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Origin: ISDN 4 Linux 3.25.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
autovbox(1) ISDN voice box (sound converter).
callerid.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts.
isdn.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog.
isdn_audio(4) Audio extension of ttyI ISDN character devices.
isdn_cause(7) Description of ISDN cause messages.
isdnbill(1) Report isdn costs.
isdnctrl(4) ISDN control device.
isdnformat(5) Common isdn config file format.
isdninfo(4) ISDN status device.
isdnlog(5) Isdn log file.
isdnlog(8) Isdn log system (and more).
isdnlog.users(5) User base isdnlog config file.
isdnrep(1) Report isdn activity.
rmdtovbox(1) Isdn voice box (sound converter).
ttyI(4) ISDN character devices with modem emulator.
vbox(1) Interact with recorded messages.
vbox(5) File format.
vbox.conf(5) Config file for vbox.
vboxbeep(1) Isdn voice box (beeper).
vboxcnvt(1) ↣ vboxconvert(1) Isdn voice box (converter backend).
vboxconvert(1) Isdn voice box (converter backend).
vboxctrl(1) Control vbox functions.
vboxd(8) Isdn voice box daemon.
vboxd.conf(5) Config file for vboxd (the daemon).
vboxgetty(8) Isdn voice box (getty).
vboxgetty.conf(5) Config file for vboxgetty.
vboxmail(8) Script to send notification of new voice message.
vboxmode(1) Detect format of isdn voice file.
vboxplay(1) Play vbox sound files.
vboxrc(5) User config file for vbox.
vboxtcl(5) Tcl commands for vboxgetty.
vboxtoau(1) Isdn voice box (sound converter).
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