Manual pages

Origin: Anthony Bybell.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
evcd2vcd(1) Converts EVCD files to VCD files.
fst2vcd(1) Converts FST files to VCD.
fstminer(1) Data mining of FST files.
gtkwave(1) Visualization tool for VCD, LXT, LXT2, VZT, FST, and GHW files.
gtkwaverc(5) GTKWave Configuration File.
lxt2miner(1) Data mining of LXT2 files.
lxt2vcd(1) Converts LXT2 files to VCD.
rtlbrowse(1) Allows hierarchical browsing of Verilog HDL source code and library design files.
shmidcat(1) Copies stdin/file to a shared memory block for gtkwave(1).
twinwave(1) Wraps multiple GTKWave sessions in one window or two synchronized windows.
vcd2fst(1) Converts VCD files to FST files.
vcd2lxt(1) Converts VCD files to interlaced or linear LXT files.
vcd2lxt2(1) Converts VCD files to LXT2 files.
vcd2vzt(1) Converts VCD files to VZT files.
vermin(1) Parses and processes Verilog HDL files.
vzt2vcd(1) Converts VZT files to VCD.
vztminer(1) Data mining of VZT files.