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Origin: FSF.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
comsatd(8) The Comsat daemon.
dotlock.mailutils(1) Lock mail spool files.
frm.mailutils(1) Display From: lines.
from.mailutils(1) Display from and subject.
imap4d(8) The IMAP4D daemon.
info(5) Readable online documentation.
maidag(8) The mail delivery agent.
mail.mailutils(1) Process mail messages.
mailutils(1) Mailutils multi-purpose tool.
mailutils-config(1) Deprecated mailutils build configuration tool.
messages.mailutils(1) Count the number of messages in a mailbox.
mimeview(1) Display files, using mailcap mechanism.
movemail.mailutils(1) Move messages across mailboxes.
ode(1) Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations.
plot(1) Translate GNU metafiles to other graphics formats.
plotfont(1) Produce character maps of fonts supported by the plotting utilities.
pop3d(8) The POP3 daemon.
pop3d-ssl(8) ↣ pop3d(8) The POP3 daemon.
popauth(1) Manage pop3 authentication database.
readmsg.mailutils(1) Print messages.
sieve(1) A mail filtering tool.
spline(1) Interpolate datasets using splines under tension.
tek2plot(1) Translate Tektronix files to other graphics formats.
texinfo(5) Software documentation system.
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