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y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y0(3posix) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y0f(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y0l(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y1(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y1f(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y1l(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
y2racc(1) Yacc grammar to racc grammar.
y4mcolorbars(1) Create a YUV4MPEG2 stream containing a colorbar test pattern.
y4mdenoise(1) Motion-compensating YUV4MPEG-frame denoiser.
y4mscaler(1) Scale/crop/translate a YUV4MPEG2 stream.
y4mtopnm(1) Convert a YUV4MPEG2 stream to PNM images.
y4mtoppm(1) Convert YUV4MPEG2 stream to PPM images.
y4munsharp(1) Unsharp filter for YUV4MPEG2 streams.
yabar(1) A modern and lightweight status bar for X window managers.
yabasic(1) Yet another Basic.
yabause-gtk(1) Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator.
yabause-qt(1) Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator.
yacas(1) Small and flexible general-purpose computer algebra system.
yacas_client(1) ↣ yacas(1) Small and flexible general-purpose computer algebra system.
yacc(1plan9) Yet another compiler-compiler.
yacc(1posix) Yet another compiler compiler (DEVELOPMENT).
yacpi(1) Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface.
yacy(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
yad(1) Display GTK+ dialogs in shell scripts.
yade(1) Manual page for Yade version: 2018.02b.
yade-batch(1) Manual page for Yade version: 2018.02b, features: Odeint VTK OpenMP GTS GUI-Qt5 CGAL PFVFLOW TWOPHASE‐.
yadifa(8) Utility for controlling yadifad(8).
yadifa.rc(5) Is the configuration file for yadifa(8).
yadifad(8) An authoritative Internet domain name server.
yadifad.conf(5) Configuration file for yadifad(8).
yadm(1) Yet Another Dotfiles Manager.
yafc(1) Yet another FTP client.
yagf(1) Graphical interface for cuneiform and tesseract.
yaggo(1) Generate command line parser using getopt_long.
yagi(1) Yagi-Uda project antenna current calculator.
yagi(5) Yagi binary output format.
yagtd(1) Utility to help organize your to-do lists.
yagv(1) Visualize 3D-printing G-code files.
yahoo(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
yahoo2mbox(1) Retrieve and store Yahoo! Groups messages.
yahooquote(1p) Get stock quotes from Yahoo!.
yahtzeesharp(1) Sort of poker with dice and less money.
yakuake(1) A Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.
yamdi(1) Yet another metadata injector (flv).
yamidecode(1) Decode application based on libyami.
yamiencode(1) Encode application based on libyami.
yamiinfo(1) Display supported features and capabilities by yami.
yamitranscode(1) Transcode application base on libyami.
yamivpp(1) Vpp application base on libyami.
YAML(3pm) YAML Ain't Markup Language™.
yaml(3tcl) YAML Format Encoder/Decoder.
YAML::Any(3pm) Pick a YAML implementation and use it.
YAML::AppConfig(3pm) Manage configuration files with YAML and variable references.
YAML::Dumper(3pm) YAML class for dumping Perl objects to YAML.
YAML::Dumper::Base(3pm) Base class for YAML Dumper classes.
YAML::Error(3pm) Error formatting class for YAML modules.
YAML::LibYAML(3pm) Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml.
YAML::Loader(3pm) YAML class for loading Perl objects to YAML.
YAML::Loader::Base(3pm) Base class for YAML Loader classes.
YAML::Marshall(3pm) YAML marshalling class you can mixin to your classes.
YAML::Node(3pm) A generic data node that encapsulates YAML information.
YAML::Shell(3pm) The YAML Test Shell for Perl5.
YAML::Syck(3pm) Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper.
YAML::Tag(3pm) Tag URI object class for YAML.
YAML::Tiny(3pm) Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible.
YAML::Types(3pm) Marshall Perl internal data types to/from YAML.
YAML::XS(3pm) Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml.
YAML::XS::LibYAML(3pm) An XS Wrapper Module of libyaml.
yample(1) Yet Another Mail Processing Language.
yandex(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
yangcli(1) YANG-based NETCONF-over-SSH client application.
yank(1) Yank terminal output to clipboard.
yank(1e) Add a sequence reference (a full USA) to a list file.
yao(1) Adaptive Optics simulation tool in yorick.
yap(1) Prolog interpreter and compiler.
yapet(1) Text based password manager.
yapet2csv(1) Convert YAPET file to CSV file.
yapet_colors(5) Format of YAPET color configuration.
yapet_config(5) Format of YAPET configuration file.
yapf(1) Python code formatter.
yapf3(1) Python code formatter.
yapp(1p) A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapp module.
yapps(1) Create a Python module from a grammar file.
yapra(1) Pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator.
yaps(1) Converts an abc file to a PostScript file.
yara(1) Find files matching patterns and rules written in a special-purpose language.
yarac(1) Compile rules to yara.
yard(1) Documentation tool for Ruby.
yardoc(1) Ruby tool to generate documentation for the Ruby programming language.
yaret(1) Yet another Ripper Encoder Tagger.
yarn(1) Scenario testing of Unix command line tools.
yasat(8) Simple stupid audit tool.
yash(1) A POSIX-compliant command line shell.
yasiti(6) ↣ blackhole(6) Draws funny things on an XDisplay.
yaskkserv_hairy(1) Yet Another SKK SERVer (feature-rich version).
yaskkserv_make_dictionary(1) Dictionary converter for yaskkserv.
yaskkserv_normal(1) Yet Another SKK SERVer (generic version).
yaskkserv_simple(1) Yet Another SKK SERVer (simple version).
yasm(1) The Yasm Modular Assembler.
yasm_arch(7) Yasm Supported Target Architectures.
yasm_dbgfmts(7) Yasm Supported Debugging Formats.
yasm_objfmts(7) Yasm Supported Object Formats.
yasm_parsers(7) Yasm Supported Parsers (Assembler Syntaxes).
yasr(1) Is an attempt at a lightweight, portable screen reader.
yasw(1) An application used to correct images taken with a camera while scanning a book.
yat2m(1) Yet Another Texinfo to Man Converter 1.27.
yatm(1) Yet Another Time Machine.
yaws(1) Yet another webserver.
yaws.conf(5) Configuration file for the Yaws web server.
yaws_api(5) Api available to yaws web server programmers.
yaws_soap_lib(5) Api for the yaws soap-functionality.
yaz(7) Z39.50 toolkit.
yaz-asncomp(1) YAZ ASN.1 compiler.
yaz-client(1) Z39.50/SRU client for implementors.
yaz-config(1) Script to get information about YAZ.
yaz-iconv(1) YAZ Character set conversion utility.
yaz-icu(1) YAZ ICU utility.
yaz-illclient(1) ILL client.
yaz-json-parse(1) YAZ JSON parser.
yaz-log(7) Log handling in all yaz-based programs.
yaz-marcdump(1) MARC record dump utility.
yaz-record-conv(1) YAZ Record Conversion Utility.
yaz-url(1) YAZ URL fetch utility.
yaz-ztest(8) Z39.50/SRU Test Server.
yazc(1) Yet another zip cracker.
yazpp-config(1) Script to get information about YAZ++.
ybmtopbm(1) Convert a Bennet Yee "face" file into a portable bitmap.
ycmd(1) Code-completion and comprehension server.
ydpdict(1) An interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries.
ydump(1) JSON pretty printer.
yeahconsole(1) Drop-down X terminal emulator wrapper.
year(3avr) ↣ week_date(3avr)
yecc(3erl) LALR-1 Parser Generator.
yellowfin-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Ethernet cards based on the "Yellowfin" G-NIC-I chip.
yelp(1) Browse system documentation.
yencode(3tcl) Y-encode/decode binary data.
yersinia(8) A Framework for layer 2 attacks.
yes(1) Output a string repeatedly until killed.
yexpand(1) Tool to expand environment variables in Nypatchy cradles.
yforth(1) A small, free Forth implementation.
yield(3tcl) ↣ coroutine(3tcl) Create and produce values from coroutines.
yieldto(3tcl) ↣ coroutine(3tcl) Create and produce values from coroutines.
yiqrgb(3NCARG) Converts a color specification given in the YIQ color space to the equivalent color specification in.
ykchalresp(1) Perform challenge-response operation with YubiKey.
ykclient(1) YubiCloud One-Time-Password Validation Client.
ykgenerate(1) Construct and encrypt an OTP from given data.
ykinfo(1) Get basic information from a YubiKey.
ykneomgr(1) YubiKey NEO management tool.
ykpamcfg(1) Manage user settings for the Yubico PAM module.
ykparse(1) Decrypt and show information inside a YubiKey OTP.
ykpersonalize(1) Personalize YubiKey OTP tokens.
ykushcmd(1) Control application for Yepkit YKUSH Switchable USB Hub board.
ykval-checksum-clients(1) Calculate a checksum of all Client Info data.
ykval-checksum-deactivated(1) Calculate a checksum of deactivated YubiKeys.
ykval-export(1) Exports Yubikey Info data from the yubikey-val server.
ykval-export-clients(1) Exports Client Info data from the yubikey-val server.
ykval-gen-clients(1) Generate Yubikey API clients.
ykval-import(1) Imports Yubikey Info data into the yubikey-val server.
ykval-import-clients(1) Imports Yubikey client data into the yubikey-val server.
ykval-nagios-queuelength(1) Check the current sync queuelength for the yubikey-val server.
ykval-queue(1) Sync servers in a yubikey-val sync pool.
ykval-synchronize(1) Request synchronization from servers in a yubikey-val sync pool.
ym2wav(1) A commandline YM to WAV audio converter.
ymira(1) Reconstruct an image from optical interferometric data.
ymplayer(1) A curses based player for the YM chiptune format.
yn(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
ynf(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
ynl(3) ↣ y0(3) Bessel functions of the second kind.
yodl(1) Main Yodl converter.
yodl2html(1) ↣ yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodl2latex(1) ↣ yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodl2man(1) ↣ yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodl2txt(1) ↣ yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodl2whatever(1) ↣ yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodl2xml(1) ↣ yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodlbuiltins(7) Builtins for the Yodl converters.
yodlconverters(1) Miscellaneous Yodl converters.
yodlletter(7) Yodl’s `letter’ document type.
yodlmacros(7) Macros for the Yodl converters.
yodlmanpage(7) Yodl’s `manpage’ document type.
yodlpost(1) Yodl post-processor.
yodlstriproff(1) Strip ASCII control characters.
yodltables(7) Yodl’s table support.
yodlverbinsert(1) Generate verb-sections from parts of a file.
yokadi(1) Commandline todo system.
yokadid(1) Commandline todo system.
yorick(1) Interpreted language for numerical analysis and postprocessing.
yoshimi(1) A software music synthesiser.
yosys(1) Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite.
yosys-abc(1) Symlink to berkeley-abc.
yosys-config(1) Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite Config.
yosys-filterlib(1) Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite Filterlib.
yosys-smtbmc(1) Write design to SMT2-LIBv2 file.
youker-assistant(1) Launch kylin-assistant frontends.
youtube(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
youtube-dl(1) Download videos from or other video platforms.
youtube-download(1p) Download video(s) from YouTube.
youtube-playlists(1p) Find a YouTube video URLs from playlist(s).
yowsup-cli(1) Command line tool that acts as WhatsApp client.
yp.conf(5) NIS binding configuration file.
yp_dump_binding(8) Dump binding files.
ypatchy(1) ↣ nypatchy(1) Tool to work with specialized-format patches.
ypbind(8) NIS binding process.
ypbind_selinux(8) Security Enhanced Linux Policy for NIS.
ypcat(1) Print values of all keys in a NIS database.
ypdomainname(1) ↣ hostname(1) Show or set the system's host name.
yphelper(8) Helper application for internal use.
ypinit(8) NIS database install and build program.
ypmatch(1) Print the values of one or more keys from a NIS map.
yppasswd(1) Change your password in the NIS database.
yppoll(8) Return version and master server of a NIS map.
yppush(8) Force propagation of changed NIS databases.
ypserv(8) NIS server.
ypserv.conf(5) Configuration file for ypserv and rpc.ypxfrd.
ypset(8) Bind ypbind to a particular NIS server.
yptest(8) Test NIS configuration.
ypwhich(1) Return name of NIS server or map master.
ypxfr(8) Transfer NIS database from remote server to local host.
yri(1) Documentation tool in console for Ruby.
yrmcdsd(8) Memcached compatible KVS with master/slave replication.
ysh(1p) The YAML Test Shell.
yt(1) Command-line tool allowing to access some of yt's basic functionality without opening a python inter‐.
yt2(1) Command-line tool allowing to access some of yt's basic functionality without opening a python inter‐.
yt_lodgeit(1) Yt_lodgeit - pastebin tool for yt.
yt_lodgeit2(1) Yt_lodgeit - pastebin tool for yt.
ytalk(1) A multi-user chat program.
ytasm(1) TASM Frontend For The Yasm Modular Assembler.
ytree(1) File Manager -.
yubico-piv-tool(1) Yubico PIV tool.
yubikey-luks-enroll(1) Enroll your yubikey for usage with LUKS.
yubikey-personalization-gui(1) Personalize YubiKey OTP tokens.
yubikey-totp(1) Produce an OATH TOTP code using a YubiKey.
yubioath(1) Yubico Authenticator command line interface.
yubioath-gui(1) Yubico Authenticator graphical interface.
yubiserver(1) Simple and lightweight Yubikey OTP and HOTP/OATH validation server.
yubiserver-admin(1) Administration tool for the yubiserver Yubikey OTP and HOTP/OATH validation server.
yubnub(1sr) ↣ elvi(1sr) Surfraw(1) search tools.
yudit(1) Unicode Editor for The X Window System.
yui-compressor(1) JavaScript/CSS minifier.
yum(8) Yellowdog Updater Modified.
yum-builddep(1) Install missing dependencies for building an RPM package.
yum-complete-transaction(8) Attempt to complete failed or aborted Yum transactions.
yum-config-manager(1) Manage yum configuration options and yum repositories.
yum-groups-manager(1) Create and edit yum's group metadata.
yum-shell(8) Yellowdog Updater Modified shell.
yum-utils(1) Tools for manipulating repositories and extended package management.
yum.conf(5) Configuration file for yum(8).
yumdb(8) Query and alter the Yum database.
yumdownloader(1) Download RPM packages from Yum repositories.
yumgroup2yumi(1) Read yumgroups and create ldif files for use.
yuv2lav(1) Encodes lavtool's raw YUV frame streams into MJPEG files.
yuv4mpeg(5) Video stream format used by pipe-based MJPEGtools.
yuvdenoise(1) Motion-Compensating-YUV4MPEG2-frame-denoiser.
yuvfps(1) Converts to a different frame rate.
yuvinactive(1) Set a part of the video to a defined state.
yuvkineco(1) Revert 2-3 pulldown movie.
yuvmedianfilter(1) A filter for yuv images produced by the mjpeg tools.
yuvplay(1) Display YUV4MPEG2 streams (using SDL).
yuvscaler(1) UPscales or DOWNscales a YUV4MPEG2 stream to a specified format.
yuvsplittoppm(1) Convert a Y- and a U- and a V-file into a portable pixmap.
yuvsum(1) YUV conversion program from the GATOS package.
yuvtoppm(1) Convert Abekas YUV bytes into a portable pixmap.
yuvycsnoise(1) Noise filter specialized for NTSC Y/C separation noise.
yyextract(1) Extract grammar rules from a yacc grammar.
yyref(1) Generate cross-reference for yacc input.
yyt(1) A psuedo tty program which automatically converts among Chinese encodings.
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