Manual pages

Origin: 2.5.28 (from cvs).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
fvwm-menu-directory(1) Builds a directory browsing menu for fvwm.
fvwm-menu-headlines(1) Builds headlines menu definition for fvwm.
fvwm-menu-xlock(1) Builds xlock menu definition for fvwm.
fvwm-perllib(1) Shows the documentation of the Fvwm Perl library.
FvwmDebug(1) The fvwm module debugger.
FvwmGtkDebug(1) Graphical interactive fvwm module debugger.
FvwmPerl(1) The fvwm perl manipulator and preprocessor.
FvwmTabs(1) A generic tabbing module for the fvwm window manager.
FvwmWindowMenu(1) Open configurable fvwm menu listing current windows.