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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
V(3pm) Print version of the specified module(s).
v.buffer(1grass) Creates a buffer around vector features of given type. Creates topology for vector map. Rebuilds topology on all vector maps in the current mapset. Builds polylines from lines or boundaries.
v.category(1grass) Attaches, deletes or reports vector categories to map geometry.
v.centroids(1grass) Adds missing centroids to closed boundaries.
v.class(1grass) Classifies attribute data, e.g. for thematic mapping.
v.clean(1grass) Toolset for cleaning topology of vector map.
v.clip(1grass) Extracts features of input map which overlay features of clip map.
v.cluster(1grass) Performs cluster identification.
v.colors(1grass) Creates/modifies the color table associated with a vector map.
v.colors.out(1grass) Exports the color table associated with a vector map.
v.db.addcolumn(1grass) Adds one or more columns to the attribute table connected to a given vector map.
v.db.addtable(1grass) Creates and connects a new attribute table to a given layer of an existing vector map.
v.db.connect(1grass) Prints/sets DB connection for a vector map to attribute table.
v.db.dropcolumn(1grass) Drops a column from the attribute table connected to a given vector map.
v.db.droprow(1grass) Removes a vector feature from a vector map through attribute selection.
v.db.droptable(1grass) Removes existing attribute table of a vector map.
v.db.join(1grass) Joins a database table to a vector map table.
v.db.reconnect.all(1grass) Reconnects attribute tables for all vector maps from the current mapset to a new data‐.
v.db.renamecolumn(1grass) Renames a column in the attribute table connected to a given vector map. Prints vector map attributes.
v.db.univar(1grass) Calculates univariate statistics on selected table column for a GRASS vector map.
v.db.update(1grass) Updates a column in the attribute table connected to a vector map.
v.decimate(1grass) Decimates a point cloud.
v.delaunay(1grass) Creates a Delaunay triangulation from an input vector map containing points or centroids.
v.dissolve(1grass) Dissolves boundaries between adjacent areas sharing a common category number or attribute.
v.distance(1grass) Finds the nearest element in vector map ’to’ for elements in vector map ’from’.
v.drape(1grass) Converts 2D vector features to 3D by sampling of elevation raster map.
v.edit(1grass) Edits a vector map, allows adding, deleting and modifying selected vector features.
v.external(1grass) Creates a new pseudo-vector map as a link to an OGR-supported layer or a PostGIS feature table.
v.external.out(1grass) Defines vector output format.
v.extract(1grass) Selects vector features from an existing vector map and creates a new vector map containing only.
v.extrude(1grass) Extrudes flat vector features to 3D vector features with defined height.
v.generalize(1grass) Performs vector based generalization.
v.hull(1grass) Produces a 2D/3D convex hull for a given vector map.
v.import(1grass) Imports vector data into a GRASS vector map using OGR library and reprojects on the fly. Creates a vector map from an ASCII points file or ASCII vector file. Creates new vector (points) map from database table containing coordinates. Converts file in DXF format to GRASS vector map. Imports E00 file into a vector map. Imports country files into a vector points map. Converts LAS LiDAR point clouds to a GRASS vector map with libLAS. Imports ASCII x,y[,z] coordinates as a series of lines. Imports Mapgen or Matlab-ASCII vector maps into GRASS. Imports vector data into a GRASS vector map using OGR library. Creates a vector polygon from the current region extent. Imports GetFeature from a WFS server. Outputs basic information about a vector map.
v.kcv(1grass) Randomly partition points into test/train sets.
v.kernel(1grass) Generates a raster density map from vector points map.
v.label(1grass) Creates paint labels for a vector map from attached attributes. Create optimally placed labels for vector map(s).
v.lidar.correction(1grass) Corrects the v.lidar.growing output. It is the last of the three algorithms for LIDAR.
v.lidar.edgedetection(1grass) Detects the object’s edges from a LIDAR data set.
v.lidar.growing(1grass) Building contour determination and Region Growing algorithm for determining the building.
v.lrs.create(1grass) Creates a linear reference system.
v.lrs.label(1grass) Creates stationing from input lines, and linear reference system.
v.lrs.segment(1grass) Creates points/segments from input lines, linear reference system and positions read from.
v.lrs.where(1grass) Finds line id and real km+offset for given points in vector map using linear reference system.
v.mkgrid(1grass) Creates a vector map of a user-defined grid.
v.neighbors(1grass) Neighborhood analysis tool for vector point maps. Performs network maintenance. Allocates subnets for nearest centers. Computes the shortest path between all pairs of nodes in the network. Computes bridges and articulation points in the network. Computes degree, centrality, betweeness, closeness and eigenvector centrality measures in. Computes strongly and weakly connected components in the network. Computes vertex connectivity between two sets of nodes in the network. Computes shortest distance via the network between the given sets of features. Computes the maximum flow between two sets of nodes in the network. Splits subnets for nearest centers by cost isolines. Finds shortest path on vector network. Creates a cycle connecting given nodes (Traveling salesman problem). Computes minimum spanning tree for the network. Creates Steiner tree for the network and given terminals. Finds shortest path using timetables. Performs visibility graph construction.
v.normal(1grass) Tests for normality for vector points.
v.out.ascii(1grass) Exports a vector map to a GRASS ASCII vector representation.
v.out.dxf(1grass) Exports vector map to DXF file format.
v.out.lidar(1grass) Exports vector points as LAS point cloud.
v.out.ogr(1grass) Exports a vector map layer to any of the supported OGR vector formats.
v.out.postgis(1grass) Exports a vector map layer to PostGIS feature table.
v.out.pov(1grass) Converts GRASS x,y,z points to POV-Ray x,z,y format.
v.out.svg(1grass) Exports a vector map to SVG file.
v.out.vtk(1grass) Converts a vector map to VTK ASCII output.
v.outlier(1grass) Removes outliers from vector point data.
v.overlay(1grass) Overlays two vector maps offering clip, intersection, difference, symmetrical difference, union.
v.pack(1grass) Exports a vector map as GRASS GIS specific archive file.
v.parallel(1grass) Creates parallel line to input vector lines.
v.patch(1grass) Creates a new vector map by combining other vector maps.
v.perturb(1grass) Random location perturbations of vector points.
v.profile(1grass) Vector map profiling tool.
v.proj(1grass) Re-projects a vector map from one location to the current location.
v.qcount(1grass) Indices for quadrat counts of vector point lists.
v.random(1grass) Generates random 2D/3D vector points.
v.rast.stats(1grass) Calculates univariate statistics from a raster map based on a vector map and uploads statis‐.
v.reclass(1grass) Changes vector category values for an existing vector map according to results of SQL queries or.
v.rectify(1grass) Rectifies a vector by computing a coordinate transformation for each object in the vector based. Reports geometry statistics for vector maps.
v.sample(1grass) Samples a raster map at vector point locations.
v.segment(1grass) Creates points/segments from input vector lines and positions. Selects features from vector map (A) by features from other vector map (B).
v.split(1grass) Splits vector lines to shorter segments. Updates vector map metadata. Performs bicubic or bilinear spline interpolation with Tykhonov regularization. Provides surface interpolation from vector point data by Inverse Distance Squared Weighting. Performs surface interpolation from vector points map by splines.
v.timestamp(1grass) Modifies a timestamp for a vector map. Performs transformation of 2D vector features to 3D. Populates attribute values from vector features. Converts vector polygons or points to lines. Creates points along input lines in new vector map with 2 layers. Converts (rasterize) a vector map into a raster map. Converts a vector map (only points) into a 3D raster map.
v.transform(1grass) Performs an affine transformation (shift, scale and rotate) on vector map.
v.type(1grass) Changes type of vector features.
v.univar(1grass) Calculates univariate statistics of vector map features.
v.unpack(1grass) Imports a vector map as GRASS GIS specific archive file (packed with v.pack).
v.vect.stats(1grass) Count points in areas, calculate statistics from point attributes.
v.vol.rst(1grass) Interpolates point data to a 3D raster map using regularized spline with tension (RST) algorithm.
v.voronoi(1grass) Creates a Voronoi diagram constrained to the extents of the current region from an input vector.
v.what(1grass) Queries a vector map at given locations.
v.what.rast(1grass) Uploads raster values at positions of vector points to the table.
v.what.rast3(1grass) Uploads 3D raster values at positions of vector points to the table.
v.what.strds(1grass) Uploads space time raster dataset values at positions of vector points to the table.
v.what.vect(1grass) Uploads vector values at positions of vector points to the table.
v2cc.libs(5) VHDL library mapping file for the FreeHDL compiler/simulator.
V3D(3alleg4) Fixed point vertex structure used by 3d functions. Allegro game programming library.
V3D_f(3alleg4) Floating point vertex structure used by 3d functions. Allegro game programming library.
v4l-conf(8) Configure a video4linux driver.
v4l-info(1) Dump video4linux(2) device info to stdout.
v4l2-compliance(1) An application to test video4linux drivers.
v4l2-ctl(1) An application to control video4linux drivers.
v4l2ctrl(1) Manage settings for Video for Linux Two devices.
v4l2loopback-ctl(1) Control v4l2 loopback devices.
v4l2ucp(1) An universal control panel for all Video for Linux Two devices.
v4lctl(1) ↣ xawtv-remote(1)
v6pub(1) ↣ ipv6pref(1)
v6tmp(1) ↣ ipv6pref(1)
v86d(8) Daemon to run x86 code in an emulated environment.
v_sim(1) A GTK program for 3D visualisation of atomic systems.
va_arg(3) ↣ stdarg(3) Variable argument lists.
va_arg(3posix) Handle variable argument list.
va_copy(3) ↣ stdarg(3) Variable argument lists.
va_end(3) ↣ stdarg(3) Variable argument lists.
va_start(3) ↣ stdarg(3) Variable argument lists.
vacall(3) C functions called with variable arguments.
vacation(1) Return “I am not here” indication.
vacation.sendmail(1) E-mail auto-responder.
vaccess(9freebsd) Generate an access control decision using vnode parameters.
vaccess_acl_nfs4(9freebsd) Generate a NFSv4 ACL access control decision using vnode parameters.
vaccess_acl_posix1e(9freebsd) Generate a POSIX.1e ACL access control decision using vnode parameters.
vadm(1) Manipulate and administer version object base.
vagalume(1) GTK+-based client for the online radio service.
vagalumectl(1) Remotely control Vagalume via its D-Bus interface.
vagrant(1) Tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
vagrant-package(1) Convert VirtualBox disk image into Vagrant box.
vainfo(1) Display information from VA API driver.
val(1posix) Validate SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT).
val-and-rick(6) Shooter game.
vala-dbus-binding-tool(1) Creates gobject interfaces out of DBus XML specifications.
vala-gen-introspect(1) ↣ vala-gen-introspect-0.40(1) Generate a GI file for GObject and glib based packages.
vala-gen-introspect-0.40(1) Generate a GI file for GObject and glib based packages.
vala-panel(1) Vala Panel is GTK+ 3 desktop panel. It is based on Vala and some LXPanel ideas.
vala-panel-runner(1) Vala Panel Runner is a simple graphical application launcher.
vala-terminal(1) Terminal emulator for mobile devices.
valabind(1) Vala to swig interface conversor.
valabind-cc(1) Vala to swig interface compiler.
valac(1) ↣ valac-0.40(1) Compiler that translates Vala source code into C source and header files.
valac-0.40(1) Compiler that translates Vala source code into C source and header files.
valadoc(1) ↣ valadoc-0.40(1) Vala Documentation Tool.
valadoc-0.40(1) Vala Documentation Tool.
vale(4freebsd) A very fast Virtual Local Ethernet using the netmap API.
valgrind(1) A suite of tools for debugging and profiling programs.
valgrind-listener(1) Listens on a socket for Valgrind commentary.
valgrind.bin(1) ↣ valgrind(1) A suite of tools for debugging and profiling programs.
Validate(1) Simple validation tool for XML documents.
validate-json(1) JSON Schema command line interface.
validate-storage-schemas(1) Validates the storage schemas.
Validate::Net(3pm) Format validation for Net:: related strings.
Validate::Yubikey(3pm) Validate Yubikey OTPs.
validateconf(1) This utility can be used to validate the tsocks.conf configuration file.
validateDescriptor(1) Simple component descriptor validator.
Validation::Class(3pm) Powerful Data Validation Framework.
Validation::Class::Cookbook(3pm) Recipes for Validation::Class.
Validation::Class::Directive(3pm) Base Class for Validation Class Directives.
Validation::Class::Directive::Alias(3pm) Alias Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Between(3pm) Between Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::City(3pm) City Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Creditcard(3pm) Creditcard Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Date(3pm) Date Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Decimal(3pm) Decimal Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Default(3pm) Default Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::DependsOn(3pm) DependsOn Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Email(3pm) Email Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Error(3pm) Error Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Errors(3pm) Errors Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Filtering(3pm) Filtering Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Filters(3pm) Filters Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Help(3pm) Help Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Hostname(3pm) Hostname Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Label(3pm) Label Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Length(3pm) Length Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Matches(3pm) Matches Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MaxAlpha(3pm) MaxAlpha Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MaxDigits(3pm) MaxDigits Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MaxLength(3pm) MaxLength Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MaxSum(3pm) MaxSum Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MaxSymbols(3pm) MaxSymbols Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Messages(3pm) Messages Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MinAlpha(3pm) MinAlpha Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MinDigits(3pm) MinDigits Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MinLength(3pm) MinLength Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MinSum(3pm) MinSum Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MinSymbols(3pm) MinSymbols Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Mixin(3pm) Mixin Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::MixinField(3pm) MixinField Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Multiples(3pm) Multiples Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Name(3pm) Name Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Options(3pm) Options Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Pattern(3pm) Pattern Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Readonly(3pm) Readonly Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Required(3pm) Required Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::SSN(3pm) SSN Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::State(3pm) State Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Telephone(3pm) Telephone Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Time(3pm) Time Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Toggle(3pm) Toggle Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::UUID(3pm) UUID Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Validation(3pm) Validation Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Value(3pm) Value Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directive::Zipcode(3pm) Zipcode Directive for Validation Class Field Definitions.
Validation::Class::Directives(3pm) Validation::Class Core Directives Registry.
Validation::Class::Exporter(3pm) Simple Exporter for Validation::Class Classes.
Validation::Class::Listing(3pm) Generic Container Class for an Array Reference.
Validation::Class::Mapping(3pm) Generic Container Class for a Hash Reference.
Validation::Class::Prototype(3pm) Data Validation Engine for Validation::Class Classes.
Validation::Class::Simple(3pm) Simple Ad-Hoc Data Validation.
Validation::Class::Simple::Streamer(3pm) Simple Streaming Data Validation.
Validation::Class::Whitepaper(3pm) Operate with Impunity.
validCDKObject(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
validlocale(8) Test if a given locale is available.
validns(1) DNS and DSNSEC zone file validator.
validxml(1p) Command-line driver for XML::Validate.
valkyrie(1) Graphical front-end to the Valgrind suite of tools for debugging and profiling Linux executables.
valloc(3) ↣ posix_memalign(3) Allocate aligned memory.
valtype_common(3tcl) Validation, common code.
vam(1) ↣ vim-addon-manager(1)
vamp-rdf-template-generator(1) Create a skeleton RDF description file describing a Vamp plugin library using.
vamp-simple-host(1) A simple Vamp plugin host.
vamps(1) Tool to recompress and modify the structure of a DVD.
vanessa_logger_sample(1) Demonstrate some of the functionality of libvanessa.
vanessa_socket_pipe(1) Trivial TCP/IP pipe based on libvanessa_socket.
vapigen(1) ↣ vapigen-0.40(1) Generate a Vala API.
vapigen-0.40(1) Generate a Vala API.
vapt-get(8) Apt-get for vservers.
Var::Pairs(3pm) OO iterators and pair constructors for variables.
varcall(1) Ea-utils: output summry stats or perform variant calling.
variable(3tcl) Create and initialize a namespace variable.
Variable::Magic(3pm) Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl.
variables(5) Format of specifying variable names to SNMP tools.
variantCaller(1) Variant-calling algorithms for PacBio sequencing data.
variety(1) Open-source wallpaper changer for Linux.
varmon(8) A VA RAID monitor.
varnetload(8) Tool to create reproducible network traffic.
varnish-cli(7) Varnish Command Line Interface.
varnish-counters(7) Varnish counter field definitions.
varnishadm(1) Control a running Varnish instance.
varnishd(1) HTTP accelerator daemon.
varnishhist(1) Varnish request histogram.
varnishlog(1) Display Varnish logs.
varnishncsa(1) Display Varnish logs in Apache / NCSA combined log format.
varnishstat(1) Varnish Cache statistics.
varnishtest(1) Test program for Varnish.
varnishtop(1) Varnish log entry ranking.
vars(3perl) Perl pragma to predeclare global variable names.
varscan(1) Variant detection in next-generation sequencing data.
vasprintf(3) ↣ asprintf(3) Print to allocated string.
vasy(1) VHDL Analyzer for Synthesis.
vattr(1) ↣ vadm(1) Manipulate and administer version object base.
vattribute(8) Sets/gets attributes of vservers.
vax(1) Simulate a MicroVAX 3900 computer.
vax780(1) Simulate a VAX 780 computer.
vba(1) ↣ VisualBoyAdvance(1) VisualBoyAdvance.
vbackup(8) A modular backup program.
vbackup-wizard(8) A wizard for basic vbackup configuration.
vbaexpress(1) Front End for VisualBoyAdvance.
vbbatch(1) Run a command line multiple times with variable substitution.
vbetool(8) Run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state.
vbfilter(1) Do frequency filtering on 1D and 4D files.
vbi(1) Print summary information about 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D files.
vbim(1) Manipulate 3D and 4D volumes.
vbind(1) Bind name to version.
vbindiff(1) Hexadecimal file display and comparison.
vblade(8) Export data via ATA over Ethernet.
vblade-persist(8) Manage persistent exported ATA-over-Ethernet devices.
vbladed(8) ↣ vblade(8) Export data via ATA over Ethernet.
vbmaskinfo(1) Summarize a series of 3D image masks.
vbnc(1) Mono Visual Basic Compiler.
vborient(1) Re-orient 3D or 4D image data.
vboverlap(1) Overlap stats for 3D masks and atlases.
vbox(1) Interact with recorded messages.
vbox(5) File format.
vbox.conf(5) Config file for vbox.
vboxbeep(1) Isdn voice box (beeper).
VBoxClient(1) X86 virtualization solution.
vboxcnvt(1) ↣ vboxconvert(1) Isdn voice box (converter backend).
VBoxControl(8) X86 virtualization solution.
vboxconvert(1) Isdn voice box (converter backend).
vboxctrl(1) Control vbox functions.
vboxd(8) Isdn voice box daemon.
vboxd.conf(5) Config file for vboxd (the daemon).
vboxgetty(8) Isdn voice box (getty).
vboxgetty.conf(5) Config file for vboxgetty.
VBoxHeadless(1) X86 virtualization solution.
vboxmail(8) Script to send notification of new voice message.
VBoxManage(1) X86 virtualization solution.
vboxmode(1) Detect format of isdn voice file.
vboxplay(1) Play vbox sound files.
vboxputty(8) A self-dialing/-calling vboxgetty.
vboxrc(5) User config file for vbox.
VBoxSDL(1) X86 virtualization solution.
VBoxService(8) X86 virtualization solution.
vboxtcl(5) Tcl commands for vboxgetty.
vboxtoau(1) Isdn voice box (sound converter).
vboxwebsrv(1) X86 virtualization solution.
vbrename(1) Rename/sort DICOM files heuristically.
vbrfix(1) Fix erroneous VBR MP3 files.
vbsim(1) Create random data for neuroimaging.
vbtmap(1) Create a t-statistic map for VLSM.
vbutil_kernel(1) Utility to sign custom kernels to boot with Chrome OS devices.
vbv(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
vbview2(1) Image viewer for 3D and 4D volumes.
vbvolregress(1) Carry out linear regression in 1D and 4D data.
vCard(3pm) Read, write, and edit vCards.
vcard2pal(1) Convert vcard contacts into a pal calendar file.
vCard::AddressBook(3pm) Read, write, and edit vCard address books.
vcat(1) ↣ retrv(1) Retrieve a revision of a file.
vcc(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
vcd-info(1) Manual page for vcd-info 0.7.24.
vcd2fst(1) Converts VCD files to FST files.
vcd2lxt(1) Converts VCD files to interlaced or linear LXT files.
vcd2lxt2(1) Converts VCD files to LXT2 files.
vcd2vzt(1) Converts VCD files to VZT files.
vcdimager(1) Manual page for vcdimager 0.7.24.
vcdxbuild(1) Manual page for vcdxbuild 0.7.24.
vcdxgen(1) Manual page for vcdxgen 0.7.24.
vcdxminfo(1) Manual page for vcdxminfo 0.7.24.
vcdxrip(1) Manual page for vcdxrip 0.7.24.
vcf(5) Variant Call Format.
vcf-annotate(1) Annotate VCF file, add filters or custom annotations.
vcf-compare(1) Compare bgzipped and tabix indexed VCF files.
vcf-concat(1) Concatenate VCF files.
vcf-consensus(1) Vcf-consensus.
vcf-contrast(1) Finds differences amongst samples.
vcf-convert(1) Convert between VCF versions.
vcf-fix-newlines(1) Fix newlines in VCF file.
vcf-fix-ploidy(1) Vcf-fix-ploidy.
vcf-indel-stats(1) Vcf-indel-stat.
vcf-isec(1) Create intersections, unions, complements on bgzipped and tabix indexed VCF or tab-delimited files.
vcf-merge(1) Merge the bgzipped and tabix indexed VCF files.
vcf-phased-join(1) Take multiple overlapping pre-phased chunks and concatenates them into one VCF.
vcf-query(1) Query VCF files.
vcf-shuffle-cols(1) Reorder columns.
vcf-sort(1) Sort VCF file.
vcf-stats(1) Statistic of VCF file.
vcf-subset(1) Create subset of VCF file.
vcf-to-tab(1) Convert to tabix.
vcf-tstv(1) Vcf-tstv.
vcf-validator(1) Validate VCF file.
vcf2bed(1) Manual page for vcf2bed 2.4.26+dfsg.
vcf2birthday(1) Convert VCARD files to birthday database.
vcf2starch(1) Manual page for vcf2starch 2.4.26+dfsg.
vcf_filter(1) Filter a VCF file.
vcf_melt(1) Melt a VCF file into a tab delimited set of calls, one per line.
vcftools(1) Utilities for the variant call format (VCF) and binary variant call format (BCF).
vcheck(1p) Latest program version checker and auto-downloader.
vcl(7) Varnish Configuration Language.
vcmibuilder(1) Extract bitmaps, animations, text, music and video from Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
vcmiclient(1) A free reimplementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 engine.
vcmilauncher(1) Launch vcmi with custom settings.
vcmiserver(1) A free reimplementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 engine.
vconfig(8) VLAN (802.1q) configuration program.
vcontext(8) Manages the creation of security contexts.
vcount(9freebsd) Get total number of references to a device.
vcs(4) Virtual console memory.
VCS::Lite(3pm) Minimal version control system.
VCS::Lite::Delta(3pm) VCS::Lite differences.
vcsa(4) ↣ vcs(4) Virtual console memory.
vcsh(1) Version Control System for $HOME - multiple Git repositories in $HOME.
vcstime(8) Show time in upper right hand corner of the console screen.
vcut(1) Cuts Ogg Vorbis files.
vcxgbe(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
vcxl(4freebsd) Chelsio T4-, T5-, and T6-based 100Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb, 10Gb, and 1Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
vd(1) A terminal utility for exploring and arranging tabular data.
vdaaerl(1) Measure the echo-return loss on Voicetronix FXO telephony modules.
vdb_lod(1) Generates a volume mipmap from an OpenVDB grid.
vdb_print(1) Prints information about OpenVDB grids.
vdb_render(1) Ray-traces OpenVDB volumes.
vdb_view(1) Displays OpenVDB grids.
vde_autolink(1) Automatically create and maintain vde connections.
vde_cryptcab(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet encrypted cable manager.
vde_l3(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet 'Layer 3' Switch.
vde_over_ns(1) Steganographic cable over NS protocol for Virtual Distributed Ethernet.
vde_pcapplug(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet libpcap cable.
vde_plug(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet plug (two plugs creates a vde cable).
vde_plug2tap(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet plug-to-tap.
vde_switch(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet switch.
vde_tunctl(8) Create and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces.
vdeq(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet wrapper for QEMU/KVM virtual machines.
vdesk(1) Virtual desktops for any window manager.
vdetaplib(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet tap emulation library.
vdetelweb(1) Virtual Distributed Ethernet Telnet and/or Web management module.
vdeterm(1) (simple) Remote terminal for vde management sockets.
vdev_id(8) Generate user-friendly names for JBOD disks.
vdev_id.conf(5) Configuration file for vdev_id.
vdevmap(8) Manages device mappings.
vdiff(1) Display line-by-line differences between versions of files.
vdir(1) List directory contents.
vdirsyncer(1) Vdirsyncer Documentation.
vdispatch-conf(8) Dispatch-conf for vservers.
vdk-config-2(1) The VDK (2) C++ Library config script.
vdlimit(8) Manages disk limits.
vdltodmx(1) Dmx configuration file parser and printer.
vdm_decode(1) ↣ vdmfec(1) Block ECC for files.
vdm_encode(1) ↣ vdmfec(1) Block ECC for files.
vdmfec(1) Block ECC for files.
vdpauinfo(1) Query VDPAU capabilities.
vdptool(8) Manage the VSI associations and status of lldpad.
vdr(1) The Video Disk Recorder.
vdr(5) The Video Disk Recorder Files.
vdr-fbfe(1) Remote Framebuffer frontend for vdr-plugin-xineliboutput.
vdr-newplugin(1) Create a new VDR plugin source tree.
vdr-sxfe(1) Remote X-Server frontend for vdr-plugin-xineliboutput.
vdradmind(8) Web-based administration tool for VDR.
vdrop(9freebsd) Acquire/release a hold on a vnode.
vdropl(9freebsd) Acquire/release a hold on a vnode.
vdso(7) Overview of the virtual ELF dynamic shared object.
vdu(8) Calculates the size of a directory.
vec(2rheolef) Vector in distributed environment (rheolef-6.7).
vec_step(3clc) Takes a built-in scalar or vector data type argument and returns an integer value representing the.
vecscreen(1) Find nucleic acid segments of possible vector origin.
vect3(3NCARG) Defines the second and all subsequent points in a sequence of points connected by straight-line.
vectd(3NCARG) Defines the second and following of a sequence of points through which a curve is to be drawn.
vector(3NCARG) Generates a "pen-down" move to a specified point in the user coordinate system. VECTOR is used in.
Vector(7rheolef) STL vector with reference counting.
vector_length(3alleg4) Calculates the length of a vector. Allegro game programming library.
vector_length_f(3alleg4) ↣ vector_length(3alleg4) Calculates the length of a vector. Allegro game programming library.
vectorDataLoadandStoreFunctions(3clc) Click an item in the table below for details about that function.
vectorDataTypes(3clc) Built-in vector data types.
vectoroids(6) A vector-based asteroid-shooting game written in libSDL.
vectors(3NCARG) Utility for creating a vector field plot given two arrays containing the vector components on a.
vectors_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Vectors internal parameters.
vectorstrip(1e) Removes vectors from the ends of nucleotide sequence(s).
vecview(1) Graphical viewer for 1D (vector) or 2D (matrix) data.
vefte(1) ↣ efte(1) Text editor.
vegrep(1) ↣ vgrep(1) Print lines matching a pattern.
velodyne-view(1) Demo for grabbing and visualizing data from a Velodyne sensor.
velvct(3NCARG) Plots a vector field, given two 2-dimensional vector component arrays, U and V. You may control.
velvec(3NCARG) A older version of the Vectors utility, now a front-end to VELVCT. It is identical to the VELVCT call.
velvetg(1) De Bruijn graph construction, error removal and repeat resolution.
velvetg_63(1) De Bruijn graph construction, error removal and repeat resolution (MAXKMERLENGTH = 63).
velvetg_63_long(1) De Bruijn graph construction, error removal and repeat resolution (MAXKMERLENGTH = 63,.
velvetg_de(1) De Bruijn graph construction, error removal and repeat resolution (colorspace version).
velvetg_long(1) De Bruijn graph construction, error removal and repeat resolution (LONGSEQUENCES).
velveth(1) Simple hashing program.
velveth_63(1) Simple hashing program (MAXKMERLENGTH = 63).
velveth_63_long(1) Simple hashing program (MAXKMERLENGTH = 63, LONGSEQUENCES).
velveth_de(1) Simple hashing program (colorspace version).
velveth_long(1) Simple hashing program (LONGSEQUENCES).
velvetoptimiser(1) Automatically optimise Velvet do novo assembly parameters.
vemerge(8) Emerge for vservers.
vendorlib(3pm) Use Only Core and Vendor Libraries in @INC.
VendorRelease(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
VendorShell(3) The VendorShell widget class "VendorShell" "widget class" "VendorShell".
vendstat(8) Query InfiniBand vendor specific functions.
vennPolishes(1) Utilities to work with sim4db-generated alignment files.
vera++(1) Programmable verification and analysis tool for C++.
verbiste(3) French conjugation system.
verdandi(1) Blend images using watershed algorithm.
verga(1) VERrilog simulator for tkGAte.
verhoeff(3tcl) Validation for plain number with a VERHOEFF checkdigit.
VerificationSOPClassSCU(1) Works with DICOM files.
verify(1ssl) Utility to verify certificates.
verify(8postfix) Postfix address verification server. Directory Server perl script for verifying the database.
verify-proxy-tool(1) Tool to verify a certificate chain including proxies.
verify_blkparse(1) Verifies an output file produced by blkparse.
verify_krb5_conf(8) Checks krb5.conf for obvious errors.
verilator(1) Convert Verilog code to C++/SystemC.
verilator_bin(1) ↣ verilator(1) Convert Verilog code to C++/SystemC.
verilator_bin_dbg(1) ↣ verilator(1) Convert Verilog code to C++/SystemC.
verilator_coverage(1) Verilator coverage analyzer.
verilator_coverage_bin_dbg(1) ↣ verilator_coverage(1) Verilator coverage analyzer.
verilator_profcfunc(1) Read gprof report created with --profile-cfuncs.
Verilog::EditFiles(3pm) Split Verilog modules into separate files.
Verilog::Getopt(3pm) Get Verilog command line options.
Verilog::Language(3pm) Verilog language utilities.
Verilog::Netlist(3pm) Verilog Netlist.
Verilog::Netlist::Cell(3pm) Instantiated cell within a Verilog Netlist.
Verilog::Netlist::ContAssign(3pm) ContAssign assignment.
Verilog::Netlist::Defparam(3pm) Defparam assignment.
Verilog::Netlist::File(3pm) File containing Verilog code.
Verilog::Netlist::Interface(3pm) Interface within a Verilog Netlist.
Verilog::Netlist::Logger(3pm) Error collection and reporting.
Verilog::Netlist::ModPort(3pm) ModPort within a Verilog Interface.
Verilog::Netlist::Module(3pm) Module within a Verilog Netlist.
Verilog::Netlist::Net(3pm) Net for a Verilog Module.
Verilog::Netlist::Pin(3pm) Pin on a Verilog Cell.
Verilog::Netlist::Port(3pm) Port for a Verilog Module.
Verilog::Netlist::Subclass(3pm) Common routines for all classes.
Verilog::Parser(3pm) Parse Verilog language files.
Verilog::Preproc(3pm) Preprocess Verilog files.
Verilog::SigParser(3pm) Signal Parsing for Verilog language files.
Verilog::Std(3pm) SystemVerilog Built-in std Package Definition.
Verilog::Verilog-Perl(3pm) Overview of Verilog language packages for Perl.
veritysetup(8) Manage dm-verity (block level verification) volumes.
vermiculate(6x) To move in a worm-like manner.
vermin(1) Parses and processes Verilog HDL files.
verr(3) ↣ err(3) Formatted error messages.
verrx(3) ↣ err(3) Formatted error messages.
verse(1) Displays a daily devotional verse from scripture.
verse-dialog(1) Displays a daily devotional verse from scripture.
version(1ssl) Print OpenSSL version information.
version(3perl) Perl extension for Version Objects.
version(3pm) Perl extension for Version Objects.
version::Internals(3perl) Perl extension for Version Objects.
version::Internals(3pm) Perl extension for Version Objects.
Version::Next(3pm) Increment module version numbers simply and correctly.
Version::Util(3pm) Version-number utilities.
versionsort(3) ↣ scandir(3) Scan a directory for matching entries.
Vertices(3U) Abstract base class for graphics defined by a set of coordinate pairs.
VerticesComp(3U) Abstract base classes for vertexed graphical component subjects and.
verve-focus(1) Focus the xfce4-verve-plugin input area.
vesa(4) Generic VESA video driver.
vesync(8) Portage cache sync for vservers.
veth(4) Virtual Ethernet Device.
veusz(1) A scientific plotting and graphing application.
veusz_listen(1) Command-line interface to the Veusz plotting application.
vf_create_object(3) Vf_create_object().
vf_date_string_to_time(3) Vf_date_string_to_time().
vf_delete_object(3) Vf_delete_object().
vf_delete_prop(3) Vf_delete_prop().
vf_find_charset(3) Vf_find_charset().
vf_find_prop_qual_index(3) Vf_find_prop_qual_index().
vf_get_next_object(3) Vf_get_next_object().
vf_get_next_property(3) Vf_get_next_property().
vf_get_object_type(3) Vf_get_object_type().
vf_get_prop_name(3) Vf_get_prop_name().
vf_get_prop_name_string(3) Vf_get_prop_name_string().
vf_get_prop_value(3) Vf_get_prop_value().
vf_get_prop_value_base64(3) Vf_get_prop_value_base64().
vf_get_prop_value_object(3) Vf_get_prop_value_object().
vf_get_prop_value_string(3) Vf_get_prop_value_string().
vf_get_prop_value_time(3) Vf_get_prop_value_time().
vf_get_property(3) Vf_get_property().
vf_get_property_ex(3) Vf_get_property_ex().
vf_is_modified(3) Vf_is_modified().
vf_parse_end(3) Vf_parse_end().
vf_parse_init(3) Vf_parse_init().
vf_parse_text(3) Vf_parse_text().
vf_period_string_to_time(3) Vf_period_string_to_time().
vf_period_time_to_string(3) Vf_period_time_to_string().
vf_read_file(3) Vf_read_file().
vf_set_prop_name_string(3) Vf_set_prop_name_string().
vf_set_prop_value(3) Vf_set_prop_value().
vf_set_prop_value_base64(3) Vf_set_prop_value_base64().
vf_set_prop_value_object(3) Vf_set_prop_value_object().
vf_set_prop_value_string(3) Vf_set_prop_value_string().
vf_set_prop_value_time(3) Vf_set_prop_value_time().
vf_set_property_from_file(3) Vf_set_property_from_file().
vf_write_file(3) Vf_write_file().
vfdecrypt(1) Decrypt encrypted filevault disk images.
vff2mnc(1) Convert set of vff file(s) to one 3D MINC2.0 format file.
vfgrep(1) ↣ vgrep(1) Print lines matching a pattern.
vfind(1) Find attributed software objects (ASOs).
vflush(9freebsd) Flush vnodes for a mount point.
vfork(2) Create a child process and block parent.
vfork(2freebsd) Create a new process without copying the address space.
vfprintf(3) ↣ printf(3) Formatted out‐.
vfprintf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vfprintf(3posix) Format output of a stdarg argument list.
vfprintf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vfs(3tcl) Commands and Procedures to create virtual filesystems.
VFS(9freebsd) Kernel interface to file systems.
vfs_acl_tdb(8) Save NTFS-ACLs in a tdb file.
vfs_acl_xattr(8) Save NTFS-ACLs in Extended Attributes (EAs).
vfs_aio_fork(8) Implement async I/O in Samba vfs.
vfs_aio_linux(8) Implement async I/O in Samba vfs using Linux kernel aio calls.
vfs_aio_pthread(8) Implement async I/O in Samba vfs using a pthread pool.
vfs_audit(8) Record selected Samba VFS operations in the system log.
vfs_btrfs(8) Utilize features provided by the Btrfs filesystem.
vfs_busy(9freebsd) Marks a mount point as busy.
vfs_cacheprime(8) Prime the kernel file data cache.
vfs_cap(8) CAP encode filenames.
vfs_catia(8) Translate illegal characters in Catia filenames.
vfs_ceph(8) Utilize features provided by CephFS.
VFS_CHECKEXP(9freebsd) Check if a file system is exported to a client.
vfs_commit(8) Flush dirty data at specified intervals.
vfs_crossrename(8) Server side rename files across filesystem boundaries.
vfs_default_quota(8) Store default quota records for Windows clients.
vfs_dirsort(8) Sort directory contents.
vfs_extd_audit(8) Record selected Samba VFS operations.
vfs_fake_perms(8) Enable read only Roaming Profiles.
VFS_FHTOVP(9freebsd) Turn an NFS filehandle into a vnode.
vfs_fileid(8) Generates file_id structs with unique device id values for cluster setups.
vfs_fruit(8) Enhanced OS X and Netatalk interoperability.
vfs_full_audit(8) Record Samba VFS operations in the system log.
vfs_getnewfsid(9freebsd) Allocate a new file system identifier.
vfs_getvfs(9freebsd) Returns a mount point given its file system identifier.
vfs_glusterfs(8) Utilize features provided by GlusterFS.
vfs_gpfs(8) Gpfs specific samba extensions like acls and prealloc.
vfs_media_harmony(8) Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_modevent(9freebsd) Vfs configuration information.
VFS_MOUNT(9freebsd) Mount a file system.
vfs_mountedfrom(9freebsd) Sets the mounted from name for a mount.
vfs_netatalk(8) Hide .AppleDouble files from CIFS clients.
vfs_offline(8) Mark all files as offline.
vfs_prealloc(8) Preallocate matching files to a predetermined size.
vfs_preopen(8) Hide read latencies for applications reading numbered files.
VFS_QUOTACTL(9freebsd) Manipulate file system quotas.
vfs_readahead(8) Pre-load the kernel buffer cache.
vfs_readonly(8) Make a Samba share read only for a specified time period.
vfs_recycle(8) Samba VFS recycle bin.
vfs_register(9freebsd) Vfs configuration information.
VFS_ROOT(9freebsd) Return the root vnode of a file system.
vfs_rootmountalloc(9freebsd) Allocate a root mount structure.
VFS_SET(9freebsd) Set up loadable file system vfsconf.
vfs_shadow_copy(8) Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shadow_copy2(8) Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shell_snap(8) Shell script callouts for snapshot creation and deletion.
vfs_snapper(8) Expose snapshots managed by snapper as shadow-copies.
VFS_STATFS(9freebsd) Return file system status.
vfs_streams_depot(8) EXPERIMENTAL module to store alternate data streams in a central directory.
vfs_streams_xattr(8) Store alternate data streams in posix xattrs.
vfs_suser(9freebsd) Check if credentials have superuser privileges for a mount point.
VFS_SYNC(9freebsd) Flush unwritten data.
vfs_syncops(8) Ensure meta data operations are performed synchronously.
vfs_time_audit(8) Samba vfs module to log slow VFS operations.
vfs_timestamp(9freebsd) Generate current timestamp.
vfs_tsmsm(8) VFS module for handling offline files with Tivoli Storage Manager Space Management.
vfs_unbusy(9freebsd) Unbusy a mount point.
vfs_unityed_media(8) Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
VFS_UNMOUNT(9freebsd) Unmount a file system.
vfs_unmountall(9freebsd) Unmount all file systems.
vfs_unregister(9freebsd) Vfs configuration information.
VFS_VGET(9freebsd) Convert an inode number to a vnode.
vfs_worm(8) Disallows writes for older file.
vfs_xattr_tdb(8) Save Extended Attributes (EAs) in a tdb file.
vfscanf(3) ↣ scanf(3) Input format conversion.
vfscanf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vfscanf(3posix) Format input of a stdarg argument list.
vfscanf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vfsconf(9freebsd) Vfs configuration information.
vfscount-bpfcc(8) Count VFS calls ("vfs_*"). Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
vfslib(3tcl) Procedures to interact with virtual filesystems.
vfsstat-bpfcc(8) Statistics for some common VFS calls. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
vfte(1) ↣ fte(1) Text editor.
vftovp(1) Convert virtual font (vf) files to virtual property lists (vpl).
vfu(1) VFU is console (text-mode) file manager for UNIX/Linux.
vfwprintf(3) ↣ wprintf(3) Formatted wide-character output conversion.
vfwprintf(3posix) Wide-character formatted output of a stdarg argument list.
vfwscanf(3posix) Wide-character formatted input of a stdarg argument list.
vfychain(1) Vfychain [options] [revocation options] certfile [[options] certfile] ...
vfyserv(1) TBD.
vg(1) Edit an entry found by the cg script.
vga(4freebsd) Generic video card interface.
vgcfgbackup(8) Backup volume group configuration(s).
vgcfgrestore(8) Restore volume group configuration.
vgchange(8) Change volume group attributes.
vgck(8) Check the consistency of volume group(s).
vgconvert(8) Change volume group metadata format.
vgcreate(8) Create a volume group.
vgdb(1) Intermediary between Valgrind and GDB or a shell.
vgdisplay(8) Display volume group information.
vge(4freebsd) VIA Networking Technologies Velocity Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver.
vget(9freebsd) Get a vnode from the free list.
vgetty(8) Voice extension to the mgetty+sendfax program.
vgexport(8) Unregister volume group(s) from the system.
vgextend(8) Add physical volumes to a volume group.
vgimport(8) Register exported volume group with system.
vgimportclone(8) Import a VG from cloned PVs.
vgmerge(8) Merge volume groups.
vgmknodes(8) Create the special files for volume group devices in /dev.
vgone(9freebsd) Prepare a vnode for reuse.
vgrabbj(1) Grab images from a v4l-compatible webcam.
vgrabbj.conf(5) Configuration file for vgrabbj.
vgreduce(8) Remove physical volume(s) from a volume group.
vgremove(8) Remove volume group(s).
vgrename(8) Rename a volume group.
vgrep(1) Print lines matching a pattern.
vgs(8) Display information about volume groups.
vgscan(8) Search for all volume groups.
vgsplit(8) Move physical volumes into a new or existing volume group.
vhangup(2) Virtually hangup the current terminal.
vhdiinfo(1) Determines information about a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) image file.
vhdl_count(1) ↣ sloccount(1) Count source lines of code (SLOC).
vhdlablname(3) Returns a compatible VHDL name.
vhdlablvector(3) Gives the index and the name of a vectorized name.
vhier(1p) Return all files in a verilog hierarchy using Verilog::Netlist.
vhold(9freebsd) Acquire/release a hold on a vnode.
vholdl(9freebsd) Acquire/release a hold on a vnode.
vhtop(8) The vhtop utility is simply a wrapper for the htop program.
vi(1posix) Screen-oriented (visual) display editor.
Vi::QuickFix(3pm) Support for vim's QuickFix mode.
via-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for the VIA Rhine vt86c100 and vt3043 Ethernet controller.
via_regs_dump(8) Tool for debugging the OpenChrome display driver.
viambkrds(3) Adds to RDS figure a contact from a MBK figure.
viapm(4freebsd) VIA chipsets Power Management controller driver.
viawd(4freebsd) Device driver for VIA south bridge watchdog timer.
vibrate(1) Run a program with the Vibrant library preloaded.
vice(1) Versatile Commodore Emulator and Virtual Commodore Environment.
viClose(3visa) Close a handle to a VISA session, find list or event.
victor(1) Attempts to discharge verification conditions using SMT solvers.
victronups(8) Driver for IMV/Victron UPS unit Match, Match Lite, NetUps.
vid_attr(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
vid_attr_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
vid_puts(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
vid_puts_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
vidattr(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
vidattr_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
vidcat(1) Capture a frame from a video4linux device.
Video::Capture::V4l(3pm) Perl interface to the Video4linux framegrabber interface.
Video::Capture::VBI(3pm) Functions to manipulate vbi fields & lines.
Video::DVDRip(3pm) GUI for copying DVDs, based on an open Low Level API.
Video::DVDRip::CPAN::Scanf(3pm) Emulate sscanf() of the C library.
Video::FourCC::Info(3pm) Perl module to retrieve information about FourCCs.
Video::Frequencies(3pm) Many, many frequency constants and lists.
Video::Info(3pm) Retrieve video properties such as:.
Video::Info::ASF(3pm) ASF files for attributes like:.
Video::Info::FOO(3pm) What is it useful for? an example list:.
Video::Info::Magic(3pm) Resolve video filetype if possible.
Video::Info::MPEG(3pm) Basic MPEG bitstream attribute parser.
Video::Info::MPEG::Audio(3pm) Provides information about MPEG audio streams.
Video::Info::MPEG::Constants(3pm) Exposes constants related to MPEG streams.
Video::Info::MPEG::System(3pm) General MPEG manipulation routines.
Video::Info::MPEG::Video(3pm) Provides information about MPEG video streams.
Video::Info::Quicktime(3pm) Extract information from Quicktime (TM) files.
Video::Info::RIFF(3pm) Probe DivX and AVI files for attributes like:.
Video::ivtv(3pm) Perl extension for using V4l2 in the ivtv perl scripts.
Video::RTjpeg(3pm) Real time, jpeg-like video compression.
Video::XawTV(3pm) Read, create and edit .xawtvrc's.
videogen(1) Generate Modelines for Xorg servers.
videoob(1) Search and play videos.
videoporama(1) Make and export image slideshows.
videotrans(1) A package to convert movies to DVD format and to build DVDs with.
videotrans-undocumented(1) Internal videotrans commands.
vidir(1) Edit directory.
vidputs(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
vidputs_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
vidwhacker(6x) Grab images and apply random filters to them.
view-mesh(1) STL mesh viewer.
view-toolpaths(1) Preview slic3r toolpath by layer.
view3dscene(1) VRML / X3D browser and viewer for other 3D models.
viewablexpr(3) Displays an expression.
viewablexprfile(3) Displays an expression in a file.
viewablexprstr(3) Displays an expression in a str.
viewanddel(1) View a temporary PS file and then delete it.
viewbddcircuit(3) Displays a bdd circuit.
viewbddnode(3) Displays a bdd node.
viewbddsystem(3) Displays a bdd system.
viewbddsysteminfo(3) Displays statistical informations.
Viewer(3U) Displays a graphical component view hierarchy.
viewevents(1) Utility applica‐.
viewFactorsGen(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
viewfax(1) Display fax files in an X11 window.
viewFile(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
viewgam(1) View gamuts.
viewgar(1) GiNaC archive file viewer.
viewht(3) Displays a hash table contents.
viewInfo(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
viewlo(3) Scan all lofig_lists and display their elements.
viewlocap(3) Display elements of a locap_list.
viewlofig(3) Display elements of a lofig_list.
viewloins(3) Display elements of a loins_list.
viewloinscon(3) Display elements of a locon_list attached to an instance.
viewlores(3) Display elements of a lores_list.
viewloself(3) Display elements of a loself_list.
viewlosig(3) Display elements of a losig_list.
viewlotrs(3) Display elements of a lotrs_list.
viewmol(1) A graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.
viewmount(1) Mount command for view-os (umview, kmview).
viewname(1) Set set viewname.
viewnior(1) Simple, fast and elegant image viewer.
viewospasswd(5) Login info for kmview-umview users.
ViewPDF(1) View and navigate in PDF documents.
viewperl(1) Quickly view syntax highlighted Perl code.
viewph(3) Display all the phfig_lists and their elements.
viewphcon(3) Display elements of a phcon_list.
viewphins(3) Display elements of a phins_list.
viewphref(3) Display elements of a phref_list.
viewphseg(3) Display elements of a phseg_list.
Viewport(3I) Scrollable view.
viewrdsfig(3) View caracteristics of a figure.
viewrdsins(3) Displays caracteristics of an instance.
viewrdsparam(3) Displays tables in memory filled by loadrdsparam function.
viewrdsrec(3) Displays caracteristics of a rectangle.
viewrdswindow(3) Displays caracteristics of the windowing.
viewres(1) Graphical class browser for Xt.
viewrfmcon(3) Displays connector caracteristics in MBK and RDS format.
viewrfmfig(3) Displays figure caracteristics in MBK and RDS format.
viewrfmins(3) Displays instance caracteristics in MBK and RDS format.
viewrfmrec(3) Displays rectangle caracteristics in RDS format.
viewrfmref(3) Displays reference caracteristics in MBK and RDS format.
viewrfmseg(3) Displays segment caracteristics in MBK and RDS format.
viewrfmvia(3) Displays contact caracteristics in MBK and RDS format.
viewsu(1) Change (virtual) user ID or become (virtual) superuser.
viewsudo(1) Execute a command as another (virtual) user.
viewumount(1) Mount command for view-os (umview, kmview).
viewvc-standalone(1) Run a simple stand-alone HTTP server for ViewVC.
vifm(1) Vi file manager.
vifm-convert-dircolors(1) Converts ls colorscheme to vifm colorscheme.
vifm-pause(1) A helper script for vifm.
vifm-screen-split(1) A vifm helper script to run in GNU screen split.
vifn(1) Edit by function name rather than file name, uses vi.
vig_optimize(1) Optimise photometric parameters.
vigor(1) Nvi with the evil paperclip.
vigpg(1) Open and edit an encrypted file.
viking(1) Program to manage GPS data.
vile(1) VI Like Emacs.
vileget(1) Pass file edit requests to a Vile editor running Vileserv.
vilistextum(1) Html to ascii converter.
villa(3) The advanced API of QDBM.
vim(1) Vi IMproved, a programmer's text editor.
vim-addons(1) ↣ vim-addon-manager(1)
vim-registry(5) Syntax for vim-addons registry files.
vimage(9freebsd) Network subsystem virtualization infrastructure.
vimdiff(1) Edit two, three or four versions of a file with Vim and show differences.
vimdot(1) Combined text editor and dot viewer.
vimplate(1) The vim template system.
vimtutor(1) The Vim tutor.
vina(1) Docking small molecules against proteins.
vina_split(1) Manual page for AutoDock Vina PDBQT Split 1.1.1 (Apr 20, 2010).
vinagre(1) A remote desktop viewer for the GNOME Desktop.
vinetto(1) Extract thumbnails and associated metadata from Thumbs.db files.
vinvalbuf(9freebsd) Flushes and invalidates all buffers associated with a vnode.
viOpenDefaultRM(3visa) Create and return a handle to the default VISA resource manager.
viotop(8) The viotop utility is simply a wrapper for the iotop program.
vipe(1) Edit pipe.
vipl(1) Edit mpd playlist.
vips(1) Run vips operations from the command line.
vips_missing(1) Vips utility program.
vipsedit(1) Edit header of a vips image file.
vipsheader(1) Prints information about an image file.
vipsprofile(1) Analyze vips profiles.
vipsthumbnail(1) Make thumbnails of image files.
vipw(8) Edit the password, group, shadow-password or shadow-group file.
virsh(1) Management user interface.
virt-admin(1) Daemon administration interface.
virt-alignment-scan(1) Check alignment of virtual machine partitions.
virt-builder(1) Build virtual machine images quickly.
virt-cat(1) Display files in a virtual machine.
virt-clone(1) Clone existing virtual machine images.
virt-convert(1) Convert ovf/vmx to native libvirt guests.
virt-copy-in(1) Copy files and directories into a virtual machine disk image.
virt-copy-out(1) Copy files and directories out of a virtual machine disk image.
virt-customize(1) Customize a virtual machine.
virt-df(1) Display free space on virtual filesystems.
virt-dib(1) Run diskimage-builder elements.
virt-diff(1) Differences between files in two virtual machines.
virt-edit(1) Edit a file in a virtual machine.
virt-filesystems(1) List filesystems, partitions, block devices, LVM in a virtual machine or disk image.
virt-format(1) Erase and make a blank disk.
virt-get-kernel(1) Extract kernel and ramdisk from guests.
virt-host-validate(1) Validate host virtualization setup.
virt-index-validate(1) Validate virt-builder index file.
virt-inspector(1) Display operating system version and other information about a virtual machine.
virt-install(1) Provision new virtual machines.
virt-list-filesystems(1) List filesystems in a virtual machine or disk image.
virt-list-partitions(1) List partitions in a virtual machine or disk image.
virt-log(1) Display log files from a virtual machine.
virt-login-shell(1) Tool to execute a shell within a container matching the users name.
virt-ls(1) List files in a virtual machine.
virt-make-fs(1) Make a filesystem from a tar archive or files.
virt-manager(1) Display the virtual machine desktop management tool.
virt-p2v(1) Convert a physical machine to use KVM.
virt-p2v-make-disk(1) Build the virt-p2v disk using virt-builder.
virt-p2v-make-kickstart(1) Build the virt-p2v kickstart.
virt-p2v-make-kiwi(1) Build the virt-p2v kiwi configuration.
virt-pki-validate(1) Validate libvirt PKI files are configured correctly.
virt-rescue(1) Run a rescue shell on a virtual machine.
virt-resize(1) Resize a virtual machine disk.
virt-sandbox(1) Run cmd under a virtual machine sandbox.
virt-sanlock-cleanup(8) Remove stale sanlock resource lease files.
virt-sparsify(1) Make a virtual machine disk sparse.
virt-sysprep(1) Reset, unconfigure or customize a virtual machine so clones can be made.
virt-tail(1) Follow (tail) files in a virtual machine.
virt-tar(1) Extract or upload files to a virtual machine.
virt-tar-in(1) Unpack a tarball into a virtual machine disk image.
virt-tar-out(1) Pack a virtual machine disk image directory into a tarball.
virt-top(1) 'top'-like utility for virtualization stats.
virt-v2v(1) Convert a guest to use KVM.
virt-v2v-copy-to-local(1) Copy a remote guest to the local machine.
virt-viewer(1) Display the graphical console for a virtual machine.
virt-what(1) Detect if we are running in a virtual machine.
virt-win-reg(1) Export and merge Windows Registry entries from a Windows guest.
virt-xml(1) Edit libvirt XML using command line options.
virt-xml-validate(1) Validate libvirt XML files against a schema.
VIRT_MAIL(1) OpenLink Virtuoso Opensource Mail Interface.
virtaal(1) Graphical translation editor.
virtfs-proxy-helper(1) QEMU 9p virtfs proxy filesystem helper.
virtio(4freebsd) VirtIO Device Support.
virtio_balloon(4freebsd) VirtIO Memory Balloon driver.
virtio_blk(4freebsd) VirtIO Block driver.
virtio_console(4freebsd) VirtIO Console driver.
virtio_random(4freebsd) VirtIO Entropy driver.
virtio_scsi(4freebsd) VirtIO SCSI driver.
virtlockd(8) Libvirt lock management daemon.
virtlogd(8) Libvirt log management daemon.
virtual(5) Postfix virtual alias table format.
virtual(8postfix) Postfix virtual domain mail delivery agent.
virtual_domain_context(5) The SELinux virtual machine domain context configuration file.
VIRTUAL_H(3alleg4) ↣ VIRTUAL_W(3alleg4) Global define to obtain the virtual size of the screen. Allegro game programming.
virtual_image_context(5) The SELinux virtual machine image context configuration file.
VIRTUAL_W(3alleg4) Global define to obtain the virtual size of the screen. Allegro game programming.
VirtualBindings(3) Bindings for virtual mouse and key events "VirtualBindings" "default bindings" "VirtualBind‐.
VirtualBox(1) X86 virtualization solution.
virtualenv(1) Create virtual Python instances.
virtualenv-clone(1) Virtualenv-clone.
virtualjaguar(1) An Atari Jaguar emulator.
VIRTUOSO-T(1) OpenLink Virtuoso Opensource Server.
viruskiller(1) Game about viruses invading your computer.
vis(1) A highly efficient text editor.
vis(3bsd) Visually encode characters.
vis-clipboard(1) Read from or write to the system clipboard.
vis-complete(1) Interactively complete file or word.
vis-digraph(1) Print Unicode character using mnemonics.
vis-menu(1) Interactively select an item from a list.
vis-open(1) Interactively select a file to open.
visa(7visa) Virtual Instrument Software Architecture.
visgrep(1) Visual grep, greps for images in another image.
vish(1) VISA commandline shell.
visir_img_dark(7) Dark recipe.
visir_img_ff(7) Flat field recipe.
visir_img_reduce(7) Combines a stack of chopped, jittered and/or nodded exposures and can compute the sensitiv‐.
visir_img_trans(7) Instrument Transmission recipe.
visir_old_img_combine(7) Old DRS detector: Images combination recipe.
visir_old_img_phot(7) Old DRS detector: Sensitivity computation.
visir_old_spc_obs(7) Old DRS detector: Spectroscopic Observation recipe.
visir_old_spc_obs_ech(7) Old DRS detector: Spectroscopic Observation recipe in Echelle mode.
visir_old_spc_phot(7) Old DRS detector: Sensitivity computation in spectroscopy.
visir_old_spc_phot_ech(7) Old DRS detector: Sensitivity computation in echelle spectroscopy.
visir_old_spc_wcal(7) Old DRS detector: Spectroscopic wavelength calibration recipe.
visir_old_spc_wcal_ech(7) Old DRS detector: Spectroscopic wavelength calibration recipe in Echelle.
visir_old_util_destripe(7) Old DRS detector: Attempt to remove stripes in spectral data.
visir_spc_reduce(7) Spectroscopic Observation recipe.
visir_util_apply_calib(7) Attempt to remove stripes in spectral data.
visir_util_clip(7) Kappa-sigma clipping of outliers for each pixel.
visir_util_convert_weight(7) Conversion between different weight maps.
visir_util_detect_shift(7) 2012.
visir_util_img_std_cat(7) Convert ASCII-file(s) to a FITS standard star catalog.
visir_util_join(7) Extend the final product with extensions containing its error map, bad pixel map and weight.
visir_util_qc(7) Prepares qc parameters from data where the beam has been deteteced and bad images have been.
visir_util_repack(7) Conversion of raw CUBE2 or BURST images to on- and off-cubes.
visir_util_run_swarp(7) Run swarp program to coadd images.
visir_util_spc_std_cat(7) Generate a FITS catalog of spectroscopic standard stars.
visir_util_spc_txt2fits(7) Generate spectrum calibration FITS tables.
visir_util_undistort(7) Correct the distortion in spectral data.
vislcg3(1) This application is part of ( cg3 ).
visolate(1) Tool for engraving PCBs using CNCs.
visp-config(1) Get information about installed ViSP library.
vista(3) ↣ villa(3) The advanced API of QDBM.
VistaIOattribute(3) Representation of a list of name/value pairs.
VistaIOBundle(3) Representation for Vista object with binary data.
VistaIOCombineBands(3) Copy a series of image bands.
VistaIOConst(3) Generate constants of the appropriate type.
VistaIOCopy(3) Copy or zero an array.
VistaIOCopyBand(3) Copy image pixel values.
VistaIOCopyImage(3) Copy an image.
VistaIOCreateImage(3) Allocate memory for an image.
VistaIODecodeAttrValue(3) Decode an attribute value.
VistaIOdictionary(3) Representation of a keyword/value mapping.
VistaIOEdges(3) Edge set representation.
VistaIOEncodeAttrValue(3) Encode an attribute value.
VistaIOError(3) Report a fatal error.
VistaIOExtractAttr(3) Fetch and delete an attribute.
VistaIOGetAttr(3) Fetch an attribute's value.
VistaIOGetPixel(3) Get and set pixel values.
VistaIOIdentifyFiles(3) Identify files specified by command line arguments.
VistaIOImage(3) Image representation.
VistaIOInsertAttr(3) Add an attribute to a list.
VistaIOList(3) Representation of a list of opaque items.
VistaIOMalloc(3) Memory allocation functions.
VistaIOMax(3) Return the maximum or minimum of two values.
VistaIONew(3) Allocate storage for an instance of a data type.
VistaIONewString(3) Allocate a copy of a string.
VistaIONumber(3) Determine the number of array elements.
VistaIOOffset(3) Determine the byte offset of a structure field.
VistaIOOpenFile(3) Open file with error checking.
VistaIOoption(3) Table describing command line options.
VistaIOPackData(3) Pack or unpack a vector of values.
VistaIOParseCommand(3) Parse command line arguments.
VistaIOParseFilterCmd(3) Parse command line options and filenames.
VistaIOPrintOptions(3) Print command line option settings.
VistaIOPrintParameters(3) Print the values of a set of parameters.
VistaIOReadEdges(3) Read a series of edge sets from a stream.
VistaIOReadFile(3) Read a Vista data file.
VistaIOReadImages(3) Read a series of images from a stream.
VistaIOReadObjects(3) Read a series of objects from a stream.
VistaIORepn(3) Obtain information about a type's representation.
VistaIOReportBadArgs(3) Report unrecognized command line arguments.
VistaIOReportUsage(3) Report valid command line arguments.
VistaIOSameImage(3) Test whether two images share certain properties.
VistaIOSelectBand(3) Select bands of image pixels.
VistaIOSelectDestImage(3) Select a destination for an image operation.
VistaIOSetAttr(3) Set an attribute's value.
VistaIOSetBandInterp(3) Set image band interpretation attributes.
VistaIOSetErrorHandler(3) Register a procedure to be called on any fatal error.
VistaIOSetProgramName(3) Register a program name for error messages.
VistaIOSetWarningHandler(3) Register a procedure to be called on any nonfatal error.
VistaIOtype(3) Registering Vista object types.
VistaIOWarning(3) Report a nonfatal error.
VistaIOWriteEdges(3) Write a series of edge sets to a stream.
VistaIOWriteFile(3) Write a Vista data file.
VistaIOWriteImages(3) Write a series of images to a stream.
VistaIOWriteObjects(3) Write a series of objects to a stream.
VistaIOZeroCrossings(3) Mark zero crossings in an image.
visual-regexp(1) Program to visualise and debug regular expressions.
VisualBoyAdvance(1) VisualBoyAdvance.
VisualOfCCC(3) ↣ DisplayOfCCC(3) Color Conversion.
visualvm(1) All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool.
visudo(8) Edit the sudoers file.
vit(1) Full-screen terminal interface for Taskwarrior.
vitables(1) Graphical tool to browse and edit PyTables and HDF5 files.
Vitacilina(3pm) ¡Ah, qué buena medicina!.
vite(1) A visual trace explorer.
viterbi(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
viwsl(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
vizigrep(1) Graphical file contents search tool using regular expressions.
vk_logmerge(1) A Valgrind XML log file merger.
vkbd(4freebsd) The virtual AT keyboard interface.
vkeybd(1) Virtual keyboard on X.
vkill(8) Sends signals to processes within other contexts.
vl(1) List version information.
vlan(4freebsd) IEEE 802.1Q VLAN network interface.
vlan-interfaces(5) Vlan extensions for the interfaces(5) file format.
vlc(1) The VLC media player.
vlc-fbx(1) Invoke vlc with correct options for the freebox.
vlc-wrapper(1) A wrapper to drop privileges with VLC.
vldb.DB0(5) Contain the Volume Location Database and associated log.
vldb_check(8) Checks the integrity of the VLDB.
vldiff(1) Display diffs using VCS::Lite.
vlevel(1) Levelling Filter.
vlevel-jack(1) ↣ vlevel(1) Levelling Filter.
vlimit(8) Limits context-resources.
vline(3alleg4) Draws a vertical line onto the bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
vline(3ncurses) ↣ border(3ncurses) Create curses.
vline_set(3ncurses) ↣ border_set(3ncurses)
VLLog(5) Traces Volume Location Server operations.
vlmerge(1) Merge changes with VCS::Lite.
vlmgr(1) Administration utility for QDBM Villa.
vlna(1) Adds tilde after each non-syllabic preposition.
vload_half(3clc) Read a half float from a pointer to memory.
vload_halfn(3clc) Read a half float vector from a pointer to memory.
vloada_halfn(3clc) Read half float vector from a pointer to memory.
vloadn(3clc) Read vectors from a pointer to memory.
vlock(1) Virtual Console lock program.
vlock-main(8) Lock current virtual console.
vlock-plugins(5) Plugin support for vlock.
vlog(1) ↣ vl(1) List version information.
vlogger(1) Flexible log rotation and usage tracking in perl.
vlopen(3) ↣ villa(3) The advanced API of QDBM.
vlpatch(1) Apply a patch with VCS::Lite.
vlserver(8) Initializes the Volume Location Server.
vltest(1) Test cases for QDBM Villa.
vltsv(1) Mutual converter between TSV and Villa database.
vlvindex(8) Directory Server script for VLV indexing.
vm(1) VoiceModem is the program for handling the voice modem functionality from shell scripts.
vm86(2) Enter virtual 8086 mode.
vm86old(2) ↣ vm86(2) Enter virtual 8086 mode.
VM::EC2(3pm) Perl interface to Amazon EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Autoscaling, and.
VM::EC2::AccountAttributes(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 account attributes set.
VM::EC2::ASG(3pm) Object describing an AutoScaling Group.
VM::EC2::AvailabilityZone(3pm) Object describing an Amazon availability zone.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice(3pm) Object describing how to construct an EC2 block device when launching an image.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Attachment(3pm) Object describing the attachment of an EBS volume to an instance.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::EBS(3pm) Object describing how to initialize an Amazon EBS volume from an image.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping(3pm) Object describing an EC2 block device attached to an instance.
VM::EC2::BlockDevice::Mapping::EBS(3pm) Object describing an EBS volume that has been mapped onto an Amazon EC2.
VM::EC2::DB::AvailabilityZone(3pm) An RDS Database Availability Zone.
VM::EC2::DB::CharacterSet(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Character Set.
VM::EC2::DB::EC2SecurityGroup(3pm) An RDS Database EC2 Security Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Endpoint(3pm) An RDS Database Endpoint.
VM::EC2::DB::Engine::Defaults(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Parameter Defaults.
VM::EC2::DB::Engine::Version(3pm) An RDS Database Engine Version.
VM::EC2::DB::Event(3pm) An RDS Database Event.
VM::EC2::DB::Event::Category(3pm) An RDS Database Event Category.
VM::EC2::DB::Event::Subscription(3pm) An RDS Database Event Subscription.
VM::EC2::DB::Instance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon RDS instance.
VM::EC2::DB::Instance::OrderableOption(3pm) An RDS Database Orderable Option.
VM::EC2::DB::IPRange(3pm) An RDS Database IP Range.
VM::EC2::DB::Option(3pm) An RDS Database IP Range.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Membership.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Option(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Option.
VM::EC2::DB::Option::Group::Option::Setting(3pm) An RDS Database Option Group Option Setting.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter Group.
VM::EC2::DB::Parameter::Group::Status(3pm) An RDS Database Parameter Group Status object.
VM::EC2::DB::PendingModifiedValues(3pm) An RDS Database Pending Modified Values object.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::Instance(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::Instance::Offering(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance Offering.
VM::EC2::DB::Reserved::RecurringCharge(3pm) An RDS Database Reserved Instance Recurring Charge.
VM::EC2::DB::SecurityGroup(3pm) An RDS Database Security Group.
VM::EC2::DB::SecurityGroup::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database Security Group Membership.
VM::EC2::DB::Snapshot(3pm) An RDS Database Snapshot.
VM::EC2::DB::Subnet(3pm) An RDS Database Subnet.
VM::EC2::DB::Subnet::Group(3pm) An RDS Database Subnet Group.
VM::EC2::DB::VpcSecurityGroup::Membership(3pm) An RDS Database VPC Security Group Membership.
VM::EC2::Dispatch(3pm) Create Perl objects from AWS XML requests.
VM::EC2::ElasticAddress(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Elastic Address.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes(3pm) Object describing the attributes of an Elastic Load Balancer.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::AccessLog(3pm) Object describing the AccessLog attributes of an Elastic Load Balancer.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::ConnectionDraining(3pm) Object describing the ConnectionDraining attribute of an Elastic.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::ConnectionSettings(3pm) Object describing the ConnectionSettings attribute of an Elastic.
VM::EC2::ELB::Attributes::CrossZoneLoadBalancing(3pm) Object describing the CrossZoneLoadBalancing attribute of an.
VM::EC2::ELB::BackendServerDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Backend Server Description.
VM::EC2::ELB::HealthCheck(3pm) Load Balancer Health Check Parameters.
VM::EC2::ELB::InstanceState(3pm) Object describing the state of an instance attached to a load balancer. It is.
VM::EC2::ELB::Listener(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Listener.
VM::EC2::ELB::ListenerDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Listener Description.
VM::EC2::ELB::ParmParser(3pm) Format parameters for passing to the ELB API.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policies.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::AppCookieStickinessPolicy(3pm) Object describing an Application Cookie Stickiness Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::Policies::LBCookieStickinessPolicy(3pm) Object describing a Load Balancer Cookie Stickiness Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttribute(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policy Attribute.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyAttributeType(3pm) Load Balancer Policy Attribute Type.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Policy.
VM::EC2::ELB::PolicyTypeDescription(3pm) Elastic Load Balancer Policy Type.
VM::EC2::ELB::TagDescription(3pm) Load Balancer Tag Description.
VM::EC2::Error(3pm) Object describing an error emitted by the Amazon API.
VM::EC2::Generic(3pm) Base class for VM::EC2 objects.
VM::EC2::Group(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group name.
VM::EC2::Image(3pm) Object describing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
VM::EC2::Image::LaunchPermission(3pm) Object describing AMI launch permissions.
VM::EC2::Instance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::ConsoleOutput(3pm) Object describing console output from an Amazon EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::IamProfile(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Identity Access Management profile.
VM::EC2::Instance::Metadata(3pm) Object describing the metadata of a running instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::MonitoringState(3pm) Object describing the monitoring state of an EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::PasswordData(3pm) Object describing the administrative password stored in an EC2 Windows instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::Placement(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 instance's placement.
VM::EC2::Instance::Set(3pm) Object describing a set of instances.
VM::EC2::Instance::State(3pm) Object describing the state of an EC2 instance.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Change(3pm) Represent an EC2 instance's change in state.
VM::EC2::Instance::State::Reason(3pm) Object describing the reason for an EC2 instance state change.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status(3pm) Object describing an instance/system status check.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Details(3pm) Object describing the details of an instance status check.
VM::EC2::Instance::Status::Event(3pm) Object describing a scheduled instance maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Instance::StatusItem(3pm) Object describing a instance status event.
VM::EC2::KeyPair(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 ssh key pair.
VM::EC2::LaunchConfiguration(3pm) Object describing a Launch Configuration.
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface(3pm) Object describing an Amazon Elastic Network Interface (ENI).
VM::EC2::NetworkInterface::PrivateIpAddress(3pm) Manage EC2 private IP address.
VM::EC2::ParmParser(3pm) Format parameters for passing to the API.
VM::EC2::PlacementGroup(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 cluster placement group.
VM::EC2::ProductCode(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 product code.
VM::EC2::Region(3pm) Object describing an Amazon region.
VM::EC2::ReservationSet(3pm) Object describing an instance reservation set.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing::InstanceCount(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Listing::PriceSchedule(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification::Configuration(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Modification::Result(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance listing.
VM::EC2::ReservedInstance::Offering(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 reserved instance offering.
VM::EC2::REST::ebs(3pm) Modules for EC2 EBS volumes.
VM::EC2::REST::instance(3pm) VM::EC2 methods for controlling instances.
VM::EC2::ScalingPolicy(3pm) Object describing an AutoScaling Policy.
VM::EC2::Security::Token(3pm) Temporary security token object.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::GroupPermission(3pm) Object describing an authorized group within a security group.
VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::IpPermission(3pm) Object describing a firewall rule in an EC2 security group.
VM::EC2::Snapshot(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EBS snapshot.
VM::EC2::Snapshot::CreateVolumePermission(3pm) Object describing AMI create volume permissions.
VM::EC2::Spot::DatafeedSubscription(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance datafeed subscription.
VM::EC2::Spot::InstanceRequest(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance request.
VM::EC2::Spot::LaunchSpecification(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance launch specification.
VM::EC2::Spot::PriceHistory(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance price history record.
VM::EC2::Spot::Status(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 spot instance status message.
VM::EC2::Staging::Manager(3pm) Automate VMs and volumes for moving data in and out of cloud.
VM::EC2::Staging::Server(3pm) High level interface to EC2-based servers.
VM::EC2::Staging::Volume(3pm) High level functions for provisioning and populating EC2 volumes.
VM::EC2::Volume(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EBS volume.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status(3pm) Object describing an volume/system status check.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Action(3pm) Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Details(3pm) Object describing the details of an volume status check.
VM::EC2::Volume::Status::Event(3pm) Object describing a scheduled volume maintenance event.
VM::EC2::Volume::StatusItem(3pm) Object describing a volume status event.
VM::EC2::VPC(3pm) Manage EC2 VPC.
VM::EC2::VPC::CustomerGateway(3pm) Object describing an Amazon EC2 Virtual Private Cloud customer gateway.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud network ACL.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Association(3pm) The association between a network acl and a subnet.
VM::EC2::VPC::NetworkAcl::Entry(3pm) VPC Network ACL entry.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection::StateReason(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection State Reason.
VM::EC2::VPC::PeeringConnection::VpcInfo(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud Peering Connection VPC Information.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnConnection(3pm) VPC VPN connection.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnGateway(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud VPN gateway.
VM::EC2::VPC::VpnTunnelTelemetry(3pm) Virtual Private Cloud VPN tunnel telemetry.
vm_fault_prefault(9freebsd) Cluster page faults into a process's address space.
vm_map(9freebsd) Virtual address space portion of virtual memory subsystem.
vm_map_check_protection(9freebsd) Check memory protection for a vm_map.
vm_map_create(9freebsd) Create a new vm_map structure.
vm_map_delete(9freebsd) Deallocate an address range from a map.
vm_map_entry_resize_free(9freebsd) Vm map free space algorithm.
vm_map_find(9freebsd) Find a free region within a map, and optionally map a vm_object.
vm_map_findspace(9freebsd) Find a free region within a map.
vm_map_growstack(9freebsd) Manage process stacks.
vm_map_inherit(9freebsd) Set fork inheritance flags for a range within a map.
vm_map_init(9freebsd) Initialize a vm_map structure for process zero.
vm_map_insert(9freebsd) Insert an object into a map.
vm_map_lookup(9freebsd) Lookup the vm_object backing a given virtual region.
vm_map_lookup_done(9freebsd) Lookup the vm_object backing a given virtual region.
vm_map_madvise(9freebsd) Apply advice about use of memory to map entries.
vm_map_max(9freebsd) Return map properties.
vm_map_min(9freebsd) Return map properties.
vm_map_pmap(9freebsd) Return map properties.
vm_map_protect(9freebsd) Apply protection bits to a virtual memory region.
vm_map_remove(9freebsd) Remove a virtual address range from a map.
vm_map_simplify_entry(9freebsd) Simplify a vm_map_entry.
vm_map_stack(9freebsd) Manage process stacks.
vm_map_submap(9freebsd) Create a subordinate map.
vm_map_sync(9freebsd) Push dirty pages to their pager.
vm_map_unwire(9freebsd) Manage page wiring within a virtual memory map.
vm_map_wire(9freebsd) Manage page wiring within a virtual memory map.
vm_page_aflag(9freebsd) Change page atomic flags.
vm_page_aflag_clear(9freebsd) Change page atomic flags.
vm_page_aflag_set(9freebsd) Change page atomic flags.
vm_page_alloc(9freebsd) Allocate a page for a vm_object.
vm_page_cache(9freebsd) Move a page onto the cache queue.
vm_page_deactivate(9freebsd) Deactivate a page.
vm_page_dontneed(9freebsd) Indicate that a page is not needed anymore.
vm_page_free(9freebsd) Free a page.
vm_page_free_toq(9freebsd) Free a page.
vm_page_free_zero(9freebsd) Free a page.
vm_page_grab(9freebsd) Returns a page from an object.
vm_page_hold(9freebsd) Update a page's hold count.
vm_page_insert(9freebsd) Add/remove page from an object.
vm_page_lookup(9freebsd) Lookup a vm page.
vm_page_reference(9freebsd) Change page atomic flags.
vm_page_remove(9freebsd) Add/remove page from an object.
vm_page_rename(9freebsd) Move a page.
vm_page_try_to_free(9freebsd) Free a page.
vm_page_unhold(9freebsd) Update a page's hold count.
vm_page_unwire(9freebsd) Wire and unwire pages.
vm_page_wire(9freebsd) Wire and unwire pages.
vm_set_page_size(9freebsd) Initialize the system page size.
vmake(1) Display vdata information about objects in an HDF file.
vmbias(7) Create a master bias from set of raw bias frames.
vmbuilder(1) Builds virtual machines from the command line.
vmcore-dmesg(8) This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written.
vmdark(7) Create a master dark from set of raw dark frames.
vmdebootstrap(8) Install basic Debian system into virtual disk image.
vmdet(7) Determine RON, gain, and bad pixels from a set of flat field exposures.
vmdkinfo(1) Determines information about a VMware Virtual Disk (VMDK) file(s).
vmem(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_add(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_alloc(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_create(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_destroy(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_free(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_xalloc(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmem_xfree(9freebsd) General purpose resource allocator.
vmemctrl(8) Control the OOM bias for vservers.
vmfs-fuse(8) Mount VMFS file system.
vmfs-lvm(8) VMFS logical volume manager tool.
vmgen(1) A tool for writing fast and efficient interpreters.
vmgen-0.7.3(1) ↣ vmgen(1) A tool for writing fast and efficient interpreters.
vmifucalib(7) Generate IFU calibrations from a set of flat and arc lamp exposures.
vmifucombine(7) Combine partial IFU field-of-views reconstructed by vmifuscience from different quadrants.
vmifucombinecube(7) Rearrange into cube format images of extracted spectraproduced by vmifucalib, vmifuscience,.
vmifuscience(7) Extract spectra from an IFU scientific exposure.
vmifustandard(7) Extract a standard star spectrum.
vmimcalphot(7) Determine photometric calibration from a set of observed standard stars.
vmimflatscreen(7) Create a master screen flat field from set of raw screen flat field frames.
vmimflatsky(7) Create a master sky flat field from set of raw sky flat field frames.
vmimobsjitter(7) Reduce and combine a set of jittered imaging exposures.
vmimobsstare(7) Reduce an imaging science exposure.
vmimpreimaging(7) Reduce a preimaging science exposure.
vmimstandard(7) Reduce an imaging standard star exposure.
vmixctl(8) Open Sound System utility to control the vmix subsystem.
vmm(1) Command line tool to manage email domains/accounts/aliases.
vmm.cfg(5) Configuration file for vmm.
vmmoscalib(7) Determination of the extraction mask.
vmmoscombine(7) Combine reduced MOS observations from different OBs.
vmmosobsjitter(7) Reduce and combine a set of jittered MOS observations.
vmmosobsstare(7) Reduce a MOS science exposure.
vmmosscience(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
vmmosstandard(7) Reduce a MOS standard star exposure.
vmod_blob(3) Utilities for the VCL blob type.
vmod_bodyaccess(3) Varnish Module for request body access.
vmod_cookie(3) Varnish Cookie Module.
vmod_directors(3) Varnish Directors Module.
vmod_header(3) Header VMOD for Varnish.
vmod_purge(3) Varnish Purge Module.
vmod_saintmode(3) Saint mode backend director.
vmod_softpurge(3) Purge vmod.
vmod_std(3) Varnish Standard Module.
vmod_tcp(3) TCP vmod.
vmod_var(3) Variable support for Varnish VCL.
vmod_vsthrottle(3) Throttling VMOD.
vmod_vtc(3) Utility module for varnishtest.
vmod_xkey(3) Surrogate keys support for Varnish Cache.
vmount(8) Mount for guests.
vmpk(1) Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard.
vmsish(3perl) Perl pragma to control VMS-specific language features.
vmsmail.conf(5) VMSmail configuration file.
vmsmaild(8) Mail daemon for DECnet.
vmspcaldisp(7) Determine spectral distortion models from flat field and arc lamp exposure.
vmspflat(7) Build master flat field from a set of raw MOS flat fields.
vmsplice(2) Splice user pages into a pipe.
vmspphot(7) Apply to IFU or MOS 1D-extracted spectra a flux correction.
vmstat(8) Report virtual memory statistics.
vmtk(1) Run vmtk scripts.
vmtouch(8) The Virtual Memory Toucher.
vmware(4) VMware SVGA video driver.
vmware-checkvm(1) Check if running in a VM or not.
vmware-toolbox-cmd(1) GUI toolbox (commandline version).
vmware-user-suid-wrapper(1) Wrapper programm for vmware-user(1).
vmware-xferlogs(1) Dump vm-support output to vmx logfile.
vmware2libvirt(1) Vmware vmx to libvirt xml converter.
vmx(4freebsd) VMware VMXNET3 Virtual Interface Controller device.
vmxnet(9) Vmware kernel module.
vn(4freebsd) Memory disk.
vn_fullpath(9freebsd) Convert a vnode reference to a full pathname, given a process context.
vn_isdisk(9freebsd) Checks if a vnode represents a disk.
vn_lock(9freebsd) Serialize access to a vnode.
vnamespace(8) Manages spaces.
vnc.conf(5x) Configuration file for Virtual Network Computing.
vnc2swf(1) Cross-platform screen recording tool.
vnc2swf-edit(1) Edit movies generated by vnc2swf.
vnc4config(1) Configure and control a VNC server.
vnc4passwd(1) Change a VNC password.
vnc4server(1) Start or stop a VNC server.
vnccapture(1p) Capture a screenshot via VNC.
vncsnapshot(1) Grab snapshots from VNC servers.
vnet(9freebsd) Network subsystem virtualization infrastructure.
vnetbuild(1) An easy to use but powerful namespace setup tool.
vnetbuild-bridgedev(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-dev(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-exec(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-host(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-pre_up(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-route(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild-switch(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnetbuild.conf(5) ↣ vnetbuild-conf(5) VNetBuild configuration file.
vnode(9freebsd) Internal representation of a file or directory.
vnstat(1) A console-based network traffic monitor.
vnstat.conf(5) VnStat configuration file.
vnstatd(1) Daemon based database updating for vnStat.
vnstati(1) Png image output support for vnStat.
vo_maketags(1) Build TAGS for vim outliner.
vobcopy(1) Copy (rip) files from a dvd to the harddisk.
vobjectvalidate(1) SabreTooth VObject validator.
vobStreamer(1) Display information from VA API driver.
voctopvf(1) ↣ pvf(1) Utilities to convert various sound formats.
vodovod(6) Lead the water from the house to the storage tank.
voice_check(3alleg4) Checks whether a voice is currently allocated. Allegro game programming library.
voice_get_frequency(3alleg4) Returns the current pitch of the voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_get_pan(3alleg4) Returns the current pan position. Allegro game programming library.
voice_get_position(3alleg4) Returns the current position of a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_get_volume(3alleg4) Returns the current volume of the voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_ramp_volume(3alleg4) Starts a volume ramp for a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_echo(3alleg4) Sets the echo parameters for a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_frequency(3alleg4) Sets the pitch of the voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_pan(3alleg4) Sets the pan position. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_playmode(3alleg4) Adjusts the loop status of the specified voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_position(3alleg4) Sets the position of a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_priority(3alleg4) Sets the priority of a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_tremolo(3alleg4) Sets the tremolo parameters for a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_vibrato(3alleg4) Sets the vibrato parameters for a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_set_volume(3alleg4) Sets the volume of the voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_start(3alleg4) Activates a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_stop(3alleg4) Stops a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_stop_frequency_sweep(3alleg4) Interrupts a frequency sweep operation. Allegro game programming library.
voice_stop_pan_sweep(3alleg4) Interrupts a pan sweep operation. Allegro game programming library.
voice_stop_volumeramp(3alleg4) Interrupts a volume ramp operation. Allegro game programming library.
voice_sweep_frequency(3alleg4) Starts a frequency sweep for a voice. Allegro game programming library.
voice_sweep_pan(3alleg4) Starts a pan sweep for a voice. Allegro game programming library.
void(4) Null input driver.
voigt(3) Voigt's function, convolution of Gaussian and Lorentzian.
voikkogc(1) Test program for Voikko grammar checker.
voikkohyphenate(1) Test program for Voikko hyphenator.
voikkospell(1) Test program for Voikko spell checker.
voikkovfstc(1) Compiler for Varissuo finite state transducers.
vokoscreen(1) Simple screencast creator.
volatility(1) Advanced memory forensics framework.
voldump(8) Dump an AFS volume without using the Volume Server.
volinfo(8) Produces detailed statistics about AFS volume headers.
volint(1) Check a VOTable file for compliance to the VOTable specification.
volk-config-info(1) Pkgconfig-like tool for Vector Optimized Library of Kernels 0.1.
volk_gnsssdr-config-info(1) Prints configuration information of libvolk_gnsssdr functions.
volk_gnsssdr_profile(1) Profiler application for libvolk_gnsssdr functions.
volk_modtool(1) Tailor VOLK modules.
volk_profile(1) Quality Assurance application for libvolk functions.
volname(1) Return volume name.
volscan(8) Produces detailed information about AFS volumes.
VolserLog(5) Traces Volume Server operations.
volserver(8) Initializes the Volume Server component of the fs process.
volti(1) Tray Audio Volume Control.
volti-mixer(1) Volume mixer.
volti-remote(1) Control Volti from command line.
voltron(1) Hacky debugger UI for hackers.
volume.config(5) Traffic Server cache volume configuration file.
volume_key(8) Work with volume encryption secrets and escrow packets.
VolumeControl(1) Audio mixer for GNUstep.
volumeicon(1) Lightweight ALSA volume icon for the systray.
volumeicon(5) Configuration file for volumeicon(1).
voms(8) VOMS server.
voms-proxy-destroy2(1) Destroys a VOMS proxy.
voms-proxy-destroy3(1) Destroys a VOMS proxy.
voms-proxy-fake(1) Create a proxy with VOMS extensions.
voms-proxy-info2(1) Prints informations about a proxy with VOMS extensions.
voms-proxy-info3(1) Prints informations about a proxy with VOMS extensions.
voms-proxy-init2(1) Create a proxy with VOMS extensions.
voms-proxy-init3(1) Creates a proxy certificate with VOMS extensions.
voms-proxy-list(1) Shows a list of all availabel attributes from a specified server.
vomsdir(5) The structure of the vomsdir VOMS server trust anchor directory.
vomses(5) The VOMS server contact table.
VOP_ACCESS(9freebsd) Check access permissions of a file or Unix domain socket.
VOP_ACCESSX(9freebsd) Check access permissions of a file or Unix domain socket.
VOP_ACLCHECK(9freebsd) Check an access control list for a vnode.
VOP_ADVISE(9freebsd) Apply advice about use of file data.
VOP_ADVLOCK(9freebsd) Advisory record locking.
VOP_ALLOCATE(9freebsd) Allocate storage for a file.
VOP_ATTRIB(9freebsd) Get and set attributes on a file or directory.
VOP_BWRITE(9freebsd) Write a file system buffer.
VOP_CLOSE(9freebsd) Open or close a file.
VOP_CREATE(9freebsd) Create a file, socket, fifo, device, directory or symlink.
VOP_FSYNC(9freebsd) Flush file system buffers for a file.
VOP_GETACL(9freebsd) Retrieve access control list for a vnode.
VOP_GETATTR(9freebsd) Get and set attributes on a file or directory.
VOP_GETEXTATTR(9freebsd) Retrieve named extended attribute from a vnode.
VOP_GETPAGES(9freebsd) Read or write VM pages from a file.
VOP_INACTIVE(9freebsd) Reclaim file system resources for a vnode.
VOP_IOCTL(9freebsd) Device specific control.
VOP_ISLOCKED(9freebsd) Serialize access to a vnode.
VOP_LINK(9freebsd) Create a new name for a file.
VOP_LISTEXTATTR(9freebsd) Retrieve a list of named extended attribute from a vnode.
VOP_LOCK(9freebsd) Serialize access to a vnode.
VOP_LOOKUP(9freebsd) Lookup a component of a pathname.
VOP_MKDIR(9freebsd) Create a file, socket, fifo, device, directory or symlink.
VOP_MKNOD(9freebsd) Create a file, socket, fifo, device, directory or symlink.
VOP_OPEN(9freebsd) Open or close a file.
VOP_OPENCLOSE(9freebsd) Open or close a file.
VOP_PATHCONF(9freebsd) Return POSIX pathconf information.
VOP_PRINT(9freebsd) Print debugging information.
VOP_PUTPAGES(9freebsd) Read or write VM pages from a file.
VOP_RDWR(9freebsd) Read or write a file.
VOP_READ(9freebsd) Read or write a file.
VOP_READDIR(9freebsd) Read contents of a directory.
VOP_READLINK(9freebsd) Read the target of a symbolic link.
VOP_REALLOCBLKS(9freebsd) Rearrange blocks in a file to be contiguous.
VOP_RECLAIM(9freebsd) Reclaim file system resources for a vnode.
VOP_REMOVE(9freebsd) Remove a file or directory.
VOP_RENAME(9freebsd) Rename a file.
VOP_REVOKE(9freebsd) Revoke access to a device and its aliases.
VOP_RMDIR(9freebsd) Remove a file or directory.
VOP_SETACL(9freebsd) Set the access control list for a vnode.
VOP_SETATTR(9freebsd) Get and set attributes on a file or directory.
VOP_SETEXTATTR(9freebsd) Set named extended attribute for a vnode.
VOP_STRATEGY(9freebsd) Read or write a file system buffer.
VOP_SYMLINK(9freebsd) Create a file, socket, fifo, device, directory or symlink.
VOP_UNLOCK(9freebsd) Serialize access to a vnode.
VOP_VPTOCNP(9freebsd) Translate a vnode to its component name.
VOP_VPTOFH(9freebsd) Turn a vnode into an NFS filehandle.
VOP_WRITE(9freebsd) Read or write a file.
vor(6) 2D action space game.
vorbiscomment(1) List or edit comments in Ogg Vorbis files.
vorbisgain(1) Calculate the replay gain for Ogg Vorbis files.
vorbistagedit(1) Allows batch editing of vorbis comments with an editor.
voro++(1) A 3D Voronoi cell library.
voronoi(6x) Draws a randomly-colored Voronoi tessellation.
voronota(1) Software for Voronoi tessellation-based analysis of macromolecular structures.
voronota-cadscore(1) Implementation of CAD-score method using Voronota.
voronota-contacts(1) Calculate and query interatomic contacts.
voronota-resources(1) Print constants used by Voronota.
voronota-volumes(1) Calculate and query atomic volumes.
voronota-voromqa(1) Implementation of VoroMQA method using Voronota.
vorspeise(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
vortex-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for the 3Com Vortex series.
vos(1) Introduction to the vos command suite.
vos_addsite(1) Adds a read-only site definition to a volume's VLDB entry.
vos_apropos(1) Displays each help entry containing a keyword string.
vos_backup(1) Creates a backup volume for a single read/write volume.
vos_backupsys(1) Creates a backup volume for several read/write volumes.
vos_changeaddr(1) Changes or removes a file server machine's entry in the VLDB.
vos_changeloc(1) Change a volume's entry in the VLDB.
vos_clone(1) Creates a shared-space copy of a volume on a partition.
vos_convertROtoRW(1) Converts a Read-Only volume into a Read/Write volume.
vos_copy(1) Make a copy of a volume.
vos_create(1) Creates a read/write volume and associated VLDB entry.
vos_delentry(1) Removes a volume entry from the VLDB.
vos_dump(1) Converts a volume into ASCII format and writes it to a file.
vos_endtrans(1) Ends a volserver transaction.
vos_examine(1) Shows volume header and VLDB entry information for a volume.
vos_help(1) Displays help for vos commands.
vos_listaddrs(1) Displays all VLDB server entries.
vos_listpart(1) Displays all AFS partitions on a file server machine.
vos_listvldb(1) Displays a volume's VLDB entry.
vos_listvol(1) Displays information from a volume header.
vos_lock(1) Locks a VLDB volume entry.
vos_move(1) Moves a read/write volume to another site.
vos_offline(1) Takes a volume offline.
vos_online(1) Brings a volume online.
vos_partinfo(1) Reports the available and total space on a partition.
vos_release(1) Updates read-only volumes to match the read/write source volume.
vos_remaddrs(1) Removes a file server machine's entry from the VLDB.
vos_remove(1) Removes a volume from a site.
vos_remsite(1) Removes a read-only site definition from a VLDB entry.
vos_rename(1) Renames a volume.
vos_restore(1) Converts an ASCII dump file into an AFS volume.
vos_setaddrs(1) Set new addresses for a file server's entry in the VLDB.
vos_setfields(1) Sets the quota or clear the access counter on a volume.
vos_shadow(1) Creates a shadow copy of a volume on a different server/partition.
vos_size(1) Computes the size of a volume dump.
vos_status(1) Reports a Volume Server's status.
vos_syncserv(1) Verifies VLDB entries that mention a specified site.
vos_syncvldb(1) Verifies VLDB entries for volumes residing at specified site.
vos_unlock(1) Unlocks a single VLDB entry.
vos_unlockvldb(1) Unlocks several locked VLDB entries.
vos_zap(1) Removes a volume from its site without writing to the VLDB.
votca-csg(7) The VOTCA coarse-graining engine.
votca-tools(7) The basic tools library of the VOTCA package.
votca_property(1) Part of the VOTCA package.
votequorum(5) Votequorum Configuration Overview.
votequorum_context_get(3) Gets the context variable for a VOTEQUORUM instance.
votequorum_context_set(3) Sets the context variable for a VOTEQUORUM instance.
votequorum_dispatch(3) Dispatches callbacks from the votequorum service.
votequorum_fd_get(3) Dispatches callbacks from the votequorum service.
votequorum_finalize(3) Terminate a connection to the votequorum service.
votequorum_getinfo(3) Get information about the VoteQuorum service.
votequorum_initialize(3) Create a new connection to the VoteQuorum service.
votequorum_overview(8) Votequorum Library Overview.
votequorum_qdevice_master_wins(3) Sets or clears quorum device master_wins flag.
votequorum_qdevice_poll(3) Tells votequorum the result of the quorum device poll.
votequorum_qdevice_register(3) Registers a new quorum device.
votequorum_qdevice_unregister(3) Unregisters a new quorum device.
votequorum_qdevice_update(3) Updates quorum device name.
votequorum_setexpected(3) Sets the expected votes for the cluster.
votequorum_setvotes(3) Sets the number of votes for a node.
votequorum_trackstart(3) Enable callbacks notification.
votequorum_trackstop(3) Disable callbacks notification.
voxbo(7) General information about the VoxBo toolbox.
voxbo-fileformats(7) General information about file format support in VoxBo.
voxeltoworld(1) Convert voxel coordinates to world coordinates.
vp(1) Page a revision of a file.
vpanic(9freebsd) Bring down system on fatal error.
vpassert(1p) Preprocess Verilog code assertions.
vpbconf(1) Describe installed Voicetronix hardware.
VpbConfigurator(8) Generate configuration files for libvpb.
vpbecho(1) Perform an echo test on Voicetronix telephony hardware.
vpbscan(1) Scan the PCI bus for Voicetronix hardware.
vpcd(8) Virtual power control daemon.
vpcs(1) Virtual PC Simulator.
vpd(4freebsd) Vital Product Data kernel interface.
vpddecode(8) VPD structure decoder.
vpl2mod(1) Tool to convert verse per line source to SWORD module.
vpnc(8) Client for Cisco VPN3000 Concentrator, IOS and PIX.
vpnc-connect(8) ↣ vpnc(8) Client for Cisco VPN3000 Concentrator, IOS and PIX.
vpnc-disconnect(8) ↣ vpnc(8) Client for Cisco VPN3000 Concentrator, IOS and PIX.
vpnns(1) Per-app VPN using namespaces.
vpo(4freebsd) Parallel to SCSI interface driver.
vppreproc(1p) Preprocess Verilog code using verilog-perl.
vprerex(1) Graphical front-end and viewer for the prerex(1) prerequisite-chart editor.
vprintf(3) ↣ printf(3) Formatted out‐.
vprintf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vprintf(3posix) Format the output of a stdarg argument list.
vps(8) The vps utility is simply a wrapper for the ps program.
vpstree(8) The vpstree utility is simply a wrapper for the pstree program.
vptovf(1) Convert virtual property lists to virtual font metrics.
vput(9freebsd) Decrement the use count for a vnode.
vpxdec(1) VP8 and VP9 video decoding encoding tool.
vpxenc(1) VP8 and VP9 video codec encoding tool.
vr(4freebsd) VIA Technologies Rhine I/II/III Ethernet device driver.
vramsteg(1) CLI progress bar.
VREF(9freebsd) Increment the use count for a vnode.
vref(9freebsd) Increment the use count for a vnode.
vrefcnt(9freebsd) Returns the use count of a vnode.
vrefl(9freebsd) Increment the use count for a vnode.
vrele(9freebsd) Decrement the use count for a vnode.
vrename(1p) Change signal names across many Verilog files.
vrfy(1) Verify electronic mail addresses.
vrfydmn(8) Reject an email message if the RFC5322 From:-address does not comply.
vrfydmn_ldap(5) Lookup RFC5322 From:-addresses in an LDAP database.
vrm(1) ↣ vadm(1) Manipulate and administer version object base.
vrml2oogl(1gv) Convert VRML to OOGL.
vrms(1) Report of installed non-free software.
vrpm(8) Is simply a wrapper for the rpm utility.
vrrpd(8) Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Deamon.
vrsetup(8) Set up and control vroot devices.
vs2osisref(1) A tool to convert verse references from English to OSIS.
vs2osisreftxt(1) A tool that probably does something with OSIS refs.
vsave(1) ↣ save(1) Save revision of a file.
vscanf(3) ↣ scanf(3) Input format conversion.
vscanf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vscanf(3posix) Format input of a stdarg argument list.
vsched(8) Modifies scheduling parameters.
vsdump(1) VSD/VSS file format reverse engineering.
vserver(2) ↣ unimplemented(2)
vserver(8) The vserver utility enables you to manage the state of vservers, including building, starting, stop‐.
vserver-build(8) Initializes a vserver.
vserver-info(8) Returns information about vservers.
vserver-stat(8) Shows information about active contexts.
vsftpd(8) Very Secure FTP Daemon.
vsftpd.conf(5) Config file for vsftpd.
vshadowinfo(1) Determines information about a Windows NT Volume Shadow Snapshot (VSS) volume.
vshadowmount(1) Mounts a Windows NT Volume Shadow Snapshot (VSS) volume.
vshelper(8) Userspace reboot helper.
vshow(1) Dumps HDF vsets info from hdf file.
vsid(1) ↣ vice(1) Versatile Commodore Emulator and Virtual Commodore Environment.
vsl(7) Varnish Shared Memory Logging.
vsl-query(7) Varnish VSL Query Expressions.
vslock(9freebsd) Lock/unlock user space addresses in memory.
vslvminfo(1) Determines information about a Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) volume system.
vsnprintf(3) ↣ printf(3) Formatted out‐.
vsnprintf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vsnprintf(3posix) Format output of a stdarg argument list.
vsnprintf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vsock(7) Linux VSOCK address family.
vsomething(8) Execute something for a set of vservers.
vspace(8) Manages spaces.
vsprintf(3) ↣ printf(3) Formatted out‐.
vsprintf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vsprintf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr)
vss_strip(8) Program for extracting file data from a file containing VSS headers.
vsscanf(3) ↣ scanf(3) Input format conversion.
vsscanf(3posix) Format input of a stdarg argument list.
vstore_half(3clc) Convert float to half and write to a pointer to memory.
vstore_halfn(3clc) Convert float vector to half vector and write to a pointer to memory.
vstorea_halfn(3clc) Convert float vector to half vector and write to a pointer to memory.
vstoren(3clc) Write sizeof bytes (gentypen) to memory.
vstp(1) VisioBraille file transferring.
vstream-client(1) Stream media from a TIVO.
vsunlock(9freebsd) Lock/unlock user space addresses in memory.
vswprintf(3) ↣ wprintf(3) Formatted wide-character output conversion.
vswprintf(3posix) Wide-character formatted output of a stdarg argument list.
vswscanf(3posix) Wide-character formatted input of a stdarg argument list.
vsync(3alleg4) Waits for a vertical retrace to begin. Allegro game programming library.
vsyslog(3) ↣ syslog(3) Send messages to the system logger.
vt(4freebsd) Virtual terminal console driver.
vt_base64(3tcl) Base64 encoding transformation.
vt_counter(3tcl) Counter transformation.
vt_crc32(3tcl) Crc32 transformation.
vt_otp(3tcl) Encryption via one-time pad.
vtable-dumper(1) A tool to list content of virtual tables in a C++ shared library.
vtag(8) Sets the process's filesystem tag.
vtc(7) Varnish Test Case Syntax.
vtdeviceinfo(1) Report on installed Voicetronix hardware.
vtdriverinfo(1) Report on installed Voicetronix drivers.
vte(4freebsd) Vortex86 RDC R6040 Fast Ethernet driver.
vtep-ctl(8) Utility for querying and configuring a VTEP database.
vtf2profile(1) Generate a TAU profile set from a vampir trace file.
vtgamma(1) Set gamma correction on text terminals.
vtkUnstructuredToFoam(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
vtkWrapClientServer(1) VtkWrapClientServer.
vtnet(4freebsd) VirtIO Ethernet driver.
vtop(8) The vtop utility is simply a wrapper for the top program.
vtprint(1) Print files from UNIX host to printer attached to local terminal.
vtprintcap(5) Database of terminal printer control codes.
vtprtoff(1) Turn off or on printer attached to local terminal.
vtprton(1) ↣ vtprtoff(1) Turn off or on printer attached to local terminal.
vttest(1) Test VT100-type terminal.
vtun(8) ↣ vtund(8) VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon.
vtund(8) VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon.
vtund.conf(5) VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon configuration file.
vtwm(1x) Virtual Tab Window Manager for the X Window System.
vtysh(1) A integrated shell for Quagga routing software.
vulkan-smoketest(1) A Vulkan demo application.
vulkaninfo(1) Show Vulkan information.
vulture(1) Searches for unused ("dead") code in a Python program.
vuname(1) Print view information.
vuname(8) Modifies and shows uname entries of vserver contexts.
vunref(9freebsd) Decrement the use count for a vnode.
vupdateworld(8) Emerge world for vservers.
vurpm(8) Urpmi/urpme for vservers.
vusb-analyzer(1) Tool for visualizing logs of USB packets.
VUser::Google::ApiProtocol(3pm) Base class for implementation of the Google APIs.
VUser::Google::ApiProtocol::V2_0(3pm) Implements version 2.0 of the Google APIs.
VUser::Google::EmailSettings(3pm) Manage user email settings in Google Apps for Your Domain.
VUser::Google::EmailSettings::V2_0(3pm) Support version 2.0 of the Google Email Settings API.
VUser::Google::Provisioning::V2_0(3pm) Support for version 2.0 of the Google Provisioning API.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI(3pm) Perl module that implements the Google Apps for Your Domain Provisioning API.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI::V1_0(3pm) Perl module that implements version 1.0 of the Google Apps for Your.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI::V2_0(3pm) Perl module that implements version 2.0 of the Google Apps for Your.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI::V2_0::EmailListEntry(3pm) Google Provisioning API 2.0 email list entry.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI::V2_0::EmailListRecipientEntry(3pm) Google Provisioning API 2.0 email list.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI::V2_0::NicknameEntry(3pm) Google Provisioning API 2.0 nick name entry.
VUser::Google::ProvisioningAPI::V2_0::UserEntry(3pm) Google Provisioning API 2.0 User entry.
vvectr(3NCARG) Manages the coordinate system mapping, color setting, auxiliary text output, and drawing of the.
vvgetc(3NCARG) Gets the current value of a Vectors parameter of type CHARACTER.
vvgeti(3NCARG) Gets the current value of a Vectors parameter of type INTEGER.
vvgetr(3NCARG) Gets the current value of a Vectors parameter of type REAL.
vvinit(3NCARG) Performs initialization tasks required before VVECTR may be called to plot a vector field, including.
vvp(1) Icarus Verilog vvp runtime engine.
vvrset(3NCARG) Resets all parameters to their initial default values.
vvsetc(3NCARG) Sets the value of a Vectors parameter of type CHARACTER.
vvseti(3NCARG) Sets the value of a Vectors parameter of type INTEGER.
vvsetr(3NCARG) Sets the value of a Vectors parameter of type REAL.
vvudmv(3NCARG) This routine is the user-definable external subroutine used to draw masked vectors. The default.
vvumxy(3NCARG) The user may modify this routine to define a custom mapping of vectors from a data coordinate system.
vw_printw(3ncurses) ↣ printw(3ncurses) Print formatted output in curses windows.
vw_scanw(3ncurses) ↣ scanw(3ncurses) Convert formatted input from a curses window.
vwait(3tcl) Process events until a variable is written.
vwait(8) Waits for a context to finish.
vwarn(3) ↣ err(3) Formatted error messages.
vwarnx(3) ↣ err(3) Formatted error messages.
vwebp(1) Decompress a WebP file and display it in a window.
vwm(1) Manage VMware virtual machines.
vwprintf(3) ↣ wprintf(3) Formatted wide-character output conversion.
vwprintf(3posix) Wide-character formatted output of a stdarg argument list.
vwprintw(3ncurses) ↣ printw(3ncurses) Print formatted output in curses windows.
vwscanf(3posix) Wide-character formatted input of a stdarg argument list.
vwscanw(3ncurses) ↣ scanw(3ncurses) Convert formatted input from a curses window.
vx(4freebsd) 3Com EtherLink III / Fast EtherLink III (3c59x) Ethernet driver.
vxge(4freebsd) Neterion X3100 10GbE Server/Storage adapter driver.
vxlan(4freebsd) Virtual eXtensible LAN interface.
vym(1) View your mind.
vyum(8) Yum for vservers.
vz.conf(5) Global OpenVZ configuration file.
vzcalc(8) Calculate resource usage of a container.
vzcfgvalidate(8) Validate a container configuration file.
vzcptcheck(8) Show/test CPT properties.
vzcpucheck(8) Show information about the CPU power and utilization.
vzctl(8) Perform various operations on an OpenVZ container.
vzdqcheck(8) Count disk usage.
vzdqdump(8) Dump, load user/group quotas.
vzdqload(8) ↣ vzdqdump(8) Dump, load user/group quotas.
vzdump(1) Backup utility for virtual machine.
vzeventd(8) The OpenVZ events daemon.
vzfsync(8) Perform fsync/fdatasync/fadvise on files.
vzifup-post(8) Add containers' ARP records to an interface.
vzlist(8) Show various information about containers.
vzmemcheck(8) Show information about host memory parameters.
vzmigrate(8) Migrate a container between two OpenVZ servers.
vznnc(8) Run a program connected to a socket.
vzpid(8) Display the CT ID given the process ID.
vzquota(8) Manipulate containers disk quotas.
vzrestore(1) Restore OpenVZ vzdump backups.
vzsplit(8) Generate a sample container configuration file.
vzstats(8) Report OpenVZ usage statistics.
vzt2vcd(1) Converts VZT files to VCD.
vztminer(1) Data mining of VZT files.
vztmpl-dl(8) Download/list/update OpenVZ templates.
vzubc(8) Show User Beancounters in a human-readable format.
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