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Origin: LAM 7.1.4.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
appschema(5) LAM application schema format.
bhost(5) LAM boot schema (host file) format.
conf(5) LAM node process schema.
CONSTANTS(5) Constants for LAM Fortran programming.
hboot(1) Start LAM on the local node.
hcc(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
hcp(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
hf77(1) Compile LAM FORTRAN programs.
introu(1) Introduction to LAM user interface commands.
lam(7) Introduction to Local Area Multicomputer (LAM).
LAM(7) Introduction to Local Area Multicomputer (LAM).
lam-helpfile(5) LAM help message file.
lamboot(1) Start a LAM multicomputer.
lamclean(1) Attempt to clean entire LAM system.
lamd(1) Introduction to Local Area Multicomputer (LAM).
lamexec(1) Run non-MPI programs on LAM nodes.
lamgrow(1) Extend a LAM multicomputer.
lamhalt(1) Shutdown the LAM/MPI run-time environment.
laminfo(1) Display configuration information about LAM/MPI.
lamnodes(1) Resolve LAM node/CPU notation to Unix hostnames.
lamshrink(1) Shrink a LAM universe.
lamssi(7) Introduction to LAM System Services Interface (SSI).
lamssi_boot(7) Overview of LAM's boot SSI modules.
lamssi_coll(7) Overview of LAM's MPI collective SSI modules.
lamssi_cr(7) Overview of LAM's MPI checkpoint / restart SSI modules.
lamssi_rpi(7) Overview of LAM's RPI SSI modules.
lamtrace(1) Unload LAM trace data.
lamwipe(1) Shutdown LAM.
libmpi(7) LAM/MPI implementation.
MPI(7) LAM/MPI implementation.
mpi(7) LAM/MPI implementation.
mpic++.lam(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
mpiCC.lam(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
mpicc.lam(1) Compile LAM/MPI C/C++ programs.
mpiexec.lam(1) Run MPI programs on LAM nodes.
mpif77.lam(1) Compile LAM FORTRAN programs.
mpimsg(1) Monitor MPI message buffers under LAM.
mpirun.lam(1) Run MPI programs on LAM nodes.
mpitask(1) Monitor MPI processes under LAM.
procschema(5) LAM process schema format.
recon(1) Check if LAM can be started.
tkill(1) Terminate LAM on one node.
tping(1) Send echo messages to LAM nodes.
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