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Origin: flatpak.

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flatpak(1) Build, install and run applications and runtimes.
flatpak-build(1) Build in a directory.
flatpak-build-bundle(1) Create a single-file bundle from a local repository.
flatpak-build-commit-from(1) Create new commits based on existing one (possibly from another repository).
flatpak-build-export(1) Create a repository from a build directory.
flatpak-build-finish(1) Finalize a build directory.
flatpak-build-import-bundle(1) Import a file bundle into a local repository.
flatpak-build-init(1) Initialize a build directory.
flatpak-build-sign(1) Sign an application or runtime.
flatpak-build-update-repo(1) Create a repository from a build directory.
flatpak-builder(1) Help build application dependencies.
flatpak-config(1) Manage configuration.
flatpak-create-usb(1) Copy apps and/or runtimes onto removable media.
flatpak-document-export(1) Export a file to a sandboxed application.
flatpak-document-info(1) Show information about exported files.
flatpak-document-list(1) List exported files.
flatpak-document-unexport(1) Stop exporting a file.
flatpak-enter(1) Enter an application.
flatpak-flatpakref(5) Reference to a remote for an application or runtime.
flatpak-flatpakrepo(5) Reference to a remote.
flatpak-info(1) Show information about an installed application or runtime.
flatpak-install(1) Install an application or runtime.
flatpak-installation(5) Configuration for an installation location.
flatpak-list(1) List installed applications and/or runtimes.
flatpak-make-current(1) Make a specific version of an app current.
flatpak-manifest(5) Information for building an application.
flatpak-metadata(5) Information about an application or runtime.
flatpak-override(1) Override application requirements.
flatpak-permission-list(1) List permissions.
flatpak-permission-remove(1) List permissions.
flatpak-permission-reset(1) Reset permissions.
flatpak-permission-show(1) List permissions.
flatpak-ps(1) Enumerate running instances.
flatpak-remote(5) Configuration for a remote.
flatpak-remote-add(1) Add a remote repository.
flatpak-remote-delete(1) Delete a remote repository.
flatpak-remote-info(1) Show information about an application or runtime in a remote.
flatpak-remote-ls(1) Show available runtimes and applications.
flatpak-remote-modify(1) Modify a remote repository.
flatpak-remotes(1) List remote repositories.
flatpak-repair(1) Repair a flatpak installation.
flatpak-repo(1) Show information about a local repository.
flatpak-run(1) Run an application or open a shell in a runtime.
flatpak-search(1) Search for applications and runtimes.
flatpak-uninstall(1) Uninstall an application or runtime.
flatpak-update(1) Update an application or runtime.
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