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deb(5) Debian binary package format.
deb-buildinfo(5) Debian build information file format.
deb-changelog(5) Dpkg source packages' changelog file format.
deb-changes(5) Debian changes file format.
deb-conffiles(5) Package conffiles.
deb-control(5) Debian binary packages' master control file format.
deb-extra-override(5) Debian archive extra override file.
deb-old(5) Old style Debian binary package format.
deb-origin(5) Vendor-specific information files.
deb-override(5) Debian archive override file.
deb-postinst(5) Package post-installation maintainer script.
deb-postrm(5) Package post-removal maintainer script.
deb-preinst(5) Package pre-installation maintainer script.
deb-prerm(5) Package pre-removal maintainer script.
deb-shlibs(5) Debian shared library information file.
deb-split(5) Debian multi-part binary package format.
deb-src-control(5) Debian source packages' master control file format.
deb-src-files(5) Debian distribute files format.
deb-substvars(5) Debian source substitution variables.
deb-symbols(5) Debian's extended shared library information file.
deb-triggers(5) Package triggers.
deb-version(7) Debian package version number format.
deb822(5) Debian RFC822 control data format.
dpkg(1) Package manager for Debian.
Dpkg(3perl) Module with core variables.
dpkg-architecture(1) Set and determine the architecture for package building.
dpkg-buildflags(1) Returns build flags to use during package build.
dpkg-buildpackage(1) Build binary or source packages from sources.
dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1) Check build dependencies and conflicts.
dpkg-deb(1) Debian package archive (.deb) manipulation tool.
dpkg-distaddfile(1) Add entries to debian/files.
dpkg-divert(1) Override a package's version of a file.
dpkg-genbuildinfo(1) Generate Debian .buildinfo files.
dpkg-genchanges(1) Generate Debian .changes files.
dpkg-gencontrol(1) Generate Debian control files.
dpkg-gensymbols(1) Generate symbols files (shared library dependency information).
dpkg-maintscript-helper(1) Works around known dpkg limitations in maintainer scripts.
dpkg-mergechangelogs(1) 3-way merge of debian/changelog files.
dpkg-name(1) Rename Debian packages to full package names.
dpkg-parsechangelog(1) Parse Debian changelog files.
dpkg-query(1) A tool to query the dpkg database.
dpkg-scanpackages(1) Create Packages index files.
dpkg-scansources(1) Create Sources index files.
dpkg-shlibdeps(1) Generate shared library substvar dependencies.
dpkg-source(1) Debian source package (.dsc) manipulation tool.
dpkg-split(1) Debian package archive split/join tool.
dpkg-statoverride(1) Override ownership and mode of files.
dpkg-trigger(1) A package trigger utility.
dpkg-vendor(1) Queries information about distribution vendors.
dpkg.cfg(5) Dpkg configuration file.
Dpkg::Arch(3perl) Handle architectures.
Dpkg::Build::Env(3perl) Track build environment.
Dpkg::Build::Info(3perl) Handle build information.
Dpkg::Build::Types(3perl) Track build types.
Dpkg::BuildFlags(3perl) Query build flags.
Dpkg::BuildOptions(3perl) Parse and update build options.
Dpkg::BuildProfiles(3perl) Handle build profiles.
Dpkg::Changelog(3perl) Base class to implement a changelog parser.
Dpkg::Changelog::Debian(3perl) Parse Debian changelogs.
Dpkg::Changelog::Entry(3perl) Represents a changelog entry.
Dpkg::Changelog::Entry::Debian(3perl) Represents a Debian changelog entry.
Dpkg::Changelog::Parse(3perl) Generic changelog parser for dpkg-parsechangelog.
Dpkg::Checksums(3perl) Generate and manipulate file checksums.
Dpkg::Compression(3perl) Simple database of available compression methods.
Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle(3perl) Object dealing transparently with file compression.
Dpkg::Compression::Process(3perl) Run compression/decompression processes.
Dpkg::Conf(3perl) Parse dpkg configuration files.
Dpkg::Control(3perl) Parse and manipulate official control-like information.
Dpkg::Control::Changelog(3perl) Represent info fields output by dpkg-parsechangelog.
Dpkg::Control::Fields(3perl) Manage (list of official) control fields.
Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore(3perl) Manage (list of official) control fields.
Dpkg::Control::Hash(3perl) Parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like fields.
Dpkg::Control::HashCore(3perl) Parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like fields.
Dpkg::Control::Info(3perl) Parse files like debian/control.
Dpkg::Control::Tests(3perl) Parse files like debian/tests/control.
Dpkg::Control::Tests::Entry(3perl) Represents a test suite entry.
Dpkg::Control::Types(3perl) Export CTRL_* constants.
Dpkg::Deps(3perl) Parse and manipulate dependencies of Debian packages.
Dpkg::Exit(3perl) Program exit handlers.
Dpkg::Gettext(3perl) Convenience wrapper around Locale::gettext.
Dpkg::Index(3perl) Generic index of control information.
Dpkg::Interface::Storable(3perl) Common methods related to object serialization.
Dpkg::IPC(3perl) Helper functions for IPC.
Dpkg::Path(3perl) Some common path handling functions.
Dpkg::Source::Package(3perl) Manipulate Debian source packages.
Dpkg::Substvars(3perl) Handle variable substitution in strings.
Dpkg::Vendor(3perl) Get access to some vendor specific information.
Dpkg::Vendor::Debian(3perl) Debian vendor object.
Dpkg::Vendor::Default(3perl) Default vendor object.
Dpkg::Vendor::Ubuntu(3perl) Ubuntu vendor object.
Dpkg::Version(3perl) Handling and comparing dpkg-style version numbers.
dsc(5) Debian source packages' control file format.
dselect(1) Debian package management frontend.
dselect.cfg(5) Dselect configuration file.
start-stop-daemon(8) Start and stop system daemon programs.
update-alternatives(1) Maintain symbolic links determining default commands.
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