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Origin: Geometry Center.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
anytooff(1gv) Filter to convert a (set of) geomview data file(s) containing any geomview primitives into a single.
anytopl(3gv) Convert an arbitrary geom to a polylist (OFF file format).
anytoucd(1gv) Filter to convert a geomview data file into a data file in the so-called 'ucd' (Unstructured Cell.
bdy(1gv) Boundary curve finder.
bdy(3gv) Boundary curve finder.
clip(1gv) Clip an OOGL object against planes or other surfaces.
geomutil(3gv) Various geometry utilities (introduction).
geomview(1gv) Interactive geometry viewer.
hvectext(1gv) Construct Geomview VECT text object from Hershey fonts.
nose(1gv) Test geomview's picking facility.
offconsol(1gv) Polylist consolidator.
plcombine(3gv) Polylist two polylists (OFF file format) into one.
plconsol(3gv) Polylist consolidator.
polymerge(1gv) Merge coincident vertices, collinear edges, coplanar faces in an OOGL OFF object.
qhull(1) Convex hull, Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram, halfspace intersection about a point, hull vol‐.
rbox(1) Generate point distributions for qhull.
togeomview(1gv) Send commands or OOGL objects to geomview.
ucdtooff(1gv) Filter to convert an AVS 'ucd' (Unstructured Cell Data) format file into an OFF file.
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