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acbuild(1) The application container build system.
acbuild-annotation(1) Manage annotations.
acbuild-annotation-add(1) Add an annotation.
acbuild-annotation-remove(1) Remove an annotation.
acbuild-begin(1) Start a new build.
acbuild-cat-manifest(1) Print the manifest from the current build.
acbuild-copy(1) Copy a file or directory into an ACI.
acbuild-copy-to-dir(1) Copy a file or directory into a directory in an ACI.
acbuild-dependency(1) Manage dependencies.
acbuild-dependency-add(1) Add a dependency.
acbuild-dependency-remove(1) Remove a dependency.
acbuild-end(1) End a current build.
acbuild-environment(1) Manage environment variables.
acbuild-environment-add(1) Add an environment variable.
acbuild-environment-remove(1) Remove an environment variable.
acbuild-isolator(1) Manage isolators.
acbuild-isolator-add(1) Add an isolator.
acbuild-isolator-remove(1) Remove an isolator.
acbuild-label(1) Manage labels.
acbuild-label-add(1) Add a label.
acbuild-label-remove(1) Remove a label.
acbuild-mount(1) Manage mount points.
acbuild-mount-add(1) Add a mount point.
acbuild-mount-remove(1) Remove a mount point.
acbuild-port(1) Manage ports.
acbuild-port-add(1) Add a port.
acbuild-port-remove(1) Remove a port.
acbuild-replace-manifest(1) Replace the manifest in the current build.
acbuild-run(1) Run a command in an ACI.
acbuild-script(1) Runs an acbuild script.
acbuild-set-event-handler(1) Manage event handlers.
acbuild-set-event-handler-post-stop(1) Set the post-stop event handler.
acbuild-set-event-handler-pre-start(1) Set the pre-start event handler.
acbuild-set-exec(1) Set the exec command.
acbuild-set-group(1) Set the group.
acbuild-set-name(1) Set the image name.
acbuild-set-user(1) Set the user.
acbuild-set-working-directory(1) Set the working directory.
acbuild-version(1) Get the version of acbuild.
acbuild-write(1) Write the ACI to a file.
rkt(1) Rkt, the application container runner.
rkt-api-service(1) Run API service (experimental).
rkt-cat-manifest(1) Inspect and print the pod manifest.
rkt-completion(1) Output shell completion code for the specified shell.
rkt-config(1) Print configuration for each stage in JSON format.
rkt-enter(1) Enter the namespaces of an app within a rkt pod.
rkt-export(1) Export an app from an exited pod to an ACI file.
rkt-fetch(1) Fetch image(s) and store them in the local store.
rkt-gc(1) Garbage collect rkt pods no longer in use.
rkt-image(1) Operate on image(s) in the local store.
rkt-image-cat-manifest(1) Inspect and print the image manifest.
rkt-image-export(1) Export a stored image to an ACI file.
rkt-image-extract(1) Extract a stored image to a directory.
rkt-image-gc(1) Garbage collect local store.
rkt-image-list(1) List images in the local store.
rkt-image-render(1) Render a stored image to a directory with all its dependencies.
rkt-image-rm(1) Remove one or more images with the given IDs or image names from the local store.
rkt-image-verify(1) Verify one or more rendered images in the local store.
rkt-list(1) List pods.
rkt-metadata-service(1) Run metadata service.
rkt-prepare(1) Prepare to run image(s) in a pod in rkt.
rkt-rm(1) Remove all files and resources associated with an exited pod.
rkt-run(1) Run image(s) in a pod in rkt.
rkt-run-prepared(1) Run a prepared application pod in rkt.
rkt-status(1) Check the status of a rkt pod.
rkt-stop(1) Stop a pod.
rkt-trust(1) Trust a key for image verification.
rkt-version(1) Print the version and exit.
siac(1) Sia Client v1.2.1.
siac-bash-completion(1) Creates bash completion file.
siac-consensus(1) Print the current state of consensus.
siac-gateway(1) Perform gateway actions.
siac-gateway-address(1) Print the gateway address.
siac-gateway-connect(1) Connect to a peer.
siac-gateway-disconnect(1) Disconnect from a peer.
siac-gateway-list(1) View a list of peers.
siac-host(1) Perform host actions.
siac-host-announce(1) Announce yourself as a host.
siac-host-config(1) Modify host settings.
siac-host-folder(1) Add, remove, or resize a storage folder.
siac-host-folder-add(1) Add a storage folder to the host.
siac-host-folder-remove(1) Remove a storage folder from the host.
siac-host-folder-resize(1) Resize a storage folder.
siac-host-sector(1) Add or delete a sector (add not supported).
siac-host-sector-delete(1) Delete a sector.
siac-hostdb(1) Interact with the renter's host database.
siac-hostdb-view(1) View the full information for a host.
siac-man-generation(1) Creates unix style manpages.
siac-miner(1) Perform miner actions.
siac-miner-start(1) Start cpu mining.
siac-miner-stop(1) Stop mining.
siac-renter(1) Perform renter actions.
siac-renter-allowance(1) View the current allowance.
siac-renter-allowance-cancel(1) Cancel the current allowance.
siac-renter-contracts(1) View the Renter's contracts.
siac-renter-contracts-view(1) View details of the specified contract.
siac-renter-delete(1) Delete a file.
siac-renter-download(1) Download a file.
siac-renter-downloads(1) View the download queue.
siac-renter-export(1) Export renter data to various formats.
siac-renter-export-contract-txns(1) Export the renter's contracts for import to
siac-renter-list(1) List the status of all files.
siac-renter-prices(1) Display the price of storage and bandwidth.
siac-renter-rename(1) Rename a file.
siac-renter-setallowance(1) Set the allowance.
siac-renter-upload(1) Upload a file.
siac-renter-uploads(1) View the upload queue.
siac-stop(1) Stop the Sia daemon.
siac-update(1) Update Sia.
siac-update-check(1) Check for available updates.
siac-version(1) Print version information.
siac-wallet(1) Perform wallet actions.
siac-wallet-address(1) Get a new wallet address.
siac-wallet-addresses(1) List all addresses.
siac-wallet-balance(1) View wallet balance.
siac-wallet-init(1) Initialize and encrypt a new wallet.
siac-wallet-init-seed(1) Initialize and encrypt a new wallet using a pre-existing seed.
siac-wallet-load(1) Load a wallet seed, v0.3.3.x wallet, or siag keyset.
siac-wallet-load-033x(1) Load a v0.3.3.x wallet.
siac-wallet-load-seed(1) Add a seed to the wallet.
siac-wallet-load-siag(1) Load siag key(s) into the wallet.
siac-wallet-lock(1) Lock the wallet.
siac-wallet-seeds(1) View information about your seeds.
siac-wallet-send(1) Send either siacoins or siafunds to an address.
siac-wallet-send-siacoins(1) Send siacoins to an address.
siac-wallet-send-siafunds(1) Send siafunds.
siac-wallet-sweep(1) Sweep siacoins and siafunds from a seed.
siac-wallet-transactions(1) View transactions.
siac-wallet-unlock(1) Unlock the wallet.
siad(1) Sia Daemon.
siad-modules(1) List available modules for use with -M, --modules flag.
siad-version(1) Print version information.
ubuntu-report(3) Report metrics from your system, install and upgrades.
ubuntu-report-interactive(3) Interactive mode, alias to running this tool without any subcommands.
ubuntu-report-send(3) Send or opt-out directly from metric reports without interactions.
ubuntu-report-show(3) Only collect and display metrics without sending.
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