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Origin: CGI Library.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
cgi(5) Common Gateway Interface.
cgiDebug(3) Set the debug level for CGI programming.
cgiEscape(3) HTML escape certain characters in a string.
cgiFree(3) Frees CGI data structure.
cgiFreeList(3) Frees memory used by a list.
cgiGetCookie(3) Return a cookie.
cgiGetCookies(3) Returns a list of cookies.
cgiGetFile(3) Return information of a CGI file variable.
cgiGetFiles(3) Returns a list of CGI file variables.
cgiGetValue(3) Return the value of a CGI variable.
cgiGetVariables(3) Returns a list of CGI variables.
cgiHeader(3) Print the HTTP header.
cgiInit(3) Initializes CGI library.
cgiRedirect(3) Redirect the browser somewhere else.
cgiSetHeader(3) Specify an additional HTTP header.
cgiSetType(3) Specify the result type.