Manual pages

Origin: 0.3.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
antennavis(1) Antenna Radiation Pattern Visualization Software.
be(1) Distributed bug tracking from the command line.
beer(1) Graphical frontend to SAFT.
ccontrol-init(1) Initialize ccontrol setup.
Gmount-iso(1) A tool to easily mount your CD images.
grok-dumb-pull(1) Update git repositories not managed by grokmirror.
grok-fsck(1) Check mirrored repositories for corruption.
grok-manifest(1) Create manifest for use with grokmirror.
grok-pull(1) Clone or update local git repositories.
hardlink(1) Link multiple copies of a file.
totalopenstation-gui(1) Total Open Station 0.3.0.
update-perl-sax-parsers(8) (de)register Perl SAX parser modules.
wayv(1) Capture drawn shapes (gestures), recognize them and carry out associated actions.
wayv.conf(5) Configuration file for wayV.