Manual pages

Origin: GNATS.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
databases(5) The known set of GNATS databases.
dbconfig(5) GNATS database configuration file.
delete-pr(8) Deletes closed PRs.
edit-pr(1) Edit a problem report in the GNATS database.
file-pr(8) Files incoming problem reports in GNATS database.
gen-index(8) Generate new GNATS database index.
getclose(8) Find PRs fixed in a particular release.
gnats(7) Problem Report Management System.
gnatsd(8) GNATS network server.
mkcat(8) Create a new GNATS category.
mkdb(8) Create a new GNATS database.
pr-edit(8) Creates, edits or deletes PRs.
query-pr(1) Query problem reports in the GNATS database.
queue-pr(8) Incoming mail control for GNATS.
rmcat(8) Remove GNATS categories.