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Origin: DACS 1.4.38a.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
autologin(8) Convert an Apache identity to a DACS identity.
cgiparse(8) CGI parameter parsing utility.
dacs(1) A distributed access control system.
dacs.acls(5) DACS access control rules.
dacs.conf(5) DACS configuration files and directives.
dacs.exprs(5) DACS expression language.
dacs.groups(5) DACS groups.
dacs.install(7) DACS installation guide. DACS Java support.
dacs.nat(5) Notice Acknowledgement Token specification.
dacs.quick(7) DACS Quick Start Tutorial.
dacs.readme(7) DACS README. DACS web services.
dacs.vfs(5) The DACS virtual filestore.
dacs_acs(8) DACS access control service.
dacs_admin(8) DACS administration service.
dacs_auth_agent(8) DACS delegated authentication service.
dacs_auth_transfer(8) Transfer credentials between federations.
dacs_authenticate(8) DACS authentication service.
dacs_autologin_ssl(8) Use an SSL client certificate to automatically obtain DACS credentials.
dacs_conf(8) Display DACS configuration directives.
dacs_current_credentials(8) Display DACS credentials.
dacs_error(8) Simple error handling utility for DACS.
dacs_group(8) DACS group administration.
dacs_infocard(8) Information Card administration.
dacs_list_jurisdictions(8) Display information about DACS jurisdictions.
dacs_managed_infocard(8) Create a managed Information Card.
dacs_mex(8) WS-MetadataExchange responder for Information Cards.
dacs_notices(8) DACS notice presentation and acknowledgement handler.
dacs_passwd(8) Manage private DACS passwords.
dacs_prenv(8) CGI program that displays its environment.
dacs_select_credentials(8) Temporarily disable DACS credentials.
dacs_signout(8) DACS signout service.
dacs_sts(8) Secure Token Service for managed Information Cards.
dacs_token(8) Manage DACS one-time password token accounts.
dacs_transform(8) Rule-based document transformation.
dacs_uproxy(8) Minimal HTTP proxying.
dacs_version(8) Display DACS version information.
dacs_vfs(8) Access objects through the DACS virtual filestore.
dacsacl(1) List, check, or re-index access control rules.
dacsauth(1) Authentication check.
dacscheck(1) Authorization check.
dacsconf(1) Display configuration directives.
dacscookie(1) Create DACS credentials and emit as a cookie.
dacscred(1) Acquire and manage DACS credentials.
dacsemail(1) Simple outgoing email agent.
dacsexpr(1) DACS expression language shell and interpreter.
dacsgrid(1) Administer grid-based one-time passwords.
dacshttp(1) Perform an HTTP/HTTPS request.
dacsinfocard(1) Manage InfoCard accounts.
dacsinit(1) Configure a minimal DACS federation interactively.
dacskey(1) Generate encryption keys for DACS.
dacslist(1) List jurisdictions.
dacspasswd(1) Manage DACS accounts.
dacsrlink(1) Create and administer rule links.
dacssched(1) Rule-based command scheduling.
dacstoken(1) Administer hash-based one-time passwords.
dacstransform(1) Rule-based document transformation.
dacsversion(1) Display version information.
dacsvfs(1) Access objects through the DACS virtual filestore.
ds(3) Dynamic strings and vectors.
pamd(8) PAM transaction server.
sslclient(1) An SSL/TLS client.
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