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Origin: 4th Berkeley Distribution.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
ace_gperf(1) Generate a perfect hash function from a key set.
arpsnmp(8) Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings.
arpwatch(8) Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings.
athena-jot(1) Print sequential or random data.
bitlbee.conf(5) Configuration file for bitlbee(8).
boxes(1) Text mode box and comment drawing filter.
cd-tkdesk(1) Change directory of TkDesk's current file browser or list window.
cm2rem(1) Convert Sun's "cm" input file to Remind format.
cmap(5) Format of .cmap files (color maps).
codegroup(1) Encode / decode binary file as five letter codegroups.
consang(1) Computer Genealogical Consanguinities.
convertquota(8) Convert quota from old file format to new one.
cron(8) Daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron).
csvmidi(1) Encode CSV file as MIDI.
dgn_comp(6) NetHack dungeon compiler.
dlb(6) NetHack data librarian.
dstyle(5) Format of .dstyle files (display styles).
dvhtool(8) Disk volume header manipulation tool.
ecl(1) Embeddable Common Lisp.
ed-tkdesk(1) Edit a file using TkDesk's editor.
elk(1) Extensible Scheme interpreter.
ext(5) Format of .ext files produced by Magic's hierarchical extractor.
ext2sim(1) Convert hierarchical ext(5) extracted-circuit files to flat sim(5) files.
ext2spice(1) Convert hierarchical ext(5) extracted-circuit files to flat spice files.
fdutilsconfig(8) Configure the suid bit of fdmount.
ftangle(1) ↣ fweb(1) WEB processors for C, C++, Fortran, Ratfor, and TeX.
fweave(1) ↣ fweb(1) WEB processors for C, C++, Fortran, Ratfor, and TeX.
fweb(1) WEB processors for C, C++, Fortran, Ratfor, and TeX.
gendiff(1) Utility to aid in error-free diff file generation.
GeoIP.conf(5) Configuration file for geoipupdate.
geoiplookup(1) Look up country using IP Address or hostname.
geoiplookup6(1) Look up country using IP Address or hostname.
geoipupdate(1) GeoIP2 and GeoIP Legacy Update Program.
gist(1) Browse binary cgm graphics files.
glyphs(5) Format of .glyphs files.
gnuplot-nox(1) An interactive plotting program (no-X version).
gnuplot-qt(1) An interactive plotting program.
gnuplot-x11(1) An interactive plotting program.
gpm(8) A cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles.
gpm-types(7) Pointer types (mice, tablets, etc.) managed by gpm.
gwb2ged(1) Dump a GeneWeb database to a GEDCOM File.
idxmerge(1) Merge fweb-produced index files.
img2sixel(1) Image converter to DEC SIXEL graphics.
jacal(1) Symbolic mathematics system.
jot(1) ↣ athena-jot(1) Print sequential or random data.
jpeginfo(1) Prints information and tests integrity of JPEG/JFIF files.
jpegoptim(1) Utility to optimize/compress JPEG/JFIF files.
lev_comp(6) NetHack special levels compiler.
loadmeter(1) System load/resource monitor for X.
mag(5) Format of .mag files read/written by Magic.
magic(1) VLSI layout editor.
md-mx-ctrl(8) Control mimedefang-multiplexor.
mev(1) A program to report mouse events.
mewcat(1) ↣ mewencode(1) MIME encoder/decoder.
mewdecode(1) ↣ mewencode(1) MIME encoder/decoder.
mewencode(1) MIME encoder/decoder.
midicsv(1) Translate MIDI file to CSV.
midicsv(5) MIDI Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file format.
mille(6) Play Mille Bornes.
mimedefang(8) Sendmail MIME mail filter.
mimedefang-filter(5) Configuration file for MIMEDefang mail filter.
mimedefang-multiplexor(8) Process pool controller for mail filters.
mimedefang-notify(7) Conventions used by mimedefang-multiplexor(8) to notify an external program of state.
mimedefang-protocol(7) Conventions used by mimedefang(8) to communicate with filter programs. Perl script to scan MIME messages.
mpy(1) Message Passing Yorick.
mpy.mpich2(1) ↣ mpy(1) Message Passing Yorick.
mpy.openmpi(1) ↣ mpy(1) Message Passing Yorick.
net(5) Format of .net files read/written by Magic's netlist editor.
ngp2(1) Convert ngp files to image.
ngraph(1) Creating scientific 2-dimensional graphs.
ngsconvert(1) Convert spice formats.
nicstat(1) Print network traffic statistics.
nn(1) Efficient net news interface (No News is good news).
nnacct(1m) News accounting and access authorization (nn).
nnadmin(1m) Nn database administration.
nncheck(1) Check for unread articles.
nngoback(1) Make news articles unread on a day-by-day basis (nn).
nngrab(1) News retrieval by keyword (nn).
nngrep(1) Grep for news group names (nn).
nnmaster(8) Nn database manager.
nnpost(1) Post news articles (nn).
nnspew(8) Subject database manager (nn).
nnstats(1m) Display nnmaster collection and expire statistics.
nntidy(1) Tidy your personal .newsrc file.
nnusage(1m) Display nn usage statistics.
nnview(1) Invokes nn on a folder.
nslint(8) Perform consistency checks on dns files.
ntpstat(1) Show network time synchronisation status.
od-tkdesk(1) Remotely open a directory using TkDesk.
otp(1) Generate one-time key pads or password lists.
pauseme(1) Execute a command a pause afterwards.
pg_top(1) Display and update information about the top cpu PostgreSQL processes.
pppoe(8) User-space PPPoE client.
pppoe-connect(8) Shell script to manage a PPPoE link.
pppoe-relay(8) User-space PPPoE relay agent.
pppoe-server(8) User-space PPPoE server.
pppoe-setup(8) Shell script to configure Roaring Penguin PPPoE client.
pppoe-sniff(8) Examine network for non-standard PPPoE frames.
pppoe-start(8) Shell script to bring up a PPPoE link.
pppoe-status(8) Shell script to report on status of PPPoE link.
pppoe-stop(8) Shell script to shut down a PPPoE link.
pvrg-jpeg(1) JPEG compression and decompression.
qprint(1) Encode / decode file as RFC 1521 MIME Quoted-Printable.
qps(1) Visual Process Manager.
quotaoff(8) ↣ quotaon(8) Turn filesystem quotas on and off.
quotaon(8) Turn filesystem quotas on and off.
recover(6) Recover a NetHack game interrupted by disaster.
rem(1) Invoke Remind with a default filename.
rem2ps(1) Draw a PostScript calendar from Remind output.
remind(1) A sophisticated reminder service.
repquota(8) Summarize quotas for a filesystem.
resolv.conf(5) Resolver configuration file.
resolver(5) ↣ resolv.conf(5) Resolver configuration file.
sail(6) Multi-user wooden ships and iron men.
scheme-elk(1) ↣ elk(1) Extensible Scheme interpreter.
scm(1) A Scheme Language Interpreter.
screen(1) Screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation.
sensible-mda(8) A generic local MDA router for Debian systems.
sim(5) Format of .sim files read by esim, crystal, etc.
sisc(1) Second Interpreter of Scheme Code.
sixel2png(1) Convert DEC SIXEL images into PNG format images.
slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slashem-gtk(6) ↣ slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slashem-sdl(6) ↣ slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slashem-x11(6) ↣ slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slib(1) Scheme Library.
snmptrapfmt(8) Receive and log SNMP trap messages from a trap handler.
snmptrapfmthdlr(8) Trap handler for receiving SNMP Traps.
spydr(1) GUI for Image display and analysis with yorick.
strfile(1) Create a random access file for storing strings.
tkdesk(1) A Graphical File and Desktop Manager for the X Window System.
tkremind(1) Graphical front-end to Remind calendar program.
tmpreaper(8) Removes files which haven't been accessed for a period of time.
tmpreaper.conf(5) Defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper.
unstr(1) ↣ strfile(1) Create a random access file for storing strings.
vboxputty(8) A self-dialing/-calling vboxgetty.
voro++(1) A 3D Voronoi cell library.
watch-mimedefang(8) Keep an eye on mimedefang-multiplexor.
watch-multiple-mimedefangs(8) Keep an eye on a cluster of MIMEDefang machines.
watchdog(8) A software watchdog daemon.
watchdog.conf(5) Configuration file for the watchdog daemon.
wd_identify(8) Get watchdog driver identity.
wd_keepalive(8) A simplified software watchdog daemon.
wmf(1) Convert and index mails in html format.
wmfrc(5) Configuration file for wmf.
xemacs.xemacs21(1) Emacs: The Next Generation.
yao(1) Adaptive Optics simulation tool in yorick.
yorick(1) Interpreted language for numerical analysis and postprocessing.
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