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Alphabetical index (Z).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
z-push-admin(1) Device and user administration for Z-push.
z-push-gab2contacts(1) Synchronize Global Address Book data to a contact folder.
z-push-gabsync(1) Synchronize Global Address Book data.
z-push-top(1) Top-like overview of Z-push.
z3(1) A state-of-the art theorem prover from Microsoft Research.
z80asm(1) Assembler for the Z80 microprocessor.
z80dasm(1) Z80 assembly generating disassembler.
zabbix-java-gateway.jar(1) Zabbix Java/JMX monitoring agent. AAT Zabbix module.
zabbix_agentd(8) Zabbix agent daemon.
zabbix_get(1) Zabbix get utility.
zabbix_proxy(8) Zabbix proxy daemon.
zabbix_sender(1) Zabbix sender utility.
zabbix_server(8) Zabbix server daemon.
zactor(3) Class for simple actor framework.
zalign(1) Parallel local alignment of biological sequences.
zangband(6) Is a graphical dungeon adventure game in the vein of rogue.
zap(1) A collection of.
zapping(1) A Gnome TV and Teletext viewer.
zapping_remote(1) Sends commands to a running instance of Zapping.
zapping_setup_fb(1) Prepares V4L/V4L2 driver for overlay.
zargs(3) Class for Platform independent command line argument parsing helpers.
zarmour(3) Class for armoured text encoding and decoding.
zart(1) G'MIC image processing language demonstration.
zatacka(6) Arcade multiplayer game like nibbles.
zathura(1) A document viewer.
zathurarc(5) Zathura configuration file.
zauth(3) Class for authentication for ZeroMQ security mechanisms.
zaway(1) Tell other people via Zephyr that you aren't around.
zaxpy(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zaz(6) Arcade action puzzle game.
zbackup(1) Versatile deduplicating backup tool.
zbackup(5) Versatile deduplicating backup tool.
zbarcam(1) Scan and decode bar codes from a video device.
zbarimg(1) Scan and decode bar codes from image file(s).
zbbcsd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zbdsqr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zbeacon(3) Class for LAN discovery and presence.
zblacklist(1) Zmap IP blacklist tool.
ZBUFFER(3alleg4) Stores 3d zbuffer information. Allegro game programming library.
zbxpcp(3) Zabbix Agent Loadable PCP Module.
zcat(1) Decompress and concatenate files to standard output.
zcat(1posix) Expand and concatenate data.
zcav(8) Program to test raw hard drive throughput.
zcert(3) Class for work with CURVE security certificates.
zcertstore(3) Class for work with CURVE security certificate stores.
zcgesv(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zchunk(3) Class for work with memory chunks.
zclock(3) Class for millisecond clocks and delays.
zcmp(1) Decompress and compare two files byte by byte.
zco(3) Library for manipulating zero-copy objects.
zconfig(3) Class for work with config files written in
zcopy(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zcposv(3) ↣ complex16POsolve(3)
zctl(1) Zephyr control program.
zdb(8) Display zpool debugging and consistency information.
zdiff(1) Decompress and compare two files line by line.
zdigest(3) Class for provides hashing functions (SHA-1 at present).
zdir(3) Class for work with file-system directories.
zdir_patch(3) Class for work with directory patches.
zdotc(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zdotu(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zdrot(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zdrscl(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zdscal(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zdttrf(3) Compute an LU factorization of a complex tridiagonal matrix A using elimination without partial piv‐.
zdttrsv(3) Solve one of the systems of equations L * X = B, L**T * X = B, or L**H * X = B,.
zdump(8) Timezone dumper.
zeal(1) A simple offline API documentation browser.
zebra(8) A routing manager for use with associated Quagga components.
zebraidx-2.0(1) Zebra Administrative Tool.
zebrasrv-2.0(8) Zebra Server.
zec(6) Z-Shell Empire Client.
zed(8) ZFS Event Daemon.
ZeGrapher(1) Program for plotting mathematical functions.
zegrep(1) Search compressed and uncompressed files.
zeisstopnm(1) Convert a Zeiss confocal file into a portable anymap.
zeitgeist-daemon(1) D-Bus interface providing a log of activities.
zeitgeist-datahub(1) Passive loggers for Zeitgeist.
zenity(1) Display GTK+ dialogs.
zenlisp(1) ↣ zl(1)
zenmap(1) Graphical Nmap frontend and results viewer.
zentest(1) Scans your target and unit-test code and writes your missing code.
zephyr(1) Zephyr Notification Service.
zephyrd(8) Zephyr server daemon.
zeppelin(8) ATM LAN Emulation client demon (LED) Zeppelin.
Zerg(3pm) A lexical scanner for BLAST reports.
Zerg::Report(3pm) Get attributes from a BLAST file in a data structure.
zero(3tcl) Create and manipulate zero channels.
zero(4) ↣ null(4) Data sink.
zero(4freebsd) The zero device.
zerofill(1) Clear unused disk space and blank devices.
zerofree(8) Zero free blocks from ext2, ext3 and ext4 file-systems.
zEscrow(1) Escrow a copy of ~/.ecryptfs and the mount passphrase to an escrow service compatible with the.
zf(8) Command line tool for zendframework.
zfcp_ping(8) Send a FPNG request to a remote SAN port.
zfcp_show(8) Show information about the SAN environment. SNAP module
zfgrep(1) Search compressed and uncompressed files.
zfile(3) Class for provides methods to work with files in a portable fashion.
zforce(1) Force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files.
zframe(3) Class for working with single message frames.
zfs(8) Configures ZFS file systems.
zfs-auto-snapshot(8) Take regular ZFS snapshots.
zfs-events(5) Events created by the ZFS filesystem.
zfs-fuse(8) ZFS filesystem daemon.
zfs-module-parameters(5) ZFS module parameters.
zfsdist-bpfcc(8) Summarize ZFS operation latency. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
zfsslower-bpfcc(8) Trace slow zfs file operations, with per-event details.
zftp(1) CERNLIB program to transfer ZEBRA formatted files over a network.
zg-policy-rc.d(8) Allows flexible handling of policy-rc.d.
zgbbrd(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbcon(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbequ(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbequb(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbmv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zgbrfs(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbrfsx(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbsv(3) ↣ complex16GBsolve(3)
zgbsvx(3) ↣ complex16GBsolve(3)
zgbsvxx(3) ↣ complex16GBsolve(3)
zgbtf2(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbtrf(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgbtrs(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgebak(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgebal(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgebd2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgebrd(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgecon(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeequ(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeequb(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgees(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zgeesx(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zgeev(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zgeevx(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zgehd2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgehrd(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgejsv(3) ↣ complex16GEsing(3)
zgelq2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgelqf(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgelqt(3) ↣ doubleGEcomputational(3)
zgelqt3(3) ↣ doubleGEcomputational(3)
zgels(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgelsd(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgelss(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgelsy(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgemlqt(3) ↣ doubleGEcomputational(3)
zgemm(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zgemqrt(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgemv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zgenhostid(8) Generate and store a hostid in /etc/hostid.
zgeql2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqlf(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqp3(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqr2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqr2p(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqrf(3) ↣ variantsGEcomputational(3)
zgeqrfp(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqrt(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqrt2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeqrt3(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgerc(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zgerfs(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgerfsx(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgerq2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgerqf(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgeru(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zgesc2(3) ↣ complex16GEauxiliary(3)
zgesdd(3) ↣ complex16GEsing(3)
zgesv(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgesvd(3) ↣ complex16GEsing(3)
zgesvdx(3) ↣ complex16GEsing(3)
zgesvj(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgesvx(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgesvxx(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zgetc2(3) ↣ complex16GEauxiliary(3)
zgetf2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgetrf(3) ↣ variantsGEcomputational(3)
zgetrf2(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgetri(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgetrs(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zgetsls(3) ↣ complex16GEsolve(3)
zggbak(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zggbal(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zgges(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zgges3(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zggesx(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zggev(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zggev3(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zggevx(3) ↣ complex16GEeigen(3)
zggglm(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zgghd3(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zgghrd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zgglse(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zggqrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zggrqf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zggsvd3(3) ↣ complex16GEsing(3)
zggsvp3(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zgossip(3) Class for decentralized configuration management.
zgrep(1) Search compressed files for a regular expression.
zgsvj0(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zgsvj1(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zgtcon(3) ↣ complex16GTcomputational(3)
zgtrfs(3) ↣ complex16GTcomputational(3)
zgtsv(3) ↣ complex16GTsolve(3)
zgtsvx(3) ↣ complex16GTsolve(3)
zgttrf(3) ↣ complex16GTcomputational(3)
zgttrs(3) ↣ complex16GTcomputational(3)
zgtts2(3) ↣ complex16GTcomputational(3)
zgz(1) Frankenstein's compressor.
zhack(1) Libzpool debugging tool.
zhash(3) Class for simple generic hash container.
zhashx(3) Class for extended generic hash container.
zhbev(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbev_2stage(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbevd(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbevd_2stage(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbevx(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbevx_2stage(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbgst(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhbgv(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbgvd(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbgvx(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhbmv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zhbtrd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhcon(1) Fast CJK console environment for GNU/Linux and BSD.
zhecon(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhecon_3(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhecon_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zheequb(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zheev(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheev_2stage(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheevd(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheevd_2stage(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheevr(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheevr_2stage(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheevx(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zheevx_2stage(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zhegs2(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhegst(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhegv(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zhegv_2stage(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zhegvd(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zhegvx(3) ↣ complex16HEeigen(3)
zhemm(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zhemv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zher(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zher2(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zher2k(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zherfs(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zherfsx(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zherk(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zhesv(3) ↣ complex16HEsolve(3)
zhesv_aa(3) ↣ complex16HEsolve(3)
zhesv_rk(3) ↣ complex16HEsolve(3)
zhesv_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEsolve(3)
zhesvx(3) ↣ complex16HEsolve(3)
zhesvxx(3) ↣ complex16HEsolve(3)
zheswapr(3) ↣ complex16HEauxiliary(3)
zhetd2(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetf2(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetf2_rk(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetf2_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrd(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrd_2stage(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrd_he2hb(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrf(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrf_aa(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrf_rk(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrf_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetri(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetri2(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetri2x(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetri_3(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetri_3x(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetri_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrs(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrs2(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrs_3(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrs_aa(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhetrs_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zhfrk(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhgeqz(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zhm(8) Zephyr HostManager.
zhpcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhpev(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhpevd(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhpevx(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhpgst(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhpgv(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhpgvd(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhpgvx(3) ↣ complex16OTHEReigen(3)
zhpmv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zhpr(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zhpr2(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
zhprfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhpsv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zhpsvx(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zhptrd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhptrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhptri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhptrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhpy(1) The python language in chinese.
zhsein(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zhseqr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zia-config(1) Script to get information about the installed version of libzia.
zic(8) Timezone compiler.
ziflist(3) Class for list of network interfaces available on system.
zile(1) Zile Is Lossy Emacs.
zim(1) A Desktop Wiki Editor.
zimpl(1) Zuse Institute Mathematical Programming Language.
zinject(8) ZFS Fault Injector.
zip(1) Package and compress (archive) files.
zip(3erl) Utility for reading and creating 'zip' archives.
zip(3trf) Data compression "zip".
zip2st(1) Convert directory or .zip archive to .st disk image.
zip_add(3) Add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive.
zip_add_dir(3) Add directory to zip archive.
zip_close(3) Close zip archive.
zip_delete(3) Delete file from zip archive.
zip_dir_add(3) Add directory to zip archive.
zip_discard(3) Close zip archive and discard changes.
zip_error_clear(3) Clear error state for archive or file.
zip_error_code_system(3) Get operating system error part of zip_error.
zip_error_code_zip(3) Get libzip error part of zip_error.
zip_error_fini(3) Clean up zip_error structure.
zip_error_get(3) Get error codes for archive or file.
zip_error_get_sys_type(3) Get type of system error code.
zip_error_init(3) Initialize zip_error structure.
zip_error_init_with_code(3) Initialize zip_error structure.
zip_error_set(3) Fill in zip_error structure.
zip_error_strerror(3) Create human-readable string for zip_error.
zip_error_system_type(3) Return type of system error.
zip_error_to_data(3) Convert zip_error to return value suitable for ZIP_SOURCE_ERROR.
zip_error_to_str(3) Get string representation of zip error.
zip_errors(3) List of all libzip error codes.
zip_fclose(3) Close file in zip archive.
zip_fdopen(3) Open zip archive using open file descriptor.
zip_file_add(3) Add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive.
zip_file_error_clear(3) Clear error state for archive or file.
zip_file_error_get(3) Get error codes for archive or file.
zip_file_extra_field_delete(3) Delete extra field for file in zip.
zip_file_extra_field_delete_by_id(3) Delete extra field for file in zip.
zip_file_extra_field_get(3) Get extra field for file in zip.
zip_file_extra_field_get_by_id(3) Get extra field for file in zip.
zip_file_extra_field_set(3) Set extra field for file in zip.
zip_file_extra_fields_count(3) Count extra fields for file in zip.
zip_file_extra_fields_count_by_id(3) Count extra fields for file in zip.
zip_file_get_comment(3) Get comment for file in zip.
zip_file_get_error(3) Extract zip_error from zip_file.
zip_file_get_external_attributes(3) Get external attributes for file in zip.
zip_file_rename(3) Rename file in zip archive.
zip_file_replace(3) Add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive.
zip_file_set_comment(3) Set comment for file in zip.
zip_file_set_external_attributes(3) Set external attributes for file in zip.
zip_file_set_mtime(3) Set last modification time (mtime) for file in zip.
zip_file_strerror(3) Get string representation for a zip error.
zip_fopen(3) Open file in zip archive for reading.
zip_fopen_encrypted(3) Open encrypted file in zip archive for reading.
zip_fopen_index(3) Open file in zip archive for reading.
zip_fopen_index_encrypted(3) Open encrypted file in zip archive for reading.
zip_fread(3) Read from file.
zip_get_archive_comment(3) Get zip archive comment.
zip_get_archive_flag(3) Get status flags for zip.
zip_get_error(3) Get zip error for archive.
zip_get_file_comment(3) Get comment for file in zip.
zip_get_name(3) Get name of file by index.
zip_get_num_entries(3) Get number of files in archive.
zip_get_num_files(3) Get number of files in archive.
zip_name_locate(3) Get index of file by name.
zip_open(3) Open zip archive.
zip_open_from_source(3) Open zip archive.
zip_rename(3) Rename file in zip archive.
zip_replace(3) Add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive.
zip_set_archive_comment(3) Set zip archive comment.
zip_set_archive_flag(3) Set zip archive flag.
zip_set_default_password(3) Set default password for encrypted files in zip.
zip_set_file_comment(3) Set comment for file in zip.
zip_set_file_compression(3) Set compression method for file in zip.
zip_source(3) Zip data source structure.
zip_source_begin_write(3) Prepare zip source for writing.
zip_source_buffer(3) Create zip data source from buffer.
zip_source_close(3) Open zip_source (which was open for reading).
zip_source_commit_write(3) Finalize changes to zip source.
zip_source_error(3) Get zip error for data source.
zip_source_file(3) Create data source from a file.
zip_source_filep(3) Create data source from FILE *.
zip_source_free(3) Free zip data source.
zip_source_function(3) Create data source from function.
zip_source_function_create(3) Create data source from function.
ZIP_SOURCE_GET_ARGS(3) Validate and cast arguments to source callback.
zip_source_is_deleted(3) Check if zip_source is deleted.
zip_source_keep(3) Increment reference count of zip data source.
zip_source_make_command_bitmap(3) Create bitmap of supported source operations.
zip_source_open(3) Open zip_source for reading.
zip_source_read(3) Read data from zip source.
zip_source_rollback_write(3) Undo changes to zip source.
zip_source_seek(3) Set read offset in zip source.
zip_source_seek_compute_offset(3) Validate arguments and compute offset.
zip_source_seek_write(3) Set write offset in zip source.
zip_source_stat(3) Get information about zip_source.
zip_source_tell(3) Report current read offset in zip source.
zip_source_tell_write(3) Report current write offset in zip source.
zip_source_win32a(3) Create data source from a Windows ANSI file name.
zip_source_win32a_create(3) Create data source from a Windows ANSI file name.
zip_source_win32handle(3) Create data source from a Windows file handle.
zip_source_win32handle_create(3) Create data source from a Windows file handle.
zip_source_win32w(3) Create data source from a Windows Unicode file name.
zip_source_win32w_create(3) Create data source from a Windows Unicode file name.
zip_source_write(3) Write data to zip source.
zip_source_zip(3) Create data source from zip file.
zip_stat(3) Get information about file.
zip_stat_index(3) Get information about file.
zip_stat_init(3) Initialize zip_stat structure.
zip_strerror(3) Get string representation for a zip error.
zip_unchange(3) Undo changes to file in zip archive.
zip_unchange_all(3) Undo all changes in a zip archive.
zip_unchange_archive(3) Undo global changes to zip archive.
zipalign(1) ZIP/APK alignment tool for Android application files.
zipcloak(1) Encrypt entries in a zipfile.
zipcmp(1) Compare contents of zip archives.
zipdetails(1) Display the internal structure of zip files.
zipdetails(1p) Display the internal structure of zip files.
zipgrep(1) Search files in a ZIP archive for lines matching a pattern.
zipinfo(1) List detailed information about a ZIP archive.
zipmerge(1) Merge zip archives.
zipnote(1) Write the comments in zipfile to stdout, edit comments and rename files in zipfile.
Zipper(1) Inspect and extract compressed archives.
ziproxy(1) A compressing HTTP proxy server.
ziproxylogtool(1) Is a low-level log analyser.
zipsplit(1) Split a zipfile into smaller zipfiles.
ziptime(1) Zip timestamp tool.
ziptool(1) Modify zip archives.
zipUpMesh(1) Is the part of OpenFOAM - a free, open source CFD software.
zita-a2j(1) ↣ zita-ajbridge(1) Use ALSA device as a Jack client, with resampling.
zita-ajbridge(1) Use ALSA device as a Jack client, with resampling.
zita-at1(1) JACK autotuner.
zita-bls1(1) JACK binaural stereo signals converter.
zita-j2a(1) ↣ zita-ajbridge(1) Use ALSA device as a Jack client, with resampling.
zita-j2n(1) ↣ zita-njbridge(1) Jack clients to transport multichannel audio over a local network.
zita-lrx(1) Zita-lrx is a command line application providing crossover filters for Jack Audio Connection Kit.
zita-mu1(1) A simple app used to organise stereo monitoring for Jack Audio Connection Kit.
zita-n2j(1) ↣ zita-njbridge(1) Jack clients to transport multichannel audio over a local network.
zita-njbridge(1) Jack clients to transport multichannel audio over a local network.
zita-resampler(1) A simple resampler.
zita-retune(1) Resample an audio file in order to change its pitch.
zita-rev1(1) Pro-audio reverb effect.
zivot(6) Simple console game of life.
zjsdecode(1) Decode a ZjStream into human readable form.
zktreeutil(1) Manual page for zktreeutil 0.0.
zla_gbamv(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zla_gbrcond_c(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zla_gbrcond_x(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zla_gbrfsx_extended(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zla_gbrpvgrw(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zla_geamv(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zla_gercond_c(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zla_gercond_x(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zla_gerfsx_extended(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zla_gerpvgrw(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
zla_heamv(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zla_hercond_c(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zla_hercond_x(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zla_herfsx_extended(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zla_herpvgrw(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zla_lin_berr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zla_porcond_c(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zla_porcond_x(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zla_porfsx_extended(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zla_porpvgrw(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zla_syamv(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zla_syrcond_c(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zla_syrcond_x(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zla_syrfsx_extended(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zla_syrpvgrw(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zla_wwaddw(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlabrd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacgv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacn2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacp2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacpy(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacrm(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlacrt(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zladiv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaed0(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlaed7(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlaed8(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlaein(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaesy(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
zlaev2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlag2c(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlags2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlagtm(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlahef(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zlahef_aa(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zlahef_rk(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zlahef_rook(3) ↣ complex16HEcomputational(3)
zlahqr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlahr2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaic1(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlals0(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlalsa(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlalsd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlangb(3) ↣ complex16GBauxiliary(3)
zlange(3) ↣ complex16GEauxiliary(3)
zlangt(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlanhb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlanhe(3) ↣ complex16HEauxiliary(3)
zlanhf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlanhp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlanhs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlanht(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlansb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlansp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlansy(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
zlantb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlantp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlantr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlapll(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlapmr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlapmt(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqgb(3) ↣ complex16GBauxiliary(3)
zlaqge(3) ↣ complex16GEauxiliary(3)
zlaqhb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqhe(3) ↣ complex16HEauxiliary(3)
zlaqhp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqp2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqps(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqr0(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqr1(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqr2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqr3(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqr4(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqr5(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqsb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqsp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaqsy(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
zlar1v(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlar2v(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarcm(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarfb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarfg(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarfgp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarft(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarfx(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarfy(3) ↣ complex16_eig(3)
zlargv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarnv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarrv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarscl2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlartg(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlartv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlarz(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlarzb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlarzt(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlascl(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlascl2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlaset(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlasr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlassq(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlaswp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlasyf(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zlasyf_aa(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zlasyf_rk(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zlasyf_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zlat2c(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlatbs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlatdf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlatps(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlatrd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlatrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlatrz(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zlauu2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zlauum(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zleave(1) Notify you via Zephyr when you have to leave.
zless(1) File perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text.
zlib(3) Compression/decompression library.
zlib(3erl) Zlib compression interface.
zlib(3tcl) Compression and decompression operations.
zlib-flate(1) Raw zlib compression program.
zlib_decompress(1) Decompress mysqlpump ZLIB-compressed output.
zlib_mt_perf(1) IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.
zlib_stub(3erl) Zlib compression interface.
zlist(3) Class for simple generic list container.
zlistx(3) Class for extended generic list container.
zlocate(1) Find a user using Zephyr.
zloop(3) Class for event-driven reactor.
zmakebas(1) Convert text file into Spectrum Basic program.
zmap(1) The Fast Internet Scanner.
zmergelog(1) A fast tool to merge gzipped http log files by date.
zmonitor(3) Class for socket event monitor.
zmore(1) File perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text.
zmq(7) 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel.
ZMQ::FFI(3pm) Version agnostic Perl bindings for zeromq using ffi.
ZMQ::FFI::Constants(3pm) Generated module of zmq constants. All constants, all versions.
ZMQ::FFI::Util(3pm) Zmq convenience functions.
zmq_atomic_counter_dec(3) Decrement an atomic counter.
zmq_atomic_counter_destroy(3) Destroy an atomic counter.
zmq_atomic_counter_inc(3) Increment an atomic counter.
zmq_atomic_counter_new(3) Create a new atomic counter.
zmq_atomic_counter_set(3) Set atomic counter to new value.
zmq_atomic_counter_value(3) Return value of atomic counter.
zmq_bind(3) Accept incoming connections on a socket.
zmq_close(3) Close 0MQ socket.
zmq_connect(3) Create outgoing connection from socket.
zmq_ctx_get(3) Get context options.
zmq_ctx_new(3) Create new 0MQ context.
zmq_ctx_set(3) Set context options.
zmq_ctx_shutdown(3) Shutdown a 0MQ context.
zmq_ctx_term(3) Terminate a 0MQ context.
zmq_curve(7) Secure authentication and confidentiality.
zmq_curve_keypair(3) Generate a new CURVE keypair.
zmq_curve_public(3) Derive the public key from a private key.
zmq_disconnect(3) Disconnect a socket.
zmq_errno(3) Retrieve value of errno for the calling thread.
zmq_getsockopt(3) Get 0MQ socket options.
zmq_gssapi(7) Secure authentication and confidentiality.
zmq_has(3) Check a ZMQ capability.
zmq_inproc(7) 0MQ local in-process (inter-thread) communication transport.
zmq_ipc(7) 0MQ local inter-process communication transport.
zmq_msg_close(3) Release 0MQ message.
zmq_msg_copy(3) Copy content of a message to another message.
zmq_msg_data(3) Retrieve pointer to message content.
zmq_msg_get(3) Get message property.
zmq_msg_gets(3) Get message metadata property.
zmq_msg_init(3) Initialise empty 0MQ message.
zmq_msg_init_data(3) Initialise 0MQ message from a supplied buffer.
zmq_msg_init_size(3) Initialise 0MQ message of a specified size.
zmq_msg_more(3) Indicate if there are more message parts to receive.
zmq_msg_move(3) Move content of a message to another message.
zmq_msg_recv(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
zmq_msg_routing_id(3) Return routing ID for message, if any.
zmq_msg_send(3) Send a message part on a socket.
zmq_msg_set(3) Set message property.
zmq_msg_set_routing_id(3) Set routing ID property on message.
zmq_msg_size(3) Retrieve message content size in bytes.
zmq_null(7) No security or confidentiality.
zmq_pgm(7) 0MQ reliable multicast transport using PGM.
zmq_plain(7) Clear-text authentication.
zmq_poll(3) Input/output multiplexing.
zmq_proxy(3) Start built-in 0MQ proxy.
zmq_proxy_steerable(3) Built-in 0MQ proxy with control flow.
zmq_recv(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
zmq_recvmsg(3) Receive a message part from a socket.
zmq_send(3) Send a message part on a socket.
zmq_send_const(3) Send a constant-memory message part on a socket.
zmq_sendmsg(3) Send a message part on a socket.
zmq_setsockopt(3) Set 0MQ socket options.
zmq_socket(3) Create 0MQ socket.
zmq_socket_monitor(3) Monitor socket events.
zmq_strerror(3) Get 0MQ error message string.
zmq_tcp(7) 0MQ unicast transport using TCP.
zmq_tipc(7) 0MQ unicast transport using TIPC.
zmq_udp(7) 0MQ UDP multicast and unicast transport.
zmq_unbind(3) Stop accepting connections on a socket.
zmq_version(3) Report 0MQ library version.
zmq_vmci(7) 0MQ transport over virtual machine communicatios interface (VMCI) sockets.
zmq_z85_decode(3) Decode a binary key from Z85 printable text.
zmq_z85_encode(3) Encode a binary key as Z85 printable text.
zmsg(3) Class for working with multipart messages.
znc(1) An advanced IRC bouncer.
znc-buildmod(1) Compile ZNC modules.
znew(1) Recompress .Z files to .gz files.
znol(1) Notify via Zephyr upon login or logout of interesting people.
zntune(8) ↣ atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
zoe-loop(1) SNAP module zoe-loop.
zombiescope(1) Simplifies SPARK dead path conjectures.
zomg(1) submission and radio client.
zomghelper(1) Ogg Vorbis/Opus metadata reader.
zonecheck(1) DNS zone checking tool.
Zonemaster(3pm) A tool to check the quality of a DNS zone.
zonemaster-cli(1p) Run Zonemaster tests from the command line.
Zonemaster::ASNLookup(3pm) Do lookups of ASNs for IP addresses.
Zonemaster::CLI(3pm) Run Zonemaster tests from the command line.
Zonemaster::Config(3pm) Configuration access module for Zonemaster.
Zonemaster::Constants(3pm) Module holding constants used in test modules.
Zonemaster::DNSName(3pm) Class representing DNS names.
Zonemaster::Logger(3pm) Class that holds Zonemaster::Logger::Entry objects.
Zonemaster::Logger::Entry(3pm) Module for single log entries.
Zonemaster::Nameserver(3pm) Object representing a DNS nameserver.
Zonemaster::Nameserver::Cache(3pm) Shared caches for nameserver objects.
Zonemaster::NSArray(3pm) Class implementing arrays that lazily looks up name server addresses from their names.
Zonemaster::Overview(3pm) The Zonemaster Test Engine.
Zonemaster::Packet(3pm) Wrapping object for Net::LDNS::Packet objects.
Zonemaster::Recursor(3pm) Recursive resolver for Zonemaster.
Zonemaster::Test(3pm) Module to find, load and execute all test modules.
Zonemaster::Test::Address(3pm) Module implementing tests focused on the Address specific test cases of the DNS.
Zonemaster::Test::Basic(3pm) Module implementing test for very basic domain functionality.
Zonemaster::Test::Connectivity(3pm) Module implementing tests of nameservers reachability.
Zonemaster::Test::Consistency(3pm) Consistency module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules.
Zonemaster::Test::Delegation(3pm) Tests regarding delegation details.
Zonemaster::Test::DNSSEC(3pm) Dnssec module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules.
Zonemaster::Test::Example(3pm) Example module showing the expected structure of Zonemaster test modules.
Zonemaster::Test::Nameserver(3pm) Module implementing tests of the properties of a name server.
Zonemaster::Test::Syntax(3pm) Test validating the syntax of host names and other data.
Zonemaster::Test::Zone(3pm) Module implementing tests of the zone content in DNS, such as SOA and MX records.
Zonemaster::TestMethods(3pm) Methods common to Test Specification used in test modules.
Zonemaster::Translator(3pm) Translation support for Zonemaster.
Zonemaster::Util(3pm) Utility functions for other Zonemaster modules.
Zonemaster::Zone(3pm) Object representing a DNS zone.
zoneserver(8) Handle zone transfers and other TCP functions for MaraDNS. Converts a timezone list to a PO file template.
ZOOM(3pm) Perl extension implementing the ZOOM API for Information Retrieval.
zoom(6) Z-Code interpreter.
zoom(6x) Wander around magnified desktop.
zoomsh(1) ZOOM shell.
zoph(1) CLI interface to Zoph.
zoph.ini(5) Configuration file for Zoph.
zos-remote.conf(5) The audisp-racf plugin configuration file.
zpaq(1) PAQ open standard maximum compressor.
zpbcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpbequ(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpbrfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpbstf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpbsv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zpbsvx(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zpbtf2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpbtrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpbtrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpcregrep(1) ↣ pcregrep(1) A grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions.
zpfind(9freebsd) Locate a process by number.
zpftrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpftri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpftrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpios(1) Directly test the DMU.
zpipe(1) Tool from openCaster suite.
zplay(1) Modem utility to record and play voice files.
zplug(1) A next-generation plugin manager for zsh.
zplug-as(5) Specify whether to register the package as plugins or commands.
zplug-at(5) Branch, tag, or commit to use.
zplug-check(1) Return true if all packages are installed, false otherwise.
zplug-clean(1) Remove repositories which are no longer managed.
zplug-clear(1) Remove the cache file.
zplug-defer(5) Defers the loading of a package.
zplug-depth(5) The number of commits to include in the cloned repository.
zplug-dir(5) Installation directory which is managed by zplug.
zplug-from(5) Specify the service from which you install.
zplug-frozen(5) Do not update unless explicitly specified.
zplug-hook-build(5) Commands to run after installation/update.
zplug-hook-load(5) Commands to run after loading.
zplug-if(5) The conditions under which to install and/or use the package.
zplug-ignore(5) Specify exception pattern of files that you don´t want to load.
zplug-info(1) Show the information such as the source URL and tag values for the given package.
zplug-install(1) Install packages in parallel.
zplug-lazy(5) Lazy-load.
zplug-list(1) List installed packages.
zplug-load(1) Source installed plugins and add installed commands to `$PATH`.
zplug-on(5) Dependencies.
zplug-rename-to(5) Specify the filename you want to rename to.
zplug-status(1) Check if the remote repositories are up to date.
zplug-update(1) Update installed packages in parallel.
zplug-use(5) Specify the pattern of the files to source or add to `$PATH`.
zpocon(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zpoequ(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zpoequb(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zpoller(3) Class for trivial socket poller class.
zpool(8) Configure ZFS storage pools.
zpool-features(5) ZFS pool feature descriptions.
zporfs(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zporfsx(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zposv(3) ↣ complex16POsolve(3)
zposvx(3) ↣ complex16POsolve(3)
zposvxx(3) ↣ complex16POsolve(3)
zpotf2(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zpotrf(3) ↣ variantsPOcomputational(3)
zpotrf2(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zpotri(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zpotrs(3) ↣ complex16POcomputational(3)
zppcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zppequ(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpprfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zppsv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zppsvx(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zpptrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpptri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpptrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zproc(3) Class for process configuration and status.
zproxy(3) Class for run a steerable proxy in the background.
zpspell(1) Interactive spelling checking for Turkish.
zpstf2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zpstrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zptcon(3) ↣ complex16PTcomputational(3)
zpteqr(3) ↣ complex16PTcomputational(3)
zptrfs(3) ↣ complex16PTcomputational(3)
zptsv(3) ↣ complex16PTsolve(3)
zptsvx(3) ↣ complex16PTsolve(3)
zpttrf(3) ↣ complex16PTcomputational(3)
zpttrs(3) ↣ complex16PTcomputational(3)
zpttrsv(3) Solve one of the triangular systems L * X = B, or L**H * X = B,.
zptts2(3) ↣ complex16PTcomputational(3)
zramctl(8) Set up and control zram devices.
zrancid(1) ↣ rancid(1) Cisco configuration filter.
zrex(3) Class for work with regular expressions.
zrio(1) Maqview tool to make index for gz-file.
zrot(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zrotg(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zrun(1) Automatically uncompress arguments to command.
zscal(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zserv(8) CERNLIB server program for transferring ZEBRA formatted files.
zsh(1) The Z shell.
zsh-static(1) ↣ zsh(1) The Z shell.
zshall(1) The Z shell meta-man page.
zshbuiltins(1) Zsh built-in commands.
zshcalsys(1) Zsh calendar system.
zshcompctl(1) Zsh programmable completion.
zshcompsys(1) Zsh completion system.
zshcompwid(1) Zsh completion widgets.
zshcontrib(1) User contributions to zsh.
zshdb(1) Zsh debugger.
zshexpn(1) Zsh expansion and substitution.
zshmisc(1) Everything and then some.
zshmodules(1) Zsh loadable modules.
zshoptions(1) Zsh options.
zshparam(1) Zsh parameters.
zshroadmap(1) Informal introduction to the zsh manual The Zsh Manual, like the shell itself, is large and often.
zshtcpsys(1) Zsh tcp system.
zshutdown_notify(8) Notify users of impending shutdown via Zephyr.
zshzftpsys(1) Zftp function front-end.
zshzle(1) Zsh command line editor.
zsnes(1) Super Nintendo console emulator.
zsock(3) Class for high-level socket API that hides libzmq contexts and sockets.
zsoelim(1) Satisfy .so requests in roff input.
zspcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zspmv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zspr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
zsprfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zspsv(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zspsvx(3) ↣ complex16OTHERsolve(3)
zsptrf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zsptri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zsptrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zssh(1) Interactive file transfer wrapper for ssh.
zstat(8) Display Zephyr statistics.
zstd(1) Zstd, zstdmt, unzstd, zstdcat - Compress or decompress .zst files.
zstdcat(1) Compress or decompress .zst files.
zstedc(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zstegr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zstein(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zstemr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zsteqr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zstr(3) Class for sending and receiving strings.
zstream.h(3) Compressed stream operations.
zstreamdump(8) Filter data in zfs send stream.
zswap(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level1(3)
zsycon(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsycon_3(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsycon_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsyconv(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsyconvf(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsyconvf_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsyequb(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsymm(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zsymv(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
zsync(1) Partial/differential file download client over HTTP.
zsyncmake(1) Build control file for zsync(1).
zsyr(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
zsyr2k(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zsyrfs(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsyrfsx(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsyrk(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
zsys(3) Class for system-level methods.
zsysv(3) ↣ complex16SYsolve(3)
zsysv_aa(3) ↣ complex16SYsolve(3)
zsysv_rk(3) ↣ complex16SYsolve(3)
zsysv_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYsolve(3)
zsysvx(3) ↣ complex16SYsolve(3)
zsysvxx(3) ↣ complex16SYsolve(3)
zsyswapr(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
zsytf2(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytf2_rk(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytf2_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrf(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrf_aa(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrf_rk(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrf_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytri(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytri2(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytri2x(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytri_3(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytri_3x(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytri_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrs(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrs2(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrs_3(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrs_aa(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
zsytrs_rook(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
ztbcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztbmv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
ztbrfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztbsv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
ztbtrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztee(1) Output buffer and splitter.
ztelnet(1) ↣ zssh(1) Interactive file transfer wrapper for ssh.
ztest(1) Verify the integrity of compressed files.
ztfsm(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztftri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztfttp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztfttr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztgevc(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
ztgex2(3) ↣ complex16GEauxiliary(3)
ztgexc(3) ↣ complex16GEcomputational(3)
ztgsen(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztgsja(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztgsna(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztgsy2(3) ↣ complex16SYauxiliary(3)
ztgsyl(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
ztimerset(3) Class for timer set.
ztpcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztplqt(3) ↣ doubleOTHERcomputational(3)
ztplqt2(3) ↣ doubleOTHERcomputational(3)
ztpmlqt(3) ↣ doubleOTHERcomputational(3)
ztpmqrt(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztpmv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
ztpqrt(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztpqrt2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztprfb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERauxiliary(3)
ztprfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztpsv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
ztptri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztptrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztpttf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztpttr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrcon(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrevc(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrevc3(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrexc(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrie(3) Class for simple trie for tokenizable strings.
ztrmm(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
ztrmv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
ztrrfs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrsen(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrsm(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level3(3)
ztrsna(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrsv(3) ↣ complex16_blas_level2(3)
ztrsyl(3) ↣ complex16SYcomputational(3)
ztrti2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrtri(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrtrs(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrttf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztrttp(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
ztzrzf(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zuluCrypt-cli(1) Command line interface frontend to cryptsetup and tcplay.
zuluCrypt-gui(1) Graphical front end for zuluCrypt-cli.
zuluMount-cli(1) Command line tool that manages encrypted and unencrypted volumes.
zuluMount-gui(1) Graphical front end for zuluCrypt-cli.
zuluPolkit(1) It is a handler the polkit privileges.
zuluSafe-cli(1) Command line tool that manages encrypted and unencrypted volumes.
zum(1) Free disk space by making holes in files.
zunbdb(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunbdb1(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunbdb2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunbdb3(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunbdb4(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunbdb5(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunbdb6(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zuncsd(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zuncsd2by1(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zung2l(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zung2r(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungbr(3) ↣ complex16GBcomputational(3)
zunghr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungl2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunglq(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungql(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungqr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungr2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungrq(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zungtr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunm22(3) ↣ complexOTHERcomputational(3)
zunm2l(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunm2r(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmbr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmhr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunml2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmlq(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmql(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmqr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmr2(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmr3(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmrq(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmrz(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zunmtr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zupdate(1) Recompress bzip2, gzip, xz files to lzip format.
zupgtr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zupmtr(3) ↣ complex16OTHERcomputational(3)
zurl(1) HTTP client worker with ZeroMQ interface.
zuuid(3) Class for UUID support class.
zvbi-atsc-cc(1) ATSC Closed Caption decoder.
zvbi-chains(1) VBI proxy wrapper.
zvbi-ntsc-cc(1) Closed caption decoder.
zvbid(1) VBI proxy daemon.
zwgc(1) Zephyr Windowgram Client program.
zwrite(1) Write to another user via Zephyr.
zyd(4freebsd) ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B USB IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network device.
zynaddsubfx(1) A software synthesizer.
zz(1) Zz is the generic clip board program.
zzat(1) Concatenate files using different instruction sequences.
zzcat(1) ↣ zziplib-bin(1) Small tools using zziplib.
zzdir(1) ↣ zziplib-bin(1) Small tools using zziplib.
zzip_close(3) ↣ zzip_fclose(3) ...
zzip_closedir(3) ...
zzip_compr_str(3) ...
zzip_dir_alloc(3) ↣ zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io(3) ...
zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io(3) ...
zzip_dir_close(3) ↣ zzip_dir_free(3) ...
zzip_dir_fdopen(3) ...
zzip_dir_fdopen_ext_io(3) ↣ zzip_dir_fdopen(3) ...
zzip_dir_free(3) ...
zzip_dir_open(3) ...
zzip_dir_open_ext_io(3) ↣ zzip_dir_open(3) ...
zzip_dir_read(3) ↣ zzip_dir_open(3) ...
zzip_dir_real(3) ↣ zzip_file_real(3) ...
zzip_dir_stat(3) ...
zzip_dirfd(3) ↣ zzip_dirhandle(3) ...
zzip_dirhandle(3) ...
zzip_disk_buffer(3) ↣ zzip_disk_mmap(3)
zzip_disk_close(3) ↣ zzip_disk_mmap(3)
zzip_disk_entry_fopen(3) ↣ zzip_disk_fopen(3) Openening a file.
zzip_disk_entry_strdup_comment(3) ↣ zzip_disk_entry_to_data(3)
zzip_disk_entry_strdup_name(3) ↣ zzip_disk_entry_to_data(3)
zzip_disk_entry_to_file_header(3) ↣ zzip_disk_entry_to_data(3)
zzip_disk_fclose(3) ↣ zzip_disk_fopen(3) Openening a file.
zzip_disk_feof(3) ↣ zzip_disk_fopen(3) Openening a file.
zzip_disk_findfile(3) Search for files in the.
zzip_disk_findfirst(3) ↣ zzip_disk_findfile(3) Search for files in the.
zzip_disk_findmatch(3) ↣ zzip_disk_findfile(3) Search for files in the.
zzip_disk_findnext(3) ↣ zzip_disk_findfile(3) Search for files in the.
zzip_disk_fopen(3) Openening a file.
zzip_disk_fread(3) ↣ zzip_disk_fopen(3) Openening a file.
zzip_disk_init(3) ↣ zzip_disk_mmap(3)
zzip_disk_munmap(3) ↣ zzip_disk_mmap(3)
zzip_disk_new(3) ↣ zzip_disk_mmap(3)
zzip_disk_open(3) ↣ zzip_disk_mmap(3)
zzip_entry_data_offset(3) Helper functions for (fseeko).
zzip_entry_fclose(3) ↣ zzip_entry_fopen(3) Open a file within.
zzip_entry_feof(3) ↣ zzip_entry_fopen(3) Open a file within.
zzip_entry_ffile(3) ↣ zzip_entry_fopen(3) Open a file within.
zzip_entry_findfile(3) Search.
zzip_entry_findfirst(3) ↣ zzip_entry_findfile(3) Search.
zzip_entry_findmatch(3) ↣ zzip_entry_findfile(3) Search.
zzip_entry_findnext(3) ↣ zzip_entry_findfile(3) Search.
zzip_entry_fopen(3) Open a file within.
zzip_entry_fread(3) ↣ zzip_entry_fopen(3) Open a file within.
zzip_entry_fread_file_header(3) ↣ zzip_entry_data_offset(3) Helper functions for (fseeko).
zzip_entry_free(3) ↣ zzip_entry_findfile(3) Search.
zzip_entry_strdup_name(3) ↣ zzip_entry_data_offset(3) Helper functions for (fseeko).
zzip_errno(3) ...
zzip_error(3) ...
zzip_fclose(3) ...
__zzip_fetch_disk_trailer(3) ...
zzip_file_close(3) ...
zzip_file_open(3) ...
zzip_file_read(3) ...
zzip_file_real(3) ...
zzip_file_stat(3) ↣ zzip_dir_stat(3) ...
zzip_fread(3) ↣ zzip_read(3) ...
zzip_freopen(3) ↣ zzip_fopen(3)
zzip_fstat(3) ↣ zzip_dir_stat(3) ...
zzip_get_default_io(3) ↣ zzip_init_io(3) ...
zzip_inflate_init(3) ...
zzip_init_io(3) ...
zzip_open(3) ...
zzip_open_ext_io(3) ↣ zzip_open(3) ...
zzip_open_shared_io(3) ↣ zzip_open(3) ...
zzip_opendir(3) ...
zzip_opendir_ext_io(3) ↣ zzip_opendir(3) ...
__zzip_parse_root_directory(3) ...
zzip_read(3) ...
zzip_readdir(3) ...
zzip_realdir(3) ↣ zzip_file_real(3) ...
zzip_realfd(3) ↣ zzip_file_real(3) ...
zzip_rewind(3) ...
zzip_seek(3) ...
zzip_seek32(3) ↣ zzip_seek(3) ...
zzip_seekdir(3) ↣ zzip_rewinddir(3)
zzip_seekdir32(3) ↣ zzip_rewinddir(3)
zzip_seterror(3) ↣ zzip_error(3) ...
zzip_strerror(3) ...
zzip_strerror_of(3) ↣ zzip_strerror(3) ...
zzip_tell(3) ...
zzip_tell32(3) ↣ zzip_tell(3) ...
zzip_telldir(3) ↣ zzip_rewinddir(3)
zzip_telldir32(3) ↣ zzip_rewinddir(3)
__zzip_try_open(3) ...
zziplib-bin(1) Small tools using zziplib.
zzuf(1) Multiple purpose fuzzer.
zzxorcat(1) ↣ zziplib-bin(1) Small tools using zziplib.
zzxorcopy(1) ↣ zziplib-bin(1) Small tools using zziplib.
zzxordir(1) ↣ zziplib-bin(1) Small tools using zziplib.
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