Manual pages

Origin: 0.1.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
concavity(1) Predictor of protein ligand binding sites from structure and conservation.
dietAgent(1) DIET grid middleware agent.
dietForwarder(1) DIET tool to manage ssh tunnels between DIET components.
DIETtestTool(1) Example of a tool for DIET using the LogCentral.
idlestat(1) A CPU power-state analysis tool.
ifquery(8) Query network interface configuration.
ifreload(8) Reload network interface configuration.
ifup(8) Network interface management commands.
ifupdown-addons-interfaces(5) Ifupdown2 addon modules interface configuration.
interfaces(5) Network interface configuration for ifupdown.
LogCentral(1) Central logging service for distributed applications.
logForwarder(1) Log item to manage ssh tunnels between log components and tools.
lsx(1) List executables.
maDagAgent(1) DIET grid middleware agent.
pyformex(1) Generate and transform 3D geometry using Python scripts.
rosdep(1) Rosdep command.
saga-depends(1) Calculates SAGA Gis dependencies.
sks(8) Synchronizing Key Server.
snetz(8) Simple bandwidth monitoring tool.
ssid(1) Simple setsid.
swarp(1) Simple pointer warp.
testComponent(1) Example of a component for DIET using the LogCentral.
tuskar(1) OpenStack Tuskar command line client.
wmname(1) Prints/sets window manager name.