Manual pages

Origin: 1.3.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bcfg2(1) Bcfg2 client tool.
bcfg2-admin(8) Perform repository administration tasks.
bcfg2-build-reports(8) Generate state reports for Bcfg2 clients.
bcfg2-crypt(8) Bcfg2 encryption and decryption utility.
bcfg2-info(8) Creates a local version of the Bcfg2 server core for state observation.
bcfg2-lint(8) Check Bcfg2 specification for validity, common mistakes, and style.
bcfg2-lint.conf(5) Configuration parameters for bcfg2-lint.
bcfg2-report-collector(8) Reports collection daemon.
bcfg2-reports(8) Query reporting system for client status.
bcfg2-server(8) Server for client configuration specifications.
bcfg2.conf(5) Configuration parameters for Bcfg2.
beet(1) Music tagger and library organizer.
beetsconfig(5) Beets configuration file.
icecream(1) Download icecast and shoutcast streams, redirecting all fetched content to stdout and/or to disk at.
nosetests(1) Nicer testing for Python.
nosetests-2.7(1) ↣ nosetests(1) Nicer testing for Python.
nosetests3(1) Nicer testing for Python.
reaver(1) WPS Cracker.
ubuntu-image(1) Generate a bootable disk image.