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Origin: 7.x.

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asc2xml(1) Convert &#nnn; entities to UTF-8.
hxaddid(1) Add IDs to selected elements.
hxcite(1) Replace bibliographic references by hyperlinks.
hxcite-mkbib(1) Expand references and create bibliography.
hxclean(1) Apply heuristics to correct an HTML file.
hxcopy(1) Copy an HTML file and update its relative links.
hxcount(1) Count elements and attributes in HTML or XML files.
hxextract(1) Extract selected elements from a HTML or XML file.
hxincl(1) Expand included HTML or XML files.
hxindex(1) Insert an index into an HTML document.
hxmkbib(1) Create bibliography from a template.
hxmultitoc(1) Create a table of content for a set of HTML files.
hxname2id(1) Move some NAME and ID attributes from an A to its parent.
hxnormalize(1) Pretty-print an HTML file.
hxnsxml(1) Convert output of hxxmlns back to XML.
hxnum(1) Number section headings in an HTML file.
hxpipe(1) Convert XML file to a format easier to parse with Perl or AWK.
hxprintlinks(1) Add a numbered list of links at the end of an HTML file.
hxprune(1) Remove marked elements from an HTML file.
hxref(1) Generate cross-references inside and between HTML files.
hxremove(1) Remove elements from an XML file by means of a CSS selector.
hxselect(1) Extract elements or attributes that match a (CSS) selector.
hxtabletrans(1) Transpose an HTML or XHTML table.
hxtoc(1) Insert a table of contents in an HTML file.
hxuncdata(1) Replace CDATA sections by character entities.
hxunent(1) Replace HTML predefined character entities by UTF-8.
hxunpipe(1) Convert output of hxpipe back to XML format.
hxunxmlns(1) Replace XML "global names" by Namespace prefixes.
hxwls(1) List links in an HTML file.
hxxmlns(1) Replace XML Namespace prefixes by "global names".
xml2asc(1) Convert UTF-8 to &#nnn; entities.
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