Manual pages

Origin: InterViews.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
Adjuster(3I) Button-like interactors for incremental scrolling and zooming.
Banner(3I) One line title bar.
Border(3I) Visual separators.
Box2_6(3I) Tile interactors in a box.
Button2_6(3I) Interactive buttons.
CompletionEditor(3I) StringEditor with string completion.
Control(3I) Select and execute an action.
Deck2_6(3I) A stack of interactors on top of each other.
Dialog(3I) Popup dialog interactor.
Dispatcher(3I) Wait on multiple file descriptors until a condition occurs.
FileBrowser(3I) Browse and/or select file names.
FileChooser(3I) Dialog box for choosing a file name.
Frame(3I) Surrounding interactor.
Glue2_6(3I) Open space between interactors.
IOCallback(3I) Generic callback class for readers, writers, or I/O exception handlers.
IOHandler(3I) Read input, write output, or handle an I/O exception or timeout.
iostreamb(3I) Unformatted streams.
MatchEditor(3I) StringEditor with pattern matching.
Menu2_6(3I) Menus.
Message(3I) Interactor containing text.
Painter(3I) Graphics output.
Panner(3I) Two-dimensional scrolling and zooming.
Perspective(3I) Visible portion of an interactor.
Regexp(3I) Regular expression searching.
ReqErr(3I) Handle request errors.
rpcbuf(3I) Streambuf specialized for sending and receiving RPC requests.
RpcHdr(3I) Header for remote procedure calls.
RpcPeer(3I) Support bi-directional RPC between two services.
RpcReader(3I) Read RPC requests from a client.
RpcRegistry(3I) Name space for finding RPC services.
RpcService(3I) Support RPC between a service and its clients.
rpcstream(3I) Iostreamb specialized to RPC requests.
RpcWriter(3I) Write RPC requests to a server.
Rubband(3I) Rubberbanding graphical objects.
Scene(3I) Composite interactors.
Scroller(3I) Scrolling an interactor.
Shape(3I) What shape a canvas should have.
StrBrowser(3I) Browse and/or select items in a list.
StrChooser(3I) Dialog box for choosing items in a list.
StringEditor(3I) Single line interactive string editor.
Subject(3I) Object with views.
TextBuffer(3I) Operations on unstructured text.
TextDisplay(3I) Unstructured text display.
TextEditor(3I) Basic unstructured text editing.
Tray(3I) Compose interactors into arbitrary or constrained layouts.
Viewport(3I) Scrollable view.
World(3I) Control a display.