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Origin: 4.9.2.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
xenstore(1) Interact with Xenstore.
xenstore-chmod(1) Set the permissions of a Xenstore key.
xenstore-ls(1) List Xenstore keys and values.
xentop(1) Displays real-time information about a Xen system and domains.
xentrace(8) Capture Xen trace buffer data.
xentrace_format(1) Pretty-print Xen trace data.
xl(1) Xen management tool, based on LibXenlight.
xl-disk-configuration(5) XL Disk Configuration Syntax.
xl.cfg(5) Xl domain configuration file syntax.
xl.conf(5) XL Global/Host Configuration.
xlcpupool.cfg(5) XL Cpupool Configuration File Syntax.
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