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Origin: isdn4k-utils-3.25.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
avmcapictrl(8) Add, reset or remove active AVM cards and load firmware.
divertctrl(8) Set/query ISDN diversion services for (E)DSS1 protocol.
hisaxctrl(8) Configure HiSax-Module.
imon(1) Watch ISDN activities.
imontty(1) Display status of all ISDN lines.
ipppd(8) (ISDN) Point to Point Protocol daemon.
ipppstats(8) Print PPP statistics.
iprofd(8) Modem-register daemon.
isdnconf(1) Manipulate or read ISDN phone number config files.
isdnctrl(8) Get/set ISDN device information.
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