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Origin: CMU.

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cyrus-arbitron(8) Arbitron mailboxes.
cyrus-arbitronsort(8) Sorts arbitron(8) output.
cyrus-chk_cyrus(8) Perform a consistency check of the cyrus mailstore.
cyrus-ctl_cyrusdb(8) Perform operations common to all Cyrus databases.
cyrus-ctl_deliver(8) Perform operations on the duplicate delivery database.
cyrus-ctl_mboxlist(8) Perform operations on the mailbox list database.
cyrus-ctl_zoneinfo(8) Perform operations on the zoneinfo database.
cyrus-cvt_cyrusdb(8) Convert a database file between cyrus database formats.
cyrus-cyr_dbtool(8) Manage Cyrus databases.
cyrus-cyr_deny(8) Deny users access to Cyrus services.
cyrus-cyr_df(8) Report Cyrus spool partition disk space usage.
cyrus-cyr_expire(8) Expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries.
cyrus-cyr_info(8) General cyrus inspection tool.
cyrus-cyr_synclog(8) Add entries to the replication log.
cyrus-deliver(8) Deliver mail to an IMAP mailbox.
cyrus-dump(8) Dump mailboxes to stdout.
cyrus-fetchnews(8) Retrieve new articles from peer and feed to Cyrus.
cyrus-fud(8) Provide information about user mailboxes.
cyrus-httpd(8) HTTP server process.
cyrus-idled(8) Provide near real-time updates for IMAP IDLE.
cyrus-imapd(8) IMAP server process.
cyrus-imtest(1) Interactive IMAP test program.
cyrus-installsieve(1) User utility for managing sieve scripts.
cyrus-ipurge(8) Delete mail from IMAP mailbox or partition based on age or size.
cyrus-lmtpd(8) LMTP server process.
cyrus-lmtptest(1) Interactive LMTP test program.
cyrus-master(8) Master Cyrus process.
cyrus-mbexamine(8) Examine a cyrus-format mailbox.
cyrus-mbpath(8) Translate mailbox names to filesystem paths.
cyrus-mupdatetest(1) Interactive MUPDATE test program.
cyrus-nntpd(8) NNTP server process.
cyrus-nntptest(1) Interactive NNTP test program.
cyrus-notifyd(8) Cyrus notification server.
cyrus-pop3d(8) POP3 server process.
cyrus-pop3test(1) Interactive POP3 test program.
cyrus-quota(8) Report and optionally fix quota usage.
cyrus-reconstruct(8) Reconstruct mailboxes.
cyrus-rmnews(8) Expunge and remove news articles.
cyrus-sivtest(1) Interactive MANAGESIEVE test program.
cyrus-smmapd(8) Sendmail socket map daemon.
cyrus-smtptest(1) Interactive SMTP test program.
cyrus-squatter(8) Create SQUAT indexes for mailboxes.
cyrus-sync_client(8) Client side of the synchronization (replication) engine.
cyrus-sync_reset(8) Account reset utility. DANGER.
cyrus-sync_server(8) Server side of the synchronization (replication) engine.
cyrus-timsieved(8) CMU hack for getting sieve scripts onto the server.
cyrus-tls_prune(8) Prune expired sessions from the TLS sessions database.
cyrus-unexpunge(8) Restore expunged (but yet unremoved) messages.
cyrus.conf(5) Cyrus configuration file.
imapd.conf(5) IMAP configuration file.
imclient(3) (library) authenticating callback interface to IMAP/IMSP servers.
krb.equiv(5) Kerberos equivalences.
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