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Origin: greenie.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
callback(8) Call a user back, presenting a login prompt.
coverpg(1) Create a fax coverpg on stdout.
faxq(1) Display fax jobs queued by faxspool(1).
faxq-helper(8) Privileged helper process to access the fax queue.
faxqueue(5) Sendfax fax spool queue control files.
faxrm(1) Remove fax jobs queued by faxspool(1).
faxrunq(1) Send fax jobs queued by faxspool(1).
faxrunqd(8) Daemon to send fax jobs queued by faxspool(1).
faxspool(1) Queue and convert files for faxing with sendfax(8).
g32pbm(1) Convert a Group 3 fax file into a portable bitmap.
g3cat(1) Concatenate multiple g3 documents.
mgetty(8) Smart modem getty.
mgetty-fax(1) Fax sending and receiving with mgetty+sendfax.
mgettydefs(4) Speed and terminal settings used by mgetty.
pbm2g3(1) Convert portable bitmaps (PBM) into G3 fax files.
sendfax(8) Send group 3 fax files (G3 files) with a class 2 faxmodem.
sff2g3(1) Convert CAPI SFF fax files into G3 fax files.
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