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Origin: ccRTP.

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AppDataUnit(3) Interface (envelope) to data received over RTP packets.
ApplicationHandler(3) Application objects modification methods.
AVPQueue(3) This class, an RTP/RTCP queue, adds audio/video profile (AVP) specific methods to the generic RTCP.
base.h(3) Base elements for RTP stacks: constants, types and global functions.
channel.h(3) Definition of socket classes for different underlying transport and/or network protocols that can.
ConflictHandler(3) To track addresses of sources conflicting with the local one.
cqueue(3) Generic RTCP control queues.
cqueue.h(3) Generic RTCP control queues.
CryptoContext(3) The implementation for a SRTP cryptographic context.
CryptoContextCtrl(3) The implementation for a SRTCP cryptographic context.
DestinationListHandler(3) This class handles a list of destination addresses.
DualUDPIPv4Socket(3) A socket class based on two UDP/IPv4 sockets.
DynamicPayloadFormat(3) Dynamic payload format objects.
ext.h(3) CcRTP Stack extensions.
formats.h(3) Payload types and formats.
IncomingDataQueue(3) Queue for incoming RTP data packets in an RTP session.
IncomingDataQueue_SyncSourcesIterator(3) Iterator through the list of synchronizations sources in this session.
IncomingRTPPkt(3) RTP packets received from other participants.
ioqueue(3) Generic RTP input/output queues.
ioqueue.h(3) Generic RTP input/output queues.
iqueue(3) Generic RTP input queues.
iqueue.h(3) Generic RTP input queues.
Members(3) Members and senders accounting.
MembershipBookkeeping(3) Controls the group membership in the current session.
MembershipBookkeeping_IncomingRTPPktLink(3) Incoming RTP data packets control structure within the incoming.
MembershipBookkeeping_SyncSourceLink(3) Synchronization Source internal handler within the incoming packets.
oqueue(3) Generic RTP output queues.
oqueue.h(3) Generic RTP output queues.
OutgoingDataQueue(3) A generic outgoing RTP data queue supporting multiple destinations.
OutgoingRTPPkt(3) RTP packets being sent.
Participant(3) A class of objects representing remote participants (RTP applications) in a multimedia session.
ParticipantHandler(3) Participant objects modification methods.
payload(3) Payload types and formats.
PayloadFormat(3) Base payload format class.
pool.h(3) Pools of RTP sessions.
PredEquals(3) Std equality for SessionListElement objects.
private.h(3) Declaration of ccRTP internal stuff.
queuebase(3) Base classes for RTP queues.
queuebase.h(3) Base classes for RTP queues.
QueueRTCPManager(3) Adds generic management of RTCP functions to an RTP data queue.
RTCPCompoundHandler(3) Low level structs and RTCP packet parsing and building methods.
RTCPCompoundHandler_APPPacket(3) Struct for APP (application specific) RTCP packets.
RTCPCompoundHandler_BYEPacket(3) Struct for BYE (leaving session) RTCP packets.
RTCPCompoundHandler_FIRPacket(3) Struct for Full Intra-frame Request (FIR) RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_NACKPacket(3) Struct for Negative ACKnowledgements (NACK) RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_ReceiverInfo(3) Struct for the data contained in a receiver info block.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RecvReport(3) Raw structure of the source and every receiver report in an SR or RR RTCP.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RRBlock(3) Struct for a receiver info block in a SR (sender report) or an RR (receiver.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RTCPFixedHeader(3) Fixed RTCP packet header.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RTCPPacket(3) Struct representing general RTCP packet headers as they are sent through the.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SDESChunk(3) Struct for a chunk of items in a SDES RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SDESItem(3) Struct for an item description of a SDES packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SenderInfo(3) Struct for the sender info block in a SR (sender report) RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SendReport(3) Struct for SR (sender report) RTCP packets.
rtcppacket(3) RTCP compound packets manipulation.
rtcppkt.h(3) RTCP packets handling.
RTCPReceiverInfo(3) Report block information of SR/RR RTCP reports.
RTCPSenderInfo(3) Sender block information of SR RTCP reports.
rtp.h(3) Generic and audio/video profile specific RTP interface of ccRTP.
RTPApplication(3) An RTP application, holding identifying RTCP SDES item values.
RTPApplication_ParticipantsIterator(3) Iterator through the list of participants in this session.
RTPBaseUDPIPv4Socket(3) A UDP/IPv4 socket class targeted at RTP stacks.
RTPDataQueue(3) A packet queue handler for building different kinds of RTP protocol systems.
RTPDuplex(3) A peer associated RTP socket pair for physically connected peer hosts.
rtpext(3) CcRTP Extension classes.
RTPPacket(3) A base class for both IncomingRTPPkt and OutgoingRTPPkt.
rtppacket(3) RTP data packets manipulation.
RTPPacket_RFC2833Payload(3) A structure defining RFC2833 Telephony events.
rtppkt.h(3) RTP packets handling.
RTPQueueBase(3) A virtual base class for RTP queue hierarchies.
RTPSessionBase(3) Generic RTP protocol stack for exchange of realtime data.
RTPSessionPool(3) This class is a base class for classes that define a group of RTP sessions that will be.
SDESItemsHolder(3) Holds the SDES items and related information from a participant in an RTP application.
SessionListElement(3) Class for tracking session status.
sessions(3) RTP sessions.
SingleThreadRTPSession(3) This template class adds the threading.
sockets(3) Underlying transport protocol socket classes.
sources(3) Participants and synchronization sources.
sources.h(3) Sources of synchronization and participants related clases.
StaticPayloadFormat(3) Static payload format objects.
SyncSource(3) Synchronization source in an RTP session.
SyncSourceHandler(3) SyncSource objects modification methods.
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