pm) Interface to whole BibTeX files.
Text::BibTeX::Name(3pm) Interface to BibTeX-style author names.
Text::BibTeX::NameFormat(3pm) Format BibTeX-style author names.
Text::BibTeX::Structure(3pm) Provides base classes for user structure modules.
Text::BibTeX::Value(3pm) Interfaces to BibTeX values and simple values.
Text::Bidi(3pm) Unicode bidi algorithm using libfribidi.
Text::Bidi::Array(3pm) Base class for dual life arrays.
Text::Bidi::Array::Byte(3pm) Dual-life byte arrays.
Text::Bidi::Array::Long(3pm) Dual-life long arrays.
Text::Bidi::Constants(3pm) Constants for Text::Bidi.
Text::Bidi::Paragraph(3pm) Run the bidi algorithm on one paragraph.
Text::Brew(3pm) An implementation of the Brew edit distance.
Text::CharWidth(3pm) Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal.
Text::ChaSen(3pm) ChaSen library module for perl.
Text::Clip(3pm) Clip and extract text in clipboard-like way.
Text::Context(3pm) Handle highlighting search result context snippets.
Text::Context::EitherSide(3pm) Get n words either side of search keywords.
Text::Context::Para(3pm) A paragraph in context.
Text::CSV(3pm) Comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl).
Text::CSV::Encoded(3pm) Encoding aware Text::CSV.
Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::Base(3pm) Interface for Text::CSV::Encoded coder base class.
Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::Encode(3pm) Text::CSV::Encoded coder class using Encode.
Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess(3pm) Text::CSV::Encoded coder class using Encode::Guess.
Text::CSV_PP(3pm) Text::CSV_XS compatible pure-Perl module.
Text::CSV_XS(3pm) Comma-separated values manipulation routines.
Text::DelimMatch(3pm) Perl extension to find regexp delimited strings with proper nesting.
Text::DHCPLeases(3pm) Parse DHCP leases file from ISC dhcpd.
Text::DHCPLeases::Object(3pm) Leases Object Class.
Text::DHCPLeases::Object::Iterator(3pm) Lease object iterator class.
Text::Diff(3pm) Perform diffs on files and record sets.
Text::Diff::Config(3pm) Global configuration for Text::Diff (as a separate module).
Text::Diff::Table(3pm) Text::Diff plugin to generate "table" format output.
Text::English(3pm) Porter's stemming algorithm.
Text::FindIndent(3pm) Heuristically determine the indent style.
Text::Flow(3pm) Flexible text flowing and word wrapping for not just ASCII output.
Text::Flow::Wrap(3pm) Flexible word wrapping for not just ASCII output.
Text::Format(3pm) Various subroutines to format text.
Text::FormatTable(3pm) Format text tables.
Text::German(3pm) German grundform reduction.
Text::Glob(3pm) Match globbing patterns against text.
Text::Greeking(3pm) Generate meaningless text (eg to fill a page when designing).
Text::Header(3pm) RFC 822/2068 "header" and "unheader" functions.
Text::Hogan(3pm) A mustache templating engine statement-for-statement cloned from hogan.js.
Text::Hogan::Compiler(3pm) Parse templates and output Perl code.
Text::Hogan::Template(3pm) Represent and render compiled templates.
Text::Hunspell(3pm) Perl interface to the Hunspell library.
Text::Iconv(3pm) Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function.
Text::Kakasi(3pm) Perl frontend to kakasi.
Text::Kakasi::JP(3pm) Text::Kakasi ÆüËܸì¥É¥¥å¥á¥ó¥È.
Text::Levenshtein(3pm) Calculate the Levenshtein edit distance between two strings.
Text::Levenshtein::Damerau(3pm) Damerau Levenshtein edit distance.
Text::Levenshtein::Damerau::PP(3pm) Pure Perl Damerau Levenshtein edit distance.
Text::LevenshteinXS(3pm) An XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance.
Text::LineFold(3pm) Line Folding for Plain Text.
Text::Lorem(3pm) Generate random Latin looking text.
Text::Markdown(3pm) Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML.
Text::Markdown::Discount(3pm) Fast function for converting markdown to HTML (requires C compiler).
Text::MeCab(3pm) Alternate Interface To libmecab.
Text::MeCab::Dict(3pm) Utility To Work With MeCab Dictionary.
Text::MeCab::Node(3pm) MeCab Node Object.
Text::MediawikiFormat(3pm) Translate Wiki markup into other text formats.
Text::MediawikiFormat::Block(3pm) Blocktype for Text::MediawikiFormat.
Text::MediawikiFormat::Blocks(3pm) Blocktypes for Text::MediawikiFormat.
Text::Metaphone(3pm) A modern soundex. Phonetic encoding of words.
Text::MicroMason(3pm) Simple and Extensible Templating.
Text::MicroMason::AllowGlobals(3pm) Share package vars between templates.
Text::MicroMason::ApacheHandler(3pm) Use MicroMason from mod_perl.
Text::MicroMason::Base(3pm) Abstract Template Compiler.
Text::MicroMason::Cache::File(3pm) Basic Cache with File-Based Expiration.
Text::MicroMason::Cache::Null(3pm) Trivial Cache with No Data Storage.
Text::MicroMason::Cache::Simple(3pm) Basic Cache with Minimal Interface.
Text::MicroMason::CatchErrors(3pm) Add Exception Catching for Templates.
Text::MicroMason::CompileCache(3pm) Use a Cache for Template Compilation.
Text::MicroMason::Debug(3pm) Provide developer info via warn.
Text::MicroMason::DoubleQuote(3pm) Minimalist Interpolation Engine.
Text::MicroMason::Embperl(3pm) Alternate Syntax like Embperl Templates.
Text::MicroMason::ExecuteCache(3pm) Use a Cache for Template Results.
Text::MicroMason::Filters(3pm) Add Output Filters like "|h" and "|u".
Text::MicroMason::Functions(3pm) Function Exporter for Simple Mason Templates.
Text::MicroMason::HasParams(3pm) Mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base.
Text::MicroMason::HTMLMason(3pm) Simple Compiler for Mason-style Templating.
Text::MicroMason::HTMLTemplate(3pm) Alternate Syntax like HTML::Template.
Text::MicroMason::LineNumbers(3pm) Report errors at correct source code line numbers.
Text::MicroMason::PassVariables(3pm) Pass template data as variables.
Text::MicroMason::PLP(3pm) Alternate Syntax like PLP Templates.
Text::MicroMason::PostProcess(3pm) Apply Filters to All Template Output.
Text::MicroMason::QuickTemplate(3pm) Alternate Syntax like Text::QuickTemplate.
Text::MicroMason::Safe(3pm) Compile all Templates in a Safe Compartment.
Text::MicroMason::ServerPages(3pm) Alternate Syntax like ASP/JSP Templates.
Text::MicroMason::Sprintf(3pm) Formatted Interpolation Engine.
Text::MicroMason::StoreOne(3pm) Mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base.
Text::MicroMason::TemplateDir(3pm) Use Base Directory and Relative Paths.
Text::MicroMason::TemplatePath(3pm) Template Path Searching.
Text::MicroMason::TextTemplate(3pm) Alternate Syntax like Text::Template.
Text::MicroTemplate(3pm) Micro template engine with Perl5 language.
Text::MicroTemplate::File(3pm) A file-based template manager.
Text::MultiMarkdown(3pm) Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML.
Text::Ngram(3pm) Ngram analysis of text.
Text::Ngrams(3pm) Flexible Ngram analysis (for characters, words, and more).
Text::ngrams(3pm) Compute the ngram frequencies and produce tables to the stdout.
Text::ParseWords(3perl) Parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays.
Text::Password::Pronounceable(3pm) Generate pronounceable passwords.
Text::Patch(3pm) Patches text with given patch.
Text::PDF(3pm) Module for manipulating PDF files.
Text::PDF::Array(3pm) Corresponds to a PDF array. Inherits from PDF::Objind.
Text::PDF::Bool(3pm) A special form of PDF::String which holds the strings true or false.
Text::PDF::Dict(3pm) PDF Dictionaries and Streams. Inherits from PDF::Objind.
Text::PDF::File(3pm) Holds the trailers and cross-reference tables for a PDF file.
Text::PDF::Filter(3pm) Abstract superclass for PDF stream filters.
Text::PDF::Name(3pm) Inherits from Text::PDF::String and stores PDF names (things beginning with /).
Text::PDF::Null(3pm) PDF Null type object. This is a subclass of Text::PDF::Objind and cannot be subclassed.
Text::PDF::Number(3pm) Numbers in PDF. Inherits from Text::PDF::String.
Text::PDF::Objind(3pm) PDF indirect object reference. Also acts as an abstract superclass for all elements in a.
Text::PDF::Page(3pm) Represents a PDF page, inherits from Text::PDF::Pages.
Text::PDF::Pages(3pm) A PDF pages hierarchical element. Inherits from Text::PDF::Dict.
Text::PDF::SFont(3pm) PDF Standard inbuilt font resource object. Inherits from Text::PDF::Dict.
Text::PDF::String(3pm) PDF String type objects and superclass for simple objects that are basically stringlike.
Text::PDF::TTFont(3pm) Inherits from Text::PDF::Dict and represents a TrueType font within a PDF file.
Text::PDF::TTFont0(3pm) Inherits from PDF::Dict and represents a TrueType Type 0 font within a PDF file.
Text::PDF::Utils(3pm) Utility functions for PDF library.
Text::QRCode(3pm) Generate text base QR Code.
Text::Quoted(3pm) Extract the structure of a quoted mail message.
Text::README(3pm) A mustache templating engine statement-for-statement cloned from hogan.js.
Text::RecordParser(3pm) Read record-oriented files.
Text::RecordParser::Object(3pm) Read delimited text files as objects.
Text::RecordParser::Tab(3pm) Read tab-delimited files.
Text::Reflow(3pm) Perl module for reflowing text files using Knuth's paragraphing algorithm.
Text::Reform(3pm) Manual text wrapping and reformatting.
Text::RewriteRules(3pm) A system to rewrite text using regexp-based rules.
Text::Roman(3pm) Allows conversion between Roman and Arabic algarisms.
Text::Sass(3pm) A Naieve Perl implementation of Sass & SCSS.
Text::Shellwords::Cursor(3pm) Parse a string into tokens.
Text::SimpleTable(3pm) Simple Eyecandy ASCII Tables.
Text::SimpleTable::AutoWidth(3pm) Text::SimpleTable::AutoWidth - Simple eyecandy ASCII tables with auto-width.
Text::Soundex(3pm) Implementation of the soundex algorithm.
Text::sprintfn(3pm) Drop-in replacement for sprintf(), with named parameter support.
Text::Table(3pm) Organize Data in Tables.
Text::Tabs(3perl) Expand and unexpand tabs like unix expand(1) and unexpand(1).
Text::TabularDisplay(3pm) Display text in formatted table output.
Text::Template(3pm) Expand template text with embedded Perl.
Text::Template::Preprocess(3pm) Expand template text with embedded Perl.
Text::Textile(3pm) A humane web text generator.
Text::Trac(3pm) Perl extension for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style.
Text::Trim(3pm) Remove leading and/or trailing whitespace from strings.
Text::Typography(3pm) Markup ASCII text with correct typography for HTML.
Text::Unaccent(3pm) Remove accents from a string.
Text::Unicode::Equivalents(3pm) Synthesize canonically equivalent strings.
Text::vCard(3pm) Edit and create vCards (RFC 2426).
Text::vCard::Addressbook(3pm) Parse, edit, and create vCard address books (RFC 2426).
Text::vCard::Node(3pm) Object for each node (line) of a vCard.
Text::vFile::asData(3pm) Parse vFile formatted files into data structures.
Text::WikiCreole(3pm) Convert Wiki Creole 1.0 markup to XHTML.
Text::WikiFormat(3pm) Module for translating Wiki formatted text into other formats.
Text::WikiFormat::Blocks(3pm) Blocktypes for Text::WikiFormat.
Text::Wikispaces2Markdown(3pm) Convert wikispaces pages to markdown.
Text::Wrap(3perl) Line wrapping to form simple paragraphs.
Text::WrapI18N(3pm) Line wrapping module with support for multibyte, fullwidth, and combining characters and.
Text::Wrapper(3pm) Word wrap text by breaking long lines.
Text::Xslate(3pm) Scalable template engine for Perl5.
Text::Xslate::Bridge(3pm) The interface base class to import methods.
Text::Xslate::Bridge::Star(3pm) Selection of common utilities for templates.
Text::Xslate::Compiler(3pm) An Xslate compiler to generate intermediate code.
Text::Xslate::HashWithDefault(3pm) Helper class to fill in default values.
Text::Xslate::Manual(3pm) Xslate users manual.
Text::Xslate::Manual::Builtin(3pm) Builtin methods and filters/functions in Xslate.
Text::Xslate::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) How to cook Xslate templates.
Text::Xslate::Manual::Debugging(3pm) Debugging techniques for Xslate templates.
Text::Xslate::Manual::FAQ(3pm) Frequently asked questions and answers.
Text::Xslate::Parser(3pm) The base class of template parsers.
Text::Xslate::PP(3pm) Yet another Text::Xslate runtime in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::PP::Const(3pm) Text::Xslate constants in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::PP::Method(3pm) Text::Xslate builtin method call in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::PP::Opcode(3pm) Text::Xslate opcode implementation in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::PP::State(3pm) Text::Xslate pure-Perl virtual machine state.
Text::Xslate::PP::Type::Macro(3pm) Text::Xslate macro object in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::PP::Type::Pair(3pm) Text::Xslate builtin pair type in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::PP::Type::Raw(3pm) Text::Xslate raw string type in pure Perl.
Text::Xslate::Runner(3pm) The guts of the xslate(1) command.
Text::Xslate::Symbol(3pm) The symbol representation used by parsers and compilers.
Text::Xslate::Syntax::Kolon(3pm) The default template syntax.
Text::Xslate::Syntax::Metakolon(3pm) The same as Kolon but using [% ... %] tags.
Text::Xslate::Syntax::TTerse(3pm) An alternative syntax compatible with Template Toolkit 2.
Text::Xslate::Type::Raw(3pm) The raw string representation.
Text::Xslate::Util(3pm) A set of utilities for Xslate.
text_height(3alleg4) Returns the height of a font in pixels. Allegro game programming library.
text_length(3alleg4) Returns the length of a string in pixels. Allegro game programming library.
TextBuffer(3I) Operations on unstructured text.
TextComp(3U) Multiline text component subject, view, structured graphic, and.
textconv(1) ↣ allegro-dev-tools(1) Collection of useful tools for Allegro 4 developers.
TextDisplay(3I) Unstructured text display.
textdomain(3) Set domain for future gettext() calls.
textdraw(1) ↣ td(1) Program for drawing geometric figures with ASCII art.
textdump(4freebsd) Textdump kernel dumping facility.
TextEdit(1) Basic editor for GNUstep.
TextEditor(3I) Basic unstructured text editing.
textfmt(1) Convert text to POSTSCRIPT® for facsimile transmission.
textget(1e) Get text data entries.
textile(1p) Translate Textile markup language to HTML.
textout_centre_ex(3alleg4) Writes a centered string on a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
textout_ex(3alleg4) Writes a string on a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
textout_justify_ex(3alleg4) Draws justified text within a region. Allegro game programming library.
textout_right_ex(3alleg4) Writes a right aligned string on a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
textpack(1) Pack and unpack Flex files containing text.
textprintf_centre_ex(3alleg4) Formatted centered output of a string. Allegro game programming library.
textprintf_ex(3alleg4) Formatted output of a string. Allegro game programming library.
textprintf_justify_ex(3alleg4) Formatted justified output of a string. Allegro game programming library.
textprintf_right_ex(3alleg4) Formatted right aligned output of a string. Allegro game programming library.
textps(8) Text to PostScript filter.
textql(1) Execute queries on structured text.
textrr(1p) Rewrite rules compiler.
textsearch(1e) Search the textual description of sequence(s).
texttotext(1e) Convert a plain text format to a different format.
texttoxml(1e) Convert a plain text format to an XML format.
texture(3G) Retrieves texels from a texture.
texture-font-to-pascal(1) Convert ttf font to a Pascal source file.
TextureCooccurrenceFeatures(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
textureGather(3G) Gathers four texels from a texture.
textureGatherOffset(3G) Gathers four texels from a texture with offset.
textureGatherOffsets(3G) Gathers four texels from a texture with an array of offsets.
textureGrad(3G) Perform a texture lookup with explicit gradients.
textureGradOffset(3G) Perform a texture lookup with explicit gradients and offset.
textureLod(3G) Perform a texture lookup with explicit level-of-detail.
textureLodOffset(3G) Perform a texture lookup with explicit level-of-detail and offset.
textureOffset(3G) Perform a texture lookup with offset.
textureProj(3G) Perform a texture lookup with projection.
textureProjGrad(3G) Perform a texture lookup with projection and explicit gradients.
textureProjGradOffset(3G) Perform a texture lookup with projection, explicit gradients and offset.
textureProjLod(3G) Perform a texture lookup with projection and explicit level-of-detail.
textureProjLodOffset(3G) Perform a texture lookup with projection and explicit level-of-detail and offset.
textureProjOffset(3G) Perform a texture lookup with projection and offset.
textureQueryLevels(3G) Compute the number of accessible mipmap levels of a texture.
textureQueryLod(3G) Compute the level-of-detail that would be used to sample from a texture.
TextureRunLengthFeatures(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
textureSamples(3G) Return the number of samples of a texture.
textureSize(3G) Retrieve the dimensions of a level of a texture.
textutil(3tcl) Procedures to manipulate texts and strings.
textutil_split(3tcl) Procedures to split texts.
textutil_string(3tcl) Procedures to manipulate texts and strings.
textvalid(1e) Check a plain text format is valid.
textwindow(3tcl) Textwindow channel.
textwrap(3) Line-folding (text-wrapping) library with i18n support.
texvc(1) Math equation PNG renderer.
texworks(1) A simple TeX front-end program.
tf4(1) TinyFugue, a MUD client.
tf5(1) TinyFugue, a MUD client.
TFBS::DB::FlatFileDir(3pm) Interface to a database of pattern matrices stored as a collection of flat files in a.
TFBS::DB::JASPAR(3pm) Interface to MySQL relational database of pattern matrices. Currently status: experimental.
TFBS::DB::JASPAR2(3pm) Interface to MySQL relational database of pattern matrices.
TFBS::DB::JASPAR4(3pm) Interface to MySQL relational database of pattern matrices.
TFBS::DB::JASPAR5(3pm) Interface to MySQL relational database of pattern matrices. Currently status:.
TFBS::DB::JASPAR6(3pm) Interface to MySQL relational database of pattern matrices. Currently status:.
TFBS::DB::JASPAR7(3pm) Interface to MySQL relational database of pattern matrices. Currently status: experimental.
TFBS::DB::LocalTRANSFAC(3pm) Interface to local transfac database position frequency matrices (matrix.dat).
TFBS::DB::TRANSFAC(3pm) Interface to database of TRANSFAC public position frequency matrices at TESS.
TFBS::Ext::pwmsearch(3pm) Perl extension for scanning a DNA sequence object with a position weight matrix.
TFBS::Matrix(3pm) Base class for matrix patterns, containing methods common to all.
TFBS::Matrix::Alignment(3pm) Class for alignment of PFM objects.
TFBS::Matrix::ICM(3pm) Class for information content matrices of nucleotide patterns.
TFBS::Matrix::PFM(3pm) Class for raw position frequency matrix patterns.
TFBS::Matrix::PWM(3pm) Class for position weight matrices of nucleotide patterns.
TFBS::MatrixSet(3pm) An agregate class representing a set of matrix patterns, containing methods for.
TFBS::PatternGen(3pm) A base class for pattern generators.
TFBS::PatternGen::AnnSpec(3pm) A pattern factory that uses the AnnSpec program (version 2.1).
TFBS::PatternGen::AnnSpec::Motif(3pm) Class for unprocessed motifs and associated numerical scores created by the.
TFBS::PatternGen::Elph(3pm) A pattern factory that uses the Elph program.
TFBS::PatternGen::Elph::Motif(3pm) Class for unprocessed motifs and associated numerical scores created by the.
TFBS::PatternGen::Gibbs(3pm) A pattern factory that uses Chip Lawrences Gibbs program.
TFBS::PatternGen::Gibbs::Motif(3pm) Class for unprocessed motifs and associated numerical scores created by the.
TFBS::PatternGen::MEME(3pm) A pattern factory that uses the MEME program.
TFBS::PatternGen::MEME::Motif(3pm) Class for unprocessed motifs and associated numerical scores created by the.
TFBS::PatternGen::SimplePFM(3pm) A simple position frequency matrix factory.
TFBS::PatternGen::YMF(3pm) A pattern factory that uses the MEME program.
TFBS::PatternGen::YMF::Motif(3pm) Class for unprocessed motifs and associated numerical scores created by the YMF.
TFBS::PatternI(3pm) Interface definition for all pattern objects (currently includes matrices and word (consensus.
TFBS::Site(3pm) A nucleotide sequence feature object representing (possibly putative) transcription factor.
TFBS::SitePairSet(3pm) A set of TFBS::SitePair objects.
TFBS::SiteSet(3pm) A set of TFBS::Site objects.
TFBS::TFFM(3pm) Class for Transcription Factor Flexible Models (TFFMs).
TFBS::Word(3pm) Base class for word-based patterns.
TFBS::Word::Consensus(3pm) IUPAC DNA consensus word-based pattern class =head1 DESCRIPTION.
tfdocgen(1) Tilp Framework Doc Generator.
tfet(1) Tool for Function Entity-type Tables.
tfextract(1e) Process TRANSFAC transcription factor database for use by tfscan.
tfind(3) ↣ tsearch(3) Manage a binary tree.
tfind(3posix) Search binary search tree.
tfm(1e) Displays full documentation for an application.
tfmtodit(1) Create font files for use with groff -Tdvi.
tform(1) Symbolic manipulation system.
tfrt(1) Tool for Function Refinement Trees.
tfscan(1e) Identify transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences.
tftopl(1) Convert TeX font metric (tfm) files to property lists.
tftp(1) IPv4 Trivial File Transfer Protocol client.
tftp(3erl) Trivial FTP.
tftpd(8) ↣ in.tftpd(8) Trivial File Transfer Protocol server.
tgainfo(1) Display information about a Targa image.
tgamma(3) True gamma function.
tgamma(3clc) Gamma function.
tgamma(3posix) Compute gamma() function.
tgammaf(3) ↣ tgamma(3) True gamma function.
tgammal(3) ↣ tgamma(3) True gamma function.
tgatoppm(1) Convert TrueVision Targa file into a portable pixmap.
tgd(1) Tool for Generic Diagrams.
tgetent(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
tgetent_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tgetflag(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
tgetflag_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tgetnum(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
tgetnum_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tgetstr(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
tgetstr_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tgif(1) Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing facility under X11. Supports hierarchical construction of drawings.
tgkill(2) ↣ tkill(2) Send a signal to a thread.
tgmath.h(7posix) Type-generic macros.
tgoto(3ncurses) ↣ termcap(3ncurses) Direct curses interface to the.
tgt(1) Tool for Generic Tables.
tgt-admin(8) Linux SCSI Target Configuration Tool.
tgt-setup-lun(8) Helper script that creates a target, adds a device to the target, and defines initiators that.
tgtadm(8) Linux SCSI Target Administration Utility.
tgtd(8) The SCSI Target Daemon.
tgtimg(8) Linux SCSI Target Framework Image File Utility.
tgtt(1) Tool for Generic Textual Trees.
tgz(1) Makes a gzip'd tar archive.
th(1) Read,Eval,Print-Loop for Torch Framework.
th_print_long_ls(3) Print out information about a tar file header.
th_read(3) Read and write a file header block from a tar archive.
thawab-gtk(1) Arabic/Islamic encyclopedia system thawab-server - Arabic/Islamic encyclopedia system (server.
thawab-server(1) ↣ thawab-gtk(1) Arabic/Islamic encyclopedia system thawab-server - Arabic/Islamic encyclopedia system (server.
the(1) The Hessling Editor.
the_question(6) A simple visual-novel game with the Ren'Py engine.
theft-server(1p) CLC-INTERCAL networking.
theme(1) Create a web page from a template file. AAT Theme module.
themole(1) Automatic SQL injection exploitation tool.
themonospot(1) Scan avi files.
theoraenc(1) A simple and minimalist Ogg Theora encoder.
theorur(1) A simple frontend for ogg/theora streaming.
therion(1) Program to draw cave surveys.
therion-viewer(1) Therion model viewer.
Thermachron(3) ↣ DS1921(3) Thermochron temperature logging iButton.
thermal-conf.xml(5) Configuration file for thermal daemon.
thermald(8) Start Linux thermal daemon.
thermoFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
thesaurus(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
thesaurus2any(1p) Translate thesaurus like notation to xml catalogue format.
thesaurus2htmls(1p) Generates a HTML site (one file for each term).
thesaurus2tex(1p) ISO-Thesaurus completion and LaTeX translator.
thesaurusTranslate(1p) Change baselanguage of a thesaurus ISO...
TheSchwartz(3pm) Reliable job queue.
TheSchwartz::Job(3pm) Jobs for the reliable job queue.
TheSchwartz::Worker(3pm) Superclass for defining task behavior.
theseus(1) Maximum likelihood, multiple simultaneous superpositions with statistical analysis.
theseus_align(1) Quick-and-dirty way to superimpose proteins.
theta(1) ↣ dsdp5(1) Semidefinite program solver.
thg(1) TortoiseHg's GUI tools for Mercurial SCM (Hg).
thin(1) Fast and very simple Ruby web server.
thin_check(8) Validates thin provisioning metadata on a device or file.
thin_delta(8) Print the differences in the mappings between two thin devices.
thin_dump(8) Dump thin provisioning metadata from device or file to standard output.
thin_ls(8) List thin volumes within a pool.
thin_metadata_size(8) Thin provisioning metadata device/file size calculator.
thin_repair(8) Repair thin provisioning binary metadata.
thin_restore(8) Restore thin provisioning metadata file to device or file.
thin_rmap(8) Output reverse map of a thin provisioned region of blocks from metadata device or file.
thin_trim(8) Issue discard requests for free pool space (offline tool).
thinkfan(1) A simple fan control program.
thinkjettopbm(1) Convert HP ThinkJet printer commands file to PBM.
ThisCell(5) Defines the local cell name.
thonny(1) Python IDE for beginners.
thor(1) Scripting framework for command line utilities.
thornbird(6x) Bird in a Thornbush fractal.
thpot(8) Tiny honeypot to setup simple (and fake) services.
thr_exit(2freebsd) Terminate current thread.
thr_kill(2freebsd) Send signal to thread.
thr_kill2(2freebsd) Send signal to thread.
thr_new(2freebsd) Create new thread of execution.
thr_self(2freebsd) Return thread identifier for the calling thread.
thr_set_name(2freebsd) Set user-visible thread name.
thr_suspend(2freebsd) Suspend the calling thread.
thr_wake(2freebsd) Wake up the suspended thread.
Thread(3perl) Manipulate threads in Perl (for old code only).
thread(3tcl) Extension for script access to Tcl threading.
thread-keyring(7) Per-thread keyring.
thread.h(3) Synchronization and threading services.
Thread::Conveyor(3pm) Transport of any data-structure between threads.
Thread::Conveyor::Array(3pm) Array implementation of Thread::Conveyor.
Thread::Conveyor::Monitored(3pm) Monitor a belt for specific content.
Thread::Conveyor::Throttled(3pm) Helper class of Thread::Conveyor.
Thread::Conveyor::Tied(3pm) Tied array implementation of Thread::Conveyor.
Thread::Pool(3pm) Group of threads for performing similar jobs.
Thread::Pool::Simple(3pm) A simple thread-pool implementation.
Thread::Queue(3perl) Thread-safe queues.
Thread::Queue::Any(3pm) Thread-safe queues for any data-structure.
Thread::Semaphore(3perl) Thread-safe semaphores.
Thread::Serialize(3pm) Serialize data-structures between threads.
Thread::SigMask(3pm) Thread specific signal masks.
Thread::Tie(3pm) Tie variables into a thread of their own.
Thread::Tie::Array(3pm) Default class for tie-ing arrays to threads.
Thread::Tie::Handle(3pm) Default class for tie-ing handles to threads.
Thread::Tie::Hash(3pm) Default class for tie-ing hashes to threads.
Thread::Tie::Scalar(3pm) Default class for tie-ing scalars to threads.
Thread::Tie::Thread(3pm) Create threads for tied variables.
thread_exit(9freebsd) Abandon current thread context.
threads(3ncurses) Curses thread support.
threads(3perl) Perl interpreter-based threads.
threads::shared(3perl) Perl extension for sharing data structures between threads.
threads::shared::array(3pm) Default class for tie-ing arrays to threads with forks.
threads::shared::handle(3pm) Default class for tie-ing handles to threads with forks.
threads::shared::hash(3pm) Default class for tie-ing hashes to threads with forks.
threads::shared::scalar(3pm) Default class for tie-ing scalars to threads with forks.
threadscope(1) A graphical thread profiler for Haskell GHC programs.
three_finger_flag(3alleg4) Flag to deactivate the emergency exit key combination. Allegro game programming library.
threed(3NCARG) 3-d line drawing package.
threewaymerge.cpp(3elektra) Implementation of ThreeWayMerge.
threewaymerge.hpp(3elektra) Implements a way to build and deal with a backend.
ThresholdImage(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
thrift(1) Code generator/compiler for Thrift IDL.
throw(3tcl) Generate a machine-readable error.
Throwable(3pm) A role for classes that can be thrown.
Throwable::Error(3pm) An easy-to-use class for error objects.
thuban(1) Interactive geographic data viewer.
thumbpdf(1) Generate thumbnail images for a PDF file created with pdftex.
Thunar(1) File Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment.
thunar-settings(1) Display thunar(1) preferences dialog.
thunar-volman(1) Controls configuration of thunar's removable media.
thunar-volman-settings(1) Controls configuration of thunar's removable media.
thunderbird(1) Thunderbird - Mail User Agent (MUA) and newsgroup/RSS client for X11 derived from the Mozilla.
ti(1) Issue tracking system built on Git.
ti(4freebsd) Alteon Networks Tigon I and Tigon II Gigabit Ethernet driver.
tic(1) The terminfo entry-description compiler.
ticgitweb(1) A web interface for ticgit.
tick3(3NCARG) Gives user control of tick mark length in PERIM3.
tick4(3NCARG) Allows for program control of tick mark length and direction.
tick43(3NCARG) Gives user control of tick mark length in PERIM3.
ticker(1) Scroll messages across the screen.
Ticket::Simple(3pm) A basic ticket system.
tickr(1) GTK-based highly graphically-customizable Feed Ticker.
ticks(3NCARG) Allows for program control of tick mark length and direction. This routine has been superseded by.
tictactoe-ng(1) Fun, Simple, Tic Tac Toe game for GNOME.
tide(1) Harmonic tide clock and tide predictor (command line client).
tidy(1) Check, correct, and pretty-print HTML(5) files.
tidy-proxy(1) Small http proxy which tidies html.
tidy_changelog(1p) Command-line tool for CPAN::Changes.
tidyall(1p) Your all-in-one code tidier and validator.
tidygff3(1) Tidy GFF3 file.
tie(1) Merge or apply WEB change files.
tie(3tcl) Array persistence.
Tie::Array(3perl) Base class for tied arrays.
Tie::Array::Iterable(3pm) Allows creation of iterators for lists and arrays.
Tie::Array::Iterable::BackwardIterator(3pm) Forward Iterator object.
Tie::Array::Iterable::ForwardIterator(3pm) Forward Iterator object.
Tie::Array::Sorted(3pm) An array which is kept sorted.
Tie::Array::Sorted::Lazy(3pm) An array which is kept sorted.
Tie::Cache(3pm) LRU Cache in Memory.
Tie::CPHash(3pm) Case preserving but case insensitive hash table.
Tie::Cycle(3pm) Cycle through a list of values via a scalar.
Tie::DBI(3pm) Tie hashes to DBI relational databases.
Tie::DxHash(3pm) Keeps insertion order; allows duplicate keys.
Tie::EncryptedHash(3pm) Hashes (and objects based on hashes) with encrypting fields.
Tie::File(3perl) Access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array.
Tie::Handle(3perl) Base class definitions for tied handles.
Tie::Hash(3perl) Base class definitions for tied hashes.
Tie::Hash::Expire(3pm) Hashes with keys that expire after a user-set period.
Tie::Hash::Indexed(3pm) Ordered hashes for Perl.
Tie::Hash::MultiValueOrdered(3pm) Hash with multiple values per key, and ordered keys.
Tie::Hash::NamedCapture(3perl) Named regexp capture buffers.
Tie::Hash::Regex(3pm) Match hash keys using Regular Expressions.
Tie::iCal(3pm) Tie iCal files to Perl hashes.
Tie::IxHash(3pm) Ordered associative arrays for Perl.
Tie::Memoize(3perl) Add data to hash when needed.
Tie::Persistent(3pm) Persistent data structures via tie made easy.
Tie::RDBM(3pm) Tie hashes to relational databases.
Tie::RefHash(3perl) Use references as hash keys.
Tie::RefHash::Weak(3pm) A Tie::RefHash subclass with weakened references in the keys.
Tie::Scalar(3perl) Base class definitions for tied scalars.
Tie::ShadowHash(3pm) Merge multiple data sources into a hash.
Tie::Simple(3pm) Variable ties made easier: much, much, much easier...
Tie::StdHandle(3perl) Base class definitions for tied handles.
Tie::SubstrHash(3perl) Fixed-table-size, fixed-key-length hashing.
Tie::ToObject(3pm) Tie to an existing object.
Tie::Watch(3pm) Place watchpoints on Perl variables.
tie_std(3tcl) Array persistence, standard data sources.
tiemu(1) A TI's hand-helds emulator (m68k-based).
tiff(3tcl) TIFF reading, writing, and querying and manipulation of meta data.
tiff2bw(1) Convert a color TIFF image to greyscale.
tiff2fax(8) Convert TIFF for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX.
tiff2pdf(1) Convert a TIFF image to a PDF document.
tiff2ps(1) Convert a TIFF image to PostScript™.
tiff2rgba(1) Convert a TIFF image to RGBA color space.
tiff_findskew(1) Determine text skew angle.
TIFFbuffer(3tiff) I/O buffering control routines.
tiffcheck(8) Check TIFF for HylaFAX conversion requirements.
TIFFClose(3tiff) Close a previously opened TIFF file.
tiffcmp(1) Compare two TIFF files.
TIFFcodec(3tiff) Codec-related utility routines.
TIFFcolor(3tiff) Color conversion rou‐.
tiffcp(1) Copy (and possibly convert) a TIFF file.
tiffcrop(1) Select, copy, crop, convert, extract, and/or process one or more TIFF files.
TIFFDataWidth(3tiff) Get the size of TIFF data types.
tiffdither(1) Convert a greyscale image to bilevel using dithering.
tiffdump(1) Print verbatim information about TIFF files.
TIFFError(3tiff) Library error handling interface.
tifffastcrop(1) Extracts (crops) a rectangular region from a tiff.
TIFFFieldDataType(3tiff) Get TIFF data type from field information.
TIFFFieldName(3tiff) Get TIFF field name from field information.
TIFFFieldPassCount(3tiff) Get whether to pass a count to TIFFGet/SetField.
TIFFFieldReadCount(3tiff) Get number of values to be read from field.
TIFFFieldTag(3tiff) Get TIFF field tag value from field information.
TIFFFieldWriteCount(3tiff) Get number of values to be written to field.
tifffile(1) Read image and meta-data from TIFF, STK, LSM, OME-TIFF, and FluoView files.
TIFFFlush(3tiff) Flush pending writes to an open TIFF file.
tiffgamut(1) Create VRML image of the gamut surface of a TIFF.
TIFFGetField(3tiff) Get the value(s) of a tag in an open TIFF file.
tiffgt(1) Display an image stored in a TIFF file (Silicon Graphics version).
tiffinfo(1) Print information about TIFF files.
tiffmakemosaic(1) Splits one or more TIFF file into mosaic(s) (set(s).
tiffmedian(1) Apply the median cut algorithm to data in a TIFF file.
TIFFmemory(3tiff) Memory management-related func‐.
TIFFOpen(3tiff) Open a TIFF file for reading or writing.
TIFFPrintDirectory(3tiff) Print a description of a TIFF directory.
TIFFReadDirectory(3tiff) Get the contents of the next directory in an open TIFF file.
TIFFReadEncodedStrip(3tiff) Read and decode a strip of data from an open TIFF file.
TIFFReadEncodedTile(3tiff) Read and decode a tile of data from an open TIFF file.
TIFFReadRawStrip(3tiff) Return the undecoded contents of a strip of data from an open TIFF file.
TIFFReadRawTile(3tiff) Return an undecoded tile of data from an open TIFF file.
TIFFReadRGBAImage(3tiff) Read and decode an image into a fixed-format raster.
TIFFReadRGBAStrip(3tiff) Read and decode an image strip into a fixed-format raster.
TIFFReadRGBATile(3tiff) Read and decode an image tile into a fixed-format raster.
TIFFReadScanline(3tiff) Read and decode a scanline of data from an open TIFF file.
TIFFReadTile(3tiff) Read and decode a tile of data from an open TIFF file.
TIFFRGBAImage(3tiff) Read and decode an image into a.
tiffset(1) Set or unset a field in a TIFF header.
TIFFSetDirectory(3tiff) Set the current directory for an open TIFF file.
TIFFSetField(3tiff) Set the value(s) of a tag in a TIFF file open for writing.
TIFFsize(3tiff) Return the size of various items associated with an open TIFF file.
tiffsplit(1) Split a multi-image TIFF into single-image TIFF files.
tiffsplittiles(1) Copies tiles from a tiled TIFF file into separate.
tifftopnm(1) Convert a TIFF file into a portable anymap.
TIFFWarning(3tiff) Library warning interface.
TIFFWriteDirectory(3tiff) Write the current directory in an open.
TIFFWriteEncodedStrip(3tiff) Compress and write a strip of data to an open TIFF file.
TIFFWriteEncodedTile(3tiff) Compress and write a tile of data to an open TIFF file.
TIFFWriteRawStrip(3tiff) Write a strip of raw data to an open TIFF file.
TIFFWriteRawTile(3tiff) Write a tile of raw data to an open TIFF file.
TIFFWriteScanline(3tiff) Write a scanline to an open TIFF file.
TIFFWriteTile(3tiff) Encode and write a tile of data to an open TIFF file.
tificc(1) Little cms ICC profile applier for TIFF.
tig(1) Text-mode interface for Git.
tiger(8) UNIX Security Checker.
tiger-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
tigercron(8) Cron utility for Tiger UNIX Security Checker.
tigerdeep(1) ↣ hashdeep(1) Compute, compare, or audit multiple message digests.
tigervncconfig(1) Configure and control a VNC server.
tigervncpasswd(1) Change the VNC password.
tigervncserver(1) Start or stop a TigerVNC server.
tigetflag(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
tigetflag_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tigetnum(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
tigetnum_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tigetstr(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
tigetstr_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tigexp(8) UNIX Security Checker Explanation Generator.
tightvncconnect(1) Connect a VNC server to a VNC viewer.
tightvncpasswd(1) Set passwords for VNC server.
tightvncserver(1) A wrapper to launch an X server for VNC.
tigmanual(7) Text-mode interface for Git.
tigr-anomaly(1) The program lacks a description.
tigr-build-icm(1) Creates and outputs an interpolated Markov model(IMM).
tigr-extract(1) Fine start/stop positions of genes in genome sequence.
tigr-glimmer(1) Runs various programs of the TIGR Glimmer suite.
tigr-glimmer3(1) Find/Score potential genes in genome-file using the probability model in icm-file.
tigr-long-orfs(1) Find/Score potential genes in genome-file using the probability model in icm-file.
tigr-run-glimmer3(1) Apply the suite of programs within glimmer3 to a a prokaryotic or archean genome.
tigrc(5) Tig configuration file.
tiki2po(1) Convert TikiWiki's language.php files to GetText PO files.
tilda(1) First person shooter console likeness terminal.
tilde(1) An intuitive text editor for the console/terminal.
tile4ms(1) Create a tile index Shape data set for use with MapServer's TILEINDEX feature.
tilecache(8) Cache and serve map tiles.
tilecache_clean(8) ↣ tilecache(8) Cache and serve map tiles.
tilecache_http_server(8) ↣ tilecache(8) Cache and serve map tiles.
tilecache_seed(8) ↣ tilecache(8) Cache and serve map tiles.
tiled(1) Tile map editor.
TileImages(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
tilelive-copy(1) Copy between tile stores.
tilem2(1) A GTK+ TI Z80 calculator emulator.
tilestache-clean(1) Clean tiles from a TileStache cache.
tilestache-compose(1) Set a map coverage area.
tilestache-list(1) Generates list of tiles based on geographic or other criteria.
tilestache-render(1) Render tiles from tilestache.
tilestache-seed(1) Seed a single layer in your TileStache configuration.
tilestache-server(1) Seed a single layer in your TileStache configuration.
tilix(1) Tiling GTK3 terminal emulator for GNOME.
tilix.wrapper(1) ↣ tilix(1) Tiling GTK3 terminal emulator for GNOME.
tilp(1) A communication program for TI calculators ('Tilp Is a Linking Program').
tilt(1) Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines.
tilt_analysis(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
tilt_synthesis(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
timage(1) Create test images, default hex RGB surface and wedge.
timbl(1) Tilburg Memory Based Learner.
timblclient(1) A simple client to access the Tilburg Memory Based Learner Server.
timblserver(1) Tilburg Memory Based Learner Server.
time(1) Run programs and summarize system resource usage.
time(1posix) Time a simple command.
time(2) Get time in seconds.
time(3am) Time functions for gawk.
time(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
time(3posix) Get time.
time(3tcl) Time the execution of a script.
time(7) Overview of time and timers.
time(9freebsd) System time variables.
time-admin(1) Time Administration Tool.
time.conf(5) Configuration file for the pam_time module.
time.h(7posix) Time types.
Time::Clock(3pm) Twenty-four hour clock object with nanosecond precision.
Time::Duration(3pm) Rounded or exact English expression of durations.
Time::Duration::Parse(3pm) Parse string that represents time duration.
Time::Fake(3pm) Simulate different times without changing your system clock.
Time::Format(3pm) Easy-to-use date/time formatting.
Time::gmtime(3perl) By-name interface to Perl's built-in gmtime() function.
Time::HiRes(3perl) High resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval timers.
Time::HR(3pm) Perl interface to high-resolution timer.
Time::Human(3pm) Convert localtime() format to "speaking clock" time.
Time::Local(3perl) Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time.
Time::localtime(3perl) By-name interface to Perl's built-in localtime() function.
Time::Mock(3pm) Shift and scale time.
Time::Moment(3pm) Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC.
Time::Moment::Adjusters(3pm) Adjusters for Time::Moment.
Time::OlsonTZ::Download(3pm) Olson timezone database from source.
Time::Out(3pm) Easily timeout long running operations.
Time::Period(3pm) A Perl module to deal with time periods.
Time::Piece(3perl) Object Oriented time objects.
Time::Piece::MySQL(3pm) Adds MySQL-specific methods to Time::Piece.
Time::Progress(3pm) Elapsed and estimated finish time reporting.
Time::Seconds(3perl) A simple API to convert seconds to other date values.
Time::Stopwatch(3pm) Use tied scalars as timers.
Time::tm(3perl) Internal object used by Time::gmtime and Time::localtime.
Time::Warp(3pm) Control over the flow of time.
Time::y2038(3pm) Versions of Perl's time functions which work beyond 2038.
Time::y2038::Everywhere(3pm) Use Time::y2038's gmtime and localtime everywhere.
time_second(9freebsd) System time variables.
time_t(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
time_uptime(9freebsd) System time variables.
timecounters(4freebsd) Kernel time counters subsystem.
timed-process(1p) Run background process for limited amount of time.
timedatectl(1) Control the system time and date.
timegm(3) Inverses of gmtime and localtime.
timelimit(1) Effectively limit the absolute execution time of a process.
timelimit.netpipes(1) Limit execution time of foreground tasks.
timelocal(3) ↣ timegm(3) Inverses of gmtime and localtime.
timelord(8) Macintosh time server daemon.
timemachine(1) Manual page for timemachine.
timemaster(8) Run NTP with PTP as reference clocks.
TimeMon(1) CPU time usage monitor.
timeout(1) Run a command with a time limit.
timeout(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
TIMEOUT_TASK_INIT(9freebsd) Asynchronous task execution. Octopussy TimePeriod module.
timer(3erl) Timer functions.
timer_create(2) Create a POSIX per-process timer.
timer_create(2freebsd) Create a per-process timer (REALTIME).
timer_create(3posix) Create a per-process timer.
timer_delete(2) Delete a POSIX per-process timer.
timer_delete(2freebsd) Delete a per-process timer (REALTIME).
timer_delete(3posix) Delete a per-process timer.
timer_enable_int(3avr) ↣ deprecated_items(3avr)
timer_getoverrun(2) Get overrun count for a POSIX per-process timer.
timer_getoverrun(2freebsd) Per-process timers (REALTIME).
timer_getoverrun(3posix) Per-process timers.
timer_gettime(2) ↣ timer_settime(2) Arm/disarm and fetch state of POSIX per-process timer.
timer_gettime(2freebsd) Per-process timers (REALTIME).
timer_settime(2) Arm/disarm and fetch state of POSIX per-process timer.
timer_settime(2freebsd) Per-process timers (REALTIME).
timeradd(3) Timeval operations.
timerclear(3) ↣ timeradd(3) Timeval operations.
timerclear(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timercmp(3) ↣ timeradd(3) Timeval operations.
timercmp(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timerfd_create(2) Timers that notify via file descriptors.
timerfd_gettime(2) ↣ timerfd_create(2) Timers that notify via file descriptors.
timerfd_settime(2) ↣ timerfd_create(2) Timers that notify via file descriptors.
timerisset(3) ↣ timeradd(3) Timeval operations.
timerisset(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timersdone.conf(5) List of current timers created by search timers.
timersub(3) ↣ timeradd(3) Timeval operations.
timersub(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
times(1posix) Write process times.
times(2) Get process times.
times(3posix) Get process and waited-for child process times.
TimeSCCAN(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
TIMESPEC_TO_TIMEVAL(3bsd) ↣ timeval(3bsd) Time structures.
timespecadd(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timespecclear(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timespeccmp(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timespecisset(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timespecsub(3bsd) ↣ timeradd(3bsd)
timesyncd.conf(5) Network Time Synchronization configuration files.
timesyncd.conf.d(5) ↣ timesyncd.conf(5) Network Time Synchronization configuration files.
timetree_inference(1) Reconstructs ancestral sequences and infers a molecular clock tree.
timetunnel(6x) Plasma tunnels fade in and out.
timeval(3bsd) Time structures.
TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC(3bsd) ↣ timeval(3bsd) Time structures.
timew(1) A command line time tracker.
timezone(3) ↣ tzset(3) Initialize time conversion information.
timezone(3posix) Difference from UTC and local standard time.
timidity(1) MIDI-to-WAVE converter and player.
timidity.cfg(5) Configure file of TiMidity++.
tin(1) Usenet newsreader.
tin(5) Related files.
tina(1) Personal information manager.
tinc.conf(5) Tinc daemon configuration.
tincd(8) Tinc VPN daemon.
tint(6) Clone of the original tint.
tint2(1) Lightweight panel/taskbar.
tint2conf(1) Tint configuration manager.
tintii(1) Turns colour photos into b/w and highlights regions in colour.
tinyca2(1) Very simple Certification Authority.
tinydyndns-conf(8) Sets up a pop-before-dyndns service.
tinydyndns-data(8) Add or remove TYPE A record to or from data.cdb.
tinydyndns-update(8) Update TYPE A record in data.cdb.
tinyirc(1) A tiny IRC client.
tinyleaf(8) Very simple IHAVE-only NNTP server.
tinymux(6) The TinyMUX mush server.
tinymux-install(1) Installer for the tinymux flavor mush server.
tinyproxy(8) A light-weight HTTP proxy daemon.
tinyproxy.conf(5) Tinyproxy HTTP proxy daemon configuration file.
tinyscheme(1) A tiny Scheme implementation.
tinysshd(8) Tiny SSH daemon.
tinysshd-makekey(1) Create TinySSH key-directory.
tinysshd-printkey(1) Print TinySSH public-keys.
tinywm(1) Tiny window manager.
tio(1) A simple TTY terminal I/O application.
tioga(1) Toolbox for irb-like tioga scripts.
tiparm(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
tipc(8) A TIPC configuration and management tool.
tipc-bearer(8) Show or modify TIPC bearers.
tipc-link(8) Show links or modify link properties.
tipc-media(8) List or modify media properties.
tipc-nametable(8) Show TIPC nametable.
tipc-node(8) Modify and show local node parameters or list peer nodes.
tipc-peer(8) Modify peer information.
tipc-socket(8) Show TIPC socket (port) information.
tipgodoc(1) Serving HEAD godoc from git.
tiptop(1) Display hardware performance counters for Linux tasks.
tircd(1) An ircd proxy to the twitter API.
tis-620(7) ↣ iso_8859-11(7) ISO 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
titanion(6) Strike down super high-velocity swooping insects.
Titanium(3pm) A strong, lightweight web application framework.
titanium-starter(1p) Creates a skeleton Titanium project.
tix(3) Manipulate internal states of the Tix library.
tixBalloon(3) Create and manipulate tixBalloon widgets.
tixButtonBox(3) Create and manipulate Tix ButtonBox widgets.
tixCheckList(3) Create and manipulate tixCheckList widgets.
tixComboBox(3) Create and manipulate tixComboBox widgets.
tixControl(3) Create and manipulate tixControl widgets.
tixDestroy(3) Destroy Tix Objects.
tixDirList(3) Create and manipulate tixDirList widgets.
tixDirSelectDialog(3) Create and manipulate directory selection dialogs.
tixDirTree(3) Create and manipulate tixDirTree widgets.
tixDisplayStyle(3) Create style object for Tix display items.
tixExFileSelectBox(3) Create and manipulate tixExFileSelectBox widgets.
tixExFileSelectDialog(3) Create and manipulate tixExFileSelectDialog widgets.
tixFileEntry(3) Create and manipulate tixFileEntry widgets.
tixFileSelectBox(3) Create and manipulate Tix FileSelectBox widgets.
tixFileSelectDialog(3) Create and manipulate tixFileSelectDialog widgets.
tixForm(3) Geometry manager based on attachment rules.
tixGetBoolean(3) Get the boolean value of a string.
tixGetInt(3) Get the integer value of a string.
tixGrid(3) Create and manipulate Tix Grid widgets -background -borderWidth -cursor -font -fore‐.
tixHList(3) Create and manipulate Tix Hierarchial List widgets.
tixindex(1) Build tclIndex file for the Tix widgets.
tixInputOnly(3) Create and manipulate TIX InputOnly widgets.
TixIntro(3) Introduction to the Tix library.
tixLabelEntry(3) Create and manipulate tixLabelEntry widgets.
tixLabelFrame(3) Create and manipulate tixLabelFrame widgets.
tixListNoteBook(3) Create and manipulate tixListNoteBook widgets.
tixMeter(3) Create and manipulate Tix Meter widgets.
tixMwm(3) Communicate with the Motif(tm) window manager.
tixNBFrame(3) Create and manipulate Tix NoteBook Frame widgets.
tixNoteBook(3) Create and manipulate tixNoteBook widgets.
tixOptionMenu(3) Create and manipulate tixOptionMenu widgets.
tixPanedWindow(3) Create and manipulate tixPanedWindow widgets.
tixPopupMenu(3) Create and manipulate tixPopupMenu widgets.
tixScrolledHList(3) Create and manipulate Tix ScrolledHList widgets.
tixScrolledListBox(3) Create and manipulate Tix ScrolledListBox widgets.
tixScrolledText(3) Create and manipulate Tix ScrolledText widgets.
tixScrolledWindow(3) Create and manipulate Tix ScrolledWindow widgets.
tixSelect(3) Create and manipulate tixSelect widgets.
tixStdButtonBox(3) Create and manipulate Tix StdButtonBox widgets.
tixTList(3) Create and manipulate Tix Tabular List widgets.
tixTree(3) Create and manipulate tixTree widgets.
tixUtils(3) Utility commands in Tix.
tj3(1) Schedules tj3 projects and generates reports.
tj3client(1) Send commands and data to the TaskJuggler daemon.
tj3d(1) The TaskJuggler daemon.
tj3man(1) Get documentation for TaskJuggler keywords or generate user manual.
tj3ss_receiver(1) Receive filled-out status sheets via email.
tj3ss_sender(1) Send out status sheets templates via email.
tj3ts_receiver(1) Receive filled-out time sheets via email.
tj3ts_sender(1) Send out time sheets templates via email.
tj3ts_summary(1) Send out individual copies and a summary of accepted time sheets.
tj3webd(1) TaskJuggler reports web server.
Tk(3pm) A graphical user interface toolkit for Perl.
tk(3tk) Manipulate Tk internal state.
tk2(1) Tk GUI for the ICOM IC-R2 receiver.
tk5(1) Tk GUI for the ICOM IC-R5 receiver.
tk707(1) A drum machine.
Tk::804delta(3pm) What is new for perl/Tk 804.
Tk::Adjuster(3pm) Allow size of packed widgets to be adjusted by user.
Tk::after(3pm) Execute a command after a time delay.
Tk::Animation(3pm) Display sequence of Tk::Photo images.
Tk::Balloon(3pm) Pop up help balloons.
Tk::bind(3pm) Arrange for X events to invoke callbacks.
Tk::bindtags(3pm) Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of evaluation.
Tk::Bitmap(3pm) Images that display two colors.
Tk::BrowseEntry(3pm) Entry widget with popup choices.
Tk::Button(3pm) Create and manipulate Button widgets.
Tk::callbacks(3pm) Specifying code for Tk to call.
Tk::Canvas(3pm) Create and manipulate Canvas widgets.
Tk::Checkbutton(3pm) Create and manipulate Checkbutton widgets.
Tk::chooseColor(3pm) Pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color.
Tk::chooseDirectory(3pm) Pops up a dialog box for the user to select a directory.
Tk::Clipboard(3pm) Manipulate Tk clipboard.
Tk::Cloth(3pm) An OO Tk Canvas.
Tk::CmdLine(3pm) Process standard X11 command line options and set initial resources.
Tk::ColorEditor(3pm) A general purpose Tk widget Color Editor.
Tk::composite(3pm) Defining a new composite widget class.
Tk::Compound(3pm) Create multi-line compound images.
Tk::ConfigSpecs(3pm) Defining behaviour of 'configure' for composite widgets.
Tk::demos::widget_lib::slide(3pm) A 2 position horizontal or vertical switch.
Tk::demos::widget_lib::trace2(3pm) Text contents defined by a traced variable.
Tk::Derived(3pm) Base class for widgets derived from others.
Tk::Dialog(3pm) Create modal dialog and wait for a response.
Tk::DialogBox(3pm) Create and manipulate a dialog screen.
Tk::DirSelect(3pm) Cross-platform directory selection widget.
Tk::DirTree(3pm) Create and manipulate DirTree widgets.
Tk::DItem(3pm) Tix Display Items.
Tk::DoubleClick(3pm) Correctly handle single-click vs double-click events,.
Tk::DragDrop::Common(3pm) Private class used by Drag&Drop.
Tk::DragDrop::SunConst(3pm) Constants for Sun's Drag&Drop protocol.
Tk::DropSite(3pm) Receive side of Drag & Drop abstraction.
Tk::Entry(3pm) Create and manipulate Entry widgets.
Tk::Error(3pm) Method invoked to process background errors.
Tk::ErrorDialog(3pm) Method invoked to process background errors.
Tk::event(3pm) Miscellaneous event facilities: define virtual events and generate events.
Tk::Eventloop(3pm) ToolKit for Events.
Tk::exit(3pm) End the application.
Tk::FBox(3pm) A file dialog.
Tk::FileDialog(3pm) A highly configurable File Dialog widget for Perl/Tk.
Tk::fileevent(3pm) Execute a callback when a filehandle becomes readable or writable.
Tk::FileSelect(3pm) A widget for choosing files.
Tk::FireButton(3pm) Button that keeps invoking callback when pressed.
Tk::focus(3pm) Manage the input focus.
Tk::Font(3pm) Create and inspect fonts.
Tk::FontDialog(3pm) A font dialog widget for perl/Tk.
Tk::form(3pm) Geometry manager based on attachment rules.
Tk::Frame(3pm) Create and manipulate Frame widgets.
Tk::getOpenFile(3pm) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Tk::grab(3pm) Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree.
Tk::grid(3pm) Geometry manager that arranges widgets in a grid.
Tk::HistEntry(3pm) Entry widget with history capability.
Tk::HList(3pm) Create and manipulate Tix Hierarchial List widgets.
Tk::IconList(3pm) An icon list widget.
Tk::Image(3pm) Create and manipulate images.
Tk::InputO(3pm) Create and manipulate TIX InputO widgets.
Tk::Internals(3pm) What is Perl Tk interface doing when you call Tk functions.
Tk::IO(3pm) High level interface to Tk's 'fileevent' mechanism.
Tk::JPEG(3pm) JPEG loader for Tk::Photo.
Tk::Label(3pm) Create and manipulate Label widgets.
Tk::Labelframe(3pm) Create and manipulate Labelframe widgets.
Tk::LabFrame(3pm) Labeled frame.
Tk::Listbox(3pm) Create and manipulate Listbox widgets.
tk::mac(3tk) Access Mac-Specific Functionality on OS X from Tk.
Tk::MainWindow(3pm) Root widget of a widget tree.
Tk::mega(3pm) Perl/Tk support for writing widgets in pure Perl.
Tk::Menu(3pm) Create and manipulate Menu widgets.
Tk::Menu::Item(3pm) Base class for Menu items.
Tk::Menubutton(3pm) Create and manipulate Menubutton widgets.
Tk::Message(3pm) Create and manipulate Message widgets.
Tk::messageBox(3pm) Pop up a message window and wait for user response.
Tk::More(3pm) A 'more' or 'less' like text widget.
Tk::MsgBox(3pm) Create and manipulate a message dialog.
Tk::Mwm(3pm) Communicate with the Motif(tm) window manager.
Tk::NoteBook(3pm) Display several windows in limited space with notebook metaphor.
Tk::NumEntry(3pm) A numeric Entry widget with inc. & dec. Buttons.
Tk::NumEntryPlain(3pm) A numeric entry widget.
Tk::ObjEditor(3pm) Tk composite widget Obj editor.
Tk::ObjEditorDialog(3pm) Tk composite widget obj editor popup dialog.
Tk::ObjScanner(3pm) A GUI to scan any perl data structure or object.
Tk::option(3pm) Using the option database in Perl/Tk.
Tk::Optionmenu(3pm) Let the user select one of some predefined options values.
Tk::options(3pm) Standard options supported by widgets and their manipulation.
Tk::overview(3pm) An overview of an Object Oriented Tk8 extension for perl5.
Tk::pack(3pm) Geometry manager that packs around edges of cavity.
Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
Tk::Pane(3pm) A window panner.
Tk::Panedwindow(3pm) Create and manipulate Panedwindow widgets.
Tk::Photo(3pm) Full-color images.
Tk::Pixmap(3pm) Create color images from XPM files.
Tk::place(3pm) Geometry manager for fixed or rubber-sheet placement.
Tk::PNG(3pm) PNG loader for Tk::Photo.
Tk::Pod(3pm) Pod browser toplevel widget.
Tk::Pod::Cache(3pm) Internal Tk-Pod module for cache control.
Tk::Pod::FindPods(3pm) Find Pods installed on the current system.
Tk::Pod::Search(3pm) Widget to access perlindex Pod full text index.
Tk::Pod::Search_db(3pm) Dirty OO wrapper for "perlindex"'s search functionality.
Tk::Pod::Text(3pm) Pod browser widget.
Tk::Pod::Tree(3pm) List Pod file hierarchy.
Tk::Pod::Util(3pm) Tk::Pod specific utility functions.
Tk::Pod_usage(3pm) How to use the perl/Tk Pod browser widget.
Tk::Popup(3pm) Popup dialog windows.
Tk::ProgressBar(3pm) A graphical progress bar.
Tk::pTk(3pm) How to make your Tk source portable to other interpreted languages.
Tk::Radiobutton(3pm) Create and manipulate Radiobutton widgets.
Tk::Reindex(3pm) Change the base index of Text-like widgets.
Tk::ROText(3pm) 'readonly' perl/Tk Text widget.
Tk::Scale(3pm) Create and manipulate Scale widgets.
Tk::Scrollbar(3pm) Create and manipulate Scrollbar widgets.
Tk::Scrolled(3pm) Create a widget with attached scrollbar(s).
Tk::selection(3pm) Manipulate the X selection.
Tk::send(3pm) Execute a command in a different application.
Tk::Spinbox(3pm) Create and manipulate Spinbox widgets.
Tk::Splashscreen(3pm) Display a Splashscreen during program initialization.
Tk::Submethods(3pm) Add aliases for tk sub-commands.
Tk::Table(3pm) Scrollable 2 dimensional table of Tk widgets.
Tk::TableMatrix(3pm) Create and manipulate tables.
Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet(3pm) Table Display with Spreadsheet-like bindings.
Tk::TableMatrix::SpreadsheetHideRows(3pm) Table Display with selectable hide/un-hide of rows.
Tk::Tcl-perl(3pm) Very old suspect documentation on porting.
Tk::Text(3pm) Create and manipulate Text widgets.
Tk::TextUndo(3pm) Perl/tk text widget with bindings to undo changes.
Tk::TFrame(3pm) A Titled Frame widget.
Tk::Tiler(3pm) Scrollable frame with sub-widgets arranged into rows.
Tk::TixGrid(3pm) Create and manipulate Tix Grid widgets.
Tk::tixWm(3pm) Tix's addition to the standard TK wm command.
Tk::tkvars(3pm) Variables used or set by Tk.
Tk::TList(3pm) Create and manipulate Tix Tabular List widgets.
Tk::Toplevel(3pm) Create and manipulate Toplevel widgets.
Tk::Trace(3pm) Emulate Tcl/Tk trace functions.
Tk::Tree(3pm) Create and manipulate Tree widgets.
Tk::UserGuide(3pm) Writing Tk applications in Perl 5.
Tk::waitVariableX(3pm) A waitVariable with extensions.
Tk::Widget(3pm) Base class of all widgets.
Tk::WidgetDemo(3pm) Create a standard widget demonstration window.
Tk::widgets(3pm) Preload widget classes.
Tk::WinPhoto(3pm) Load a Photo image from a window.
Tk::Wm(3pm) Communicate with window manager.
Tk::X(3pm) Perl extension for Xlib constants.
Tk::X11Font(3pm) A class for finding X Fonts.
Tk::Xrm(3pm) X Resource/Defaults/Options routines that obey the rules.
Tk_3DBorderColor(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_3DBorderGC(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_3DHorizontalBevel(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_3DVerticalBevel(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_AddOption(3tk) Add an option to the option database.
Tk_AllocFontFromObj(3tk) Maintain.
Tk_AttachHWND(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetHWND(3tk) Manage interactions between the Windows handle and an X window.
Tk_Attributes(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_BindEvent(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
tk_bindForTraversal(3tk) ↣ tk_menuBar(3tk) Obsolete support for menu bars.
tk_bisque(3tk) ↣ tk_setPalette(3tk) Modify the Tk color palette.
Tk_CanvasDrawableCoords(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasTkwin(3tk)
Tk_CanvasEventuallyRedraw(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasTkwin(3tk)
Tk_CanvasGetCoord(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasTkwin(3tk)
Tk_CanvasPsBitmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasPsY(3tk)
Tk_CanvasPsColor(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasPsY(3tk)
Tk_CanvasPsFont(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasPsY(3tk)
Tk_CanvasPsPath(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasPsY(3tk)
Tk_CanvasPsStipple(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasPsY(3tk)
Tk_CanvasSetStippleOrigin(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasTkwin(3tk)
Tk_CanvasTagsOption(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasTkwin(3tk)
Tk_CanvasTextInfo(3tk) Additional information for managing text items in canvases.
Tk_CanvasWindowCoords(3tk) ↣ Tk_CanvasTkwin(3tk)
Tk_Changes(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_ChangeWindowAttributes(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_CharBbox(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
tk_chooseColor(3tk) Pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color.
tk_chooseDirectory(3tk) Pops up a dialog box for the user to select a directory.
Tk_Class(3tk) ↣ Tk_SetClass(3tk) Set or retrieve a window's class.
Tk_ClearSelection(3tk) Deselect a selection.
Tk_ClipboardAppend(3tk) ↣ Tk_ClipboardClear(3tk) Manage the clipboard.
Tk_ClipboardClear(3tk) Manage the clipboard.
Tk_CollapseMotionEvents(3tk) Add a window event to the Tcl event queue.
Tk_Colormap(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_ConfigureInfo(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWidget(3tk) Process configuration options for.
Tk_ConfigureValue(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWidget(3tk) Process configuration options for.
Tk_ConfigureWidget(3tk) Process configuration options for.
Tk_CoordsToWindow(3tk) Find window containing a point.
Tk_CreateBinding(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
Tk_CreateClientMessageHandler(3tk) Associate procedure callback with ClientMessage.
Tk_CreateErrorHandler(3tk) Handle X protocol errors.
Tk_CreateEventHandler(3tk) Associate procedure callback with an X event.
Tk_CreateGenericHandler(3tk) Associate procedure callback with all X events.
Tk_CreateImageType(3tk) Define new kind of image.
Tk_CreateItemType(3tk) Define new kind of canvas item.
Tk_CreatePhotoImageFormat(3tk) Define new file format for photo images.
Tk_CreateSelHandler(3tk) Arrange to handle requests for a selection.
Tk_CreateWindow(3tk) Create or delete window.
Tk_CreateWindowFromPath(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateWindow(3tk) Create or delete window.
Tk_DefineBitmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_DefineCursor(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_DeleteAllBindings(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
Tk_DeleteBinding(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
Tk_DeleteBindingTable(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
Tk_DeleteClientMessageHandler(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateClientMessageHandler(3tk) Associate procedure callback with ClientMessage.
Tk_DeleteErrorHandler(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateErrorHandler(3tk) Handle X protocol errors.
Tk_DeleteEventHandler(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateEventHandler(3tk) Associate procedure callback with an X event.
Tk_DeleteGenericHandler(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateGenericHandler(3tk) Associate procedure callback with all X events.
Tk_DeleteImage(3tk) Destroy an image.
Tk_DeleteOptionTable(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_DeleteSelHandler(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateSelHandler(3tk) Arrange to handle requests for a selection.
Tk_Depth(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_DestroyWindow(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateWindow(3tk) Create or delete window.
tk_dialog(3tk) Create modal dialog and wait for response.
Tk_Display(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_DisplayName(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_DistanceToTextLayout(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
Tk_Draw3DPolygon(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_Draw3DRectangle(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_DrawChars(3tk) ↣ MeasureChar(3tk) Routines to measure and display simple sin‐.
Tk_DrawFocusHighlight(3tk) Draw the traversal highlight ring for a widget.
Tk_DrawTextLayout(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
Tk_Fill3DPolygon(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_Fill3DRectangle(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FindPhoto(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
tk_focusFollowsMouse(3tk) ↣ tk_focusNext(3tk) Utility procedures for managing the input focus.
tk_focusNext(3tk) Utility procedures for managing the input focus.
tk_focusPrev(3tk) ↣ tk_focusNext(3tk) Utility procedures for managing the input focus.
Tk_FontId(3tk) ↣ FontId(3tk) Accessor functions for fonts.
Tk_Free3DBorder(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_Free3DBorderFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeBitmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeBitmapFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeColor(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocColorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeColorFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocColorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeColormap(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetColormap(3tk) Allocate and free colormaps.
Tk_FreeConfigOptions(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_FreeCursor(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocCursorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeCursorFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocCursorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_FreeFont(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocFontFromObj(3tk) Maintain.
Tk_FreeFontFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocFontFromObj(3tk) Maintain.
Tk_FreeGC(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetGC(3tk) Maintain database of read-only graphics contexts.
Tk_FreeImage(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetImage(3tk) Use an image in a widget.
Tk_FreeOptions(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWidget(3tk) Process configuration options for.
Tk_FreePixmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetPixmap(3tk) Allocate and free pixmaps.
Tk_FreeSavedOptions(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_FreeTextLayout(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
Tk_FreeXId(3tk) Make X resource identifier available for reuse.
Tk_GeometryRequest(3tk) Specify desired.
Tk_Get3DBorder(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_Get3DBorderFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetAllBindings(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
Tk_GetAnchor(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetAnchorFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and anchor positions.
Tk_GetAnchorFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and anchor positions.
Tk_GetAtomName(3tk) ↣ Tk_InternAtom(3tk) Manage cache of X atoms.
Tk_GetBinding(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateBindingTable(3tk)
Tk_GetBitmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetBitmapFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetCapStyle(3tk) Translate between strings and cap styles.
Tk_GetColor(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocColorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetColorByValue(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocColorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetColorFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocColorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetColormap(3tk) Allocate and free colormaps.
Tk_GetCursor(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocCursorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetCursorFromData(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocCursorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetCursorFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocCursorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_GetDash(3tk) Convert from string to valid dash structure.
Tk_GetFont(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocFontFromObj(3tk) Maintain.
Tk_GetFontFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocFontFromObj(3tk) Maintain.
Tk_GetFontMetrics(3tk) ↣ FontId(3tk) Accessor functions for fonts.
Tk_GetGC(3tk) Maintain database of read-only graphics contexts.
Tk_GetHINSTANCE(3tk) Retrieve the global application instance handle.
Tk_GetHWND(3tk) Manage interactions between the Windows handle and an X window.
Tk_GetImage(3tk) Use an image in a widget.
Tk_GetImageMasterData(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateImageType(3tk) Define new kind of image.
Tk_GetItemTypes(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateItemType(3tk) Define new kind of canvas item.
Tk_GetJoinStyle(3tk) Translate between strings and join styles.
Tk_GetJustify(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and justification styles.
Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and justification styles.
Tk_GetMMFromObj(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetPixelsFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and screen.
Tk_GetNumMainWindows(3tk) ↣ Tk_MainWindow(3tk) Functions for querying main window information.
tk_getOpenFile(3tk) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Tk_GetOption(3tk) Retrieve an option from the option database.
Tk_GetOptionInfo(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_GetOptionValue(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_GetPixels(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetPixelsFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and screen.
Tk_GetPixelsFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and screen.
Tk_GetPixmap(3tk) Allocate and free pixmaps.
Tk_GetRelief(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetReliefFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and relief values.
Tk_GetReliefFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and relief values.
Tk_GetRootCoords(3tk) Compute root-window coordinates of window.
tk_getSaveFile(3tk) ↣ tk_getOpenFile(3tk) Pop up a dialog box for the user to select a file to open or save.
Tk_GetScreenMM(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetPixelsFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and screen.
Tk_GetScrollInfo(3tk) Parse arguments for scrolling commands.
Tk_GetScrollInfoObj(3tk) Parse arguments for scrolling commands.
Tk_GetSelection(3tk) Retrieve the contents of a selection.
Tk_GetUid(3tk) Convert from string to unique identifier.
Tk_GetUserInactiveTime(3tk) Discover user inactivity time.
Tk_GetVisual(3tk) Translate from string to visual.
Tk_GetVRootGeometry(3tk) Get location and size of virtual root for window.
Tk_Grab(3tk) Manipulate grab state in an application.
Tk_HandleEvent(3tk) Invoke event handlers for window system events.
Tk_Height(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_HWNDToWindow(3tk) Find Tk's window information for a Windows window.
Tk_IdToWindow(3tk) Find Tk's window information for an X window.
Tk_ImageChanged(3tk) Notify widgets that image needs to be redrawn.
Tk_Init(3tk) Add Tk to an interpreter and make a new Tk application.
Tk_InitConsoleChannels(3tk) Install the console channels as standard channels.
Tk_InitImageArgs(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateImageType(3tk) Define new kind of image.
Tk_InitOptions(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_InitStubs(3tk) Initialize the Tk stubs mechanism.
Tk_InternalBorderBottom(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_InternalBorderLeft(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_InternalBorderRight(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_InternalBorderTop(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_InternAtom(3tk) Manage cache of X atoms.
Tk_Interp(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_IntersectTextLayout(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
Tk_IsContainer(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_IsEmbedded(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_IsMapped(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_IsTopLevel(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
tk_library(3tk) ↣ geometry(3tk) Variables used or set by Tk.
tk_mac(3tk) Access Mac-Specific Functionality on OS X from Tk.
Tk_Main(3tk) Main program for Tk-based applications.
Tk_MainLoop(3tk) Loop for events until all windows are deleted.
Tk_MaintainGeometry(3tk) Maintain geometry of one window relative to another.
Tk_MainWindow(3tk) Functions for querying main window information.
Tk_MakeWindowExist(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateWindow(3tk) Create or delete window.
Tk_ManageGeometry(3tk) Arrange to handle geometry requests for a window.
Tk_MapWindow(3tk) Map or unmap a window.
Tk_MeasureChars(3tk) ↣ MeasureChar(3tk) Routines to measure and display simple sin‐.
tk_menuBar(3tk) Obsolete support for menu bars.
tk_menuSetFocus(3tk) ↣ menu(3tk) Create and manipulate 'menu' widgets and menubars.
tk_messageBox(3tk) Pops up a message window and waits for user response.
Tk_MinReqHeight(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_MinReqWidth(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_MoveResizeWindow(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_MoveToplevelWindow(3tk) Adjust the position of a top-level window.
Tk_MoveWindow(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_Name(3tk) Convert between names and window tokens.
Tk_NameOf3DBorder(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_NameOfAnchor(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetAnchorFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and anchor positions.
Tk_NameOfBitmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_NameOfCapStyle(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetCapStyle(3tk) Translate between strings and cap styles.
Tk_NameOfColor(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocColorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_NameOfCursor(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocCursorFromObj(3tk)
Tk_NameOfFont(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocFontFromObj(3tk) Maintain.
Tk_NameOfImage(3tk) Return name of image.
Tk_NameOfJoinStyle(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetJoinStyle(3tk) Translate between strings and join styles.
Tk_NameOfJustify(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetJustifyFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and justification styles.
Tk_NameOfRelief(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetReliefFromObj(3tk) Translate between strings and relief values.
Tk_NameToWindow(3tk) ↣ Tk_Name(3tk) Convert between names and window tokens.
Tk_Offset(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
tk_optionMenu(3tk) Create an option menubutton and its menu.
Tk_OwnSelection(3tk) Make a window the owner of the primary selection.
Tk_Parent(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_ParseArgv(3tk) Process command-line options.
tk_patchLevel(3tk) ↣ geometry(3tk) Variables used or set by Tk.
Tk_PathName(3tk) ↣ Tk_Name(3tk) Convert between names and window tokens.
Tk_PhotoBlank(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PhotoExpand(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PhotoGetImage(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PhotoGetSize(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PhotoPutBlock(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PhotoPutZoomedBlock(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PhotoSetSize(3tk) ↣ FindPhoto(3tk)
Tk_PointToChar(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
tk_popup(3tk) Post a popup menu.
Tk_PostscriptFontName(3tk) ↣ FontId(3tk) Accessor functions for fonts.
Tk_PreserveColormap(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetColormap(3tk) Allocate and free colormaps.
Tk_QueueWindowEvent(3tk) ↣ Tk_CollapseMotionEvents(3tk) Add a window event to the Tcl event queue.
Tk_RedrawImage(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetImage(3tk) Use an image in a widget.
Tk_ReqHeight(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_ReqWidth(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_ResetUserInactiveTime(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetUserInactiveTime(3tk) Discover user inactivity time.
Tk_ResizeWindow(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_RestackWindow(3tk) Change a window's position in the stacking order.
Tk_RestoreSavedOptions(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
Tk_RestrictEvents(3tk) Filter and selectively delay X events.
Tk_SafeInit(3tk) ↣ Tk_Init(3tk) Add Tk to an interpreter and make a new Tk application.
Tk_Screen(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_ScreenNumber(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
tk_scsiformat(8) Low level format an scsi disk device with a nice user interface.
Tk_SetAppName(3tk) Set the name of an application for 'send' commands.
Tk_SetBackgroundFromBorder(3tk) ↣ Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj(3tk)
Tk_SetCaretPos(3tk) Set the display caret location.
Tk_SetClass(3tk) Set or retrieve a window's class.
Tk_SetClassProcs(3tk) Register widget specific procedures.
Tk_SetGrid(3tk) Control the grid for interactive resizing.
Tk_SetInternalBorder(3tk) ↣ Tk_GeometryRequest(3tk) Specify desired.
Tk_SetInternalBorderEx(3tk) ↣ Tk_GeometryRequest(3tk) Specify desired.
Tk_SetMinimumRequestSize(3tk) ↣ Tk_GeometryRequest(3tk) Specify desired.
Tk_SetOptions(3tk) ↣ Tk_CreateOptionTable(3tk)
tk_setPalette(3tk) Modify the Tk color palette.
Tk_SetWindowBackground(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_SetWindowBackgroundPixmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_SetWindowBorder(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_SetWindowBorderPixmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_SetWindowBorderWidth(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_SetWindowColormap(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_SetWindowVisual(3tk) Change visual characteristics of window.
Tk_SizeOfBitmap(3tk) ↣ Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj(3tk)
Tk_SizeOfImage(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetImage(3tk) Use an image in a widget.
Tk_StrictMotif(3tk) Return value of tk_strictMotif variable.
tk_strictMotif(3tk) ↣ geometry(3tk) Variables used or set by Tk.
tk_textCopy(3tk) ↣ text(3tk) Create and manipulate 'text' hypertext editing widgets.
tk_textCut(3tk) ↣ text(3tk) Create and manipulate 'text' hypertext editing widgets.
Tk_TextLayoutToPostscript(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
tk_textPaste(3tk) ↣ text(3tk) Create and manipulate 'text' hypertext editing widgets.
Tk_TextWidth(3tk) ↣ MeasureChar(3tk) Routines to measure and display simple sin‐.
Tk_Uid(3tk) ↣ Tk_GetUid(3tk) Convert from string to unique identifier.
Tk_UndefineCursor(3tk) ↣ Tk_ConfigureWindow(3tk)
Tk_UnderlineChars(3tk) ↣ MeasureChar(3tk) Routines to measure and display simple sin‐.
Tk_UnderlineTextLayout(3tk) ↣ Tk_ComputeTextLayout(3tk)
Tk_Ungrab(3tk) ↣ Tk_Grab(3tk) Manipulate grab state in an application.
Tk_UnmaintainGeometry(3tk) ↣ Tk_MaintainGeometry(3tk) Maintain geometry of one window relative to another.
Tk_UnmapWindow(3tk) ↣ Tk_MapWindow(3tk) Map or unmap a window.
Tk_UnsetGrid(3tk) ↣ Tk_SetGrid(3tk) Control the grid for interactive resizing.
tk_version(3tk) ↣ geometry(3tk) Variables used or set by Tk.
Tk_Visual(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_Width(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_X(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
Tk_Y(3tk) ↣ Tk_WindowId(3tk)
tkabber(1) A GUI client for XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging protocol.
tkabber-plugins(7) The set of standard plugins for Tkabber, an XMPP (Jabber) client.
tkabber-remote(1) Remotely control a running instance of Tkabber.
tkcon(1) Tk console replacement.
tkcon(3tk) Controlling TkCon console.
tkconch(1) Connect to SSH servers graphically.
tkconrc(5) TkCon resource file.
tkcvs(1) A Tk/Tcl Graphical Interface to CVS and Subversion.
tkdesk(1) A Graphical File and Desktop Manager for the X Window System.
tkdict(1p) A perl client for accessing network dictionary servers.
tkdiff(1) A graphical "diff" utility.
tkdirdiff(1) Graphical directory comparison tool.
tkdnd(3tcl) Tk Drag and Drop Interface.
tkerror(3tk) Command invoked to process background errors.
tkgate(1) Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator.
tkhtml(3tcl) Widget to render html documents.
tkill(1) Terminate LAM on one node.
tkill(2) Send a signal to a thread.
tkinfo(1) Program to view GNU Info files.
tkinspect(1) Tk application inspector.
tkiptun-ng(8) Inject a few frames into a WPA TKIP network with QoS.
tkjpeg(1p) Simple JPEG viewer using perl/Tk.
tkmelting(1) Tk interface to MELTING.
tkmib(1) An interactive graphical MIB browser for SNMP.
tkmolrender(1) Graphical frontend to the molrender utility.
tkmore(1p) A Perl/Tk based pager.
tknewsbiff(1) ↣ expect_tknewsbiff(1) Pop up a window when news appears.
tkpod(1p) Perl/Tk Pod browser.
tkremind(1) Graphical front-end to Remind calendar program.
tkscid(6) ↣ scid(6)
tkTable(3tk) Create and manipulate tables.
tktray(3tk) System Tray Icon Support for Tk on X11.
tkvars(3tk) Variables used or set by Tk.
tkwait(3tk) Wait for variable to change or window to be destroyed.
Tkx_Init(3tclx) ↣ TclXInit(3tclx) Extended Tcl initialization.
TkX_Main(3tclx) ↣ TclXInit(3tclx) Extended Tcl initialization.
tl(4freebsd) Texas Instruments ThunderLAN Ethernet device driver.
tla(1) Arch command line client tool.
tla-gpg-check(1) GNU Arch revision signature checker.
tlb(8) TLB size and latency benchmark.
tld_check_4(3) API function.
tld_check_4t(3) API function.
tld_check_4tz(3) API function.
tld_check_4z(3) API function.
tld_check_8z(3) API function.
tld_check_lz(3) API function.
tld_default_table(3) API function.
tld_get_4(3) API function.
tld_get_4z(3) API function.
tld_get_table(3) API function.
tld_get_z(3) API function.
tld_strerror(3) API function.
tldextract(1) Program to separate the generic or country code top-level domains from the registered domain and.
tldr-hs(1) Manual page for tldr 0.2.3.
tldr-py(1) Python client for tldr.
tlf(1) Amateur radio contest keyer/logging program for Radiosport.
tlmgr(1) The native TeX Live Manager.
tload(1) Graphic representation of system load average.
tlogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
tlp(8) Apply laptop power saving settings.
tlp-pcilist(1) Show PCI(e) device data.
tlp-sleep.service(8) Disable power saving at suspend and restore upon resume.
tlp-stat(8) Show power saving settings.
tlp-usblist(1) Show USB device data.
tlp.service(8) Initialize power saving at boot and cleanup upon shutdown.
tls-python2(1) Run test servers and clients.
tls-python3(1) Run test servers and clients.
TLS_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLS_FEATURE_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TLS_FEATURE_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TLS_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLS_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
tlsa(1) Create and verify RFC-6698 TLSA DNS records.
tlsdb-python2(1) Manage SRP verifier databases.
tlsdb-python3(1) Manage SRP verifier databases.
tlsgatling(1) High performance file server.
tlsh_unittest(1) Compute TLSH digest values and distance.
tlsmgr(8postfix) Postfix TLS session cache and PRNG manager.
tlsproxy(8postfix) Postfix TLS proxy.
TLSv1_1_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_1_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_1_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_2_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_2_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_2_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
TLSv1_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
tlv(3) TLV Manipulation Functions.
tlv_decode(3) ↣ tlv(3) TLV Manipulation Functions.
tlv_encode(3) ↣ tlv(3) TLV Manipulation Functions.
tm(1p) Topic Map client and work-bench.
TM(3pm) Topic Maps, Base Class.
tm(3tcl) Facilities for locating and loading of Tcl Modules.
TM::Analysis(3pm) Topic Maps, analysis functions.
TM::Axes(3pm) Topic Maps, Axes for TM::match*.
TM::Bulk(3pm) Topic Maps, Bulk Retrieval Trait.
TM::Coverage(3pm) Topic Maps, Code Coverage.
TM::CTM::Parser(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing maps in CTM format.
TM::DM(3pm) Topic Maps, read-only TMDM layer.
TM::FAQ(3pm) Topic Maps, Frequently Angering Quirks.
TM::Graph(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for graph-like operations.
TM::Index(3pm) Topic Maps, generic indexing support.
TM::Index::Characteristics(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (match layer).
TM::Index::Match(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (match layer).
TM::Index::Reified(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (reification axis).
TM::Index::Taxonomy(3pm) Topic Maps, Indexing support (match layer).
TM::IndexAble(3pm) Topic Maps, Trait to provide lazy and eager indices.
TM::Literal(3pm) Topic Maps, simple values (literals).
TM::LTM::Parser(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing maps in LTM format.
TM::MapSphere(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for a hierarchical TM repository.
TM::Materialized::AsTMa(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing of AsTMa instances.
TM::Materialized::CTM(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing of CTM instances.
TM::Materialized::JTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for JSON Topic Map instances.
TM::Materialized::LTM(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing of LTM instances.
TM::Materialized::MLDBM(3pm) Topic Maps, DBM Storage (asynchronous).
TM::Materialized::MLDBM2(3pm) Topic Maps, DBM Storage (synchronous).
TM::Materialized::Stream(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract class for maps with stream based input/output drivers.
TM::Materialized::XTM(3pm) Topic Maps, Parsing and dumping of XTM instances.
TM::ObjectAble(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for storing objects into backends.
TM::Overview(3pm) Topic Maps, Overview.
TM::PSI(3pm) Topic Maps, PSI (published subject identifiers).
TM::ResourceAble(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract trait for resource-backed Topic Maps.
TM::ResourceAble::MemCached(3pm) Topic Maps, Memcached server backend.
TM::ResourceAble::MLDBM(3pm) Topic Maps, DBM Storage (synchronous).
TM::Serializable(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract trait for stream (map) based input/output drivers.
TM::Serializable::AsTMa(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing AsTMa instances.
TM::Serializable::CSV(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing (and later dumping) CSV stream.
TM::Serializable::CTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing of CTM instances.
TM::Serializable::JTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for reading/writing JSON Topic Map instances.
TM::Serializable::LTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing of LTM instances.
TM::Serializable::XTM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for parsing and dumping XTM instances.
TM::Synchronizable(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for synchronizable resources.
TM::Synchronizable::MapSphere(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for a syncing a hierarchical TM repository.
TM::Synchronizable::MLDBM(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for DBM Storage, synchronous.
TM::Tau(3pm) Topic Maps, Tau Expressions.
TM::Tau::Filter(3pm) Topic Maps, abstract filter class.
TM::Tau::Filter::Analyze(3pm) Topic Maps, Analysis Filter.
TM::Tree(3pm) Topic Maps, trait for induced tree retrieval.
tm_hour(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_isdst(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_mday(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_min(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_mon(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_sec(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_wday(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_yday(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tm_year(3avr) ↣ tm(3avr)
tmail(1) Mail Delivery Module.
TMalign(1) Protein structure alignment.
tmap(1e) Predict and plot transmembrane segments in protein sequences.
tmate(1) Terminal multiplexer with instant terminal sharing.
tmexpand(1) Jed text-macro processor.
tmfs(1) Time Machine File System.
tmispell(1) Ispell wrapper which uses Voikko for spell-checking.
tmispell.conf(5) Configuration file for tmispell.
tmpfile(3) Create a temporary file.
tmpfile(3posix) Create a temporary file.
tmpfiles.d(5) Configuration for creation, deletion and cleaning of volatile and temporary files.
tmpl(8) Command line interface to Go's text/template library.
tmpnam(3) Create a name for a temporary file.
tmpnam(3posix) Create a name for a temporary file.
tmpnam_r(3) ↣ tmpnam(3) Create a name for a temporary file.
tmpreaper(8) Removes files which haven't been accessed for a period of time.
tmpreaper.conf(5) Defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper.
TMscore(1) An algorithm to calculate the similarity of topologies of two protein structures.
tmserver(1) A Translation Memory server,.
tmux(1) Terminal multiplexer.
tmuxinator(1) Manage complex tmux sessions easily.
tmx-explode(1p) Explodes tmx files in a file per language.
tmx-POStagger(1p) POStaggers translation units on a tmx file.
tmx-tokenize(1p) Tokenizes translation units on a tmx file.
tmx2html(1p) Converts a TMX to an HTML formatted page.
tmx2tmx(1p) Utility to convert and filter TMX files.
tmxclean(1p) Simple tool to clean TMX files.
tmxgrep(1p) Grep translation units in a TMX file.
tmxrasterizer(1) Renders a tile map to an image.
tmxsplit(1p) Splits a TMX file several files, one for each language.
tmxuniq(1p) Removes duplicated translation units from TMXs.
tmxviewer(1) A simple tile map viewer.
tmxwc(1p) Gives statistics about tmx file.
tnat64(1) Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the tnat64(8) library to transparently allow an application to.
tnat64(8) Library for intercepting outgoing network connections and redirecting them through the NAT64.
tnat64.conf(5) Configuration file for tnat64(8).
tnc(3tcl) Tnc is an expat parser object extension, that validates the XML stream against the document DTD while.
tnef(1) Decode Microsoft's Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format.
tnftp(1) Internet file transfer program.
tntnet(8) Web application server for c++.
tntnet-config(1) Output compiler flags for tntnet(8) usage. Configuration-file for tntnet (8).
tntnet.xml(7) Configuration file for tntnet(8).
to_erl(1) Attach to a running Erlang runtime system, started with run_erl.
toascii(3) Convert character to ASCII.
toascii(3avr) ↣ ctype(3avr)
toascii(3posix) Translate an integer to a 7-bit ASCII character.
toast(1) GSM 06.10 lossy sound compression.
tobin(1) Convert a series of files into a series of macbinary files.
toc2cddb(1) Translates a TOC file of cdrdao(1) into a cddb file and prints it to stdout.
toc2cue(1) Converts a TOC files of cdrdao(1) into a .cue file.
toc_container(3tcl) Holding tables of contents.
toc_export(3tcl) Exporting tables of contents.
toc_export_html(3tcl) HTML export plugin.
toc_export_json(3tcl) JSON export plugin.
toc_export_nroff(3tcl) Nroff export plugin.
toc_export_text(3tcl) Plain text export plugin.
toc_export_wiki(3tcl) Wiki export plugin.
toc_import(3tcl) Importing keyword indices.
toc_import_json(3tcl) JSON import plugin.
toc_introduction(3tcl) DocTools - Tables of Contents.
toc_msgcat_c(3tcl) Message catalog for the doctoc parser (C).
toc_msgcat_de(3tcl) Message catalog for the doctoc parser (DE).
toc_msgcat_en(3tcl) Message catalog for the doctoc parser (EN).
toc_msgcat_fr(3tcl) Message catalog for the doctoc parser (FR).
toc_parse(3tcl) Parsing text in doctoc format.
toc_structure(3tcl) Doctoc serialization utilities.
todo(1) ↣ devtodo(1) A reminder/task program aimed at developers.
todo-txt(1) Simple and extensible shell script for managing todo.txt file.
todoman(1) Todoman Documentation.
todos(1) ↣ fromdos(1) Converts text files between DOS and Unix formats.
toe(1) Table of (terminfo) entries.
toga2(6) Toga2 is a UCI-only chess engine.
togeomview(1gv) Send commands or OOGL objects to geomview.
togglesebool(8) Flip the current value of a SELinux boolean.
toGrimmFormat(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
toilet(1) Display large colourful characters.
toix(1) ↣ flip(1) Do newline conversions between **IX and MS-DOS.
tok_end(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_init(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_line(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_reset(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_str(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_wend(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_winit(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_wline(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_wreset(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
tok_wstr(3) ↣ editline(3edit)
toke(1) OpenBIOS tokenizer.
token(3tcl) Regex based iterative lexing.
token_shell(3tcl) Parsing of shell command line.
tokenizer.h(3) String tokenizer.
tokens(1) Displays the issuer's tokens.
tokyocabinet(3) A modern implementation of DBM.
TokyoCabinet(3pm) Perl Binding of Tokyo Cabinet.
tolower(3) ↣ toupper(3) Convert uppercase or lowercase.
tolower(3avr) ↣ ctype(3avr)
tolower(3posix) Transliterate uppercase characters to lowercase.
_tolower(3posix) Transliterate uppercase characters to lowercase.
tolower_l(3) ↣ toupper(3) Convert uppercase or lowercase.
tolua(1) Lua language binding development helper program.
tolua++5.1(1) Lua language binding development helper program.
tomac(1) Transmit files to the Mac.
tomatoes(6) Tomatoes smashing game.
tomb(1) The Crypto Undertaker.
tomboy(1) A simple note-taking application for Gnome.
tomboy-blogposter(1) Allows Tomboy to post notes to a blog.
tomcat8-instance-create(2) Creates a Tomcat 8 instance.
tomcat9-instance-create(2) Creates a Tomcat 9 instance.
tomf(1) Copies files to a multifile.
TOML(3pm) Parser for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language.
TOML::Parser(3pm) Simple toml parser.
tomljson(1) Reads a TOML file and outputs its JSON representation.
tomll(1) Reads TOML files and lint them.
tomoyo-auditd(8) Access request log recording daemon for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-checkpolicy(8) Policy validator utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-diffpolicy(8) Domain policy comparison utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-domainmatch(8) Domain policy scanning utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-editpolicy(8) Policy editor for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-editpolicy-agent(8) Agent for remotely editing TOMOYO Linux policy.
tomoyo-findtemp(8) Detect temporary pathnames in TOMOYO Linux policy.
tomoyo-init(8) Load TOMOYO Linux policy automatically.
tomoyo-loadpolicy(8) Load TOMOYO Linux manually.
tomoyo-notifyd(8) Policy violation notification daemon for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-patternize(8) Utility to convert pathnames in policy into patterns.
tomoyo-pstree(8) Process tree viewer utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-queryd(8) Real-time access request management utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-savepolicy(8) Save TOMOYO Linux policy.
tomoyo-selectpolicy(8) Policy selection utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-setlevel(8) Profile management utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-setprofile(8) Profile assignment utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo-sortpolicy(8) Domain policy sorting utility for TOMOYO Linux.
tomoyo_init_policy(8) Initialize TOMOYO Linux policy.
toms(1) ↣ flip(1) Do newline conversions between **IX and MS-DOS.
toMultiFastA(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
tonedebug(1) Test parameters for the libvpb programmable tone detector.
tonegen(1) Test the Voicetronix programmable tone generator.
tones(1) A sequential tone generator program.
tonetrain(1) Analyse telephony signal tones for the libvpb programmable detector.
tool(3tcl) TclOO Library (TOOL) Framework.
Tool(3U) Base class for tool objects.
tool-ui(3tcl) Abstractions to allow Tao to express Native Tk, HTML5, and Tao-Layout interfaces.
tool_dict_ensemble(3tcl) Dictionary Tools.
toolexcept.hpp(3elektra) Implementation of all exceptions elektratools library might throw.
Toolkit(3pm) Keep your handy modules organized.
tooltip(3tk) Tooltip management.
top(1) Display Linux processes.
top_panel(3curses) ↣ panel(3curses) Panel stack extension for curses.
top_row(3menu) ↣ menu_current(3menu) Set and get current_menu_item.
topal(1) GPG/GnuPG and Alpine/Pine integration.
topblock(6x) A 3D world of falling blocks that build up and up.
topcat(1) Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables.
topformflat(1) Flattens code with balanced delimiters.
topica2mail(1p) Convert a Topica mailing list into a mail box.
topics.conf(5) Configuration of list topics.
Toplevel(3itk) Base class for mega-widgets in a top-level window.
toplevel(3tk) Create and manipulate 'toplevel' main and popup window widgets.
TopLevelShell(3) The TopLevelShell widget class "TopLevelShell" "widget class" "TopLevelShell".
topology.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for defining the network topology.
topoSet(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
toppler(6) Clone of the old "Nebulous" game.
toppred(1) Transmembrane topology prediction.
tor(1) The second-generation onion router.
tor-gencert(1) Generate certs and keys for Tor directory authorities.
tor-instance-create(8) Set up a new tor instance.
tor-resolve(1) Resolve a hostname to an IP address via tor.
toRawSequence(1) ↣ addUnalignedIntervals(1) Part of mauveAligner package.
torbrowser-launcher(1) Helps download and run the Tor Browser Bundle.
torchat(8) TorChat dummy launcher.
torcs(6) Racing car simulator.
torify(1) Wrapper for torsocks and tor.
torrus(8) Commandline wrapper for Torrus utilities.
torrus_acledit(8) Manage Torrus access control lists (ACLs).
torrus_action_notify(7) Generic notification handler for Torrus monitor.
torrus_action_printemail(7) A script for sending email from monitor action.
torrus_action_snmptrap(7) Scripts for sending SNMP traps (version 2c and 1 respectively) from.
torrus_action_snmpv1trap(7) ↣ torrus_action_snmptrap(7) Scripts for sending SNMP traps (version 2c and 1 respectively) from.
torrus_buildsearchdb(8) Build the search database.
torrus_cleanup(8) Cleans up Torrus web session data.
torrus_clearcache(8) Clears the Torrus Renderer's cache.
torrus_collector(8) Torrus data Collector.
torrus_compilexml(8) Torrus XML configuration (re)compiler.
torrus_configinfo(8) Displays useful statistics for all Torrus trees.
torrus_configsnapshot(8) Generates a configuration snapshot for a Torrus tree.
torrus_devdiscover(8) Performs SNMP discovery and generates Torrus XML configuration file.
torrus_flushmonitors(8) Flush monitor alarms and tokenset members.
torrus_genddx(8) Generates SNMP discovery instructions file for devdiscover.
torrus_genlist(8) Lists Torrus objects.
torrus_genreport(8) Generate the Usage Report.
torrus_install_plugin(7) Installs the Torrus plugin.
torrus_launcher(7) Torrus utility.
torrus_monitor(8) Torrus Monitor.
torrus_nodeid(8) Torrus utility.
torrus_rrddir2xml(8) Searches a directory for RRD files and generates Torrus XML configuration file.
torrus_schedulerinfo(8) Displays extended scheduler tasks information.
torrus_snmpfailures(8) Displays SNMP collector failures.
torrus_srvderive(8) Derive a new service ID from sum or maximum of other service values.
torrus_ttproclist(8) Process a template with a nodelist.
torsocks(1) Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the torsocks(8) library to transparently torify an applica‐.
torsocks(8) Library for intercepting outgoing network connections and redirecting them through the Tor SOCKS.
torsocks.conf(5) Configuration file for torsocks(8).
torus-2QoS(8) Routing engine for OpenSM subnet manager.
torus-trooper(6) Speeding ship sailing through barrage.
tos-bsl(1) Program a telos or telos B mote.
tos-build-deluge-image(1) Internal tool for Deluge T2.
tos-channelgen(1) Calculate valid CC1000 radio channels.
tos-check-env(1) Check that your environment is properly configured for TinyOS development.
tos-decode-flid(1) Turn a base-4 Safe TinyOS error code into a human-readable error message.
tos-deluge(1) Management tool for Deluge T2.
tos-ident-flags(1) Generate compile-time flags identifying a program build.
tos-install-jni(1) Install TinyOS JNI libraries.
tos-locate-jre(1) Locate a Java installation.
tos-mote-key(1) Manage TinySec keys.
tos-mviz(1) Launch MViz, the TinyOS network visualizer.
tos-ramsize(1) Compute RAM usage of a TinyOS application including the stack.
tos-serial-configure(1) Reset serial port settings for raw data.
tos-serial-debug(1) Print the raw bytes read from a serial port.
tos-set-symbols(1) Set initialized variable values in a binary.
tos-storage-at45db(1) Generate storage volume description code.
tos-storage-pxa27xp30(1) Generate storage volume description code.
tos-storage-stm25p(1) Generate storage volume description code.
tos-write-image(1) Generate executable description for Deluge.
tosthreads-dynamic-app(1) Generate a TOSThreads dynamically loadable binary from an ELF object file.
totalopenstation-cli-connector(1) Command-line connector to Total Station.
totalopenstation-cli-parser(1) Command-line parser for Total Station data.
totalopenstation-gui(1) Total Open Station 0.3.0.
totem(1) GNOME desktop movie player based on GStreamer.
totem-video-thumbnailer(1) Video thumbnailer for the GNOME desktop.
touch(1) Change file timestamps.
touch(1plan9) Set modification date of a file.
touch(1posix) Change file access and modification times.
touch(3ncurses) Curses refresh control routines.
touch_newsgroup(1) Force leafnode to continue reading low-traffic newsgroups.
touchline(3ncurses) ↣ touch(3ncurses) Curses refresh control routines.
touchlock(3) ↣ lockfile_create(3) Manage lockfiles.
touchpad-edge-detector(1) Touchpad edge detector.
touchwin(3ncurses) ↣ touch(3ncurses) Curses refresh control routines.
toulbar2(1) Exactly solves discrete optimization problems on graphical models.
toupper(3) Convert uppercase or lowercase.
toupper(3avr) ↣ ctype(3avr)
toupper(3posix) Transliterate lowercase characters to uppercase.
_toupper(3posix) Transliterate lowercase characters to uppercase.
toupper_l(3) ↣ toupper(3) Convert uppercase or lowercase.
tourney-manager(6) Perl interface to run chess engine tourneys.
tovrmlx3d(1) Convert 3D models to X3D, format VRML / X3D to have nice indentation.
towctrans(3) Wide-character transliteration.
towctrans(3posix) Wide-character transliteration.
tower-cli(1) ↣ tower_cli(1) Tower_cli Documentation.
tower_cli(1) Tower_cli Documentation.
towitoko-ctapi(3) Functions to handle communication with integrated circuit cards and.
towitoko-ctbcs(3) Cardterminal basic command set for integrated circuit card applications.
towitoko-tester(1) Towitoko driver CT-API interface tester tool.
towlower(3) Convert a wide character to lowercase.
towlower(3posix) Transliterate uppercase wide-character code to lowercase.
towlower_l(3) ↣ towlower(3) Convert a wide character to lowercase.
towupper(3) Convert a wide character to uppercase.
towupper(3posix) Transliterate lowercase wide-character code to uppercase.
towupper_l(3) ↣ towupper(3) Convert a wide character to uppercase.
tox(1) A generic virtualenv management and test tool.
toxiproxy(8) Proxy to simulate network and system conditions.
toxiproxy-cli(8) Simulate network and system conditions.
tp512cvt(1) Magtape conversion utility.
tpage(1p) Process templates from command line.
tparm(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
tpb(1) Program to use the IBM ThinkPad (tm) special keys.
tpic2pdftex(1) Convert tpic \specials for use by pdftex.
tping(1) Send echo messages to LAM nodes.
tplist-bpfcc(8) Display kernel tracepoints or USDT probes and their formats.
tpm(4freebsd) Trusted Platform Module.
tpm2_activatecredential(8) Verify that the given content is protected with given keyHandle for given handle,.
tpm2_akparse(8) Parse the algorithm and key values in TPM2B_PUBLIC struct which input via file inputFile, and.
tpm2_certify(8) Prove that an object with a specific Name is loaded in the TPM. By certifying that the object.
tpm2_create(8) Create an object that can be loaded into a TPM using tpm2_load. The object will need to be.
tpm2_createprimary(8) Create a primary key under a primary seed or a temporary primary key under the.
tpm2_dump_capability(8) Display TPM capabilities in a human readable form.
tpm2_encryptdecrypt(8) Performs symmetric encryption or decryption. keyHandle shall reference a symmetric.
tpm2_evictcontrol(8) Allows a transient object to be made persistent or a persistent object to be evicted.
tpm2_getmanufec(8) Retrieve the Endorsement Credential Certificate for the TPM endorsement key from the TPM.
tpm2_getpubak(8) Generate attestation key with given algorithm under endorsement hierarchy, make it persistent.
tpm2_getpubek(8) Generate TCG profile compliant endorsement key(endorsement hierarchy primary object), make it.
tpm2_getrandom(8) Returns the next SIZE octets from the random number generator.
tpm2_hash(8) Performs a hash operation on a data buffer and returns the results. If the results of the hash.
tpm2_hmac(8) Performs an HMAC on the supplied data using the indicated hash algorithm. The caller shall provide.
tpm2_listpcrs(8) Display all PCR values in given algorithm with -g, display given PCR values in given algo‐.
tpm2_listpersistent(8) Display all defined persistent objects.
tpm2_load(8) Load objects into the TPM, both pub/priv portion are needed.
tpm2_loadexternal(8) Load an object that is not a Protected Object into the TPM. The command allows loading of.
tpm2_makecredential(8) Use the given tpm public key to protect the given secret which are used to encrypt the.
tpm2_nvdefine(8) Define NV index with given auth value, if passwd not given, assume NULL.
tpm2_nvlist(8) Display all defined NV indices.
tpm2_nvread(8) Read content from NV index, if any passwd option is missing, assume NULL.
tpm2_nvreadlock(8) Lock the NV index for further reads until the machine is restarted.
tpm2_nvrelease(8) Release NV index, if any passwd option is missing, assume NULL.
tpm2_nvwrite(8) Write content from a file to a specified index, if any passwd option is missing, assume NULL.
tpm2_quote(8) Provide quote and signature for given list of PCRs in given algorithm/banks.
tpm2_rc_decode(8) Convert error codes from the SAPI and TCTI into human readable errors. Analogous to str‐.
tpm2_readpublic(8) Access to the public area of a loaded object.
tpm2_rsadecrypt(8) Performs RSA decryption using the indicated padding scheme according to IETF RFC 3447.
tpm2_rsaencrypt(8) Performs RSA encryption using the indicated padding scheme according to IETF RFC 3447. The.
tpm2_send_command(8) Send a command to the TPM using the specified TCTI.
tpm2_sign(8) Sign an externally provided hash with the specified symmetric or asymmetric signing key. If key‐.
tpm2_startup(8) Send a TPM2_Startup command with either TPM_SU_CLEAR or TPM_SU_STATE.
tpm2_takeownership(8) Inserting authorization values for the ownerAuth, endorsementAuth, and lockoutAuth, if.
tpm2_unseal(8) Returns the data in a loaded Sealed Data Object.
tpm2_verifysignature(8) Uses loaded keys to validate a signature on a message with the message digest passed to.
tpm_changeownerauth(8) Change the authorization data associated with the owner or SRK.
tpm_clear(8) Return the TPM to the default state (unowned, disabled, inactive).
tpm_createek(8) Create an Endorsement Key Pair on the TPM.
tpm_getpcrhash(8) Return the signed data produced by a TPM quote.
tpm_getpubek(8) Display the public portion of the TPM's Endorsement Key.
tpm_getquote(8) Return the signature produced by a TPM quote.
tpm_loadkey(8) Load a key into persistent storage.
tpm_mkaik(8) Make a TPM Attestation Identity Key.
tpm_mkuuid(8) Generate a TPM UUID.
tpm_quote_tools(8) An overview of TPM Quote Tools.
tpm_resetdalock(8) Reset the dictionary attack lock for the user (require owner authentication).
tpm_restrictpubek(8) Restrict the ability to display the public portion of the Endorsement Key to the owner.
tpm_revokeek(8) Revokes the Endorsement Key Pair of the TPM.
tpm_sealdata(1) Seal input data to the system's TPM.
tpm_selftest(8) Request TPM perform selftest and report.
tpm_setactive(8) Change TPM active states.
tpm_setclearable(8) Disable TPM clear operations.
tpm_setenable(8) Change TPM enable states.
tpm_setoperatorauth(8) Sets the operator authorization value in the TPM.
tpm_setownable(8) Change whether the TPM allows tpm_takeownership operations.
tpm_takeownership(8) Setup an owner on the TPM.
tpm_unloadkey(8) Unload a key from persistent storage.
tpm_updatepcrhash(8) Update a PCR composite hash.
tpm_verifyquote(8) Verify the signature produced by a TPM quote.
tpm_version(1) Report TPM version and manufacturer information.
tpmclient(1) Client to connect TPM resource manager.
tpmtest(1) Program to test TPM resource manager.
tpmtoken_import(1) Import an X.509 certficate and/or an RSA key pair into the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store.
tpmtoken_init(1) Initialize the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store.
tpmtoken_objects(1) Display the objects in the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store.
tpmtoken_protect(1) Encrypt or decrypt data using a symmetric key stored in the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store.
tpmtoken_setpasswd(1) Change the password(s) associated with the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store.
tpmtool(1) GnuTLS TPM tool.
tpmUnsealFile(3) Unseal routines.
tpmUnsealShred(3) ↣ tpmUnsealFile(3) Unseal routines.
tpmUnsealStrerror(3) ↣ tpmUnsealFile(3) Unseal routines.
tpoint-perf(8) Trace a given tracepoint. Static tracing. Uses Linux ftrace.
tpool(3tcl) Part of the Tcl threading extension implementing pools of worker threads.
tpp(1) Text Presentation Program.
tprintf(9freebsd) Formatted output conversion.
tpsclient(1) TPS testing tool to exercise TPS server functionality, simulating a smart card.
tpsd(1) Tool for Process Structure Diagrams.
tptp2dfg(1) Transforms DFG files into TPTP files.
tptp_to_ladr(1) ↣ ladr4-apps(1) Undocumented LADR4 applications.
tput(1) Initialize a terminal or query terminfo database.
tput(1posix) Change terminal characteristics.
tputs(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
tputs_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
tq(1) Job queue wrapper for tmux/screen.
tqdm(1) Fast, extensible progress bar for Python and CLI.
tqs(1) Trim Quality Solexa-Illumina Sequences.
tqsl(1) Digitally sign amateur radio contact logs.
tqsl(5) Digitally sign amateur radio contact logs.
tqueue(3tcl) Queued transfers.
tr(1) Translate or delete characters.
tr(1plan9) Translate characters.
tr(1posix) Translate characters.
trabucco(1) Desktop launcher.
trac-admin(1) Trac administration tool.
tracd(1) Stand alone Trac HTTP server.
TRACE(3alleg4) Debugging helper macro to trace messages. Allegro game programming library.
trace(3tcl) Monitor variable accesses, command usages and command executions.
trace(8postfix) ↣ bounce(8postfix) Postfix delivery status reports.
trace-bpfcc(8) Trace a function and print its arguments or return value, optionally evaluating a filter. Uses Linux.
trace-cmd(1) Interacts with Ftrace Linux kernel internal tracer.
trace-cmd-check-events(1) Parse the event formats on local system.
trace-cmd-extract(1) Extract out the data from the Ftrace Linux tracer.
trace-cmd-hist(1) Show histogram of events in trace.dat file.
trace-cmd-list(1) List available plugins, events or options for Ftrace.
trace-cmd-listen(1) Listen for incoming connection to record tracing.
trace-cmd-mem(1) Show memory usage of certain kmem events.
trace-cmd-options(1) List available options from trace-cmd plugins.
trace-cmd-profile(1) Profile tasks running live.
trace-cmd-record(1) Record a trace from the Ftrace Linux internal tracer.
trace-cmd-report(1) Show in ASCII a trace created by trace-cmd record.
trace-cmd-reset(1) Turn off all Ftrace tracing to bring back full performance.
trace-cmd-restore(1) Restore a failed trace record.
trace-cmd-show(1) Show the contents of the Ftrace Linux kernel tracing buffer.
trace-cmd-snapshot(1) Take, reset, free, or show a Ftrace kernel snapshot.
trace-cmd-split(1) Split a trace.dat file into smaller files.
trace-cmd-stack(1) Read, enable or disable Ftrace Linux kernel stack tracing.
trace-cmd-start(1) Start the Ftrace Linux kernel tracer without recording.
trace-cmd-stat(1) Show the status of the tracing (ftrace) system.
trace-cmd-stop(1) Stop the Ftrace Linux kernel tracer from writing to the ring buffer.
trace-cmd-stream(1) Stream a trace to stdout as it is happening.
trace-cmd.dat(5) Trace-cmd file format.
trace-summary(1) Generate network traffic summaries.
trace.h(7posix) Tracing.
traceanon(1) Anonymise ip addresses of traces.
_traceattr(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
_traceattr2(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
_tracecchar_t(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
_tracecchar_t2(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
_tracechar(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
_tracechtype(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
_tracechtype2(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
traceconvert(1) Convert a trace from one format to another.
tracediff(1) Find and print differences between two traces.
_tracedump(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
traceends(1) Summarise traffic done by every endpoint observed in a trace.
tracef(3) LTTng-UST printf(3)-like interface.
_tracef(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
tracefilter(1) Apply a bpf filter to a trace.
tracelog(3) LTTng-UST printf(3)-like interface with a log level.
tracemerge(1) Merge one (or more) traces together.
_tracemouse(3ncurses) ↣ trace(3ncurses)
tracepath(8) Traces path to a network host discovering MTU along this path.
tracepktdump(1) Output packets in human readable format.
tracepoint(3) ↣ lttng-ust(3) LTTng user space tracing.
tracepoint_enabled(3) ↣ lttng-ust(3) LTTng user space tracing.
tracepp(1) Convert and pretty print traces.
traceproto.db(1) ↣ traceroute.db(1) Print the route packets trace to network host.
tracereplay(1) Replay a trace in trace time from one uri to another.
tracereport(1) Produce various reports on a trace (or traceset).
traceroute-nanog(1) ↣ traceroute.db(1) Print the route packets trace to network host.
traceroute.db(1) Print the route packets trace to network host.
traceroute6.db(1) ↣ traceroute.db(1) Print the route packets trace to network host.
traceroute6.iputils(8) Traces path to a network host.
tracert6(8) ↣ rltraceroute6(8) IPv6 traceroute tool.
tracertstats(1) Perform simple filter based analysis on a trace.
tracesplit(1) Split traces.
tracesplit_dir(1) Split traces into two directions.
tracestats(1) Perform simple analysis on a trace.
tracesummary(1) Output basic summary stats about a trace.
tracetop(1) Show top flows.
tracetopends(1) Reports the endpoints that are responsible for the most traffic in a trace.
traceview(1) A graphical viewer for execution logs saved by Android application.
TraCITestClient(1) TraCITestClient for the road traffic simulation SUMO.
track-video-features(1) Demonstration of image feature detection and tracking.
track2cdda(1) Records audio compact disc from tracks.
track2track(1) Convert audio tracks.
trackballs(6) Marble game similar to the classic arcade game 'Marble Madness'.
trackcat(1) Concatenate two or more audio tracks.
trackcmp(1) Compares one or more audio tracks for equivalence.
tracker-daemon(1) Start, stop, restart and list daemons responsible for indexing content.
tracker-extract(1) Extract metadata from a file.
tracker-index(1) List, pause, resume and command data miners indexing content.
tracker-info(1) Retrieve all information available for a certain file.
tracker-miner-fs(1) Used to crawl the file system to mine data.
tracker-reset(1) Reset the index and configuration.
tracker-search(1) Search for content by type or across all types.
tracker-sparql(1) Use SparQL to query the Tracker databases.
tracker-sql(1) Use SQL to query the Tracker databases.
tracker-status(1) Provide status and statistics on the data indexed.
tracker-store(1) Database indexer and query daemon.
tracker-tag(1) Add, remove and list tags.
tracker-writeback(1) Used to write metadata set in Tracker back to physical files.
trackgen(6) Terrain generator for tracks.
trackinfo(1) Prints information and metadata from tracks.
tracklength(1) Prints the total length of all tracks.
tracklint(1) Checks and fixes minor track metadata errors automatically.
trackplay(1) Plays audio tracks to speakers.
trackrename(1) Renames files based on metadata.
tracksplit(1) Split audio track.
tracktag(1) Update audio file metadata.
trackverify(1) Verifies the data content of tracks.
trad2sim(1) ↣ sim2trad(1) Clipboard data conversion for traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.
tradis_comparison(1) Bio-tradis: compares two experimental conditions using the method of Dembek et al.
tradis_essentiality(1) Bio-tradis: produces calls of gene essentiality using an adaptation of the method.
tradis_gene_insert_sites(1) Bio-tradis: take in plot file(s) and an embl file and produce a tab delimited file.
tradis_merge_plots(1) Bio-tradis: Given a study name or ID, group by sample and tag, and generate tab files for.
tradis_plot(1) Bio-tradis: create insertion site plot for Artemis.
traffic_cop(8) Traffic Server watchdog.
traffic_crashlog(8) Traffic Server crash log helper.
traffic_ctl(8) Traffic Server command line tool.
traffic_logcat(8) Traffic Server log spooler.
traffic_logstats(8) Traffic Server analyzer.
traffic_manager(8) Traffic Server process manager.
traffic_server(8) Traffic Server.
traffic_top(1) Display Traffic Server statistics.
traffic_via(1) Traffic Server Via header decoder.
trafgen(8) A fast, multithreaded network packet generator.
trafshow(1) Full screen show network traffic.
tragesym(1) Create gEDA symbols from structured textfiles.
train-tesseract(1) GUI for training tesseract ocr engine.
Traits(5) Lists the traits used by the Motif Toolkit. "Traits".
tralics(1) A LaTeX to XML converter.
trampoline(3) Closures as first-class C functions.
tran(1) Transcribe between character scripts.
tranalign(1e) Generate an alignment of nucleic coding regions from aligned proteins.
trancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
trang(1) Convert between different schema languages for XML.
trans(1) Command-line translator using Google Translate, Bing Translator, Yandex.Translate, DeepL Translator,.
transcalc(1) Analysis and synthesis tool for microwave and RF transmsision lines.
Transcend(6) Retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter.
transchan(3tcl) Command handler API of channel transforms.
transcode(1) LINUX video stream processing tool.
transcode_export(1) Export modules collection.
transcode_filter(1) Filter modules collection.
transcode_import(1) Transcode import modules collection.
transcriber(1) Tool to transcribe speech using text (transcriber).
TransDecoder.LongOrfs(1) Transcriptome Protein Prediction.
TransDecoder.Predict(1) Transcriptome Protein Prediction.
transeq(1e) Translate nucleic acid sequences.
transfer_annotation_to_groups(1p) Take in a groups file and a set of GFF files and transfer the consensus.
TransferFunct(3U) Transfer function base class.
transfermii_cli(1) Transfer your miis from and to your wiimotes.
transfermii_gui(1) Transfer your miis from and to your wiimotes.
transfig(1) Creates a makefile for portable LaTeX figures.
transfns(3U) Transfer function subclasses.
transform(1) Apply geometric transformations to the input.
transform(3trf) Tcl level transformations.
transform(3x) Transformations available for ASImages libAfterImage/transform.h.
transformcore(3tcl) Basic reflected/virtual channel transform support.
transformix(1) Apply geometric transform to an image.
transformPoints(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
transforms(3U) Coordinate transformation commands.
transformtags(1) Apply MNI transform to a tag file.
transgui(1) GUI program to remotely control the Transmission daemon.
transicc(1) Little cms ColorSpace conversion calculator.
TransientShell(3) The TransientShell widget class "TransientShell" "widget class" "TransientShell".
transition-check(1) Check a package list for involvement in transitions.
translaboob(1) Translate text from one language to another.
translate(1) Looks up for words in a dictionary.
translate(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
translate-bin(1) Translate a text or web page.
translate-docformat(1) Translate documentation format.
translate_cmip3(1) Translate a stream of filepaths from CMIP3 to CMIP5 syntax.
translate_et(1) Translates numbered error codes into text messages. AAT Translation module.
translit(1p) Transliterate text between various writing systems.
transmageddon(1) Multimedia transcoder for portable devices.
transmission-cli(1) A bittorrent client.
transmission-create(1) Command-line utility to create .torrent files.
transmission-daemon(1) A bittorrent client.
transmission-edit(1) Command-line utility to modify .torrent files' announce URLs.
transmission-gtk(1) A bittorrent client.
transmission-qt(1) A bittorrent client.
transmission-remote(1) A remote control utility for transmission-daemon(1) and transmission(1).
transmission-remote-cli(1) A console client for the Transmission BitTorrent client.
transmission-remote-gtk(1) RPC client for the Transmission bittorrent client.
transmission-show(1) Command-line utility to show .torrent file metadata.
Transmission::AttributeRole(3pm) For Torrent and Client.
Transmission::Client(3pm) Interface to Transmission.
Transmission::Session(3pm) Transmission session.
Transmission::Stats(3pm) Transmission session statistics.
Transmission::Torrent(3pm) Transmission torrent object.
Transmission::Torrent::File(3pm) File within a Transmission torrent.
Transmission::Types(3pm) Moose types for Transmission.
Transmission::Utils(3pm) Utilies for modules that use Transmission::*.
transmitter(3tcl) Data source.
transponder(8) Backend node for load balancing services.
transport(5) Postfix transport table format.
TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for commonly used transport address definitions.
transpose(3G) Calculate the transpose of a matrix. Transpose a Freecell/etc. layout from play-stacks in text-columns to play-stacks.
transpose_font(3alleg4) Transposes all characters in a font. Allegro game programming library.
transposeLargeFile(1) Helper for bitseq to transpose files lines and columns.
transset(1) Set transparency on a window.
transterm(1) Finds rho-independent transcription terminators in bacterial genomes.
transxx(1) Create a pseudo translated PO file from a PO template file.
trap(1posix) Trap signals.
traptoemail(1) Snmptrapd handler script to convert snmp traps into emails.
trash(1) ↣ trash-put(1) Command line trash utility.
trash-empty(1) Empty for Command line trash utility.
trash-list(1) List trashed files.
trash-put(1) Command line trash utility.
trash-rm(1) Removes files matching a pattern from the trash can.
Travel::Routing::DE::EFA(3pm) Unofficial interface to EFA-based itinerary services.
Travel::Routing::DE::EFA::Exception(3pm) Travel::Routing::DE::EFA Exceptions.
Travel::Routing::DE::EFA::Route(3pm) Single route (connection) between two points.
Travel::Routing::DE::EFA::Route::Message(3pm) Contains a message related to a route or route part.
Travel::Routing::DE::EFA::Route::Part(3pm) Describes one connection between two points, without interchanges.
Travel::Routing::DE::VRR(3pm) Unofficial interface to the German itinerary service.
traveloob(1) Search for train stations and departures.
traverse(3tcl) Iterative directory traversal.
traverseCDKOnce(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
traverseCDKScreen(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
traverso(1) A multitrack audio recorder and editor.
travis(1) Trajectory Analyzer and Visualizer.
Tray(3I) Compose interactors into arbitrary or constrained layouts.
trayer(1) A lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop.
trbdf(1) Convert BDF-font from one encoding to other.
trcs(1) Convert text files from one codeset to other.
tre-agrep(1) Print lines approximately matching a pattern.
tred(1) Transitive reduction filter for directed graphs.
tree(1) List contents of directories in a tree-like format.
Tree(3pm) An N-ary tree.
tree-ppuzzle(1) Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood (parallelized version).
tree-puzzle(1) Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood.
tree2leafnames(1) List the leaves of a tree.
Tree::Binary2(3pm) An implementation of a binary tree.
Tree::DAG_Node(3pm) An N-ary tree.
Tree::Fast(3pm) The fastest possible implementation of a tree in pure Perl.
Tree::Node(3pm) Node class for Perl implementation of Red/Black tree.
Tree::R(3pm) Perl extension for the R-tree data structure and algorithms.
Tree::RB(3pm) Perl implementation of the Red/Black tree, a type of balanced binary search tree.
Tree::RB::Node(3pm) A node class for implementing Red/Black trees.
Tree::RB::Node::_Constants(3pm) Tree::RB guts.
Tree::RedBlack(3pm) Perl implementation of Red/Black tree, a type of balanced tree.
Tree::Simple(3pm) A simple tree object.
Tree::Simple::Visitor(3pm) Visitor object for Tree::Simple objects.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::BreadthFirstTraversal(3pm) A Visitor for breadth-first traversal a Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::CreateDirectoryTree(3pm) A Visitor for create a set of directories and files from a.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByNodeValue(3pm) A Visitor for finding an element in a Tree::Simple hierarchy by node.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByPath(3pm) A Visitor for finding an element in a Tree::Simple hierarchy with a path.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByUID(3pm) A Visitor for finding an element in a Tree::Simple hierarchy by UID.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FromNestedArray(3pm) A Visitor for creating Tree::Simple objects from nested array trees.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::FromNestedHash(3pm) A Visitor for creating Tree::Simple objects from nested hash trees.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::GetAllDescendents(3pm) A Visitor for fetching all the descendents of a Tree::Simple object.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadClassHierarchy(3pm) A Visitor for loading class hierarchies into a Tree::Simple.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadDirectoryTree(3pm) A Visitor for loading the contents of a directory into a.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::PathToRoot(3pm) A Visitor for finding the path back a Tree::Simple object's root.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::PostOrderTraversal(3pm) A Visitor for post-order traversal a Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::PreOrderTraversal(3pm) A Visitor for pre-order traversal a Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::Sort(3pm) A Visitor for sorting a Tree::Simple object hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::ToNestedArray(3pm) A Visitor for creating nested array trees from Tree::Simple objects.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::ToNestedHash(3pm) A Visitor for creating nested hash trees from Tree::Simple objects.
Tree::Simple::Visitor::VariableDepthClone(3pm) A Visitor for cloning parts of Tree::Simple hierarchy.
Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory(3pm) A factory object for dispensing Visitor objects.
Tree::XPathEngine(3pm) A re-usable XPath engine.
Tree::XPathEngine::Boolean(3pm) Boolean true/false values.
Tree::XPathEngine::Expr(3pm) Handles expressions in XPath queries.
Tree::XPathEngine::Function(3pm) Evaluates XPath functions.
Tree::XPathEngine::Literal(3pm) Simple string values.
Tree::XPathEngine::NodeSet(3pm) A list of XML document nodes.
Tree::XPathEngine::Number(3pm) Simple numeric values.
Tree::XPathEngine::Root(3pm) Going back to the root node in an XPath expression.
Tree::XPathEngine::Step(3pm) Implements a step in an XPath location path.
Tree::XPathEngine::Variable(3pm) A variable in a Tree::XPathEngine object.
tree_doctor(1) Scale, prune, merge, and otherwise tweak phylogenetic trees.
treeannotator2(1) MCMC Output analysis of beast2 package.
treectrl(3tk) Create and manipulate hierarchical multicolumn widgets.
treeGen(1) Enumerate rooted tree topologies, subject to constraints on.
treeline(1) An information storage program.
treeql(3tcl) Query tree objects.
treesheets(1) Data organizer.
treesize(1) Count the leaves of trees.
treetypedisplay(1e) Test of graphics.
treeview(1) Presentation of Eisen-clustering.
treil(1) Tile image generator.
trek(6) Trekkie game.
trend(1) A general-purpose, efficient trend graph.
trend1d(1gmt) Fit a [weighted] [robust] polynomial [and/or Fourier] model for y = f(x) to xy[w] data.
trend2d(1gmt) Fit a [weighted] [robust] polynomial model for z = f(x,y) to xyz[w] data.
trev(1) Opening trace files (part of staden package).
trf(3trf) Introduction to Trf.
Trf_CheckOptions(3) Interface to procedures to check an option container.
Trf_ClearCtrlBlock(3) Interface for procedures to reset the internal state of an encoder/decoder.
Trf_ConverterOptions(3) Return the set of option processing procedures required by conversion transformers.
Trf_CreateCtrlBlock(3) Interface to procedure for creation of encoder/decoder control structures.
Trf_CreateOptions(3) Interface to procedures to create a container holding option values.
Trf_DeleteCtrlBlock(3) Interface to procedure for destruction of encoder/decoder control structures.
Trf_DeleteOptions(3) Interface to proceduress to delete a container made with 'Trf_CreateOptions'.
Trf_FlipRegisterLong(3) Swap the bytes of all 4-byte words contained in the buffer.
Trf_FlipRegisterShort(3) Swap the bytes of all 2-byte words contained in the buffer.
Trf_FlushTransformation(3) Interface to procedures used to flush buffered characters.
Trf_Init(3) Initialize extension in standard interpreter.
Trf_InitStubs(3) Convenience declaration of Trf_InitStubs.
Trf_IsInitialized(3) Check initialization state of specified interpreter.
Trf_LoadLibrary(3) General purpose library loader functionality.
Trf_MDCheck(3) Interface to procedures for check/manipulation of the environment (shared libraries, ...).
Trf_MDFinal(3) Interface to procedures for generation of the final digest from a MD state.
Trf_MDStart(3) Interface to procedures for initialization of a MD context.
Trf_MDUpdate(3) Interface to procedures for update of a MD context.
Trf_MDUpdateBuf(3) Interface to procedures for update of a MD context.
Trf_QueryMaxRead(3) Interface for procedures to query a transformation about the max.
Trf_QueryOptions(3) Interface to procedures to query an option container.
Trf_Register(3) Register the specified transformation at the given interpreter.
Trf_RegisterMessageDigest(3) Procedure to register a message digest algorithm in an interpreter.
Trf_SafeInit(3) Initialize extension in SAFE interpreter.
Trf_SeekQueryOptions(3) Interface to procedures to query an option container.
Trf_SetObjOption(3) Interface to procedures to define the value of an option.
Trf_SetOption(3) Interface to procedures to define the value of an option.
Trf_ShiftRegister(3) Shift the register.
Trf_TransformBuffer(3) Interface to procedures for transformation of character sequences.
Trf_TransformCharacter(3) Interface to procedures for transformation of a single character.
Trf_WriteProc(3) Interface to procedures used by an encoder/decoder to write its transformation results.
Trf_XorBuffer(3) XOR the bytes in a buffer with a mask.
trial(1) Run unit tests.
trial3(1) Run unit tests.
triangle(3alleg4) Draws a filled triangle. Allegro game programming library.
triangle(6x) Random mountains using iterative subdivision of triangles.
triangle(7rheolef) Triangle reference element.
triangle3d(3alleg4) Draws a 3d triangle onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
triangle3d_f(3alleg4) ↣ triangle3d(3alleg4) Draws a 3d triangle onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
triangulate(1gmt) Do optimal (Delaunay) triangulation and gridding of Cartesian table data [method].
tricensus(1) Form a census of triangulations.
tricensus-mpi(1) Distribute a triangulation census amongst several machines using MPI.
tricensus-mpi-status(1) Summarise the log file of an MPI census of triangulations.
trickle(1) A lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper.
tricklectl(8) Control utility for trickled.
trickled(8) Userspace bandwidth manager daemon.
trickled.conf(5) Format of the configuration file used by trickled(8).
trident(4) Trident video driver.
trietool(1) Trie manipulation tool.
trietool-0.2(1) Trie manipulation tool.
trigger-rally(6) 3D rally racing car game.
trim(3tcl) Procedures to trim strings.
trim_pipeline(1) Trim pipeline of PALEOMIX suite.
trimCDKSwindow(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
trimest(1e) Remove poly-A tails from nucleotide sequences.
trimhistory(8) Remove old Xymon history-log entries.
TrimmomaticPE(1) Flexible read trimming tool for Illumina NGS data.
TrimmomaticSE(1) ↣ TrimmomaticPE(1) Flexible read trimming tool for Illumina NGS data.
trimseq(1e) Remove unwanted characters from start and end of sequence(s).
trimspace(1e) Remove extra whitespace from an ASCII text file.
trinity(1) Linux system call fuzzer.
triplane(6) A side-scrolling dogfighting game.
triplea(6) Turn based strategy game.
tripplite(8) Driver for Tripp-Lite SmartPro UPS equipment.
tripplite_usb(8) Driver for older Tripp Lite USB UPSes (not PDC HID).
tripplitesu(8) Driver for Tripp-Lite SmartOnline (SU) UPS equipment.
tripwire(8) A file integrity checker for UNIX systems.
trisetcmp(1) Compare triangulations between two Regina data files.
tritium(1) A tabbed/tiling window manager for the X Window System.
trivial-rewrite(8postfix) Postfix address rewriting and resolving daemon.
trm(4freebsd) Tekram TRM-S1040 ASIC based PCI SCSI host adapter driver.
trn4(1) Threaded read news program.
trn4-nntplist(1) Obtain newsgroup list and other information from an NNTP server.
trn4-Pnews(1) A program for posting news articles.
trn4-rn(1) ↣ trn4(1) Threaded read news program.
trn4-Rnmail(1) A program for replying via mail.
trn4-strn(1) Scanning threaded read news program.
trn4-trn-artchk(1) Check a news article's validity.
trna2sap(1) Convert tRNAscan-SE output to an ASN.1 Seq-annot object.
trna2tbl(1) Convert tRNAscan-SE output to a Sequin feature table.
trnascan-1.4(1) Detect transfer RNA genes.
tRNAscan-SE(1) Improved detection of transfer RNA genes in genomic sequence.
troff(1) The troff processor of the groff text formatting system.
troff(1plan9) Text formatting and typesetting.
troff2html(1) Convert troff documents to Hypertext Markup Language.
troff2null(1) Convert troff documents to troffcvt internal format.
troff2rtf(1) Convert troff documents to Rich Text Format.
troff2text(1) ↣ unroff(1) Convert troff documents to plain text.
troffcvt(1) Troff-to-XXX converter.
tronbit(6x) Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.
trophy(6) A 2D car racing action game.
trovacap(1) Tool to find Italian ZIP codes (CAP - Codice Avviamento Postale).
trpg(1) Tool for Recursive Process Graphs.
trs(1) Filter replacing strings.
truchet(6x) Draws curved or angular Truchet patterns.
true(1) Do nothing, successfully.
true(1posix) Return true value.
true(3pm) Automatically return a true value when a file is required.
true::VERSION(3pm) Shim to allow modules to depend on
trueprint(1) Print program listings on postscript printer.
trunc(3) Round to integer, toward zero.
trunc(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
trunc(3clc) Round to integer toward zero.
trunc(3G) Find the nearest integer less than or equal to the parameter.
trunc(3posix) Round to truncated integer value.
truncate(1) Shrink or extend the size of a file to the specified size.
truncate(2) Truncate a file to a specified length.
truncate(2freebsd) Truncate or extend a file to a specified length.
truncate(3posix) Truncate a file to a specified length.
truncate64(2) ↣ truncate(2) Truncate a file to a specified length.
truncf(3) ↣ trunc(3) Round to integer, toward zero.
truncf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr)
truncf(3posix) Round to truncated integer value.
truncl(3) ↣ trunc(3) Round to integer, toward zero.
trunk(4freebsd) Link aggregation and link failover interface.
trust(1) Tool for operating on the trust policy store.
trusted_applications.conf(5) Defining applications of SOAP HTTP interface for Sympa.
try(3tcl) Trap and process errors and exceptions.
try-from(8) Test program for the tcp_wrapper.
Try::Tiny(3pm) Minimal try/catch with proper preservation of $@.
Try::Tiny::ByClass(3pm) Selectively catch exceptions by class name.
Try::Tiny::SmartCatch(3pm) Lightweight Perl module for powerful exceptions handling.
tryaffix(1) ↣ ispell(1) Interactive spelling checking.
TryCatch(3pm) First class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters.
trydiffoscope(1) In-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories ( client).
trypbuf(9freebsd) Functions for managing physical buffers.
tryto(1) Tries to run a command limited by a timeout or number of tries, can be used to run as svlogd(8) pro‐.
tryton(1) Tryton Application Platform (Client).
tryton-client(1) ↣ tryton(1) Tryton Application Platform (Client).
tryton-server(1) ↣ trytond(1) Tryton Application Platform (Server).
tryton-server-admin(1) ↣ trytond-admin(1) Tryton Application Platform (Database Administration).
tryton-server-cron(1) ↣ trytond-cron(1) Tryton Application Platform (Cron).
trytond(1) Tryton Application Platform (Server).
trytond-admin(1) Tryton Application Platform (Database Administration).
trytond-cron(1) Tryton Application Platform (Cron).
trytond_import_zip(1) Tryton Application Platform (Zip Import Script).
ts(1) Timestamp input.
ts(1ssl) Time Stamping Authority tool (client/server).
ts-contribute(1) Tsin vocabulary uploader for gcin.
ts-contribute-en(1) ↣ ts-contribute(1) Tsin vocabulary uploader for gcin.
ts-edit(1) Tsin vocabulary database editor for gcin.
ts-edit-en(1) ↣ ts-edit(1) Tsin vocabulary database editor for gcin.
ts.conf(5) Configuration file for tslib, controlling touch screens for embedded devices.
ts2es(1) Extract a single (elementary) stream from a TS (or PS).
ts2las(1) Convert TerraSolid .bin files into LAS files.
ts2m2ts(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
ts2pes(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
ts2po(1) Convert Qt Linguist (.ts) files to Gettext PO localization files.
ts2sec(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TS_ACCURACY_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_ACCURACY_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_ACCURACY_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ts_calibrate(1) A test program to calibrate a touch screen used by tslib.
ts_close(3) Close a touch screen input device.
ts_close_restricted(3) Use a custom function for closing the touchscreen's input device file.
ts_config(3) Read tslib's configuration.
ts_error_fn(3) Use a custom error function for libts library errors.
ts_fd(3) Get the file descriptor to a touchscreen device.
ts_filter(1) Extract a single stream from a multiplexed TS.
ts_finddev(1) Discover touch screen devices.
ts_get_eventpath(3) Get the path to the currently opened touchscreen device file.
ts_harvest(1) Harvest hundreds of raw touch screen coordinates.
ts_libversion(3) Get version information on the currently running tslib.
TS_MSG_IMPRINT_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_MSG_IMPRINT_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_MSG_IMPRINT_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ts_open(3) Open a touch screen input device.
ts_open_restricted(3) Use a custom function for opening the touchscreen's input device file.
ts_packet_insert(1) Insert packets into a Transport Stream.
ts_print(1) A very basic test routine for tslib.
ts_print_mt(1) A very basic multitouch test routine for tslib.
ts_print_raw(1) A very basic test routine for tslib.
ts_read(3) Read tslib touch samples.
ts_read_mt(3) Read tslib touch samples.
ts_read_raw(3) Read tslib touch samples.
ts_read_raw_mt(3) Read tslib touch samples.
TS_REQ_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_REQ_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_REQ_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_RESP_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_RESP_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_RESP_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ts_setup(3) Find, open and configure a touch screen input device.
TS_STATUS_INFO_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_STATUS_INFO_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_STATUS_INFO_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ts_test(1) A basic test routine for tslib.
ts_test_mt(1) A basic multitouch test program for tslib.
TS_TST_INFO_dup(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_TST_INFO_free(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
TS_TST_INFO_new(3ssl) ↣ X509_dup(3ssl)
ts_uinput(1) A daemon program creating a tslib-filtered and calibrated input event device.
ts_verify(1) A basic test routine for tslib's API.
tsa2d32(1) Gcin's Tsin tools.
TSAcceptor(3ts) Traffic Server API's related to Accept objects.
TSActionCancel(3ts) TSActionCancel API function.
TSActionDone(3ts) TSActionDone API function.
TSAPI(3ts) Introduction to the Apache Traffic Server API.
tsc(1) TypeScript compiler.
TSCacheRead(3ts) TSCacheRead API function.
TSCacheRemove(3ts) TSCacheRemove API function.
TSCacheWrite(3ts) TSCacheWrite API function.
tscbrmuxer(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsccc(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tscd(1) Tool for UML Statechart Diagrams.
TSClientProtocolStack(3ts) TSClientProtocolStack API function.
TSConfigDataGet(3ts) TSConfigDataGet API function.
TSConfigGet(3ts) TSConfigGet API function.
TSConfigRelease(3ts) TSConfigRelease API function.
TSConfigSet(3ts) TSConfigSet API function.
TSContCall(3ts) TSContCall API function.
TSContCreate(3ts) TSContCreate API function.
TSContDataGet(3ts) TSContDataGet API function.
TSContDataSet(3ts) TSContDataSet API function.
TSContDestroy(3ts) TSContDestroy API function.
TSContMutexGet(3ts) TSContMutexGet API function.
TSContSchedule(3ts) TSContSchedule API function.
tscrypt(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsd2a(1) ↣ tsa2d32(1) Gcin's Tsin tools.
tsd2a32(1) ↣ tsa2d32(1) Gcin's Tsin tools.
TSDebug(3ts) Traffic Server Debugging APIs.
tsdecrypt(1) Decrypt mpeg transport stream.
tsdecrypt_dvbcsa(1) ↣ tsdecrypt(1) Decrypt mpeg transport stream.
tsdecrypt_ffdecsa(1) ↣ tsdecrypt(1) Decrypt mpeg transport stream.
tsdiscont(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsdoubleoutput(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tse3(3) Trax Sequencer Engine library version 3.0.
tse3play(1) Play/convert music files (MIDI or TSE3MDL) using the TSE3 sequencer engine library.
tsearch(3) Manage a binary tree.
tsearch(3posix) Search a binary search tree.
tset(1) Terminal initialization.
TSfclose(3ts) TSfclose API function.
TSfflush(3ts) TSfflush API function.
TSfgets(3ts) TSfgets API function.
tsfilter(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsfixcc(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSfopen(3ts) TSfopen API function.
TSfread(3ts) TSfread API function.
TSfwrite(3ts) TSfwrite API function.
tsget(1ssl) Time Stamping HTTP/HTTPS client.
tshark(1) Dump and analyze network traffic.
TSHostLookup(3ts) TSHostLookup API function.
TSHostLookupResultAddrGet(3ts) TSHostLookupResultAddrGet API function.
TSHttpConnect(3ts) TSHttpConnect API function.
TSHttpConnectWithPluginId(3ts) Allows the plugin to initiate an http connection. This will tag the HTTP state.
TSHttpHdrClone(3ts) TSHttpHdrClone API function.
TSHttpHdrCopy(3ts) Copies the contents of the HTTP header located at src_loc within src_bufp to the HTTP header.
TSHttpHdrCreate(3ts) TSHttpHdrCreate API function.
TSHttpHdrDestroy(3ts) TSHttpHdrDestroy API function.
TSHttpHdrHostGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrHostGet API function.
TSHttpHdrLengthGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrLengthGet API function.
TSHttpHdrMethodGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrMethodGet API function.
TSHttpHdrMethodSet(3ts) TSHttpHdrMethodSet API function.
TSHttpHdrPrint(3ts) TSHttpHdrPrint API function.
TSHttpHdrReasonGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrReasonGet API function.
TSHttpHdrReasonLookup(3ts) TSHttpHdrReasonLookup API function.
TSHttpHdrReasonSet(3ts) TSHttpHdrReasonSet API function.
TSHttpHdrStatusGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrStatusGet API function.
TSHttpHdrStatusSet(3ts) TSHttpHdrStatusSet API function.
TSHttpHdrTypeGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrTypeGet API function.
TSHttpHdrTypeSet(3ts) TSHttpHdrTypeSet API function.
TSHttpHdrUrlGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrUrlGet API function.
TSHttpHdrUrlSet(3ts) TSHttpHdrUrlSet API function.
TSHttpHdrVersionGet(3ts) TSHttpHdrVersionGet API function.
TSHttpHdrVersionSet(3ts) TSHttpHdrVersionSet API function.
TSHttpHookAdd(3ts) Intercept Traffic Server events.
TSHttpOverridableConfig(3ts) TSHttpOverridableConfig API function.
TSHttpParserCreate(3ts) Parse HTTP headers from memory buffers.
TSHttpSsnClientFdGet(3ts) TSHttpSsnClientFdGet API function.
TSHttpSsnReenable(3ts) TSHttpSsnReenable API function.
TSHttpTxnCachedReqGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnCachedReqGet API function.
TSHttpTxnCachedRespGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnCachedRespGet API function.
TSHttpTxnCacheLookupStatusGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnCacheLookupStatusGet API function.
TSHttpTxnCacheLookupUrlGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnCacheLookupUrlGet API function.
TSHttpTxnClientFdGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnClientFdGet API function.
TSHttpTxnClientPacketDscpSet(3ts) TSHttpTxnClientPacketDscpSet API function.
TSHttpTxnClientPacketMarkSet(3ts) TSHttpTxnClientPacketMarkSet API function.
TSHttpTxnClientPacketTosSet(3ts) TSHttpTxnClientPacketTosSet API function.
TSHttpTxnClientReqGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnClientReqGet API function.
TSHttpTxnClientRespGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnClientRespGet API function.
TSHttpTxnErrorBodySet(3ts) Sets an error type body to a transaction.
TSHttpTxnIncomingAddrGet(3ts) Get the incoming proxy address on which a client's connection is accepted.
TSHttpTxnInfoIntGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnInfoIntGet API function.
TSHttpTxnIntercept(3ts) Allows a plugin take over the servicing of the request as though it was the origin server.
TSHttpTxnIsInternal(3ts) Test whether a request is internally-generated.
TSHttpTxnIsWebsocket(3ts) Test whether a request is attempting to initiate Websocket connection.
TSHttpTxnMilestoneGet(3ts) Get a specified milestone timer value for the current transaction.
TSHttpTxnNextHopAddrGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnNextHopAddrGet API function.
TSHttpTxnOutgoingAddrGet(3ts) Get the outgoing address used in origin connection.
TSHttpTxnParentProxySet(3ts) Sets the parent proxy hostname and port.
TSHttpTxnParentSelectionUrlGet(3ts) Traffic Server Parent Selection consistent hash URL manipulation API.
TSHttpTxnPluginTagGet(3ts) Fetch the tag of the plugin that created this transaction.
TSHttpTxnReenable(3ts) Notifies the HTTP transaction txnp that the plugin is finished processing the current hook.
TSHttpTxnServerAddrGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnServerAddrGet API function.
TSHttpTxnServerAddrSet(3ts) TSHttpTxnServerAddrSet API function.
TSHttpTxnServerFdGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnServerFdGet API function.
TSHttpTxnServerIntercept(3ts) Intercept origin server requests.
TSHttpTxnServerPacketDscpSet(3ts) Change packet DSCP for the server side connection.
TSHttpTxnServerPacketMarkSet(3ts) Change packet firewall mark for the server side connection.
TSHttpTxnServerPacketTosSet(3ts) Change packet TOS for the server side connection.
TSHttpTxnServerPush(3ts) TSHttpTxnServerPush API function.
TSHttpTxnServerReqGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnServerReqGet API function.
TSHttpTxnServerRespGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnServerRespGet API function.
TSHttpTxnSsnGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnSsnGet API function.
TSHttpTxnTransformedRespCache(3ts) TSHttpTxnTransformedRespCache API function.
TSHttpTxnTransformRespGet(3ts) TSHttpTxnTransformRespGet API function.
TSHttpTxnUntransformedRespCache(3ts) TSHttpTxnUntransformedRespCache API function.
tsi(5) Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI) access control list.
tsig-keygen(8) ↣ ddns-confgen(8) Ddns key generation tool.
tsin2gtab-phrase(1) ↣ tsa2d32(1) Gcin's Tsin tools.
tsinfo(1) Report on the streams in a Transport Stream.
TSingular(1) Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations -- command-line interface within a new termi‐.
tsinputswitch(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSInstallDirGet(3ts) Return Traffic Server installation directories.
TSIOBufferBlockReadStart(3ts) TSIOBufferBlockReadStart API function.
TSIOBufferCopy(3ts) TSIOBufferCopy API function.
TSIOBufferCreate(3ts) Traffic Server IO buffer API.
TSIOBufferReader(3ts) Traffic Server IO buffer reader API.
tsitest(8) HylaFAX TSI access control list checking program.
tsk_comparedir(1) Compare the contents of a directory with the contents of an image or local device.
tsk_gettimes(1) Collect MAC times from a disk image into a body file.
tsk_loaddb(1) Populate a SQLite database with metadata from a disk image.
tsk_recover(1) Export files from an image into a local directory.
tslearn(1) Learns user's personal phrase data.
tsleep(9freebsd) Wait for events.
tsleep_sbt(9freebsd) Wait for events.
TSLifecycleHookAdd(3ts) TSLifecycleHookAdd API function.
tslmendian(1) Change the byte-order of sunpinyin's threaded back-off language model.
tslminfo(1) Get information of a threaded back-off language model.
tsloop(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSmalloc(3ts) Traffic Server memory allocation API.
tsmarty2c(1) Rip translation strings from smarty template files and convert them to gettext calls in C.
tsmask(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSMBufferCreate(3ts) Traffic Server marshall buffer API.
TSMgmtCounterGet(3ts) TSMgmtCounterGet API function.
TSMgmtFloatGet(3ts) TSMgmtFloatGet API function.
TSMgmtIntGet(3ts) TSMgmtIntGet API function.
TSMgmtSourceGet(3ts) TSMgmtSourceGet API function.
TSMgmtStringGet(3ts) TSMgmtStringGet API function.
TSMgmtUpdateRegister(3ts) TSMgmtUpdateRegister API function.
TSMimeHdrClone(3ts) TSMimeHdrClone API function.
TSMimeHdrCopy(3ts) TSMimeHdrCopy API function.
TSMimeHdrCreate(3ts) TSMimeHdrCreate API function.
TSMimeHdrDestroy(3ts) TSMimeHdrDestroy API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldAppend(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldAppend API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldClone(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldClone API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldCopy(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldCopy API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldCopyValues(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldCopyValues API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldCreate(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldCreate API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldDestroy(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldDestroy API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldFind(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldFind API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldGet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldGet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldLengthGet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldLengthGet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldNameGet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldNameGet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldNameSet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldNameSet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldNext(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldNext API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldNextDup(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldNextDup API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldRemove(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldRemove API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldsClear(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldsClear API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldsCount(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldsCount API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueAppend(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueAppend API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueDateInsert(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueDateInsert API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueDateSet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueDateSet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueIntSet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueIntSet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValuesClear(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValuesClear API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValuesCount(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValuesCount API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringGet(3ts) Get HTTP MIME header values.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringInsert(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringInsert API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringSet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringSet API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueUintInsert(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueUintInsert API function.
TSMimeHdrFieldValueUintSet(3ts) TSMimeHdrFieldValueUintSet API function.
TSMimeHdrLengthGet(3ts) TSMimeHdrLengthGet API function.
TSMimeHdrParse(3ts) TSMimeHdrParse API function.
TSMimeHdrPrint(3ts) TSMimeHdrPrint API function.
TSMimeParserClear(3ts) TSMimeParserClear API function.
TSMimeParserCreate(3ts) TSMimeParserCreate API function.
TSMimeParserDestroy(3ts) TSMimeParserDestroy API function.
tsmodder(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tSmoke(1) Commandline tool for sending SmokePing information.
TSMutexCreate(3ts) TSMutexCreate API function.
TSMutexDestroy(3ts) TSMutexDestroy API function.
TSMutexLock(3ts) TSMutexLock API function.
TSMutexLockTry(3ts) TSMutexLockTry API function.
TSMutexUnlock(3ts) TSMutexUnlock API function.
tsnd(1) Tool for System Network Diagrams.
TSNetAccept(3ts) TSNetAccept API function.
TSNetAcceptNamedProtocol(3ts) Listen on all SSL ports for connections for the specified protocol name.
TSNetConnect(3ts) TSNetConnect API function.
tsnullfiller(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsnullshaper(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsocks(1) Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the tsocks(8) library to transparently allow an application to.
tsocks(8) Library for intercepting outgoing network connections and redirecting them through a SOCKS server.
tsocks.conf(5) Configuration file for tsocks(8).
tsororts(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsort(1) Perform topological sort.
tsort(1posix) Topological sort.
tsorts(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsoutputswitch(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsp(1) Task spooler. A simple unix batch system.
tspcrmeasure(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tspcrrestamp(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tspcrstamp(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
Tspi_ChangeAuth(3) Change the authorization data of an entity.
Tspi_ChangeAuthAsym(3) Change the authorization data of an entity using asymmetric change protocol.
Tspi_Context_Close(3) Destroy a TSP context handle.
Tspi_Context_CloseObject(3) Destroy resources associated with an object handle.
Tspi_Context_Create(3) Create a TSP context handle.
Tspi_Context_CreateObject(3) Create an empty object and return a handle to that object.
Tspi_Context_FreeMemory(3) Free allocated memory for a given context.
Tspi_Context_GetCapability(3) Provide the capabilities of a TSS Core Service, TSS Service Provider, or TPM.
Tspi_Context_GetDefaultPolicy(3) Get a handle to the default policy object of a given context.
Tspi_Context_GetKeyByPublicInfo(3) Search the persistent storage for a registered key using the provided public.
Tspi_Context_GetKeyByUUID(3) Get a handle to a key registered in persistent storage.
Tspi_Context_GetRegisteredKeysByUUID(3) Get an array of TSS_KM_KEYINFO structures based on the state of persis‐.
Tspi_Context_GetRegisteredKeysByUUID2(3) Get an array of TSS_KM_KEYINFO2 structures based on the state of per‐.
Tspi_Context_GetTpmObject(3) Get the handle of the TPM object associated with a context.
Tspi_Context_LoadKeyByBlob(3) Load a key into the TPM using the key's blob.
Tspi_Context_LoadKeyByUUID(3) Load a key that's been registered in persistent storage.
Tspi_Context_RegisterKey(3) Register a key in the TSS Persistent Storage database.
Tspi_Context_UnregisterKey(3) Unregister a key from the persistent storage device.
Tspi_Data_Bind(3) Encrypts a data blob.
Tspi_Data_Seal(3) Encrypt a data blob in a mannar that is only decryptable by Tspi_Data_Unseal on the same sys‐.
Tspi_Data_Unbind(3) Decrypts data that has been bound to a key.
Tspi_Data_Unseal(3) Dencrypt data encrypted by Tspi_Data_Seal() only if it was encrypted on the same platform.
Tspi_DecodeBER_TssBlob(3) Unwraps a BER-encoded TSS blob.
Tspi_EncodeDER_TssBlob(3) Generate a DER encoded TSS blob.
Tspi_GetAttribData(3) Get a non 32bit attribute of the object.
Tspi_GetAttribUint32(3) Get the value of particular attribute associated with a given class or object.
Tspi_GetPolicyObject(3) Get a policy object assigned to a working object.
Tspi_Hash_GetHashValue(3) Get the current hash value of a hash object.
Tspi_Hash_SetHashValue(3) Sets the hash value of a hash object for non-SHA1 hash objects.
Tspi_Hash_Sign(3) Sign the hash data of an object with a signing key.
Tspi_Hash_UpdateHashValue(3) Update the hash value of a hash object.
Tspi_Hash_VerifySignature(3) Verify the hash value with a given signature.
Tspi_Key_CertifyKey(3) Sign a public key.
Tspi_Key_ConvertMigrationBlob(3) Create a wrapped key from a migration blob.
Tspi_Key_CreateKey(3) Create a key pair within the TPM, wrapping it with the key addressed by hWrappingKey.
Tspi_Key_CreateMigrationBlob(3) Create a key blob suitable for migrating to another TPM.
Tspi_Key_GetPubKey(3) Get the public key of an object.
Tspi_Key_LoadKey(3) Load a key into the TPM.
Tspi_Key_UnloadKey(3) Unload a key from the TPM.
Tspi_Key_WrapKey(3) Wrap a key with the key addressed by hWrappingKey.
Tspi_PcrComposite_GetPcrValue(3) Get the digest value of a given PCR index inside a PCR composite object.
Tspi_Policy_AssignToObject(3) Assign a policy to an object.
Tspi_Policy_FlushSecret(3) Flush a cached secret.
Tspi_Policy_SetSecret(3) Set the authorization data of a policy object and define the handling of its retrieval.
Tspi_SetAttribData(3) Set a non 32bit attribute of an object.
Tspi_SetAttribUint32(3) Set a 32bit attribute associated with a given class or object.
Tspi_TPM_ClearOwner(3) Clear TPM ownership.
Tspi_TPM_CMKSetRestrictions(3) Set restrictions on use of delegated Certified Migratable Keys.
Tspi_TPM_CollateIdentityRequest(3) Gets all the informatin necessary to send to a trusted third party (TTP),.
Tspi_TPM_CreateEndorsementKey(3) Create the endorsement key.
Tspi_TPM_CreateMaintenanceArchive(3) Create the TPM manufacturer specific maintenance archive data.
Tspi_TPM_DirRead(3) Read a Data Integrity Register.
Tspi_TPM_DirWrite(3) Write to a Data Integrity Register.
Tspi_TPM_GetAuditDigest(3) Retrieve the audit digest.
Tspi_TPM_GetCapability(3) Get information on the capabilities of the TPM.
Tspi_TPM_GetPubEndorsementKey(3) Create a TSS key object from the TPM's public endorsement key.
Tspi_TPM_GetRandom(3) Generate a random number on the TPM.
Tspi_TPM_GetStatus(3) Query the TPM's status.
Tspi_TPM_KillMaintenanceFeature(3) Disables the ability to create a maintenance archive.
Tspi_TPM_OwnerGetSRKPubKey(3) Get public key of the SRK.
Tspi_TPM_PcrExtend(3) Extend a PCR register and optionally write the PCR event log.
Tspi_TPM_PcrRead(3) Read the value in a PCR register.
Tspi_TPM_Quote(3) Retreive a signed set of PCR values.
Tspi_TPM_Quote2(3) Retreive a signed set of PCR values with a more complete view than Tspi_TPM_Quote.
Tspi_TPM_SelfTestFull(3) Perform a self-test of each internal TPM function.
Tspi_TPM_SetStatus(3) Modify the TPM's status.
Tspi_TPM_StirRandom(3) Add entropy to the TPM random number generator.
Tspi_TPM_TakeOwnership(3) Take ownership of a TPM.
tspidmapper(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsplay(1) Play the given TS or PS file 'at' the nominated host, or to an output file.
tsplot(1) Plot several tsung logs on the same charts, for comparison purpose.
TSPluginInit(3ts) Traffic Server plugin loading and registration.
tsprinter(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSProtoSet(3ts) TSProtoSet API function.
tspush(1) Push objects into the Traffic Server cache.
tsql(1) Utility to test FreeTDS connections and queries.
TSRecords(3ts) Traffic Server maintains a set of records which cover both configuration values and.
TSRemap(3ts) Traffic Server remap plugin entry points.
tsreport(1) Report on a Transport Stream.
tssactivatecredential(1) Runs TPM2_Activatecredential.
tsscertify(1) Runs TPM2_Certify.
tsscertifycreation(1) Runs TPM2_CertifyCreation.
tsschangeeps(1) Runs TPM2_ChangeEPS.
tsschangepps(1) Runs TPM2_ChangePPS.
tssclear(1) Runs TPM2_Clear.
tssclearcontrol(1) Runs TPM2_ClearControl.
tssclockrateadjust(1) Runs TPM2_ClockRateAdjust.
tssclockset(1) Runs TPM2_ClockSet.
tsscommit(1) Runs TPM2_Commit.
tsscontextload(1) Runs TPM2_ContextLoad.
tsscontextsave(1) Runs TPM2_Contextsave.
tsscreate(1) Runs TPM2_Create.
tsscreateek(1) Runs createek demo.
tsscreateloaded(1) Runs TPM2_CreateLoaded.
tsscreateprimary(1) Runs TPM2_CreatePrimary.
tssd(1) Tool for UML Static-Structure Diagrams.
tssdictionaryattacklockreset(1) Runs TPM2_DictionaryAttackLockReset.
tssdictionaryattackparameters(1) Runs TPM2_DictionaryAttackParameters.
tssduplicate(1) Runs TPM2_Duplicate.
tsseccparameters(1) Runs TPM2_ECC_Parameters.
tssecephemeral(1) Runs TPM2_EC_ephemeral.
tssencryptdecrypt(1) Runs TPM2_EncryptDecrypt.
tsserve(1) Act as a server which plays the given transport or program stream.
tsseventextend(1) Runs TPM2_EventExtend.
tsseventsequencecomplete(1) Runs TPM2_EventSequenceComplete.
tssevictcontrol(1) Runs TPM2_EvictControl.
tssflushcontext(1) Runs TPM2_FlushContext.
tssgetcapability(1) Runs TPM2_GetCapability.
tssgetcommandauditdigest(1) Runs TPM2_GetCommandAuditDigest.
tssgetrandom(1) Runs TPM2_GetRandom.
tssgetsessionauditdigest(1) Runs TPM2_GetSessionAuditDigest.
tssgettime(1) Runs TPM2_GetTime.
tsshash(1) Runs TPM2_Hash.
tsshashsequencestart(1) Runs TPM2_HashSequenceStart.
tsshierarchychangeauth(1) Runs TPM2_HierarchyChangeauth.
tsshierarchycontrol(1) Runs TPM2_Hierarchycontrol.
tsshmac(1) Runs TPM2_Hmac.
tsshmacstart(1) Runs TPM2_HmacStart.
tssimaextend(1) Runs imaextend simulation.
tssimport(1) Runs TPM2_Import.
tssimportpem(1) Runs TPM2_Import with PEM input.
tssload(1) Runs TPM2_Load.
tssloadexternal(1) Runs TPM2_LoadExternal.
tssmakecredential(1) Runs TPM2_MakeCredential.
tssntc2getconfig(1) Runs TPM2_Ntc2GetConfig.
tssntc2lockconfig(1) Runs TPM2_Ntc2LockConfig.
tssntc2preconfig(1) Runs TPM2_Ntc2Preconfig.
tssnvcertify(1) Runs TPM2_NV_Certify.
tssnvchangeauth(1) Runs TPM2_NV_ChangeAuth.
tssnvdefinespace(1) Runs TPM2_NV_DefineSpace.
tssnvextend(1) Runs TPM2_NV_Extend.
tssnvglobalwritelock(1) Runs TPM2_NV_GlobalWriteLock.
tssnvincrement(1) Runs TPM2_NV_Increment.
tssnvread(1) Runs TPM2_NV_Read.
tssnvreadlock(1) Runs TPM2_NV_ReadLock.
tssnvreadpublic(1) Runs TPM2_NV_ReadPublic.
tssnvsetbits(1) Runs TPM2_NV_SetBits.
tssnvundefinespace(1) Runs TPM2_NV_UndefineSpace.
tssnvundefinespacespecial(1) Runs TPM2_NV_UndefineSpaceSpecial.
tssnvwrite(1) Runs TPM2_NV_Write.
tssnvwritelock(1) Runs TPM2_NV_Writelock.
tssobjectchangeauth(1) Runs TPM2_Objectchangeauth.
tsspcrallocate(1) Runs TPM2_PCR_Allocate.
tsspcrevent(1) Runs TPM2_PCR_Event.
tsspcrextend(1) Runs TPM2_PCR_Extend.
tsspcrread(1) Runs TPM2_PCR_Read.
tsspcrreset(1) Runs TPM2_PCR_Reset.
tsspolicyauthorize(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyAuthorize.
tsspolicyauthorizenv(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyAuthorizeNV.
tsspolicyauthvalue(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyAuthValue.
tsspolicycommandcode(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyCommandCode.
tsspolicycountertimer(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyCounterTimer.
tsspolicycphash(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyCpHash.
tsspolicygetdigest(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyGetDigest.
tsspolicymaker(1) Runs policymaker utility.
tsspolicymakerpcr(1) Runs policymakerpcr utility.
tsspolicynv(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyNv.
tsspolicynvwritten(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyNvWritten.
tsspolicyor(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyOR.
tsspolicypassword(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyPassword.
tsspolicypcr(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyPCR.
tsspolicyrestart(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyRestart.
tsspolicysecret(1) Runs TPM2_PolicySecret.
tsspolicysigned(1) Runs TPM2_PolicySigned.
tsspolicytemplate(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyTemplate.
tsspolicyticket(1) Runs TPM2_PolicyTicket.
tsspowerup(1) Runs powerup simulation.
tssquote(1) Runs TPM2_Quote.
tssreadclock(1) Runs TPM2_ReadClock.
tssreadpublic(1) Runs TPM2_ReadPublic.
tssreturncode(1) Runs returncode parser.
tssrewrap(1) Runs TPM2_Rewrap.
tssrsadecrypt(1) Runs TPM2_RsaDecrypt.
tssrsaencrypt(1) Runs TPM2_RsaEncrypt.
tsssequencecomplete(1) Runs TPM2_SequenceComplete.
tsssequenceupdate(1) Runs TPM2_SequenceUpdate.
tsssetprimarypolicy(1) Runs TPM2_SetPrimarypolicy.
tssshutdown(1) Runs TPM2_Shutdown.
tsssign(1) Runs TPM2_Sign.
tsssignapp(1) Runs TPM2_Signapp.
TSSslContextFindBy(3ts) Traffic Server TLS server context lookup.
TSSslServerContextCreate(3ts) Traffic Server TLS server context creation.
tssstartauthsession(1) Runs TPM2_StartAuthSession.
tssstartup(1) Runs TPM2_Startup.
tssstirrandom(1) Runs TPM2_StirRandom.
tsstamp(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsstimepacket(1) Runs timepacket profiler.
tssunseal(1) Runs TPM2_Unseal.
tssverifysignature(1) Runs TPM2_VerifySignature.
tsswriteapp(1) Runs writeapp demo.
tst(3) Ternary search trie functions.
tstcpreceive(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tstcpsend(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tstd(1) Tool for State Transition Diagrams.
tstdt(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSTextLogObjectCreate(3ts) Traffic Server text logging API.
TSThreadCreate(3ts) TSThreadCreate API function.
TSThreadDestroy(3ts) TSThreadDestroy API function.
TSThreadInit(3ts) TSThreadInit API function.
TSThreadSelf(3ts) TSThreadSelf API function.
tstimedwrite(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tstimeout(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSTrafficServerVersionGet(3ts) Return Traffic Server version information.
TSTransformCreate(3ts) TSTransformCreate API function.
TSTransformOutputVConnGet(3ts) TSTransformOutputVConnGet API function.
TSTypes(3ts) TSTypes API function.
tsudpreceive(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsudpsend(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
tsung(1) A distributed multi-protocol load testing tool.
tsung-recorder(1) Proxy recorder for the tsung load testing tool.
TSUrlCreate(3ts) Traffic Server URL object construction API.
TSUrlDestroy(3ts) TSUrlDestroy API function.
TSUrlFtpTypeGet(3ts) TSUrlFtpTypeGet API function.
TSUrlFtpTypeSet(3ts) TSUrlFtpTypeSet API function.
TSUrlHostGet(3ts) Traffic Server URL component retrieval API.
TSUrlHostSet(3ts) Traffic Server URL component manipulation API.
TSUrlPercentEncode(3ts) Traffic Server URL percent encoding API.
TSUrlStringGet(3ts) Traffic Server URL string representations API.
TSUuidCreate(3ts) Traffic Server UUID construction APIs.
tsv(3tcl) Part of the Tcl threading extension allowing script level manipulation of data shared between threads.
tsv2tmx(1p) Create a TMX from a TSV file.
tsvbr2cbr(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
TSVConnAbort(3ts) TSVConnAbort API function.
TSVConnCacheObjectSizeGet(3ts) TSVConnCacheObjectSizeGet API function.
TSVConnClose(3ts) TSVConnClose API function.
TSVConnClosedGet(3ts) TSVConnClosedGet API function.
TSVConnFdCreate(3ts) Create a TSVConn from a socket.
TSVConnIsSsl(3ts) TSVConnIsSsl API function.
TSVConnRead(3ts) TSVConnRead API function.
TSVConnReadVIOGet(3ts) TSVConnReadVIOGet API function.
TSVConnReenable(3ts) TSVConnReenable API function.
TSVConnShutdown(3ts) TSVConnShutdown API function.
TSVConnSslConnectionGet(3ts) TSVConnSslConnectionGet API function.
TSVConnTunnel(3ts) TSVConnTunnel API function.
TSVConnWrite(3ts) TSVConnWrite API function.
TSVConnWriteVIOGet(3ts) TSVConnWriteVIOGet API function.
TSVIOBufferGet(3ts) TSVIOBufferGet API function.
TSVIOContGet(3ts) TSVIOContGet API function.
TSVIOMutexGet(3ts) TSVIOMutexGet API function.
TSVIONBytesGet(3ts) TSVIONBytesGet API function.
TSVIONBytesSet(3ts) TSVIONBytesSet API function.
TSVIONDoneGet(3ts) TSVIONDoneGet API function.
TSVIONDoneSet(3ts) TSVIONDoneSet API function.
TSVIONTodoGet(3ts) TSVIONTodoGet API function.
TSVIOReaderGet(3ts) TSVIOReaderGet API function.
TSVIOReenable(3ts) TSVIOReenable API function.
TSVIOVConnGet(3ts) TSVIOVConnGet API function.
tsvnc(1) ↣ ssvnc(1) A GUI wrapper for SSL and SSH VNC connections.
tsxs(1) Traffic Server plugin tool.
tt(1) Compile a treetop grammar file to ruby source code.
tt++(6) Classic text-based MUD client.
tt2text(1) Convert Touch Tone sequence to text.
ttb(1) Teletekst browser for Linux/Unix.
ttb(3erl) A base for building trace tools for distributed systems.
ttcn3_compiler(1) ↣ compiler(1) TTCN-3 and ASN.1 to C++ translator.
ttcn3_logfilter(1) TTCN-3 log file filtering utility.
ttcn3_logformat(1) TTCN-3 log file formatter utility.
ttcn3_logmerge(1) TTCN-3 log file merge utility.
ttcn3_makefilegen(1) Makefile Generator.
ttcn3_profmerge(1) TTCN-3 profiler and code coverage merge tool.
ttcp_atm(8) ↣ atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
ttdebug(1) A TrueType bytecode debugger.
ttdelete(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ttdt(1) Tool for Transaction Decomposition Tables.
ttf2afm(1) Utility to generate AFM files for TrueType fonts.
ttf2pk(1) Convert a TrueType font into TeX's PK format.
ttf2svg(1) Font converter for SVG.
ttf2tfm(1) Build TeX metric files from a TrueType font.
ttf2ufm(1) A True Type to PostScript Type 1 Font Converter.
ttf2ufm_convert(1) Convenience font conversion script.
ttf2ufm_x2gs(1) Font installer for Ghostscript.
ttfautohint(1) Add new, auto-generated hints to a TrueType font.
ttfautohintGUI(1) Add new, auto-generated hints to a TrueType font.
ttfdump(1) Dumping the contents of a TrueType Font file.
ttftotype42(1) Create PostScript Type 42 wrapper of TrueType font.
tth(1) TeX and LaTeX to HTML translator and its auxiliary program.
tth-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
tthprep(1) ↣ tthsplit(1) TtH gold HTML file splitting utilities.
tthrfcat(1) ↣ tthsplit(1) TtH gold HTML file splitting utilities.
tthsplit(1) TtH gold HTML file splitting utilities.
ttink(1) Program to control your EPSON printer.
ttinsert(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ttk::button(3tk) Widget that issues a command when pressed.
ttk::checkbutton(3tk) On/off widget.
ttk::combobox(3tk) Text field with popdown selection list.
ttk::entry(3tk) Editable text field widget.
ttk::frame(3tk) Simple container widget.
ttk::intro(3tk) Introduction to the Tk theme engine.
ttk::label(3tk) Display a text string and/or image.
ttk::labelframe(3tk) Container widget with optional label.
ttk::menubutton(3tk) Widget that pops down a menu when pressed.
ttk::notebook(3tk) Multi-paned container widget.
ttk::panedwindow(3tk) Multi-pane container window.
ttk::progressbar(3tk) Provide progress feedback.
ttk::radiobutton(3tk) Mutually exclusive option widget.
ttk::scale(3tk) Create and manipulate a scale widget.
ttk::scrollbar(3tk) Control the viewport of a scrollable widget.
ttk::separator(3tk) Separator bar.
ttk::sizegrip(3tk) Bottom-right corner resize widget.
ttk::spinbox(3tk) Selecting text field widget.
ttk::style(3tk) Manipulate style database.
ttk::treeview(3tk) Hierarchical multicolumn data display widget.
ttk::widget(3tk) Standard options and commands supported by Tk themed widgets.
Ttk_AddPadding(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
Ttk_BoxContains(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_button(3tk) Widget that issues a command when pressed.
ttk_checkbutton(3tk) On/off widget.
ttk_combobox(3tk) Text field with popdown selection list.
Ttk_CreateTheme(3tk) Create and use Tk themes.
ttk_entry(3tk) Editable text field widget.
Ttk_ExpandBox(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_frame(3tk) Simple container widget.
Ttk_GetBorderFromObj(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
Ttk_GetCurrentTheme(3tk) ↣ Ttk_CreateTheme(3tk) Create and use Tk themes.
Ttk_GetDefaultTheme(3tk) ↣ Ttk_CreateTheme(3tk) Create and use Tk themes.
Ttk_GetPaddingFromObj(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
Ttk_GetStickyFromObj(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
Ttk_GetTheme(3tk) ↣ Ttk_CreateTheme(3tk) Create and use Tk themes.
ttk_image(3tk) Define an element based on an image.
ttk_intro(3tk) Introduction to the Tk theme engine.
ttk_label(3tk) Display a text string and/or image.
ttk_labelframe(3tk) Container widget with optional label.
Ttk_MakePadding(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_menubutton(3tk) Widget that pops down a menu when pressed.
ttk_notebook(3tk) Multi-paned container widget.
Ttk_PackBox(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
Ttk_PadBox(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_panedwindow(3tk) Multi-pane container window.
Ttk_PlaceBox(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_progressbar(3tk) Provide progress feedback.
ttk_radiobutton(3tk) Mutually exclusive option widget.
Ttk_RelievePadding(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_scale(3tk) Create and manipulate a scale widget.
ttk_scrollbar(3tk) Control the viewport of a scrollable widget.
ttk_separator(3tk) Separator bar.
ttk_sizegrip(3tk) Bottom-right corner resize widget.
ttk_spinbox(3tk) Selecting text field widget.
Ttk_StickBox(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_style(3tk) Manipulate style database.
ttk_treeview(3tk) Hierarchical multicolumn data display widget.
Ttk_UniformPadding(3tk) ↣ Ttk_MakeBox(3tk)
ttk_vsapi(3tk) Define a Microsoft Visual Styles element.
ttk_widget(3tk) Standard options and commands supported by Tk themed widgets.
ttlayout(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ttm(1) TeX and LaTeX to MathML translator and its auxiliary programs.
ttmsplit(1) ↣ tthsplit(1) TtH gold HTML file splitting utilities.
ttrace(3tcl) Trace-based interpreter initialization.
ttree(1p) Process entire directory trees of templates.
ttselect(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ttserver(1) The server of Tokyo Tyrant.
ttulmgr(1) The command line utility of the update log API.
ttultest(1) Test cases of the update log API.
ttunique(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ttupdate(1) ↣ ctn_manpage(1) Generic CTN manual page.
ttut(1) Tool for Transaction-Use Tables.
ttutil(3) The utility API.
ttv(1) Display TV/video on a tty.
ttx(1) Tool for manipulating TrueType and OpenType fonts.
ttx2xgf(1) Extracts instructions from a TTX file and creates an Xgridfit program.
tty(1) Print the file name of the terminal connected to standard input.
tty(1posix) Return user's terminal name.
tty(3bobcat) Controls echoing of characters entered at the terminal.
tty(4) Controlling terminal.
tty(4freebsd) General terminal interface.
tty-clock(1) A terminal digital clock.
ttyI(4) ISDN character devices with modem emulator.
ttylinkd(8) TTYlink daemon for AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE and IP.
ttylinkd.conf(5) Ttylinkd configuration file.
ttyload(1) Console based color-coded graphs of CPU load average.
ttylog(8) Serial device logger.
ttyname(3) Return name of a terminal.
ttyname(3posix) Find the pathname of a terminal.
ttyname_r(3) ↣ ttyname(3) Return name of a terminal.
ttyplay(1) Player of the tty session recorded by ttyrec.
ttyrec(1) A tty recorder.
ttyrec2ansi(1) Ttyrec to ansi converter.
ttyS(4) Serial terminal lines.
ttyslot(3) Find the slot of the current user's terminal in some file.
ttysnoop(8) Snoop on a user's tty.
ttysnoop-bpfcc(8) Watch output from a tty or pts device. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
ttysnoops(8) ↣ ttysnoop(8) Snoop on a user's tty.
ttysrv(8) Connect to a serial port and log output.
ttytime(1) Print the time of the recorded session data by ttyrec(1).
ttytype(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
ttytype(5) Terminal device to default terminal type mapping.
tua(8L) The Uucp Analyzer.
tucd(1) Tool for UML Use-case Diagrams.
tucnak(1) VHF/UHF/SHF contest log.
tudu(1) A command-line tool to manage TODO lists hierarchically.
tulip-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the Digital DC21x4* chip.
tumgreyspf(8) An external policy checker for the postfix mail server.
tumiki-fighters(6) Sticky 2D shooter.
tun(4freebsd) Tunnel software network interface.
tunapie(1) Browse, record and launch Shoutcast and Icecast video and radio streams.
tunctl(8) Create and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces.
tune2fs(8) Adjust tunable filesystem parameters on ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems.
tuned(8) Dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon.
tuned-adm(8) Command line tool for switching between different tuning profiles.
tuned-main.conf(5) Tuned global configuration file.
tuned-profiles(7) Description of basic tuned profiles.
tuned-profiles-atomic(7) Description of profiles provided for the Project Atomic.
tuned-profiles-compat(7) Description of profiles provided for backward compatibility.
tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning(7) Description of profile provided for for CPU partitioning.
tuned-profiles-nfv-guest(7) Description of profile provided for the NFV guest.
tuned-profiles-nfv-host(7) Description of profile provided for the NFV host.
tuned-profiles-oracle(7) Description of profiles provided for the Oracle.
tuned-profiles-realtime(7) Description of profiles provided for the realtime.
tuned-profiles-sap(7) Description of profiles provided for the SAP NetWeaver.
tuned-profiles-sap-hana(7) Description of profiles provided for the SAP HANA.
tuned.conf(5) Tuned profile definition.
tunefs.ocfs2(8) Change OCFS2 file system parameters.
tunegfs2(8) View and manipulate gfs2 superblocks.
tunes2pod(1) Convert an iTunesDB into GNUtunesDB's XML.
tunnelx(1) Software for drawing Cave Surveys.
tupi(1) Magia 2D. Animation Tool.
tuptime(1) Report historical and statistical running time of the system, keeping it between restarts.
turbostat(8) Report processor frequency and idle statistics.
turnin(1) Submit assignments to be graded.
turnincfg(1) Manage assignments submitted with turnin.
turnserver(1) TURN server implementation.
turnserver.conf(5) TurnServer configuration file.
tuskar(1) OpenStack Tuskar command line client.
tuxcall(2) ↣ unimplemented(2)
tuxcmd(1) Tux Commander, a GTK2 based File Manager.
tuxfootball(6) Great 2D soccer (sometimes called football) game.
tuxguitar(1) Program to do edit and playback guitar tablature.
tuxmath(6) A math game for kids with Tux.
tuxpuck(6) "Shufflepuck Cafe" Clone.
tuxtype(1) TuxTyping typing tutor.
tv(1) Displays and prints phylogenetic trees.
tv_augment(1p) Augment XMLTV listings files with automatic and user-defined rules.
tv_augment_tz(1p) Convert floating time to explicit time.
tv_cat(1p) Concatenate XMLTV listings files.
tv_check(1p) Check TV guide listings.
tv_count(1p) Count (and print) the number of channels and programmes in an XMLTV file.
tv_extractinfo_ar(1p) Read Spanish (Argentinean) language listings and extract info from programme descriptions.
tv_extractinfo_en(1p) Read English-language listings and extract info from programme descriptions.
tv_find_grabbers(1p) Find all XMLTV grabbers that are installed on the system.
tv_grab_ar(1p) Grab TV listings for Argentina.
tv_grab_ch_search(1p) Grab TV listings for Switzerland (from webpage).
tv_grab_combiner(1p) Grab listings by combining data from several grabbers.
tv_grab_dk_dr(1p) Grab TV listings for Denmark.
tv_grab_dtv_la(1p) Grab TV listings for Direct TV Latin America.
tv_grab_es_laguiatv(1p) Alternative TV grabber for Spain.
tv_grab_eu_dotmedia(1p) Grab TV listings for Europe.
tv_grab_eu_epgdata(1p) Grab TV listings for parts of Europe.
tv_grab_fi(1p) Grab TV listings for Finland.
tv_grab_fi_sv(1p) Grab TV listings for Finland in Swedish.
tv_grab_fr(1p) Grab TV listings for France.
tv_grab_fr_kazer(1p) Grab TV listings from Kazer in France.
tv_grab_huro(1p) Grab TV listings for Hungary or Romania.
tv_grab_il(1p) Grab TV listings for Israel.
tv_grab_is(1p) Grab TV listings for Iceland.
tv_grab_it(1p) Grab TV listings for Italy.
tv_grab_it_dvb(1p) Grab TV listings for Italy from the DVB-S stream.
tv_grab_na_dd(1p) Grab TV listings for North America using Schedules Direct
tv_grab_na_dtv(1p) Grab TV listings from DirecTV.
tv_grab_na_tvmedia(1p) Grab TV listings for North America.
tv_grab_nl(1p) Grab TV listings for Holland.
tv_grab_pt_meo(1p) Grab TV listings for MEO from SAPO in Portugal.
tv_grab_se_swedb(1p) Grab TV listings for Sweden.
tv_grab_se_tvzon(1p) Grab TV listings for Sweden.
tv_grab_tr(1p) Grab TV listings for Turkey.
tv_grab_uk_bleb(1p) Grab TV listings for the United Kingdom, from
tv_grab_uk_tvguide(1p) Grab TV listings for UK from the TV Guide UK website.
tv_grab_zz_sdjson(1p) Grab TV listings from Schedules Direct SD-JSON service.
tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite(1p) Grab TV and radio program listings from Schedules Direct (subscription required).
tv_grep(1p) Filter programmes and channels from an XMLTV listings file.
tv_imdb(1p) Augment XMLTV listings files with data.
tv_merge(1p) Merge (combine) two XMLTV files.
tv_remove_some_overlapping(1p) Remove some overlapping programmes from XMLTV data.
tv_sort(1p) Sort XMLTV listings files by date, and add stop times.
tv_split(1p) Split XMLTV listings into separate files by date and channel.
tv_to_latex(1p) Convert XMLTV listings to LaTeX source.
tv_to_potatoe(1p) Convert XMLTV listings to potatoe format.
tv_to_text(1p) Convert XMLTV listings to text.
tv_validate_file(1p) Validate that a file contains valid xmltv data.
tv_validate_grabber(1p) Validate that an xmltv grabber works correctly.
tvoe(1) TV over ethernet streaming.
tvtime(1) A high quality television application.
tvtime-command(1) Control a running tvtime process.
tvtime-configure(1) Change settings in the tvtime configuration file.
tvtime-scanner(1) An all-band scanner for tvtime to help users of European cable providers that do not use.
tvtime.xml(5) Tvtime configuration file.
tvtk_doc(1) A GUI based TVTK documentation search browser.
tvtohz(9freebsd) Convert time interval to tick count.
TW_BUS_ERROR(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MR_ARB_LOST(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MR_DATA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MR_DATA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MR_SLA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MR_SLA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MT_ARB_LOST(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MT_DATA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MT_DATA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MT_SLA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_MT_SLA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_NO_INFO(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_READ(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_REP_START(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_ARB_LOST_GCALL_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_ARB_LOST_SLA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_DATA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_DATA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_GCALL_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_GCALL_DATA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_GCALL_DATA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_SLA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_SR_STOP(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_ST_ARB_LOST_SLA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_ST_DATA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_ST_DATA_NACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_ST_LAST_DATA(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_ST_SLA_ACK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_START(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_STATUS(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_STATUS_MASK(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
TW_WRITE(3avr) ↣ util_twi(3avr)
twa(4freebsd) 3ware 9000/9500/9550/9650 series SATA RAID controllers driver.
twadmin(8) Tripwire administrative and utility tool.
twalk(3) ↣ tsearch(3) Manage a binary tree.
twalk(3posix) Traverse a binary search tree.
twang(6x) Pluck pieces of the screen.
twatch(1) Watch torrent trackers and automatically download new torrents.
twclock(1) A world clock and automatic ID for amateur radio operators.
twconfig(4) Tripwire configuration file reference.
twe(4freebsd) 3ware 5000/6000/7000/8000 series PATA/SATA RAID adapter driver.
tweak(1) Efficient hex editor.
tweak-wrapper(1) ↣ tweak(1) Efficient hex editor.
tweeper(1) Web scraper to convert supported websites (e.g. to RSS.
twfiles(5) Overview of files used by Tripwire and file backup process.
twic2scid(6) ↣ scid(6)
twiggy(1p) Twiggy launcher.
Twiggy(3pm) AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI (like Thin).
twiglet(1) Observe or control an RVC-enabled machine's console.
twine(1) Twine Documentation.
twinkle(1) Twinkle 1.10.0.
twinstar(8) Control the Twinstar feature of a Xorcom Astribank.
twintro(8) Introduction to Tripwire software.
twinwave(1) Wraps multiple GTKWave sessions in one window or two synchronized windows.
twistd(1) Run Twisted applications (TACs, TAPs).
twistd3(1) Run Twisted applications (TACs, TAPs).
twitterwatch(1) Simple Twitter bot detecting if no tweet was posted recently on a timeline.
twm(1) Tab Window Manager for the X Window System.
twofeat(1e) Finds neighbouring pairs of features in sequence(s).
twoftpd-auth(1) TwoFTPD authentication front-end.
twoftpd-switch(1) TwoFTPD back-end switcher.
twoftpd-xfer(1) TwoFTPD file transfer back-end.
twolame(1) An optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder.
twoLiquidMixingFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
twoPhaseEulerFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
twopi(1) ↣ dot(1) Filter for drawing directed graphs.
tworld(6) Tile World.
twpolicy(4) Tripwire policy file reference.
twprint(8) Tripwire database and report printer.
twpsk(1) A psk program.
tws(4freebsd) 3ware 9750 SATA+SAS 6Gb/s RAID controller card driver.
tx(1) A command line interface for Transifex.
tx(4freebsd) SMC 83c17x Fast Ethernet device driver.
txiterm(1) X terminal emulator for Thai (TIS-620) environments.
txp(4freebsd) 3Com 3XP Typhoon/Sidewinder (3CR990) Ethernet interface.
txt-stat(8) Display the status of TXT.
txt2gcal(1) Creates a verbatim Gcal resource file from a text file.
txt2gtab-phrase(1) Gcin's phrase builder for table-based input methods.
txt2html(1p) Convert plain text file to HTML.
txt2las(1) Converts LIDAR data from ASCII format into LAS representation.
txt2lps(1) Translates an mCRL2 specification of a linear process into an LPS.
txt2man(1) Convert flat ASCII text to man page format.
txt2mb(1) ↣ mb2txt(1) Fcitx table related tools.
txt2mzml(1) Read text spectrum data and write mzML.
txt2pbes(1) Parse a textual description of a PBES.
txt2pdbdoc(1) Text to Doc file converter for Palm Pilots.
txt2pes(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
txt2po(1) Convert plain text (.txt) files to Gettext PO localization files.
txt2regex(1) A Regular Expression Wizard, written with bash2 builtins.
txt2tags(1) Text formatting and conversion tool.
txt2ti3(1) Convert Gretag/Logo or X-Rite ColorPport raw RGB or CMYK device profile data to Argyll CGATS data.
type(1posix) Write a description of command type. Octopussy Type module.
Type::Coercion(3pm) A set of coercions to a particular target type constraint.
Type::Coercion::FromMoose(3pm) A set of coercions borrowed from Moose.
Type::Coercion::Union(3pm) A set of coercions to a union type constraint.
Type::Library(3pm) Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type libraries.
Type::Params(3pm) Params::Validate-like parameter validation using Type::Tiny type constraints and coercions.
Type::Parser(3pm) Parse type constraint strings.
Type::Registry(3pm) A glorified hashref for looking up type constraints.
Type::Tiny(3pm) Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint.
Type::Tiny::_HalfOp(3pm) Half-completed overloaded operation.
Type::Tiny::Class(3pm) Type constraints based on the "isa" method.
Type::Tiny::Duck(3pm) Type constraints based on the "can" method.
Type::Tiny::Enum(3pm) String enum type constraints.
Type::Tiny::Intersection(3pm) Intersection type constraints.
Type::Tiny::Manual(3pm) An overview of Type::Tiny.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Coercions(3pm) Adding coercions to type constraints.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries(3pm) How to build a type library with Type::Tiny, Type::Library and Type::Utils.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Optimization(3pm) Squeeze the most out of your CPU.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Params(3pm) Coerce and validate arguments to functions and methods.
Type::Tiny::Manual::Policies(3pm) Type::Tiny policies.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoo(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Moo.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoose(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Moose.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMouse(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with Mouse.
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithOther(3pm) How to use Type::Tiny and Type::Library with other OO frameworks.
Type::Tiny::Role(3pm) Type constraints based on the "DOES" method.
Type::Tiny::Union(3pm) Union type constraints.
Type::Tiny::XS(3pm) Provides an XS boost for some of Type::Tiny's built-in type constraints.
Type::Tiny::XS::Util(3pm) Support functions for Type::Tiny::XS.
Type::Utils(3pm) Utility functions to make defining and using type constraints a little easier.
TYPE_ALNUM(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
TYPE_ALPHA(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
TYPE_ENUM(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
TYPE_INTEGER(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
TYPE_IPV4(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
TYPE_NUMERIC(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
TYPE_REGEXP(3form) ↣ form_variables(3form) Form system global.
typeahead(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
typeahead_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
typefortune(1) Generate a .typ file and call gtypist to run this file.
typelib-dump(1) Show ORBit2 type library modules.
typemaker(1) Source and header file generator for Gwenhywfar and AqBanking data structures.
typemaker2(1) Creates source and header files for the given XML file.
typeperf(1) Run a remote typeperf command, check the output periodically, parse it, and print it to stdout.
typer(3erl) Typer, a Type annotator for ERlang programs.
typerules(5) HylaFAX file type identification and conversion rules.
types.db(5) Data-set specifications for the system statistics collection daemon collectd.
Types::Common::Numeric(3pm) Drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::Numeric.
Types::Common::String(3pm) Drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::String.
Types::DateTime(3pm) Type constraints and coercions for datetime objects.
Types::Namespace(3pm) Type constraints for dealing with namespaces.
Types::Path::Tiny(3pm) Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose and Moo.
Types::Serialiser(3pm) Simple data types for common serialisation formats.
Types::Serialiser::Error(3pm) Dummy module for Types::Serialiser.
Types::Standard(3pm) Bundled set of built-in types for Type::Tiny.
Types::Standard::ArrayRef(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard ArrayRef type constraint.
Types::Standard::CycleTuple(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard CycleTuple type constraint.
Types::Standard::Dict(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard Dict type constraint.
Types::Standard::HashRef(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard HashRef type constraint.
Types::Standard::Map(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard Map type constraint.
Types::Standard::ScalarRef(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard ScalarRef type constraint.
Types::Standard::Tuple(3pm) Internals for the Types::Standard Tuple type constraint.
Types::TypeTiny(3pm) Type constraints used internally by Type::Tiny.
Types::URI(3pm) Type constraints and coercions for URIs.
Types::UUID(3pm) Type constraints for UUIDs.
Types::XSD(3pm) Type constraints based on XML schema datatypes.
Types::XSD::Lite(3pm) Type constraints based on a subset of XML schema datatypes.
typeset_audio_dir(1p) Produce TeX listing of directories with audio files.
typespeed(6) Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS.
typetest(8) Test out typerules.
typetrait(3bobcat) Shortdesc.
tz_convert(1) Timezone converter from operating system tz format into libical format used by Orage and several.
tzap(1) A program to process channels.conf files.
tzc(1) Trivial zephyr client.
tzfile(5) Timezone information.
tzname(3) ↣ tzset(3) Initialize time conversion information.
tzselect(1) View timezones.
tzselect(8) Select a timezone.
tzset(3) Initialize time conversion information.
tzset(3posix) Set timezone conversion information.
tzwatch(1) Display the time in a number of time zones, specified by the user.
tzxlist(1) Sinclair ZX Spectrum “real” tape file lister.
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