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Origin: iproute2.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
bridge(8) Show / manipulate bridge addresses and devices.
devlink(8) Devlink tool.
devlink-dev(8) Devlink device configuration.
devlink-monitor(8) State monitoring.
devlink-port(8) Devlink port configuration.
devlink-sb(8) Devlink shared buffer configuration.
genl(8) Generic netlink utility frontend.
ifcfg(8) Simplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management.
ifstat(8) Handy utility to read network interface statistics.
ip(8) Show / manipulate routing, network devices, interfaces and tunnels.
ip-address(8) Protocol address management.
ip-addrlabel(8) Protocol address label management.
ip-fou(8) Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration.
ip-gue(8) ↣ ip-fou(8) Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration.
ip-l2tp(8) L2TPv3 static unmanaged tunnel configuration.
ip-link(8) Network device configuration.
ip-maddress(8) Multicast addresses management.
ip-monitor(8) State monitoring.
ip-mroute(8) Multicast routing cache management.
ip-neighbour(8) Neighbour/arp tables management.
ip-netconf(8) Network configuration monitoring.
ip-netns(8) Process network namespace management.
ip-ntable(8) Neighbour table configuration.
ip-route(8) Routing table management.
ip-rule(8) Routing policy database management.
ip-sr(8) IPv6 Segment Routing management.
ip-tcp_metrics(8) Management for TCP Metrics.
ip-token(8) Tokenized interface identifier support.
ip-tunnel(8) Tunnel configuration.
ip-vrf(8) Run a command against a vrf.
ip-xfrm(8) Transform configuration.
rdma(8) RDMA tool.
rdma-dev(8) RDMA device configuration.
rdma-link(8) Rdma link configuration.
routef(8) ↣ routel(8) List routes with pretty output format.
routel(8) List routes with pretty output format.
tc(8) Show / manipulate traffic control settings.
tc-actions(8) Independently defined actions in tc.
tc-basic(8) Basic traffic control filter.
tc-bfifo(8) Packet limited First In, First Out queue.
tc-bpf(8) BPF programmable classifier and actions for ingress/egress queueing disciplines.
tc-cbq(8) Class Based Queueing.
tc-cbq-details(8) Class Based Queueing.
tc-cbs(8) Credit Based Shaper (CBS) Qdisc.
tc-cgroup(8) Control group based traffic control filter.
tc-choke(8) Choose and keep scheduler.
tc-codel(8) Controlled-Delay Active Queue Management algorithm.
tc-connmark(8) Netfilter connmark retriever action.
tc-csum(8) Checksum update action.
tc-drr(8) Deficit round robin scheduler.
tc-ematch(8) Extended matches for use with "basic" or "flow" filters.
tc-flow(8) Flow based traffic control filter.
tc-flower(8) Flow based traffic control filter.
tc-fq(8) Fair Queue traffic policing.
tc-fq_codel(8) Fair Queuing (FQ) with Controlled Delay (CoDel).
tc-fw(8) Fwmark traffic control filter.
tc-hfsc(7) Hierarchical Fair Service Curve.
tc-hfsc(8) Hierarchical Fair Service Curve's control under linux.
tc-htb(8) Hierarchy Token Bucket.
tc-ife(8) Encapsulate/decapsulate metadata.
tc-matchall(8) Traffic control filter that matches every packet.
tc-mirred(8) Mirror/redirect action.
tc-mqprio(8) Multiqueue Priority Qdisc (Offloaded Hardware QOS).
tc-nat(8) Stateless native address translation action.
tc-netem(8) Network Emulator.
tc-pedit(8) Generic packet editor action.
tc-pfifo(8) ↣ tc-bfifo(8) Packet limited First In, First Out queue.
tc-pfifo_fast(8) Three-band first in, first out queue.
tc-pie(8) Proportional Integral controller-Enhanced AQM algorithm.
tc-police(8) Policing action.
tc-prio(8) Priority qdisc.
tc-red(8) Random Early Detection.
tc-route(8) Route traffic control filter.
tc-sample(8) Packet sampling tc action.
tc-sfb(8) Stochastic Fair Blue.
tc-sfq(8) Stochastic Fairness Queueing.
tc-simple(8) Basic example action.
tc-skbedit(8) SKB editing action.
tc-skbmod(8) User-friendly packet editor action.
tc-stab(8) Generic size table manipulations.
tc-tbf(8) Token Bucket Filter.
tc-tcindex(8) Traffic control index filter.
tc-tunnel_key(8) Tunnel metadata manipulation.
tc-u32(8) Universal 32bit traffic control filter.
tc-vlan(8) Vlan manipulation module.
tc-xt(8) Tc iptables action.
tipc(8) A TIPC configuration and management tool.
tipc-bearer(8) Show or modify TIPC bearers.
tipc-link(8) Show links or modify link properties.
tipc-media(8) List or modify media properties.
tipc-nametable(8) Show TIPC nametable.
tipc-node(8) Modify and show local node parameters or list peer nodes.
tipc-peer(8) Modify peer information.
tipc-socket(8) Show TIPC socket (port) information.
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