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Origin: ecryptfs-utils.

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ecryptfs(7) An enterprise-class cryptographic filesystem for linux.
ecryptfs-add-passphrase(1) Add an eCryptfs mount passphrase to the kernel keyring.
ecryptfs-find(1) Use inode numbers to match encrypted/decrypted filenames.
ecryptfs-generate-tpm-key(1) Generate an eCryptfs key for TPM hardware.
ecryptfs-insert-wrapped-passphrase-into-keyring(1) Unwrap a wrapped passphrase from file and insert into the.
ecryptfs-manager(8) ECryptfs key manager.
ecryptfs-migrate-home(8) Migrate a user's home directory to an encrypted home setup.
ecryptfs-mount-private(1) Interactive eCryptfs private mount wrapper script.
ecryptfs-recover-private(1) Find and mount any encrypted private directories.
ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase(1) Unwrap an eCryptfs wrapped passphrase, rewrap it with a new passphrase, and write.
ecryptfs-rewrite-file(1) Force a file to be rewritten (reencrypted) in the lower filesystem.
ecryptfs-setup-private(1) Setup an eCryptfs private directory.
ecryptfs-setup-swap(1) Ensure that any swap space is encrypted.
ecryptfs-stat(1) Present statistics on encrypted eCryptfs file attributes.
ecryptfs-umount-private(1) ECryptfs private unmount wrapper script.
ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase(1) Unwrap an eCryptfs mount passphrase from file.
ecryptfs-verify(1) Validate an eCryptfs encrypted home or encrypted private configuration.
ecryptfs-wrap-passphrase(1) Wrap an eCryptfs mount passphrase.
ecryptfsd(8) User-space eCryptfs daemon.
mount.ecryptfs(8) ECryptfs mount helper.
mount.ecryptfs_private(1) ECryptfs private mount helper.
umount.ecryptfs(8) ECryptfs umount helper.
umount.ecryptfs_private(1) ECryptfs private unmount helper.