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W(1) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
w.procps(1) Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
w1find(1) Find 1-Wire weather sensors.
w1retap(1) Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors.
w1sensors(1) Convert w1find output to w1retap configuration (text or SQL).
w2do(1) A simple text-based todo manager.
w2html(1) A HTML exporter for w2do.
w2text(1) A plain text exporter for w2do.
w3camd(1) A simple web camera daemon.
w3css(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
w3html(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
w3link(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
w3m(1) A text based web browser and pager.
w3mman(1) An interface to the on-line reference manuals via w3m(1).
w3rdf(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
w9wm(1x) 8-1/2-like Window Manager for X.
w_of_z(3) Faddeeva's rescaled complex error function.
w_scan(1) A universal ATSC and DVB blind scanner.
wa_keyring(1) WebAuth keyring manipulation tool.
wacom(4) Wacom input driver.
wadc(1) Development Environment for the WadC language.
wadccli(1) Command-line interface for Wad Compiler.
wadd_wch(3ncurses) ↣ add_wch(3ncurses) Add a complex character and rendition to a.
wadd_wchnstr(3ncurses) ↣ add_wchstr(3ncurses)
wadd_wchstr(3ncurses) ↣ add_wchstr(3ncurses)
waddch(3ncurses) ↣ addch(3ncurses) Add a character (with attributes) to a curses window,.
waddchnstr(3ncurses) ↣ addchstr(3ncurses) Add a string.
waddchstr(3ncurses) ↣ addchstr(3ncurses) Add a string.
waddnstr(3ncurses) ↣ addstr(3ncurses) Add a string of characters to.
waddnwstr(3ncurses) ↣ addwstr(3ncurses) Add a string of wide.
waddstr(3ncurses) ↣ addstr(3ncurses) Add a string of characters to.
waddwstr(3ncurses) ↣ addwstr(3ncurses) Add a string of wide.
waei(1) Japanese-English dictionary.
waffle(7) A library for selecting an OpenGL API and window system at runtime.
waffle_attrib_list_get(3) ↣ waffle_attrib_list(3)
waffle_attrib_list_get_with_default(3) ↣ waffle_attrib_list(3)
waffle_attrib_list_length(3) ↣ waffle_attrib_list(3)
waffle_attrib_list_update(3) ↣ waffle_attrib_list(3)
waffle_config(3) Class waffle_config.
waffle_config_choose(3) ↣ waffle_config(3) Class waffle_config.
waffle_config_destroy(3) ↣ waffle_config(3) Class waffle_config.
waffle_config_get_native(3) ↣ waffle_config(3) Class waffle_config.
waffle_context(3) Class.
waffle_context_create(3) ↣ waffle_context(3) Class.
waffle_context_destroy(3) ↣ waffle_context(3) Class.
waffle_context_get_native(3) ↣ waffle_context(3) Class.
waffle_display_connect(3) ↣ waffle_display(3)
waffle_display_disconnect(3) ↣ waffle_display(3)
waffle_display_get_native(3) ↣ waffle_display(3)
waffle_display_supports_context_api(3) ↣ waffle_display(3)
waffle_dl(3) Platform-independent interface to dynamic libraries.
waffle_dl_can_open(3) ↣ waffle_dl(3) Platform-independent interface to dynamic libraries.
waffle_dl_sym(3) ↣ waffle_dl(3) Platform-independent interface to dynamic libraries.
waffle_enum(3) Listing of non-error enums and associated utility functions.
waffle_enum_to_string(3) ↣ waffle_enum(3) Listing of non-error enums and associated utility functions.
waffle_error(3) Thread-local error state.
waffle_error_get_code(3) ↣ waffle_error(3) Thread-local error state.
waffle_error_get_info(3) ↣ waffle_error(3) Thread-local error state.
waffle_error_to_string(3) ↣ waffle_error(3) Thread-local error state.
waffle_feature_test_macros(7) Macros to control definitions exposed by Waffle's headers.
waffle_gbm(3) Containers for.
waffle_gbm_config(3) ↣ waffle_gbm(3) Containers for.
waffle_gbm_context(3) ↣ waffle_gbm(3) Containers for.
waffle_gbm_display(3) ↣ waffle_gbm(3) Containers for.
waffle_gbm_window(3) ↣ waffle_gbm(3) Containers for.
waffle_get_proc_address(3) Query address of OpenGL functions.
waffle_glx(3) Containers for.
waffle_glx_config(3) ↣ waffle_glx(3) Containers for.
waffle_glx_context(3) ↣ waffle_glx(3) Containers for.
waffle_glx_display(3) ↣ waffle_glx(3) Containers for.
waffle_glx_window(3) ↣ waffle_glx(3) Containers for.
waffle_init(3) Initialize waffle's per-process global state.
waffle_is_extension_in_string(3) Check if a name appears in an OpenGL-style extension string.
waffle_make_current(3) Bind a context for rendering.
waffle_native_config(3) ↣ waffle_native(3)
waffle_native_context(3) ↣ waffle_native(3)
waffle_native_display(3) ↣ waffle_native(3)
waffle_native_window(3) ↣ waffle_native(3)
waffle_wayland_config(3) ↣ waffle_wayland(3)
waffle_wayland_context(3) ↣ waffle_wayland(3)
waffle_wayland_display(3) ↣ waffle_wayland(3)
waffle_wayland_window(3) ↣ waffle_wayland(3)
waffle_window_create(3) ↣ waffle_window(3)
waffle_window_destroy(3) ↣ waffle_window(3)
waffle_window_get_native(3) ↣ waffle_window(3)
waffle_window_show(3) ↣ waffle_window(3)
waffle_window_swap_buffers(3) ↣ waffle_window(3)
waffle_x11_egl_config(3) ↣ waffle_x11_egl(3)
waffle_x11_egl_context(3) ↣ waffle_x11_egl(3)
waffle_x11_egl_display(3) ↣ waffle_x11_egl(3)
waffle_x11_egl_window(3) ↣ waffle_x11_egl(3)
wafw00f(8) Identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall products.
wagon(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
wagon_test(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
wait(1posix) Await process completion.
wait(2) Wait for process to change state.
wait(2freebsd) Wait for processes to change status.
wait(3) Check child process status.
wait(3posix) Wait for a child process to stop or terminate.
wait-for-it(8) Script to test and wait on the availability of a TCP host and port.
wait3(2) ↣ wait4(2) Wait for process to change state, BSD style.
wait3(2freebsd) Wait for processes to change status.
wait4(2) Wait for process to change state, BSD style.
wait4(2freebsd) Wait for processes to change status.
wait6(2freebsd) Wait for processes to change status.
wait_group_events(3clc) Wait for events that identify the async_work_group_copy operations to complete.
waitCDKLabel(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
waitfor(1) Wait for a file action, with timeout.
waitid(2) ↣ wait(2) Wait for process to change state.
waitid(2freebsd) Wait for processes to change status.
waitid(3posix) Wait for a child process to change state.
waitpid(2) ↣ wait(2) Wait for process to change state.
waitpid(2freebsd) Wait for processes to change status.
waitpid(3posix) Wait for a child process to stop or terminate.
wajig(1) Simplified command line administrator for Debian.
wakeonlan(1) Perl script to wake up computers.
wakeup(9freebsd) Wait for events.
wakeup_one(9freebsd) Wait for events.
wakeuptime-bpfcc(8) Summarize sleep to wakeup time by waker kernel stack. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
wall(1) Write a message to all users.
wallch(1) Wallpaper Changer.
wallFunctionTable(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
wallHeatFlux(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
wallpaper(1) Find images which can be used as wallpapers.
wammu(1) Program for managing entries in your mobile phone.
wammu-configure(1) Program to configure Gammu engine (used by Wammu).
Wand-config(1) ↣ GraphicsMagickWand-config(1) Get information about the installed version of GraphicsMagick.
wander(6x) Colorful random-walk.
Want(3pm) A generalisation of "wantarray".
wapbox(8) ↣ kannel(8) Parts of Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway.
wapiti(1) A web application vulnerability scanner in Python.
wapiti-cookie(1) A Wapiti utility to fetch cookies from a webpage and store them in the Wapiti JSON format.
wapiti-getcookie(1) A Wapiti utility to fetch cookies from a webpage and store them in the Wapiti JSON format.
wApua(1p) Web browser for WAP WML pages.
warg(1) Inference of homologous recombination in bacteria using whole genome sequences.
wargames(6) Shall we play a game?.
warmux(6) A convivial mass murder game.
warmux-index-server(6) WarMUX index server.
warmux-server(6) WarMUX server.
warn(3) ↣ err(3) Formatted error messages.
warning::debuginfo(7stap) Systemtap missing-debuginfo warnings.
warning::symbols(7stap) Systemtap missing-symbols warnings.
warnings(3perl) Perl pragma to control optional warnings.
warnings::illegalproto(3pm) Disable illegal prototype warnings on old Perls.
warnings::register(3perl) Warnings import function.
warnquota(8) Send mail to users over quota.
warnquota.conf(5) Configuration for warnquota.
warnx(3) ↣ err(3) Formatted error messages.
WarpImageMultiTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
WarpTensorImageMultiTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
WarpTimeSeriesImageMultiTransform(1) Part of ANTS registration suite.
warzone2100(6) 3D real time strategy game.
watch(1) Execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen.
watch-mimedefang(8) Keep an eye on mimedefang-multiplexor.
watch-multiple-mimedefangs(8) Keep an eye on a cluster of MIMEDefang machines.
watch_maildirs(1) Watch for and display Maildir/Maildir++ changes.
watchcatd(8) Process monitoring daemon.
watchcatd.conf(5) Configuration file for watchcatd(8).
watchdog(3) Watchdog Documentation.
watchdog(4freebsd) Hardware and software watchdog.
watchdog(8) A software watchdog daemon.
watchdog(9freebsd) Software and hardware watchdog facility.
watchdog.conf(5) Configuration file for the watchdog daemon.
watchdog3(3) Watchdog Documentation.
watchgnupg(1) Read and print logs from a socket.
water(1e) Smith-Waterman local alignment of sequences.
waterfall(1) View all characters of font in all sizes.
wattr_get(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wattr_off(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wattr_on(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wattr_set(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wattroff(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wattron(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wattrset(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wav2cdr(1) Converts input in (or similar to) wav format to cdr format suitable for writing onto audio CDs.
wav2swf(1) Convert a WAV file to an SWF animation.
wavbreaker(1) A tool to split wave files into multiple chunks.
wavefront(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
wavefront_master(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
wavelan(4) AT&T GIS WaveLAN ISA device driver.
wavemon(1) A wireless network monitor.
wavemonrc(5) Wavemon configuration file.
wavesurfer(1) Soundfile editor.
wavinfo(1) Display format information for wave files.
wavmerge(1) Merge multiple wave files into a single file.
wavpack(1) Encode audio files to wavpack.
wavtool-pl(1) Program to concatenate and mix wav files.
wavtopvf(1) ↣ pvf(1) Utilities to convert various sound formats.
wayback(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
wb(4freebsd) Winbond W89C840F Fast Ethernet device driver.
wb_command(1) Command-line program for performing a variety of algorithmic tasks using volume, surface, and.
wb_view(1) Visualization and discovery tool used to map neuroimaging data.
wbar(1) A light and fast launch bar.
wbar-config(1) GUI to customize wbar.
wbemcat(1) A multi-protocol CIM-XML client.
wbemcli(1) Independent command line CIM Client. Utility to wrap up a PyWBEM session in a Python interactive console.
wbinfo(1) Query information from winbind daemon.
wbkgd(3ncurses) ↣ bkgd(3ncurses) Curses window background manipulation routines.
wbkgdset(3ncurses) ↣ bkgd(3ncurses) Curses window background manipulation routines.
wbkgrnd(3ncurses) ↣ bkgrnd(3ncurses) Curses window complex background manipulation.
wbkgrndset(3ncurses) ↣ bkgrnd(3ncurses) Curses window complex background manipulation.
wbmp2xbm(1p) Converts WBMP to XBM.
wbmp2xpm(1) Converts WBMP files to 1- bit XPM files.
wbmptopbm(1) Convert a wireless bitmap (wbmp) file to a portable bitmap (pbm).
wborder(3ncurses) ↣ border(3ncurses) Create curses.
wborder_set(3ncurses) ↣ border_set(3ncurses)
wbox(1) HTTP testing tool and configuration-less HTTP server.
wbwd(4freebsd) Device driver for Winbond/Nuvoton Super I/O chips watchdog timer.
wc(1) Print newline, word, and byte counts for each file.
wc(1posix) Word, line, and byte or character count.
wcalc(1) A natural-expression command-line calculator.
wcat(1) Printout wtmp entries.
wcd(1) Wherever Change Directory.
wchar.h(7posix) Wide-character handling.
WCHAR_MAX(3avr) ↣ stdint.h(3avr)
WCHAR_MIN(3avr) ↣ stdint.h(3avr)
wchgat(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wclear(3ncurses) ↣ clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
wclrtobot(3ncurses) ↣ clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
wclrtoeol(3ncurses) ↣ clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
wcmgr(1) Webalizer (DNS) Cache file Manager.
wcolor_set(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wcpcpy(3) Copy a wide-character string, returning a pointer to its end.
wcpcpy(3posix) Copy a wide-character string, returning a pointer to its end.
wcpncpy(3) Copy a fixed-size string of wide characters, returning a pointer to its end.
wcpncpy(3posix) Copy a fixed-size wide-character string, returning a pointer to its end.
wcrtomb(3) Convert a wide character to a multibyte sequence.
wcrtomb(3posix) Convert a wide-character code to a character (restartable).
wcs-grab(1) Try to interpret an existing WCS header.
wcs-match(1) Prints x and y coordinates of invariant point.
wcs-pv2sip(1) Convert TPV WCS headers to SIP distortion headers.
wcs-rd2xy(1) Convert lists of pixel from (RA,Dec) to (x,y) positions.
wcs-resample(1) Project one FITS image onto another image.
wcs-to-tan(1) Undocumented program of
wcs-xy2rd(1) Convert lists of pixel from (x,y) to (RA,Dec) positions.
wcscasecmp(3) Compare two wide-character strings, ignoring case.
wcscasecmp(3posix) Case-insensitive wide-character string comparison.
wcscat(3) Concatenate two wide-character strings.
wcscat(3posix) Concatenate two wide-character strings.
wcschr(3) Search a wide character in a wide-character string.
wcschr(3posix) Wide-character string scanning operation.
wcscmp(3) Compare two wide-character strings.
wcscmp(3posix) Compare two wide-character strings.
wcscoll(3posix) Wide-character string comparison using collating information.
wcscpy(3) Copy a wide-character string.
wcscpy(3posix) Copy a wide-character string, returning a pointer to its end.
wcscspn(3) Search a wide-character string for any of a set of wide characters.
wcscspn(3posix) Get the length of a complementary wide substring.
wcsdup(3) Duplicate a wide-character string.
wcsdup(3posix) Duplicate a wide-character string.
wcsftime(3posix) Convert date and time to a wide-character string.
wcsgrid(1) Extract FITS WCS keywords and plot graticule.
wcsinfo(1) Print simple properties of WCS headers (scale, rotation, etc).
wcslcat(3bsd) ↣ wcslcpy(3bsd) Wide character string manipulation operations.
wcslcpy(3bsd) Wide character string manipulation operations.
wcslen(3) Determine the length of a wide-character string.
wcslen(3posix) Get length of a fixed-sized wide-character string.
wcslint(1) Check the WCS keywords in a FITS file for compliance against the standards.
wcsncasecmp(3) Compare two fixed-size wide-character strings, ignoring case.
wcsncasecmp(3posix) Case-insensitive wide-character string comparison.
wcsncat(3) Concatenate two wide-character strings.
wcsncat(3posix) Concatenate a wide-character string with part of another.
wcsncmp(3) Compare two fixed-size wide-character strings.
wcsncmp(3posix) Compare part of two wide-character strings.
wcsncpy(3) Copy a fixed-size string of wide characters.
wcsncpy(3posix) Copy a fixed-size wide-character string, returning a pointer to its end.
wcsnlen(3) Determine the length of a fixed-size wide-character string.
wcsnlen(3posix) Get length of a fixed-sized wide-character string.
wcsnrtombs(3) Convert a wide-character string to a multibyte string.
wcsnrtombs(3posix) Convert wide-character string to multi-byte string.
wcspbrk(3) Search a wide-character string for any of a set of wide characters.
wcspbrk(3posix) Scan a wide-character string for a wide-character code.
wcsrchr(3) Search a wide character in a wide-character string.
wcsrchr(3posix) Wide-character string scanning operation.
wcsremap(1) AME.
wcsrtombs(3) Convert a wide-character string to a multibyte string.
wcsrtombs(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to a character string (restartable).
wcsspn(3) Advance in a wide-character string, skipping any of a set of wide characters.
wcsspn(3posix) Get the length of a wide substring.
wcsstr(3) Locate a substring in a wide-character string.
wcsstr(3posix) Find a wide-character substring.
wcstod(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to a double-precision number.
wcstoimax(3) Convert wide-character string to integer.
wcstoimax(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to an integer type.
wcstok(3) Split wide-character string into tokens.
wcstok(3posix) Split a wide-character string into tokens.
wcstol(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to a long integer.
wcstold(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to a double-precision number.
wcstoll(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to a long integer.
wcstombs(3) Convert a wide-character string to a multibyte string.
wcstombs(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to a character string.
wcstoul(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to an unsigned long.
wcstoumax(3) ↣ wcstoimax(3) Convert wide-character string to integer.
wcstoumax(3posix) Convert a wide-character string to an integer type.
wcsware(1) Extract FITS WCS keywords for an image.
wcswidth(3) Determine columns needed for a fixed-size wide-character string.
wcswidth(3posix) Number of column positions of a wide-character string.
wcsxfrm(3posix) Wide-character string transformation.
wctob(3) Try to represent a wide character as a single byte.
wctob(3posix) Wide-character to single-byte conversion.
wctomb(3) Convert a wide character to a multibyte sequence.
wctomb(3posix) Convert a wide-character code to a character.
wctrans(3) Wide-character translation mapping.
wctrans(3posix) Define character mapping.
wctype(3) Wide-character classification.
wctype(3posix) Define character class.
wctype.h(7posix) Wide-character classification and mapping utilities.
wcursyncup(3ncurses) ↣ window(3ncurses) Create.
wcwidth(3) Determine columns needed for a wide character.
wcwidth(3posix) Number of column positions of a wide-character code.
wd_identify(8) Get watchdog driver identity.
wd_keepalive(8) A simplified software watchdog daemon.
wdb_keys(3) Return the key and column for the current database (clearsilver).
wdctl(8) Show hardware watchdog status.
wdel(1) A wget-like program for deleting files on ftp servers.
wdelch(3ncurses) ↣ delch(3ncurses) Delete character under the cursor in a curses window.
wdeleteln(3ncurses) ↣ deleteln(3ncurses) Delete and insert lines in a curses window.
wdf(1) ↣ wit(1) Manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.
wdf-cat(1) ↣ wit(1) Manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.
wdf-dump(1) ↣ wit(1) Manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.
wdiff(1) Display word differences between text files.
wdm(1x) WINGs Display Manager.
wdm.options(5) Configuration options for WINGs display manager.
wdmd(8) Watchdog multiplexing daemon.
wdmLogin(1x) Wdm login panel.
wdmlogin.conf(5) Configuration options for wdmLogin.
wdot(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
wdq2wav(1) Convert a WinDAQ file channel to a wav file.
wdread(1) Read value from defaults database.
wdt_reset(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_120MS(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_15MS(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_1S(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_250MS(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_2S(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_30MS(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_4S(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_500MS(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_60MS(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
WDTO_8S(3avr) ↣ avr_watchdog(3avr)
wdwrite(1) Writes keys and values to the defaults database.
Weak(3o) Arrays of weak pointers and hash sets of weak pointers.
Weak.Make(3o) Functor building an implementation of the weak hash set structure.
Weak.S(3o) The output signature of the functor Weak.Make.
Weasel(3pm) Perl's php/Mink-inspired abstracted web-driver framework.
Weasel::DriverRole(3pm) API definition for driver wrappers.
Weasel::Element(3pm) The base HTML/Widget element class.
Weasel::Element::Document(3pm) Weasel Element Document.
Weasel::FindExpanders(3pm) Mapping find patterns to xpath locators.
Weasel::FindExpanders::HTML(3pm) Weasel FindExpanders HTML.
Weasel::Session(3pm) Connection to an encapsulated test driver.
Weasel::WidgetHandlers(3pm) Mapping elements to widget handlers.
Weasel::Widgets::HTML(3pm) Helper module for bulk-registration of HTML widgets.
Weasel::Widgets::HTML::Button(3pm) Wrapper for button-like INPUT and BUTTON tags.
Weasel::Widgets::HTML::Input(3pm) Parent of the INPUT, OPTION and BUTTON wrappers.
Weasel::Widgets::HTML::Select(3pm) Wrapper of SELECT tag.
Weasel::Widgets::HTML::Selectable(3pm) Wrapper for selectable elements.
weather(1) Command-line tool to obtain weather conditions and forecasts.
weather-util(1) ↣ weather(1) Command-line tool to obtain weather conditions and forecasts.
weatherrc(5) Configuration file format for the weather(1) utility.
weave(1) Translate WEB to TeX.
web2disk(1) Web2disk.
web2png(1) Convert a web tree from using GIFs to using PNGs.
web2py2po(1) Convert web2py translation dictionaries (.py) to GNU/gettext PO files.
Web::API(3pm) Web::API - A Simple base module to implement almost every RESTful API with just a few lines of.
Web::Dispatch::HTTPMethods(3pm) Helpers to make RESTFul Dispatchers Easier.
Web::ID(3pm) Implementation of WebID (a.k.a. FOAF+SSL).
Web::ID::Certificate(3pm) An x509 certificate.
Web::ID::Certificate::Generator(3pm) Role for Web::ID::Certificate.
Web::ID::FAQ(3pm) Frequently asked questions about WebID.
Web::ID::RSAKey(3pm) An RSA key.
Web::ID::SAN(3pm) Represents a single name from a certificate's subjectAltName field.
Web::ID::SAN::Email(3pm) Represents subjectAltNames that are e-mail addresses.
Web::ID::SAN::URI(3pm) Represents subjectAltNames that are URIs.
Web::ID::Types(3pm) Type library for Web::ID and friends.
Web::ID::Util(3pm) Utility functions used in Web-ID.
Web::Machine(3pm) A Perl port of Webmachine.
Web::Machine::FSM(3pm) The State Machine runner.
Web::Machine::FSM::States(3pm) The States for Web Machine.
Web::Machine::I18N(3pm) The I18N support for HTTP information.
Web::Machine::I18N::en(3pm) The English support for I18N-ed HTTP information.
Web::Machine::Manual(3pm) Learn how to use Web::Machine.
Web::Machine::Resource(3pm) A base resource class.
Web::Machine::Util(3pm) General Utility module.
Web::Machine::Util::BodyEncoding(3pm) Module to handle body encoding.
Web::Machine::Util::ContentNegotiation(3pm) Module to handle content negotiation.
Web::MREST(3pm) Minimalistic REST server.
Web::MREST::CLI(3pm) CLI components for Web::MEST-based applications.
Web::MREST::CLI::Parser(3pm) Parser for demo MREST command line client.
Web::MREST::Dispatch(3pm) Resource handlers.
Web::MREST::Entity(3pm) Methods for dealing with request, response entities.
Web::MREST::InitRouter(3pm) Routines for initializing our Path::Router instance.
Web::MREST::Resource(3pm) HTTP request/response cycle.
Web::MREST::Test(3pm) Test helper functions.
Web::MREST::Test::503(3pm) Override service_unavailable method.
Web::MREST::Test::Forbidden(3pm) Override forbidden method.
Web::MREST::Test::Unauthorized(3pm) Override is_authorized method.
Web::MREST::Util(3pm) Miscellaneous utilities.
Web::MREST::WebServicesIntro(3pm) General discussion of REST and Web Services.
Web::Query(3pm) Yet another scraping library like jQuery.
Web::Query::LibXML(3pm) Fast, drop-in replacement for Web::Query.
Web::Scraper(3pm) Web Scraping Toolkit using HTML and CSS Selectors or XPath expressions.
Web::Scraper::Filter(3pm) Base class for Web::Scraper filters.
Web::Scraper::LibXML(3pm) Drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use LibXML.
Web::Simple(3pm) A quick and easy way to build simple web applications.
Web::Simple::AntiquatedPerl(3pm) The slides from the talk.
Web::Simple::Application(3pm) A base class for your Web-Simple application.
Web::Simple::Deployment(3pm) Various deployment options.
Web::Simple::Role(3pm) Define roles for Web::Simple applications.
webalizer(1) A web server log file analysis tool.
webassets(1) Asset management application for Python web development.
WebAuth(3pm) Perl extension for WebAuth.
WebAuth::Exception(3pm) Rich exception for errors from WebAuth API methods.
WebAuth::Key(3pm) WebAuth encryption and decryption key.
WebAuth::Keyring(3pm) WebAuth keyring to hold encryption and decryption keys.
WebAuth::KeyringEntry(3pm) A single entry in a WebAuth::Keyring.
WebAuth::Krb5(3pm) WebAuth context for Kerberos calls.
WebAuth::Tests(3pm) Assists with constructing WebAuth Apache module tests.
WebAuth::Token(3pm) Generic WebAuth token handling.
WebAuth::Token::App(3pm) WebAuth app tokens.
WebAuth::Token::Cred(3pm) WebAuth cred tokens.
WebAuth::Token::Error(3pm) WebAuth error tokens.
WebAuth::Token::Id(3pm) WebAuth id tokens.
WebAuth::Token::Login(3pm) WebAuth login tokens.
WebAuth::Token::Proxy(3pm) WebAuth proxy tokens.
WebAuth::Token::Request(3pm) WebAuth request tokens.
WebAuth::Token::WebKDCFactor(3pm) WebAuth webkdc-factor tokens.
WebAuth::Token::WebKDCProxy(3pm) WebAuth webkdc-proxy tokens.
WebAuth::Token::WebKDCService(3pm) WebAuth webkdc-service tokens.
webazolver(1) ↣ webalizer(1) A web server log file analysis tool.
webcam(1) Capture images and upload them to a webserver using ftp.
webcamd(1) Take a image from your webcam.
webcamd-setup(1) Install webcamd templates and configurations files.
webcamoid(1) Full featured webcam capture application.
webcheck(1) Website link checker.
webcheckout(1) Check out repositories referenced on a web page.
webcit(8) Citadel Servlet Engine.
webcollage(6x) Decorate the screen with random images from the web.
webcontentedit(1) Manage websites content.
webdeploy(1) Deploy local files to an ftp server.
webdruid(1) A web site log file analysis tool.
webdruid-resolve(1) ↣ webdruid(1) A web site log file analysis tool.
webfsd(1) A lightweight http server.
webgpg(8) Initializes maildir subdirectory gpg.
webhttrack(1) Offline browser : copy websites to a local directory.
Webinject(3pm) Perl Module for testing web services.
webissues(1) Desktop Client for the WebIssues team collaboration system.
WebKDC(3pm) Send requests to a WebAuth WebKDC.
WebKDC::Config(3pm) Configuration for the WebAuth WebLogin service.
WebKDC::WebKDCException(3pm) Exceptions for WebKDC communications.
WebKDC::WebRequest(3pm) Encapsulates a request to a WebAuth WebKDC.
WebKDC::WebResponse(3pm) Encapsulates a response from a WebAuth WebKDC.
WebKDC::XmlDoc(3pm) Manipulate a document of WebKDC::XmlElement objects.
WebKDC::XmlElement(3pm) Parse and manipulate XML documents and elements.
WebKitWebDriver(1) WebDriver service implementation for WebKitGTK+.
weblint(1) Pick fluff off web pages (HTML).
WebLogin(3pm) Central login service for the WebAuth authentication system.
webmagick(1) Create gallery thumbnails for websites.
webmaild(8) Wrapper script for the sqwebmail daemon.
webmitm(8) HTTP / HTTPS monkey-in-the-middle.
webmlmd(1) WebMLM interface to couriermlm.
weboob(1) Launch weboob applications.
weboob-cli(1) Call a method on backends.
weboob-config(1) Manage backends or register new accounts.
weboob-config-qt(1) Manage backends or register new accounts.
weboob-debug(1) Debug backends.
weboob-repos(1) Manage a weboob repository.
weboorrents(1) Search and download torrents.
weborf(1) Minimal webserver.
weborf.conf(5) Configuration file for weborf daemon.
webpinfo(1) Print out the chunk level structure of WebP files along with basic integrity checks.
webpmux(1) Create animated WebP files from non-animated WebP images, extract frames from animated WebP images,.
webpng(1) ↣ libgd-tools(1) Programs to convert between gd and other graphics formats.
WebSearch(1p) A web-searching application demonstrating WWW::Search.
webservice-office-zoho(1) Webservice-office-zoho is a script to enable documents to be viewed using Zoho's online services.
WebService::CIA(3pm) Get information from the CIA World Factbook.
WebService::CIA::Parser(3pm) Parse pages from the CIA World Factbook.
WebService::CIA::Source(3pm) A base class for WebService::CIA sources.
WebService::CIA::Source::DBM(3pm) An interface to a DBM copy of the CIA World Factbook.
WebService::CIA::Source::Web(3pm) An interface to the online CIA World Factbook.
WebService::Solr(3pm) Module to interface with the Solr (Lucene) webservice.
WebService::Solr::Document(3pm) A document object.
WebService::Solr::Field(3pm) A field object.
WebService::Solr::Query(3pm) Abstract query syntax for Solr queries.
WebService::Solr::Response(3pm) Parse responses from Solr.
WebService::Validator::CSS::W3C(3pm) Interface to the W3C CSS Validator.
WebService::Validator::HTML::W3C(3pm) Access the W3Cs online HTML validator.
WebService::Validator::HTML::W3C::Error(3pm) Error messages from the W3Cs online Validator.
WebService::Validator::HTML::W3C::Warning(3pm) Warning messages from the W3Cs online Validator.
WebService::YouTube(3pm) Perl interface to YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Feeds(3pm) Perl interface to YouTube RSS Feeds.
WebService::YouTube::User(3pm) User class for YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Util(3pm) Utility for WebService::YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Video(3pm) Video class for YouTube.
WebService::YouTube::Videos(3pm) Perl interface to youtube.videos.*.
websocket(3tcl) Tcl implementation of the websocket protocol.
websockify(1) WebSockets to TCP socket bridge.
websploit(1) Advanced MITM Framework.
webspy(8) Display sniffed URLs in Netscape in real-time.
webster(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
webtidy(1) Show errors in an (X)HTML document.
webxref(1) Output references to ids and classes in an Ajax Web application.
wecho_wchar(3ncurses) ↣ add_wch(3ncurses) Add a complex character and rendition to a.
wechochar(3ncurses) ↣ addch(3ncurses) Add a character (with attributes) to a curses window,.
wecutil(1) Subscribe to the Windows event log on a remote Microsoft Windows host.
wedged(8) HylaFAX modem wedged script.
weechat(1) The extensible chat client.
weechat-curses(1) ↣ weechat(1) The extensible chat client.
week(3avr) ↣ week_date(3avr)
_WEEK_DAYS_(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
week_of_month(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
week_of_year(3avr) ↣ avr_time(3avr)
weex(1) Fast WEb EXchanger non-interactive FTP and FTPS client.
weight(1) Calculates sequence weights for an alignment.
weightwatcher(1) Combine weight-maps, flag-maps and polygon data.
weka(1) Machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks.
Welcome2L(1) Linux ANSI boot logo.
wenclose(3ncurses) ↣ mouse(3ncurses) Mouse.
weplab(1) Wireless WEP encryption security analyzer.
werase(3ncurses) ↣ clear(3ncurses) Clear all or part of a curses window.
weresync(1) Clone linux drives incrementally.
weresync-gui(1) ↣ weresync(1) Clone linux drives incrementally.
wesnoth-1.12(6) Battle for Wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game.
wesnoth-1.12-nolog(6) ↣ wesnoth-1.12(6) Battle for Wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game.
wesnoth-1.12-smallgui(6) ↣ wesnoth-1.12(6) Battle for Wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game.
wesnoth-1.12_editor(6) ↣ wesnoth-1.12(6) Battle for Wesnoth, a turn-based fantasy strategy game.
wesnothd-1.12(6) Battle for Wesnoth multiplayer network daemon.
wesside-ng(8) Crack a WEP key of an open network without user intervention.
westcos-tool(1) Utility for manipulating data structures on westcos smart cards.
weston(1) The reference Wayland server.
weston-drm(7) The DRM backend for Weston.
weston.ini(5) Configuration file for Weston - the reference Wayland compositor.
wetandwild(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
wetboobs(1) Display weather and forecasts.
wfindent(1) Indents and optionally converts Fortran program sources.
wflinfo(1) A utility for printing OpenGL or OpenGL ES driver information.
wfst_build(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
wfst_run(1) ↣ speech-tools(1) Programs for audio and speech manipulation.
wfuse(1) ↣ wit(1) Manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.
wfut(1) WorldForge update tool.
wfuzz(1) A web application bruteforcer.
wget(1) The non-interactive network downloader.
wget_wch(3ncurses) ↣ get_wch(3ncurses) Get (or push back) a wide character from curses terminal.
wget_wstr(3ncurses) ↣ get_wstr(3ncurses) Get an array.
wgetbkgrnd(3ncurses) ↣ bkgrnd(3ncurses) Curses window complex background manipulation.
wgetch(3ncurses) ↣ getch(3ncurses) Get (or push back) characters from curses terminal.
wgetdelay(3ncurses) ↣ opaque(3ncurses)
wgetn_wstr(3ncurses) ↣ get_wstr(3ncurses) Get an array.
wgetnstr(3ncurses) ↣ getstr(3ncurses) Accept character strings from.
wgetparent(3ncurses) ↣ opaque(3ncurses)
wgetscrreg(3ncurses) ↣ opaque(3ncurses)
wgetstr(3ncurses) ↣ getstr(3ncurses) Accept character strings from.
wgoto(1) Search for and move to an address.
wgsim(1) Short read simulator.
whalebuilder(1) Debian package builder using Docker.
Wharf(1x) AfterStep module for launching or docking applications aka button bar.
WharfFolders(1x) AfterStep wharf module.
WharfSounds(1x) Types of events for which sound could be played by Wharf.
what(1posix) Identify SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT).
what-patch(1) Detect which patch system a Debian package uses.
what-provides(1) Determine what package provides a binary in your path.
what-repo(1) Determine what archive a source package is in.
what-source(1) Determine what source package provides some binary package.
whatis(1) Display one-line manual page descriptions.
whatmaps(1) Find and restart services after library upgrades.
whatnow(1mh) Prompting front-end for writing nmh messages.
whatnow2(1mh) Front-end for handling drafts.
whatweb(1) Next generation Web scanner. Identify technologies used by websites.
wheel(1) Install and operate on PEP 427 format binary wheels.
when(1) A minimalistic personal calendar program.
whereami(8) Non-interatively ascertain the location of the computer and reconfigure the system appropriately.
whereami.conf(5) Configuration file for whereami.
whereis(1) Locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a command.
which(1) Locate a command.
which-pkg-broke(1) Find which package might have broken another.
which-pkg-broke-build(1) Find which package might have broken another package's build.
whichdb(1e) Search all sequence databases for an entry and retrieve it.
whichman(1) Show the location of a man page using a fault tolerant approximate matching algorithm.
whichwayisup(6) 2D platform game with a slight rotational twist.
whiff(1p) Like which, but finds the first of all the given alternatives.
while(3tcl) Execute script repeatedly as long as a condition is met.
whiptail(1) Display dialog boxes from shell scripts.
whirlpool-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
whirlpooldeep(1) ↣ hashdeep(1) Compute, compare, or audit multiple message digests.
whirlpoolsum(1p) Print or check WHIRLPOOL checksums.
whirlwindwarp(6x) Crazy moving stars.
whisper-create(1) Create a whisper database.
whisper-dump(1) Dump whisper database files.
whisper-fetch(1) Extract records from a whisper database.
whisper-fill(1) Merge two whisper database files.
whisper-info(1) Show information about a whisper database.
whisper-merge(1) Merge two whisper database files.
whisper-resize(1) Resize a whisper database.
whisper-set-aggregation-method(1) Set aggregationType field.
whisper-update(1) Update a whisper database.
whitedune(1) Graphical vrml97 editor and animation tool.
WhitePixel(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
WhitePixelOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
whline(3ncurses) ↣ border(3ncurses) Create curses.
whline_set(3ncurses) ↣ border_set(3ncurses)
who(1) Show who is logged on.
who(1posix) Display who is on the system.
who-permits-upload(1) Look-up Debian Maintainer access control lists.
who-uploads(1) Identify the uploaders of Debian source packages.
who@(1) Print list of active users on a host.
whoami(1) Print effective userid.
whobbs(1) Who is online listing Utility.
whodepends(1) Check which maintainers' packages depend on a package.
whohas(1) Find packages in various distributions' repositories.
whois(1) Client for the whois directory service.
Whois(3pm) Perl extension to make queries to the whois servers.
whois.conf(5) Alternative WHOIS servers list for whois client.
whom(1mh) Show to whom an nmh message would be sent.
whowatch(1) Console, interactive, process and users monitoring tool.
why3(1) Software verification platform.
wi(4freebsd) Lucent Hermes, and Intersil PRISM IEEE 802.11 driver.
wibble-test-genrunner(1) Code generator for wibble testsuites.
wicd(8) Wired and Wireless Network Connection Manager.
wicd-cli(8) Command-line interface to wicd.
wicd-client(1) Frontend to the WICD daemon.
wicd-curses(8) Curses-based wicd(8) controller.
wicd-gtk(1) ↣ wicd-client(1) Frontend to the WICD daemon.
wicd-manager-settings.conf(5) Contains settings that control Wicd's behavior.
wicd-wired-settings.conf(5) Controls Wicd's wired network settings.
wicd-wireless-settings.conf(5) Controls Wicd's wireless network settings.
wicked(7) A lua library for dynamic widgets in awesome.
widelands(6) A real-time build-up strategy game.
widemargin(1) Quick and easy bible study application.
widget(1p) Demonstration of Perl/Tk widgets.
Widget(3itk) Base class for mega-widgets within a frame.
widget(3tk) Megawidget bundle.
widget_calendar(3tk) Calendar Megawidget.
widget_dateentry(3tk) Date Entry Megawidget.
widget_listentry(3tk) Widget::listentry widget.
widget_listsimple(3tk) Widget::listsimple widget.
widget_toolbar(3tk) Toolbar Megawidget.
widget_validator(3tk) Widget::validator behaviour.
widl-development(1) Wine Interface Definition Language (IDL) compiler.
widl-stable(1) Wine Interface Definition Language (IDL) compiler.
WidthMMOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
WidthOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
wifi(1) Enable/disable internal wifi device.
wifi-radar(1) Utility for managing WiFi profiles.
wifi-radar.conf(5) Configuration file for WiFi Radar.
wifi-status(1) Monitor the wireless interface.
wifite(1) Python script to automate wireless auditing using aircrack-ng tools.
wig2bed(1) Manual page for wig2bed 2.4.26+dfsg.
wig2starch(1) Manual page for wig2starch 2.4.26+dfsg.
WigeoN(1) ↣ wigeon(1) Reimplementation of the Pintail 16S DNA anomaly detection utility.
wigeon(1) Reimplementation of the Pintail 16S DNA anomaly detection utility.
wiggle(1) Apply rejected patches and perform word-wise diffs.
wiggle2gff3(1p) Converts UCSC WIG format files into gff3 files.
wihack(1) The wmii window hack.
wiipdf(1) Present using xpdf and your wiimote.
wiki-toolkit-delete-node(1p) Delete a node stored in a Wiki::Toolkit instance.
wiki-toolkit-rename-node(1p) Rename a node stored in a Wiki::Toolkit instance.
wiki-toolkit-revert-to-date(1p) Revert the state of a Wiki::Toolkit instance to an earlier point in time.
wiki-toolkit-setupdb(1p) Set up a database storage backend for Wiki::Toolkit.
wiki2beamer(1) Convert wiki-formatted text to latex-beamer code.
Wiki::Toolkit(3pm) A toolkit for building Wikis.
Wiki::Toolkit::Extending(3pm) How to extend Wiki::Toolkit with your own plugins.
Wiki::Toolkit::Feed::Atom(3pm) A Wiki::Toolkit plugin to output RecentChanges Atom.
Wiki::Toolkit::Feed::Listing(3pm) Parent class for Feeds from Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Feed::RSS(3pm) Output RecentChanges RSS for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Default(3pm) A formatter for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Multiple(3pm) Allows a Wiki::Toolkit wiki to use more than one formatter.
Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::UseMod(3pm) UseModWiki-style formatting for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::WikiLinkFormatterParent(3pm) The parent of Wiki::Toolkit formatters that work with Wiki.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin(3pm) A base class for Wiki::Toolkit plugins.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Categoriser(3pm) Category management for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Diff(3pm) Format differences between two Wiki::Toolkit pages.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::JSON(3pm) A Wiki::Toolkit plugin to output RecentChanges JSON.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Locator::Grid(3pm) A Wiki::Toolkit plugin to manage co-ordinate data.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Ping(3pm) "ping" various services when nodes are written.
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::RSS::Reader(3pm) Retrieve RSS feeds for inclusion in Wiki::Toolkit nodes.
Wiki::Toolkit::Search::Base(3pm) Base class for Wiki::Toolkit search plugins.
Wiki::Toolkit::Search::DBIxFTS(3pm) DBIx::FullTextSearch search plugin for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Search::Lucy(3pm) Use Lucy to search your Wiki::Toolkit wiki.
Wiki::Toolkit::Search::Plucene(3pm) Use Plucene to search your Wiki::Toolkit wiki.
Wiki::Toolkit::Search::SII(3pm) Search::InvertedIndex plugin for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::Database(3pm) Parent class for database storage setup classes for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::DBIxFTSMySQL(3pm) Set up fulltext indexes for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::MySQL(3pm) Set up tables for a Wiki::Toolkit store in a MySQL database.
Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::Pg(3pm) Set up tables for a Wiki::Toolkit store in a Postgres database.
Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::SII(3pm) Set up Search::InvertedIndex indexes for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::SQLite(3pm) Set up tables for a Wiki::Toolkit store in a SQLite database.
Wiki::Toolkit::Store::Database(3pm) Parent class for database storage backends for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Store::MySQL(3pm) MySQL storage backend for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Store::Pg(3pm) Postgres storage backend for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::Store::SQLite(3pm) SQLite storage backend for Wiki::Toolkit.
Wiki::Toolkit::TestConfig::Utilities(3pm) Utilities for testing Wiki::Toolkit things (deprecated).
Wiki::Toolkit::TestLib(3pm) Utilities for writing Wiki::Toolkit tests.
wikipedia(1p) Lookup an entry in the wikipedia.
wikipedia(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
wikipedia2text(1) Displays Wikipedia entries on the command line.
wildmat(3) Perform shell-style wildcard matching.
wildmidi(1) Example player for libWildMidi.
wildmidi.cfg(5) Config file for libWildMidi.
WildMidi_ClearError(3) Clear errors.
WildMidi_Close(3) Close an open midi handle.
WildMidi_ConvertBufferToMidi(3) Convert a MIDI-like buffer into a new MIDI buffer.
WildMidi_ConvertToMidi(3) Convert a MIDI-like file into a new MIDI file.
WildMidi_FastSeek(3) Move to a position in a midi file.
WildMidi_GetError(3) Return the last error message.
WildMidi_GetInfo(3) Get information on a midi.
WildMidi_GetLyric(3) Get lyrics of a midi.
WildMidi_GetMidiOutput(3) Get a midi file of a file being processed.
WildMidi_GetOutput(3) Retrieve raw audio data.
WildMidi_GetString(3) Get string from library.
WildMidi_GetVersion(3) Get the library version.
WildMidi_Init(3) Initialize the library.
WildMidi_MasterVolume(3) Sets the overall audio level of the library.
WildMidi_Open(3) Open a midi file for processing.
WildMidi_OpenBuffer(3) Open a midi file buffer for processing.
WildMidi_SetCvtOption(3) Set a conversion option for a specific midi.
WildMidi_SetOption(3) Set a library option for a specific midi.
WildMidi_Shutdown(3) Shutdown the library.
WildMidi_SongSeek(3) Move to next song.
willie(1) A highly customizable Internet Relay Chat bot.
wily(1x) Interactive text windows.
wimappend(1) ↣ wimcapture(1) Capture or append a WIM image.
wimapply(1) Apply a WIM image.
wimcapture(1) Capture or append a WIM image.
wimdelete(1) Delete an image from a WIM archive.
wimdir(1) List the files contained in a WIM image.
wimenu(1) The wmii menu program.
wimexport(1) Export image(s) from a WIM archive.
wimextract(1) Extract files from a WIM image.
wiminfo(1) Display or change information about a WIM file or image.
wimlib-imagex(1) Extract, create, modify, or mount a WIM archive.
wimlib-imagex-append(1) ↣ wimcapture(1) Capture or append a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-apply(1) ↣ wimapply(1) Apply a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-capture(1) ↣ wimcapture(1) Capture or append a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-delete(1) ↣ wimdelete(1) Delete an image from a WIM archive.
wimlib-imagex-dir(1) ↣ wimdir(1) List the files contained in a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-export(1) ↣ wimexport(1) Export image(s) from a WIM archive.
wimlib-imagex-extract(1) ↣ wimextract(1) Extract files from a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-info(1) ↣ wiminfo(1) Display or change information about a WIM file or image.
wimlib-imagex-join(1) ↣ wimjoin(1)
wimlib-imagex-mount(1) ↣ wimmount(1) Mount or unmount a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-mountrw(1) ↣ wimmount(1) Mount or unmount a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-optimize(1) ↣ wimoptimize(1) Optimize a WIM archive.
wimlib-imagex-split(1) ↣ wimsplit(1) Split a WIM archive into multiple parts.
wimlib-imagex-unmount(1) ↣ wimmount(1) Mount or unmount a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-update(1) ↣ wimupdate(1) Update a WIM image.
wimlib-imagex-verify(1) ↣ wimverify(1) Verify a WIM archive.
wimmount(1) Mount or unmount a WIM image.
wimmountrw(1) ↣ wimmount(1) Mount or unmount a WIM image.
wimoptimize(1) Optimize a WIM archive.
wimsplit(1) Split a WIM archive into multiple parts.
wimunmount(1) ↣ wimmount(1) Mount or unmount a WIM image.
wimupdate(1) Update a WIM image.
wimverify(1) Verify a WIM archive.
win(1) Terminal emulator.
win(3form) Make and break form window and subwindow associations.
win(3menu) Make and break menu window and subwindow associations.
Win32::DBIODBC(3pm) Win32::ODBC emulation layer for the DBI.
win32reg(3erl) Provides access to the registry on Windows.
Win::Hivex(3pm) Perl bindings for reading and writing Windows Registry hive files.
Win::Hivex::Regedit(3pm) Helper for reading and writing regedit format files.
win_wch(3ncurses) ↣ in_wch(3ncurses) Extract a complex character and rendition from a window.
win_wchnstr(3ncurses) ↣ in_wchstr(3ncurses) Get.
win_wchstr(3ncurses) ↣ in_wchstr(3ncurses) Get.
winbind_krb5_locator(7) A plugin for MIT and Heimdal Kerberos for detecting KDCs using Windows semantics.
winbindd(8) Name Service Switch daemon for resolving names from NT servers.
winbond-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Winbond w89c840 based Ethernet cards.
winch(3ncurses) ↣ inch(3ncurses) Get a character and attributes from a curses window.
winchnstr(3ncurses) ↣ inchstr(3ncurses) Get a string of.
winchstr(3ncurses) ↣ inchstr(3ncurses) Get a string of.
WinCommand(1x) AfterStep module for choosing and manipulating windows based on patterns.
window(3ncurses) Create.
windowfilter(1) Design an FIR digital filter by the window method.
windowlab(1x) A window manager for X11.
WindowMaker(1) ↣ wmaker(1) X11 window manager with a NEXTSTEP look.
winduprobot(6x) Screen saver.
wine-development(1) Run Windows programs on Unix.
wineboot-development(1) Perform Wine initialization, startup, and shutdown tasks.
winebuild-development(1) Wine dll builder.
winebuild-stable(1) Wine dll builder.
winecfg-development(1) Wine Configuration Editor.
wineconsole-development(1) The Wine console.
winecpp-development(1) ↣ winegcc-development(1) Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler.
winecpp-stable(1) ↣ winegcc-stable(1) Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler.
winedbg-development(1) Wine debugger.
winedump-development(1) A Wine DLL tool.
winedump-stable(1) A Wine DLL tool.
winefile-development(1) Wine File Manager.
winefish(1) LaTeX editor.
wineg++-development(1) ↣ winegcc-development(1) Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler.
wineg++-stable(1) ↣ winegcc-stable(1) Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler.
winegcc-development(1) Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler.
winegcc-stable(1) Wine C and C++ MinGW Compatible Compiler.
winemaker-development(1) Generate a build infrastructure for compiling Windows programs on Unix.
winemaker-stable(1) Generate a build infrastructure for compiling Windows programs on Unix.
winepath-development(1) Tool to convert Unix paths to/from Win32 paths.
wineserver-development(1) The Wine server.
winetricks(1) Manage virtual Windows environments using Wine.
winff(1) Video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv.
winff-gtk2(1) ↣ winff(1) Video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv.
winff-qt(1) ↣ winff(1) Video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv.
winfo(3tk) Return window-related information.
wing(6) A galaga clone.
wings3d(1) Polygon Mesh Modeler.
winicontoppm(1) Convert a Windows .ico file into 1 or more portable pixmap files.
wininfo(1) A window information utility for X.
wininst2wheel(1) Convert Windows installers to PEP 427 format binary wheels.
WinList(1x) AfterStep module displaying list of opened windows.
winnstr(3ncurses) ↣ instr(3ncurses) Get a string of characters from a.
winnwstr(3ncurses) ↣ inwstr(3ncurses) Get a string of wchar_t char‐.
winpdb(1) Platform independent Python debugger.
winpr-hash(1) NTLM hashing tool.
winpr-makecert(1) A tool to create X.509 certificates.
winrm(1) Run WQL queries on remote hosts.
winrmcp(1) Tool to copy files to remote Windows machines.
winrs(1) Run commands on a remote Microsoft Windows host.
wins_nwstr(3ncurses) ↣ ins_wstr(3ncurses) Insert a.
wins_wch(3ncurses) ↣ ins_wch(3ncurses) Insert a complex character and rendition into a window.
wins_wstr(3ncurses) ↣ ins_wstr(3ncurses) Insert a.
winsch(3ncurses) ↣ insch(3ncurses) Insert a character before cursor in a curses window.
winsdelln(3ncurses) ↣ deleteln(3ncurses) Delete and insert lines in a curses window.
winsertln(3ncurses) ↣ deleteln(3ncurses) Delete and insert lines in a curses window.
winsnstr(3ncurses) ↣ insstr(3ncurses) Insert string before cursor.
winsstr(3ncurses) ↣ insstr(3ncurses) Insert string before cursor.
winstr(3ncurses) ↣ instr(3ncurses) Get a string of characters from a.
WINT_MAX(3avr) ↣ stdint.h(3avr)
WINT_MIN(3avr) ↣ stdint.h(3avr)
WinTabs(1x) AfterStep module for arranging windows using tabs.
winwrangler(1) Small desktop daemon to perform advanced window.
winwstr(3ncurses) ↣ inwstr(3ncurses) Get a string of wchar_t char‐.
wip(3tcl) Word Interpreter.
wipe(1) Securely erase files from magnetic media.
wipefs(8) Wipe a signature from a device.
wire-test(8) Test your network interfaces and local IP address.
wirefilter(1) Wire packet filter for Virtual Distributed Ethernet.
wireframe(1) Generate wireframe G-code prints.
wireless(7) Wireless Tools and Wireless Extensions.
wireshark(1) Interactively dump and analyze network traffic.
wireshark-filter(4) Wireshark filter syntax and reference.
wish(1) ↣ wish8.6(1) Simple windowing shell.
wish8.5(1) Simple windowing shell.
wish8.6(1) Simple windowing shell.
wistrut(1) The wmii EWMH strut manager.
wit(1) Manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.
with-lock-ex(1) File locker.
withlist(8) General framework for interacting with a Mailman mailing list object.
withsctp(1) Run TCP binaries over SCTP.
witness(4freebsd) Lock validation facility.
witray(1) The wmii system tray.
wixl(1) Build Windows Installer packages.
wixl-heat(1) Builds Wix XML fragments from a list of files and directories.
wizznic(6) Implementation of the arcade classic Puzznic.
wl(4freebsd) T1 speed ISA/radio lan card.
wl_display(3) Represents a connection to the compositor and acts as a proxy to the wl_display singleton object.
wl_display_connect(3) Connect to a Wayland socket.
wl_event_loop(3) An event loop context.
wl_event_queue(3) A queue for wl_proxy object events.
wl_event_source(3) An abstract event source.
wl_list(3) Doubly-linked list.
wl_listener(3) A single listener for Wayland signals.
wl_proxy(3) Represents a protocol object on the client side.
wl_signal(3) A source of a type of observable event.
wlan(4freebsd) Generic 802.11 link-layer support.
wlan_acl(4freebsd) MAC-based ACL support for 802.11 devices.
wlan_amrr(4freebsd) AMRR rate adaptation algorithm support for 802.11 devices.
wlan_ccmp(4freebsd) AES-CCMP crypto support for 802.11 devices.
wlan_tkip(4freebsd) TKIP and Michael crypto support for 802.11 devices.
wlan_wep(4freebsd) WEP crypto support for 802.11 devices.
wlan_xauth(4freebsd) External authenticator support for 802.11 devices.
wlancfg(8) Manipulate linux-wlan-ng MIB values.
wlanctl-ng(8) Control utility for linux-wlan-ng 802.11 devices.
wland(8) Linux-wlan-ng daemon.
wlc(1) Weblate Client Documentation.
wlfreerdp(1) FreeRDP wayland client.
wlmscpfs(1) DICOM Basic Worklist Management SCP (based on data files).
wlock(1) Tests or sets a file with POSIX-fcntl() write-locks.
wlog(7) WinPR logging facility.
wlogin(1) ↣ clogin(1) Cisco login script.
wm(3tk) Communicate with window manager.
wm-icons-config(1) Show and set configuration for wm-icons.
wm2(1) Small, non-configurable Window Manager for X.
wmacpi(1) Battery status monitor for systems supporting ACPI.
wmacpi-cli(1) ↣ wmacpi(1) Battery status monitor for systems supporting ACPI.
wmagnify(1) Magnify parts of the screen.
wmail(1) Watches your inbox.
wmaker(1) X11 window manager with a NEXTSTEP look.
wmanager(1) Choose a window manager and launch it.
wmanager-loop(1) Loop running window managers chosen with wmanager.
wmanagerrc-update(1) Update your wmanager settings automatically.
wmap(3NCARG) A Package for Producing Daily Weather Maps and Plotting Station Model Data.
wmap_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all the internal parameters of Wmap.
wmauda(1) A dockable Audacious control applet.
wmb(1) Website META Language Bug Reporting Tool.
wmbarb(3NCARG) Plots wind barbs.
wmbattery(1) Dockable battery monitor.
wmbiff(1) A dockable Mailbox Monitor.
wmbiffrc(5) Configuration file for wmbiff(1).
wmbubble(1) System load monitor.
wmbutton(1) Dockable launcher application.
wmc-development(1) Wine Message Compiler.
wmc-stable(1) Wine Message Compiler.
wmcalc(1) Dockable calculator application.
wmcalclock(1) Dockable Calendar Clock.
wmCalClock(1) ↣ wmcalclock(1) Dockable Calendar Clock.
wmccc(1) WMCoinCoin Configurator.
wmcdplay(1) A cd player designed for WindowMaker.
wmcliphist(1) Provides a history to X11 selections.
wmclock(1) A dockable clock for the Window Maker window manager.
wmclockmon(1) A dockapp to monitor hour, date and alarms.
wmclockmon-cal(1) A calendar to use with wmclockmon.
wmclockmon-config(1) A program to configure wmclockmon.
wmcoincoin(1) Stupid dockapp to browse DaCode sites news and board.
wmcore(1) Dockapp that shows the usage of each core in the system.
wmcpu(1x) Program to show system information.
wmcpuload(1) A dockapp to display CPU usage.
wmctrl(1) Interact with a EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager.
wmd(1) Website META Language Documentation Browser.
wmd_missing(1) Requested Program Not Installed.
wmdate(1x) A Window Maker window manager Dock app.
wmdflt(3NCARG) Returns all values of internal parameters in the Wmap package to their default values.
wmdiskmon(1) A dockapp to monitor disks usage.
wmdocker(1) System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications.
wmdrawer(1) A dockapp providing a drawer to launch applications.
wmdrft(3NCARG) Plots weather map front lines.
wmdrrg(3NCARG) Plots weather map regions (indicating "snow", "rain", etc.), or solid regions indicating temperature.
wmemchr(3) Search a wide character in a wide-character array.
wmemchr(3posix) Find a wide character in memory.
wmemcmp(3) Compare two arrays of wide-characters.
wmemcmp(3posix) Compare wide characters in memory.
wmemcpy(3) Copy an array of wide-characters.
wmemcpy(3posix) Copy wide characters in memory.
wmemmove(3) Copy an array of wide-characters.
wmemmove(3posix) Copy wide characters in memory with overlapping areas.
wmempcpy(3) ↣ mempcpy(3) Copy memory area.
wmemset(3) Fill an array of wide-characters with a constant wide character.
wmemset(3posix) Set wide characters in memory.
wmf(1) Convert and index mails in html format.
wmfire(1) Fiery dock app monitor.
wmforecast(1) A weather dockapp for Window Maker using the Yahoo Weather API.
wmforkplop(1) Monitors forking activity and displays top CPU consuming processes.
wmfrc(5) Configuration file for wmf.
wmfrog(1) A dockapp for showing weather in graphical way.
wmfsm(1) Shows the amount of disk space available.
wmgenmenu(1) Writes a menu structure usable as ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMRootMenu to stdout.
wmget(1) Background download manager in a dockapp.
wmgetc(3NCARG) Retrieves the current character value of an internal parameter of type character.
wmgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the integral value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
wmgetr(3NCARG) Retrieves the real value of an internal parameter of type REAL.
wmgtemp(1) Temperature sensor dock app for Window Maker.
wmgui(1) GTK gui to the wiimote.
wmhdplop(1) Hard drive monitor dockapp.
wmifinfo(1) Dockapp for showing basic network info for all available interfaces.
wmifs(1) A dockable network traffic monitor.
wmii(1) Window Manager Improved².
wmii9menu(1) The wmii menu program.
wmiir(1) The wmii 9P filesystem client.
wminput(1) An event driver for the wiimote.
wmitime(1) Window Maker dock app displaying date, clock and internet time.
wmiv(1) Quick image viewer using wrlib.
wmix(1x) Dockapp mixer for OSS or ALSA.
wmk(1) Website META Language Make.
wml(1) Website META Language.
WML(5) The widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers "widget meta-language" "WML".
wml::all(3) WML Include Files Of All Categories.
wml::des::all(3) All of the Webdesign (DES) category.
wml::des::gfont(3) Graphical Font Tag.
wml::des::imgbg(3) Background Images.
wml::des::imgdot(3) 1pt Dot-Images for Webdesign.
wml::des::lowsrc(3) Create Image and LOWSRC-Attribute for IMG-Tag.
wml::des::navbar(3) Navigation Bar.
wml::des::preload(3) Preload Images.
wml::des::rollover(3) RollOver-Style Image-Button.
wml::des::space(3) Layout Space.
wml::des::typography(3) Typography.
wml::fmt::all(3) All of Formatting (FMT) category.
wml::fmt::isolatin(3) ISO-Latin-1 to HTML Entity Conversion.
wml::fmt::pod(3) Plain Old Document (POD) Format.
wml::fmt::sdf(3) Simple Document Format (SDF).
wml::fmt::text(3) Plain ASCII with Special Formatting Semantic.
wml::fmt::url(3) Recognize Uniform Resource Locator.
wml::fmt::verbatim(3) Really Preformatted Verbatim Text.
wml::fmt::xtable(3) HTML tables through Advanced Syntax.
wml::imp::all(3) All of Import (IMP) category.
wml::imp::csmap(3) Import External Server-Side Map as Inlined Client-Side Map.
wml::imp::fsview(3) View Box for Filesystem Resource.
wml::imp::generic(3) Generic Import Of External Resources.
wml::mod::all(3) All of Modularity (MOD) category.
wml::mod::MakeMaker(3) A Makefile generator.
wml::mod::version(3) Checks WML version number.
wml::std::all(3) All of Standard (STD) category.
wml::std::box(3) Easily Create Rectangular Box.
wml::std::case(3) Convert Tags to Upper or Lower Case.
wml::std::grid(3) Layout Grid.
wml::std::href(3) Enhanced Hyperlink.
wml::std::info(3) Page Information.
wml::std::label(3) Labels and References.
wml::std::lang(3) Multi-Lingual Support.
wml::std::logo(3) Logo Insertion.
wml::std::page(3) Standard HTML Page Header and Footer.
wml::std::tags(3) Standard Support Tags.
wml::std::toc(3) Table of Contents Generation.
wml::sup::all(3) All of Support (SUP) category.
wml::sup::hextriple(3) Convert #rrggbb String to RGB Value and vice versa.
wml::sup::path(3) Filesystem Path Manipulation.
wml::sys::all(3) All of System (SYS) category.
wml::sys::bootp3(3) WML Bootstrap Code for Pass 3.
wml::sys::bootp4(3) WML Bootstrap Code for Pass 4.
wml::sys::compat1(3) Backward Compatibility to WML 1.x.
wml_aux_htmlinfo(3) HTML markup code information report.
wml_aux_map2html(3) Convert server-side to client-side imagemap.
wml_faq(7) Frequently Asked Questions on WML.
wml_intro(7) An introduction to WML's basic concepts.
wml_macros(7) Writing powerful WML macros.
wml_p1_ipp(3) Include Pre-Processor.
wml_p5_divert(3) Text Diversion Filter.
wml_p6_asubst(3) Area Substitution.
wml_p7_htmlfix(3) Fixup HTML markup code.
wml_p8_htmlstrip(3) Strip HTML markup code.
wml_tags(7) Permutated index of defined WML tags.
wml_tutorial(7) Understanding WML step-by-step.
wmlabc(3NCARG) Plots weather map city names and daily hi/lows.
wmlabs(3NCARG) Plots weather map special symbols and daily weather icons.
wmlabt(3NCARG) Plots weather map regional temperatures labels (like 90s, 80s, etc.).
wmlabw(3NCARG) Plots weather map regional weather labels (like "HOT", "BREEZY", "COLD", etc.
wmlc(1) A basic WML compiler.
wmld(1) A basic WML bytecode decompiler.
wmlgnd(3NCARG) Plots weather map legends.
wmlhtml(1) WML to HTML converter.
wmload(1) Graphically display the kernel/system statistics.
wmlongrun(1) A dockapp to monitor the LongRun(tm) status on Crusoe(tm) processors.
wmlsc(1) WMLScript compiler.
wmlsdasm(1) WMLScript disassembler.
wmlv(1) Very simple text-based WML deck viewer.
wmMatrix(1) Dockable Matrix Display.
wmmemload(1) A dockapp to monitor memory/swap usages.
wmmenugen(1) Window Maker PropList menu generator.
wmmixer(1) A mixer application designed for WindowMaker.
wmmon(1) Window Maker dockapp for monitoring system information.
wmMoonClock(1) Dockable Moon Phase Clock.
wmname(1) Prints/sets window manager name.
wmnd(1) WindowMaker network device monitor.
wmnet(1x) An IP accounting monitoring tool.
wmnut(1) Dockable UPS Monitor.
wmouse_trafo(3ncurses) ↣ mouse(3ncurses) Mouse.
wmove(3ncurses) ↣ move(3ncurses) Move curses window cursor.
wmpanpan(1) Hunt down and kill wmcoincoin.
wmpinboard(1) A Window Maker dock app resembling a miniature pinboard.
wmpomme(1) WindowMaker dockapp for use with pommed.
wmppp(1) Graphically monitor the average PPP load.
wmpuzzle(6) WindowMaker dock app 4x4 puzzle.
wmrack(1) CD Player and Mixer dock applet.
wmressel(1) Dockable X11 Resolution Selector.
wmsetbg(1) Sets the background on the X11 display.
wmsetc(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type CHARACTER.
wmseti(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
wmsetr(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type REAL.
WMShell(3) The WMShell widget class "WMShell" "widget class" "WMShell".
wmslite(1) Light-weight WMS server supporting RasterLite2 DataSources.
wmstickynotes(1) Window Maker style dockapp to create sticky notes on desktop.
wmstnm(3NCARG) Plots station model data as per WMO guidelines.
wmsun(1) Dockable WindowMaker SunRise/SunSet App.
wmsysmon(1) Windowmaker dock-app for monitoring your system.
wmsystemtray(1) A system tray as a Window Maker dock app.
wmtemp(1x) WindowMaker dock applet displaying lm_sensors temperature values.
wmtime(1) Window Maker dockapp that displays the time and date.
wmtop(1) WindowMaker dockapp.
wmtv(1) Dockable video4linux TV player for WindowMaker.
wmu(1) Website META Language Upgrade Utility.
wmWeather(1) ↣ wmweather(1) Dockable weather monitor.
wmweather(1) Dockable weather monitor.
wmweather+(1x) A dock app for displaying weather information.
wmwork(1) Keep track of time worked on projects.
wmxmms2(1) A dockable XMMS2 client.
wmxres(1) Dockable application to change X modes.
wn(1WN) Command line interface to WordNet lexical database.
wnb(1WN) WordNet window-based browser interface.
wndb(5WN) WordNet database.
wngloss(7WN) Glossary of terms used in WordNet system.
wngroups(7WN) Discussion of WordNet search code to group similar verb senses.
wnintro(1WN) WordNet user commands.
wnintro(3WN) Introduction to WordNet library functions.
wnintro(5WN) Introduction to descriptions of WordNet file formats.
wnintro(7WN) Introduction to miscellaneous WordNet information.
wnlicens(7WN) Text of WordNet license.
wnoutrefresh(3ncurses) ↣ refresh(3ncurses) Refresh curses windows and lines.
wnpkgs(7WN) Description of various WordNet system packages.
wnpp-alert(1) Check for installed packages up for adoption or orphaned.
wnpp-check(1) Check if a package is being packaged or if this has been requested.
wnstats(7WN) WordNet 3.0 database statistics.
wobble(1e) Plot third base position variability in a nucleotide sequence.
wodim(1) Write data to optical disk media.
woff2sfnt(1) Covert WOFF file to OTF file.
woff2sfnt-zopfli(1) ↣ sfnt2woff-zopfli(1) Create WOFF files with Zopfli compression.
woffle(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolf4sdl-sdm(6) ↣ wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolf4sdl-sod(6) ↣ wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolf4sdl-wl1(6) ↣ wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolf4sdl-wl6(6) ↣ wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolf4sdl-wl6a(6) ↣ wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolf4sdl-wl6a1(6) ↣ wolf4sdl(6) An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter.
wolfded(6) Return to Castle Wolfenstein dedicated server.
wolfmp(6) Return to Castle Wolfenstein multi-player.
wolfram(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
wolfsp(6) Return to Castle Wolfenstein single-player.
wondershaper(8) Simple traffic shaping script.
woo(1) Manual page for ver. 1.0-1 (openmp,opengl,gts,vtk,qt4).
woo-batch(1) Manual page for usage: woo-batch [-h] [-j NUM] [--job-threads NUM] [--force-threads].
woo-py3(1) Manual page for ver. 1.0-1 (openmp,opengl,gts,vtk,qt4).
woo-py3-batch(1) Manual page for usage: woo-batch [-h] [-j NUM] [--job-threads NUM] [--force-threads].
woof(1) A small, simple, stupid webserver to share files.
wopen(1) ↣ GWorkspace(1) GNUstep Workspace Manager.
word-at-a-time(1) Parse an input file into alphanumeric words.
word-list-compress(1) Word list compressor/decompressor for GNU Aspell.
word_components(1) ↣ sgbdemos(1) Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase.
wordbib2xml(1) ↣ bibutils(1) Bibliography conversion utilities.
wordcount(1e) Count and extract unique words in molecular sequence(s).
wordexp(3) Perform word expansion like a posix-shell.
wordexp(3posix) Perform word expansions.
wordexp.h(7posix) Word-expansion types.
wordfinder(1e) Match large sequences against one or more other sequences.
wordfree(3) ↣ wordexp(3) Perform word expansion like a posix-shell.
wordgrinder(1) Console-based word processor.
wordlist2dawg(1) Convert a wordlist to a DAWG for Tesseract.
wordmatch(1e) Finds regions of identity (exact matches) of two sequences.
wordnet(1WN) ↣ wn(1WN) Command line interface to WordNet lexical database.
WordNet::QueryData(3pm) Direct perl interface to WordNet database.
wordplay(1) Anagram finder.
wordpress2blogofile(1) Migrating existing Wordpress Blog to Blogofile.
wordview(1) Displays text contained in MS-Word file in X window.
wordwarvi(6) Old school '80's style side scrolling space shoot'em up game.
work_queue_pool(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
work_queue_status(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
work_queue_worker(1) ↣ coop-computing-tools(1) Share resources in a heterogeneous, and unreliable computing environment.
worker(1) File manager for the X Window System.
workgen(1) Rt-app wrapper for simulating a real-time periodic load.
workItemFunctions(3clc) Click an item in the table below for details about that function.
worklog(1) A program for keeping track of time spent on different projects.
workrave(1) RSI prevention tool.
World(3I) Control a display. Octopussy World Statistics module.
worldtovoxel(1) ↣ voxeltoworld(1) Convert voxel coordinates to world coordinates.
worldwidescience(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
worm(6) Play the growing worm game.
wormhole(1) Securely and simply transfer data between computers.
wormhole(6x) Animation of flying through a wormhole.
wormhole-server(1) Securely and simply transfer data between computers.
worms(6) Animate worms on a display terminal.
wossdata(1e) Finds programs by EDAM data.
wossinput(1e) Finds programs by EDAM input data.
wossname(1e) Finds programs by keywords in their short description.
wossoperation(1e) Finds programs by EDAM operation.
wossoutput(1e) Finds programs by EDAM output data.
wossparam(1e) Finds programs by EDAM parameter.
wosstopic(1e) Finds programs by EDAM topic.
wotsap(1) Web of Trust statistics and pathfinder.
wouxun(1) Wrapper around the owx utility to operate CSV files directly.
wp-setup(1) Wordpress setup for Debian.
wp2t(1) ↣ wikipedia2text(1) Displays Wikipedia entries on the command line.
wp2x(1) A WordPerfect 5.0 to whatever converter.
wpa_action(8) Wpa_cli action script.
wpa_background(8) Background information on Wi-Fi Protected Access and IEEE 802.11i.
wpa_cli(8) WPA command line client.
wpa_gui(8) WPA Graphical User Interface.
wpa_passphrase(8) Generate a WPA PSK from an ASCII passphrase for a SSID.
wpa_supplicant(8) Wi-Fi Protected Access client and IEEE 802.1X supplicant.
wpa_supplicant.conf(5) Configuration file for wpa_supplicant.
wpaclean(1) Clean wpa capture files.
wpi(4freebsd) Intel 3945ABG Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 driver.
wpp(1) The Web Preprocessor.
WPrefs(1) Window Maker configuration tool.
wprintf(3) Formatted wide-character output conversion.
wprintf(3posix) Print formatted wide-character output.
wprintw(3ncurses) ↣ printw(3ncurses) Print formatted output in curses windows.
wput(1) A wget-like ftp-uploader.
wrap-and-sort(1) Wrap long lines and sort items in Debian packaging files.
wrap_log_reader(3erl) A service to read internally formatted wrap disk logs.
wraplinux(1) Create an ELF or NBI file from a Linux kernel with optional initrds.
wrapmgt(6) Wraps long lines in Smart-Go files to make them safe to post or email.
wrapper(1) Jar daemon wrapper.
WrapperFactory(1) Application wrappers configuration tool.
wrapsrv(1) DNS SRV record command line wrapper.
wraptool(1) Source dependency downloader.
wrc-development(1) Wine Resource Compiler.
wrc-stable(1) Wine Resource Compiler.
wredrawln(3ncurses) ↣ refresh(3ncurses) Refresh curses windows and lines.
wrefresh(3ncurses) ↣ refresh(3ncurses) Refresh curses windows and lines.
wreplace(1) Replace an address with the contents of stdin.
wresize(3ncurses) Resize a curses window.
wrestool(1) Extract resources from Microsoft Windows(R) binaries.
writable-paths(5) Make select paths writable.
write(1posix) Write to another user.
write(2) Write to a file descriptor.
write(2freebsd) Write output.
write(3posix) Write on a file.
write-mime-multipart(1) Utilty for creating mime-multipart files, likely for use via user data and cloud-init.
write_image1d(3clc) Write color value to location in a 1D image object.
write_image2d(3clc) Write color value to location in a 2D image object.
write_image3d(3clc) Write color value to location in a 3D image object.
write_mem_fence(3clc) Write memory barrier that orders only stores.
write_reading(3) Write a Read structure into a trace file.
write_scf(3) Write SCF files.
write_scf_header(3) ↣ write_scf(3) Write SCF files.
writeBlanks(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
writeboost(8) Create dm-writeboost device-mapper mappings.
writeboosttab(5) Mappings of cache(d) devices.
writebuffer(1) Write output to devices which don't like constant stopping and starting.
writeCellCentres(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
writeChar(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
writeCharAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
writeChtype(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
writeChtypeAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_draw(3) Cdk Drawing Functions.
writelog(1) Logfile writing daemon for gatling.
writelog(8) Add a entry to an INN log file.
writeMeshObj(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
writems(1) Create one or more MeasurementSets.
writetmp(8) Write special wtmp entries to a wtmp file.
writetype(1) Application designed to help students write more easily.
writev(2) ↣ readv(2) Read or write data into multiple buffers.
writev(2freebsd) Write output.
writev(3posix) Write a vector.
wrjpgcom(1) Insert text comments into a JPEG file.
wrmsr(1) Tool for writing CPU machine specific registers (MSR).
wrudf(1) Maintain an UDF filesystem.
ws-monitor(7) Real-time NorduGrid monitoring tool.
wsapi.cgi(1) Cgi wrapper for wsapi based dynamic pages.
wsapi.fcgi(1) Fast cgi wrapper for wsapi based dynamic pages.
wscanf(3posix) Convert formatted wide-character input.
wscanw(3ncurses) ↣ scanw(3ncurses) Convert formatted input from a curses window.
wscat(1) Communicate over websocket.
wsclean(1) Fast generic widefield interferometric imager.
wscrl(3ncurses) ↣ scroll(3ncurses) Scroll a curses window.
wsdl(1) Mono's Web Service Proxy Generator.
wsdl2(1) Mono's Web Service Proxy Generator.
wsdl2aws(1) Generate stubs and skeletons for web services.
wsdl2dispatch(1) Generate Python code skeleton for SOAP server from WSDL.
wsdl2h(1) The gSOAP WSDL/WADL/XSD processor for C and C++.
wsdl2hed(1) ARC skeleton generator.
wsdl2perl(1p) Create perl bindings for SOAP webservices.
wsdl2py(1) Generate client Python interface code from WSDL.
wserv(1) Little program to be a pipe between a screen or xterm window to the calling ircII process.
wsetscrreg(3ncurses) ↣ outopts(3ncurses) Curses output options.
wseventmgr(1) WS-MAN CLI.
wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslay_event_config_set_allowed_rsv_bits(3) Set allowed reserved bits.
wslay_event_config_set_callbacks(3) Set callback functions.
wslay_event_config_set_max_recv_msg_length(3) Set maximum length of a message that can be received.
wslay_event_config_set_no_buffering(3) Enable or disable buffering of an entire message for non-control frames.
wslay_event_context_client_init(3) Initialize an event-based API context.
wslay_event_context_free(3) Initialize an event-based API context.
wslay_event_context_server_init(3) Initialize an event-based API context.
wslay_event_get_close_received(3) Query whether a close control frame has been received.
wslay_event_get_close_sent(3) Query whether a close control frame has been sent.
wslay_event_get_queued_msg_count(3) Get the number of queued messages.
wslay_event_get_queued_msg_length(3) Get the sum of queued message length.
wslay_event_get_read_enabled(3) Query whether the event-based API context allows read operation.
wslay_event_get_status_code_received(3) Return status code received in close control frame.
wslay_event_get_status_code_sent(3) Return status code sent in close control frame.
wslay_event_get_write_enabled(3) Query whether the event-based API context allows write operation.
wslay_event_queue_close(3) Queue a close control frame.
wslay_event_queue_fragmented_msg(3) Queue a fragmented message for future transmission.
wslay_event_queue_fragmented_msg_ex(3) Queue a fragmented message for future transmission.
wslay_event_queue_msg(3) Queue a message for future transmission.
wslay_event_queue_msg_ex(3) Queue a message for future transmission.
wslay_event_recv(3) Receive messages.
wslay_event_send(3) Send any pending messages.
wslay_event_set_error(3) Set error code.
wslay_event_shutdown_read(3) Disable read operation.
wslay_event_shutdown_write(3) Disable write operation.
wslay_event_want_read(3) Tell whether the library wants to read more data.
wslay_event_want_write(3) Tell whether the library wants to send more data.
wslcred(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslecn(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslenum(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslfetch(1) Component of Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Utility.
wslget(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslid(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslinvoke(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslput(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wslsys(1) Component of Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Utility.
wslupath(1) Component of Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Utility.
wslusc(1) Component of Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Utility.
wslvar(1) Component of Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Utility.
wslview(1) Component of Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Utility.
wsman(1) Manual page for wsmancli 2.2.6 (201207311652).
wsp(4freebsd) Wellspring touchpad driver.
wsr88ddec(1) WSR88D/NEXRAD Decompression Program.
wsrep_sst_common(1) Common command line parser to be sourced by other SST scripts.
wsrep_sst_mariabackup(1) Mariabackup-based state snapshot transfer.
wsrep_sst_mysqldump(1) Mysqldump-based state snapshot transfer.
wsrep_sst_rsync(1) Rsync-based state snapshot transfer.
wsrep_sst_rsync_wan(1) Rsync_wan (rsync with delta transfers)-based state snapshot transfer.
wsrep_sst_xtrabackup(1) Xtrabackup-based state snapshot transfer.
wsrep_sst_xtrabackup-v2(1) Xtrabackup-based state snapshot transfer.
wstandend(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wstandout(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
wsyncdown(3ncurses) ↣ window(3ncurses) Create.
wsyncup(3ncurses) ↣ window(3ncurses) Create.
wtf(6) Translates acronyms for you.
wtimeout(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
wtmp(5) ↣ utmp(5) Login records.
wtoc(1) Convert a Wnn text-form dictionary (or dictionaries) into Canna text-form dictionaries.
wtouchln(3ncurses) ↣ touch(3ncurses) Curses refresh control routines.
wtstr(3NCARG) Draws a specified text string at a specified position in the user coordinate system. The call has.
wulf2html(1) A script to create an html table of cluster node statistics.
wulflogger(1) A logging utility/client for xmlsysd.
wulfstat(1) A simple project template.
wump(6) Hunt the wumpus in an underground cave.
wunctrl(3ncurses) ↣ util(3ncurses)
wunctrl_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
wuzz(1) Interactive tool for HTTP inspection.
wuzzah(1) Keep an eye out for friends on a local system.
wvAbw(1) Convert msword documents to Abiword's format.
wvCleanLatex(1) Convert msword documents to LaTeX.
wvdial(1) PPP dialer with built-in intelligence.
wvdial.conf(5) Wvdial configuration file.
wvdialconf(1) Build a configuration file for wvdial(1).
wvDVI(1) Convert msword documents to DVI.
wvgain(1) Adds ReplayGain information to wavpack files.
wvHtml(1) Convert msword documents to HTML4.0.
wvLatex(1) Convert msword documents to LaTeX.
wvline(3ncurses) ↣ border(3ncurses) Create curses.
wvline_set(3ncurses) ↣ border_set(3ncurses)
wvMime(1) View MSWord documents.
wvPDF(1) Convert msword documents to PDF.
wvPS(1) Convert msword documents to PS.
wvRTF(1) Convert msword documents to RTF.
wvSummary(1) View word document's summary info.
wvtag(1) Metadata utility for wavpack files.
wvText(1) Convert msword documents to text.
wvunpack(1) Decodes wavpack encoded files.
wvVersion(1) View word document's version #.
wvWare(1) Convert msword documents.
wvWml(1) Convert msword documents to WML.
wwan(1) Enable/disable internal wwan (3G/4G) device.
wwl(1) Maidenhead locator utility.
wwsympa(8) WWSympa, Sympa's web interface.
wwt(1) ↣ wit(1) Manipulate Wii and GameCube ISO images and WBFS containers.
WWW(3) World Wide Web Package.
WWW::Bugzilla(3pm) Handles submission/update of bugzilla bugs via WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Bugzilla::Search(3pm) Handles searching bugzilla bugs via WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::CSRF(3pm) Generate and check tokens to protect against CSRF attacks.
WWW::Curl(3pm) Perl extension interface for libcurl.
WWW::Dict::Leo::Org(3pm) Interface module to dictionary
WWW::Facebook::API(3pm) Facebook API implementation.
WWW::Facebook::API::Admin(3pm) Facebook Admin.
WWW::Facebook::API::Application(3pm) Facebook Application.
WWW::Facebook::API::Auth(3pm) Facebook Authentication.
WWW::Facebook::API::Canvas(3pm) Facebook Canvas.
WWW::Facebook::API::Comments(3pm) Facebook Comments.
WWW::Facebook::API::Connect(3pm) Facebook Connect.
WWW::Facebook::API::Data(3pm) Facebook Data.
WWW::Facebook::API::Events(3pm) Facebook Events.
WWW::Facebook::API::Exception(3pm) Facebook API exception.
WWW::Facebook::API::FBML(3pm) Facebook Markup Language.
WWW::Facebook::API::Feed(3pm) Facebook Feeds.
WWW::Facebook::API::FQL(3pm) Facebook Query Language.
WWW::Facebook::API::Friends(3pm) Facebook Friends.
WWW::Facebook::API::Groups(3pm) Facebook Groups.
WWW::Facebook::API::Intl(3pm) Facebook Intl.
WWW::Facebook::API::Links(3pm) Facebook Links.
WWW::Facebook::API::LiveMessage(3pm) Facebook LiveMessage.
WWW::Facebook::API::Message(3pm) Facebook Message.
WWW::Facebook::API::Notes(3pm) Facebook Notes.
WWW::Facebook::API::Notifications(3pm) Facebook Notifications.
WWW::Facebook::API::Pages(3pm) Facebook Pages Info.
WWW::Facebook::API::Permissions(3pm) Facebook Permissions.
WWW::Facebook::API::Photos(3pm) Facebook Photos.
WWW::Facebook::API::Profile(3pm) Facebook Profile.
WWW::Facebook::API::SMS(3pm) Facebook SMS.
WWW::Facebook::API::Status(3pm) Facebook Status.
WWW::Facebook::API::Stream(3pm) Facebook Stream.
WWW::Facebook::API::Users(3pm) Facebook Users.
WWW::Facebook::API::Video(3pm) Facebook Video.
WWW::Finger(3pm) Get useful data from e-mail addresses.
WWW::Finger::_GenericRDF(3pm) Reusable base.
WWW::Finger::BitworkingFingerProtocol(3pm) WWW::Finger module for Joe Gregorio's finger protocol.
WWW::Finger::CPAN(3pm) WWW::Finger implementation using MetaCPAN.
WWW::Finger::Fingerpoint(3pm) Investigate E-mail Addresses using Fingerpoint.
WWW::Finger::Webfinger(3pm) WWW::Finger module for Webfinger.
WWW::Form::UrlEncoded(3pm) Parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
WWW::Form::UrlEncoded::PP(3pm) Pure-perl parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
WWW::Form::UrlEncoded::XS(3pm) XS implementation of parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
WWW::Freshmeat(3pm) Automates usage of
WWW::Freshmeat::Project(3pm) Retrieve project information.
WWW::Google::Calculator(3pm) Perl interface for Google calculator.
WWW::IndexParser(3pm) Fetch and parse the directory index from a web server.
WWW::IndexParser::Entry(3pm) Object representing an item in a directory.
WWW::Mechanize(3pm) Handy web browsing in a Perl object.
WWW::Mechanize::AutoPager(3pm) Automatic Pagination using AutoPagerize.
WWW::Mechanize::Cookbook(3pm) Recipes for using WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize::Examples(3pm) Sample programs that use WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions about WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller(3pm) Framework to automate HTML forms.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value(3pm) Base class for HTML form values.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback(3pm) Call Perl code to fill out a HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Default(3pm) Fill a fixed value into an empty HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Fixed(3pm) Fill a fixed value into an HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Interactive(3pm) Ask the user to fill out a HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Keep(3pm) Leave an HTML field alone.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Random(3pm) Randomly fill out a HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Random::Chars(3pm) Fill characters into an HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Random::Date(3pm) Fill a timestamp into an HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Random::Word(3pm) Fill a word into an HTML form field.
WWW::Mechanize::GZip(3pm) Tries to fetch webpages with gzip-compression.
WWW::Mechanize::Image(3pm) Image object for WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize::Link(3pm) Link object for WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize::Shell(3pm) An interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize::TreeBuilder(3pm) Combine WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TreeBuilder in nice ways.
WWW::Mediawiki::Client(3pm) Module providing a VCS like to MediaWiki.
WWW::Mediawiki::Client::Exceptions(3pm) Exception handling for WWW::Mediawiki::Client.
WWW::NicoVideo::Download(3pm) Download FLV/MP4/SWF files from
WWW::OpenSearch(3pm) Search A9 OpenSearch compatible engines.
WWW::OpenSearch::Agent(3pm) An agent for doing OpenSearch requests.
WWW::OpenSearch::Description(3pm) Encapsulate an OpenSearch Description provided by an A9 OpenSearch compatible.
WWW::OpenSearch::Image(3pm) Object to represent an image.
WWW::OpenSearch::Query(3pm) Object to represent a sample query.
WWW::OpenSearch::Request(3pm) Encapsulate an opensearch request.
WWW::OpenSearch::Response(3pm) Encapsulate a response received from an A9 OpenSearch compatible engine.
WWW::OpenSearch::Url(3pm) Object to represent a target URL.
WWW::RobotRules(3pm) Database of robots.txt-derived permissions.
WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File(3pm) Persistent RobotRules.
WWW::Search(3pm) Virtual base class for WWW searches.
WWW::Search::AltaVista(3pm) Class for searching
WWW::Search::AltaVista::AdvancedNews(3pm) Class for advanced Alta Vista news searching.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::AdvancedWeb(3pm) Class for advanced Alta Vista web searching.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Careers(3pm) Class for searching
WWW::Search::AltaVista::DE(3pm) Class for searching www.AltaVista.DE.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Intranet(3pm) Class for searching via AltaVista Search Intranet 2.3.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Intranet3(3pm) Class for searching via AltaVista Search Intranet 3.0.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::News(3pm) Class for Alta Vista news searching.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::NL(3pm) Class for searching the dutch version of Alta Vista.
WWW::Search::AltaVista::Web(3pm) Deprecated, just use WWW::Search::AltaVista.
WWW::Search::AP(3pm) Backend for searching AP News at
WWW::Search::Ebay(3pm) Backend for searching
WWW::Search::Ebay::Auctions(3pm) Backend for searching auctions at
WWW::Search::Ebay::BuyItNow(3pm) Backend for searching eBay Buy-It-Now items.
WWW::Search::Ebay::ByEndDate(3pm) Backend for searching, with results sorted with "items ending.
WWW::Search::Ebay::BySellerID(3pm) Backend for searching eBay for items offered by a particular seller.
WWW::Search::Ebay::Category(3pm) Backend for returning entire categories on
WWW::Search::Ebay::Motors(3pm) Backend for searching eBay Motors.
WWW::Search::Ebay::Stores(3pm) Backend for searching eBay Stores.
WWW::Search::FirstGov(3pm) Class for searching
WWW::Search::Googlism(3pm) Searching Googlism.
WWW::Search::Jobserve(3pm) Backend for searching
WWW::Search::Lycos(3pm) Class for searching
WWW::Search::News(3pm) WWW::Search backend for news searches.
WWW::Search::Null(3pm) Class for searching any web site.
WWW::Search::Null::Count(3pm) Class for testing WWW::Search clients.
WWW::Search::Null::Empty(3pm) Class for testing WWW::Search clients.
WWW::Search::Null::Error(3pm) Class for testing WWW::Search clients.
WWW::Search::Null::NoVersion(3pm) Class for testing WWW::Search.
WWW::Search::Pagesjaunes(3pm) Lookup phones numbers from
WWW::Search::Result(3pm) Class for results returned from WWW::Search.
WWW::Search::Reuters(3pm) WWW::Search backend for searching Reuters News at
WWW::Search::Simple(3pm) Class for searching any web site.
WWW::Search::Test(3pm) Utilities to aid in testing WWW::Search backends.
WWW::Search::WashPost(3pm) WWW::Search backend for searching
WWW::Search::Yahoo(3pm) Backend for searching
WWW::Search::Yahoo::Korea(3pm) Class for searching Yahoo! Korea.
WWW::Search::Yahoo::News::Advanced(3pm) Search Yahoo!News using the "advanced" interface.
WWW::Search::Yahoo::UK(3pm) Class for searching Yahoo! UK (not Ireland).
WWW::SearchResult(3pm) Class for results returned from WWW::Search.
WWW::Selenium(3pm) Perl Client for the Selenium Remote Control test tool.
WWW::Selenium::Util(3pm) Utility code to help test using Selenium.
WWW::Shorten(3pm) Interface to URL shortening sites.
WWW::Shorten::5gp(3pm) Shorten URLs using.
WWW::Shorten::_dead(3pm) Where dead link-shortening services go.
WWW::Shorten::Debli(3pm) Perl interface to
WWW::Shorten::generic(3pm) Methods shared across all WWW::Shorten modules.
WWW::Shorten::GitHub(3pm) Shorten GitHub URLs using GitHub's URL shortener -
WWW::Shorten::LinkToolbot(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Linkz(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::MakeAShorterLink(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Metamark(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Qurl(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Qwer(3pm) (DEPRECATED) URL Shorten Service.
WWW::Shorten::Simple(3pm) Factory wrapper around WWW::Shorten to avoid imports.
WWW::Shorten::TinyClick(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::Tinylink(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Shorten URLs.
WWW::Shorten::TinyURL(3pm) Perl interface to.
WWW::Shorten::UserAgent(3pm) LWP::UserAgent subclass for WWW::Shorten modules.
WWW::Topica(3pm) Read emails from a Topica mailing list.
WWW::Topica::Index(3pm) Parse a single Topic mailing list index.
WWW::Topica::Mail(3pm) Parse a single Topica mailing list mail.
WWW::Topica::Reply(3pm) Parse a single Topic mailing list index.
WWW::Wikipedia(3pm) Automated interface to the Wikipedia.
WWW::Wikipedia::Entry(3pm) A class for representing a Wikipedia Entry.
WWW::YouTube::Download(3pm) Very simple YouTube video download interface.
WWWBrowser(3pm) Platform independent means to start a WWW browser.
wwwifetch(1) Web presentation tool of ifetch-tools.
wx(3erl) A port of wxWidgets.
Wx(3pm) Interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit.
wx-config(1) WxWidgets configuration search and query tool.
Wx::Api(3pm) WxPerl extension API documentation.
Wx::build::MakeMaker(3pm) ExtUtils::MakeMaker specialisation for wxPerl modules.
Wx::build::Options(3pm) Retrieve wxWidgets/wxPerl build options.
Wx::build::Utils(3pm) Utility routines.
Wx::GLCanvas(3pm) Interface to wxWidgets' OpenGL canvas.
Wx::Loader(3pm) Using custom dll loaders with Wx.
Wx::NewClass(3pm) Adding a new class to wxPerl.
Wx::Perl::Carp(3pm) A replacement for Carp in Wx applications.
Wx::Perl::DataWalker(3pm) Perl extension for blah blah blah.
Wx::Perl::ProcessStream(3pm) Access IO of external processes via events.
Wx::Perl::SplashFast(3pm) Fast splash screen for the Wx module.
Wx::Perl::TextValidator(3pm) Perl replacement for wxTextValidator.
Wx::Scintilla(3pm) Scintilla source code editing component for wxWidgets.
Wx::Scintilla::Constant(3pm) A list of Wx::Scintilla constants.
Wx::Scintilla::Manual(3pm) What is Wx::Scintilla, and how do I use it?.
Wx::Socket(3pm) WxSocket* classes.
Wx::Thread(3pm) Using wxPerl with threads.
wx_misc(3erl) See external documentation: Misc.
wx_object(3erl) Wx_object - Generic wx object behaviour.
wxAcceleratorEntry(3erl) See external documentation: wxAcceleratorEntry.
wxAcceleratorTable(3erl) See external documentation: wxAcceleratorTable.
wxActivateEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxActivateEvent.
wxArtProvider(3erl) See external documentation: wxArtProvider.
wxAstroCapture(1) Program to stack and interpret astronomic images.
wxAuiDockArt(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiDockArt.
wxAuiManager(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiManager.
wxAuiManagerEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiManagerEvent.
wxAuiNotebook(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiNotebook.
wxAuiNotebookEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiNotebookEvent.
wxAuiPaneInfo(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiPaneInfo.
wxAuiSimpleTabArt(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiSimpleTabArt.
wxAuiTabArt(3erl) See external documentation: wxAuiTabArt.
wxbanker(1) Simple personal finance.
wxBitmap(3erl) See external documentation: wxBitmap.
wxBitmapButton(3erl) See external documentation: wxBitmapButton.
wxBitmapDataObject(3erl) See external documentation: wxBitmapDataObject.
wxBoxSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxBoxSizer.
wxBrush(3erl) See external documentation: wxBrush.
wxBTreeDemo(1) B+ Tree demonstration program.
wxBufferedDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxBufferedDC.
wxBufferedPaintDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxBufferedPaintDC.
wxButton(3erl) See external documentation: wxButton.
wxCalendarCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxCalendarCtrl.
wxCalendarDateAttr(3erl) See external documentation: wxCalendarDateAttr.
wxCalendarEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxCalendarEvent.
wxCaret(3erl) See external documentation: wxCaret.
wxcas(1) Wx c aMule statistics.
wxCheckBox(3erl) See external documentation: wxCheckBox.
wxCheckListBox(3erl) See external documentation: wxCheckListBox.
wxChildFocusEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxChildFocusEvent.
wxChoice(3erl) See external documentation: wxChoice.
wxChoicebook(3erl) See external documentation: wxChoicebook.
wxClientDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxClientDC.
wxClipboard(3erl) See external documentation: wxClipboard.
wxClipboardTextEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxClipboardTextEvent.
wxCloseEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxCloseEvent.
wxColourData(3erl) See external documentation: wxColourData.
wxColourDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxColourDialog.
wxColourPickerCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxColourPickerCtrl.
wxColourPickerEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxColourPickerEvent.
wxComboBox(3erl) See external documentation: wxComboBox.
wxCommandEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxCommandEvent.
wxContextMenuEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxContextMenuEvent.
wxControl(3erl) See external documentation: wxControl.
wxControlWithItems(3erl) See external documentation: wxControlWithItems.
wxcopy(1) Copy stdin or file into X11 cutbuffer.
wxCursor(3erl) See external documentation: wxCursor.
wxDataObject(3erl) See external documentation: wxDataObject.
wxDateEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxDateEvent.
wxDatePickerCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxDatePickerCtrl.
wxDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxDC.
wxDCOverlay(3erl) See external documentation: wxDCOverlay.
wxDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxDialog.
wxDirDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxDirDialog.
wxDirPickerCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxDirPickerCtrl.
wxDisplayChangedEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxDisplayChangedEvent.
wxDropFilesEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxDropFilesEvent.
wxEraseEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxEraseEvent.
wxEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxEvent.
wxEvtHandler(3erl) The Event handler.
wxFileDataObject(3erl) See external documentation: wxFileDataObject.
wxFileDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxFileDialog.
wxFileDirPickerEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxFileDirPickerEvent.
wxFilePickerCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxFilePickerCtrl.
wxFindReplaceData(3erl) See external documentation: wxFindReplaceData.
wxFindReplaceDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxFindReplaceDialog.
wxFlexGridSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxFlexGridSizer.
wxFocusEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxFocusEvent.
wxFont(3erl) See external documentation: wxFont.
wxFontData(3erl) See external documentation: wxFontData.
wxFontDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxFontDialog.
wxFontPickerCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxFontPickerCtrl.
wxFontPickerEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxFontPickerEvent.
wxFrame(3erl) See external documentation: wxFrame.
wxGauge(3erl) See external documentation: wxGauge.
wxGBSizerItem(3erl) See external documentation: wxGBSizerItem.
wxGenericDirCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxGenericDirCtrl.
wxglade(1) Python program to build user interfaces based on the wxWidgets toolset.
wxGLCanvas(3erl) See external documentation: wxGLCanvas.
wxGraphicsBrush(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsBrush.
wxGraphicsContext(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsContext.
wxGraphicsFont(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsFont.
wxGraphicsMatrix(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsMatrix.
wxGraphicsObject(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsObject.
wxGraphicsPath(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsPath.
wxGraphicsPen(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsPen.
wxGraphicsRenderer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGraphicsRenderer.
wxGrid(3erl) See external documentation: wxGrid.
wxGridBagSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridBagSizer.
wxGridCellAttr(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellAttr.
wxGridCellBoolEditor(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellBoolEditor.
wxGridCellBoolRenderer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellBoolRenderer.
wxGridCellChoiceEditor(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellChoiceEditor.
wxGridCellEditor(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellEditor.
wxGridCellFloatEditor(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellFloatEditor.
wxGridCellFloatRenderer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellFloatRenderer.
wxGridCellNumberEditor(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellNumberEditor.
wxGridCellNumberRenderer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellNumberRenderer.
wxGridCellRenderer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellRenderer.
wxGridCellStringRenderer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellStringRenderer.
wxGridCellTextEditor(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridCellTextEditor.
wxGridEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridEvent.
wxGridSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxGridSizer.
wxHelpEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxHelpEvent.
wxHtmlEasyPrinting(3erl) See external documentation: wxHtmlEasyPrinting.
wxHtmlLinkEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxHtmlLinkEvent.
wxHtmlWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxHtmlWindow.
wxIcon(3erl) See external documentation: wxIcon.
wxIconBundle(3erl) See external documentation: wxIconBundle.
wxIconizeEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxIconizeEvent.
wxIdleEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxIdleEvent.
wxImage(3erl) See external documentation: wxImage.
wxImageList(3erl) See external documentation: wxImageList.
wxInitDialogEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxInitDialogEvent.
wxJoystickEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxJoystickEvent.
wxKeyEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxKeyEvent.
wxlauncher(6) Launcher for the Freespace 2 Source Code Project.
wxLayoutAlgorithm(3erl) See external documentation: wxLayoutAlgorithm.
wxListbook(3erl) See external documentation: wxListbook.
wxListBox(3erl) See external documentation: wxListBox.
wxListCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxListCtrl.
wxListEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxListEvent.
wxListItem(3erl) See external documentation: wxListItem.
wxListItemAttr(3erl) See external documentation: wxListItemAttr.
wxListView(3erl) See external documentation: wxListView.
wxLocale(3erl) See external documentation: wxLocale.
wxLogNull(3erl) See external documentation: wxLogNull.
wxMask(3erl) See external documentation: wxMask.
wxmaxima(1) WxWidgets interface for maxima.
wxMaximizeEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxMaximizeEvent.
wxMDIChildFrame(3erl) See external documentation: wxMDIChildFrame.
wxMDIClientWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxMDIClientWindow.
wxMDIParentFrame(3erl) See external documentation: wxMDIParentFrame.
wxMemoryDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxMemoryDC.
wxMenu(3erl) See external documentation: wxMenu.
wxMenuBar(3erl) See external documentation: wxMenuBar.
wxMenuEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxMenuEvent.
wxMenuItem(3erl) See external documentation: wxMenuItem.
wxMessageDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxMessageDialog.
wxMiniFrame(3erl) See external documentation: wxMiniFrame.
wxMirrorDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxMirrorDC.
wxmlgetvalue(1) ↣ wsl(1) A shell based command line client for WSMAN servers.
wxMouseCaptureChangedEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxMouseCaptureChangedEvent.
wxMouseCaptureLostEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxMouseCaptureLostEvent.
wxMouseEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxMouseEvent.
wxMoveEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxMoveEvent.
wxMultiChoiceDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxMultiChoiceDialog.
wxNavigationKeyEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxNavigationKeyEvent.
wxNotebook(3erl) See external documentation: wxNotebook.
wxNotebookEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxNotebookEvent.
wxNotifyEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxNotifyEvent.
wxOverlay(3erl) See external documentation: wxOverlay.
wxPageSetupDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxPageSetupDialog.
wxPageSetupDialogData(3erl) See external documentation: wxPageSetupDialogData.
wxPaintDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxPaintDC.
wxPaintEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxPaintEvent.
wxPalette(3erl) See external documentation: wxPalette.
wxPaletteChangedEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxPaletteChangedEvent.
wxPanel(3erl) See external documentation: wxPanel.
wxPasswordEntryDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxPasswordEntryDialog.
wxpaste(1) Output a cutbuffer to stdout.
wxPen(3erl) See external documentation: wxPen.
wxperl_overload(1p) Create overload declarations for wxPerl extensions.
wxPickerBase(3erl) See external documentation: wxPickerBase.
wxPopupTransientWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxPopupTransientWindow.
wxPopupWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxPopupWindow.
wxPostScriptDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxPostScriptDC.
wxPreviewCanvas(3erl) See external documentation: wxPreviewCanvas.
wxPreviewControlBar(3erl) See external documentation: wxPreviewControlBar.
wxPreviewFrame(3erl) See external documentation: wxPreviewFrame.
wxPrintData(3erl) See external documentation: wxPrintData.
wxPrintDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxPrintDialog.
wxPrintDialogData(3erl) See external documentation: wxPrintDialogData.
wxPrinter(3erl) See external documentation: wxPrinter.
wxPrintout(3erl) See external documentation: wxPrintout.
wxPrintPreview(3erl) See external documentation: wxPrintPreview.
wxProgressDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxProgressDialog.
wxpyimgview(1grass) Views BMP images from the PNG driver.
wxQueryNewPaletteEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxQueryNewPaletteEvent.
wxRadioBox(3erl) See external documentation: wxRadioBox.
wxRadioButton(3erl) See external documentation: wxRadioButton.
wxrc(1) ↣ wxrc-tools(1) Command line compiler for wx xml resources.
wxrc-tools(1) Command line compiler for wx xml resources.
wxRegion(3erl) See external documentation: wxRegion.
wxSashEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxSashEvent.
wxSashLayoutWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxSashLayoutWindow.
wxSashWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxSashWindow.
wxScreenDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxScreenDC.
wxScrollBar(3erl) See external documentation: wxScrollBar.
wxScrolledWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxScrolledWindow.
wxScrollEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxScrollEvent.
wxScrollWinEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxScrollWinEvent.
wxSetCursorEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxSetCursorEvent.
wxShowEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxShowEvent.
wxSingleChoiceDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxSingleChoiceDialog.
wxSizeEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxSizeEvent.
wxSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxSizer.
wxSizerFlags(3erl) See external documentation: wxSizerFlags.
wxSizerItem(3erl) See external documentation: wxSizerItem.
wxSlider(3erl) See external documentation: wxSlider.
wxSpinButton(3erl) See external documentation: wxSpinButton.
wxSpinCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxSpinCtrl.
wxSpinEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxSpinEvent.
wxSplashScreen(3erl) See external documentation: wxSplashScreen.
wxSplitterEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxSplitterEvent.
wxSplitterWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxSplitterWindow.
wxStaticBitmap(3erl) See external documentation: wxStaticBitmap.
wxStaticBox(3erl) See external documentation: wxStaticBox.
wxStaticBoxSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxStaticBoxSizer.
wxStaticLine(3erl) See external documentation: wxStaticLine.
wxStaticText(3erl) See external documentation: wxStaticText.
wxStatusBar(3erl) See external documentation: wxStatusBar.
wxStdDialogButtonSizer(3erl) See external documentation: wxStdDialogButtonSizer.
wxStyledTextCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxStyledTextCtrl.
wxStyledTextEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxStyledTextEvent.
wxSysColourChangedEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxSysColourChangedEvent.
wxSystemOptions(3erl) See external documentation: wxSystemOptions.
wxSystemSettings(3erl) See external documentation: wxSystemSettings.
wxTaskBarIcon(3erl) See external documentation: wxTaskBarIcon.
wxTaskBarIconEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxTaskBarIconEvent.
wxTextAttr(3erl) See external documentation: wxTextAttr.
wxTextCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxTextCtrl.
wxTextDataObject(3erl) See external documentation: wxTextDataObject.
wxTextEntryDialog(3erl) See external documentation: wxTextEntryDialog.
wxToggleButton(3erl) See external documentation: wxToggleButton.
wxToolBar(3erl) See external documentation: wxToolBar.
wxToolbook(3erl) See external documentation: wxToolbook.
wxToolTip(3erl) See external documentation: wxToolTip.
wxTopLevelWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxTopLevelWindow.
wxTreebook(3erl) See external documentation: wxTreebook.
wxTreeCtrl(3erl) See external documentation: wxTreeCtrl.
wxTreeEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxTreeEvent.
wxUpdateUIEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxUpdateUIEvent.
wxWindow(3erl) See external documentation: wxWindow.
wxWindowCreateEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxWindowCreateEvent.
wxWindowDC(3erl) See external documentation: wxWindowDC.
wxWindowDestroyEvent(3erl) See external documentation: wxWindowDestroyEvent.
wxXmlResource(3erl) See external documentation: wxXmlResource.
wyrd(1) A text-based front-end to remind(1), a sophisticated calendar and alarm program.
wyrdrc(5) The configuration textfile for the wyrd(1) console calendar application.
wzip(1) Lossy data compression and denoising.
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